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I Am Legend: Episode 8
by | August 29, 2010 | 86 Comments

BEST. EPISODE. EVAAA. We’ve officially reached the midpoint of the series. OK – ’nuff said. On to the recap!

Seol Hee meets Jin Bae near the entrance and he hands off the CD. Ji Wook and Seung Hye discuss why Seol Hee could possibly want a recess (are they that dense?) and they only realize what’s going on when told that she requested a media room. Ruh-roh.

Ji Wook dashes to catch up to Seol Hee and asks her what she’s holding. Stupid question. He tries to stop her from using the evidence, because it might be fraudulent, but Seol Hee says she’s only going to check it. Getting desperate, Ji Wook says, “Now that I consider it, there’s no reason things have to be this way. How much do you want? Tell me what you want. I’ll give it to you.”

Her curiosity piqued, Seol Hee muses what could possibly be on the CD if he’s acting this desperate. She wants to talk later, but Ji Wook demands to know her price. Seol Hee replies, “Not once have you ever listened to my words. This time, you will have no choice but to listen.” And she goes in the room.

BOO YA! Nothing tickles my funny bone more than seeing two desperate lovers caught in the act. It’s OK Ji Wook – you’re not the first wannabe politician to have an affair; don’t worry, you’ll fit right in and you’ll get elected.

In the room, Seol Hee hesitates for a moment on whether or not she should play the CD. But she plays it – and sees her husband and Seung Hye making love.

Back to the courtroom we go – Seol Hee announces that she has a piece of evidence to submit, and it will “show the reason for the failure of the marriage between the defendant” and her. Seung Hye tries to stop it from being played, saying that Seol Hee never submitted a list of evidences before trial, but the judge lets Seol Hee get by. He seems to want to side with Seol Hee, but doesn’t have unbiased proof to base it on.

The CD is played…. and it’s a collection of clips from Seol Hee and Ji Wook’s wedding and honeymoon. Everyone, get ready for your bug-eyed close up shot please!

The Ji Wook of five years ago is very loving, and considerate of his pregnant wife during their wedding. And he’s smiling. They switch to their honeymoon, where Seol Hee greets their unborn baby with a video camera and calling him “Kkong”, which used to be Ji Wook’s nickname too. Though Ji Wook is concentrating on his work, he takes the time to greet their baby and wave at the camera. He even does a “heart” sign – WHERE IS THIS JI WOOK NOW?!

Ji Wook is clearly affected by a glimpse of his past. Even Seung Hye is tight-lipped – I doubt she’s ever seen this side of him. There isn’t a dry eye left in the room (except MoaE’s) and Seung Hye stands up for an objection – Seol Hee just showed the court irrelevant evidence.

Seol Hee requests to make her final statement, which the judge agrees to.

“While forgetting all of our past memories together, I found this CD. Of course, you calling me a relentless, money hungry snake, this evidence may not flip that argument around. Though I hate you so much I could die, and I want revenge on you, it seems I just couldn’t throw it away. Whether you admit it or not, you and I – a long time ago in that one moment – I think we truly loved each other. Even today, sitting here, I thought for a long time, ‘Why on earth am I fighting this fight?’ ‘What is it that I want from you?’ Thinking over all the things that happened in the past, what I wanted from you was one word of apology. ‘For a short while, I loved you. I can’t do that any longer. I’m sorry. I couldn’t let you go as you were. For starting this horrendous war, I’m sorry.’

“Your Honor, when I first thought of divorcing, it all started because of my rage towards my husband and my in-laws for not allowing me to do the bone marrow transplant for my dying sister. I dont’ deny it. However, during the trial I was accused of being a woman who entered a fraudulent marriage for money, a shameless woman who trampled over a blameless man’s life. I felt wronged and couldn’t help but feel angry. All the evidence that the other side brought in…how solid and tight they fit…I even wondered if I was that sort of person. I was so mortified and vexed that I couldn’t sleep or eat. No matter what I had to do, I had to clear my name of this wrongful accusation. I would reveal Cha Ji Wook’s hypocrisy for all to see. But…as I found more evidence to destroy that person, I had a strange thought. The things that made me so angry…the behavior of my in-laws… I realized I was doing it too. I was so ashamed of myself. From now on I won’t lead a cowardly life. I won’t lie to myself any longer. Mother – always hearing you calling me ‘worthless’ and ‘a thing like you’, whatever you call me, the fact that I am ‘Jun Seol Hee’, I am proud of that. From now on I will show you this. That is the exact reason I came into court.”

What does Seung Hye have to say in return for her closing statement? Nothing more than just reiterating that Seol Hee made Ji Wook’s entire marriage become a sham. But Ji Wook no longer believes that – he doesn’t look like he does. And Seol Hee just smiles.

They all leave the courtroom, and Ah Reum breaks down in tears. The four girls support each other, and everyone cheers Seol Hee on, knowing that she is the winner no matter the outcome. Seung Hye and MoaE on the other hand, think that they’ve got it in the bag. After all, they have the evidence; Seol Hee just brought the emotion. But Ji Wook is still stunned. He tells Seung Hye that Seol Hee really did have the incriminating CD. She just didn’t use it.

Tae Hyun is also anxious about the outcome for the case, and he waits until Jin Bae comes back. Tae Hyun is convinced that Seol Hee lost, but Jin Bae says he takes back his comment about Seol Hee being too kind-hearted. He gave her the most solid piece of evidence, and she didn’t use it. It took a lot of guts to show her wedding video instead, and in the end, she’ll come out as the winner.

