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I Am Legend: Episode 14
by | September 20, 2010 | 36 Comments

Ah – much better. I don’t know about the rest of you, but this episode was like a breath of fresh air for me, just as music was a place for the girls to “breathe” outside of their socially-accepted-other lives. Maybe my standards for “good” is a little low (and it has been in the last few weeks) but I am much relieved that we are moving forward.

Plus – Hwa Ja has a solo! What more can you ask for?


I Am Legend OST – “Musical” by Hong Ji Min [download]

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Despite the pleas of the people in the marketplace, Seol Hee surprisingly refuses to budge. Keeping in mind the promise she made to Ji Wook, she tells them that if they want to continue pursuing the case, they should go seek out Jin Bae. She is taking herself completely off the case.

However, MoaE and her Uncle get word that the stall owners are not going to back off from the lawsuit. To make matters worse, Jo Jung Pil is agreeing to testify against them. The two of them freak out because they think that Seol Hee is backstabbing them, saying that she won’t be involved but in reality is. Uncle even wants to call up a gangster and “sort out” Jo. (Geez, how stupid are you? Doing that in front of your nephew and lawyer no less.) Seung Hye and Ji Wook tell them not to worry. They will fix it.

And by “fixing it,” it means calling Seol Hee and asking her what the hell she is doing. Seol Hee insists that she has nothing to do with the case anymore. If the people want to continue with the lawsuit, then they can. She’s kept her promise, but that doesn’t mean that Go Jin Bae necessarily dropped the case.

Soo In, Ah Reum, and Hwa Ja are so excited as they start receiving fan letters. They’re becoming more and more popular – but have no CD for the fans. So… why not make their own? Soo In sets up a photo shoot for their album cover.

Whee! Cue the girls posing with their instruments and looking as rocker-ahjumma as possible. Some photoshop fiddling is done, CD burning, printing and cutting… and finally the CD is done! The girls squeal in delight and grab the CD in turn to physically feel the reality of their success.

Tae Hyun stops by Jin Bae’s office for his usual visit to check in on Seol Hee. He learns that Seol Hee dropped out of the case, so he goes and visits her apartment. Instead of going down to meet him, she invites him up for some tea.

And then we have a cute romantic interlude! He comes in bearing a potted plant and thrusts it upon her.

Tae Hyun: It felt weird to come here empty-handed so I just bought it. I heard that it’s good for you when you’re stressed so just put it on your desk and smell it once in awhile, I guess.
Seol Hee: Heh – this is your first time buying flowers for a woman, right? What is this? Not even a bouquet…
Tae Hyun: What? I bought it out of concern and because the meaning of the plant was nice.
Seol Hee: Meaning? What’s the meaning?
Tae Hyun: Why are you so curious? Just give me my tea.

And I giggle in delight! What a schoolboy…

Tae Hyun tries to convince her to get back on the case – how could she just drop her responsibility like that, even when Jo Jung Pil already said that he would testify? But the price of dropping the case is to ensure Jung Pil and Eun Ji’s safety, and a promise is a promise, no matter whom she makes it with.

Clearly she’s not going to help out, so Tae Hyun joins Jo Jung Pil and Jin Bae to go convince the restaurant owner to come and testify against Shin Hwa and Mujeong Development. The restaurant owner wants nothing to do with the case, and won’t listen to either of their pleas. It’s going to be a difficult road ahead, but Jo asks Jin Bae to not give up.

Meanwhile, a gangster from Mujeong Development approaches the Uncle. He has a CD that contains evidence of the gangsters violently threatening the stall owners. Of course, it’s not the only copy and he wants money to stay quiet or else he’ll just reveal it all. Of course the Uncle quickly asks how much the guy wants.

He appeals to his sister for help. Honestly, if I were her and if blood weren’t thicker than water, I would have just cut off ties with him rather than try to find a solution. Clearly, he thinks that because he’s rich and powerful (sort of), he can get away with dirty crimes. MoaE’s solution is to call up Seung Hye for help in the matter, under one condition: she cannot mention any of this to Ji Wook.

