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Bad Guy: Episode 7
by | July 8, 2010 | 59 Comments

It’s as I suspected. I’m in major second-lead love, and I’m headed for disaster. Now, I don’t always do this in every drama, although I’m more prone, say, than javabeans, who is more a leading-man kind of girl. But when a great second lead energizes the story and brings in a more layered character as Tae-sung is doing here, I’m a goner. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a tortured puppy, and that he is, for all intents and purposes, more of an actual bad guy, than, well…our Bad Guy.


Jae-in returns from Japan sans glass mask, hoping that Tae-sung will return to Korea with it in tow. That’s a risky move, considering you’re the one with a job on the line. She hedges about calling Gun-wook, but then he texts her that he’s back, and confirms that Tae-sung did indeed return with him.

Jae-in gets chewed out for letting the mystery buyer beat her to the glass mask, as she doesn’t give away Tae-sung’s plan to stick it to his mother. As soon as Tae-sung arrives, he heads straight to the police station, making Gun-wook a little nervous. I like that in the last two episodes, Tae-sung has successfully thrown a wrench or two in Gun-wook’s plan. He has yet to succeed in actually gumming up the works, but I can see the potential growing, which pleases me greatly.

Not surprisingly, Gun-wook doesn’t want to go inside, but then he overhears the detectives discussing the evidence in Sun-young’s case on their way in. Tae-sung meets the detectives, and Gun-wook rushes inside to join the meeting and listen in on the latest developments on the case.

Old Cop tells Tae-sung that they’ve discovered a new suspect and motive in the case: the child who was adopted and then abandoned by the Hong family is someone that Sun-young knew as a child, from the same orphanage. Gun-wook is ruffled that the cops have uncovered all this so quickly, as Tae-sung tries to take in the idea that Sun-young’s death might not have been a suicide.

Tae-sung tells them that she never betrayed any acquaintance with Tae-sung Number 1, but does recall that she did like his name—she had said Tae-sung was a name she liked. Gun-wook stirs at the mention of this.

He flashes back to some months before, when Sun-young had come for a visit soon after she started dating Tae-sung. She came upon Gun-wook’s Haeshin Group files, and landed on Tae-sung’s picture, exclaiming that he was the same guy she was seeing. Wait, that was a COINCIDENCE? Yet another coincidence? You are really raising my ire, Show. Say it ain’t so.

Tae-sung asks the cops if they read Sun-young’s diary, as she always kept it by her side. The cops perk up at the news of a diary, and so does Gun-wook. Ruh-roh. As Tae-sung and Gun-wook walk out, the eye-witness who heard Sun-young say “Tae-sung ah” is conveniently in the station. He does a double take at Gun-wook, but lets the moment pass him by.

As Tae-sung remembers the other child who was sent away when he was brought in, he calls out, “Tae-sung ah.” Gun-wook, without thinking, answers “Yes?” Tae-sung thinks nothing of it, but to us and to Gun-wook the slip is significant. It’s a nice little moment where he just answers to his old name without thinking, but reveals so much.

Tae-sung entrusts Gun-wook to find out more about this original Tae-sung Number 1. That should go well.

Mo-nae begs her sister to send her to Japan; Gun-wook isn’t answering her calls, so she’s determined to go find him. Tae-ra tries to tell her that when a guy doesn’t call you back, it means he’s just not that into you. Preach it, sister. But Mo-nae doesn’t care. She likes Gun-wook, and that’s all that matters. Spoken like a true spoiled princess with the world at her feet.

Madam Shin and the girls are presented with the latest haute couture, and among the racks is a piece by a new designer that is deemed below her. The sales clerk offers to take it away (apparently you can’t have common clothes touching the couture), but Madam Shin makes good use of it by giving it to Jae-in. It’s a cynical take on “one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.” I don’t know what’s worse: Madam Shin’s lies drenched in honey, or Jae-in’s earnest glee at receiving the gift.

Back at Tae-sung’s apartment, he caresses Sun-young’s clothes, still hanging in his closet. Gun-wook says he thought they had returned to Korea because of the glass mask. Tae-sung replies that Sun-young’s death had been weighing on him; if someone else is responsible, isn’t that better? For you, maybe. Gun-wook’s eyes start filling with tears. Tae-sung tells him to get rid of all of Sun-young’s belongings in the house.

Gun-wook asks haltingly if Tae-sung loved that woman, then doesn’t he want to keep at least one thing of hers, to remember her by? Tae-sung cuts him down for concerning himself with such things. He tells Gun-wook to throw it all away and leave nothing.

