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Goodbye beast men, hello candy men?
by | September 5, 2010 | 218 Comments

Are choco abs a thing of the past? Probably not, but there does seem to be a new wave of heroes making a comeback, and sweeping the ‘Beast Men’ under the rug.

For a while now, the so-called Beast Men have cropped up and taken center stage, as a reaction against the ‘Flower Pretty Boy’ trend that piqued with dramas like Coffee Prince and made metrosexual pretty boys a pan-Asian phenomenon.

But it looks like the pretty boys are making a comeback, this time in the guise of ‘Candy Men,’ as in the cartoon, Candy. To be more specific, they’re being described as ‘Terius Men,’ named for Candy‘s leading male character, the ever-so-pretty boy of flowing locks and perfect complexion.

The poster boys for the return of Candy Men? Micky Yoochun, Song Joong-ki, and Kim Hyun-joong, of course. Headliners of soon-to-be cult classics Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Playful Kiss, these guys are leading the pack for the return of boys who are prettier than girls. Not that their heroines aren’t stunning. Maybe we’ll go with, “As pretty as.”

Micky Yoochun is being touted as the new Terius Man about town, but personally, I think Song Joong-ki blows both these guys out of the water. He’s got that perfect mix of angelic androgyny and boyish mischief that makes him the quintessential pretty boy. His bored, hedonistic playboy character in Sungkyunkwan is PERFECT for him. I certainly hope there’s a chance to see him in drag. He would kill it as a gisaeng.

Kim Hyun-joong got a head start in the Pretty Boy Pantheon, as the willowy white knight in Boys Over Flowers, and continues to tread that very fine line of pretty vs. girly in that trademark manner of his in Playful Kiss. So far, his main character traits consist of genius IQ, and very very pretty.

I don’t think that the Candy Men / Terius Men trend is new by any means, since pretty boys have already had their heyday. I do agree that I think Beast Men are on the way out, as I’m getting tired of seeing one cookie-cutter set of choco abs after another. (Not to mention that I hate the moniker, ‘beast.’) And if that means guys have to start shaving those pornstaches off, then I’ll be waving the flag and leading the march.

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218 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. soysauce

    ROFL, Soong Joong Ki as a Gisaeng?? I’ll be waiting for that.

  2. :D

    lol i agree with you that Song Joong-ki is the quintessential pretty boy! ^^

    • 2.1 :P

      IKR?! i wuv him and his acting is very intriguing but he still has a boyish-charm while having a very pretty face πŸ˜€

  3. kimkim

    If the quintessential beast man rep, Taecyeon, takes off his shirt one more time, I’m seriously going to unplug my tv/turn off my computer monitor. It was nice the first time, the second time, the 1000th time, but it’s getting old. I feel like I know the every inch of that man’s choco abs and pecs.

    I welcome the return of the pretty boys… for now.

    • 3.1 kimkim

      Regarding the Candy Candy reference, am I the only one who preferred Anthony to Terius? Every time people mention Candy Candy these days, it’s always about Terius. Anthony will forever be Candy’s first love. Sigh.

      • 3.1.1 lain

        No, you’re not the only. Every time I heard Candy Candy, the first thing crosses in my mind is Anthony and Candy. However, CMIIW, Candy’s first love is actually Albert (Uncle William/The Prince).

        • lain

          Forgot to add. The reference being mostly to Terry, probably because Anthony appeared only for a short while. And his bad boy persona? idk. But yeah, I prefer Anthony πŸ™‚

          • lafr4ise

            Anthony FTW.. I was crying when I read Anthony’s death.

  4. Laeah

    I like guys who are a mix of both… pretty on the outside and manly on the inside.

    Lee Jun Ki is probably my favorite and probably the most well known “pretty boy”, but if you watch some of his dramas like “Time Between Dog and Wolf”… his kisses are anything but girly.

    I don’t think looking “pretty” makes a man any less of a man! I especially hate when people assume or claim that “pretty” boys are gay. (And so many fangirls do that with Asian stars.. it’s pretty sickening.)

    But yeah.. I’m glad they are back in!

    • 4.1 sorcente

      I agree with you with the manly inside thing.. Can Kim Bum count as a pretty boy? Cause i love him and also manly!

      • 4.1.1 Laeah



        guh guh guh guh I could watch those a thousand times.

        All my favorite Korean celeb males are pretty boys

        Lee Jun Ki
        Joo Ji Hoon
        Park Shi Hoo
        Kim Jae Wook
        No Min Woo (actually I like his music better than him.. but hey! lol)
        Kim Nam Gil

        I just love the thin foxy eyes and thin long noses. I guess that = pretty boy?

        • Leona

          Joo Ji Hoon
          Park Shi Hoo
          Chun Jung Myung
          all 3 are baby-faced… however I wouldn’t put these 3 guys on the pretty list… better on the list: handsome in a very manly way
          I can’t see any of them in this discussion … even I like their faces

          • Qwenli

            doesnt Jang gun seuk count? And Kim Bum too

          • Leona

            Qwenli nop they are too pretty

          • lilly

            Does Kang Dong Won- voiceman- counts ?

          • Laeah

            I dunno.. I think they are pretty, lol.

            But Park Shi Hoo is ripped.. haha. πŸ™‚ I love how almost every single one of his dramas has a shower scene. It’s great!

      • 4.1.2 dannaluk

        naaah he’s f the baby faced kind…..i think there should be a third cliche for all the baby faced ones like Kim Bum and Jang Geun Suk….lol

    • 4.2 SadieStarr

      deffi…pretty boys deffi are alwyz in according to me..i luv it when guyz have pretty eyes with long lashes &gorgeous hair..lol …idk why people assume this whole gay thing bout pretty boys…oh well

    • 4.3 Jo

      I agree with you on this 100%. People are always judging asian men as being too “pretty” and not man enough. WTH? I always want to ask, “Im sorry, but why are you so insecure about your manhood?”

    • 4.4 pipit

      Agree! Lee Jun Ki is so beautiful but still manly. I consider him as one of the most handsome K actors to date.

