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I Am Legend: Episode 11
by | September 10, 2010 | 51 Comments

Face off time! Except Seol Hee has bigger problems than just seeing her ex and his gal pal again. She has to find a way to save the marketplace, get the band ready for their stage debut, find a new guitarist, and deal with Tae Hyun’s lovelorn stares. What’s a girl to do?!

The above photo is in honor of the lesser known kiddo of the series, who probably appeared for the most amount of time in this episode than anytime else.

Seol Hee and Jin Bae sit down across from Seung Hye and Ji Wook. There is a strained politeness in the air as Jin Bae announces that he has problems with the supposed “consent” that the construction company received. Ji Wook wants to know what those problems are, but Jin Bae says he’ll find out in court. Way to go! Always keep your cards hidden from Ji Wook!

In the car back to the office, Seung Hye gripes that Seol Hee is only on the case for one purpose: revenge against Ji Wook and her. On the other side, Jin Bae tells Seol Hee that she has no choice – she’ll have to face him, so she better get ready to win.

Ah Reum is also faced with a pressing matter; the manager has told her that she must give a decision about joining the new band by the next day. Min Kyu pushes her to accept, but she goes to Soo In first for advice. Of course, Soo In isn’t too happy about it – especially with the upcoming performance at the street festival – but she knows that it’s a big opportunity and advises Ah Reum to think about it carefully.

Tae Hyun visits Jin Bae’s office, and Jin Bae picks up right away that his only reason for being there is Seol Hee. He tells Tae Hyun to leave – it’s Seol Hee’s day off – and Tae Hyun complies!! (The only reason why I’m mentioning this random scene is because at least someone can read Tae Hyun’s intentions properly!)

Ji Wook calls up Seol Hee to meet later that night. Before he opens his mouth, Seol Hee says, “If you’re going to say what I think you’re going to say, then I don’t want to hear it.” Long pause. “I must be right about what’s on your mind.”

*Ji Wook listened to Seol Hee!!!! And I spazz on the floor…*

Seol Hee tells him that he has so many other, richer clients. Why get involved with a small market and their tiny premiums? Ji Wook only asks that she stay out of this, for her “own good.” Seol Hee is flattered for his concern, but refuses to back down in this fight. Instead, she asks that he stay out of the case.

The Comeback Madonna Band get together and Soo In proudly announces that she already asked Jang Tae Hyun for an original song. Seol Hee then adds excitedly that she already heard a bit of it. A dark look casts over Soo In’s face. Uh Oh. Talk about stealing her thunder…

Seol Hee calls up Tae Hyun, hoping that he can play a sample for everyone to hear. Actually, he was just going to call her about that. He goes over to the studio and hands over sheet music and the chorus part on a CD. There are no lyrics; for the band’s first song, the Comeback Madonna girls will write up their own.

Whee! Songwriting session time! They pick on the title first: how about “Comeback Madonna”? But wait – it must be as memorable as “Like a Virgin”! OK – so how about “Just like Madonna”? Just like Madonna, they will make a comeback… the girls stew over the words and right there, they create the first two lines of the song: “We will come back! Just as if we’re Madonna!”

The girls are so happy that I’m pissed we must cut away to Ji Wook meeting his shady uncle. Uncle’s not happy about the lawsuit, and Ji Wook asks if the company received a valid contract from the stall owners. The uncle brushes it aside with a breezy “Of course” and tells Ji Wook to stop worrying over such small matters. But that remark is exactly what is so shady: when the uncle gets into his car, he calls up someone to yell at them for their shoddy business deals. He wants the opposing side carefully watched.

MoaE is informed of this and goes to visit her son (probably to make sure he stays on track with the case). Since Ji Wook is out, she decides to meet with Seung Hye. Seung Hye mentions the market case, and is uneasy when she finds out that it’s a family matter. MoaE prods her for answers, and Seung Hye reveals that Seol Hee is on the opposing side: “I don’t know what her intentions are, but she is quite scary.” Always assuming that Seol Hee is out for revenge? Oh you two… such a perfect mother-daughter-in-law pair you’d make.

The mother visits Ji Wook’s apartment and confronts him about Seol Hee’s involvement in the case. She’s convinced that Seol Hee is using the case as a way to gain some money from the family, since she didn’t get anything from the divorce. Ji Wook interrupts her and tells her not to misunderstand – it’s pure coincidence that they’re on the same case. YEAH JI WOOK! Although you’re coming to her defense a little too late.

He tells his mother that even she knows Seol Hee’s nature – Seol Hee would never maliciously use someone else for her own gain. He apologizes to MoaE: he really doesn’t want to see Seol Hee or give her pain anymore, and so his uncle’s case is actually very burdensome.

