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I Am Legend: Episode 6
by | August 22, 2010 | 37 Comments

Episode 6 really picks up on the momentum that episode 5 left off with. I am starting to fully appreciate the characters because I have an idea of how they’ll act or react. The plot may have been jerky in the beginning, but I think it’s going much more smoothly now. And OMG at the ending! Eeep!


I Am Legend OST – “Million Roses” by Madonna Band [download]

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The stalker – whom we find out is named Park Ki Chul – tells Seol Hee that he lost everything because of Ji Wook – his job and his family. (Wow – how general of a reason is that?) He is willing to give her the evidence she needs to win her case, but Seol Hee isn’t too sure if he’s reliable enough. Nevertheless, his words haunt her as she and the other Madonna gals spruce up the attic of the studio (which is going to be their new practice space).

She asks Soo In and Hwa Ja for advice, and they think that Park Ki Chul is just lying to her. He might be another lackey sent by the Cha family to mislead her, but Seol Hee doesn’t think so (she’s too trusting). At the same time, Min Kyu comes by to drop off baby Gun Hee with Ah Reum so that he can visit an old friend. Ah Reum doesn’t want Gun Hee anywhere near the the studio, but Min Kyu dumps the crying baby into her hands.

When Seol Hee and Hwa Ja see the baby, Ah Reum lies and says that the baby is her younger sibling. Even though Soo In knows the truth, it’s too embarrassing for Ah Reum to admit that she’s a single mother. Seol Hee coos at the crying baby and her motherly instincts take over right away as she feeds the baby some milk. Hwa Ja cracks that if Seol Hee had only given birth to a boy like Gun Hee, she wouldn’t be in a divorce-situation. Ouch.

As Seol Hee feeds Gun Hee, she thinks back to how Mother of All Evil (MoaE) and Ji Wook treated her. They only saw her as a potential carrier for an heir to the family, nothing more. The romantic notion of being a mother was destroyed by the family’s pressure for a son. Seol Hee wonders what it’s like to raise a child, and if her life would have been different if she didn’t have a miscarriage. But if she did have a child, Seol Hee doubts her life would be any different. Ji Wook may have loved her a little more, but Mother-in-law never saw her as a person from the start anyways. Nevertheless, what she regrets the most is not having enough courage to look back at their condescending stares.

Now as for Ran Hee, she and her manager go to the broadcast station to visit the director of the documentary. Ran Hee is back to being a star in the documentary, since her little “save” in the last performance made her seem elegant and cool. Soo In also happens to be at the broadcast station talking to a colleague when she overhears Ran Hee and her manager privately discussing the guitar mishap. Soo In puts two and two together, and rushes off to tell Hwa Ja and Ah Reum that Ran Hee had sabotaged their performance.

Hwa Ja is fuming when Ran Hee goes to the studio, and starts tugging at her hair. That’s right – fight first! Talk later! Ran Hee denies knowledge of the guitar mishap and says she didn’t do it, but Hwa Ja is having none of it. Seol Hee barges in during the fight and stops it. Hwa Ja tells Seol Hee what Ran Hee did, and when Seol Hee confronts her – eyes blazing – Ran Hee wails that she didn’t do it. (Just slap her already, Seol Hee!) She would never do that to her friends; are they crazy? She starts crying how they could treat her like this, gives a dramatic scream, and runs out. (How could you let her run off!!? Although technically, Ran Hee didn’t do it, her manager did. But, po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe.)

Seol Hee says what’s past is past. And it’s a good thing too, since it turns out the Madonna Band scored another performance at Live Cafe! Tae Hyun had struck a deal with the owner of Live Cafe – he will perform at the cafe, but the owner must give the Madonna Band another chance to shine onstage. The girls cheer at the news (without knowing Tae Hyun’s part of the deal) and are ecstatic to be given a chance without the dratted Ran Hee.

After practice, Tae Hyun asks Seol Hee if she found a lawyer yet. If she still doesn’t have one, then she should really see Go Jin Bae. Turns out, Jin Bae is Tae Hyun’s guitar teacher. He’s also a successful lawyer who wins almost every case he takes on. Off she goes to see Jin Bae!