Seung Hye goes off to meet this gangster. Turns out, not everything is as it seems. Seung Hye actually had hired the gangster to go approach the Uncle with the CD. (Say whut!?) The intent was just to scare him, but not to ask for so much money. After all, the gangster is also in the video, and if it gets out, he too will be incriminated. But Seung Hye pays him off and gets the three CD’s in exchange. She makes him write and sign a contract promising that he will not reveal anything.

She successfully hands off the CD’s to Uncle and MoaE, and they thank her profusely for doing this. Seung Hye says she would do anything for the family (even though they’re not her family!). MoaE reminds her to not mention anything to Ji Wook.

Just then, Seung Hye gets a call – from Noo Ri. Her son is happy to announce that his tooth fell out! Of course, Seung Hye thinks that he must have gotten knocked around, but Grandma takes the phone and explains that Noo Ri’s tooth was getting loose, so she just pulled it out. Noo Ri grabs the phone back (and gives Grandma a look of, “Aish – what are you doing butting in – this is MY phone call!”) and boasts that he didn’t cry – so can mom come visit him this weekend?

Seung Hye is an agreeable mood. As she returns to the private room, however, she overhears Uncle asking if Ji Wook is dating Seung Hye. MoaE puts a stamp to that and declares that since Seung Hye is a divorcee with a child, she is not up to Ji Wook’s standards; he has to marry someone who’s never been married.

Uncle is worried though, since Seung Hye knows all their dirty secrets, but MoaE says, “Don’t worry. She’s not stupid like Seol Hee.” Oooh – nothing to get Seung Hye feeling more insulted than that.

Seol Hee practices the piano in the studio and Soo In comes upon her to announce that this weekend the band is going to be interviewed, and in the near future they are going to perform on a cable music channel and at a club.

That little scene only serves as exposition to set up a conflict: Duk Soo’s boss hears Comeback Madonna Band on the radio and asks if it is possible for the girls to sing at the company’s anniversary this weekend. Hwa Ja had said in an interview that they would be willing to play on any stage, large or small. Duk Soo says he’ll see what he can do.

Back home, Hwa Ja is excitedly preparing for the interview and practicing ways to introduce herself. She even ropes Duk Soo to pretend to be the interviewer, so he asks, “You have a job and play in a band. What about your family? Don’t you feel bad for your husband and children?”

Hwa Ja is shocked – is he taking the opportunity to blame her for sneaking around behind his back?! Duk Soo gives her a possible answer, “Because of my husband and children, I’m able to do well.” (Sly dog…)

But he also takes the opportunity to ask if it’s possible for the band to perform at his company. Hwa Ja’s face falls, and it reads, “Perform at a silly, lowly, taxi company when we’re going to be big stars?”

The next day, Seung Hye marches into Ji Wook’s office – in an incredibly short mini-dress. (Channeling Seol Hee much?) Her purpose: to talk about their “future.” They’ve never spoken about it after the divorce, and so why not talk about it now? Ji Wook thinks she’s just being a little too sensitive. Unable to get any further, she hands him the incriminating CD.

Ji Wook is completely infuriated as he watches the video (which we still don’t get to see!!!). He confronts his mother and angrily tells her that Uncle has done things completely illegal. MoaE is shocked as to how Ji Wook could have found out about it, but says that he shouldn’t call it “illegal” – it’s a “family matter.” Frustrated, Ji Wook says that he will no longer work on the case.


And MoaE does a laughable thing – she calls up Seung Hye and reports the problem – with no suspicion whatsoever that it’s all Seung Hye’s doing. During the entire phone conversation Seung Hye smiles as she protests ever having told Ji Wook about the CD. But don’t worry – she will take care of it.

No one ever puts Seung Hye in a corner – ’cause the claws are just gonna come on out!

Back in the studio, Seol Hee has a one-on-one session with Tae Hyun. She plays a song for him, hoping he will recognize it, and the entire moment is overshadowed by the fact that it is pure product placement for a new phone feature that can detect what song is playing at that moment. (It was “Across the Universe”) Seol Hee mentions that sometimes notes just come up to her in her mind, and so Tae Hyun offers to teach her composing. He sets a key, and she sets a melody, and right there they make some beautiful music together… (She, of course, misses a call from Ji Wook.)