Seol Hee continues meeting with the market ahjummas for more information, and finds out that they were all tricked into signing. That makes it a whole lot more difficult for her and Jin Bae to prove that the ahjummas were hoodwinked. She notices a young student watching her from a distance, but the girl runs off. Seol Hee thinks that it might just be a fan. (Ha!)

The girls get word that they are confirmed for the Hongdae Street Festival performance and they cheer. But the good feeling passes quickly when Ah Reum arrives to tell them that she’s been offered a spot as a guitarist for another band. Hwa Ja immediately calls her out for being thoughtless, and would have berating if Seol Hee didn’t stop her.

Through tears, Ah Reum says that she’s really grateful to the Comeback Madonna band for allowing her to take up music again, since she gave it up for Gun. But not everyone gets an opportunity like this either, and she doesn’t want to pass it up. Though unhappy with her decision, they let her go and wish her luck.

When Ah Reum goes to meet the band manager at Daum Entertainment (or Dawon..spelling doesn’t matter), she finds out that she is to move into the dorm with the other girls next week and will sign a contract for 10 years. (Is this a modern form of an indentured servant?!) The manager also tells Ah Reum to keep baby Gun to herself. It’s no good to have her debut already a single mother.

She meets the band, and it has become an all-female band instead of a co-ed one. The girls of Red Punch all dress in punk-rocker-chic, much like Comeback Madonna band, except they have a much more sullen attitude. Yay – I’m excited already…

But Ah Reum’s leaving also means audition time! The girls need a new guitarist, and most of the prospects that come in are bad wannabes with no talent, or talented people who have no interest in joining a band full time. Time’s running out, and the girls really want Ah Reum back.

Jin Bae presents Seol Hee some papers on the construction company’s finances. It’s suspicious how the company – which is really small – managed to buy the market’s land when they clearly have no money for it. When Seol Hee goes back to the market, she finds out from the other stall owners that the reason they signed the contract without reading was because Professor Jo signed it. This Professor Jo is a stall owner too, but he’s supposedly well-versed with law.

Seol Hee doesn’t notice the two men who are following her and calling Ji Wook’s uncle when she approaches Professor Jo. This professor also looks quite smarmy, and he claims to have signed the contract because other people did it. His daughter comes up to the stall, and Seol Hee recognizes her as the “fan girl” watching her from afar. The daughter rushes off when she sees Seol Hee.

Back to the band: Soo In announces that Kwang Yul found them a guitarist named Suh Shin Ae. Shin Ae used to be in other bands and was quite good. However when she arrives at the studio, she looks completely uninterested in her surroundings. Hwa Ja notes that the girl is boring.

Practice doesn’t go well for Comeback Madonna band. As Seol Hee sings “A Million Roses,” which in itself is relatively sad, Shin Ae changes her guitar part to make it more moody. Seol Hee wants Shin Ae to play it like they’ve always done so, but the new guitarist has no interest in practicing it that way. The song should be played her way – which is, the depressing way.

Likewise, at Red Punch, Ah Reum plays better than everyone else, but is quite lackluster in her performance. You can see where the cliques within the group are formed, as the vocalist goes over to the keyboardist to whisper a few words about Ah Reum. Through Min Kyu, Ah Reum learns that Shin Ae is the new guitarist, and her head perks up at the familiarity.

And finally it’s the day of the performance!! Soo In, Hwa Ja, and Seol Hee are in awe at seeing the other performers, who are way more well-known than they are. They are performing last, but Shin Ae is not there yet. Tae Hyun gives them a word of support, “Don’t feel insignificant and show the audience what you’ve shown me.” The girls smile, and his eyes never leave Seol Hee.

Meanwhile, MoaE meets her brother to tell him that the meddlesome woman going around the marketplace is her ex-daughter-in-law. Her words nearly echo Seung Hye: “I’m sure she’s doing this because of the grudge she has against me and Ji Wook.”

(And I pull out a chunk of my hair out of my frustration with her.)

Seol Hee goes in search for Shin Ae and overhears the bratty guitarist speak condescendingly about them. She quietly stands by as Shin Ae calls the band amateurish and the festival a tacky place to be. When Shin Ae ends her call, Seol Hee calls out her name.

Shin Ae’s eyes widen in horror for being overheard.

And Seol Hee says, “How could you arrive so late like this? It’s our turn soon!” She broadens her smile and drags Shin Ae along. That’s right – kill her with kindness!

Under the tent backstage, Hwa Ja and Soo In are jittery with nerves while Shin Ae nonchalantly puts on her makeup. She hasn’t practiced “A Million Roses” the way that Seol Hee had wanted her to, and she has no intention of playing it any other way but her way. Thinking that she’s so high and mighty, she tells Seol Hee that she’s not just any old guitarist who will play any song – she has opinions that MUST BE RESPECTED!