That night – Ji Wook drinks himself to a stupor, trying to erase memories of Seol Hee’s speech. And Seol Hee sings a ballad that evokes her loneliness. Tae Hyun passes by the studio, and listens, without ever announcing his presence.

But life moves on! The Comeback Madonna Band have a hard time booking gigs because all people want is Ran Hee. That, and Seol Hee hasn’t shown up to practice in over a week. When Hwa Ja goes on a sales call to a manager at a supermart, she overhears that they’re in need of singers at the last minute. Hwa Ja, using her fluttery language, convinces the manager to hire the band. Now if only the Madonnas would agree…

Seol Hee shows up, but mainly because they have a gig down and scheduled. No one is pleased to find out that they’re performing in a local supermart, even less so when they find out that Hwa Ja sold the band by misleading the manager into thinking that Ran Hee would be present. Since they have no choice but to let the band perform, the girls take the stage. A bunch of ahjummas and their daughters all gather around the makeshift stage, and the Comeback Madonna Band start getting really into the performance. Even some of the ahjummas recognize the girls as the band that was in the documentary.

Too bad that the supermart also decides to broadcast their meat sale at the same exact moment, and the Comeback Madonna Band’s audience disappears.

Hwa Ja throws a fit with the manager, who fires back that she lied to him. Seol Hee takes control of the situation and apologizes, but the manager throws the last insult: he won’t be needing ladies like them who sing only old songs.

The girls get into a freight elevator, where “Genie” is playing in the background. They ask Ah Reum if SNSD is considered modern enough, and the dance can’t be too hard right? Cue four girls dancing to “Genie” in the elevator! (Seol Hee even does the “leg move” backwards. LOL)

Kwang Yul tells Soo In that practicing will make no difference if they don’t have a gig. Soo In suggests that he train them, give them some direction, but Kwang Yul offers Tae Hyun as a director. After all, it can’t hurt to ask him. Soo In doesn’t think he would, but Kwang Yul disagrees – after all, Tae Hyun was the one who got them the gig at the Live Cafe. Kwang Yul also dishes that Tae Hyun may like Soo In.

Soo In gets all flustered, even though Kwang Yul immediately voices his disapproval. She laughs off his comment and runs away. But as she sits alone in the attic, her face becomes serious and thoughtful. And the hints were not for nothing!

Since Soo In also asked Seol Hee to see if Tae Hyun would be interested in helping out, Seol Hee reaches out to him first. She thanks him for snagging that second performance for them. Tae Hyun asks if she’s really planning on being a musician full time – after all, she may not get anything from the divorce case, and he teases that no one is going to want to hire someone as old as she. Seol Hee huffs, and then hands him a cake – for Noori. She awkwardly apologizes for being short and insensitive towards him when he admitted his connection to Seung Hye. Tae Hyun only smiles, and, getting a little flustered herself, Seol Hee runs off.

Finally the outcome of the trial is out: Seol Hee and Ji Wook will divorce, and Seol Hee will not get a penny.

Ji Wook has no reaction, although he’s a bit bothered by the verdict. Seung Hye notices it, but he brushes it off. She’s losing her footing now, because she had completely expected him to be happy and rejoice in her arms…and Ji Wook is having none of that.

Instead – Ji Wook calls to meet Seol Hee. This time, Seol Hee is reluctant to meet because they technically have nothing to do with each other. Ji Wook hands her an envelope of money. He doesn’t want her to misunderstand though – he merely wants to help her until she can get back on her feet and earn money. Of course, it can’t hurt if she keeps a low profile as well, but this time that is not a condition to accepting the money.

Seol Hee rejects the money. She isn’t going to be offended, but she just doesn’t want to rely on him. She’s afraid that because of this “gift,” she might be somehow connected to him and will never really be able to let go of him. And then, she leaves – hopefully to never see him again. I highly doubt that, but OK.

It’s a noble act to reject the money, but also a little dumb because Seol Hee finds herself hit with a bunch of bills and very little left in her savings. She starts job hunting, but every position is either already filled, or she does not qualify. As she slurps up some ramen, Seol Hee gets a bright idea.

She goes over to Jin Bae’s office, bearing cake and a sweet disposition…but no one is there. As she sits down to wait for Jin Bae to return, a beaten woman suddenly rushes in and hides behind Seol Hee, asking for help. In comes the woman’s abusive husband.

The husband wants Seol Hee to get out of the way so that he can properly beat his wife. Seol Hee immediately takes control of the situation (I love how she always takes control and people just listen to her), and she looks at the bruises on the wife’s face.

Seol Hee: From the extent of her injury, it looks like you hit her with more than just your hand. This is not just regular assault, but one with weapons, and trespassing on another’s property…we will sue you… If you are going to keep acting this way I will call the police!

The very-pissed-off husband lunges at Seol Hee, ready to hit her, when Jin Bae reenters the office. He reprimands the husband – just what exactly is he doing to his office clerk?

Office clerk!?

Jin Bae orders Seol Hee to get the necessary paperwork. Seol Hee is stunned, but she plays along, and Jin Bae gives her a sly wink.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS EPISODE! I don’t know why, I just do. I think it’s because it pulled at all my emotions at the right pace at the right time. I had tears in my eyes when Seol Hee showed her wedding video instead, and I felt vindicated in seeing Ji Wook suffer from intense guilt. I felt anticipation rising in my chest in hopes that they could perform successfully at the supermart, deflated when they didn’t, and giddy when they danced to “Genie.” And then I felt total angst when Soo In wondered why she was overreacting so much to the news that Tae Hyun may like her.

