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Dr. Champ: Episode 6
by | October 17, 2010 | 60 Comments

This was just insane.

It seems that it isn’t springtime only at home; in dramaland I’m experiencing similar weather conditions. When I watch this drama, I’m not exhausted by the heat of intricate, full of heart-tugging events or the coldness of puzzling characters who show no emotion at all. Dr. Champ is shaping up to be that squee-free relaxing drama that won’t kill you with the suspense, but that is extremely easy to get fond of.

That, if they don’t mess up.


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Episode 6 recap

Our (my?) Ji Heon watches from the sidelines how, after complimenting her, Do Wook is suggesting going out to have dinner with Yeon Woo (although he’s not paying LOL). The problem is that he’s just by the elevators, so it’s a matter of time before the doctors go towards him. He has to improvise something – anything – in order not to be seen as an awkward stalker, so he chooses to fake an intense stomach pain. Oh, you’re so smart… Not.

Yeon Woo is trying to move as fast as possible to solve the guy’s stomach pain, she has to return to Do Wook and have dinner, but Ji Heon won’t let her: after telling that his pain was all an act, he plays the jealous type cornering her against the door – why doesn’t she see him as a man? She rolls her eyes in frustration, she just doesn’t see him as one. He moves closer, but an upset Yeon Woo uses her magic personal move – kick in the leg – to free herself. They go out the medical center only to find out that Do Wook has already left.

Good move, Ji Heon, now the lady thinks you’re a freak. At least her dinner has been cancelled. Yay?

At a yoga class (back in Taereung), Yeok Woo fails to concentrate because he’s staring at Yoo Ri, who laughs at his incompetence behavior. He wants to approach her, but all of her attentions are directed to Ji Heon (aka “Cute Butt”).

Moving onto them, Ji Heon is still shocked by Yeon Woo’s statement, so he asks Yoo Ri if she sees him as a man. She takes his hands, puts them in between hers and says that she just feels it, following it with a hug. With his mood on the floor, he leaves her and goes for some angsty solo-training, remembering Yeon Woo’s words over and over again. Meanwhile, her thoughts are full of Do Wook.

Next day comes, and Do Wook gives Yeon Woo a yogurt as a replacement for their cancelled dinner. He then puts her in charge of some athletes’ cases – they’ve been checked up and their conditions need to be followed. Yeon Woo proves that her reputation, after Go Eun Mi’s case, is in between horrible and pathetic when they refuse to go and see her.

In an attempt to release some tension, Ji Heon wakes up early in order to train alone, but this time in full judo attire. He imagines that he’s against Sang Bong and everything goes fine until his rival transforms into… Yeon Woo, who talks to him awkwardly sexy while I can’t stop laughing. This scene was completely unexpected and insanely hilarious. Suddenly, the real Sang Bong comes, putting an end to this crazy fantasy.

Seems like yoga isn’t for just anybody, Taek Woo is experiencing an acute pain from his new hobby. Do Wook gives him an ultimatum: he can’t continue with both yoga and judo, he has to decide for one. As he receives another patient, Do Wook notices that the amount of consults have increased lately, only to be informed that no one wants to be checked up by Yeon Woo.

Judo team is going to the beach for off season training, so everyone’s excited. Well, maybe not everyone, you can’t count Ji Heon in when you’re talking about positive feelings – he can’t shake off the crappy mood. Depressed, he goes to rest a bit, and finds Fantasy Yeon Woo, looking at him with sexy eyes and telling him not to lie – he’s been thinking of her. Definitely, he has to go to the beach to wash out this strange fantasizing person he’s become.

While doing her laundry, Hee Young can’t take Do Wook’s words out of her head. Thankfully, Yoo Ri arrives and gives her something else to think about. She confesses that her crush is completely uninterested in her; he hasn’t even told her that he’d go to the beach. Hee Young reminds her that dating within the national village is forbidden, but Yoo Ri knows best – her husband was a national team swimmer, didn’t they date there? Hee Young denies it quite mysteriously (at least for me, what was the situation then?). They can’t keep on chatting; Do Wook is here to ask about Chae Eun Suk, the snotty kid who refuses to get his check up. She doesn’t show any concern, she’s not planning on sending him, therefore he can fire her or Eun Suk if he’s so serious about his previous threat. We know that the truth is that she can’t control Eun Suk, but in front of Do Wook, she’s being plain rude.

Yeon Woo’s issues with her lack of love from the athletes are now a hot topic, and Manager Bom is curious as to what they’ll do with her. Do Wook is also curious, but for a slightly different thing: “All you can say is “I’m sorry”? Instead, shouldn’t you be saying that this is unfair? Still, you can’t say it’s syphilis and that you did nothing wrong and reveal everything.” Oh, the disjunctive. Do Wook buys time playing with Manager Bom and his evident wig.

