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Highlights from Athena’s showcase
by | August 31, 2010 | 107 Comments

The production of Athena held a showcase on August 30 at Seoul’s Lotte World’s Garden Stage, where the main cast talked about the process of training for the drama’s action scenes, filming in Italy, shared behind-the-scenes stories, and showed a making-of video. Below, you can watch the video of highlights that was featured at the showcase.

Last week we saw the teaser (and Park Hyo-shin music video for the OST theme song), but that mostly featured the leads, Jung Woo-sung and Su Ae. The new scenes show some of the other characters who haven’t been featured as much, including Lee Jia, Cha Seung-won, Choi Siwon, and Kim Min-jong. Woot woot!

Athena is looking at a November premiere.

Below, from top to bottom, are Jung Woo-sung (yum!), Su Ae (love the dress), Cha Seung-won (hate the ‘stache), Lee Jia (dig the hair), Kim Min-jong (ever the gentleman), and Choi Siwon (who looks pretty badass in the clip, but then again he IS a black belt in Taekwondo).

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107 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. hermosa5790

    JWS, *swoons* ’nuff said..

    • 1.1 ccricket

      hey he looks so…fresh!

  2. jastinel

    CSW in a hot sizzling scene….OMG!

    • 2.1 shin mi rae

      i agree with you totally. cha seung won is uber hotness… i like that he is the mysterious guy here… is he good, is he bad… who cares.. he is HOT!!!

      i like this more than IRIS. i saw one episode of IRIS and i didnt feel anything for it… with this one… im joining the club for cha seung won…

      • 2.1.1 ohemgee

        i feel the EXACT same way as you!!

        i couldn’t finish IRIS, even TOP and LBH couldn’t keep me interested, sadly!

        but give me Cha Seung Won and i am THERE!!

        siwon is a bonus! as is jung woo sung! ^_^

      • 2.1.2 ktb

        me three.

    • 2.2 Quirky21

      YEAH, I KNOOOWWWW!!! =) =)


  3. Anonymous

    This drama looks like a
    “keeper”, I hope the story line is better than “Iris”!!!!!!

    • 3.1 Quirky21

      Yeah Yeah!!!! (nodding) Oh, yes, I really FEEL you, of course!

      THIS is BETTER than IRIS, YAY! =)

  4. Amg1

    This drama looks “like'” James Bond kinda movie I like it a lot!!!!

  5. crzycpl

    WOW! *mouth agape*

    Are you excited?!!! ‘Cos I am excited!!!!

  6. aberdeen_angus

    November, I need ya to come faster!

    Seriously, after the comradeship, the musical ahjummas, the cute mythology, the gigantic epic, the makjang baker, and the sci fi sageuk, I’m craving some kick ass, funny, bond-esque drama. It could wrap up the second half in a high note, yay!

    • 6.1 aidablue

      agree with that … I’m kind of craving for a James Bondi kind of drama even though I’m not a fan of the genre

    • 6.2 deannadsc

      how true… aberdeen _angus!!! it’s about time for some kiss-ass action drama!!

      + i love ALL the actors in “Athena”..an early X’mas treat for all of us, KDrama addicts!!!

  7. spunah

    Looks so much more believable than IRIS! Sorry, I dropped IRIS two episodes in…I just didn’t buy Kim Tae Hee’s performance. Everyone looks well-trained here. As a black belt myself I can totally appreciate TKD-backed moves versus a few months (albeit rigorous) training….it’s just not as authentic looking! (See Lee Jia, but maybe I’m just picking on her bc I don’t have particular regard for her).

  8. Beng

    who would have thought that the serious Min Jong will be the one to bring in the comic relief.

    Choi Si Won has found the perfect role for him. I’m sure lots of his fans will just swoon watching him.

    Su Ae is such a cool bad-ass chic. Still don’t like Lee Jia

    I’m just wondering why all has emo bangs, except for Si won. Anyway, his hair cut now is the best i’ve seen of him.

    So looking forward to Athena!!!

    • 8.1 Alexis

      Haha to Quirky21 — of course! ^_^

      Yupz, I looovvvee all of these actors & actresses, yeah!

      EH? You don’t like Lee Jia? I really like Lee Jia cuz’ she’s killing!!! =) I love seeing her side — so tomboyish, of course.

      I hope ATHENA is wayyyyy BETTER than IRIS! (I didn’t watch this)

  9. enjoydrama

    Wow! Can’t wait for this to air. At last, action scenes of Siwon! Impressive! They seem to love him in water. 🙂

  10. 10 estel

    Choi Siwon — why wasn’t there more of him?? Soooo hott.

    This looks like it’s going to have a totally different feel from IRIS, which can only be a good thing. I can’t wait for this to air!

