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My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 16 (Final)
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Dear Show,

How do I love Thee? Let me count the ways.

1. Your hero is Woongtastic.
2. Your heroine is the cutest thing since cats started having babies.
3. You do crazy things, but then you recover with The Cute.
4. You hurt, but you hurt so good.
5. You speed along like a bullet train, and make me wish time passed more slowly.
6. I find myself flipping through pictures of our time together, remembering you fondly.
7. You break my heart, and then put it back together again.
8. I can’t quit you, even if I tried.
9. You love me…just as I am.


After revealing her only remaining tail in the moonlight, Dae-woong asks her with angry tears, “Then…you’re still dying?” The thought that this is only occurring to him now makes me want to smack him with a large encyclopedia. She responds that she couldn’t give up the desire to become human.

Emo Hair is busy staring holes into the sandglass of mystical ki, which he has put upright again. He watches as Mi-ho’s life slowly pours out, leaving very little left. He begs for her to hold on a little longer. Is that the best you can do? Don’t you have any mystical powers other than your glowy knife and milky skin? Now’s the time to break them out, Highlander Boy. We’re in the finale.

Dae-woong can’t believe she’s still dying. After everything he had to do to let her go, she’s STILL dying. Yeah. Hence the moniker Noble Idiot. Don’t you watch dramas? Mi-ho says that it’s not just because of love—she couldn’t give up the desire to become human, and she feared that by his side, she’d have done anything to stay alive, even take the rest of his life if she became desperate.

At that, he gets up and puts her hand on his chest, saying, “Then take it. Take it all.” Ack! Crushing. My. Soul.

She looks down, stricken, pulling away from him. That’s treating her exactly like what she doesn’t ever want to be—a monster. Dae-woong doesn’t care—he’ll do anything to save her life. He says that she’s a scary gumiho, and he’s a human under her spell, so she should play the role and just take his life. He grabs her by the wrist (gah) and yells at her to take it. [And here’s where I start bawling and hardly let up all episode long… –javabeans]

Mi-ho can’t even look him in the eye as she steps away. She says he really is an immature human, and that she’ll come back then, and really take his life. She leaves him with a half-hearted death threat.

She returns to Dong-joo and confesses to removing her fox bead. He reels at the realization that since the moment she came to him, she had already given up. She can’t become human, or even half like him, so this is the extent of what she can do, to protect Dae-woong. She asks him to return the bead to Dae-woong, and lie to him so that he’ll take it back. Great. Just what we need. Two Noble Idiots running about. [Why can’t they just cancel each other out? Sigh. –jb]

Dong-joo meets Dae-woong on a rooftop and feeds him the lie—if he takes the bead back, and fills it with the rest of his ki, Dong-joo will kill him at the end of the hundred days and return the bead to Mi-ho, saving her. He starts to say that he understands if he hestitates…

…and Dae-woong downs the bead in one shot. Without so much as an ounce of fear or hesitation, he tells Dong-joo to come to kill him alone, and to make sure that he returns the bead to Mi-ho safely. As if I didn’t already love you enough, you’re going all gallant-knight-in-shining-armor on me now. How’s a recapper to stay focused with all of the swooning?

As Dae-woong leaves, Mi-ho appears around the corner, having witnessed it all. Thank heavens for that. Dong-joo is floored from Dae-woong’s unflinching conviction to give up his life for Mi-ho. I love that wimpy Dae-woong became the kind of person to shake up Dong-joo’s belief that humanity is selfish and weak.

Mi-ho comes up to him, smiling as she gives him a big fat I-told-you-so, about her fantasy-love being the real deal. Aw. But then she continues to be a Noble Idiot, insisting that they go far away, and never appear in front of Dae-woong again.

Show, are you TRYING to kill me? [Just your sanity… –jb]

Dae-woong prepares to give up his life for Mi-ho, as Mi-ho prepares to leave. He cries, as he regrets not being able to be there for her, but is satisfied with being able to protect her with his life. Dong-joo watches him from afar, amazed at his bravery in this act of love.

Dong-joo shows up at the airport to meet Mi-ho, and he asks her one last time if this is what she really wants. He tells her that he thought love was doing what the other person wanted, but then regretted it for a thousand years. He swore to never make that mistake again, but this time, he’s retracing his steps. So he did the only thing he could do to protect her, because even if he gave his own life, it wouldn’t save her. Well, that answers that question.

He told Dae-woong the truth. APPLAUSE for Dog Teacher! [And thank jeeves for that. At least that Big Misunderstanding is finally cleared, and she knows Dae-woong lied in order to break up. –jb ]

Mi-ho’s eyes fill with tears, as she hears him acknowledge that their love is true. “Why did you do that? You’re cruel. I hate you. But…thank you.” Aw. He tells her that he’s not the one to stay by her side till the end. That person…is right there…

Dae-woong runs into the airport right on cue. Dong-joo tells her to go to him, and leaves them to fate. Well, you didn’t actually turn out to be very useful, mystically, but points for killing the Noble Idiots, anyway.

Mi-ho goes to Dae-woong, who says with tears and trembly lips:

Dae-woong: You’re really…a terrible evil gumiho. You put a human under your spell and took his ki, and now you’re ripping his heart to shreds, you scary gumiho!
Mi-ho: I’m sorry. But even if being with me is scary and painful, can I stay by your side?

He pulls her in for a hug, as Mi-ho finally lets herself cry in his arms. Gawd, these two kill me. I’m such a sucker for the angry blurting of hurtful things to mask true feelings. [Seriously. Bawling. –jb]

At the temple, the monk explains the painting to a group of ladies, as he recounts the promise the Samshin Grandmother made to the gumiho: if she found a husband to give his life for her, she would allow her to live in this world. One of the ladies turns around, musing to herself that a promise is a promise…

Ten points for Team Samshin Grandma! You are free to take your victory lap now.

She appears to Dong-joo first, as she asks him what he thinks is right: “I’m sorry,” (Gil-dal’s last words) or “Thank you,” (Mi-ho’s last words to him). He smiles as he realizes who she is, and says that “Thank you” is the right answer. She smiles as she tells him that he’s fine then. Sad that it took him a thousand years for Mi-ho’s thank-you to heal the wound from Gil-dal’s “I’m sorry,” but it’s a nice bookend for his character.

Dae-woong and Mi-ho walk hand-in-hand, but their happiness takes a dip as they walk past an elderly couple, knowing that they’ll never make it that far. They tell each other, “Right now, being with you—is the greatest happiness.”

They return to their loft and eat together. Dae-woong tries to get her to eat kimchi, which she doesn’t like, but he insists that she’s got to, if she’s Korean. Yeah, that’s what my parents used to tell me when I was a kid and didn’t like kimchi. It’s cultural identity peer pressure! She asks for a kiss on the cheek if she eats it, and he offers her one on the lips, so she plans to eat up all the kimchi on the table. Yay, Cute, you’re back! We’ve missed you! [I bet you would’ve tried that kimchi if you had similar motivation… –jb]

Mi-ho shows him the tea set that she bought for Aunt Min-sook’s wedding gift, and he praises her for knowing his aunt’s taste. She wonders if it’s not right for Director Ban, but Dae-woong tells her that it’s better for the man to match his tastes to his wife’s. Okay, can I marry you now? [Only if you’ve got the confidence to square off against a possessive gumiho. Sorry babe, I’m putting my chips with her. –jb]

They wonder if they should’ve bought a set for themselves, but then realize the heartbreaking fact that they’ll never be married and picking out china. Mi-ho makes an excuse about them being too breakable, and decides that they should buy ones that don’t break so easily. Dae-woong agrees: “Let’s get ones that never ever break.”

It’s Min-sook’s wedding day, and while the bride worries about her nervous farting habit, Director Ban shows up in his usual trenchcoat-and-sunglasses garb. Really, Chow Yun-fat Lite to your own wedding, huh? But thankfully Dae-woong intervenes and helps him out of his nervousness, calling him Uncle.

The wedding commences, where of course the point is not so much the bride and groom, as it is the best man and maid of honor, making moon eyes at each other. Samshin Grandma makes an appearance in the crowd, eyeing the pair with an air of disapproval and worry.

As Grandpa gives Min-sook away, she trips and Director Ban catches her, asking if the baby is okay. Whoops. Egg’s out of the bag. Grandpa rejoices, and everyone cheers.

After the wedding, Mi-ho walks around and stops when she sees a bride and groom dressed in traditional hanboks, and remembers her own lonely wait as a bride five hundred years ago. Dae-woong asks if she regrets not meeting her match then, but she of course doesn’t regret a thing, since she had to be trapped in that painting to meet Dae-woong now.

Knowing how much she’s always wanted to be a bride, he takes her by the hand and gets her some red dots for her cheeks, and they take a picture to commemorate it. Adorable.

