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Bad Guy: Episode 14
by | August 3, 2010 | 103 Comments

Episode 14: wherein girlfriday drowns. Seriously. Watch out for the plot holes. I’m sinking in them.


Gun-wook finds Secretary Kim waiting outside his door, and Gun-wook says he knows who’s been visiting his parents’ grave. At the same time, Madam Shin meets with her housekeeper, to ask her about her hunch that Tae-sung 1.0 and Gun-wook are one and the same. She recounts her caramel theory, and Madam Shin flips her lid.

Gun-wook has brought Secretary Kim over to his sunbae’s apartment, and the two don’t beat about the bush concerning his identity. My question is, if Secretary Kim’s two pieces of information identified Gun-wook as Gun-wook, how’d he get to Tae-sung Number 1? Gun-wook asks why he took care of his parents’ grave all these years, and he responds that they died an unfair death, and there was no one else to do it. Gun-wook stirs at those words. Secretary Kim asks cryptically, “Don’t you want to know…how they died?”

Well, that’ll surely send him over the edge.

Gun-wook has to ask again whether he’s implying that it wasn’t an accident, and then wonders if President Hong is behind it. Secretary Kim assures him that the President knows nothing; it was Madam Shin who pulled the strings.

Is anyone surprised?

He says that Madam Shin couldn’t accept an illegitimate child and did everything in her power to get rid of said child. Gun-wook seems shocked at this news. Really? For a supposed mastermind, you really missed the big clues. Couldn’t you see the giant neon sign above her head that reads: Evil Hagwitch?

Secretary Kim fills us in on the whys and wherefores: Madam Shin didn’t want to raise her husband’s bastard child from another woman, so she thought that raising a FAKE Tae-sung would somehow be better. Er, what now? So she had Gun-wook brought in and pretended he was Tae-sung, only to have the real Tae-sung found later, which is when Gun-wook got kicked out.

That…is just….Stupid. So rather than raise Tae-sung, which she ended up having to do anyway, she brought in a random kid? What purpose does that serve other than to annoy me? That doesn’t even closely resemble logic.

Secretary Kim tells him that Madam Shin had to get rid of any evidence concerning Gun-wook, and so arranged to have his parents killed in a car accident. He adds that they weren’t his biological parents either. This changes the timeline of the entire backstory, no? Because if they died on the same night that Gun-wook got kicked out, what would necessitate that, if Madam Shin no longer needed Gun-wook to be the fake Tae-sung? And even if she had it occur that night to keep them from reuniting with their son, why on earth would they have to DIE in order to keep her motives a secret? Who would reach that crazy conclusion anyway?

I really should have known this was going to happen…the plot holes are starting to melt my brain.

Gun-wook thinks so too, as he breaks down at the knowledge that he lost his entire family and his childhood over the illogical choices of a rich madwoman. Secretary Kim announces that as the extent of his knowledge on the matter and leaves. Gun-wook runs screaming, and collapses in a fury of tears and anguish.

He returns home to find Jae-in sitting in his super-secret plotting room. She discovered it by “accident” in his absence, and she asks, even now with hope in her voice, for him to tell her this isn’t what she thinks it is. Gun-wook, now more than ever not in the mood to entertain her hopes, says it’s just what she thinks.

He grabs her for a tour of the Big Board, where he very creepily goes down the list: Mo-nae has a broken engagement, Tae-ra is due for a divorce, and Tae-gyun (eldest son) was here, but now he’s…not. Gun-wook’s smile here is totally sadistic and creepy, and it effectively wigs out me and Jae-in both.

Jae-in asks why he’s talking like this, like he’s got a vendetta against Haeshin. Not so quick on the uptake, are you? Gun-wook asks if he’s supposed to be nice to them, like she is. Gun-wook: “Are you already playing the role of daughter-in-law? Or…does it hurt that much that Tae-sung might get wounded?”

Jae-in asks why he’s always so concerned with Tae-sung, and why he’ll never talk about himself. Gun-wook: “Hong Tae-sung? I want everything of Hong Tae-sung’s. I want to take it all. They treat people like bugs because of their pride…those people who wear the shell of Haeshin…I’m going to step on them all.”

She decides he’s crazy, and hits a nerve when she muses that even if these people had killed his parents (speaking hypothetically, since she knows nothing), this is going too far.

Jae-in: Fine. Let’s go. I’m going to do whatever it takes to marry Hong Tae-sung and become a part of that family. Then if you want to step on me too, you do as your heart desires.
Gun-wook: Moon Jae-in, don’t delude yourself. Me? I can use you if I need to, then throw you away cruelly. Since when do you think of me? Don’t be a hypocrite.

Jae-in’s heart shatters, as she accepts the truth. She says she had hoped that he wouldn’t end up being this person, but she gets it now, and walks away. She turns back one last time to plead with him for an explanation…just a word…but he gives her nothing. She says, tears streaming down her face, that her heart was swayed because of him, but she can let go and go her own way now. That seems to stir him a little, but not enough to break his resolve.

As she walks out, Gun-wook thinks to himself in voiceover, “Moon Jae-in, it doesn’t matter whom you choose. Me, and Haeshin…we’re all going to come crashing down.”

Tae-ra’s husband comes to cuddle up for a little nookie, but Tae-ra rebuffs him. He’s like, what’s wrong with you? What, a man can reject a woman’s sexual advances, but a woman can’t reject his? That sound? That’s the sound of me sharpening my claws.

It looks like he’s just testing her though, to try and get some confirmation of her affair. He angles to try and get Gun-wook’s phone number from her, saying that he wants to have a drink with him to talk about Mo-nae, but Tae-ra deflects. He at least seems devastated or angry now because of her affair, whereas he struck me as strangely ambivalent about it before, like it made her more attractive to him, or permitted his own dalliances.

Jae-in arrives at home and vents to her sister that Gun-wook scared her today, and she doesn’t know what to believe. Not that it wouldn’t be nice of you to stand by your man, but generally speaking, if a guy’s got a secret lair where he’s plotting the downfall of an empire and a trophy wall to prove it, you should probably run screaming the other way. Or check for heads in freezer. Then run screaming.

The next morning Gun-wook passes off the big corporate slush fund info to his contact, and then meets with Madam Shin. She coyly asks how the search for his family is going, and he replies that they passed away…a regrettable death at someone‘s hand.

She coolly calls him Choi Tae-sung, and he responds in kind, not a feather unruffled. He says that she must’ve been surprised, what with him being not dead and all. She tries to play dumb, but they both know the score now.

Gun-wook looks down at her with a breezy smile on his face, toying with her and enjoying it way too much. Madam Shin actually tries to get him to leave the company and stop trying to meet Mo-nae, and of course Gun-wook corrects her that it’s actually Mo-nae who likes him, calls him, comes to see him, and that he didn’t enter the company because of Mo-nae.

Madam Shin loses her veneer for a moment, letting loose one of her characteristic banshee wails, and Gun-wook doesn’t even flinch: “Why are you so afraid of me?” Well-played. She whines on her high horse about him not knowing his place or who she is, but Gun-wook sends her reeling again: “You must be really nervous…that I’ll end up your family again.”

She flips out one more time at that implication (little does she know he means Tae-ra, not Mo-nae). And then Gun-wook puts the nail in the coffin: “Rather than the real Hong Tae-sung, wouldn’t it have been better if you had the nicer me, even if I was fake, trapped in that house? Wouldn’t that have been peaceful for everyone…Mother?”

She starts shaking. He asks her one final question to lay it all to rest: who was the one to lie to his parents that he was Hong Tae-sung? He surmises that the only one to tell such a lie would be her. At that, she empties her water in his face.

He smiles…that’s all the answer he needed. He threatens her, bald-faced, that he’s not going to be chased out in the rain anymore, and that he has nothing to lose now, compared to Mother…who has everything to lose. He dangles Mo-nae, her precious youngest daughter in front of her first, saying that she may be precious to her, but he can throw her away at a moment’s notice.