Shin Ae even lets slip that Seol Hee overheard her talking trash about the band, and Hwa Ja and Soo In pick up on it. Seol Hee, on the other hand, makes frantic gestures for Shin Ae to keep quiet (in an attempt to keep the peace until the performance). Shin Ae twists it around though – she accuses Seol Hee of picking a fight with her over the playing of “A Million Roses” in revenge for all the crap she said over the phone. She even threatens to quit, which none of the girls want.

Shin Ae: Then we’ll play it my way right? To be frank, with your talent it’ll be hard to find a guitarist as good as me. You should know your (low) standards.

Whoa… with that insult, Seol Hee gets up and tells Shin Ae to go – they don’t need her. Teamwork is more important, and if she is going to be like this, then the band doesn’t need her at all. Even if it means they’ll have to perform as a three-member group…

BUT WAIT! Ah Reum appears! She announces herself as the guitarist, and says that Comeback Madonna band is not the same if there’s only three. And! She’s been practicing their repetoire on her own. Woohoo! A little snip at Shin Ae, and the haughty, temporary guitarist is sent running away.

The Comeback Madonna band takes the stage, and are greeted by a raucous round of applause. They open with “A Million Roses,” and Kwang Yul films the entire performance. The song is enough to get the audience warmed up for their real debut – “We Will Come Back”!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


We will come back!
We will come back!
Just as if we’re Madonna…

(Seol Hee) So what? Wearing ripped jeans, rock and roll, it’s cool!
And yes! On stage for that special dream of mine.
(band) We will come back!
In a sexy way!
We will come back!
In a graceful way!
Just as if we’re Madonna…

(Hwa Ja) So what? In a gorgeous one piece dress and high heels, it’s pretty.
I’m fine! For this stuffy reality, for my dream!
(band) We will come back!
In a sexy way!
We will come back!
In a graceful way!
Just as if we’re Madonna…

One, two, three go!
Don’t ever stop. You’re a very precious person.
Don’t ever look back – show our shining selves
In a confident and beautiful way.
For the sake of you that I love.

(Soo In) So what? I don’t need anymore past regrets.
(Ah Reum) And yes! Today is the day I’ve always dreamt of and it’s for my sake!
(band) We will come back!
In a sexy way!
We will come back!
In a graceful way!
Just as if we’re Madonna…

The crowd goes wild (and I drum my fingers to the beat, goosebumps of excitement running up and down my arm). Tae Hyun’s face is a mix of shock, surprise, amusement, enjoyment, and pride at the girls’ song.

But! There’s someone in the crowd that doesn’t belong. MoaE removes her sunglasses and stares right at her former daughter-in-law on the keyboards. Seol Hee falters at the sight of MoaE and stops playing, completely unsettled. MoaE has a look of dare: is Seol Hee going to ruin the performance?

At the end of the instrumental bit, Seol Hee jumps right back on the keyboards, stares straight into MoaE’s evil soul and sings:

Don’t ever stop. You’re a very precious person.
Don’t ever look back – show our shining selves
In a confident and beautiful way.
For the sake of you that I love.

MoaE’s eyebrow arches as she watches her former daughter-in-law’s eyes gleam, and Seol Hee blossoms into a woman who’s regained her identity.


Well hell’s yeah! What a nice ending and way to introduce the theme song of the drama! The song fits the band so perfectly, and for that eye-to-eye face off between Seol Hee and MoaE. I’m glad that the talents of the other members of the group are showcased – it’s about time Soo In and Ah Reum get their moment of fame. The whole issue of Ah Reum leaving the group was a little tiresome, but thank goodness it was resolved in one episode. After all, the drama really went through great lengths to make the Red Punch girls so boring and hateful when, personally, there was no need to since I naturally hate anyone not part of the original Comeback Madonna Group. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m getting REALLY annoyed at Seung Hye and MoaE for the sole reason that they always think that Seol Hee is out to get them. It’s their go-to reason for all their coincidental encounters for Seol Hee. Honestly, only guilty people think that way, where they believe the person they hurt is always out for their blood. They should really reflect upon themselves for their own wrongs against Seol Hee. Then again, they’re so self-centered anyways that hopefully this self-reflection will come soon…

I’m really glad at how this drama is balancing the law case and the girls. There’s little emphasis on the love stories for this episode – even though it was hinted at (especially with the Soo In-Tae Hyun-Seol Hee triangle). But the two main focuses of the episode were the law case and the band’s performance. The Comeback Madonna band storyline is moved along (they’re getting ever closer to going big time!), while the law case is buffered up with more emotional angst and horrid mother appearances to make the case a bigger deal than it is. And it’s a good thing it’s getting buffered or else I really couldn’t care less about it. This case is very important – because it is Ji Wook’s chance to prove that he was not always some heartless cad who cared only for his own ambitions.