After Manager Bom leaves, Do Wook tries to encourage Yeon Woo – she has to win everyone back. They’re interrupted by a nurse; an athlete has fainted and Yeon Woo takes this as her chance to start earning points. When she arrives, the athlete has apparently dislocated her arm, but the coach won’t let Yeon Woo treat her – they ask for the medical director to do it. Yeon Woo refuses – this is a pretty easy (albeit painful) procedure, they can do it without worries. The coach won’t give in. Thankfully for them, Do Wook arrives to save the day, leaving Yeon Woo confused and once again, humiliated. Just why did he come? Why did he push her away and did it all by himself? Wasn’t he by her side? He corrects her: he isn’t one that takes anyone’s side.

That same night, Do Wook plus the nurses are going out for dinner, so he invites Yeon Woo too. One of the nurses is curious about Yeon Woo’s job choice – since she doesn’t love sports, why is she here? Yeon Woo is honest (she has nothing to lose at this point, right?), she admits not liking sports, but athletes are patients as anyone else, so she takes them as that. The Head Nurse interrupts her: “Athletes are different”. OUCH. Yeon Woo, feeling like plankton in the food chain, abandons herself to alcohol.

Aaaaaaaaaand that leads us to a drunken confession. When everyone leaves, Yeon Woo is free to say everything that’s in her mind. No filter. No restrictions. So, she openly confesses that she wanted to be a professor; she worked hard hoping that some hospital would make her a fellow but, since she has to repay her brother’s debt, she’s in Taereung because of the money. That doesn’t mean that she would be mediocre, she wanted to work hard and gain his approval (eh).

Long story short, while trying to go away and have more drinks, she stumbles and ends up in his arms. His cane falls, her world suddenly stops spinning.

Yeon Woo: Director, you’re strange. You’re very, very strange.

And she loses conscience.

They both take a cab home, but passed out Yeon Woo leans her head on his shoulder only to trigger his memories with his ex: at a park, her head on his shoulder. It’s not cool to compete with an idealized vision of a happy (not drunk *ehem*) couple promising to love each other. Even if they ended their relation tragically.

When they arrive, she invites him for some tea, but he refuses, emphasizing the confuse situation she’s creating – inviting a man, at night, to your house, can be misleading. They’ll be going on a 1 night, 2 days trip, she better pack up.

Talking about surprising events, Eun Suk announces that he’ll be leaving Taereung (!).

Yeon Woo wants to create a confidential bubble to do as if nothing had happened the previous day. You don’t remember, I don’t remember, everyone’s happy. Not so much, smart girl! Do Wook wasn’t drunk and he’s cranky by definition, so he won’t let you slide.

Do Wook: Why wouldn’t I remember? I wasn’t drunk.


By the way, now Do Wook has more important matters to handle. Eun Suk has said that his mandatory check up is the reason why he’s leaving, and Hee Young is backing him up. Since this issue has reached this level, he has to give in, but he won’t take responsibility if something happens to this guy (he already smells future trouble, methinks).

Meanwhile, Yeon Woo is waiting and meets Eun Mi who finally discloses the reason behind her decision to tell the truth in front of the committee. That reason has a name: Park Ji Heon. Too bad that he’s on that off season training trip.

The judo team is actually doing really fine, training regularly and playing afterwards. Taek Woo takes this opportunity to ask Ji Heon why Yoo Ri calls him “Butt”. It’s simple, she says she fell in love with his butt. Then, that must mean she saw his butt somehow, right? Time to check how’s that butt of yours, must’ve thought Taek Woo as he lowered Ji Heon pants (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)… only to confirm it’s nothing special. That was all sorts of wrong, but it was so natural and (again) unexpected that I couldn’t help thinking that this drama is awesome, even when it drives me crazy.

At the same time, Yeon Woo and Do Wook are arriving at the very same beach area to attend a doping seminar. They take a walk by the seaside, talking about diverse stuff (she finds out his leg wasn’t always like that), until they’re seen by a small group of judokas that includes both Sang Bong and Ji Heon. The latter, visibly upset, leaves the scene.

Sang Bong has caught up Ji Heon’s attitude towards Yeon Woo, and wonders what has happened. Ji Heon says nothing – first, he has to take the shower of angst. But hey, this one is the shower of real angsty angst, since he doesn’t even take his clothes off. Anyway, when he comes out, Yeon Woo has just called saying she had something important to tell him. He tries to seem uninterested, but he’s like a clean glass to his friend, it’s obvious that he cares about her. Therefore, he pushes him to meet her.

Doctor and athlete meet by the seaside – don’t worry, nothing tragic will happen. Quite the contrary, in fact. Ji Heon, out of nowhere, tells her that he won’t care if she now sees him as a man, he’s an athlete and he-has-to-train. I adore that you’re so adorkably cute, Ji Heon, but where the hell did you find the face to say this?! Needless to say, Yeon Woo listens quietly and then she simply says: “Thank you, sincerely”.

Big boy’s heart just melted. And melted again.