But it turns out that Tae-sung isn’t quite as heartless as he’d like Gun-wook to believe. He goes straight to Sun-young’s ashes and asks her if it’s true that she didn’t die because of him.

Gun-wook flashes back to Sun-young begging him to stop his plan because she loved Tae-sung. Back in the present, he crumples up a picture of them as he says bitterly in voiceover: “Love? They’re memories thrown in the trash with no remorse. Love?” Gun-wook hunches over, crying.

Tae-sung sheds tears of his own, wondering how they could say it wasn’t his fault, when it’s all because of him. He swears that if someone else had anything to do with her death, he won’t let it go.

Ooh, I like that these two are building towards a fierce rivalry, over more than just Jae-in and the family, and I would probably be enthralled if it wasn’t hinged on such a clumsy coincidence-riddled backstory. But I’m going to hold out hope that there’s more to Gun-wook’s relationship with Sun-young, and that the stuff in the present will outweigh the past.

Gun-wook brings Sun-young’s things back to his place, and he continues in voiceover: “Noona, I’m sorry, I’m going to keep going. Haeshin Group, those people…they have to know what they’ve done. When it’s over…I’ll take my punishment then. Wait and see, noona.”

Gun-wook goes to Hong Manor to tell President Hong that he’s returned. President Hong is surprised to see him, but welcomes him warmly, and invites him inside. Gun-wook steps inside the gates, memories of his childhood flooding back to him. Inside, he offers a plan to keep Tae-sung in Korea: offer him a job, as he is more than capable. President Hong is overjoyed to hear his son being praised, and considers the plan.

Just then, Madam Shin arrives, with Jae-in in tow. High and mighty Madam Shin asks Gun-wook to leave before Mo-nae comes home, and instead of shoving a pie in her face, like I would have, he politely agrees to go. Jae-in catches him on his way out, wondering why Tae-sung isn’t with him. Seems like you wasted a trip and a really expensive gift skirt for nothing. You should’ve just returned it for the cash like you were originally angling to do.

Gun-wook begins to leave, but finds himself drawn to a small room beside the house. Carried along by his memories, he goes straight for a hidden stash of caramels that he used to sneak when he was a boy. This PD likes to employ a fourth-wall-breaking direct address to the camera, and here as the adult Gun-wook and boy Tae-sung look directly at each other, at us, they pierce the space-time continuum in Gun-wook’s mind.

The head housemaid/secretary who had cared for little Tae-sung all those years ago, returns to her quarters to find Gun-wook hunched over the caramels, tears streaming down his face. She immediately makes the connection, but doesn’t give voice to it, and Gun-wook manages to give vague excuses and deflect by asking about the original Hong Tae-sung, since Tae-sung requested he find out more about this kid. She tells him nothing, but he leaves her curious and skeptical.

Gun-wook waits for Jae-in to finish her work, and gives her a ride on his motorcycle. He offers to help her meet up with Tae-sung, but she’s more concerned with the glass mask in particular, thinking that Tae-sung’s not the type to just hand it over because she asks nicely. Gun-wook muses that she knows Tae-sung better than him, and she realizes that she in fact knows almost nothing about Gun-wook. Yeah, that’s not an accident.

She asks him about his parents, his dreams, what kind of person he is…Um, I’m going to go out on a limb and say “a BAD GUY.” Gun-wook just deflects the questions, of course, asking if she’s really curious about him. He tells her to keep her eye on the prize, ie. Hong Tae-sung, to which she gets defensive and leaves. Way to cut to the chase there, buddy.

The next morning, Tae-sung and Gun-wook go in for a family pow-wow over the business. Madam Shin kicks Gun-wook out the minute he arrives, although that’s plenty of time for him to get Tae-ra all hot and bothered. The gist of the family meeting: Dad wants Tae-sung to join the family business; Mom thinks he’s out of his mind and wants Tae-sung to go away; Tae-sung wants to give it a shot, if only to annoy the crap out of Mom. So Dad puts Tae-ra in charge of the department stores, and Tae-sung in charge of construction.

Gun-wook and Tae-ra share an elevator on the way down. The tension is palpable, and just when you think, oh just make out already, Gun-wook grabs her for a no-holds-barred makeout session ALL OVER that elevator. Buh?

It’s pretty steamy, even if it’s totally out of the blue, but then we find out why:

Tae-ra’s imagined the whole thing in a heat-induced moment of stupor. Hilarious and awesome. They are going to some interesting lengths to show her sexual frustration. But what we get after the fever dream is even better. She gets so flustered that she drops her scarf, which they both stoop to pick up, and at the same time, the elevator doors open and a flood of people get on the elevator.