Ji Wook is slumped in a small barbecue place having drunk himself to a stupor over soju. As Seol Hee leaves the studio, she gets a call asking her to pick up Ji Wook, since she was the last number dialed on his phone. Seol Hee bravely says that she is of no relation to Ji Wook and hangs up. (Yeah!) But the look on her face clearly shows concern over him, and she goes anyways.

Seol Hee shakes him awake – what is he doing here in such a state? He has everything he could ever want – so why does he seem so depressed? Well – even though he may seem to have everything, he feels like he has nothing at all.

Seung Hye comes into the store and is surprised to see Seol Hee. She doesn’t feel very comfortable with this situation, but Seol Hee doesn’t mind. Ever so suspicious, she wonders if Seol Hee still has feelings for Ji Wook. Seol Hee admits that she was concerned since she got a call, but things can happen coincidentally without a reason at all. (Woohoo! Although I doubt Seung Hye would ever accept that explanation.) And with that, she leaves Seung Hye to clean up the mess.

Seung Hye is a bit curious as to why Ji Wook would call Seol Hee in the first place, but Ji Wook brushes it off. She warns him not to be so flaky with his feelings.

Now to resolve the issue about the taxi company’s anniversary. As Duk Soo drives Hwa Ja to the studio, she comes up with the excuse explains that the band can’t just do a small gig out of the blue when they’ve already planned out their schedule. It coincides with the interview, and even though she really wants to, she’s not the only band member – she has to get everyone’s approval first too. Duk Soo’s ready to let it go, but Hwa Ja thinks that he’s really still angry. They keep quibbling, and it finally reaches the point that they’re threatening to divorce each other by the time they get to the studio. Seol Hee overhears this and is immediately concerned.

Hwa Ja explains her husband’s request but refuses to change the schedule to accommodate a performance at the taxi company. Seol Hee comments that the issue shouldn’t be the reason for their divorce. Since it’s her husband, they should just do the performance. Hwa Ja interrupts – what right does Seol Hee have to say on the schedule anyways? She was away from practice for so long because of the lawsuit that she didn’t know everything that was going on. Everyone else had lives too, but they always showed up for practice.

Soo… this is a power issue now?

Seol Hee gets up and reminds Hwa Ja that the reason why they did this band in the first place was because it provided them a space to breathe. It was an escape from their dreary, other lives. Sure it might be great if the band will lead to fame and fortune, but that wasn’t the original intent of the band. They did this band because it made them happy.

Thoroughly admonished, Hwa Ja shuts up, and Seol Hee orders Soo In to cancel the interview. They’re going to perform at the company – and they’ll make it a surprise appearance too! (On a side note, Kwang Yul isn’t too pleased about canceling a big profile event for the sake of a smaller one, so he reminds Seol Hee that they do still need to make some kind of money.)

Before heading off to the taxi company, Seol Hee calls up Jin Bae. It just so happens that the trial is on the same day. She wishes him luck, and is sorry that she could not be there.

At the taxi company, Duk Soo tells his boss that his wife’s band could not make it. The boss is disappointed, but he doesn’t blame anyone for it – after all, the band probably has bigger things to do. Just then a huge truck drives up in front of the company building. The sides open up…and the truck becomes the makeshift stage for the Comeback Madonna Band!

The taxi drivers are all surprised, and super excited. Hwa Ja shouts out a few words to her “honey” – she’s sorry for mistreating him. He always treated her like a queen, and so she really felt like one (meaning: she was spoiled and selfish). Now, she will treat him like a prince since it’s only right for all the support he’s given her. She adds a few more sweet, mushy gushy words that makes Ah Reum go “Aieeee!” and me go “Ack!!!” in embarrassment.

And then the performance begins – with Hwa Ja as the soloist! Woo! Cheers and celebration goes around as a crowd gathers and the workers dance in delight. Gosh – Hwa Ja and Duk Soo are too cute. Duk Soo more so.

