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Action-fantasy film Jeon Woo Chi gets a drama series
by | August 30, 2010 | 59 Comments

Kang Dong-won‘s 2009 fantasy action-adventure film Jeon Woo Chi is getting a drama series, to be produced by the company Chorokbaem (Green Snake) Media.

This could be cool, as the movie was a hit (it logged 6 million theater admissions) and was based on a premise with great potential. Jeon Woo Chi is a classical novel of unknown origin dating to the Joseon era that tells the story of a free-wheeling, mischievous Jeon Woo Chi (Kang Dong-won in the film), who swallowed the gumiho’s fox bead, which gave him powers of Taoist magic. He uses those powers to save the poor, oppressed people and becomes a hero.

In the drama series, we’ll be seeing a lot of the characters from the original novel, which includes the lower rungs of society like scam artists, bandits, and gisaengs.

Chorokbaem Media has a number of sageuk and fusion hits to its name, including Jumong, Kingdom of the Wind, Chuno, and Iljimae. Chorokbaem VP Kim Seung-wook said, “There are numerous hero stories out there, but it’s rare to have one as cheery and sparkling as Jeon Woo Chi. We look forward to showing a new type of hero in the drama.” There are also plans to reinterpret some of the Joseon era’s most famous figures, such as Hwang Jini.

Here’s the trailer for the 2009 movie version, which added a contemporary bent by having the reckless hero locked up in a scroll for 500 years. He is released into present-day Korea to use his powers to defeat goblins that are wreaking havoc.

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59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    and who will play the lead?

  2. naila2u

    That is wonderful, I really loved the movie.

    I hope they do a good Job choosing the leads!!!

  3. bjharm

    well not surprise really

  4. Madita

    It would be great if Kang Dong-won would play in the drama version too.

    I like him very much, he is a fine and carizmatic actor

    Or at least, he should play in an other TV drama again. Preferable in a rom-com again πŸ™‚

    • 4.1 gala

      what was his last drama? Magic? he’s focused too much on the big screen, the small screen misses him [and technically my computer screen! heh]

      it’d be really great if he reprises the role, but dude should be preparing for the army soon. le sigh.

    • 4.2 sokinsella

      totally agree..

  5. rainerust

    I LOVED this movie! Watched it on a plane, and it was so freaking awesome the person sitting next to me peered surreptitiously at what I was watching and switched to that too LOL

    Oooh, can they PLEASE get Kang Dong Won to act in it? The boy’s got heaps of movies, but a lack of dramas for me to drool over.

    Although…there are quite a few young promising upstarts I wouldn’t mind watching either…

    • 5.1 bubbic

      Hey~ I watched this on a plane too!!! Such a coincidence!

      T’was A pretty long haul flight and this movie kept me at the edge of my seat!
      Full of suspense. Was a really exciting show.

      And Yesss~! It’d be great if KDW played the lead in the drama version…
      I’ve missed him so… I think the last time I saw him in a drama was in ‘Something about 2%’…

      • 5.1.1 Zie

        xD The last I saw him in drama is also in that drama (which by the way called “something about 1%” xD). It was one of my first Kdrama and I was totally head over heel over him. I just love the way he hug the girl and the way he drinks. *wild Imagination and squishy heart* xD

        LOL Him in that drama is the reason why i want tall guys. So, he will be able to hug me the way Kang Dong Won did in that drama…. hahahahaha xD

        • bubbic

          Oh yess! THAT! “Something xx%” drama!
          Was so long ago that I can’t even remember the name correctly… *embarassed*

          *sighs, how could I ever forget the drama that made me fall in love with him in the first place~! πŸ˜€

      • 5.1.2 mimie

        woah!….seriously, i’ve watched this movie on a plane too during my trip to korea.

        and back home i’ve watched the movie more than 6 times..

        i just love the story…and KDW too (^^)

  6. Kender

    Omfg, that’s exciting. πŸ˜€ I wonder who they’d get to play the title character? KDW is so, so so so good in the film. D:

  7. jean

    is Kang Dong Won going to be the lead? and the Im Soo Jung as the lead girl?

    are they going to use any characters from the movie in the drama?..

    sorry lots of questions.. love to know all of this.. coz i am excited and i love the movie.. anticipating the drama.. :]

  8. sansukini

    awesome. love this movie.

  9. pengork

    yeah i’d love kang dong won too even though i haven’t seen the movie. :3 and just as much, im soo jung! GIRLCRUSH. she has the most amazing face ever.

  10. 10 eclipse

    This character is belong to Kang Dong Won! He`s so good portraying Jeon Woo Chi, i particularly love the way he talk, playing around with his tone of voice..I reaaaalllyy hope he`ll play in the drama also..

  11. 11 Jenny

    The movie was hilarious, Kang Dong Won was so cute but had a mischevious side as well.
    This sounds great!

