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Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 6
by | September 23, 2010 | 190 Comments

Dear Moony and Yummy Faction members,

Thank you for your peaceful and harmonious alliance. It is indeed near impossible to choose between two very attractive men, and no one should be forced into that situation (at least not in K-drama Land). I hope your relationship stays strong – as strong as the friendship between Gul-oh (“mad horse”) and Yeo-rim (“forest of females”). Having said that, I’d like to propose you take interest in one more handsome man to create a triumvirate that would undoubtedly rule Joseon SKK: Ga-rang (“perfect husband”). He’s an upstanding stickler for principles and will never let you down.

Yours truly,
red pill of the Smarty(-Pants) Faction


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“Please let me ask the world my questions. Allow me the opportunity to dream of a better tomorrow.”

Thanks to Sun-joon’s determination to create miracles – an act that impresses even Jae-shin – Yoon-hee is motivated to ask Professor Jung for the chance to make her own miracle. To save SKK from scandal and the king from ridicule, they strike a deal: if she comes out on top at the archery competition, he will allow her to stay. But if she fails, the punishment will be severe: her brother’s name will be stricken from the SKK student register and Yoon-hee will be put to death. That’ll teach her to be arrogant and assume that women and men are equals.

Professor Jung returns her silver knife and warns her that no one must know of her true identity. In fact, she must no longer be a woman; that’s the only way to save her family as well as herself.


Almost on cue, the rain stops as she steps outside and the sky is bright and clean. Though her heart is not entirely light, she now has hope and that is enough for now.

She approaches Sun-joon to ask for his help. “A miracle… right now I need a miracle.”


Guys like Do-hyun, Hae-won and Woo-tak are ready to give up on the competition, but Yoon-hee takes up the bow and arrow with determination. The problem is that though she’s got the heart, her body is unfit for archery. Every arrow she attempts falls flat within a few feet; she can barely pull the string back far enough for a real shot. Her inability to even attempt the challenge frustrates her and she throws down the bow and storms out.

But In-soo won’t let her give up; in fact, he wants to meet her and her team at the finals. He plans to crush them and prove to King Jeong-jo that he shouldn’t use the excuse of equality to fill SKK with nobodies from poor families that have no political connections and are of insignificant ancestry. And he’ll crush Sun-joon while he’s at it because Sun-joon reminds him of the king.

Yoon-hee’s eyes flash defiantly. “Will you wait for me at the finals? I believe it’s my turn to respond to your guidance. Is placing first at the competition a good enough response? […] Did you call me a nobody from a poor family and of insignificant ancestry? [If I win] I want you to apologize for ridiculing my family and me, and acknowledge that I am a student of SKK, handpicked by the king himself.”

But In-soo’s not bluffing in that he’s good enough to win the competition; he and his boys all hit the bull’s-eye.

No one could possibly beat Yoon-hee when it comes to blind confidence. But when it’s just Sun-joon and herself, she’s anything but confident. It’s true that she’s lacking physically, but as Sun-joon points out, if a man decides on a goal and stakes his life on it, he’ll find a way.

By which Sun-joon means she needs to undergo major Spartan training. Step one is to hang Yoon-hee from a tree and force her to do pull-ups in order to build up strength and stability in her arm muscles.

She protests wildly, to which he responds, “Just do thirty. Afterwards, even if you want to fly away, I’ll keep you firmly planted to the ground.”


As of yet she can’t even do one.

She doesn’t fare much better in the next courses, running up the mountain to build her leg muscles and controlling her breathing. She particularly feels that the breathing exercises are a waste of time. What she really needs to learn is how to shoot an arrow properly.

Sun-joon sets her straight, enlightening her that the person shoots the arrow, not the bow. If the person isn’t ready in body and mind, then practicing techniques is a waste of time.

Yoon-hee is disgruntled because he’s right yet again. She gives him a small shove and surprises herself by being stronger than she thought. Wax-on, wax-off.

Sun-joon tugs her hard towards him (oh, silly kids) to prove the point that she also needs to build up strength in her hand.

Jae-shin nonchalantly swings by the practice arena to check up on Yoon-hee but runs into In-soo instead. Seems In-soo is after Jae-shin as well; Jae-shin’s a brilliant archer but never takes part in competitions so In-soo never had the chance to beat him.

In-soo calls him a thug who cowers away from direct competition and relies only on his fierce glare. Is he gonna be upstaged by the effeminate Yoon-hee who has the guts to challenge In-soo for the top prize?

With a smirk Jae-shin tells In-soo to practice. After all, he doesn’t want to lose face by losing to that effeminate boy.