Ji Heon is left in a doped zombie state, not able to elaborate a single sentence. When he returns to his room, Sang Bong can totally sense how bewitched his friend is, and encourages him to follow his heart. After all, everyone dates, why should an athlete focus only on training? He could do both! Sang Bong will cover for his absence at tonight’s dinner, go and fight for your love, kiddo! (their new-found friendship is killing me with the oh-so-cute bromance).

Ack, why they have to pair Yeon Woo with Hee Young in their rooms? Officially, they’re the only females in the group that went to the seminar, so they had to share rooms. Unofficially, the drama is creating artificial tension. I’m glad they didn’t drag the “we were acquaintances in the past” plot line, as Hee Young said it herself after barely greeting Yeon Woo. What she didn’t say was what kind of relationship they had. Hm.

It really doesn’t matter, though, as the electric sparks between them are almost visible when he comes for Yeon Woo, and Hee Young opens the door. So, now they’ll take the elevator together, venting their frustration through Eun Suk’s case. Honestly, they should just get a room or engage into bare-knuckle fighting, peepz.

At the seminar, the trio is invited by judo’s coaches to have dinner together (how many dinner invitations have we had today?). What’s more important, Yeon Woo finally remembers Do Wook’s photo from his book (episode 5) – so they had that kind of relationship.

When the seminar’s done, Ji Heon approaches Yeon Woo to ask her out but she can’t, she’ll have dinner with the coaches. That’s okay, he’ll wait for her outside, he has something to say and something to give (you’re now going for the mysterious type, huh?).

The dinner is a disaster of mini awkward moments. Do Wook reveals that Yeon Woo got drunk the other night, she should be careful with wine now. Hee Young takes a step further, finally admitting that she had a divorce, and then leaves the party. Not contented with that, when Do Wook goes after her, she asks him to return to USA – it must be uncomfortable being around the girl that left him when he was paralyzed, right? Apparently not.

Do Wook: I still haven’t forgotten you.

Without their knowledge, Yeon Woo has left the gathering too and is near enough to listen.

How broken is her heart, kaedejun?

Personal comments

Okay then, we have our love rectangle quite established. At least from Yeon Woo’s side, because honestly, she might be the only one that ends differently from what she wishes right now. At this rate, I find it pretty difficult to foresee a future in which Do Wook and Hee Young are not together or at least separated but alone. After witnessing that scene in the park, a future for the doctors’ ship seems unrealistic – he has no interest, she’s just blinded by respect.

Now Yeon Woo knows for sure who Do Wook’s heart owner is (unless he wanted to take revenge on her, but Yeon Woo doesn’t really suspect that – and even that wouldn’t change things actually, the guy’s still obsessed with Hee Young), and I’d be somewhat disappointed if she didn’t stop it a little with her puppy act when around Dr. Lee. Yeon Woo is the weakest leg of my Dr. Champ table at the moment, and I’m working really hard in order not to let everything end up on the floor. Her crankiness is starting to annoy me, but what might be worst is how unprofessional she is. I know, I know, this is coming from the person who loved Ma Hye Ri, probably one of the worst professionals this year. I won’t compare, because I simply hate that, but Yeon Woo’s sloppy, uninterested behavior is out of character. She’s a hard working person who wanted to be a professor. Therefore, even if she’s at Taereung because of the money or if she considered this job as a temporal one until she can go back to her previous path, she should have a little more respect for the others and her profession.

Strictly talking about Ji Heon/Yeon Woo’s dynamic, I had a perfectly fine theory in which she was a bitch for treating him as crap, but then I tried to see it from her point of view. He’s almost the male version of the clingy good leading girl, who wanders around the male lead until she wins his heart – and that’s one of the female leads I hate the most. However, I won’t be too hard on him (for now), since he truly has a goal of his own (an individuality if you want) and his current relation isn’t one of worship but one of honest concern and friendship. He wants to be acknowledged by her as a man, nothing more, nothing less. And he’s totally cute to boot – big dorky guys with big hearts are a big soft spot of mine.

On a shallow note, I’m impressed at how much I’m liking Jung Suk Won here. In Shining Inheritance he had a small part and I didn’t care much about him, his character was an uninteresting plot device (and his hairstyle/clothing didn’t help). But here, he oozes charisma and has a strong chemistry with Jung Kyeo-woon. I think I might ship them.

Our unexpected eyelined-pshychologist-fairy-godmother.


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  1. Jessica


  2. a-a-a

    bwahahhah YOU ROCK, Awesome recap

  3. CW

    Ji Heon doesn’t impress me as a man. Okay, I like his height and build but his personality? Not really. I don’t like the pushy type… especially the pushy type that pouts when a woman isn’t receptive to their advances. Which is why I have no problem with the way Yeon Woo treats him.

    Do Wook also doesn’t impress me as a man. I don’t watch House so the references do nothing for me and so far, I just don’t find him that interesting. Which is why it’s very easy for me to be shipless in this drama and have no problem with no love triangle and with JH/YW and DW/HY both riding to the sunset side by side.

