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Playful Kiss: Episode 7
by | September 22, 2010 | 267 Comments

This episode had more than one plotline going on, but there was a general arc to the emotional progressions, so overall I was happy with it. I’m liking the characters more and more, and although He-ra is in the role of the hateful romance-spoiler, Lee Shi-young is playing her with this interesting mix of confidence, softness, and bitchery that makes me like her. Well, like to hate her.


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Curiosity piqued by the sophisticated Yoon He-ra, Ha-ni asks Seung-jo about her. She’s surprised to hear that He-ra is their age, and furthermore, she’s at the top of their class, like him. Ha-ni tries not to feel intimidated, and stammers a denial when Seung-jo asks if she’s jealous.

But Seung-jo can read Ha-ni like an open book and decides to have a little fun. He says a little jealousy isn’t out of the question, given that they did kiss. He leans in close, making Ha-ni close her eyes and wonder if this is going to be Kiss No. 2… until he laughs at her gullibility. You bastid!

Ha-ni realizes he was messing with her, discouraged at this indication that the kiss meant nothing to him. Her friends commiserate, but are unable to stick around for their planned lunch date — Ju-ri got a job at a beauty salon, while Min-ah has to eat lunch with her department.

That leaves Ha-ni to eat alone. Although she can’t bring herself to ask Seung-jo to join her, it’s a pleasant surprise to run into him anyway.

Another surprise: The guy behind the counter — who gives Seung-jo an especially small serving of rice — is Joon-gu. He’s taken a job working here, in order to keep tabs on Ha-ni.

Ha-ni finds a table for them, but to her disappointment, Seung-jo joins friends at another table without so much as a word. (To be fair, it looks like he initially intended to join her, but got called over. Still, dude, you can’t even give a teeny explanation? I know, that’s not your style. That would be — gasp! — polite.)

Later, she spies Seung-jo sitting at a bench, and eagerly makes her way to join him. But just as she does, he’s joined by an older student, Kyung-soo, who tries to recruit him to his club. After some resistance, Seung-jo agrees.

Ha-ni is, naturally, curious to know which club it is. It’s why Seung-jo purposely doesn’t tell her, because he knows she’d follow him there.

Being called out on it doesn’t stop her: When he heads to the club’s meeting room, Ha-ni stealthily follows. He’s on to her, and leads her astray, but she eventually finds the right room. This is Top Spin, the tennis club.

Spotting her arrival, Seung-jo doesn’t even look surprised and mutters that she found him after all. To her surprise, there’s another familiar face in the group: He-ra. Seung-jo and He-ra were both champs in the national high school tournament two years ago, explaining how they know each other.

By now He-ra has sized up Ha-ni as a rival, and although she maintains a pleasant tone of voice, her words border on bitchy — that Ha-ni shouldn’t have come since she doesn’t know how to play tennis. Ha-ni replies that she was told that all she needed was interest.

Seung-jo tells He-ra to let it rest, but he can’t have us thinking he’s doing it to be nice, can he? He has to tack on the comment, “She’s a thoughtless girl anyway.”

At the first practice, the gentle and welcoming Kyung-soo takes his place as their training coach. (Shockingly, he’s only a second-year and 21 years old — his older appearance is a key gag with his character.) Ha-ni finds Kyung-soo very kind, but He-ra and Seung-jo trade smirks, because Ha-ni’s about to find out the truth.

Which is? Kyung-soo transforms into a fearsome drill sergeant the moment he gets on the court. He tests the members’ proficiency levels one by one, barking orders and delivering fierce serves that can’t be returned.

Kyung-soo is nervous around He-ra, though (methinks it’s a crush), and gives her an easy serve. She wants a proper one, and this gives her the chance to show off her prowess. Seung-jo is next, and he crushes Kyung-soo. This earns him the others’ admiration but sends Kyung-soo’s temper up another notch, with only one member left: Ha-ni.

Ha-ni’s scared to go out after Seung-jo has pissed him off — particularly since this is her first time holding a racquet — but go she must. She dodges a few balls in fear, and then one flies at her face. She blocks it with the racquet, which recoils into her face and knocks her out.

Funny enough, this impresses Kyung-soo; he praises Ha-ni for her focus on hitting the ball, disregarding her own safety. This guy’s a NUT.

Once he’s off the court, though, he’s back to his mild-mannered self. When the club goes out for drinks, he separates himself from the group, embarrassed of his behavior.

Everyone marvels at how perfect and talented He-ra and Seung-jo are, and speculate that both were very popular in high school. He-ra says she wasn’t interested in dating, spouting off a bunch of Sartre about loving the self and the nature of human existence. Blah blah blahhhh.

And then, Seung-jo completes her sentence for her, continuing the pretentious display of pseudointellectual quotitis. (What? That’s a thing. I sure saw plenty of it at my school.)

Everyone is lost in all this philosophical flim-flammery, particularly Ha-ni, feeling the gulf between her and them. (And this is when I realized why I love this dynamic so much — it’s totally Bridget Jones and that stick insect lawyer bitch Natasha. I’m fine with He-ra running about with her nose in the air because despite painting herself as the Perfect Mate to the Perfect Man, she’ll never beat the Lovable Everywoman because she’s lacking something fundamental. Like a heart.)

The trio’s next run-in takes place in English class, where they’re joined by a fourth — Joon-gu. When the lecture starts, the instructor asks Ha-ni a question, but as she doesn’t understand English, she turns to Seung-jo for help. He ignores her, so she makes a garbled apology in her broken English.

Joon-gu also attracts the teacher’s notice, who asks if he’s a student in this class. Joon-gu can communicate in English about as well as a monkey, so He-ra speaks up and explains to the teacher that Joon-gu’s not a student, and that he’s only here because he likes Ha-ni.

Then she turns to Joon-gu and, with her steely-sweet voice, calls him a public menace. She adds under her breath that she hates stupid guys, which are the same words Seung-jo used to describe Ha-ni.

Ha-ni glumly says to Seung-jo’s mom that Seung-jo must like those pretty, smart, skinny girls — the kind that abound at school. Mom immediately understands that a third wheel has hitched herself along for the ride, and reassures Ha-ni that she and Seung-jo are the type who have to be together to be perfect, like a pot and lid. It’s a cute way to show that they’re complementary, not carbon copies of one another.

Ha-ni drops by Eun-jo’s school to deliver some school materials, where she sees that he has a crush on a classmate. To help him along, Ha-ni approaches the girl and invites her home and, naturally, she and Mom spy. The playdate doesn’t go very well — the girl’s bored and petulant — until Seung-jo arrives.

Suddenly, she perks up, wowed at the handsome oppa. In fact, she’s bold enough to ask at dinner whether Seung-jo believes in love at first sight. Seung-jo hasn’t ever thought about it, but the little hussy says she believes in it now, then requests, “Oppa! Please just wait seven years!” (I presume she’s 13 and means until she’s of age at 20.)

POOR EUN-JO. Mom tries to give him a pep talk, but it just doesn’t have much impact to hear mom tell you how cool you are. Ha-ni asks if Seung-jo even cares how Eun-jo feels, and calls him a player.