Jin Bae is a no-nonsense sort of fellow, and knows that Seol Hee doesn’t think too highly of him. But he takes on her case anyways. He warns her not to take the evidence from Park Ki Chul, since it’s probably illegal, biased, and mostly untrue. That same night, Seol Hee sees Park Ki Chul outside her apartment again, and refuses the info. Park scoffs and says that she’ll never win unless she gets her hands dirty. But no matter – he will see to Ji Wook’s downfall, even if it means one of them is going to die. Left with that threat hanging in the air, Seol Hee begins to worry.

Ji Wook is all fine and dandy in his apartment with Seung Hye. They’re reviewing a case together when suddenly his mother comes into the apartment. They all talk for a bit, and Seung Hye seems to have made a good impression on the mother already. MoaE complains about all the gossip surrounding her son, but Seung Hye reassures her that all will end well – while putting a hand around Ji Wook’s arm! And then MoaE tells her son, “How much nicer would it have been for you to have met someone like Lawyer Oh earlier.” Oh you are so going to eat your words one day MoaE – unless you have nothing against single mothers, but everything against rocker chicks.

As MoaE leaves the apartment, she spots Seol Hee in the lobby and confronts her. What, is Seol Hee there to threaten him? Apparently there are “rules” to fighting, but of course she would be too low-class to know that. (Wow – slap her too please.) Seol Hee says that she’s concerned for Ji Wook because of another matter, and MoaE gives her one useful piece of advice: “Don’t worry about Ji Wook and start worrying about yourself.”

Seol Hee can’t help it, and she goes up to the apartment. Ji Wook and Seung Hye are having their own private, romantic rendezvous when she rings the doorbell. Since they can’t really hide what they’re doing, Ji Wook just lets Seol Hee come in, and she registers Seung Hye’s presence, the wine glasses, and the fruit and cheese spread. Seol Hee tells him that a man named Park Ki Chul may come after him, so he should be careful. Ji Wook belittles her, saying that she can’t possibly be worried about him.

Hurt, Seol Hee bursts that she must have been crazy to even worry about him and leaves. Seung Hye and Ji Wook give little credence to Seol Hee’s claims, but when Seung Hye notes that Seol Hee may still be in love with him, Ji Wook replies, “Don’t say such awful things.”

But karma’s a pain in the ass; the next day Ji Wook receives a package of photos and a CD of him with Seung Hye, clearly making out in his apartment. The package is from Park Ki Chul of course. Seung Hye freaks out – if the evidence is used in court, they’re both finished.

Seol Hee meets Jin Bae again, and this time he gives her some information about Ji Wook’s wealth. First of all, Ji Wook is worth an estimated $6 million, and he was only going to give her $450,000 as alimony if she would go into hiding. Jin Bae tells Seol Hee that she’s entitled to at least $3 million. Seol Hee stubbornly insists that she’s not in it for the money, so Jin Bae points out that Ji Wook also owns a country home in Yangsoori, one that Seol Hee doesn’t know exists. He frequents it with a lady friend – but it can’t be Seol Hee now, can it?

After her meeting, Ji Wook phones Seol Hee for a meeting. He wants to know Seol Hee’s connection to Park Ki Chul. Seol Hee huffs that he had disregarded her the other day, so why curious now? Ji Wook spins it so that it seems like he’s looking out for her: “If you involve yourself with that sort of bad guy, then you could also get caught up in such dirty things. So be careful.” Seol Hee throws back his mom’s advice: “Stop worrying about me and start worrying about yourself.” She tells him that she knows she can come away from the case very rich, and Ji Wook scoffs at her for thinking such crazy things. Seol Hee adds, calmly, “Before we broke up like this, I wanted to visit the country house together. It’s a shame we weren’t able to go there even once.”

That’s right Ji Wook – be afraid. Be very afraid.