    And yeah, Jung Suk Won… yeah.

    • 3.1 A.

      Ji Heon is adorable, but as a girl, I’m also not sure what I would do if I WERE in Yeonwoo’s shoes. I mean, he is adorable, but it gets tiring if you’re really not actually interested, right? Which is what Yeonwoo is – she’s not interested in him. And it’s tiring to keep rejecting someone. On the other hand, I have to commend Ji Heon as a guy for being brave enough to be so forward in his feelings.

      I think it might be better that you haven’t seen House so you can’t see how Do Wook pales in comparison to Dr. House, who is just plain awesomeness throughout, full snarkiness employed and everything. To me, I am ALSO confused like Yeonwoo is. What IS Do Wook? He seems a little bipolar to me. What is his agenda?? He seems a bag of contradictions to me and I’m not sure what his personality really is. To me, it just seems like most of the show he’s cocking his eyebrow the entire time. Oh, and still not over his ex.

      Maybe Do Wook is supposed to be the mentor in Yeon Woo’s story? But I don’t get it – why is he on her side one moment but not on her side the other?? I just don’t get it.

      I am definitely a JH/YW shipper. But I have to agree with aberdeen, I am finding it hard to find Yeon Woo. She is REALLY frustrating me. And does she ever seem to have a good day? Does she ever sound NOT crabby?? I think she needs to focus more on her job. Stop sitting in your stupid office and MAKE AN EFFORT TO BE THE OVERACHIEVER YOU ONCE WERE. Okay sure, I can understand not being adjusted to the fact that you are no longer the overachiever/pro, but PICK YOURSELF UP WOMAN. PROVE YOURSELF. Stop moping.

      • 3.1.1 NY

        but she not just simply rejects him. She still has this small bits of intereaction with him. If she is THAt no-interested, she should not have invited him for dinner out of the blue (which endd up in funniest way :)) or caved in when he suggested to walk barefoot. Would she do it with the guy she totaly dislikes? No. More probably will hit him with the shoe and turn away.. LOL

  4. akiyuki89

    i didnt want yeon woo to like doo wok since the 1st episode. if that little thing in the end kill her crush, i really hope it ends in the next episode.

    • 4.1 autumnjeanne

      Me tooooo…. I just want her to be with Sexay Ji Heon. 😀

  5. Birdie

    I am not sure if I like this drama.I am watching it to see where it goes. Yeon Woo seems to have lost the fight in her after she started working in the Taereung Village. For me, it’s downhill from there. The issues with the athletes are familiar issues,and not dealt with in an interesting way.

  6. min

    Jung Suk Won & KSY… would look together, hehe. I love love love the bromance though. (:

    and meh. My love for KSY is not enough to cover up my dislike for Yeon Woo right now. She’s coming off as a b—-.


  7. rhea

    I am all for the bromance between Sang Bong and Ji Heon. And yes, I am on board their ship, hehe.

    Thanks for the recap!


  8. Flygirl

    Anyone else wish Jiheon would stop O-ing?? He does it alot so much that I have no idea what emotions he’s trying to portray.

    I wanted to DW and YW to be together but with DW’s confession in this episode, I don’t know if I wanted that either. He’s been idolizing HY for so long now that it’ll be weird for him to transition to YW….

    Umm…so frustrating!

  9. kaedejun

    OMG YES! i was so jealous you got this episode because things moved so quickly here! i never realized though how much people were stewing over other people’s words until i read your recap – lol.

    “His cane falls, her world suddenly stops spinning.”

    When this happened – I almost had a moment where i believed that the DW-YW ship was possible – that he let go of his cane (his means of support) and held her up. it could mean that he can be her cane, or that he was going to lean on her and she’ll be his cane. Then the next scene in the car with that bit of reminiscing ruined it – because that scene was in Coffee House – and once that happened, it was clear that KJH couldn’t forget about Eun Young. So here, DW can’t forget about HY. Sigh*


    and i am AMAZED you didn’t put a screencap of the notoriously “cute” butt. Though i agree with Taek Woo – it’s quite the normal butt…

    • 9.1 aberdeen_angus

      I had to keep things G rated (?).

  10. 10 Amg1

    My Dear @aberdeen_angus .

    I can honestly say that this is my favorite “Recap” since you have been writing around this parts!!!!

    I wont say “why” but you already know how I feel about many aspects of how the drama has been developing, I am just glad that in some ares we can see eye to eye for once, and that makes me feel all “warm and fuzzy inside” thank you again for your hard work!!!!! “o”

    • 10.1 Amg1

      *edit* in some “areas”

    • 10.2 aberdeen_angus

      You rock my world, Amg1!

      😀 😀 😀

  11. 11 brookeeve

    I love this series. This is probably going to become my new rainy day series, ’cause it leaves me with such marshmallowy goodness.