Later, Mi-ho puts the picture in her album, as she declares to the universe, “In five hundred years, I’ve finally found my groom. Because he loves me so so so so so much, he can give me everything. I’ve found him.”

The fateful hundredth day arrives, and Dae-woong tells himself that he won’t count the time, or cry, and that he’ll spend this last day with her in happiness. He swallows back his tears and puts on a brave face. There’s…something…in my…eye. [There are a hundred somethings in mine. –jb]

He comes out and asks if there’s anywhere she wants to go. She asks if he isn’t tired, since they haven’t slept for days. (From wanting to spend every waking moment together? That’s so cute!) She takes out the lotion that Dae-woong bought her, and puts some on his face, and the look in his eyes…Oh my god, now I’m really crying. Gah! People crying buckets of tears does not move me as much as someone trying their damnedest NOT to cry…it crushes my heart into pulp.

They wonder what they should do, thinking that maybe they should replay their first date and go see a movie…except the only passes Dae-woong has are all for future days. They decide to go see the chicken shop ajumma, but then she’s away in the country, so she won’t be back till tomorrow. Ack, their struggle to find something to do on their last day without acknowledging the pain is so heartbreaking.

Dae-woong wonders why everyone, even Aunt Min-sook and Grandpa, are away until tomorrow. Mi-ho then finally says the words out loud: “Tomorrow…I won’t be here.”

They decide to go to the fountain that Mi-ho likes, except when they show up, it’s off for repairs, until…yup, you guessed it…TOMORROW. Mi-ho says it’s okay, but it’s enough to put Dae-woong over the edge. He starts shaking as he says it has to be today, and walks off, angry.

With his back turned so that Mi-ho can’t see, he cries. She watches him, knowing what a brave face he’s putting on for her benefit. He pushes his tears back, and then turns around, smiling as he reaches out his hand to her. I swear, I’m not crying. I’m NOT!

They go home and light some fireworks, and Mi-ho lights up in glee. They spend the rest of their night in the gym, because that’s the place where Dae-woong saw her true nature, for the first time.

Mi-ho: Were you really that scared, back then?
Dae-woong: Yes. But as scared as I was then, I’m a hundred times more…right now.

He clutches her hand. She covers his eyes as he starts to cry. Tears streaming down her face, she tells him to think of it all as a dream, from the moment she appeared. That way, when he opens his eyes, it won’t hurt. They cry, with her covering his eyes to keep him from having to watch her disappear.

Dae-woong: Don’t go.
Mi-ho: Forget all the scary stuff. And remember me as a really really really really good dream.

With that, she gives him a kiss, and her tail comes out in the moonlight. It fades away, as the last grains of sand trickle down in the hourglass, and just like that, Mi-ho disappears.

Dae-woong uncovers his eyes to see that she’s gone, and his sad tears turn to angry ones, as he says to himself, “A dream? When I open my eyes, it won’t hurt?! It hurts this much…how can you be a dream?”

He slumps to the ground, sobbing. If there’s any more sadness to be had, I’m going to have to borrow someone else’s tears, because I’m fresh out of my own. [I’ve got buckets to spare. –jb]

Back at the temple, Samshin Grandma has returned to the painting.

Dae-woong wakes up the next morning in the gym, having cried himself to sleep in that position. He realizes that she’s gone and left him there all alone, and he refuses to let it go that way. He runs, as he says in voiceover:

Dae-woong: Mi-ho-ya, you must be crying, but it doesn’t rain anymore when you cry. No matter how sad you are, I have no way of knowing…because you’re not here anymore. Mi-ho is gone. Mi-ho is gone. Mi-ho…is gone.

He cries her name out one last time, and then…stands in the path of an oncoming truck. WHAT? WTF Dae-woong?! Aaaaaaaargh!

He lies there in the street, still conscious, as he cries a tear. It starts to rain, and he clutches his heart, happy that she’s still here, somewhere in the universe. Can you please be happy AFTER you attend to your gaping head wound?! Show, you’ve been itching to pull some crazy stunt like this, haven’t you? Are you testing me?

I suppose since he has the friggin’ fox bead, he’s not going to die or anything. But still. Reckless, party of one?

Dong-joo and Samshin Grandma sit in the park, and Dong-joo asks what she’ll do with Mi-ho. She says that she can’t return a gumiho who’s lost her nine tails and given her ki to a human, but says that if they wait, perhaps the heavens will intervene.

Some months later, Dae-woong’s movie comes out and it’s a big hit, making him and Hye-in stars. Aunt Min-sook has her baby, Byung-soo and Sun-nyeo are dating. Dae-woong lands on the cover of magazines, and Hye-in shoots a CF with…Hong-ki? Hong-ki! We’ve missed you! What’re you doing here, puppy? He’s here as Jeremy, of course, although it’s unfortunate that he’s here alone to represent A.N.Jell. Well, you were my favorite anyway, so I’m pleased as punch.

Sun-nyeo knows that Hye-in has a crush on him, so she tells her to get off her high horse and do something about it…otherwise she’ll end up like she did with Dae-woong. That’s enough to scare her, so she swallows her pride and practices Mi-ho’s tactic: “I really, really, really, really like you.” Complete with finger guns. Ha.

Byung-soo has come up in the world too, making his own movies. He shows Dae-woong the script he wrote, using his idea—a love story between a human and a ghost. Dae-woong tells him it’s supposed to be a gumiho, but Byung-soo balks that a gumiho requires too much CG, for nine tails. He went with ghost instead. HA. I love the meta.

Dong-joo appears on the set, and Dae-woong is pleased to see him. He’s still posturing, of course, because he’s Dae-woong, but they’re friendly as they catch up. Dong-joo is a professor now, having decided to live amongst people. He asks if Dae-woong is still waiting. He clutches his heart, saying of course he’s waiting…because she’s not gone yet.

Dong-joo tells him that today there will be an eclipse. “The sun and the moon—they can’t exist in the same space. But they break that rule, and come together, in the eclipse.” Nice imagery.

He tells Dae-woong that it’ll come today, the day when the heavens go crazy. Sure enough, as the eclipse begins, Dae-woong’s phone starts ringing. Only he realizes it’s not his phone, but Mi-ho’s. He answers it, and it’s Mi-ho, using the eclipse to speak to him.

He runs around looking for her, asking her where she is, but she just answers that she’s watching him, and that she’s close to him. The eclipse passes, and their connection is lost. Dae-woong and I both curse the heavens for their cheap trick, and he sheds a tear, asking angrily if that was it. [You and me both, buddy. –jb] He thought the heavens were supposed to go mad—doesn’t that mean Mi-ho would be returned to him?

He cries in disbelief. And then, from a distance, he hears her voice. “Woong-ah!” He looks up, and Mi-ho stands there, calling his name. Hooray~! [I LOVE this mirroring of the very first scene of this drama — such similar scene setups, but with such different emotions underlying it. How far we’ve come. –jb]

He walks over to her, not knowing if he’s hallucinating, and pokes her face, just to be sure. She cries a tear at his touch. He asks if she’s a ghost, and she’s about to answer, but he hugs her, saying it doesn’t matter. [More callbacks to the beginning, when he poked her cheek thinking she was a ghost. Yay for continuity and emotional throughlines! –jb]

Dae-woong: It doesn’t matter if you’re a ghost, or a gumiho, or a person. It doesn’t matter. It’s enough that you’re in front of me. If you’re back, that’s enough.

Gah, it rivals: “Whether you’re a man or an alien.” Really. Such a perfect thing to say to her.

That night, they return to the loft and sit together in the moonlight. She asks if he isn’t curious whether she’s returned as a human or a gumiho. He says it doesn’t matter, but he is curious. Mi-ho: “The moon is out and everything. Should we do a round of hoi-hoi and find out?” YES PLEASE.

Dae-woong’s pleased to see that she’s tail-less, which makes Mi-ho upset that he’s not actually fine if she’s still a gumiho. She confesses to having one tail left, as she wraps it around his waist, with her best come-hither look in her eyes.

Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

They get snuggly, as Dae-woong says in voiceover, “As always, my girlfriend, she’s still…a fox.” Haha. Cute!


What a great resolution. It would have left me unsatisfied, if she just became human, and didn’t retain any of her gumiho-ness. I love that Dae-woong’s ultimate confession of love is that it doesn’t matter what supernatural creature she is—he just loves her, for being her. It’s the best kind of declaration in my book, because he adores her exactly as she is, no more, no less.

I honestly wasn’t expecting this much angst in the finale, because I thought the mystical whozit would get resolved earlier, but I don’t mind it at all, because the angst actually played out so beautifully, and moved my ice-encased heart to tears. I thought that knowing they’d get a happy ending would have lessened my reaction to their last day, but it turned out not to matter—what moved me was the fact that they didn’t know it wouldn’t be their last day. So their brave front in the face of such crushing loss was epic, and romantic.