So Tae-ra and Gun-wook end up smooshed in the back, both holding onto the scarf. She tugs at it, struggling to get it free, and Gun-wook lets go…so he can start fondling her hand. It sounds simplistic compared to the making out, but it’s actually really hot. The two of them end up in a fingerlock handhold all the way down to the first floor, and Gun-wook walks away without a word. Tae-ra watches him go, confused, scintillated, angry, and happy, all at once.

Jae-in tries Gun-wook again, to set up a meeting with Tae-sung. He tells her to come to Haeshin, and then pretends to have lost Tae-sung (to what end, I don’t know), making her chew him out for messing with her when she’s at her wits end about the damned mask. In the end he tells her he’ll take her for a drive, directing her to the parking garage, where Tae-sung is waiting. What was all the runaround for?

Anyway, Jae-in finally gets to ask Tae-sung to hand over the glass mask, but he doesn’t see why he should just give it up when he hasn’t even been able to play with it yet. Jae-in tries her best to tamp down her anger, as she tells him it’s not a toy. Tae-sung doesn’t see it as anything but a toy, so he has no intention of being so compliant. She doesn’t realize it yet, but the real toy is her.

She offers him money, which he doesn’t need. So he asks her on a date, which she declines (out of character, although the haughty righteous streak rings true). She gets up to leave, and he finally concedes. He’ll send it soon. She lights up, and thanks him.

Mo-nae is ecstatic to find out that Tae-sung (and therefore Gun-wook) have returned to Korea, but it turns out that just because your boyfriend is in country, doesn’t mean he’ll answer his phone.

Jae-in goes through the embarrassing rigamarole of returning the gifted, twice-worn clothes for the second time, this time successfully getting cash in exchange.

Gun-wook runs into Won-in at the market, and over popsicles, he hands her a little gift—it’s the exact same cell phone charm that Jae-in brought back for her from Japan. She takes it out of her pocket to show him she’s already got one, marveling at both people’s bizarre taste. It doesn’t lead to any major revelations, but it lays the groundwork for some “Ah HA” moments down the road. Because Coincidence is thy middle name, Show.

Heh, Bad Coincidence Guy has a nice ring to it, no?

Tae-sung sends Jae-in the mask, and Jae-in brings it to Madam Shin, who practically faints in anticipation. She opens up the box to find…no mask. Of course. What kind of moron doesn’t check the box to make sure it contains the friggin mask? Are you really that trusting? Of Tae-sung?

Needless to say, Madam Shin rips Jae-in a new one. Turns out the box wasn’t totally empty though. Inside were these:

Hahahahaha. Now THAT is funny.

Right on cue, Tae-sung walks into Mom’s office, mask in hand, taunting her in delight. Madam Shin pretty much has an aneurism at the sight of him. He says that he can do what he wants with the mask, since it’s his. Mom lays into him, asking if he can say anything is his—he destroys everything he touches, every relationship he’s ever had—if no one is by his side, can he say that anything is his? Why do mothers always know how to cut the deepest?

She dares him to break it, like he breaks everything else. That’s what he came here to do, thanks. He shatters it against the wall. This time it’s Jae-in’s turn to lay into him. She slaps him across the face, saying that Master Ryu made the piece and that he had no right to destroy it. She uses banmal, getting in his face and standing up to him, which is going to bite her in the ass…

Madam Shin comes right up to Jae-in, and slaps HER in the face, but good. As expected, Madam Shin makes it crystal clear that Jae-in is beneath them, and this is no place for to be rising up in defiance. She tells her not to cross her line, and stay in her place. Damn. I know she’s supposed to be the hateful rich magpie, but lady is frighteningly gnarly. She goes on to say that he could shatter ten glass masks because she’ll just pay more money and get another one, but she can’t abide a thing like her belittling her son. Oh, NOW he’s your son?

Once Jae-in gets kicked out of the office, Tae-sung asks as much to Madam Shin: was it real? Is she trying to be a mother to him? Cold as ice, she disabuses him of any hint he may have had of her, say, having a heart. She says it was just to put Jae-in in her place. Wow. Blood of snakes in her morning shake, this woman.

Tae-sung tells her she shouldn’t have said anything. He thought for just a moment that she might have loved him, that he should be grateful. Breaks my heart, this damaged soul.

Jae-in wanders down the street in tears, and Gun-wook follows behind her. He finally tells her to just pretend that he’s the real Hong Tae-sung, and say what she wants, since she’ll never be able to do so to the real Tae-sung. Reluctantly, she starts:

Jae-in: Hong Tae-sung, do you think I gave up the glass mask for this? Since I started this job, this is the first time I’ve given up on a piece of art. I did it because of you. So you’d come back. When you came back, I wanted somehow to try and make it work with you. But what is this? The mask is broken. Madam Shin’s favor is broken. And I came to know one more time what happens when I go near someone like you.