But on to the concert! CEO Kwang Yul finds out that Tae Hyun made a deal with the cafe’s owner for the Madonna Band’s performance. He confronts him outside and asks if Tae Hyun is interested in one of the band members. Tae Hyun jokes if Kwang Yul would help him if he really did like someone, and Kwang Yul starts playing process of elimination: it can’t be Hwa Ja, and Seol Hee’s in the middle of a divorce. Tae Hyun likes “flawless maiden” Soo In, right!? (LOL – I guess the writers are really toying the idea with this pairing…) Tae Hyun: “Flawless? Who’s flawless? She’s an old maid who’s well over thirty.” (Bad excuse there.) Kwang Yul warns that Tae Hyun can’t get his hands on her, because he wants to marry her off to a better person, and that elicits a smirk from Tae Hyun.

Hwa Ja arrives late – nearly ruining their performance the second time around. (Although I would have liked to see Tae Hyun perform alongside the girls…) Turns out she got into a little fight and has a bruise on her face. Everyone starts laughing, and Tae Hyun lets out a small smile before immediately resuming his angry expression and barking at them to get ready. Just before they go onstage though, an audience member approaches Seol Hee.

When Seol Hee gets onstage, she first makes an announcement. The audience member had asked her to congratulate him and his wife on their fifth wedding anniversary, and to read a message to his wife about how thankful he was for her patience and understanding, and that he promises to be a good father to their baby. Seol Hee then dedicates the song – “A Million Roses” – to the new family.

And as she sings, she remembers back all those days of loneliness in her sham marriage that was full of one-sided love.

Tae Hyun visits Jin Bae, and asks for a status update on Seol Hee’s case. Jin Bae wonders if he’s interested in Seol Hee or something (HAHA!) but Tae Hyun says that Seol Hee is going against Seung Hye – “When I think of that woman suffering because of Seung Hye, strangely I feel a bit concerned.”

Jin Bae says there’s no way Seol Hee is going to win in this case then, because no matter how tough she is on the outside, she’s too kind hearted to do anything that will hurt someone else. He tells Tae Hyun he gave her evidence that could provide proof of infidelity, and yet she hasn’t done anything about it.

Outside the studio, Tae Hyun picks up Seol Hee in his car. She wonders why he wants to go for a drive with her, and he says, “If a star is offering his fan a drive, she should be honored. What are you hesitating for?” (Do I hear a bit of Hwang Tae Kyung here?!)

Well Seol Hee gets in, of course, but her face falls when she finds out their destination: “The Yangsoori country house.”

They arrive, and Seol Hee finds out from the housekeeper that the property owner would be arriving that evening. Stake out time!

Seol Hee wants to leave, because she doesn’t feel comfortable with spying on her husband like this. She’s willing to go back first, but Tae Hyun makes her stay – “Acting noble in an ugly fight will only cause you to shed bloody tears. So if you’re onto something, then hold onto it.” He then mutters, “What kind of woman is she to set up house in this sort of place with someone else’s man…?”

Oh you should watch your mouth, Jang Tae Hyun.

A car drives up to the house, and the first person they see stepping out of the car is none other than Seung Hye.

And then the next person coming out of the driver’s seat is none other than Ji Wook.


BAM! I felt like I was hit with a bolt of lightning when I saw that ending. My expression was exactly like that of Tae Hyun’s – bug-eyed with wonder – and I screamed internally, “NOOOOOO! YOU CAN’T END HERE!!!! DID SEUNG HYE SEE THEM OR NOT!!!!????!!!!” I love how Seol Hee is not surprised and Tae Hyun looks like an utter noob. I’m sure she had an inkling about the affair, but was in denial about it and hoped she could get a divorce without having to reveal an affair.

This episode seemed to really drive home that heartbreaking message to Seol Hee about everything she’s missing out on because of her bad marriage. The writers sent that message well, with Gun Hee’s appearance, the audience member’s special request, and the song selection for the performance. I really liked that we got flashbacks of her marriage during the performance so that we know exactly what she’s thinking and feeling as she performs. (That also makes her a more honest performer than, say, Ran Hee, because she performs with her heart and soul.) All of these incidents were soft nudges telling her that she really needs to buckle down and get her hands dirty. Seol Hee is still that timid girl who couldn’t look up to her mother-in-law’s harsh glares, and as much as she may hate that side of her, she’s still that girl because she doesn’t have the strength to get evidence through sneaky methods.