By the way, that is SO going to be a twist! Woo! I think that would be VERY interesting to see – especially since Soo In and Seol Hee are such best friends. I want to see how either is going to deal with their affections for Tae Hyun, and I hope Soo In’s emotions get explored more. To have all those hints dropped from about four episodes ago is a credit to the writing and the actors for showing just enough to keep us wondering.

I don’t know about some, but I am definitely happy that Seol Hee did not show the incriminating CD in the end. Her method worked better for her character, and in the end, everyone who should know, knows about the CD. Kim Seung Soo’s nuanced acting really killed me – he was so confused and so startled and so heartbroken at knowing that in the end, it was his fault. And partially MoaE’s because she probably brainwashed him.

The post-trial scene killed me: I’ve said this before, but, I like that each of the four women in the band are at different stages in their lives. Hwa Ja is happily married, with a husband who loves her more than life itself. She has plenty of scenes with her husband – but it’s mostly them being lovey-dovey and swearing not to turn out like Seol Hee and Ji Wook. Soo In is single and living it up, but now starting to wonder about what love is like. Ah Reum has everything but an actual ring on her finger, and she is also young, so her desires don’t really go well with her present life. Her breakdown after seeing what could possibly go wrong in a relationship shows her youth and her fear that something like that could happen to her and Min Kyu. And Seol Hee is just getting out of marriage, having experienced a very bad relationship, and is ready to stand on her own two feet. If anything, the series may not really end with Seol Hee and Tae Hyun together, but hint that she will keep her heart open for him in the future.

Or he can just go to Soo In.


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  1. ockoala

    Thank you, Kaedejun! A great recap of the best episode of IAL since episode 1 started off with so much emotional depth and clarity.

    I also loved this episode to pieces. And I’ll go out on a limb and say that I am loving Kim Seung Soo’s Ji Wook so much, he’s such bastard on paper, but KSS’s performance is out of this world nuanced, I’m feeling him as much as I feel all sorts of love and sympathy for Seol Hee.

    I doubt they’ll reconcile, and I don’t want them to, but unless TH brings it in the next few eps, I’ll end IAL with Seol Hee and Ji Wook imprinted on my brain.

    • 1.1 momosan

      Ji Wook’s breakdown with the bottle of booze was such effective acting. And kudos to the writers for the twist of the wedding video and JW knowing that she had the incriminating one and could have reamed him from here to tomorrow and choose the high road instead.

      • 1.1.1 Anonymous

        I’ve rewatched that scene way too many times to count. If they are not OTP I’m not certain the world is not flat.

      • 1.1.2 ockoala

        Oops, anon is me, heh, haven’t set up my replacement IPhone yet.

        Anyways, IAL is gripping partly bc the superb acting from KJE and KSS is creating uncertainty in the plot, IMO. Whereas everyone expected SH-TH to be the end point bf the drama aired, now it’s a whole nother ballgame.

        I wouldn’t mind getting two couples at the end, SH-JW and SI-TH, and let fart face Seung Hye end up all alone, bwahahahaha.

        I love dramas with multiple couplings, seeing the odd man/woman out who I like as well always hurts a bit.

  2. danni


    My feelings exactly, mostly because THE DIVORCE TRIAL IS OVERRR! And it ended in a way that I can accept. At first, I was so mad that Seol Hee didn’t show the evidence and wanted to throw my laptop at the wall or something, but as I continued watching the video, I felt really moved. Seeing Ji-wook being so dorky and happy was SUPER weird, but it was really sad at the same time because he was like the polar opposite of the Ji-wook we’ve seen for the last seven episodes. Also, it would have been out of character for Seol-hee to show the evidence so I can accept it, even though it did piss me off for about ten minutes, especially with all the build up to it.

    And YESSS, I knew that feeling of chemistry between Soo-in and Tae-hyun a couple of episodes ago wasn’t for nothing. I’m very interested in where this will go, mostly because I’m still pulling for Soo-in and Tae-hyun over Seol-hee and Tae-hyun. In fact, I would probably like Seol-hee to be single for the rest of the drama because I definitely feel like this is a journey of finding yourself and after getting out of such a nasty marriage/family, Seol-hee needs some time to set herself straight.

    LOVED the scene where they were dancing to Genie. Those moments where the girls are just having fun, like the five minutes the ahjummas are paying attention to them at the supermarket and the elevator scene, are pretty much the best ones to me.

    Now that the divorce is over, I’m interested to see where the drama will start heading, especially since we’re already at the half-way mark. Whew, this was a really long comment. Thanks for the recap kaedejun!

  3. Jen

    Thanks for all the wonderful recaps, sometimes I even enjoy them more than the actual series!!

  4. 99

    I too think that this episode is the best so far. I honestly watched this episode a few times. I’m especially intrigued by ji wook’s facial expression when seol hee rejected his $$.
    Ah, this episode is good for my soul.

    Thanks for the recaps. As always they are great

  5. kay

    this episode made me fall for ji wook. bring back the dorky guy from the video!!!

    • 5.1 haj

      I agree on the second part, but I’m reserved on the first part. I have high expectations for character development for him!!

    • 5.2 Hannah

      I know, right? He’s such a bastard and maybe I’m just transferring my admiration for the actor’s ability to act to such an assholey extent but – he’s kind of hot.

