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Brisk start for Dr. Champ, Sungkyunkwan hits 10%
by | September 28, 2010 | 77 Comments

Medical-sports drama Dr. Champ premiered this week, replacing I Am Legend in the Monday-Tuesday SBS lineup, and has gotten off to a promising start with solid ratings and general praise from viewers. Episode 1 brought in a 12.4%, and Episode 2 followed that with a 12%.

For comparison purposes, I Am Legend (which got off to a solid start but began faltering in the latter half) ended on an 8.9%, so this is hopeful news for Dr. Champ. It stars Kim So-yeon and Uhm Tae-woong as doctors at Taereung, the Olympic training facility, while Jung Kyeo-woon and Cha Ye-ryun join the romantic mix as a judo player and a swimming coach, respectively.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s Episode 10 was a noteworthy benchmark for KBS’s lush and vibrant campus sageuk drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which finally cracked into double digits with a 10.2% viewership rating. After getting off to a 6.3% start, the drama has been slowly but steadily inching up in the ratings, and this is good news as the series enters its second half. (It’s slated for 20 episodes.)

As for the other two big shows, MBC’s Dong Yi and SBS’s Giant retained their strong position as the leaders, now neck and neck, with the former drawing a 24.4% and the latter recording a 23.1%. If anything, I think that the fact that these two are staying so consistently high in the ratings reflects even better on Sungkyunkwan, which is managing to somehow increase its viewership even though the other shows are hardly losing any.



77 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ali

    I actually just finish watching episode 1 of dr champ and i like it a lot…..hopefully the rating will increase not decrease!!!!

    • 1.1 TeARsFade

      just saw the first 2 eps and i must say i LOVE it so far, but i think the Kim Yeon Woo needs more confidence

  2. user

    YAYYY finally Sungkyukwan Scandal broke 10! so is it confirmed for 20 episodes?

    • 2.1 XDT_TXD

      i rly hope so! this drama is so fresh and awesome

    • 2.2 tusty

      It was originally planned as 20 episodes.
      I think people here are confused because Mysoju and other drama sites indicated 16 episodes. I don’t know why they did that, but KBS said 20 episodes from the start.

  3. [email protected]

    Is that Park Min Young? she looks so pretty, I can’t wait to see that episode! It’s great SKKS is getting more viewers its such a underrated drama, but I hope it can get close to 20% for it’s finale

    • 3.1 birdscout

      Goodness, she looks so purdy! Can’t wait to see how this fits scene fits into the plot. Sungkyunkwan Scandal is fabulous!

  4. cecee

    i’m patiently waiting for dr champ subs. where are you guys watching it?

    • 4.1 Vico

      You can watch it at Viikii.net or wait for WITHS2 subs.

  5. leelee

    I’m so happy for Sungkyunkwan Scandal!!!! They worked so hard for this and I’m glad they’re getting the recognition that they deserve! Keep fighting!!!!!

  6. anonymous

    Wow!!! great for SKKS

  7. lyn

    Finally broke 10%. I m SO happy! Sungkyunkwan scandal fighting

  8. oreos

    im in korea now and everyone seems to watch sungkyunkwan. Maybe they watch it online

  9. isayhey

    I watched Dr. Champ and I actually really like it.

    I have one question though.
    Does anyone know who the main pairing will consist of?
    I noticed the descriptions of the drama doesn’t make it really clear.

    • 9.1 Julie

      Although at first, I thought Uhm Tae Woong and Kim So Yeon would be the leading pair, from the first two episodes I got the feeling that Jung Kyeo Woon and Kim So Yeon are the leading pairs. We’ll have to see who the main pairings are. The kdrama Bakerking Kim Tak Goo made the impression that Eugene and Yoon Si Yoon were the main pairings, but it turned out that Yoon Si Yoon got together with Lee Young Ah at the end. You can never tell for sure.. 🙂

      • 9.1.1 isayhey

        Yeah, I got that impression from the first two eps. too, but you never know.

        I’m pushing the Jung Kyeo-woon + Kim So-yeon pairing. 😀

        • Anonymous

          I’m on this paring ship too!

      • 9.1.2 Anonymous

        I knew Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Young Ah were a pair from the very beginning. ^^
        And about DR. Champ, I think the main leads are Kim So yeon and Jung Kyeo-woon but I got conFused when this article says that Jung is in romance mix with a swimmer (they even haven’t met each other in ep 1), and Taewoong looks like Dr. House!