Gun-wook holds her face in his hands, as a tear falls from his eyes. He leans closer.

Tae-sung sees them in the street and stops. As he looks on, Gun-wook goes in for the kill.

With this scene, I can finally see why Gun-wook might be having mixed emotions about Jae-in. Acting as Tae-sung in this twisty web of lies is only hurting himself in the long run, but some guys are all about the self-flagellation. His empathy in this case is not out of the blue, and it’s the first time I feel that they connect in a realistic way, even with the role playing, as that’s just a layer of distance created to shield them from confronting actual feelings.


I have a sneaking suspicion that the shattered glass mask is a fake. It would defeat the dramatic purpose of the big blowout scene, so I might be disappointed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if another one showed up later.

If Sun-young’s relationship with both Tae-sungs are BOTH coincidental, I might have a mental breakdown. There’s still room for Gun-wook’s machinations there, so I’m going to hold out hope that there’s more to this story. I know the reason for her death is still a big question mark, but if it’s something lame like a suicide in order to stop Gun-wook and save Tae-sung (which clearly didn’t work), I will totally break up with you, Show.

What’s interesting is that Jae-in’s feelings are actually in the Tae-sung camp, although that kiss is about to change things. It does seem to some degree that she falls for the guy who messes with her the most at any given time. She’s a sucker for punishment too, this girl, which would explain her shuttling back and forth between two bad boys.

At first the elevator scene with Tae-ra seemed over-the-top because I could immediately tell that it was her fantasy, but then I love where it ended up. The hands were somehow hotter than the kissing, because it was more of a contained sizzle. It’s that whole Victorian propriety thing that makes hands grazing totally sexy. I would actually appreciate it if they kept this relationship at a slow boil for a good long while, because it’d be a nice contrast to the other relationships, and really fun to watch.

The secretaries and assistants are an interesting second layer on the Hong family. We’re starting to round out the staff who are a) lifers, b) loyal, and therefore c) culpable in one way or another to the Hongs’ betrayal of Gun-wook. I hope that these characters will be more than just a first line of defense for the family, because there are some interesting things to be explored.

In the world of this drama there are essentially two sides: the wealthy (Hong family) and the help (Gun-wook, Jae-in, et al). It’s actually a very upstairs-downstairs sort of story, with the police as a peripheral audience stand-in. Thematically the issues of money and social standing, and the line between rich and poor are dealt more severely here, because the Hongs equate everything to money, including human beings. It essentially reduces people to cattle, and makes everyone, family members included, worth a price. In a world like that, there’s a lot of room for a moral grayscale, so I’d like very much for the help to start turning the tables on the rich.

Overall I’d like for Gun-wook to be DOING more…something…anything. He seems to be going with the flow one day, then masterminding the next day, and I’m not sure the writers have figured out what to do with him yet. I like that there are more kinks in the plan and things are starting to be out of his control, but in the end, he still hasn’t done much in the way of actual revenge yet, and I’m getting antsy. Chop, chop, Mr. Vengeance! Less planning, more action.


59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. javabeans

    This episode was much, much better than 6, I thought. *is jealous* In comparison, the last episode felt like (necessary, but less interesting) setup. This one had more conflict, more emotion, more drama.

    I also find it hilarious that GF and I managed to pick — independently of each other — such similar intro screencaps. Haha!

  2. pat

    I could just skip the women and watch these guys do whatever they’re going to do
    in this drama. But pick up the pace already! KJW is doing a great job too.

  3. FasirisFay

    awesome recap, Girlfriday! I’m really starting to like this show, but the kinks are definitely evident.
    Maybe just shut off my brain while I watch?

  4. cont'd

    that last screen cap!

  5. Koe

    I’m with you GF. Give me more Tae-sung! Is it sad I’m more interested in him than the leads? Dont get me wrong, I love KNG playing Gun-wook but there is just nothing connecting me to the character. And Jae-in, she is boring and I feel the writers flip flop on her character just to make certain scenes go in the direction they want.

    And I too am tired of all the damn coincidences. I hope eventually the show will show that these are not coincidences some way, some how.

    That said, I still love the show. I liked it before, but I think these last few episodes have somehow hit a stride, which is sad what with the ratings and all.

