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My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 4
by | August 19, 2010 | 197 Comments

When a show is fast, clever, AND heartfelt, I’m owned, heart and soul. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the wimpy hero, and the super-powered girl who turns his life upside-down. There are so many great reversals—the powerful girl looking up at him like a wide-eyed child, her transformation into a monster frightening herself more than anyone. The best part is, the mythology serves the story, and not the other way around, which is how it should be. It’s great to know right from the start that our couple is perfectly matched, and their journeys toward becoming human in various ways are parallel too; it’s just a matter of watching them clash their way towards each other, which means I can just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Mi-ho realizes she’s been left behind on the boat, and cries out to Dae-woong. He runs without looking back, the guilt weighing heavily on every step. Mi-ho crouches down and starts to cry, and as her tears fall, the skies darken and it starts to rain. Dae-woong looks up, remembering what Mi-ho said about her tears causing fox rain. It makes him stop, but then he starts to reason, “That’s ridiculous. Then if she blows her nose, it snows, and when she sneezes, there’s a typhoon?”

He walks ahead, but then he starts remembering her declaration that they’re friends now, and his promise to protect her fox bead. He whines to the heavens why she’s using rain to hold onto him. And then he turns back, and runs to her in the rain.

It’s nice to bookend the two returns—Mi-ho’s return to save Dae-woong when he was dying, and his return to her on the boat—as caused by their own memories of the other’s adorableness. They are equally strange creatures to the other, but they’ve developed a fondness for one another, what in Korean we would call [우정], the love between friends.

On the boat, Mi-ho starts to lose control of her outward appearance, when a few factors are compounded: her fox bead is far away, she’s scared because of the water, and then a dog (ie, a tasty treat?) comes close. Her eyes change to a bright blue, and she hides in the bathroom, as her other fox-features start to come out.

Dae-woong reaches the boat when it docks, and overhears the family with the dog talking about the strange woman who looked like a monster, so he braces himself. He mistakes the dog with a fluffy tail for Mi-ho (HA), and then finds her in the bathroom. She’s happy that he’s returned, but she doesn’t want to open the door because she’s changing. He insists he’s seen her tails enough times to be okay, so she opens the door…

And Dae-woong can’t hide his freakout. He can barely look at her, but he drapes a tablecloth over her, and they get off the boat. Outside, she asks why he left her there. He feels a pang of guilt, but lies that he didn’t leave her; the boat left him. The one thing she picks up on is the fact that he came back because it started to rain. Her fox-blue eyes light up in glee. Aw.

The boat attendant follows them out to get his tablecloth back, and as he pulls it off of Mi-ho, Dae-woong swoops her close, and holds her tight. They spend a moment in a time-suspended mystical hug (I love how this is a metaphor for the way time passes when you’re madly in love), and then he says they’ll be fine if he holds her close the whole way home. Show, I may just die from the cuteness.

Mi-ho pops her head up and beams—she’s returned! They smile at each other (Dimples, Ahoy!) and she says that it’s because he came back for her. He thinks they’re good to go, but Mi-ho grabs his jacket and pulls him in for another hug, wanting to be close to her fox bead for a little longer.

Dae-woong is taken aback, but finds himself tentatively happy, as he gives in holds her for a little longer. He awkwardly asks if that’s long enough, but she’s not done (heh), so he holds on, petting her hair as she sighs blissfully. Seriously, I know they’re supposed to be uber-cute, but they are inhumanly cute. Like a pair of kittens. Wearing bunny outfits. Sitting in a teacup.

Dong-joo the Gumiho Hunter visits the temple, and tells the monk that the fox will be put back in her rightful place. No, Highlander Boy. You stay away!

Grandpa packs up Dae-woong’s things and sends Aunt Min-sook to deliver them, happy to support the new and improved, living-for-others Dae-woong. Min-sook waits outside the action school, falling asleep on the bench. Chow Yun-fat Lite discovers her napping, and the sun about to beat down on her, so he rushes over, and opens up his trenchcoat to shield her from the sun. He stands like that until he’s sweating from head to toe, and she’s none the wiser. I love his off-brand chivalry.

He waits later that night for another glimpse of the mysterious girl who can jump without wires, to no avail.

Mi-ho complains about dinner, “Chicken, again?” But Dae-woong says that in these circumstances, it’s shameless for her to ask for cow. She points out that he’s the one who told her that since she’s not human, she can be as shameless as she wants. Touché.

