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I liked this episode. There’s a lot that happens here, a lot of movement. Generally I’m not a fan of artificial time skips and big life changes occurring off-camera, but it helps that we’re not dealing with a finale episode here. With several episodes still ahead of us, we’re given time to explore the developments wrought by the time skip, so I accept it. Even if I almost always prefer dramas NOT to employ them.


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Following the fight with Jin-soo, Ji-won staggers back to his office and grimaces in pain and thinks back to Jin-soo’s rant against him. And yet, of all of his insults to fixate on, Ji-won settles upon this one: “Am I really unfunny?”

Jin-soo returns to his temporary office and ices his hand. The injury is severe enough to require him to bandage his hand for a few days, so the next day he calls Seung-yeon, who is still laboring over her list of reasons to be re-hired.

Jin-soo tells her to go ahead and read them, even though she doesn’t think they’re good enough. She starts reciting — she’s mealtime company, she sharpens his pencils — but to her surprise, he cuts her off before she’s done and says they’re good enough. Come to the office, and bring clothes for a few days. He’ll need her to work with him for the next ten days.

Seung-yeon’s a little bummed to hear that the real reason he brought her back was purely because he needs a typist. He needs to finish the book, and make up for the last 50 pages that were lost because the fight damaged his flash drive.

When Seung-yeon tells Jin-soo that he should have just told her the real reason, he counters that he couldn’t — if he’d said that up front, he would have put himself in the role of the supplicant. A pro never willingly shows his weak side. And we know how protective Jin-soo is of himself.

At this, Seung-yeon grumbles that she should’ve known, because she found it odd that he was so quick to deem her “reasons” adequate. Jin-soo points out that she ought to take note that when a person acts out of character, there’s always a reason.

They work for a while like that, with Jin-soo dictating his story and Seung-yeon typing madly, trying to keep up. When Jin-soo leans over her shoulder to read the computer screen, she stiffens a bit, feeling an awareness to which he, feeling no attraction, is oblivious.

Dong-wook arrives bearing a cake from the cafe as a snack, and Seung-yeon happily invites Jin-soo to partake. I love the way Dong-wook frowns and jumps in to say that Jin-soo doesn’t like sweets, and Jin-soo catches on. He sees Dong-wook’s displeasure at having his coupley moment interrupted, and declines the offer to join them. Jin-soo calls for a break and sends the two off to have cake amongst themselves.

Jin-soo gets a phone call from Eun-young, who received a text message from him earlier asking for a meeting that night. She figures that it wasn’t actually sent from him, which he confirms, and they both guess that this is another of Ji-won’s antics to lure her out.

Employing his knowledge of Ji-won’s character and some thoughtful deductions, Jin-soo makes predictions as to Ji-won’s planned gesture, guessing correctly about the presence of big yellow ribbons. He also predicts that Ji-won will be kneeling in supplication, and again he’s right. He and Eun-young laugh over Ji-won’s childish predictability, as well as his simplistic idea of a grand moment.

As he sees Eun-young’s approach, Ji-won waves a white handkerchief in the air, and now accepts 100% percent of responsibility for their failed relationship. Eun-young laughs in incredulity when he proposes, declining him coolly and warning him not to ever propose again.

Hurriedly, Ji-won speeds through his prepared speech, trying to get through it all before she leaves. Like how giving up is the easiest choice, and leaves the most regrets. Love is a bridge that takes you to a place you can’t get to. Et cetera. Unmoved, Eun-young merely wonders where he stole his speech from.

Time for the big guns. Ji-won makes his grandest gesture by taking out something and brandishing it, crying out, “Love returns!” It’s a boomerang, and he throws it, hoping to win her over with this poetic (?) gesture. She scoffs.

As she leaves the scene, Eun-young calls Jin-soo again to laugh over this bout of ridiculousness. Jin-soo even guesses the boomerang move, and they both call Ji-won utterly predictable.

Jin-soo allows his tone to get a little more serious as he tells her that that’s why he introduced them — because of Ji-won’s predictability. He thought that would be most comfortable for her, so it wasn’t out of total random thoughtlessness that he paired them together.

After hanging up, Eun-young loses herself to thought as she walks through the park, seemingly reconsidering Ji-won’s proposal. Turning back, she returns to the be-ribboned tree, where Ji-won brightens at the sight of her.

His excitement takes a hit when Eun-young announces that she will keep going on marriage blind dates — that jajangmyun lawyer was just the first of a hundred. If she doesn’t meet anyone she likes, and if Ji-won is faithful to her while she goes on all hundred dates — by which she means he will give up dating entirely — she’ll “consider it once.”

She concedes that the only reason she’s giving him this shot is because she bears some responsibility for their failed relationship — say, 10% of it.

Doing some quick mental math, Ji-won protests — that means that even if she goes on one date a week, it would take her two years to go on a hundred! And all this just for a possibility of dating her? He thinks it’s grossly unfair, to which Eun-young tells him simply that he can give up now, then.

During their cake break, Dong-wook hesitantly broaches the topic of his birthday, which is next week. He wants to spend it with Seung-yeon, who reacts with some awkwardness, using the excuse that she may have to work.

Jin-soo comes up to their table to assure Dong-wook that he’ll be done with the manuscript by then, which makes Dong-wook perk up. Annoyed at his interference, Seung-yeon mouths to Jin-soo, “Why’d you do that?” Thankfully for Dong-wook’s poor puppy-dog heart, he doesn’t see that.

Now Dong-wook’s mood is entirely restored, and he stops by the bathroom to find Jin-soo. Patting him on the shoulders in a friendly gesture, Dong-wook tells Jin-soo to enjoy the cake — his way of extending an olive branch after his earlier disgruntlement. Aw!

Jin-soo calls it a night and sets up his cot to sleep, and gives the comfier couch to Seung-yeon. Uncomfortable with the idea of sharing a room at night — no matter how uncomfortable and un-romantic the room — Seung-yeon balks. She’d thought there’d be another room, and protests, “But still, I’m a woman….”

Jin-soo is so far from seeing her as a woman that her words completely stop him short, and he clarifies that she’s just a secretary to him, not a man or a woman. She’s like an object or a table sharpener, i.e., without gender.

He makes his point so thoroughly that Seung-yeon gets a little pissy at him, practically hmph-ing in his general direction as she stomps over to shut off the lights. She informs him that even if he doesn’t see her as a woman, she’s still a person with feelings.

As they settle into their makeshift beds, Seung-yeon asks a tentative question: Does she have any potential as a writer?

Jin-soo answers tiredly that if she works hard for the next ten years, maybe she might have some possibility. He was able to publish at a younger age, but that’s because he had writing talent, which she lacks. And insisting that effort is more important than talent is another mark of an amateur. Jin-soo adds that maybe she’ll be able to write a decent book once she’s in her forties.

Seung-yeon’s dismayed — that long? He says that ten years is the minimum for her, so she should turn her attention to another job: “It’s not a good profession.”

When Dong-wook’s birthday rolls around, Jin-soo is nearing the end of his work and lets Seung-yeon go, intending to finish up on his own. She drops by the book cafe to talk to Eun-young, and on the way in she briefly talks to Dong-wook to confirm their date that evening. Dong-wook’s little cheer of excitement is adorable, as is the glare he shoots at his baristas for making fun of him.

Eun-young passes along a mock-up of the book cover for Seung-yeon to show Jin-soo. (The book is titled “Page One,” which as you know was first supposed to be the drama’s title, and then the name of the book cafe. I still contend that it ought to have been the drama’s title.)

With Seung-yeon’s secretary duties coming to an end, Eun-young asks what Seung-yeon has planned for the future, and offers to help Seung-yeon if she has an interest in publishing. Seung-yeon is enthusiastic, and thanks her for her kindness.

