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Teaser video and music video for Athena
by | August 23, 2010 | 71 Comments

Upcoming spy drama Athena: Goddess of War released a teaser clip of its music video a few days ago, which featured its theme song sung by Park Hyo-shin. The full version has been released, which includes a trailer showcasing action scenes that were shot in Italy.

The romance at the center of the drama is between spy characters Jung-woo (Jung Woo-sung) and Hye-in (Su Ae), as the music video shows. Although I found the romance to be the most boring part of IRIS, I’m hoping that the actors’ chemistry adds life to the love angle in Athena.

Based on the trailer and the stills, I get the feeling that Athena isn’t going for the exact same tone as IRIS, which could be a good thing. IRIS looked epic but its story strained credulity, and it aimed to be more badass than action-adventure. Athena looks much more James Bond, which could be more fun (read: less “edgy” or serious), if the drama chooses to take it in that direction.

The teaser video is first, which then leads in to the full music video for the theme song, Park Hyo-shin’s “널 사랑한다” (I Love You):

Via Asiae


71 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jacq

    The opening of the clip reminds me of a James Bond movie. I’m excited to see this.

  2. asianromance

    Great teaser! Su Ae looks great, kicking butt!

  3. ais

    It looks promising.. i’ll definitely watch this one. SU-AE is super hot!

  4. Christine

    Wow! Such a beautiful couple, scenery and song! What more can one ask for.

  5. luraaa

    My ahjusshi Jung Woo Sung in eyeglasses! Can he get any hotter than that? (actually, yes, in his Giordano ad with Jeon Ji Hyun). And after googling some things, I found out that he did a Maxim Coffee cf with Im Soo Jung.)

    Can’t wait to see him again.

  6. ockoala

    Sigh……I need to stop rewatching this video and go watch something else. But I can’t. Su Ae, you lucky lucky b…..abe.

  7. Kelela

    I’m sold. I don’t even know why yet. 😉

  8. ank

    I’m super excited for this. I watched IRIS on and off and I didn’t find it interesting. JWS is like my first K-actor crush and I adore him till now. I’m happy to see him again in a drama. I mean when was his last drama? 1996?

    Su Ae looks superb in the trailer. I wasn’t used to seeing KMJ in curls and tacky suits lols. I can’t wait to see the drama!

  9. Ri

    this just looks so awesome. borderline cheesy but awesome! JWS looks good w Su Ae!

  10. 10 Sukispop

    Hmmm….this one looks like it could be a fun one. Su Ae looks hot, and I can already see the chemistry between her and Jung Woo Sung. It definitely has a bit of the Bond spirit…a good thing!

  11. 11 jastinel

    Where is my fave actor Cha Seung Won, miss him so much!

  12. 12 jo

    Hey JB~
    this might load faster

  13. 13 Anonymous

    Looks WAY better than Iris already… And I’m with you on the James Bond concept. But I will remain pessimistic.

  14. 14 Nancy

    Somehow I’m more excited about this than I was with IRIS. I’m loving this MV so much so can’t wait for this to release.

  15. 15 thay

    at the first pic,he looks like Jo In Sung,..from some angles in the trailer, he does look like Jo In Sung,..

  16. 16 MEIKO**** ^-^

    mmmm….so far, am liking the couple way better than the IRIS ones… am gonna watch this!

  17. 17 Soni

    I’m actually more excited for Su Ae’s character. She looks really tough and I’m all for girl power. Jung Woo-sung is pretty cool himself and the other guy is going to be fun and crazy. I didn’t watch the Iris, but I think I will watch Athena.

  18. 18 anon

    i can’t wait for this. it looks like a bond film. jung woo sung is looking for good too. he’s mine girls!

  19. 19 chichaloca

    javabeans i want to ask u.it is the main lead guy was the same name in a moment to remember??

    • 19.1 mandaa

      hey yup it is the same guy 🙂

      • 19.1.1 chichaloca

        thanx mandaa 🙂

  20. 20 chichaloca

    mean the same guy

  21. 21 hitsugaya

    i’m really excited for athena! it has cha seung won! and now the trailer looks hot! and they even shoot scenes at SMtown concert~ oh i can hardly wait!

  22. 22 wits

    SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! JUNG.WOO.SUNG!!!! ’nuff said.

  23. 23 cingdoc

    Thanks for the video…If the drama is as good as this,then it should be a great one. I don’t think this drama should be considered a spinoff of IRIS(which I TRIED to watch,but gave up after epi 15….I just couldn’t bring myself to continue/finish it up…even my OT sisters asked me NOT to). The MV itself showed a well-plotted series(crosses fingers)…I believe it’s possible. I’m a die hard Bond fan,but let me tell you,there are a few clunkers in that series(so painful that I refuse to rewatch them)

  24. 24 swui

    I haven’t watch Iris yet cos I am a little apprehensive over KTH (I might still watch it coz I love KSY)…but I am super excited about Athena cos I really like Cha Seong Won…and although unfamiliar with JWS, he looks good and have a good reputation of being a great actor as well…I can’t say I feel anything yet (of the romance)from the MV, let’s hope it’s better than I think…but I was wondering what about Cha’s character? Is he gonna be just that bad guy…or will they give him a more complex character…or is he gonna get a love interest as well? (I know..bad guys usually don’t have that luxury…sigh). I am currently watching Cha’s previous movies..and waiting patiently for Athena!

  25. 25 chichaloca

    the both main actor look suit together.am i right??hehe

  26. 26 bea

    dang! im hooked! anticipating this pair! Jung Woo Sung is so macho!!!!!!

  27. 27 dramacafe

    I love the MV! It has that old cinematic yet upbeat feel to it. I’m so looking forward to this. Can it be November already?