      • 4.4.1 Lilian

        I have to so agree with this. At first I was a little put off by his too girly looks, but he won me over with his talent =) and of course, now I can’t imagine why I thought he was too girly at first =D

  5. Fox Hunter

    Song Joong-ki has got the pretty face out of the three. Now I think about i properly, the ‘pretty boys’ are everywhere. I think No Min Woo in MGIAG deserves a mention here, and kim bum, and a load of others ;]

    I agree with you on the pornstaches, although i prefer to call the pedostaches, for obvious reasons ;]

    • 5.1 Snikki

      Yes, yes! I was about to mention No Min Woo, too.

      • 5.1.1 Sukispop

        After much encouraging on my part, my daughter decided to start watching MGIAG. She’s now up to at least episode 3, and she came downstairs last night, laughing about how the second guy is even prettier than Mi-ho…that he’s that pretty.

        While I don’t necessarily agree that No Min-woo is prettier than Shin Min-ah, me being a guy and all(lol)…ok, yeah, he is a good looking guy…in a pretty sort of way…like Kim Hyun-joong.

        • Sukispop

          I’d also include Lee Hong-ki, of FT Island and You’re Beautiful fame. While watching YB, my daughter mentioned that, with his face, he could be a really pretty girl. I couldn’t totally disagree.

          • Lauureen

            hey actually he does look pretty as a girl! I watched this youtube clip and he was wearing a girl wig and he looked pretty ^^

  6. PELA

    No, no, no!!!! What are we mortal woman going to do if these boys get even prettier???
    Quick, where is my cure-all pic of Cha Seung-won? Aaaah, much better! LOL

    • 6.1 MsRetta

      yes ma’am!

  7. [email protected]

    Micky Yoochun pretty? haha his ugly if his pretty in korean damm they got low standard.

    • 7.1 :D

      i’ve got to agree

      • 7.1.1 Snikki

        Yeah, he’s a good looking boy/man but not “pretty.”

        • poo

          yeah amean c’mon i dont find him pretty from any angle which i why i dont bother with SS

          • lilly

            Micky Yoochun is not ugly for me. When DBSK still existed, they appeared at a SUJU’s show and Micky was the one who caught my attention. I like his lips, his style.

    • 7.2 pengork

      um, i assume you say this having only seen him in SKK. google the guy, dude, he is GORGEOUS, do you see those lips and that hotass clavicle and his nipple tattoo and his greasy crying beautiful emotional self.

      • 7.2.1 what

        nipple tattoo? now that’s a way to discourage me from googling. nipple tattoo, nipple tattoo… HAHH

      • 7.2.2 Autumn

        What?! Micky? nipple tatoo??? no way, since when??!!

    • 7.3 ...

      A low class comment from a low class person.

    • 7.4 Dzung

      yeah, He is neither pretty nor good looking. But I don’t think his ugly. Hehe, I am into Song Jong Ki and Jun Tae Soo in Sungkyunkwan Scandal

    • 7.5 pi

      I used to think like that b4. But now he’re so finee to me.
      He’s best with his bright smile.
      Too bad he hasn’t had his chance to smile in SKK so far 555

      Try google him πŸ˜‰

    • 7.6 yoomi

      lmao. everyone has their own tastes. your comment is so immature it’s actually quite funny.

    • 7.7 Gina

      ubly? XD … mybe you are blind XD XD

  8. LolliDoAlittle

    I’ve always thought that Koreans had a little thing for flower boys ever since I was little because my mom would always say, he’s such a handsome kotminam this and that.

    But I never thought of beasts as being very popular as the current generation of K dramas seem to be censored. In the Americas, actors shamelessly and show off their hot choc ab’s on the cover of magazines, movies, and television.

    To me the beast phase was more like, hey here’s the deal i really don’t have the face [cough Bi] but I’m going to sell myself with my hot ab’s. Doesn’t have the face so might as well sell the body. As I told my friends a couple of months back, he reminds me of a primate [as in monkey, but more like a ape].

    The only beast that I love is SiWon. He’s got the face and the hottie ab’s [drools]. But he doesn’t come close to KHJ [faints]. Granted, he’s pretty shy when it comes to showing off his body, but man that smile. Like the Helen of Troy was the face that launched a 1000 ships, KHJ is the man who melts the hearts of a million women and counting.

    • 8.1 lambayyx

      i’m not saying this to be mean, but omg! LOL you must be living under a rock. the whole beasts concept has been really popular for awhile now (mostly) because of 2PM. CSW isn’t considered a beast, he’s more a pretty boy/gentleman.

      • 8.1.1 LolliDoAlittle

        You have not seen his shirtless pic and stills from Athena.

        Yes, under my little rock I have K Dramas and musicals mainly. I watch most of them like it was the life I breathe.

        But then… I only search pics of idols only if they’re pretty boys and the members of 2PM, by my definition are not pretty boys. From what you’re saying and from the pics that I’ve seen they fall into same category as Bi [they just don’t have the face, so have to sell their body]. I like 2PM’s music, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like the way they look ;).

    • 8.2 lilly

      About Bi, his face is “conventionally” pretty but man must have most gorgeous smile I have ever seen in the world plus I have a thing for one-eyelied asian men. That’s why maybe I don’t drool over men like Daniel Henney, LMH, KB, Dennis Oh ect…

      • 8.2.1 lilly

        I meant “is not conventionally pretty”

    • 8.3 meadow

      omo!! u took the words out of my mouth!!! my 2 fav k-boys are KHJ and siwon too!!!

      i like siwon a lot a lot a lot, but KHJ just does something CHEMICAL inside me. like, SERIOUS CHEMISTRY ^_~

      and, i like the fact that both of them have such great personalities, not just good-looking faces ^^

  9. Hajung

    I totally agree on everything you’ve said about song joong ki. In triplicate.

  10. 10 GaRa

    ‘I certainly hope there’s a chance to see him in drag. He would kill it as a gisaeng. ‘

    I think this is what sets a typical asian women apart from the rest: the immediate thought of how a guy that has sparked an interest in you would look as a girl (if you are asian girlfriday lol) and before I get hounded by non-asian people having similar tastes – I’m just pointing out that it’s much more normal and acceptable in Asia for men to cross-dress because their women want them to.