      • 5.2.1 jossy

        lol me too! i find his asshole-ness kinda hot, but he can leave the assy attitude and douchey ways at the door! 😀

  6. addictdramatics

    you know i was expecting and anticipating for seol hee to break out the incriminating CD so badly. i was thinking to myself YES this girl is finally going to get justice. but the wedding/post wedding DVD was really a twist. it made me ball my eyes out like ah reum. even though complete justice wasn’t given to seol hee from my opinion, it showed what her character really was and now we know for sure and understand who seol hee is as a human being.

    this drama is turning out so much better than what i thought. i think im actually going to watch this till the end unlike personal taste and cinderella’s sister 😛

    • 6.1 MsB

      I cried through the whole video too!! Her showing this instead of the incriminating one showed what great character she had. I thought this was powerful! And definitely responsible for the turning point of Ji-Wook’s. Reminiscent of Tina Turner just wanting to be free and that it was not about the money!! Excellent episode!!

  7. mellowyel

    I’ve only watched eps 7 & 8, so I can’t judge if this was my favorite episode, but I have to say i loved it! i felt for all the characters i was supposed to feel for, and got mad at the others, lol. i’m not big on shows that are straight dramas, but this one might have just caught my interest! can’t wait for this week’s episodes!

  8. h311ybean

    Hee! I was hoping you would mention the elevator scene in this recap 😀 This ep was chock-full of awesome moments – the wedding video scene gutted me, too – but the dance sequence was my absolute favorite.

    Still shipping Seol-hee/Tae-hyun, if any romance does happen, but I agree that the love triangle would add a very interesting twist to the story. It’ll certainly keep me watching, now that there’s now a divorce verdict.

    I’m also excited to see what happens to the band now that they’re getting some recognition!

  9. diadda

    “I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS EPISODE! I don’t know why, I just do.”

    I was seriously thinking of giving up on this show, because it was taking so very long to get out of the divorce that wouldn’t end. I still feel that the first 6 episodes worth of divorce stuff should have been all in the first 2 and this show be about the band’s development and Seol Hee finding a real place for herself again in both love and music, but I will take what I can get.

    The other reason for giving it up…everyone but the band members are evil, mean, or up to something. Finally we have TRUE signs of remorse from the now ex-husband. The other male lead is not just being back handedly nice to her but showing true concern(more episode 7). And even Seung Hye has broken past [email protected] and into a land of microscopic audience sympathy.

    This episode changed my mind. Not only because the divorce finally went through but because she isn’t so weak and silly like in previous episodes where she denied herself a lawyer or continuously walked into obvious traps. (You lived with the lying fake a$$ people for years. Did you seriously think they would go easy on a person they hate?)

    We also have a forward picture for the Seol Hee character. Writers finally laid down the foundation to move in a direction that could take the band and the lead to an interesting story. The band getting the small gigs and the big break, how all of them deal with the struggle in there respective families on the road to moderate success or even making it big. What Seol Hee will do with her new relationship or her old one once she can stand securely on her own. What the ex’s reaction will be to seeing his old wife. The woman he fell in love with vs. that broken thing we saw at the beginning.

    I am looking forward to the next episode of this show for the first time. Please don’t disappoint me.

    • 9.1 aberdeen_angus

      My thoughts exactly. Just when I was planning on leaving this drama behind, episode 8 came and I’m onboard again.

      I just wish this feeling of “okay-ness” with the current turn of events doesn’t go down the drain. It’s so wrong that the supposed main guy (Tae Hyun?) for this drama is this bland, I hope they can develop more his character, making him less omnipotent emo and more kick ass important guy, whether he ends up with one girl or the other (to be honest, I DON’T root for the ex to end up with Seol Hee. He’s a bastard, period. So… SH-TH FTW?).

      By the way, great recap as always, kaede!

      • 9.1.1 diadda

        I don’t think she should end up with either one of them, but I do want to see the changes she brings to them both. They both need serious attitude adjusting.

        I’m also glad Kim Sun Ah did not do this role. I don’t think she could play this type of character well. She is too strong in her own personality and really can’t pull off this type of sappy sentimentalism. I never would have believed her not using the DVD in court. or for that matter not slapping the piss out of the husband and his “attorney” by now.

        • aberdeen_angus

          Oh, yeah, I’d like it if she ended up alone and all strong and independent, but that would be a serious change in kdramaland. We all know that in trendies, there must be an OTP 😛

  10. 10 wits

    I am soooo loving IAL. The show resonates with me big time, because I had just gone through a divorce myself. Many would probably not understand why Seol Hee decided not to show the incriminating CD/evidence. But I totally understand why she did it. And I’m happy she chose the high road and “preserved” herself in the process. Divorce is destructive enough as it is; you don’t have to annihilate your former spouse to formalize your separation, because if you take a vindictive path, you will just end up destroying yourself.

    The courtroom scene and Seol Hee’s monologue made me cry, and even your recap made me tear up too. Whew, you’re right, kaedejun, this episode hit all our emotional buttons at various times.

    So now, Seol hee’s journey towards healing and redemption starts, with the band as her vehicle, her new job, her friends and possibly a new love (?) contributing in the process. I am so excited.

    Thanks for the great recap and giving me the chance to re-live that episode again.

  11. 11 sunshine

    Thank you for the recap!

    At first, like many other people on soompi, I was pissed that Seol Hee didn’t show the incriminating CD. I wanted to see Ji Wook and Seung Hye taken down a few notches, but as time went on, I really admired what Seol Hee did. She’s clearly a better person than me. I think by using her marriage CD, she was also able to cleanly end her relationship with Ji Wook. When she met with him and told him that she hoped they would not see each other again, it became clear that the door to any association with each other is closed for good. I don’t know if that would have been possible had she chosen to use the affair CD instead; the anger on both sides might have hindered them from moving on with their lives 100%.