      • 9.1.3 Natty

        Same! They are cute!

  10. 10 kiotzo

    20 eps assa~!

  11. 11 Annie

    YAY so happy for SS and happy for dr.champ!! I am watching both of these shows. SS is addictive but dr.champ is good too, esp cuz of KSY

  12. 12 show2007

    Happy for SKKS…such a good drama but low rating…(really don’t know why) drama like Baker King is good but I don’t think it can hit more than 50%…don’t understand it at all…

    • 12.1 tupai

      lol… the love and hate relationship with ratings…

      i don’t like ratings. Whenever those makjangs get high ratings and the mania / quality dramas get low ones, we scoff and say “only rubbish get good rating these days!”. But when something good and underrated climb up steadily from low to new highs, it’s like “ASSAAAA! Way to go! They’re bitchslapping everyone into acknowledging them!”

  13. 13 KatieKate

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a MUST SEE!!! ^^
    Absolutely love this drama— the cast and the storyline simply captivatingly addicting like slurping a pandan boba drink.

  14. 14 Nina

    the cinematography for dr. champ is similar to the style of movies. I really liked the pacing of the dialogue and the unfolding of the story. They do an amazing job of setting up the background for Kim Soyeon, now I’m just waiting for as good of a set up for the other characters.

    SKKS pulls me back and forth. I love it, then I feel indifferent. I’m really watching it for Yoo Ah In and Song Joongki, but by far Episode 7 was my favorite.

    I’m sooo over Dong Yi, and I didn’t even give Giant a chance. Is Giant decent? I love all the actors, but I didn’t want to be disappointed like I was in East of Eden.

    • 14.1 myra

      Giant is wayy better than EOE, imo.

      • 14.1.1 orangy911

        There’s no competition. Giant blows East of Eden out of the water in terms of acting, writing, and emotional attachment to the characters. The characters of Giant are way more complex and it’s actually exciting to watch the business dealings and political moves. =) East of Eden was a hot mess.

        I agree with you about the hot and cold feeling towards SKKS. I love some scenes and others are kind of boring. Moon Jae Shin and Goo Yong Ha keep me committed. I kind of want the drama to go all crazy so those two can just go out. HAHA ahem. Sorry. will restrain myself. XD

        • Lemon

          Yea me too. I have this fantasy sequence where Yongha for godknows what reason has to dress up as a gisaeng and Jaeshin as a nobleman he has to entertain. They will be my vote for cutest couple of the year!
          But thats too far off. They are cute enough as they are now 😀 Yongha’s my fave character, so enigmatic, followed by Jaeshin.
          I also love Sunjoon and Yoonhee’s developing relationship.

  15. 15 Arantxa

    I’m so happy that SKKS ratings went up. It’s such a good drama. If SKKS has Giant and Dong Yi to compete with, then Dr.Champ must have no other dramas to compete with, since there are only 4 dramas airing on Mon-Tues. Lucky for Dr Champ to be aired with no other dramas as competitors. Perhaps because it’s not aired in prime time ?

  16. 16 min

    Love Dr. Champ!
    It’s surprisingly funny… and refreshing. I hope you & girlfriday would give it a chance! I’d love to read about your thoughts on it. 🙂

  17. 17 kdlover

    Aww i cant help but check out dr. champ first ep out and love it!! Sooo happy for SS scandal I absolutely LOVE this series!!

  18. 18 Aki

    Yay for SKKS! I’m so glad it finally broke double digits because it deserves to, really.

    As for Dr. Champ, I guess if it receives good reviews, I’d give it a try.

  19. 19 Sukispop

    I’m really looking forward to watching Dr. Champ and the last two episodes of MGIAG, but my 6 mth old Macbook developed problems over the weekend and is now being fixed. Hopefully, it’ll be ready to come home by Thursday.

    But, still…aaaaarrrgh!!!

  20. 20 felixng

    Yay for SKKS. ‘Cos even though I don’t choose to watch dramas based on their ratings, I still hope for those I watch to fare better in that aspect. Way to go SKKS.

  21. 21 Jae In

    Yeah Long Live Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Love it. Finally it reach double digit rating. I hope when Dong Yi end the rating for SKKS will skyrocket achieve more 15% rating. PRAY FOR THAT.

  22. 22 johnandvan

    Dr. Champ started off well connected instantly with the charcaters, have claimed Judo Hot Guy with a heart of gold and the first eppy I saw ended with a dramatic bang, that bodes well. Giant I havne’t caught all of it but from what I can remember it has a really good plot, and amazing actors.