  11. 11 UJ

    i recently watched a few movies starring Jung woo Sung and lets just say i am sold!

  12. 12 lily

    i love almost all the cast of Athena.
    the scenes also looks cool and interesting.
    i really hope the drama will not just focus on the action only but neglects the plots.

  13. 13 Lahlita

    I’m exhausted. I adore Choi Siwon and Cha Seung-won is too sexy to be believed, but it’s not even September yet and I’m already Athena’d out. They need to pull the exposure back a notch, then ramp up promotions hardcore in early-mid-October.

    @ 7 spunah — I admire you so much! I never made it past yellow. 😀 At least you can take comfort in Siwon’s INSANE spinning hooks and tornado kicks. He has so much control over his body it’s ridiculous. Then again, I guess that’s the awesomesauce you bring when you’re a fourth-degree black belt.

  14. 14 Aly

    Lee Ji Ah!!! <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to see this drama just for her!

    I have no idea what they're saying in the video. XD must be srz bznz!

    After so much promotion, a big budget and all that jazz… if this gets bad ratings the big industry people will be VERY unhappy.

    • 14.1 Alexis

      Yup Yup! (nods) ^____^ Lee Ji Ah, FIGHTING!

  15. 15 kader82

    swon superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cool ya offffffff offfffffff

  16. 16 lovlyndra

    Yupzz… me too.. me too..
    hate the CSW ‘s stache..

  17. 17 roxyelias

    This looks super!!!!! Chi Won looks bad ass and hot… So diferent from Oh my Lady!

  18. 18 ockoala

    I love this cast. That is all.

  19. 19 Aya

    Siwon being badass while dripping wet.

    that is all.

    No, srsly Athena looks so smokin’, I hope they won’t fail with the script/story.

  20. 20 zephyr

    Jung Woo Sung never fails to deliver! my fav korean actor! =)

  21. 21 Gina

    Love the cast, though i’m not that into the Siwon, but he’s sure an eye candy for the drama.
    Can’t wait for the drama

  22. 22 ItsJeswee

    And I have to wait until November come to watch that badass Siwon??? *sigh*

  23. 23 Fasiris Fay

    don’t know if this will be better than IRIS but I might just watch for the Choi Siwon scenes 🙂

  24. 24 Lacus

    I will definitely be watching this for Siwon 🙂 He looks amazingly badass. Course, whenever he shows off his taekwondo moves, he looks badass ^^. Love JWS and CSW too. Really looking forward to this drama.

  25. 25 langdon813

    DAMN…this looks SO GOOD! Come on November!

    Thanks JB!

  26. 26 jeankaycee

    yay!!! the teaser got me excited for athena!

    jung woo sung looks so freaking good!

    choi siwon is so hot! im melting!!!!!

  27. 27 Qwenli

    cant wait to watch!

  28. 28 dralai

    I was already going to watch it because of Siwon, but DAMN! This looks freakin’ amazing!! It seems totally believable!

    I just hope they didn’t neglect the drama plot-wise, because the action scenes look fantastic. This could easily become one of the finest dramas out there if the plot is well written.

    And I have to say this: Siwon + water + guns = pure win

    The downside is, I’ve been waiting for this kind of trailer FOREVER. It came and it’s awesome. And now it’s only in November!??

  29. 29 cat1177

    Iris was pretty bad…well the second half was. all the excitement came to a screeching halt after 11 or 12 episodes. i’m probably one of the few people who finished it anyway despite being bored out of my mind with it.

    now as for Athena…i am so ready to ignore all the plot holes and incredulous storylines they throw my way, i don’t care, i’ll be watching this like a stalker because of Choi Siwon!

    i want more Siwon in the next trailer!!

  30. 30 luraaa

    This show had me at Jung Woo Sung. 🙂

  31. 31 cille

    woo-sung very much exudes HANDSOMENESS! i can’t even describe how i really feel about him when i see him on screen, except that i know one of my reaction is a jaw-drop. ^^

    su ae looks fierce in that scene where woo-sung is watching her strangle the enemy.

    lee jia should really stick to intense roles (like sujini) as she truly embodies strength which definitely makes her character believable.

    i lol’d at min-jong when he was playing with the gun. i think he’ll bring some comedic relief into the drama.

    and SIWON, hoi! i’m really liking the choices he’s been making when it comes to his projects. i hope he keeps it up because i think he’ll just get better and better.

    as for seung-won, arghhhh! somebody please tell him to shave off that “thing” on his gorgeous face.

  32. 32 Jane

    [email protected] Si Won.

  33. 33 kaedejun

    OMG OMG OMG – hyperventilating!

    and lee jia – kicking some butt there!

