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Playful Kiss: Episode 7
by | September 22, 2010 | 267 Comments

This episode had more than one plotline going on, but there was a general arc to the emotional progressions, so overall I was happy with it. I’m liking the characters more and more, and although He-ra is in the role of the hateful romance-spoiler, Lee Shi-young is playing her with this interesting mix of confidence, softness, and bitchery that makes me like her. Well, like to hate her.


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Curiosity piqued by the sophisticated Yoon He-ra, Ha-ni asks Seung-jo about her. She’s surprised to hear that He-ra is their age, and furthermore, she’s at the top of their class, like him. Ha-ni tries not to feel intimidated, and stammers a denial when Seung-jo asks if she’s jealous.

But Seung-jo can read Ha-ni like an open book and decides to have a little fun. He says a little jealousy isn’t out of the question, given that they did kiss. He leans in close, making Ha-ni close her eyes and wonder if this is going to be Kiss No. 2… until he laughs at her gullibility. You bastid!

Ha-ni realizes he was messing with her, discouraged at this indication that the kiss meant nothing to him. Her friends commiserate, but are unable to stick around for their planned lunch date — Ju-ri got a job at a beauty salon, while Min-ah has to eat lunch with her department.

That leaves Ha-ni to eat alone. Although she can’t bring herself to ask Seung-jo to join her, it’s a pleasant surprise to run into him anyway.

Another surprise: The guy behind the counter — who gives Seung-jo an especially small serving of rice — is Joon-gu. He’s taken a job working here, in order to keep tabs on Ha-ni.

Ha-ni finds a table for them, but to her disappointment, Seung-jo joins friends at another table without so much as a word. (To be fair, it looks like he initially intended to join her, but got called over. Still, dude, you can’t even give a teeny explanation? I know, that’s not your style. That would be — gasp! — polite.)

Later, she spies Seung-jo sitting at a bench, and eagerly makes her way to join him. But just as she does, he’s joined by an older student, Kyung-soo, who tries to recruit him to his club. After some resistance, Seung-jo agrees.

Ha-ni is, naturally, curious to know which club it is. It’s why Seung-jo purposely doesn’t tell her, because he knows she’d follow him there.

Being called out on it doesn’t stop her: When he heads to the club’s meeting room, Ha-ni stealthily follows. He’s on to her, and leads her astray, but she eventually finds the right room. This is Top Spin, the tennis club.

Spotting her arrival, Seung-jo doesn’t even look surprised and mutters that she found him after all. To her surprise, there’s another familiar face in the group: He-ra. Seung-jo and He-ra were both champs in the national high school tournament two years ago, explaining how they know each other.

By now He-ra has sized up Ha-ni as a rival, and although she maintains a pleasant tone of voice, her words border on bitchy — that Ha-ni shouldn’t have come since she doesn’t know how to play tennis. Ha-ni replies that she was told that all she needed was interest.

Seung-jo tells He-ra to let it rest, but he can’t have us thinking he’s doing it to be nice, can he? He has to tack on the comment, “She’s a thoughtless girl anyway.”

At the first practice, the gentle and welcoming Kyung-soo takes his place as their training coach. (Shockingly, he’s only a second-year and 21 years old — his older appearance is a key gag with his character.) Ha-ni finds Kyung-soo very kind, but He-ra and Seung-jo trade smirks, because Ha-ni’s about to find out the truth.

Which is? Kyung-soo transforms into a fearsome drill sergeant the moment he gets on the court. He tests the members’ proficiency levels one by one, barking orders and delivering fierce serves that can’t be returned.

Kyung-soo is nervous around He-ra, though (methinks it’s a crush), and gives her an easy serve. She wants a proper one, and this gives her the chance to show off her prowess. Seung-jo is next, and he crushes Kyung-soo. This earns him the others’ admiration but sends Kyung-soo’s temper up another notch, with only one member left: Ha-ni.

Ha-ni’s scared to go out after Seung-jo has pissed him off — particularly since this is her first time holding a racquet — but go she must. She dodges a few balls in fear, and then one flies at her face. She blocks it with the racquet, which recoils into her face and knocks her out.

Funny enough, this impresses Kyung-soo; he praises Ha-ni for her focus on hitting the ball, disregarding her own safety. This guy’s a NUT.

Once he’s off the court, though, he’s back to his mild-mannered self. When the club goes out for drinks, he separates himself from the group, embarrassed of his behavior.

Everyone marvels at how perfect and talented He-ra and Seung-jo are, and speculate that both were very popular in high school. He-ra says she wasn’t interested in dating, spouting off a bunch of Sartre about loving the self and the nature of human existence. Blah blah blahhhh.

And then, Seung-jo completes her sentence for her, continuing the pretentious display of pseudointellectual quotitis. (What? That’s a thing. I sure saw plenty of it at my school.)