  23. 23 CAnjell

    Both dramas are awesome. Love them.

  24. 24 sansukini

    I would just like to share this.. Someone posted this on soompi about Sungkyunkwan ratings.


    It’s a really good sign that the ratings are increasing, even if it’s little by little. But even if the ratings AREN’T as high as we think this drama deserves, I just want to tell everyone not to be too concerned. This drama’s TRUE popularity is much, MUCH higher than is reflected in the ratings.

    I’m currently an English teacher in Korea and I teach over 600 high school girls (a big chunk of the target audience for this drama). Trust me when I say, this drama is SUPER popular right now…. every time I mention the drama or the actors to my students, they all squeal with giddiness and rave about it just like we do, lol.

    But my take on why this drama’s ratings aren’t as high as the others? It’s ’cause of what I call “Remote Control Power.” It’s true that Dong Yi and Giant have established, loyal fanbases so that affects the ratings majorly, but also… let’s be realistic. If your target audience is women from the young teens to 20s… trust me when I say this, their parents are definitely NOT letting them watch TV right now.

    My students are all busy studying their butts off for their midterm exams, and their drama watching is not a priority right now. Suffice to say it’s definitely the ajummas and ajjushis with their hands on the remotes, not the kids. If they could measure drama downloading, I’m sure that would skew the charts significantly, but like I said… the kids aren’t the ones watching live TV… its their parents.

    But like I said, there’s a massive army of young Korean women watching this drama… so about the ratings, it’s not for the lack of interest that’s the problem, it’s just that they’re all probably watching it secretly on their computers 😉

  25. 25 asianromance

    YAY for SKKS!!! I think a lot of older people think it’s some sort of idol vehicle and overlook it. Honestly, I thought it was going to be some fluffy show too. But the show caught me by the heartstrings and turn me into a squealing fangirl with its serious moments. I love the funny moments, but the moments when the characters are being serious win me over.

  26. 26 maryta




    AND I LOVE Uhm Tae-woong IS SO HANDSOME A VERY ATRACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE I INVITE EVERYBODY TO SUPORT DR. CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 27 Flygirl

    Just finished watching this and I am pleasantly surprised by Dr. Champ. I love the character build up so far but I’m want more of UTW and KSY interaction. I can already see the sparks! ^^

  28. 28 GomenApple


  29. 29 misa

    soo happy for SkkS! but sad that only 10 episodes are left though its better than 16..but still..cant they make it to 30 or 40 ep? haha! cant get enough of those Jalgeum F4..i still want to see more from them..anyways, i’ll just enjoy the remaining 10 eps…

    and im wanting to see Dr. Champ as well..im loving UTW!

    • 29.1 NaNa

      Yea. Same here. so sad that there’s only 10 eps left.
      but i’m hoping that they do a season 2 rather than extending it.

      I’m really looking forward to the twists & turns in SKKS.
      Congrats that it’s past the 10% mark.
      Increase in ratings(even though only little) makes my day!

  30. 30 pinkdrama

    I hope that Viikii can get the SkkSs up and running – they are having issues with KBS. Is there any other place where it is getting subbed?? Pls hepl -Thanks

    • 30.1 anon

      They are still subbing it, it is just not on the channel, you need to search for it on the search bar in the top left.

  31. 31 mmmaggie

    Dr. Champ is adorable. Okay, fine, Jung Kyeo-woon is adorable. And his six pack…..!! After seeing the six pack, I was hoping javabeans/girlfriday would recap the series. 😛 I don’t usually watch shows javabeans doesn’t recap, but I’m definitely making an exception for Dr. Champ! Episode 1 was a very pleasant surprise.

  32. 32 1611lau

    yay for sungkyunkwan scandal! 🙂 i hope the ratings continue to increase. im also delighted to learn that the show actually has 20 episodes. more moony moments 🙂
    btw, that picture of min-young really reminds of lee da hae. just saying.

  33. 33 nixxochick

    i am really liking Sungkyukwan Scandal..i just finished ep.9 and cant wait to see episode 10. A must see drama 🙂

  34. 34 Cindy

    I hope someone will do the recap for Dr Champ Pleaseeeeeee! I love Kim So Yeon.

  35. 35 marbleloaf

    I decided to watch Dr. Champ just because i’m a huge fan of kim so yeon, and I was pleasantly surprised by the drama’s storyline. I was waiting with bated breath to see if dramabeans would post any info about this drama, so needless to say, I’m happy to read this post.

