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Sorry for the delay, it’s been a busy week!

It appears there’s some confusion in the air regarding Coffee House‘s length, because the drama hasn’t given an official explanation for the supposed change and fans are confused. But according to posts on the drama website, it was initially planned for 20 episodes and will be now ending with 18.


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Jin-soo arrives in Korea all gussied up like an idol star, with slick clothes and a cool swagger. As he drives by in his rented sports car, Eun-young looks up — she doesn’t see him specifically, but senses, perhaps in her gut, that Jin-soo is back.

She goes on to her business meeting, which involves the opening of a new book cafe, one that is expanded in size and scope, incorporating multi-media features. When Eun-young gets back to the office, her employee informs her that a visitor is waiting in her office, and she immediately tenses, recalling her earlier feeling about Jin-soo. She takes a moment before entering her office with nervous anticipation, bracing herself to see Jin-soo…

…but it’s her college sunbae instead. For a split-second there’s a mix of relief and disappointment on her face, and then she pulls it together and receives him with warmth.

They make some polite chitchat and Eun-young inquires after his latest business dealings. The sunbae is frequently abroad to manage a business venture, and remarks that he ran into Jin-soo last month in Mumbai — and that mention makes Eun-young freeze. Both afraid and eager to hear about him, she asks hesitantly how he is doing, and hears that he seemed healthy. He looked like a ragged mess, but that was from his constant traveling and he was well enough otherwise.

Furthermore, Jin-soo inquired after her, and the sunbae had told him she’s good, as usual, and busy making money. Eun-young knows Jin-soo so well that she imagines hearing his voice responding to those words — Jin-soo laughs that that sounds just like her.

Eun-young tells her sunbae that she has some news for him, which she had been planning to tell him sooner or later anyway. There are little hints dropped throughout the episode regarding this news, but for now we must remain in the dark.

As for Seung-yeon, she’s settled into a level of comfort with her job as a radio broadcast writer. At work she looks much more polished than we’ve seen her, but at home she’s the same relaxed Seung-yeon we knew two years ago. But she’s learned a few things in her career so far — for example, when her boss calls her for a last-minute interview that night, she changes her clothing appropriately. The last time we saw her in this situation — when Jin-soo called her for their sudden Jeju outing — she’d come dressed all wrong, but now she looks polished and professional.

In contrast, her hoobae (junior colleague) rushes to meet her at the hotel where their interview will take place, but he comes in a plain T-shirt and jeans, and Seung-yeon takes him to task for not thinking. He should have deduced from their job description and the hotel location that he ought to have dressed for the occasion, and he looks at his outfit sheepishly.

What a change to see Seung-yeon in the position of the sunbae now, and in the position to chide her juniors and give them practical advice. She may have not learned specific practical skills under Jin-soo, but she’s learned in a general sense that acting professional is a state of mind.

The two head upstairs to the room of their subject, a writer, and knock on his door. Inside the room, Jin-soo wakes up at the sound, and wonders who it could be — just as Seung-yeon’s hoobae makes the stricken realization that they’ve got the wrong door! The writer they’ve been scheduled to meet is actually one room down the hall.

Unfortunately, Jin-soo is already on his way to the door, and he pokes his head out. Seung-yeon and her hoobae duck into the doorway, trying to hide themselves from view, pretending they weren’t just banging on the door a few moments ago. The hoobae is uneasy and notes that the guy is looking their way, but Seung-yeon orders him to stick to their act and ignore him.

Their writer subject greets them in the hallway, and asks to conduct the actual interview in the hotel restaurant. Seung-yeon and the guy head downstairs to wait for the writer, who is finishing up a business call.

They take up seats at the bar and wait for a table to open up, and Seung-yeon excuses herself for a bathroom break. Meanwhile, after being woken up by his visitors, Jin-soo can’t get back to sleep and heads down to the bar for something to eat.

As he heads in, he bumps into Seung-yeon on her way to the restroom, but both of them have their heads down and excuse themselves in a perfunctory manner, not really taking a good look at each other. A few minutes later when Seung-yeon reclaims her seat at the bar, she and Jin-soo again briefly nudge each other. Again, a brief “excuse me” is all that is exchanged and they don’t recognize each other. (Rule of Kdramas sez: After a time gap, the reunion of the characters must be teased several times before actual contact.)

A table opens up, so the two co-workers move away from the bar. As Seung-yeon gathers her notes, a pencil rolls away from her. It is picked up by Jin-soo, who notices the curious similarity to his own pencil-sharpening preferences — but before he has much time to dwell on that, Seung-yeon’s voice floats over as she delivers a scolding to her hoobae.

Not only does the voice sound vaguely familiar, so do the words. She lectures her co-worker for doing his job poorly, telling him to use logic, to focus on one thing, etc. She’s repeating a slew of things Jin-soo used to tell her and makes particular use of his own favorite: “Are you crazy?” Her words and delivery are a close imitation of his, and now Jin-soo laughs as he recognizes her. Finally, she caps it off with this gem: “You have to focus on one thing in order to succeed. That’s what a pro is.” At mention of the word “pro,” Jin-soo sputters, spewing his beer over the bar.

Seung-yeon turns toward the entrance and rises to her feet in greeting. For a moment, Jin-soo looks eager to have her recognize him, but it turns out she’s greeting her interview subject.

Jin-soo listens at the bar while the meeting progresses, and murmurs with amusement, “She’s grown up.”

Back in his room, Jin-soo calls Do-sang (Seung-yeon’s sunbae) to ask what Seung-yeon is doing these days. Hearing that she’s a writer amazes him, and he asks for her phone number.

But would this be Jin-soo if he called her simply to say hi? Of course not. Instead, he fakes a regional accent when he calls Seung-yeon, introducing himself as the lawyer representing Jin-soo in a lawsuit — against her. He tells her that Jin-soo is angry to hear that she has been going around ripping off his words, and that this is a clear case of copyright infringement. He informs her that she and her family will be investigated, and sighs in mock sympathy that it’s very unfortunate that she’s basically going to get beat up in court.

After hanging up, Jin-soo says to himself, “I told her not to be a writer. Foolish kid.” But he’s amused by it, since he’d always said her foolishness was her strength.

Despite the jokey tone of his prank call, I love the little beat that fills the space now — a moment of silence that stretches through the room. Now that he’s had his fun, he sits alone in his empty suite. It’s sad.

Next, Jin-soo calls Eun-young. Her assistant answers, and almost hangs up on him because he will only identify his name as “Bastard,” and she thinks he’s being a prankster. However, when she tells this to Eun-young, she’s surprised that Eun-young agrees to accept the call.

Eun-young eyes the phone warily and takes a few long seconds to prepare herself mentally before answering. And when she does, she answers hesitantly, “Hello?” I love how he responds with an equally uncertain “Hello?” — these two are old friends but there’s such baggage here that they’re both kind of afraid, and that makes them hesitant.

The awkwardness melts away when Eun-young asks, “Is this really the Bastard that I know?” Jin-soo replies, “My nickname is Bastard, sometimes Trash, and when it’s bad I’m Son of a Bitch.”

She says warmly, “Ah, then you are the Bastard I know.” They both smile, happy to be talking again. She’s shocked to hear that he’s in Seoul, though, which throws her into a flurry of nerves. It’s too late to meet tonight, so they make plans for dinner tomorrow.

Eun-young can sense that he has something to tell her, and he confirms that he does. However, it’s “too shocking to tell you by phone,” so he promises to tell her in person. Eun-young returns the gesture, saying she’s got surprising news of her own, which she’ll wait to tell him in person.

The next morning, Seung-yeon arrives at work distracted by her legal conundrum. As a writer, the charge of plagiarism is particularly shocking, especially since she believes that she has actually committed a crime by cribbing from Jin-soo’s words.

Her nerves take a further hit when she arrives in the studio and hears her hoobae on the phone with the lawyer, confirming several of Seung-yeon’s favorite sayings — more phrases taken from Jin-soo’s cupboard of insults and rebukes. According to her co-workers, the lawyer went around asking detailed questions about all the things she regularly says.

Panicked, Seung-yeon takes them to task for selling her out like this, arguing that they totally exaggerated the case. But she contradicts herself even while defending her position, because a few of Jin-soo’s phrases slip out automatically — they’ve become a part of her own vernacular.

Seung-yeon calls Do-sang to ask if he’s been in contact with Jin-soo. Hearing that Jin-soo asked for her number, she assumes it was to file the suit against her and freaks out. (Most of us would know that plagiarism is a much more serious thing than merely repeating someone’s words in one’s real life, but I’ll cut her a little slack for being thrown into chaos from the scary lawyer’s call.)

Seung-yeon sits in misery, crying over her misfortune. How could Jin-soo do this to her? How petty and cruel of him!

Her co-workers find the situation a little bit amusing, and the DJ of her show makes an open request over the airwaves asking for legal assistance for their poor writer. Jin-soo listens to this announcement from his hotel room, and so does someone else — it’s Dong-wook, who has been gone without a word for the past few years.

Dong-wook had quit working at the book cafe soon after the last time we saw him, and all they know is that he retired to the countryside, presumably to his hometown. Eun-young is determined to find him to hire him for the new cafe — nobody has performed up to her standards since he left — but it seems he’s in Seoul now. Furthermore, he looks polished and chic, and drives a sporty car. The rest remains a mini-mystery.

Now Jin-soo calls Seung-yeon directly, pretending to be confused about all these reports from his lawyer saying that she’s going around copying all his words. He takes a concerned tone, saying that he knew she wasn’t the type to do that, and calls her behavior the result of influence, not plagiarism.

Seung-yeon is so relieved at his understanding that she practically melts in gratitude. He suggests lunch in a half-hour, and Seung-yeon’s immediate reaction is slight panic. She looks like a slob, so she rushes to a boutique for a new outfit in time to make their lunch date.

It’s not a romantic thing, but driven by a desire to impress her former boss with her newfound professionalism. To this end, she harasses the saleswoman with the frantic urging, “Do you have anything to make me look like the ultimate career woman? No, not just a regular career woman, but a total pro! The most pro of the pros! Someone who just screams professional!”

When he picks her up, she makes a big show of acting cool and collected. As he zooms off in his car, she notes that he seems to have changed.

They end up in a fancy restaurant, and she offers to treat him. Trying to act as much of a pro as she can, she urges him to order whatever he wants and orders wine for them. Jin-soo watches this all with a small smile — he’s on to her act but lets her carry on.

Jin-soo tells her she’s changed, and she enjoys hearing that she seems grown up.

Jin-soo wonders what happened to Dong-wook, and she answers that nobody knows. She doesn’t seem particularly worried as she says that he disappeared soon after he left, cutting off all contact.

She asks why he came back so suddenly, and he answers that he came to “make a phone call.” He had made up his mind earlier to make the call, but found it took him two years to work up the nerve. He hasn’t decided whether to go or stay — he might leave right away, or stay for a while. Clearly it has something to do with the phone call.

It’s only at the end of their meetup that Jin-soo reveals the truth to her — as he drops her off, he says that his lawyer saw her at the hotel bar. “Do you still not know who he is?” That makes her look at him in shock, as he puts on his lawyer voice and demonstrates.