Tae-sung arrives on the scene, splitting up the frivolity. Gun-wook leaves, after leveling his best I-own-your-ass-little-mouse glare at Madam Shin one last time. I think Kim Nam-gil’s eyes are on their own show. This episode could be called “The Ten Thousand Glares of Bad Kitty.”

Madam Shin tries to get Tae-sung to fire Gun-wook, since he won’t heed her warnings to leave. Tae-sung’s having none of that, since he likes Gun-wook (despite punches thrown?), and Madam Shin can’t actually state any reasons why she wants him gone. He’s mad at her for firing Jae-in too, so he storms out with a “No.”

Jae-in thinks back to Gun-wook’s words the other night, and decides to wear the watch from Tae-sung. Note that this is a reaction to Gun-wook, and not at all about Tae-sung. But he doesn’t know that, as it’s the first thing he notices when they meet up. He smiles sheepishly about it, and then offers her a job as a designer for his robot theme park. Oh, THAT’s not going to be weird for her, being stuck in meetings between you and Gun-wook. Tae-sung’s manner of just handing her a job doesn’t sit well with her, but she considers it.

Gun-wook stops by his sunbae’s restaurant and finds the cops hanging out there, pretty much daily. He asks when the statute of limitations is for murder (fifteen years), and laments cryptically that he found out too late. Old Cop urges him to abide by the law, while Young Cop offers up another course of action: nab the perpetrator on a different, newer crime.

Meanwhile, Tae-ra gets a call (presumably from Gun-wook’s contact) and rushes over to her husband’s favorite bar, where she catches him canoodling with his mistress. Well aren’t you squirmy when the tables are turned. She pretty much immediately asks for a divorce. He tries to convince her that she can’t handle a scandal like that, being the perfectionist Vice President and all. But she doesn’t care. Even when he asks if it’s because of Gun-wook, she doesn’t balk.

He tells her that they’ll get over this, and that he forgives her. What now? Tae-ra: “Forgive? FORGIVE?” Hahaha. It’s befitting a lifetime adulterer to “forgive” his wife’s brief affair while in no way equating it to his own monumental failings. She announces that she’ll be raising their daughter, and tells him that she knows now…what it means to be with someone she loves. Oh, crap. That declaration of faith in your boyfriend is so going to bite you in the ass. But hey, either way, your life seems better minus the cheating cold fish husband.

It appears that the Tae-ra move was executed by Gun-wook’s partner without his consent. He decided that separating her husband was necessary, because he, being the family’s high-powered prosecutor, could get them out of whatever giant financial/legal disaster that they’re planning. This way, he’s separated and the family is without backup. It’s not really the soundest theory, because Haeshin could afford an entire army of high-priced lawyers at a moment’s notice, and it’s unlikely they’d have only one prosecutor in their pocket. Gun-wook isn’t ecstatic about it, but decides to use the situation to his advantage.

Tae-sung convinces Jae-in to take the job, and he starts offering apartments and things that chaebols do, I suppose. But Jae-in finds herself lost in thought about Gun-wook and how little she really knew about him. It’s sad to see Tae-sung so happy while Jae-in so clearly doesn’t have her heart in it; it sort of takes the punch out of what used to be a dramatic love triangle.

Madam Shin is kept up at night by nightmares of little Tae-sung calling her Mom in a creepy voice. Yeah, karma’s a bitch that way.

She marches over to Gun-wook’s office the next morning, and tells him one more time to quit. Yeah, we already confirmed that your demand was totally ineffectual the first time. She slaps him across the face for good measure, with Tae-sung and Jae-in watching. That totally took the venom out of your bite, lady, because now all you’re doing is throwing tantrums and showing your weaknesses. Gun-wook smirks at having the upper hand.

Tae-sung then does the cutest thing ever. He takes Gun-wook shopping, and then out for ice cream, as an apology for his mother. I see a music video in the works!

He tells Gun-wook that he’s like a hyung (older brother) to him. I’d be happy if everyone else died but these two could walk away as friends. Gun-wook takes the opportunity to cut to banmal: “Hong Tae-sung. Tae-sung. Tae-sung-ah.”

Tae-sung laughs, “Just because I said you were like a hyung doesn’t mean you can cut your words!” Gun-wook keeps at it teasingly, and Tae-sung allows it just until they finish their ice cream. He challenges Gun-wook to play the hyung.

But Gun-wook gets back to his cold self for a moment, saying that he’s not going to be anyone’s hyung, because we come into his world alone, and we leave alone. Buzzkill. Tae-sung: “You’re making fun of me right now, aren’t you?” Gun-wook nods silently with his ice cream in his face—it’s cuter than six puppies.

He adds one last piece of advice as the hyung: “Don’t trust anyone.”

The inside trading and shady deals of Haeshin go public, and the press floods President Hong. He asks Secretary Kim what he’s found out, and he lies that he’s still struggling to get anything concrete. Interesting.

He tries to get Tae-ra’s husband on the phone, but he’s not answering. At the same time, Tae-ra announces her plans for divorce to Madam Shin, who promptly freaks out, to no avail.

Jae-in tries one more time to get some info out of Old Cop, but he refuses to give her any. That is, until he very loudly laments to Young Cop that Gun-wook is behind the latest Haeshin scandal, while Jae-in is still very clearly within earshot. Jae-in confronts Gun-wook about the story in the paper, but he brushes her off, saying she should congratulate him.

Mo-nae is on her way abroad, and meets with Tae-sung to say goodbye. If this is the actual send-off for her character, I’m disappointed, Show. That’s a waste of a great character if that’s all there is for her.

Gun-wook decides it’s time to toy with his mouse again, so he calls Madam Shin and Tae-ra to his office within minutes of each other. He times it just so, and Madam Shin walks in on this:

He deliberately plays the clueless boyfriend, essentially driving Madam Shin off her rocker.

As Mo-nae leaves, Gun-wook sits in his lair, burning up her picture. Two down. I’m disappointed that there wasn’t more fight in Mo-nae, but I suppose it’s better for her that Gun-wook didn’t damage her further. As far as I’m concerned, she may be a spoiled brat, but she was an innocent in the matter.

Madam Shin starts to show how truly loose her screws are. She tells her housekeeper that when Gun-wook’s parents died, no one but Gun-wook was sad. But when HER SON died, the whole family, nay the whole country wept. Oh, really? You are truly delusional, and the scariest kind of sociopath, because you believe in your heart of hearts, that you are in the right.

Tae-sung opens up the letter that Mo-nae left for him, and it asks him to please stop Tae-ra because she’s out of her mind—she says she loves Gun-wook and the two are dating.

President Hong walks in on the tail end of Madam Shin’s latest rant, and demands to know what’s going on. She tells him that Gun-wook is the fake Tae-sung, and that he’s out to get the whole family. She even fesses up about the whole fake-child business. She tells him that it wasn’t Gun-wook’s parents who deceived him; it was her.

He can’t believe it. When she uses the excuse that she couldn’t bear to raise his illegitimate child, he spits back that HE accepted Tae-ra as his own daughter. Whoa. That’s news. So President Hong married into the family (because Madam Shin is the actual bloodline heir to Haeshin) when she had already had a child.

She tells him that it’s all his fault, (the original adultery, the bringing in of the child), and lays out the damage that Gun-wook has dealt so far. His anger switches focus to Gun-wook pretty quickly.

He calls Gun-wook to the house, and you think he might rip into him like Madam Shin, but no—here’s the twist: that closeness between Dad and Tae-sung Number 1 was indeed the real deal. As soon as Gun-wook walks in the door, he calls out with sadness shaking in his voice, “Tae-sung-ah.”


Why isn’t Madam Shin running around and telling her children about Gun-wook? It’s not like she feels any remorse or guilt over her part in the mess, as we witnessed. So it serves her no purpose to keep her mouth shut when she knows that he’s out to get everyone in the family. It serves to extend the plot, but makes no sense.

That said, I do find her brand of pathology totally twisted and interesting. I don’t enjoy her maniacal scenes, mostly because they scare me, but her character is quite riveting.

