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Coffee House: Page 16
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All right, we’re in our last week! Last week was a hectic mess and I fell behind on recaps, but I’m hoping that this week will be much more productive. It’s been a fun ride but I’m ready for this one to wrap up and make way for some new, potentially fun dramas that are on the horizon. (And there are a LOT on the horizon.)


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After recalling her embarrassing drunken behavior, Seung-yeon frets that evening — to call Jin-soo, or not to call? She had apologized for kissing him twice, only to be corrected — it was actually six times. Mortified to be facing him (and her transgressions), she had grabbed her phone from his grasp and tried to escape. Unfortunately, he’d grabbed onto her bag, and she’d had to forgo her bag in order to run away.

Just then, the phone rings, and she jumps in fright to see that it’s Jin-soo. She can’t bring herself to answer the call, so she foists that job on her brother, who says that she’s out and takes a message. Too bad he’s none too bright, because he mumbles, “Noona, give me a pen,” alerting Jin-soo to her lame attempt to avoid him.

Jin-soo leaves the message that if she wants to recover her bag, she will have to bring by a set of documents tomorrow. Among the papers are an explanation for her behavior and a “contract relinquishing one’s body.” The implication is that he wouldn’t be held liable for her safety (it’s not a sexual thing, but rather a danger issue), and she finds this particularly mean of him.

That night, Jin-soo looks over at Seung-yeon’s notebook, trying to ignore it at first and then giving in to his curiosity. As he flips through her notes for a novel idea, he is unexpectedly entertained — they make him laugh, and then, accordingly, a solemn part draws him into a pensive mood.

An excerpt:

Seung-yeon’s notes: Faraway (far away is good!), across the Pacific Ocean (the sea embraces dreams), in the Galapagos archipelago where Darwin’s theory of evolution was born…

After hearing about Jin-soo’s ring purchase, Ji-won puts two and two together, and this puts him into an uncharacteristically somber mood. When he visits Eun-young, he does so without his usual cheesy moves, and he asks her if Jin-soo said “anything particular” to her recently. He’s testing to see how much she knows, while she’s feeling guilty about keeping that whole I-love-Jin-soo-romantically-but-chose-you-because-I-can’t-be-with-him thing a secret. She says no, and Ji-won accepts that with some relief.

The next day, Seung-yeon drops by with the requested (demanded) documents. Jin-soo is out for a morning jog, so she goes inside to wait when a button pops off her shirt. Naturally she must fix it. And naturally Jin-soo must walk in upon her. So saith the Kdrama Comedy Laws.

What I love about this very cliched scenario, however, is Jin-soo’s reaction. Not just the girlish scream he emits, but the way he screams in supposed shock as he takes a closer look (men!). I wonder if he’d blame that on manly instinct too, like he blamed his phone-booth kiss.

Then he turns away rubbing his face in an “Oh, my eyes!” gesture. (A couple seconds and one long stare too late to be convincing, as far as I’m concerned.)

Jin-soo explains why he wanted those documents from her, saying that she’s done pretty well for herself in attracting men, like Dong-wook (who’s now wealthy). How does he know she’s not a gold-digger? This isn’t all an elaborate ploy to get at his money, right? He’s not being entirely serious, again having some fun at Seung-yeon’s expense, but she still finds this unfair and excessive. Especially with him demanding she give up rights over her body — what horrible things does he have in mind?

At that, Jin-soo says she’s got it all backward — the contract is for HER to give up any claim to HIS body. Basically, it’s to keep him “safe” from her unwanted advances, and now Seung-yeon glares at him even more at this unfair charge.

In annoyance, Seung-yeon signs the contract. Jin-soo retrieves her belongings to return to her, but pauses at the sight of her notes. Making the excuse that he just “happened” to see them accidentally, he starts to say he read her idea, and Seung-yeon gets defensive, anticipating that he’ll tear her to shreds.

True to her expectation, he does knock it as shoddily written — but he adds that the idea is good. He finds her concept fresh and entertaining, which is hugely exciting for her to hear. She explains that she thought her idea was pretty good too, but didn’t have the confidence to show it to anyone.

Jin-soo wipes that huge smile from her face with his next statement, which is to offer to buy the idea from her. He explains that even if her idea is sound, she’s still so lacking as a writer that she wouldn’t be able to do it justice till she was forty, at least. He’d be able to take the idea and turn it into a bestseller by next year. Plus, she doesn’t have the time or luxury to travel to the Galapagos Island, whereas he could leave tomorrow.

He offers her 10 million won (approximately $8,000), then ups that to 50 million when she balks ($40,000). Seung-yeon says haltingly that even if it takes her years, she wants to give it a try. Finally, he offers 100 million won ($80,000).