He laments that he can’t afford cow since his dreams were shattered. Mi-ho asks what an action star is, and he says it’s what he’s really good at. Mi-ho: “Running away?” Hahaha. Dae-woong insists with his misplaced bravado that although she might see him as a weak human, to other normal girls, he’s totally awesome, no really. Mi-ho adds with a thumbs-up that even she thinks he’s pretty cool.

With that, he gives her a demonstration of his action skills, in an imaginary swordfight. Mi-ho delights in the demonstration, while Dae-woong gets to show off. Imaginary manliner-action-hero Dae-woong is admittedly pretty awesome.

Mi-ho starts copying all of his sayings and gestures, which Dae-woong finds pretty amusing. At one point he kicks a brick wall, and so she follows suit…only she kicks it with so much force that it almost crumbles. The superhero-girl-who-doesn’t-know-her-own-strength trope never gets old for me.

Chow Yun-fat Lite happens to head that way to relieve himself, so they run and hide, and watch in horror (with Dae-woong covering Mi-ho’s eyes) as he starts to urinate on that very spot. Lo and behold, the force is just enough to send the wall crashing down, and on the other side is a very surprised lady. Maybe THIS is why you shouldn’t be wearing trenchcoats, eh?

He gets hauled away to the police station, where the cop (a cameo by Lee Seung-gi’s hyung from 1 Night, 2 Days, Lee Su-geun) accuses him of being a trenchcoat-pervert. Chow Yun-fat Lite insists he’s nothing of the sort, and says he was just urinating: “And it wasn’t even pee that I was holding. It was of the normal variety.” Hahaha.

Dae-woong comes to his defense, showing up at the police station and vouching as an eye-witness that all he did was pee. That gives him an in to introduce himself as Sun-nyeo’s friend, and the director is happy to give him another chance at his audition, as long as the night’s events are kept a secret.

Dae-woong comes out to find Mi-ho digging in the trash, with a rib bone in her mouth. He realizes that she’s looking a bit worse for wear, so he takes her shopping for toiletries and clothes. It’s adorable how he’s buying skincare products and dresses, and she’s picking out meat.

At home, he teaches her how to brush her teeth and wash up, although she mostly eats all of the cleaning products, to his dismay. I sort of love the meta of Lee Seung-gi teaching Shin Mina how to be pretty. Ha. She bathes and changes, leading to a classic “Oooh, purrrty” moment. He muses that she looks like a normal girl this way.

She shouts, “Woong-ah, I’m so happy because of you today!” He breaks her happy reverie by asking when she’s going to take back her fox bead. She immediately starts hemming and hawing, and gives the excuse that she’s too tired to eat and goes to bed. Aw, Mi-ho doesn’t want to leave him and give up being human. He’s too clueless to see that he’s hurt her feelings.

Dong-joo sits in his lair, stroking his magical sword (pffft), saying aloud that he doesn’t want to have to send Mi-ho back. He’d rather she went quietly, but he knows she’s not about to give in so easily.

While Dae-woong sleeps, Mi-ho checks on her fox bead, and realizes that he’s almost healed. She sighs that if she told him the truth, he’d send her away in a heartbeat. She wonders why she can’t just stay by his side, killing the mosquitoes for him while he sleeps, and realizes that it’s because she’s not human.

Grandpa finds Min-sook watching A Better Tomorrow, (tee hee) and catches on that she must be interested in a new guy, so he asks Dae-woong to come by to discuss it. I love that Grandpa is just excited that she’s interested in a new guy.

Today Mi-ho says she’s not going to follow Dae-woong around, so that he can do well on his audition without any trouble. He’s stunned, and she asks if she waits here, then he’ll always return to her, right? He doesn’t quite believe her at first, then keeps coming back to give her money for food, then to tell her not to dig in the trash, and to call him if anything happens. Aw, he’s worried.

Dae-woong finally leaves, but he feels uneasy about her staying behind, and realizes it feels a little strange without her following right behind him. She comes out and waves at him from the rooftop, and he waves back, but stops himself, saying that he has to stop growing attached to her.

From the rooftop, Mi-ho says to herself, “Dae-woong-ah, you’re all healed now. I have to take my bead back. But can I stay here?”

She spends the day digging through trash cans to find chicken coupons (hilariously believing that if you collect ten they turn into a chicken) and even fights with the neighborhood ajumma for the last one. Dong-joo finds her, and takes her for a drive.

Mi-ho is amazed to find that he’s got an ID, a social security number, and a cell phone—all very human, even though he’s not.