He tells her (contrary to her words) that he hasn’t changed much. After he drives off, Seung-yeon grumbles over Jin-soo’s outrageous antics, but that soon turns to a smile as she figures that he really hasn’t changed after all.

Jin-soo drives past the book cafe, keeping an eye out for faces he recognizes. To his surprise, he’s spotted first and is forced to stop in the street while Ji-won greets him enthusiastically. He smiles uneasily and exchanges some pleasantries, and is puzzled when Ji-won tells him that he’d heard that Jin-soo returned from Eun-young. So they’re still in contact…

A few more clues about the big surprise are peppered throughout this scene, but let’s not ruin the big reveal just yet.

Hyun-joo recognizes Jin-soo and greets him warmly. She suggests that he head up to see Eun-young, since she’s in her office. He declines, saying he’s very early for their planned meeting, but Hyun-joo assures him that nobody else is in the office so it’s no big deal.

So Jin-soo heads inside, looking around with fond eyes, and smiling to overhear Eun-young’s voice coming from her office. He starts to head over, but a stack of envelopes catches his eye. He opens one to find a fancy card — a wedding invitation — and the bride and groom’s names are Eun-young and Ji-won.

Just then, Eun-young emerges from her office, and sees him in surprise. As he lowers the envelope, he takes in her outfit, as she is wearing a wedding dress.

His expression now serious and intent, Jin-soo doesn’t say anything while Eun-young babbles on nervously, saying how unexpected this is, and how she’s been so busy she had to have her fitting in the office.

This shot is a nice bit of composition, reflecting not only the physical distance between them but also the way the plane is bisected by that diagonal divider. They stand looking at each other for a few uncomfortable beats, and then Jin-soo attempts a smile and strives to sound casual as he says, “So this was it — your surprising news.”

Eun-young relies on her usual mode in times of awkwardness, which is forced cool, and as always she sticks with it despite not quite being able to pull it off.

Fumbling for something to say to fill the pauses, she looks down at her dress and says self-deprecatingly that it looks strange since it’s not her style.

Gently, Jin-soo says, “No, you’re pretty.”

False cool never really worked for them, so Eun-young now addresses the issue head-on and says that they may as well talk plainly. Now that he’s seen her surprise, what’s his?

At that, his right hand, tucked into his pants pocket, curls around the object it has been holding all this while — a diamond ring.


Now that we’ve seen Seung-yeon being professional and mature (well, relatively speaking), I wonder if Ham Eun-jung was instructed to exaggerate Seung-yeon’s bumbleheadedness earlier in the series. It’s a common thing to see kdrama heroines acting excessively cutesy, especially when they later change. Like in Cinderella’s Sister. If that’s the case, I see why Eun-jung played her that way, although I still feel it was way too contrived and hammy. (At least in Cinderella’s Sister Seo Woo acted immature for four episodes, in contrast to being a grown-up for 16. Here, she was the flailing bungler for 12 episodes.) It makes me wonder how Seung-yeon would have been played if we hadn’t had the time skip, and whether I would have liked her better then. But all that said, I like her a lot more now — she’s not a 100% pro yet, but has enough flashes of competence to be respectable, with enough flashes of silliness to be likable.

This episode doesn’t provide an explicit reason for Jin-soo’s physical transformation, but I think we can glean an explanation for his actions from the context. (I say this without having seen Episode 14 yet, so I don’t know if there’s a more complete reason given later.) We know from the brief glimpse of Jin-soo on the plane that he had previously been disheveled, bearded, and unkempt. This is supported by their sunbae’s description of Jin-soo in Mumbai as being a sloppy mess as he went on his nomadic journeys.

It seems likely that his polished appearance is a bid to look good for Eun-young, which is mirrored in the way Seung-yeon reacts to meeting Jin-soo. They both go out of their way to look impressive, and they both end up overcompensating. I think his excessive getup is a manifestation of his insecurity at meeting — and proposing to — Eun-young after all these years. It’s also his way of showing her outwardly that he’s changed, perhaps so she’d believe he has changed inwardly as well. Perhaps he’s trying to persuade her unconsciously that he’s improved.

It’s interesting that for all his distancing and pranking, Jin-soo now seems like a sad character — everything he does seems like a defense mechanism. For instance, his plagiarism prank. He might say he’s just having a little fun, but I interpreted his elaborate move as a way to contact Seung-yeon without betraying actual desire to talk to her. This way, he gets to keep the upper hand — maintaining that control he loves so dearly — and dictate things without showing any vulnerability. You’d never get Jin-soo just calling to say, “Hey, what’s up? Good to hear from you, I want to see you.”

Eun-young had assured Jin-soo that she would forget him to enable him to try to move on — but I doubt he expected that she would actually move on with hers so completely. We’ve seen him take her for granted all these years, and I suspect he always thought she’d be waiting around for him.

(Now, the bigger question is how Ji-won convinced her to come back to him, because he never deserved her, as far as I’m concerned.)


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  1. Lemin

    Omg am I first? I had a feeling this would be here so I checked the website.

    Thanks JB! (:

  2. jons

    great episode. it sent chills down my spine.

  3. Kayt

    You just made may day!!! <3

    Thank you so so so much JB!!!!
    I just stopped by to check and I 's pleasantly found CP recap is up!!!!
    I can say I love you? I really do ^^
    Now I need to see what you thought of this week eps…

    **off to read**

  4. CG

    Thanks for the update! Kang Seung-yeon’s character was extremely irritating this week. I’m glad to see the new marriage twist, though.

  5. CW

    Yes, it’s too look good for Eun Young. You see hm checking out his appearance again when EY’s secretary comes up to him (while he’s in his car waiting).

  6. Bean

    Thanks for the recap!!!

  7. janna

    I’m still on the fence concerning what I think about these last two episodes. Yes, in the adult world not everything pans out well for you.. but you don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of time to figure out the timing thing. Grow up and just say what you have to. Maybe I’m too blunt. (Don’t haterade on me too much; a healthy rebuttal is welcome)

  8. Melissa

    Great recap as always… but for some reason I could not enjoy this episode. It felt contrived, awkward even at some moments. Perhaps it is due to the time shift, or maybe the assault of Nissan sportcars, but I can feel the curse of disinterest setting in and it’s not going to be easy to carry out a full 18 episodes at this level….

  9. Nhu

    Hahaha. I kind of love that JS came back probably expecting EY to be there just waiting… Only she didn’t, because she’s too good for that. It’s an appropriate revenge and I like seeing him knocked down a little after being sub a gigantic jerk.

    But why JW?! He’s such a bad match with EY… The only time skip I wouldve changed is having DW leave after JS. Of course we don’t know what his deal is yet but I thought his friendship with SY wouldve developed.

    Anyway, can’t wait for more and thanks for clearing my confusion about the episode number! (I didn’t even know it was supposed to be 20… Had assumed it was 16)

  10. 10 theedie

    Ji-won? Ji-won???? JI-WON?!?!?! I could have accepted it if it was anybody BUT Ji-won. How on earth did he manage to get her to agree to marry him? I can’t handle this -_-;;;;

  11. 11 ambs

    even after watching episode 13 and 14, i feel the same as when i watched the ep 13 raw. my main curiosity is THE PAST! i hope they explain more about when jinsoo fell for her, why he divorced his now deceased wife, etc.

    my thoughts when watching the raw… if i can recall… i mean i wrote on the viikii board but now i can’t reach the discussion page for some reason…
    i absolutely loved the ending. before i saw the ring he held in his fist i was laughing a bit sardonically in my head. jinsoo had been so dependent for all this time on eunyoung to come through for him and be.. well.. eunyoung. she had always been selfless in their relationship, never crossing the line (until of course the kiss in episode 9 and beyond) and just being his overall anchor for survival beyond his hopeless thoughts after his wife died. now jinsoo has the option to fight for the girl he loves.

    my theory, or wishful thinking is that Jinsoo had an arranged marriage whilst his parents planned for his successful future (ie. he was in med school) and they were married. he followed what his parents wanted for him but met EY and fell in love with her. to distance their relationship he introduced her to JW. he couldn’t help but still love her and maintained their friendship. when he found out that JW cheated on her and JW and EY broke up he divorced his wife to be with her. they had grown apart as he was always busy etc. after he had received her phonecall and she had passed away he sunk into depression and guilt. part of that guilt was that he had always been in love with EY, which is why EY is entangled in his memories of his deceased wife, and why he had this “disease” as he was still in love with EY all this time but would always be reminded of his wife’s death.

  12. 12 ambs

    (Now, the bigger question is how Ji-won convinced her to come back to him, because he never deserved her, as far as I’m concerned.)

    SERIOUSLY. JW is an at times hilarious and lovably annoying character, but he cheated on her and i really can’t forgive that. and his private conversation with JS in episode 14 pissed me off. JW YOU SLEAZEBALL. i hope that wasn’t a spoiler oO

  13. 13 shu

    WHAT. the. heck.


    why ji won and eun young. can’t we say eun young is fitting a wedding dress for her friend of for fun?

  14. 14 Ashley

    I can join in the why Ji-Won, why?! club. I just don’t buy it.

  15. 15 CW

    ambs, the only thing wrong with your theory is that Jin Soo said he hadn’t driven for 6 years and we saw him drive on the day of his ex-wife’s death. That means that he must have been divorced at least 4 years before episode 1. However, Ji Won and Eun Young borke up 2 years before episode 1. So Jin Soo and Hee Soo divorced before Eun Young’s first engagement was cancelled.

    I’m like you and want the past clarified too.

  16. 16 Orion

    I was really disappointed by this episode and 14. I mean, just when these character were new and fresh, they go and do the usual k(melo)drama stuff.

    Girl rushing off to the worst guy possible after two years just cause some guy miiight not come back (even though she still has feelings for said guy), this “right-one” guy going all martyr just so she could be happy (oh, cry me a river) and of course they both have to act like morons even though they clearly still dig each other. Just great.

    For once, I’d like more original ways to create dramatic tension before the end that don’t involve turning the characters into complete idiots whose morals and way of living life is nothing like the characters you saw and respected during the entire thing so far.

    Sure, you’ll say, it’s kdrama. What did you expect? Well, I expected more since for once, I saw a refreshing and different male lead and a female lead (Eun Young) who was actually a nice combination of the proper prim lady type and the rebellious honest and tough type.

    I did expect more from these characters and this story and I got what I get with all kdrama. Characters going from refreshing to cliche and plot going from interesting series to typical soap opera.

    I’m being a bit harsh and I do love these soap opera, melodramatic kdramas, really do, but I know, right from the start that they’ll be that way. They’re consistant. The characters don’t suddenly change and the plot, you can pretty much guess early on that it was going that way.
    But this series looked different. So, you expect something new and don’t get it. And the change is so sudden. Within 1-2 episodes. Which isn’t nice. All this is just my two cents though.