And then the smiles fade a bit when the conversation turns to the topic of the manuscript’s imminent completion. Now that the book is almost done, the reality of Jin-soo’s likely departure is also approaching.

Seung-yeon shows Jin-soo the cover, and also informs him of the publishing company’s anniversary party that night. The employees don’t expect that he’ll come, but wanted to extend the invitation anyway.

Jin-soo asks for a cup of coffee, and today, his reaction is different — even before tasting it, he sniffs at it quizzically, noting a difference. Seung-yeon looks at him hopefully, awaiting his appraisal… but he ends up spitting it out anyway. Ha. He had her hopes up for a second there.

Jin-soo reminds Seung-yeon of her rash promise early on to satisfy all of his instructions, and identifies her challenge as an amateurish act. However, he concedes that she’s halfway to success by realizing that much, and even gives her some praise, saying that she managed pretty well, all things considered. He hadn’t expected her to manage the pencils, but she did that and the fossil book translations successfully.

Jin-soo identifies Seung-yeon’s one strength as being foolish, which she doesn’t take as a compliment. However, Jin-soo adds that it is, and that if wielded in the right way, it can even lead her to success. She ought to adopt it as her life concept.

Seung-yeon had assumed Jin-soo was teasing her as he always does, but now that she sees he actually means it as a compliment, she accepts it with pleasure. Wishing him well, Seung-yeon tells him they’d better have their own wrap party when he’s done and leaves him to his work.

However, Jin-soo’s expression grows serious as continues writing after she leaves. As Seung-yeon descends the stairs in the school, he types: “Seung-hee descended the staircase slowly. She didn’t know where that end was. For a moment, the thought came to her that it might be too steep. END.”

Jin-soo then picks up the phone to call the airline and books a ticket to the States.

Seung-yeon continues on in her good mood, arriving at her meeting spot for her birthday date with Dong-wook. She notes that today marks the six-month mark since she met Jin-soo, and reminisces about everything she’s been through in that time.

But in the process of recalling the past events, she also remembers Jin-soo’s words from last week — that you should think of the reason behind the behavior when somebody acts out of the ordinary. And Jin-soo was acting out of the ordinary when he praised her.

Suddenly gripped with foreboding, she calls the office, but it’s already empty. Rushing away just as Dong-wook arrives, looking forward to their date (poor guy!), Seung-yeon takes a cab back to school.

And yes, the sight of the empty office confirms her fears. Jin-soo has already cleared out and is on his way off to goodness knows where.

He makes one brief stop on his way out of the country, and arrives at the publishing office, where the party is in full swing. Eun-young greets her guests and plays the part of the gracious hostess, but as she crosses the crowded room, she catches a glimpse of Jin-soo, standing off by the exit unseen by the others.

She starts to make her way to him, but he holds her off and instead picks up the nearby phone to call her cell. It’s a touching callback to their train station phone call in the last episode — the conversation carries the weight of the kind of honesty they can only share in moments like this, where goodbye is imminent.

Eun-young: “So you’re leaving now.”
Jin-soo: “I wanted to see your face before I left.”
Eun-young: “I’ll forget you entirely. Don’t worry, and be well. I won’t even wait, wondering when you’ll return. Even if you don’t return, I won’t look for you. So if you’re happy somewhere else, settle down there.”
Jin-soo: “I’d like that, too.”
Eun-young: “You can do it.”
Jin-soo: “I’ll go.”
Eun-young: “Bye.”

Jin-soo heads for the exit, looking back at her one last time. Eun-young sends him off with a reassuring smile, but after he goes that smile slowly fades and is replaced by a stricken expression. It’s a lovely bit of acting, as the camera stays on her face for that long moment and captures her emotional transformation, beat by beat.

It’s a nice touch that she keeps that phone held to her ear even after he has gone, as though she can’t bear to let the connection go.

Some time later, Jin-soo’s book is published. Seung-yeon starts to read, engrossed for the hours it takes her to finish the book. When she gets to the end, she lays her head down, feeling a mix of emotions at coming to an end in this chapter of her life.

And then, seasons pass. The drama’s comic-book framing device comes into play as we skip from season to season, seeing little slices of life as the rest of our characters continue living. Snow falls, then spring flowers bloom, Seung-chul gets accepted to university, Children’s Day comes and goes, the summer heat encroaches, and even Dad gets a little flirty with a new neighbor.

(Normally I hate when a drama time-skips without a particularly compelling reason, and I have been known to howl in frustration when a chyron pops up reading “__ YEARS LATER.” However, this drama mitigates that by showing us scenes from the elapsed time, which makes the transition smoother and works to bridge the time skip, I think.)

When we resume, it’s two years later.

Seung-yeon looks more professional and polished now — at age 27, she is now a career woman and moves with a confidence she hadn’t had before. But it’s not like she’s morphed into a completely new person, and today she is rushing in to work with what appears to be habitual lateness.

She is now the writer for a radio program, and manages to make it just in time to distribute the scripts for the morning. And here, she’s known for her particularly good coffee.

Her boss asks Seung-yeon about her experience as Jin-soo’s secretary, having heard about it from Do-sang, her sunbae from university. The boss is disappointed at Seung-yeon’s answer, that she hasn’t kept in touch with him over the years.

The boss was really counting on using Seung-yeon’s connections to score a phone interview with Jin-soo, whose media-shy personality makes him an awesome get. Plus, the more reclusive he gets, the more people’s speculations grow about his whereabouts, and there are even some outlandish death rumors circulating in the absence of real news. Even if she hasn’t spoken to him recently, the boss asks Seung-yeon to try looking into it.

As for his true whereabouts? As it happens, Jin-soo is now on his way back to Korea. Whatever he’s been up to, it looks like he’s been roughing it for a while, probably wandering from remote locale to remote locale.

But it’s nothing a shave and a change of clothes can’t remedy, and when he emerges from the airport bathroom after landing, he’s looking mighty spiffy — aside from the new hairstyle, he’s looking crisp in all-white duds, and has a few flashy bits of jewelry. (To be honest, he looks like a nallari — a sort of frivolous partier.)

Jin-soo rents himself a stylin’ sports car — his first time behind the wheel in six years, which is when we can presume his ex-wife died.

As he peels out of the airport parking lot and zooms off into the street, he passes by a car that’s parked — it’s Eun-young, who is arriving at the airport on her way to a trip of her own. The sight of his car catches her eye, and while she doesn’t get a good look at Jin-soo, something about the scene makes her think of him….


So. I suppose the big question is what Jin-soo’s been up to all this while, and why he’s back. We already know that he tends to go on two-year stints abroad, so I suppose he could be feeling the pull to return, maybe get a little work in, and then leave when he’s feeling the urge to split again. The thing about actively avoiding maintaining a home base is that you won’t feel home anywhere, and no place will satisfy him for too long.

I particularly liked the goodbye scene on the phone, for a few reasons. One, it was nicely acted in an understated, subtle way. They kept their words honest despite the light tone, and didn’t make grand promises or big statements. At this point Jin-soo and Eun-young know how they feel about each other, and the problem isn’t a misunderstanding of some sort (thankfully) — they both understand why they can’t be together, so there’s no use angsting over it.

But another aspect I like is that the telephone is an interesting motif in Jin-soo’s life, and particularly between him and Eun-young. This goes back all the way to the beginning, when he ignores phone calls and refuses to answer. He not only throws away the phone connections but the physical phone receivers, too. Seung-yeon was the reason he allowed himself to grow tethered to the phone, after she was injured and he couldn’t get in touch with her. However, I don’t read this as a romantically symbolic thing — it’s in keeping with Eun-young’s comment that Seung-yeon is the connector between her and Jin-soo. She helped bridge that gap of miscommunication, albeit against Jin-soo’s will, and allowed — forced? — them to finally be honest with each other.