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  1. Liz

    Hello! Thank you for the recap! I agree with you, I also pulled out a chunk of my hair out of my frustration with the mother… she and Seung Hye are just Grrrr, I think you’ll lost more hair in episode 12.. I’m almost bald because of Seung-hye and the ex mother-in-law.. lol-
    Thanks again! Have a nice weekend. ^^

  2. Liz

    Btw Isn’t Ah-reum’s kid sooo cute? and the dad also. lol kekekeke And I just love how Tae-hyun keeps looking and smiling like a fool in love to Seol-hee, is so cute. hahaha It seems like it is the opposite, Tae-hyun is like the fool girl in love, with a one-sided love, while Seol-hee is the guy who doesn’t notice it and acts cool. lol xD

  3. byj_angel

    Just my observation…I can’t feel the chemistry between the female lead and the musician/composer. I still see & feel her as ‘the actress’and not the character she’s portraying. The message is not coming across. Please don’t get me wrong. The whole story in itself is rather flat so probably, there’s not much, as an actress, that you could do about it.

  4. xiaoSxin

    for me the highlight of this drama is Tae Hyun’s gazes to Seol Hee. I mean whenever he sees.. his eyes smile as well. It is like he can see nothing but her.. but not in a super dramatic and passionate like a burning desire or love. No I don’t see it that way.. It is like Tae Hyun just looks Seol Hee and see her for who she is.

    I know I also wish that the romance part is more explored or moving forward faster but as of this time, it is enough for me to keep on anticipating the next episode for the next TH – SH moments.

    • 4.1 jusash

      It is like he can see nothing but her.. but not in a super dramatic and passionate like a burning desire or love. No I donโ€™t see it that way.. It is like Tae Hyun just looks Seol Hee and see her for who she is.

      Liking how you summed it up. Nodding with your comments. Ditto, I feel the same and it’s awesome how Lee Joon-hyuk is hitting the right tone with his interpretation.

      Tae-hyun obviously only has eyes for her, but yet it’s not an ‘in your face’ type blatant adoration.

      “Super drama passionate”, or “burning desire type love” would not come across as convincing.

      This is a mutual growing admiration (both musicians) kinda thing. Slow simmering love.
      Makes realistic sense – it’s also the second time round for both of them.

      TH is quietly very supportive, without being intrusive or controlling. Or needing to stifle her.
      Like you said “Tae-hyun just looks at Seol-hee and sees her for what she is”.

      He’s obviously very proud of her, but yet he lets her steer her own ship.

  5. trixicopper

    Thanks Kaedejun!

    By that last sentence in your comments, are you by chance a closet member of team Rat Bastard? ๐Ÿ™‚

    As much as TH is obviously crushing on SH, with only 4 episodes remaining I still think she has way more chemistry with JW. Go figure. Who would have thought that I’d be shipping the cheating ex?

    As for MoaE and the”Other” SH, I hear there are still seats available on the Rocket to the Sun! They should pack their summer clothes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. noon0201

    Love their theme song!!!

    • 6.1 MsGuccibabie

      the song is really awesome but i can’t wait to heard the other songs that were written for this drama! i heard it was 11. i think we’ve heard about 4 or 5 of them (including RH songs in the beginning). i love Seol Hee voice, just right for rockin’!!!!!!

  7. Amg1


    Firstly I want to thank you for your hard word, and secondly I want to say that you are doing a fine job with your recaps of this drama.

    I do like the way the story line has unfolded so far, I know that there are a lot of people that will like to see a full blown “Romantic Rendezvous” between Seol Hee and Tae Hyun but to me that it is very unrealistic, she just got a divorce and we know that she indeed had feelings for her former husband, so the romantic part it is quite low key but I can appreciate that, music wise I think that the writer producers really did find a “great ” product in the “comeback Madonna band” so I like the music very much, as for the OTP I will hope that Seol Hee would reconcile with her now x-hubbie, that IMHO would be a more fitting response coming from a person with her character.

    Thank you again for your hard work!!!
    : O }

    • 7.1 jusash

      @ AMG:
      While I am agreeing with you about the slow simmering pace of the Tae-hyun romance (and only 4 eppies to go) making sense, I cannot root for Ji-wook.
      The guy inspires no confidence. Especially more so since he’s doing an about-turn and treating Seung-hee coldly now.
      (I don’t like Seung-hee yes. But to be fair … hey dude, you wanted Seung-hee so badly you even both had a secret country hideaway for your torrid affair. And you lied to Seol-hee all this time. So why treat Seung-hee like this now? Commitment phobia? Be a man, grow some balls and make up your fickle mind please!)

      UNlike Tae-hyun who supports Seol-hee on her terms …
      even post-divorce Ji-wook always seems to be telling Seol-hee what to do, on HIS terms.
      eg: live life quietly and tone it down, or stop interfering in the marketplace case.