  17. 17 T

    Thanks for the recap. This show which I had no intention of watching is so good and if it weren’t for your recaps I would never have given this show a try:) I have to say I’m suprisingly on the opposite side with the women. I’m not to fond of Eun Jung and prefer Seung Yeon where as in Cinderella sister I disliked the Cinderella and loved the sister lol. I think I may just have a bias when it comes to priveleged characters. Eun Jung is the wealthier character so I think I see her as more of a snob than a professional…I guess…and though my personality is more like hers than Seung Yeon I like Seung Yeon better:) Though in the end, I don’t really care who ends up with Jin Soo because I’ve no particular interest in his character…

  18. 18 bjharm

    I guess being Male I never found Seung-yeon Too cute..lol guess that is why K-drama heroines are always played cute, for guys like it. Though I do think you a little too much against her, she showed plenty of glimpses, even before the two year gap, of her potential. But as she up against the ultimate business lady Eun-young I guess she could never compare.
    As for Dong-wook well she didn’t turn up for his birthday, so I would guess he did a Jin-soo and took off to rediscover himself…its telling that Seung-yeon had totally no idea of how much she may have hurt him.
    Gosh I guess everyone is now for the Jin-soo/Eun-young as a couple though i think if so highly unfair on poor old Ji-won, yes I know he has a lot of faults but so has Jin-soo in spades and he has done his punishment in not being near a lady for two years! But then I can not see Jin-soo/Seung-yeon as a pair either. He may find her cute and she may of had a bit of a crush on him, but I do not think either really thought of themselves as a possible couple.
    Perhaps he will end up with neither and go wondering off into the sunset on his own, still four episodes to go if it been cut down to 18, so I guess still time for something to happen…perhaps him storming into the wedding claiming his love..lol..

  19. 19 hanjanman

    And I thought they were wrapping this up nicely to a 16 ep. Didn’t know it was meant to be a 20 ep drama.

    I’m gagging to answer some of the questions here until I realised I have seen up to ep 14 already. Don’t worry guys, some of your questions will be answered in the next episode.

  20. 20 Quinze

    Yay you recapped!!

    As much I scratched my head at EY’s decision to marry JW after all, I suspect it might be her subconscious way of saying she hasn’t really moved FORWARD.
    If it had been a new guy in the picture after just 2 years, it really would have meant that in her heart she had found enough courage to date a stranger with no ties to her past long enough to marry him. But JW was JS choice for her.
    With JW, the offer was always there for her to say yes or no so it didn’t really mean she moved on. I think a lot of people referred to it as a step backwards which I agree. I guess it’s not about whether JW deserves it as much as it is about whether EY really able to forget JS and her past. I hope I didn’t just talk in circles…

    I liked how you mentioned that shot of Jin Soo alone in his hotel room. Even though you get that feeling from him throughout this episode, that shot and that moment pretty much sums it up.

  21. 21 ambs

    @CW oh, thank you! i didn’t know that ^^ well then he divorced her and remained on good terms with EY, and settled into their flirty but boundary filled relationship, and the rest of it will stay the same in my head x].

    and @ hanjanman i too was excited for a nice wrap up in 16 episodes. i admit to having a teensy panic over 18 eps/20 eps original because a SY loveline can develop in the time, esp when the PD-nim is so aware there are two ships.
    EunSoo fighting <3

  22. 22 lehappyrosa

    Thanks JB! Been waiting for your post for days!

  23. 23 kc

    Thank You…theres too many things I want to say but Thank you would suffice for now…

  24. 24 ambs

    ps. am i the only one that wants SY to NOT end up with either DW or JS but her sunbae from the first few episodes?? his meltdown over the phone with JS was probably one of the funniest parts of the drama for me hahahha. i’m watching earlier episodes and missing the lighter fun they were then how it is now. not that i’m complaining over the sexy angst for EunSoo =]

  25. 25 Lady of Spice

    Thanks JB for the great recap and the clarification of the number of ep for CH.I must agree with you that I like Seung-yeon’s character much better now because I’m getting a little tired of seeing the bumbling, immature yet plucky young heroine in so many dramas. I really like Eun Young’s character because she’s complex and complicated but also a strong, confident, mature woman. Even though I have no love for Ji Won’s character I am glad that Eun Young did not sit around pinning for Jin Soo, because although we knew he was coming back (there would be no more store to the drama if he didn’t), she had no way of knowing he would come back. In Eun Young’s eye’s he’s made it clear they could never become a couple. So she’s moved on, because she’s mature and practical and doesn’t want to be alone the rest of her life because she got her heart broken. And that’s the reason I like Eun Young’s character. She’s real and she’s multi-layered and at the same time, she just wants to be happy just like everyone else.

  26. 26 leila8mae

    in this episode, I love EUNSOO’s first conversation via the phone.. even watching it RAW, I can sense the longing, love and years of friendship this two has.. nothing beats their chemistry that just exudes even if they are merely sharing one screen and not really together.. but the spark is still very much present.. I just love how they can both just be in a simple phone call and yet it can flutter my heartbeat.. blame this all to me!! haha ♥

    and the look of Jin soo when he saw Eun Young on a wedding dress.. my weak heart breaks with him too.. aww JS, timing is really an issue here..

    JB, thanks for the recap.. looking forward to PAGE14!! I badly need to read your side!! no pressure!! =)

  27. 27 pasta

    after watching episode 13 and it’s preview, i was deeply afraid that this would turn out to be a tit for tat love story. like since you don’t love me, i pretend to love someone else instead and rope in an innocent person to fill in the role. innocent person incidentally falls in love with me for real and so there’s this revenge-puppy-love kind of thing.
    worst fears were confirmed in 14. sigh…

  28. 28 pat

    100 guys and sleazy JW is the best she can do……after 2 years of dating. Way too convenient, a new classy fiance would have been so much more believable. And I guess DW is there so we do not feel bad for SY in the end. Another underwritten part. I hope to see more of him ( the actor is so cute) and bring back grandma!
    (I so want to rewrite this script) Thanks for the recaps, appreciated much JB

  29. 29 JAM

    Hi JB, thanks for the recaps. I thought we’ll have to wait till next week cos you mentioned you were out of town. Your recaps cleared up a few things for a non-Korean like me. However, I’m beginning to find this drama a bit draggy. I’m also not too keen on Jin-soo hooking up with Eun-Young in the end. As 18@bjharm commented, its a bit unfair to the rest of the parties. I too can’t see the pairing of Jin-soo and Seung-yeon at this point and we are already 3/4 way through the drama. I’m ready for another drama – looking forward to my girlfriend is a gumiho!!

  30. 30 Fatty

    Thank you, JB!! As you can tell, I’m obsessed with this drama right now. Episodes 13 and 14 were sooooooo good. Both endings made me gasp. *GASP!* I can’t wait for 15!

    Have a nice weekend, everyone! 😀

  31. 31 Sukispop

    JB, thanks for the great recap!

    When JS pulled the word copyright prank on Seung-yeon, I just thought he was being a playful but still mean jerk to her, getting a load of laughs at her expense, while scaring the hell out of her. Your take on it(the prank being a defense mechanism) really got me thinking, and it makes a lot of sense. Underneath all that, he really just wanted to see her.

    Unlike another commenter who found her irritating(in this episode), I really enjoyed watching Seung-yeon. I loved how she was like a mirror image of JS, using his favorite words and phrases as she scolded her junior. I also adored watching her try way too hard to look and dress like the ultimate career woman and pro for Jin-soo and their lunch together. How she tried so hard to act with class and sophistication…the elegant hand gesture to get the waitress’ attention to order wine…moving the wine glass by the stem base in circular motions to gently swirl the wine…and of course sipping the wine and making that after-sipping sound….hilarious and simply adorable.

    I have no problem with CH running for 18 episodes, instead of what seemed to be a plan for 16 eps. I think it will allow more back story to unfold, and for better fleshing out and development of any and all pertinent relationships. And, hopefully, it will allow for the drama’s conclusion to be mutually satisfactory for as many of its fans as possible.

  32. 32 Snikki

    Ha! JS never expected that kind of news from EY. I want to see him suffer a little bit after he had taken her for granted. Jealous JS would be fun to watch. But seriously, he should stop confusing EY…and stop frustrating us! I want them to have a happy ending. I was ready for this to end at 16, but oh well, 2 more weeks.

  33. 33 dannaluk

    aaaah…so that was what it was regarding the 18 eps…and ive been thinking this got an extension…insead it got cut…lol….way to reverse the situation..it doesnt bother me though…i think 18 is better

  34. 34 Hannah

    i have no idea why, what with the effusive praise this drama gets. but i have like minimum interest in it.

    it’s not like the main couple don’t look good together, and they do have nice chemistry. it’s even well made. but i don’t know. it’s not exciting to me. a matter of taste?

    though i did find Seung-yeon adorable here, and maybe it’s only because she’s the shining beacon of funny in what seems to be a coming onslaught of ze angst, but i really dug her. she was really refreshing.

    but the time skip was so stupid – or their reunion not as well executed. maybe if it’d given them time to grow, etc, and then met up again, spent time together, and had a go at it. yeah, i get what the ring is meant for and blah. such a big gesture after just coming back? even if he doesnt get to do it, i mean the plan to do so with like zero contact in between? yeah, that’s not that romantic. it’s a hollow kind of romantic gesture – romantic because of the act itself rather than because of the romance between the characters. if that makes sense.

    i’m babbling but i’m really confused as to why this show doesn’t do it for me. god knows i’ve let worse things go in other dramas. and that i’ve even LIKED dramas that i know are pretty bad. maybe i started watching it at the wrong time, i don’t know.

  35. 35 ABC

    I don’t know why I can’t seem to like EunYoung..maybe it’s because of her role in My Girl. But she simply does not suit Jin Soo. Unlike Seung Yeon, she’s a perfect match for Jin Soo. Is there a hope that these two will end up being together at the end? I really wish it will not be JinSoo-EunYoung.

  36. 36 Ms483836

    can[t wait for epi 14!!!!!!!

  37. 37 ambs

    @ 34 Hannah
    no one’s forcing you to like it… o.O
    i never liked full house despite all the praise it got/ high ratings
    @ 35 ABC
    i’m fine with people preferring JS/SY over JS/EY but if your reasoning is that you don’t like PSY from my girl then pshhhh lame

  38. 38 yen_nguyen

    @11: I do like your theory, that sounds reasonable and interesting!

  39. 39 yen_nguyen

    I think Jiwon and his secretary can become a nice, cute and happy pair. is there anyone else think so?

  40. 40 crash

    Is it just me or what? Park shi yeon’s face has changed vastly from MY Girl days. Her eyes are just sooo big nowadays. It’s kinda distracting.

  41. 41 err....

    @35 SY was a bully in God of Study. Maybe I should use that as a excuse why she doesn’t suit JinSoo

  42. 42 Hannah

    haha, i know.
    i guess i just got excited and then …= /
    which made me sad.
    it’s my nature to, like, overthink everything. so finding out what works for me drama-wise in comparison to others, and what doesn’t, is interesting. to me at least xD i ain’t trying to hate, if that’s what you’re getting at.