  12. 12 manjari

    would love it if KDW plays the lead, but isn’t he up for /already in military service?

  13. 13 Shindora

    Yay!!! LOVE the movie!! It was so funny!!
    Would be great if they can keep the same feel in the drama..

  14. 14 Gumiwho ?

    Gumiho…Again ? XD

  15. 15 Zie

    xD I can’t wait! I love the Movie ^^

    Btw… Who’s gonna act as the lead? I hope Kang Dong Won will be… >_< Thou, I doubt it. It has been long since he is in a drama.

    • 15.1 Zie

      Btw… ONE more thing! Does the drama’s lead gonna talk like the how Kang Dong Won did in the Movie? lol Cause I love the accent (?) there… xD

      I can still hear it in my head the way he talked..


      • 15.1.1 Viola

        No, that is not weird of you at all!I can still hear his “what is a wizard” speech in my head, even though I don’t speak a word of Korean. The innotations of his words were so lovely! His voice gives me the shivers.
        I want to ask, is that any specific regional accent or is that how they spoke during that time?

        • Zie

          LOL Glad to hear that… xD

          >_<" I'm not sure myself bout that.. Maybe someone else know bout it but my guess is that it is regional accent.

  16. 16 mika

    it seems a few of us (me included) watched this on long haul flights. i loved it! i hope the drama will be equally interesting.

  17. 17 mΓΌge

    the movie was on my to-watch list but I was unsure when to watch. after JB news, today I’lll watch it!

  18. 18 Tracie

    Honestly the movie was not up to my expectations
    but i still give credits for it as it is the only first action film by korea producers
    the drama i hope there is more twist and comedy in it
    the movie suppose need alot of some good stories but it totally ruined when the girl is also pocessed
    im kind of loss my curiousity in chasing the film till the end
    Wanted cast :
    Actors – Some newbies xD
    Actress – Newbies as well
    been watching newbies for quite awhile and they did work well hope to see more future work for them

    • 18.1 Leona

      main cast was everything but no noobies… however if an actor isn’t in a kdrama that doesn’t mean that they don’t have serious works in their resumes …try to search the cast on hancinema drama wiki usually keeps the records of the kdramas and less the kmovies

  19. 19 momosan

    The movie was cuter than puppies. 😎 Seriously. I inflicted it on the family last week and it entertained all with the silly. Which is saying something….
    (Okay – so I also think KDW is cuter than puppies, but the rest of the family doesn’t suffer from my particular k-actor afflictions)

    • 19.1 celestialorigin

      Oh, yes! I sure was entertained by it! Loved the lore, lov KDW!

  20. 20 Hipployta

    Oohhh…I didn’t even know he made this movie…*goes off to watch it*

  21. 21 Jasminee

    I’ve seen the movie three times. It was great! Kang Dong Won should be the lead, liked the accent a lot and he was really funny. If KDW gets the role, count me in!!!

  22. 22 Keylye

    I really enjoyed the movie, so I hope the drama is as much fun. Though the likelihood of KDW being the lead again… *sigh*

  23. 23 aardvarksmile

    I see I’m not the only one opting for KDW in this drama :). Though, if I’m not wrong, he said he hated making dramas as the pace of work is so fast and it often challenges the quality, hence his affiliation to big screen.
    Now let me indulge in fantasizing: Instead of KDW we get No Min Woo πŸ™‚ …

    • 23.1 Leona

      waw you’re not the only one dreaming at this possibility

      I love to bits KDW but I’m pretty sure that he won’t go with the drama…because he experienced low ratings with his last kdrama Magic(and maybe pretty bad reviews)

      even No Min Woo can be creepy and sweet at the same time(and that was said by my sis who doesn’t know klala land or MGIAG at all and saw him only in facebook pics) – he is not as experienced as KDW is, but both are soooo handsome with androgyn vibes … and even I love to death both of them … there will be who_knows_who_another_actor who we might love as WOOCHI

      is it me or Woochi’s accent is a combination of saturi with Seoul accent?KDW is lived in Busan
      (the accent part I don’t trust NMW yet… his lines still sounds a little too careful with pronunciation or delivery… or it might be just the actual role however as antiHERO is doing a very good job right now … so for now iI would like 1KDW as WooChi or 2NMW as WooChi but is only wishful thinking)

  24. 24 Julie

    This is so weird. i’ve just seen this movie the other day and now this news. i’m happy that theyre making this into a drama. i absolutely loved the movie!

  25. 25 ohemgee

    as my name above states, OHEMGEE!

    i LOVED “jeon woo chi” and am definitely into the idea of it being turned into a drama series…especially another wonderful fusion sageuk! they really would need someone as charismatic as KDW though!

    ooh i am so excited-i’ll be looking forward to updates, JB!