      Frustrating though it is to watch, in reality it makes alot of sense to take this budding romance slow and easy.
      Seol-hee’s just come through a divorce … both Tae-hyun and her are divorced with their own emotional baggage. Rushing things may make it seem like she’s accepting Tae-hyun on the rebound.

      Ji-wook was a cheating spineless lying rat during the marriage. Other than the sweet beginning we saw on video, they had a cold (loveless) war of marriage, for the remaining time. He didn’t even come home.

      I really don’t see how-why she should accept Ji-wook back. Whatever happened to self-respect and dignity?

      (and it’s not like his evil mother will gracefully fade away forever more either, if they reconcile).

      Move on, Seol-hee!


      And THANKS kaedejun for recaps! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 7.1.1 dordorMM

        @jusash I really like your comments, thanks! I share the same view with you on Ji Wook, i do think that he is even worse than Seung Hyu… Now I am not really keen on hoping TH/SH ending up together… SH can have her own life, and so does TH, he definitely deserves perhaps another fine woman…!!

      • 7.1.2 aberdeen_angus


        We could discuss for hours if we have chemistry between TH and SH or if she should end up alone or what. But hoping for an ending with the ex seems nonsensical and I can’t really see why JW’s boat has so many supporters. He cheated on her, people, he treated her like trash and, even when I don’t think people can change in real life, he isn’t changing in dramaland either! He’s still as manipulative, selfish and a mamma’s boy as before, and is just around his ex because she dared to go away from his macho wing. He’s curious and had his pride damaged. Agh, I hate this guy.

        Furthermore, after her feminist declaration of doing what she wanted, discovering herself, etc, turning back and returning to her ex’s arms would be a 360ยฐ rotation: going back to where she ran away from. And it would make this drama pretty pointless.

        • wits

          I must agree with jusash about Ji Wook. For all that he has done, he should not be allowed to go back into the life of Seol Hee in another romantic set-up. Not in a hundred years….unless…

          This is the big IF and the basis is this: I think no one is beyond redemption. Ji Wook for the past few episodes has come to realize that he has become someone that he does not like anymore. He is burdened by the case dumped on him by his mother and uncle because he knows that in order to please them he has to do stuff again that he really lost apetite for. He knows that over time, he has lost himself, in the midst of his affair with Seung Hye, the interference of his mom, his ambition and the skewed standard of his family. He has lost the man that Seol Hee has first fallen in love with (his reaction to the video, I think demonstrated that). Ji Wook has begun to miss his former identity and is now beginning to question himself, his feeling for Seung hye, the values of his family, and his purpose. I love how the drama manifests this… subtly and profoundly.

          This, for me is more important than the question of whether Seol Hee and Ji Wook should get back together. Both of these individuals are now in the process of finding themselves again, re-discovering who they are, what their values are and who they want to be when they are reemerge from this process. Seol Hee has already answered her own questions and is way ahead on the road to reclaiming herself. Ji Wook has a long way to go and we don’t even know if he will take the turn from his previous evil ways and decides to be the better person. I agree with kaedejun that this case is important, because I am hoping that this will be Ji Wook’s crossroad.

          So… for now, I am loving the way Tae Hyun is showing (albeit quietly and only with “forlorn loving gaze”) his love for Seol Hee. I believe that Seol Hee is aware of Tae Hyun’s interest but is ignoring this for now because the timing is not right.

          Down the road, perhaps five or ten years from now, who knows what will happen to this trio? I am excited to find out.

    • 7.2 mskololia

      I am not watching this one yet, but going by the excellent recapping by kaedejun, hoping the same thing between SH and her ex. To have a new love interest in this drama is not realistic esp with the limited number of episodes….I think that is why they have given SH
      “something else” to do post-haste other than enter another relationship. And, this something else involves her with her ex…woot, woot.

  8. Yoorie

    I was never going to watch this. But then i just like the whole story. Im even proud that I made it thru the divorce part still interested–i was afraid they were going to drag it out. But I have to say I love this show. Im so happy Kim Sun Ah didnt do it, like I love Kim Sun Ah, but if she had done it it would have been too intense. Now Kim Jung Eun has intensity but she has the right kind of vibe that this shows all about. From the way she dresses and acts. Gosh im so hooked on this show and Tae-Hyun and his protectove nature golly. He beat ass for her–love him. How could Soo-In possibly thinks that he likes her? C’mon but w.e heheh awesome show im addicted.

  9. whatis

    I LOVED this episode – the ending was AWESOME! I was bopping my head to the music, and squealing at the stare down between MOTHER OF ALL EVIL (GREAT nick name by the way) and Seol Hee.

    I’m really happy at how this drama’s turning out. I actually like the fact that they’re not focusing on the love line so much. Because it really is all about Seol Hee’s transformation for herself, by herself.

