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Secret Garden: Jang Hyuk out, Hyun Bin in?
by | August 25, 2010 | 76 Comments

Interesting (and confusing) news: Jang Hyuk may be dropping out of the fantasy-melodrama series Secret Garden, and co-star Kim Sa-rang may follow him out. Being touted as a potential replacement is Hyun Bin. And the reason for all this sudden cast rearrangement: idol star Jaebum?

The facts:

Secret Garden is being planned as an SBS weekend drama to premiere in November, following Life Is Beautiful. It comes from the writer and director combo behind Lovers in Paris and On Air, Kim Eun-sook and PD Shin Woo-chul. Other cast members are Ha Ji-won (Haeundae) and Yoon Sang-hyun (Queen of Housewives). Former 2pm leader Jaebum was purported to be be making his drama debut in this project.

Here’s where things get murky:

Jaebum’s involvement has grown unclear, and some rumors say he is out, while others say that it’s not yet decided. Now reports are circulating that both Jang Hyuk and Kim Sa-rang are looking to quit. All three are managed by the same company, Sidus HQ. Speculation: is this some sort of power play Sidus is trying to pull? Are they using their big stars as leverage to secure a high-profile project for their new singer-turned-actor client?

A Sidus HQ rep stated, “It is true there are problems regarding Secret Garden, but it’s not the time to say whether they will be quitting or not. We are continuing to discuss these matters with the production team.”

Then came news that Hyun Bin, an early contender for the lead, is back in consideration. I had initially wondered with some suspicion if this was true, and whether the producers were trying to push back against Sidus by throwing out a big name. However, a source with Hyun Bin’s management company confirmed that Hyun Bin received the drama’s script “a few days ago” and is currently considering the role. Apparently he found the synopsis entertaining, but has not made any decisions.

And I can’t see how he would possibly be considering the drama unless it were actually true that Jang Hyuk is close to leaving, which makes me very curious indeed…

Via OSEN, Newsen, Star News


76 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. sayroo

    NOOO!! Sidus HQ, please don’t mess up.

  2. danni

    Yeah, this is a little confusing. Well, Jang Hyuk and Hyun Bin are both great, and it’s been a while since I saw Hyun Bin in a drama, but I’d rather keep Jang Hyuk so the production doesn’t get pushed back.

  3. lovlyndra

    since i known Jang Hyuk will lead male of this drama and maybe Ha ji Won will laed female too, i ‘m so curious..
    but for now, never mind who will be the lead male of this drama Jang Hyuk or Hyu Bin.
    cZ i like both of them..
    but still hope jang hyuk will in this drama w/ ha ji won..

  4. lan

    i wonder if Hyun Bin has to go to army? 😀

    • 4.1 Sere

      Yup. I think he’ll have to enlist soon…not sure when though. There’s still some time. A few months? something like that, I think.

      • 4.1.1 :P

        november is the rumor….

  5. Leona

    the subject of Secret garden sounds to me like Au bonheur des dames (Women’s paradise) Emile Zola

    the series should end in January…. Hyun Bin is that sure that he won’t go in the army in the meantime? coz we would hate to see another rushed drama like Bad Guy

  6. funkypicklez

    so confused.
    so secret graden wouldnt take jay so they took out jang hyuk…?
    either way. its been a long time since ive seen hyunbin act so im totally alright with him taking over the role.
    but ill rather take janghyuk AND jay <3

  7. OfFreshAir

    disputes between agencies cannot settle, cant blame the stars. doesnt matter who the next cast are. want to enjoy korean dramas who cares who is or not acting or there are changes. get angry also no use

  8. Anonymous

    I’m OK with both actors, it really doesn’t matter to me as I love them both 😉

  9. Ucaaa

    I Love the way you say this is Interesting (and confusing) news. Lol
    I don’t really care bout the male lead. They both are awesome actors anyway.
    Well, I’ll definitely support this project since Ha Ji Won (my best actress) joined it 🙂

  10. 10 cille

    hmm, confusing indeed! i definitely smell “fish” around this news. however, i think that jang hyuk will stay AND jaebum will also come in. dun dun dun!!

    although, personally if sidus makes an issue out of this, i wouldn’t mind seeing hyun bin opposite ha ji won.

  11. 11 hjkomo

    Thank you, Jang Hyuk! 🙂
    He really should be doing better projects with his caliber of talent. (Although, I will be bummed that he doesn’t get to act with Ha Ji Won, if he drops out.)