This gives her the chance to unload her frustrations about He-ra, and I love that she calls him out for playing around with her feelings — he smiles at her intentionally to confuse her and never is clear on whether he means something or is joking. She grumps, “Go ahead, you guys suit each other… you’re both mean anyway.”

Catching on to the source of her complaint, he asks if this is about He-ra instead of Eun-jo. Ha-ni says they’re the same thing.

Eun-jo lashes out at Ha-ni when she comes to talk to him, saying this was all her fault for asking the girl over. Ha-ni agrees, apologizing for overstepping. Eun-jo is feeling raw and retorts, “What do you know?”

But one-sided love is something Ha-ni knows very well — she understands exactly what it feels like to be ignored by the one you like. She sighs, “Eun-jo, I think that for two people to like each other at the same time is nearly a miracle. One day, will that miracle happen for me?”

She says it wistfully, and Dad overhears from inside, perturbed. With that on his mind, he asks Joon-gu if he really likes Ha-ni that much. Joon-gu explains that when he was always getting into trouble and avoided by the other kids, Ha-ni was the only one who befriended him. There’s a moment that’s a bit sad when Joon-gu calls himself pathetic, working while all the other kids are off joining clubs in college. But he’s intent on building himself up quickly so he can propose to Ha-ni. Oh, Duckie. My heart, it bleeds for you.

Seung-jo brings He-ra home to work on an assignment, and Ha-ni finds herself caught on the balcony outside the living room. She scurries behind the screen to avoid being seen, but alas, the two settle down to work there and she is forced to keep hiding.

The report is on cultural studies and leads to some more philosophical musings about the crux of Nietzsche’s ideas. He-ra has the idea to make their project with a visual medium rather than a written report, and they get out the camera to create some homemade claymation.

Ha-ni sees Seung-jo’s absorption in his project and finds it discouraging — she’s never seen him look like that, and it further highlights the gap between them.

Mom arrives home and hears from Eun-jo that Seung-jo’s friend is super pretty, and immediately her Momdar pings — this must be Ha-ni’s rival, and this automatically means she must be discouraged. (Mom is awesome.) Thus she receives He-ra coolly, much as she once saw through the B.S. facade with Jang-mi. Go Mom!

I’m starting to love to hate He-ra, because she’s so uppity that you can’t help but root for her downfall. For instance, when He-ra finds that Ha-ni didn’t know Seung-jo is only a special member of the club (i.e., he can skip practices), she laughs that they’re not even that close — it means she finds Ha-ni utterly unthreatening: “It’s no fun without any tension.”

Yeah, she’s that perfect bitch who likes to make things harder on herself because otherwise life is so boring, poor baby.

Bothered by Ha-ni’s explanation of her one-sided crush, Dad decides that it’s time to move. He makes this decision with a heavy heart, but feels that it would be best for Ha-ni — he doesn’t like seeing her struggle.

Mom doesn’t take this well. The parents had meant it when they said they wanted the Oh family to keep living with them. Ha-ni’s father answers that this will help Ha-ni give up on Seung-jo faster — they all know that he’s not interested in her.

I love that Mom insists that Seung-jo will come to like Ha-ni, and she clutches at straws by asking if it would be okay for them to stay if Ha-ni married into the family. She just really loves her and her bright energy.

Overhearing, Eun-jo tells his brother that Ha-ni’s leaving, and while Eun-jo says this is good news, Seung-jo’s reaction proves that he doesn’t consider it as such.

Seung-jo heads to Ha-ni’s room to confirm that it’s true, at which point he says (completely unconvincingly, I might add), “Well, I can finally get back to life as normal.”

In a sad voice, she says she hopes so. He leaves her with the words, “Have a nice life.” Not exactly the most charming goodbye, is it?

But even if he can’t say it in words, Seung-jo’s disappointment is clear. I think the above images just about sum it up.

Soon, it’s moving day. Ha-ni and her father ready to leave, and it’s a sad day all around, particularly for Seung-jo’s mother.

Ha-ni thanks Mom for everything she has done for her — from buying pizza for her classmates to inviting her friends to the family trip and just being an overall awesome mom.

Seung-jo studiously keeps his gaze averted — I wonder if he feels partially guilty, especially with his parents so heartbrokenly saying their goodbyes. He says a quick and casual “Bye.”

After the Ohs drive off, Eun-jo exults in getting his room back. Seung-jo asks for lunch, and I love Mom’s response: She whirls around and glares at her boys, saying it’s all their fault. Yeah, I’m gonna bet there was no lunch that day.

I presume that Seung-jo’s light send-off to Ha-ni was his way of overcompensating, since he can’t be earnest for the life of him and he sure as hell isn’t going to admit to any disappointment. But next he goes into Ha-ni’s room, looking around at the empty space, and he finds her doll on the bed, the one he’d won for her in the machine — she has left it behind.

(Worst episode ending ever! Well, not really, but I just wanted more of Seung-jo’s reaction before we cut out, and feel impatient for more.)


Okay, so girlfriday’s gonna make SO MUCH FUN of me (I DON’T CARE JUST BRING IT ON, WOMAN), but I have never, and I honestly mean never, found Kim Hyun-joong attractive before — yeah, he’s beautiful, but I got no pull from him, no personal charisma — yet his messy perm is totally doing it for me. It’s weird. I know it’s weird. I can’t help it! It’s not that I like Seung-jo all of a sudden (he can still be an ass), but he’s starting to seem like a human now. A human you can rumple and do naughty things with, as opposed to a robot where you can’t. Or shouldn’t. (Really, really shouldn’t.)

It seems that messy hair in dramas (and not just Korean) has come to indicate a messy personality. I’m not saying that people think curly-haired people are messy; it’s just become this narrative shorthand. Some people commented on this straight-curly relationship regarding Lee Seung-gi in Brilliant Legacy. Another one is Hong Gil Dong — in the beginning when he’s a troublemaking wastrel, his hair is a bird’s nest of messy curls, and it gradually straightens as he matures. Whether or not it’s consciously meant to do this for Seung-jo, for me it evokes a loosening of his personality, and I like that.

Also, this episode (the ending, at least) brings us to one of my favorite points in any romantic kdrama — the reversal where the indifferent hero suddenly has to face the prospect of not being so indifferent after all.

Usually I’m dying for the heroine to take the hero down a notch or five after being underappreciated by him for so long — to just smack that smirk off his face and show him that you’re strong and worthy. I’m pretty sure Seung-jo IS trying to be nice to Ha-ni sometimes, but he can’t admit that to her or himself and tacks on rude comments to make it seem like he’s indifferent. He has the luxury of doing that because he smugly believes Ha-ni’s always going to be around, so he can tease and toy with her as much as he wants and never lose her affection.

But I understand that Ha-ni’s not the kind of girl to lash out at him — her very appeal is in how open, sweet, and genuine she is. So if she can’t knock him down a peg, how great for the circumstances to do that for her? She moves out, jolting him with the thought that maybe he can’t just take her presence (and by extension, affection) for granted anymore.