  6. Amg1

    The scene between Gun-wook and Tae-ra in the elevator is a beautiful piece of “Erotic Art”, the way they wrestle the piece of cloth like two wild best in the wild fighting for the same piece of “Sacrificial Lamb”, only to end up in a forceful and beautiful hold of hands mimicking a lascivious and carnal embrace. All I can say is that Tae-ra was move to her innermost core!!!!!
    that scene alone deserves a 10!!!!!

  7. Hm...

    Gun-Wook puzzles me…

    For example, while I understand why he might have wanted to explore the place where he once lived, did he not think that someone would notice him, like the secretary did…Isn’t hinting to someone related to the Hong group that he was the boy they once threw out a bad idea? Just like the whole not picking up when the lackey calls? Such little slips of his make me doubt his credibility as a man wanting revenge…. I mean when you compare Gun Wook to Oh Seung Ha (The Devil), the amount of thought put into the plans is similar, yet Seung Ha didn’t have such slips…

    But I am enjoying this drama so far, especially the music, so I will stick it out until the end! Can’t wait to see the next episode!

    Also, thank for such a wonderful recap girlfriday!

  8. Marian

    I’m dissatisfied with the speed of the storyline panning out. I really want to see HaeShin crumble and all I’ve been getting is this relationship spin. The series is feeling very dragged out and boring. I have to agree with GF, Taesung is stirring up more problems than our main lead. Pick it up, Story!

  9. Hermosa5790

    Kim Jae-wook..Oh my…those killer cheekbones!

  10. 10 asianromance

    i am also in major second lead love! It’s because it’s easier to understand him and where he is coming from. I look at him and see a tangled ball of yarn and think, ah, that’s complicated, but yeah i agree, it sucks. Gun-wook is a big question mark for me. He just goes around being mysterious, and then sometimes out of nowhere win you over for a few minutes before going back to being mysterious.

    Though i believe the real couple here is Gunwook and Taesung….i do wish for Taesung and Jae-in to get together.

    the coincidences are pretty annoying, but then again, all dramas are filled with coincidences. for some reason, they’re just more noticeable here.

  11. 11 Faye

    Lordy, the elevator scene was hot, both the fantasy make out and the hand foreplay. I’m pretty comfortable with the pacing, but yeah, you’re right that Gun Wook needs to get into gear a little instead of just writing in his day planner all the time. One thing I’m simply giddy about is when Gun Wook realizes that Jae In is Won In’s sister. That’ll be just a wagon full of giggles.

  12. 12 hannah

    YES, I’m in second-lead love too simply because 1) I’d already had a crush on him since his Coffee Prince days 2) his Jap is hot 3) he just needs looooooove. Haha, man, I was so gone when he got rejected by both his ma and the girl at the boat house party thing.

    Also, the spoiler which I won’t specify for Kim Nam-gil revealed after his army enlistment made me happy for this very reason… Which says something about my emotional investment in his character. He’s all flash no substance at the moment, which is sad because the actor is so charismatic. In other hands the character development issues would have been even more pronounced.

    Not that it looks any more likely for Tae-sung, anyway because nothing seems to go right for this poor (bad) guy anyway…

    Was I the only one shocked that Jae-in was in Tae-sung’s camp before the kiss? Because the chemistry between the three leads is so everywhere, I have no idea.

  13. 13 Sarranghae

    the last screep cap is oozing w/ smexy..*faint*

  14. 14 Rossi

    I’m really just following this in hope of a hook up b/t Tae-ra and Gun Wook. She’s the only female character I find semi interesting in here. And also hello there, smex!

  15. 15 momosan

    You know, there’s a laptop here that just is crying for that last screenshot to be the wallpaper for a while. What? what? Oh…sorry got distracted by the shiny.

    Yes. It needs some more pace or action, like some serious wrenches being thrown at Haeshin group soon by EITHER lead, but I’m loving the 2 guys, especially Kim Jae Wook at the moment. I’m a sucker for the pretty as well. 😎

  16. 16 Celestical

    @ 7

    I’m kinda glad that Gun Wook is making such slips as it makes him more human and it also makes me curious as to see if these come back later on to mess with his plans. After all, the show wouldn’t be as interesting if there weren’t kinks in his plans, and I like the idea that some of the kinks are out of his control (such Tae Sung going to the police station) while others are a result of his own mistakes (such as ignoring the lackey’s phone calls).

    On a side note, when Gun Wook kissed Jae In, all I could think was that this confirmed his feelings for her. By pretending to be the ‘Real Tae Sung’ he was giving Jae In the man she wants (thus avoiding outright rejection through the argument of consolation) while at the same time seeming to convey his own feelings to her while hiding behind a front-something that’s common for him. And while I feel this scene conveyed a lot of connections, I actually feel more from Gun Wook’s stares at Jae In when she isn’t looking, despite not knowing what to really make of it. But I chalk that up to simply Kim Nam Gil being able to convey emotions through a look.