Everyone is lost in all this philosophical flim-flammery, particularly Ha-ni, feeling the gulf between her and them. (And this is when I realized why I love this dynamic so much — it’s totally Bridget Jones and that stick insect lawyer bitch Natasha. I’m fine with He-ra running about with her nose in the air because despite painting herself as the Perfect Mate to the Perfect Man, she’ll never beat the Lovable Everywoman because she’s lacking something fundamental. Like a heart.)

The trio’s next run-in takes place in English class, where they’re joined by a fourth — Joon-gu. When the lecture starts, the instructor asks Ha-ni a question, but as she doesn’t understand English, she turns to Seung-jo for help. He ignores her, so she makes a garbled apology in her broken English.

Joon-gu also attracts the teacher’s notice, who asks if he’s a student in this class. Joon-gu can communicate in English about as well as a monkey, so He-ra speaks up and explains to the teacher that Joon-gu’s not a student, and that he’s only here because he likes Ha-ni.

Then she turns to Joon-gu and, with her steely-sweet voice, calls him a public menace. She adds under her breath that she hates stupid guys, which are the same words Seung-jo used to describe Ha-ni.

Ha-ni glumly says to Seung-jo’s mom that Seung-jo must like those pretty, smart, skinny girls — the kind that abound at school. Mom immediately understands that a third wheel has hitched herself along for the ride, and reassures Ha-ni that she and Seung-jo are the type who have to be together to be perfect, like a pot and lid. It’s a cute way to show that they’re complementary, not carbon copies of one another.

Ha-ni drops by Eun-jo’s school to deliver some school materials, where she sees that he has a crush on a classmate. To help him along, Ha-ni approaches the girl and invites her home and, naturally, she and Mom spy. The playdate doesn’t go very well — the girl’s bored and petulant — until Seung-jo arrives.

Suddenly, she perks up, wowed at the handsome oppa. In fact, she’s bold enough to ask at dinner whether Seung-jo believes in love at first sight. Seung-jo hasn’t ever thought about it, but the little hussy says she believes in it now, then requests, “Oppa! Please just wait seven years!” (I presume she’s 13 and means until she’s of age at 20.)

POOR EUN-JO. Mom tries to give him a pep talk, but it just doesn’t have much impact to hear mom tell you how cool you are. Ha-ni asks if Seung-jo even cares how Eun-jo feels, and calls him a player.

This gives her the chance to unload her frustrations about He-ra, and I love that she calls him out for playing around with her feelings — he smiles at her intentionally to confuse her and never is clear on whether he means something or is joking. She grumps, “Go ahead, you guys suit each other… you’re both mean anyway.”

Catching on to the source of her complaint, he asks if this is about He-ra instead of Eun-jo. Ha-ni says they’re the same thing.

Eun-jo lashes out at Ha-ni when she comes to talk to him, saying this was all her fault for asking the girl over. Ha-ni agrees, apologizing for overstepping. Eun-jo is feeling raw and retorts, “What do you know?”

But one-sided love is something Ha-ni knows very well — she understands exactly what it feels like to be ignored by the one you like. She sighs, “Eun-jo, I think that for two people to like each other at the same time is nearly a miracle. One day, will that miracle happen for me?”

She says it wistfully, and Dad overhears from inside, perturbed. With that on his mind, he asks Joon-gu if he really likes Ha-ni that much. Joon-gu explains that when he was always getting into trouble and avoided by the other kids, Ha-ni was the only one who befriended him. There’s a moment that’s a bit sad when Joon-gu calls himself pathetic, working while all the other kids are off joining clubs in college. But he’s intent on building himself up quickly so he can propose to Ha-ni. Oh, Duckie. My heart, it bleeds for you.

Seung-jo brings He-ra home to work on an assignment, and Ha-ni finds herself caught on the balcony outside the living room. She scurries behind the screen to avoid being seen, but alas, the two settle down to work there and she is forced to keep hiding.

The report is on cultural studies and leads to some more philosophical musings about the crux of Nietzsche’s ideas. He-ra has the idea to make their project with a visual medium rather than a written report, and they get out the camera to create some homemade claymation.

Ha-ni sees Seung-jo’s absorption in his project and finds it discouraging — she’s never seen him look like that, and it further highlights the gap between them.

Mom arrives home and hears from Eun-jo that Seung-jo’s friend is super pretty, and immediately her Momdar pings — this must be Ha-ni’s rival, and this automatically means she must be discouraged. (Mom is awesome.) Thus she receives He-ra coolly, much as she once saw through the B.S. facade with Jang-mi. Go Mom!

I’m starting to love to hate He-ra, because she’s so uppity that you can’t help but root for her downfall. For instance, when He-ra finds that Ha-ni didn’t know Seung-jo is only a special member of the club (i.e., he can skip practices), she laughs that they’re not even that close — it means she finds Ha-ni utterly unthreatening: “It’s no fun without any tension.”