    I know the drama is only midway through so I’d gladly take back what I say later on, but at this point, I can’t see Tae Hyun and Seol Hee together. Maybe if the writers had portrayed Seol Hee’s marriage in a more two dimensional way (but which I would not have liked), I could get behind the pairing, but as it is, until recently SH cared for her husband so much. I can’t see her getting into another relationship anytime soon, and if she does, we have a word for that: it’s rebound, buddy.

    I’m also kind of scared of the tension that may develop between SH and SI. I love their friendship so much. The camaraderie among the girls is one of the highlights of the show for me.

  12. 12 dordorMM

    The divorce case finally is over, hooray! Thanks for the wonderful recap! Lawyer Go Jin Bae is wonderful, I really like this character in the drama!! One thing is strange that I thought Seung Hye would have lost the case and she was so angry that she had never lost even one divorce case in her life, isn’t that the case? Now it turns out that she won!? Poor Soo In, she probably won’t get what she wants, though i do look forward to the Seolhee/ Tae Hyun/ Soo In triangle, it got to be interesting!

  13. 13 haj

    Peeheehee seol hee isnt doing the leg move backwards! both verisons of the leg flip exist in the dance.
    ok now lemme finish reading

  14. 14 cheanne

    Great!!! Thank you……

  15. 15 yen_nguyen

    One vote for Tae Hyun – Soo In here!

  16. 16 haj

    ok so:
    I SO cried during the trial DVD. It was just so sad that that ji-wook and Seol-Hee once existed but theu became this. But even more than that, I was sad because of the unborn baby. During the honeymoon segment I just thought of how hard it would have been for Seol-Hee when she lost the child.

    I agree with a statement from a previous recap, the role is better with Jung-eun than Sun-ah. I feel like Sun-ah would have portrayed Seol-hee’s vulnerability and sadness differently, and I like it as it is.

    And like my mom says, I think Seol-hee is a little unrealistic of a character. throughout the drama so far, her understanding, forgiving, lets-not-dwell-on-it mindset is just odd. Who has such great, unbiased control over their emotions?

    • 16.1 haj

      I’m not specifically referring to the courtroom scene with that last comment, by the way. I understand that part.

      • 16.1.1 dordorMM

        honestly speaking, i am ok with Seol Hee not showing the CD, but i not like her last comment very much, I prefer she makes the last speech without apology and tears, but strong confidence and determination!

  17. 17 MsRetta

    So glad I can respond without being a spoiler. I watched this Ep RAW…and was first angry then so moved by her actions. Then watched it again and again angry then moved by her actions. The biggest surprise for me was Ji Wook….all I could think of was Seol Hee’s words to him that he loved her in the beginning, that they loved each other…and showing the cd was testament to that. He saw himself, what he was and what he became…I think his mother was shocked at seeing that man also.
    I so agree with the recap…loved this episode. I for one though
    dont want a Soo in and Tae hyun connection hope the writers arent going for the Coffee House thing…ewwwww.
    Anyway…I am really enjoying I Am Legend….even the music!

  18. 18 endodo4ever

    I liked this episode but I had to leave my brain in the gutter. My biggest peeve was when she didn’t show the incriminating evidence. I know WHY she did it but it kind of felt flat to me. Thank goodness for Kim Jung Eun or else I would’ve HATED it. That girl can make a lame speech sound heartfelt and cry so naturally. I mean, it certainly seems great that she showed a video clip depicting Ji Wook and her past love for each other and thus reminding Ji Wook that he did love his wife before… but it’s totally not realistic. I know, I know. This is a drama…but really? I feel that this drama is oversimplifying really complicated issues and I don’t like it. So much more could be explored if only the writer went into that kind of depth. I’m still lovin’ Kim Jung Eun though –and wishing that Go Eun Mi (Ran Hee) and Hong Ji Min (Hwa Ja) would stop acting so OTT.

    Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun! <3

    • 18.1 Ani

      I’m happy that she didn’t show the CD of her cheating ex. It takes a lot of courage and strength to take the high road the way she did. People keep saying that she was “DUMB” for doing that, but I think what she chose to do helped her to save her real self. And how is kindness oversimplifying the matter? Sure, it’s unrealistic that many people wouldn’t choose to be so forgiving in real life – except I’m not sure she was being forgiving, but trying more to be ready to let go of the hate and remember the sweet moments that they did share – but I know a couple of women who in a divorce fight really did choose to forgive their husbands and just wanted a clean break from them, not wanting their ex’s money despite the fact that they could’ve gotten loads in alimony (some of which include my Aunty).

      Personally, I would not have been so forgiving because I’m that small of a person. I wouldn’t have turned the *insert bad word here* ex in for the money I could win, but just so I can ruin his reputation and drag him and his family into the mud like they deserve. But really, the win was Seol-hee, especially because what she did was win fair-and-square (killing them with kindness) and actually putting her ex in the spot to actually feel remorse (by golly, it sure as heck better be remorse the cheating *insert bad term here*). Now she is able to let him go while he is stuck with the memory of her. XD

      But again, a lot of people are probably divided on this, so we just have to see what Seol-hee’s ex’s next move will be.

      • 18.1.1 endodo4ever

        I definitely see your point and its validity, but I think I’m leaning towards what JB & girlfriday said (below). For her character to not to show the DVD, it toally makes sense but personally, I don’t like it. Haha. And omg, I’m also really interested in what Ji-Wook is going to be doing for the next couple of episodes!

  19. 19 Marie

    I agree with kaedejun, this is so far, the BEST episode of IAL.