  12. 12 hitsugaya

    no~ i want jang hyuk to star in secret garden!

    sincerely, i dont really like park jaebum..

    so please sidushq, let jang hyuk be in secret garden even without jay in it..huhuhu

    • 12.1 soni

      I rather see Jang Hyuk than Jae Bum. Jae Bum seems like a nice kid, I could care less if his in or not.

      • 12.1.1 hitsugaya

        me too! me too!

        • lovlyndra

          Yupzz,, me too! me too! me too!!!!!

          please sidus hQ, don’t makes confusing and mixed up w/ take Jang Hyuk oppa from this drama..
          just let him in this drama w/o your new actor (jae bum)..

  13. 13 ockoala

    Right hand: Nooooo, why you screw with my Hyukie, SHQ?

    Left hand: Yayyyyy, Binnie is coming back to do a rom-melo!

    Me: My head hurts, from crying one minute and then cheering the next – so this is what being bipolar probably feels like.

    • 13.1 sayroo

      Is there a way to like this post? haha. :))

  14. 14 six

    I’m confused. If Jang Hyuk, Jaebom and Kim sarang are from the same company, why they want to let JH and KSR go and JB stay?

    I love JH and HB but I prefer JH here:)

    • 14.1 cille

      i dont think sidus hq wants to pull jang hyuk and kim sa rang out, they are just using them to get jaebum INTO the drama.

      well, that’s what i think is happening anyway.. i could be wrong

      • 14.1.1 k-joy

        it’s pretty clear what sidus is manuevering to do.
        don’t know why/where people are getting the idea that it’s a choice between the 2 major talents and the new talent.
        i’m for jaebum being given a second chance.

  15. 15 Sumee

    omo Hyun Bin..Now i am excited ..love him !

  16. 16 ftLOVE

    Actually, i would prefer Hyun Bin…kekekeke… i have nothing against Jang Hyuk but i just love Hyun Bin better.

    ^ ^

    (as long as they don’t change the female lead because i really like Ha Ji Won)

  17. 17 myra

    NO. Hyuk is a better actor than Hyun Bin IMO. And I’ve been waiting and anticipating this series (and the main couple) like crazy since the news was out, so NO.

  18. 18 soju_chic

    I’ve nothing against Hyun Bin and if ever he’d replace Jang Hyuk, it’s not the worst case though. But I was already anticipating JH for the role. An to see JH together with Ha Ji Won. I think they’re both good performers. Now all the blame goes to Jay Park. Just kidding! I just hope Sidus and SBS would be able to patch things up before this drama goes into a mess of controversies.

  19. 19 jo

    Just keep Ha Ji Won then I’m all good.

  20. 20 Amber

    I’d rather keep Jang Hyuk, but how interesting (and unusual) to see two such big names stars in contention with each other for the role. The only thing it makes me think is that the script must be good for both to be interested.

  21. 21 ohgeeze.

    I’m so tired of seeing singers in dramas. Can we please have a drama full of real actors please?

    I’d love either Jang Hyuk or Hyunbin. Just not Jay Park. PLEASE.

  22. 22 moana

    list of calls to make:

    * call to producers of secret garden begging them to cast hyun bin

    * call to korean military demanding that they let hyun bin finish out the filming of secret garden at a sane pace before he has to enlist

    * call to Song Hye-gyo asking her to back off . . .

    i need a eng-kor translator though . . .

  23. 23 dannaluk

    this sure is kinda funny…bt by all accounts it does seem like Hyun Bin is due to leave later this year and that would make total sense…as much as i’d love to see him in something one last time why the hell would he or the production want to take a risk…bt eitherways both him and Jang Hyuk would look awesome with Ha Ji Won as long as she doesnt feel like dropping too with in the midst of all this confusion

  24. 24 Rachael

    Times like this always makes me extra aware I sometimes replace Sidus HQ’s name with insidious when I read articles about this management company. It’s a bit of a blaring and brightly-colored flag.

  25. 25 Cam

    Ooh, I think it must be interesting, of course.

    So, I am bit of surprised/sort of feel bad about this ex 2PM leader Jay Park (I just heard the news about Myspace) but I am sure that we can give him a chance to become so sucess for this drama! ^__^ (I don’t care about others who still negative about Jay Park but it was in “old” past).

    Umm, I am bit of confused — Is Jang Hyuk suddenly quit this drama?? O_o Oh aigoo……I think it’d better that Hyun Bin and Jay Park might be “war” opposite for love to a female lead actress, mm. Not bad, hopefully so.

