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Bad Guy: Episode 9
by | July 13, 2010 | 57 Comments

Bad Guy sure got good last week, didn’t it? Perhaps it’s no coincidence that this is when Tae-sung steps it up, plot-wise. His presence has been building gradually, and now he’s starting to take center stage. This drama is at its most compelling — hitting the right mix of humor, pathos, and intrigue — when it’s The Tae-sung Show. But rather than wishing the drama would actually make it the Tae-sung Show, I’d rather it upped the Gun-wook factor to match that level of writing. Say, I’d be happy with a Gun-wook And Tae-sung Show.


Kim Yeo-hee – “하지마” (Don’t). Kim Yeo-hee is the much-talked-about “Apple Girl,” who scored a recording deal after uploading Youtube videos wherein she sang along to backing music she played on iPhone apps. [ Download ]

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The rain-soaked scene with Gun-wook puts Tae-ra in a strange mood as she returns home. Her pent-up sexual tension has been released through the confrontation — not all of it, just some — enough that she’s sorta loose-limbed and listless. She excuses herself to take a shower — with her clothes on, so either she’s just that out of it or she needs to cool down her raging libido.

She attempts to, um, scratch that itch by making an advance with her husband, who is working late. Placing a hand on his shoulder, she urges him to join her in bed, but he removes her hand and sends her off without him. I wonder if he’s truly that busy with his trial, or if he just doesn’t have sexual interest in his wife, as the marriage is a political one. (Side note: I’m actually shocked, but impressed, that a drama is portraying a woman with active sexual desires, who initiates sex, without being The Hussy character.)

Gun-wook calls his old stunt team for a favor, and the four men convene at the construction site that night. Gun-wook keeps an eye out for the thieves who have been stealing material from the construction site, and when a truck drives out the dark lot, Gun-wook’s team springs into action.

They back their car up to block the truck’s exit, and his team checks out the truckbed while he threatens to call the cops and the Haeshin bosses. Only… the truck is empty. No stolen materials.

He was sure these guys were the culprits and is duly surprised. Gun-wook is stymied for all of a few seconds, before another truck emerges from the site. (I wish they’d played his mistake for a longer beat, because as usual, he regains the upper hand without doing much.)

Gun-wook jumps onto his motorcycle, skidding to a stop in front of the truck to prevent its exit. Dude, you’re going on a lot of faith that they’d stop rather than hit you. Especially when the little man on the little bike is about to nail them for a felony.

Gun-wook calls Tae-sung to report that the has caught the thief, and cops round up the criminals. Tae-sung expresses mild interest, but not enough to witness the arrest himself.

Tae-sung does, however, do him a solid by giving Gun-wook credit for the bust. President Hong already likes Gun-wook, and at this news he calls him in for a meeting and offers him a job working with the company.

The gallery opens with a themed party, and now we see why Ryu-sensei’s glass mask was such a coveted item. The opening exhibit is all about masks, and accordingly, a good number guests wear them to the party.

Gun-wook greets Jae-in and uses her as a way to push Tae-sung’s buttons, almost taunting him with their closeness. This has two effects: (1) It makes Tae-sung jealous, and Gun-wook enjoys discomfiting him, and (2) on a subtler level, it primes Tae-sung to want Jae-in’s attentions. (Gah, I just want these two boys to be best friends. SO MUCH.)

Spotting Tae-ra in the crowd, Gun-wook uses sign language to send her a message. She doesn’t know what it means, but she tenses and turns away from him (and temptation).

Bored out of his mind, Tae-sung proposes “a fun game” to inject excitement into the evening — they’ll play prince and the pauper, switching suits and identities for the night, aided by masks. This drama plays with the question of “What would you do if you were Tae-sung?” quite a bit, which highlights the dramatic irony: Gun-wook knows he could have been, but everyone else means it rhetorically. As does Tae-sung, who tells Gun-wook that this game will let him be him for the night, as though that’s something he should feel honored about. It’s a little condescending in that entitled Hong way.

He goes along with it and dons Tae-sung’s white suit. In the gallery, he deliberately pours champagne on the ground and drops the glass, shattering it loudly. He staggers like he’s drunk, to the mortification of the Hong ladies.

Tae-ra excuses herself when her stocking runs, and seeks out a storage room in which to change. A be-masked Gun-wook relaxes there, but she assumes it’s Tae-sung and addresses him as such. She doesn’t realize the truth until Gun-wook starts to sign her the same message he’d signed earlier, then removes his mask. He translates for her: “You are the most beautiful woman here tonight.”

Somewhere in the middle of the exchange, his phone goes off — it’s Mo-nae, calling as she wanders the gallery looking for him. His bold words already have Tae-ra on edge, and the ringing phone adds a jittery energy to the scene.

Mo-nae, attracted by the sound of Gun-wook’s ringing phone, heads toward the room, and rather than being caught in this semi-compromising situation, Gun-wook swiftly maneuvers Tae-ra to an alcove. Thus Mo-nae doesn’t see them when she looks inside.

Gun-wook takes advantage of their closeness to stroke Tae-ra’s hair, purposely poking holes in her composure. He notes, “Your heart is racing.”

Tae-ra shoves away, but he grabs her arm and yanks her back. What ensues is one pretty steamy makeout session, even as Mo-nae and Tae-ra’s husband talk right around the corner.

This is a case where the drama played the slow burn just right — the innuendoes, fantasies, and hand-holding escalated the tension, and now we arrive at the breaking point. This scene wouldn’t have had nearly the same sizzle if they’d jumped at each other right away, nor would Gun-wook have had the satisfaction of playing with Tae-ra’s repressed emotions.

When Tae-ra leaves the room, she comes face to face with her unsuspecting husband and Mo-nae, so rattled that she can barely put together a coherent sentence. Her frayed nerves take another hit when Gun-wook emerges from the room right behind her, and she is barely operating on enough brainpower to maintain her composure, much less come up with a good explanation.

Thankfully, Mo-nae assumes this is Tae-sung, since the mask is back on, sparing Tae-ra the possibility of spontaneously combusting in anxiety.

Back in the main gallery, Jae-in calls over a still-masked Gun-wook, having seen his drunken antics and assuming that Tae-sung is up to more trouble. Gun-wook raises his mask briefly to reveal his face and fills her in on the switcheroo, giving her the tip to have some fun with the scenario. Tae-sung will think that everyone believes him to be Gun-wook, which offers her a prime opportunity to play this to her advantage.

Therefore, Jae-in finds the masked Tae-sung and addresses him as Gun-wook, pulling him outside to chat. He visibly perks up when she starts to talk about Tae-sung in a confiding manner.

He listens with particular attention when she muses that Tae-sung broke the mask to draw his mother’s attention. She wonders, “But if nobody turns back to look at him, how much must that hurt his feelings?”

