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Images from Jang Geun-seok’s latest photo shoot
by | August 19, 2010 | 185 Comments

Yes — no — er? — no — yes. That was my knee-jerk reaction upon seeing the following shots from Jang Geun-seok‘s new photo shoot, which were released on the 20th.

According to a rep from Jang’s management team, he participated in this shoot because it had been a while since he showed fans a new side to himself, since wrapping his hit drama last year, You’re Beautiful. The new photos were uploaded to his official website, and with his Asian tour now completed, “He plans to greet fans soon with his next project.”

That’s probably a reference to his movie, the remake of Japanese drama You’re My Pet, but one can always hope he’s got his eye on another drama as well.

Oh, Jang Geun-seok and your quirky fashion sense and alternately awful and awesome hair: Never change!

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185 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. UJ

    yeaaa jang geun suk πŸ˜€

  2. Jenny

    omgg he’s so hot
    i love that last picture of him blowing a bubble πŸ˜€

    • 2.1 maria

      yeah, my favorite too. <3 i love him but i don't really love all the pics of him, yunnowhati'msayin'? πŸ˜€

      • 2.1.1 staples

        totally agree

    • 2.2 21today

      someone please make a banner for dramabeans with the bubble pic on it …..plzzzzzz <3

  3. choco

    as much as i love him. i’m gonna go with no.

  4. danni

    Oh, Jang Geun-seok and your quirky fashion sense and alternately awful and awesome hair: Never change!

    Yeah, that’s about how I feel about him. Still love him though and hope to see him in another drama soon.

  5. Diadda

    Kimi wa Petto with him is going to be the yummiest thing this year. THIS is what I can’t wait for!

  6. amhrancas



    those are awfully pretty. And I SO cannot wait for Kimi wa Petto with him.


  7. jen

    his fashion sense sure is something XD
    but he’s a really good actor!

  8. rainey

    I vote no.

    • 8.1 daisytwenties

      i second that.

      his hair…. *sigh.

  9. dannaluk


  10. 10 kay

    i like it =]

  11. 11 Orion

    I know I’ll get stoned, crucified or both for this, but that’s just fugly. That’s not what a man’s waist should look like and I don’t see how women want a man with such a figure. Or why he’s even showing that.

    He’s skinny, to the point of looking ill and his behavior and style lately are just nuts. Wave the serious actor career bye bye if you’re going to be like this. Plenty of girly-men idols out there for the fangirls to go kyaa over. Do you really think such a career has a future?

    To be fair, this actual photoshoot, waist shot excluded, is quite nice and at least he looks like a man here.

    I know, I know. I’m a b*tch and an anti for not wanting an actor I saw potential in and once admired to prance around like a clown, but that’s just how I feel.

    I’m not going to go into all the excuses and “but”s his fangirls will probably post here in a silly attempt to deny the fact that he’s not a God on Earth since I’ve already said these things many times in DA. This is not a serious actor. This is an entertainer, trying to blind immature and mentally young fangirls into coughing up their money to see an uke-type guy shake it. No thanks.

    Good photoshoot, beautiful pictures of a once-handsome man, but a few good photoshoots can’t shadow the many bad ones or his promiscuous, girly, arrogant and immature behavior and image that he has recently.

    Just my two cents as a person who saw great potential in this man, adore him, respected and admired him and is disappointed that he stooped so low.

    • 11.1 lenrasoon

      wow what “arrogant and immature behavior” he is showing recently? i’m not his fan although i like some of his works so i’m confused because i only read good thing about him.

    • 11.2 le meera

      wow, maybe you’re taking things a bit too seriously? i mean, you have to take note of the difference between the person and the image they’re trying to present. you never know, he’s might be being told to do this by his manager/company since this is the kind of image fans want and ultimately, they earn money from what the fans want. :\

    • 11.3 Sere

      er, isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? Just sayin’.

      Also, what did he do? I’m genuinely curious. I only watched a few of his interviews and he seemed quite down to Earth and humble.