Yeah, she’s that perfect bitch who likes to make things harder on herself because otherwise life is so boring, poor baby.

Bothered by Ha-ni’s explanation of her one-sided crush, Dad decides that it’s time to move. He makes this decision with a heavy heart, but feels that it would be best for Ha-ni — he doesn’t like seeing her struggle.

Mom doesn’t take this well. The parents had meant it when they said they wanted the Oh family to keep living with them. Ha-ni’s father answers that this will help Ha-ni give up on Seung-jo faster — they all know that he’s not interested in her.

I love that Mom insists that Seung-jo will come to like Ha-ni, and she clutches at straws by asking if it would be okay for them to stay if Ha-ni married into the family. She just really loves her and her bright energy.

Overhearing, Eun-jo tells his brother that Ha-ni’s leaving, and while Eun-jo says this is good news, Seung-jo’s reaction proves that he doesn’t consider it as such.

Seung-jo heads to Ha-ni’s room to confirm that it’s true, at which point he says (completely unconvincingly, I might add), “Well, I can finally get back to life as normal.”

In a sad voice, she says she hopes so. He leaves her with the words, “Have a nice life.” Not exactly the most charming goodbye, is it?

But even if he can’t say it in words, Seung-jo’s disappointment is clear. I think the above images just about sum it up.

Soon, it’s moving day. Ha-ni and her father ready to leave, and it’s a sad day all around, particularly for Seung-jo’s mother.

Ha-ni thanks Mom for everything she has done for her — from buying pizza for her classmates to inviting her friends to the family trip and just being an overall awesome mom.

Seung-jo studiously keeps his gaze averted — I wonder if he feels partially guilty, especially with his parents so heartbrokenly saying their goodbyes. He says a quick and casual “Bye.”

After the Ohs drive off, Eun-jo exults in getting his room back. Seung-jo asks for lunch, and I love Mom’s response: She whirls around and glares at her boys, saying it’s all their fault. Yeah, I’m gonna bet there was no lunch that day.

I presume that Seung-jo’s light send-off to Ha-ni was his way of overcompensating, since he can’t be earnest for the life of him and he sure as hell isn’t going to admit to any disappointment. But next he goes into Ha-ni’s room, looking around at the empty space, and he finds her doll on the bed, the one he’d won for her in the machine — she has left it behind.

(Worst episode ending ever! Well, not really, but I just wanted more of Seung-jo’s reaction before we cut out, and feel impatient for more.)


Okay, so girlfriday’s gonna make SO MUCH FUN of me (I DON’T CARE JUST BRING IT ON, WOMAN), but I have never, and I honestly mean never, found Kim Hyun-joong attractive before — yeah, he’s beautiful, but I got no pull from him, no personal charisma — yet his messy perm is totally doing it for me. It’s weird. I know it’s weird. I can’t help it! It’s not that I like Seung-jo all of a sudden (he can still be an ass), but he’s starting to seem like a human now. A human you can rumple and do naughty things with, as opposed to a robot where you can’t. Or shouldn’t. (Really, really shouldn’t.)

It seems that messy hair in dramas (and not just Korean) has come to indicate a messy personality. I’m not saying that people think curly-haired people are messy; it’s just become this narrative shorthand. Some people commented on this straight-curly relationship regarding Lee Seung-gi in Brilliant Legacy. Another one is Hong Gil Dong — in the beginning when he’s a troublemaking wastrel, his hair is a bird’s nest of messy curls, and it gradually straightens as he matures. Whether or not it’s consciously meant to do this for Seung-jo, for me it evokes a loosening of his personality, and I like that.

Also, this episode (the ending, at least) brings us to one of my favorite points in any romantic kdrama — the reversal where the indifferent hero suddenly has to face the prospect of not being so indifferent after all.

Usually I’m dying for the heroine to take the hero down a notch or five after being underappreciated by him for so long — to just smack that smirk off his face and show him that you’re strong and worthy. I’m pretty sure Seung-jo IS trying to be nice to Ha-ni sometimes, but he can’t admit that to her or himself and tacks on rude comments to make it seem like he’s indifferent. He has the luxury of doing that because he smugly believes Ha-ni’s always going to be around, so he can tease and toy with her as much as he wants and never lose her affection.

But I understand that Ha-ni’s not the kind of girl to lash out at him — her very appeal is in how open, sweet, and genuine she is. So if she can’t knock him down a peg, how great for the circumstances to do that for her? She moves out, jolting him with the thought that maybe he can’t just take her presence (and by extension, affection) for granted anymore.

Or at least I hope that’s how the story progresses.


