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My Princess is on for January premiere
by | August 24, 2010 | 57 Comments

Finally, some movement on My Princess. The upcoming romantic-comedy series has already cast its lead stars in Song Seung-heon (East of Eden) and Kim Tae-hee (IRIS), but we haven’t heard about this in months. Now it has a tentative airdate and a broadcaster: My Princess will aim for a January 2011 premiere on MBC.

I’d been wondering if My Princess was still on, because its writer Kim Eun-sook (City Hall, On Air) had announced yet another new series to air later this year, Jang Hyuk and Ha Ji-won’s anticipated Secret Garden. Looks like writer Kim will still be doing both dramas, one after the other.

The story of My Princess features Song as a diplomat and the sole heir to Korea’s top chaebol corporation. Kim Tae-hee’s character is described as a sly, lively, and thrifty woman — an interesting combination — who is a late student (as in, older than the norm) at a women’s university. One day, she becomes a princess. There are no details describing how this happens, but I’m anticipating some sort of high-concept meet-cute.

Directing will be PD Kim Sang-ho of Fantasy Couple, Story of Hyang Dan, and Hon. I’m conflicted, because I am looking forward to some aspects of this project but greatly discouraged by others. Example: I like all of director Kim’s abovementioned series, and he’s gotten better with each one (in fact, I think the directing on Fantasy Couple was weak, but he changed my mind with the eerie and suspenseful Hon). Casting Song Seung-heon and Kim Tae-hee could be great for laughs — either intentional, since this is a rom-com, or unintentional, because these two leads are famous for their mediocre acting. Either way I’m interested.

But the writer? Haaate. I don’t think she’s a horrible writer; it’s a case of her style just not working for me. I’m willing to concede that City Hall might possibly be a good drama, even if I couldn’t get into it. But I hated On Air. Was turned off by the WTF ending of Lovers in Paris. HATED Lovers. Hate her super-slick dialogue that uses so very many words to say so very little.

The drama is still casting and will begin filming in October.

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57 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. leslie

    Kim Tae hee??? have she ever been in a romantic comedy drama???

    • 1.1 Kobe

      She actually became popular because of a romantic comedy called Love Story in Harvard. It was voted 2nd favorite k-drama of all time by Chinese netizens only behind Dae Jang Guem. The 2nd half of LSIH kinda turned into a melodrama but there was plenty of comedy in the first half.

    • 1.2 sa.sha9

      They did a great job in My princess.
      Everyone around the world salutes a job well done to them!
      Continue to make us proud!! ,

  2. czakhareina

    kekeke i love tae hee and Seung-heon, but if it is going to be a rom-com, well its a different side i am going to see in them since they always go for the dramatic shows…. well i guess i saw Seung-heon in a rom-com movie before, it was just Okay… but still love them both…

    i agree What the heck ending of lovers in paris… it was super buzz kill… Lovers was huh…? and city hall had a good start but didnt quite ended with a bang for me. i was super sad about that cause i super LOVE their main leads…

  3. alyssia

    OMG finally my two favs. Even though they are not great actors, i still love them. I grown to love Kim tae Hee in recents years. NOt because of her works but rather her personality outsidde. She seems very down to earth underneath her goddess looks.

    Dont let me down please!

  4. maez

    I think I’ll wait and see what comes after this instead.

  5. Kiki

    Can’t wait! love both these actors πŸ™‚

  6. flo

    can anyone remind me the ending for lovers in paris?? i forgt abt it…

  7. TSH

    Dear javabeans
    Kim Eun-sook is not the main writer. She only provides guidance to the new writer Jang Young Sil, who is said to debut with her first work “My Princess”.
    Writer Jang was assistant to Writer Kim in three of her works “Lovers in Paris”, “On Air”, “City Hall”.
    Writer Kim is working on “Secret Garden”.