    Although personally I’m quite content with seeing Song Joong Ki in his frivolously coloured men-robes in SS.

    I don’t know how Micky made the cut – I’ve always found his look distinctly masculine – or perhaps his band-mates just surpass him in girly looks?

    I wouldn’t say that the ‘beast men’ is fading (although choco abs just have me rolling my eyes these days) because I just heard of Eric Mun’s impending release from the army and my heart just stopped for a moment thinking of his ruggard(?) charming character in Phoenix.

    I’n still waaay in it for just THAT. πŸ˜€

    • 10.1 SadieStarr

      xD…im an indian…&i still love to see the guy’s crossdressing :p lol…

    • 10.2 jossy

      you’ve just reminded me of the ultimate ‘Pretty Girly Guy’

    • 10.3 Laeah

      I dunno.. even though I like pretty boys, I get NO satisfaction from them dressing like women. :\ I mean sure, Lee Jun Ki did that, but it wasn’t like I was swooning or anything.

      I like them better as pretty MEN.

      Cross dressing is way over done in Korea…

  11. 11 Ashley

    Can we have Candy boys with facial hair? If we could find the perfect beastly/candy boy, I would die happy.

    • 11.1 Carina

      Maybe Joo Ji Hoon in Antique Bakery?

      I’d say that he is pretty with his long thin nose, oval face and narrow eyes, but he sports of pornstache in that and smokes. XD Maybe you’d like? I don’t usually go for facial hair but I thought he was quite hot in that. Still like him best as Prince Shin, though. πŸ˜€

    • 11.2 Soo Ae

      Can Yoo Ah In/Moon Jae Shin/Guhro make the cut here? He still looks lovely even with facial hair and rough bad boy image! Swoon!

    • 11.3 Serendipity

      Your answer to that…Yoo Ah In!!!!

  12. 12 Birdie

    Candy is sweet but it lasts only a short time. Too much candy is bad for our teeth!

    • 12.1 sorcente

      hahahaha lol :D:D
      how did u think of that ahhahaha πŸ˜€

      then lets enjoy them for a short while πŸ˜€ because delicious πŸ˜€

  13. 13 oh! tht! chick!

    stop the ‘stache stop the ‘stache!!!

    oh how i heart all the pretty boys! lee jun ki tops my list! kjh is so so….as for the beastly men i dont see the point of overly muscled men, when their muscles start having muscles of their own its time to stop! i like my men reasonably toned thank you very much!

    • 13.1 LolliDoAlittle

      Amen sista! Out with the primate BOYS!

    • 13.2 brookeeve

      I third that motion! I hate those ‘staches.

  14. 14 Kender

    Oh god, please let there be SJK cross-dressing in SS. I would pretty much die of joy.

    I love me some sexy abs, but I’ve always had a thing for pretty boys. The pretty, manly ones are even better–Lee Junki and Kang Dong-won are my loves. <3

    • 14.1 javabeans

      That would make my day.

      Jung Il-woo (repeatedly!) dressed as a gisaeng in Return of Iljimae was a thing of beauty. Literally and figuratively.

      • 14.1.1 jeankaycee

        got to agree to that jb! jung il woo was so pretty in return of iljimae!

        he’s one of the few which i can consider as candy men.

        • LolliDoAlittle

          Yes indeed, he is a candy man.

  15. 15 shelly

    song joong ki <3 is indeed the quintessential pretty boy. though i'm not gonna deny how biased i am because of my unwavering love for him :3 i'm glad he's getting more famous now, because he's actually really talented and SO ADORABLE. SO. SO ADORABLE.

  16. 16 Leona

    hey you forgot about the foxy hunter who could pass as a gisaeng without even notice that he’s No Min Woo at 183 cm or even Kim Jae Wook (recently in Bad Guy-even muscular he’s not that “beastly”-look at his pretty face) and Yoo Seung Ho (God of study this year and soon with another drama)
    and GAWD Yoon Shi Yoon (remember in Korea he really has 45%even we don’t watch the drama)is pretty as Lee Jun Ki

  17. 17 oi

    sorry, but No Min Woo is way too girly for me. Is it OK to say this or will I get flamed?

    • 17.1 Laeah

      Yeah.. you will flamed. lol

      At least No Min Woo is talented. kk

    • 17.2 Leona

      no it’s NOT ok to say that:P…and here we talk about pretty boys who could pass “AS PRETTY AS the female lead”

    • 17.3 janna

      I’ll back you up. Dude is super girly. It doesn’t help that he’s constantly in depressed reflection mode. (It’s been like decades bro, move on.)

      • 17.3.1 Leona

        depressed? latest 2 tweets that I could translate were pretty happy… and his latest role is a heavily lonely and angsty one

        I have at home a taciturn guy… not easily to make him laugh but certainly he’s not depressed…. so I think you confuse bad mood with depressive personality


        or tell me you can do that:


        credit http://nohminwoo.ning.com/

        in fact the last pic … SuJu boys might have a clue how to do it… and do it pretty easily… but most of the manly guys around here more that jogging around the block… and usual visit to gym… they don’t practice fencing or other big boys games (riding horses etc )- I don’t remember to see Hyun Bin or Won Bin or Lee Min Ki, Lee Dong wook (examples might continue) in a Jeoseon era or 3 Kingdoms movies or dramas

        on the other hand Richard Chamberlain9the manliest guy possible on this Earth0 is gay… and he had countless bed scenes… and millions of women loved him

        • Leona

          waw Edit button was divine… I could delete unwanted links … now waiting moderation

        • anagoshiki

          I think Janna meant Dong-joo not No Min Woo himself.

          • janna

            yes, I meant Dong-joo. Sorry, I only watch My girlfriend is a gumiho on the side so I mixed up his real name with his characters name…

    • 17.4 Laica

      I agree, he’s so pretty I don’t really find him attractive.