Gun-wook is becoming…less interesting. I don’t know what it is. He’s definitely playing up the cat-and-mouse angle, but it’s getting a little over-the-top, with his knowing glance after knowing glance. He comes off as less of the string-pulling mastermind, and more of an opportunist, which takes away some of the flair. I also think it’s a mistake to give him NOTHING to lose…because then we can’t be on his side for any reason other than: Gun-wook Bad / Madam Shin Badder.

Things should take an interesting turn now that President Hong knows. I’m hoping that this relationship will actually stir something in Gun-wook and make him falter or question his actions.

And I’d give my left arm for Gun-wook and Tae-sung’s bromance to be the OTP. Can they just eat ice cream and shoot the breeze for three more episodes?


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103 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. koreandramalover

    Thanks so much Girlfriday for the fantastic recap! I could understand the episode from just reading your recap! Great work! Keep it up! :)

    I agree totally that Gun Wook is beginning to bore me too but let us hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

    And I just love your witty and hilariously spot-on comments! Thank you so much for your hard work! Much appreciated by someone who doesnt speak Korean. :)

  2. Countdown

    Ugh can’t Gun-Wook die already!!! Please free this drama of all the excessive angst!!

  3. koreandramalover

    Oh! I forgot to mention something. What’s the deal with Mo Nae leaving like that? A bright character so unceremoniously brushed aside! So sad…

  4. Birdie

    Bad Guy is becoming boring and predictable. They repeat situations/scenes too often. The drama had a good start and then mid way it feels draggy and boring. Even the acting from the casts seem to go down some levels. With all the hype, I guess I expect a better drama.

  5. asianromance

    “I’d be happy if everyone else died but these two could walk away as friends.”
    — I wholeheartedly agree!

    Out of this episode, I do love the Gunwook and Madam Shin interactions. It’s payback time!

  6. Yumi-chan

    The ten thousand glares of bad kitty.
    Lmfao forever.
    Seriously best line ever.

  7. SeeYah

    Thanks for the recap Girlfriday.

    I always love reading your recaps after watching the show.

    As to the answer to why the evil madame can’t tell her whole family who GunWook is… thy answer shall be answered to you in due time. Trust me, I honestly never expected this, but after watching last weeks ep, I wanted to throw a box of tennis balls at my laptop, but I ended up eating Cheetos and screaming wth over and over again.

    As for the GunWook becoming boring, he wasn’t that interesting to me from the beginning… he’s to vengeful for me. I was more excited to meet TaeSung.

    But about GunWook… I like the way he’s truly on a mission and won’t back down because I was getting sick of the stories where the vengeful character backs down because they fall in love or came to their senses. He won’t even let JaeIn get in his way; he said that he would use her if he had to.

    God, I love this drama.

  8. Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks Girlfriday for another awesome recap.

    After watching the two guys eating ice cream…I couldn’t help but wanted one myself..they make the ice cream looks and taste much better…lol

    Looking forward to the coming episodes so the writers can make sense of the many questions that needed to be answered…

    Thanks again…

  9. anna

    Is this what happen when they have to rush the drama? It’s quite sad, but I’m still interesting in how it ends. It can’t be good as in happy anyway.

  10. 10 orangelauren

    I want the two Tae-sungs to be BFFLS too, but keep President Hong in the picture too. Maybe he can be the ice cream man while the boys have cute interactions.

  11. 11 :P

    wow, im kinda glad i just read the recaps cuz i wud not want to hear madam shin’s banshee screams…which there happened to be a lot of
    Tae-sung+Gun-wook=OTP sorry Jae-In these boys are perfect for each other, and its just ‘portrayed’ as a hyung-dongsaeng relationship

  12. 12 red

    loved the recap, hilarious… i was kinda disappointed in this episode too….i hope the last two goes of with a bang

  13. 13 missy

    Sorry girlfriday but i have to defend Bad Guy.
    from my point of view:
    1) GW was rather surprised to find out that his parents died not because of a silly accident, that it was premeditated.

    2) Madam Shin has a loose screw on her head that causes her to be illogical i.e. adopting a fake Tae-sung. fyi, he’s not a random child because he is an adopted child (which is easier to take from his parents) and his name is also Tae-sung. so he is an easy-to-make-believe Mr. Hong’s love child.

    3) Madam Shin scares me in a good way. Her shrills might be irritating but it is one of her remarkable traits which reflects her craziness.

    4) Madam Shin might not be telling his children of the fake Tae-sung because her dark secrets will be revealed. Because at a time when they will be questioning/investigating why is he doing all the revenge, her evilness will be brought to light. Now, she will be telling only the tip of the iceberg to avoid this

    i have one major theory in mind which might explain why Madam Shin tried to kill GW and his family. and i hope it will be true because i also thought that the idea is so obscured.

    ps. isn’t it javabeans who said in ep2 or ep3 recap that GW’s parents die in a non-dramatic death? now here is a plot of their death. i thought you will be happy about it

    • 13.1 anastassia

      Well said.

  14. 14 langdon813

    The scene with Gun-wook and Tae-sung in their wayfarers, eating ice cream and flirting their little hearts out? Worth sitting through the entire drama for. Absolutely. That’s my OTP right there.

    Madame Shin may give me nightmares. The way she manages to increase just the last words of her sentences by about a billion decibels, in mere milliseconds, is freakishly amazing.

    Great recap as always, thanks GF!

  15. 15 pat

    Eyes on their own show had me laughing out load. This recap was the BEST,gf. And I want the guys to run away together too. JI is so boring. This show is a FINE FINE
    mess,but I love it.

  16. 16 tami

    Episode 14 makes a lot sense if GW was actually the real Tae Sung, which he probably is.

    I still love this series

  17. 17 haj

    Despite it not resembleing logiv to you, I get why Madam Shin brought in a fake Tae-sung. Fake Tae-sung would have been like adopting a random boy and raising him. But real Tae-sung is a bastard, the only evidence of her husband’s infidelity. Real Tae-sung is the relust of an incident that sullied the family. So not having to raise that disgusting reminder would give some peace of mind. In a peverted way, its like a child in school who’s able to resist his classmates’ taunts because he knows they’re wrong.

    Also wit Gun-wook and Tae-sung being friends despite fisticuffs: they’re boys. For reals, men don’t seam to put much by physical damage. My brother one, for revenge, slapped a friend of his really hard and caught it on video, But the guys are still buddies and when my brother showd people that video, the victim laughs too

  18. 18 Ning

    Eh, this is actually the first thriller-melo drama I watched and therefore I have no expectation or comparison with anything else. But I thought it was very VERY GOOD, and I actually trembling with excitement when I watched this particular episode.

    The confrontation part is really intense and I agree with @missy on Mdm Shin being a bit psycho…actually very much psycho. And seeing how her own logic is kinda twisted, well she of course will try to shortchange her husband in anyway she can. Crazy method included.

    The fangirls have decreed that Tae-Sung-Gun Wook is the ultimate OTP, no further argument required!

    Monae leaving is all right to me what can she do at her position anyway? She doesn’t have the power that her mom has. Ep 14 is mostly the result of GW’s plan come together and the whole Haeshin family start to crumble. TR imminent divorce, Mo Nae leaving, Mdm Shin getting crazier and Tae Sung start rebeling actively against Mdm Shin. I think the rollercoaster has started its dive now!

  19. 19 missy

    @tami – that’s my big theory too! glad another viewer has sensed it also :)

  20. 20 AuntieMame

    That ice cream segment was totally priceless. And, YES!, there should be more of them.

    As for the plot holes, I had hypothesized back in ep. 5 that GW is the real HTS. And, the reason that Madam Shin got rid of him and put in a fake was so that, when President Hong died decades later, she could play the DNA card … again.

    And, with the real HTS dying as a child and proving the adult HTS to be a fake and therefore, not have the right to inherit, the family fortune would remain with her and her bloodline.

    I still wonder how differently these later episodes would have played out if it was still slotted for 20 episodes.

    I guess all questions will be answer within the next couple of days.