    I’m still positive for a happy ending involving Seol Hee and Tae Hyun coz’ they both deserves a second chance…in LOVE. Like i do, ; )

  20. 20 Rose

    Now i wonder if Ji Wook will pursue Sol Hee again, i would love love to see that happen in the future, where he will come to Sol Hee again, and the love square starts.

    • 20.1 yen_nguyen

      so do I, I always want a husband try to win his wife back!

    • 20.2 aberdeen_angus

      I want this scenario just to see Seol Hee rejecting him.


      • 20.2.1 h311ybean

        Me, too!

        “You finally think I’m good enough for you, Ji-wook? Well, you’re not good enough for me!”

  21. 21 Lan

    i think with the DVD, Seol Hee had a closure for her relationship with Ji Wook, as someone pointed out. She can now move on with her life w/o looking back. It’s a drama, so it was obvious that she would choose a high road – but I think sometimes, it doesnt hurt the drama if they let her show the DVD instead – cause at least, it’d be what happens in reality.

    Anyway, what I dont think is clear was. what was the point of the trial? if JW had lost, what would he have to do? pay her? At first, she wanted divorce and he didn’t. so they went to see the judge and basically, I thought that if it was dismissed, she would not be able to divorce. But in the end, it has to go to court…. and then what? i’m confused hehe

  22. 22 paperdolls

    It was also the best episode so far for me too. Was also too emotional during the court scenes. Great recap as always!Been waiting for it and checking every now and then for this recap. Many thanks.

  23. 23 marie

    Loving the series so far and I am so hoping for a connection between SH and TH they have good chemistry and she did have a crush on him. I think it would be magic for these two to end up together, TH also has a son who SH would be good with. I am all for this pairing. They have both suffered now its time for some loving.

  24. 24 Hannah

    I kind of wish the romance side of it pulled me in more, though. Not feeling it anymore, or maybe just right now =/

  25. 25 Dele

    IDW but I really just like Soo In, and I hope that she ends up with someone, wishing it it TH. There is just something about her that resonates with me from the 1st episode when she barged in and yelled at him for taking her band, I was feeling the sparks.

  26. 26 javabeans

    Like a bunch of commenters already said, I was SO FRUSTRATED that Seol-hee didn’t show the DVD, but I knew from the start she wouldn’t. It would have reneged on everything they’ve built her character up to be, and she had to take the high road.

    I was disgruntled on a personal level because I think real life is not nearly as black-and-white as a drama and that you can show a nasty DVD in a certain circumstance and still be a good person. For instance, if you’re in a nasty divorce battle with the spouse from hell — yes Kim Seung-soo is killin’ it but I HATE Ji-wook and wish him nothing but self-inflicted misery — and are fighting for not only your independence but your very identity. Surely that merits a strategic piece of evidence? But in Dramaland, such an act is a Character Statement and therefore she had to do the right thing.

    However, there is one key effect of the DVD withholding that I think is even more interesting, and it’s that with her act of generosity, now Seol-hee has indebted Ji-wook AND Seung-hye to her. I loved that moment when Seung-hye was mocking Seol-hee after the trial, saying she was sweating because she thought Seol-hee had the real video… and Ji-wook says tersely that she did. Both of them owe Seol-hee a HUGE debt of gratitude, and I’m betting that’ll come into play at some point. Or it better, at least.

    • 26.1 girlfriday

      Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah! I was thinking the same thing!

      I HATED it with a fiery passion when she didn’t show the damn thing, but then I ended up loving it as a plot point later, because HE knows that SHE knows–and that makes a world of difference.

      She’s one up now, and her refusing his money just puts her that much above him. And the indebtedness will swing the pendulum back her way, in that triangle where hubby and lawyer bitch used to be so goddamn superior.

    • 26.2 ockoala

      I agree with you on an intellectual level, JB, about hating on Ji Wook. But Kim Seung Soo is playing Ji Wook as much more multi-faceted than perhaps even the writer intended, so I’m having a hard time distinguishing hating on JW the character and loving on KSS the actor performing said character so marvelously.

      I feel like such a dunderhead – and I think I’m reading wayyy to much into it and making it more complicated that it really is. Logically I know their relationship is over, and thank god for that. I’m just sad at how a relationship that was so full of love and affection devolved into the twisted carcass we saw in episode 1.

      • 26.2.1 kaedejun

        hmmm – but what disgruntled ME in the first place was how adultery must be the reason for divorce. everyone in the drama seemed to place such an emphasis on “did he cheat on you? if he didn’t, then why divorce him?” in real life, there are LOADS of reasons to divorce a guy – this guy treated her like crap, period, and everyone should have accepted that instead of pressuring her to stay in the marriage. and by “everyone” i mean most especially her friends and in-laws. i feel that if she showed the DVD, PROVING his adulterous ways, then it seems like every divorce MUST be reduced to the question: did he cheat or did he not? i think the wedding video showed that he did love her, and that their marriage was never about money (which also disproves the case built up against her by Seung Hye).

        someone said that she let Park Ki Chul down – which on hindsight, i totally agree. but i think that it also provides an opportunity for Park Ki Chul to take down Ji Wook on his own terms, instead of doing it through Seol Hee.

        • javabeans

          I’m no expert in Korean law, but I think in this case she needed a valid reason like adultery in order to sue. She could have gotten a divorce if they’d gone through a negotiation, but because he refused at first she had to resort to a court battle, in which case she couldn’t cite a reason like “irreconcilable differences.” I believe adultery is still illegal in Korea so that would have given her a clear win.

          • Ani

            Adultery isn’t just illegal in Korea, you actually get jail time for it – both the cheater and the lover. Yeah, it was a debate topic in one of my classes. Go fig.