Though Jae-in is probably drawing upon real sympathy, she’s definitely being manipulative here. This ruse gives Tae-sung the impression of having the upper hand — he’s in on her “secret” — while in actuality reserving it for herself.

Jae-in: “I feel strange. I keep having feelings for him. He’s different from you, Gun-wook — I feel sorry for him. You’ll be fine on your own, but Tae-sung seems like someone you shouldn’t leave alone. That must be why I keep thinking of him. If even one person in that family treated him with warmth, and asked if he was eating well…”

Jae-in’s assessment of Tae-sung’s character is on point, and now she cuts through his outer shell so keenly that it’s too much for him. Abruptly, Tae-sung jerks up and leaves without a word.

Gun-wook watches the exchange from a distance like a puppetmaster, only now his machinations have a slightly sordid twist because when you’re dealing with people’s perceptions of love/romance, it sorta makes you a pimp. Like the Engineer in Miss Saigon, which is an apt description for Gun-wook.

Leaving Jae-in, Tae-sung breathes heavily from the shock of being seen through so easily, but soon he smiles, gratified at Jae-in’s “confession.”

Gun-wook joins Tae-sung on the bench, and the latter asks what he’s been up to. Feeling puffed up about Jae-in, his words are teasing instead of cutting: “Don’t go around bugging her. She says she doesn’t like you.” (When he thought Jae-in might like Gun-wook more than himself, he was snippy with Gun-wook, but now he’s feeling rather secure. It’s cute.)

At the end of the night, Jae-in cleans up the gallery. Gun-wook comes up to her and wordlessly starts to help her clear things. She gratefully accepts the help, but Gun-wook shoots her an intense look, saying sardonically, “You’ve grown up.” The words have a tinge of bitterness to them, like he’s upset with her for making that progress.

Tired, Jae-in rests against Gun-wook’s back and asks him what she could do for Tae-sung that he would like. Gun-wook replies that it doesn’t matter what Tae-sung likes — she should make him like what she likes.

She asks, “If you were Hong Tae-sung, what would you like?” Again the double meaning. When he replies “home cooking,” he’s taking her question at face value — after all, he IS Tae-sung, and that’s what he wants. However, Jae-in bursts out laughing, saying that she meant what he’d want if he were Tae-sung, not what he wants now. Potayto potahto, lady.

The next day, Gun-wook gets another piece of his plan in motion. In a parking garage, he waits until his target heads toward his car, then backs his car into the other man’s vehicle, playing it off as an accident. The man is annoyed, but Gun-wook’s humble apologies mollify him. When they exchange business cards, we see that this is Kang Yoon-chul, the president of an investment firm.

Gun-wook accompanies President Kang to the mechanic’s, and comments that he happens to be looking for a investor. What a happy coincidence! Gun-wook gives the impression that he’s quite wealthy and important, so Kang is flattered to be given the VIP treatment.

At the Haeshin offices, Gun-wook encounters Tae-ra at the elevators, who is puzzled to see him here without Tae-sung. When Gun-wook leans in — which makes her even more high-strung, if that’s possible — she demands to know what he’s intending to do with her. He asks, “What are you worried about?” He leans in even closer, and Tae-ra closes her eyes in anticipation of a kiss.

But instead Gun-wook just speaks into her ear, telling her that today is his first day working here. The kiss fake-out makes Tae-ra feel like Gun-wook is toying with her, and she leaves the elevator in a huff.

Jae-in joins Gun-wook for a coffee break and congratulates him for taking a job with Haeshin Construction’s planning team. Deducing that this indicates acceptance from the Hongs, Jae-in asks hesitantly, “Then… are you going to marry Mo-nae?” His answer (“No”) brings a small smile to her face.

Engineer Gun-wook gives her a gym membership to Tae-sung’s club. He seems to have this perverse satisfaction in setting her up with Tae-sung, and while it’s part of his plan, it also annoys him. It’s as though he wants to push her to see how far she’ll go, and the harder he pushes, the more it annoys him, even though HE’s the one enabling her.

The two cops pay a visit to Madam Shin, who greets them with her trademark iciness. They inquire about Sun-young, and although she hadn’t known the girl died, the news hardly tears her up. She retorts, “Things with Tae-sung always end up like that.”

However, the next bit of news rattles her good: The last person Sun-young was seen with was the young boy they had un-adopted. The cops share their theory that the Other Tae-sung was angry at the Hongs after his noona was cruelly rejected by Tae-sung.

Madam Shin shoots down their theory, as the boy supposedly died. That’s news to the cops — there’s no record of his death — but she states firmly that he died twenty years ago, and tells them coldly not to come round ever again. Geez, she makes it sound like they’d want to be around her. It’s no picnic for them either, yunno.

As soon as the detectives leave, Madam Shin calls her employee — the head housekeeper who once fed the young Gun-wook sweets in secret — and orders her to find the Other Tae-sung no matter what. Leave no stone unturned, money is no object, keep it a secret, et cetera.

There’s an interesting beat when Gun-wook is in Tae-sung’s office and the latter brings out an old toy from childhood. Tae-sung has brainstormed an idea of a robot theme park — which, btw, is proof that he ISN’T just a lazy fuck-up but actually wants to prove himself with work, if only he were given a reason to try.

Gun-wook immediately recognizes the toy from his own brief time being Hong Tae-sung, and it’s both silly and sad that this one little piece of plastic could evoke such primal feelings of jealousy, indignation, and loss. It’s a literal way to foreshadow the transference of this possessive rivalry to Jae-in, who is their new toy.

Trying out Gun-wook’s suggestion, Jae-in comes to the fancy new gym dressed in a hot pink tracksuit, ready to manufacture another run-in with Tae-sung. That’s pretty easy since he brightens to spot her; he casually approaches her machine and takes a seat next to it. Bait taken!

Jae-in is getting better at playing hard to get, so she ignores Tae-sung and walks to a different machine. He gives her the “Oh, so now we’re playing this game?” look and follows to a nearby machine, and this takes them to the treadmills.

But his presence distracts her and she misses a step, falling from the treadmill and twisting her ankle. Adorably, Tae-sung swiftly kneels in front of her and gruffly orders her on his back. As girlfriday noted in the piggyback post, this is an excuse to introduce skinship before they’d get there naturally, and he takes full advantage. Does he really think she’s hurt? Hardly. Is he going to let this chance slip him by? Oh HELL no.

So he exaggerates his concern, yelling at the doctors and insisting that they take her injury seriously, totally playing the part of the overreacting white knight. Hilariously, he’s put in his place by a man in a neck brace with much more severe injuries, who shushes him.

