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Coffee House: Episode 17
by | July 28, 2010 | 114 Comments

Hey, girlfriday here, pinch hitter in the Coffee House lineup. I couldn’t let the series end without getting a word in, so I’ll be providing you with the recap today, and rest assured, javabeans will be back for the finale.

Earlier in the run I liked the series but didn’t love it, mainly because one third of the triangle always felt off to me (I was not a fan of the bumblingly annoying Seung-yeon). But then that time leap actually changed how I felt about her character, and it effectively made all three characters level—which I totally dig.


We catch up with Ji-won as he gets the call from Jin-soo that he’s staying in Seoul after all. Needless to say, he does not look pleased. Eun-young in turn thinks about Jin-soo’s multiple-choice query about whether or not she wanted to hear the truth, and his toast at Ji-won’s party, for her to be happy.

Seung-yeon calls her to let her know that Jin-soo made it to the radio show, and Eun-young’s reaction is a great mix of happiness and trepidation. She turns on her radio, and when she hears his voice, she smiles to herself.

Ji-won calls to gauge her response, to see if she knows that Jin-soo is staying after all. She says she heard him on the radio, and Ji-won lets it go at that, too nervous to push it further at the moment.

Jin-soo finishes his radio segment with flair, and Seung-yeon thanks him for keeping his promise. Jin-soo asks if he’s worth respecting, if she still thinks his word is law. Seung-yeon answers yes, making him smile, then recoil in his trademark way. He says with a glint in his eye that it’s a lot of pressure to be so revered, and to have to keep all his promises. Cheeky. Oh, it’s so hard to be you.

He turns to leave after throwing her one last blue steel, but she calls out to him, asking if he’s going to stop running off without a word. She answers for him that she thinks he will, and Jin-soo genuinely smiles at her unwavering trust in him.

Jin-soo leaves and heads straight for Eun-young’s office, but her staff tells him that she’s gone for the day. She can’t be reached by cell because it’s broken (convenient), and she’s got family over at her place in preparation for the wedding. He tries calling, then ends up just coming over. Brave of you to walk right into a den full of wedding-crazed-ajummas.

They go into Eun-young’s room to talk, and she asks him where he disappeared to, and why he’s back. He tells her point-blank that he’s here to say something, and gets right to the heart of it:

Jin-soo: You told me to keep lying to you, but I want to know how you really feel. I came to confirm your true feelings. Can you really be happy with this marriage? I stayed because I have something to protect. The thing I want to protect is…your happiness. It doesn’t matter how. Whether it’s as a friend, a business partner, or as Ji-won’s wife, it doesn’t matter. I want you to be happy. So I came to ask you one more time. Is me letting you get married, and us splitting up really the road to your happiness? Am I turning my back on you, am I making a decision that neither of us wants? Do you really think you could be happy?


Is it because you’re a writer, or because you’re not a real human being that words like that come out of your mouth? It sure took you long enough to step up, but when you finally do, it’s just…perfect. Gah!

Eun-young struggles to speak, holding back her tears. She ekes out: “How am I supposed to know? I haven’t even tried.” She cracks a coy smile, and Jin-soo finally eases into a smile. They go back to their light banter, as Jin-soo asks if she can’t just have a sense about how things will turn out. She wonders if he’s got that kind of sense, why he’s been living the way he does. Touché.

Jin-soo counters that he’s an empiricist. He needs to be sure, otherwise he won’t take any action. The meaning isn’t lost on Eun-young, but she counters that nothing is for sure in this world, and that she never would have guessed he’d show up like this in two years. She sighs, “If only you had made me feel sure that you’d return…”

And with that, Jin-soo leaves. Aargh you guys and your non-answers!

Once he’s gone, Eun-young makes a decision and calls him. With the comfort of the phone to help keep her emotional distance, Eun-young gives him an answer: “Thank you, for asking me one more time. But…I might regret these words forever, but…now, in this moment…there are things that I must protect too.” Jin-soo answers that he won’t force the issue, but to tell him if she ever loses the certainty that she’ll be happy. “Even on the morning of your wedding.”