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  1. 101 Francesca

    At first I don’t like the perm but the more I see him the more I think he looks better. Agreed with JB, that messy hair makes him look more human and normal πŸ™‚

  2. 102 ichigopan

    The perm is strangely becoming. I disliked it immensely at first but it’s ok with me now, I don’t even notice it. I am curious to see if his hair changes again as the series continues. Maybe his hear represents emotional growth? If his heart is successfully loosened, I hope he doesn’t get dreadlocks. Lol.

  3. 103 Francesca

    Oh and about eps 7, I like it more than the prev. one becoz of growing emotion and mixed feelings. My empathy goes to Ha-ni for her sincerity. Thanks to He-ra for making Ha-ni looks 1000x better compare to her.

  4. 104 dit

    Hahaha, out of EVERYTHING, it’s the messy hair that did you in?

  5. 105 soomp

    @Biscuit – i felt exactly the same! i found her to be incredibly annoying for the first time (besides that time she brought her entire class home to be tutored by SJ). it made her a lot less likable, if only for 2/3rds an ep. but by the end of the ep, i must confess i had a serious cryface (;_;). looking forward to see how SJ reacts to this turn of events!. thanks JB!

  6. 106 bubble

    ew!!! he looks so old and ugly in that perm hair!!! poor boy please change your hair back to straight…you look better that way πŸ™

  7. 107 anonymous

    eagerly counting down to seeing offbeat disheveled messy rumply curly seung jo! totally digging the perm too jb!

  8. 108 lola

    okay, WAIT. i’m sorry, did you just say you LIKE the hair?!!!

  9. 109 ross

    thanks for the recap jv
    i am always looking forward to yours and gfs
    i so enjoy how you guys re-tell it w/ ur comments ^_^
    now i’m off to watch it in viikii

  10. 110 justkat

    Thank you.

    My goodness what a sad episode. I did not expect to cry watching PK.

    • 110.1 anna

      me too. didn’t expect to cry either. watched late last night so i went to work with swollen eyes this morning. πŸ™‚

  11. 111 calamityjanedoe

    I find this drama very enjoyable, but I do agree with some comments that the moving-away process was too extreme, and I find that goes for Hani’s behavior, too.

    Having a lot of fun watching the drama play out, but I wish Hani was more centralized. It’s as if her ENTIRE LIFE revolves around Seungjo, damn it, and it would be a lot less frustrating to see her focus a bit more on the rest of her life–her studies, her passions (her other ones), and her future.

  12. 112 laidarly

    omg this movie/drama is soo good…i love it.

  13. 113 Twin

    Seung-jo…that guy is a mess. what are they in first grade?? you pick on the girl you like?? You be an ass to her and still win her heart? So much for the nice guy who finish last. Typical k-drama

    • 113.1 v

      lol at ur comment about first grade. that’s what i felt too… he’s acting like he’s having his first-love in kindergarten…
      but then again, it wouldn’t surprise me if hani was actually he’s fist love. i don’t even know if the guy can harbor a crush since he looks down on everyone and has forgotten where his heart is.. i’m sure he knows attraction but i think it pretty much stopped there for him until hani came along.

  14. 114 Z

    Seung-Jo is a mean, mean boy! Seriously, terrible person. Sometimes I’m like “Just go with Duckie! I’m sure the accent will mellow out eventually!” I know I know, he doesn’t really mean all the cruel things he does, still… I give Hani credit because I wouldn’t have hung around this long.

    By the way. I totally understand about the perm working. I also never saw an ounce of manly attractiveness in Kim Hyun-joon before. I think the first time I saw him in BOF my words were “Who is this girly-man and why is his hair orange?” But the perm does help things immensely… I still don’t have any desire to do anything naughty with him… but I no longer look down on you all for wanting it. At least until the show ends and he grows back our his helmet hair…

  15. 115 Annie B

    I had a grand time reading from JB recap to what everybody commented . I relished everything -you guys said it all . I’ve watched ep7 many times but I still cried at how natural their emotions were ,no artificial forced sobbing at allfrom Hani to the mom and the fathers .

    But the most effective were the feelings Hyun Joong as Seung Jo expressed ,no tears ,but his eyes conveyed the loneliness that comes from the depth of his heart and soul.If only Seung Jo could see himself …

    I like that in actors who express themselves quietly and in subtle ways . Its much more heart wrenching . These actors don’t even have to say much.

    • 115.1 expressionless

      i don’t see any loneliness emotion/expression on his face at all!!!!

      • 115.1.1 v

        lol. i never thought of KHJ as a good actor, not even a decent one but i have to admit that during the last scene, i could feel him feeling lost so for me, he did a good job there… or maybe i got lost in his looks? dunno.

        • rainyrainy

          yes I also think KHJ was good in the last 5-10 mn , his facial expressions were conveying exactly what PSJ had to feel at that moment when he heard about Ha-ni leaving the house , just loved the last scenes .