And then we cut to the boring trial scene. (What the hell, editors?) The trial is already underway, and Jo Jung Pil has testified that he was threatened by Mujeong Development to get the other stall owners to sign the contracts. He took the money that Mujeong paid him because of his daughter’s surgery. However, when Seung Hye questions him, she points out that just a few days ago, he was sued for fraud. She traps him – as she usually does – and Uncle and MoaE crack a smile. Ji Wook on the other hand doesn’t look too pleased to be there.

The good thing is that the restaurant owner who initially refused to be involved is there. She is questioned by Jin Bae, and admits that on the night of the fire, she saw a gangster leave her store. All of a sudden a fire had erupted at the back of her store and spread. It was all because earlier that day she had refused to sell the land over to Mujeong Development. However, when it’s Seung Hye’s turn to question, she asks if the lady actually caused the fire herself so that she could collect insurance. Jin Bae tries to object but is denied. The restaurant owner denies it all, but is overrun by Seung Hye.

After the concert, a mysterious man in a suit approaches Seol Hee. He has something to give her. Dun dun dun…

The trial is just about wrapping up, and Seung Hye hands over the contracts that the stall owners signed, saying that they’re all legal and right. Seung Hye’s case is very convincing, and Jin Bae’s side looks frustrated at their imminent loss. The judge asks if Jin Bae has anything else to present to the court.

Just then Seol Hee enters and hands something over to Jin Bae. IT’S THE CD!! Seung Hye, MoaE, and Uncle are shocked at her presence, while Ji Wook is impassive. And I mean so impassive that he doesn’t even look at Seol Hee entering the room while Seung Hye shifts uncomfortably.

Jin Bae announces he has evidence that will prove that Mujeong Development violently threatened the stall owners into handing over the land.

Ji Wook stares straight ahead, his expression hard. And Seol Hee looks over at his direction without malice and, if I dare say so, some amazed curiosity.



I guess that’s a good reaction, right? I am definitely intrigued over what is in the CD, am glad that an incriminating CD that shows up in a case is going to be used in the case (cough*adultery tape*cough), and am curious as to who gave the CD to Seol Hee. All hints point to Ji Wook, and if it really was Ji Wook who did it, then I’m loving him so much. His character has definitely undergone a slow transformation, but of all the slow-ish story lines, his progressed the best. It is near the end of the series, so it’s only natural that we see a change in his character develop.

As for Seung Hye – wow, I am amazed at her. First with the CD-threatening-the-uncle plan, and then showing that same CD to Ji Wook after hearing MoaE’s lack of respect for her. She’s definitely growing desperate and by creating this rift between Ji Wook and MoaE, she knows that he won’t respect his mother’s opinions and listen to her. And since MoaE doesn’t want him to marry Seung Hye, out of rebellion he just might marry her.

Now as for the one annoyance in this episode: Hwa Ja’s egotistical act was SO ANNOYING. Ever since Comeback Madonna Band started getting fans and becoming popular, she became more selfish and developed a big head. Sure she may have felt guilty for not performing for her husband’s company, but she was also clearly embarrassed to have to perform at such a small stage. Her shallowness and desire for fame and money made her so unsympathetic and look like she was out for a power trip. Just because she was always at practice does not qualify her to be a leader or have more of a say in the band. I think she’s too irrational to make those decisions, so I’m glad Seol Hee brought her down a bit.



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    Yay! This was great, thanks for the recap! Can’t wait till the next ep.

  2. Shurlee

    It gets more and more interesting! Thanks for the recap 🙂

  3. acuvue09

    Yay! Thanks for the recap!

    I love this drama. It has a great message. Sometime doing what you love and doing the right thing are one and the same. Both can be hard, but the rewards are worth it. (Plus I swear Tae Hyun gets cuter and cuter with every episode.)

    Comeback Madonna! Fighting!

  4. moana

    great re-cap! i also enjoyed this ep–like you, all of the band stuff.

    fa-ja was irritating but her story line also went to a place i expected the show to go (at least for a little bit). i mean, someone had to get a big head about all the attention they were getting lol. and it makes sense it was her–she cobbled together sales jobs and her hub was a taxi driver. of all of them, she was the one who thought they deserved a shot at fame–and she would be the one who enjoyed it the most. and duk soo is freakin’ adorable . . .