I’m sure it was no coincidence, either, that their first kiss occurred in a phone booth.

Then, Jin-soo finally comes clean to Eun-young about how he feels — he cares for her but can’t separate her from his dead wife in his mind — over the phone just as she’s about to leave.

And here, at the party scene, the phone again keeps them physically apart — Jin-soo actually tells her not to come to him in person, that they’ll keep their goodbye conversation to the phone line — while simultaneously acting as a connecting force as they say their goodbyes.

The phone brings them together, but it also keeps them apart. So now, in the last stretch of the drama, what remains to be seen is how they can be brought together without need of these devices, both physical and metaphorical. If they can, that is.

Note: I’m traveling early next week so Episode 13 recap will not be up Monday. Fair warning!


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  1. scarlett hue

    This was my favorite episode so far, esp. because I watched it “fresh” as in right when viikii was subbing it. I wonder what happened to JS, as what brought his change and what will he be up to. Depending on that, I’ll actually rate the drama based on my terms.

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    I was just about to leave the site and accidentally hit refresh. Glad I did! :)

    When I watched the time skip, my first thought was….”oh crap JB is NOT gonna like this!” LOL…

    I’m not sure how I feel about it yet considering the episode ended fairly quickly after that. If they handle it well, I wouldn’t mind it.

  4. CG

    Thanks for the recap. I agree, time skips feel sort of contrived for me. I like how they used the seasons to sort of make the time skip a little bit more subtle– or as subtle as it can be. And then the screen said 2 years later (which was like, what the…?). Eun-young and Jin-soo’s connection is just amazing! I love how they completely understand Ha Ji-won’s character (down to the last of those yellow ribbons).

  5. thatguy

    I really felt like this was the series finale. It would of worked too.

  6. Citrone

    Thanks for this marvelous cap…

  7. winnie

    Can I just say that EY has to be the nicest person ever? During the phone scene, her speech to him felt so selfless. When she said she would forget him entirely and wouldn’t try to find him, it seemed that she was saying it more for his sake. She didn’t want him to feel guilty or burdened into coming back for her, so she reassured him that she would move on. She allowed him to have a peace of mind if he should settle elsewhere.

  8. m a r a

    THANK YOU! I always look forward to your comments because you always express things that many of us miss.

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    yes this is also my favorite episode so far. and i really love how the passed seasons were illustrated. ahhhh this is so refreshing. i bet Jin soo has overcome some fears in his life since he is not afraid to ride a car. he is actually driving it too fast which also tells something. and he’s got no glasses anymore! and what’s with the hairstyle and that shiny thingy in his ears?

    i can’t wait for the next episodes! :)

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    Thank you JB for all the hard work!!!!
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    So excited to see the recap! I always enjoy reading your opinions.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next. Not only do I want to see what changes have been wrought in Jin Soo over the past two years (whether his trip abroad has allowed him time to toughen up his shell or to strip it away), I also can’t wait to see how Eun Young has moved on, and I hope she has moved on a little bit. She has pined for this guy for years and molded herself into what he needed, and I hope she has been able to let go a little bit. It’s not too pleasant to be the more needy one in a relationship (not that Eun Young ever let on that she needed more).

    Can’t wait for Monday! :)

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    (And now the people will be pleased as JB has delivered the usual dosage of Coffee House drugs.)

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m reading the recaps and not watching the episodes because I’m afraid of the unknown: namely, how this drama will end up and what sort of ending the audience will be left with. So thank you, JB, for putting this up!!

    Although these recent turn of events has really got me considering sitting down and marathoning through all of the episodes…. but only after World Cup ends. Soccer fever still high here. LOLOL.

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    “Jin-soo points out that she ought to take note that when a person acts out of character, there’s always a reason.”

    I’m really looking forward to the reason behind this “new” JS. I just keep giggling whenever I see him looking like that:)

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    the episode that will be shown next week is exciting indeed.. I’m anxious how things will turn-out this time around..

    I’m just hoping things are better.. but I have this instinct that Jin soo is still Jin soo.. the Jin soo that I hate, the Jin soo that I love!! haha.. if there’s any consolation, I hope just a better HIM.. =)

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    DEFINITELY one of my favourite episodes for coffee house so far. I can understand why Kang Ji Hwan said Episode 12 will give a total surprise to viewers – didn’t expect a 180 degree character change for Jinsoo!

    I agree, Page One would have been the better title for the series, since the title Coffee House doesn’t really give a good representation of what the drama is about.

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    I’m so glad that the time jump happened now and not in the episode before the finale or the finale itself.

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    The farewell scene was very touching. I feel really sad when i was watching it. The last scene, it seems like EY senses that JS’s back after she saw the car. I think she’s thinking of him at that moment then that’s why she smiles

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    You’re right. it is one of most famous paradies in korean shows.

  35. 35 m a r a


    there wasn’t really any BIG change. the only major event in this episode is the skip in time; otherwise, the PD was only saying that there will be a change in the show’s vibe or style of storytelling. other people just reinterpreted what he said to mean something else, like a shift in the romantic wind.

  36. 36 mizweng

    Thank you JB for this much-awaited recap… I couldn’t help but feel emotional again reading the goodbye part… In my vocabulary, EY has become THE BEST MODERN MAIN LEAD I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED SO FAR… What an amazing woman she is…I totally agree to all your thoughts JB…

    And yes, PSY has truly emerged into a remarkable actress… I do believe PSY is EY and EY is PSY… I don’t think there’s someone who can do the job better than she did…

    KJW is perfect for this role too…He brought about different emotions from the audience when he show us the varied facets of JS’ personality…

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  38. 38 Minnetter

    This episode was awesome :) But the one part I found really really funny was the whole Jiwon proposal because they used Ave Maria song that was used in Stairway to Heaven and was a cue for really sad moving moments in that drama, here it was like making fun of the ridiculousnes of Jiwon´s stolen romantic grand plan.

  39. 39 tqah

    I’m glad I opened your page just now. I have been waiting for your recaps like years. LOL. Thank you JB for feeding us with Coffee House recaps. Love you! ^^

  40. 40 Kayt

    This Episode is one of my favorite because it showed how much EunSoo understand each other ( and JW too, of course) and how deep their love it
    I am so glad that JS ,for the first time, could look at EY eyes sincerely and able to express his true feeling to her honestly ” I came to see you” or ” ” I thought you ‘d be happy with him”. ( Yeah, we know he has been hiding “his love” for years-I ‘am sure he’d make a excellent actor ** like KJH** if his books aren’t sold well in the future lolz) ^^;;
    Oh, did you guys see his smile when EY called him back and the way those two hung up their call…. Like awwwwww . They are just so in love with each other and they just couldn’t conceal it anymore.