Jae-in is checked in, and I LOVE Tae-sung’s reaction to being called her guarantor. Just look at that expression (above) when he tries (badly) to pretend that being her guarantor is, like, geez, such a hassle. “Guarantor” is a word that implies legal responsibilities, but in Korean it’s also a compound word literally meaning “protector” — and he’s never been called anyone’s guarantor before. Tae-sung may act irresponsible but it’s not because he hates responsibility — it’s that nobody has seen fit to give him any.

He couldn’t be giddier if she’d called him oppa. Well, maybe he’d be a LITTLE happier with oppa, but he’s pretty damn happy with this. He even enjoys performing that very basic guarantor duty of retrieving her prescription.

He drives her home, and Jae-in has to admit the attention is nice. She jokes, “I’ll have to get hurt again.”

But that makes Tae-sung’s smile fade and he replies, like a little boy, “I don’t want to go there again. It’s no fun the second time.” Aww. My heart, it twists for this man-child.

As Jae-in walks away, she stumbles again, and Tae-sung grabs her to prevent her fall. The moment grows still with romantic anticipation, and Tae-sung moves in for a kiss.

(This is another example of an “upgrade” in Jae-in’s act with Tae-sung, compared to her transparent attempts with Gun-wook. I think this stumble is real, but that’s what I mean — she’s working Tae-sung much more effectively.)

When he gets home, he looks like a shy teenager who has just had his first kiss, trying to contain his excited smile but unable to maintain nonchalance. It’s adorable and breaks your heart a little.

He sends Jae-in a text to remind her to take her medicine, and even looks happy to peruse the hospital bill. When she texts back a thank-you message, he can’t contain his smile.

Meanwhile, Gun-wook has spent his day working his scheme. He meets with his investigator, then “bumps into” the same President Kang as though in coincidence. Kang is eager to oblige Gun-wook’s request to pick his brain about stock investments, and they arrange a meeting.

When he gets home, Gun-wook is in a frustrated mood which grows when Jae-in calls and fills him in on the gym situation. (She leaves out the kiss.) At first her mention of a twisted ankle stirs concern, until she adds that Tae-sung looked after her very attentively.

Gun-wook’s response is terse, with an accusatory undertone: “I’m sure he was. He won’t forget the first woman to take care of him. Good thing you got hurt.” The words sting a little and Jae-in calls him out on it, but he blows her off.

Continuing with his scheme, Gun-wook prepares for a weekend event involving his newest target and adds President Kang to his Wall of Crazy. Key in this new plan is the man in the blue blazer (below), who is involved with Kang’s investments. He also turns out to be the Hongs’ eldest son — the successful good son that makes his parents proud.

Eldest Son is present at a weekend family gathering, to which Gun-wook is invited by Mo-nae. Madam Shin pointedly takes issue with Gun-wook’s presence, calling it inappropriate for Tae-sung’s secretary to be here. Mo-nae leaps to defend him, and is thrilled when Dad informs her that Gun-wook was hired at the company.

Mom’s warmth toward her elder son is noticeably different from her attitude toward Tae-sung, and it’s no surprise that Big Bro likewise takes Mom’s side. He admonishes Tae-sung for his recklessness and urges him to start acting like an adult now.

This sours Tae-sung’s mood, and he points out that he’s just as much a part of the family as his siblings: “Why does everyone keep forgetting that? Is it because our bloodlines are complicated?”

Brother rebukes him, and Tae-sung laughs, “I must have hit a sensitive nerve.” The sniping continues until Dad interferes to tell both Tae-sung and Madam Shin to watch it.

Madam Shin ignores him and declares, “This is why you made your girlfriend die.” Ouuuuch.

Unsurprisingly, that sets off the bomb. She accuses Tae-sung of driving his girlfriend to suicide and says shrilly, “How will you bear your punishment for that? Do you have the right to talk like this?!” The last bit she screams at him.

Provoked, Tae-sung retorts, “Yeah, she died because of me. Happy?” The last part he yells right back at her.

Gun-wook may be in the thick of this as revenge-baiter, but he can’t remain unmoved at this cold mention of Sun-young. Tears fill his eyes and threaten to overflow, and he has to look away. Tae-ra clocks Gun-wook’s reaction, but nobody else sees how this affects him.

(It’s also, I believe, the first time that Gun-wook has ever seen Tae-sung react emotionally to Sun-young’s death. Will this be a turning point? Please oh please don’t just gloss over this plot point!)

Angrily, Tae-sung turns to the rest of his family and says that they treated her just as poorly and therefore have no right to censure him. He orders them never to say her name again.

This housekeeper is an intriguing figure with an unknown agenda. Just as the president’s secretary (the man) seemed to have a grudge against Young Gun-wook, this housekeeper also harbors her personal alliances — she seems sympathetic to Gun-wook, but has to serve her mistress.

President Hong receives a package in the mail, and opens it to find a dossier. He has never heard of the company in question or its stock matters, but the name triggers recognition in Big Bro, who tries to distract his father’s attention. He must be involved in some (shady?) business dealings that he wants to keep a secret, and Gun-wook uses this to bait him.

In a brief interlude, Gun-wook hangs out with Mo-nae and her niece, then joins Tae-ra on the deck while Mo-nae heads inside briefly. You can practically hear Tae-ra tense in anticipation.

Gun-wook uses his line on Tae-ra about her pretty daughter resembling her mother. It’s the same thing he told Madam Shin, and both times he says it with that infuriating faux-sincerity — they can sense he’s not being earnest, but they can hardly take issue with the words.

Tae-ra tells him that “that day” (their kiss) was a mistake, to which Gun-wook does a masterful job acting hurt, as though he has deeper feelings for Tae-ra and doesn’t want her to cut him off. He grabs her hand — another startling moment of intimacy, at least for Tae-ra — and asks for an explanation. With an almost pained expression, she tells him, “You’re really cruel.”

At that, Gun-wook lets go of her hand and excuses himself, leaving with a lingering backward glance. Bravo, that was a pretty good performance — he managed to make himself seem vulnerable and to give her the illusion that she wields power over him, while actually possessing it himself. In this way he and Jae-in are in similar places this episode, even if their motivations are different.

It must be noted that the housekeeper also catches this exchange — not all of it, but enough to take notice of the charged air and remind us that she knows more than she’s telling.

Mo-nae emerges with her harmonica, wanting to play Gun-wook a tune. The harmonica was the first gift Gun-wook ever gave her, and she tells her sister proudly that this is the longest she has ever played an instrument. Looks like Gun-wook was spot-on when he called her a dilettante, because she has always been able to flit from one interest to another whenever the whim caught her.

The meaning of this isn’t lost on Tae-ra, who asks her sister whether she really likes him that much. Mo-nae nods, “Yes.”