Rocky had it; the karate kid had it; and now Yoon-hee has it as well. A montage of her training as she goes from puny weakling to super Yoon-hee. She now does the pull-ups with ease (I LOVE that Sun-joon has a sun-dial) and races through the beautiful forest without losing her breath. In fact, she runs every chance she gets.

And her archery skills? Infinitely better. Sun-joon makes her aim at a makeshift mark, slowly increasing the distance. I love how at first Sun-joon makes sure to step FAR away in fear she’ll kill him by accident, but the farther he moves the mark, the closer he stays as his confidence in her builds.

Yoon-hee’s dedication leads to drastic improvement. She spends every waking moment practicing, and Sun-joon is there to help her every step of the way.


Now Jae-shin, he watches her from afar. In fact, he starts taking care of her in roundabout ways. For example, dropping an apple near her while she’s eating. He thinks he’s being inconspicuous, but we’re all noticing, especially Yong-ha (finally an appearance from our Yeo-rim!). Yong-ha’s taken aback since he has never seen his stoic friend act like this before.


Even while studying, Yoon-hee exercises her right arm by pulling on a strap attached to a tree limb. She falls asleep, however, and her head falls onto Sun-joon’s shoulder. There’s a feeling of something falling into place, and he shows a gentle smile.

Ah, young love.

I only hope he isn’t as traumatized as Han-gyul was when he finds out the truth.


Yoon-hee is hitting the target every time now, though she’s yet to hit the bull’s-eye. Her tremendous improvement doesn’t go unnoticed by Professor Jung and Professor Yoo.

Yoo Chang-ik: Student Kim Yoon-shik has a great talent for archery.
Jung Yak-yong: It took him five days to even shoot properly. He’s a long way off from hitting the bull’s-eye.
Yoo Chang-ik: But he knows that he’s miles behind everyone else and deals with the fact that he’s pathetic, incompetent and insignificant. He doesn’t give up on himself. What greater talent is there to be wanted?


When Jae-shin sees Yoon-hee struggling to hit the bull’s-eye, he finally gets involved. Fortunately for her, he has the perfect medicine. In a moment that undoubtedly made everyone of the Moony faction swoon and reach for their smelling salts, he sweeps Yoon-hee off her feet and carries her away.

His medicine is to cure her injured hand by dunking it in alcohol. He tells her of something called “the thrill of anticipation” (relishing the taut moment before release). Archery is about holding out until the right moment, when the feel of everything (bow, arrow, myself) is just right. That’s the perfect time to release.

And she can’t reach that moment with an injured hand; hence no bull’s-eye.


So why does she want to place first? To advance her career or for the sake of her pride?

Neither. “I want to show myself that I can do it, that I can place trust in myself. After all, everyone needs at least one person who believes in them.”

Jae-shin comments that she must’ve learned her eloquence from Sun-joon. Well, she learned how to make a fist from Jae-shin, and she holds it up to playfully threaten him into attending the competition. “I’ll take care of the winning part. You just fill the head count.”

She remembers to thank him for the thumb ring he made for her and sends a most beautiful smile his way.



Jae-shin recognizes something female in Yoon-hee at a subconscious level and starts hiccupping like mad. It’s almost too adorable for words because he looks absolutely bewildered. Yong-ha witnesses this bout of hiccupping and confirms what he’s been suspecting all along.


Facing off again are In-soo and Sun-joon, neither budging an inch as they exchange poorly veiled threats about knowing no sympathy and learning how to accept defeat.

The tension is broken (or perhaps heightened) by Hyo-eun’s appearance, who has come to provide meals for the SKK student body. She’s a little too demure upon greeting Sun-joon, and In-soo begins to doubt Sun-joon’s claim that he didn’t figure out the mission the night he almost took a urine bath.

Upon hearing that his father is on campus, In-soo stops by the headmaster’s room (and interrupts some major butt-kissing). Minister Ha dispenses (very shameless and sly) advice.

“When attacking an enemy, a surprise attack is the way to go. You have a better chance of winning if you don’t give them time to defend themselves.”

Good advice for war. Terrible advice in terms of sportsmanship.


Yoon-hee is in a good mood, plucking imaginary arrows and no doubt imagining “the thrill of anticipation” when she witnesses Sun-joon and Hyo-eun together. The look on her face is complicated as something registers inside. She’s feeling upset (and jealous) but she has no idea yet as to why.

Meanwhile, Yong-ha is thrilled that his friend is hiccupping; this proves that Yoon-hee is a girl. His bubble is burst, however, when they spot Hyo-eun and company. Jae-shin mistakenly concludes that that’s why his fem-dar is going off like crazy.