Or at least I hope that’s how the story progresses.


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  1. Jasmin

    Agee the ending was bad but then again I don’t think KHJ is capable of projecting other emotions aside from his adorable smile, stern/serious look, and shocked eyes.

    • 1.1 yeone

      haha so agree
      the ending should’ve been more “catchy” for us:D

    • 1.2 Portia

      You know, I had this feeling at the end that the director should have waited like 3 more seconds on that shot…it’s like they cut away before KHJ was able to show the full emotion. I do think KHJ’s acting is getting better – the scene where he is reacting to OHN leaving was an example of that – and I kind of wish the director would let him emote fully when there’s an opportunity for it!

    • 1.3 rainyrainy

      I wish today they will complete the last scene of seung-jo , even though I doubt it .

    • 1.4 hunterbear

      haha it doesn’t bother me much since he’s so hot.

    • 1.5 Dee Dee

      Exactly! As an actor he can do only those three things. He either walks than looks serious or walks then becomes stunned, or walks then puts on his killer smile.

    • 1.6 anicasreign

      I more so started to like the episode about half way through. I also agree with what JB said about the straight hair vs. messy hair. I like that he’s becoming more human and showing that even mechanical beings can overthrow computation. He feels safe in his world of logical observations, yet here comes someone who doesn’t operate on the same wavelength. He instantly disliked her, and not for the reasons we think. I think he was jealous that he couldn’t just exist like she did. He had to live with some purpose, some greater meaning. Or at least that’s what his logical brain was programmed to believe. Now his world is vast and without some kind of manual he’s human just like the rest of us. HN is gone and now his safety net is gone.

      I personally think the KHJ is getting better at his acting, but when acting we have to be careful to stay in character. If you step out of it just once you could start to embody what the character is feeling thus a real one sided love. I think he’s being careful while at the same time trying to find his stride in acting. It’s good for him as we’ve started to see. He’ll surprise in the end as will the storyline. But then again everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      Thanks for the recap JB. You rock as always! I hope GF doesn’t give you too much crap for your confession. I’m right there with you. I didn’t really start to love him until his life started to crash and burn. =)

  2. yeone

    thanks so much for this recap!
    been following it since ep. 1 πŸ™‚

  3. Biscuit

    This was the first time I felt Hani to be annoying (when she’s doing something OTHER then following Seung-jo).

    I guess it’s cute in HS, but now that everyone is moving on in their lives and Hani is following Seung-jo around more then ever… I almost felt embarrassed for him.

    I can’t even tell how much he likes Hani that it feels like Hani is being forced onto him… where he’s being pressured to like her back.

    But the ending made me happy because of the possible change in a certain some-one’s feeling.. because I’m tired of watching already 6 hours worth of one-sided love. I. Need. ACTION.

    I don’t care if we need to bring in someone with cancer or babies switched at birth… or Hani finding out to be Seung-jo’s father’s daughter from a previous relationship where she was abandoned by the mother and taken in by Hani’s parents! I want something to bring up the sparks and action!

    Ahem. Okay. Maybe not. But really, one-sided love for half the series is a turn off.

    • 3.1 f1yh1gh10

      me too.. i felt embarassed for her.. i wish she could have been less stalkerish..but what can she do? she’s madly in love..and i probably would have, too.. still, i really need some reassuration that hani and seungjo are gonna have some chemistry. the eps are good, but i feel like seungjo needs to open up soon cuz otherwise..it’ll get too uneven..

      but other than that..i love this drama!

    • 3.2 kimkim

      @Biscuit, OMG, your comment is word by word exactly how I feel.

      To quote javabeans, “Or at least I hope that’s how the story progresses.” Nod, nod.

    • 3.3 PigPig

      Thanks…exactly how I feel. Seriously, we’re almost done with half of the series and she is still following him everywhere….. I know it’s a one-sided love turned into mutual love…but when………7 episodes of one-sided love just tired me. seriously, sheung-jo was such a jerk…that i found amazing that she is still in love with him…………I skipped most of ep 7 and watched the part that they move out of the house…..i couldn’t stand the verbal abuse anymore….. i hope the reversal will happen soon…my patience is running very low…….

    • 3.4 gala

      yeah this is the part of the story [in ALL adaptations] that i really, really hate – the early days of their university life. i just wished that kotoko could’ve made do with what she said pre-MEAN kiss. she said she’s gonna forget about SJ. granted, the kiss really did jolt what little brain power she had. but sigh… i just didn’t like the part of this story.

      and again the comparison, i know. but i MUST! i like the pacing of this better than ISWAK. man, it felt like it took ages before zhishu there showed signs of really-really liking her. at least here in PK, SJ had made OBVIOUS indications. it’s really too bad that KHJ was quite lacking in expressions. (joe cheng’s characterization really compensated for the draggy flow in iswak. i wish khj was doing that. nonetheless, there were improvements so i’m quite satisfied.)

      btw, i’m afraid that the REALLY BIG ACTION would kick in a bit later, but hopefully not around eps12+. that would be too late. episodes are limited so i think the pacing of the story would be quickened. i’d expect for angst/drama around ep10. please and thank you. heh.

      • 3.4.1 gala

        oopsies… *HaNi HaNI HaNi*! not kotoko. heh. sorry, re-watching the anime right now.

        btw, forgot to mention, Mrs. Baek – the best, best mother-in-law-to-be in all kdramaland. ah, but i’m sure we all know that!

      • 3.4.2 Sami

        I think Seung jo did a very good job in acting all cold, yet hiding his own feeling and emtional confict for the girl in this version. Zhi-shu didn’t show any feeling for her at all, and then, ‘BAM’, he falled for her. It’s kind of ‘off’.

        Joe Cheng was pretty decent at acting cold, and then full of affection later on, but we didn’t see the progress of his feeling, nothing at all. That’s why i like this version better. And i think the main lead, Hyunjoon did a great job as for the development of love, hate, feeling..

        • Julianne

          Yess. <3 He might need to work on expression a little more, sometimes, but… he really grows on you as it progresses. That's one of the main reasons why i like this drama is that yes its slow, but steady. And sometimes slow dramas just make the scene you're waiting for a hundred times more legendary!

    • 3.5 Ojou_Belle

      I so agree with you about getting tired of watching a one sided love for 6 epis. Maybe this is why the ratings are low for this show in spite of it having the makings of a hit…people know about ISWAK and they don’t like to experience the agony of the girl being strung along until the last episode!

    • 3.6 v

      lol… i dont mean to sound discouraging but until the wedding, the one-sided thing (at least in appearance. inwardly, that’s another matter) is pretty much all the story: ha ni’s exceptional love for seungjo (undeserved but destined). as well as joongoo’s exceptional love for hani.

      • 3.6.1 Biscuit

        I *kinda* picked up on the original, though I’ve skipped a good deal here and there. So I somewhat know how the direction might be going in the future. (Though it’d be great if there were no spoilers for fans who don’t know the original – not everyone has seen/read Itazura Na Kiss)

        But I guess the fustration is that when you’re reading a comic book, you can be from point A to B in a rather fast way and just zoom by. Yet in a drama, you can’t skip every minute, leaving you literally watching a girl crush over a guy for a literal hour.