Won-in lingers around the convenience store, watching a group of schoolboys hanging out in front. Gun-wook surprises her from behind, then teases her for scoping out guys and offers to help her in the romance department.

A phone call interrupts, and Won-in marvels to see that Gun-wook actually answers it today. His expression grows serious as he processes the message, then hangs up and dials a new number — Jae-in’s. He offers her the tip that Tae-sung has passed out drinking, which is another opportunity to score points with him. While this is true, the way he says it — a little censoriously — rankles her.

Won-in accepts Gun-wook’s offer of dating help, but now Gun-wook advises, “Make someone love you. Don’t love them.”

Despite not appreciating Gun-wook’s tone, Jae-in primps for Tae-sung and arrives at the apartment where he has passed out — his (and Sun-young’s) old building. The security guard helps her load a nearly unconscious Tae-sung into the car, and she’s about to depart when someone knocks on her window: the two cops.

Tae-sung had agreed to meet them here to talk about the case, but it looks like they’ll have to postpone the meeting until he’s conscious.

Mention of the accident that occurred here triggers Jae-in’s memory, and she tells them that she was in this neighborhood on that night and. At around 2 am, she saw a tall man dressed in black who caught her attention as odd. The cops are interested, because this corresponds to the guy seen arguing with Sun-young.

Although Jae-in never saw his face, she offers the clue that he had a scar on his back, and finally they have a break in the case.


I still don’t see Gun-wook and Jae-in as romantic interests, but the emergence of Gun-wook’s annoyance (I won’t call it jealousy yet) adds a layer that I like. Just as Jae-in’s interactions with Tae-sung are growing complicated, blurring her “acting” and reality, so are hers with Gun-wook. Murky, confused, frustrated emotions are always interesting from a story standpoint.

Starting last episode, Gun-wook started to drop little hints about his past identity, as though he’s daring the Hongs to recognize him as the boy they discarded. There was the scene where he mentions the dog in the rain to Madam Shin, and here he signs to Tae-ra and makes reference to his deaf father. It makes sense that he’d want his victims to know why they’re being targeted, but I can’t help but see connections to Tae-sung’s behavior — a boy making a mess so his mother will notice him. I’m not saying Gun-wook wants the Hongs to love him, but there’s almost an air of petulance in him. Like it’s a bid for attention so he can say, “You’ll be sorry!”

All series long, I’ve felt a little frustrated by Gun-wook’s maddening silences (accompanied by his knowing smirks) — we feel left out and frustrated. That’s how the characters should feel — Madam Shin, Tae-ra, Tae-sung — but we, the audience, ought to feel a little bit closer to Gun-wook. However, a silver lining is that his silences force the other person to reveal themselves. For example, he might respond to Tae-ra’s probing question with a raised eyebrow, and Tae-ra will fill the awkward silence by talking — and what she says is more revealing about herself than it is about him.

One thing that caught my attention about Mo-nae’s attachment to Gun-wook is how she explains that it doesn’t even matter that Gun-wook doesn’t love her. She knows this isn’t the behavior of a doting boyfriend, but it isn’t a dealbreaker for her because “My love is enough.” I haven’t seen much similarity between the sisters, but this suggests that she’s poised to head down the same path as Tae-ra did — a loveless marriage that satisfies neither party. It also shows that for all her first-love giddiness, it’s still a stunted love, because Gun-wook is an object to her. If she can possess him, that’s enough. It’s a nicely subtle way of reinforcing how the Hongs treat the people around themselves as pawns or toys.

I think we’ve all noticed that Jae-in has more chemistry with Tae-sung than Gun-wook, but even more than that — despite feeling almost blasphemous saying it — Kim Jae-wook is stealing the limelight from Kim Nam-gil. It’s sort of hard for Kim Nam-gil to be as captivating when he’s stepping back to let the other characters play out their psychodramas while he watches. It’s like the Wizard of Oz where you have the man behind the curtain — he’s a key figure manipulating perception, but aren’t we more interested in Dorothy & Co.?


So what is Madam Shin’s deal?

She thought Other Tae-sung was dead and makes her housekeeper check the story, but Tae-ra wondered in an earlier episode what happened to the child. Which means that Madam Shin knows something the family does not. Which begs the question: What? Also, why?

There could be many explanations, but at the crux is her housekeeper. Madam Shin trusts her, but she has shown sympathy toward the boy. Did she (or other servants) cover up for the boy’s whereabouts, telling Madam Shin he died to keep her from going after him? Did Madam Shin actually order him killed? That seems ridiculously far-fetched, and yet… not unbelievable. I would argue that she wouldn’t even bother herself with such a nonentity — Gun-wook isn’t her husband’s love child and he’s not detracting from her life or happiness — except that she seemed to harbor particular coldness for him. Did she have something to do with the DNA results coming back after he’d already been adopted? (You’d think they would have checked before the adoption.)

Madam Shin is a hateful icy bitch of the first order, but I love the actress. Especially after seeing her as a flighty but well-meaning mother in Flowers For My Life, and a high-strung, silly mother in Sons of Sol Pharmacy. Lady’s got range.


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  1. ripgal

    I agree with you, I actually felt that Kim Jae Wook was stealing the show in the recent episodes. Gun Wook has issues, but like you, I’m starting to get frustrated with how he’s dealing with them. Some random scenes of his revenge plan getting along (but not convincing enough) but nothing more than that. I don’t feel the urge to understand or try to feel for him anymore…

    On the other hand, Tae Sung’s getting more and more interesting. Discount the fact that Kim Jae Woo’s doing a pretty decent job with his character, I find Tae Sung more interesting. I like how he has this childish naivete despite his sometimes aggressive upfront with people. And I like how he sees the good side of people first (well, save for his family). You know that inside that lonely soul lies a person who just yearns to be loved that’s all. Nothing more than that. WHICH leads me to kind of resent how Jae In’s riding on all that to hook up with him. He’s already so deprived and devoid of family love, and is now starting to open up… I can’t imagine what would happen when he finds out that the one person that he truly believes in (JI) has been putting up an act all this while. It doesn’t really matter if JI will really fall for him anymore (we know it’s impossible since JI’s supposed to “love GW, but I’m just wishing), because all he’ll see in the end is that nobody is worth believing in this world. Poor TS. >.<

    • 1.1 Nana

      I agree with you,I definitely feel more for Taesung than I do with gunwook(this is WHIB all over again lol JM <3 )Ok so The problem with GW's "revenge" is it doesn't feel real to me,It's like he doesn't ACTUALLY feel the need to take revenge,but rather he's bored and has nothing better to do.I just want to tell him to move on.Compare his "revenge" to that of Mawang,green rose or cain and abel,and this comes off pretty weak.Next problem is Jae in,this girl is greedy,manipulative and a hypocrite!I don't mind having a "gold digger" as a female lead,but only when we have a good reason for it,not "my BF dumped me for not being rich,and when his mom offered me money I refused it because of my pride so Im going to find a guy,who Im going to use to get rich!"yeah makes PERFECT sense.I started disliking her around ep 7 and I swear if she dumps taesung later on for Gunwook I'll be pissed,because the Main couple Have NO romantic chemistry what so ever.All that aside the childhood sob story was what really made me cringe!WTF writers,he gets kicked out,a scar on his back,puppy and parents die in a car accident all on the same day in the rain,Oh Boohoo.It is completely unrealistic,stupid and deserves no sympathy from me.Also how is this the hong's children's fault?YEAH Evil Monet who was a toddler at the time,and EVIL taesung who had no choice but to be taken from his birth mother and dragged into the abusive family,and EVIL Tae ra she could've stopped all this from happening!Yeah I'm done with the main character and Im only watching for my poor puppy Tae sung..