  8. jose

    well of the dramas of the writer i really liked lovers in paris ,but maybe one of the things that make that was kim jung eun and about kim tae hee ,i have a diferent perspective ,first i am a man / male so i am cautivated by her outside beautiful but i also think even if her acting isn’t the best ,i think she was lovely in love story in harvard ,in nine tailed fox she wasn’t very good ,but maybe was her character and the setting (i am also in the second episode in reality) ,in stairway to heaven ,i don’t remenber well i watched it some time ago and in iris was ok ,at least her character was quite cool

  9. Babynight

    Im so looking forward to this series!! Love song seung heon since summer scent!! He’s gonna look so hot as a sole heir of a top chaebol corporation!!!
    Hope the series would live up to the expectation!

  10. 10 Ani

    All that stood out for me was “Fantasy Couple”, a drama that I really really liked (maybe even loved?). It was comical for me, even if it was a bit slapstick (though you have to admit that it wasn’t too slapstick that it got ridiculous). It wasn’t overly dramatic and had little angst until nearing the end, so it was easy for me to enjoy. The fact that the main couple slowly fell in love was fine with me because sometimes I get tired if they get overly romantic at times. So, I think I liked “Fantasy Couple” for the story (and actors), but I wouldn’t mind checking out this new drama for the directing.

  11. 11 mΓΌge

    Kim Tae hee!!
    she never attracts me as an actress , her acting has no persuasiveness, so she is not to my taste which makes me remeber Han Ye Seul.
    I really want to watch Seung-heon on screen but satisfying coupling is more important for me. for now, I’m doubtful about to watch it!

  12. 12 gingganggoli

    I do share the same sentiment of java abt the writer. I hate the poor ending of lovers in Paris though I like the dialogues and how it is being presented the ending sucks all the beautiful things in Lovers. Same in On Air she – poor story but great actors; the only reason I watched lol….

  13. 13 Hannah

    I know nothing about this and have no opinion on this except that Kim Tae Hee is pretty.

    Mostly I just wasnted to comment on the banner of that Coffee House guy – “I will have your tears for breakfast!”? LOL

  14. 14 ditdut

    I hate how the writer tends to reduce her female leads into pining putty puddle of a mess in the hands of the male leads. I think that era is gone.

    • 14.1 lovelyu

      yes, there is a report recently that the some of kdrama writers lack idea and keep repeating using the same plot, and have this type of sales-first mentality by using a popular star to anchor a project, they don’t care if the material is devoid of a compelling story.

    • 14.2 Kobe

      I kinda agree & disagree with that.

      Agree because I would love to see a drama in which the female protagonist is confident, professionally employed, wears fashionable clothing and actually drives a car.

      Disagree because:

      “female leads into pining putty puddle of a mess in the hands of the male leads. I think that era is gone.”

      Whilst that era might be gone, it was an era that defined the Korean wave. Many of us fell in love with k-dramas because of these type of characters, so it’s nice to see them revert back to this formula every now and then.

  15. 15 Qwenli

    I will just watched anything with the two of them in it for pure eyecandy fun (like how on earth could there be such good looking pple). Never mind abt the potential crappy dialogue.

    I thot cityhall was good. Never watched the rest from the writer.

  16. 16 aX

    Ugh, Kim Tae Hee… didn’t really like her too much in IRIS. In fact, she ruined IRIS for me, but whatever. I’m a little dissappointed to hear that she’ll be playing opposite Song Seung Hun when I’d rather see him with other actresses. Oh well. All the best anyway! πŸ™‚

  17. 17 none

    KTH wasn’t that bad in IRIS. but she really needs to step up.
    SSH’s acting irks me more. he still hasn’t convinced me that he is that great at acting as some fans claim him to be.

    their both gorgeous actors but acting side needs to step up.

  18. 18 Kobe

    Song Seung Hun + Kim Tae Hee = Win.

    Now we just need a new series for…

    Won Bin + Song Hye Kyo and I’ll be in k-drama heaven!

  19. 19 grasya


    looking forward to this one!

  20. 20 tokyojesusfist

    Why is it that the names of so many Korean dramas and movies start with “My”?