Dae-woong does well on his audition, and gets cast right away. He says to himself, “Tonight it’s cow and soda, Gu Mi-ho. No every week….but wait, then will your tails come out?” Heh.

Hye-in runs into him, and asks to have a congratulatory dinner together. He promised Mi-ho he’d return and treat her to cow, so he uses Grandpa as an excuse. She concedes that family is a good enough excuse (oh, okay, Princess) and lets him go.

Dong-joo takes Mi-ho to his apartment, where she marvels at his living like a human. He tells her that he moves from place to place every few years, changing his name and never getting too close to anyone, and that he’s been living this way far longer than she’s been trapped in that painting. She wants him to teach her how to pass for human too.

But Dong-joo tells her that by living his way, she can’t actually be close to humans in the way she wants—she’ll never have friends, or family, or love. She thinks that in the very least she’d get to be near somebody, but he shuts her down. “An immortal being like you can’t be with a human. Ever.”

He continues, “The way I’m living…it’s not that different from being trapped in that painting. You should return.” She hangs her head in disappointment, saying that she really, really doesn’t want to go back. Dong-joo throws down the gauntlet: “Then are you willing to die?”

Dae-woong, on the other hand, tells his friend Byung-soo that his days with Mi-ho are numbered. He goes on about E.T. having to return home, and says that they’re essentially from different worlds. Byung-soo hilariously misinterprets this as Mi-ho being a chaebol (rich heiress).

Dong-joo tells Mi-ho that there’s a way for her to become human, but in order to do so, her gumiho self must die. She needs two things: someone (or something) that can kill her, and someone who will share their humanness—ki, or life force–with her. Hm…last time, Mi-ho told Dae-woong that sharing ki was equal to mating…heh (pitter-patter).

With that, Dong-joo takes out his magical knife, and cuts his hand. His blood drips into a glass, and he tells her that this knife can kill her, and so can his blood. If she drinks it, and has her fox bead which has collected the ki of a human being for one hundred days, she’ll become human. She asks why he’s telling her all this. He says that it’s because of another girl who looked like her, and wanted the same thing. He’ll help her die, but wonders if Cha Dae-woong can be trusted to protect her fox bead for a hundred days.

He tells her again that humans can’t be trusted, and insists she forget it all and go back. What? You just told her all of the mystical ingredients for her to make Human Soup, and now you’re expecting her to forget it all? Are you taunting her, or just naïve?

Mi-ho leaves, the question hanging over her. She holds a vial of Dong-joo’s blood in her hand, as she watches people on the street below her. “Does dying mean disappearing? I just want to live down there.”

She walks home, and gets recognized by Chow Yun-fat Lite, who chases her down but can’t catch up. Hye-in sees this from afar, and puts the pieces together, pouting. Not only does Mi-ho have Dae-woong’s affections, but now she’s got the Director’s too, for that coveted lead role.

Hye-in decides to call Dae-woong to discuss it, and catches him in a lie (that he was eating with Grandpa) as he nears home with a bundle of meat in his hands. They sit down to talk, and Hye-in asks if he likes her, and says in a roundabout way that she’s been waiting for him to declare his feelings, and preparing her answer. Prepare? It’s not the LSATs—it’s a yes or no question, lady. She tells him that she’s losing her faith in him, and wavering in her feelings, and not to make her wait too long.

Dae-woong drowns his angst in soju, while Mi-ho eagerly awaits his return. She leaves him a voicemail, telling him that she has something important to ask him, and she asks if she can stay by his side longer. She smells his scent as he approaches (funny and gross), and runs to find him in the gym.

She comes upon him slumped over in the dark. He announces that he’s drunk, and slurs out, “The moon is out. Do you want to spread your tails and do a round of ‘hoi-hoi’?” Hahaha.

Dae-woong: “Mi-ho-ya, we’re friends, right? Then will you do me favor?” She looks up at him sweetly. “Will you…disappear?” Oof. Just carve out my heart, why don’t you. He drunkenly pleads with her to go away and stop making his life so difficult, as he slumps to the ground and passes out.

Her reaction is heartbreaking. She looks down at him, saying, “Dae-woong-ah, the truth is, you’re all better now. I’ll go, so you stop hurting.” She lets go of his hand.

The next morning Dae-woong wakes up in his bed, not knowing how he got there. He calls out to Mi-ho, but she’s nowhere to be found. He looks and looks, and then it dawns on him: she’s gone!