    • 11.4 le meera

      i mean, yeah, i totally respect your opinion and stuff, but i still think Jang Geun Seok is a serious actor and has potential, but ultimately, since his company earns from him, and now that’s he’s more famous after You’re Beautiful, we can assume he’s going to be put in roles/do photoshoots that the company deems more profitable.

      Sort of like all those boy band members who do fan-service for their fans like kissing each other:


      Do you think they WANT to do that kind of stuff or they’re being told to do it because that’s what the fans want.

      And Robert Reed, the guy who played the father in the Brady Bunch. He had some serious acting background, Shakespearean training etc, but he got stuck playing the Mr. Brady since that’s what people wanted.

    • 11.5 sorcente

      ehehe i agree with some of ur opinions πŸ˜€ because he looks like a girl at some point. i mean look at the pic 2,3 and 5! i think his face is super cool but come on! i really agree that waist is not good for me :D:D

      however i cant say anything about his character or acting… i’ve only seen you are beautiful and it was okay πŸ˜€

    • 11.6 LL

      Not everyone believes gender norms should be the be-all and end-all for the looks and behavior of a man.

    • 11.7 Heroaddict

      I agree. He’s too skinny, needs to work on those abs. X)

  12. 12 Sere

    LOL Kinda crazy.

    I agree with you, JB, the pics are hit and miss. I do like the one with the hat, tho. The third is just…what? what? I can’t even. o_0 Were they going for clown-esque?!?

  13. 13 lenrasoon

    i like the second and the last photo

    and i totally forgot that he was doing “You’re my pet” lol that shows my “excitement” for the remake

  14. 14 Orion

    If you don’t think doing things like singing “Sexy Back” and shaking one’s ass like a stripper on stage is something an actor who claims he wants to be serious and respected should do, then he’s not being weird at all.

    Here’s a nice picture too. I’m being sarcastic. Sure, you can’t judge by pictures, but I’ve been following photoshoots, videos, interviews and a lot of the things he does lately. I just don’t see why a talented man does such things.


    • 14.1 le meera

      i mean, yeah, i totally respect your opinion and stuff, but i still think Jang Geun Seok is a serious actor and has potential, but ultimately, since his company earns from him, and now that’s he’s more famous after You’re Beautiful, we can assume he’s going to be put in roles/do photoshoots that the company deems more profitable.

      Sort of like all those boy band members who do fan-service for their fans like kissing each other:


      Do you think they WANT to do that kind of stuff or they’re being told to do it because that’s what the fans want.

      And Robert Reed, the guy who played the father in the Brady Bunch. He had some serious acting background, Shakespearean training etc, but he got stuck playing the Mr. Brady since that’s what people wanted.

      • 14.1.1 Orion

        I do agree on that. I’m not convinced he wants to do these things and of course his agency and companies will want to turn him into an idiot to money-milk the fangirls, but why isn’t he resisting it? He’s old enough to have more sense than that and to say “no” when he is forced to do things that can jeopardize his career reaching the next level.

        Like I said, I’ve heard all these arguements before, I just don’t agree with them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts without lashing out at me though. ^^

        • Sere

          I think no one can tell what is or isn’t going on “behind the scenes” and therefore speculating over either scenarios is quite pointless imho.

          Me? I’d prefer forming an opinion of him as an actor based on his acting skills and the dramas and movies he films. Everything else is PR and I don’t see how that can affect his ability to choose projects and/or act well on them? I may not like his promotional…fanservice or whatever it is he’s doing (don’t know, haven’t checked), but if he takes on serious roles, he’s good at them and I like his acting, isn’t that enough to take him seriously?

          • Orion

            Yes, but will he be offerred serious roles and mature works when he’s at the level he is now and has this fangirl-based fanbase that wants to see him in teen rom-coms and musical shows?

            Of course, it’s all up to him, but it’s also up to the people that offer him work. Will he get the same offers and chances an actor of higher caliber and a more adult image would get?

            I mean, people who make serious movies do not usually cast such idols in them. Simply because the target audience isn’t said guy’s/girl’s fangirls.

            You’re making a heartwarming drama about a woman with a serious illness. Do you choose Angelina Jolie (famous AND good) or Lindsay Lohan? Why would you want an idol in such a movie? Even if they are good, their own image and fanbase limits their chances at such a film.