    I love your interpretation on the phone as an interesting motif in Jin-soo’s life, particularly between him and Eun-young. There is definitely a strong connection there from the earlier episodes to the “good bye’ phone call scene- which I was to touch ( and cried again) for them. That scene was beautiful done!!! KJH and PSY acting were beyond excellent to express clearly their emotion and pain with various expressions while parting with their most beloved one. ( I love it so much that I am going to write a specific post on that one alone later **) .
    And even though I understood “Seung-yeon was the reason he allowed himself to grow tethered to the phone, after she was injured and he couldn’t get in touch with her”.
    … but I always thought that was done out of his guilt since he partly caused her accident , plus with his past trauma ‘d add more pressure as well. However I never connect those dots to EY latter words like you do here:
    “I don’t read this as a romantically symbolic thing — it’s in keeping with Eun-young’s comment that Seung-yeon is the connector between her and Jin-soo”
    Thank you very much for pointing it out!!! This is why I couldn’t wait for your recap ‘s comment and insight ( yet I watched them like 6 times already lolz). You are so great at it!!!
    **get back to CH **
    So, Will JS still use the phone to talk/ connect to EY or he’ll able to talk face to face with her at last after 2 years ? There must be a big reason for his mega -change, which I am sure we all cant wait to find out on next Monday. Yet, I want to point out a few (obvious) sudden change in SJ at the end of ep 12, which I couldn’t help but wonder:
    -His look- I thought he wasn’t materialistic type ( as he didn’t like meaningless celebration). And we haven’t even mentioned about his dramatic transformation in between on and off plane too
    -He drives!!! – I assume this is the first time( based on what he said with the agent) he drove after his wife death- which could be a sign that he has put down the past trauma . On the other hand, I found it ‘s weird that if he has moved on in the last 2 years , shouldn’t he has driven sometimes already? Why did he only drive the car for the very first time when he got back to Korea? He wants to show-off to somebody?
    -His shoes: Has anyone noticed ( I am sure I am not the only one!!!) his shoes has the strings tied up neatly together for the first time. I haven’t seen his shoes have strings on in the previous episodes, so please correct me if I make a mistake!!! Does this mean he’s ready to commit or what?
    -Another one , but it’s not only about JS) but some fans has pointed out : the COLOR of EunSoo clothes when they passed by each other at the end of episode. ** the fans sure have good eyes!!!**: SJ wore the whole white outfit while EY dressed sexy in black, even her nails were black polished nicely too . Is this some kind of symbolism here? Or we are just thinking too much?

  41. 41 Kayt

    I want to say thank you for the recap and brilliant insight again!!!
    And I can’t wait to see how Page Two unfold either.

    Love you and your site so much
    JB , you are awesome!!!

  42. 42 Ani

    Oooh, summer traveling? Fun stuff. I hope it will be fun.

    Anyways, this drama is fun to read about. Four more episodes. My only complaint is: I love the dorky Dong-wook, but I want him to keep some of his manager-mode quietness.

  43. 43 elaineD

    i absolutely love how complicated and unresolved everything is. it reminds me of Story of a Man, where I was so investigative and curious about the drama.

    and, the romances are played out INTELLIGENTLY, UNPREDICTABLY, and skillfully.


  44. 44 houstontwin

    A huge theme of episodes 11 and 12 (in fact the whole series)has been sincerity or the lack thereof. Finally JS was able to express some genuine emotion. Then fast forward two years and he is looking so phony. It even looks like the makeup guys smeared on some extra layers of foundation. Is this supposed to be the real JS? If not, then his true persona seems more hidden than ever!

    On the other hand…SY looks great. She is happy, pretty, and well-liked by her colleagues. Good for her!

    Javabeans…wonderful analysis…especially symbolic use of the phones.

    @26 and @40 I would have never noticed the shoelaces…I am very impressed.

  45. 45 Selli

    No, the big question is why the heck Jin-soo is wearing an earring!!! Q___Q I don’t even like earrings on women, but it just looks…WEIRD on him XD I know that’s a superficial comment ^^’

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next, and I would marry your recaps, javabeans, if I could!! =D

    I really hope Eun-young and Jin-soo can make this work, but if not, then well…it just doesn’t work XD Happens in real life sometimes. Still, my hopes are up =D And I hope Seung-yeon will eventually fall for Dong-wook, because really, I sort of pity him D:

  46. 46 Net-chan

    Now that you mention it JB, the telephone is indeed a strong symbol of their relationship!

    Thanks for the recap, as always ^___^!

  47. 47 miharatori

    Stairway to heaven, sigh. How can he steal those lines??? At least he didn’t decide to meet at the beach and play a piano. Ji wan truly doesn’t understand what she wants. Darn it! Ave maria is stuck in my head now. I’m thinking of maybe going back and finishing Stairway to Heaven. I never did get past episode 7. It was just so sad. Anyways, Jin Soo’s hair!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He looked so much better before. But I loved that short gruffy look on the plane. I wonder if he actually grew his hair out for that one scene? It was probably fake. lol. Sigh, at least the two lead girls in this drama are good. Normally there is the one poor girl, arrogant guy, kind sunbae who never gets the girl, and a nasty girl who likes the arrogant guy. Jin Soo, please don’t tell me he ends up alone!!!

  48. 48 sugarpunch

    this drama has been really unpredictable to me so far. mainly, i was not really able to fathom the reasons behind jinsoo’s actions. but these synopses helped me a lot. THANK YOU.

    and jinsoo’s transformation is………… i have really mixed reactions to it. it’s good, cos DUH, it’s KJH looking hot in white!!! but now he looks like a 30+ lead singer of a boyband acting in an older version of You Are Beautiful.

  49. 49 hazelnut

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  50. 50 zinaa

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    and am waiting for 36pipit’s comment now lol

  51. 51 Jane

    hazelnut, some of us suspect that SY is the author. :)

  52. 52 Ellie

    Thanks for the recap JB!

    Thanks to the previous commenters who clarified that Ji-won’s speech and the boomerang were borrowed from another drama. But can somebody explain the yellow ribbon tree? Was this also borrowed from another drama or is it some type of grand gesture commonly used in Korea? I’m assuming it’s a form of apology?? It seemed odd to me that Jin-soo guessed that Ji-won would prepare a yellow ribbon tree, and I felt that I was missing something.

  53. 53 oh! tht! chick!

    OMFG! where is this serial going?? seriously cant wait for monday’s ep!!!
    And JS’s transformation is HAWT! he looks like one of those Japanese Idol types, crazy hair check spiffy suit check razzle dazzle bling CHECK CHECK!

  54. 54 diane

    Great recap for a terrific episode.
    It was odd, I truly felt the emptiness after JS’s departure. The final phone call was so sad and beautiful at the same time. Loved the way she stayed on the phone long after he left. I could feel her loss.

    The transformation of JS after the plane trip back to Korea was interesting. I wonder if he finally has gotten all of the guilt ,anguish and self punishment out of his system this time.

  55. 55 marbleloaf

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  56. 56 mskololia1

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  57. 57 czakhareina

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    it would have been so hard to act after that tragedy, but she stood with her own 2 feet and acted with greatness so proud of her…

    anyway Dongwook has come a long way from you are my destiny…
    ahhh i think that draa ended early 2009
    i always cringe at his acting there but now i can say, GOsh i love those little looks smiles he does… so proud of his improvement…
    he is just so adorable..

  58. 58 pipit

    JB I kindly ask permission to use a lot of space (again). Hope you and everyone else don’t mind.
    Thanks for the recap as always ^-^

    These four are my favourite part in this episode:
    1) The scene when Eun Young called Jin Soo to confirm her suspicion that it’s JW who texted her to come to the park. The way Jin Soo caught her meaning right away shows that when they’re talking to each other they don’t really need many words to convey what’s on their minds. And as long as the topic isn’t too close to home they can talk freely, openly and honestly with each other. And when that happens they’re in tune. Two bodies one mind. In unison. Perfect.