I like how the main relationship is progressing, which is to say, fast in terms of adorable moments, and mutual attraction, but slow in their understanding of each other and how to be together. The gumiho-human hiccups are not only hilariously comical, but also insightful little beats that shed light on human desires and the things we take for granted.

As for the mythology, I don’t like that the mystical way out is given so early in the story; I’d rather they have to work a little harder to find a way for her to become human. But I do like that so far, we have no reason to trust Dong-joo, so this could all be an elaborate web of lies in order to trap her. If it’s not, and he’s just giving up the information for nostalgia’s sake, that’s a little lame, plot-wise.

So far Dong-joo’s pretty ineffectual at being scary or a real threat, so I hope there’s more to come from his character than emo hair and looking pretty, because if he’s just going to be her fairy godmother, then there’s no point in having a gumiho hunter with an elaborate backstory. Crossing my fingers for more on that score.

I can’t get enough of adorable-pants Seung-gi, who is showing great range so far. But Shin Mina is the real scene-stealer of this show, as she alternately makes me die of laughter, squeal from cuteness, and well up with sympathy. She is A-maz-ing.

Can’t wait to see Dae-woong missing Mi-ho while she’s gone. You deserve a little penance, my friend.

Until next time, hoi-hoi!


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      • 29.1.4 jubilantia

        My thought is that he was the keeper of the gumiho’s bead, and he failed to protect it, or fooler her into giving it to him in order to kill her, and that’s why he’s cursed to live forever. Maybe the way to become a gumiho is kill the gumiho whose bead you have. Or she may have given it to him without his knowledge, like Miho and DaeWoong. I think this would be a reason to not like himself, and would explain the sloe-eyed angst. On the ep 3 post, I thought maybe he is Miho’s human father, by the gumiho mom that he is sworn to kill, and somebody else thought he might be the other gumiho’s son. With several dhampir (half-vampire) stories, like the Barb and JC Hendee books, the offspring become the hunters.

        I am excited to find out. But I agree that he better start adding suspense soon, and not just looking pretty.

    • 29.2 august

      yeah i think so too… maybe he wants to bring his old love back using her

      • 29.2.1 viola

        “sloe-eyed angst” I LOVE that phrase! It’s such a perfect description.

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    Aside from saying I’m enjoying the series a lot, there are two notes I want to mention:

    – This is my first time watching Shin Min-ah act, and wow – Shin Min-ah has just been ridiculously cute in the past few episodes..kind of like a cute fox? haha

    – Lee Seung-gi seems to finally be able to put some of his “Return of Iljimae” training haha!

    • 33.1 marie*

      whoops meant to say “use” instead of “put” =D when talking about Lee Seung-gi’s training haha

  34. 34 chessy03

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    Awesomely fast recap, Girlfriday.

    I can’t remember the last time I loved a lead couple this much. They’re not only incredibly cute together, they are natural and SO funny.

    I like that the Hong Sisters are exploring what it means to be human and what exactly makes one human – and as Grandpa keeps reminding him, Dae Woong has a bit of a ways to go before he becomes a “real” human too, so the development is not only on Miho’s side. It’s a lighthearted trendy drama, but it has its serious moments, and they’re more profound than I expected. I found the scene where Miho is looking down at the crowds of people passing by, holding hands and talking normally, especially moving.

    Also, how much do I love how they’ve turned the disapproving-elder-trying-to-reform-the-grandchild trope on its head by having him give in all the time because he’s actually a big softy. It’s like he’s forcing himself to be strict, but then he gets so excited for his daughter and grandson. He’s so cute! I’m sick of the tyrannical grandparent who tries to force a match/force the lovers apart.

  36. 36 Lavender

    This is by far the most fulfilling Kdrama I have spent procrastinating school for. I agree with everyone else: the main leads are perfectly cast. They fit their characters so well; I lack the moments of extreme annoyance/puzzled expressions that I have with most other K RomComs. Although I will disagree with GF about LSG being…attractive in that way. Although his charm is not lost on me. Him And Shin Min Ah have lovely chemistry though. I feel that warm pitter patter feeling in my chest every time they share those blissful moments of romantic tension.

    As for Noh Min Woo, well, I can’t even concentrate when his glorious face fills my computer screen. I sit in awe of such a pretty man. And let me instigate — I think the Gumiho and the Gumiho Hunter have great chemistry too, possibly enough to have a compelling and convincing love story that makes my heart sway from the given main coupling. There. I said it.