Well thanks for THAT. You could’ve at least pretended to avoid that cliché.

He says that he’ll do anything she asks, or whatever it takes, if it comes to that, and hangs up. She’s like, is this good or is this bad? Well, it’ll be good if your wedding dress has a slit or a full skirt for a quick getaway, bad if it’s that mermaid dress you could barely stand up straight in.

Seung-yeon doodles in her notebook that night with the birthday pen from Jin-soo, writing out “Oppaaa” and Jin-soo’s name with hearts. Keh, I died when she called him oppa all day. She takes out a globe to locate where the Galapagos Islands are (Who goes for “globe” before “internet”??) as she remembers Jin-soo’s advice to protect her idea and write it herself.

Eun-young’s staff goes out for drinks and happens to see Jin-soo going over a contract with an editor from a different publishing house. They approach him about it, and he says good-naturedly that they caught him, but not to tell Eun-young since it’ll make her feel bad. When pressed for the reason, he says that he suddenly needs a sizable sum of money.

Eun-young can’t sleep that night, and calls Ji-won for a quick chat. They’re actually really sweet together now, and I don’t fault her at all for choosing this path, because in the end there’s no right or wrong—she’s just making a choice and sticking to it.

Seung-yeon’s brother catches Dad making his best flirty eyes at his new lady crush, and Grandma drops the news that she thinks he’s dating. Both kids are like, whaaaa? Dad? Seung-yeon looks pleased, but Little Brother throws a tantrum.

Dong-wook shows up in his flashy red sportscar to throw a tantrum of his own over finding out the truth about Seung-yeon and Jin-soo. Seung-yeon apologizes and tells him that it’s over now, to which Dong-wook doesn’t miss a beat: “So does that mean I can officially ask you out on a date now?” Heh. Seung-yeon’s surprise blows me away. How could you not KNOW how this guy feels about you? For years now!

But this time, she at least has the decency to tell him the truth. She shuts him down, and tells him that it might be a lie that she’s dating Jin-soo, but her feelings for him are real. She admits that it’s always been this way, even long ago. The stricken look on Dong-wook’s face just says it all.

But Dong-wook, ever the optimist, asks if it’s okay if they eat meals and go see movies together, since you never know how life’s going to turn out. With confidence he tells her he’ll call her this weekend, and Seung-yeon muses with a smile that he’s much more well-spoken than before.

Dong-wook and Eun-young start their new café business, and Eun-young continues making preparations for the wedding. We’re finally at the week of the wedding, as Eun-young wraps up her work before taking her vacation. And this exchange with Ji-won? Adorable.

As she leaves the office everyone says they’ll see her at the wedding, and she answers over and over, “Don’t laugh at me.” Heh, it’s probably what I’d say too, but it’s also indicative of her feelings about marrying Ji-won.

She walks to meet Ji-won for dinner, but runs into Jin-soo on the street. She sees him from a distance and they both stop. Jin-soo looks at her with hope in his eyes, but Eun-young is overwhelmed by her feelings and can’t face him. She turns and walks in the other direction.

Sad. But that tells you everything you need to know about where her heart is, right? If she feels comfortable with her decision, why is she running the other way?

It starts pouring rain on her way to the restaurant, so she ducks into a phone booth to wait it out. Once inside, she realizes it’s the same phone booth where she and Jin-soo shared their first kiss. As it all sinks in, the tears start to fall. She flashes back to all their tense moments, leading up to their second kiss, and she cries, rain-soaked and heavy-hearted.

Seung-yeon comes over to Jin-soo’s to discuss notes for the last radio show, and Jin-soo tells her to leave her Galapagos notes there. She questions him, but he pulls the “respected and trusted teacher” card on her, and she laughs that she dug her own grave with those words.