  21. 21 blahblahblah

    I was wondering what was happening to this project! I’m interested in seeing SSH in a rom-com, I hate his gangster-wannabe roles. Ugh. I just hope this will be a light drama and that these two will be able to compliment each other. *Fingers crossed*

  22. 22 gembul 10

    From appearance, both are handsome and beautiful.
    From acting skills, both never give me awe till my jaw dropped.
    However, I was entertained with Cityhall and On Air though.
    So combination of all? Probably mediocre k-drama? We will see…

  23. 23 rway

    hey, i love romcom. and its high-concept meet-cute, that means i wont be overdosed with cuteness that looks like retard (like some romcom dramas are).

    i’ve never seen these 2 in rom-com, so i am pretty much eager to see this drama. and how can i resist to watch when most goodlooking couple is there. keke..

    @Kobe: agree.
    Won Bin + Song Hye Kyo = heaven

  24. 24 Artemis

    I have a feeling this one will be really really bad. I don’t like any of the actors or the writer.

    Ha, hope they prove me wrong. :p

  25. 25 sara

    i don’t like kim tae hee at all.she is just beautiful and doesn’t have that much acting skills.i hated her in Iris.i loved all the things about it exept her.but i like seong seung hun and i really want to see him in com-rom drama.i ‘m really tired of his tearful roles.hope it would be good.although i don’t like KTH opposite SSH.

  26. 26 KC

    WOW its like pretty people paradise!!! πŸ˜€ I wanna watch it just for this πŸ˜€

  27. 27 sandy

    since I have seen KTH in stairway to heaven I realized I have to stay away from her cause watching her act specially with her eyes was painful and it hurt me so^^

  28. 28 otk

    The concept of the show is similar to PRINCESS DIARIES. You can read the character descriptions @ Viikii. SSH will be in charge of training KTH to a princess even though he doesn’t want to , and apparently he’ll be ‘the devil’ to her…

  29. 29 Jenny

    This is going to be hilarious mainly because of the leading couples lack of acting skills.
    Well maybe they can just look gorgeus and people can overlook the lack of acting abilities.

  30. 30 Kobe

    You guys are bringing up the Kim Tae Hee hate all over again, just like before IRIS aired. Keep in mind it’s just a rom-com. When was the last time you saw a rom-com drama with brilliant acting? Boys over flowers? Goong S? Exactly.

  31. 31 noon0201

    aX: couldnt agree more with you! She totally ruined IRIS for me! It would be so much better if they cast someone else …i dont see the chemicals between LBH and KTH…hence there wasnt even a single memorable epic scenes between the 2 leads.

    Gosh, am looking forward to SSH’s comeback …but the pairing is just not attractive.Knowing the downside of SSH’s (lack of acting substance) the least they could do is to cast someone who could actually act but still looks drop dead gorgeous aka Son Ye Jin!

    No doubt KTH is so pretty and all but it is also a well known fact that her acting sux!!!! Even Park Si Yeon (who happens to be credited more for her looks than her acting skills) has improved tremendously from her last project Coffee House.

    KTH’s only facial expression (happy, sad, angry) is solely rolling her big eyes with her cute mouth opened. As much as i love her good looks…sorry she cant act!!!

  32. 32 Chasw

    Rom-com… City hall… I think I miss kim sun ah unnie LOL (sorry cant help it)

  33. 33 B.*

    Maybe like Park Shi Yeon they will do better in a romantic comedy =)) Hope this one turns out well , I like princess related stories ^^

  34. 34 Rosy

    I love both Kim Tae Hee’s beauty & acting. She is my type. I love her in both IRIS & LOVE STORY in HARVARD. They are
    all best dramas. Please do not confuse between actress & her character in Stairway to Heaven. She expresses the antagonist well. In Stairway to Heaven, she was assigned the role of the step sister who is bad, cruel & she successfully expresses the cruelty of step sister. The more u hate step sister, the more she did her job well.
    I’ll see this drama My Princess.

  35. 35 124y

    yeah, park shi yeon hardly gain any fans before CH, but after then, everyone just love her (including me :D).. kim tae hee never had a chance on romcoms. so this is a good chance for her.
    and i bet, all other lovable actress (including your (haters) fav actress) wont gain many fans too, if they didnt acted in rom coms.