  12. 12 melikekdrama

    How I wish this drama doesn’t end with the typical “make way for the 1st male and female lead” and toss aside all the other characters.

  13. 13 asianromance

    thank you for the recap! I don’t want Yeon Woo to get with either guy. I feel like all 3 deserve someone different.

    I feel sad that Yeon-woo is so downtrodden in this episode and that she can’t seem to catch any breaks.

    I think what makes this drama sort of frustrating is that nothing has changed since episode 2. It’s episode 6 and I don’t feel like anyone has developed even the slightest bit or that the story has moved forward.

  14. 14 red

    thankyou.. i hate the yeon woo and doo wook couple….i dont want these two together….i get no chemistry from them …she has more chemistry with ji heon

    ji heon is the best thing about this drama for me….him and his bromance with sang bong

  15. 15 white_blind

    Team DW if I had to choose, but I’m not loving either ship at the moment.

    The biggest problem with JH/WY is that the actors have more of a bro-sis kinda chemistry whereas DW/WY sizzle in their scenes together. That may change but I’m kinda tired of the whole cute, naive boy/girl charms “tough on the outside but vulnerable on the inside” girl/boy storylines.

    The DW/WY dynamic would be much more interesting if they didn’t degrade WY’s character into such a wet blanket. Where has the kickass, tough as nails doctor from the first episode gone? She had turned into every other kdrama female lead ie. pathetically approval seeking from the man she luve *bleh* Still I enjoy their scenes together in large part due to the charisma of the actors though.

    Speaking of which, the best part of this drama is by far Uhm Tae Woong and his character. Dr. House may be overdone in American television, but it’s a nice change of pace for a kdrama. Usually, the second lead is either perfect or a jackass, but DW comes across like a real person and he treats WY as a superior should- nothing more and nothing less. If only WY would stop with the hero worshipping than I can fully get aboard this ship.

    Overall, I like all the characters and storylines (the episodic vignettes with different athletes aid in developing the main story) except HY, because, I mean, who does? There’s always that one person in the love square who just sucks all the fun and energy out of every scene they’re in, and that’s 100% her. Go away, and take your star swimmer with you. Seriously, I don’t understand what DW ever saw in her.

  16. 16 kate

    I like the ambiguity about who she’s gonna end up with although I’m leaning toward Ji Heon right now. I hope they really do keep it unclear until way into the drama. Love triangles are almost never compelling because you always know what the end result is gonna be right from the start. However, if you have two great, but different guys both in the mix with a legitimate chance, it makes things much more interesting.

  17. 17 runner

    here’s how it could go:

    Yeon Woo slowly gets over her crush on Do Wook as she spends more and more time with Ji Heon and they get together in the end. Do Wook get’s over Hee Young and realizes he loves Yeon Woo but it’s too late.


    Do Wook slowly realizes his feelings for Yeon Woo and is a tortured, angsty soul for episode upon episode unwilling to admit it even to himself until he realizes he’s about to lose Yeon Woo when he finally confesses his love. Meanwhile, Yeon Woo has been trying her best to forget about Do Wook but ultimately can’t.

    obviously I’ve watched way too many kdramas for my own good 😛

    Actually, at this point the ending that will make the most sense is if none of them get together but that’ll never happen

    • 17.1 aX

      I prefer the 2nd choice more than the 1st choice.

      Ji Heon will always have Sang Bong. They can live happily ever after together. 😉

    • 17.2 a


    • 17.3 Autumn

      hahahah, the second one is so SSKS.

      I am placing my bet on Ji Heon at the moment, mainly because Do Wook is still not over his ex yet, even after she was married (and divorced), so i am not holding any hopes on him changing his heart for Yeon Woo. But i could be wrong…

    • 17.4 Yoshi

      Oh yeah! Right on the money there, runner! I for one, am 99% confident that it’ll be the second scenario that’s more likely to happen. Ultimately, Yeon Woo’s kindness and understanding will heal the medical director’s broken soul, Yeon Woo gets the respect she deserves and subsequently regains her reputation in the medical field, the two physicians fall in love; while Ji Heon finally fulfills his dream of winning the gold and his family gets closure from his brother’s death…

      And Hee Young drowns! Haha! I keeeed!

      • 17.4.1 espelth

        Yuk yuk yuk!! 🙂

      • 17.4.2 holey moley

        love the drowning part…!!!

        idk..i didn’t like this episode…my interest in this show sorta waned a bit…but i’ll keep tuning in for the bromance and because ji heon is uber cute!!! though he’s super clingy…and i’m really disliking yeon woo more and more…sigh, i hope this drama would find its better footing…

  18. 18 myerz

    Jung Suk Won in shining inheritance was so so…i just noticed that he has a built body but i never thought he would be this attractive. love the pic you used!!! too cute! =)

  19. 19 dit

    I’m with you. If all else fails, Sangbong and Jiheon can just ride to the sunset.

  20. 20 brookeeve

    I love the judo team. I want to go play with them.