  5. Anonymous

    i am really not that much into this drama but i liked your recap. Hwa ja and her husband are cute indeed!! Seol hee and tae hyun’s chemistry is a little flat. If they are trying to bring them together there there should be more romance.anyways thanks for recap!!

    • 5.1 jusash

      Muhahahahahaha! 🙂
      THANKS kaedejun.

      @ #5 anon:
      I agree. It is feeling “flat” to me too. And we only have ep 15 and 16 to bail this out.

      SH + TH …. the script introduces all these little promising romantic interludes, but then they go nowhere.
      TH says something teasing like “are you trying to seduce me” to her invite to come up …. and what does that build?Absolutely nothing, whatsoever.
      He comes up, hands her the plant (sweet!) and then both sit down. Finito. Pan out to next scene.

      It’s like a “Huh?” conclusion for me each time this happens. It’s so bland.
      Same for her Ep 14 car crying scene in the car too. I felt that went on for too long, and didn’t go anywhere.
      The encouragement, and hand-holding in the car was sweet (finally some initiative from our stoicly cool Tae-hyun! YEA!! ^ ^).
      But again, there was NO climax-resolution to that emotional-crescendo. Flat. SH registered nothing, she just kept crying, and crying and crying. Pan-out.
      And it’s frustrating. There was so much potential to do so much more with this scene, to build that relationship to another level.

      I DO think there is chemistry. And it’s a waste of all TH’s intense gazing. The scenes are very awkwardly dealt with, and then swept right under the carpet, each time.

      Heading off now to catch today’s ep 15. Let’s cross our fingers the ride will get better, direction-wise for these last 2 eppies.

  6. zashi

    Thanks for the IAL update. Must admit about time that no good ex husband show some remorse/spine or at least something. When will Seol hee get her just rewards, I want her disbarred and in prison please!

    • 6.1 h311ybean

      You mean Seung-hye being disbarred and imprisoned, right? 🙂

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    Thanks for the recap! If ex-hubby actually changed into someone with a heart, it would be totally great! I’m really starting to warm up to his character.

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    Kaedejun, thanks for the wonderful recap! I have actually put this drama aside due to time constraints and have tried to keep myself from reading your recaps til i have time to watch each ep. But who am i kidding, i finally gave in 🙂

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    Thanks again, cause since the show’s been pulled from the subbing sites, I’ll only get the end of the story here.

    • 9.1 Sukispop

      Hi Elena,

      If I may ask, what did you mean when you stated that the show’s been pulled from the subbing sites? Are you referring to sites like ViiKii? If that’s true, then it’s a real bummer, especially since there are only two episodes left, counting the one that just aired 10 hours ago(or so).

      Thanks, in advance.

      • 9.1.1 h311ybean

        I just checked Viikii and the archive is still there as of a few minutes ago. Ep 15 has not yet been uploaded, though.

  10. 10 mskololia

    Thanks for investing your time in the recaps kaedejun…I have decided that I will watch this one once it ends and all of the subs are done.

  11. 11 kaedejun

    Forgive me guys – since I do not know a lot of Korean, I do get some things wrong:

    Instead of the gangster from Mujeong Development working for Seung Hye, she merely met him to say that he better watch out – since he’s the one on the video, the crimes could still be blamed on him.

    Either way – that girl’s got mad manipulative skills – she’s gonna have the Cha family wrapped around her tiny finger and is only pissed off with Ji Wook now because he knows how to escape her grasp.

    • 11.1 mskololia

      Well, I for one hope JW escapes her grasp before it’s too late! Run JW run…………

  12. 12 wits

    I’m sooo loving all scenes of Tae Hyun and Soel Hee. Too bad they are so few… Love Tae Hyun’s sweet, awkward giving of the potted plant, hee hee… I understand it’s actually a pot of rosemary, which means, “eternal love”, which is what Tae Hyun was referring to when he said, the meaning was nice.

    And their music jamming / composing scene shows TH and SH are becoming more comfortable with each other, and are becoming fast friends. The development of this OTP might be slow for others but I think it is just perfect for the story and is more realistic. We know, and they both know, that the attraction is real and mutual and the care and concern has been solidifying but they are both taking it slowly. I love it.