          • Sere


            I get what you’re saying and you might have a point about the kinds of roles he might be offered. On the other hand, I’d like to think that TPTB, when casting an actor, would prefer acting skills over anything else ( shall we say, life outside the set?); I know that’s not always the case, but heh maybe I’m naive. I still stand by my opinion: a good actor is a good actor, no matter how he behaves “off screen” (Robert Downey Jr, anyone?).

            Also, are you actually taking Lindsay Lohan as example of a talented actress? Or an example of someone popular? Cos if it’s the latter, I see your point, but if it’s the former, I don’t.

            Sorry for the late reply. Got distracted by MGIAG. ^^ It’s kinda late in this part of the world, so if I don’t reply, don’t take it as I’m ignoring you. I’ll probably be sleeping by then.

          • Soyachan

            I so agree with you. I like JKS a lot and I don’t care what he did behind the scenes either if he doesn’t break the law or moral standard.

            Everytime before I take a look of his new pictures and clips on the net or media, I got to cross my fingers and hold my breath. but that ‘s one of his charm for me too. I’ve been following his works lately. Beside his look, he still got a lot more to offer. I really believe in him.

          • badmarkz

            “…I mean, people who make serious movies do not usually cast such idols in them. Simply because the target audience isn’t said guy’s/girl’s fangirls…”

            i’m so sorry, but didn’t he chosed beethoven virus than boys before flowers?
            and itaewon-murder-case-or something, i heard that it’s a pretty serious too, if that’s what you mean.
            about the “http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_8VMYYThJHoI/S-_E-IbpK3I/AAAAAAAAB3A/dPDxIQrB46s/s1600/6E9062CD7D3ADA9ED1BF2A11432A12.jpg”, i’m not try to defend or bash anyone, but yeah, let’s admit it, korean entertainment is weird. and what korean idols do aren’t like any other idols from any other countries. i’m agree about the kissing-thing. that is sure weird. but that’s it. we love them for being weird. or people usually call it 4D. something which is understand. but it is not to be understood.

          • staples

            I’m inclined to agree with Sere just cause I’m that kind of person. As someone else said, he has picked some more serious dramas in the past (like BV over BOF), and I like his acting.

            I like his acting in YB, and and respect some of his goofing off. I think what may be happening is he’s battling between idol actor and serious actor. Maybe he wants to be taken seriously but the people around him don’t think he can with his looks and his fanbase (which I’m sure is 90% pure “ah he’s so cute!!!!!!!”–not to say there aren’t plenty “ah he’s so cute and he can act, too!”)

            I’m sure as he gets older he’ll slip comfortably into pure “good actor” mode.

          • Orion

            Well, entertainment is never so fair. People’s public image is often an issue. Their “categorization” as well. And no, Lindsay Lohan is just a popular idiot that fangirls and boys love. She’s never, in a million years, a good actress. XD

            He did get BV and Itaewon, but that’s because he hadn’t gone on the fame-crazy frenzy yet. He was still a young actor, a big cooky, but within limits (plus, he was still young and had the right to be stupid).
            But as he gets older, it’s less and less understandable and accepted that he does such things and pretty soon, it won’t be seen as the “crazyness of youth” anymore.
            If he keeps being the way he is now, weird, erratic and seeming to live and breathe just to please fangirls by being immature, will future movie and series makers still want a guy like this in something serious they might do?
            Acting is important, yes. And maybe someone will be brave and just enough to overlook the other things, but not many would. They still need to make money and they won’t hire actors of such a category that will “sully” their targeted fanbase.

            I mean, I’m sure BV and Itaewon already had way too many fangirls kyaaing over Keun Suk that limited the audience variety. And he wasn’t even that famous all over East Asia at that time.
            When you see that many fans of a work are fangirls, you are inclined to believe that it’s something immature or shallow that draws them to it. So you’re less inclined to want to see that, if you’re looking for a serious movie.
            Can you imagine what it will be like for movie makers if he goes on like this? They won’t touch him and his huge immature fanbase with a 10-foot pole.