    Thanks for the recap.

  21. 21 elisa

    wait i’m so confused. so taesung WAS the real taesung? when i was watching it i kept thinking that gun wook was the real taesung and that taesung was the pretend child brought in cause she didn’t want to raise illegit gun wook.

    but now that this is the case…. the plot holes seem so bad. my original assumptions made more sense! ahhh why.

  22. 22 Ani

    Ah, the One True Pairing indeed. HAHAHAHA!

  23. 23 Belva

    After Secretary Kim identified GW as GW he knows this guy is plotting something against the Hongs. He also knew that Tae Sung no.1 is not dead (be it he knew it beforehand or from the police investigation) and the conversation with Madam Shin asking/suspecting about Tae Sung no.1, in addition to having done a background check on GW and knows his childhood was untraceable. With all these I believe is enough (at least for me) to link TS no.1 with Gun Wook.

    About Madam Shin eventually having to raise the real TS despite giving all the trouble to find a fake one before that, you will have to keep watching because there must be a reason why Madam Shin end up wanting to strangle little GW (if that’s a flash back). GW might just end up being the real HTS. So Shin probably didn’t end up raising the real HTS.

    Or maybe I’m just being defensive. Don’t mind me 😉

    “Or check for heads in freezer. Then run screaming”
    lol! That reminded me of some movies with a sick psychopath character (The Chaser maybe?) I’m glad GW is not sick like that, but then again it would be interesting if he is THAT bad a guy.

    “I see a music video in the works!”
    That was my exact taught while in cloud 9 when that scene appeared.
    And here’s for our OTP:

    Thanks for the great recap :)

  24. 24 maria

    “evil hagwitch” in neon lights…. oh, if that could only be a real thing! LOL

    thanks for the recap, gf! the bromance is awesome, and erm.. off tangent, but. IS THAT THE UGLIEST MISTRESS IN THE HISTORY OF EVER OR WHAT. O_O

  25. 25 screwlogic

    I read and i usually dont comment, but I have to defend this point:
    “What purpose does it serve..doesn’t even resemble logic”
    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY DISAGREE and think it makes all the sense in the world.
    It makes sense that she thinks its easier to live with a stranger aka gun wook, than to live with a person she HATES, ABHOR, and DESPISE…aka real taesung.
    I for one would pick living with a random person (like a room-mate) over living with someone I hate (enemy?).

    Now I am not saying its right and I agree with her evil actions, I just disagree that u think its not “logical”.

  26. 26 Jossy

    I too thought the male bonding between Gun-Wook and Tae-Sung was the highlight of the episode.. And if their bromance further blooms, it will damn well be the highlight of the entire drama, IMHO
    btw.. GF love your recap! So smart and witty!! :)

  27. 27 Gigi

    “The Ten Thousand Glares of Bad Kitty”? LOL.

  28. 28 sajor

    i have to agree with 13missy and 17haj on the reasons why madam shim adopted a fake taesung, considering how crazy she might be. and also with 23belva on how could secretary kim ended up knowing shim gun wook is taesung#1. knowing SGW=SGW would naturally lead secretary kim to find his motives, which may have lead him to recognize that SGW=HTS#1, from the memory of HTS’s face or his mysterious character.

    i don’t think bad guy is perfect, but frankly i don’t get also why you would think it has such big plot holes. when i was watching (and re-watching) the parts you said were its plot holes, i hadn’t had the impression there’s something wrong with those, plot-wise. and i don’t think it’s because i was being carried away by the look of the show.

    i agree with some of your comments, and i can understand and even appreciate why you would think otherwise on some points we differ. but on such important things such as BG having big plot holes, and from your previous recap that BG would have made more sense if SGW planned the assassination of the eldest son, i honestly feel disappointed reading that you think in such a way. all in all though, reading your recaps still enriches my viewing experience. and thank you for that.

  29. 29 nopanda

    Just throwing my two cents into the fray: I think the fact that Tae-ra isn’t President Hong’s biological child may support the Gun-wook = real Tae-sung theory. Why else throw us that random red herring so late in the game (actually, two, since we now know Gun-wook wasn’t fathered by his mute dad either)? Please let it not be just a coincidence AGAIN.

    But despite all the latent flaws in this drama, I’m here for Kim Nam Gil, smexy pornstache and all! Please let us have a decent ending this week to help get through to 2012. =(

    Thank you girlfriday for the interesting read, as always, and all the commenters as well <3

  30. 30 jodasg

    @Missy, I am totally with you on your points! I tot that it make sense that a crazy woman like mdm shin would adopt a non-related kid & pass it off as the real deal instead of getting the real deal since she probably cannot accept her hubby affair. It is like a big time disgrace that her hubby actually prefer another woman , a lowly class one vs her who is high up on the society ladder.

    So far the show is pretty okay to me except that i still dun know where Secretary Kim stands at. I mean why would he tell GW that his parents’ death is not an accident if he is supposed to nail down the person who is harming haeshin group & report back to his boss? He should just hv tattle tell on GW but yet…. hmmmm

  31. 31 Aya

    Gun Wook going messily down on that ice cream cone was epic.

    So Tae-sung gets him clothes (like Tae-ra did for him) and they have this cozy afternoon date (like 3/4 of the women in the drama)
    and they’re all cool and sweet and HOT looking and have this grumbling-mumbling chat about defining their relationship and Tae-sung has this adorable embarassed “oh, hyung~” smile on his face……

    This is The OTP right there…………… Please, get a room you two.

  32. 32 Q

    Crazy GW was really scary :< … but he redeemed himself during the ice-cream scene hehe he got it all over his face. I couldn't help noticing how the volume of ice-cream kept changing between shots though xD.

  33. 33 Shamara

    Thanks for the great recap GF. I do love KNG’s acting.
    He can change his expression from sadistic and creepy to sad and teary in a matter of second.I think he had pulled off GW’s character really well.
    Wasn’t LMH supposed to be cast in this drama as GW but turned it down?
    Well, I’m pretty sure KNG had pulled it off a lot better than LMH would have.

  34. 34 anais

    Finally, an explanation of OTP.

    Also, I too am another who believes Gunwook is the real HTS. And who thinks the plot holes aren’t actually plot holes but finally some making sense of previously introduced plot holes. For example, Gunwook’s nightmare of being strangled by Madame Shin. Why would she attempt to kill him if he were a fake? The explanation she gives of adopting a fake one, in my opinion, applies to the HTS #2. When she realized she couldn’t accept constant affirmation of her husband’s infidelity, she fabricated the second HTS in order to get rid of the first. A big FU to the husband. Not a plot hole, but – seems to me – a classic example of hell-hath-no-fury-like-a-woman-scorned, especially a crazy banshee like Madame Shin. How satisfying to have her husband kick out his very own son and leave him to a pitiful death, or so she thought. Which is why the Secretary Kim’s explanation doesn’t make sense 100%. And which would account for the seemingly inexplicable and sudden switch in Pres Hong from the initial anger at Gunwook to the desperately pleading tenderness right at the end.

    That said, Kim Nam Gil was fabulous in Queen Seon Deok. Don’t know what’s going on here – whether it’s him, the character, the director, the writing? But just not gripping. (Though Kim Nam Gil’s mode of consuming an ice cream cone – whew… really, can’t have been unintentional. Especially not in a scene of bonding with HTS. Fetishistic substitution much?)

    And OMG – somebody please, please get rid of Jae-in. She’s merely a plot device, not a character proper.

    In the end, people I want to see remaining and reconciled – Gunwook, Taesung, Taera, and Pres Hong. I would be delighted to have Taera and Gunwook together – much, much, much hotter and more organic than that inexplicably unmotivated pairing with Jae-in. I mean, really, from whence did their attachments spring? Gunwook’s – way back in episode 3 or something like that – as a result of learning simply that her father isn’t around any longer? Puleeease. His credibility as a bad guy was shot from that moment on. And her? Totally inorganic. Give me the pairing that has me asking whether I am actually watching K-Drama. Certainly not my mother’s K-Drama.

