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Bad Guy: Episode 15
by | August 5, 2010 | 165 Comments

Greetings from the North Pole! The girls called me up for a guest spot, so I gladly obliged, because they’ve both been really good this year. Also my reindeer are suing me, and they offered me some legal advice in exchange. I swear I really only ever used “mush” when we were in a big hurry, and yes, I sometimes refer to them as “doggies” or “horsies,” but now they’re suing me for emotional abuse, as well as violation of labor union laws. Never should’ve paid for Rudolph’s adult education classes. Anyone know a good lawyer?

Ahem, anyway…on with the recap!


President Hong collapses.

Madam Shin orders Gun-wook killed.

Gun-wook dies.

Tae-sung wishes Gun-wook dead. Oops. Mommy beat you to it.

Tae-ra and Jae-in pine away for Gun-wook.

Tae-sung’s hair gets insulted.

Tae-ra and Jae-in face off over dead Gun-wook.

They both find out his real identity.

Gun-wook’s lighter continues to haunt Madam Shin.

Gun-wook wakes up in a hospital. Aaaah! You’re supposed to be dead!


165 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. CW


  2. dulcedeleche

    uhhhhhh did someone hack into javabeans blog?

  3. lailoken

    Wait WTF????? Who the hell is Santa???

  4. Nina

    best recap ever! love it! xD

    • 4.1 claudia

      i agree <3

  5. :D


  6. ockoala

    This is seriously THE FUNNIEST RECAP I have ever read on DB.

    Thank you, JB and GF, for your wicked sense of humor and total willingness to play along with a joke. πŸ˜€

    Tell Santa I can recommend a good labor and employment lawyer, but unfortunately the person may not be licensed to practice in the North Pole. If he can move the jurisdiction, then let’s talk.

  7. langdon813

    *Ho! Ho! Ho!*

    Thanks Santa! πŸ˜€

  8. seongsangnim

    wOw tnx Santa… early christmas gift..^_^

    do you have permission to write this from jb???

  9. czakhareina

    what that is it.. wow was hoping for more.. was excited from previous post where Taesung 1 will meet the president hong who greets him warmly…
    ahh that is just sad…

  10. 10 Imogene

    unfortunately, that pretty much nails it. nothing too complicated.

  11. 11 Phleebo

    LMAO funniest recap ever!!!

  12. 12 Infiniti512


  13. 13 Christy


    you gave me a good laugh =D

    thanks santa claus!

  14. 14 sunbae

    are you crazy or something???

  15. 15 Brittany

    That’s what I call short and sweet. lol

  16. 16 tado

    that is not funny man… I need a real clear recap!!!!!

  17. 17 hjkomo


    Glad I was forewarned to put on some Depends before reading this HILARIOUS recap. Thank you, Santa!!! πŸ˜›

    Sorry, I can’t help you with the legal advice…but I bet Dramabeaners could find a way to muster up help from some thestrals, should you need alternate labor. πŸ˜‰

  18. 18 Remior

    I used to live in North Pole, Alaska (the place they send santa letters with the address “north pole” on it.) That’s how the crazies talked up there! Anywho, everybody on Bad Guy has lost their minds so, I think this post is befitting.

  19. 19 xmas in august


    For those of you who are confused: Yesterday’s Bad Guy thread

  20. 20 Kimchy

    LMAO!! Hilarious! It made me choke on my soup! lmao!! Loved it..but one time is enough though!

  21. 21 CG

    Uh, I hope you don’t recap any other drama series later on.

  22. 22 annie

    HAHA,. so funny

    And —- TO THE ENDING

  23. 23 sugarpunch

    LOL. i had a bad shock when i saw this!! but now that i’ve taken time to ease into this…… loving it! unfortunately, such shows take the longwinded way of telling their story. I don’t think i need any more than what u have given us, Santa!

  24. 24 nara

    GAH! Thanks Santa! but we want GF and JB back! come back!

  25. 25 Amg1

    O O
    And that’s what we get when we “pissed off” the “QUEEN OF THIS CASTLE”!!!! That was “Absolutely Brilliant”
    Thanks again for your hard work Lady’s !!!!! : O }

  26. 26 MEL

    SANTA CLAUS–no question you get around even though you’re a busy person–sure hope the case the reindeer has against you doesn’t get to court… Are you sure you’re the plaintiff, it’s not all those demanding humans who want their gifts on time and in one day at that. Well, I think you should countersue for for subversion… As in manipulation of the law… No doubt, you’ll probably have some really good lawyers lined up and ready to take your case…. Good luck, umm by the way, did you make sure the “mush” was fortified with all the B-vitamins, all natural supplements with whole grains and fiber with great taste–“each serving provides the recommended percentages of the GDA based on a 2,000 diet.”

    Thanks for such a to the point recap…. I’ll go watch it now… again, good luck on that case. ‘hope it gets thrown out of court… Hope to hear from you soon, hopefully your next recap will have more to it..

  27. 27 HsC1025

    Haha LMAO!!! This made my day =)

    –> Tae sung’s hair gets insulted…..kekekekekekeke

  28. 28 ockoala

    My favorite line in this brilliant recap: “Tae-sung’s hair gets insulted”

    That’s all I took away from watching this episode as well.