What I love about a story like this (and why my heart belongs to Buffy) is that the mystical mumbo jumbo is just a device—it’s a metaphor on a large scale that allows the high-concept life-or-death choices to drive the story, while forcing characters to face basic questions about mortality, self, sacrifice, and love. Their epic love story can have the dramatic tension found in all dramas, but the supernatural element provides a framework to justify the angst—it’s story-driven, and calls out Fate as the main operator in the universe, whereas other dramas use the same elements without giving the same level of narrative justification.

It’s my own bias, for sure, since this kind of story isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But for me? This show owns me, heart and soul. I may have found a new favorite. Of. All. Time.


I agree with everything Girlfriday just said, but still, I must offer a slightly different take on the ending and the drama as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed so much about this drama. But I think my reaction to the wrap-up is a bit less enthused.

A few criticisms:

As you well know, I’m a big fan of the Hong sisters. I’ve seen all their dramas, I’ve enjoyed all their pairings, and laughed at their jokes. They have a way of telling fun, funny stories in an accessible way that doesn’t talk down to you or try to be what it was never meant to be. Their style can dip into slapstick or hammy humor, but it never gets pretentious. Major kudos for that.

That said, there is a difference between a trademark and a crutch. The Hongs do both, and while I love the former, the latter can suck the zest out of a show.

Hong sisters trademarks: Pop culture parodies. A middle-aged couple finding love. Tongue-in-cheek references to famous dramas and/or movies. Cute catchphrases (“Bassha,” ‘I lub you,” “hoi-hoi,” “kkoraji hagoneun,” “You will be blessed”) and quirky-cute terms for things (“cow” rather than beef, “bubble-fizz water” instead of soda).

Crutches, on the other hand, are what you get when writers fall back on certain plot devices, conflicts, or resolutions, which feels more like a lack of creativity than an intentional callback. That’s why in my book, Delightful Girl Chun-hyang will always be my favorite Hong sisters drama, because everything was fresh, fun, and new back then. My Girl was super-peppy and entertaining, but it doesn’t rank as high in my book because there were certain recycled elements from DGCH that lacked the fresh factor. They broke with those patterns, thankfully, for Fantasy Couple — which is why I have a lot of respect for that drama even if it’s my least favorite of theirs. Hong Gil Dong took them further from their stable of favorite cliches and setups, but then You’re Beautiful brought a portion of them right back. (As in, extended separations, overhyped melodrama forcing the couple apart, dastardly meddlers, toxic parents, hapless second leads who never get the girl.)

What worked marvelously the first time doesn’t hold up as well the fourth time around, which is what I felt with the past few episodes. Like with Dae-woong following Mi-ho around (which we saw in DGCH and My Girl) and one character telling a huge lie to spare the other pain, which ends up keeping them apart (also from both DCGH and My Girl). I adore these writers, but for their next drama they’re really going to have to explore some untrod territory.

THAT SAID, I actually think Gumiho works despite those recycled elements because its fantasy angle is SO interesting and clever. By giving the conflict a true life-or-death gravitas, these elements are given a bit of a twist, so ultimately I accept them. I just can’t feel excited about them.

Regarding the ending: I’m generally satisfied, or at least as satisfied as I can be with a huge deus ex machina swooping in to save the day. As far as deus ex machinas go, it was done pretty well — I’m glad that they didn’t have Samshin Grandma merely wave a mystical wand and bring Mi-ho back, as I feared about halfway through this episode. If she did that, all the angst and conflict of the previous several episodes would have been moot, and that would have made me bitter. No, we are told that even in this fantasy world, there are supernatural laws, and Mi-ho cannot come back since she has given literally everything of herself. So only in this freak occurrence when “heaven goes crazy,” when the sun meets the moon, does she have a chance of crossing the cosmic divide and rejoining Dae-woong. But he has to earn it by waiting for her steadfastly, and it appears that a few years have passed since she disappeared.

I appreciate that the angsting had a narrative purpose (other than to keep them apart), because both had to prove that they would give up their lives for each other in a real, tangible way rather than just saying that they would in hypothetical scenarios (as Mi-ho tried to get Dae-woong to do). The lore says that only when the gumiho meets a man who is willing to give up everything can she step into the human world. They had to go through that trial by fire so that in the end, there is not a shadow of a doubt that they earned their happily ever after.


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        This drama is great. I really enjoyed it so much, great recap by you two, dynamic-duo! I'm a picky person, but this drama is one of my fav (just a short list!).

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      For a long while after Miho disappeared, I really, really, really, really lost hope that she could come back…But whether she did come back or not, it would have been great. One of the greatest rides in my kdrama experience. My bucket of tears? Not wasted on Dae-woong and his yeojachinguneun gumiho!


  12. 12 uhmagoo

    I don’t cry for Korean dramas. I really don’t. I cry for every other thing but Korean dramas- I just find all the elements in a Korean drama so typical. It’s the same thing over and over.

    Oh yes- I especially don’t cry for romantic comedies. But watching this drama broke my heart. The scene where Mi-ho covers Dae-woong’s eyes and she begins to speak there, and when Dae-woong pleads for her to not go but she disappears and her hand is no longer in his grasp: I quite literally was crying. When he fell to the ground sobbing, I kinda paralleled him and did the same thing. There was something so incredibly endearing, melancholy, lost, sweet, broken, and beautiful about that scene. Wishes that would never be granted, things that would never happen, questions never to be answered.. I just loved the way it was done.

    The way the last day was introduced was amazing. I was already starting to tear up. There was something magical in this episode that wasn’t in the drama before. Personally, I didn’t care ENOUGH for the drama to watch the episodes. I watched them sometimes, sometimes read the recaps. But I decided to watch this last episode and I’m glad I did. This drama does count as a romantic comedy, but it did what no other drama could: make me cry.

    (Especially Dong Joo. I never really hated him, I always felt terribly bad for him and pitied him: I felt terrible for him as he walked away as Mi-ho ran to Dae-woong. A part of his wound from Gil-dal may have been fixed.. but still. Poor guy.)

    Ehh, I’m not a fan of the ending. It was all too neatly packaged away together. I think I was one of the few hoping for an unhappier ending. I think when the car hits him and he’s lying there thinking that she’s still there might’ve been an okay way to end the drama. Okay, so maybe not exactly THERE, but with some elaboration and otherwise, it would’ve been all right. For a drama like this, not a fan of happy endings. I wish the Hong Sisters would’ve done something different and given us a more realistic kinda melancholy, sad ending- but one that still gives us hope.

    I truly commend the Hong Sisters on this last episode- especially from the commentary of Mi-ho when she closes Dae-woong’s eyes before he disappears.

    This drama definitely could’ve used some things here and there: the episodes weren’t as nearly fun to watch as the recaps made them out to be. But it was enjoyable nontheless.

    • 12.1 From Guam

      [Oh yes- I especially don’t cry for romantic comedies. But watching this drama broke my heart. The scene where Mi-ho covers Dae-woong’s eyes and she begins to speak there, and when Dae-woong pleads for her to not go but she disappears and her hand is no longer in his grasp: I quite literally was crying. When he fell to the ground sobbing, I kinda paralleled him and did the same thing. There was something so incredibly endearing, melancholy, lost, sweet, broken, and beautiful about that scene. Wishes that would never be granted, things that would never happen, questions never to be answered.. I just loved the way it was done.]

      I agree with that paragraph of yours uhmagoo. It was heart breaking for me. Reading the recaps made me cry all over again. Truly touching. I COULD FEEL IT!

    • 12.2 Anonymous

      [Ehh, I’m not a fan of the ending. It was all too neatly packaged away together. I think I was one of the few hoping for an unhappier ending.]

      I totally agree. Honestly, when they’d announced that they were rewriting the ending, I was hoping that it would be a sad ending with hopeful elements. Bittersweet or something along that vein. Perhaps just ending it with the phone call or having a special sign between them (like “whenever it rains, I’ll think of you” or something equally cheesy). I’d come to read the recap EXPECTING a death… without a mystical revival. That said, I still bawled my eyes out, and still enjoyed the show.

      And while I also agree with the person who said Lee SeungKi’s acting wasn’t the best, I’d say he definitely improved over the course of the drama. At least enough that I got off my Foxhunter/Gumiho bandwagon and cheered for the DaeWoong/Gumiho team instead XD

    • 12.3 Canadia

      [Ehh, I’m not a fan of the ending. It was all too neatly packaged away together. I think I was one of the few hoping for an unhappier ending.]

      I totally agree. Honestly, when they’d announced that they were rewriting the ending, I was hoping that it would be a sad ending with hopeful elements. Bittersweet or something along that vein. Perhaps just ending it with the phone call or having a special sign between them (like “whenever it rains, I’ll think of you” or something equally cheesy). I’d come to read the recap EXPECTING a death… without a mystical revival. That said, I still bawled my eyes out, and still enjoyed the show.