Yong-ha fills Yoon-hee in that Hyo-eun is the reason Sun-joon lied about his mission; Sun-joon wanted to protect her reputation from gossip. Yoon-hee recognizes Hyo-eun as the silly girl for whom she was hired to pen a love letter (to Sun-joon).

Yong-ha, the great creator of nicknames, comes up with the perfect nickname for Sun-joon: Ga-rang. “Ga” which means beautiful and “rang” meaning husband. In other words, the perfect husband.

“It fits him,” Yoon-hee admits begrudgingly.


Oblivious about the strained relationship between Sun-joon and In-soo, Hyo-eun uses her brother as an excuse for her coming to SKK, claiming that In-soo was worried about Sun-joon’s injury.

Sun-joon sees right through her lie and tells her not to come back. The law forbids women to come into SKK. If the daughter of a noble family breaks the law so easily, what kind of role model would she be to the people?

Hurt by his declaration, her eyes fill with tears. And in the first honest moment she has with another person (other than her servant), she tells him, “I won’t ever come back to SKK. So next time, will you come to see me?”

This is the moment that I truly come to like Hyo-eun. For the first time she’s vulnerable yet isn’t afraid to be herself and show that vulnerability. After all, no matter what the time period, it’s never easy for a girl to ask the guy out first.

King Jeong-jo is looking forward to the archery competition because he believes that the competition is when his most fervent wish will begin to come true. It’s an earnest wish that he shared with his longtime friend, the late Professor Kim Seung-hun, and for which Professor Kim gave up his life. That’s the reason the king feels indebted to Yoon-hee.


That night, Yoon-hee is on her way to practice when she runs into Professor Jung. He reminds her of their deal and advises her to back out now. If she does, he’ll guarantee that her family will be spared.

But Yoon-hee’s eyes are clear and strong as she responds, “I’m finally standing in front of the target of my life. Until I shoot all the arrows given to me, I will not give up.”

If that was a test, she passed with flying colors.


Each shot Yoon-hee fires inches closer and closer to the center of the target. And when the final arrow pierces the bull’s-eye, she is thrilled beyond belief. Behind her, Sun-joon stands witness to her achievement, a knowing look on his face.

He knew all along that she would succeed. After all, when has he ever set his mind to something and failed? He was the one who found the leading scholar (and cheat) of the town and made him into a SKK student, or did she already forget?

She’s miffed at him for turning her achievement around to make it his, and she scoffs at his new nickname, Ga-rang. She’s walking away when his voice reaches out to her.

“I’m proud of you, Kim Yoon-shik. Good job. You did well.”

Between Yoon-hee and Sun-joon, there’s a strong bond blossoming, the you-complete-me kind of friendship that helps them become better people through each other. I think that’s the reason that though I often suffer the Second Male Lead Syndrome (Jae-shin…), this time I can’t help leaning towards the main couple.


Minister Lee and Minister Ha arrive at Cho-sun’s gisaeng house for a little rendezvous when the Red Messenger lets fly another arrow, showering more red leaflets. What follows is a crazy chase scene in which Red literally jumps along the rooftops. All is fine until he witnesses a conversation between Minister of Justic Moon (Jae-shin’s father) and Minister Lee. Basically Minister Lee calls Moon incompetent; if he had done his job, Red wouldn’t be running around wreaking havoc.

Red ends up being surrounded twice, getting away by fighting valiantly each time. In the process, part of his mask gets sliced off and he receives a wound to the side from an arrow. Thankfully, he escapes over the houses and slips into banchon where the guards can chase him no more.

Red slips off his sliced mask and confirms what most of us already knew: it’s Jae-shin. And he’s severely injured.

The latest red leaflet reads: Right now Joseon belongs to the Noron. But the blood-stained Geumdeungjisa will reveal itself. Soon the Noron will no longer sit in power but be tied to the rack intended for criminals.

Minister Lee is certain that Red is an idealistic young man, naïve and childish in his beliefs that justice will prevail and that he can change the world with a single arrow. And with these literary skills? He has to be a SKK student. This means the competition may be the perfect opportunity to capture Red, and it will be Minister Ha’s last chance to redeem himself.

Take note here of Minister of Justice Moon’s uneasy face. He just might know the truth about his son’s extracurricular activities.

Poor Jae-shin hangs over a low wall and watches the SKK staff and Professor Yoo discuss Red’s escape into banchon. One of the staff members mentions that Red has an injury and is bleeding profusely.

That’s when Jae-shin falls off the wall with a loud thud. The staff members perform a rather cursory search and talk about stray cats, turning a blind eye. It’s nice to know that the SKK staff is on Red’s side.