    It’s a really fun drama and I think it’s got a lot of great components-humor, romance, sarcasm, and the big A for angst.

    Go Dr. Champ!

    • 35.1 absothe

      Totally agree with you, I didn’d even want to see the drama because I thought that it would be just another docters drama. But I gave it a try because of KSY, and boy was I hooked after just 3 min. So if you haven’t seen it, give it 3 min and believe me you won’t regret.

      And I luv luv luv Jung Kyeo-woon, how can you be so cute and manly. Gah now I’m going back to drool over ep 2.

      • 35.1.1 marbleloaf

        agreed! jun kyeo-woon’s tight six pack is pleasing to the eye. i think ksy is such a great, versatile actress and her acting draws me in.

        i’ve never seen jkw in anything but he’s got this country-boy charm (or at least he portrays that well enough) that makes me want to root for him in the end! we’ll have to see how the story develops…excitement!

  36. 36 anon

    I’m so happy for SKKS!

  37. 37 josephine

    watch 2 episodes of Dr Champ and simply love it. It is fast moving and of course Jung kyeo woon simply adorable and manly with his new hair cut and six packs.

  38. 38 jumanji

    WAY TO GO SKKS!!! fighting!!

  39. 39 nikkyp28

    Although i never base my watching on ratings, It’s nice to see that SKKS has finally broke 10%. It does feels like their effort are being acknowledge albeit in a smallest amount of increment. The drama deserve it and I’m pretty sure all the casts and crews are happy about this good news….AJA AJA FIGHTING!!!! SKKS!!!!
    Episode 10 was awesome!!!! can’t wait for mon-tues.

  40. 40 science

    oow!1 yeah ! finally broke 10% ?!!

    I’m so happy… actually ratings in Korea always confuse me…
    anyway, I’m happy people realized how the drama is not about only cheesy childish love,etc…

  41. 41 exo_

    OMG kim so yeon xD i’ll be watching this lol

    If anything, I think that the fact that these two are staying so consistently high in the ratings reflects even better on Sungkyunkwan, which is managing to somehow increase its viewership even though the other shows are hardly losing any. – EXACTLY ^^

  42. 42 v

    SKKS congrats! now, it’s PK turn to break the 10… hopefully.
    as for Dr. champ… surprisingly better than i thought. i watched it for kim so yeon but dang… all those topless guys. i wonder if they aim for us to have massive nosebleeds or something.
    as for kim so yeon, she’s awesome. just seen kangshimjang 1st year anniversary and she’s absolutely gorgeous in it.

  43. 43 Dara

    YAY!!! SS rules!

    I just love my garang, his subtle jokes get me every time.
    It’s a nice change to have a nerd in the handsome group get to be the hero.

    SKKS fighting!!!

  44. 44 swui

    I love KSY..so I’m definitely gonna give this Dr Champ a try..since everyone has nice things to say about it. As for SKK, well I love the show and adore YAI and the latest episodes are cute but the more serious side of the story is beginning to surface

  45. 45 kdlover

    Just finish ep 2 of Dr. Champ and I LOVE IT soo far!!! Didnt think I would like the storyline but its soo fast pace and the storyline is really engaging!! Can’t wait for monday and tuesday to come!! SKK and now Dr. Champ!!!

  46. 46 all4movies

    I was pleasantly surprised by the upbeat tone of Dr. Champ. I was afraid that nothing would interest me after a slew of such great dramas, but this one is pretty good so far.

    The relationship between Mr. Hot Judo Guy and KSY is so cute.
    I hope these two end up together, but you never know in dramaland.

  47. 47 Yoshi

    Gee, am I the only one rooting for the two doctors to get together? 😛

    • 47.1 Keera

      Nope, u got a pal. i’m hoping it too..^^

  48. 48 mskololia

    Wow, Dr. Champ is shaping up nicely for a drama.

  49. 49 Natty

    Loved the first episode of Dr. Champ! It was so cute and refreshing, and talk about great characters. I have to admit I wasn’t particularly interested in it, but I’m really glad I gave it a try because it’s wonderful!

    As for pairings, I’m def. rooting for Jung Kyeo Woon and Kim So Yeon’s characters to get together. He is just too cute!

  50. 50 kim bum

    happy that sks broke the double digit rating. hope it
    continues for i am currently watching it. Fighting!

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