  36. 36 Denali

    So weird. The ONLY reason for me to watch that princess would be because of writer Kim Eun Sook. The “City Hall” was an unforgettable masterpiece – sorry, haters. We really must not have seen the same episodes especially not the last one.

  37. 37 soju_chic

    Thanks for the javabeans. Glad that there are new developments about My Princess. It was also said that production already have other vital casts signed on. So I wonder, who might be the second leads?

  38. 38 soju_chic

    ^^ My bad. It should be thanks for the update, javabeans! Very nice blog, by the way! πŸ™‚

  39. 39 TinyCupid

    Wow, perfect combination KTH-SSH. Hope the storyline is really good & deserve the hot casts. Best wish for this drama. FRankly, I like drama Love story in Harvard than drama Dae Jang Guem. My opinion, Dae Jang Guem is historical, a little bit draggy not suitable for student like me.
    Almost all students love to study in Harvard & devote to society like couple in Love story in Harvard. Adults also wish they can come back to university, or get additional training to get better job, success.

  40. 40 Cam

    Gossshhhhh, Is this my bestie favorite actress? (squeals) ^_^

    I always adore Kim Tae Hee since I had seen her in that drama “Stairway to Heaven” for my first time! (about years ago, I guess so. ) =)

    I hoooppppeee that this incoming drama will be good and fun-romance between 2 of them! **FIGHTING!!**

  41. 41 a_fan

    Hi Javabeanssince you watched Lovers in Paris, why don’t you give it a rating?

  42. 42 jose

    no i am sure kim jung eun was one of the things that make me like lovers in paris

  43. 43 joguker

    Hello javabeans; i am usually a silent reader of this great blog but i was forced to get out of my laziness by your comment on cityhall. As u can guess from my nick i am big fan of this drama and specially the great acting job that Cha seung won and kim sun ah performed. And part of my crazy fan mode was not only due to the good looks of CSW or the incredible chemistry between the main leands but also the dialogs (jo guk love confession was really something, the political speeaches were enjoyable, the dialogs between the bureau directeurs of inju were hilarious etc)
    The drama like all k-drama had his loopholes and inconsistencies but the writer did for me quite a good job.
    I am curious: which k-drama scenarist do you rate the highest and for which drama?

  44. 44 nabi

    @ #7 TSH: That’s what I heard.. that Kim Eun-sook is not the main writer. She’s just going to be supervising her former assistant who will actually write this drama.

  45. 45 sophia

    AGREED. i agree with all you said. i HATED the ending for lovers in paris, hated the speed of lovers even though the cast was pretty good. and omg. i’m ok with song seung hun and kim tae hee when they’re separate because they’ve always had strong leads beside them. Like Lee Byung Hun and Kim Rae Won for Kim Tae Hee and Song Hye Kyo, Lee Da Hae, and Yeon Jung Hoon for Song Seung Hun. But having two weak leads? …i’m skeptical πŸ™ they need at least one strong and solid actor…and i think both lack that a just a bit…

  46. 46 Dara

    Is it only me finding both leads are tooo old for rom-com?
    And JB, you shouldn’t bring that up, the ending of Lovers in Paris …….O_O!!! everytime.

  47. 47 Rita (Tarits)

    To all who hated City Hall or have oodles and oodles of criticism about it and its writer, please do one thing: be a writer and see if you can make one that can translate into a drama, or a movie or even a comic book! Any writer whose work (whether good or bad, whether we liked it or not, whether it became a success or it flopped) but was able to have her work transformed into a drama, a movie or even a comic book is a WINNER!

  48. 48 s

    will the jaebeol thing ever get old??

  49. 49 nananaaa

    your comment about writer KES really turned me off. “hate” is a strong choice of word. before voicing your opinion about Kim Eun-sook, i highly recommend you to watch city hall.

  50. 50 kirara

    Yay!! I get to see Mr. SSH in a drama soon!! Wish it would come sooner!

    Thanks for posting Javabeans!

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