            And yes, Hollywood forgives more crazy stuff. They love “taking that broken down actor back”, plus, any fame is good fame for them. The whole worlds knows Downey Jr which is why he is now cast in mindless-audience-drawing blockbusters.

            Korea somehow doesn’t seem as “forgiving”. The way I see it, it’s a pretty ruthless industry there. The movie and tv industry.

            I really hope you are all right and that if he remains a good actor and improves, his public image won’t stand in his way of making awesome works. I really do hope that. I just prefer to be a bit pessimistic and realistic than to hope for something my logic tells me won’t be possible. I guess the amount of hope depends on the person.

          • Sere

            You realize you’re worrying over something that may or may not happen, right? I understand you care for him and you wouldn’t want him to do things that may ultimately damage his career, but I don’t see how worrying about what may or may not happen can help in any way; it’s only going to give you a lot of headaches and heartache.

            Now, it’d be better if we give him a chance and even if he were to make a few wrong choices, which I have yet to be convinced of (cos let’s face it, he has yet to be in a project that tanked. His movies and dramas have always ended up having varying degrees of success), he can still rely on his talent. He’s still young, if he doesn’t experiment now, if he doesn’t find out what’s the right kind of project that suits him better, when will he?

            As I said, maybe I’m naive, but I don’t see how popularity can be such a hindrance to his career. The way I see it, there might be drawbacks, but the benefits are a lot more. The more popular he gets, the more fans he’ll have which means that regardless of the kind of project he might choose or get offered, more people will watch them ( a)just think of all the music singers who get cast in dramas. Don’t they bring a huuuuuuge number of viewers? b)don’t fans watch *anything* related to their idol/favorite celebrity? I do and it doesn’t matter if the project is not something I normally would watch). Also? The more popular he is, the more “powerful” and independent in his decision-making he can be and I’m ALL for that. If he really can choose his projects with little or no interference from 3rd parties, wouldn’t that be better? Again, I don’t really like the guess-what’s-gonna-happen game so I’ll stop now. πŸ™‚

            Re:RDJ. Yes, he gets to film movies that are huge blockbuster hits, but a)isn’t that what saved his career? b)even if he were to choose less popular movies that don’t do well at the box-office, he still has his talent to fall back on. If he wasn’t a good actor, I doubt he would have gotten a second chance. You seem to think that if JGS -or any other young celeb- makes a wrong move now, his career his over. Dude, that’s not just a little bit pessimistic. It’s the equivalent of a doomsday scenario! ^^ I’d rather think that no matter what his future holds, his talent may be enough to give him plenty of opportunities.

          • Orion

            I’ll agree with you on that. I do worry too much. It’s not like I lose sleep over it or anything, but it’s just something I’m “scared of”.

            Like you say though, it’s no use obsessing over it until it actually happen or doesn’t happen and at the end of the daym, it’s up to him. πŸ™‚

  15. 15 alittlepaperstory

    FINALLY! Someone with normal abs, not “chocolate” abs!

    • 15.1 tildy

      I agree. In real life, the choco abs kind of scare me. OTOH, JGS is a little far on the other side of the spectrum, a little scary skinny. But it does seem as if he is that way naturally. Lanky is more my type than ripped.

      I’m never sure if JGS takes himself too seriously or not seriously at all. I like the guy, awful styling or no, so I’ll go with the latter. I honestly don’t care how strange his antics are, he’s quite a promising actor nevertheless.

    • 15.2 pohonphee

      yeah, choco abs is rhaww, good, but for me I prefer “normal” one. As long as not “metabolic syndrome” kind of abs, everything is ok.

    • 15.3 doublen

      I kinda prefer if he had some packs, he looks like a girl without them…

  16. 16 dramafreak19



    They’re letting him waste away!!!! πŸ™

  17. 17 Orion

    P.S: I’m taking things seriously because I thought he wanted to be serious. Idols do crazy stuff and dress weird. Singers do, cause their music needs a style.

    Actors are supposed to be versatile and present a public image that represents their professionalism and art. What does an image like this say about said person? Sorry, just can’t see it.

