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Athena agents in action in Italy
by | July 31, 2010 | 35 Comments

WTH, Athena, releasing new stills on a Sunday morning (which makes it Saturday night, my time) when we’re least expecting news? We could’ve missed seeing Jung Woo-sung tear it up as a super-suave spy in action, and that would be most unfortunate. I mean, we didn’t, but we could have.

If that’s not a reason enough to lament the timing, the batch also comes with stills of gun-totin’ Cha Seung-won, Lee Jia, and Su Ae.

(Although you’d think elite agents would know better than the sideways-tilted handguns. How is that an efficient way to go around defending one’s life and country? Yeah, lets see how cool you look when that gun recoils and you miss your target.)

These scenes were shot (har) in Italy. The production will now be heading to their next overseas locations; the drama airs in November.

Via Star News


35 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. adorabelle

    Sideways guns make me cringe. Do they want people to copy that in RL and die?

  2. ockoala

    My I Lub You!!! I’m so high on happy juice right now but my Jung Woo Sung radar went off. I don’t care if everyone looks laughable. Thank you JB! I will watch Athena until my eyeballs fall off.

  3. langdon813

    LOL, JB…did you post this during/after cocktail hour? 😀

    Just did a quick inventory of all the trips I have coming up this fall, but I should be home and settled by November! Can’t wait for this!

  4. Shia

    I love the stills! Though, I missed seeing Siwon oppa in the stills but oh well. I can’t wait for this drama to come out!~~

  5. allmessedup

    Is this drama a comedy by any chance? Everyone looks funny ….

  6. jwon

    agree with 1…
    its a bit unrealistic to hold a gun sideways…it just looks cool but not possible in real life…
    hmmmm lee jia actually looks like she might suit this role more than her other ones

  7. GW

    side ways gun action??? seriously? lol but anywhoo..

  8. ed

    Is that what they call a killshot? LOL…it just occurred to me, everyone in ATHENA would look ten times better, gun-totting in black bikinis/speedos. yesiree, the song il-guk effect…

  9. juicyjui

    What makes me afraid is Lee Jia. Maybe I’m being overly cautious but I can’t really see her as a kick ass agent. For one, she’s always OTT. Then she looks kind of frail so it’s hard for me to buy that she’s a kickass agent (kind of like Angelina Jolie in Salt).

    It’s whatever though, I just hope for a good drama. This year has just been kind of mediocre. I can only hope that if this drama isn’t good, that I’m at least entertained.

  10. 10 smileyme

    awe…everybody looks cool especially Mr.Cha Seung Won and Jung Woo Sung
    and for Lee Jiah hopefully this drama will be good comeback for her after her last really disaster drama Style..oh i hate her character!!

  11. 11 A

    Li Jia annoys the @#$%%^ out of me. I’ve only seen her in Beethoven Virus, and I couldn’t tell if it was her acting or her character that was soooo annoying. Probably both! Sad though, I really like Jung Woo Sung. I might still try to watch this…

  12. 12 bt

    Mr Cha looks the most convincing

  13. 13 Sere

    guys, but have you watched Lee Jia in The Legend? She can look “tough” and do action sequences. Granted, I’m not much of a fan of hers, but I don’t get all the complaints.

    And oh omg, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle so much hotness when I watch Athena. CSW and JSW are smokin’ in the pics. alsdkjalsdj

  14. 14 lalalalla

    Jung Woo-sung and Su ae look really fake in this
    i know this is a pre-quel and has no relevance much to iris
    but he looks corny and she looks, well i dont know too slim to be a believable agent
    and at least lee jia and the other dude with the ahjussi mustouche looks better
    i hope the hype is worth it and i think this show will sell quickly to other countries before it is air

    anyway good to see lee jia doing something different from her usual comical funny self
    has anyone noticed that lee jia and the girl from, ” my country calls and loving you a thousand times” look very similiar

    im sure its going to be good, i just hope all of them can act

  15. 15 Nero

    All of the sided shots, man in black and cars chasing each other are just typically your action drama, it’s so cliche and makes me wondering what is going to happen to this drama, I prefer the first, at least the secrets are hidden under the good acting.
    This drama is pretty insulting actually, because secret agents usually don’t come on the streets.

  16. 16 Nero

    This is just cheesy…too cheesy..

  17. 17 All American Korean Girl

    The picture with Lee Jia looks like there’s grape juice on the street. I hope it’s not supposed to be blood. O_o

    I’m way too swamped with the romantic comedy dramas coming up to even attempt watching this.

    However, I do love all the juicy pictures of JWS and CSW. <3

  18. 18 nycgrl

    JWS looks like 007. CSW looks hot. I’m going to watch this due to the cast but have no intention of watching this with any real seriousness–I mean did you watch IRIS. Did you?

  19. 19 Gigi

    I will take any pictures of JWS and CSW, no matter how “fake” they may look. If I want the real thing, I can always watch some reality TV show like Cops or other craziness like that. I mean, REAL agents don’t look anything like Siwon, CSW, or JWS!

    Men (and women) in black + guns + JWS (again)=hotness…..

    JB you just made my day!