    2) When Eun Young told JW she would give him a chance if he really wanted it. Not that she’ll accept him. It was just a chance. She’ll see 100 men in order to look for the right man. Only if she doesn’t like them all she’ll think about him.
    I love the horrified look on JW’s face when he started counting how long it will take, when he realised that it might take her four years to meet all of them in due course or two years if she take a short cut! And when he said incredulously: ‘Does it mean I have to wait for 2 years and not seeing other woman?’ I bet he doesn’t even realise he just make a mockery of his profession of love and his supposedly grand proposal.
    Another reason why I love this scence is because their conversation reveals how Eun Young sees love. It shows that despite all her practical moves and calm acceptance of her situation deep down inside she believes in true love. She believes that once you love someone, really, really love someone nothing will change that love. Not time, not distance, not even other people you’re seeing.
    If JW really loves her 4 years mean nothing. If Jin Soo really loves her no matter where he is and what he does he’ll love her still. And if she really loves him even if she’ seeing 100 or 1000 men she would never fall for them.
    I guess this belief gives her strength to continue living her life fully. It gives her strength not to succumb to the paralysing pain caused by the man who said he loved her but had to leave her. (I know I said. I love Jin Soo and I do but I also feel a powerful need to shake him and shout: What’s wrong with you?! Hee Soo is dead! You’re hurting the woman you love because of the woman you don’t love! You’re hurting the living because of the dead! )

    3) Jin Soo’s transformation!
    4) Eun Young’s smile when she saw Jin Soo is back….with a ‘brand’ new take on life.

    Despite my ranting at Jin Soo (love isn’t blind) I still love him. This is the proof of how much I love you Jin Soo:
    Jin Soo part three:

    In a slow walk Jin Soo returns to his office. Considering what JW was he’s in a relatively good shape. But damn! His right hand hurts like hell. And he can barely move his fingers. He’s a writer for heaven’s sake!
    But painful as it is he welcomes the distraction it brings. It’s better to focus on the physical pain rather than thinking about the excruciating pains he experienced when he saw the way Eun Young looked at him after he kissed her. He knew he had hurt her again.

    How did he manage to keep hurting her? He hoped that by letting her know he loves her it would somehow alleviate her pains. But apparently it hurts her even more. If only he knows which part of what he told her hurt her the most…

    Lying to her has become a second nature and necessity to him. But he’s being honest with her for once when he told her that he loves her. Besides he didn’t think that his telling her he loves her was the part which hurt her. He has these strange feelings that although she said she believed him she doesn’t really believe him. Not completely.
    And she’s right.

    He didn’t tell her the real reason why he wants her to forget him. He didn’t tell her he’s terribly afraid she’ll find out the real reasons behind his divorce and HS’ suicide. That’s why he still couldn’t let go of the past. But he was being honest with her when he told her he could never forget HS when he’s with her, well, sort of. Only not for the reasons Eun Young seems to have thought! If only she knows the truth…

    But besides sadness and acceptance he also saw a shadow of disappointment which he didn’t understand. He’s been having these strange notions about the way she reacts. Why is it getting more difficult for him to read her emotions and feelings lately? Is it because she’s purposely hiding them from him? Is she doing what he’s been doing all these years now? Putting a strong facade and smile to hide the excruciating pains inside her heart?

    Does it mean she loves him as much as he loves her? No! Please God he doesn’t want her to love him as much as he loves her. That would mean eternally. She would never be able to stop loving him not even when she let’s him go. If she loves him as much as he loves her….
    No…he doesn’t want to think about that. He’s leaving soon. He’s not going to change his mind. He doesn’t want his determination to waver. Not now.

    Eun Young is very logical, practical and sensible. She would do what she has to do. Unlike him who would always find a reason and a little excuse to stay close to her despite knowing that he should stay away. And after what he told her at the train station she would cut him loose decisively. Yes, that’s Eun Young.

    Fortunately for Jin Soo he doesn’t know that Eun Young has become too ill to get up and go to the office after their encounter. Otherwise, no matter how strong his resolution to leave her is, he would find another excuse to stay by her side and never let go.

    As it is, with his mind made up he tends to his injuries and then calls his far from smart secretary to ais him with his writing. And what did he expect? Although he told her in advance to come up with 7 reasons why she should be rehired, the reasons she finally gave him were so lame that she wouldn’t be rehired by even the most desperate employer.
    But he’s desperate. He needs his book to be finished on schedule!

    He rather hopes that this time around he doesn’t have to do his shouting or loose his temper with her as she’s practically doing nothing but typing. But who is he kidding. Not only she’s silly but apparently a little bit crazy too.

    When he told her to get some sleep for a couple of hours after he caught her sleeping in the middle of her typing – which isn’t something a pro would do – as he recognises the need to have a few hours of sleep, a fool that she was she added her mistake with another one when she asked where should she sleep stating that she’s a woman! Arrgh!
    If he doesn’t need her he’ll fire her again on the spot! Crazy girl! Teaching her things are really turning his hair grey! But as he owes her he tried to explain it to her that she’s a secretary. She’s nothing but an extension of his arms or in this case his fingers. With her limited brain power he wasn’t sure she could even understand that simple concept. The things that’s been going on inside that head of hers!

    And then as if she’s not being silly and crazy enough she dared to ask him whether it’s possible for her to become a writer! Is he supposed to teach her how to be a writer now? Well, he’s grateful to her but not that grateful!

    This book he’s writing is his present for Eun Young. He’s writing it with her on his mind or to be precise their predicament. This is he’s saying to her that he knows he has problems and he’s going to find a way to solve it before finding his way back home. He’s going to follow the unknown road to recovery no matter how long that journey might be or no matter how hard it is, he’ll take it. He needs to be a better person for her. He’s a damaged good now. But he’ll come back home to her when he’s ready as a whole man.

    When Eun Young called that night when they started talking freely, openly and honestly he felt reinvigorated. Hearing her voice, hearing her laugh and hearing her thougts were heaven. It’s so precious because they could only do that with limited subject. His fault not hers.
    Even then he had to bring the conversation into a halt when he told her the reason he introduced JW to her wasn’t because he didn’t care like what she thouht, but because he believed JW will do his utmost to make her happy.

    He’s not sure what he wanted to hear from her after that confession (it reveals that he’s been in love with her even since then). But definitely not her saying nothing at all and then trying to change the subject and ending their talk. Yes, it’s not just his imagination. He couldn’t read her when he wanted to know what’s in her mind the most. She’s put a barrier to her inner most thoughts and emotions. There’s only one reason why she does so. And it scares hi.
    He wanted to tell her:
    Please Eun Young don’t do that. Please don’t love me that much love. Just love me enough. That would be enough for me. Don’t love me as much as I love you. I’m leaving and I don’t know how long it will take. I don’t. Want you to wait and suffer because of me. I don’t know whether I would be able to throw away these toxic feelings.

    The day he leaves is the hardest day of his life. He’s leaving his reason for living.
    He gets rid of his secretary easily enough. At first he wants to let her go just like that but since this is her last day working for him it’s only fair for him to tell her that although she’s not bright enough she has her perseverance as her asset. With that she might be able to go somewhere. The silly girl doesn’t even know that he has just given her a high compliment. His silly secretary wouldn’t find any difficulty looking for a new job. If she ever needs help Eun Young will do her best to help her. She likes SY a lot. And she’s a force to reckon with. Everyone in this business will jump at the chance to be on her good grace.

    His Eun Young…leaving her is killing him. His journey to the airport feels like a journey to hell. He feels as if his heart is being squeezed tightly. It hurts so much. He doesn’t think he could continue breathing once he’s on biard flying away from her.
    He’d better go sraight to the airport and leave with all possible haste. He should do it while he still has the strenght to do it. But somehow this stubborn heart of his refuses to leave its reason for beating without seeing he one last time. Just one more time.

    So he comes to her event trying to get just one last look. He couldn’t help himself. He’s afraid of coming here but he needs to be here, to see her, to assure himself that she’s fine. That she’ll be all right.
    He wanted to leave after that without letting her know that he came to see her. But then she saw him. At first he wanted to hide and let her think she has mistaken. But it doesn’t feel right. He already told her he loves her. Let her see how much he really loves her. This is his last confession.
    But when she moved to come to him…

    He told her to stay right where she was. He would fall apart if she approached him. So he told her to be on guard agaist prying eyes. It’s his excuse to keep her on a safe distance, but also the truth. Eun Young could be so down to earth that some people might find it difficult to believe if they’re being told that the girl they just talke to is one of the most powerful and influential figures in this industry.