    Let’s just agree to disagree on these things.

  18. 18 Han Mania

    I love the third and last pics.

    Hope he plumps up a bit. I think he hasn’t regained whatever weight he lost for YB.

    Oh well, maybe he needs to stay skinny for You’re My Pet?

  19. 19 Orion

    Sorry, another correction. In 14, I meant “if you think doing things…”

  20. 20 miniejungle

    i love him… but have to say it’s just too skinny. not good not good.

  21. 21 Khris

    I <3 JGS!!!

  22. 22 Bebe

    Why does he not have abs?…. If your a model and actor shouldn’t you at least have abs?

    • 22.1 kopi_adik

      oh you are so disillusioned my friend! not ALL models & actors have abs… coz first and foremost, ABS doesn’t have anything to do with acting. there are tons of actors and idols out there who’s got 6-pack abs but can’t act or sing for shit! it’s just for pure eye candy, you know! πŸ™‚

      • 22.1.1 sokinsella

        totally agree…JGS is a good actor and doesnt need those choco abs..likelike him as he is πŸ™‚

  23. 23 Shelley

    OMG…. Is he gay?????

    • 23.1 Orion

      No. He’s just an asian idol. They all look more or less like this. Some just confuse metrosexual with transsexual, which is what he’s been doing a lot of lately.

      I get a fancy male appearance. Even some many bling and fancy clothes. But keep the behavior respectable for a 23-year-old man and the gender, at least, male.

      That’s just what I mean by my complaints.

      • 23.1.1 scarecrowslady

        I don’t like ALL of his looks, but if they are his own taste, I have a lot of respect. I don’t like the actors who lose their personality to suit “normal people’s” tastes. Neither do I like actors who behave weird to gain attention.

        To judge a person based on appearance is a natural human reaction, but… unfortunate.

        I don’t know if you ever dipped into visual kei from Japan. If you got problems with this photoshoot, don’t. It’d shock your socks off. LOLZ. XDDD

    • 23.2 Dot

      Oh Mo that was so what I have been thinking all a long but no one believe me…. I knew that other out there probably think the same….
      People it’s just opinion. Peace and Love

    • 23.3 sorcente

      ahahhaa lol :D:D:D

  24. 24 Tati

    I’m also curious about the “arrogant and immature behavior” Orion..

    I like the one with the bubble gum..

    There really is much to be said about JGS and his girly behavior of late. I guess the most important thing for his management company right now is to continue the hype. And with the just completed Asia tour and the sexy vids and pics circulating lately, i think they were able to sustain the hype alright.

    I used to think like you Orion. But then i just gave up on taking all these too seriously. I think it’s better to just give the guy a chance. You said yourself that you think he has talent and potential. So maybe he can still surprise us with a good project soon. Let’s let him do all these for fangirls now.

    • 24.1 Orion

      Of course I’m giving him a chance. I adore this actor and as long as he gives me good works, I’ll be his fan even if he’s weird, but because I care so much, I am very scared for him.

      I’ve seen what happens to washed out idols and I don’t want such a talented man to be branded as an idol heartthrob and have a shallow career that will end as soon as he’s too old and “not fashionable anymore” and the fangirls find new guys to “love”.

      He really has something amazing, this guy. He can be great and I want him to receive the right kind of attention from the right people for his talents and not for his fan-service.

      • 24.1.1 staples

        agreed πŸ™‚

      • 24.1.2 mymayflower

        i was about to hate you but after reading this comment i’ve changed my mind ahhahahahahhahahahah j/k

      • 24.1.3 hbfrack

        i like what you said here… i totally agree..but anyhow, i still love JGS despite of some of the pictures i don’t really like..

      • 24.1.4 knix

        yuh.. absolutely right!=)

  25. 25 Liesel

    Sigh. What a pretty boy.

  26. 26 djes

    oh, these pictures actually look better than his latest pic I saw when he was attending Andre Kim’s wake.
    He looked down awful, skinny with messy hair.

    I’m anticipating You’re My Pet, nonetheless.