Seung-yeon bursts out that it doesn’t matter, she still wants to keep the idea. She reminds him that he’d told her that being foolish (foolishly stubborn) was her one strength, and that she might succeed if she used that as a guiding principle in her life.

Mention of his old words brings him up short, as he had no idea she’d hold his words so close. He backs down, while Seung-yeon bursts out that of course she would — aside from him, nobody else in her life would bother to give her life advice. He may not remember his words because he’s so cocky and well-off on his own, “But I’ll remember those words all my life and use them as my life’s goals. Don’t make me disappointed in you!”

He accepts her refusal, but says wryly that for a person who supposedly “respects” him so much, she sure was forward in forcing a kiss (or six) upon him. She retorts that that was because she’s foolish — she’s dumb that way, and can’t “act” like she likes somebody without actually developing those feelings.

This abrupt confessions surprises both, and she realizes what she has admitted. Embarrassed, she dashes out, then chides herself for being that frank with Jin-soo.

Time for some Dong-wook interaction, but alas, I fear this will not end well for him. Today is Seung-yeon’s birthday, and she doesn’t have anything planned other than a family dinner (and Grandma would rather she partied with friends — or a guy — instead). Dong-wook offers to buy her a birthday meal, which surprises Seung-yeon because he’d remembered her birthday after all these years. Alas, her surprise comes without any hint of romantic interest, so Dong-wook’s excitement when she agrees to dinner is sad to behold.

Especially since it is quickly dashed. Jin-soo pulls up in his car and tells Seung-yeon he sent her a text message about a birthday dinner. Immediately she perks up and joins Jin-soo, leaving Dong-wook with a perfunctory apology.

However, to her dismay she learns that Jin-soo’s text was about Ji-won’s birthday party — Jin-soo has no idea today is her birthday. He’s just using her as his fake date for the gathering, and she tries to hide her disappointment.

They arrive at the dinner late — purposely, to avoid as much of the tedious festivities as possibly — although still early enough to be forced to sit through most of the evening’s plans.

Eun-young and Ji-won look pretty happy together, and Jin-soo remains quiet for much of the proceedings. He excuses himself and kills time outside in the hallway for much of the party, preferring to remain at a distance.

He runs into Eun-young in the hall, who requests that he remain out of the room for a while. It’s out of bashfulness, because she’s prepared a gift for Ji-won and it’s pretty cheesy so she’d rather not leave herself open for that embarrassment. Jin-soo’s perfectly content to oblige.

The gift turns out to be a magic show with basic tricks, like producing a rose out of a handkerchief. However, this little demonstration is surprisingly moving for Ji-won, who had requested the magic show but never in a million years thought she would actually indulge him.

In response, he unveils a surprise of his own, and grabs Eun-young for a dance as a violinist enters the room, playing that famous tango song, “Por Una Cabeza” from Scent of a Woman. Oh, are we ignoring the fact that this song is obviously a duet while the lone violinist plays an impossible range of notes all by her lonesome? Okay, I guess we are. Would it really have cost you that much more to get a second extra to fake playing the violin?

Ji-won dips Eun-soo in an exaggerated backbend, and Jin-soo picks this very moment to step back inside the room. The sight makes him turn around and head back outside, where Seung-yeon finds him.

Jin-soo is just biding his time until the evening is over, so when he comes back inside he asks if things are over yet. Apologetically, Eun-young mouths that no, Ji-won is doing a treasure hunt to find his birthday gift, and Jin-soo heads back outside.

Ji-won jokingly turns to Seung-yeon to ask if she’s hiding his gift, and she laughingly protests. But he notices her ring, and can’t resist testing out his hunch yet again. He asks when she got the ring, and this unexpected question leaves her stammering for an explanation. She says that Jin-soo gave it to her a month ago in Japan, and that’s a direct contradiction of what he knows — that Jin-soo bought it right after he came back to Korea.

He doesn’t press her beyond that, but Eun-young sees that Seung-yeon is rattled by the question. She sends her an understanding glance, and indicates the ring — it’s a subtle acknowledgment that she knows the ring story is fake and is offering her sympathies.

At the end of the night, Ji-won finds Jin-soo in the hallway, and finally decides how he’ll react. He sits him down for a talk and addresses the issue plainly. (Thanks be! I was afraid they’d draw this out in an extended sequence of angst, with him trying to trap everyone in a lie. It speaks well of Ji-won that he’s being forthright about this.)