Yoon-hee and Sun-joon lie awake with worry.

Sun-joon attempts to reassure Yoon-hee. “The Gul-oh I know doesn’t fit in at SKK. He doesn’t care for rules and customs. But I also know that he’s not the irresponsible type to let someone’s hard work and hopes go to waste.”

But that’s exactly why Yoon-hee is worried. If Jae-shin hasn’t shown up yet, he must be in real trouble.

And she’s right because he’s practically bleeding to death in the infirmary. He pulls out the arrow, and the pain is so great that he falls unconscious.


The following morning, preparations for the competition are well underway. The students are dressed according to their dorms: purple for east and teal for west. Joining the festivities are Cho-sun and her girls, which incites excited catcalls. Boys will be boys.

Outside of SKK, the regular folk are in as much a festive mood. Bookshop owner Hwang will be providing a live broadcast of the competition for anyone who pays three nyang. Yoon-hee’s mother is in the crowd (next to Soon-dol, Sun-joon’s servant) and shows interest upon hearing SKK news.

Meanwhile, the king has heard about Red’s latest exploits. He orders that all efforts to capture Red be put aside for today. Today he wants to leave everything complicated behind in the palace and just enjoy the competition.

It’s possible that the king knows that Red is a SKK student and wants to protect him. After all, he sent Professor Jung to SKK to find out about the Geumdeungjisa. But then again it’s just as likely that he doesn’t know. We’ll have to wait to find out.


Jae-shin regains consciousness in the infirmary and concludes dejectedly that he won’t make it to the competition.

Of course In-soo and his lackeys don’t miss this chance to rub it in. They taunt Sun-joon and Yoon-hee for dreaming of equality and harmony between political factions when they can’t even handle their roommate.

Though Yoon-hee tries to keep the faith, they’re running out of time.


As the final roll call is being taken, Jae-shin is staunching the blood from his wound. He certainly looks to be in no condition to join the competition, let alone stand up. Yet he manages to clean himself up and sneak around the campus in order to make roll call.

Meanwhile undercover men under the orders of Minister Ha spread across the campus to perform their covert mission of capturing Red. Or killing him, whichever is more convenient.


Finally, it’s Yoon-hee and Sun-joon’s turn, and still no Jae-shin. As promised, Professor Jung disqualifies them from the competition and gives them no-passes.

Jae-shin is on his way and trying to jump a wall when he gets caught by Minister Ha’s undercover men. The head henchman holds up the sketch of the Red Messenger, and it looks like Jae-shin is done for.

In-soo is disappointed that the trio is disqualified. It would’ve been the perfect chance to show the kingthat he was foolish for thinking there could be such a thing as equality as well as harmony among the factions. Almost too arrogant for words, In-soo claims that his goal was to beat King Jeong-jo, not Sun-joon or Yoon-hee.

“Talk of equality and harmony no more. You guys proved that such things are impossible.”

“Who says they’re impossible?”

Enter Jae-shin. (Get ready to fall in love with Moon Jae-shin if you haven’t already.)

“Dae-mool, I came to fill the head count.”

Smiles all around.



At first I was miffed that Professor Jung didn’t cut Yoon-hee any slack, especially knowing that the late Professor Kim Seung-hun was his teacher. But then I realized that’s lame and he would fail as a character if he was one-dimensional like that. So I decided to have faith in Professor Jung, and I was right to because he pulled her out of her “oh woe is me” and excuse-filled rut and gave her something to work towards. In fact, he killed two birds with one stone: he allowed her the chance to win and legitimize her spot at SKK AND become stronger along the way. Professor Jung, you deserve an apple.

And in terms of relationships, I’m most interested in Sun-joon and Jae-shin. They’re starting to understand one another and really come together as a team. Jae-shin has newfound respect for Sun-joon after the latter succeeded in five bull’s-eyes with his left arm, and Sun-joon acknowledges Jae-shin for his loyalty. I can’t wait to see some bromance here.

This final shot is for swui who mentioned the little boys who steal the scene every time they appear.


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      • 2.1.1 nikkyp28

        Correction on my post on top….sorry
        I am specifically very curious as to how LSJ and MJS friendship will turn out later if ever MJS’s brother death is link to LSJ’s father machination. This will be interesting!

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    You know I usually fall into the Second Male Lead Syndrome too but what I love about the main couple is that it’s not the typical Man-protecting-female dynamic.

    I love that Sun Joon regularly pushes Yoon Hee but at the same time Yoon Hee brings out the best in Sun Joon.

    Well, they just bring out the best in each other. Constantly challenging one another and working hard together. They are equals, friends and loyal to one another even if they don’t realize it yet.