  27. 27 nycgrl

    Get your freak on JGS! I was starting to get bored of your hamminess but LOL I guess I just can’t quite quit you.

  28. 28 dannaluk

    does anyone know if they casted the female lead for the movie yet..i know they were considering Han Ye Seul, bt she never confirmed or did she??….i’d really like to have heard something about this movie by now..particularly abt th casting…i’m really looking forward to this

    • 28.1 Orion

      She still hasn’t given her answer and I think the movie is on hold due to lack of funding as well. Not sure though. I also hope they’ll start filming shortly.

      Not cause I can’t wait to see it (although I am dying to see it as well), but because Keun Suk can finally get his health back after it’s done.

      • 28.1.1 Ching2

        yah.. in his interview, he mentioned that he need to lose weight for My Pet Movie..acting as a ballerina dancer.. so its part of his job to b that skinny… i m sure all normal guys wudn’t wan to b looking so weak..

        I like him for his acting skills and unique velvetly manly voice.. it reali created a deep impression.. YAB mite b an idol drama.. bt the director chose him 1st for his acting skills.. and he did acted very well.. also not to forgt the recognition and awards he received for his talent in this area.. so i believed he won’t b so easily defeated in the entertainment field. He noes wat he wans.. he makes his own choices.. Also from his FanMeeting.. hes a friendly and fun person.. so i tink he can go far! GOOD LUCK JGS!

  29. 29 Cam

    Goosshh! o__O (Nice body!) for 1st pic, woot woot!

    My so-so-crush actor Jang Geun Seok look very manly and good looking — but I love seeing his baby face, og aw! ^__^

    Woah…….some comments about him that he’s not serious like that way, wear something so “strange” styles, long hairstyle, etc………Blah Blah! Ugh, it’s just no big deal that he was just trying to do something new and look great on him, you know! I don’t have to judge about him cuz’ it’s nothing wrong with him……um….. EXCEPT his hair (3rd and 4th picture)

    Ohh, Don’t worry & Keep it up! ^__^

  30. 30 tiq

    woaa..whatever his look like, whatever his style, i still crush on him.. He’s MINE.. XD

  31. 31 cille


    i REALLY enjoy watching him as an actor, but sometimes (okay, almost all the time) he really makes me question his sense of style.

    ALTHOUGH, if you take a picture of lee hong ki (especially with his current hairstyle) and geun seok together – they would definitely pass off as girls. ^_~

  32. 32 nom_kitteh

    Aw, adorbs! This guy will always hold a special place in mah heart! He looks great in this photo shoot. It’s all so very JGS-y.

    The pink sweater one with suspenders is my fav.

    I miss YAB πŸ™ . I re-watched a couple of episodes a few nights ago, and really, that show was all kinds of magic, from the warm friendship between the cast members, which translated to the screen, the awesome storyline, and of course, Jang Keun Suk all the way.

  33. 33 jm126

    So cuteeeee. Pretty much every look suits him although a shorter ‘do won’t hurt him πŸ™‚

    KHJ & JGS in one day = SWOOOOOOON

  34. 34 Mphn17

    The pics aren’t my fav but they’re not bad either. Just don’t like the shoes in the second photo I think where he’s sitting down in a chair.

    I liked Kimi wa Petto. I could really see his character as Momo. πŸ˜›

  35. 35 FaI

    The Photoshoot? YES!
    Latest news about JGS? NO! NO!

    The thing is I know he has to diet because of the role, but to the point that only skin and bone is TOO EXTREME and it’s not healthy. But I don’t think it’s only his fault, but the guidance of the management, the PD’s request… they’re also to be blamed for the image.. I think it does him more harm than good…

    Just hope the movie is done quickly so he can be healthy again.

  36. 36 Eleven11

    If liking Jang Geun Suk means I am mentally young and possibly retarded, with no standards or brain, or whatever – SO BE IT HE IS SO FANATASTIC OM NOM NOM

    I think he’s the first and only Korean star I will ever fangirl over. I LOVE that he’s weird and not ‘respectable’ – be it his true personality or strange marketing technique, I LIKE.