      And while I also agree with the person who said Lee SeungKi’s acting wasn’t the best, I’d say he definitely improved over the course of the drama. At least enough that I got off my Foxhunter/Gumiho bandwagon and cheered for the DaeWoong/Gumiho team instead XD

      • 12.3.1 uhmagoo

        I know! I was really hoping for that. Bittersweet, hopeful. The phone call would’ve been a nice ending, maybe with her and him (especially Dae-woong) finally coming to a sort of settled way of mind… and just.. I loved the death that she had in the middle of it. I was bawling my eyes out.. but then again, I am a total fan of bittersweet, melancholy endings. Not one for happy ones. It’s just, for a drama like this, a more sad ending would’ve been appropriate.

  13. 13 LJK

    Could somebody PLEASE help me?

    a. The music when Mi-Ho watches the traditional wedding attire…and then Mi-Ho and Dae-Woong take pictures….and then she puts the photo into the album –>WHAT IS THIS PIECE?

    b. Then right after, DW looks upon the whiteboard to see that it is their final day together…and then he talks about how he won’t cry, not count the minutes, and be with her… –>WHAT IS THIS GUITAR/PIANO piece called?

    They might be one in the same…or just separate songs. I don’t know. All I know is, on those lonely nights when I’m studying late while everyone sleeps, that song(s) would do me wonders.


    A med student in Virginia

    • 13.1 LJK

      Nobody?~ Please somebody~ Be my hero~

      • 13.1.1 LBT

        i’m trying to find out that tune too.. :( it’s so nice but i just don’t know what’s the name of it T_T

  14. 14 so random

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          • Ojou_Belle

            Oh, gosh sure, toilet paper rolls will do…*sniffs*

            I love this show so very, very much! It’s just so…idk…

            I really felt the hurt, the pain, the angst and the


            *unrolls a huge batch and passes the toilet paper roll*

          • alert


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            *wipe tears*

            opens up new tissue box. anyone needs new buckets? I have some spare.

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            *Sniff sniff
            Thank you, I needed this soo much. This couple….is…just so…. beautiful….Waaaaaahhhhh!…

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            oh i need one *sniffs* another batch is coming

            *takes tissues and passes it down*


          • Sammi

            Realizes that tissues and toilet paper and buckets won’t do.

            GOD this is so sad!!!! Dae-Woong and Min-Ho, you are so CUTE! and ANGSTY! and CUUUTTTTEEE!! (reduced to sobbing while saying hoi-hoi at broken intervals…)

  17. 17 lei

    hmmmmm i thought grandma would put mi-ho back in the painting and dae woong would go back to redraw the tails :)

    great recap, thanks so much jb and gf!

    • 17.1 bubbic

      For a while I thought so too!

  18. 18 teacup

    Thank you!
    I will miss this show. Sigh.

  19. 19 moomooye

    Even though I shed some tears, I’m grateful the ending was a happy one. That said, it still was unsatisfying. It seems most of Hong sister dramas have strong beginnings and weak endings. The grandma storyline just seems so random. Oh well. Overall, it was still a great drama. Thanks for the recap!

  20. 20 miniejungle

    weeee… recap is out!!! thank you so muchie! another journey completed :) i enjoy the ride… thanks!

  21. 21 mmmaggie

    I absolutely agree with you, javabeans. I was wondering why the Samshin Grandma was in the DramaWiki, and then in this episode, I thought she’d end up being the Fairy Samshin Grandma making it just a littttttle too easy. I’m glad that didn’t happen, but if perhaps she was woven into the story a bit more, it wouldn’t have felt so sudden.

    Girlfriday — love ya. If you show up to New York Comic Con with red dots on your cheeks, we would start an altar of fried chicken and bubbly water in your honor.

    Ladies, again, FANTASTIC work on this series. Thanks for all the time and energy. One final hoi-hoi to you both!

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      Thanks GF and the JB inserts…the screencaps were enough be make me a bit ’emotional’ is the word…now off to watch the actual episode…thanks again.

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    They should at least show a scene where they got married too! And I wanna see their baby “bead.” Btw- ‘Egg’ was just priceless!!

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.. FTW xD

    • 23.1 ANdie

      FTW? what does that mean? (whispers)

      What? I’m a loser?

      • 23.1.1 princess_jime

        LOL. It means “For The Win” ♥

        • ANdie

          Salamat po. huhuhu

  24. 24 Orion

    Now, although Lee Seung Ki is a horrible actor and almost ruins all his scenes in this one with overacting, the rest of the cast, the way the episode was shot, the music and all else, including our lovely Min Ah, were awesome.

    I was crying throughout the whole episode and I just loved it. I was really scared about the ending, but it was perfect. I’m so glad they dropped the tragedy part, if there ever was one and this wasn’t an elaborate stunt to raise the shows popularity, which I suspect it was.

    See, you CAN have angst and tears and sadness and love AND a happy ending. This is a tearjerker episode. It moves the viewers, it give us all the right emotions, makes us involved emotionally and toys with our feelings. But it rewards us at the end for the love we show it. So, that makes for a great series. I can’t wait to watch it again.

    For a moment near the end, with the whole eclipse thing, I was afraid she’d only be able to come out then and then disappear again. But apparently she’s back for good. That’s the impression I got. But she had to wait for the eclipse to be able to come back, which is very good. Makes things more structured and believable.

    So now he has a girlfriend… With a tale… It’s like every otaku’s dream, isn’t it? Aww. They can finally mate their eyes out. 😛

    • 24.1 hoi hoi love

      Lee Seung Gi is a WONDERFUL actor!

    • 24.2 Molly

      How is Lee Seung Gi a horrible actor? He was responsible for 80% of my tears in the whole series…

    • 24.3 huh?

      I’ve never posted here before. But can’t help when you Lee Seung Ki is horrible actor with overacting. Then I think you are overacting with all the crying. I rest my case.

    • 24.4 From Guam

      What? I had to read that first sentence of yours over and over again JUST TO MAKE SURE I read it wrong. But I read it right…

      I cannot believe you think he’s a horrible actor. He’s amazing. The reason why this drama is so amazing is because of him (and of course, every one else (much love to Shin Min Ah)). I can’t imagine any other actor to play Woong-ah but Lee Seung Gi!

      He’s close to perfect. His emotions of heart break at the fact he’s losing the girl he’s in love with and giving his life wouldn’t even do a thing…. was perfect!

      Ahhh… I guess there’s always an oddball here.

      • 24.4.1 Orion

        Matter of taste. We each have our preferences. I, however, did not get personal with you just because you like him.

        I might be an oddball, but at least I have some decency and respect for others and their opinions. Things which you clearly lack.

        • che3kie

          How ironic, if you believe SeungGi acting was so horrible then how did it moved you to tears and made you cry throughout the episode considering most of the sad scenes were acted out by SG?

          Moving along, much thanks to Girlfriday and Javabeans for all your hard work.. it made my experience watching this wonderful drama 100x’s more enjoyable.

          Congrats to the Hong sisters and our HoiHoi couple for ending the series on top.

          • Orion

            Music, directing, situations. They can all move you. He doesn’t move me in Shining Inheritance and neither did his performance here. Look, I like the guy. He’s cute, has a nice voice, he seems like a very good kid. I just think he’s not a good actor.

            Do you really feel so offended that I don’t like an actor you do? Are people only supposed to voice their opinions if they are positive and fit in the group?

            I didn’t call the man names or say he’s a bad person. I don’t like his acting and I think he needs to improve. A lot. I don’t see why I have to be called oddball or treated like a mad woman by people who clearly don’t respect my opinions as much as they do theirs, just because I don’t like someone they adore.

          • rumba lumba

            relax, she’s probably a fangirl of Playful Kiss. lmao.

    • 24.5 Michelle

      I cant believe there is someone said that Lee Seung Gi’s acting was horrible in the final ep. His acting was FABULOUS! Just by looking at the way he tried to hold his tears already made me cry a bucket. Right there, I could read his feeling through his eyes. How could you say his acting was horrible?????

    • 24.6 hoihoi~

      What?!! Lee Seung Gi is great actor and b/c of this drama ppl recognize his acting talent more!!!

    • 24.7 fiey

      everyone has their own opinions. so i’m posting mine too.

      it doesnt sound right when you said you cried through out the episode when Seunggi, the horrible actor who you said was in almost all the sad scenes.

      i agree music, direction, situation can help moving one to tears. but if the actor’s acting is so horrible, shouldnt it disturb your watching n make you cringe enough to make you not able to feel for the scenes. yet, you can feel for the couple, feel happy for their happy ending.

      i somehow feel like you just dont want to recognize seunggi’s acting. i’m not trying to say he did great in all his scenes. he does lack in some of the scenes while some others he did so amazingly.

      well, its fine with me if you dont like him as an actor.
      i’m just voicing out my opinion.

      anyway, thank you soooo much girlfriday & javabeans for awesome quick recaps of MGIG!!

      now i can confidently say, this drama is definitely my favourite drama of all time. and hoi couple should win the Best Couple Award at the year end award.