  35. 35 Jen

    I don’t get the loopholes you’re referring to because the story makes sense to me.

    I believe Secretary Kim already suspected Gun-wook of being Tae-sung 1.0 when Gun-wook asked him about the little boy who was brought into the family and then kicked out. That’s not something a lot of people knew, and considering that Hong Tae-sung himself knew very little about it, Gun-wook came off very suspicious. Everything else that happened after, like the sketch of Gun-wook, Madam Shin’s paranoia about Tae-sung 1.0’s death, and Gun-wook’s involvement in almost all the family member’s lives reaffirmed Secretary Kim’s suspicions.

    I just think that Secretary Kim didn’t say anything before because he didn’t think there was a need to. It was almost like he had some secret himself that involved Gun-wook and he didn’t want to reveal his knowledge about Gun-wook until it was absolutely necessary. (I have my own theories about this, but I’ll keep it to myself. Hehe.)

    As for Madam Shin taking Gun-wook in, I agree with comment 17. It’s obvious she didn’t want the real Tae-sung to be found or to become a part of their household because he’d be a constant reminder of her husband’s infidelity and her own inadequacies. She even said she’d rather raise another person’s child than the child of her husband’s mistress. Therefore, she plotted to thwart her husband’s search of his son by taking in Gun-wook who was the same age and had the same name. However, the DNA testing showed that Gun-wook wasn’t the son President Hong was looking for, Madam Shin had to conceal her scheme so that her husband would never find out her involvement.

    She probably thought that if Gun-wook’s parents had survived, they’d tell President Hong of her involvement and then try to somehow get money out of it. Madam Shin sought a solution and it seemed murder was it. She had Gun-wook’s parents killed and believed that Gun-wook died as well. Madam Shin knew that if he had survived, he’d come back for either money or revenge. So, yeah, that most likely explains why she’s so scared of Gun-wook.

    As for Madam Shin not telling her children about Gun-wook, I’m guessing it’s because she knows they’ll connect the dots and find out that she’s a murderer. As psychotic as Madam Shin is, I’m sure she doesn’t want her children to think of her in that way. It was okay for her to tell President Hong because deep down she believes that he’s the reason why she had to do all these bad things. She wanted him to know that he was at fault as well so that she wouldn’t have to face the reality of her heinous crimes alone.

    Some of the things that you considered plot holes have already been explained in subtle hints throughout the previous episodes. It’s not necessarily spelled out for you, but part of the fun of this drama is that you get to observe and piece things together as you go.

    Oh, and no bashing on my Gun-wook. He’s a tortured soul. He needs love. =D

  36. 36 shin mi rae

    love it girlfriday. im laughing and people in the office are beginning to think im crazy.

  37. 37 shin mi rae

    okay, for a while now, i’m speculating that gunwook might be the real hong tae sung. i think it makes more sense for madam shin to screw up that DNA evidence so they will accept the fake taesung. also, with this twist, it will make the attempted murder of gun wook more sense. (girlfriday, we are trying to plug the plot holes here)… madam shin hates the illegitimate child so much – she wants him out of their lives. as she said, she would rather raise the fake hong tae sung.

    however, the only thing screwing my brains was that heated make-out scene in the elevator (and everywhere else) between gunwook and taera. how creepy will that be if they are really blood brothers and sisters. im loving this new taera twist. cant wait for the big reveal… is bad guy really ending this week????

    miss you so much gunwook oppa!

  38. 38 Artemis

    Ok, I haven’t watched any of this drama yet, but that last cap – OMG.LOVE.IT!!!!

  39. 39 Dlover

    i think im still tuneing in to bad guy cause of KNG
    and beacuse i enjoyed it so much from the start i still
    have hope it will get better as it nears its end ^^…..it also sucks
    that they got rid of MN she was a great character that got me likeing
    Bad Guy more in the first place :(

  40. 40 Mel

    Oh my. We’ve got two of the hottest guys in one frame, enjoying a lovely afternoon of ice cream and mirrored shades. Oh my oh my oh my.

  41. 41 MEIKO**** ^-^

    thanks!!!! ^_^

    “And I’d give my left arm for Gun-wook and Tae-sung’s bromance to be the OTP. Can they just eat ice cream and shoot the breeze for three more episodes?”

    hahaha!!! i agree!!! that scene was totally a breather from all those crying, fighting and shouting scenes! Gosh, both of them looked soooo cute!!!!

  42. 42 Linh

    I’m really confused because when I watched the episode, i thought the Gunwook was the illegitimate child and that was how Mrs. Shin got his parents to bring him to her. And when she found the real Taesung, she got rid of Gunwook because she didn’t want to raise the bastard child. And in order to cover up the fact that Gunwook is really President Hong’s child and that she lied not Gunwook’s parents, she had them killed. She also tried to have Gunwook killed for the same reason.

    Btw…the ten thousand glares of bad kitty…LMAO…classic

  43. 43 pat

    My version of this drama would be to ELIMINATE the JI character and make the triangle TR and TS competing for GW’s affection, attention, loyalty, love/friendship
    and Monae as the forth wheel. JI is only there for Kdrama convention and detracts
    from the family vs GW dynamic which could have been so much more detailed if not for the boring JI/GW screen time. The GW part is written too passively, he is not BAD enough. But the ice cream scene may be one of my 3 favorite scenes of all time ……….the ice cream melted from the HOTNESS.

  44. 44 insertusernamehere

    a possible explanation for Madam Shin’s crazy scheme (of adopting the fake child rather than the real one): it might be that it’s her way of taking revenge on the President – say, they raise the child for 20 years, then when the time comes for the President to give fake Tae-sung part of the inheritance, she reveals, haha, it’s not your child, etc. But that logic only makes sense if and only if she intends to reveal it later. Considering her twisted psyche, I don’t think it’s that far-fetched; but, yeah, killing the parents is just…It feels like the drama needs someone to die, and dispose of the people who will not affect the plot a whole lot if they disappear and will also serve as part of the premise…Convenient, I say. Lame, but convenient!

  45. 45 infiniti512

    I’m thinking that the whole timing of the parents dying was tht Gunwook was supposed to be in the car with them.

    And yes, TaeSung and GunWook were cuter than the cuppycake song!

    But I was loving this episode….ep 15 is where I started pulling my hair, and also wanting so badly to pull Madam Shin’s haha.

  46. 46 rainerust

    I stopped following this drama ages ago but @ 37 just to point out…if GW really was the real HTS, then, following logic, TR wouldn’t be related to him by blood at all. Since, during GF’s recap, she pointed out,

    “When she uses the excuse that she couldn’t bear to raise his illegitimate child, he spits back that HE accepted Tae-ra as his own daughter. Whoa. That’s news. So President Hong married into the family (because Madam Shin is the actual bloodline heir to Haeshin) when she had already had a child.”

    i.e. TR obviously isn’t President Hong’s real daughter.

    …just wanted to point that out. I love the recaps, even though I’m not really watching this drama anymore. Pretty curious to see how the last few eps pan out.

  47. 47 langdon813

    You know, about that ice cream scene (yes, one-track mind, I know). I wonder whose idea that actually was, because it was absolutely the most blatant fan service I think I’ve ever seen in a drama. Wonder if it was the PD or KNG himself, because he was certainly appreciating his ice cream cone in a most enthusiastic way, was he not?? It would be awesome if that whole scene was dreamed up by KNG and KJW, because they certainly seemed to enjoy the nudge, nudge, wink, wink aspect of it. As did I.


  48. 48 laura

    Why mrs Shin don’t tell her children about Gun-wook? ok, then she should tell them she make his life miserable and killed his parents, I’m sure Tae-ra, Tae-sung will understand and be in her side. Of course!

  49. 49 Lahlita

    At the end of the confrontation between GW and Madame Hong, in which she basically admits to murder and he threatens the very lives of her children, you start with the next paragraph with:
    Tae-sung arrives on the scene, splitting up the frivolity.