  16. 116 Ami

    That scene of Kin-chan/Duckie/Joon Gu with the pinkish red dough made me root for his love for Hani. Something I haven’t really felt for this characters in the previous versions of this story before. And yeah.. I was watching this without sub. Awww, Hani.. why are you in love with someone who’ll never be able to pamper you and won’t even let you eat his cooking even when it’s already served in front of your face?

    I’m a KHJ fan, but Seung Jo….. arrrrrrrrgh! I want to smash his head with a tennis racket. I know the character is supposed to be like that, but…. arrrrrrgh! *frustrated*

    (I’m quite worried that by the end of this drama, my wanting to hit Seung Jo every time he’s hurting Hani will affect my love for KHJ so I’ve been watching many SS501/KHJ clips alongside this drama.. *am weird* LOL)

    I love the scene from the window too (the one where Seung Jo clearly seems like he wants to go into Hani’s room and tell her not to leave.. yeah, a girl can dream). I love how the director makes Seung Jo seem like someone believable, instead of this untouchable genius no one has probably ever met in her life.

    And the ending is just… what can I say, I’m speechless. Hani leaving that toy behind.. the one she got hit by a car trying to retrieve.. if Seung Jo is truly the genius he is, he would be very disturbed by that gesture. But being the socially inept being he is, he probably won’t know how to express that messed up feelings with the appropriate words or actions.

    And OMG! Hera confessed in Episode 8!!

    Oh, and another thing.. this version doesn’t have Seung Jo working towards a medical profession.. yeay!!! That’s one very big deviation from the original story and the other drama versions. I’m excited to see how different this drama will get in the coming episodes!

    That quotitis thing.. even without sub I knew! they’re quoting some dry text from some dry book. And the way Seung Jo looks at Hera with interest after clinking his bottle with hers is just….. arrrrrrrgh!!

    ok, I’ll just calm down and wait patiently for ep 8 now. Thans JB for recapping this ep super quick so I can spazz here immediately after watching it.. hehe

    • 116.1 v

      I’m just curious… how do you know that seungjo won’t be a doctor? did you find it in some article? did they say he wanted to be something else?
      i thought that he was undecided as a major like all the other versions and that it’s kotoko/xiangqin/hani(?) who’ll encourage him to take medicine?

      • 116.1.1 Ami

        It was just a guess. From the anime, Naoki Irie decided to become a doctor from early on, while Seung Jo did not mention at all about becoming a doctor. Anyway, Seung Jo was quoting philosophical shiz in this episode.. but, I’m not sure if medical courses in Korea give the students assignments on Nietzsche. That will be weird though.. unless they’re studying psychiatry. But isn’t that a specialty field? Seung Jo is just in his first year.

        Besides.. Seung Jo entered college with a very different goal in mind compared to Naoki Irie (anime). He furthers his study because he wants to ‘have fun’. Naoki Irie actually wants to become a doctor to help unfortunate people because of that episode with Nobuhiro. So yeah.. I’m liking Seung Jo better because of this. I like the idea of Seung Jo studying hard in order to have fun.. LOL. It just shows how weirdly structured his psyche is compared to regular people.. like, say.. me, who furthered my study so I could get a good job.. meh.

        But of course, I dunno for sure how this story is gonna progress. Seung Jo can just change his course mid-term for all we know.. πŸ˜›

        • CHshe


          Wouldn’t it after Eunjo incident that BSJ would decide to be a doctor. As far as I remember that incident happened after OHN moved out of the house. So its pretty much still hasn’t revealed yet but it’s coming.

          From the anime, what triggered the medical interest was the fact that Irie becomes really frightened of not knowing what to do when his brother suddenly fell ill. Plus that sick kid too, so…

          It’s too early to tell…

          • Ami




            Yeah.. that’s right. I forgot the anime chronology for a bit there.

            You know.. it’s funny.. I wanted so much to see KHJ donning a white coat and pretending to be a surgeon even before PK started airing, but after that flowermation with Nietzsche.. I sorta hope he’s not gonna go thadaway.

            Dr. Naoki Irie works all the time to the point where Kotoko is severely neglected (who lets his heavily pregnant wife to walk home all by herself just coz he has a dissertation to finish?? .. for the love of all small animals).

            I want Baek Seung Jo to at least develop a bit of a romantic bone in his body… and I doubt he’d be able to nurture even a fragment of that romantic bone in the medical department autopsy room dissecting cadavers.

        • CHshe

          I doubt he’d be able to nurture even a fragment of that romantic bone in the medical department autopsy room dissecting cadavers.

          Scary… throw away image…
          Reasons why I can never be a doctor ^^

          • Jenny

            Maybe not as a surgeon but a doctor specialized in another field. Aren’t there two degrees of doctors in the world? On one spectrum the doctor who gets into the medical field to make a SHIETload of money and on the opposite side is the doctor who goes into the field because he wants to help people, cure the world, etc. The latter definitely has the ability to nurture.