        Thank goodness this drama has been exceptionally faced paced in getting from one event to another. Though sometimes I think this can work both positively and negatively… because while you think a lot has been accomplished, when you take out all the smaller scenes and details… it almost feels like not much happened at all.

        Which is why I’d wish that the drama can maintain it’s pace, but include more smaller scenes and Hani interacting with other people (that has nothing to do with love). That’s probably why I appreciated the earlier episodes more… when Hani was talking about going to University with her friends and highlighting on their friendship.

        • v

          I agree with you. I think it makes sense now that you mentioned comics. it’s true that reading a manga goes much faster than watching something and having to go through all the slow scenes or having to fast-forward. and let’s face it, the first ep was a bore… it had cute moments but overall, it dragged. so i totally understand the frustration of a lot of viewers.
          however, like you said, the drama is now quite fast-paced in my opinion. and it’s true that when you take out all those small scenes, nothing much is left. but that’s what i actually like in this drama because in that aspect, it’s quite realistic in portraying a growing relationship, which develops by sharing many small and yet significant moments together. sure, a death or something dramatic can change the dynamics of a relationship but so can the small moments.
          i guess it comes down to whether you’d rather have those in a drama or not. my guess is that that’s not for korean viewers but it works fine for me.

  4. f1yh1gh10

    i love joongie…but i can’t help but think that seungjo should have held her back. i guess it’s too early…but a girl can hope. i felt really bad for hani, because a smile would have been nice…instead..a cold “goodbye” was all she got. i would have hated him for playing with me and giving me a sweet kiss, and then turning away like that… but then again..who can stay mad at seungjo? well..hani can’t! πŸ™‚

    love playful kiss! hopefully seungjo opens up soon!

  5. Biscuit

    “(when she’s doing something OTHER then following Seung-jo).”


    She’s annoying except for the times when she’s doing something OTHER then being a Seung-jo stalker… :/

  6. xiaoSxin

    cute episode..

  7. Nano

    i LOLed at your last comments–I found Kim Hyung Joong really ugly at first, but it grew on me over time…
    anyways, i hope kim hyun joong grows more as an actor. he just had a crap time in BOF.

    • 7.1 iris

      Yeah! I can’t understand why my friends fell head over heels for him in BOF. I think he can be compared to a statue in that drama.. Thank God he’s good looking. Now there’s a plus πŸ˜‰

      • 7.1.1 Devi

        His nickname from his fan is “walking statue” but I agree about the BOF thing. I only liked him from WGM

  8. Hajung

    I agree, I’ve never found hyunjoong attractive. Alhough I still don’t. I love that idea of the hair reflecting the character; will seungjo have a tight grandma perm by the end of the drama? Or a fro? please?
    While I like the overall direction of this episode, I found myself skipping a lot of the conversation scenes. I knew what they were going to tell me, directly and about the character, so the content felt unimportant and boring.

  9. kimkim

    I couldn’t believe it, but this episode actually made me a little teary-eyed. Yikes!

    • 9.1 nitnotzz

      same effect happened to me just by reading this recap… :((

    • 9.2 Laica

      Me too – all of a sudden I had tears in my eyes! When Hani was saying goodbye to AwesoMom. (My new name for her.)

      • 9.2.1 poo

        I loved the way she cried holding her dad…seems like her dad is the only one who knos what she is going through…poor girl!

      • 9.2.2 Eltauruss

        I don’t cry in Dramas that contain bottles of tears,
        but Ha ni’s saying goodbye make me cry too.

  10. 10 elisa

    ditto dramabeans. am so sure you are going to hear something from girlfriday. unlike most, I enjoy PK and yes, I also hate comparing from the previous versions considering I did watch the anime, Japanese and the Taiwanese works. anyways, Korean PK has a lot to offer and I really wondered why it didn’t pick up as it should. thanks for the feedback. so enjoy your insights. sigh, the appeal of the Kdramas.

  11. 11 tori lou

    i still like this drama no matter how poorly it is doing in the tv ratings. one thing i don’t like is hyunjoong’s hairdo. aaargh! looking from afar, he looks like an ajummah. sorry. πŸ™

    • 11.1 elisa

      javabeans compared it to the possible turmoil he is experiencing inside, being more human and his refusal to admit to whatever he is brewing over. didn’t like his hairstyle too until she made the comment.

    • 11.2 mmmaggie

      I think trying-to-look-trendy-but-end-up-looking-like-an-ajummah is a problem that afflicts many Korean actors, unfortunately. That is why I was LMAOOOOO at javabeans’ comment on Kim Hyun Joong’s hair making him attractive to her for the first time. Hehehe.

      I’m really trying not to like Lee Shi Young’s performance and look because I hate the idea that her losing weight automatically makes her more attractive in Korean eyes, but…. she looks good and knows she looks good and is playing the role perfectly. *Sigh* Please, kdrama gods, give me some non-plastic surgery’d, non-anorexic looking actresses in LEAD roles to root for!

      • 11.2.1 mmmNO

        Oh no, you did NOT just diss my girl Han Ni.

        1) Non-plastic surgery’d – CHECK
        Oh Ha Ni-1 mmmaggie-0

        2) Non-anorexic looking – CHECK
        Oh Ha Ni-2 mmmaggie-0

        3) Lead role – CHECK (She should get double checks for being OH so adorable in her role!)
        Oh Ha Ni-3 mmmaggie-0

        mmmmYES, according to the tallies you best be rooting for Oh Ha Ni <3

        • mmmaggie

          LMAO! I stand corrected. I should have said MORE non-plastic surgery’d, non-anorexic looking actresses in lead roles to root for. πŸ˜€ I’m assuming the actress who plays Oh Ha Ni has always been considered cute, whereas I’m not *sure* Lee Shi Young has until she lost 10-20 pounds. That’s more what I was commenting on, but I am enjoying Ha Ni’s performance.

        • gi

          umm. I think you mis-understood, she’s talking bout the girl who plays Hae ra, not Oh Ha Ni. you get a fail.

  12. 12 yl

    yunno jb, i thought the exact same thing. As good looking as kim hyun joong is, I’ve always looked at him and thought meh, another pretty boy. But those curls really do make him 1000x more attractive.. somehow.. i don’t know why, but it just does….XD

    Thanks for the lovely recap as always!

    • 12.1 kyun

      100% agree!

      • 12.1.1 anonymous

        me too!

  13. 13 cute.dork

    OMG! that tennis captain/coach or something is from the movie Romantic Warriors..xDD funny movie, you guys should watch..
    i literally cried on the part ha ni was leaving!!!! OMG! and then He-Ra!

  14. 14 SecretAddiction

    The story is getting better but I think it has a bit more to go until I’ll love it as much as the Taiwanese version.

  15. 15 Violet

    Haha! I love your reaction to the pama!