She notices his new contract with a different publisher, and he confirms that he’s starting a new book, but doesn’t explain the why behind signing with a new house. Instead he poses like he’s doing a coffee CF, and what’s with the finger, dude?

And then? He actually pulls back and asks, “Have you ever seen a guy drink coffee so handsomely?” HAhahaha. She tells him to stop, but he teases that she’s the one person in the world who respects him, and he wants to be impressive around her. He really does mean it, even though he’s being funny about it, because you can tell he really took her words to heart and he’s a changed man because of them.

On the eve of the wedding, Jin-soo hears that Eun-young is sick from being out in the rain the other day, so he heads to her place with his doctor bag. Handy, that. He hooks up an IV and sends her friend for some medicine, and he sits at her bedside.

She stirs awake, shocked to see Jin-soo watching over her. He smiles and reminds her that he was a doctor, and asks how she’s going to get married like this. She says it’s all his fault that she’s sick. He’s like, me? Eun-young: “Yes, it’s because of you. Everything…it’s all because of you. All…all…because of you, you dog bastard. Dog trash. You son of a bitch.” A tear falls from her eye as she calls him all of those familiar insults.

He loses himself in the moment and wipes the tear away, his hand lingering on her cheek. After a moment, he pulls back and up goes the veneer, as he says she’ll be fine for the wedding.

He says that with her stubbornness, she’ll go through with the wedding, so with furrowed brow, he tells her what he’s planning. He’s going to interrupt the ceremony and run off with the bride like they do in movies. He congratulates himself on the awesomeness of that scenario—women love this stuff, he says. HA. I love the meta.

She knows he’s joking, but he continues, saying that it’s the only way. He wonders though, that if the bride runs away, there will be family members to face, and all her business contacts. But she says more importantly, it’s not something that Lee Jin-soo could pull off, in front of all those people. He wonders if that’s really true. I like how in joking about this scenario with their thinly veiled imaginary versions of themselves, they get to work out these lingering questions and issues.

Jin-soo decides that it’s true—he hates characters who always give public declarations of love when a private one will do. Heh. Me too! He thinks it’d be funny if he did it, but maybe it would ruin his image? Eun-young agrees it doesn’t suit him. She adds the salty grain of truth that the kind of behavior that suits him is sneaking in and sneaking out (of her life) without a word. Ouch.

She confesses that she’s having a hard time…even now. And she asks him to stop making it hard on her. Heartbreaking. He gives her one more smile and leaves, as she lets go another tear.

Jin-soo does his last radio show, and announces that his next book will take at least a year and a half, since he doesn’t have an idea yet (should he be saying that on national radio?), and when the DJ laments not hearing from him for that long, Jin-soo says that actually, they’ll probably be sick to death of him since they’ll be seeing his face all the time. It’s cryptic, but what isn’t, from this guy? The DJ takes it in stride.

As he leaves, Seung-yeon thanks him, and he double-checks that her respect for him is still intact. Heh. He hands her the Galapagos notebook, and when she opens it, it’s full of red marks from Jin-soo. Aw.

She runs after him to thank him, and he complains that there was so much to correct that he thought his arm was going to fall off. She’s totally moved, and he takes yet another opportunity to ask if she’s overflowing with respect for him. He makes sure to add that she’d better hold onto that respect. I sort of love his obsession with this. He’s like a dog with a bone.

She asks if he’s going straight to the wedding, and he jumps when she mentions that she’s going after work. He tells her not to go. She demands to know why, and he says, “Because your respect for me will end up in the trash. If I think about that, it makes my heart hurt. If you ever feel your respect for me taking a dive, you read that notebook until it goes back up, okay?” Haha. I’m totally getting a Hwang Tae-kyung point-system vibe from this, and I love it.

I also love that he’s planning to do something so outrageously embarrassing that he doesn’t even want Seung-yeon to witness it, for fear of losing face in front of his one and only disciple.