Seung Hye and Ji Wook’s relationship was also explored further, and I think Seung Hye may like him more than Ji Wook likes her, which is very bad. She clearly stated in this episode that she wants to be by his side after the divorce, but poor girl doesn’t realize she probably has to go through a vetting process – whether by MoaE or by public declaration from someone who holds a grudge. And Noori and Tae Hyun would be found out as her “little dirty secrets.”

While Kwang Yul’s comment about Tae Hyun’s interest in Soo In was cute, I think my doubts were put to rest when Tae Hyun said he was concerned about Seol Hee. He wants her to beat his wife for probably selfish reasons (you know, bring down the ex-wife a few notches) but also because deep inside he is attracted to her – he just doesn’t know it yet. Although, wouldn’t it be interesting if the pairing of couples did not involve the female lead, but was between the male lead and second female lead?!


37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jen Y.

    Yup… It’d be definitely interesting if the writer spices it up by starting with the main male lead with second lead. Tangles tangles *O*.

  2. xiaoSxin

    Thanks for the recap.. I can’t wait for the next episode. I hope our OTP gets good development..

  3. rainbowcolorrs

    such a good episode

  4. Butet

    It’s kinda like that Kristen Stewart movie, the Runaways.. but Ajhumma style.

  5. aX

    I cannot wait until this comes out with English subtitles! So exciting! 😀 I’m also glad that dramabeans seem to be enjoying this even though are taste are a bit indifferent. hahah

  6. Liesel

    I agree that this episode has upped the ante really well. And that ending with the million roses song insert was just uber cool. Can’t wait for the next episode.

    Thanks for the recap!

  7. h311ybean

    The screencap of a wild-eyed Ran-hee was awesome! LOL

    Re: the shippiness, I love Soo-in, but I’ve been a Seol-hee/Tae-hyun shipper from the very beginning. Poor woman deserves some true love after her blah marriage. In fairness, a love triangle sounds intriguing, but if it develops, I hope it won’t cause major rifts within the band – romance is fun, but it’s the friendships among the women that really makes the drama for me.

    And I really really hope that Ji-wook gets nailed for adultery in court!

  8. Hannah

    “Although, wouldn’t it be interesting if the pairing of couples did not involve the female lead, but was between the male lead and second female lead?!”

    To be honest, this would just make me rage.

    Thanks for the recap!

  9. missy

    I think that it would be better if Seol Hee will be an independent woman at the end of it all.

    She stated last episode that she doesn’t want to be relying on any men for her to succeed (more or less).

    It would be nicer don’t you think? 🙂

    • 9.1 jubilantia

      I see your point, but finding a man who can let you be yourself and accept your love at the same time would be more ideal, no?

      And Tae Hyun is so hot and vulnerable. The fact that he has matching baggage adds a potential sweetness to the pairing that I love. They both loved their former spouses, got trampled, and are now damaged, but they have the same passion for performing and living. I mean, awwwwwwwwww.

  10. 10 Haina

    This episode totally won me over on the Seol Hee / Tae Hyun relationship. I really want the divorce plot to start picking up speed though. Seol Hee really needs to get down and dirty.

  11. 11 cecee

    You know if JW was really smart he should have picked up the hint when SH mentioned “summer house visit.” I am surprised he showed up with Seung Hye in tow. Maybe he really does not think much about her?! What a jerk. I hope he and Seung Hye gets trampled on hard!

    I am a SH and TH shipper. She better be back with JW or I’ll be super pissed. Like where is your damn pride woman! lols.

    Thanks for the great recaps! Until the next one.

  12. 12 Carinne

    I love the acoustic version more to this song, Million Roses, although the band version is cool. (Your player is not working for this track.)

    You’re confusing me, are they or are they not NOW called Comeback Madonna Band? Madonna Band was formed during high school, fast forward, this ajummas group renamed themselves Comeback Madonna Band. Which is right? o , 0*

    I find cute the toy soldier Kim Hyun-joong banner or is that Willy Wonka KHJ?

  13. 13 Faye

    This drama is really starting to grow on me. Thanks for the recap!

  14. 14 Sukispop

    Great episode!!