Ji-won informs Jin-soo of what he knows, and how he guessed that the ring was for Eun-young. Jin-soo can’t find a way to lie his way out, so he comes clean and admits the truth, although he covers up Eun-young’s part in this and says that she doesn’t know. I suppose you could interpret this in a negative light, but it’s really to preserve Eun-young and Ji-won’s happiness. All dinner long, he has been seeing how content they look together, and it’s easier for Ji-won to think he’s the only one who realizes how Jin-soo feels about Eun-young.

Ji-won explains that he’s very happy these days. Life is good. The first time he was engaged, he and Eun-young had fought all the time, but now they’ve mellowed out. They don’t fight these days — they’ve learned to give and take, and be comfortable.

Ji-won loses a few points with his next statement, but I can’t hold it against him too much as he asks Jin-soo to leave before the wedding. He understands why he came, but now with things the way they are, Jin-soo has nothing to gain by staying her. And Ji-won would feel better not to have him around on his wedding day.

Jin-soo’s hurt is apparent, and even despite his disappointment over losing Eun-young, it means something to be there at her wedding, as she asked him to do. But Ji-won suggests that they both stop upsetting Eun-young now, and makes this request. Jin-soo says, “If you ask, I should go.” He agrees to look into airline flights tomorrow.

This weighs heavily on Jin-soo, who returns to the party in something of a daze. When he enters the room, Eun-young gives Jin-soo a friendly smile, not noticing anything amiss.

His attention is distracted by Seung-yeon’s phone, which lights up with a text message. She’s away from her seat so he looks at the messages — which are all happy birthday messages from her friends.

When it’s time for last words, the other friends pressure him into giving the speech. So he rises, starting out with flowery words. But his words grow more serious as he starts talking about how seeing such people harboring hopes and dreams about protecting what is important to them makes him wish for their wishes to come true.

Something in the way he delivers these words makes the easy smile fade from Eun-young’s face, and she starts to look at him with a stricken expression — perhaps she realizes that this is goodbye, for real. He looks straight at Eun-young and tells her, “I hope you’ll be happy.”

Excusing himself to go to the bathroom, Jin-soo walks out the building instead and leaves alone. Meanwhile, tears start to collect in Eun-young’s eyes as she senses that something is amiss.

As the other party guests filter out, Eun-young looks around for Jin-soo, but by now he’s gone. She finds Seung-yeon waiting alone, and feels apologetic toward her but unable to do anything to fix it. Eun-young says, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

They don’t address the situation directly, but it’s enough to tip Seung-yeon off that Eun-young knows everything and that their dating is a sham. Seung-yeon wonders why Jin-soo bothered with the act if she already knew.

There’s no reason to indicate that Jin-soo will come back for her but Seung-yeon waits, clinging to the belief that he will. It’s her foolish stubbornness kicking in, and even though she doesn’t seem 100% sure he’ll arrive, she stays on the sidewalk anyway.

And sure enough, after some time he pulls up to the curb. She doesn’t hassle him for leaving her behind, and plays down her wait as a short one. As he drops her off, he asks when the first radio guest spot happens, and she tells him that it’s on Saturday.

Seung-yeon finds a curious object in her pocket — a fountain pen with the message HAPPY BIRTHDAY written on it. That explains the awkward moment in the car when he’d suddenly leaned into her — knowing Jin-soo, he couldn’t just give her a simple present but had to sneak it to her to save face.

Excited, Seung-yeon immediately calls Jin-soo to thank him. She’s in cheery spirits, so it takes a moment for her to register his serious, heavy mood as he tells her to never sell her Galapagos idea, and to protect her goal to publish it at age forty, no matter how much money someone offers: “Having something you have to protect is an incredible fortune.”

She starts to understand that he’s saying goodbye as he releases her from the fake-dating agreement, and apologizes for skipping out on the radio guest spot. He promises to repay her some other way.

Seung-yeon cries out that he can’t do this, that he promised to appear, bitterly disappointed. He starts to wave that aside and wrap up the call, but she interrupts, and asks why he came to Korea — why did he fake the relationship? Why bother making her sign the contract? Didn’t he come here with something to protect of his own? He must have a reason for his behavior, even if she doesn’t understand it — so how can he just leave like that? She declares that she has something else to protect other than her novel idea:

Seung-yeon: “You may be difficult to please and constantly lie and not see me as a woman and treat me badly. But in the end your words are right and you’re someone I respect — I want to protect that faith in you.”

Seung-yeon insists that she’ll have faith in him and urges him to make the Saturday radio spot.

When Saturday comes, her co-workers are in emergency mode because nobody believes he’ll make it. They assume that he has already left the country and assemble to come up with a backup plan. Seung-yeon is the lone dissenter who insists upon waiting, certain that she is right and that he will come.