  2. Anonymous

    It’s true…Kim Jae-wook is stealing the limelight. I am surprised at how well he portrays his character.

  3. shubi

    I totally agree that Kim Jae-wook is stealing the show. He is vulnerable, adorable, immature, screams like an idiot, unreasonable and basically a spoiled brat and yet he is relatable and you understand him. You want to protect him and him to be happy. But i dont feel any connection with Kim Nam-Gil. He is just hot and he smirks and thats all. I dont think Jae-in has any romantic interest in Gun-wook and thats why they dont have any chemistry. But she is probably starting to be interested in Tae-sung and thats why there is a chemistry. And Oh Yeon-Soo: That woman can act. She steals the spotlight everytime she appears. There are always so many expressions whenever she is on screen and they are always understated.

  4. sawadee

    “I think we’ve all noticed that Jae-in has more chemistry with Tae-sung than Gun-wook, but even more than that — despite feeling almost blasphemous saying it — Kim Jae-wook is stealing the limelight from Kim Nam-gil. ”

    I haven’t noticed that at all. What I noticed is Tae-ra has more chemistry with Gun-wook than any other woman on the show has with him. Oh Yeon Soo is definitely stealing the limelight from Han Ga In.

    Going by naver/dcinside popularity, Gun-Tae couple is by far the most popular couple on the show.

  5. Amg1

    JB thank you for your hard work.
    Funny that you mention the DNA, my theory is the maybe Gun-wook is the real son of President Hong and Madam Shin manipulated the DNA results to show he is not the real son and went as far as really trying the get him killed, out of hate for President’s Hong love affair, I think she was trying to protect her older son to be the only heir of the Hong Family’s Company!!!
    P.S Tae-ra’s acting is the highlight of this drama!!!!

  6. Jo

    i really love both hong Taesungs. i feel like they are so similiar in both complexity and depth, they already steal my heart from the first glance. But thats just the thing that i dont quite understand about Gunwook. i dont understand why he wants to pursue a revenge towards Hong Taesung, its not like he was trying to ruin his life because he was also forced into that household, and he was not, like, willing to take that place away from gun wook, it just happened.
    anyways, moving on.
    I feel as though Jae-in doesnt deserve either Hong Tae Sung’s. These two very hurt people need a caring loving person, not another manipulative girl who wants not only love, but power. Let me explain. I find jae in extremely shallow, as she takes the pointers from Gun Wook about Tae Sung and tries to enter into a relationship with hong Tae Sung. the way she “coincidently” meets him and you know, does everything she does is so…freaking manipulative. i dont like it, because we know its a lie, something the boys REALLY dont need. I also find it unbelievably selfish when she gets angry at gun wook for giving her tips, saying things like, “its unfair that you are treating me like this” as if she wasnt that kind of a person to pursue the thigns he gives her tips on, BUT SHE DOES. its hypocritical, I say.
    i really hope Jaein comes to deserve these people, I really do. they need some really heart warming LOVE.
    which is also why I think they should be best friends. Pals to should-lean on:)))

  7. christinee

    oh yeon soo keeps the show going. the twisted revenge love-line she has with kim namgil is the only thing that is interesting. her facial expressions are give me delight. the only thing i like about this show is the slight tidbits of inner dialogue we must figure out as the audience and the
    the show has gone downhill and no longer makes me want to see it.

    gunwook; the scene where he wanted home-made meals, simply broke my heart. he’s so lonely and bent on revenge. i find him unrealistic though and just a character who is made up from a woman’s writing. if he doesnt get his revenge i’ll be angry but i’ll understand. the LAST thing i want him to do is to fall in deep love with jaein as he is way too good for her…

    taesung is so diff then what we’ve been feeling and seeing in this show which is why i believe some people may find him stealing the limelight. Still, I strongly dislike him –since he’s such an ass.
    i don’t see how he can feel like a teen in love when his ex-girl’s death bothers him SOOO much

    jae-in ;; i dont sense any realism from her at all. i barely know her and view her as the only connection to the two main boys. she’s weak–and her character is supposed to be ‘tough’ and ‘strong’ and ‘different’ but honestly she just pisses me off. I’ve had enough of her eager to please attitude.
    honestly she’s an object to glorify men.

    thanks for the recap!

  8. pat

    Kim nam gil is a fab actor, love the expression when seeing his old toy. It was
    perfect! The writers just have not given him anything else to do but look cool 24/7
    His last project showed his amazing range as Bidam but HTS is the active troublemaker here so we focus on KJW who is doing a fantastic job with the character. I just want to focus on them. never had any use for the JI character who is really dull.

  9. saranga

    i will be so glad when this drama ends….. so all the questions will be answered!! i think you’ve hit it spot on when you say that we ought to feel closer to gunwook. not MUCH closer- i still like to be kept in the dark- but a little closer.

    kim jaewook just breaks my heart. all he wants is for someone to genuinely love and care for him, and a part of me hates jae-in for what she’s doing to him. last thing he needs is another “rejection,” or in this case, find out that jae-in is manipulating him. he’s amazing in this drama btw….. at first i associated him with coffee prince, but now i just think hong taesung/bad guy. good for him:)

  10. 10 Infiniti512

    Ah the cops annoyed me so much in this episode!! Telling Mrs. Shin that the kid might be out for revenge?! How did you come to that conclusion you Mr. Bean with a badge?! But I guess the writers had to figure out some way to rattle the woman’s feathers huh?

    I soooo love the chemistry between Tae Ra and Gun Wook. It’s sexy, something you never see in kdramas. Even 40 year olds have balloons and teddy bears (although I still love it, lollipops and cute expressions and all). But Jae In and Tae Sung, I’m loving the game but I hope she’s not falling for real. Who am I kidding? He’s like a wounded puppy that you dont need but you know leaving him alone, he’d die.