    Now his beautiful, strong, proud Eun Young stood there in the middle of the crowd receiving his call. With a smile and gentle voice she told him to go and forget her. He needs to hear that because he knows he couldn’t do it. He belongs to her. As long as he lives he’ll never forget her. But still he needs to hear her saying it.
    With an encouraging smile she told him that she would forget him and even if she didn’t hear a thing from him she wouldn’t look for him. She would go on with her life and seeing as many wonderful guys as possible. With that gentle voice and soft smile she told him not to worry about her. She’s going to be very happy. And so should he. She told him everything he needed to hear from her.

    Dear God he loves her so much. More than he could ever tell her.

    As he walked away he turn back for just one more look. There she was standing tall in the middle of the crowd sending him away with a little nod and smile on her face….

  59. 59 lettuce

    oh you lovely Javabeans… thanks for episode 12 recap!

    So much things I love in this episode. Especially the when the new Jin-soo emerged. Cool rock music, check. Ooh, highlights? Ok! Scorching hot man shaving in the airport bathroom (damn I think he looks bloody hot there, damn, so promising…), check.

    Then, LMAO… when he tried to pull off a Hwang Tae-kyung. Dramatic hair styling, tacky rings and earring, all white suit. I wouldn’t say he didn’t look hot, but still..

    Jin-soo, what on earth happened to you?! This is like a kick of cafeinne, usually in a drama, episode 12 is the time when main pairs *just* get together and brace for the final storm or some stupid misunderstanding, also most probably the time when I got sick and weary and finish the drama by sheer determination. I love that our Jin-soo is such a weird dude. Is he pulling another leg again, is it another of his weird logic (remember a flashback scene when he came back as Hong Gil-dong), is he… Damn, never did I feel such a fresh anticipation at the 3/4 point.

    I like jb’s thoughts about the phone, and @40 Kayt, thanks for the thought-worthy observations. I like that he drives, and can we have an improvement from the past, where honest sincere conversation happened mostly on the phone?

    The future looks great. Seung-yeon looks great, now I hope they don’t forget Dong-wook too.

  60. 60 KimchiRadish

    Don’t know if this was an important bit but when Seun young returned to the school, the cup was empty when Jinsoo left. Could it be that Jinsoo was lying about the bad coffee and liked it AND that she actually met his taste? He has his pride thing so maybe he didn’t want to tell her that he lost and she won. Just a thought. :)

  61. 61 Damselfly

    Thanks JB for the recap! Glad that time-shift is not a turnoff for you this time. Have a good time with your travels!

    @KimchiRadish: I agree with you on the empty coffee cup. I think Jinsoo just don’t want to tell Seunyoung she got the coffee right. My two-cents is that Jinsoo is not as oblivious as portrayed, but he was Seunyoung to go with Dongwook, and having Seunyoung admiring him more than she was already is not going to help.

  62. 62 MEL

    @ 56 Pipit & JB and everyone — re-reading, as I already watched the raws ( I hate that I don’t understand Hangul!!!)…many, many tears fell, this was one sad, sad episode in the JS/EY/SY saga… but more so on the JS/EY…
    that heart breaking that farewell scene with JS and EY. I can understand why JS doesn’t want any hugging-physical contact with EY before he leaves–they’d both fall apart.

    JS—DRATS YOU!!! So much emotional baggage!!! I wish EY & SY weren’t so into you (but we wouldn’t have this amazing Kdrama-would we?) EY should just move on and find someone who would just shower her with love—not JW, oh please… he’s such a rat and so over the top, I know he means well but he’s just not it for EY–been there done that!! EY so loves JS, that she let’s him go no guilt attached–no pleading nor suicide attempts to keep JS at her side. I’m so glad EY has the strength to set him free. That’s love!! I wish JS faced up to his love for EY–why leave and hammer more pain into EY’s already shattered heart!!!

    I really like PSY’s portrayal of a strong woman but heartbroken EY–who does her best not to cling and be a waif, nor manipulate her way to hold on to JS. She moves on when JS does his disappearing act, wishes him well, no guilt attached. I just love her and yes I agree that SY is the link that brings both EY and JS to really face up to their true feelings. Hopefully SY will find her happy ending… she has a better chance of that away from JS than either JS or EY.. Sigh, I hope JS finds his way not to further break EY’s heart… What a confusing, heart wrenching story, yes truly a roller coaster ride as someone has stated earlier. Most of all the two female are not fighting each other, nor do they pressure JS but actually are helping this broken man heal and grow. It’s so rare in the Kdramas to have the two female leads not antagonize each other. Good for JS most of all. Though he is jerking these two women around..

    Thanks JB, just reading everybody’s take just brings out more of the obvious draw that this Kdrama is for all of us. Yes, that roller coaster ride. Hope they all get over their emotional baggages and get on with life.

  63. 63 m a r a

    @ Mel,

    Lol. we might as well have ended the show when the goodbye scene faded to black, just before the time skip.

  64. 64 labchick


    Perhaps..but I think he might have just rinsed out the cup before he left. The empty cup might symbolize the fact that there is nothing left of him. For some reason I always assumed the coffee was JS.

    Thanks for the recap..again!

    It frustrates me that they never write any chemistry in for the JS/SY couple, and sorta missed their chance at creating a more interesting love triangle. I guess it shouldn’t matter, since it feels like the story will wrap up without ever mentioning it. Then again, I’m ok with it, just a little peeved that they didn’t do anything after all that set up. I just wish I had known earlier, so I could have better prepared myself for the Nicholas Spark’ type of ending!!!
    And as for JS’ makeover, I can only hope that look goes away in like 30 seconds…

  65. 65 The Real CZ

    Yes! Eunjung is back to the hairstyle before Coffee House started airing, and she looks 10x hotter!

  66. 66 SparrowBell

    I was reading the sneak preview in soompi for ep 13 & 14 … not sure if we are getting closer to any answer, maybe, till end of 14?

  67. 67 Sarah

    Thanks so much for the recap JB! I love reading your interpretations on various scenes. You have so much insight! I tend to look at things at face value w/ a tendency to ignore the symbolism.

  68. 68 Nhu

    I love you Javabeans! I really do!

    @Pipit – Hm… I love your take on that scene with JW and how it applies to EY and JS, and more importantly, what it shows about her belief in love. I think that’s a very accurate assessment, and frankly, endears EY to me even more. She’s a career woman, she’s confident, but at the same time, she has that vulnerability and naivety about love (perhaps because she’s never been in love before JS?) which shows in the kissing scenes, the telephone scenes, and this one, where she reveals that she believes in true love.

    Of course, she could be just mocking JW, but I think that by demanding that of JW, she shows that the man she wants is a man who can do that, and he can’t. Perhaps the time shift will give JS a maturity that brings him closer to EY.

    I adore EY, and I love the drama’s take on romance so far. I’d be crushed if it turns out JS ends up with the slightly ditzy but hardworking girl again… And JS makes it CLEAR in this episode he really does not see her as a woman. Whereas he’s painfully aware of EY as such.

  69. 69 Fan

    Wow, and I thought I was going to be the maximally frothing in the mouth fan here about that goodbye scene. I guess I underestimated the power of peaceful but fanatic fandomism (and I’m all for it! :) )

    My 2 cents? Love the last smile and nod EY had for JS. She knew he was looking for reassurance so she gave him that- and to the bitter end, she was nodding, encouraging, saying without words “Go on. Go. Don’t look back.”

    Broke my wee heart into wee pieces over our brave EY.