    • 24.8 isayhey

      Yeah, I’m going to have to disagree with you on that. Just my opinion though.

      Don’t you maybe think that his acting and how he portrayed his character contributed to the fact that you cried throughout the episode? And to how much you enjoyed the drama?

      • 24.8.1 isayhey

        Whoa. None of those replies were there when I first clicked on the recap o_O.

        I’m not saying that you have to like him or his acting but that if you think back to the scenes that made you cry, his portrayal probably contributed. Maybe not a whole lot (for you) but at least a little. There’s a limit to how much music and directing and other technical things could influence your emotions, imo.

        He’s a better singer than an actor, for sure, and of course there’s room for improvement, but I don’t think he’s a “horrible actor.”

    • 24.9 Rosy

      If Lee Seung Gi is a horrible actor in this drama, who you think should took his role?

      Isn’t that he the one make you cry? Isn’t that he make you laugh? When the majority found his acting is fine, I wonder how did you came to that conclusion?

      I know you own your own opinion, but please be more human when you comment about him because you may raise anger from others.

    • 24.10 Osi

      I know Seung Gi is not the best k-actor. I know he needs improvements. I know he have flaws. Even, an oscar-received actor have flaws and need improvements here and there. But I think the word horrible is just not appropriate. He’s not a horrible actor, I think. If he’s horrible, then how do you call an actor who clearly can’t act, even our nonexpert eyes can see he/she can’t act? An actor who act like a corpse? An actor who we can’t feel his character?
      Again, it’s just my opinion.

    • 24.11 Karen

      you have got to be kidding or are you trying to put him down to bring up your idol’s drama?

      if Seung Gi is a horrible actor, i can list down a few others WHO ARE THE REAL HORRIBLE ACTORS!

      If his acting is horrible or lousy, you would have seen articles saying how bad he was.. but nope, till now, you didn’t see a single article about his ‘lousy’ acting. you might say that since he is Korea nation brother, the reporters will not write anything bad about him. But let me tell you, every star will have their share of antis. Reporters do not spare anyone even if that person is a hallyu star, not to mention Seung Gi who is not a hallyu star in their eyes yet, but a rising one only.

      You must be jealous that he is getting even more popular now with this drama, aren’t you? Why does Hong Sisters insist on Seung Gi taking this drama? Did you see how he does the comical scenes? did you see how he cried his heart out? did you see how he controlled his tears? did you see his eyes red? Did you see how jealous he was? I can see so many expression of him doing in this drama, who & what are you talking about horrible acting!

      Even if you think we are bias, are you doubting Girlfriday & JB recaps?

      You are definitely an antis…. I don’t think you belong here…and should be here at all..

      • 24.11.1 antianti

        Your post really made me LMAO
        Just because somebody is capable of making some expressions he is a good actor?! Your only standard to compare him too must be the robot from PK…

        I am not an anti but I agree 100% seung gi is not an actor. he is a nice boy from next door who does well in variety and decent with his music but is acting just needs loads of improvement. If he continues to work hard he might become better but he was bad here and worse in Shining Inheritance (In my opinion, don’t stone me*laughs*)

        And who are you to decide who belongs to here?!? LOL

        • karen

          i didn’t say that by making those expression he is a good actor….. i was replying that message which says he is a horrible actor when nothing specified was mentioned about that ‘horrible acting’..

          if he can’t even make those expression, then i will say he is a horrible actor..

          why don’t you watch PK and tell us what you think of the male lead? how was his acting?

          why don’t you tell us who do you think might be a better choice for this chadaewoong role?

          You should go read up all the reviews he and Min Ah have been receiving after the drama ended.. (I know, you are going to say why should you do that.. ^_^..)

    • 24.12 Finerprint

      I kind of agree.

      Hes doesn’t pass the ‘good’ category. He needs to improve.

      Just my opinion.

    • 24.13 suncine

      Had a read on your post and while I agree everyone is entitled to his /her opinion. But With an opening statement as calling someone a horrible actor might be too strong a statement especially just coming off a high from last nite finale yourself .It to be me is double standard.Your real intention is highly questionable in this instance.. It is a very insensitive one as well abeit even if it is a personal opinion .Everyone in the casts and production including the scriptwriter have put in hours if not months of hardwork behind this production and by a stroke of a pen , it is so easy to stir up other’s emotions .It is just not fair to others.You may give reference to his character and the part you are not happy with but not him as the person or actor.

      Personally I thought LSG has improved heaps and his character as DW comes out on screen as who he should be.I can relate to DW through him.His emotion though I must admit is a bit over reactive in the first few episodes but by the end of 16 episode I have come to love DW for who he is. Lee Seung GI has managed to project the DW character very clearly to me.

      MGIG though not perfect in terms of plot and storyline is still quite enjoyable to me on the whole. I am looking forward to LSG next promising project in the near future.

      • 24.13.1 Dannielle

        This sum up my thoughts on this.I agreed with your post.Negative comments made on a character with follow up reasons within the drama context is different from saying bad things about a person or his profession with no substantial evidence.One is honest personal opinion because the former is voicing only within the drama content while the other is malicious intention because its original intent is hurt.

        We have to differentiate between these two motives.

    • 24.14 meowmeow

      ‘Horrible actor and almost ruins all his scenes in this one with overacting’ …. must be someone who dislike him to used word like HORRIBLE !!! seunggi is an awesome actor who make me and my husband ( one who don’t watch kdrama) cry and laugh while watching his scene. congrats to the Hong sisters , our HoiHoi couple and casts for this awesome and beautiful drama.Thank to GF and JB for the recap!!!

      • 24.14.1 nara:)

        people chill out! Live and let live!

        maybe Dae Wong and Mi Ho’s babies will be better actors and actresses than both of them combined :)

    • 24.15 Orion

      To anyone who asks why I cried throughout: Well, if, in between the scenes, I was actually thinking he is not good, doesn’t that mean he ruined it for me personally? I was crying and every once in a while, when his lines came up, I thought in my head “Damn, if only he could do such a nice scene well”. Doesn’t the fact that the actor causes you to break out of the immersion you were in and realize you’re watching a series because of his performance, make him just not work for me?

      To those who say I was being harsh with “horrible”. Maybe you’re right. But then again, am I a movie critic? Or did I talk about the man? No. I talked about the actor and it’s my honest opinion on his acting skills, as much as I like the guy himself.

      I hear he is a good guy and he has a nice voice. I personally wish he’ll become big, if he’s so hardworking and deserves it. But I won’t judge an acting performance by how much I like the guy otherwise. For me, he is a bad actor. I can’t sugar-coat this in any way you guys will approve.

      To all others who should write a mystery novel with awesome guesses like “You are just jealous he’s doing good”, well thank you. I had no idea I spend my life, which I happen to have, worrying about whether a guy I’m not even a fan of would become big.

      Anyway, I said my piece. No need to continue this, since anyone who agrees agrees and anyone who doesn’t doesn’t.

      Thanks to our lovely Dramabeans ladies for the recaps and beautiful reviews. It’s a shame it’s over, but I guess we’ll just have to watch it again and again and again till we kyaa ourselves out. ^^

      • 24.15.1 Eleven11

        Hey man, I respect that, I do think he overacts a bit sometimes. I guess I just didn’t buy his earnestness. He was great when he was doing humour or light scenes, but I found him a little iffy in some of the emotional beats, like he was parodying ‘sirius emotionz’ or something.

        That said, when DW and Miho were planning their last day, his expressions were fantastic; I cried real tears! I don’t think he’s a *horrible* actor, like say.. EmoHair. Some of his scenes were so wooden I thought I was watching Pinocchio (not that the character was that compelling to begin with).

        So yeah, Seung Gi was lovely, but not perfect. So what if Orion called him ‘horrible’? Hataz Gonna Hate, right? No need to get personally offended, guys.

        also: It was a lovely drama, thanks for the quality recaps, ladies!

        • CrazyUnnie

          Lol. emo hair acted out his character very well. If he gets bigger roles in dramas, we’ll get to see based on that, if he has talent ^^

        • munchkim

          Hmm… I don’t think Emo hair is a horrible actor. He has the most expressive eyes… better than Seungi’s if I may say so myself (please don’t throw pitchforks at me. *hides*).

          No Min Woo just needs a better character to work on (and more, more screen time! LOL!)

          • Kiwi

            Hmmm… I would’ve liked more context for Dong Joo’s one-sided love story with Gil-Dal.