    @ tado

    You “need” something? Since it’s free, I suggest the following mantra “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”

  29. 29 sweet synergy

    are you serious? or just lazy?

    I’m not new here but this is the fits time im reading a recap written by you.

    love it though. The next time you do another recap, don’t mind putting your name after the title, we’ll know who’s behind it… πŸ™‚

  30. 30 dannaluk

    thank you santa for making my life easier with all the skimming of bad guy recaps

  31. 31 djes

    So I don’t need to waste my HDD space for this drama? Because I actually plan to dl it after it ends…

  32. 32 brookeeve

    As far as legal advice:

    According to legend, your reindeer only have to work for one day out of the year, therefore working for a 24 hour period (assuming that you deliver only at night on Christmas Eve and that you do deliver worldwide) you have neither overworked them or underpaid them (if assumptions are that you are the only employer in your district and that they eat and have shelter for the other 364(5 during leap year) days during the year). Also, using words that boost morale such as “mush” have not stood up in court to this day as a qualifier for a hostile work environment. You might face a civil rights charge for incorrectly using the wrong species (horsies, doggies) while identifying them, however my advice to you would be to claim that you were in fact talking to the toys instead of them when you are asked why you would do such a thing in court. Another point, a person cannot sue for emotional abuse unless lasting damage can be proved by a court appointed psychiatrist, or in this case veterinarian. Don’t worry Santa, I think you’re safe.

    Other than that,
    OMG! Great review, I laughed, I cried, I laughed because I was crying, and then I read it again five times to make sure that I hadn’t just invented that.

  33. 33 ciaociao

    yep, that pretty much sums up the whoooooooole episode. xcept your recap took 2 seconds to read and the episode took 1 hour. oh how i wish i could rewind time and just have read your recap first. lololol.

    a couple of lines, hahaha, i bet this is how the scriptwriters explained the plot to the actors, and then action! E

  34. 34 Sunflowery


    yup, that is actually what happened.

  35. 35 hjkomo

    Btw, who mucks out the reindeer stalls? The elves? If so, I hope you have an inside agent…or good surveillance equipment…just in case the elves are conspiring to stage a coup. πŸ˜‰

  36. 36 Santa

    @ brookeeve: Interesting, interesting. How much do you charge to represent a mythical figure? Does your firm do pro bono work? I don’t normally deliver presents to lawyers, but this year I might make an exception.

  37. 37 Ani

    @dulcedeleche That didn’t occur to me until you voiced it, but now I’m wondering the same.

    People, am I missing something here? Funny, but heartbreaking all the same. Is it okay for me to be pissed off right now? *Sigh* Oh well, I’m sure there is a really good reason for this, like Alien Abduction of jb and fri, or something of the sort. Or a more sensible reason is that jb and fri have lives too and need a reprieve every once in a while. Except, the drama addict in me needs some Tae-sung pictures and recaps in order to survive.

  38. 38 kfan13

    HAHAH…..Got the shock of my life when I read the post. So this is what happens when I don’t read the comments portion of previous episode ! Total loss of continuity….

    For what it’s worth, this shows how lame life would be without a narrative. I petition to bring girlfriday back.

  39. 39 Ani

    @kfan13: Thanks for the heads up. I knew this recapping style seemed awfully familiar. Tsk. And I’ll sign that petition if you plan on passing it over.

  40. 40 Kiwi

    This is way better, spare us the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I should have give up this drama before it kills

  41. 41 ginnie

    Thank you for the LOL moment.

  42. 42 kez

    This cracked me up!
    Very funny, Santa!

  43. 43 SunsetSeashells

    Hi there Santa, gave me quite a shock when I first saw your name after the title. Then gave me an even bigger one after reading the recap hahaha. Simple and straight forward, now could you please rewind time and give me back my hours and emotional investment into this drama? I am simply too confused. Oh and please call JB and GF back asap. Thanks! Good luck with the reindeers. πŸ™‚

  44. 44 Laica


    Santa, you should do this more often. JB and GF deserve the break – and those nasty commenters deserve to be deprived of the recaps they take so lightly.

    Love you guys, fighting! πŸ˜‰

  45. 45 kay

    LOL love this. i’m glad you included the part about taesung getting his hair insulted πŸ™‚

  46. 46 shu

    wow. that is short..

  47. 47 gracey

    this is about the best i’ve ever seen santa put on his groove. love it love it, bravaa

  48. 48 Snikki

    Haha! You don’t bite the hand that feeds you… is something like what happened here.

    I’m glad the shipping war over at Coffee House didn’t result to something like this.

  49. 49 sweet synergy

    whats with the last photo? can somebody please explain…

  50. 50 orangelauren

    Thanks for the mid-year present, Santa (I’m sure Girlfriday had something to do with it). Sometimes shorter is sweeter, and this was DEFINITELY one of those times.
    I know this is a drama, but if the plot goes around in circles and there’s more needless drama, I’m going to have to take everybody out except for the two Tae-sungs so they can adorably eat ice cream with no crazy witch out to get them.

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