It’s time for the wedding! My goodness, is one of them a Kennedy? There are as many photographers as there are guests. On the drive over, Eun-young is so out of it that she can’t focus at all.

Jin-soo talks to the other publisher on his way over, planning to meet at the wedding to sign the contract. The publisher worries about all the reporters, but Jin-soo says it’s fine—the more, the better. Kyah!

Ji-won enters the ceremony, and I’m dying…who walks down the aisle like this? Eun-young, on the other hand, makes her way down the aisle like this…

Jin-soo arrives, with heavy steps and heavy sighs. He slowly puts his hand outside the door to the banquet room, then turns and walks away, pausing to look wistfully back at the door. Then, as his expression changes from sad, to a smile, to a fighting growl, he shouts out: “Aja-ja-ja-ja-ja!” and runs full speed ahead at the door. AHHahahaha…I seriously died laughing at his pre-run fighting call.

Then he rushes into the banquet room, still growling out loud. Oh my god, this is so funny. Eun-young goes into shock as soon as she sees him, recalling his jokey threat to run off with the bride.

And Jin-soo starts running right at her, but zooms past, headed straight for the publisher he’s supposed to meet. He starts a knock-down, drag-out brawl ALL OVER the wedding, and basically pummels the guy for all the cameras to capture. We get a flashback wherein Jin-soo purposely sought out this guy because he was known for making shady deals.

Ji-won realizes what Jin-soo is doing and so does Eun-young, but it’s too late to stop it.

Okay, THAT was your big plan? My, my Lee Jin-soo. I thought maybe you had grown up in this episode, but that stunt totally took you back to first grade. What can I say? You did a stupid thing, and you’re going to have to pay the consequences. At least it was thoroughly laugh-out-loud funny. I’ll give you that.

While some might find Jin-soo’s initial declaration to Eun-young a sort of cop-out, it was the first time I really loved his character. It’s my own personal inclination, but I’m such a huge fan of the grand gesture that’s all about the other person, and not yourself. So when Jin-soo finally confesses his feelings in that roundabout way, he does it in the most respectful manner possible, by simply offering up his role as Eun-young’s happiness-supporter, rather than some pushy guy who tells her that she needs to choose HIM to be happy. He trusts HER to know what’s best for herself, and he doesn’t push when she says no. I love how realistic that is, and to me, that’s as grand a gesture as they come.

But then he blows it all with the wedding stunt, so then I’m back in the Jin-soo-is-an-idiot camp. I want him to get his happy ending, and I have no doubt that he gets it, but I hope there’s some serious remorse on the plate before he gets his girl.

As far as Eun-young is concerned, it’s a little disappointing that it’s going to take Jin-soo’s disruption to wake her up out of this zombie-wedding march. I was hoping that in giving her more agency in the beginning of the episode (which I loved), that she’d come around to a mature decision on her own. But there’s still room in the finale for her to face her heart, so I’m sure we’ll get a satisfying conclusion. We’d better, or I’ll hurt someone. That means you, Show.

Just a reminder: please respect the NO SPOILER policy. Some of us (*ahem, me*) have NOT seen the finale, and thus do not want to know what happens, ON PAIN OF SLOW AND EXCRUTIATING DEATH. Don’t think I won’t do it. I know a guy.


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    Seung-yeon has really grown on me. i hated her when i started this. she was obnxious. but omg, she’s grown on me. she’s gotten pretty good. i think if she leaves t-ara, she’s got a steady acting career ahead of her. 🙂 the end of this episode totally caught me off gurad. i really thought he was going to go in there and stop it. lol..not karate kick the publisher in the face xp

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    I really liked the twist. It would have been too cheesy and JS said if he ran out of the wedding her. Both he and EY are concerned about “image.” This was his ultimate sacrifice. He ruined his image while keeping hers in tact, which is why i think she couldn’t call off the wedding.

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    “I know a guy.” L-O-L. I think i enjoy these recaps more than the actual drama. Thank you javabeans n girlfriday.