    Anyhow, I’m loving it, mistakes and all and I cant wait till the next ep!

  11. 11 dreamgirl...

    Gun-wook: love
    Tae-sung : love
    Tae-ra: like a lot
    Jae-in: strongly dislike
    Monae: find pitiful, useless
    Mrs. Shin: like her acting, find her scary

  12. 12 bluemoon

    Why is everyone hating on Jae In? I actually like her character. I don’t think she was a gold-digger or anything.

  13. 13 Dlover

    great recap once again so sad to see this show
    cut down but i guess it willl speed up the story more
    have to admit Tae-sung is geting more spotlight but
    i still stick with this drama for kim nam gil ^^. hope the show
    keeps on geting better loveing it so far ^^

  14. 14 thekors

    You’re making me want 1) to watch this SO badly; 2) pray hard that Jae In would indeed end up with Tae Sung.

    I just hope they won’t suddenly pull a U-turn on Tae Sung’s character, suddenly giving us that one reason for us to hate him.

  15. 15 xpressgirl

    I am still hoping for some more connection between Jae-In and Gun Wook, but I totally understand what everyone is saying about how they have better chemistry with the other characters. However, I feel like the situation hasn’t gotten exactly romantic for them (except for that kiss, which from Jae-In’s side was totally unexpected AND she did respond). They understand each other on a level greater that with any of the other characters so I think that should account for something, rt? But I guess that off-screen chemistry isn’t playing it up so well…ahhh….keeping my fingers crossed about it. The cut down of episodes from 20 to 17 better not affect their relationship…and I want to see some hot and heavy scenes of them together! lol…I mean how else is she supposed to see the scar?? I guess we’ll see 😉

  16. 16 paris

    hmm… i love every scene between GW and Won In. It’s fresh! She such a funny and lovely girl^^. Only with her, GW can smile and act as himself 🙂

  17. 17 sugarpunch

    love all of their acting in this show. I am very much surprised at han ga-in, as i have heard many negative remarks about her acting. hm. btw, the actress acting as the mother is VERY talented. you should see her in capital scandal as the wife of a japanese chief police. she was SO AMUSING.

  18. 18 Ani

    Excuse while I have a fangirl moment over Kim Jae-wook. *squeals so bad*

  19. 19 Natalia

    I have to come clean, . . . I only started to watch this show for Kim Jae Wook. ;P I originally thought Kim Nam Gil was not handsome at ALL, but he’s grown on me. I was interested to see JW acted in a more crucial role. He has amazed me on how convincing he portrays the lonely-savage-in-need-of-therapy-Tae-Sung.

    I think that this drama is finally nearing its potential. If only they would utilize the supposed ‘Bad Guy’ of this show. He looks the part he just needs to be more menacing, more ‘unstable’ like you mentioned numerous times. A slick planner is interesting for a few times, but then we need to be reminded that our Bad Guy is well, bad and not just a pretty chunk of meat with eyes.

    I’m a sucker for two hot men dressed cleanly with masquerade gear on. I really loved how GW had to wear the “mask” of TS. I like how JI isn’t as stupid of a gold-digger now since we see how she uses her knowledge of the whole switchero to her advantage, so now she’s a semi-stupid-gold-digger. 😀 Even with a mask on I loved TS emotions in this scene. He just breaks my heart and then somehow he always makes me disgusted by the savage inside of him.

    I couldn’t stop smiling when JI gets hurt and TS acts as the nurse for the day. Instead of getting a lollipop, JI gets a kiss.

    When Madam Shin (AKA: Spawn of Hitler) kicks TS in the balls by blaming him for the death of SY I had to admit I had to pause and take a minute to try not to cry. Madam Shin is evil and I like her as a character, but if this woman still is scary enough to make me (pardon my French) shit my pants. After watching such a heavy scene I’m glad they brought in WI as some comedic relief after slowly bringing the weight a bit off after the whole confrontation with Tae-ra.

    Dum…dum…dun…. another break in the case. Why must they torture me weekly!? I’m really curious about what Madam Shin knows. So many questions!!!
    Can’t wait till the next episode of the Tae-sung show. ;]

  20. 20 sunnyme

    Kim Jae-wook totally surprised me with his acting!! I am loving his portrayal of Hong Tae-sung. He’s such a jackass but also gentle and vulnerable. It’s so endearing, because you know he just needs some lovin’ and some careful guidance. and I’m sure many of us would love to be in that position to give all that to him. 😉 ahhh, beautiful angsty boys…

  21. 21 Eliza

    woohoo i love all the lip locking on this show, so refreshing!

    tae ra + gun wook = HOT!!! altho it kinda bothers me that she doesnt seem to feel guilty for being attracted to/getting it on with her sister’s boyfriend.

    the way this is heading, taesung is going to be in a whole lot of hurt down the road. I really hope he ends up reconnecting with his real mother in Japan. so far that was one of the scene that stood out for me the most emotionally.

  22. 22 Selli

    I know it’s a silly thing to say, but I really think Han Ga-in is extremely beautiful!!! O____O I really like looking at her XD

    I hope Jae-in WILL end up with Tae-sung, which could be if that one spoiler comes to pass. I don’t really see her loving Gun-wook, or him loving her, for that matter XD They’re more like siblings or something.

  23. 23 stee

    I actually used to like Jae-in’s character more, because now she’s become genuinely manipulative…it would even be a good thing, but her toying with poor TS now is sad. Plus she seems to have some true feelings for him, as well, so it’s bound to come back and bite her in the butt. I also wish that she’d try to understand GW more, as he’s supposedly her friend. Aside from the few questions she asked him – which weren’t even answered – she hasn’t ever really expressed interest in his life. It just sucks because GW is hurting, too, and she only cares and sympathises with TS. Now she’s unknowingly digging his grave, as well, on top of everything. Otherwise, I hope her character finds more use to bring the Hongs down (or madam Shin). I do like HGI’s acting, though.

    I also find it very intriguing that Tae-ra and Mrs.Shin seem to be scheming against the father, secretly buying up all the stocks or the like. I think it was mentioned in ep.8. I might have gotten the wrong idea, since it was glossed over in the recap but if it is so, it’s a pretty big deal, I believe. Wonder how that will work out,

    I actually don’t think TS is really stealing the show, since GW has a strong presense and character, and he seems to be working on his plot more now, but just getting more and more screen time and development. Hope it works out well for both characters.

    Loving the drama so far! Thanks for the great recap!