  26. 26 Alexis

    Jay Park ?? Is he EX-2PM singer leader? O_O

    Wow, of course, I did heard about this, #25 Cam, yea.

    I hope I can definitely give Jay Park a chance — cuz’ I would love to see him in this new drama with Hyun Bin, oh yeah. (nods & grins) ^_^

  27. 27 Selli

    Hm… XD I don’t really like Hyun Bin much D: But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see : )

  28. 28 yumei

    [email protected] already confirm that he is nt starring in that drama..Why is the report coming up now..someone reli tries to make Jay’s name go down the drain..I guess thats the gorilla co!!sigh so sad..

  29. 29 Jill4675

    Isn’t it weird how so many here completely misread this post? Let’s review: According to the rumor discussed here, Sidus is saying Secret Garden has to take Jae Bum or they’ll pull Jang Hyuk and Kim Sa Rang. They are willing to screw one of their top stars (JH) for the sake of a newbie…Hyun Bin was apparently just sent the script as a response ploy and to provide a possible replacement if Sidus really pulls their people out. Well, I wasn’t excited about the drama, but (1) I’d like to Jang Hyuk in drama soon and (2) I’d LOVE to see him together with Ha Ji Won, who’s another fave of mine. I’d say if he’s out, the drama fails and they should just drop the whole thing. Hyun Bin does NOT equal Jang Hyuk. If this is all true, Sidus really pisses me off.

    • 29.1 pinkyfray

      It’s all baseless speculation. Jaebum is out of the drama so they can’t use him as a dealbreaker. Why haven’t they found someone to replace him? Maybe there are problems with the production after all.

  30. 30 mookie

    HBinnie DONT TAKE THIS *RAWR* (my jaws will drop till he’s done w/ his MS T_T)!! I have faith he wont, how is the character description differ fr SamShik?!?

    I dun want JH to take this as well, but he likes to do a non-harming but questionable choice once in a while and I can let it slide IF HJW is a sure in (but tbh I dun want HJW in it as well), I’ve seen HJWxHB briefly in Daddy Long Legs, I liked it but I’d rather see them both in sth more substantial

    I hate this WriterXPD. and binnie’s been steadily picking extremely challenging roles. This one is just….bleh

    Ms Writer, please just focus on Princess and make that one as entertaining as possible. It’ll be my guilty pleasure seeing SSHxKTH being PRETTY and SILLY or pretty silly. Advance eternal gratitude.

  31. 31 kamee

    would it be bad of me to say that I would be sooooo much more excited than I already am if Hyunbin does accept this!:D

    one thing i’d hate though, is for jay park to be in this. come on, are you kidding me?

  32. 32 prita

    this may seem a bit out of topic, but if HB has time to do one more drama before his MS, can’t he do Love Song instead with YEH . . please . . . isn’t it still looking for a male lead after PYH’s demise? (or is the drama also unclear now). Can’t someone make a call to those people, hehehe

    • 32.1 i love k dramas

      read in YEH’s soompi thread that YEH is out of Love Song already. This news is not confirmed yet.

      ayyy, so many changes…. making my head ache…. all i want to do is enjoy my k dramas, ya know….

  33. 33 deannadsc

    either way…I would love to see Hyun Bin do another drama before his scheduled MS!!! that’ll help tide us, Binnie fans.. for the over 2 years he’ll be gone!!!

  34. 34 serendipity

    Strangely, I read this news with great calmness. I think it’s partly because I’m a born pessimist and I always thought the JH-HJW cosmic-meet was too good to be true. And partly because the fantasy JH-HJW pairing in my head (Namsoon meets Daegil! And they fight!) is reliably awesome, whereas a real-life one has quite a high probability of disappointing. See what I mean about the born pessimist thing?!

  35. 35 rori0711

    as long as Ha Ji Won is in it..i will watch this.

  36. 36 orenji13

    I hate it if the company pull this kind of card..

  37. 37 happyberry

    I dont think this has anything to do with jay park. Sidus has already confirmed a month ago that jay wasnt going to participate in this drama. I also doubt that Sidus will put in jeopardy jang hyuk over jay park this is just plainly ridiculous in my opinion. I dont think this is true.

  38. 38 Ani

    Whatever happens, they both are great eye candy.

  39. 39 GaRa

    Well this is interesting. Generally i’m totally against big companies throwing their weight around like this. But if they’re doing it for Jay i’m okay with it. God knows the boy deserves some good company backing for once. Sidus has earned my respect. GO SIDUS!