    At least he always looks like he’s enjoying life and doing his own thing [in a completely harmless way, unless you count KILLING ME WITH HIS DELICIOUS QUIRKY CHARM ZOMG] – thats the kinda thing I respect.

    Orion, I respect your right to have an opinion, but if Jang Geun Suk started acting all ‘srs bznz’ all the time and wearing only pretty clothes etc, i doubt the standard of his acting would change – an actor can be serious and dedicated to light projects and being quirky, it entertains some people and certainly sets him apart from the pack, right?

    It’s like the idea that watching ‘deep and intelligent’ movies or reading heavy literature doesn’t automatically make you intelligent or deep – unless you’re doing these things out of enjoyment, it makes you a pretentious douche. True intelligence, IMO, is being comfortable with yourself and not being afraid to pursue what you enjoy, which to me it looks like what JGS does.

    I think if he wanted to be a part of one of these artsy, more elite, ‘serious’ facets of TV/film, a good director will be looking for someone whose acting fits the part, not just someone who fits the image. If I was directing, I would choose Jolie over Lohan because Lohan can’t act. Even so, she might be better *for the part* than Jolie – ie if it was a younger, minor character, or a pasty ginger who’s a little bit insufferable. =p

    tldr; JGS is like the weird kid at school you know you shouldn’t have a crush on, but you totally do.

    • 36.1 Sere

      This! This is what I was trying to say, but obviously failed. Thank you for articulating it in ways I could never do. My English, it fails so hard. XD

    • 36.2 Soyachan

      Absolutely agree with you. rave or rant, good or bad…whatever he did. I still can’t take my eyes off of him.

    • 36.3 scarecrowslady

      I AGREE!

      Korea, IMHO, when it comes to the entertainment industry, tends to be more “normal” than Japanese dramas. JGS to me is just a person trying out different styles and identities – because he can. Because he is not in any way connected to the idol industry – just parts of it. I’m sure to some extent he agreed with this – and not just for his fans. SOOOO… go him. We might not approve of all the photos, but I personally don’t think this is a sign of a character defect.

      I can’t judge him nor overly criticize him. Because a) I don’t know what he’s like behind the scenes, b) I don’t know how much he was forced into the photoshoot.

      But, if it was his idea to take photos that way… then kudos.

      Besides, Asian industry and concepts of selling the product (oneself) is MUCH different then what we think of. Their concept of self-respect is in some ways different. Not bad. Just different. PLUS… I LIKE the long hair.

    • 36.4 IheartKdramas

      Yay..well said, Eleven11..thank you! I’m an old lady but I still dig him a lot and his pushing the limits in fashion, choosing projects, etc. I’m so looking forward to his next project!

    • 36.5 Anonymous

      very well said…JGS all the way!

  37. 37 Extra- kun

    I want to put him in pocket and pull him out when I want to look at good things in the world…

    • 37.1 notoriousnoona

      I really don’t have a prob with any of these pics. They don’t frighten me or male my brows furrow. Its GS and I’m glad to see him πŸ™‚

  38. 38 jessica

    He is so adorable ,i love his babysmile
    I do not see anything wrong with those pictures , they are very entertaining.
    JGS forever! πŸ˜€

  39. 39 dreamgirl...

    Lovely photoshoot…

    Am I the only one who likes his hairstyle?

    • 39.1 jessica

      Count me in! πŸ˜€

    • 39.2 pohonphee

      you’re not the only one

    • 39.3 Viner

      we’re four now.

  40. 40 all4movies

    Ahjummas, stop your leering. After all, JGS is still only a
    boy/man. Give the guy a break.

    I love quirky girls/women, so why can’t boys/men do the same? I guess different strokes for different people.

    As for his actiing, I think he stands out as one of the most talented among his peers.

  41. 41 popcorn

    These aren’t what I’d fangirl over. I like men that look like men and not neither man nor woman. I don’t think he is that skinny. My brother is around that size and when I feel his arms, he is very muscular. Don’t know about JGS being muscular but I don’t think he is that skinny. I think I’d like his looks more if only he just cut his hair and dress more manly. Guess I’m in the minority here?