  27. 27 tanya

    thank u so much…. this episode was great. i kinda agree that she did the right thing of not showing the incriminating evidence.

  28. 28 Julie Dunham

    don’t know i like soo in/ tae hyun……….or sol hee/ tae hyun. but it would be very interesting if ji wook pursued sol hee again.

  29. 29 AuntieMame

    Even though, I thought she wouldn’t show the video, I was still a bit disappointed that she didn’t. I don’t consider showing the video to be an act of vengeance or taking the low road. I see it merely as a fair answer, in response to the allegation of SH being a money-hungry gold-digger, as the reason for the divorce.

    A court trial looks only at the facts. And, everything recorded on that CD is a fact. A fact is a fact. There is no good/right or bad/wrong in a fact. So, presenting it doesn’t make a person ‘bad’ or not presenting it makes a person ‘good’.

    Actually, by not presenting the evidence to the court, I thought she violated the trust that Park Ki Chul placed on her, by giving up the CD to her. He may really feel ‘screwed’ twice. First, by JW and now, by SH.

    Thank you for a great recap and comments. I couldn’t agree more about loving this episode and the drama.

    • 29.1 MsRetta

      Auntie Mame…well said. I agree.

  30. 30 Pully

    Best eps?? Me not thinking so as me-self disliking the writer’s philosophy of “good person”

    Playing noble in a dirty fight is not HERIOC, it’s IDIOTIC. And deny the money she deserves for all those suffering years is just …. ARGGG !!!!

  31. 31 Z

    Soel-Hee frustrated me to no end this episode. Her reasoning that showing the video would have made her just like Ji-wook and Seung-Hye made no sense. They attacked her with lies. All she is doing is revealing the truth. I know they are trying to show that she is the bigger person but, for all her talk about living courageously, all her interactions with Ji-wook and his family still come off as simpering… except maybe the scene where she didn’t take the money (also stupid because, HELLO, you have no money, no job and no marketable skills besides awesome guitar playing). I know that, plot-wise, they didn’t use the evidence so that later on we can have the inevitable (and probably alcohol-induced) scene where Ji-wook wants her back and she spends two episodes angsting about it. But still, in what universe does someone think that showing a wedding video in a divorce case is a good idea?

    Also, I didn’t like that she stopped playing at the supermarket. If you’re seriously going to make a career out of music, you NEVER stop playing, no matter how many people are buying meat during your performance.

  32. 32 müge

    I’ve said that I liked episode 8 even though I got bored in ep 7.
    a lot of important developments, hah?
    as I’m more interested in love-lines, I want to see SH-JW together or SH aline but not with TH. so far, I couldn’t get any good chemistry from them.
    also, soo in’s reaction was interesting after hearing about TH.
    btw, I find JW very attractive ( I’ve said that before) and to be able to see his other charming side was awesome, too. while he was being a devil, I got no problem with that but on the video he was also cute. after the trial, his confusion and maybe regret was obvious.
    we’d got some hints about SH’s still loving JW, so even if it seems a little hope, I’m root for SH-JW….

  33. 33 Ariel

    Loved the girls dancing to SNSD…hehe. Did anyone notice that the scene cut to a video cam in the corner of the elevator during that scene? I wonder if it’ll become a plot device later on, along the lines of them becoming a hit on the internet w/ a video of them dancing?

    • 33.1 h311ybean

      That would be cute 😀 They’d better get an opportunity to show off their (far superior) singing and instrument-playing skills, though!

  34. 34 kilmenyanne

    kaedejun, please please please recap more dramas! I love your style, it’s different from javabeans and girlfriday but oh so sweet.. please continue, you’ve done a fantastic job with I Am Legend so far. Thanks!

  35. 35 hannahber

    thanks kaedejun… i haven’t watched a single episode but just kept reading your recaps. Still I’m lovin it as if I had really watched it…

  36. 36 Vico

    I’m glad the divorce trial is over. For me it took too many eps, this show was turning into a ‘lawyer’ show.

  37. 37 Anonymous

    I kinda get it…. SH showed the video to prove that they indeed love each other, at least from my point of view. There are people like that, the kind that just can not take it if it means hurting someone else so much, especially intentionally, especially if one loved the other person hmmm… just like how she warned JW when she felt that the scary guy with the tape is dangerous…I mean she did not want him dead even if she did hate him…also revealing the tape will not harm only JW but the whole family..his reputation as a lawyer and may harm his dreams what so ever, so if that sex tape got revealed, JW world will be tampered, it may even end. No one in the right mind will actually vote someone who is busted to be a complete liar and a two-faced who set up his own wife…So SH, knowing his husband’s career,dreams and reputation on her hands, may really have second thoughts. I remember she said at the first episode that even if JW is cold, her heart still beats around him…It was like, She did love him and cared for him, she planned to live the rest of her life with him, and there are good memories which she can not forget..for that someone she cared about so much, making that someone’s life a complete mess will be a hard task. Her real goal anyway was to divorce.. the only reason they came in the court was not because of money involved, SH wants divorce, JW wants the sympathy of the mass for his image by pretending to be wronged by SH…I actually like how she walked away coolly, with a smile

  38. 38 soui

    out of topic but anyone noticed that seung hye was on dal ja’s spring drama, the one who was the ex wife of the 2nd male lead if Im not mistaken…she was acting as some lunatic there lol

    • 38.1 kaedejun

      totally did – and that’s why i’m so glad she’s not a psycho here. i couldn’t stand her as the freaky clingy wife in dal ja’s! even though she was good. 😀

  39. 39 hbfrack

    thanks kaedejun for the great recap! i am glad SH didn’t show the video.. and kim jung eun is one good actress, i couldn’t help but cry during the video and the speech.. i was also wondering what happened to the JW in the video? he seemed so wonderful then, i would definitely root for him, if he didn’t change though. nevertheless, i am still hoping TH will be the OTP.