  24. 24 Belva

    Thanks for the recap, love reading your insights and all, especially the comments. Shed some light to stuff I don’t yet know. 🙂

    Though HTS is growing on me, but I still like GW more. I think that’s mostly because KNG is playing GW. But still his silence and mysteriousness only makes him more attractive when we see him as himself like around the Moon sisters and kids. The scene where he signs to communicate with the kids melt my heart. It shows what kind of guy he is or can really be when we take out the revenge. Helpful, caring, playful, shows interest in people (like towards Won-in), love kids.
    The limelight aside, like you do, I would love them as best friends. Or even real brothers.

    Also I think the lady housekeeper is actually on Madam Shin’s side and shows no sympathy towards GW. Because after seeing her in the flashback in episode 2 ( http://a.imageshack.us/img257/396/48610462.jpg ) where little GW is being thrown out, her face spells disgust, which pretty much looks the same to me as the one she showed in ep 9. I even think her giving little GW sweets is an act to make him stay in the household for Madam Shin’s benefit.

    Can’t wait for ep 10 tonight! Super excited =D

  25. 25 Katherine

    What is the song that was playing during Tara and Gun Wook’s kiss….I have heard it from somewhere…can’t remember the name… Does anyone know?

  26. 26 Kathy

    To #5: I actually had this same theory about Madame Shin’ scheme as well. I feel that the reasons a new Taesung has to be brought in are just so that 1) she can get rid of the old one (by killing him off) and 2) the new one would have no legitimacy in claiming inheritance once President Hong dies. After all, this is a political marriage – why should she keep another offspring of President Hong that is not hers and make it harder for her own son to ascend to the throne?

  27. 27 Ning

    Now I’m bracing myself. As the relationship between each player is getting murkier and their personalities getting more bitter, I couldn’t see how it would end without any tragedy. Even the temporary uplifting of Taesung moods means that he will crash down more painfully later. I was intrigued but also a bit depressed when watching ep 9. When will we return to happier times in Ep. 3-4??? Sigh…

    Love Kim Hye-Ok who plays Mdm Shin! I saw her in Flowers of My Life too, and this lady is really versatile. Actually almost all of the actors here are versatile.

    JI character is not lovable, but I’m glad there’s such portrayal of anti-heroine in the drama. I still think HGI plays it well, or we wouldn’t hate JI so much now.
    Also, I always prefer the scene between GW-JI more than between TS-JI, because it’s charged with such frustration. TS may look adorable, but I admit I never like spoiled brat character whatever their background story are, so yeah I’m bias…

    The way I see how it developed between GW-JI, JI seems to know that GW is taunting her by helping her to approach TS. JI don’t like it, but would not back down. Thus, she answers his challenge by using his help and show to GW that she can be manipulative too (by asking him about TS reaction after the party, share with him her success after the gym, and possibly after this Ep 9, call him about TS pouring out his soul after being drunk). Sick relationship.

  28. 28 rway

    just started to watch this drama and fell totally in love with it. i love both SGW and HTS. i love how their fate tangled with each other. and jae in, i dont see why she’s hated by many people so much. i love how the heroine is not really clean & goody type, but have her greedy side too. i love tae ra & monae too. ok, i actually love all characters, everything seems new to me, its so refreshing.

  29. 29 [email protected]

    I watched this drama because of Kim Nam Gil… but why am I falling for the second lead… again??? hehehe…

    this drama is really a-ddictive… thanks JB for the great recap again.

  30. 30 Dav

    Kim Jae-Wook really is amazing in these last few episodes. He’s got good material to work with, and he’s working it. I’d really like to see him in a lead role – before this drama, I wouldn’t have thought he could carry it on his own.

    I have no interest in Jae-In, and the weird imbalance with Gun-Wook indicates to me that the writers miscalculated. It feels really wobbly, like things aren’t balanced right.

  31. 31 estel

    I just rewatched the smokin’ make-out scene between Gun-wook and Tae-ra (how crazy is it that I’m rooting for both Jae-in and Tae-ra?), and I was struck by the use of mirrors in that scene. I think it was really beautifully shot, and the director really used the visuals, especially the mirrors, to heighten the tension. I’m not exactly sure what the mirrors might represent, but I find it interesting that their growing relationship is “seen” so indirectly.

  32. 32 Qwenli

    Thanks JB. In fact I am reading your recap before I even watched the show! so it seems more like a novel to me!

    I am not into Taesung, I find him extremely childish and I have no inclination towards such character including Mo nae. I think what makes him steal the show is because a loud character is easier to watch than GW’s silent brooding one.

    As for Jaein – I dun think Han Ga In come across as manipulative more like misguided.

  33. 33 favegirl13

    @ sawadee

    “I haven’t noticed that at all. What I noticed is Tae-ra has more chemistry with Gun-wook than any other woman on the show has with him. Oh Yeon Soo is definitely stealing the limelight from Han Ga In.

    Going by naver/dcinside popularity, Gun-Tae couple is by far the most popular couple on the show.”

    I totally agree. I feel like Gunwook has not come to turns with the fact that he was hurt alot and thats why we the audience dont see a lot of personality to him but then we get fleeting glimpses of that pain.
    I dont necessary see Taesung stealing the spotlight from Gunwook. As much as i love Jaewook, his character is kinda annoying a little

  34. 34 AuntieMame

    I’ve wondered if Gun Wook’s ambivalence at the TS & JI’s budding relationship results from, indirectly, doing something ‘good’ for TS, while, directly, doing something ‘bad’ to him.

    It’s a ‘betwixt’ and ‘between’ kind of thing.

    I’ve also wondered if the President’s secretary and the Head Housekeeper worked together and lied to Madame Shin about Gun Wook’s death. So, that she won’t pursue him anymore, especially if he is the real TS. And, she wanted a ‘fake’ TS in his place, so that years down the line when the President dies, she can request another DNA test to disprove his legal claim. (My wild imagination at work.)

    I’m sorry to hear that the episodes are being cut from 20 to 17, since that will change the momentum of the story.

  35. 35 Sakura

    All I can say is Mrs Oh is all out with Tae Ra’s kissing scenes while Ha Ga In has reservation to do so, she did not put that challenge for Jae In’s character – for the one and only kissing scene ?.

  36. 36 Tushka

    Since the beginning of this K-Drama, I’ve believed that Gun-Wook was the *real* Tae-Sung. Mrs. Shin framed him from the start.

    There was a flashback where she told the Gun Wook as a child, “don’t forget that you’re the real Hong Tae-Sung”. And, she keeps telling the now Tae-Sung that he’s not part of the family.

    Ms. Shin is vicious. I really want to see what happens to her for all her scheming. Please let her get hers.

  37. 37 Jewels

    Thanks for the recap.

    I am really enjoying this show. The male leads are heavenly, and I can’t help but watch them.

  38. 38 Fafa

    thanks for the recap. i am falling for this drama.