    Thanks for the recap, kaedejun.

  13. 13 elena

    @ Sukispop

    I’ve not been able to watch any episode since … maybe 10, with subs. there is a notice that they have been pulled by a third party on viikii, and just will not open on other sites.

    Maybe it’s me : )

    • 13.1 Sukispop

      Hi elena,

      I remember seeing ViiKii’s mention that they had entered into some kind of licensing agreement with some dramas. That would mean that, in some countries, you wouldn’t be able to watch those subbed dramas unless you were a qualified contributor. I think North America countries were exempt from most of those agreements.

      It’s not you. =)

  14. 14 momosan

    This way to the Bus ladies…..Ji Wook the rat bastard is hitting his stride.

    • 14.1 MsR

      love …rat bastard….hilarious!

  15. 15 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks for the awesome recap. I haven’t seen the videos lately because I more or less lost interest because of how the story is going into the legal angle. But I enjoy reading your recaps so I will know how will things end. Thanks again….

  16. 16 Laica

    Hi Kaedejun!

    This is my first comment on your recaps. I just started watching I Am Legend a few days ago, but I’ve been reading your comments as I watched – it makes it a more enjoyable experience. I wanted to thank you for your lovely recaps. 🙂

    Also, this was a good episode, and I enjoyed the band moments (and the SH-TH moments!), even though I felt like the court case needed to be over two weeks ago.

    But I just watched episode 15, and no spoilers, but it was AWESOME! Like, grinning from ear-to-ear, tearing up awesome. (Maybe it’s just me, lol.) And the way it ended has me on pins and needles for the last episode. SO glad it’s airing tomorrow.

    I’m looking forward to episode 16, but I’m also sad this is ending just when it’s getting so good. I’ll definitely be listening to the OST for a while.

    • 16.1 jusash

      @ Laica,

      Not grinning on my end, but yes, way better than focusing on market place. Though it is very repetitive how they keep repeating the same band repertoire each performance.

      I can understand your pins and needles for ep 16. Ditto!!

      This is also a possibly why things are the way they are???

      • 16.1.1 Laica

        I know, I wish they would come up with a new song. Especially since it seems they are getting more popular/having more performances.

        Yes… perhaps. It’s looking very interesting! 🙂

        • luna.tic

          the last one minute or so of ep 15 got me excited again! Looking forward to it after the market place lawsuit which i think got dragged too long. i was looking forward to more Ahjumma Power! i hope that is delivered in ep. 16.

          kaedejun, thanks for the wonderful recaps!!!

  17. 17 dordorMM

    the band scenes are much more fun, Madonna gals should have more scenes on as well, Soo-in is such a waste character in the drama, lawsuits scenes far too many boring, Seol-hee no legendary anymore she gave up the law case and leave the Madonna band development to the hands of the three bandmates, what has she done to it? TH appears so little screen time, deliberately drag on the SH/TH moments make no sense at all, the script could have been written much much better and richer, i will not watch any other drama written by this writer in the future!

  18. 18 opal

    I was excited with IAL in the beginning esp when I learnt that Kim Su Nah will take the lead but now I’m losing interest though still keep on watching it as I like to finish what I’ve started. And I am totally understand why KSA back off from the drama, good decision ^^.

    I think the PD/Writer haven’t done a good job in exploring the character development. And with 2 episodes left…..it becomes bland and sour.

    Wish SH and TH have more screen but alas looks like SH have more screen not her with the ex hubby.

    Have seen epd 15 and not lifting up my interest though the last scene can still have a point from me

  19. 19 paperdolls

    Now that the drama is about to end, I would say it is one of the better Kdramas I’ve watched so far. The story is fairly good (as compared to many others), and acting is excellent, including supporting cast.

    Love the way it is recapped, as always!

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    I really liked the idea of it, but what the heck.
    Supposedly a drama about a band? PSH. More like a drama about divorce and law cases and drama. -_-

    The romantic storyline had potential and yet it went NOWHERE.

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    why do I think that Ji Wook was the one that gave Seol Hee the CD?

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