            I don’t think his acting is the best but hey, don’t we all love eye candy? ^^

      • 24.15.2 andreapirlo

        hi orion…. Don’t feel sorry for that. I feel what u feel. Actually when I watch a drama, it’s not the acting who moves me. It’s the situation, the flow of story, and the way show deliver a nice scene.. Besides, music and directing can move me too. For example, i know han ye sul is a horrible actor in will it snow for christmas. But i don’t know…. I cried like mad for her bcouse what her char did it sooo touchingggg for me

        • andreapirlo

          oh sorry a bit out of topic….
          Thx javabeans and girlfriday for doing a great job recap this series….
          I love this series…. Shin mi ah is so cute! Love her character in MGIG. I watch this series bcause i just can’t get enough for her cuteness the entire series. Hahahaha
          especially when mi ho with dae woong, it’s so cute! And i love when miho with dong joo, too. Bcause the way dong joo tease her, hahahaha..

      • 24.15.3 Hmmm

        He and Shin Minah are the CF King and Queen. He may not be the best in the acting world but he’s definitely not horrible.

        We’re not haters. We’re just finding it hard to agree with you. That’s all. And of course, no one has said YET or that I know of in this thread that you’re just jealous. Personal tastes right?

        • Orion

          Check Karen’s post a few posts back. Oddball and jealous anti who shouldn’t be here are my two favorites of what’s been said.

          I’m not saying you’re all like that. But there are such people here too. Obsessed fangirls who attack anyone who doesn’t think their beloved idol is made of gold.

          I will respect the opinions of others, as long as they refrain from personal insults.

          And you’re right. He’s not the worst actor in the world. He has no training and he seems to be trying, but that does not make him good. He’s “horrible” because he has been given leading roles and simply cannot, with his skills now, hold a whole series as a star. There are many “bad idol actors” like him, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s not good. In my eyes, always. Like I said, it’s a personal taste thing as well.

          • Anonymous

            “I will respect the opinions of others, as long as they refrain from personal insults.”

            How ironic this is coming from you. I think it is you who stirred everyone up here by calling a fine actor as “horrible” in my opinion.

          • Orion

            And if you knew what “personal insult” means before you blamed me for doing it, I would agree with you. Personal insult refers to insult of character. It’s not a personal insult to judge/criticize someone about their work. I did not offend the man or his character, just said he is doing a bad job at acting. It’s not his fault. One doesn’t become an actor in a day.

            He is acting in series. He is giving a performance to the viewers. As a viewer, I damn well have the right to judge what he shows me in his work capacity. Just as a client can complain to a chef for the food not being good enough for them. Same principle. The man provides a service and as a client, I can complain about it. Not about him or his personal life or personality, but about the service he gives me.

            Also, forgive me for stirring things up. I did not know it’s immoral to comment on an actor’s work just because some people feel they have the right to insult others because of it.

            Neither did I know that one can only voice their opinion if it’s absolutely positive and happy. I was not informed I am supposed to only love someone’s work or then go hide under a rock if I don’t.

            Should I have phrased it more like “In my humble and honest opinion, he is not a very good actor and could improve” just so you won’t get angry? I’m sorry. I wrote that for people who do not crucify others when they disagree with them. I will not sugar-coat anything for the likes of people like some here and the rest, I trust to be understanding and respectful of my views on his work.

          • drsnowmon

            Just like how you can judge and actor “Lee Seung Ki is a horrible actor and almost ruins all his scenes in this one with overacting” Same way goes for people like Karen can judge your opinion as well thus why there is such thing as debate(you should expect it when you’re giving such criticism in a website like this) ^^

            Regardless, what Orion did was give constructive criticism, because she/he insulted the “action” not Lee Seung Gi as a person. Although I disagree with you but I still respect your criticism of LSG’s acting, it was always questionable as well in Korean media as well so I guess you aren’t the only one(I can read and write in Korean 100%)

          • ollie

            and you thing you’re not insulting the actor?

    • 24.16 Anonymous

      Just out of curiosity, do you watch Strong Heart?

      • 24.16.1 Orion

        Me? No. I don’t watch variety shows. I can only judge his skills by what I’ve seen.

        • Anonymous

          So you know LSG is a main MC in Strong Heart and I notice from your other reply that you watched Shining Inheritance where LSG was a male lead in it.

    • 24.17 Orion

      Anyway, I’m leaving the comments of Dramabeans for now. Out of pure respect for javabeans and girlfriday who do such good work for us.

      It’s truly a shame that such a good site gathers so many people who show no respect to the opinions of others. Worse than that, they show no respect for the ladies who made this site for us.

      This bickering only harms the otherwise good nature of it so I’ll personally stop now. Thanks again for your work, girls. ^^

      • 24.17.1 swit

        the word “HORRIBLE” is too harsh, then how do you describe that male lead in Playful Kiss eh?

        anyway, I agree that Lee Seung Gi is not a good actor, but he is not that horrible.

        He is still 23 and has a great opportunity to be a great actor in the future.

        p.s. just curious, If you think that seunggi isn’t good as cha dae woong, so who’s the best actor who could portray the character?

      • 24.17.2 houstontwin

        Orion, I agree that we need to show each other respect in our comments. Part of the pleasure of the recaps is sharing our perspectives. I think that everyone should be required to study “Debate” when they are in school in order to understand how to put forward a strong but civil argument.

      • 24.17.3 tiks

        yeah GO far far AWAY!!!!!

    • 24.18 Ammy

      He has his flaws, but in my opinion, he was really enjoyable to watch. His quirkiness and a little bit of cheesiness made it fun to watch. He was so cute at times, and was able to show the feelings we were supposed to feel at the right times. He acts pretty well for being “just” a singer. I think they made an awesome decision hiring Lee Seung Gi for this part.
      You’re definitely the odd one out if you think Lee Seung Gi is a “horrible” actor.

    • 24.19 houstontwin

      I think that LSK was completely appropriate for this role (just as he hit the right tone for Shining Inheritance). I am not sure what his range is as an actor and I can’t predict how he would perform in other genre’s but he was perfect for My Girlfriend…

  25. 25 jyfiore


    This drama is so awesome, thanks for recapping! 😀

  26. 26 gominam

    that’s a wonderful drama out there!!! thanks for all the recaps…

  27. 27 reihime

    it’s over.. i feel like there’s a void in my life already :(

    great job recapping jb & gf! hoi-hoi couple forever~! <3

  28. 28 lanie

    Hiii thankss so much!! i cant believe its over T__________T..

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    now all i have to do is watch the last 2 eps… and then rewatch the entire thing x 47 :)

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    My only gripes with the finale were little things. I suppose it doesn’t matter on a metaphysical level but still…
    1. Aunty was already preggers during the wedding. The kid couldn’t have been more than 6 months old. Ergo it’s been a little over a year since Miho disappeared..not years. So they didn’t really wait that long.
    2. Also, solar eclipses occur pretty often unless it’s in the same place. Then it’s once every 350 years or so.
    3. In general, you don’t look at the sun directly, particularly when there’s an eclipse. And all of the crew was staring at the sky. Big NO-NO.

    All of these are completely pointless from the story’s point of view but they bothered me. But it’s alright, the cute made up for it.

    Note to self. Glasses and buckets of tears make drama watching very painful. It needs to be one or the other.
    *Lines up to buy the DVD.

    • 30.1 Meosles

      I read the chinese subs so my understanding of the episode may not be perfect. But they never really said how much time has passed since Miho disappeared? I get the impression that it’s at least a few years.

      • 30.1.1 javabeans

        There’s one line that gives a hint. Hye-in met Jeremy at the director’s wedding. When Sun-nyeo brings this up to point out that Hye-in has been dawdling with making her feelings known, she says, “And how many years ago was that?!”

    • 30.2 From Guam

      Meh, if solar eclipses appear pretty often which I know they don’t in South Korea or where I live.. out of curiosity, where do solar eclipses appear pretty often then?

      My last solar eclipse was like… omg, I can’t remember.. years ago? And yes, I did look up at the sky because it’s an amazing thing to witness IMO. And no, the sun did not blind me; its rays weren’t bright enough because the moon was lapping over it D: So the people looking up are *thumbs up.*

      The only thing I can agree with you on is number one. I justified it with “I guess the baby came out bigger than average ones.” lol, still cute nonetheless.

      • 30.2.1 dannaluk

        i saw a full solar eclipse this jan when i was in india…it was my first time and it was amazing too

        • hunterbear

          @ From Guam

          The earth has had as many as five solar eclipses in a year. But full/total eclipses are pretty rare. Even so, the earth generally see at least one solar eclipse every 18 months.
          And it’s considered more dangerous because you’re looking at the sun for extended periods of time (it’s not as bright). It ups your chances of retinal blindness/burns.

    • 30.3 Mac

      3. I was wondering about that. I realize the dramatic removal of one’s sunglasses is a trope, but Little Director is going to blind himself like that!!

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    But…if there is an alternative universe of the Hong Sisters characters living separate lives from their dramas…please, don’t let Jeremy be with the scheming noona. It’s wrong on so many levels. He’s too happy and too lovable for her.

    But I am glad to see Jeremy (& Hongki) back!!!!