  40. 40 nine

    i love jang hyuk and ha ji wan!! and i’m a lil jaebum bias too… so i hope sidus gets the deal because i would def. watch as i’m sure a lot of other people would too. I think hyun bin is hott, but his recent dramas are not so hott.

  41. 41 jilla

    people who actually believe this is some power play to get JB into the drama is shitting themselves. sidusHQ would not gamble with JangHyuk’s career like that. plus Jay’s schedule is booked months in advanced already so he can’t even be in it. @_@

    • 41.1 Dania


    • 41.2 pinkyfray


  42. 42 cookie58

    Wow both Jang Hyuk or Hyun Bin are my idols so whoever star is fine for me. Looking forward to watching this drama.

  43. 43 ed

    How lame of Sidus. I can’t believe with all the experiences Jang Hyuk has under his belt, he’s still played like B by his agency. Package deal huh? No wonder you hear older actors complain that young’uns don’t even have to audition these days. It’s all backroom deals.

    Dealz….rules of the game:P

  44. 44 Aja

    Does anyone else think that Jang Hyuk & Hyun Bin look alike?

    Anyway, they’re both good actors so I don’t mind which one of them gets to star in the drama ^_^

  45. 45 pinkyfray

    Jaebum and SidusHQ have both said Jaebum will be too busy to do the drama. This sounds more like someone is using Jaebum’s name for their own purposes. Maybe there are legitimate problems with the production, maybe Jang Hyuk wants out to be available for something else, maybe SidusHQ just wants a better deal for their artists. I wish people would stop using Jaebum’s name to gain attention.

  46. 46 koreanfan

    jang hyuk is damn short n ugly, not matching wiht han ji won who is tall. han .ji won also dont match hyun bin, she looks like ahjumma. cant stand why ppl going dramatic n emotional abt who shud or shud not act as though they can control agencies to listen to them. business n money talk, outsiders shud mind their business not interfere, they pay lots of fees n their right who they want to choose, who are we to make hue n cry. they act we watch never mind who act or who dont. yak yak yak also no use just enjoy their dramas. want to talk use brains 1st.

    • 46.1 anya

      Agree with you. Jang Hyuk is too short. I don’t think he look good when he stand next to tall girls like Lee Da Hae or Ha Ji Won. I don’t have the good feeling for Secret Garden. I hope Ha Ji Won not taking this Drama.

    • 46.2 missanna

      ‘jang hyuk is damn short n ugly’?!!mind ur words k… i got the feeling that you, koreanfan is shorter n uglier, i mean UGLIEST than jang hyuk…no offense…juz my opinion…

    • 46.3 Peter

      Ok he might not be the tallest actor, but he’s definitely NOT ugly. Also, he’s loaded with talent which makes up for everything, if anything, and that’s why he’s in the A-list for korean actors.

  47. 47 anette

    JH fans very childish emotional & dramatic like 5 yrd old kids, read from some forums they refused to watch SG drama if JH not acting.
    Aigoo, must all dramas have JH as leading actor, dont watch be done why scream & foulmouth others. What’s wrong with Park or Yang if agencies want to choose them for that matter if JH wants to pull out & they replace with another actor, anybody’ fault???
    Aigooooo, dont blame others except your JH – not fair to others too – be matured to look at business sense when they want to make money to produce dramas not for one section of idol worshipper, damn weird youngsters going berserk & out of their minds, please grow up no need to rage & rant. Not say JH is the best actor in Korea, also not popular.

    • 47.1 Peter

      I read your comment like 5 times.. and still having trouble understanding it. lol.

      Learn English..

      PS: Jang Hyuk is actually ranked in the A-list for Korean Actors, so stating that he’s not popular is quite the understatement.

  48. 48 sylvia

    i still prefer jang hyuk

  49. 49 Cutie_pie

    What’s all the hate with Jay Park lately…he’s fabulous and cute. Anyways I wanted to see Jay and jang hyuk interact but oh well…if sidus have to pull all three out then it’ll just have to be. Besides I read somewhere that the leading lady might pull out too because of her schedule so…the bottom line: nothing is certain and ppl end up changing their mind. This is nothing new in the show biz because casting always changes even in the last drop of minute.

  50. 50 MsRetta

    yep..hope this doesnt become a Jay bashing vehicle….as in making him the scapegoat. I read very little about the problems he’s had and some people just want to hate.

    Either way, depending on the storyline catching my attention depends on whether I will watch.

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