Eun-young hears that the writer’s workshop has been emptied and realizes that Jin-soo has left again. She calls Seung-yeon in miserable spirits, blaming herself for pushing him away by asking too much of him and apologizing to Seung-yeon for the trouble this has caused her.

Seung-yeon sticks to her belief that he will arrive, and there’s an interesting directorial moment as she looks down the hallway at the sound of footsteps. At first the images are the same on both sides of the split screen, but then the reactions diverge — the one on the right continues to look blankly down the hallway, but the one on the left focuses in on an approaching figure. Initially this choice confused me, but now it seems to be the director’s way of showing the two sides of Seung-yeon in this moment. Disappointment mixing with hope, dejection and surprise.

Next thing we know, Jin-soo is calling Ji-won, who is happy to hear from him — at least, until Jin-soo clarifies that he’s calling from Seoul. That makes Ji-won’s face fall as he registers the significance of that, and Jin-soo tells him that he’s sorry he couldn’t obey Ji-won’s request, and although he understands how he feels, “There’s something I have to protect, too.”

Ji-won asks cautiously, “What… are you protecting?” Jin-soo answers, “A lot of things. One by one.”

With that, he hangs up the phone and the camera pulls back — he’s in the radio station, about to begin his guest spot

The screen splits four ways this time, to show us Ji-won furrowing his brow in frustration, Eun-young crying out of guilt and remorse, Seung-yeon cheering Jin-soo on, thrilled that her faith in him was not unfounded, and Jin-soo readying to “protect” the first of his goals (that being Seung-yeon’s unwavering trust in him).


Okay, this episode brought me back to the conviction that Eun-young and Jin-soo will have a happy ending. At the end of the previous episode I was thinking an open ending wouldn’t be so bad — and I’d still accept one — but in this episode, Eun-young is jolted out of her conviction that this is the life she wants.

I still believe that there’s far more to marriage and commitment than a romantic compatibility, which makes her engagement to Ji-won understandable. Like Ji-won says, they’ve all grown up and mellowed out, and he’s very content with this life. Eun-young also seems content with her compromise — and it IS a compromise — until she’s faced with the prospect that she hurt Jin-soo again.

The fact that Ji-won finds out the truth works for this line of thinking, because at this point he’s the one who has the best chance of letting go and allowing the two lovers to be together. I feel like there’s too much hurt and history for any two out of these three to be in a relationship without the third one’s blessing — which is why both Eun-young and Ji-won were relieved when Jin-soo seemingly approved. I think that allowed Eun-young to continue, until it became clear how much he’s hurt by it and that throws her into emotional disarray. So in a similar way, I think an Eun-young/Jin-soo pairing requires Ji-won’s approval. Ultimately.

I have to say that one of the things I like about Coffee House is how very flawed the characters are while still being very likable. The incident with Seung-yeon’s Galapagos Island story is one such example, because frankly I thought Jin-soo was an ass for trying to buy it from her. He didn’t force her and he wasn’t being unfair or sneaky about it so there’s no illegal shenanigans going on, but as her mentor and (sometimes) role model, it almost feels like an abuse of trust. So that wasn’t his most shining moment.

But that is a necessary beat, and Seung-yeon’s refusal actually teaches him something important, something that recharges him at the end of the episode. That there are some things worth protecting. And that he has something worth protecting, too. When he was giving the birthday speech, he spoke as though he were the odd man out, that everyone else had something beautiful worth protecting. He echoes that sentiment when saying his goodbyes to Seung-yeon, acting like she’s blessed for having something whereas he doesn’t.

But she reminds him that he does, too, and I love that his flawed moment earlier on turns into a teaching moment. The drama isn’t afraid to make its hero less than perfect, and allows him to make big epiphanies about his own shortcomings, which I appreciate.


75 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. sora

    And yet once again I’m not convinced with the movement of the plot.

    This drama just didn’t do it for me.

  2. JiHwan

    I find it sort of weird that Coffee house is ending on 18 episodes rather than 16. Of course, I’m not complaining since I’m loving every second of it. It’s unlikely that Seung Yeon/Jin Soo will end up together, and I’m fine with that, but I really can’t help enjoying their moment together. The last two episodes have been a treat to watch because they’re filled with SY/JS moments.