    And if Sun Young knowing both Tae Sungs are a coincidence, I will definitely be pissed off. With all the planning Gun Wook puts in, I wouldn’t find it hard to believe he led Sun Young to Tae Sung and wanted her to believe it was a coincidence. The only problem is I can’t figure out why he would put her through that pain (and yet we know that he feels guilt over her death, either because of his direct or indirect involvement).

    I’ll keep watching the show just because it has so much potential and it’s doing an alright job, but I really hope it lets up on the coincidences.

  17. 17 Ani

    “I’m in major second-lead love, and I’m headed for disaster. Now, I don’t always do this in every drama, although I’m more prone, say, than javabeans, who is more a leading-man kind of girl.”

    Geez, most of the time I fall in love with the second lead. Most, not ALL the time. Yeah, makes for heartache, especially when MOST of those times the second male lead doesn’t get the girl…. or a girl. Oh POOPY!

  18. 18 Rose

    Its episode 6 and i still dont understand the story, i dont understand any of the characters except the upper class aka: Mom and Taera are witch bitches that you just want to burned thier faces down with a flat iron.

  19. 19 sajor

    the coincidences in the show have extended to you jb and gf? hehehe, and perhaps there’ll be more like that in the future, but don’t worry, the reasons behind those will be uncovered in the end, just like what happens all the time in the kdramaland..

    great recap here girlfriday! thanks so much

  20. 20 George

    I was hooked at the beginnning and I’m still hooked.
    What really annoys me is that I LOVED the pacing in the first few episodes, and time passes by and I don’t love the pacing as much anymore.

    The fact is I want to love the second-lead, at least I totally root for KJW acting. But I kinda hate his good-for-nothing-but-extremely-rich-guy vibe.
    I loved seeing him cry in his bowl of noodle, just because he has this good-for-nothing-but-extremely-rich-guy vibe, and the scene was pathetic enough so that I could forget this aspect of him and totally support him for a few minuts.

    I think that just like Jae-In, we know nothing about Gun Wook, and that is why it’s much easier to root for Tae-Sung. Not that she knows everything about him, but at least he opens up. He show brief signs of interest, hate, sadness [insert-any-kind-of-emotion-here]. Whereas Gun Wook, well…so far he’s just been mysterious.
    Mysterious is good. It’s sexy and appealing. But in front of him there’s Tae-Sung, and to Jae In, he’s just as sexy and appealing and well … easier to access.

    I remember on the chart of relations provided by the channel, that it was written that Jae > Tae Sung = she uses him.
    I really look on seeing if it is really going to be MANIPULATION or well another incorrect chart and that she’s gonna waver between the two guys even if indeed she was attracted to Tae Sung on the ground of his belonging to the Haeshin Group.

  21. 21 Aya

    @ 8

    “Though i believe the real couple here is Gunwook and Taesung…”

    Wait. WUT?

    Although, now that it’s mentioned, there are some pretty strong sparks flying around between these two.

    Not necessarily of bromantic nature, but.

  22. 22 Aya

    I meant @ 10…

  23. 23 rainey

    I agree completely with the Tae Sung love. I find myself watching the show just for Tae Sung which is something I never do. I never let the second lead ‘pass his place’.

    Anyway, I’m shipping TS & JI hard. Who knows, maybe I’ll get my wish.

  24. 24 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks for a great recap girlfriday…

    that elevator scene is just crazy…never imagine holding hands will be as hot as that…lol. But with KNG…anything is hot. Hopefully they will pick the pace already so we will know what is this all about…lol

  25. 25 Eleven11

    @21 Aya

    Gun-Wook/Tae-Sung. Now THAT is a ship I could get behind. Om nom nom =p

  26. 26 supah

    Oh, I love Tae-sung too, but maybe it’s because it’s Kim Nam-gil (OMG! It’s Kim Nam-gil!) that I’m that much more bowled over by Gun-wook’s self-pitying sulk.

    I love the stairs leading to Jae-in’s apartment, so pretty.

    Oh and did anyone else wonder what on earth Tae-ra was wearing in that elevator scene, a beige elasticated skirt and blouse set? Hi grandma Hong!

    Lovin’ the recaps both JB’s and GF’s, muchas appreciatus. *salute*

  27. 27 infiniti512

    I’m loving the tension between Tae Ra and Gun Wook, of course he knows it and he plays it to the hilt, but gosh, the elevator, the hand holding……poor girl is probably totally disgusted by her husband now! haha

    The kiss at the end with Ga In was sweet and sexy too.