    • 36.1 jubilantia

      I like that there is chemistry with the third leg of the triangle (but then, how could there not be?) but it’s not enough to sway me away. Dae-Woong is too adorable-pants, as girlfriday puts it. No Min (W)Hot is so pretty that you can barely look at him, and too haughty-seeming.

      • 36.1.1 Lavender

        Yes, he does have this haughty petting his magical dagger sword thing going on. True true. But the potential is untapped! The whole idea of a love triangle involving two men that are essentially opposites; one being immortal with the power to kill the Gumiho, the other being mortal but with the power to give Gumiho mortality, the drama could go in so many interesting directions.

        I like that he isn’t some ominous, all powerful hunter dude. He acts as a good counterfoil to DW’s character.

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    So Mi Ho left?

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    though i generally prefer jdoramas to most kdrama, i am really looking forward to how this show plays out. i do think it funny that they cast a skinny, kinda bug-eyed girl as the other love interest even though she hasn’t 1/2 the presence onscreen, though that may also be how she was written. director ban’s daughter is far prettier, and funnier, though even she falls short; which is how it should be in the grand scheme of things.

    • 39.1 Laica

      /there is a nice Shibasaki Kou/Ayase Haruka vibe that i get from her(strong and weak at the same time)/

      I agree! I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out, but that’s so true. She’s fierce but vulnerable. SMA seems born to play this role. This is my first time seeing her in anything, but I love her.

      • 39.1.1 sakaburo

        i’ve never seen any of her previous work, either, but i am definitely a fan now and will try to look some up this weekend. sma has made such an impression that her’s is one of the few korean names i seem to be able to remember! 😛 so many of them sound so close that it’s hard to tell them apart, esp when i don’t speak a lick of korean. also, as far as i can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any recognizable m/f differentiation in names, which makes it even more difficult for me.

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    • 42.1 sakaburo

      the song is in the episode 3 recap. it is a lovely tune.

  43. 43 le meera


  44. 44 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap, girlfriday. You and javabeans sure are fast!!

    I am glad the show finally gave Mi Ho a bath (though she had returned to trash-digging right after)! She was like wearing the same clothes for 3.5 episodes/4 (?) days straight.

    The aunt and Director Ban scenes are so freaking hilarious! The Hong sisters really outdid themselves with coming up with such crazy situations and whoever chose the music for their scenes really knows how to enhance the mood! I wonder if there really is an action director somewhere in korea like Director Ban!

    I actually like how they gave away the mystical answer so early in the drama. I was afraid they will throw it in at the end of the drama as some sort of deus ex machina to resolve everything. Now the work is all in making Daewoong as guy who can be loyal and trustworthy enough to make Mi Ho’s dream come true.

    “The gumiho-human hiccups are not only hilariously comical, but also insightful little beats that shed light on human desires and the things we take for granted.”–> I agree. This is what makes this drama so amazing! It’s a fantasy story but the way it explores humanity makes the story more real than a story about mortals.

    If only the 2nd leads were more interesting. Hye-In reminds me of a mix of the 2nd lead from DGCH and Jaeyoung from Wish Upon a Star. For Jaeyoung, as least she felt something for Kim Ji Hoon’s character. Hye-In just wants to monopolize Daewoong. How is it that Seon-Nyun, who likes Daewoong, doesn’t HATE her? She should be making voodoo dolls of that future-homewrecker!

    And Gumiho-hunter is definitely hot and I can’t take my eyes off him (and giggle like crazy when he’s on screen), but his only purpose seems to be to move the fantasy aspect of the story along. He doesn’t seem to have any problem with living the way he does.

    • 44.1 jubilantia

      I don’t know, I think there is plenty of suppressed angst in those sloe-eyes. I’m sure more will be revealed.

  45. 45 sunshine

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  46. 46 Sumee

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    Hah! Oh, Girlfriday, you are filthy. I think this drama is going to create an entire Dramabeans lexicon for carnal activities. Stroking the magical sword, spreading tails and doing a round of hoi-hoi, and other assorted PG-13 naughtiness. I lurves eet!

    This drama has reduced to me uselessness. Our lead pair is cute as kittens dressed in bunny suits, sitting in a teacup, and sprinkled with magical rainbow sparkles. Lee Seung-gi is far too adorable, and Show has done a wonderful job showing Woong-ah’s progression toward sincerely caring for his little fox, even if he’s a bit of a twerp. And that action scene was awesome. But Shin Mina … le sigh. Oh, Mina. She is breaking my heart and putting it back together in every single episode. Pure, unadulterated adoration. I could watch her and Dae-woong skinshipping forever; I am that far gone. I think I watched Mi-ho eat all the toiletries five times because it was so precious. Ah, mashtaaaaa!