    I don’t know if I like Dr. Yutz and his Coach Cardboard, but I’m leaving room for them to do… something.

    I’m not real fond of Yeon Woo becoming an incompetent ninny, ’cause she was supposed to be this amazingly talented professional. Is it a Kdrama thing to have the woman come completely incompetent in the face of sexual desire? I’ve noticed that trend in a couple of dramas now, and it bothers me.

    All in all, this drama is still great, and I like it. If I let myself think about it too much, it frustrates me.

  21. 21 Revy

    ”On a shallow note, I’m impressed at how much I’m liking Jung Suk Won here. In Shining Inheritance he had a small part and I didn’t care much about him, his character was an uninteresting plot device (and his hairstyle/clothing didn’t help). But here, he oozes charisma and has a strong chemistry with Jung Kyeo-woon. I think I might ship them.”

    This comment=A++

  22. 22 Autumn

    I wasn’t planning on watching the drama, but I couldn’t resist after reading the recaps. and you’re right, it’s a nice and mellow kind of drama that won’t kill you with suspense or suffocate you with excessive angst, which makes it really easy to enjoy.

    oh, i can’t believe they actually showed Jung Kyeowoon’s bare butt!! i wonder if we will see anymore of it in the future…j/k.

    “Doctor and athlete meet by the seaside – don’t worry, nothing tragic will happen.” – LOL. now that you mentioned it, ppl of kdramaland love to have their dramatic angsty/tragic moments by the sea.

  23. 23 diadda


    I have been screaming that ever since I saw this episode. I am enjoying this show immensely. With or without the candy it is a great group of characters and very well done.

  24. 24 me-yo

    this episode is just gorgeous!!! love dr. champ!!!
    anyway, can I ask who the main guy character should be? do wook or ji heon?

  25. 25 mskololia

    I am happy with this drama and cannot wait for further developments from all encampments making up this drama….thanks for the wonderful recap aberdeen. Agreed about the fantasy moments…lol.

    Jung Suk Won is fine….

  26. 26 smileejinn

    the depth to when Yoori hugged Jiheon when he was gloomy –

    he asks her ‘Do I not seem like a guy?’
    she holds his hand, then hugs him, then tells him he does seem like a guy to her.

    but he feels nothing from her holding his hand or hugging him and realizes what Yeon Woo meant – like he doesn’t feel anything for Yoori, she doesn’t feel anything for him. He’s more gloomed up and he leaves. lol

  27. 27 Ojou_Belle

    I’m betting whoever kisses YW first gets ends up with her! That’s how it always is in Kdramas!

    OMG! I hope it Ji Heon! I adore him and his butt! Hahahaha!

  28. 28 Laeah

    Poor Ji Heon was just not in the right place at the right time this episode.

    It’s okay.. later she will realize how awesome he is!

    I almost died when he pushed the door closed. Sexeh!!!!!!!!

    Haha. But this just got annoying. She needs to move on from Dr. House. Seriously. He’s way too caught up w. the boring ex and that’s never good for the new girl.

  29. 29 Flower Pot


    I think i’m in love again…

    And it’s all your fault Jung Gyu Woon! My gosh! How can you play Ji Heon in all levels of adorableness that just makes me want to pinch your cheeks and hug you close to me, you sweet, dorky, adorable man child you!

    (although this story is getting better and better that i think i’m seriously falling for it too!)

    But back to you Ji Heon…

    The things you do for Yeo Woon are absolutely to die for…

    You cheer her up, you save her from harm and best of all you just know the right things to do but you know what you should improve on?




    Why can’t you show the side of yourself to her that’s cool and manly and mature and instead she always sees you when you’re at your dorkiest?…

    (although personally, i’m not complaining since i really love your sense of humor and your joie de vivre but this is Yeon Woo we’re talking about!


    That intellectual, no nonsense female doctor?

    No wonder Do Wook is making her heart flutter in all levels of crushable-ness if ever there’s such a word…)

    However, i do have to say… the way you pushed her against that wall and boxed her in when you were being all territorial on her over that botched dinner with Dr. House Wanna be rocked my world big

    MAN! SERIOUSLY! that was a 10 on the HOTNESS meter!

    I really like it when guys take charge but boy… it’s really not your lucky day is it?

    And Yeon Woo!

    What does the boy have to do to make you see how much he’s into you?

    Boy, everything must be down in the dumps for you in terms of work but your lovelife sure is turning up roses…

    Although i do love the fact that you’re decisive and you don’t string him along but girl, you were really too harsh with your words of “not seeing him as a man” and “not wanting to be comforted by him”…

    Do you know how much he’s putting his neck on the line for you? Of how you hero worship Do Wook like he’s HIPPOCRATES come to life while Ji Heon is also working behind the scenes to save your behind too most of the time?

    It’s just that he’s always being upstaged! By Do Wook no less!