      • 116.1.2 Ami

        *re-read your comment*

        ohhh.. I forgot about that “undecided as a major” when he entered the college thing. Yeah.. hmmmm.

        Well, although I’d love to see KHJ wearing a white coat again (I’m sure there’ll be thunderous comparisons with BOF if that comes true), I also like the idea of a bohemian permy Seung Jo spouting Plato or Descartes.. while swirling a glass of whateva it is wanna be philosophers drink while philosophizing about all shorts blah and the fate of the universe.. to a totally awestruck Hani.. LOL.

        • Cloudysky

          Goodness, Ami, you are so funny, you had me in fits with this post! πŸ˜‰ made my day….

    • 116.2 rainyrainy

      Na , I think we will see PSJ starting his medical courses soon in the next episodes , I think this part of his life is important in the show since it will also decide the future of hani who wants to follow him and be always with him .

  17. 117 Fallen A.N.J.ELL

    Heyys~ Yup. I luv the mum’s attitude…It really funny^-^
    …I like the movie *LMFAO*

  18. 118 SadieStarr

    ughh..the agony&fustration at the ending..goodness! D:
    &yea..tottaly agree w. u JB..that perm tottaly works up sexcy πŸ˜€

  19. 119 frappuccino

    LOL!!! @ javabeans & girlfriday mock dialogue! hahaha.. more, more! πŸ˜€

  20. 120 Noypi

    I’m a person who LOVES to know SPOILERS, so being a first timer on Playful Kiss, meaning I’ve never watched the anime or Taiwan version, I decided to find out what will happen in the upcoming episodes.. I didn’t wanna watch 1 hour episodes, so i decided to watch the anime (which is the right choice because it seems like they are following the anime closely).


    Now, THIS IS HOW I LIKE IT.. I love to hate other characters who break up the main couple, but watching the anime and knowing how things will fall into place, my heart can rest easy.. I KNOW that i DON’T have to hate anyone in the drama or anyone who will come up in the drama in the future πŸ˜‰

    If you are a first timer like me and are interested in watching the anime before this drama ends, you can watch all 25 episodes here, its just 30mins each! =)


    • 120.1 CHshe

      Welcome to the knowing-it-all-about-INK-but-still-anticipate Club…

    • 120.2 yen_nguyen

      Thank you!

  21. 121 rainyrainy

    Sorry galz , don’t mean to push or be impatient but when will you JB or GF post the update of thursday epi , I watched it RAW and I didn’t understand a word but I think PSJ is starting to melt , he was smiling most of the time especially to Hani πŸ™‚

    • 121.1 Anonymous

      you know, there’s a recap at ockoala.wordpress.com if you want to understand thursday’s ep…

      • 121.1.1 rainyrain

        thank you so much for the help , will log on right away

        • v

          ur welcome… hope you enjoy it! meanwhile, i’m lurking around this ep’s recap and rewatching ep 7-8 to spot some details i havent seen, waiting for GF’s recap so i can spazz on it.

          • rainyrain

            yeah loved the update and I found the episode with subs too , really enjoyed this epi even more than the previous ones , the fact that PSJ is starting to show his interrest to OHN melted my heart πŸ™‚

  22. 122 char

    javabeans, you’re so cute! β™₯β™₯~

    it’s ok if KHJ seemed to be growing on you.. he is really good looking after all.. πŸ˜€ I’m also not a very big fan of Hyun-joong, but I don’t dislike him either. I find him pleasant & amusing (& really funny on WGM ~lolz), so I think he’s ok.. i follow this drama b’coz it’s my no. favourite story ~eversince I watched the TW version I got hooked!
    [I read the english translation of the mangga; I watched the japanese version; I even watched the animated series.. yes, I’m that addicted to this drama!]

    what I love about the KR version is Ha-ni ~ she’s such a very charming girl [wanna know ‘annoying’..?? try watching the japanese version ~lolz but even that didn’t stop me from finishing the series! :D] – here Ha-ni is very amiable.. you’ll really understand why Seungjo is gradually falling for her β™₯β™₯~ (or maybe that’s just me.. lolz) *screams* i can’t wait for the next episode!! ~oh wait.. i already watched ep.8.. i mean, i can’t wait for ep. 9!! πŸ˜€

    thanks for the recap! you always make my day a few notches happier β™₯β™₯~

  23. 123 anonymous

    awwwww…. love episodes 7 and 8! now if only i was reading girlfriday or JB’s *awesome recap of episode 8*… then it would be perfect!