  3. stacey

    First comment! Nice recap, dramabeans!
    I hope Eun-young and Jin-soo get together by the end <3

  4. MEL

    Thanks JB, it’s the final 2 episodes… so, the struggle is who JS will end up with, is it EY or SY… JS comes back and rocks the boat or not? Many has said that the SY/JS ship–is almost non-existent. It’s quite a ride.. EY set JS free during their last farewell. EY stated, I will be happy, I will move on and you–JS are free to do as you will. Sooo, EY tells JS choice#2–LIE!!! EY will go on even if her heart is endlessly broken by the unrequited love she has for JS. SY, goes along with JS’s lie–and attempts to mislead EY. EY moves on with her plans to marry JW, why oh why–self sacrifice, self preservation in the muddle/confusion that is JS. It’s her head not her heart that rules the day. Will EY be swayed when she finds out the truth? Even in strength for self preservation in avoiding facing the bond/love EY has for JS, she ultimately faces love heartbroken. But what really is strength? Does EY have strength to go on life without JS or just drop everything and have strength to live with JS. Either way, EY will lose something, hurt herself as well as others. Is JS really worth it? Is it worth the trouble that JS continues with his lie and summons SY to join him to mislead EY.

    SY who should be grown up and has also moved on without JS. Are these two women to be swayed by JS again after a 2 year absence? So, we are in for a ride as to who is stronger. EY to continue with self preservation away from JS or true love with JS. Is JS going to fight for EY or leave her alone with her current life headed towards JW? SY, is she going to fight for JS or let him go to EY. Is SY going to help JS realize what it is he really wants. Life with the love of his life or life as he always has, escape away where there will be no EY waiting to always cheer him on… Can they really be lovers or now be strangers? Who will have strength to sacrifice, who will have strength to fight for love? Will the PD give us happiness? I hope so… It’s been a really, really bumpy ride!!

    JB and Girlfriday–thanks once again for the great insight with the recaps… am always a fan..

  5. soysauce

    Thank you for the recap JB! I, too, have hopes for EY/JS couple at the end of this episode. Only 2 more episodes left, and I’m sooo anxiousss!!!!!
    Ever since your comment about the phone serving as a bridge between EY and JS, I’ve been noticing it constantly, like when they had that talk before JS went into his first radio show, and she picked her choice using a text message. These subtle motifs in Coffee House make me stop and think when I notice them. It’s a very nicely written drama, but not so deeply literally-inclined that make the average viewers confused and stressed out like The World They Live In.

  6. Hooi

    wah JB you are so deep… Ya I love this drama because they make the hero not perfect and that make the character real..And I love all 4 of them ..
    PSY really come a long way, ..I rejected her since my girl, and start to accept her in The story of a Man and now love her in Coffee House..KJH is needless to say, he is great ; JW is a character that you cant hate and SY I am glad she is the cupid after all..

  7. Buki

    I have to say, I feel terrible for Dong Wook. SY at this point should know he has feelings for her and the way she constantly dismisses him is heartbreaking. She still has not apologized for standing him up and his birthday. I’m not asking that she fake feeling that aren’t there, at least sincerely apologize to him. She complained about JS treating her as an inanimate object, and that’s exactly how she treats our poor boy DW

  8. Neige

    Finally they give SY character some depth. Ham EunJung is a very promosing actress. The split scene when she’s waiting for JS is done extremely well. Kudos to her!

  9. ripgal

    Loved JS’s scream when he bumped into SY in the toilet. Only KJH can do that. He’s really a master. haha..

  10. 10 lettuce

    the end of this episode regains my faith in EunSoo. even so, i’ve been at peace with whatever the ending will be (unless if someone dies, which is highly improbable), and Jinsoo + Seungyeon scenes were great and refreshing, especially after those sorrowful lovers. Their scenes are light and enjoyable and reminiscence of the beginning of dramas where they all pretend to be cheerful and happy and hook, line, sinker you into the wretched doomsday ahead. At the end of the day I hope the writer will treat Dong Wook well.

    btw when I tried to go to Viikii’s Coffee House page it says “Invalid Channel”. *gasp* my world just crashed down. i hope this is really just a mistake.

  11. 11 dramafan88

    I want a Jin-Soo and Eun Young pairing and happy ending!! Please!

    Thanks for the recaps! Can’t wait for the last two!

  12. 12 grasya

    thanks for this!

    oh JB, i’m so happy you think we might have a happy EunSoo ending!

    tonight’s the night!

    EunSoo, aja aja hwaiting!

  13. 13 momosan

    I thought Jin Soo was testing her with the offer to buy the story, not that he actually wanted it, but gauging her commitment to being a writer. The screams – priceless. 😎

  14. 14 Sukispop

    JB, thanks for the great recap and insight.

    I must admit that, for much of the length of this running drama, I was kind of hoping that Seung-yeon would somehow end up with Jin-soo. Even in the shadow of what was obviously a long standing love between Eun-young and Jin-soo, I was still hoping for the long shot to happen. I just loved how Seung-yeon and Jin-soo interacted together, and how she managed to make him smile, laugh, and actually enjoy the moment.