  39. 39 javabeans

    The problem I have with Gun-wook being the real Tae-sung is that this means he’s romancing BOTH his sisters. One is madly in love with him and the other is having sexy hot flashes and making out with him. And although Korean dramas love to flirt with the incest angle, they don’t ever actually go there — it’s always a fake-out tactic to drum up angst.

    It would take a pretty dark and twisted drama to actually cross that line, but I don’t think Bad Guy is very dark OR twisted.

  40. 40 Rachel

    i’m surprised you’re not complaining at all about the script. the writing is awful. junior high school girl could have easily written it blindfolded.

  41. 41 selina

    Thanks for the recap but i think that Jae-in has more chemistry with Gun-wook than Tae-sung!

  42. 42 dorispngPinas

    though at first I also have this idea that maybe GW is the real Tae Sung and that Madam Shin just manipulated the DNA result, but then…..as JB says, there’s yet a Kdrama to actually crossed that line…..to see GW actually kissed Tae Ra, my suspucion of him being the real Tae Sung died with that scene as Kdramas NEVER allowed that kind of scenes with real siblings…..now the only thing that’s bugging my mind ever since the ealy episodes is that how everyone else, including the cops, knows the story about the first Tae Sung being abandoned by the Hong family? when it’s supposed to be a ‘secret’ in the family about Pres. Hong having a love child as what Madam Shin’s secretary told Jae In in the early epidoses?? and also how did they made that mistake of getting the wrong Tae Sung at fist?? Pres. Hong doesn’t know who is his lover/mistress for him to get the child and not knowing who is his mother first?? or GW is also adopted by the deaf father and his wife for them to give him up that easily?? sigh…..this was all the questions thats bugging me that maybe I have missed in watching the early episodes?? hope there’s a kind soul out there to enlightened me…..

  43. 43 neutral

    “Kim Jae-wook is stealing the limelight from Kim Nam-gil.”

    Is this base on actual fact?

    However, I’ve to agree that Kim Jae Wook is shining in his role as Hong Tae Sung.
    On the other hand, I’m pretty sure there’re viewers out there who’re curious about Gun-wook’s mystery and using their brain trying to unfold his master revenge plan.

    And not just to watch the show mainly from your quotes:
    “(When he thought Jae-in might like Gun-wook more than himself, he was snippy with Gun-wook, but now he’s feeling rather secure. IT’S CUTE)”

    “When he gets home, he looks like a shy teenager who has just had his first kiss, trying to contain his excited smile but unable to maintain nonchalance. IT’S ADORABLE and breaks your heart a little.”

    Same as @ 7 christinee “I don’t see how he (HTS) can feel like a teen in love when his ex-girl’s death bothers him SOOO much”

  44. 44 muggle87

    Tae Sung was super cute and hot in this episode. i know he can be ruthless jerk but we all know that deep down he just wants some love…which brings my attention to Jae In….the fact that TS is going to be hurt when he finds out about the true motive makes me dislike her (the character) God its like kicking a puppy when its down. This guy cant seem to catch a break, can he?

    Gun Wook, he is so sexy and mysterious. He is entertaining to watch like u never know what he is going to do next, like the whole break the glass… i didnt think he was going to do that. Tae-Ra and him are steamy. I like how he seem relax and joyful when he is around kids and Won In.

    Honestly I want he to forget the revenge plot and become friends with Tae Sung. I would be happy with that ending.^^ Too bad more than likely that aint going to happen.

  45. 45 sunflowery

    I don’t really see Kim Jae Wook stealing the show from Kim Nam Gil part. While KNG has been on the backseat a little, his moments and presence on screen capture my attention in a way that keeps me anticipating his next appearance.

    At least for me, its much less interesting to view Jae Wook. Yea tortured soul, whatever, but isn’t everyone? I don’t see it.

    But also, you have more of a thing for KJW and I totally fell for KNG in the first ep.

    Thanks for the wonderful recap! Keep up the good work, ladies 🙂

    • 45.1 han

      I’m necro-commenting here, but just wanted to share my thought.

      I do agree with sunflowery that in scenes where Kim Nam Gil acted, I don’t see how Kim Jae Wook stole the limelight.

      Kim Nam Gil has an incredible screen presence and just raw acting talent. While Kim Jae Wook did a really excellent job portraying his character, I feel that Kim Nam Gil’s character is much harder to portray.

      It is easier, generally, to portray characters who express their thoughts through their actions while it is much more difficult to portray characters who always wear an impenetrable air of cool. Their only “tools” to express their thoughts are through their eyes and small facial movements.Since Queen Seon Deok, I have breathlessly blew away by KNG’s expressive eyes and firm motor control of his facial movement.

      It’s frustrating that KNG’s character doesn’t get any real action, plot-wise, like KJW’s character; really, indifference is very hard to portray. I saw many dramas where the main lead actor acted the cool/indifference trait to the toilet; only a few could handle such puzzling characters.

      What KJW got to his advantage is his storyline and KNG got a disadvantage storlyline-wise because the silent hero/moody mastermind is not as popular generally as rebellious man-child/tortured soul. Not hating on him here, but, even though his character is appealing and he portrayed the character very well, KNG’s acting is much more powerful (I mean, did you see the guy cry? It’s silent, breathless, tortured and it’s amazingly incredible how he cry with only one eye, only one tear dangling there, threatening to overflow. For example, this episode’s Sun-Young mention before the Hong family) and therefore, I feel that KNG deserves more praise and attention. You know how it feels when you’re in the minority who are in love with a character/drama. But I do understand why KJW’s character is more popular.

  46. 46 izuyam

    Honestly i watch BG just for KJW these days. Whilst i dont find KNM handsome at all, i used to luv him in Queen Seon deok. … but in BG i have serious problem trying to relate to his supposedly dark, brooding character…

  47. 47 zei

    han ga in’s acting is very plain…i don’t see the depth in her acting!!!

    I love kim nam gil’s nd oh yeon soo’s portral of their roles…excellent job for them!!!!

  48. 48 speechless

    I think that Jae-in has more chemistry with Gun-wook than Tae-sung.
    Tae-sung is still a boy who refuses to grow up, but Gun-wook is a man who has seen all aspects of life.

    • 48.1 Nana

      I think she does have more chemistry with Gunwook as well,just not a romantic one,Romantic wise I think her and taesung are better,compare the kiss in ep 9 to ep 7 wiith her and gunwook,yeah no comparison.

  49. 49 deng

    omg episode 10 and 11 are crazy!!!!!! can’t wait tell next week!!!

  50. 50 supah

    Loved this episode, the little and not so little developments. Enjoying reading this recap, was glued to the screen reading it.

    Have to admit, the masks in this episode freaked me out.

    ”When Gun-wook leans in — which makes her [Tae-ra] even more high-strung, if that’s possible”. Hahahaha!

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