    But the coincidences do bother me and Gun Wook’s slip ups this episode were really annoying. I will ignore them for now just like I ignore the comments about Tae/Wook as a couple.

    What’s with all the yaoi these days?! Yeesh…..

  28. 28 Eleven11

    @27 in my ideal world, couples of all sexualities will be truly socially acceptable… but alas, I don’t think I’ll ever live to see that happen.

    As it is, I deal by making half-joking statements about same sex couples in dramas. Hope I didn’t get your knickers in a twist. 😉

  29. 29 Too much drama

    Major In love with second lead….Gun Wook is just too confusing a character while Tae Sung’s emotion is so raw that I can’t help but feel every bit of pain that he experiences…& I just want to give him love!!!

  30. 30 Dav

    Kim Jae-In is blowing my socks off. Kim Nam-Gil is great, and I loved him the first few episodes, but his character isn’t gelling well, whereas Tae-Sung is getting more in depth and interesting and vulnerable. Kim Jae-In smoulders on-screen, and his moments of vulnerability, like his breakdown in the cafe last episode, are just wrenching. He really has come a long, long way as an actor. I want everything to turn out well for Tae-Sung. I don’t really care about Gun-wook much.

    That’s a disaster, drama-wise. I’m not sure who bears the responsibility – writers? Directors? I think Kim Nam-Gil’s doing well with what he has, but it’s just not as interesting as it was in the beginning – if anything, he seems stupider and less organized than he did originally.

    Actually, Gun-wook and Tae-Sung would be awesome, and it would successfully hit that faux-incest thing that kdramas seem obsessed with. Plus, no better way to rebel against your evil mom than to shack up with the dude she kicked out for not being you. THAT would be epic.

  31. 31 loveydovey

    I have to disagree in you saying that JI is into both men, ’cause to me clearly she only started being the least bit intersted when she found out about TS’s money. Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen any signs of her being truelly attracted to him in any way….

  32. 32 second-male-lead for me too

    Great recap. I too have the second lead syndrome and I am in love with Tae-Sung. His emotions are so real and raw and just rip at my heart. I just want to take this rebellious, wounded puppy and make him all better. As much as KNG is a great actor and I love to see his acting on the show…Gun-wook confuses me so much. Some of the antics he pulls confuses me about how it all benefits his grand scheme of revenge (which needs to get grand pronto). I feel for him but at the same time I don’t.

  33. 33 Jemema

    To my understanding it looks like sexual harassment in the elavator.

  34. 34 ohemgee

    girlfriday i KNEW you were a BAD BOY kinda girl! it takes one to know one! 😉

    this recap REALLY makes me want to start watching bad guy now!!!!

  35. 35 badtanline

    “Bad Coincidence Guy”! Bwahahahahahahaha!

  36. 36 up

    i don’t really like tae-sung very much anymore.
    i understand that he’s been hurt and everything, but that doesn’t make it right to hurt others, even if the purpose deep down is to hurt himself.
    from the preview, it looks like he is going to continue on his sadistic/masochistic spree, especially to jae-in… 🙁

  37. 37 asherlev1

    Ahaha! I too, find myself quite in love with Tae-Sung. Unlike you, I don’t have a problem with him playing second lead. Realistically, for the actor portraying him, I feel he is making a good natural progression – from model to “Waffle Sung-Ki” to now this. I feel maybe later, he might just be ready to be a primary lead.

    Also: Um, if the whole show was just Tae-Ra and Gun-Wook making out and then being proper, making out then being proper, making out and…well, you get the picture. Anyway, if that was the whole show, I WOULD SO WATCH.

  38. 38 asherlev1

    ROFL @ Jemema. Sexual harassment? Well, y’know…some people *are* into that. ;D (By which I mean rough play/fantasises not actual….sexual harassment. Lol, don’t want to offend anyone.)

  39. 39 yogurutu

    I feel like this show has the potential to be so great but the writing is so clumsy that it’s actually weighing down on everything else. The acting is superior to a lot of dramas I’ve watched and above all else the drama is shot so brilliantly–everything is so gorgeous and the music selection is so perfect that it actually tugs at my emotions!

    I love the scenes where the director sometimes cuts away from the story to show where in location/life each character is as well as what they are doing (like in episode 6 and 9) maybe because it is subtle in its implications about their emotions/thoughts/place/stature plus there is no plot/words to ruin them.