    Spit-take every time! And way to go, Girlfriday, shipping the slash angle! I haven’t been watching Bad Guy. I’d thought of starting, but I’d rather someone just made a playlist of scenes between Bad Kitty (HOT) and Waffle Prince (um, HOT).

    And … I have absolutely nothing substantial to say. I am ashamed. *hangs head*

  50. 50 Mi

    it SUCKS that they have to cut the drama short T_T
    I think it would’ve been better w/ ALL the 20 episodes
    I’m so scared for the next 3 because I have a feeling
    they’ll be rushing like crazy to finish everything ):

  51. 51 msim

    @ langdon813
    @ Aya

    I am willing to bet that KNG and KJW are fully aware of what they are doing. The sunglasses are there to hide the mischieveous glint in their eyes.

    Unexpected, and savoured. Worth the entire series.

    I’ll forgive all plotholes, even those as big as an ostrich’s nest, if Show gives me another date between these 2.

  52. 52 kaedejun

    hahaha – i get with the plot holes and all, but i guess that’s the product of rushed scripts!?

    anyways – i think i would hate having to listen to madame shin for this entire episode. though it’s interesting just how messed up in the head she can be, i wouldn’t be able to stand listening to her shrieks. the most interesting part in this recap (and probably in the episode) for me was the confrontation between Madame Shin and President Hong, because THAT confrontation looked meaty – especially with the revelation about Tae Ra that seemed to come out of nowhere.

    once again i don’t care for jae in, and i really hope that KJW’s tae sung comes out of this ok!

  53. 53 Fafa

    I’d be happy if everyone else dies and GW and TS get to be friends too.
    The ice-cream eating shot was awesome.

    Thanks for the recap.

  54. 54 bo bae

    If there is ever a poll for meaniest mom on Korean drama, Kim Hye Ok aka Mrs. Shin would get my vote. From Lotus Fairy, Something Happened in Bali to Bad Guys, this lady is so full of emotional and energy. She has screamed and slapped at so many of the Korean actresses ( in the dramas). She really does a great job acting as the “typical” Korean mom.

  55. 55 lili

    Girlfriday, thanks for trying so hard to make your recap funny. Unfortunately, there is no depth to you recap. You’re unable to pick up the noir and slick theme, that’s why you’d fallen into many holes and is too blind to get out. Just a piece of advice, in the future you should stick to “puppy love dramas” and not thriller-melodrama like Buy Guy. Also back to your recap on ep12, of course there’s no Santa in August! Yeah, girlfriday you should drown completely and stop writing recap on BG just leave it the dramabeans.

    Episode 14 was epic, most viewers on Viikii were basically cheering and praising it. I myself found GW was so intriguing to watch taking his revenge to the fullest because he’s nothing to lose and that’s what makes him more dangerous and scary. And mind you he hasn’t lost his string-pulling mastermind, I’m sure all his plans will be accomplished and then he will get his punishment. Lastly please to my piece of advice before earlier!!!

  56. 56 celestialorigin

    Finally caught up with ep13. I can hardly wait for it to be subtitled. Thank you for tthis great recap!

  57. 57 beggar1015

    Despite the plot holes bigger than Kansas, I’m going to own up and say I thought Episode 14 was the best out of the entire bunch! The frantic energy and pacing was what this show has been needing. Once I get past the over-the-top crying jag at the beginning, it’s all sweet love for Bad Guy from there on out. When Kim Nam Gil gets into pscho mode, you really can’t lose. And as I suspected, when Jae In’s character is pushed way, way to the back to bystander role, I don’t miss her at all. She’s not important to the main storyline. Although it might have been interesting, if the show had been able to keep to 20 episodes, to see the tension between Gun Wook, Jae In and Tae Sung as they all three tried to work together, with JI knowing what GW is up to and perhaps trying to stop him on her own. But that’s not to be.

    The obvious reason that the out-of-the-blue revelation that Tae Ra is not Hong’s daughter is because of course we’re going to learn GW is really TS, so it was okay to be making out with TR because they’re not blood related. (So who IS Tae Ra’s real father? And why did Old Hong seem more upset that GW was messing around with her than with his real daughter, Monet?)

    Meanwhile, I’ve unfortunately seen Episode 15 and have lost hope for the remaining of the show. I’ll always be wondering what Bad Guy could have been if KNG hadn ‘t had to leave for the military.

  58. 58 langdon813

    1. snark

    Noun combination of “snide” and “remark”. Sarcastic comment(s). Also, snarky (adj.) and snarkily (adv.)


    His commentary was rife with snark.
    “Your boundless ineptitude is astounding,” she snarkily declared.

  59. 59 ockoala

    @ lili

    “Also back to your recap on ep12, of course there’s no Santa in August!”

    So…..is there a Santa in any other month of the year besides August? If so, please tell me where I can find him? You’ve just reignited my childhood fantasy. Thank you!

  60. 60 snoopyvkd

    Love the bromance too! It’s definitely good to see those 2 bad guys smile. But doesn’t seem really right for Gun Wook’s character to be that nice and almost sincere to Tae Song.

  61. 61 ockoala

    Thanks for the recap, GF. I lovelovelove titling this episode The Ten Thousand Glares of Bad Kitty. I’ve given up on BG having tight writing and sensical plot developments.

    But if I take it that GW’s so-called mastermind revenge strategy is on par with how much sense Madame Shin (aka Satan’s mommy) initial switch the Tae Sung’s strategy was about, then I’m cool with that.

    It’s like – if everyone is operating under the same rather warped logic and thought process in this drama, then as least it’s consistent. No?

    But GW’s revenge is so very like that ice-cream cone he licked and sucked on – vanilla and melty. So he wants to:

    (1) make Mo Nae heart broken and pissed at her sister – uhm, MN could only truly be heart broken if you actually made her believe you loved her and then crushed her itty bitty heart, but GW barely made an effort to look in her direction. Also, MN wasn’t all BFF with TR to begin with, so it was no betrayal other than a kitty fight over the hot pool boy.

    (2) make TR’s marriage fail – hehehehe, that marriage was as strong as a tissue in a thunderstorm, gonna melt at the first drop of rain. And a divorce is a dime a dozen, totally nothing to write home about.

    (3) cause the death of other son – ahhhh, this is a good revenge plan, except if it happened by accident then GW has nothing to do with it, and if he killed the dude then we’re talking Mawang revenge plans but alas, I think it’s a coincidence (again with the logic fail).

    (4) destroy Haeshin Group – only commendable revenge goal – but it barely rated any action and I don’t see how his machinations can bring down the entire company.

    I watch BG for the pretty and the lovely acting from all involved. Anything more to expect from it, then it’s just ephemeral and nonexistent.

  62. 62 girlfriday

    Actually, I’m fairly certain that Santa was on his way this month (gotta get a head start on the holiday season–those magic reindeer are union now), but then Madam Shin replaced him with a FAKE Santa because it gave her some semblance of control over the universe.

  63. 63 Mary Poppins

    Hi, first time i’m writing here. My english is bad, so sorry for that.

    A lot of you are missing a very big information that explains everything (sorry girlfriend, but can’t see any holes here, or very few): Haeshin Group belonged to Mrs Shin family in the first place ! President Hong owned the group only after marrying her. So Mrs Shin is not only drive by vengeance or her sick mind. She wanted Tae-ra or the older brother to be the heir and the future president of Haeshin so that the group stays in her bloodline (someone said it earlier). That’s why she tried to kill Tae-Sung . If she hadn’t replace him, President Hong would have never give up investigations. So she brought the fake Taesung and killed the couple who adopted Gun Wook too, because as soon as you knew that they were not the real parents of the first child you could guess the entire story (and i think the secretary did)
    As for the reason why she can’t say anything to Tae-ra… like said Snoop “a murder is the case here”. I can understand why she’s afraid. So much hatred from Gun Wook can’t have no reasons…

    I don’t see many loofholes here unless i’m missing something. Some relationships or characters may be weak, but the storyline looks well constructed to me.