  16. 16 Amg1

    JB nice work, all I can say is that some how I am enjoying this drama very much, it may not have the ratings but, there is something about it that makes it quite endereing, I guess it is Ha-ni’s character that I really like!! thanks again : O }

  17. 17 MEL

    thanks JB…finally the messy perm is doing it for you… thanks for the recap…

  18. 18 Valentina

    love this eps ending, can see SeungJo feel a little empty in his heart after Ha Ni move out
    thanks JB for the recap ^^

  19. 19 ockoala

    It was the best of episodes (heightened emotional tension and added conflict), it was the worst of episodes (bring on the sadness and the hurt, double shot please).

    I have to disagree on HN being stalkerish. ISWAK almost derailed me with how stalkerish XQ was, but HN is like a puppy dog following her master around. Esp. since said master gives gestures of affection indiscriminately (kiss, give her plush toy, take picture with her, dick-off with Duckie to show who is the boss, etc.) which show interest, and then turns around and is a jackass when he feels like it.

    HN is so utterly confused. She didn’t use to stalk SJ, in high school she just crushed on him and occasionally peeped at him from around corners. She’s stalking him now bc he gave her hope, and then just crushed it afterwards.

    That’s why HN’s behavior doesn’t annoy me, she’s trying to figure out what SJ wants, hoping that it’s her. And when she finally accepts the its not her, she bravely makes the choice to move on, and leave that plush toy behind.

    SJ – you better like being around that frigid stick HR, cuz your little HN isn’t going to be stalking you anymore….

    • 19.1 lambayyx

      peeping from the corners is not stalking? in what world do you live in LOL

      • 19.1.1 iamyournoona

        I know comparing various versions is getting old but you should’ve seen how the Taiwanese female lead stalked the lead guy. Trust me she was more annoying. I had ,more than once, the urge to wring her neck. This is coming from someone who loves ISWAK LOL.

    • 19.2 CHshe

      Agree! ^^
      I didn’t think she’s being a stalker and going around embarrassing herself. Like you said, she’s confused.

      And I hv to say JSM potrayal of OHN is the best out of 3 drama versions. Even slightly better than the anime.

    • 19.3 Lemon

      omo i totally agree with what you just said. awesome analysis!

    • 19.4 GreenTea

      yeah… it’s such a sad episode. she’s had this crush for 2-3 years, and then suddenly BSJ gives signs of hopes, so of course she’ll hold on to that despite all the mean things he does.

    • 19.5 Jodasg

      I tot the same. Hani doesn’t come across as a stalker her. Its the fault of SJ. If he doesn’t keep raising her hopes & then crush it (photo, plush toy, kiss); I am sure Hani will forget him.

    • 19.6 LittleWitty22

      ^_^ a great opinion(I guess so! amuah!) but..she’s more stalkerish than HS life.. SJ actually shows his soft hearted side to HN before..(asking HN why she’s desperately to go to college) so i guess, it’s really had a touch of human expression.. and that ep. to shows a little feelings of concern toward HN.. hehhehe.. ccan’t help to wait for another ep. SArrangae!

  20. 20 Annony

    I’m feel deeply connected to this drama because I’m part BSJ and also part Hani. What killed me the most was most def her heart to heart with the little brother. I have seriously thought of the same thing…many times.

    And I also, like BSJ over compensate in that “genius” way of his. I really want to see how his character develops (sorry, I have neither heard of or watched ISWAK or previous adaptations…) and see how HyunJoong develops as well.

    I can read people really easily but that scene when he goes to confirm with Hani if she’s leaving–I was dying little deaths. Something about his averted gaze as he shuts the door. Maybe because I’ve done that before…maybe because it felt…OMG REAL?

    I’d have to give HJ kudos for that split second. That was good acting. (Yes, just that little vignette…)

  21. 21 Balletbabe

    Question is Kyung-soo suppose to have an accent cause his Korean sounds a little different

  22. 22 CHshe

    Huhu Round 7. Gratz for rating!

    Love it, love it. The hair, the teasing, the emotion, the 3rd wheel, everything!

    This is where BSJ starting to realize his inner-side. Like you said, JB, about taking OHN for granted all this while. It’s really like a tennis ball finally hitting him (just like OHN ahh that scene is surely a crack).

    Anyway, now that these two lives separates, they’re only connected by the tennis club. Probably he look forward to go there, just so that he can sees her, haha

    Although I know what follows next, I still anticipate for today episode. Ahh cant wait.

    PK Fighting! As always JB thanks for recap.

  23. 23 deannadsc

    Okay, so girlfriday’s gonna make SO MUCH FUN of me (I DON’T CARE JUST BRING IT ON, WOMAN), but I have never, and I honestly mean never, found Kim Hyun-joong attractive before β€” yeah, he’s beautiful, but I got no pull from him, no personal charisma β€” yet his messy perm is totally doing it for me. It’s weird. I know it’s weird. I can’t help it!

    I’m literally “laughing out loud”!!! JB, not only will GF make so much fun of you, but the whole Triple S, KHJ fans clubs would!!! bhahahaha!!!
    Again, you & your funny comments have MADE MY DAY,JB!!! thank you so much..love how you make sense out of each & every scene(since I watched it RAW!!)!!

  24. 24 Ashley

    You know, I had the odd experience of watching this episode and immediately wanting to read your recap. I guess I’m addicted!

    I’m really enjoying this show, but I too have been waiting for the moment when Seung-jo has to start chasing Ha Ni instead of the other way around. He clearly already likes her, but he doesn’t have to risk anything by admitting it because its safe to continue treating her like dung. This will be a nice growing experience for Seung-jo, because he’s rarely had to strive for anything, or face the prospect of not succeeding. I remember the look on his face when he celebrated his victory in the relay, and I thought, “He needs the experience of striving for victory and attaining it. The next step will be trying and actually FAILING.” I think once the idea that he may actually be denied something that he truly wants sets in he’ll be a very different person.

    Can I just say again how much I LOVE the Mom?

    The perm grew on me. I don’t know why, but its kinda cute now.

    • 24.1 v

      what you said is really true but i think it applies more to later in the story. right now, i don’t think seungjo knows he likes hani yet. he probably just feels that somehow, she manages to grab his attention and bring a bit of excitement to his life and makes him feel new things but i dont think it’s anything concrete in his mind yet.
      but ur right, the poor guy will finally need to face the fact that not everything will come easily to him. he might be a genius, but not one at love.

      • 24.1.1 Ashley

        I completely agree that he doesn’t know he likes her. Poor, stupid boy. What good is reading Nietzsche (in German no doubt, given the whole “genius” thing) if you lose Ha Ni!?

  25. 25 Molly

    His hair made him look much more attractive in my eyes too! Omg, telepathy, Javabeans.

  26. 26 dramas4ever

    A great episode, I was crying for Ha-Ni from beginning to end, and crying for the second lead. Maybe I might be seeing things but does anyone think that SJ’s mom looks pregnant? If you look at her when she comes in with EJ and SJ is looking at the camera…maybe I need sleep. πŸ˜€

    • 26.1 giddy

      I think it was the sweater–when she first appeared in a full shot, that’s what I thought, too, that she was preggers, but then noticed the ribbons laced through the sweater and made it look bulky on the tummy area.