    Granted it probably because Sun Joon thinks Yoon Hee is a man that he treats her with such equality and respect but I love it because we don’t have enough of those kinds of relationships in KDrama Land

    • 8.1 Noypi



      Just like what the person wrote on the blog I put above, she pointed out that why YoonHee falls for SunJoon and NOT JaeShin is because she does not want/need someone protecting her from harm.. she falls for the one who believes and her and challenges her to become better.. Someone who allows her to learn even if it puts her in danger/pain.. We all know second leads tend to become the protector and savior but YoonHee is just an independent woman..

    • 8.2 brookeeve

      I don’t think that it is a fair comparison. I mean, I am on the Moony faction, but between Sun Joon and Jae Shin the comparison is unfair because the characters aren’t working with the same knowledge set like on YB.

      Who’s to say that, had Sun Joon not been unaware of Yoon Hee’s sex, he wouldn’t have been working on protecting her (or more likely with his morals, kicking her out of school)? Instead, we are going to assume that he falls in love with her believing that she is a man, and then he keeps her at school because of the love and not in the belief that she is equal to him as a human. Jae Shin, on the other hand, lets her stay at school even though he finds out that she is female (and I know that it happens in a later episode, but still). He protects her because that is what he has been trained to do as a man, and belief in equality or not without that protection Yoon Hee will be put to death along with her family many times for almost getting caught. Jae Shin is doing what is necessary to keep her alive so that she can receive an education in relative safety and comfort. Whereas, I believe in the same situation, at this point Sun Joon would simply turn her in for being female because of his belief in the rules and regulations.

      • 8.2.1 Anonymous

        i was thinking the same thing…how sun joon would probably kick yoon hee our of school if he knew she were a girl

      • 8.2.2 nikkyp28

        When both LSJ and MJS still knows that “she” is a “he” at the start …. we can already see at that time, both treat “her” in different ways, when LSJ was pushing “her” training, MJS already on the protective side mode…so no I don’t agree…seeing how their characters supposed to be, MJS, is portrayed as a bad guy/ rough on the outside/soft on the inside, no matter who he deals with a “she” or a “he” his being a protector will always come out because that is his characteristic on the drama while LSJ is portrayed as a stickler, cold, straight as a rod, justice prevailed kind of persona so I have the impression that he’ll continue to treat her as an equal and not as a weakling female.

        • brookeeve

          I see where you’re coming from, but I disagree. The writers are really going to have to justify Sun Joon’s acceptance of Yoon Hee being a scholar, and it can’t just be ‘he fell in love with her,’ or ‘he really thinks that women are equal,’ because to think that women are equal would be a complete anachronism for any of these characters. Whereas, Jae Shin’s respect of the rules has always been shaky and his allowance of a girl in school just meshes with his character. At this point, I don’t buy Sun Joon accepting a female in school because females are not equal to men in this time period, and her proving herself is based on a lie which would also not mesh with Sun Joon’s love of justice.

          Also, what I’m saying about Jae Shin, without this character Yoon Hee’s survival at this school is impossible. There are too many dangers and too many times where she would be found out if Jae Shin did not exist. He is necessary for her simple existence at this point and those protective instincts that he has literally saves her life.

          So how can you compare the guy who gives you the necessities against the guy who makes your brain ‘pretty?’ Yoon Hee cannot exist at that school without Jae Shin’s protective instincts, regardless of how great Sun Joon is at seeing her as an equal. In my book, the basic necessities of life trump anything extra.

        • hjkomo

          Actually, we already have seen SJ’s protective attitude towards women – when he didn’t disclose succeeding in his inititiation task, in order to protect Hyo Eun. By the time SJ finds out YH is a girl, he will have already fallen in love with her(him), so he will continue to treat her as an equal because of that and what she has already accomplished while pretending to be a man.

        • Dara

          Umm…I won’t worry too much because as soon as he realizes his feeling for her, he will wish she is a woman so badly that when he learns the truth, he will be so relieved and worried about her being in the wrong place instead.

      • 8.2.3 kimkim

        In seeing that SJ is a stickler to the rules, you seem to be forgetting one important point. In all the past scenes where he “ratted” on others, he has never yet done so at the expense of risking other people’s lives, only his own. For example, in ep 1 when he first ratted on YS as a cheat, he raised his hand to say that there was cheating going on. When Professor Jung came to him to ask who was the cheater, SJ, instead of pointing to YS, pointed to himself, the professors, and all the other exam takers who were looking the other way while the cheating was going on. In the same episode, while he was searching for YS, he used illegal means (pretending to purchase banned books) in order to find her, despite knowing that what they were doing was illegal.