    And i guess that’s gotta sting because you only have eyes for him but not for Ji Heon…

    Although just a simple thanks from you and once again, his heart melts… (awww….)

    Don’t tell me that it’s serious and that dazed expression on your face when Do Wook got close to you is you falling in love with him ?




    Your pairing with Ji Heon had already made my heart flutter and taking back the shipping that i have invested since seeing you two working your magic together on Episode 1 is now almost next to impossible!

    (Although truth be told, Your pairing with Do Wook did make my heart waver a bit too when you were making that drunken confession… I saw the chemistry that i’ve been looking for between you two too, I wouldn’t lie!

    And what i saw made me scared for Ji Heon… very, very scared… The boy has every right to be threatened! Heck! I was!

    Also, taking from the observation made by kaedejun in a previous episode, the fact that your taxi ride with Ji Heon in a previous episode was shown in a dark context seemingly signifying how the road ahead of you is dark and unsure while that of Do Wooks in episode 6 is bright and well lit gave me a dark sense of foreboding about the direction that i think the scriptwriter is taking the pairings to…

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that i’m mistaken… but dang it, i’m sorta feeling this pairing with Do Wook now too!

    AH MOLLA! I’m getting confused!)

    However, I think If you only know that Do Wook is so hung up on his past with another girl… I bet that would even the odds in Ji Heon’s favor…

    After all, why would you want a man who has emotional baggage when there’s one who’s emotionally open and available?

    Besides, have you seen the abs on THIS MAN?


    Well, if you did and you still are not changing your mind, then you really must be crazy!

    (Awwww… you poor, poor Jiheon… come to mama… You do know that my heart is breaking for you right? there… there… i’d comfort you if Yeon Woo won’t have you…)

    But seriously, you still crack me up even if you make me sympathize with your plight…

    Those scenes where you were imagining YEON WOO?


    And can i just say? Kim So Yeon if i liked you before, i now worship the ground you walk on! That was just classic!)

    Moving on, I am also loving the BroMance that’s going on between Sang Bong and Ji Heon …

    At least he has that consolation despite the fact that he is kinda in last place right now for Yeon Woo’s heart…

    (and us girls, have the consolation of seeing two hunky dory guys together on our screen while roughhousing with each other!

    WOOHOO! Now, give me that beer!)

    Seriously, the scriptwriter of this series sure do know how to give great fanservice…

    Great, hard male bods, sweaty and shirtless at every moment? You sure are after every fangirls heart!

    Lastly, don’t even get me started on Jung Gyu Woon’s butt baring scene?

    BOY! You sure did exceed expectations and for that you have my undying and unrelentless Love!

  30. 30 v

    Thank you for the recap!!
    I agree with you about yeon woo… i feel like her attitude is out-of-character… I understand why some of it is not her fault and is understandable but we’re talking here about the doctor who was yelling like a dictator at her juniors for slacking off during work and not being proper doctors… She’s supposed to be a workaholic where medicine is concerned…
    Anyways, i still love her but maybe that’s just because it’s kim so yeon.
    “squee-free relaxing drama” ???!!!! are you kidding… kkkk.
    i totally squealed many times during the drama… the bromance of course, the end where do wook said that he still hasn’t forgotten hee young, the butt (omo omo omo… i did NOT just see that… seriously, i was thinking whether or not my eyes deceived me and i haven’t rewinded cuz i’m not sure i can handle that… glad to see i wasnt imagining it)….
    aside from the squealing moments, there were so many lovely scenes, such as the ones where ji heon melted totally after she said thank you (you softie… he’s like poodle whenver yeon woo is concerned) or when he said that he understood what she meant by saying she didn’t feel he was a man when yoo ri hugged him (i felt so bad for yoo ri, especially when she had no clue what he was talking about),
    and then there were the HILARIOUS fantasy sequences… that totally took me by surprise… i was wondering whether i was watching the same drama… i can imagine kim so yeon’s embarrassment.. i could totally imagine how awful she is at doing this sort of stuff, kinda like the karaoke scene during PP…
    basically, i love this drama… hee young is quite irritating but i’m ignoring her…
    as for the love triangle/rectangle… as far as i’m concerned, this is like PP (sorry for prosecutor team)… i KNOW that she would be perfect with ji heon, she just doesn’t know it yet and is still gaga over do wook… but that’ll change, hopefully.

    btw, was that 2 digs at PK? the ref to unfathomable male character during the intro and unambitious female lead during the conclusion…
    LOL… i love PK but if it was a ref to it, that was funny. XD

    • 30.1 v

      wanted to add…
      i love do wook’s character and all his bluntness… i just LOVE it.

    • 30.2 aberdeen_angus

      Hahahaha, not really. I’m way behind PK (planning to watch it once it’s over), but you could say that I have some prejudices against it, maybe? They’re some tropes I’ve encountered many times in my k-drama experience and that I loathe with all my soul 😉

      Regarding the squee free part, well, I love this drama for its charms, but I don’t find it in the “squee heavy” territory. I mean, there are dramas that are meant to keep us hooked with the cute, and I don’t think this is the case (which I find refreshing – too many cases like that recently).