  28. 28 fraulein

    U’ve got to hand it to the Koreans to come up with something as classy as this. I think Athena will be fun to watch, albeit a little flawed. I wish Taiwanese dramas can do with some techniques from the Koreans.

    I’m anticipating Athena’s broadcast.

  29. 29 MsRetta

    AH! love of my life Park Hyo Shin! ( outside of Cha Seung Won and Jung Woo-Sung) *smile*…
    I am going to watch it because of these two actors and now I am waiting !

    Oh how I love Park Hyo Shin!!!

  30. 30 Vecchio


  31. 31 gingganggoli

    I hope it has a good ending….no more dying….

  32. 32 chajjye

    su ae looks so good with JWS. finally a chemistry!

  33. 33 wahab wooky

    how about teaser from runaway?
    can’t wait it …

    • 33.1 brookeeve

      I’m with you on that one!

  34. 34 shin mi rae

    im sorry. i dont know the guy but he sort of remind me of a clean cut and happy cha seung won. how i wish cha seung won has his own video…. pretty please????

  35. 35 hula87

    JWS is one hot ajushi.

  36. 36 hula87

    JWS is one hot ajushi. 2:43 of the video just melts me away.

  37. 37 pinklover27

    Athena looks really promising. I am starting to look forward to it. Just watching the MV, I can already feel the chemistry between JWS and Su Ae. Unlike in IRIS, KTH and LBH did not really have that chemistry, so I gave up watching it after 6 episodes. I am gald I did beacuse a lot of people were disappointed with the ending. It’s great that Athena has a different vibe than IRIS.

  38. 38 ViPrimadonna

    now now! ure driving me crazy JB!!! im excited over the TOP to see this! i haven’t and in fact still trying to finish Iris because 1, i dont really see Lee byung Hyun as in my list of the Hottest Male on the Planet or The most talented actor(i dont hate him either)! believe it or not i’m still trying to watch Iris was because i wanna see Big Bang Top which i had already been reminded by friend i may only see him about merely 2minutes in one episode, but still! i have my eyes one the 2nd hero, which i forgot his name! BUT this! i mean Athena! 1st and foremost! Joo Sang Woo was on the top ranking of my list of The Hottest Male on the planet! and what more is that Cha Seung Won is also a little higher than him on that list! i mean! what more should i ask for?? Bunch of hottest in one drama? Holy Yeah!!! and beside! the person who share birthday with me(Choi Si Won) will also be in the movie! that is truly adding the icing on top of the cake right? yeya!!!

    and seriously, sorry i been using this comment space as my own place of droooling and day dreaming! thanx for reading! im just thankful that is! kekekeke

  39. 39 niKai

    i like the main actor and actress of Athena better than IRIS’s. and it’s good to see that they have chemistry. i didnt quite feel it in IRIS. hopefully I can watch this one with open mind and forget any connection with IRIS altogether.

    Or perhaps the MV/trailer makes Athena looks good, you know, with major editing and whatnot, even crappy movies look awesome. hehe. but i’m putting this in my radar for now.

  40. 40 kc

    Athena looks promising. I’m excited to watch it! I have never seen Su Ae on any drama and JWS this will be my first for both actors and I really like the chemistry between the two!


  41. 41 mr. no

    looks better than iris.

  42. 42 Qwenli

    Yep, way better than Iris. Or is it just the scenery? Anyway, looks good and am looking forward to this. Nov right?

  43. 43 Maria

    This …looks…good….

  44. 44 brookeeve

    Where’s T.O.P.? (Yes, I know he died in Iris. I’m expressing my sadness over this.)

    • 44.1 Aya

      girl, we’ll get nerdy, sexy, bible quoting, in-training Shisus in exchange

      Siwon is like a hot Pepperoni Pizza w/ abs and juicy cute veggies
      TOP was a Special: just a dark base. no sauce. no toppings. no nothing.

  45. 45 all4movies

    It’s got some James Bond vibes with Bourne Identity angles and a hot romance, what more could you ask for in an action drama?

    I’m sold.

  46. 46 Dara

    Never interested in action spy drama, but this teaser looks so awesome , not interested in IRIS …. but this one definitely will check it out.

  47. 47 Anonymous

    oh wow I’m definitely going to watch this and not just because Siwon is in this drama… the teaser and the video have a distinct lack of siwon but it looks so good and exciting I cannot even describe how much I wm looking forward to it! I think/hope it will be better than IRIS which I started watching but left in the third episode, it wasn’t for me, I don’t know why, because it certainly wasn’t the action and killing since I love that genre in movies and I did watch the drama Swallow the Sun, while some of StS left me questioning like wtf? a lot of the first three episodes in IRIS left me that feeling. Hopefully ATHENA won’t leave me that impression, so far I’m liking the Bond’s feel to it instead of the epicness.

    • 47.1 claudia

      oops I forgot to put my name on my review… anyways thanks JB for being so up to date on Athena!

  48. 48 Cam

    Oh boy oh boyyy! I love this teaser, yay!

    I can’t wait for this — AWESOME! (thumbs-up & beams)

  49. 49 caryatid

    holy shit!!!! JWS is so hot!!!! love him!!! the video too!!! can’t wait!!! it really has a James Bond feel to it!!!:D

  50. 50 jose

    i don’t get yet why some people complain about iris !!! it irks me ,i at least enjoyed it enough and i also think the trailer of athena looked good but why at the same time write soo bad things about iris ? also to me the chemistry between kim tae hee and the other actor was alright and i enjoyed the 20 episodes ,i admit athena look more dinamic , fast ? and even the camera is different ,they must have more money for a better production but i also liked iris

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