  27. 27 Portia


    I’m so glad you caught the Bridget Jones similarity, too…and have to say that I’m fangirling out a little because if you can track it back to Bridget Jones then you can also track it back to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice…which would, I think, make this the first K-Drama Austen adaptation, LOL!!! Makes my English-major heart squeal with joy just a little. I can forgive Seung Jo anything if it turns out he’s really Mr. Darcy, Jr. Hahaha! πŸ˜›

    • 27.1 ohyehbb

      Ah yes, but Hani is no Elizabeth Bennet! She seems more like a mix of Jane (sweet and earnest) and Lydia (thoughtless), no? And yes, I realized while I was writing the last sentence that that is one strange character combo, HAHA.

    • 27.2 Mel

      For the love of Jane Austen….yes Seung Jo be Mr Darcy!!!! I’m so glad Ha Ni is so lovable not stupidly ditzy…I feel for all her pain and anguish… leaving the stuffed toy may help her slowly get over SJ, yeah let him do the chasing now. You go Ha Ni, make him beg!!

      Thanks JB, it’s about time KHJ grew on you not just because of the curls…

    • 27.3 anon

      our or rather (MY!!!!) lee sung joon from SKKS is also very darcy-ish
      whilst jaeshin is rochester like in spirit

    • 27.4 Ashley

      Yes, he is very much a Mr. Darcy, except his manners are worse and he’s less in touch with his own emotions. That being said, they are both complete jerks that need to be taken down a peg, and like someone else has said, Ha Ni is no Elizabeth Bennet. I have no clue how she’s going to give him the humiliation he needs lol

      English majors unite!

  28. 28 Jenju

    OOoo I like this.

    Honestly, I don’t remember how it went down in ISWAK because I fast-forwarded so much but I do hope she doesn’t move back in.

    Or at the VERY LEAST, not right away.

    My interest in this drama has been piqued again… hopefully it continues to do well.

    • 28.1 Beng

      in ISWAK, the girl returned because of the kid brother. this separation is the start of the roller coaster ride for Seung-jo as he started facing his feelings =). I wonder if his heart will start to race on the 8th episode =)

      • 28.1.1 CHshe

        Actually this is quite tricky, I’m trying to guess how this version would take off from this separation, (since it has been cut into 16 episode)

        If it follows as per anime, then we would only going to be presented a glimpse of their ‘hmmm… ma***ed life’ in future


        Either they gave up EunJo incident and went ahead with their father incident instead, and if that happens, seems like HeRa and Chris probably portray as a character. So if that happens, then we’re getting more.. haha

        So we have to look and see for tonite…

  29. 29 theedie

    I’m the total opposite when it comes to hair. While I appreciate the narrative indicators his new messy hair style makes, I found him more attractive with the straight hair (although I’m not too attracted to him in the first place).

    Also, I gotta say I hate how dolled up He-ra gets just to go to school. She looks like she’s 28 even though she’s supposed to be the same age as everybody else. I know in Korea girls tend to be a bit more dressed up for college, but honestly the pretentiousness of He-ra makes it more annoying to me.

    • 29.1 Carina

      Well the actress who plays He-ra IS like 28 XD

  30. 30 cheekbones

    I couldn’t help LOL-ing at the end of the recap, reading your comments, JB. πŸ˜€ How epic is it that you’re falling for him ? hahaha……

    Personally, I much prefer the straight hair of ep 1-5.

    Thanks, JB, for the wonderful recap and insight.

  31. 31 umalily

    I guess the permed hair is from the manga itself. Thanks for the recap!

  32. 32 Noypi

    Hold on, why did I cry at the end??? WHY??

    Should i blame it to the background music??

    Definitely not on Baek Seung Jo!!!

    WHY?? Because of the Mother and Ha Ni!!!

    When Ha Ni hugged her dad before leaving, i just balled to tears… then the entire goodbye with Mom, just so sad.. even though its only been 7episodes, we really did see the relationship between the two women blossom..

    I hope episode 8 is a happy one cause I did NOT expect to cry on this drama, esp just on Episode 7… and im not even a big fan of PK… ahhhh!!

  33. 33 Natty

    Alright! Thanks for the recap! I gotta say I really enjoyed this episode. There is something about the way SJ is trying (and failing) to act like he still doesn’t care, that really interests me. He definitely deserves a little emotional turmoil after how mean he was to HN. Haha I like the perm too, it took some getting used to, but it’s cute! πŸ™‚

  34. 34 Anonymous

    >>maybe he can’t just take her presence (and by extension, affection) for granted anymore.<<

    I love how you put this issue into words. Yes, I think it's time for Seung Jo to actually realize that "not everything will go toward him effortlessly" heh….

    wanting to see more

  35. 35 marmar

    Lee Si Young’s character I never really hated her character cause in the later parts she does become a friend plus in TW version it was played by Tiffany Xu whom I adore & the tennis guy..lol his character was played by Jason whom rapped/sang the theme song for ISWAK & he becomes a good friend for Ha Ni in the later parts as well.
    So yeah I never dislike their character I found them refreshing..lol

    Gosh I haven’t watch this episode yet but man I wanna know what happens already..lol despite already knowing the outcome since I love ISWAK..lol

    Thanks JB for the recap…

    • 35.1 v

      glad to hear u think like me too… maybe because ive seen the tw version but i can’t hate haera either… of course, i dislike her but if it goes like iswak, then she’ll eventually grow on me. she’ll still be arrogant but like seungjo, we’ll get to see that there’s more to her and that she has feelings as well. plus, anyone who gets “friendly” with hani is in my good book.

  36. 36 xvii

    thanks for an awesome recap, javabeans. in return, i give you this: http://en.korea.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/cbc1f_kimhyunjoong11.jpg


  37. 37 giddy

    Thanks for the recap, JB; I’m still in shock that you like it, not to mention finding KHJ attractive now! Personally, I can’t adjust to the perm cuz I love the straight-haired Joongie, but found your analysis of messy hair, messy internal conflict quite insightful.

    PK is now taking us in a new direction–seeing BSJ melancholy over Ha ni’s departure! It feels like the ball is now in his court rather than him always receiving her “serves”. Hae Ra is loathe-some with her snide comments, and that’s what makes her fun to watch–the higher she puts herself up, the further we’ll see her fall.

    The mom is such a delight and so rare in kdramas — affluent moms are typically shown placing their sons on a pedestal, and being so status conscious regarding the potential daughter-in-laws “good enough” for their sons. The fact that she disregards Ha ni’s shortcomings and appreciates her pure heart is such an oddity. Their scenes together are heartwarming and one of my favorite plot-lines in this drama.

    Looking forward to ep. 8 and your next recap!