    @yen_nguyen @ABC i kind of don’t see the story heading that way… too much EunYoung set up. i think it would at 13 episodes in not jive well for them to suddenly switch the direction they seem to be heading at. but yeah, for the longest time when i didn’t watch it i thought they were the lead pairs. traditionally, i think they would’ve been. reviving old flames/old potential flame seems an unusual path to travel in contrast to the new arrival of a quirky cute girl being noticed by the guy. and yeah, i’ve only watched like two eps (but read all the recaps) so i’m going on only that but truthfully i would’ve preferred them too. she’s cute, and i think i only caught EunYoung when the angst hit…

  43. 43 err....

    @Hannah… I think yen is talking about JW ( the 2nd male lead), and his secretary.

  44. 44 cheanne

    Oh, I love this episode….and Im crossing my fingers that at the end my prediction will be be true……Its not that I dont like PSY but for me its more cute and sweet and totally kdrama blueprint for Jiwan to end up with Ham Eun-Jung……I cant help but giggle…..This is from somebody who haven’t watch a single episode but is religiously waiting for recaps and review……..

    Thanks JB.

  45. 45 hannah

    @crash they are big –her eyes are really pretty for emoting though. i think they were like that before too?

    @43err… @yen_nguyen
    whoops? haha. ookay, i’m just going to slink away smoothly now to do some maths…
    (he’s is cute though! i feel so sorry for him; he’s like a puppy! although his hair could use some work haha.)

  46. 46 daria

    By the way, Javabeans, is girlfriday watching this?

    I enjoyed reading your analysis of the characters motivation at this point of the story, and I’d like to read girlfriday’s two cents also.

  47. 47 ambs

    @46 pretty sure girlfriday is watching =o i listened to their chat about CH from podcast #2

  48. 48 Kayt

    Personally, I enjoy this episode and the 14th despite of all the frustration, torment and anxiety, pain, heartbreak and confusion were caused from EunSoo tragic fate (to be more accurate, the insane and depressing plot from the writer that is driving people crazy , thus I think it’s great !!!) or the complaint, crying and lament from fans and audiences
    Yeah, you got it. I have been repeating them 😀

    However, let’s just stick with ep 13 for now ^^;;
    The only thing I wasn’t very pleased in this episode was the lack of Eunsoo interaction/ screen time together. Nevertheless, I still like it, because even if just with only 2 few-minutes-scenes together but each of them was full of chemistry, emotion, intensity and wonderful expressions, of course, acting performance from KJH and PSY. Those were absolutely beautiful done and well-captured that one couldn’t even get bored watching them. The actor and actress truly own the characters, as I can’t imagine anyone else could be JS and EY, but only KJH and PSY. (That’s why I got frustrated when people keep inveighing that the couple don’t have chemistry together or she can’t act, which‘s also their reason for the ultimate goal: “JS should be with the cute secretary”. I was like WTH, ok?!?! And really, there are a lot more and even more ridiculous than just that. Sorry for the rant but I actually don’t know how PSY could stand still, and even step up inch by inch to prove her capability with all the malignity and unfavorable rumors around in almost 10 years. Since it was pretty tough to handle for myself, just in this short period of time , hence, I admire her even more for being such a strong-willed and career-driven lady, besides her talent , sweet personality and gorgeousness)
    Hmm, ok. I don’t how I got to the “CON” area, but since we are already here, let’s finish it up. And leave the “PRO” of the episode for the next post
    After watching this episode raw, the strongest response from most of the viewers that I ‘d read/ heard were the complaint and upset over the-matter-of-fact that EY is getting married to JW- ” JW? Why JW, out of 100 people?”. I am with you guys who think ,JW is a funny guy but never deserves EY nor does she love him. I can bet anything that she’d not be happy with him later on. However I thought there’d be more reasons behind it, since this is CH after all. I like # 20- Quinze ‘s “step backward and not forward -to stick to JW decision” interpretation, since we seem to head toward 1 direction here. I look at it from 2 POVs:

    1/As an audience POV:
    It’s obvious that this the PD set up for EunSoo happy ending. Why?
    Because he knows that we know JW doesn’t deserve EY nor does EY really love him. So it’s against human natural belief that EY, who deserves happiness the most in CH, won’t be happy if she‘d ever get married him. On the other hand, as much as we love the character JS, we all have to admit that he’s a damaged man, who also‘s caused so much pain to our EY, yet they love each other so much. I am not ashamed to admit if EY have found a better guy than JS , who could make her happy and smile brightly every day; I may not give a damn about JS? (Ok, fine he’s the main character here, but I am just saying … , in reality, perhaps) . EY is so precious to some of us that we can’t bear seeing her unhappy.. . Here, the PD/writer shows the intelligent level of the drama is ,again. EY is getting married!!!! And “she is getting married with JW” will get only one reaction from the audience, which CH is aiming for, to support the main love line. They basically didn’t give us/ or EY choices, since JW was never a “yes” to us or “ the place that EY love could be returned”

    2/As EY POV:
    In EY mind: JS and she could never be together despite how much they truly love each other because of his painful past and it hurts her to see him in pain. The best thing she could do for JS is let him go and find his happiness while she‘d move on with her life . She believed that she need to bury their love, so she could open her heart and be happy again; when she ‘s happy , JS ‘d be happy even though he’s away from her. That night, she was surprised when JS told her why he introduced JW to her t, and for once, she was grateful for JS genuine care, as she thought it’d make sense too. Since this is JS sincere gift for her, should she give JW another chance? If after 100 blind dates, she still couldn’t find Mr. Right Guy, then she‘d give JW a chance if he wouldn’t date anyone in within . That was her punishment and also her last challenge for JW. Just like we all expected, after even 100 blind dates, she still couldn’t forget JS to be able to accept a new person to her heart. But this time, JW keeps his promise and is trying hard to improve himself for her. Even if she never could love him the way she loves Js, but he has shown his discipline and sincerely for loving her, she thought that spending the rest of her life with him isn’t that bad after all. He’s the only man that she can relate and be grateful for JS existence in her life, which she seems to never forget even they might not see each other again. And she dated, got engaged and … is going to get married JW soon. EY didn’t want to rush thing like that but her parents and her grandpa keep pushing it. She‘d love to see them happy. Only if EY was still in her 20’s, then she’d definitely wait a bit longer for his returning without her family bothering. Still, the world is changing minute, and she needs to change to catch up with it, so having her own little family may not a bad change either. At least, she won’t have to much time to think of ….. things that she need to forget….

    ** Note: this is just my personal opinions without watching episode 14. However, my little “forcing support” toward JW have completely changed after Ep 14. So, I can’t accept JW, once again, step in EY life and break it apart. No, definitely JW is a NO. PLEASE, listen to me!!!!****


    For those who sympathized with JW, either you are too merciful or just inexperienced. Once a person cheats, he’ll eventually do it again and again. It’s simply just how human are. And perhaps, Coffee House‘d show us the momentum of JW later on since we have plenty of time now.

  49. 49 yen_nguyen

    I think one can be forgiven when he return after cheating, I do think so even I’m a woman.
    @ 43: yeah, I mean Ji Woo, the second male lead and his secretary. I realize that she pops up brightly and humiliatingly talking to Ji Woo during recent episodes. She’s one of 3 women who talk to our lovely Ji woo ( I don’t remember if JW talk to some waitress at coffee shop).

  50. 50 CW

    I actually think Ji Won will end up with his secretary (but don’t want to mention any spoilers) but we’ll see.

  51. 51 nzgirl

    @ Kayt
    I totally agree with you on EY POV.
    If EY went on 100 blind dates, that means that she only had about a week with each of the guys, considering how busy she was that probably means 1 date with each guy. So she never really gave anyone of them a chance. So she may as well settle for the guy she was originally going to settle with.
    I was just struck with a random thought. Both JW and JS expect EY to be there for them when they come back two years after breaking her heart.
    I think I have a girl crush on EY, now if only she could make better choices about her love life.

  52. 52 fromdblock

    at last! 😉 after reading your comment.. i understand jinsoo better… i mean, i know how he really feels but how he reacted in the situations have deeper meaning and explanation… for instance, i thought his “prank” with SY was just for having fun and bullying her like he always did before…but just as you said, he’s not the type to call and say “what’s up?”…that was his way of re-connecting with her without looking less cool…

    i loved this episode though i was a bit heartbroken… this time, jin soo will have to fight and be honest with his feelings for EY… he has been in love with her for more than a decade… his feelings should be 10 seconds away from exploding now! 😉

  53. 53 sugarpunch

    i watched this episode before reading this synopsis, for the first time. AND BOY, DID I REGRET IT. it was SO SHOCKING when i saw the wedding ring in his pocket and my world crashed into pieces around me…. temporarily. i was so, so tortured by the fact that he was too late!!!!!!! i knew he sorta deserved it, since he told her not to wait for him when he left. so i threw myself down to the floor and wailed, “NOOOOOOOO.” startling my dog and causing my mother to shoot me a dirty look.

    the moral of this story is that i will ALWAYS wait for your synopsis, javabeans, before i watch the episode, lest i get traumatised again. T.T

  54. 54 KC

    I actually had the suspicion that EY and JW would be getting married when JS comes back because EY said that she’ll consider JW if she isn’t interested in the next 100 guys that she dates and JW was like, that’s at least 2 years!! And when the time skip was 2 years I was like…OMG DON’T TELL ME EY AND JW!!! T_____T HOW WILL THIS CHANGE NOW!?!?!?!?!? OMGGGGGG EY AND JS!!!!!!!!!

  55. 55 Kayt

    @ people that like SY for JS because she is fun to watch while EY scenes tend to get more serious Or People who think it’s not fair for SY after all if it was EunSoo ending…
    . Although I believe the reason is kind of bias toward the idol/ the other ship ( since its hard to not fall for the couple story if one was objective and just follow the emotional from the plot), but I’ll have a long explaination for you tomorrow. So please hang on there!!!

    @ who dont like PSY for her previous roles: It’s been almost 10 years and you still have that impression of her. Doesnt it mean she was as impressive actress even in the debut days?

    @ crash: she has always have big double lids eyes since her childhood days
    And I think they are pretty and impressive to emote as well

  56. 56 hokei

    JS/EY shippers,hwaiting!!!

  57. 57 sherrvonn

    is there still hope for jinsoo-seungyeon shippers?

    14th episode’s ending blow me away!

    (spoiler theories ahead for those who has not seen page 14!)

    cuz eunyoung choice is to continue to be lied by jinsoo all the way, i really dont know what will happen next. one possibility is that he start to go out and continue to fake and couple with seung yeon. but sy cant take this fake thing anymore cuz she falls for him so sy tell js off to get back eunyoung, kind of like how previous episodes where sy wakes js up. and if she chooses to know the truth, i think the truth will be that jinsoo wants to propose to her. and ey gets into a dilema again. i think i said too much for a page 13 where this thing should be in page 14 comments. sorry.

    thanks dramabeans for the wonderful and thought provoking recap!

  58. 58 They actually plan this for 20 episodes?

    How’s that possible with such miserable ratings?

  59. 59 hannah

    @49 yeah, i agree. something like loving the sinner when hating the sin? once a cheater, always a cheater is a bit simplistic. and it’s not just guys, which seems to be the assumption thrown in the air. girls cheat too.

    which has nothing to do with CH haha. narratively, i guess, the guy does look like a bad egg.