    Like you said, Seung Hye is annoying the HECK out of me. Mother of All Evil, I can understand by being a total wack job – she has her son to protect, she’s been living in this fancy shmancy bubble world. Fine – she’s deluded, I can sorta understand that. But Seung Hye?? C’mon! I really expected much more from her. For a person who has obviously taken full advantage of feminism, how can she NOT sympathize with Seol Hee even a LITTLE, or recognize and affirm Seol Hee’s bravery and courage for fighting out of her hellhole?? I thought when Seung Hye overheard the Mother of All Evil’s warning to Ji Wook against dating Seung Hye, she would finally wake up and think, “yea, I can understand why Seol Hee went crazy and wanted a divorce! ‘Cause this mother-in-law is a insane!”

    Highly disappointed in Seung Hye’s character. For a woman so smart, I can’t believe she wanted to make her relationship with Ji Wook public so quickly. With such a smart son, I’m SURE the kid can put 2 and 2 together and realize that his mom was having an affair with a married man!

  10. 10 dordorMM

    If ppl think Seuny Hye is disgraceful, i think Ji Wook is even worse, at least Seuny Hye is in love with him with all her heart, and this Ji Wook slept with her with no love at all, and keep switching from one woman to another…

    Tae Hyun is too lovable, and i do not mind at all if he doesn’t end up with SH…let him free and be happy…

    • 10.1 anonymous

      To Seung Hye, Ji Wook fulfills a vision of her ambition (attainment of status, prestige, power, wealth)…
      Seung Hye is not in love with Ji Wook with all her heart…She is simply a MoAE wannabe.

      • 10.1.1 dordorMM

        if this is the case, then they are same type of ppl and match with each other pretty well.

  11. 11 cheanne

    Thank you….. I am interested with the story because it is fresh….. Of course the old time conflicts should be present but the story itself is new…..

    Thanks again….

  12. 12 Seriously?

    Sorry, but I think your recap sucks. The drama doesn’t suck but ever since I saw the way you recap this drama, everything went out the window.

    Try to lessen your comments or inserting your comments on the characters’ conversations. It would help a lot if you just get to the point and what really happened.

    Thank you though, cos I’m pretty sure it takes some time to do the recaps and i’m sure youre working and all, have a life of your own. hmm.

    • 12.1 namemelydia

      Don’t read her recaps; write your own.

      P.S. Why are you visiting this site? haha, if you have been for a long time.. you’d know that all the recappers (is that even a word.?) write their own comments.

    • 12.2 Lee

      Sorry but it’s their recap and they write it their way. If you want a literal rehashing or verbatim of the drama read some one else or just watch the drama. I think like the other commenter on this responce said I think you’ve just found this site or you would know the flavour of the recaps is to infuse some of their own views, insights and observations, along with humour and fun.

    • 12.3 kaedejun


      WHY THANK YOU! I’m sorry – perhaps you’d like a recap written by SANTA CLAUS then? He wrote this one: http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/08/bad-guy-episode-15/


      • 12.3.1 lei

        kaedejun, i’m sorry you had to read such a nasty comment after all the work you’ve done.

        i didn’t watch bad guy so i never saw that santa claus recap til now. man, that was too funny!!

        thank you for helping out with the recaps.

    • 12.4 birdscout

      @ Seriously

      Don’t be such a jerk.

      • 12.4.1 Seriously?

        yeah, yeah, boo ME.

        i’ve been visiting this site since time immemorial and i’ve never had any problems with any of the recaps til now. there.

        i’m being a jerk, i know. but you should see how many comments you have here and the ones written by the two other girls. i think it highly reflects on the writing style. while they’re getting 200+ comments, you get what 40? That should tell you something. I’m just saying :-“

        • birdscout

          “…i’ve never had any problems with any of the recaps til now. there.”

          Do you realize how juvenile you sound? I believe it is around the age of two when humans begin to realize that the world does not revolve around them. Grow up.

          • Seriously?

            Okayyy. Am trying here. To grow up, that is.

            grow! grow! grow! ooppps. i stopped at two ๐Ÿ™‚

        • aberdeen_angus

          Well, I really didn’t want to answer to this chain of comments, since I strongly believe that trolls must not be fed, but this one was too much.

          Seriously, this drama isn’t so popular compared to PK and MGG. Those two are big internet (not ratings, I know) sensations, and people have been anticipating them since they were announced. Plus, since they are proving to be worthy of their previous hype, they’re mantaining a loyal (and fairly big) fanbase. IAL has no big, super known stars attached, and to make things worse, in my opinion, the drama is lacking in the plot department, making it difficult for it to fit into the “cult” or “mania” dramas or even “underdogs” because the so called “it factor” is not there.

          Please, you don’t like? Fine. Just don’t read or make vague, general assumptions based on your personal preference and view. It’s annoying.

          • Seriously?

            okay, okay. Chill, geez.