    More to say, but I’ll say it later when it’s not frickin’ 2AM my time (yes, I stayed up for ViiKii and for the recap because I’m insane). Besides, I’m sure someone will say whatever it is I want to say since by the time I check this site at work tomorrow, there will be about 200 comments. Woo-hoo!

    Girlfriday, the usual. Muchas thankias! You should bottle up your awesomesauce and sell it!

  48. 48 evma1319

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    once again i’m hooked on a drama that i’ll be watching raw, then wait for JB recaps so i can at least understand some of the lines, then wait for the subbed version, and then re-watch the whole thing LOL!

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    I actually want DJ to develop a real feeling for Miho, and when he does, he would have to struggle with his plan and his feelings. Okay that sounds cheesy lol. Becauseeee, we already have hye-in noona, hyo min character and miho falling for DW, for once I’d like to see a competition and some jealousy.

    Out of all Hong sisters’s dramas, this one really caught my attention since its first episode. It’s been consistently good and I love everything about it. I really hope the pace and the dynamic will stay this good until its last episode :)

    Hoi, hoiii~

    • 51.1 missjb

      hahahha, if Dong Joo will fall in love with Mi ho and become struggle to choose between his plan or love, it’s remains me of inwoo’s character in PP, lol
      and if hong sister doing that to DJ, i will ship for him, lol

  52. 52 imel

    awww..seeing Mi Ho in my screen…I keep thinking…
    “Gosh, is this the same girl who played as Eon Seok in A Love to Kill….???” She looks so different, so fresh and natural. She’s idle for two years though.
    Maybe she’s like Kim So Yeon. She was hibernating, trying to look for inner-self and then comeback with new motivation, finally giving her all into her acting. That’s why, the way she acts is so different now….
    Shin Min Ah….Jjang!

  53. 53 crazedlu

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    glad we’re all enjoying this. :)

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    Hurrahh for her current success!! She deserved this for such a long time.

  56. 56 phoebe

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    I also don’t trust that fox hunter. He gives the info way too easily, and HEY he’s supposed to kill the fox, not to help her. But I must admit he’s a major hottie. Lol.

    All in all, this is definitely another one fun ride after Coffee House..:)
    The only thing I can’t understand in this drama is how the fox keeps preferring cows over chicken. I mean, chicken are supposed to be it’s natural food. Lol. But oh well, the fox in here is not a natural one, so..xD

    BTW thanks again for your wonderfully written recaps Girlfriday (and JB)~!

    • 56.1 missjb

      yeah, i think if that too. Fox naatural food is chicken right? i don’t get, LOL

      oh since is just a drama, don’t take it seriously, kekeke

    • 56.2 jubilantia

      I think there might be some mythological connection with gumihos and cows. In Fox’s Child, a cow’s liver is significant in an episode. Not sure, though.

    • 56.3 Leona

      cow,pork and chicken… this is the order of preferences in Korea… but I must admit chicken is the usual fox food…

      I replayed twice the fox hunter’s cut….
      1 because he is too hot
      2 I think he lies a little-or is just me: I have a trust issue with too hot boys (his last scene with bandaged hand… his vibe is BAD to the bones… but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing -remember Rang from Gumiho Wehjun?or Jo Gook (Cha Seung Won ) in City Hall?liar and bad with asymmetrical haircut?I won’t tell again about his lil Bidamish traits… tortured and torturer in the same time but not as naive as he was…

  57. 57 reluctantbutaddicted

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    I haven’t seen the episode yet, but your description of and pic of the trenchcoat-shading scene made me think of City Hall and Cha Seung Won doing that for Kim Sun Ah… and your Chow Yun Fat Lite is no Cha Seung Won, so that cracked me up, too. Maybe the “I Will Shade You As You Sleep Somewhere Inappropriate” is on its way to becoming another K-drama staple, like the much-anticipated piggy-back?