    But, now that I’m 99.75% sure that it will indeed be an “EunSoo” ending, I’m now focusing on really hoping that Seung-yeon will have her own kind of happy ending. She certainly deserves it, and it would be a fitting and satisfying conclusion for those of us who loved watching her grow and develop as an individual and budding professional career woman. Ham Eun-jung did a very good job in her role, imho. While her character brings to mind similar characters that Park Shin-hye and Yoon Eun-hye have portrayed in past dramas, Ham Eun-jung brings her own blend of appealing and adorable traits to her role as Seung-yeon to set it apart from the rest.

    I look forward to the final two episodes with anticipation and hope.

  15. 15 dramacafe

    As always, thanks JB for your recaps.

    I, too wondered about what that SY split screen was about and you helped me understand it means. 🙂

    With this episode, the EunSoo ship has come afloat again when it almost sank in EP15.

    My favorite scene was the speech that JS gave because it was so heartfelt. Next of which is the scene with SY convincing JS to show up at the radio station program.

    Same with you, I like how the characters are very flawed in this drama.

    Also, I’ve grown to love how we’re smacked into the middle of the JS/EY love story instead of the typical drama where we see how the usual love story developed from the beginning. However, with Coffee House it’s refreshing that we see how a couple became apart, struggles to be apart and now continues to have that inner struggle to be together albeit present circumstances preventing them from being so.

  16. 16 mellowyel

    i heart this episode. for a second there i was sure Jinsoo would just leave and end it all, but then i realized there were still 15 minutes left in the episode, lol. I think that moment was interesting because it was partially self-sacrifice – I’ll Leave So That You Can Live Better in the words of G.NA – but it was also accepting defeat in that he realized that he had no place in the life that Jiwon and Eunyoung were trying to have. I personally hate it when characters give up what they most want for the benefit of someone else, (or for no good reason whatsoever, *ahem*Jinho*cough*) because no one’s that selfless, and they make it seem heroic as opposed to spineless, which is what it would be in real life.* So I like that Seungyeon calls him out on that.

    I wonder if Jinsoo realizes that it means a lot to Eunyoung for him to be at the wedding. She realizes, belatedly, that she hurt him because he ostensibly leaves again. She wants him to stay, obviously because she loves him, but also because, as you said JB, for Jiwon and Eunyoung to be happy, Jinsoo needs to approve of their union. His leaving indicates that he doesn’t, and alerts her to the fact that she’s done wrong by him and possibly that her feelings for him run deeper than she thoughy. The question is: now that he’s still around, which will she state as her reason for being happy/relieved? I mean obviously she won’t feel guilty anymore, but now that she knows his feelings and hers, she has to make a decision. Because if she keeps lying to herself, and having Jinsoo lie to her, this drama won’t end.

    I’ve been alternating reading recaps and watching episodes for this show, but I’m definitely going to have to watch it from the beginning again. The comedic moments in this episode are priceless. Also, poor Dongwook! Jinsoo and Eunyoung should get together already so that Seungyeon can move on to Dongwook and let cuteness abound 🙂 I feel like she was on the verge of realizing he liked her too, before Jinsoo interrupted. Give the boy some love, Show!

  17. 17 mellowyel

    @ 10 lettuce

    I had trouble accessing the channel on Viikii too, but you can watch the Viikii videos via mysoju.com without any trouble

  18. 18 Dara

    As I come to think about JS, He’s married once and fell miserably with his ex-wife committed suicide (or accident). I guess it takes guts to propose or make commitment again. So I understand why he took two years to come to his decision for EY. I would say EY and JS are trying their best for the wedding knowing their timing is wrong, they are willing to endure it.

    What I don’t quite understand is why JW have to ask JS to leave before the wedding? Why JW suddenly loses confidence if JS sticks around? The one reason to me is that he understands perfectly the nature of EY and JS relationship, how important of these two to each other.

    A person can endure so much, asking JS to leave is like pushing him to the edge. I felt so sad in this particular scene where JS had to walk back into the party, feeling empty, delivering the last touching ‘wish you happiness’ words yet sounded so sad. For such a lonely man, losing his love life and been cast out at the same time must be very painful and totally lost.

    The scene where EY started to cry ,knowing JS’s nature, is the moment her wall to protect her wedding starts trembling down and I don’t blame her at all.
    It seems these three are so well emotional connected, even JW got so pale when asked JS to leave. They have so complicate love/hate relationships and the writer didn’t share it with us until now. I’m quite relieved ,now we can hope for the truth, finally.