      • 17.4.1 Leona

        no need… you have other pretty boys to love… nobody is forcing you

        actually I can’t find appealing Lee Seung Ki yet South Korea loves him to bits
        nor Micky or Kim Hyun Joong -this one not even as LSK (but as lousy as it is I love his acting more than other talented and established actors) and his mumbling in BBF I couldn’t notice because I don’t speak Korean

        so it’s all about our taste … some of them pass unnoticed in S.Korea but we love their dramas to bits(see Bad Guy-a flop in Korea -a very buzzed drama in foreign sites) or YAB in Korea almost a flop in Japan is huge success and other examples you tell me

        another example I think Lee Min Ho is super sexy but he doesn’t appeal to me… and I really love his acting… but I never melt at his sight(like I do with Kang Dong Won, KNG, KJW,NMW,Lee Min Ki,Im Ju Hwan etc)

        another thing I’ve noticed.. sometimes I’m attracted to them after I see them in certain roles and attraction to them isn’t constant-they all are products that sell dramas and movies and nothing more so

        when ppl scream “girly” or “gay” girls calm down you won’t get near them to have a taste of it… so ENJOY the VIEW… if you don’t change the channel or download another movie

        • lilly

          Wow I so agree with almost everything you. I started drooling over KDW when I watched him in Duelist in the market scene dressed in Black hanbok and the sensual fight after, the way he breathed…OK I stop there. I have the same feeling about Jactors Matsumoto Jun : My pet, HYD, Joe Odagiri : Shinobi, Kubozuka Yusuke : GTO, IWGP, ALLL, Yamada Takayuki : Crow Zero, Narimiya Hiroki, Matsuda brothers ect…

        • Laeah

          Yeah.. I totally agree.

          There are some actors who I can really fall in love with their characters in certain dramas (I agree with you on Lee Min Ho with this), but I don’t really care for them at all outside of their acting… then there are some I love for both.. some I just love for their whole package, etc.

  18. 18 Mel_Mel

    I don’t know how I feel about this, but I do agree I’ll be glad to see the moniker ‘beast’ die out a bit.

    I have to be honest the first couple of episodes of Oh My Lady I wondered how many time SiWon’s character was going to take his shirt off.

    In these situations I always wonder if it had something to do with the clothing budget. I mean I like choco abs, but not for the sake of odd man flesh moments that make little sense.

    • 18.1 lilly

      Weirdly Siwon never appealed to me. I was all about Kim Ki Bum-he was my fav but not anymore now-, Donghae, Kyuhyun, even Sungmin character interest me more than Siwon. There is something about Siwon lookwise which turn me off and I can’t take him seriously

  19. 19 cattey

    *chants* “Song Joong-ki! Song Joong-ki! Song Joong-ki! Song Joong-ki!…”

    • 19.1 Bori

      *chants with you*

  20. 20 lambayyx

    Song Joongki<3 KHJ&YC has nothing on him. I don't even consider YC to be a pretty boy .. o_o and KHJ hasn't been aging well, his looks is like fading away.

  21. 21 Stylish~

    sorry Micky’s fans, but i never saw him pretty nor handsome

    as for Kim Hyun-joong am not saying he is not pretty, but some of his SS501 are prettier than him.. but he is definitely charismatic

    Song Joong-ki.. now that’s what I call a pretty boy.. even his prettiness doesn’t annoy me like some other pretty boys.

    • 21.1 rin

      Yeah, according to you Song guy not annoy u. But I pretty much annoy seeing his acting and face.
      So, everyone has different preference.

  22. 22 Bori

    Not gonna lie, Song Joong-ki is my favorite out of those 3.
    But, it does make me wonder… does he have abs? (Hehe.)

    KHJ just looks really tired all the time. πŸ™ I hope that boy is getting some rest.

  23. 23 mskololia

    Well, GF if this is the case in Kland, I will have to depart until the real actors/men come back and take center stage in the dramas. It’s been good while it lasted— since the fall of 2009. A break will do me good……

  24. 24 Snikki

    And there’s also Jung Il Woo…oh, and Kim Hye Sung.

    • 24.1 Laeah

      Okay.. Kim Hye Sung is just… I think he was one of those babies that was a girl and turned into a boy in the womb, seriously.

      I still have to force myself to think “MAN” and not woman when I look at him.

      • 24.1.1 Sukispop

        “Okay.. Kim Hye Sung is just… I think he was one of those babies that was a girl and turned into a boy in the womb, seriously.”-

        Ok, Laeah, it’s your fault that, after reading this comment, my coffee almost came out my nose from laughing so hard…

        …and my wife now thinks there’s something seriously wrong with me.

        If my MacBook shorts because of this, I may have to send you a bill.


      • 24.1.2 anagoshiki

        I almost choked on my lunch LOL

  25. 25 Idalmi

    you’re crazy? as pretty as? Kim Hyung joon is wayyyyy cuter then the female lead…. lol

  26. 26 Infiniti512

    I think this article would have been better left not translated girlfriday. I wondered if I was at allkpop when I saw this title.

    Come on now….

    • 26.1 javabeans

      er, what?

      No harm in a little fun.

    • 26.2 girlfriday

      Why, because I didn’t use words like “gender identity” and “heteronormative ideal”?

      Because that kinda takes the punch out of a 300-word post.

      I think androgyny, and the appropriation of taste are fascinating things to talk about.

      Plus, EYE CANDY, hello!

      • 26.2.1 Infiniti512

        I guess I’m alone in the whole flower boy beast man thing. It’s just a peeve of mine seeing it posted about so often these days. I dont get why women or even girls want to see their guy “flowery” and if he’s manly he’s a beast. Maybe I’m just taking things too seriously. But you said it Sarah, no harm in having fun.

        *scrolls up to read article and concedes in defeat*

        • Infiniti512

          *shuts up*

          next time I will read before commenting! It was the title that got me. haha

          seriously the girly boy thing bugs me though, and dont they know ripped abs dont make you sexy?! it’s all silly.

          Give me Bae Soo Bin or Joo Jin Mo, or dorkball Eric, guyliner free anyday…..