  60. 60 hannah

    @49 yeah, i agree. something like loving the sinner when hating the sin? once a cheater, always a cheater is a bit simplistic. and it’s not just guys, which seems to be the assumption thrown in the air. girls cheat too.

    which has nothing to do with CH haha. narratively, i guess, the guy does look like a bad egg.

  61. 61 hannah

    oh and i forgot to thank javabeans and girlfriday for the recaps and everything! i discovered this site fairly recently and i love it! most other drama sites that i found are really, uh, incoherent.

    and sorry for the double post i just noticed above >__<

    okay, back to studying like a good girl… (btw, your site is actually good for my schoolwork – reading is much faster than watching the dramas! imagine the results of my finals if i sat to watch all these drama O_o with your site, it's still like procrastinating, but sped up LOL)

  62. 62 labchick

    Thanks JB for the recap! I was waiting for this as I wanted to hear a little more about what my fellow watchers thought about episode 13.
    Although it was entertaining, (Sy was amusing, EY/JS were dramatic, the scenes were beautifully shot), there was absolutely no consistency. Did the PD forget about the last 12 episodes? Other than that silly makeover that JS was sporting, he hasn’t changed one bit – he still has the same attitude– everything is on his terms. He couldn’t accept EY on her terms but it had to be his. I don’t see why the time-skip was even necessary other than to show SY being grown up. As for DW, I don’t see him as a very important character- he’s cute..but that’s about it.
    And sadly the inconsistencies prevented me from truly liking this…I thought episode 12 would have made a fabulous finale but in 13, 14, it’s sort of re-hashing the whole thing all over again. I just wish the writer would make up his mind instead of having people run around in circles. Furthermore, if the original story was planned for 20 episodes, I’m more concerned on their skimping and rushing things to fit 18. Personally I don’t see any story past episode 16 but in the off-chance that they were planning yet another twist, I doubt we’ll see it.

  63. 63 Jane

    Cheating is often forgiven even though most don’t admit to it. Especially in a case like this where Ji Won didn’t touch another woman for two year to show his sincerity. However, Ji Won is an oaf and they shouldn’t have done this to Eun Young’s character.

    As for Jin Soo not changing, I don’t want to say much here but a large part of episode 14 was showing that Jin Soo was now trying to do things on Eun Young’s terms. Granted, he was going too far but that wasn’t him being the same old Jin Soo.

    It’s a shame it took him two whole years to decide to come back and propose. What a stupid man.

  64. 64 Jane

    And about SY fitting JS better. She only spent 6 months with him and is already turning into him. Plus JS is usually laughing at her expense. Do you think he can actually share his problems with her and they can come up with solutions together? Does that even seem plausible at this point?

    And Jin Soo and Eun Young shouldn’t get together because other people would be hurt? The only person to be hurt will be Ji Won, and he’ll get over it. Do you want them to sacrifice their own happiness for someone else’s? Is that what life is about?

    janna, I agree with you. It shouldn’t be this hard. However, it’s a drama. If the characters didn’t make stupid decisions to prolong the stuff, we’d only have one episode :) But it sure can be frustrating as a viewer. For example, when Eun Young reached out to him in episode 10 and said they should come to a solution together, if Jin Soo had a little bit of sense, he would have taken her up on the offer and it would be a different drama. Probably even more enjoyable for EunSoo shippers since we’d get to see our couple working through hard stuff together. But that’s a different script.

    I also loved EunSoo’s first conversation. It was sweet and the actors did a great job conveying those emotions. I hope we get many scenes like that before the end.

  65. 65 Atsirk

    Just marry me so that we’ll save all the heartaches 😉
    I just love his expression at the last scene…tsk tsk tsk…

  66. 66 miss_procrastination

    My heart almost stood still when I saw the ring in his hand. I knew what the drama was going to end up getting to, but it still didn’t make it any more bearable. Time is always an issue in drama. Why are characters always at crossroads? Eun Young and Jin Soo just need to be together. Period!

    Seriously, Ji Won is so sleazy and greasy that it stuns even me that Eun Young is going to settle for him when she deserves someone better. Someone like Jin Soo.

  67. 67 Dara

    I love ep13 in general, specially JS/EY first phone call, very touching. The scene with the wedding invitation is very stunning, awesome acting from both leads.

    In real life, a person likes JS for that ’till death do us part’ thing, is a big NO.
    But for this drama, I would love to see such a sad soul ,JS, to finally found his true happiness.

    4 more eps to go? *sigh* …..@#$%@#^$^%…..

    Q: Are we going to see KJH with this hair color till the end? with the earring too?
    He looks even more mess up, to me.

  68. 68 Dara

    Thanks for your recap, JB. ^_^

  69. 69 cathy

    i love this drama ,JS/EY love , great chemistry , please fight ,JS ,for your true love , don’t give up , don’t end up with someone you don’t love . I like o see how JS react
    to this situation .

  70. 70 Selli

    What the heck?! Okay…no, really, what the heck?!?!?! Damn. Seriously, this is just really… O___O I don’t like it XD You lost me, Coffee House D: I wonder why the script writer is doing this to her charactters XD Gosh, really, this is a bit too much, but oh well. Let’s see how it turns out : ) After all, the beginning of Coffee House was great, and dramas usually eventually force things like this to happen so everyone can be sad and cry.


  71. 71 Apple

    Thanks JB for the recap, I was waiting for this and so happy to finally get a dose of CH recap.

    @ Quinze #20
    When I read your comment, I felt like that’s really the case, EY did not move on after JS, and just settle with JW since he was JS suggestion, she still wants something to do with JS. I totally agree, after 100 dates she didn’t find anybody better than JW, that’s not convincing for me.

    I am having so much anxiety watching this drama, the PD better end this in a good note to pay for the torturous days a bunch of us are experiencing in waiting for this to end with a happy ending (aka JS/EY together) *winks*

  72. 72 Nhu

    Actually… after reading the comments here, I think I kind of get why EY might have gone with JW.

    Like Kayt I think pointed out, if she really stuck to the agreement she set up with JW, she would’ve gone on 100 dates at such a fast pace she couldn’t get involved in anyone. I think a part of her really didn’t want to, because she was still in love with JS. In that case, now that the time has come, and she can’t be sure that JS will come back, it makes sense she’d go with JW – who has a shared past with her and JS (so perhaps, it’s her clinging to JS in a way, love by association perhaps? I mean, JS did introduce the two) and who is on top of it predictable, and will allow her to do whatever it is she wishes. He is probably the most comfortable…. And if he did really stick around for 2 years without dating anyone… that’s kind of admirable. If so, she may rationalize it as returning JW’s “sincere feelings” for her – or shameless persistence.

    I still don’t think it’s a good choice for her…. but I can kind of see why.

  73. 73 lessaofpern

    @ JB and Girlfiday

    Thanks for another wonderful recap! 😀

  74. 74 Lee

    I tried reading all the other comments to see if someone else had written it but I gave up after a while so I’ll just say that while JW is an asshat he doesn’t have as much as a emotional entanglement/baggage as JS and I think she likes JW’s transparency and that he can bend to others wills which is something JS can’t do as you have pointed out that he loves himself some control. I also feel sorry for him as the one thing that he was going to relinquish some control on (her answer to his proposal) got a bombshell of her impending marriage TO SOMEONE ELSE dropped on it .

  75. 75 mel

    My big question for JB-SARAH—-ARE YOU GOING TO SMTOWN LOS ANGELES? Will we see you there? Do you if Si Won will be a part of this or somewhere else filming Athena—hope you find out….

    Thanks for another great recap of a crazy-confusing, heart tugging episode in the life of JS, EY, SY and the rest!!!!

  76. 76 houstontwin

    I haven’t followed closely enough! Are they cutting back from 20 to 18 episodes because of poor ratings or some other reason?

  77. 77 m a r a

    @ houstontwin

    the number of episodes may have always been tentative. from the beginning, it was never specified how many episodes will be running for this drama.

  78. 78 Ani

    I’ve never been a fan of that Morticia Addams typed dresses, you know, curve hugging at top, and flaring at the bottom. I prefer the full skirt kind. But still, she looks awesome in that dress. Can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks.

  79. 79 m a r a

    @ Ani,

    Mermaid gowns are hard to pull off, and I don’t understand how anybody can walk in them. This is OT, but earlier this year Maggie Gyllenhaal wore a beautiful pink one. It was purely structural.

  80. 80 SparrowBell

    In regards to Jiwon’s cheating … I once read, a husband (or boyfriend in this case) cheats b’cos the woman he cheats with gives him more compliments than the wife (or girlfriend). It may sound silly here … but EY is a strong-minded woman, I still remember the scene Jiwon said XX would cry if he just waved a taxi for her. I just think if the man *cheats*, sometimes, the lady in question should also think why …. that’s EY’s 10%.

    As for JS, as much as I’m following this drama, JS is too much of a high maintenance. There is no question of EY’s still loving him … if JS is not played by KJW but some regular guys ….. how many people would really advocate for EY’s staying with him? I wonder …

    When you 18 yrs old, you want a pretty boy; 20s a smart man; 30s, someone who you can lead your life with … no drama … life is full of drama without love drama … and kdrama serves as occassion antidote…LOL

  81. 81 ambs

    about EY’s 100 dates, i doubt she was putting her heart into it. a part of her was always waiting for JS (shown by how she expected him to show up at her office but it turned out to be their mutual friend)
    how she explained it to JS also proves she wasn’t 100% into finding the right guy on those 100 dates (but i think that’s in ep 14)

  82. 82 Ani

    @ m a r a

    Mermaid Dresses, that’s what those things are called, and makes a lot of sense too. Thanks. But yeah, those ARE hard to pull off. No offense to Beyonce and J-Lo, but I hope they don’t wear them. Too much hips and Booty isn’t always a good thing. Then again… maybe.

    Anyways, I forgot to mention earlier: Dong Wook and SY all the WAY!

  83. 83 pipit

    I love how this particular episode ended with Eun Young in a wedding gown and Jin Soo’s holding her wedding invitation in one hand while his other hand is holding a ring in his pocket. Not that I love Eun Young is getting married….with how much they really love each other I want her with nobody else but Jin Soo.

    But despite my love for him I’ve got to say he desrved it. Who’s the idiot who told Eun Young he loved her but wanted her to forget him? Who’s the idiot who told her they can’t be together when there’s no tangible obstacles stand in their way? Who’s the idiot who knows that he belongs to her but still tries to forget her?

    The fact that Eun Young decides to marry JW shows that she failed to find the right man amongst all the men she was seeing – her chances to do that was actually zero to begin with as she’s already found Mr.Right and fallen for him. Unfortunately for her, her Mr.Right wasn’t all that right.

    What sane guy confessed his love to a girl then told her they couldn’t be together because he couldn’t forget another woman? After that confession it’s not Eun Young’s fault for thinking that Jin Soo doesn’t really love her, that apparently his love for her isn’t substantial enough to overcome the love he felt for his ex and whatever problems he thinks they have or might have face in the future. And if added with Jin Soo’s comment about giving his book to her as a parting gift…..she told him directly how it made her feel: it sounded like things that would be said to a girl who got rejected!