  38. 38 Rossi

    Mock her, girlfriday, mock her!! πŸ˜›

    …I’m kidding (slightly)…uhm, all the Kang Ji Hwan are yours, javabeans! (please don’t ban me. hurhur)

    I haven’t watch any of this drama at all since the plot turns me off but skim recaps once in a while b/c of the pretty (HJ), the cute (JSM) and the adorable Duckie. And I seriously wish that one of these days, Asian dramas will grant us a story where the Duckie of dramaland gets the girl. The plot reversal would be awesome!

  39. 39 wulanastasiaz

    maybe.. he, himself still not sure about what he fell to ha ni..
    it’s not like that he lost the love of his life or something..

    he is already on the way.. but not there yet.. (if u know what i mean..)

    • 39.1 Carinne

      Yeah~ he’s sorting his feelings. His normal life was boring, no drama, and now Seung-jo has been caught up in Ha-ni’s humanitarian web. (It’ll especially take SJ a long while to admit he’s any bit jealous. We won’t get to see that unless they wed in this show and progress finishing college.)

      I’m weary on how this show is going to end at episode 16. We’re halfway there this week and still so much drama to foretell.

  40. 40 Carinne

    Now that this show has confirmed 16 episodes, I already notice the editing betwn those long previews and actual episode reels.

    I wouldn’t like to hear any time soon, how the manga is better than the live action. We all have heard it somewhere how bad editing ruins a great story so often.

    Next, Kiss #2.

  41. 41 Q

    :< I reckon the mom should go with Ha-ni and stupid SJ and EJ can cook their own damn lunches lol.

    And girls like He-ra really frustrate me :/ I don't know any in real life but Korea(n drama) seems to be plagued with them. I really want to smack them down a notch or two but they're too tall for me to reach D: (status-wise, smarts-wise, sophistication-wise …) maybe I'm just too aggro? :<

  42. 42 Ace

    I cried when Hani was looking at the grad pic w/ Seung-jo and the graded love letter…T_T…poor Mom…mean Seung-jo!

    The hair: at first I was like, “Jun Pyo?” But in this episode, I really didn’t notice it much…guess KHJ carried it well…

    He-ra: ah, the epitome of the girl I hated during high school, college, and beyond…the ex that your crush couldn’t forget…the new girl that your old buddy was instantly fascinated with…the girl that brought out insecurities that you didn’t know you had…the height, the hair, the style, the brains…

    Wondering what Seung-jo will say to He-ra when she says she likes him…

    Baek Seung-jo, redeem yourself! Your turn to serve.

  43. 43 Caarol

    I’m really starting to love Playful Kiss! And thanks so much for the recap πŸ™‚
    He-ra is really annoying, I don’t find her as a “yebbeo noona” I think Ha-ni is so much prettier!
    And as for Seung-Jo, I wish he would realise that without Ha-Ni, his life is super dull!
    Ha-Ni hwaiting!

  44. 44 jeankaycee

    thanks jb for the fast recap! i watched episode 7 in raw and reading your recap helps alot in understanding the conversations coz im not korean.

    thankfully the ratings have improved even just a bit.

    episode 7 highlights more on the emotional side of the drama.

    got to admit that got teary eyed in the goodbye scene esp. when mom was looking so sad and upset. i really love her!!!

    i like the “theory” of the hair changes parallel to emotional changes of seung jo. it makes sense to me.
    its like for most girls i know, when they are sad, happy depress, broken-hearted or any emotional changes they are into they express it thru hair changes or transformations.

    and I HATE HE-RA!

    as jb mentioned its really time for some role reversal, hopefully in the next episodes seung jo is the one who will feel the lost of hani. and have some wake up call of how jerk/meanie/bad ass he is.

    cant wait for episode 8!!!!


  45. 45 Purpleclouds

    I was shocked by KHJ’s hair in ep 6 but in this ep 7, he really does look good in it, looks just like a manga dreamboat. I like the hair now. The good bye scenes, it gave my heart some flash pain. I really like this show now.

  46. 46 Cloudy_sky

    I love you Dramabeans!! TOTALLY….

  47. 47 Cloudy_sky

    and maybe GF will join you very soon too, πŸ˜‰

  48. 48 hh176

    Thanks JB n GF! Great recaps! I haven’t watched Taiwan version, but I think the PK is progressing well. Herm.. Or perhaps it’s due to the recappers who made every episode recaps brilliant? Hehe πŸ˜€ Can’t wait how the story evolves.
    And, since HR said to Duckie how she hates stupid guys, I would LOVE to see if she would fall for one, eg Duckie – as SJ is beginning to feel something for HN even after saying that to her. πŸ™‚ Come on Show, give us your best!! πŸ˜€

  49. 49 girlfriday

    Hyun-joong and Javabeans
    Sittin’ in a tree
    First comes perm
    Then comes smooching
    Here comes girlfriday with a whole lot of mocking!

    • 49.1 javabeans

      Is that all you got? Total WEAKSAUCE, yo. Pshaw.

      The thing is, it’s not even Kim Hyun-joong… it’s Kim Hyun-joong wearing the perm AS Seung-jo IN this episode.

      • 49.1.1 girlfriday

        I’m just gettin started. ‘Sides, I read your fear of judgment in between the lines.

        Will you be changing your name to Mrs. Kim-Hyun-joong-wearing-the-perm-as-Seung-jo-in-this-episode?

        • javabeans

          Hey, I’m just tryin’ to be accurate. But if you wanna continue with yer “mocking,” by all means. Don’t let me stop you. Yup.

          • girlfriday

            Oh, am I keeping you? Don’t let me drag you away from your playdate with Kim-Hyun-joong-wearing-the-perm-as-Seung-jo-in-this-episode. Who knows how many naughty things you have to do in bed to get his hair in that condition.

          • javabeans

            Wait – are you actually using naughty fun times with a kdrama hero as an INSULT?

            I think I win.

          • girlfriday

            The mockery is not in the naughty fun times, you see. It’s in your take-backsies of ALL of the delicious mockery directed at Kim Hyun-joong, pre-perm.

            If your words regarding Ji-hoo sunbae could roll over in their grave, they would.

            Oh, and I was wondering, will you name your children Curly and Helmet?

          • javabeans

            Oh, I’m not taking those words back AT ALL! I still stand by them, and I ain’t ashamed of it.

            I still don’t think he’s a great actor here, but at least the story works for him.

            So there!

          • girlfriday

            Aw, don’t be shy. Your love is a beautiful thing.

            Should my wedding present be lots of hair product?

          • Rossi

            Not gonna lie, I’ve been refreshing the page to see when the “brought it” will be “broughten”

            And yes, I know. I’m a little bit creepy like that. But you guys are seriously awesomely awesome! <–can you tell by my redundancy that I fangirl you both? *spastic hand movements akin to those at K-pop concerts*

          • javabeans

            hehe. i still contend it has yet to be brung.

          • girlfriday

            Should I be worried that you don’t even consider Kim-Hyun-joong-as-boyfriend an insult anymore?

            Who ARE you, and what have you done with javabeans?

        • Rossi

          I think she got kidnap by the perm :/

          • Rina

            LOL! I had to my laughter before people looked at me weird!