    • 31.1 Severine

      Same here! I squealed when I realized it was Jeremy, but once I got back to my senses and put two and two together, I immediately wanted to write a protest letter to the Hong sisters. It’s like putting Mi-Ho’s human brotha from anotha motha with the wicked, selfish witch of K-Drama land. Nay I say to that! Nay!

      • 31.1.1 Kaitlyn

        Ditto!! I was so happy to see Hong-ki until I realise he was ‘put’ together with that scheming noona!

        I love the series and glad I followed it to the end!

        Anyone noticed, it seem that DW was carrying Miho’s mobile with the crystal ball, but when he’s at the top of the stairs and saw Miho, there was no crystal ball?? hee

        Another thing is, I wondered why DIDN’T anyone (Miho or DJ) remember the promise?? Wouldn’t them getting married be a better resolution for keeping Miho?

        • SyeolLi

          Think probably Dong Joo didn’t know. And Mi Ho probably doesn’t remember cause it’s been over 500 over years?

  32. 32 jawskie


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    Ok. Very happy. Even though it isn’t manly to cry like this. And umm, at work, whilst at it.

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    I’m a happy boy.

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    Again, thank you! I will miss the ‘hoi-hoi’ couple!

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    anyways this drama was domo domo domo domo moshita! and I domo domo domo domo domo domo domo chu ah hae this drama!!! I’m going to miss my weekly dose of gumiho cuteness! not to mention Woong-ah!! seriously I normally don’t cry with dramas I feel sad and depressed but tears don’t pool in my eyes and fall but when woong-ah was crying his heart out at Miho’s disappearance I was bawling my eyes out too, I couldn’t take how hard he took it and how sad he was to cry so heartbreakingly… I really hate, wait strike that, love Lee Seung Gi for making me cry like that… ah I’m happy… though it’s kind of depressing me to cry and have noone to comfort me since I’m living by myself now…. on the upside I watch as many dramas as I want now… oh well…I wish that this hadn’t ended but since it has all I can do is prostrate myself in the awesomeness that are the Hong Sisters…. and they brought back JEREMY!!!!! OMG Hongki!!!

    • 36.1 Lily

      Totally agree with you. There’s just one thing that sort of bothers me about your comment. The romanized Korean. Do you mean nomo nomo? domo isn’t really a “word” in Korean. Nomo means a lot. Also when you write chu ah hae, I’m assuming you mean “I like it.” Therefore it would be either Cho wah hae or Jo wah hae. Sorry, just one of my quirks ^^

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    Even this drama has many recycled elements in it, I still found it refreshingly entertaining. I love both of the leads. I cannot even see ‘Lee Seung Gi here’, there was only Cha Dae Woong. Love his laughter and tears.

    And as for the recaps, truly thankful to JB and GF for speedy recapping. There few weeks have been my best moment ever in KDrama experience. Thanks again.

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    an entirely satisfying ending! I agree with you on loving the mirroring of scenes near the end! I also love how everyone gets to live and the second leads end up leading better, happier lives. I nearly cried reading the recap here. When I watch the episode, I’ll be sure to have tissues around!

    “Dae-woong tells her that it’s better for the man to match his tastes to his wife’s”–> one of the reasons why the Hong sisters dramas are so great. They know just what women want!

    “a gumiho requires too much CG, for nine tails”–> I bet this is the reason for why Mi Ho has to lose her tails in this drama. So they don’t have to produce 9 tails through the entire series!

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  42. 42 Maui

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    Did think the ending was a little too neat in some ways… not much explanation about what happened. But having it be a happy one sweeps most everything under the rug.

    Lee Seung Gi really delivered for this performance… and Shin Min Ah is the most adorable thing right now.

  43. 43 Meosles

    I think what made me love this show so much is the amazing chemistry between Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung-gi. As characters I like them both individually but when together, this two are magical. They manage to make me believe in and root for the love between Miho and Dae-woong. I am going to miss the hoi-hoi couple so much starting from today.

    Love the last episode. I cried so much when watching it. Happy that they get a happy ending. Yay!

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    Thank you both so much for the fabulous recaps every week. The two of you make a great tag team! :)

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  46. 46 Brandi

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    • 46.1 munchkim

      Can’t help but agree. No Min Woo could have done better if his character wasn’t so-so.

    • 46.2 lessaofpern

      He was a true gentleman at the end and let her go. 😀
      I’m glad he had a happy ending too. Maybe the Hong sisters can do a sequel.(HINT HINT) He needs to find a good human to love. Any volunteers? 😛
      I hope he gets more roles. I look forward to seeing him grow as an actor. (No Min Woo)

      DB and GF thanks for your wonderful recaps 😀 I can’t watch without them. Wish we could make more clones of you, so you could recap all the Korean Dramas:D

      I’m going to miss this drama. (Sighs) All good things must come to an end.

      I’m in the middle of a VERY bad cold. So I was going nuts while watching this drama. I’m balling my eyes out for most of the last episode. (Wipe the eyes… Wipe the nose… repeat) By the time I was done, I had both a red nose and red eyes. (It was SO worth it) 😛

      I fell in love with this drama. I’m going to watch it again with my husband. (Now that I have read all the recaps, watched it raw, watched it subbed) 😀

      I loved the main actors, they were perfect together. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to play the roles. Good call Hong sisters!

  47. 47 asianromance

    forgot to add this: but the Hong Sisters really pwned all the other romantic kdramas out there by saying “this is True Love”- they stayed up for days just so they won’t waste a single moment with each other and their love is strong enough to literally get Heaven to bring MiHo back to earth! Can beat the epicness!

  48. 48 anon

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    but when grandma showed up i was like ‘yey she has come to save the day (through explanations)’. with her there was hope.

    i knew she will return because the heavens have mercy
    so cheers to MGIG staff for doing a great job :)

    ps. i love the Jeremy scene. he was such a good surprise as i missed him too

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    • 51.1 Kaitlyn

      i am a little confused but judging by the posts here so far, i assume she’s a human??

      he said “my girlfriend is a fox”, didn’t say “gumiho” so it just meant that she seduced him hence she’s a fox (meaning she’s human) and not a gumiho any more?


      • 51.1.1 sheino

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    BTW, does anyone know if there will be special for this like will ngs, bts and interviews with the cast members similar to the goong one??

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    • 56.1 Azafran

      If you notice, her tail has now become white and furry like a foxes, not a nine tailed fox, so she’s still a fox, i think, but not immortal. She will live and die like a fox!

      • 56.1.1 midge

        phew cuz i was thinking, oh we’re back to square one.

    • 56.2 dannaluk

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    i LOVED their execution.. writers and actors.

    shin mina did her thing. i mean, she was incredible as gu miho. when they went through the casting and all these names started showing up in articles, i was nervous about them all (especially sandara park 8/). i wasn’t too thrilled about shin mina but i didn’t mind her because i thought she was a solid actor. and well, she was amazing. i bet she captured the hong sister’s gu miho perfectly. lee seung gi did well too. not as well shin mina, but i loved him as daewoong and am glad they casted him.

    anyways, loved it. and thanks again for the recaps, jb and gf. they kept me afloat. ^^

  58. 58 MSA

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    As for the ending… some things I didn’t like (Truck, WTF), but all in all I liked it. A lot. Specially for the second leads – I think this is the first time I’ve gone from hating to loving them or, at least, y’know, liking them. And I’m so so so so so happy for Mi Ho and Dae Woong, obviously.

    In plan of “I see what you did there~”, I recognized the ‘crutches’ JB was talking about, and I surprised myself when I realized that they didn’t bother me at all – well, not more than normally, that is – because I liked these characters and this story so much more. To be frank, and as much of a fan of the Sister Hongs I may be, I hate My Girl with a passion of a thousand burning suns. And what seemed stupid, childish, absolutely unnecessary in My Girl suddendly turned into necessary evil here.

    Thanks for the recaps, girls!!!!!!!!!!! I was dying to read it :DD

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    im ok with the ending i guess…the serial as such was cute but its not going to break into my top kdrama list like yab did after i finished it ( and it stayed there for sometime before i forgot abt it…) u know what i mean right…the sad feeling tht u get after watching a really awesome drama tht itd over…it did happen with this one :( but shin min ah u’ve earned urself a loyal fan babe! she was nom nom nom nom nom cute! i think ill remember her the most from the show and thats saying something for oppa/ahjushi crazy moi 😛


      I hope you’re the only one.

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    my guess turned out to be wrong by the way.. Dong joo didn’t sacrifice his life..

    nevertheless, i am so happy coz from there, Dongjoo and i will live happily ever after. har har.

    nice. nice.

    • 61.1 nara:)

      not so fast serenity56! i thought i already gave you a heads up in Episode 14’s recap! LOL

  62. 62 Azafran

    This ending rocked although i was sad that we didn’t get to see them carry out their life plans of jakjigi-ing, marrying, having kids and living happily forever after! It was implied in the last scene but still a shame we couldn’t be a part of it since we’ve seen them go through so much and mature! You get so attached to these characters! I could watch LSG and SMA as DW and MH for episodes on end just being the cute, lovey dovey couple that they were!!!