  42. 42 Leonardswench

    JGS reminds me of young Johnny Depp, and if you don’t know to what I’m referring, check out his start in the 80’s, when he was beautiful, had amazing screen presence, and you know, just plain WEIRD in photoshoots, interviews, and sometimes, behavior. He was young, experimental, edgy, and frequently, it seemed, off-balance. But he’s the only Johnny Depp in the world. That’s pretty much how I see Jang Geun Seok.

    • 42.1 Leonardswench

      Forgot to mention, once dated a man with similar physique who was 6’3″, naturally lean and lanky, and when he had the flu once, he got scary skinny in two days. He had a high metabolism, to boot. Just sayin’, I’m not freaked out by his physique, looks fairly natural, still.

    • 42.2 nycgrl

      I often think of Johnny Depp when I think of JGS as well but Johnny Depp is more talented. I think JGS has potential as seen in Hwangjini but I think he sometimes get distracted by his own fascination with himself. haha but I titillate between loving him and making fun of him

      • 42.2.1 celestialorigin

        Yesh… You are so right on, exactly my sentiment about him.

    • 42.3 eljay

      I agree, that’s how I see JGS as well! The b&w photo with with him wearing the bowler hat totally gave me the “Benny & Joon” vibe the minute I saw it.

    • 42.4 Orion

      Well, yes, but he did get serious and so scary talented that he earned his right to be in anything he wants with his works. He worked hard to break free of the idol status.

      I hope Keun Suk will be able to do the same, if things get too “stupid” for his own good.

    • 42.5 scarecrowslady

      YES! TOTALLY!!! I AGREE! JGS = korean!Johnny Depp

  43. 43 cathy

    cute boy

  44. 44 sora

    I like them

  45. 45 mymayflower

    holy moly Jang guen Suk is freaking hot in these pics!!!!!!!!! i love him to death haahhahahahhaahha love him so much that i’m saving money right now so that i can go to korea next summer to attend one of his fm !!!! from usa to korea yupeeeeeeeeeeee πŸ™‚ Anyone who loves Sukkie please join us at this facebook page “I love Jang Geun Suk” this page has all the latest updates of Sukkie!!!!

  46. 46 vietnamfan

    Haha, a lot of actors look even more girly with their manner. Even if he is Gay (sorry for this assumption), I think it’s his personal life and it doesn’t matter. You love an artist because they are artist, His products still earn money and are quite good also. He is serious in his career, I believe!
    Still love him anyway!

  47. 47 mellowyel

    I like pics three and five.
    Yeah, he’s weird, but so am I, so who cares?

    I think he’s a good actor with weird taste. I mean, I am a huge fan of Jo Kwon from 2AM, and even though he does the most ridiculous things in public ever, I have never doubted that he takes his job as a singer seriously. He works hard, and it shows. I don’t worry that he’ll lose respect as an artist because his variety show behavior and stage behavior is separate – i don’t expect him to break into an awful falsetto because he shakes his butt better than I do.

    Point is, I don’t think that JGS’s public behavior and how seriously he takes his work are necessarily related. Doing things that make him look silly at fan meetings doesn’t mean he won’t do a good job on set and be professional. There is a possibility that he may lose out on opportunities because of his public appearance, but I think he’s at a point where PDs will take a chance on him because he’s good, and he’s fairly well known. So somehow, I doubt he’ll end up washed up as you predict. If his behavior starts affecting his acting, though, THEN I’d get worried.

    I’d also be worried if by doing these things he was purely making fun of women, and was actually somewhat sexist, as opposed to just doing something that I’ve come to accept is part of Korean celebrity culture.

  48. 48 imel

    it’s so funny..
    nowadays….all actors or even musician are showing their chocoabs…but jang geun suk have none….hahaha…
    can’t he workout a bit more…? he’s too thin..:P

  49. 49 maureen

    To thin, pictures no but he’s a cute guy.

  50. 50 kopi_adik

    err… the 1st photo with the bared skinny waist, no thank you! i love you JGS, but i’ll pass that one LOL! the bubble gum shot, though, so cute!

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