  64. 64 laura

    Hey Lili, why president Hong got angry? I think that this is because Tae-ra is married, have a kid and Gun-wook was dating monet before. That is why.
    Btw lol I agree of some things you said, I mean, Girlfriday, I think sometimes you put a idea in your head, and if this idea don’t come true you talk bad things about the drama, because no, it wasn’t like you wanted so, the drama isn’t good.. you aren’t a open person you are? because I mean, have some things in Bg that you need to pay attention and think, but it seems, you just watch the drama, get a idea and that is it! You don’t think twice….. I think you think more in ‘ what should I write to my recap be funny’ … ewwwwwwww please when you watch a episode, really watch it, don’t watch it just to write your recap.

  65. 65 Mary Poppins

    @61 : totally agree. This is the weakest point of the drama. Like the policeman (almost) said : when you throw something on a tank (little rock or something), it leaves a scratch but don’t stop it.
    He would have done more damage if he knew at the very beginning that he was Taesung, came back to claim his due, and made everything to destroy the group from inside. But then he wouldn’t be with Taera and we would miss the sexiest couple of the show :-)

  66. 66 javabeans

    Just jumping in here to say:

    Girlfriday and I spend hours on this drama. HOURS. Probably over 100 hours in watching, recapping, analyzing, studying, and trying to make sense of it all.

    If you disagree with our opinions. great. But it’s ridiculous to suggest that either GF or I aren’t putting enough thought into the series and that is why we are missing points that you think we should be seeing. It’s quite likely that we have thought about this drama a LOT more than you think we have. GF doesn’t think twice? You’re right! She thinks about an idea a dozen times at least before committing it to a recap. At least I know I do.

    Keep it civil and don’t snipe just because you don’t agree. That’s the golden rule of DB!

  67. 67 always805

    Banshee wails! girlfriday, you could not be more on point with that description. i literally cracked up reading that. I dunno, but something about the way the actress plays Madam Shin amuses me. She does a very good job. I can’t wait to see Madam Shin go crazy. It’s gonna be good fun!

  68. 68 celestialorigin

    OMG! Now finally I’m back tracking this thread with my jet lagged brain. What happened to manners?

    People, we all have choices about where to come to read recaps for our favorite dramas. Mine happens to be here because of those 2 ladies’ delightfully subjective/objective insightful recaps. I so luv being informed and entertained by their writings. That’s why I’m here. And I do respect your personal choices as well of being here or not.

    @55 lili

    “of course there’s no Santa in August!”

    Sweetheart, there can be Santa in everyday of of your life if that’s what you want. My dear friend has been saying Christmas is everyday for ages and I’d love that be my reality, lol.

  69. 69 lili

    @ ockoala, of course Santa is a childhood fantasy. That’s my point, girlfriday in my opinions is making or expecting her own fantasy to BG drama and she’s not writing recap based on Bad Guy theme. Example, it’s clear that Gun-wook isn’t a murderer and I don’t know why she was hoping for that. Gun-wook goals were to destroy each Hong Family members emotionally and psychologically. On to of all, I was in disbelief that she comments the “GW is becoming …less interesting”. For this I’ve to strongly disagreed, this episode is the real start of tension and the when Gun-wook gets into pshco mood and all tensed up which’s was much more intriguing to watch him in previous eps ie. the silence, unpredictable and undecidable GW. From reading girlfriday recaps, I just can’t help it be thinking that she must have something against GW or BG drama itself, especially GW character.

    It’s this a public blog? ain’t criticisms welcome?

  70. 70 ockoala

    @ lili

    Of course valid criticism is welcome (as I’m sure JB pointed out). However, I fail to see how telling “girlfriday you should drown completely” is a valid criticism, since you just told her to go die (or am I misreading your criticism).

    As for Santa – you completely missed GF’s use of that mythical figure (which she used to allude to the fact that her hope for the development of GW’s character clearly isn’t going to happen because there is no such thing as Santa). I highly doubt she needed you to tell her Santa doesn’t come in August.

    You can critique GF’s recap, and she can critique BG’s writing and execution. Done and done.

  71. 71 girlfriday

    I have rewritten the recap per your requests:

    Gun-wook outs himself as Tae-sung 1
    Gun-wook and Madam Shin fight
    Madam Shin outs herself as mastermind
    Mo-nae leaves
    Tae-ra asks for divorce
    Plot in no way derails for sake of rushed ending
    The End

    *brought to you by Santa

  72. 72 lili

    @oakoala, my criticism “gilfriday you should drown completely”. Sorry that I didn’t made myself clear, I meant girlfriday had completely derailed away from the drama theme. Girlfriday hope for the development of GW character, I my point of view it’s not what the drama is trying to convey.

  73. 73 xtool

    Well, I”m happy to see that this drama has everyone in orbit in one way or another. The BG writers have clearly had to wrap themselves around the axle to get this done in 17 episodes without full use of KNG, and I suspect the plot and we are suffering as a result. No doubt, that’s why everyone is a little overwrought trying to figure it out. Let’s just hope they find a way to end it without totally wimping out, or the ranting here from the fangirls/boys will be endless. And, I’ll be ranting with the best of them…

    Meanwhile, civility, folks…

  74. 74 hjkomo

    Thank you, Santa. I <3 You. 😛

  75. 75 celestialorigin

    @71 girlfriday

    Brilliant! LMAO!

  76. 76 javabeans

    I think Santa should write the next recap.

  77. 77 nycgrl

    Bravo!! Brilliant recap Santa. succinct, objective and totally free of personal voice and devoid of feelings.

    You know what they say, the customer is always right. But wait! What’s that? None of these guys are freaking paying you you say? Doh! In that case Santa, I suggest you make a naughty list so you can send coal (or something that looks like coal but smells worse) through the postal system in the middle of August. Should make a nice surprise to all haters.

  78. 78 cingdoc

    @71 GF OMG….you’ve just outdone yourself(I believe you had another one just as short(SWEET) as this….BRILLIANT,I say…. :)

    *SIGH* Why do guests in this site are getting rude to our JB and GF….tsk tsk (not cool)

  79. 79 msim

    Santa just called me – he voiced the lingering suspicion that Lili and Laura might be the same person.
    Something about the stellar sentence structure sounded his alarm bells.

  80. 80 lili

    “Santa just called me – he voiced the lingering suspicion that Lili and Laura might be the same person.”
    I swear to god if I’m Laura then I would die immediately. Am I serious enough?

    @girlfriend, your rewritten recap brought by Santa, once again failed, misunderstood the story and the noir and slick reasons behind it . I’m just wasting my time here, bye.

  81. 81 ockoala

    @ lili

    LOL. I’m not sure where “drown yourself completely” meant GF derailed from the drama theme – perhaps my sense of deduction is faulty lately. Regardless, I take it that’s what you meant, and that is certainly a valid point of view to have. See, I’m totally reasonable. As long as you’re not telling one of my two favoritest recappers to submerge herself in water completely, I am cool with that.

    However, just because GF has a different perspective from yours doesn’t mean she misunderstood the story or the reasons behind it.

    I am thoroughly enjoying Bad Guy. I love the cinematography, the gorgeous actors, the very good across the board acting, the glimpses of interesting character development.

    But the so-called story is pretty flimsy and whatever reasons or logic incipient in the story is riddled with so many holes a Hummer can drive through it. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. But I fail to see why having that perception of the plot of BG means one misunderstood it.

    I think I understand it just fine (it’s a noir revenge melodrama where the revenge aspect is not very well thought out), thank you very much. And I’m completely fine with you having a different take on this drama. See, your opinion is just as valid as mine. You don’t hear me going around telling you that you failed or misunderstood BG.

    Just a thought – a difference in opinion is simply that, not an indicator someone isn’t thinking properly or failed to reach the correct conclusion. :-)

  82. 82 elisa

    i still think gun wook was the real taesung @___@.