    Loved how it carried things along, loved the new developments, loved the ending…and especially loved the performance, “Million Roses”. Particularly touching how Seol-hee reminisced about the sad, hurtful, and humiliating events, while singing straight from her heart and soul. Kim Jung-eun was sooo good!

    Things are getting verrrry interesting! Hold onto your hats!

    I’m now officially hooked…and I am all in for Tae-hyun and Seol-hee!

  15. 15 A

    Go Seol Hee!!!

  16. 16 wulanastasiaz

    lol.. this episode is so dramatic..

  17. 17 Evma

    Thanks for this recap. I really like the last part of this episode when the cheaters were caught by no other than the cheated ones. I could hear Seol Hee & Tae Hyun’s hearts shouted GOTCHA!!!

  18. 18 Buki

    I always knew that Seung Hye liked it a little rough. The first time we see her smile and it’s because she getting thrown into a wall 🙂

  19. 19 oi

    “Although, wouldn’t it be interesting if the pairing of couples did not involve the female lead, but was between the male lead and second female lead?!”

    now I am confused. Who is the male lead? Jiwook or Tae Hyun? Or could go either way as of now?

    • 19.1 sajor

      it should be Tae Hyun, i think. and soo in is referred here as the second female lead

      • 19.1.1 oi

        thanks for your reply
        hahaha….I thought the female lawyer was being referred to as second female lead

  20. 20 sajor

    male lead paired with the second female lead?


  21. 21 kilmenyanne

    Please don’t hate on me, but I find myself turned on by Ji Wook. Perhaps because of the oh-so-familiar asshole persona he has that is often attributed to male leads. Oh no! Second lead crush?!

    • 21.1 oi

      kekeke…you are not alone
      I am going completly crazy about him, but surely why exactly

  22. 22 hbfrack

    thanks kaedejun for another great recap!!! i love TH and SH.. I can’t wait to see the next episodes!!

  23. 23 iidrama

    This is a poor, angry, lonely love story
    The girl that he loved shined like a star
    As a humble tribute to his last love
    He sold all the laughter and tears hidden in his paintings

    **A million, million, million roses
    He gives to you, to you, to you
    The foolish man who knows nothing but love, nothing but love, nothing but love
    Is devoted to your soul

    His leaving, leaving, leaving beloved,
    Who he gave everything without regrets, without regrets, without regrets
    Amid the million, million, million roses
    Don’t forget the love you coldly abandoned**

    He’s been waiting outside her window since dawn
    The rest of his life was changed with the million roses
    The whole world laughed at his love
    But when he saw her smile, he won the whole world

  24. 24 h311ybean

    Speaking of wondering whether or not Seung-hye saw the pair in the car, I also wondered whether this will lead to the couple’s first kiss – as in fearing that she might see him/them, Tae-hyun will grab Seol-hee and kiss her so that 1) they look like a couple making out instead of a pair of stalkers, and 2) Seung-hye won’t see their faces.

    I’m excited to see Ep 7 now 😀

    • 24.1 jusash

      Hahaa h311ybean … after reading your (1) suggestion, I am just as “excited to see ep 7”.

      Logically, it makes little sense Seung-hee cannot recognise her ex’s car, with or without anyone sitting in it. Especially since it seems to be a lone car, parked in the middle of nowhere, sticking out like an elephant.
      Then again we’re in Kdrama land, where people can be inches away in eye-gaze distance, and still miss each other totally.

      >>> Hwa Ja cracks that if Seol Hee had only given birth to a boy like Gun Hee, she wouldn’t be in a divorce-situation. Ouch.

      I disliked this thoughtless insensitive comment.
      Just as I am not really digging the Hwa-ja character here. While I realise Hong Ji-min is probably a warm and big personality type person naturally (On Air), her flamboyance is coming across OTT and jarring (to me) here. It’s like a put on effect.

      The child comment is almost the same as their traditional “stick it out, why divorce if you’re having a good life” reactions to Seo-hee’s surprise announcement.

      Too many (traditional) women selfishly pop babies in a desperate bid to bail out dying marriages. Very ironic.
      And too many older folk always see having children as “glue” to cement a couple’s relationship or to anchor a man/woman down to a marriage.