        SJ is not merely a blind follower to the rules, but he seems to be someone who knows how to bend the rules to do what he believes is right. In that respect, I think he’s closer to Professor Jung.

        • brookeeve

          @hjkomo, kimkim

          good points. I didn’t take those into consideration when I was making my assessment. That does change my opinion… but I’m still in the Moony Faction! 🙂

          • hjkomo

            brookeeve, I was agreeing with you that it is not a fair comparison. 😉

            Moony Fighting! \^^/

          • brookeeve


        • lilly

          Yes but SJ has no idea this is a woman. He may have feeling for this “effeminated boy”, good ! But I think he will accept YS as a female scholar in SKK-when he know because he loves her. JS this is another vibe because he is a wild boy, a rebel.

      • 8.2.4 Amg1

        *Sungkyunkwan Scandal*

        To assume that in those days woman in general where afforded the same level of equality as man, is akin to say that America never had a problem with slavery!

        Having said that; I am taking @brookeeve’s side this time around, we are being mislead as to the motives of
        Sun Joon and Jae Shin in the way both guys relate to
        Yoon Hee, I will agree that up to Episode 7 both man where on equal footing as to their knowledge of “her gender”.

        Both man have a very different personality, Sun Joon is the ask question first before punching somebody, and Jae Shin is the kind of guy who punches first and then ask questions, so we can see that with those kind of personality’s they both treat Yoon Hee accordingly.

        Sun Joon considers himself a “righteous and very intelligent” man, and he finds in Yoon Hee a person that appeals to to his intellect, she may not had the same moral stand concerning the interpretation of the “Classics” but at least he does recognizes that in the intellectual realm she is a force to reckon with, so the kind of friendship that they had developed so far has to do with them being some what equal when it comes to learning and mental stamina.

        That is one of the main reasons that I am concern in the way the are portraying their relationship, because for all intended purposes if Sun Joon is having any romantic feelings for her/him at this stage all I can say is that “My Boy” is going “Gay” on me, how else can somebody explain a man who is having homo/erotic feelings for another man? And the reason I ask this question is at this time in the story line he does not know that “He Is A She”, let alone for him to find out at this moment the she is a girl, will he keep it a secret or will he tell on her out of “righteous indignation?

        Jae Shin is the kind of guy who “punches first and ask questions later”. He is the kind of man who lives a “Practical” philosophy in life, he is not the kind of guy who studies for intellectual gain, but one who puts into practice what “religion and philosophy” he has study.

        The fact that he is the “Red (kick ass) dude”, shows that he is trying to help the less fortunate not because there is fame and glory but because is the “right “ thing to do.
        I see his relationship with Yoon Hee in the same light, the reason why he has such an affinity for her is because he sees her/him as a guy who all are trying to “pick on”, the is the number one target of the “bullies”, and as such he can not help but to come to her defense, he sees her as the weak kid in elementary, junior high, and high school, that we all sadly have known, and he has made the point to put himself on the line in order to make her life more pleasant in the middle of this cruel reality we call life.

        I think we know that for Jae Shin the transition from not knowing to knowing it will be with out much animosity since he already have shown that he will always be there for her no matter the cost to himself, on the other hand I hope that when
        Sun Joon finds out the he is a she, the transition will be a smooth one since the writers have made him such a “Self Righteous” guy whom may be struggling with some homo/erotic feelings for his best buddy at this stage of the story line!

        • brookeeve

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          • Amg1

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          • brookeeve

            Mis abuelos son de México, pero no recuerdo mucho español.


            My dad’s American Indian, though. So part of the reason I’m in the Moony faction is because his nickname is Crazy Horse, who was one of the most famous Indians in my dad’s tribe.

          • Amg1

            My daughter’s Great Grandmother was part “Mohawk”, but her grandfather side is Irish and Scottish, She looks Mexican ( black hair, her eyes color is almost black) the rest of her family are blond blue eyes and red hair green eyes, she is the only one that looks different, which is way cool in my book, she is the only kid from all the great grand kids that looks almost identical to my grandmother!

            So your dad is from the Lakota tribe right?

          • brookeeve

            Yeah, my dad is Oglala Lakota… Akta Lakota!

            It’s awesome that you’re married into Mohawk! There’s really not a lot of them running around anymore. I’ve only met two at Pow-wow, so that means you and your wifey need to get to work to make some more! They are a proud tribe with a very rich history, and nowadays it seems like everyone wants to have their hair. 🙂

        • brookeeve

          Sorry, that has totally nothing to do with anything. I really hate the way that my brain works a lot of the time.