  27. 27 allan

    ??? that is a lot strange to me ,first i am a man and to me ,boyish girls aren’t my taste so wht in the opposite some girls will want a girly guy ? also i don’t like the idea of look girly (i am writing about me) i prefer for me a masculine appearence ,or is that cultural ? i am from mexico !

    • 27.1 Leona

      mister that is the country of MACHO guys…. but I don’t think is cultural… I have a younger husband who looks as manly as possible(european-latino sexy guy type-dark hair green eyes and lots of facial hair)….however when it comes about klala land I prefer pretty boys like No Min Woo, Kang Dong Won or Kim Nam Gil without pornstashe…errmm and Jang Geun Suk or Lee Hong Ki both with red hair ….last one looked even similar with Park Shin Hye when he had red (ruby) hair

      And don’t forget about ToP(“Into the fire” did pretty well at box-office)
      Kim Hye Sung..is he legal? it seems so…

      Lee Min Ho..isn’t he pretty?looks manly enough… but hell yess he’s pretty too
      Kim Dong Wook is another pretty boy
      Yoo Ah In..of course… even he has muscles… his face is prettyyyyyy
      and we have a whole list of idols turned actors that compete with girls on a weekly basis to show us pics were they are prettier than the chicks (HeeChul I’m talking about you) and next on the list are the guys of CNblue (all of them-maybe Jung Yong Hwa is the only one who could pas as handsome but not pretty)
      YunHo(Micky’s bandmate) is acting in musicals-latest one is Goong reloaded
      Jung Il Woo (Return of Ilkimae)

      and so on
      and we will continue with this list till tomorrow and of course we will forget someone

      • 27.1.1 SadieStarr

        i couldnt agree with you more…lee hong ki in red hair was soo sexc…i think Kim Joon of BOF was pretty faced..but damn he was manly sexc…&oh gosh..no1 can get prettier than SuJu’s Heechul…&from DBSK…besides Yunho[who i love] i think Jae is also vry pretty but he deffi has a good body&all that…JinWoon of 2AM,No Min Woo,etc.
        Donghae of SuJu is sooo pretty…but hes so manly too…pretty just dsnt mean girly-looking..it means they really have a beauty about them that can make a girl blush&giggle :p but i wont choose between pretty boys&manly boys…cuz they both have their own charisma…ssometimes guyz just look amazng cuz of their personality&the way they carry themselves…so i think its all cool..a guy can have abs or no abs &hve a pretty face &beautiful hair flips too :p lol

        • Leona

          actually I draw a very thick line between those 2 types of guys (I have manly guy at home is enough for me)
          In fact androgyny is not a new concept and is not Korean patented and it’s not about the males only… think about Marlene Dietrich, David Bowie or the 90’s super models -all of them had a hint of androgyny-without/very small boobs with very sharp jawline (Christy Turlington,Milla Jovovich-if you don’ believe me go see Resident Evil: Afterlife)

          androgynous models/actors/actresses do appeal more to the masses because their look is so unique and different, and therefore, more couture and fun to work with!

      • 27.1.2 Anonymous

        You think TOP is girly? I guess maybe because of his voice it’s hard for me to associate that with feminine traits…

        He’s so dreamy!

        • brookeeve

          I forgot to put my name up there. Oops.

        • Leona

          I said TOP is pretty… and as I read many of you don’t make a distinction between face and behavior … and so do you…

          most of the pretty guys have pretty strong cojones and very few guys we talked about here are really behaving that girly… or they assumed a “role” in the eyes of the public (HeeChul or No Min Woo-this one’s behavior is so ambiguous-sometimes too manly for his pretty face and sometimes too girly for his 183 cm- I think his Rose concept was “at fault” and I kinda bet he was “Seung Jo2” when he was little-super precious mama boy)

  28. 28 DD

    LOL you should’ve not included Micky in this category..

    He is not pretty..yes but he is not ugly too..

    Fans like him because of his dorky personality and chunface..

    If you consider Micky as pretty then his co-member Jaejoong is a Goddess.. XDDD

    Song Joong Ki is indeed the hottest candy man!Pretty face with a masculine sexy voice…ggrrrrrrrr

    • 28.1 lilly

      Am I the only one who think that mister gigantic nose(job ?) Jaejong is not all that ?

      • 28.1.1 mia

        probably you and a few other haters..LOL..just kidding
        most people in TVXQ fandom already know who is the pretty boy in TVXQ…isn’t micky by the way..

    • 28.2 Gina

      i dont know if Yochun is pretty or not (maybe handsome is the correct word) but JAEJOONG is a GOD! <3

  29. 29 dannaluk

    I think the prettiest of them all is Lee Jun Ki…hands down!…and second in line would be No Min Woo….i’ve never seen any guy that pretty either….to be honest i dont mind if their pretty or beasty…i like men of all kind…i dont discriminate πŸ˜›

    • 29.1 Laeah

      Yeah.. but they are both talented.. which makes them infinitely more sexy to me.

      No Min Woo is awesome with his music and Lee Jun Ki is like AMAZING at acting.. (I honestly think that if he keeps continuing like this he will be one of the best actors EVER in Korea for a long time).

  30. 30 Orion

    Balance is good in all. Huge abs and bodies that look less like actors and more like bodybuilders aren’t nice. Neither though, are men who look like women and act like them. Again, I’ll talk about Jang Keun Suk’s recent “fashion” sense and behavior.

    Natural is the best. No man should be a monster OR a transvestite unless that’s their main occupation or way to make a living, or how they get their kicks.

    Celebs should be role models for a good health and a normal and healthy body and attitude. Not for a steroid-type of monstrosity and neither for a scrawny nancy-boy without a hint of testosterone.

    • 30.1 Leona

      if plain or boring… who will look at them?certainly not me

      • 30.1.1 Orion

        People who actually care about their abilities more than they do about their looks? People who expect them to be professionals and act like normal people and not fame-crazed idiots?

        Unless, of course, they are talentless and can only resort to extremes in order to get publicity and the attention of immature and “easy” fangirls.