          • oozzeee

            ..lol…my 5 year old niece went up to me and asked why i was laughing at the computer!!!…….i had to think hard for a reason that would not sound so “weird” to a kid….honestly, reading the comments are sometimes waaaayyyy more enjoyable than the recaps itself….

        • ockoala

          Methinks girlfriday doth mock too heartily much.

          Is there a deeply suppressed glimmer of attraction to KHJWTPASJ (acronym for that long-ass name JB coined) that you are trying to exorcise by laying the smack down? πŸ˜›

          I think he owns the perm, not the other way around. And after a roll in the sack with JB, it’s gonna gets messier anyways. And I would pay money to see that look on KHJ.

          • Lahlita

            Verily, doth I beg humbly to differ with thee, glorious ockoala. Methinks that Lady Friday mocketh not nearly enough. Mrs. Kim-Hyun-Joong-wearing-the-perm-as-Seung-Jo-in-this-episode hath receiv’st not the largess of dung that is due.

            You know what would really bump the mockery into first-class territory, Girlfriday? A limerick. Diadda, where are you?

    • 49.2 jeankaycee

      jb and gf!!! you guys are funny and great when you two are in each other’s throat!

    • 49.3 Portia

      You know, I think we have to be honest here and recognize that it’s actually, “Mrs. Kim-Hyun-Joong-wearing-the-perm-as-Seung-Jo-in-this-episode-and-potentially-also-in-other-episodes-if-he-keeps-being-endearing.” Just sayin’.

      Love you, GF & JB! If recapper-crushes are allowed, you two are mine! ^.^

    • 49.4 sajor

      hahaha! i think jb has an edge here.. but gf your poem is cute, and it is looking like you’re gonna get ABBA this week.

      • 49.4.1 genevive

        haha, JB, i got your back!! because… i’m exactly the same as you, kim hyun joong is stealing his way into my heart and i cannot deny..!

        ahhhh who would’ve thought!!!

        it’s like what mama always said.. sometimes you hate someone with a vengence, but somehow.. slowly, that person interests you like no other.

        i remember how i spewed venom at him esp in front half of BOF, and even wrote lengthy emails to friends on the ONE who was in F4 that was so miscast.

        but now….. but now………

        that scene where he hears from eunjo she’s leaving, and the way his eyes were saying “i need you around” while his words were saying “my life will return to normal without you”….
        and the look in his eyes while he was closing the door……

        (and of course the gorgeous rumple of curls…. which by the good Lord i swear only kim hyun joong can pull off coz it would look like %#@$ on most others)

        and so… i did the unthinkable. i googled the guy.

        and i’m really liking what i read about him. he’s like this really interesting dicotomy of what-you-see-is-not-what-you-get.

        he looks like a typical pretty boy, but yet with a blunt, tough-boy personality.
        but always tempered with this strange sense of humour, and a smile that is like sunshine on a winter morning.
        and a sweetness that pops out at the most unexpected times (i admit. i caved and i’m watching WGM now.)

        it’s true. it’s real. the feelings are real. egad.
        i admit it…!

        • GreenTea

          LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (actually i cannot laugh out loud, because i’m in the office.)

          all i can say is … been there, done that (and yes, that includes the shameless googling)

          • Ami

            OMO.. that’s exactly what I’m doing right now after I read genevive comment.. LOL

        • CG

          Your story is similar to mine. I hated him in BOF and thought he was so miscast as a F4 boy. I didn’t even find him attractive in BOF, too feminine for my taste.

          Then…while I was googling and fangirling MinHo, I encountered SS501 videos on YT. Learned more about a guy name Kim Hyun Joong. Shockingly, even though he is a flower boy, his real life personality is not close to a flower boy. he’s not spoiled, lived a hard life, frugal and modest. Although some people find him too blunt, I appreciate his frankness and honesty.

          I am glad that you are giving WGM a chance. I laughed a lot at his 4Dness and cried when they had to split up. You’ll find him quirky and endearing in WGM. His real personality showed a lot in WGM. He may not be the most talented actor and singer, but his sincerity and down to earth personality stole me away. his killer smile is just a bonus! ok..off my soap box.

          I may be in the minority here, but I thought the whole goodbye – leaving SJ home thing was over the top. it’s not like they are moving to another country. Why reacted as if they won’t see each other again? SJ will see her again in school. I didn’t cry at all in this scene.
          However, the scene where SJ in Ha ni’s room and found that the stuff animal he gave her on her bed, now..that chocked me up a lil.

        • v

          good for you girl! it would be a shame if you didn’t know him as him, the awesome totally weird awkward yet fun and full of witty replies in WGM…
          he was a BORE in BOF, but in reality he’s not like jihoo sunbae at all.
          been there, done that too…

        • justkat

          *red faced* …me too.

          I was watching BOF and decided to google JiHoo sunbae…but in my case, it was because he was so cute…yah…too bad he was so stiff.

          He and Hwang Bo was my crack for months. I adore Hyun Joong’s 4D personality and bluntness.

          I’m so happy he is doing so much better as Seung Jo…though I’m not sure I like the perm…but maybe it’ll grow on me.

        • PKLover

          I’m with you on that. I mean I like KHJ on BOF and all but that’s just it. A girl liking a cute actor. Then I Googled/YouTube him when I found out he’s the main actor for MK (and I love the story of ISWAK) and then it happened, I’m pulled to this world of WGM and Hyun Joong. I can’t help it but I really love this guy.

          Now, on to the episode. This one made me cry and I didn’t expect it. HJ + doll + sad expression did it for me. I want more episodes!!!

        • oozzeee

          …we got married!!!…*squee*….to be honest, I had a love and hate relationship with KHJ…kinda got irritated by him @ BOF esp since I personally liked the Rui Hanazawa role….as for on WGM, my love for Hwangbo transcended to him I guess….
          …gotta go find that uploader again and reminisce the old times….

    • 49.5 odess

      oh, JB. i hear you. when i first saw KHJ in BOF, all i can say was this: “who is that vapid orange-haired boy and what is he doing to my hanazawa rui?!!!” his portrayal completely turned me off a character that i really loved in hanadan (oguri shun <3). then by some random internet chance, i happened to see a WGM episode of KHJ and his "Einstein hair" and couldn't believe it was the same emotionless statue that i saw in BOF! pretty soon i was rolling on the floor and laughing hysterically at his adorable 4Dness.

      so perm or no perm, i now love this boy to bits. gah, how the mighty has fallen.

      p.s. GF, i'm holding my breath for you to join the KHJWTPASJ club. c'mon, you know you want to.

  50. 50 V.

    Todays episode made me feel sad … but I really think is time to spin off that wheel of fortune and make BSJ suffer a little bit for OHN …

    I love the fact she left that toy behind .. I mean she even was caught in a car accident for that thing now it’s not important anymore? that probably going trough BSJ’s mind …

    Anyway this is a really good drama I think here the real problem was the first episode. Gosh that probably made a lot of people turn the channel and never comeback while PK is playing. .sorry to say so. but i decide to watch ep 2 just because of KHJ. Now I love the Show.


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