  24. 124 Ami

    *just finished episode 8*

    How am I supposed to wait until next Thursday for ep 9??? waaaaaaa…

    (yeah, I have to wait a day to download the torrent coz school net is a bastid)

    For those of us who already knew at least the anime/manga storyline if not the previous drama versions.. I think it’s fair to say that the dynamics of Hani-Seung Jo has changed in episode 8. Seriously, anyone who thinks Seung Jo is still acting indifferently to Hani needs to have her eyes examined. Even though I watched RAW, but the actions are enough to clue me in. Ha! Seung Jo.. you can’t stand having other guys hanging around Hani even if it’s your senior whom you know is crushing over another girl.. gehehehe

    I want to spazz in your ep 8 recap… gyaaaaaaaa *gets bonked by both jb & gf for being annoying*


    • 124.1 CHshe

      Fin epi 8

      Did u noticed the twist of storyline?
      I guess the twist works for me coz it allows BSJ to evolve and finally show his concern. So the changes in him fel natural and it doesn’t felt rush.

      I get what u mean. I also can’t wait for next two episodes. Its coming, its coming… Arghh no spoilers as off now as it would ruin everybody take on this wonderful story…

      Ppl no spoilers for next two episodes hahaha

      • 124.1.1 Ami

        *Did u noticed the twist of storyline?*

        I know! Isn’t it so cool?? The dynamics of this couple has diverged from the original story and previous versions by this episode.. I’m sure of it. If Seung Jo has to go and be cold to Hani in future episodes, they’ll have to come up with another twist.

        Fun times ahead!! *giddy*

        • CHshe

          “Fun times ahead!! *giddy*”

          Yes, I’m giddying with you all the way ^^

  25. 125 rainerust

    Okay. I like PK, I really do.


    They have, like, the worst editors in the world or something. Some scenes should’ve been held just a couple seconds longer…but were abruptly and awkwardly cut away. Some scenes had a continuity issue when they changed perspectives. Now, I’m normally not finicky about stuff like this – it happens in most dramas, really – but after watching 7 episodes of awkward editing, I really need to growl at someone.

    The show is sooo cute, and getting better, and the cast can actually act (barely, in Hyun Joong’s case, but I really think he’s getting better each and every episode, which is awesome since I like the boy) so WHY THE ANNOYING EDITING?!

    *heaves sigh* Oh well. At least the show is getting better. I like the way Lee Shi-young plays He-ra, and I like that we’re in the university period of their relationship now (yay!) – I’m hoping Seung-jo will wake up and smell the roses soon! Aja-aja fighting Ha-ni!

    Anyway, thanks for the brilliant recap JB! Can’t wait for GF’s episode 8 woohoo!

    • 125.1 v

      lol… i agree about the editing…
      you know the scene where hani enters the tennis club room and seungjo sighs… well, he sighs twice from different angles and i was like, awkward, why would you sigh heavily twice. and then i rewatched the scene and i realized that it was the SAME sigh, just different angles. meaning the editor forgot to cut out the second sigh part… -_-“

      • 125.1.1 CHshe

        I watched that scene too BUT…
        the first sigh he that did, he only turned his head
        the second sigh he did, he turned his head and look down a bit…
        So for me both sigh are different..
        I guess he needed 2 sighs to show how annoyed he is, having OHN following him around…

        • Kisu_xuky

          You’ve rewatched it too? I did too.. XD
          But I have to agree with v though. If you look carefully at his eyes, the movements are the same. the sequence of the scene would be she comes… he looks at her, then sighs down, and then haera comes. I agree with you that his head is different but I assume that’s because they had to reshoot the scene several times according to different angles but the scene itself seems to be the same.
          I guess the editor wanted to focus on his face the first time, and then focus out to have haera come in but then forgot to cut the sigh out…

          • CHshe

            Why I saw it differently?
            The first sigh he did while he was turning his head
            The second one he did was after he looked down…
            My eyes got blurry is it? LOL

  26. 126 kriyn

    1st episode of PK where I cried!

    At the quiet scene where Ha Ni’s dad suggests to move out of the house over a bowl of ramen. He showed such consideration in lightly hinting that he knows of his daughter’s struggles without nagging about it. And such selflessness! He puts his daughter over the perfect relationship he has with his best friend/

    The ploy of letting the heroine have an excuse to cry by having her eat a hot dish is an old one. But it was used with quiet grace here. Our poor heroine has bee humiliated enough by curly robot. But at least here, where it must have hurt like crazy, she can exit with her pride intact

  27. 127 jackwon

    Thank you for the awesome recap once again, JB!

    I found it kind of hard to sit through most of this episode with He-ra getting close to Seung-jo. Made feel really bad for Ha-ni, and I started to really dislike Seung-jo for the first time (and if even I start to hate KHJ, then he MUST be doing a good job XD;).

    But the last part with the Oh’s moving out was really sad. Jung So Min is so great; just the way she said one word, “Dad,” before crying in his arms made me tear up. T_T Also Mom being so upset and the two BFF Dads and even Seung-jo looking all empty. < That is, until I saw Ep 8, when everything seemed to fit perfectly, nothing boring or slow. o_0 I'm looking forward to GF's recap! πŸ˜€

  28. 128 bumpkin

    Thanks for the recap, JB!