          I wanted to make that point because I thought it was important to point out that Jae Shin’s protective instincts are what makes it possible for Yoon Hee to have the ability to attend the school. I think that a lot of the time, the feminist movement misses some of literature’s main ideas because they disparage man’s natural protective instincts, instead of appreciating them as part of man’s inherent personality. Sometimes when I read critiques I cringe that women actually downgrade a character when he protects a woman, when I feel that makes the character more realistic. In this particular case, I think it would be wrong to downgrade Jae Shin because he protects someone he sees as weaker regardless of their sex.

          But I understand where y’all are coming from with Sun Joon, also. He does encourage Yoon Hee to aspire to greater heights, and that’s commendable. So I was agreeing that he has positive characteristics that I had not noticed or otherwise ignored. Just wanted to make everything clear.

      • 8.2.5 anastassia

        I don’t agree either.

        The comparision of the two of them is unfair since the two of them has different character and dimension of personality.

        Both of them is supporting YH based on their own way. NO. Jae Shin is not protecting YH. If you watched ep 8 you will now. Both of the main lead (SJ and JS ) is not your ordinary hero in Kdramas. They believe, push, draw YH to her up most of her ability. In ep 7, you will see JS on how much he is proud of her.

        JS is a depth and subtle person whilst JS is idealistic kind of person. Both of them supported and urge YH ability to her upmost based on their own way.

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    EXACTLY!!! I, myself, is always a main couple shipper, although when second leads like Jae Shin (SW of You’re Beautiful is a great example too), I just cringe at them for always protecting the girl but not getting them at the end… I’m currently following this BLOG that translates SOME parts of the novel, it is a BIG BIG BIG SPOILER WARNING, but if you wanna find out what happens in the future, read here:

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    I like how you love Hyoeun, she’s a textbook “other girl” character that is really easy to hate! Yet she’s unpretentious, straightforward and committed in love. She has an actual heart, something her father and brother seem to lack(Who else thinks Insoo needs a BIG dose of lovin’ to calm his powerhungry complex?).

    If I were Chosun, I’d totally fall for Yoonshik/hee too. He’s down to earth, yet cheerful, clever, yet humble to a fault. A great sort of role model that girls everywhere need! Poor Chosun though, heartsmashing times lie ahead.

    I know SJxYH fans probably feel their relationship has oodles of mutual respect, encourage and cheekiness, and that JSxYH will be characterised by female protectionism once he finds out she’s a girl, but I can’t help thinking that once SJ finds out, he’d totally treat/view her as a woman & take a hardline on propriety and morals between a man & a woman. *yawn* but thats our Garang!

    • 19.1 red_pill

      I see your point that Sun-Joon may become your typical Joseon guy when he finds out the truth, but I think the twist here is that he’ll probably find out AFTER he sees her accomplish so much as an equal (intellectually as well as physically), and that’ll alter what could’ve been his reaction. Besides, he’s all about propriety – but he also values equality to an extreme.

      (As you can see, I’m willing to give Sun-joon the benefit of the doubt. I adore him.)

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        A funny thought just crossed my mind~ what if Kim Hyunjoong played SJ & vice versa? I find it terribly amusing they both play similar roles(“slightly wooden ivory tower geniuses”) & are good friends & idols to boot….

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          One can act while the other can’t.
          I hope I don’t get eaten by this comment. I’m just stating the fact.

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            maybe it’s not the right place, but i quite think that KHJ kinda needs a little defending. [the dongbang fangirl in me cant believe i’m defending an ss501 member. yikes!] but KHJ has been improving as of lately. you could see the slight expressiveness on his face that was lacking during BOF.

            YC has always had the knack for acting, imo. i think the banjun and his Vacation segment proved that. so… the potential has been there all the time. i’m glad to read more positive statements about him.

            the one thing that’s really restraining me from watching this is the tone of the show. it seems a wee bit upbeat, vibrant but deep [in terms of the theme]. however i’m getting the same vibe as Hong Gil Dong. frankly, i hate how that show evolved. so, i’ll wait it out till the series are all out there before i can watch it.

      • 19.1.2 Nory Ellis

        I am with red_pill on this.
        Another thing, I think his reaction will be nearly similar to Prof Jung. Angry at first but in reliving all that they’ve been through together I think he will do what’s right. He is fair after all.

    • 19.2 Kender

      (Who else thinks Insoo needs a BIG dose of lovin’ to calm his powerhungry complex?)
      Every time In-soo gets that crazy-evil look in his eyes or does something awful, I get the mad urge to hug him and love him and distract him from his own evilness. You don’t need Chosun, In-soo, you need meeeeeeeeee~ (I felt the same way about Majun in Baker King, though, so I’m pretty sure it’s just my nature to love the “evil” ones.)