    Eun Young’s decision to marry JW who once cheated on her and doesn’t even have her high regards speaks volumes about her true feelings. On the surface it might look like she’s being logical and practical. She does what has to be done. She did what she told Jin Soo she would do after he left her. But deep down inside she’s too hurt and devastated to be giving this important decision the necessary contemplation one does when one decides on choosing one’s spouse.

    What else can she do when she loves Jin Soo so but he doesn’t really love her at all. While on the other hand the outrageously unbelievable JW has proven to her that he wants her badly enough to even wait and watch his behaviour for two years. Not that his efforts have changed her feelings for him….she just doesn’t care anymore. Her seemingly logical and sensible decision was actually made by a very bruised and shattered heart. She’s not that tough nor sensible at all when it comes to the matter of the heart.

    The irony is that she’s making the same mistake Jin Soo did. Now she’s forced to live the life he’s been living. Putting a smile on her face and lies to the world and the man she loves pretending she’s happy and in love with another guy. These two brilliant people who are so in love with each other don’t even have the slightest clue on how to conduct a normal relationship. Their love lives are total mess.
    I wonder how long it’ll take Jin Soo to figure it all out. He needs to understand that Eun Young’s decision to marry JW has nothing to do with loving his arch enemy but everything to do with her thinking he doesn’t love her.
    It’s JW for heaven’s sake!

    Jin Soo needs to cease telling lies, pull down his masks, stop pretending and reveals how he really feels with complete honesty. He also needs to tell Eun Young the whole truth. They are miserable now. But as miserable as they are they still want the other person to be happy.
    If you want to make that precious someone happy what’s the best gift to give? What’s the thing that our beloved wants the most from us? It’s our unconditional love. Us telling them: I’m yours. Forever.
    That’s what Jin soo has to tell Eun Young!

    Jin Soo part four:

    An hour before landing! His two years of mindless roaming has come to an end. He’s back. Home. To her. Just thinking he’ll see her soon makes his heart fills with happiness. Everything seems to be brighter. Even the air smeels sweeter.
    This unkempt look is a goner. She’s going to see a new Jin Soo. A better Jin Soo. Jin Soo who’s ready to fully enjoys life. Jin Soo who’s ready to move on. Jin Soo who’ll never lie to her again. She’s going to love it! He can hardly wait to see her expressions when they meet. He’s so excited!

    There wasn’t a day passed without him thinking of her. No matter where he was and what he did he thought about her longed for her. There were days when all he wanted to do was running to the nearest airport and boarded the earliest flight that would take him to her side.
    What a fool he was. How could he be so stupid? Why did he even bother to try to leave her when he already knew he would never be able to forget her. He has wasted two precious years! But as he looks at his image in the mirror his anger at his own stupidity disappears. The excitements of seeing her again return with full force.

    Being a famous author of best seller books has made him a fortune. The wealth he has accumulated over the years is pretty much untouched because he has never felt the need for it. Even now he still doesn’t need it because all he ever needs in this world is Eun Young. But it’s time to start spending those useless fortines into a good use. Not that his money will impress her but still he wants to impress her with his appearances. He needs her to see that he’s changed.

    He knows that by coming back here he would also be meeting other people, but he never really gives much thougt about that until he saw his silly secretary that night. He has forgotten how entertaining and amusing she is. And obviously she’s learnt quite a lot during the times she worked for him. That kid has grown into a pro admonisher!
    Seeing her is a pleasant surprise. He couldn’t resist the urge to tease her. He wants to know whether she’s still as gullible as before. And sure she is. Who on earth would believe the things he told her but her? She might dress like a pro but she’still as foolish as before.

    But before he goes to see Eun Young he wants to know what SY thinks about his new apperance he needs to know he looks good. And he also wants to catch up on her news. As silly and gullible as she is he has to admit he likes her a lot. He doesn’t have many people that he really likes but his foolish secretay is one of those few.

    Despite how much he wants to see Eun Young calling her for the first time is harder than he thought. He has to muster all his courage to make that one phone call and then suffer the waiting for his call to get through. He’s so tense that he’s afraid that his heart won’t be able to handle the tension.
    But his fear for his heart’s sake is groundless for as soon as it hears the sound of its owner it jumps with so much vigor that he’s afraid that he would be left sitting here all by himself while his treacherous heart’s doing a somersault to Eun Young’s lap.

    Hearing her voice, her laugh and talking to her reminds him how easy it is to be happy. He must be really crazy then. And he feels like kicking himself when she said she never thought he would call her – maybe after a few decades but not so soon. He wanted to properly explain that even then when he wanted to leave and forget her he knew he couldn’t. It was just a wishful thinking of a crazy man.
    He has a lot to tell her but not over the phone. He wants to see her expressions when he tells her everything. Of how much he really loves her. Of how long he’s been in love with her. Of the mistakes he’s made. He’ll let her knows that he couldn’t leave without her. Not even for a day. And he would never make that stupid mistake of trying to foerget her ever again.

    She sounds happy and excited to see him. She told him she also has something important to tell him. Perharps more important and surprising than anything he might tell her. Of course her news is more important than his. Doesn’t she know that everything about her is important to him? That he considers her as the most important thing in his life. She’s probably no idea that he’s afraid of making even the smallest mistake when it comes to her happiness.

    He couldn’t exactly describe his feelings when he drives to her office to see her. Excited. Anxious. Self-conscious. He wants to see her so much. But he’s also afraid of seeing her. His nerves are in shambles. To make matter worse he has to meet the cheating bastard he wanted so much to kill. That jerk seems to be even more happier and full of himself than he remembered.
    He should has known that seeing JW is a bad omen. He should’ve guessed that something is completely wrong when JW told him he knew he’s back from Eun Young. But how could he know? How could he possibly guess? He couldn’t. Not with the way he feels. He belongs to her. It never occurs to him that she doesn’t belong to him!

    His nerves might be in shambles before but when he walked into her office his happiness for being there so close to her had completely obliterated the bad after taste of his meeting with JW. And when he heard her voice in the other room he thought he’d come into a paradise. He’s finally at home where he belongs.
    When he opened that wedding invitation and saw the names on it he still couldn’t believe his own eyes. Not even after reading it for a few more times. No….this is not happening….this can not be true….

    But as he stands there and stares sightlessly at the paper in his hand trying to deny what he sees with a sudden dread he realises that although he ceases to be aware of his surrounding he’s painfully aware of the fact that his heart is no longer doing its somersaults. It might still beat as usual but it has lost its life. And it hurts so much.
    If he thought leaving her was extremely painful it’s actually nothing compares to the pains he experiences right now. He never knew that the pain of being left is a thousand fold more painful than the pain caused by leaving the one we loved. It wasn’t this bad when he saw them dating and got engaged years ago….perhaps even then it was him who did the leaving. Now he knows how she felt when he left her two years ago…..Dear God…..

    He doesn’t think he would be able to master his emotions and control his reaction so quickly but when he turned around and saw her there in her wedding gown looking so flustered when she saw him to the point that she started to ramble……
    That’s when he knows he has to collect himself. His heart might not have the strength to take this. But he has to find the strengt to pull this out. Eun Young needs his assurances now. She who never feels insecure about he appearance is asking him about her looks now.

    She doesn’t want his opinion on her looks. What she needs is his approval. His voice might crack a little, his lips and jaws were hurt from being forced to make a smile in their frozen state. But he managed to tell her how beautiful she looked…..

  84. 84 xylophonic

    Wheee plot twist.

    Err so I think I can kind of understand why she ended up engaged to Ji-won. I mean, if you look at it from her perspective, would you really have expected a completely self-obsessed guy who already cheated on her once like Ji-won to endure waiting for her to go on 100 blind dates?

    She said it really to just try and get him off her back, because she firmly believed he wouldn’t do it (hey, so did I). But lo and behold, he stuck it out through two years (without, allegedly, touching a single woman). I mean, you’ve got to give him kudos for that, you know?

    So when the two years were up and Ji-won asked her again, imagine what you would do. This guy has stuck to his word and was faithful to her (even when they weren’t together) for years, and though his track record was never the best, maybe it shows that he’s changed. Plus he’s worked hard, you would feel reallyyy bad rejecting him again, and we know Eun-young is not a cruel person.

    And meanwhile, the guy you actually do love is across the globe, and (sorry, small spoiler from ep. 14) Eunyoung did admit to not expecting to see Jin-soo again for years and years more. Ethics aside, rejecting Ji-won to wait for a guy who might never even come back? Didn’t we already establish that Eun-young is practical and level-headed? This sounds too flighty for her. Eun-young doesn’t mope around, she doesn’t act like a classic heartbroken heroine. What she does is move on, and I think that’s keeping with how she’s been characterized.

    So while I don’t believe that she actually really wants to be with Ji-won, I think it was a mix of ethics and logic that made her do it, and let’s face it, they’ve known each other for ages. It wouldn’t be awkward, at least.

    I also think the story has focused too much on JS/EY to delve into the alternative pairing now, but now it’s become a bit tired, at least for me, you know? I imagine Jin-soo and Eunyoung might feel similarly, because maybe after some point it’s just not worth it anymore.

    Well anyway. I have to say, when the episode ended I remember thinking, pipit will have a field day with this! xD Well we’ll see I guess.

  85. 85 xylophonic

    Hey good timing I posted right after her! Hah going to read it now xD

  86. 86 pabo ceo reom

    I knew it couldn’t be smooth sailing (we wouldn’t have anything to watch!) but I was still sad to see her getting married..

  87. 87 Kay

    This is still not my “PRO” part, but I thought it’s more important to mention it ^^;;

    Just my own opinion,
    I had to admit that I found SY acting annoying in the recent time. It wasn’t because I don’t like the cutesy act or her innocent and sweet girl image but rather I found her acting unconvincing, reflecting to my own self and behavior since we are in the same age. I know it’s a drama after all but for other characters, I could connect and imagine how that character act and behavior in reality, but just SY. And I don’t know if it could the plot requesting or EJ acting, but I ‘vet never seen a 25-year-old acting that way, not me, not people I have seen or known. Again, it’s just my personal preference.
    It’s interesting that we all thought CH is a rom-com series, yet in the PD head, this drama is a mixture of comedy and melody (yeah that why peep complain that EunSoo is boring), so most of the characters have their realistic moments as well as their comedy manga scenes, but SY seems to be a main comedy device with all her exaggerated reaction (of a 16 yrs old girl) here. Therefore, when the main story( romance between EunSoo in this case) is getting more and more serious and intense, I kind of lost the connection to SY characters, but hopefully as she ‘s getting more mature and “pro” , I’d be interested in her back.

    I have also realized many thought it’d be unfair for SY if she doesn’t get to be with SJ at the end since she hasn’t have much developed in the whole story. While on the other hand, EY has been in the main romance focus of the drama, but also the girl seems to have a fortunate and easy life for being rich, pretty, smart and other good traits. EY life seems to be too perfect to deserve some more love for many of you? SY should get it since she was born that lucky? It’s normal for us to react that way. This is a human instinct which we tend to lean toward and support the weaker, a poorer or less fortunate against the stronger, richer and more fortunate. I’d react and think the same in real life and many other situations too. And it explains why the Cinderella love story clichés has been popular, well-loved and supported from not only Korean but also international fans and audiences. However, in this specific case between SY and EY, it’s hard to tell whether one is luckier/ happier than the other. From the outsiders briefly point of view, EY may appear to be the cool, lucky, happy one while SY seems less… Let’s just think EY really is for now!