    • 57.1 fuyuko

      When I watched that part, I thought of the same thing too. It was so romantic with CSW shading KSA from the sun. BUt with Director Ban….I was so glad the Aunt woke up after he had left. I bet if she had woken up before, she would be scared off. LOL

  58. 58 eugene

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    Cliffhanger! Ah can’t wait for next episode…

    Why is Mi Ho so cute? (I love her expression when she hugs Daewoong…)
    Why is Daewoong so indecisive? (But I am afraid, when he is not, he will hurt Mi Ho, so maybe its good to mantain this ambiguity?)
    Why is Hye In so annoying? (DO NOT LIKE)
    Why is gumiho hunter so… undecided? Is he trying to help Mi Ho or harm her?

    And I want Auntie Minsook and Chow Yun Fatt lite to get together NOW!

    And Lee Su Guen FTW!

  60. 60 charles

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    The beauty of it is,if our bumbling “hero” messes up in any way and his girlfriend ends up in the painting again,he can get her back!

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    I am really, really in love with this show. DW and MH topped my couple list for kdrama 2010 so far (yes, I adore this couple to bits, even more than Pasta’s Chep/YK, PP’s Hyeri/Inwoo and Coffee House’s Eunsoo)

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    most agre with girlfriday, that lee seung gi is doing great but shin mina is the scene stealer for doing a wonderful job being miho!

    so far so good!!! im really enjoying the dynamics dae woong and mi ho are presenting. so many cute and heartwarming moments. cant help to ask for more!

    now next wednesday and thursday are seem too far away!

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    Bring on the hoi-hoi! Fantastic recap GF (& JB for the previous ep’s)…now I’m dying to go home and watch this!

    • 67.1 kandy

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      It’s quite interesting and entertaining reading the comments section…. you always find a hidden treasure :)

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    Im totally inlove with Shin Mina’s acting! Light but convincing!
    I love the male lead too, he has cuteness written all over him!

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  69. 70 marmar

    I still stand by my belief that Dong Joo is Gumiho’s love from the past. That he is the guy she was suppose to marry but then instead of marrying her, he killed her cause he thought he would be able to free her & make her human.
    He is such a hottie. I wanna know more of his backstory & yes I hope he doesn’t become some fairy godmother cause that would be a big WTF moment.
    & YES!! It’s about time that Woong starts to miss Miho.
    Loving this drama.
    Thanks JB for the summary/review.

    • 70.1 jubilantia

      Oh yeah! Good point. Woo speculation. Maybe he though killing her would kill the gumiho part, but she cheated somehow, which would explain the “I’m sorry bit”, and I bet infidelity=death rather than mortality in that situation.

    • 70.2 Ariel

      I don’t know…i’d love to believe the speculation, but Dong Joo’s not human, as he himself said. If she was supposed to marry a human, then it couldn’t have been DJ?

    • 70.3 Lan

      No DJ is not human. That is already established. And his story with that look-a-like gumiho was centuries ago, even before our Gumiho got jilted and put into the painting 500 years ago.

      Are they the same, are they not, we don’t know yet.

      • 70.3.1 Lan

        I do agree though that he probably killed the look-a-like gumiho centuries ago because he thought it would help make her dream come true, but it didn’t.

        • gleemonex

          the creature he killed wasn’t a gumiho either from the comments on soompi i’ve read; it was a goblin of some sort and the gumiho hunter isn’t too far from that creature himself, meaning he’s actually a goblin of some sort or something like it.

          • Lan

            No… it was a translation mistake on Viikii! It wasn’t a ‘goblin’ per se, but see Javabean’s previous recap (Ep 3), it’s just some general ‘supernatural being’. Both the look-a-like and the hunter are some sort of ‘supernatural being’, not ‘goblin’!!!

  70. 71 Beng

    i don’t care about the second leads. i care more for the budding romance between aunt min-sook and director ban. they are funny and adorable

    • 71.1 alert

      love them. and looking from the first 3 eps, I wonder what kdrama staple they’d twist next! 😀

      • 71.1.1 Lavender

        Every time single time that ‘Once Upon a Time in China’ theme song comes on, I laugh obnoxiously loud. The song in and of itself is so canon in Chinese cinema. Although it never really has anything to do with the ‘action’ on screen. To understand the hilarious more thoroughly:


        • Lavender

          Opps. Wrong link:


          This one has translations.

        • alert

          I LOVE Once Upon a Time in China! LOL! Used to watch the film And going gaga over Wong Fei Hung. (How did THAT happened?!) 😛

          I think what makes MGIAG is more comical is the fact that everything that I used to see in kdrama (or any other dramas) is being overexaggerated by the Director & the aunt. Be it the song choice, the scenes etc.. it makes you wonder which movie/drama they’d poke fun next.