  13. 13 Zue

    Thanks 4 d recap..
    Everybody has d way look this drama in different way, n read d recap make me d other option of people think n hope.. And my hope still SH with JW…i dont know..i just love d way JW regret n understand how precious SH…n fighting for her back…my wish..

  14. 14 Bashful82

    Well if you think the recaps sucks, don’t read it!

    Just reading the recap of an episode without any discussions or side comments is BORING!

    kaedejun is an excellent writer and it is these comments, not only by her but by all the other recappers, that make this a top-notch site to visit.

    Also, it is weird that your enjoyment of the drama changed just by the way kardejun wrote the recap.

    • 14.1 Seriously?

      Uhuh. Okay.

  15. 15 hide

    are there some actors from baker king kim tak goo, or am i daydreaming^^
    the man in the 3rd picture looks like the master (the owner of the bakery) and the girl with the backpack looks like the actress who played yu kyung’s childhood.
    anyone knows?

    • 15.1 aberdeen_angus

      He is!! Go Jin Bae is master Pal Bong ^^

      As for the girl, I was thinking I had seen her anywhere else, I’m not so sure, but could be.

      • 15.1.1 K

        Yeah…I’ve seen at least three actors from Kim Tak Gu so far…Go Jin Bae isOh Pal Bong, one of the ladies from the market is Mrs. Gong and the “fangirl” is the younger Gu Ja Kyung.

        And isn’t Go Jin Bae’s older secretary the chicken shop lady from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho?

        • hide

          thanks for your answers:)
          i haven’t watched this drama, i was just looking at the pictures to get some clue and to decide to watch it or not. when i saw them, i was just curious:)
          i guess who has done with other dramas comes here hahaha.

  16. 16 Lee

    Hmmm Seung Hye and the mum are very hateful they definitely have the princess syndrome, they should realise it’s not about them at all, she just wants to live her own life. The ex husband is kinda annoying he was hateful at the begining but I think he was attracted to her persona before they got married but he got bored of her when she became a door mat and I think he may even secretly see himself in her as he’s controlled by his parents but can’t divorce them. Seol Hee is blossoming nicely and I like that the male lead is catching feeling 1st, I think he gives her room cause he knows what it’s like to be suffacated (by Seung Hye). I do think that Seung Hye is desperate for love but she only wants it her way and that’s what drives men away. I’m never really bothered about the law cases as they just serve as plots for the main characters to develop.

    • 16.1 Lee

      Sorry catching feelings*. Also *der* moment I meant the law cases are important but not really interesting and they kinda drag.

  17. 17 ockoala

    Thanks for another excellent recap, Kaedejun!

    @ trixicopper – Team Rat Bastard bus is taking a temporary pit stop break. To be honest, both the bus and the tricycle are going nowhere at this point, so I focus on things that are going somewhere in IAL, the Comeback Madonna Band!

  18. 18 Liz

    I do not understand you people. Ji-wook changed a little and you are all in his side now? I really hate when this happen, yeah I know people can change, but not in this little time, I’m sure if Seol-hee got back to him, after some time he would treat her the same way as before or even worse. Don’t be tricked, he is the same person, it is just he felt new feelings. Like: His pride being hurt, like do not gain what he wanted and like the things don’t go the way he wanted! So of course he will pay attention to it, and then when he do it like he wanted, he will return to be the same, he still want just one thing: Pursue Seol-hee, and another thing: he doesn’t love her so much, I mean, he can feel something for her, but not love… I think he just is changing because Seol-hee showed him what kind of people he turned in, and he finally noticed that. So now he might change, but not so much in my opinion, why Seol-hee moves him so much? Because when a person tells the truth it always hurt the person or makes her wonder, so Seol-hee is this kind of person for Ji-wook, he knows what she says is true, and since he hurted her all this time, he doesn’t have nothing to say back. Of course Seol-hee has one part to be blamed, But still he treated her so badly.

    Plus how come you want her to be back to her ex? I see that she finally untied from her feeling for him and is now free, of course she doesn’t want to fall in love so fast, she is just so hurt, and doesn’t want to feel it again, she lost her trust in the relationship or love.. just time to make her healed. Or should I say almost healed. Plus if you think just because Ji-wook saw his own mistakes he can be back to Seol-hee, have persons who know what kind of mistakes they did, but still this doesn’t mean the person will not do this again. It is like a abusive husband who beats his wife. It is always the same, the poor wife believes that he is sorry about that after he ask for forgiveness, for her he ”changed” So she Forgives him and he after some time he does the same, beats her, and then ask forgiveness again and the wife forgives him again, the woman who believes in this kind of man is just Stupid. Really she wants to suffer, and she deserves it for believing or for forgiving her husband. I’m so happy Seol-hee is getting over her husband, Ji-wook can be regreting that is good, but this doesn’t mean he deserves Seol-hee again, I really wish they don’t get together again. The point of he regreting it makes me happy because like this I think in the future he can find a new woman, and this time don’t commit the same mistakes, while this for Seol-hee I just want her to improve, makes sucess with her band or turns to be a good lawyer.. not a assistent but a Lawyer because being assistent is the same of working too much for just a little. About Tae-hyun, omo he is so cute, but we can see is all a one sided love. He likes her like a man like a woman, but she just think in him in someone she respect or admire, so the feeling is more like a close friend, and since she doesn’t want to be in a relationship so soon I think she doesn’t think in him in another way or doesn’t want to. But this can always change, if Tae-hyun says or do something. Let’s see what happens^^~