        People with talents and good talents, should use them to express themselves and show a professional and reliable public persona. Showgirls can just be showgirls.

        Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Min Ho, even Kim Jae Wook, Lee Sun Gyun. Do these men not look attractive? Is it so bad to look healthy and handsome instead of weak and girly or huge and pumped full of steroids?

        I’m sorry, but if I admire someone, I want them to look healthy and be able to dress like normal people. Wanting them to go through such rough transformations just so you can noticed them better, is selfish. Fangirls should adapt to their celebrities’ styles and personalities, NOT the other way around. These people work hard to entertain us with their talents. Why don’t fangirls start admiring them for THAT contribution and not their latest outfits?

        • Leona

          You can’t say now that Kim Bum doesn’t have talent, or Lee Min Ho(who’s actually too skinny), or Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t sing heavenly(about acting let him get the Oscar first and talk later),or you can’t tell that Kim Jae Wook can’t or you can’t deny multitalented Lee Jun Ki
          No Min Woo was 6-4 years ago in TRAX as Rose (2004-2005 and composed some of their hits)-no I’m not asking you to go on youtube to search them-and NMW can act pretty well
          don’t tell that Jang Geun Suk can’t act
          or HeeChul isn’t a talented guy with all his prettiness

          aa and Kim Jae Wook is on my pretty list …but he is a model and he’ skinny…so “he looks healty?”when?where?..but GOD he’s walking sex

          but in Korea are so many talents… that if you don’t have the face… all that talent goes down the drain in an instant… and is not the first time when you hear about pressure to do plastic surgery

          many of those talents make drastic diets just because of some role :see Kim Nam Gil In “Lovers Vanished”… so his skinny look in Queen Seon Deok was because of that movie”

          actually I can’t digg in Kang Ji Hwan’s acting.. so I never watch his dramas even he is sooo handsome… and his latest drama didn’t had 45% ratings like Yoon Shi Yoon’s latest drama

          so popularity around the Globe isn’t just because of the talent : Susan Boyle-even she is so talented… she’s still single and ugly-if she had Shakira’s face I bet that now we would listen to her music… but I almost bet you never heard of her

          popularity is a sum of factors and elements and one of them is the look

          • Leona

            2004-2006-my bad

          • Orion

            Oh, don’t get me wrong. I do agree with that. Of course these men are talented and most of them look fine, but I’m talking about the “girly man” role model they also have in Japan. The “pluck your eyebrows to bits” Kame-like model or men who dress like women. THAT is not a handsome man.

            I mentioned Jang Keun Suk cause he looks like that lately.

            And yes, he has immense talent. All of these men do. Which is why they should try and sell that, like many others do, instead of targeting only fangirls and living and breathing to please only them. A team of spoiled brats that will always ask for more anyway.

            Keun Suk’s case is one “close to home” for me, so I’m using that. He’s a talented man who could be doing very big and very beautiful and mature movies. Instead, he is wasting himself going around and sucking up on his fangirls. He’s acting in a way that would make any serious movie maker stay away from him. He’s typecasting himself as “idol material”. Like all these “girly men” do.

            So, how is it good when talented men have to start acting and looking like morons just to please fangirls who can’t tell a good actor if he hit them on the face? Be it “girly men” or these choco abs monsters. Isn’t it unfair that people who HAVE talent and could use that to shine, are forced to do such things just to be noticed?

            Like I said, when I admire someone, I want them, as a fan, to be the best they can as actors and to be healthy as well. That’s what a good and normal fan should want. The best for their idol’s health and career. Not the best for them.

            Demanding actors to look so extreme just so their sick brain can like them as one would like a porcelain doll or a pet, is what fangirls do wrong. They demand their idols act and look a certain way, without thinking if that’s good for the person’s career (is such a public persona will let them be noticed by the right people in order to move forward) or their health. Mental and physical.

            I’m not saying popularity isn’t necessary and of course actors need to look presentable, but not to such extremes.

            Btw, I do know Boyle because unlike people who only care about pop-music, I happen to judge talent. As one should do with actors or musicians.

            And Shakira’s example is wrong too, in my opinion. She’s a singer. She acts the way she needs to to sell her own music and no matter what she does, the type of music she makes can only be changed by her. She sells what she has, she doesn’t change herself and her music radically just to sell.

            An actor’s career and the role he/she is offered though WILL change according to what fanbase they are focusing on and they have to go to extremes to be noticed by fangirls.

            Which again, brings me to what I believe about this whole thing. Actors should be allowed to express their own voice and maintain the dignity hey deserve. Not to be asked to act like show dogs for spoiled and horny little girls.

            Talentless and young idols can do that. They can have their circus freaks and serious and talented men can just be themselves then.

    • 30.2 Laeah

      I dunno.. I have an aversion to guys who work out a lot. It always makes me think they must be really insecure about something to feel the need to be in the gym constantly.

      Of course I like guys who take care of themselves, but there are so many guys (at least in America) who get obsessive about it. And then they try to act macho too. It’s really annoying and a HUGE turn off for me.

      I like any guy who is naturally himself.. whether he is pretty, handsome, or ugly, lol. I don’t like guys who seem to put up arrogant fronts and stuff.

  31. 31 Z

    This is the worst trend ever! I’m so sick of pretty boys that I could vomit. I’m not even calling for more choco abs… I think the gratuitous flesh mongering is just as pathetic. I’m saying, can’t we live in the happy medium where men are HANDSOME, instead of pretty? There is a difference. I’m so sick of these androgenic girly men passed off as dramatic heroes. Maybe it’s my age, but I can’t swoon over a man who looks like he just stepped out of my middle school yearbook. Even the prettiest of the Coffee Princes pulled it off while still remaining manly.

    Jang Keun Suk, Kim Hyun Joon, No Min Woo, and Song Joon Ki (who I LOVE but this is getting ridiculous), I just want you guys to know that it OK to look like a man. Think Gong Yoo, Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Min Ho, The Voice and so many good examples. Even Choi Siwon is handsome even with his shirt on.