  40. 40 Twist

    I fall into the camp that’s angry that the CD didn’t get shown. I understand why she didn’t show it, but the fact tat the information didn’t spread is just unjust. Someone else could just have easily have brought it in. Her reputation has been horribly trashed over the course of this case and her husband is going to come out looking squeaky clean.

  41. 41 jusash

    i LOVED(!!!) this episode (esp after the non-event ep 7)

    re: the DVD

    while it was (humanly) frustrating yes … i TOTALLY APPLAUDED Seol-hee’s final decision.

    there’s one important (to me) point no one seemed to have picked up:
    Seol-hee did NOT come by this damning dvd by HER OWN sleuthing or investigative efforts.

    that DVD came by her way as a fluke stroke of wild fantastic luck. this would mean:
    1) using, and being dependent on someone’s efforts and resourcefulness. (what did she do really?? nothing).
    2) and then further dependence … being spoon-fed the evidence. having it delivered to her in court – WITHOUT her knowledge. (through the efforts of the lawyer + Tae-Hyun’s delivery arrangements)

    to me if she had used it, it would be CONTRARY to her path to SELF-RELIANT INDEPENDENCE.
    she shouldn’t need to rely on so many people.


    while it would be a real showdown … it would have left her empty. and she would have dragged herself down to their dirty unethical level.

    while she would have won hands-down, she contributed nothing of her own to that victory.

    Seo Hee’s not that type of person. i LOVED this convincing twist. writing this in just convinced me she is a person with strength of character.
    (BY ACTIONS … not be sheer words. which too many feminists out there sometimes utter too freely, but do not/cannot really practise).

    i do NOT this is just a drama scenario. i think some real-life women would choose the same decision.

    graceful. and dignified. even if stupid 🙂


    i see it as better to exit like that, and live her own life well. with pride that she emerged out of it on her own steam.

    that’s the sweeter ‘revenge’ and healthier for moving on. than to plot, scheme, look upon other people for further help and resources.

    and if she plays dirty or schemes some more like everyone else is encouraging er … she’s no better than them – it would just add toxicity to her life.

    detrimental for moving on.

  42. 42 rainbowcolorrs

    i totally agree this episode was AMAZING
    and ji-wook my god his eyes! his eyes are amazing and so incredibly expressive especially when seol-hee tells him they shouldn’t see each other anymore and you see him blink and the way his eyes simply become.
    absolutely amazing. i hope there won’t be a strike because i am in love with this drama

  43. 43 rainbowcolorrs

    also seunghye is a bitch.

  44. 44 hookedonmonix

    As a rule, I don’t like the lead (female, in particular) to end up alone. I want loves and hugs and kisses to send off a series. However, I’m thinking that I will be completely content if SH is still single to the bone. I just can’t see her moving forward quite yet. It’s too soon.

    Hm.. I guess that means a time leap is forthcoming.

  45. 45 Eun Young

    Did anyone else wonder if the words of her courtroom speech reflected how Kim Jung Eun (the person, not her character) feels toward her fiance (the lead actor in Yi San)?

    Am I even allowed to mention that? It seems so personal. But I remember hearing about the engagement and how noble the couple seemed to be, taking it slowly, taking marriage seriously. Then, kabam: he broke it off. She cried about it on Chocolate. It sounded like it had something to do with his mom.

    Back to the drama: I’m really enjoying it. It has a mature feel. How cool would it be to have Ji Wook and Seol Hee rekindle their love (in the sense that it hasn’t been done before). I always thought that the attempt to rekindle your first love was so lame, even though it has been enjoyable to watch in its many forms. But JW and SH had a deep relationship affected by other people, which affected them as individuals. They don’t even have to end up together.

    I don’t think she’ll say, “Ha! Want me now, do you?” I think it’ll have more of a mellow ending, whichever way it goes.

  46. 46 Eun Young

    P.S. Did Seung Hye really say that she has loved JW since BEFORE she married Tae Hyun? I must have been snoozing at that part! I can’t believe she’d do that. Did I read the last recap incorrectly?

  47. 47 SparrowBell

    I kinda followed dramabeans recap rather the drama but thought this episode was awesome and of course I continue with ep 9!

    Given this is a Korean drama, I think Seul-Hee would end up with Tae Hyun which is what I’m rooting for too.

    To me, every relationship has a timing, if you miss *big* time, you miss forever. The husband’s regret came a bit too late in my opinion. And, the fact that it’s bothering him is more on he realized how much she loves him, not how much he loves her, and something what they have before (which is already gone).

  48. 48 Evma

    Your recaps are always remarkable, thanks a lot. Love this drama so far…I was rocked by the twist, the writer put on SH’s reactions to JW’s infidelity…hahah too good to be true…this left them a possiblity of reconciliation. FIGHTING!

  49. 49 missy

    i felt like singing ‘all the woman who’s independent, throw your hands up at meeee’ (sort of like that)

    i really adore their friendship and wish that someday i will be like them too

    clap clap for the Show 🙂

  50. 50 Beng

    Oh i hope Ji-wook will leave seung-hye and pursue again Seol-Hee. If that happens, it will like a big slap to his Mom and Seung Hye. Because it means Ji-wook would finally leave his Mother’s skirt.

    Then Tae-hyun and Soo In will end up together =).

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