      Damn, it’s so difficult to explain when I don’t want to cite examples. I hope you got what I meant?

      Cheers, v!

      • 30.2.1 v

        lol.. don’t worry. i think i know what you mean and i also have in mind some dramas which are heavy in the cute (it’s not necessarily a bad thing but dr champ is refreshing in the fact that it isn’t like that)… kk…actually, i think dr. champ is just the right dose of everything… this drama is quite a sleeper gem.
        as for PK, as i said, i love it but from what you said, i think you might loathe it…oh well. XD

      • 30.2.2 holey moley

        v, since we’ve been seeing each other everywhere and had the same taste in dramas…i sorta wished that i still have your enthusiasm for this (though, like i said, i will still keep tuning)…i still squee with all the moments of ji heon…but i just didn’t like this episode (sorry for the ref., but very much like pk but not cute enough)…and i’m kinda hating yeon woo now (even if its kim so yeon) and finding do wook boring (even if its uhm tae woong)…i pray for the drama gods that ep 7-8 will revive my adoration for this…so that we can spazz again for the same dramas…

        • v

          lol… it’s okay if we don’t agree on everything… we agree on enough things…
          and some PK love… yay!!
          and yes, isn’t ji heon the most adorkable man with a body like that ever?? kk

  31. 31 müge

    I think for a good drama, the viewers don’t have to suffer till the end.
    for example; in MGIG you know the main guy, you love the main guy, and everything goes just fine, even angsty. and now, MGIG is one of my best.
    however, I often suffer to wonder who is the main guy, or to pray to be chosen the guy that I love and to be dissapointed by the chosen guy.
    why am I saying all these things? because I adore JH so much in DC and really can’t see any chemistry between two doctors. and also, I can’t stand the cold behaviors of YW towards my dear, cute also hot JH.
    the same thing happened in many dramas to me, especially in coffee house.
    please god! this time I want to be satisfied. am I wanting too much??

    • 31.1 Patt

      I agree!! I really want JH to be the main male lead because I feel like there’s like no chemistry between YW and DW and to be honest, I like JH’s character more.

      Ahhhhh, hopefully things end up the way we want it to

  32. 32 Imcrazyce

    Is this DoWook character kind of like House? Is the plot kind of similar except it doesn’t focus on actual medical cases but rather the doctors personal story?

    • 32.1 Laeah

      Dunno.. but I think DW/YW’s relationship is like Cameron/House.. lol. She admires him.. and has gotten that confused with love.

  33. 33 JD

    Omg, I might drop this drama if Yeon Woo doesn’t end up with Ji Heon…(which probably will happen). God, I’m so shallow =*(

    Do Wook is awesome and all, but I’m just not feeling their dynamic!

  34. 34 bailey

    I am still hoping that Do Wook will end up with yeon woo, or no one. JH and YW , yes bro-sis chemistry.
    After watching episode 7 without sub, i dislike Hee Yoon more
    , Yoo Ri can act much better.

  35. 35 Laeah

    Not every relationship has to be full of tension and drama and omg! heart racing moments. Love comes in many different forms.. and once you’ve experienced the passionate dramatic type of love.. most people end up just wanting someone they are compatible with, not people that only come with chemistry. Chemistry can be made… compatibility not so much.

    I think sometimes people get too caught up in the emotional high points and low points and skip the part about just caring about each other and having laughs and having fun together.

    But in the end.. I think Yeon Woo and Ji Heon have the better chance.

  36. 36 Jenna

    I’m still have my heart for Yeon Woo. No matter what she does, or with whom she gonna ended. She might be a frustated character, but i always await her presence.

  37. 37 kazuhiko

    “..she loses conscience.”
    i think you meant consciousness..
    thanks for the recap anyway!:)

  38. 38 Lilian

    This drama is easy to watch. nothing overly dramatic and it guarantees laughter! I will definitely keep watching….

  39. 39 Misa

    I’m watching this episode TONIGHT!!! I’m so excited it couldn’t resist reading the recap b4 i watch it!!! I LOVE DR CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 40 Bogo shipta

    That tush shot of Jung Gyeo Woon was so unexpected to this big fan!! Some of his other stuff like Love you a thousand times was cringeworthy but I like my dramas with lots of fantasy so that worked for me. Non believers shld check out the 2007 A Happy Woman (KBS) and La Dolce Vita, he was awesome in it. Romance Town was a kinda meh..

    In fact it was Romance Town that brought me to this because in RT, there was a scene where Sung Yuri visits him at the hospital and someone commented JGW gets to flash his tush quite a lot. And I agree with Yuri (the cter in this show), it is a nice one ! haha

    This show is turning out a copious amount of buff, fit, ab scenes and tush shots

    Those lean mean Judo men are quite something !

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