    Join the revolution! Bring back MEN with no qualifying adjectives attached!

    • 31.1 Orion

      Couldn’t agree more. Be normal men, for crying out loud. Sure, well-dressed and clean and all, but healthy and normal.

    • 31.2 lettuce

      i’d say the pretty boy is quite adorable when one is under 25. i find androgynous beauty fascinating and so are pretty boys who can pull off drag (like Lee Jun Ki’s Gong Gil, for example).

      even so, i do get a bit sad looking at Jang Geun Suk, and especially.. Kim Hye Sung(!!) looking really pretty. when they get older, they should have enough testosterone to turn into real MEN, that would be hot.

      i read a research somewhere about women subconsciously attracted to men with feminine features because they’re perceived as more unlikely to be promiscuous and cheat.


    • 31.3 MsRetta

      YES! I agree!

      I think No Min Woo is gorgeous, but I hope he doesnt get into the habit of being the bad guy to combat his good looks.
      I drool over Bae Yong Joon, when he is just ‘normal’ not pinked up and overly flowery. Any one seen those black and white photos of his? damn! lol

      I changed my mind about Lee Jun Ki ..shoot dont let the face fool you…the man has acting chops. I just dont get the girly thing, I mean I read about the kkotminam.

      My ideal is Cha Seung Won…mustache and all…Jung Sung Woo…oh yeah that Gong Yoo…
      TOP is just Fine….

      I am enjoying this thread…get to see what everyone thinks on this subject….one thing though who would be the beast men?

      • 31.3.1 MsRetta

        dan took so long writing out my comment, my agreement is with Z.

    • 31.4 Laeah

      Choi Siwon is butt ugly.


      I’m going to die now. πŸ™‚

  32. 32 Nhu

    I GLEEFULLY PRANCE AROUND AT THIS NEWS. Why? Because I <3 <3 <3 pretty boys, and have always loved them. In everything. Manly men have never been attractive to me for some reason. xD And you're totally write, Song Joong-ki blows Micky out of the water (sorry fans. xD) KHJ is pretty, but doesn't have SJK's boyish charm. How can that boy be in his twenties?! He also has the talent to boot.

  33. 33 Jane

    Hell Yeah! Down with the porn-stache!

  34. 34 Sere

    aldjslkdjkasdhaskjdah I used to watch that anime when I was a kid *thinks fondly of childhood memories* Ahhhhh, good ol’ times.

    I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks that the pretty boys of today will be the beast men of tomorrow. For some reason I always thought that when guys hit 30-35, esp k-actors, they start working out more, pay more attention to how they look etc. LIke they go through a premature middle-age crisis? Sort of? ^^

    Song Joong-ki! He totally rocks in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but that has nothing to do with how he looks and everything to do with how he acts. I can totally buy when he’s being -or looks- naive and innocent, but I can also buy when he’s more dangerous and “naughty”? *fangirls him* I can’t wait till he gets a “dark” role, possibly that of a very twisted villain. It’d be awesome to see the contrast between his angelic face and the character’s dark soul. Oh and of course as a lead ^^

    • 34.1 asianromance

      I also think the pretty boys of today will be beast men of tomorrow!!

      Okay, so Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t really HOT, but he was pretty boy and he looks scruffy and manly now. Look at Justin Timberlake during his nsync days (oh the blond curls!!) versus now. And compare DBSK from their early ‘Hug’ names to ‘Mirotic’ They’re just about there.

      I think what is so great about some of these pretty boys and that sometimes they have nice bodies hidden under their clothes and pretty faces. Nothing like 2pm and no crazy ripples, but toned instead of scrawny.

      • 34.1.1 Sere

        OMG LOL I read “crazy nipples” and I was like, what? what? XD Time for bed, apparently.

  35. 35 what is

    oh man, Song Joong-ki definitely ROCKS this category. His character portrayal was STRAIGHT out of a manga!!! I LOVE it!

  36. 36 brookeeve

    This is something that might be interesting to y’all. There’s been some interest and research put into why women are attracted to feminine vs. masculine men, and some sources are blaming it on the birth control pill.


    I don’t know if that’s entirely true, but I do know that there are certain times of the month that certain guys appeal to me and other times when they just simply don’t.

    Except for TOP. He’s still dreamy all the time.

    • 36.1 oh! tht! chick!

      i saw something similar to the article on discovery channel one day on how women who are ovulating prefer masculine men during that period as their body is telling them to choose the strongest partner to procreate with and when that process stops even effeminate men could catch their eyes …. makes sense this! so lets blame it on hormones i say!

    • 36.2 Diadda

      “Except for TOP. He’s still dreamy all the time.”

      This is because TOP has both masculine hotness and that touch of metro-girly so you can never ignore his yumminess.

      • 36.2.1 brookeeve

        True ‘dat. So true.

  37. 37 Ethlenn

    You know, too much candies and your teeth will start to ache…
    I think what’s more annoying is the fact that producers and directors, and all those big fat fishes over at broadcast company look for Kkotminam (flower boy), and not for the actors.
    I’m not into overbuffed guys, no, but when I see a guy and I ask myself where did he buy his lotion for hair or a foundation, I think there is something wrong, and not necessary with me. Those pretty boys can’t act. Let’s face it! I counted Kim The Table Hyun Joong facial expressions and I counted up to 2.5!

    And for the record: anyone who calls Kim Namgil-nim a “pretty boy” will meet his demise in a shady corner…

    • 37.1 Leona

      errmm he’s one of the prettiest guys I ever seen:look here if you haven’t seen QSD


      ermm 17 years old virgin… look (yes he’s that appealing to mases because is so manly in the same time) but his faceeeeeee is so adorable


    • 37.2 Laeah

      Anyone who thinks Kim Hyun Joong is a good actor needs to be shot. Sorry. He needs a lot of work, even now.

      I like him though.. as a personality on tv. But acting? Never!! I just think he seems like a cool guy. But I’m not attracted to him. He looks better now that he has darker hair.. but there has always been something “off” to me.