    • 18.1 Sukispop

      Hi Liz,

      Great comments. I also don’t want Seol-hee to get back with Ji-wook, regardless of how remorseful he might be for how he’s treated her, and for how drastically his feelings for her changed after she miscarried. Some have mentioned the great chemistry between them, but I honestly did not feel it. I think the two actors had great scenes, together, but I did not pick up on good chemistry. But that’s just me.

      I think we will see Seol-hee developing feelings for Tae-hyun, but just not quite yet. She’s just been divorced from Ji-wook, and even though she no longer loves him, we have to respect the process and I don’t think the show wants to show her having feelings for him until an appropriate amount of time passes. Plus, I think the band’s development needs to take priority…that, along with Seol-hee’s personal development as an independent and self-reliant woman. She’s getting there, and I think we’ll see some fun development happening soon between her and Tae-hyun.

      Thanks, kaedejun, for the great recap! Ignore the nay sayers and trolls. We like your recaps just the way they are, and we’re grateful for all the time and effort that you put into them.

      • 18.1.1 jusash

        AGREE! I don’t see why she should go back too.

        Ji Wook may like the liberated current Seol-hee he is seeing now. She has found herself and found her old groove again.

        And this revamped person is probably what the old Seol-hee USED to be as well, BEFORE her marriage.

        The animated free spirit, the person who goes after what she wants, the person who can laugh and have fun without worrying about social decorum.

        This was the Seol-hee who probably attracted Ji-wook in the first place, to marry her. So now he’s repenting and attracted to the current revamped Seol-hee. So what? (just look what damage you did to her, dude. why do you deserve her back??).

        A marriage that was so stifling and suffocating it transformed Seol-hee into a obedient doormat (and someone Ji-wook did not respect and cheated on shamelessly) … I too am with you guys in NOT understanding why should she go back there ever again. NO WAY!

        I don’t really care if she ends up with Tae-hyun or not. Maybe it’s too soon, and she’s not ready. Maybe she hasn’t responded yet. Whatever. She will be fine on her independent own too.

        But if there is a pairing in store …. Seol-hee so deserves someone like TH. Someone with heart, and soul, with warmth and considerate understanding. Someone who will support, cherish, and protect her wholeheartedly – without his-only rules or judgement.

  19. 19 bo bae

    Why does Kpop all of a sudden have all these references to Madonna? I prefer Gaga.

    • 19.1 random user

      The current band “originated” in the 1980’s/1990’s when Madonna was an inspirational figure to women all around the world. (Check out some pop history.) As such, Lady Gaga would have no influence on 30-plus year old ahjummas.

      Personally, Lady Gaga does not have the same feminist-liberation type of influence that Madonna has. They have very similar shocking styles, but Madonna is the original Material Girl.

      • 19.1.1 Ani

        “Madonna is the original Material Girl.”

        BOOYAH! I could not have not said it any better. X)

  20. 20 Haj

    I love that baby!
    SOOOO cute.
    The other day in the supermaket I saw a Mason Moon look-alike. THe baby from Baby and I. Seriously he looked his Mason’s big brother!! and sort of like Gun.

  21. 21 Ani

    I’m glad Seol-hee was supportive of Ah-reum’s decision. I was sort of mad at Soo-in at first because it seemed like she was not going to be supportive of Ah-reum, but when she advised her to “think carefully about it”, I felt she was willing (even if a little) to let Ah-reum decide for herself. As for Ah-reum severing ties with the other band, I highly doubt it would be that easy. I mean, didn’t she sign a contract? *sigh* I think we are in for a bit of “drama” before the show ends.

    As always, thanks for the recaps. X)

  22. 22 touchmails

    seol hee definitely CANNOT go back to the jerk, Ji Wook. That would be injustice & makes no sense to GOOD triumphs over evil.

    She has to be with Tae Hyun coz they have the same COMMON interest…music & indie rock. Yay!!

  23. 23 dordorMM

    @Seriously if you do not like kaedejun’s recap, please do not come to this thread. You may go to Fox, Kiss’s pages and enjoy the recaps there.

    We do love Kaedejun’s recaps and really highly appreciate it. We like “I am Legend” too. Kaedejun, thank you very much for your work and I really enjoy and treasure it! Please go on with your great job!!

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