    I must give props to CH for giving us a drama that differs from the usual formulaic k-dramas. To the end, there was no way i could safely predict the ending. And instead of the lethargy i feel towards the end of most dramas, where i tell the show to “just get on with it already”, CH could still deliver another unexpected ROFL moment with that wedding scene.

    i totally do not agree with the romantic pairing and reasons for it, but i think that is just me. To expect a k-drama to reflect reality is just stupid wishful thinking on my part surely.

    Alright, i am happy to lay this one to rest. Looking forward to the Gumiho one with Seunggi!

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    i totally agree with Jin-soo. I HATE public declarations of love. It makes it seem like the other person is obligated to respond positively and it’s just seems like you’re kind of showing off.
    I really like the characters. Especially Jin-soo. He’s horrible but somehow you just love him. Kinda like House. You’d never want to deal with someone like that yourself but you totally would wish them on your worst enemy.

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    Jin soo deserves a standing ovation, not because of what he did in the wedding but because of how he showed his undying LOVE for Eun Young, his version.. all this time what matters to him the most is Eun Young’s happiness.. and I agree GF that I love the fact that JS did not push or pressure EY to choose him.. he did his part w/o inflicting damage to Eun Young.. he took all the blame to himself just so he can protect EY’s happiness.. and I love that Jin soo practically stripped off everything that he is, reputation, dignity etc, for the sake of the one woman he loves the most.. kudos to Jin soo, he’s now totally forgiven!! ♥

    I LOVE COFFEE HOUSE to bits.. w/ all its flaws and all.. I had a great time watching and its so worth my time!! I super learned a lot!

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    Ha ha. The best analogy for his obsession. I can’t stop imagining Jinsoo’s face in a dog body. ^__^
    As always, what a refreshing recap. Thanks a lot, Girlfriday!!! 정말 감사해요 …. blink blink ;P Just kidding…

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    On the subbed video I watched, JS said something about going through something he doesn’t believe in (something like that, I can’t remember the whole dialogue). Did he really say that? If so, he means his dissolved marriage, right?

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    @14 Sally — SHARE!!! 🙂


    I just realized I mentioned “something” too many times!

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    If I was rooting for the JS & EY pairing, I would have totally swooned over his big words and grand gestures… Unfortunately, I really am in the JS & SY camp. My take is that there is love after the big heartbreak. That’s just life, but I guess this is Kdrama. The story has stayed consistent in showcasing the trials and tribulations of love between JS & EY. Why did it have to tease me with all those cute JS & SY moments though? Their love could have totally been realized if, if…. A WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS. Eh… Still, Coffee House does not disappoint with playing up the angst and climax. On to the finale! Hwaiting!

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    I love this episode, especially the scenes during which the physical distance between Jin Soo and Eun Young are emphasized. (i.e: in Eun Young’s room, on the street) This “space” visual triggers a very nuanced feeling of helplessness from the two main characters, who look at each other longingly but are unable to bridge that emptiness between them, due to their past actions which adds to the distance. There were a lot of those scenes throughout the drama. The physical separation, either within arms reach or many steps away (as captured in one of the pictures above), echoes the emotional/mental torture. Hopefully, we’ll see Jin Soo and Eun Young bridge this gap in the finale!

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    Haha, love your sense of humor GF! I was thinking the same, you really need only one wedding photographer and maybe the crew members who are usually behind the scenes. But knowing JW, he probably called all his connections to get this publicized.

    SY’s brother’s high squealing and sobbing, brrr, did not need that for comedic effect, we get the point, he’s a mama’s boy.

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    Girlfriday, thanks for taking up the reins and working so hard to provide us with this excellent recap. Thanks also for your wonderful insight. A fun, fun read!