  20. 20 ais

    whoa! excited with this.. i’m quite curious how it’s gonna be compared to Iris..

  21. 21 Qwenli

    Mr Jung could push Daniel Craig aside to be James Bond.
    Cha looks cool
    Su Ae looks fitting in her out fit and expression.

    Lee Jia – erm, she should hold her guy more firmly…

  22. 22 asianromance

    @5 allmessedup

    I agree! I feel like this is more like Steve Carrell’s “Get Smart” rather than a James Bond movie. But everyone looks fantastic in these pics!

  23. 23 allmessedup

    I don’t know why i end up laughing everytime i look at the first pic. it seems to me that JWS’s head is a lot bigger than the rest of his body; and sometimes it seems to me his head was just photoshopped onto a body. or maybe it is his facial expression… that’s got to be the funniest “serious” expression i have ever seen in a long time!!! LOL

  24. 24 danni

    Yeah, holding your gun sideways is not the best way to defend yourself. The photos are a bit strange, especially Su Ae’s. Hmm, I didn’t watch IRIS so I might skip out on this as well.

  25. 25 aidablue

    God November is so far away. Anyway I think is gonna be a good B-day present. I am in such a mood for some kind of action movie. Even if its one with unrealistic shooting scenes. I will definetely watch it a) for the actors and b) for the thrill of warching some kadabang kadaboom mixed with some genuine korean angst. I’m not really interseting if the scenes are realistic or not. good thing I’m not an expert in this kind of stuff, lolz didn’t even know that a tilted weapon is a no no. 😛

  26. 26 Ally

    I’m sorry but this looks so cheesy to me.

  27. 27 Carinne

    I love Italy more than France, and it is hard to say coming from someone who has family in France.

    The ladies are no Angelina Jolie and the gents are no Brad Pitt but I’ll stay tune.

  28. 28 tokyojesusfist

    Putting aside the question of why a field agent would think that he can hit something with two handguns from a moving vehicle, what is up with foreign agents openly conducting operations in Italy? I don’t think the Italian government (or any other government) is going to allow them to do that.

    The thing that bugs me about this show is that it tries to give the appearance of being very serious while at the same time being so unrealistic that it might as well be Austin Powers. I think the producers and whatnot should take some hints from Burn Notice.

  29. 29 Cam

    Fabulous. O_o

    Oh, gosh, I did notice that some people from the comments seems like they’re very worrying about this drama “Athena” might be not good or too chessy, or whatever. Naw, I am sure that this drama will be able to get gooood for doing, like, sooo cool-to-act- for action, oh yea! ^____^

    Ah, It might seem so better than that 2009 drana IRIS (I still didn’t watch it, ouch).

    These pictures look so cooool and B*A*D awesome pose like that — KEEP IT UP & Fighting — work hard, Athena cast members! (thumbs-up)

  30. 30 Hazel

    “The thing that bugs me about this show is that it tries to give the appearance of being very serious while at the same time being so unrealistic that it might as well be Austin Powers. I think the producers and whatnot should take some hints from Burn Notice.”

    Exactly. Love Burn Notice (although I skipped most of the second and the first half of the third seasons). The sad thing is Burn Notice is probably way more grounded in reality than Iris/Athena even when it’s not trying to be. Another similarity is that Gabrielle Anwar and Su Ae are both way too skinny to be believable buttkickers (just gain 10 pounds Anwar!)…but I love Fiona so I’m willing to suspend my disbelief.

  31. 31 pat

    @16 I soooooo agree. I did watch Iris and this will bring back every cringe. I can tell.

  32. 32 belleza


    Lee Ji Ah (aka Lil G-Unit): Love how she is holding her gun sideways like a true G. It’s not just sideways, but slightly “up” and with a scowl that says . She be repping Da SGV like a Real AZN!

    Soo Ae: What I love about this picture is that she too is holding her gun sideways, but she’s also trying to profile her butt and midriff. As if her assailant will be so distracted by how well she fits in her Calvin Kein’s, that somehow it’ll increase her hit rate.

    Jung Woo-sung: The last few pics, JWS has been doing not his James Bond, but his Cary Grant impression. Notice his perfect hair, how his tuxedo is fitted just so (whilst going double barrell John Woo-style), and above all DISCONNECTED his facial expression is from the rest of his scene.

    Cha Seung-won: He actually looks a cop here. A hot cop. A hot cop with an awesome goatee. A hot cop with an awesome goatee who’s curiously tight in the pants . . . 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  33. 33 bt

    Hey belleza, like your comments make me laugh. Thanks!

  34. 34 aimeL

    lee ji ah!! lovelovesssssss! :)) i want siwon too! no pics for him??

  35. 35 jicks

    Man, I used to LOVE Jung Woo Sung. Seriously, 2yrs ago & I would’ve bn drooling all over this post. I still adore him but I feel like he’s really stalled in the last couple of yrs w/ his acting.

    And honestly… he kinda looks a James Bond wannabe in that pic. Gun-wise, he looked much better in Daisy in his cargoes & tank top & w/ his dirty, grubby face *fond tear*

    But will give this a go for his sake (& mine^^;)

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