    In any case, it’s getting me bothered that the story is progressing so much like ‘I’m sorry, I love you’ (although I did love that drama, it’s not as enticing the second time), where KNG is in SJS’s role, HGI in LSJ’s, KJW in JKH’s , and OYS in SJY’s. But everyone’s a little darker than their Mianhada Saranghada counterparts–especially Jae-in, who

    I think Taesung’s character is sort of like a breath of fresh air in any episode because everyone else is so quiet and dead and jaded and scheming and a little too smart, a little too subtle.

  40. 40 yogurutu

    Also in my opinion,

    if we were to blame anyone, it isn’t the director, because I think he is doing a fantastic job salvaging the train wreck that is the writing.

  41. 41 Barbara

    Gun Wook’s mystery is sexy! The chemistry between Taera and him is strange, because I thought that she had knew him the moment he landed on Monea’s yacht, as if he was a long lost love. But now I feel like it was lust at first sight for her. I’m loving the relationship Gun Wook and Jae In have. He is the nice-guy-friend that every girl has, or want.

  42. 42 Dav

    @41: Are we watching the same show? Gun Wook is a complete jerk to Jae In.

  43. 43 smiles

    i have to agree with the second lead syndrome – I’m usually a leading man sucker, cos often the second guy is written so he supposed to tug at the old hearts strings, but is played by a pretty but dumb actor (well in the handful of dramas i’ve watched so far) so i’m usually left uninpressed by him.

    Yet this time Tae-sung has captured my heart – god when he was sobbing into his food in episode six – that was it, it was over for me.

  44. 44 Nameless

    As much as I adore KNG, I don’t adore SGW. So far, HTS is winning me over as well. His character, although being the second lead is far more fleshed out that SGW. And just based on that, Kim Jae Wook is totally nailing the crying scenes. He’s doing an incredible job at it so the man deserves more credit. I know GW is supposed to be mysterious and shady, but seriously, couldn’t they at least make him more relatable? And by that, I mean make us feel connected with him. Sure he has his moments, and those moments to me are the scenes with him and Won In. I like their little interactions. I notice GW seems more himself when he’s around children and people younger than him. Sadly, he can’t even be like that with Jae In.

  45. 45 Fafa

    loved this episode. thanks for the recap. KNG and KJW are doing a wonderful job playing their roles. good acting!

  46. 46 sjsmn

    the elevator scene was really hooootttt. Love KNG

  47. 47 msim

    First episode I didn’t fastforward any scenes. The energy and pacing, even the music was on point. It also looked scrumptious – lovely lighting work there.

    A few thoughts:

    – Hand clutching hotness!!! It looked so intense and forbidden,and naked. I rarely get worked up over m/f lust stuff but this one worked. Looked straight out of a French film.

    – The outrageous coincidences are like bleach and are streaking my brain.

    – The cool short-haired sister remains my favourite female character. Surely there’s a pre-posterous coincidence to be had here so we can see more of her.

    – Show, I have one request: the evil step-mother, me, and five minutes in a back alley.

  48. 48 Belva

    Thanks for the recap as always.
    “Blood of snakes in her morning shake, this woman.” I would love to taste that and see if I become as evil as her! Starting to love to hate her now.
    Talking about TS being more of the bad guy, I actually remember an earlier interview where Kim Jae-wook actually said something like “you won’t know who the real bad guy is until the end” or smth along that line.

    @20 You’ll see that JI is indeed using TS in the later episodes (look out for JI’s facial expression) 🙂

    I’m also on the Tae-sung/Gun-wook ship. To me their attraction is something above bromance. No actually it’s more KNG/KJW ship. Thanks to some BTS. =X

  49. 49 msim


    My bags are packed, I’ve said my farewells and I’m board this ship. Sizzling!

  50. 50 eclipse

    I think the Bad Guy writers should learn a few tricks how to make the mysterious-vengeance-guy more interesting from the writers of The Devil. The revenge plan that Oh Seung Ha has is more brilliant and we also get connected emotionally to the character of Oh Seung Ha.

    It` s such a waste of KNG`s brilliant acting. I was going to let it go at first, because i was thinking of a possibility of maybe deep down Gun Wook`s real reason for this because he wants to be part of the Hong`s family, not because of the richness they have, but because he already feel that way when he lived there for a brief of time. And it shows whenever he enters the house or meet Senior Hong.He wants his acknowlegement. And i think that`s what make his character and Tae Sung are much alike. Although with Tae Sung is with his mother.

    But now i don`t know, with more “coincidence” that the writers come up, and why Tae Sung is more related to us than Gun Wook because his reason makes more sense, and NOT created by coincidence and the past that is not overly dramatic that make it seems unrealistic.

    Anyhow, i still wanna follow this one through for KNG and KJW. Their actings is superb!!

    And lol at GF last comment. Chop,chop please…

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