  34. 34 Teresa

    Hey!! I think the trailer says December 2010, not November. 🙂

  35. 35 aramint

    now THAT is how u should produce a trailer…phew…

    JWS, SA, CSW, LJ, KMJ, CSW (heh..the younger version)

    and also, scenes at the SMTown Concert! ^^

    i really hope Athena will be much much better than IRIS…coz i stopped watching IRIS after episode 4..

    ah, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait…

  36. 36 Net-chan

    Seems like it’ll be a December broadcast…

    But I don’t get it. Is Cha Seung Won playing the baddy T.T??? Everybody seems to track him in the trailer…

  37. 37 readergirl

    Choi Si Won *squeals* :DDD uber hotness <3

  38. 38 sora

    This is the drama I’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait!!!

  39. 39 Porcelain

    Teaser officially turn me into a puddle of squels!!!

    Am really v v hype now!

    Jung Woo Sung can do no wrong in my eyes…

    Su Ae…. totally having a girlcrush on her… so demure yet so fierce…

    Cha Seung Won actually rock his ‘stache I felt…

    Kim Min Jong will be the comedic relief…

    Lee Jia fight scenes seems convincing…

    Choi Siwon… Siwon ah… you know I love you, your suit look good but you look like some pilot / businessman combo in that get up and totally add on more years to your 24 (25 Korean age). I know its the showcase but you can dress younger bb…
    but totally satisfied with the guns in the swimming pool scene… Dripping wet and looking badass… total heaven…

    For some reason I was so excited seeing BoA’s cameo coz it was taken during SM Town recently and I am totally like wondering, omg, maybe will catch glimpse of my bbs Suju & Shinee but if Siwon accidentally appear, please just edit Siwon out that scene, you can’t half an intelligence officer that sidelines as an idol!Hehehe… editors don’t fail! this….

    Nov come soon…

    • 39.1 chajjye

      LOL! Undercover as an idol?? LOL. That has got to be way epic.

      Siwon is looking freaking badass here.

  40. 40 vis

    It’s looking good <3 But yeah, let's hope the story won't fail to deliver…

  41. 41 Anonymous

    Wrauwwwww CSW rocks as always….he looks so HOT.

    He has even not to open his mouth to say sthing…His looks are doing it enough again…purrrrrfect.

    Is hee the Good guy…Or the Bad guy…thats the question ? …at least for me 😛

    Well I never could get into IRIS

    But this looks really like a great show 🙂

    I think they filmed in north Italy or swiss…close to the alps
    If had known, I would have taken a weekend trip to there …sighhhh 🙁

  42. 42 Madita

    Wrauwwwww CSW rocks as always….he looks so HOT.

    He has even not to open his mouth to say sthing…His looks are doing it enough again…purrrrrfect.

    Is hee the Good guy…Or the Bad guy…thats the question ? …at least for me 😛

    Well I never could get into IRIS

    But this looks really like a great show 🙂

    I think they filmed in north Italy or swiss…close to the alps
    If had known, I would have taken a weekend trip to there …sighhhh 🙁

  43. 43 all4movies

    Given the awesomeness of this team, at least LJA won’t bug me as much as KTH.

    There’s enough eye candy to melt the screen. ***swoons***

  44. 44 snoopyvkd

    Wah! That clip is good!

  45. 45 jojo

    Cha Seung Won with ‘stache and Choi Si Won without.
    They’re both hot…can’t wait !!!

    • 45.1 ccricket

      yeah i dig the stache guy!

  46. 46 Barbara

    As Director Ban, from Gumiho would say, “Real Action!”

    • 46.1 Laica


  47. 47 ruthie

    wow! u could have thought that this could be a preview for an upcoming film! man! thats intense! im not into action dramas but im gonna try to watch it coz it looks sick and bad*ss!

  48. 48 MsRetta

    Cha Seung Won. Jung Woo Sun…oh! hell yes!

    I am on board for Athena just because these two are in it. They never fail to bring it. I am unfamiliar with the rest of the actors…the ladies I have seen in one drama each and liked them in both but only Lee Jia in an action role…I liked her.
    In the photos though she looks like she wants to be anywhere but there!

  49. 49 peanut butter

    kim min jong totally cracked me up while everyone else made me go “wooowww!” i really didnt even bother to start iris but athena has really caught me attention!!

  50. 50 Sweet

    This catches my eyes more than IRIS.
    But I hope it well live up too it.
    ChoiSiWon is sizzzling in here,
    and KMJ is hella funny.

    P.S ChoiSiWon is mine!;)

    • 50.1 Roslie

      I AGRREEEE WITH YA, Of course! =)

      Lolz, I loovvee these Athena casts, Sweet Niblet!

    • 50.2 lily

      “P.S ChoiSiWon is mine!;)”

      😀 haha get in line honey.
      everyone wants a piece of that hot stuff.

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