    1. / So the girl shouldn’t have a happy ending in her love life just because she’s rich, beautiful, smart, successful, kind, mature and well behaved? I mean being at where EY at, is pretty much a goal / wish for most of us, girls, after long years sitting schools and struggle working hard while dealing with many obstacles to be promoted…. And here, you tell me that girl, she can’t have happiness just because she has everything else already. We’ll give the poorer girl the happiness of love since she’s less fortunate. What‘s kind of logic is that? And EY didn’t even do anything wrong or harm other people. So being successful and pretty and smart is equal with not deserving to be loved and to love?!?! Then why’d we work so hard for to get there when we know that we won’t be in a happy place no matter how hard we tried? Why don’t we all, just wait at home for the prince to come and have Cinderella happy life ever? No matter how much we love the clichés, we just don’t do that in life, do we? Since we all know that it’s not practical and realistic but more of a fantasy dream that every girl wish for. At least, this is one aspect that CH choice is closer to reality.

    2. /Getting back to my initial concern, who is really the luckier/ happier between SY and EY? It’d definitely be EY from an outsider view right? Yet, didn’t we have learned about their life more than looking at the outer cover/ surface? In my opinion, SY may not be as rich, smart and successful as EY is, but I found her in a much happier place in life than EY, if you didn’t overlook it. EY has been suffering with JS and his past for more than 12 yrs with her selfless and unconditional love. She also seems not being able to get rid or forget her painful and tragic romance in any time soon since the foolish guy keeps coming back as a habit. Moreover, JW ‘d cheated on her as an fiance 4 years ago and returned back to continue bothering and interrupting her life again, while the love of her life left her in heartbreak and tears after admitting his love for her yet declaring they can’t be together and asked her to forget him. Though, now JS suddenly came back to her life once again after 2 years without any contact to confuse and break her heart with his lies and shocking confession. Is this what you call a happy and lucky life? I mean honestly, metal torture is known much worse than physical one and here, EY has endured these 2 ridiculous jerks and the sorrowful wounds that they had caused her in almost 13 years now. I couldn’t agree that she‘s lucky or happy no matter how pretty, rich and smart she really is when she couldn’t have a peace of mind with heart. It was even tougher for dealing with all that when she appears as if there’s nothing wrong in her life, still remains a cool, strong, mature and rational Chief at the café, that everybody respect and rely on? Moreover, to be at her current position at work isn’t just a simple and easy journey; EY has been working hard and sacrificing her precious life for it. She often stays at the café until 3, and has to run around and deal with all kind of matter by herself. Don’t you think a strong woman like her can be tired too? She is but she can’t stop it while working keeps her head straight and not thinking of someone, that she shouldn’t miss. Not only that she’s lost her chances to spend more time with her family, her grandpa and parents but also her friends since she’s delicate to her career and her career seems to take over her life. Yes she‘s lucky, but it was also her own effort, hard-work and much more to get there. So what is not fair about it if she could be happy at last? More than anyone else EY needs JS the most. It’s not because he’s great character or has wonderful personality, but simply just because they love each other and EY‘ll be happy to be with him, same as JS.
    From another standpoint, SY might not be a main character but what is not great in her life? She has her happy family who cheer her up every day and night. Her grandma cooks for her and cuddles her when she wants to talk. Her dad always support and give her the best attention that he could. And her brother is there to make her laugh and being her silly and childish self. Work is not bad either. She could finish her tasks at the certain time and enjoy being a girl and have an ordinary yet peaceful life. And she is the lucky one. Despite all the torture JS has caused SY, her life has changed after she met JS, as you can see how big of the difference between a SY in the very beginning to the “half-cooked” one in the latest episode. She also got prettier and more confident as well as more opportunities of promotion at works. Thanks to JS. I can’t see how JS caused her heartbreak since her feeling was never that strong, clear or deep yet to compare to Eunsoo deep and complicated emotion. We can’t deny the fact that JS has brought SY fortune and luckiness every time they met (while he could only hurt EY even though it was never his attention). Another positive point from SY is she doesn’t take love/relationship as serious as the way EY takes it so the matter won’t have much effect on her at the end (She was the one who initiated the breakup with her ex through a phone message and didn’t even bother much about it. She knew her senior had a thing for her but (if I am not wrong, I think) she still took his $ as continued working for JS and didn’t really seem to mind about it either. Even though she wasn’t into DW as much but they were in sort of dating relationship, she still ditched him on his birthday and didn’t even care much to find out where he has been and his reason for disappearing after that. I mean I‘d even do that for my normal friend, but they were a little more than that, so I found it’s significant aspect of her…). Can’t you see SY’s life is a lot peaceful, happy and relax compared to EY? Why does she need to get the guy when he‘s the only one who could bring another girl happiness and the only happiness that the girl needs? Isn’t unfair for EY then?

    3./ From the PD latest interview, I found that he ‘s very ambitious and also has guts to take chances creating the next new and different IT thing that stand out from the rest no matter how risky it is. This drama is not like any other drama that we have see , therefore we have various reactions, analysis-es and emotions from fans can viewers from 2 ( or 3) extreme sides. Many love the idea and think it refreshing. Others hate it for the unpredictability and not being what they expected it to be. A few think it’s too dramatic and dynamic to ready for it while there are people thought it was boring and predictable (???). And some don’t get it and wonder what the point is. They are both pretty extreme in both sides, which I perceive as a positive reaction for a “new born” genre of drama. So what if a lot love it while many others hate it? The result is the attention and emotions ( whether it’s positive or negative) that the drama get from the viewers, that’s all the Pd and writer want, and the more extreme it gets, the better result they have. For once, I am talking my risk to assume his general composition of CH based on what I‘ve learned. It seems like he divided the plot into 3 parts not 2, however the change in the last period is a lot more dramatic and emotional than the rest. Each part is about (more or less) 6 episodes and they all have different themes and pattern. {Don’t be scared and please bear with me!!! I am just as nervous yet expecting what are coming up as I hope that I could be wrong here}
    a. Part 1( Ep1- Ep6): Style/ Pattern: mainly comedy with a lot of laughter
    Theme: SY character introduction. It’s pretty much everything about KSY, her past, love interest, family and effort to be a pro. Others have their introductions too but the SY had a lot more screen times than the rest (And we all have to admit that we barely had EY scenes there to assume that she‘s not even the lead actress; it was mostly SY and SY-SJ or SY and family….)

    b. Part 2 (Ep7- Ep12): Style/ Pattern: As the romance started to get unfold, the mellow vibe has stepped in. So we have a mixture of comedy and melody balancing each other as we can see clearer the purpose of each role served in the whole dynamic : SY and JW are the mainly comedy devices to lighter the intense and seriousness air for the romance ; EY and JS are the main performers of the emotional and profound exchanges in the second part yet they still share some hammy scenes here and there (Sample: in ep9, we had a lot of laugh in the beginning after the kiss, then it got serious and emotional with the “talk” in the top roof , EY disappearance and JS depression. But SY family dinner with DW brought some light air back before we‘ve got to learned about JS past trauma. The rest was balancing but it got much intense and emotional when JS knew EY is aback and ran to see her)
    Theme: EY love, her efforts to change JS and pursue his love. The plot has displayed all her past and present actions showing how much EY loves JS and she has always been there for him unconditionally and of course, helped him. We could even say she‘d do anything in her power to make the foolish guy happy whether staying to be his friend or accepting his word and trying to move on, I mean she did all she could…. Yet we know the result is the confession kiss and tearful goodbye for EY when he’s left

    c. Part 3 (Ep 13-Ep18)): Style/ Pattern: We still (luckily) have some hilarious moments, which mainly involved by SY and JW. I believe that even JS and EY still share some laugh moments with others but their main goal is this part is focusing on the intensive, conflict, complex, frustrated painful and heartbroken exchange and heartfelt dialogue with each other as the story closing. Their inner feeling could be captured so dramatically heavy and extremely powerful in this part that could cause directly emotional affect to the viewers and audiences. And if we had complained that we didn’t get to know what was in JS head earlier, I think we‘s finally getting to see his side of story at last. As when the first focus was on SY life and self-improvement, second was EY unconditional love, I assume we need to prepare some tissue box ahead, waiting for JS well- hidden emotion and feeling is in the focus this time.
    Theme: In this new (and dangerous) road, where we just stared, my guess is:
    This part is about JS finally change (more or less, now or later) and his effort to show his love to EY and try to win her back. But this is the miniseries part as they mentioned as you can see more intensive and overwhelming vibes through the episode, unlike the beginning with a lot of laugh. This will display the real emotional roller coaster in CH for us the viewers, so we’d better put seat-belt on, prepare some tissue and popcorn… ^^;;

    What I tried to say here, regarding SY and EY fairness, is:
    SY got her parts in every episodes ( a lot more than JW)but her focus was in the 1st 6 episodes, where even JS and EY was barely on the spot light. However for the remained episodes, her role (and JW role) remained as a mainly as comedy distraction from the intensive and dramatic relationship of the main couple to balance out the drama. However, we have seen her changes and developments through the series as well. So it’s not that EunSoo was boring and frustrated or SY is just so fun around , but that’ their roles in the drama- to serve 1 purpose that lead to the PD big goal- creating new genre of drama
    (See, I told you not to expect CH like any other drama and I was right: P)

    If what I have in mind is similar to the PD’s, I am afraid what we had this week is just a warm-up. The coming week episode will be even more intense and tremendously heartfelt interactions and exchanges as KJH and PSY’d show us how well they could affect our emotion and mind. But I think KJH‘ll be the main focus here – like his POV’d be more focused (Why didn’t we get the feel of JS being sad and lonely in the last 12 eps, but suddenly in this episode and plenty in the 14th as well)

  88. 88 Kay

    That was my promise last night

    Also I want to verify that I didn’t mean to say for male only, but also female. Of course, there is nothing 100%, but the chance is “very more likely” to happen in reality.
    From what I have seen and learned, I d rather go with a “no” than taking a chance to get hurt again. It’s simply just my choice :)
    Hope I didn’t offend anyone here

  89. 89 m a r a


    yes. i agree that it would be tiring for JS and EY at this time, but it also wouldn’t make sense for them to not end up together now. too much has been invested in exploring their relationship, and now, it’s just getting them to overcome their biggest block, which is themselves. if EY and JS were really meant to lead separate lives, then, they could have ended CH at episode 12. it wouldn’t make sense to repeat a similar plot at the 2nd half of the game, especially considering that JS finally came forward with his intention to propose to EY and that EY has awakened her feelings for JS.

    it’s just the people watching that are feeling tired and impatient. it really should just be 16 episodes or they could have pushed the events of episode 12 to the final episode.

