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So Ji-sub publishes photoessay collection
by | August 23, 2010 | 35 Comments

It’s well-known that So Ji-sub enjoys photography as a hobby, and now he’s joining the growing ranks of actors with published books. On August 31, his photoessay collection, So Ji-sub’s Road (no relation to his recent drama Road No. 1) will be published.

According to So’s rep at management company 51K, the volume will cover stories and photos over the past 13 years since his debut, using unpretentious language and sensitive photography. After wrapping up the filming on Road No. 1, So spent July taking trips to the DMZ and Gangwon province while preparing the book, which is divided into the following categories: Rest and Travel; Freedom; Injury and Healing; Youth and Passion; Memory, Things to Leave Behind; Ours, Mine; and Reconciliation, Love.

Included in the book are his thoughts on the number 51 (reflected in the name of his company), which represents what happens when you take a 50-50 probability and believe just 1% more. (Does that make him a pessimist? I mean, if we’re creating meaning out of random numbers, there’s always that 100…) The K, meanwhile, stands for Korea.

Other essays describe his thoughts on Romeo & Juliet, why he likes rainy days, and stories about meeting other celebs and artists. The book will be available for online pre-orders starting August 23, prior to its official release on the 31st.

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35 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. UJ

    beautiful pictures…loved him from MiSa

  2. dannaluk

    “Does that make him a pessimist? I mean, if we’re creating meaning out of random numbers, there’s always that 100…”
    lol….ur funny JB

  3. Angela

    That actually sounds pretty interesting… wish I could understand Korean, lol.

  4. Carinne

    Good pick of categories eh!?! I certainly have many events to divide into such categories.

    51K is meant 51% Korea, then other 49% chance non-Korea? Is that suppose to interpret him traveling 49% outside Korea?

    He seems to balance his life well then.

  5. PringlesV

    I just love So Ji Sub πŸ™‚ I fell in love with him at the young age because of “Glass Slipper”, and then rediscovered him in “I’m sorry I love you”, since then I just loved him even more! I know some poeple think his comeback in “Cain and Abel” does not reflect him as a good actor, but I think he did great!! I loved that drama, one of those dramas that I don’t want to fast forward or miss πŸ™‚ ha, i’m just so proud of him.

    • 5.1 loveU

      He is a great actor….I loved Cain and Abel and I love “road No 1”. I liek all his work. He’s the best!!!

      • 5.1.1 PringlesV

        I know right? But I didn’t watch Road No 1, because I didn’t have time πŸ™‚

    • 5.2 jeanie65jh

      I am right there with you. So Ji Sub stands out from the pack for me. I think he’s a great actor. It’s so fun watching “A thousand years of love” and then watching Cain and Abel. I’d say he’s grown a lot as an actor. I like that he steps out of the box in his choices. He seems like an honorable man as well. I will be getting this book.

  6. sora

    can’t wait. he’s sexy haha

  7. loveU

    I am his #1 fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.. I can not wait for this!!!! whoooohoohoo!!!!

  8. supah

    Yeah, I’d totally buy it, for him. Especially if it has pictures!

  9. Bee

    SO JI SUB my love!! πŸ˜€ Will they have an English book of it? I so want to have it!!!

  10. 10 Snikki

    I like this guy. I haven’t seen a single project of his, but he gives me good vibes.

    Maybe he’s a “silent optimist,” if there’s such a term. And is just being realistic.

    • 10.1 jeanie65jh

      You should watch something he’s been in! “Cain & Abel”, “I’m Sorry, I Love You” ~ You won’t regret it.

    • 10.2 SoWon

      Love your “silent optimist” πŸ™‚

  11. 11 rainerust

    The photos look great! …except, well, he’s kinda in most of them, so it feels like someone else is actually taking the photos, rather than himself. Granted, he could be using a tripod for all I know…

    …but, oh, really, who cares?! The man is gorgeous in here, and the photos have great balance (as far as I can tell)!

  12. 12 A

    Watch his movie with KJH, Rough Cut. It’s intense.

  13. 13 Cam

    Of course! I did watch this awesome movie “Rough Out” with actor Kang Ji Hwan — it’s HOT! ^_^

    I really LOOOVVVVEEEE my #1 bestie favorite actor So Ji Sub…………(sighs & drools) O____O

  14. 14 loko

    yeah..i love him!!!his the best..

  15. 15 gingganggoli

    Nice to interpret the last pic…..

  16. 16 jen

    where can i buy this book?

    • 16.1 xyz

      you can preorder at innolife.com (in Chinese) or innolife.net (in Japanese), or go to soompi So Ji Sub thread
      to pm saturn who is in Korea, willing to order the book for

      • 16.1.1 jasmin

        is there an english version already available for this book?kindly reply

  17. 17 zul

    I love you

  18. 18 Atsirk

    You’re so hot. I can’t even focus ^.^
    And I heart photography, too…
    I gotta get this book AND learn Korean soon :))

  19. 19 Porcelain

    I totally buy if it comes in an English version!
    Good article, good pictures… hot guy behind the scene for this… Whats not to love?

  20. 20 naneki

    he has this sadness about him ever since PYHs passing…like he’s aged because of it.

    always thought he was an interesting character because he’s a shy person but yet a very good actor…of course, goodlooking as well.

  21. 21 SoWon

    These photos were taking in july after PYH’s funeral,
    smiling So Ji Sub was certainly not easy on this trip… *sigh*… Still cannot believe his best friend is gone…

  22. 22 joly


  23. 23 smileyme

    JB I think the 51 it’s his favourite number since i’m his fan

  24. 24 Net-chan

    I LOVE teh last picture…

  25. 25 Net-chan

    I LOVE the last picture…

  26. 26 susana

    i love you. du bist superstar

  27. 27 Kristal

    Ive been aware of So ji sub since Glass Slippers day and thought that he might be a decent actor bec. he has quite many dramas until I saw Cain and Abel and started to adore him. He is really a good actor and I just came to know that Park yong ha was his best friend, I can imagine how hurt he was when he died. I want him to be happy in life, to always be hopeful, to smile even if he seldom smile (as far as i can see). God bless to you so ji sub, even if I can’t meet you someday and even if you can’t see me (coz ur so tall hehe) I wish you the best in life.

  28. 28 Shanty(nacha)

    Ohhh my God that was beautiful picture,the view was really great,especially the picture of that house there really nice,well with that view i would love to have and stay forever on that house with view like that amazing,even just simple and small house but make ur heart comfortable and happy……so nice

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