      I feel awful for Chosun, though.. My heart literally breaks every time I see her, because I know that her love is hopeless. ㅠ___ㅠ I almost wish she knew Yoon-hee was a girl and had a one-sided love that way..

      I fully expect Sun-joon to react like that when the truth about Yoon-hee comes out, but I’m holding out hope that he won’t be a TOTAL asshat. I just really, really hope that there won’t be a time-jump in the end for him to come to terms with things, because that would be so very very lazy of the writers. 😛

      • 19.2.1 brookeeve

        Generally speaking: evil is more fun.

      • 19.2.2 v

        ditto… i have a love for “evil” ones too. i was commenting on the same thing elsewhere… insoo of SKKS, majun of baker, dongju of MGIAG… sigh.
        as for Chosun, she’s SO pretty and genuine in her love and each time she smiles because of yoonhee, my heart bleeds for her.. talk about impossible love.

        • Viola

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        • doozy

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          glad to see that you’re enjoying this lovely show as well!

      • 19.2.3 asianromance

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      • 19.2.4 heejung

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    “SJ has unwavering confidence in his ideal and no matter who tries to crush it, he doesn’t crumble to it. I think it is because of that unwavering confidence that he is bound to be their leader because SJ is a man of principle and if he is determine to do something, no matter what stand in his way be it hurricane or tornado, he would not back down as shown so many times … just like when he set his mind to have YS take the exam … I mean compare to JS and YHa, I think SJ is above them in confidence and determination because so far, even though JS and YHa want to change the world, they haven’t done it outside of the school . I mean JS had try outside of school but his was through action that has a price to pay (in where he could get hurt or injured) while I think with SJ, it is through words that he can make changes … I mean in handling politics, you don’t used weapons to fight but words … weapons are for war and majority of these old geezer are nobleman who debate with words and so far, we had only seen SJ challenge the world his ideal whether in school or outside (when he speak with the King) …”

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    • 28.1 red_pill

      Hmm, you may be right. I assumed it was the infirmary b/c he uses the shavings (medicine?) to staunch the bleeding. ^^

      • 28.1.1 brookeeve

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    I half agree with this statement. To me both of them are already complete character, perfectly whole to begin with. The combination of their energy is what I would call SYNERGY, where 1 + 1 equals much greater than 2. Which is rare in relationships being portrayed in dramas… and I loved it.

    I would like to know. Is Yong Ha a prince? His wardrobe is beautiful. He even have an emblem on his headgear. He also seems not to have a roommate. If he is, then the 4 persons that will become friends are really unity faction. The have a royalty, Noron, Soron and common people( I forget the term they use) in the group.

    Thanks again for a wonderful recap

    • 49.1 kimkim

      Yoon Hee’s family is a Namin, but she’s not a “commoner” either. Namin was a politically powerful faction at one point, probably around 100 years before the time period of this drama. However, their power has fallen, and Noron came to be in power at the time of this drama.

      After the death of her father, Yoon Hee’s family no longer had a true breadwinner and was driven to a state of poverty.

      • 49.1.1 Nory Ellis

        Thanx for the added info 🙂 I’m not Korean so I know zilch about Korean history.
        I am curious about Yong Ha though…if you notice his headgear, on the day of the archery competition, other people all have plain cloth, even Head of student president. YH is the only one that have a metal emblem pinned on the the headgear in the middle of the forehead. That is why I wondered if he somewhat have royal bloodlines.

  50. 50 sansukini

    Thanx for the amazing recap red pill. I really looked forward to this.

    But to be fair, can’t we have a faction for Yoon hee as well. I love all our three males, but after ep 6, I find myself having some lesbian admiration for Yoon-hee’s character. She’s especially cute in this episode when she’s shooting arrows, esp the scene before she saw SJ with HY. She’s the cutest button ever. That’s why I can’t believe they haven’t seen her for what she really is yet.

    “Jae-shin recognizes something female in Yoon-hee at a subconscious level and starts hiccupping like mad. It’s almost too adorable for words because he looks absolutely bewildered.”

    Oh and I love Gul-oh’s hiccup and I squeal too when he did that. I must have melted in my seat watching him.

    • 50.1 brookeeve

      I thought it was understood that we all love Yoon Hee and are a part of her faction?

    • 50.2 lilly

      she is not convincing as a boy and too girly like Park Shin Hye- unlike MGY or YEH in CP.

      But I love Chosun. I would be in her team.

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