  70. 70 Kayt

    @ JB:
    Have fun on your trip, JB!!!
    It’s getting hot these days, so don’t forget your sun block.
    Lucky that my vacation wont start until the end of July so I can enjoy CH for now ^^

    @ 58
    I actually saw some of the exciting comments from SY shippers about the matter on Viikii as well
    However, I think that you may put too much thought into it. Perhaps, JS simply left everything clean and neat just like the way he usually is (a clean glass, a clean eraser and even sharpened pencils) Our writer has known for some ODC since the beginning, right? And I would certainly find him irresponsible if he still left the coffee in the glass while he had gone. He borrowed the room after all, didn’t he?

    On the other hand, I couldn’t find any reason for him to lie about it. It’s not like he’s in love with her and afraid her to find out about his true feeling like he did to EY. JS has been “RAW” to SY since the day, she wanted to be a pro that I don’t remember he has lied to her ever. She just doesn’t have that affect on his life whether what she thinks of him. One example I could think of is he tried to hide how sick he was to EY but he didnt mind SY seeing his weak side at all ;Or he just laughed direct to her when he knew she thought he was “crazy”. Plus, I actually believed that JS asked SY to make coffee for him the last time, so he could see how much she had improved before giving her a his “very last words”. Why would he ever do that for if he was about to compliment her anyways? It’s so not like him.

    @ Pipit: As always, I enjoyed your post and detailed observation very much.
    Looking forward for more

    @houstontwin and lettuce: Thanks for liking my observation. It’s been such a fun and exciting roller coaster ride with CH, and we couldn’t help but desire to know more about those complicated but beautiful characters and the story, symbolisms behind them. Just like elaineD said , the romance in this drama, which was played out intelligently, unpredictably and skillfully, is also one of my weak spots. But I have enjoyed very much

    Just like most of you, I ‘m definitely looking forward to JS developments in the next episodes and the reasons behind ,too. SY has shown her part and I still wonder if EY has changed. She was just perfect the way she was, perhaps being in a new relationship with a super hot boyfriend ‘d be a nice touch ? And for once, I REALLY hope it’s JS’s turn to chase after EY and to prove he deserves her love ( She has done more than ENOUGH!!!)…. I am assuming if he came back for her this time, he should have realized that he can’t live without her regardless

    @ 15 yoyo: Are you serious? You must be the most nervous Eunsooer then
    ^^;; <3
    Axe should be happy for this huh? ** We found someone more nervous than her hehe 😛
    I don’t think you should worry much though. There must be some angst ahead waiting for EunSoo ( This is called DRAMA for a reason, ok? And what will they show us if EunSoo is happy together now? Focus on SY and JW? ^^;; ), but it’s too late to turn the story around now( unless they are insane, which I don’t think so)

  71. 71 Kayt

    Weekend treat: A couple new beautiful MVs for EunSooers!!!



  72. 72 cathy

    hopefully he is not ending up with young short hair actress .

  73. 73 xylophonic

    Yay Coffee House 12! 😀

    So I can see two possible reasons for Jinsoo’s transformation;

    1) he is over all that tragic stuff having been away in a distant country for two years, the fact that he rented a car, drove one for the first time in six years, being indicative of this.

    Or 2) he’s not over anything at all, and because he’s now in the place where all this stuff happened and there’s the possibility that he would see Eunyoung, he bothered to clean himself up and go all uncharacteristically chic on us, to hide his vulnerability behind a shiny appearance. Thereby having taken about fifty steps back in his ongoing characterization.

    The first one seems somewhat contrived because it seems like too easy a solution for Jinsoo’s emotional troubles. I don’t buy the second one either because then it would effectively throw the last few episodes of characterization out the window. So I hope the show can do a good job of showing the reasons of his return/change. I think they’re fully capable, considering what we’ve had so far in the way of story.

  74. 74 Jane

    So some people imagine that Jin Soo spat the coffee into the cup but after SY left, he drank it? Really?

  75. 75 lirc27

    I totally agree with darkice7_12 and daisytwenties’s comments

  76. 76 pohonphee

    When I write this I’ve not yet read the recap, cause first of all I just want to say THANKS JAVABEANS for the recap (if once isn’t enough you can imagine me say it all over again as much as you wish ^_^).

    Just turn on my PC, right after I got home from work. I read the OT first before I go see this CH pg 12 recap. I know you, JB, are really annoyed with bunch of emails, comments, tweets that demand for CH pg 12 recap, I kind have that feeling one of those is mine, ho ,ho, ho, so sorry for that. hee…

    I get used with your fast recap speed, sometime I even wonder does JB have life outside this site? – just rhetoric, I know you have. And when the recap isn’t at its usual pace, it makes me and perhaps others keep asking when? when? when? You kinda spoil us with that fast recap speed. And we become spoiled JB fans.

    And this you site JB, write as you like and enjoy your writing. If you don’t write thing as you like, I don’t think there are someone likes it either. I LOVE your site, cause I know how much love you have put on this site to make it like the way it is right now. JUST LOVE THIS SITE.

    Now, I will do the reading part, UHUY Coffee House Page 12 I’m coming….

  77. 77 Amg1

    *Fair Warning?*
    Dear JB, thanks for your hard work, but even if you chose to not recap another episode my “love” for you and my respect for your hard will not diminish one moment, take your time and be safe while on the road!!!!
    *Coffee House*
    Well I am about to “Stop” watching this drama, I can almost predict that this drama will go the way of “Will Snow For Christmas, Personal Taste, and Prosecutor Princess, etc, etc, etc.
    I do not know if I am the only one that has notice that there is a “New Trend” in Korean-Dramas, it is a Fusion (Hybrid) mixture of
    Rom/Com/Melo, do not get me wrong, I like both Rom/Com’s, or Melodramas, but this new mixture is turning to be a very difficult one for Korean-Drama, PT and PP being one of them and now Coffee House.
    I feel that Episode 12* is the highlight of the drama and should had “stop” here, but I am afraid that it is all “Down-Hill” from this point on, I do hope this show prove me wrong, but I am in doubt right now!!!!!!!!!

  78. 78 Kayt

    @ KimchiRadish :Oh , I just remembered this!!! This explaination’d make everything a lot simpler !!! lolz
    Do you think JS would EVER drink the coffee , he spitted in earlier???
    I dont think so!!! ^^;;

  79. 79 ambs

    @73 i was reading your comment and i thought…. this is what would be adorable.. if two years had passed, he had not gotten over EY AT ALL and made the transformation to pretend he had so they could be near each other again

  80. 80 ambs

    @74, 78
    i relatively understand the gist of why some people would still be adamantly for JS and SY even though i am with EunSoo forever =] and yeah they’re just trying to make something out of it… i don’t think Jinsoo would drink his spit coffee lol. he probably dumped it and left it empty, all traces of him gone.

    but you know… MAYBE… since she has good coffee in the time skip.

    if anyone finds anymore please post the links i wants them 0.0

  81. 81 Kayt

    I just realised that I basicly said the same thing with Jane @ 74
    Sorry Jane, I was rewatching the scene 1 more time, to make sure all my memories were correct lolz… So I didnt read you comment ^^;;
    But I am glad that we have the same thought lolz

    @84: you can find some of the old ones in “Coffee House” playlist under Kaylee2512@ yt ( some just got deleter :( sadly )
    And more from DaiBu

    Those should be enough to last you until Moday right?

  82. 82 viola

    Thank you Javabeans :)

  83. 83 Jessica

    For some reason I don’t like JinSoo’s new “change”. xD
    Hope he ends up with SeungYeon.!
    And JavaBeans, THANK YOU :)
    I seriously didnt have time to watch Ep.12 and I was so desperate to know what it was about.
    You’re a lifesaver! x)

  84. 84 pohonphee

    I wonder why this drama is titled Coffee House – what try to marry those previous hit drama title Full House and Coffee Prince?-, I think Page One suit it better. Considering how important Phone for this drama, perhaps Phone House can be in the title consideration if Coffee House have been in consideration?