  38. 38 jeankaycee

    pretty boys are sweeping the kdramaland as of the moment but no complaints from me b’coz i love them!

    song joong ki, for me has the crown for this one!
    he’s so pretty that he could really pass as a girl!

    my runners up would be jung il woo (whom i love!), kim hyun joong (he’s adorable as a performer!) and no min woo (like him in MGIAG).

    i think eventually these pretty boys will turn into beast men so i suggest to let ourselves enjoy while it lasts.

  39. 39 supah

    I’m not usually into pretty candy boys but can always make an exception for Jang Geon-suk and Song Joong-ki.

    Then again, I don’t like beastly rippling muscle types either. Guess I don’t have a type. Maybe I just like guys for their ‘personality’. :p

  40. 40 janna


    Just like the sand in No Min-woos hourglass, this “age of candy men” will pass. If there was a surge of adorkable boys, holla at your girl Janna. I will be #1 in that line. …It’s never going to happen is it. Well, once in a while is good enough for me!

    Guys: Just promise to lay off ascots and we can be cool about pink pants and longer hair and stuff.

  41. 41 chessy03

    yeah…thats why the three of them have produce such a low ratings programs…hohoho…PK sat rerun ratings is 6% tho….

  42. 42 Natalia

    Pretty boys you have to love them. XD

    I absolutely love Kim Jae-wook! To me he can seem androgynous or manly depending on how he works his stuff.

    • 42.1 Natalia

      The only exception to my love for pretty boys is Kim Nam-gil. He can work a suit like no other! Thank God no more pornstache.

  43. 43 danni

    Well, pretty boys have always reigned in kdramas (as well as twdramas and jdramas) so it was only a matter of time before they made a comeback. I think they might be eclipsed again though with the coming of dramas like Athena and Runaway. I like my candy men too (c’mon, who can say no Song Joong Ki?) but beast men aren’t bad either, even though I’d rather have another word besides “beast” for manlier men.

  44. 44 mellissa

    diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks…..

    all i know is that my day isn’t complete without Jo Hyun Jae who is pretty handsome, pretty manly, pretty talented…… just pretty awesome!!!!

  45. 45 Kobe

    This is an Asian phenomenon that I can’t really understand, and no matter how much I’m into Asian pop-culture, probably never will. And it’s definitely not making a comeback, at least, not in K-pop anyway, where ‘Candy men’ or ‘Pretty boys’ have always been the staple.

    I’m all for gender equality when it comes to certain things such as in the workforce, sports, politics etc. but a man should never – EVER – spend more time in front of the vanity mirror than a woman.

    Personally, I find ‘Pretty boys’ very unappealing, and I’m an Asian myself, so imagine what Western men such as #27 Allen from Macho Mexico thinks…

  46. 46 arwenarya

    i agree with you Song Joong Ki really is more prettier than the two of them…and as a giseang yes…he will be like Jung Il Woo in the Return of Iljimea they are more prettier than the girls…yummy…

  47. 47 oh! tht! chick!

    oh here’s a list of those i think are pretty boys and i <3 them for their androgyny!

    lee jun ki
    kang dong won ( though he looks a lot less feminine than LJK)
    heechul of suju
    lee dong wook (pretty features than most girls would kill for!)
    kim jae wook

    ill give an honourable mention to kim nam gil here cos his features are pretty but his persona jus smacks of sexiness and that badass voice of him grrr! siwon, kim bum are baby faced if nothing else are darn cute but in a non girly way!

    • 47.1 oh! tht! chick!

      this is fun we should all post lists of our fav pretty boys and then have a show down of sorts between them each week to see who comes out on top and then have one final winner! an ode to the pretty boy! that should be soooo fun if JB and GF have the time to do it that is….:D

      • 47.1.1 lilly

        About Kactors I begin :
        Kang Dong Won
        Lee Jun Ki
        No Min Woo (who changed Big Time over years)
        Yoo Seung Ho
        Song Jong Ki
        Kim Nam Gil
        Um Jung Hwan
        Jang Geun Suk (expect in YAB)

  48. 48 mskololia

    Personally, I find β€˜Pretty boys’ very unappealing, and I’m an Asian myself, so imagine what Western men such as #27 Allen from Macho Mexico thinks…

    You know what American men think…..c’mon.

    • 48.1 oh! tht! chick!

      hehe i know what you are getting at and im an Asian myself! but i come from a land (India) where there are hardly any pretty boys (at least not the way korea seems to be churning them out)….so its so strange and exotic eye candy to me and thats the charm/appeal of it i guess, for me at any rate πŸ˜›

      • 48.1.1 haven't find a nickname that i like

        i LOVE indian eye candy!! slurppp. my eyes just shine looking at them.

      • 48.1.2 MsRetta

        Shah Rukh Khan! swooooooooon John Abraham! Hrithrik…oh wait…those are Men..
        Major eye candy!

        • oh! tht! chick!

          see what i mean? i’ve been pretty boy less for most of my life! so im all for them!

  49. 49 ck1Oz

    Too much analysis….at the end of the day after work I switch on my laptop and go….ooohhhh Song Joong-Ki,wow his acting is pretty good and wow he’s so so cute!

    I see loads of buffed tall (doesn’t KD have guys at 180cm? ) cute guys at work but the Korean actors….they are the ones I go goo goo gaga over….that’s why it’s drama.The next questions is NO I don’t work at a gym and my colleagues are uni educated.

    Just enjoy…be in eye candy or beasts (not too much though-one set of abs is the same as the other) πŸ™‚

    • 49.1 Leona

      sorry sweetie…. I don’t think we need our resume here ( I don’t think with my MBA when I go Ga Ga about Yamapi, MatsuJun(Japan) or Korean pretty boys- definitely I do not watch kdramas with my diplomas)

      I’m glad to notice that I’m not the only one who saw the Titanic 10 times just because of Leo diCaprio

      • 49.1.1 ck1Oz

        Oops sorry…just it’s eye candy and people are still not happy with eye candy??? I am πŸ™‚

  50. 50 reimin

    i nver really found Mickey to be pretty.
    But that’s just me.

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