    Wow, after reading all of the comments, I have no idea what to talk about. πŸ™‚

    About the perm: I guess it works for him. Personally, I prefer the straight hair, but the straight hair gave the impression that it had to be PERFECT all the time. Like not a single strand should be out of place!

    Like what people mentioned here, the perm allows him to be a little loose.

    I’m excited for episode 8. I wonder what GF will say. I have a feeling she’s preparing her revenge (watch out JB!). πŸ˜›

  29. 129 ross

    like others i teared up as well towards the end ..when dad told Hani they should move out ..It was so sad to see
    Hani holding back her tears saying the noodles were too spicy ..on the day of departure when Hani embraced her Dad and cried ..the saddest part, the goodbye scene between mum Baek and Hani T_T

    awww BSG looks kinda lost at the end looking at his gift that Hani decided not to take with her

    actually checking out for the recap of epi8 but i got side tracked reading other comments as well ..although i know already the story but i am still anticipating how it will go in the world of BSG & Hani

  30. 130 smalltank

    can’t wait for the ep 8 recap. but i was kinda confused at the part at the tennis court where Hani sprained her ankle. was Seung Jo’s concern genuine or did he do that to “show” he-ra so that she would not bother him anymore?

    • 130.1 v

      i think that was genuine. or at least that’s what i want it to be. haha.

    • 130.2 Ami

      I think it’s safe to say that whenever Hani hurts any part of her body, Hera is the furthest thing from Seung Jo’s mind… starting from ep 8. that is… πŸ˜›

      • 130.2.1 v

        haha. i agree. and i don’t think it’s just when hani is hurt. it’s when hani is with your sunbae (whom you know likes haera i might add) behind bushes, or when hani manages to serve at tennis, or when hani needs to be rescued from gangsters… what a change from ep 7 in which he was all mean. i think being mean is just his defense mechanism. the poor guy is confused over what hani makes him feels. what a child.

  31. 131 syrena

    I’m enjoying this drama – light with a few serious moments. Reminds me so much of high school.

  32. 132 Archaenon

    You know , this show is turning out to be as good as the Taiwanese version. Which means I love it.

  33. 133 Francesca

    I can’t wait for eps 8 recaps, JB & GF where are thou? πŸ˜€
    Kyaa…I love eps 8 coz here BSJ starts looking at HN in admiration! Finally she gets his respect!!

  34. 134 red

    why did this episode make me cry???…was i the only one??….i dnt usually cry in plots like these……jung so min did really well in this episode….she can show depth to her emotions, which is impressive for her 2nd ever drama…..but even so why the hell id it make me cry????……maybe cos seung jo is such a jackass to her

  35. 135 Haylee

    so glad there sticking to the anime, such a shame the japanese who created the manga/anime couldn’t.
    I’m hoping she gets her kiss in the rain!
    and I hope Joon Gu gets his english girlfriend πŸ˜€
    I really hope they introduce her because in the anime it was a nice tiny sub romance _> xD.
    I’m liking her because she’s competition and competion always makes the other half relise his true feelings for the main characters but on the other hand i despise her she’s very sly!

  36. 136 Lilian

    Poor Oh Ha Ni for falling for a cool guy.

    I’m not a fans of KHJ and really dislike his curly hair ( i think his straight hair looks fabolous), but for somehow i like to watch PK as i also like the Japan version.

    However, the funny scene dan the way Ha Ni struggling’s for his love has made me tied up to this drama.

  37. 137 Saddy

    Mom is the best!! I absolutely love her character! How did she raise stone-cold fishes like those boys, though? haha

    Hmmm, I didn’t think about his wavy hair that way – I just find him more attractive with the shiny, long swish.
    But good point JB, if the hair change is a deliberate indication of his character development, it makes sense and I can get on board with that. It would explain how Ha-ni’s hair/look didn’t change at all, while all of her friends’ did!

    Ha-ni remains her same persevering, genuine self and I love that. I’m sure this comparison was made before: she totally reminds me of Selena Gomez in Wizards of Waverly Place! That same bubbly, mischievous, not too bright, has a knack for trouble-kind of girl. With the BIG exception that Ha-ni is remorseful and cares about other people (esp. the dreamy-jerk who doesn’t deserve her affections at all!), while Alex Russo didn’t care or feel regret for too long.

    Now Hae-ra is totally lame! I don’t see her getting too far with SJ but we’ll see what the writers throw in later on.

  38. 138 cat

    I didn’t understand………. are they freshmen in collage or in high school cause they graduated………

  39. 139 abu lam


  40. 140 Clara Gibbons

    Random question, but I’ve been wondering this for a while, what the hall happened to the toy dog after this episode? Does anyone even know?

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