    Although I wasn’t annoyed by Seung-yeon’s bumbleheadedness in the earlier episodes, I understand how you feel. I can recall similar sentiments expressed about Park Shin-hye’s Go Mi-nam character, especially(again) in the earlier episodes of YB. I wasn’t annoyed by her bumbleheadedness, then, either. I guess that being a father of two college aged daughters has helped to give me a slightly different perspective on the bumbleheaded nature of these two drama heroines. I also understand that it’s likely the PDs who are instructing these actresses to be extra clueless, so that their transformation(into intelligent, mature, and keenly aware better versions of themselves) is that much more pronounced. I also tend to find their…uhm…”naivete”…to be just another endearing part of their adorable characters.

    While I found the scene of Jin-soo’s wedding crash pretty hilarious, I also found a bad taste in my mouth when I considered his actions and the impact of those actions. His objective may have been altruistic, but his actions to achieve it were just plain wrong. That publisher may have been a really bad and shady person, but attacking him without provocation and beating the crap out of him was despicable. Ji-won was a bad choice as a husband for Eun-young…but Eun-young accepted him after he satisfied her conditions in that 2 year period. He may be an arrogant jerk and bully who insists on always getting his way, but he didn’t deserve what happened.

    Oh, well. I know this is just a drama, and I’ve actually enjoyed it a lot. I know that the wedding crash was still hilarious…I certainly laughed through it.

    Parting comment- I’ve watched the final episode and all I can say is that I am very impressed with Ham Eun-jung, especially in these last two episodes.

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    I was SO NOT prepared for the ending and his display of primitive manliness; which cracked me up, because you could see how much energy he had to put into/so contrary to his laid back self.

    Thanks Girlfriday for the recap, it was humorous and insightful as always. I have to say though; I respectfully disagree with your thoughts about Eun Young and her actions in this episode. I think the previous episode (the scene with Ji Won’s parents) did a good job of setting up that this wedding to Ji Won was about more than herself. And even in this episode, the constant presence of her family members and her friends, and all the people that were there for her trying to make this wedding as special as possible for her, support why she couldn’t be the one to end it. Her marriage to JiWon was never about a passionate love match but a mature joining of two individuals (and their families) who have shared goals and dreams and were ready to commit.

    I think even though Eun Young realized she was selling herself short with her marriage to Ji Won she had to protect him and their families. I think it was important for Ji Soo to step up and do this because he had to prove his love for her by doing what her guilt would not let her do, stop the wedding.

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    regarding the whole wedding fiasco, i’ve finished the series but i don’t know if i’ll ever really know what to say about it hahahhaha oh JS you crazy crazy man. i feel like EY didn’t stop the wedding from happening because she was set with going through with it. it’s amazing how strong she is. that breakdown in the phonebooth was probably one of my favorite moments in the drama. i had been waiting for it for so long, she had stayed strong through SO much heartbreak.
    anyway the bedside scene for EunSoo was pure love and i’ll talk more when you guys recap ep 18 =]. this drama has been one helluva journey for us all!

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    KJH is great as usual…JS is a role made for him…I don’t think any one can pull it off better than him…

    One more episode and it’s gonna be EUNSOO ending… wink wink

  35. 35 Drama Dazed

    @23 Sukipop – I read your comments in Ep 16 recap and now here. I just want to say I share your exact sentiments. You voiced my very thoughts. I too like the character of Kang Seung Yeon very much, bumbling ways notwithstanding. I find Ham Eun Jung’s portrayal of this character rather impressive and quite endearing indeed. Kudos to her. I also agree that Jin Soo’s attack on the publisher was uncalled for and violent.

  36. 36 vie

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    I like all casts in this drama..they have a great acting..like HEJ this drama her first debut as actreess…love they chemistry.from funny cut until sad part..specialy JS-EY…
    i hope the ending they will be together..

    Btw thanks for the recap..this recap help me a lot to know the end of this drama..

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    Pipit, I wait for your JS part 6 & 7….