    PD-min has mentioned that this is the part of the drama that is supposed to have a feel of a miniseries, so, we’re in for more bumps before we get back to the full-on comedic feel of the show. the miniseries-encompassing episodes is most likely establishing the roles of our characters now. an interview with the director was conducted just recently and while it was vague and only proved that the drama was playing out in a way that would fuel the shipping wars, he did mention that SY will be the bridge between JS and EY, while JW will be pushing for JS and SY.

    as for JW, i think he will be redeeming himself. i believe all these characters are redeemable. either he’ll finally realize the connection between JS and EY, or EY breaks up with him and he gallantly accepts that, and then, he can go on and act on his fantasy of getting it on with a secretary. that should make him happy.

  90. 90 Amg1


    Well I am very disappointed at how the show is developing the story, that has been my fear all along, the writer seems to have not been able to achieve the right balance or “DO THEY?

    I fell that maybe this drama is not about anybody finding “Redemption” or “Love for that matter. Maybe the “Jin-Soo story is about a man that some how at least in love was always one step behind, and if that is the case than the new twist and angst in the story makes all the sense in the world.

    In the real world is “Logical”, but in K-Drama land I am as frustrated as most fans. Jin-Soo made a serious mistake by not keeping in touch with Eun-Young, at least in this way he could know her feelings, but as of right now he is standing with a ring is his pocket and a soon to be bride where do they go from here is going to be hard his only choice at this moment is to not said anything and just go with the flow and let Eun-Young marry other wise the ‘Crazy “roller-coaster is about to begin,

    I think from Jin-Soo’s, Eun-Young and Seung-yeon, Seung-Yeon still the most healthy mentally wise, I think at this point Jin-Soo is better of being alone!!!!

    I think that the reality of the drama scenario does not give us enough room to spare, so the thing that I find mist fascinating about it all is how we tend to minimize the fact that Jin-Soo and Eun-Young are people who are mentally broken, that is the reason why some of the comments tend to be so out there at times, but once we are willing to see the characters trough the fact that they are mentally broken than all the angst and Melodrama makes absolute sense, Jin-Soo and Eung-Young even when at far they look normal emotional speaking they are abnormal that is the reason why they keep making the choices they do.

    But I must say that at least in Eun-Young’s case she is doing something to move on with her life. We may not like her choice but at least is a choice never the less.

    Eun-Young choosing Ji-Woo is really not of the ordinary the reason being she is the one that came with the idea of the 100 dates not Ji-Won, he went along with what she propose so is not like she or he did this out of character as some people have suggested, by the way Jin-Soo joke on Seung-Yeon shows clearly the Jin-Soo out of the three Characters is the only one that never really change, Seung-Yeon is on her way of becoming a proper writer and Eung -Young is getting married and Jin-Soo all along was drifting from place to place aimlessly no wonder we have this kind of story unfolding before our eyes!!!!!

  91. 91 m a r a

    btw, i was speaking in terms of story logic (a plot needing to make sense from start to finish), not logic based on reality. this is a drama after all.

  92. 92 jun

    I think the biggest problem with CH is that the viewer was lead to believe this drama is about SY and the people around her because she is established as the narrator at the very first episode. Then as the drama progress, and the story becomes more about “The Main Couple” and their issues. Which is fine if that’s the way the story unfolds, but while JS and EY are revealed as complex and layered characters, we don’t get that same depth from SY and the other supporting characters. So now, it becomes “Huh??” (ala Bobby Lee) What are we suppose to make of SY? Is she just a mild side dish to balance out the hot sizzling UST (unresolved sexual tension) between the main couple? She’s not exactly on the same level as JW or DW as a character, but she’s still very one-dimensional like them despite the screen time.

    CH is trying to be a hybrid of angsty romance and light-hearted comedy, but it’s too obviously abrupt. We know that every time JS and EY get together it’s going to be either forced jokes and/or intense confrontations. When SY comes on the scene the poppy song comes on and she blunders around under JS’s ruling thumb. Even with that timeslip, she’s still essentially the same with a new hairstyle, albeit slightly more mature now (at least she knows what she wants for her career).

    Of course this isn’t a problem at all to those who doesn’t care about SY or finds her too silly and cliche of a character. Afterall, it’d be too overwhelming or boring to focus only on JS and EY’s angst all the time. But she was still established as the narrator of said ‘pages’. Which leads me to the other theory of a story within a story and SY IS the author, and she’s written herself in as the omnipresent narrator and the catalyst character who brought main couple together. Of course, the narrator isn’t always necessary the main character, but I have to say, they’re often almost always. Because of this, the undermining of SY and the other characters, I have a hard time accepting the circular angst that has overtaken the story. But I have high hopes that it’ll all be explained and justified by the ending. There’s still potential with four episodes to go!

  93. 93 m a r a


    i agree. SY is the healthiest. she was the “untainted one” since the beginning of the show till the present time. and this is a girl who had lost her mother at a young age and has a cookie family, but it’s a family that obviously nurtured an emotional and mentally healthy state in her. that is why i’m not inclined to have her end up with JS because of his baggage, and also because not once did he ever reciprocate a crush on her. at this time in the game, she deserves someone better. she has a chance to become self-actualized, when the older people around her can’t seem to reach that state despite their wealth.

  94. 94 jun

    Forget to mention thanks for the recap! I love JB’s analysis of post-timeslip JS– How he’s compensating with his outer appearance to appeal to EY, to show her how much he’s ‘changed’. But that during those two years, he’s been missing her, thinking of a way to get back to her, but essentially hasn’t changed at all internally because he hasn’t dealt with his own guilt and issues towards his wife.

  95. 95 Opal

    @87-88, Kay……, you just spelled my thought clearly… I am 100% on boarding with your analysis and POV. I have the same thought of SY and for the rest. I don’t see why people should be offended….it’s freedom of opinion hehe^^.

  96. 96 Amg1

    @ jun, @m a r a I totally agree with you two lady’s.
    That is the same way felt about the Seung-Yeon character from the beginning, she was made the “Center Lead” at first but than after episode 4 was all about the dynamic between the now main couple and she became just a side note, but I also have think about the possibility that she is the one narrating the whole story hence she keeps at arms length as the story unfolds, again even after 2 years Seung-Yeon still she looks as the one that has improve the mos from just being a part time secretary to being the head writer of a morning radio show that is no small feat, it means that she is quite GOOD at what she does other wise she will never be able to maintain that high stress job, and again she still the one that is more emotionally stable after the past 2 years.
    lets hope that the writer makes sense of it all at the end other wise there will be a lot of unhappy people around this place!!!!

  97. 97 xylophonic

    @ 89 mara

    Right. From a viewer’s point of view it would pretty much be a waste of the whole drama if it didn’t happen now, or if they reverted back to their relationship at the beginning of the story. This again, though, is a very good example of how unrealistic ‘dramatic reality’ is, and I guess I should have remembered that. It just occurred to me that any sane people would by now have moved on xD (But actually, hasn’t Eunyoung done that?) But of course we can’t apply our ‘real world’ notions to kdrama land.

    Personally, I’m just afraid now (as a viewer) that Jin-soo will give up and the story will fishtail over to JS/SY. Especially after ep 14, I really hope to see him fighting for her. I think that will be the biggest indication yet that he’s gotten stronger emotionally, and changed for the better. And as for Ji-won, I think he already has (partly) redeemed himself, sticking out as he did the last couple years (again, ALLEGEDLY). Still, we’ll see.

    @ jun

    I always thought that however annoying I found Seungyeon, she has nevertheless an important role in CH; namely, if it hadn’t been for her, Jin-soo and Eunyoung would probably still be in their awkward publisher/writer relationship, their feelings buried deep. As previously mentioned, she is more or less the bridge between the two of them, since they’ve been interacting in this pattern for so long (namely, the last decade) that she was really needed to spur on some development as a pair of fresh eyes.

    I didn’t understand how she’s the narrator though, much less someone who’s ‘written herself in’. I’m not quite sure what you mean. Are you saying that she’s forced herself into their lives and is interfering? Also, how does she narrate? A narrator, to my understanding, usually supplies commentary while the story is progressing. Unless there’s a deeper meaning I’m missing here.

  98. 98 Amg1

    @ Kay. I am the one since PP, that made the observation of how the New Trend of ROM/com/melo was being introduce as a new format PT being the second one and CH the third, the only problem is that unlike the British, French, Japanese, which have been making “Dark Comedy” the British being masters of the genre, in the 2 prior instances and third now with CH I have the gut feeling that they fail at making a smooth transition that being the main reason why all the fans are in an uproar, I really like “Dark Comedy” but if you do not balance it right and insipid mixture as the dramas above where “Logic” is no where to be found that its all we are going to get from the show.
    I just hope that CH is able to pull it off!!!!!
    What needs to take place in order for the ending to work is the fallowing;
    1- Jin-Soo needs to repent for his past behavior and ask for forgiveness, seek proper change as in proper mental care, and subsequent restoration of his relationship with Eun-Young.
    2- Jin-Soo can keep being an “Idiot” and destructive self absorbed “A” Hole and destroy himself and the people close to him in the process.
    Only this two scenarios will make sense any other avenue, will be Lazy Writing, or the inability of the writer to bring a cohesive closing to this story that could potentially be a great one otherwise

  99. 99 jun

    @ Kay
    About your thoughts on SY. Yea, definitely SY is too naive to be realistic, but I follow the sentiments of others that personalities and expressions are exaggerated in drama-land. That aside, SY is finding her way in the world as a young person fresh out of university, which a lot of us who are in our twenties can relate to. I believe that is what’s appealing to those who wish to see more of SY’s story than the so-called Cinderella story concept.

    Your other point comparing SY to EY, who’s the more or less fortunate. That depends on your point of view. In my opinion, I can’t make that comparison because they have their own separate story of where they are and where they want to be in life. Yes, SY is fortunate to have a supporting family, but she and the whole family is also living in the shadow of her mother’s early death. She’s also trying to find herself, who she wants to be, what to work hard for, and to provide a better life for her family.

    Yes, while EY is financially and self secure, she’s also emotionally damaged by JS and JW. But it was her choice, not by cupid’s arrow or whatever, to continue her friendship/interaction with them. She chose to intervene when JS was suicidal, she chose to accept JW’s courtship knowing that she’s still in love with JS. It didn’t just ‘happen’, she made choices. Her life is what she makes of it, as the saying goes, you make the bed you lie in. You can say that it’s unfortunate that the man she fell in love in is this messed up– love is blind and all that, but I think she’s strong enough to overcome that with him. She’s smart enough to realize that he’s ‘damaged’ goods, but she loves him too much to let go. It’s still her choice, the ball has always been in her court.

    To me, SY’s story isn’t just about finding romance, it’s about the start of her life as an adult, and her finding where she fits in. Hence why most of us who want to see more of SY are more indifferent about who’ll end up with who because she’s not deadlock in a love-angst situation like EY. EY’s a woman who’s at the start of her prime as a successful business woman so she’s not struggling to find confidence and a sense of self. But her world isn’t complete without JS, she’s strong enough to live without him, but her heartstrings are always going to be tugged by him.

  100. 100 Amg1

    @xylophonic. If you go back to episode 1 Seung-Yeon at the very beginning she is the one that starts narrating the story, implying to an extent that she may be the main character!!!!

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