  63. 63 pv

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    Last but not the least just want to say
    i really really really really like Shin Minha as a Gumiha … for me She is born to play this character ….. She did a wonderful job .. Hats off to you … And To LEE SEUNG GI ……my love for you has grown 1000 times more than yesterday …. may god bless you all

  67. 67 Lucky

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    I have to admit that I wasn’t very satisfied with the ending. It was a bit forced, with that “Heaven goes crazy” thing. It seemed like they were going to kill Miho, but the viewers wanted a happy ending. They couldn’t come up with another ending, so they decided to throw in a mystical explanation, because that always solves everything. >.<

    That said, if Miho had actually died, I would probably boycott future Hong Sisters dramas out of spite. I'm so hard to please, I know.

    • 67.1 Lucky

      Oh, and my perfect ending definitely consists of some jjajigi (sp?)

      • 67.1.1 midge


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    I honestly haven’t watched a drama in a while that truly broke my heart even while making laugh like this one. It’s also been quite a while since I’ve been THIS OBSESSED with a drama that I would actually stream it live, download it, and rewatch it over and over..

    Although the Hong Sisters do use crutches, I can’t help but feel that they still get to me everytime lols..

    Hong Sisters..thank you for a happy ending – w/o that, I would’ve probably sworn off kdramas in a fit of anger (kinda like how i almost did after HGD if it wasn’t for Who Are You lols). Lee Seung Gi (I heart you to pieces), Shin Mina (wow you’ve totally become my girl crush XD) and all of the cast (yeah, that includes Emo Vet & Evil Noona) and crew put together an awesome drama. Great chemistry=WIN

    Its been a fabulous ride and 16 fantastic recaps from Javabeans and girlfriday so props and the best cow for you ladies!!! 너무너무너무너무너무너무..너무너무 좋아! XDDD

    CAN’T WAIT TILL THE DVD COMES OUT! *crosses fingers for a special edition* 호이호이! 내여자친구는 구미호 대박!!

  72. 72 memei

    I was waiting for your recap so badly that I decided to just give my patient an aerobics video as therapy hahaha, so I can check from time to time if its up. Anyways, I think the part where dae-woong got himself hit by a truck was just his way of affirming if miho’s still with him through the fox bead.

    I watched the episode raw hours ago and I was crying buckets even though I didn’t understand a word. Haha. Dae-woong’s misty eyes were enough to cue me when to cry.

    Again, thanks girls for the recap. Weee!

    • 72.1 Meosles

      The part where he got hit by a truck reminded me of the ending of Autumn in My Heart, an ending which I really hated. I am sooooo glad they didn’t end the show this way. It would have ruined the show for me.

      • 72.1.1 byeol

        It totally reminded me of Autumn in My Heart tooo!!!

  73. 73 Birdie

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  74. 74 ank

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    Cried so much when DW found MH gone at the GYM. Lee Seung Gi is soooo good!

  75. 75 Lahlita

    Girlfriday and Javabeans: These last two months have been so splendid. Watching this drama along with you really made it for me. I got so caught up in your enthusiasm and this has been such a fabulous party. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Also? DAMN, you ladies know how to write! It’s too amazing the way you both wield words and wit. And stuff. :-) I am not ashamed of my fangirling!

    Now, on to the drama:

    1) So, Woong-ah and Mi-ho never actually had hot man-on-miho hoi-hoi in the drama! At least not that we saw! What the eff is that ish? Sixteen episodes of coqteasing? Bad Hong Sisters!

    2) I think Lee Seung-gi and Shin Mina displayed the best chemistry I have ever seen in my life. It rivals/surpasses Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun-hye. They were just so in tune from the very first episode. I hope they stay close because you can’t fake that connection. God, they were cute.

    3) I cried so hard I almost caused a tropical storm. None of that there’s-something-in-my-eye crap this time. I was flat out bawling!

    4) That’s all. I wanted to write something outrageously intelligent and insightful for the finale recap, but I’ve got nothing. This drama made me sad, then gloriously happy. It broke my heart, then healed it, like a fox bead. It was perfection.

    • 75.1 From Guam


      I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY!!! ^____^

    • 75.2 yellowmum

      aside from loving gf and jbs recaps, i also love reading your comments. i can feel the passion!

    • 75.3 viola

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    nomu nomy nomu nomu nomu jo ah….
    shin min ah has done a great job of potraying a gumiho… (a cute one of course)hah!!!love her…
    lee seung gi was marvelous!!! i had never found such a realistic act before….because of you… i cried my heart out..
    seung gi you are a wonderful actor!!!
    Mr fox hunter who was known for his hotness….Haha… yeah maybe you are very good looking guy… but still in this SHOW i fell in love with seunggi… i guess looks sometimes did not influence my interest. but thank you Dong joo song saeng?
    Hye in was cute i guess…haha… anyway good luck with jeremy…

    SHOW..im going to miss you…seunggi and min ah
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    I’m happy that Mi Ho returned in physical form and I liked how the last scene reflected their first meeting, but I didn’t like it at the same time. If she didn’t make the phone call, I would have been totally happy, but after she made the call, she kind of just…appeared. It just didn’t feel like there was a punch to it. Like I said, if there was no call, that would’ve been fine because there would still be the punch. However, since they decided to use the call, I wish they would’ve just left it as the only connection these two have and only during eclipses. At first when I thought that’s what was happening, I was definitely beating my chest going “Nooooooo!” but at the same time, I felt that it made sense. And it would echo the mythical romance genre, which is usually bittersweet.

    One thing that I liked about this last episode was that it finally clicked for me what had happened to Dong Joo. In this episode (and a lot of the past ones), he mentions over and over again about regretting doing what his lover wanted and not trusting humans etc etc. There was a scene–I think it was when he gave Dae Woong the bead–when it flashes to him killing his lover and he talks about how the bead will kill him etc. Given the information that he’s half-human, I think (and maybe it was obvious to everyone else) that he never gave his goblin lover’s bead back to her which is why he ended up just killing her and he ended being half-human and why he’s so angsty and why he can’t trust humans, because he was a human and he failed.

    • 84.1 kfan13

      On your point about DJ, I don’t think the drama ever pointed to the fact that DJ was Ga-Dil’s human partner and betrayed her. He was potentially the hunter and helped Ga-Dil (and saved her human partner whoever that was), by killing her…..or atleast that’s what I understand from the subs and recaps.

      Anyone else have a take on this ?

      • 84.1.1 munchkim

        Agree with you. There was no mention of him being the “human” who betrayed Gil Dal. What I understood from the past recaps and from the subbed vids was that DJ killed Gil Dal not because he wants to but because it was what GD wants (since she can’t let the human she loves die). And because he loves her, he did what she asked believing that “LOVE is doing whatever your loved one wants” (maybe…but not always).

        Anyway, like he said, (killing GD) he regretted it for more than a thousand years… blah.. blah..

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    I also hoped that it had been years instead of just months or 1 year that they had been apart, but I too felt annoyed when I saw that Dae-woong’s aunt’s baby was still pretty little. I was mostly annoyed because Dongju said he was a professor! I’ve been working on this PhD for 4 years already, dammit… (:

    To answer someone’s comment about it being unrealistic that people were looking directly at the sun during a solar eclipse- I’ve been in Korea for a solar eclipse and people were looking directly at the sun all around me, despite my protests. (I have to wonder how many people lost a good amount of their eyesight that day). So it wasn’t actually unrealistic at all…

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    • 100.1 girlfriday

      Seriously. If it was my last day on earth and he was my One True Love, there’d be some serious mating going on!

      Oh, let’s be real. If it were a day that ended in “y,” that’d be the first thing on my list.

      Does this trump Sam-soon? Guh….when you ask it so directly like that…..**shuffles feet**

      I said “MAY,” right? MAY be my favorite of all time. I can’t be objective right now because this is the freshest in my mind. But given some time, I may be able to stack it against Coffee Prince and Sam-soon with some semblance of logic.

      All I can say for sure right now is, it hits the same spot for me, drama-wise, that Buffy does. And Buffy is ACTUALLY my favorite, of ALL TIME. I just get to put k-dramas in a separate compartment, because, well, I make the rules in my own brain!

      • 100.1.1 xiaoSxin

        GF.. I was actually thinking the same thing after I read your recap!

        When you said it MAY be your all time favorite.. I asked myself that question too.

        SamSoon is my favorite drama of ALL TIME.. I’ll watch this again after 1 month maybe then I can objectively rate its ranking on my list. I am very biased right now because I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms of watching an addicting drama plus I am still very much intoxicated by the awesomeness of Lee Seung Gi.

        He is definitely WOONGTASTIC!

      • 100.1.2 linkyo

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