      • 24.1.1 h311ybean

        Hi jusash!

        True, the car is really hard to miss alone in that street, but we can also assume that 1) Tae-hyun got the car after the divorce (and it looks like a zillion other cars out there) so she might not recognize it, or 2) Seung-hye doesn’t know yet that Seol-hee knows about the country house.

        Or yes, K-drama-land logic will just have her not noticing what is right before her eyes. Hey, she and Ji-wook didn’t notice that they were being photographed/filmed during their sexy fun times, right? :-p

        Re: Hwa-ja, I also don’t like her trying to encourage Seol-hee to stay in the marriage. However, I love her when she’s being the rabidly loyal friend, which she fortunately is most of the time. (I like to think of her as the “muscle” of the Madonna band, LOL, because she likes to get physical.) She reminds me a lot of a couple of friends that I have in real life 🙂 I hope the girls stop trying to make Seol-hee back down on the divorce and start supporting her 100% soon!

  25. 25 asianromance

    THank you for the recap! I haven’t been watching the series but I have been enjoying your recap. Sounds like a drama I would like. I may catch up on it someday. And I’ll definitely pick this up for my parents when the series ends. love the screen cap of Seung-hye’s face when she saw those pics! IN YOUR FACE, WOMAN! I sort of want to see her marry Ji Wook and be bullied around by his mother- or even vice versa!

  26. 26 ockoala

    Yeah, I, too, have a deep, dark, twisted and unspeakable desire for the bastard Ji Wook, because Kim Seung Soo is doing such a stellar job of making him a hot jerk.

    As for Seung Hye – she is officially “fart face” in my book. Just like whatshername in WUAS was “fish face” – these two ladies are the most horrid second female leads in 2010 so far.

    Go Seol Hee! I do not find her weak at all. She is simply too caring, and not ruthless like her husband and his family. She’s neither the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s no wilting flower either. She’s very real and relatable, and vulnerable. When she quivers my heart just breaks for her, because you see how she steels herself for how to deal with the next obstacle and the next volley.

  27. 27 johnandvan

    Thanks for the recaps and I too like Ji Wook, bad boy that he is, sort of feel sorry for him .

  28. 28 Leonardswench

    Omo! Well, I’m officially hooked now, this episode did it for me. Seol Hee really got hit with it all this episode: facing her mothering issues, finding a lawyer, facing the causes for the divorce and the duplicity of more than one character …. and to top it off, she finally sang her heart out, I thought. Will have to see this through to the end now …

  29. 29 MsRetta

    ok it’s officiial.. IAL is my ‘drug’ of choice!…I am watching it RAW..( no spoilers..lol lol lol as if) and my Korean isnt even basic yet!

    JI Wook is a jerk but dang if he isnt hot! lol lol

    Recap is as usual top notch…..

  30. 30 Keld

    I’m sorry but i’m kinda getting tired of Seo Hee dumb naivete. First of all they never explained her reasoning for wanting to defend herself. Secondly to not even find out what information the guy had before judging it tainted was idiotic. I mean those pics are pretty hard evidence an affair no matter where it came from.

  31. 31 jubilantia

    I had completely forgotten that Tae Hyun didn’t know the depths of his wife’s involvement- great surprise! This is getting so good. Also, can Seung-hye get any more heartless? I mean, to sit there like a cat in the cream, living evidence that your side is in the wrong, and dare to look at Seol Hee like she’s dirt. I mean. Holy moly. It’s great to see them sweat a little.

    Speaking of which- it probably isn’t the best idea to go. Away. Together When you know some crazy is out to get you.

    I’m also really loving Seol Hee’s characterization. Her experiences may be concentrated and caricatured beyond all reason for the sake of the drama (have any in-laws been this horrendous, ever?) but she’s reacting realistically. I mean, she’s been bullied and abused for years. No matter how much self-esteem you have, if the only thing you hear, day in and day out, is that you are trash, then you start to believe it. Not only believe, but internalize and think less of yourself to the point of not thinking you are worth it enough to “bother” anyone, even your friends. And lastly- yay Madonna Band! They are so joyful that I cannot get enough of them.

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