  19. 19 Dara

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  20. 20 crazedlu

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    open ending one: none of them end up together but there’s a good close to all stories, if that’s even possible, and i think it is

    open ending two: none of them end up together but there’s indication that sometime later in life, eunyoung and jinsoo will get together

    i know.. not so open, but eh.

  21. 21 sweet_angelle072000

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  22. 22 sweet_angelle072000

    Hmmm… I just wanna share this. I’ve read from soompi that the preview for todays (last episode) contains a confession from JS. He actually said the three words to EY. I love you. Finally! LOL!

  23. 23 sweet_angelle072000

    Oh! By the way I don’t think CH is a bad drama. It’s actually the opposite. It’s great. It made people fell for the characters in it and emotional and can I say mentally involved? LOL! I’ve heard and read so much comments of being near insanity because of this kdrama. And honestly speaking? They’re right. Especially to those person/people who are deeply touched and involved in it like myself. Hehe… 😉

  24. 24 abyan

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  25. 25 cheanne

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    tonight will be the final episode for coffee house.. hope js and ey will be together…

  27. 27 carmona

    I’ve always been a Eun Young fan, but Seung Young totally won me over in the end. She managed to do the one thing Eun Young couldn’t, and that’s to make Jin Soo willingly sit through an interview. No tricks, no coercion, no bribes. That’s gotta mean something.

  28. 28 yen_nguyen

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    Today ep 17 is out but I even don’t want to give it a try, I’m afraid that it could destroy my day. ^^ Maybe I’ll check them (2 last eps) later.

  29. 29 kc

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    I sincerely felt what JS had said to EY “Be Happy”. I felt that it whas his real wish for her. And I thought it should have ended there. But Kdrama is kdrama and they stick with what the audience wants so Im guessing both EY & JS will have a happy ending.

    And Kudos for PSY, shes improving. This character is her forte! She better explore more into it. Her facial responces has been well, Limited at times but still able to somewhat deliver what requires of her.

  30. 30 JAM

    This drama is not doing anything for me either. However, I like the complexity of the characters. Just not bought into the romantic pairings. I’m ready for this show to finish and move on. Thanks again JB, always look forward to your recaps/comments. 🙂

  31. 31 IrishCreme

    Carmona – I agree with you.

  32. 32 jeankaycee

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    im excited to wrap up this drama as it have been so entertaining to watch. having its hero’s to be flawed were one of the things that i love about this show, it makes the show more relatable, more effective in showing its context and tapping into the emotions.

    as javabeans words, its really a breathe of fresh air to have this kind of drama that wasnt so traditional in putting the couples together. or even the angst starts from traditional situations the interactions of the characters makes them so different.

    whatever ship remains afloat at the end of the drama, whether EY/JS or SY/JS or neither of the two, i think i’ll still be happy ‘coz this show has satisfying in telling its story.

    cant wait for the ending!!!!
    hope its worth all the wait!

  33. 33 lee_june

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    You’re right! SY-JS has his unique relationship that you wish could develop more romantically. I so hope for this two to end up together!

  34. 34 Fafa

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  35. 35 what is

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    Actually the ending I see happening is Eun young and Ji won, with Jin Soo’s approval. PERHAPS Seung young and Jin Soo remain just friends. (but maybe not… I’m really feeling a huge push to get seung young and jin soo together!) ahhhh!!!

  36. 36 CHaddict

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    I guess I can understand JS and EY’s attitudes because of the tragedy in the past. But they are both living in lies for 12 years, 16 episodes and counting. Honestly, they think they know each other well but they don’t. They are very obvious. But still, they lie to try to protect each other when it only hurts more.

    It’s really good SY is in this or I would have given up looong time ago. Though JS is harsh on her, she takes it positively and learn and grow from it. And it is new for Jinsoo that it is SY that would open his mind and heart for what’s really important and how to act on it. I also hope JS/SY will be given a time- like both of them go to Galapagos Island???And develop their romance?? Or maybe this is just my wishful thinking because heartbreak will continue up to final epi.

    I really hope Jinsoo will act more appropriately this time.

  37. 37 Ashley

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    I love that this show can have moments like that even in the ending stretch. Sometimes dramas get too bogged down in angst at the end.

    I just love this drama so much. The characters are so real. I really care about them, and I wanted EY and JS to work it out not because some drama gods have deemed their love to be true and everlasting, but because the characters really seem to need each other.

  38. 38 kaedejun

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    i just want to hear at the end of this series (or shown in some manner) JS saying, “i want SY as my secretary/assistant/pro” because that’s one goal that SY has yet to achieve.