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  39. 39 Ahjumma

    This is going to be one of my fave dramas. I just loved it. Jin Soo’s attack on the publisher may be uncalled for but it sure was funny. I think Jin Soo matches much more with Eun Young but I feel that Seung Yeon brings out the best in Jin Soo and actually helped him to grow as a person.

  40. 40 pipit


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    If you only knew what I did…. (it involved spending a small amount of money to buy myself a free time, slipping away in the middle of important meeting attending by the Vice President)

    Suffice it to say that I’m madly in love with CH! Just love it!

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  42. 42 yen_nguyen

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    Though many people think HEJ debuted as an actress with CH,
    technically speaking, she started her career as a child actress
    and had appeared in many dramas and movies before a singer debut.
    but i don’t remember her in the drama either because she played only the minor roles. 😛

  44. 44 Victoria Stuard

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    It was disappointing……I felt like the writer didn’t know where to take it to next, and this was an afterthought. Even though EY and JS had history, I felt like Sy was a better choice for him b/c she was so refreshing and bright. She also was a catalyst for change in JiSoo

  45. 45 Hannelora


    Take it easy! & please do it only you have time.

    Most of us are crazy with CH. Now I am also in working time, I cannot help myself to have a look some posts and any information about KJH & PSY…..

  46. 46 LL

    It’s interesting that you had that opinion of Jin-soo’s wedding destruction, because I thought it was an extremely selfless action.

    Eun-young felt she had gone too far with the wedding to turn back. So many people were depending on her, and she held Ji-won’s happiness in the palm of her hand. Jin-soo is the flake, and she is the anti-flake. She made a commitment and won’t back down even if it mean sacrificing her own happiness.

    Eun-young would not stop the wedding on her own, so Jin-soo managed to stop Eun-young’s wedding and also frame her as a blameless victim. If he had run in and grabbed her hand (or wrist!) and dragged her out, she would have been the subject of much reproach AND her agency would have been robbed. In the past, Jin-soo has done reckless, selfish things with no regard for anyone else, and surely that is how this moment appears to almost all of the wedding guests. Jin-soo’s “reckless” action here is selfless, though, because he puts himself (and his image) in danger for the sake of freeing and protecting Eun-young, and he asks nothing in return.

  47. 47 Jane

    lol. Funny how at episode 17, people are still upset that Jin Soo was in love with Eun Young and not SY. When since episode 6, it’s been clear he was in love with Eun Young. SY doesn;’t bring out the best in Jin Soo by a long shot. Yes, there are times that he learns some things from her – which is good. You can’t learn everything from one person. However, he never acts like a real man around her. He’s only ever a real man around Eun Young. I don’t get why people would prefer him to do his screaming “Are you crazy” thing, instead of being the loving man he is when he’s with Eun Young.

  48. 48 yue

    I like the finale, more than most other drama finale, but they should have cut short on flashbacks, srly, wayyy tooo maaany flashbacks!!

  49. 49 nuffsaid

    sigh… (and not in a good way).
    What happened? It all started off so well?

    I’m not actually a shipper but I think, logically, the whole drama was building to a suitable ending over the 18 episodes and, well… that didn’t happen. And plenty of plotlines weren’t really tied up fully… was JS wife death a suicide or not? was it or was it not rlate to JS? what was JS/EY relationship when he was married? where did DW disappear to for 2 years and what did he do? etc etc. There’s so much they could have done/ need to have done to make the drama coherent and they’ve messed up… so I’m gonna join #38 hsinya in her corner and sulk together.

  50. 50 nuffsaid

    @ LL

    How is disrupting a wedding a selfless act? JS may have wanted to end the wedding because he wants EY for himself but ultimately it was up to EY to step up and do the right thing. Forcing his interpretation on what she ‘actually’ wants i.e. not to go through with the wedding is an entirely arrogant and unjustifiable act. Whether he disrupts the weeding this way or go up and grab her and drag her out of it, shouldn’t she be the one responsible for her own decision and consequences?

    I think the last part of Ep17 really does not paint neither JS nor EY in a good light.

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