    I like that layered JS character. I like before make over JS more than after the make over JS. I thought it was uniquely him, that he don’t drive car and don’t hinge on phone/cellphone like people this day. But when he said to SY that he is seeing her as just a secretary without gender like an object no different than table sharpener, I meant Hey JS you are really a Jerk! You know how does it feel for a woman when she is considered as a thing without a gender by her male team worker ( doesn’t matter you are her boss or her subordinate) even when she doesn’t have any special feeling for you, it is still hurt. Saying she is JUST your secretary isn’t enough?

    And the eyes of fans are truly really amazing, the boomerang, yellow ribbon tree, shoelace, the way JS dress and EY dress and also EY polish nails, and the empty coffee cup, whoa…I’m amazed.

    One more: JS have his transformation, and also SY, how about EY transformation? I look forward for next episode to see this.

  85. 85 Kayt

    @ 84: Did you have the chance to read the interview for CH PD and PSY and Elle? It tells you why the change the tittle:)

  86. 86 ambs

    three more days til ep 13 <333333333

  87. 87 pohonphee

    @85: I did, Page One, I think, represents the drama as title more than Coffee House, the more attractive one, AFTER we have seen this drama, few episodes of this drama.
    I really like how PD Pyo Min soo sound in that interview, if this drama has that kind of PD like PMS, no wonder CH can turn out into this kind of drama. I think CH more or less has reflected its PD point of view successfully.

  88. 88 Sanny

    lol @ the makeover from American –> Korean. 😛

    On a completely random note, I could have sworn that I saw Taru from Chitchat on the plane. haha

  89. 89 Jewels

    OK, this drama is a little confusing. For 10 years EY and JS have been playing cat and mouse with each other, and finally true feeling were revealed. What happens next to me is senseless, why pick up and leave for two years. He has confessed to his feelings, he should have stuck around and faces things head on instead of running away from this revelation and working it out with EY. What we do see is precious time being lost.

    The next thing that I don’t understand is the change in looks. JS was sporting a whole different look on the plane, why change so drastically once he landed in Korea is besides me. Is he still wearing a mask? Will we ever figure out who he really is?, because up to now I have no clue.

    Another thing that bothered me is how he made it clear to SY that she was nothing to him, she is not a woman but just a secretary, in fact she was no better than a table, or a pencil sharpener. Those words were really and truly harsh, and down right rude of him. Why did the PD make sure that he said all those words and even pointed to the items as a demonstration? Will that statement come back to haunt him in the upcoming episodes, will he bite his tongue?

    So now that he’s back in Korea, what will he do now. Will the last four episodes be boring? He loves EY, he became truthful with himself, he confessed to EY, he even acted upon it with the sprinting to the train station and the kiss on the train platform (in public view which was as far away from any phone that I could see).

    Whatever the PD have in store for us it better be bigger than anything that occurred in the last 12 episodes, making my time and energy watching this drama worthwhile. I hope what happens now has no ties to the past, but to the future.

  90. 90 CW

    Jewels, I understand your frustration because I don’t really understand the problem he claims to be having since it appears he does love Eun Young. And has willingly been around her for years. I just chose not to think too much of it since it’s a drama. It’s one of those things you suspend disbelief on.

    lol, regarding the change, I has to be something the PD added in simply for comedy cos really? Hopefully, future episodes would explain the bum-to-gigolo make over he gave himself and whatever the heck is going on.

  91. 91 Kayt


    We are planning to have a “COFFEE HOUSE small project ”
    So if anyone ‘s interested, please stop by Soompi and check out “yitiantulong” post!!!!
    Dealline is noon tomorrow, Eastern US time.

    Best regard,

  92. 92 Thu

    I loved this episode because they didn’t skimp out on development and there was a lot packed into this episode. I felt the story was very slow up until now.

    I also don’t really like time jumps but I like how they did it. It was cute and fun.

  93. 93 labchick

    Edit on post 91

    I think it’s for anyone who’s a big fan of coffee house. Just let them know how much you love CH!!!!

  94. 94 Kayt

    @ 93: Yeah, I guess you are right!!!

    But I dont know how they handle it after Yit got it done, so I wasnt sure ….

    Well , whatever…

    We are planning to have a “COFFEE HOUSE small project ”
    So if anyone ‘s interested, please stop by Soompi and check out “yitiantulong” post!!!!
    Dealline is noon tomorrow, Eastern US time.

    Best regard,

  95. 95 mizweng

    I have written my thoughts about ep 12 already, but here I am again reading all the other comments which I found fun and very interesting to read…

    Thanks everybody for sharing your thoughts and JB for having this wonderful site… Though I am a little sad that I will miss your ep 13 recap ( thank you for telling us in advance) I bid you good luck in your trip and be extra careful…I would be counting the days til you come back and grace us with your marvelous caps…


    aside from JBs commentary, I find yours, particularly, in this ep, so endearing… I cried reading your insights… Its like you are the AUTHOR of this drama…hehehe and you know what? I shall go back to all comment starting from ep 1 just to look for your work… BTW from where are you? Are you a writer? Don’t get me wrong if am just a lil curious about you… I just admire your insights so much… I know JB and GF are Korean Americans ( they have mentioned it somewhere here) thus am not so curious about them BUT I also admire them a whole damn lot…

  96. 96 ambs

    HAHA agreed i’m just going to allow that to slip by because i guess they needed it for angst factor.. i guess in his defense he was in denial about everything and now he can finally admit to himself it’s this “disease” to want to be with EY but not cross the line because there is too much guilt associated with EY…. i’d like to know the specifics of the past… did he divorce Heesoo because he was in love with EY? when did he fall for EY, before he got married, after? i hope they tell everything

  97. 97 lala

    so excited for the next episode!

  98. 98 Amg1

    My dear pipit. I am amazed at the way you go about reinterpreting something as simple as a ” Bad Codependent, Destructive, and Unhealthy Relationship” between two people. It seems that you and I are watching 2 different dramas, the one I am watching is about two people in a very bad destructive relationship that has reach the breaking point, so they need to break it apart in order to survive not only as friends but more important as individuals.
    Making excuses and “Fantasizing” or to put unrealistic hopes in a relationship that does not have a proper future according to the “Parameters” that the writer has given us is “silly” to say the least, and I will be concern if in real life that is the way you go about dealing with your
    “Personal Relationships”, I am a guy who finds it “denigrated” for a woman to stay in that sort of relationship that our main character has been enduring for the past 10 years, maybe you find exiting or cool to be in that sort of relationship, I for one like I said before, this kind of relationships strips the involve party’s not only of their “Dignity, Self Esteem, but also of their Humanness”.
    Like I said before unless the Jin-soo character have and show a true to life epiphany that leads to a proper change of hearth and mind, it will be suicidal in Eun-young’s part to remain with such mentally broken man.

    But I guess no matter what I say you and your “Fans” still believe tha being chained to this kind of relationship is “COOL” or “Super-Romantic”.

    P.S. By the way being “KISS TWICE”, means nothing when your whole life has been drag trough the mud by a “crazy bastard of a guy”, but to each its own!!!!!!

  99. 99 cont'd

    I’ve never been this excited for the next episode, so we may find out what Jin-soo’s been up to, and what the deal behind the new looks is =)
    Also, is it just me, or did Jin-soo look like Tony Stark on the plane?

  100. 100 leslie

    hi! Can someone help clarify something for me?

    I thought that JS picked Jiwon for Eunyoung because Jiwon always gets what he wants? That was according to the fan subs online. But here it says because Jiwon is predictable. which is correct?

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