  39. 39 missy

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  40. 40 haezi

    I, too, was hoping for a SY/JS pairing since they are too cute together but it does seem like javabeans prediction will be true. it’s okay. i like EY, too, but felt that her scenes with JW and especially his parents made it appear that she was doing more than just settling. in any case, i’m waiting for the last episode with anticipation.

  41. 41 nuffsaid

    Having finished the series…

    *Start of rant*
    I , for one, am glad it is over. Apart from the SY/JS scenes, I would have given this up about episodes 8 or so. I just find both JS and EY both increasingly annoying with the should I/ I can’t/ can he/ he won’t dynamic. P*** me off to no end.

    They may have emotional scars and psychological baggage but don’t we all? The extent of the pushing and pulling (and the inevitable involvement of innocent bystanders in their indecisiveness) just makes me want to get on screen and slap some sense into them.

    Roll on next drama and praying that the writers actually earn their keep and write a decent plotline.
    *End of rant*

    Ahh, feeling much better now. Sorry for offending anyone… just had to get it off my chest. Happy again.

  42. 42 grasya

    [DELETED SPOILER -javabeans]

  43. 43 elisa

    ugh. can we please not have a jinsoo/eunyoung pairing @ the end ㅠ-ㅠ…
    i really don’t like it when other ppl’s happinesses are compromised just so we can stick the to leads together. i mean she’s getting married, ji won waited 2 years for her, she actually has a relationship with her inlaws…
    it’s so unrealistic. and it doesn’t even feel like eunyoung is unhappy right now.

    this whole happily ever after thing would be such a scam.

  44. 44 diane

    I have no idea how this is going to turn out. I’m not sure if anyone is going to get together.
    I have come to like SY’s character and her interaction with JS. They both learn from each other. She remembers everything he taught her, which I think suprises and shocks him. She is teaching him life lessons too and he is slowly learning.

    In other words, they are each others greatest teachers. Hope I said that right.

  45. 45 Lahlita

    @ 42 graysa : You do realize that you just gave away the ending to the whole darned drama, right? I haven’t seen the finale yet or even episode 17 because it hasn’t been subbed on Viikii. And if Javabeans’ recap for episode 17 isn’t out, then I know she hasn’t seen the finale yet either. And now you’ve just told us and any other readers who may have been holding out to watch it spoiler-free how the show ended. Not. Cool.

    @ Pipit, if you’re out there : Thank you for the sweet compliment you left me in your episode 15 comments, lady. I was touched by your kindness. I wish I could accept your kind words as my due, but as you can see, I can also be a bit of a whinging wench. *Sigh*

    @ Javabeans : Just the usual. Thanks for the recap and for your insights. You are a goddess.

  46. 46 CW

    I actually didn’t think he was trying to buy the story from her – I think he was just teasing her.

  47. 47 riceballer

    fabulous recap! i enjoyed the few points you made at the end about how the hero shows its flaws and isnt always perfect, and how seungyeon and jinsoo learn from each other.
    i was always hoping for a SY/JS couple, but who knows? this drama is quite unpredictable!
    i cant wait to watch the last 2 episodes!

  48. 48 MsGuccibabie

    I think that because Coffee House doesn’t have that “he-better-not-end-up-with-her-or-i’ll-kill-myself” element the show is not really on the mind like it should be. Although i really dig the cast, especially Kang Ji Hwan (loooove him!!!), the fact that i actually wouldn’t care if JS ends up with EY or SY, or if SY ends up with DW, or even if EY marries JW (especially since he grew up…alot!) makes the show unmemorable. Months later i may forget all about this show.

  49. 49 javabeans

    Yeah, spoilers aren’t cool people. I can put up with little ones, but the ones talking about the ultimate ending? That ruins things for other viewers.

  50. 50 nanner

    it really seems like it might not be either now.
    You can love someone deeply, even be together, and still things just don’t work out right.
    JS history with EY is something they can’t really ever escape , and neither one really seems able to make the other happy. I think if he ends up with her they will both still be stuck in the past, weighted down. everything around them is always so HEAvY, like its hard to breath. can you imagine living the rest of your life like that with someone? eventually the weight of everything would just press you to the ground.
    his relationship with SY is still more mentor/ student. Now that she pointed it out, perhaps he will start seeing her more as a woman but it would take something really abrupt to turn those things around. with SY there isn’t anything holding him down or keeping him stuck, (nothing but himself). He can laugh without being overshadowed by all those memories, and he does genuinely seem to enjoy her company.
    i wonder if the drama might not end with him coming back to korea and being greated by a woman we never really see clearly, or somthing like that.

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