  83. 83 elisa

    unless. there was ANOTHER real taesung. and both of them are fakes.
    but that’s just stupid……

  84. 84 stellar

    regardless of different POVs i’d still say thank you and kudos to GF for that thorough recap of bad guy and thank you JB for your efforts in recapping and nitpicking our favorite dramas. 😀

    i’m totally enjoying this drama and agree on most of the posts here. well, the only thing that annoys me in this show is how slow the cops are. I’m not even disappointed about how jae-in’s character dwindled because her character is pretty flat from the start.

    my perfect bad guy ending would be geun-wook, tae-sung and won-in sipping banana daiquiris on the beach. 😀 yes with their wayfarers on. B-)

  85. 85 sajor

    sorry for my previous comment, it might have sounded a little too mean. hope santa won’t be recapping anymore, as your’s and jb’s are way much better.

    you’re actually doing a great job here, and it doesn’t sit well for me to have overlooked a lot of your good inputs in BG because of some points i cannot agree with. i hope i can be more civil in voicing a different opinion in the future. and here’s to hoping the negative comments here won’t put you down so much.

  86. 86 lili

    Okay, I’m back as a customer, to say sorry and thanks you very much to girlfriday and dramabeans for your hard work in all Bay Guys recaps. I was too upset and couldn’t control myself. But my opinions and views haven’t change. After all everyone is different.
    @ockoala, “a difference in opinion is simply that, not an indicator someone isn’t thinking properly or failed to reach the correct conclusion” – this is true!

  87. 87 Mary Poppins

    The other big loofoles of the drama is the police investigation. You don’t need to do such research for a suicide. They never give us the impression that Gun Wook big sis death was a murder, neither had a beginning of a proof. But if you get rid of these two idiots, the story is ok.

    • 87.1 nana

      I agree the police are such Idiots!My god!Why would they suspect GW if they put together He and the dead girl grew up together?I think the whole story is stupid,because It didn’t look like a murder,and 2 the fact that they blame TS is stupid as well.I mean His method of breaking up with her was not the greatest,but that doesn’t mean it’s his fault that she was emotionally unstable,because she showed no signs of being Suicidal or unstable.

  88. 88 get carried away

    i’m now only at episode 10 of this drama and i must say that this drama is brilliant, in terms of its cinematic and artistic view, in terms of music and definitely acting :)

  89. 89 Francesca

    I’m with GF all the way! And I agree every single bit of her comments up there. Way to go, sharp girl!

  90. 90 leslie

    one thing is clear to me…if Girlfriday and Jababeans didn’t enjoy BadGuy there would be no recaps…just saying!

  91. 91 Jill4675

    I don’t have even the tiniest interest in this drama and thus have seen none of it. But this particular recap thread is hilarious nevertheless…apparently, we have one or more visitors from a neighboring planet who have not yet completed basic ESL! (Proofreading and, if possible, having a friend vet one’s comments may be advisable in the interim!) As usual, the reprimands from loyal (and vastly more polite subjects) are cracking me up. Now I’ll go back to the kitchen and get the milk and cookies ready. I can hear the sleighbells approaching. Christmas in July is so last month…

    • 91.1 anastassia

      Then you have miss some big gift!

  92. 92 Amg1


    And for all of you who thought that I was the “Biggest and Most Unreasonable” etc,etc,etc, LOUD MOUTH! Around this parts of Cyberspace!
    Well I guess I should move over and allowed “Lady lili” to take over!!!!!
    !!!RUNNING SCARED” **************** HAYYYYYY CARAMBAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. 93 kay

    @Amg1 haha every time i see your name, i think of the heated PP discussions which i thoroughly enjoyed

    bad guy is really beautiful to watch, but you have to admit, the plot isn’t its strong point. and also, i think the recappers are writing these recaps with information they know up to that episode only. more does get revealed in the next episodes which helps make more sense of things. i do like that people are getting so passionate about this discussions but i hope everyone remembers to keep things civil and to respect everyone’s opinions. thanks again girlfriday and dramabeans for choosing to give up your time to provide us with such wonderful recaps.

  94. 94 cheanne

    Whats with lili??? Do you know GF personally?

    Me I am always thankful for your recaps. It gives me a chance to read currently airing drama/ series in Korea and understand them better. With some sultural explanation and all.

  95. 95 Mel

    Love you JB and GF….. as always thanks for all the hard work. Both of you spending countless hours to entertain us whether it be with agreement, humor or criticism, it’s all welcome… Keep it coming… Love both your work as well as your guests be they wordly or extra terrestrial from different orbits.. I repeat..Oftentimes there may be disagreements but more agreements come filled with surprising humor-LOLs. Thanks once again for the earnest hard work from who could only dream to aspire and greatly envy you for having this blogspot– website where people like me–kdrama addict converge with other addicts and fill get our daily dose of great FUN!!!!

    If this is called sucking up — yes it can be and it is, cuz we’ve got truly great recappers who I really appreciate even if at times we don’t agree… Thanks once again JB and GF…. Umm yes, am a huge— yes, HUGE JAVABEANS fan…

  96. 96 combatbaby

    Javabeans and Girlfriday, the pair of you are true champions of Kdrama. Your dedication to and well-versedness in the genre SERIOUSLY astounds me–and holy hell, can you guys WRITE! And convey emotion, express insight, articulate hidden meanings, what have you……. (This is coming from someone who lives by her pen.) I’ve been lurking on Dramabeans for almost a year now, and I think it’s safe to say that I have never been disappointed by any of your posts, be it a drama recap, an opinion on a news feature, or a gratuitous hot man pic spam (especially those. Heh.) Even when I disagree with some of the points you pose–which, while possible, is a rare occurrence–you state your case so eloquently and with such hilarious candor that I can’t help but be charmed out of my initial opposition. In short……..I wish there was a huge Facebook LIKE function for the whole site so that I could just LIKE it all day, every day. And the both of you, too… combatbaby LIKES this!

    Don’t let the haters bring you down, ladies. Much love from the Philippines! <3

  97. 97 combatbaby

    Oh, and yeah, I’m pretty much sucking up…but rest assured that my entire comment was basted, left to marinate, and then deep-fried in a massive vat of truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. For the love of all that is KDrama, please don’t stop recapping Bad Guy =)

  98. 98 Bo

    No 34- ANAIS OMG we have exactly the same sentiments regarding the JI character and the actress. I just found out that you exists only now when I had the time to read the reviews.

    Great insights and exchanges from the audience. . JB ang GF please take things in stride. . it only means we are all interested with what you think and write hence all the reactions. . I heard my MOM says pretty often “The success of my cooking is not gauge by all the rambling and the praises. . . . . but when there’s no leftovers”. . . .

  99. 99 anastassia

    “That…is just….Stupid. So rather than raise Tae-sung, which she ended up having to do anyway, she brought in a random kid? What purpose does that serve other than to annoy me? That doesn’t even closely resemble logic.”

    I have postponed my comment for this episode since last week since I’m busy. This is what I think back then.

    Thanks Girlfriday for this recaps. Although it was entertaining but it aren’t fulfilling the subtle elements and depth of this drama. Even for this episodes and the first scenes and whilst we are trying to figure out what going on here we can rewind what this is all about.

    For the first time I disagree with you. That doesn’t resemble logic is what make me thinking really hard. I HATE unlogic plots etc. But why Mrs Shin want to kill his family and really loath him?

    But this one is different. Me think since last week.

    Something is going on here. A subtle clue. Simple.

    Gun Wook is the real Tae Sung.

    When we rethink back, why Mrs Shin always asked was he really died as a child back then to Mr KIm. Do you see his dead body. AGAIN and AGAIN. Then, she tried to killed him in this episode. She can’t stand him. Not just that. The flash back of her trying to kill Shin Gun Wook as a child be it just imagination of GW or else.

    The fact that it is easier for her to get rid the real tae sung and let the fake one be in the family so that the illegimate child wouldn’t has anything in the family and Hae Shin.

    Beside, the way she treated HTS (KJW) now, is not hatred BUT trashy treament as someone who has NO place in the family and Hae Shin. It is indicator as he is nothing to begin with.

    For me the latter episode is superbly done and I’m fully satisfied with it even I hope for certain tightness.

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