  71. 72 Cassie

    Why do I have a really bad feeling that if Miho ever does become human she’ll lose her memories of Daewoong?

    OMG. That would just kill me. =/

    • 72.1 Ellie

      Oooh, that’s an interesting thought.

      I’m also thinking that Dae-woong’s action stunts may come into play to fight off the fox hunter

  72. 73 heejung

    i love how it’s moving so fast! it feels like the ending almost, in a weird way.

    it’s probably just me but i think mr. emo hair is funny looking and not that excellent at acting (not that i’m any judge!! :S). i find his angsty one-eyed stares hilarious.

  73. 74 Dara

    Hoi! Hoi! Thanks for your fast recap , GF.

    Are we heading for a melodrama here? I feel it coming.

    Shin Min-ah is totally a professional actress. She acts with such adorable cuteness that feels so natural and not annoying. Love her the most , LSG is cute he could play more with the character. I started to feel bored with the hunter when they repeatedly showed him behind the table in the dark with that magic knife! do some real hunting dude!

    With just 4 episodes, the OTP has already shown us their strong feeling. It will be compelling to see they fight their way to be together.

    Come to think of it, if this Gumiho things happen to me, I will try to run away too!

  74. 75 annieee

    this drama brings me back to my old drama-watching days when my heart would flutter and drop along with the characters’ emotions! and its loaded with so much cuteness and humor!
    at first, when the casting news was out, i didn’t quite feel the lead pairing, and thought shin min ah would be too noona-like to lee seung gi’s character. but i was so wrong! shin is sooo soo good at portraying that cute innocence and i feel so much sympathy for her character. lee also surpassed my expectations. def really good for a singer-turned-actor.
    this whole immortal-being-falling-in-love-with-a-human story is such an old school storyline, but i love it all the more. its about time this kind of story gets adapted for a modern kdrama!

    • 75.1 Lan

      She is only just 3 years older. That can be nothing…

  75. 76 alert

    I’m hoping that the Dong Joo would have stronger presence in the drama, instead of being delegated to unconvincing secondary character. Yes, he’s very good looking, but so far, he leaves very little impact. I wanted to root for him, but by ep 4, all I can see (and I think most of us too) is how good looking he is, and not how good he is in his character. However, the good-looking Hunter definitely very much welcome than an evil mother like Mo Hwa Ran in YAB. At least it didn’t drown the mood as much.

  76. 77 arivle

    I totally loved this episode and the Hong Sisters do it again …..they have a special touch of paring main couples like no other…and the story is so fresh and funny, I just love it….but the true gem of this story has to be Shim Mi-ah she owns that Mi Ho like no other…she is adorable, i mean beyond adorable and LSG has made sooo much improvement from his Brilliat Legacy days……I love their chemistry is just brilliant…..

    However, I go to say that even though Fox Hunter is HOT to look at ….he doesn’t do anything for me in term of acting or story….I’m still trying to figure out what are is motive behind telling Mi Ho the process of becoming human….I mean that weird to me, if u are the hunter u giving her a way out?…..or does he have a master plan? I hope the Hong Sister can give us the 411 on him……..

    Thank u GF and JB for great recaps!!!!!!!….. 😀

  77. 78 tombrady

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    I’ve always loved Shin Mina and glad to see her so adorable here. Fits well with LSG too!

  78. 79 Dlover

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    im off Hoi-Hoi!

  79. 80 Ellie

    Thx for the recap GF! Another cute episode. How I love Chow Yun-fat Lite……who wears a wife beater under a trenchcoat and talks about “normal pee” versus “pee that you hold in”! And as a dog owner, I thought that Mi-ho hit it exactly when she refused to drop the bone but then automatically spit it out when Dae-woong mentions eating meat. My goldendoodle does the same thing when we’re walking and he refuses to drop his stick, but if I whisper “ice cream” or “hungry,” he is suddenly sitting down at full attention with rapt eyes and plop goes the stick.

    hoi! hoi!

  80. 81 1aco

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    Just love the acting and character are so loveable… can’t get enough of this drama… keep the good work coming….:)

  81. 82 thirstythought.wordpress.com

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  82. 83 Meru

    I’m officially addicted. I love everyone except Hye In. She’s a bit too one dimensional. She’s like a rehash of previous Hong Sisters evil characters.

    And No Min Woo is so beautiful I can’t concentrate on his scenes the first time. I keep replaying them just to see his pretty face.

  83. 84 lilly

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