  26. 26 asianromance

    I really liked the movie!! The only thing negative about it is that I felt that too much time was spent in the past and in the buildup. I was expecting more scenes of Jeon Woo Chi getting to know the modern world. Hopefully the drama will do something about that!

  27. 27 wantMOARkdrama

    This is great news! Yes, it has lots of potential, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for it πŸ˜‰

  28. 28 kou

    I love KDW to bits. He’s such a gorgeous and insanely charismatic man. I highly doubt that he’ll also take part in the drama so I’m curious to see who they would cast.

    But man I love KDW.

  29. 29 Carmie

    Joo Won should play the lead. He looks like Kang Dong Won and I wanna see him play a role where he isn’t evil.

  30. 30 crysalide

    I watched it on the BIG SCREEN in my Country! (btw it’s Malaysia). Loved Loved Loved KDW and ISJ but was rather dissapointed that they didn’t make the scene longer between those two.

    the 3 Guardians (one of it was in Prosecutor Princess & another in Bad Guy!) and that dog (Kim Hye Soo’s man) of Jeon Woo Chi was also hillarious.

    I want KDW, ISJ and all the cast to reprise theri role!. but as somebody already mention, he’s preparing for army and I wouldn’t think he’ll EVER come bacj to the small screen. and that includes ISJ. tsk tsk.

    hope it’s not like movies adaption of TAZZA (loved the movie CSW & KHS weee) & FRIENDS

  31. 31 dannaluk

    To be fairly honest i didnt understand the movie that much and i think it was a problem with the subs…bt i dont care i still loved it as it was funny and i lovve anything with KDW in it so go figure…I would love to have him in a drama any drama not just this and it would eb ohenomenal if it recasts Im Soo Jung too

  32. 32 crabapple

    this would be awesome !! The movie was good and entertaining. I hope that the drama series of it will be just as entertaining as the movie.

  33. 33 mellowyel

    that movie looks amazing! *runs off to find it*

    i love these type of storylines, so i’ll probably watch the drama too – BRING IT ON!

  34. 34 Koreandramasrock

    This sounds AMAZING!!! I would LOVE to watch a drama version…
    *runs to find it*

  35. 35 spuf

    I thought the movie was pretty average, but if KDW reclaims the lead role then I’ll watch. He made it bearable.

  36. 36 RujakCingur

    I LOVE the movie and it being a drama will also as entertaining as the movie if they cast KDW and the rest of the cast in it, but we know that’s impossible, so my hope is they choose the right actor/actress to play the roles,.

  37. 37 Ani

    Whoa! That was one hell of a trailer. Now I must set out on a quest to find it, and watch it.

  38. 38 bjharm

    Kang Dong Won lol well I did not even know he was the silent guy in the film Duelist even though I liked that film and seen it more than once, the only thing that stood out about him really was he’s the Guy who’s voice made Jang Nara go weak at the knees.
    It would be an easy return to TV if he did take the role I guess, but if he is not after a return to TV I can not see him doing the same role again.

  39. 39 Spogmai

    I doubt Wonnie would pick up the drama role. As another poster here already stated, he himself has squashed the hopes of a future drama role.

    And since KDW (regretfully) isn’t going to be in this or any other drama role, I don’t see myself following this production.

    I’ll just watch JWC a few more dozen times.

  40. 40 vrosemarie

    This looks exciting!! Loved the movie!! Confusing sometimes but boy, do I love my Kang Dong Won!!

  41. 41 weissman

    For some strange reason I like it when the gobblins and gumiho’s are just misunderstood and are not bad guys. I.e. the current two series dealings with Gumiho’s

    • 41.1 Leona

      but Woochi wasn’t that missunderstood- he is behaving pretty badly-smokes,loves women, drinks and he speaks quite rudely ….he’s not a saint as we would expect from a hero-he is the definition of anti hero in klala land

      • 41.1.1 weissman

        anti hero are good also

  42. 42 Suri Ann

    I love woo chi!! The story was sooo hilarious!!
    Yes!, I want Kan Dong Wan & Im soo jung to play the lead!!

  43. 43 starletbang

    omg i loved this movie so much.
    i can’t see how theyre going to drag this out to 16 episodes though.

    • 43.1 Anonymous

      they don’t need to drag…they need to develop the story or some points of the plot-like life in Joseon era and some of Woochi’s adventures-even this wasn’t the case…. but don’t you ever feel that a kmovie is too choppy or undeveloped?(like missing scenes?….I usually have the taste:ONLY THAT?

      the intro of the movie-I would see material for at least 6 episodes … then the love story another 5 and modern days adventures.. another 5 eps(however I would combine the all 3)…so here we go with another fusion drama

  44. 44 Fatemeh

    I know that Kand Dong Won doesn’t like working on TV series but I do hope he would play the role.

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