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Dr. Champ: Episode 7
by | October 23, 2010 | 46 Comments

Terribly sorry for the delay. While I have been slow with this recap, this episode has been moving fast. I love that this drama keeps moving along with the plot points, and while there are certain things that keep getting reused as obstacles, they’re not so unbelievable that I’m getting tired of the trope.

So without further ado…

So…just what did Do Wook mean exactly when he said “I couldn’t forget you?” Will it ease Yeon Woo’s aching heart? Either way, Yeon Woo isn’t interested in hearing anymore, and she leaves before the BIG EXPLANATION. As she goes across the hotel lobby she finds herself being greeted by Ji Heon, who’s totally ready for his “date.”

The BIG EXPLANATION is that Do Wook couldn’t forget her because he resented her. He hated her so much he wanted to kill her, and if he could have his revenge by coming back to Taereung then more power to him. But then, he realized revenge was not really interesting – “Your life is too boring for me to ruin.” Ouch.

Yeon Woo and Ji Heon end up at the beach, which isn’t really where Ji Heon wanted to take her, but I think sadness wouldn’t let Yeon Woo walk any further. She hesitates, but eventually confesses to Ji Heon that she’s bummed about Do Wook liking someone else. Ji Heon gulps down his excitement, blinks in nonchalance, and says, “Oh really? (I’m cooooooool as a cucumber…)” Yeon Woo convinces herself that it’s good she found out early enough so that she can move on, and Ji Heon says loving someone who likes someone else is just plain stupid. (I hope you practice what you preach, buddy.) Yeon Woo agrees. Ji Heon does a silent fist pump by his side. 😀

Yeon Woo beats herself up for being so pathetic and falling in love when she can’t even do well at work. None of the athletes come visit her and so she can’t be a doctor. This sparks an idea in Ji Heon, and he goes off to get a yellow balloon lantern. This time, she should make a wish all on her own balloon. Because she had to use Yi Reum’s balloon before, her wish might not have come true. He tells her to think of her wish (since he doesn’t have a pen) and lights it up. It’s about to fly away when a torrential downpour begins. Aaaand the balloon sputters, and dies.

Ji Heon blames her wish – did she wish for her and Do Wook to work out? Maybe because she wished for something so weird it got jinxed! (LOL – I love his logic.)

They can’t just stand out there in the rain, so Ji Heon jogs off for shelter. Yeon Woo stupidly stands in the rain, so Ji Heon runs back, grabs her wrist, and drags her to a tent. I accept this wrist-grab; it’s not the one that screams “I’M ALPHA MALE! YOU FOLLOW!”

Under the tent they shiver from the cold, and Yeon Woo wails that perhaps because she’s 29, everything just seems to go wrong for her. Ji Heon’s surprised they’re the same age so he immediately lowers his speech, even though she’s not comfortable with doing that with “strangers.” He also notices that she’s wearing a white shirt…and a white camisole…

Off with his sweater! Yeon Woo covers herself with her arms, saying that no one will see her anyways (because she oh-so-doesn’t see him as a man.) But he insists, saying that he can see it, and she puts the sweater on.

When the rain stops, Yeon Woo goes back to her room and sees a sleeping Hee Young. She sighs and smiles half-heartedly, conceding Do Wook to Hee Young. However, Hee Young’s faking her sleep, clearly uncomfortable to be sharing a room with a woman now close to Do Wook.

Ji Heon on the other hand is friggin’ excited. Sang Bong is already asleep and just wants Ji Heon to shut it – they have training tomorrow. Ji Heon smiles – and remembers Yeon Woo – and her white shirt – and how see-through it was… up he goes for a round of sit-ups on the bed!

Ji Heon: (doing sit-ups) *one…two…three…four…five…*
Sang Bong: (sits up in bed, hand to forehead) Park Ji Heon…
Ji Heon: *…six…seven…eight…*
Sang Bong: You just thought of something dirty, didn’t you?
Ji Heon: *…ni-* (stops sit-ups) No!

Sang Bong throws a pillow right at Ji Heon’s face.

As a way of trying to forget Do Wook, Yeon Woo spends the next day cleaning out her apartment and returning the books to Do Wook. However, when she drives up to his home, she finds that Hee Young has beaten her to the punch. Again.

Standing just outside the gate, Hee Young forces him to remember the circumstances surrounding his accident: she was not even 20, and to be saddled with the responsibility of taking care of a possible invalid for life was something she was not ready for. She doubts that if the situation were reversed, he would have stayed with her. “Don’t treat me like a sinner, and forget about what happened in the past.” Wise words Hee Young – because Do Wook got no answer.

And now we have the return of Yi Reum! Ji Heon feeds his nephew some barbecued meat, and in exchange hears all about his sister in law’s new job as an insurance saleswoman. She works all the time, sometimes leaving Yi Reum alone, and doesn’t get much results out of her hard work. When they return home, Ji Heon scans through the brochures that his sister in law has in her room.

Yeon Woo returns home to find Ji Heon waiting for her outside her door. He came all the way for his sweater (yeah, right), and his excuse is that if she handed it back to him at Taereung more rumors would spread. Seeing his logic, she tells him to wait outside and comes back with a freshly washed sweater. (That’s the only sign of Yeon Woo’s budding feelings for him – she cares just enough to wash his clothes.) Then she sends him off.

Ji Heon grumbles that he came all the way for almost nothing (‘cept the shirt) and so stalks down the steps. Yeon Woo, feeling slightly bad for him, asks if he ate yet.

He says no – despite having had three servings of meat before with his nephew.

They go to a nearby restaurant and Yeon Woo cheerfully starts stuffing her face. Ji Heon – still full – asks, “Do you – by chance – relieve your stress through eating?” HA – sounds like Ma Hye Ri. Yeon Woo even has the same guilty face that confirms Ji Heon’s guess. He’s so perceptive that he knows she’s not fully over Do Wook just yet. Just what did she ask for with the yellow balloon?

Yeon Woo admits that she wished for the athletes to like her. No one ever visits her, and she wants to retain her job at the medical center. She is so focused on her work that there is no way that she can think about love. She becomes increasingly defensive as she continues to stuff her mouth – and then barks at Ji Heon: why isn’t he eating?! He quickly spoons up some soup and eats the egg that she puts on his plate like an obedient little boy.

The next day, Do Wook drives to work (!!) and he sees Yeon Woo sitting in her car. She’s already parked, but looks to be psyching herself up for another day. When she finally comes out, she bumps into Do Wook casually waiting beside his car. He notes that she must be worried about having no patients and yet still having to come to work.

Yeon Woo thinks he’s making fun of her, but he says he wasn’t – he was just worried about her. A spark of hope shows in Yeon Woo’s eyes, but it disappears quickly.

Back in the dorms, Ji Heon is proposing to Woo Ram about a health insurance plan. Woo Ram is easy to convince and agrees to meet the sister in law about getting a plan. Dae Seob mutters about their budding bromance (though it clearly can’t beat Sang-Ji) and has Woo Ram apply patches around his back. Looks like this judo athlete is gettin’ ooooooold.

Ji Heon has another request – he asks Woo Ram and Yoo Ri to go see Yeon Woo. While Woo Ram agrees, Yoo Ri is kinda pissed. She doesn’t want to go herself, or recommend anyone to go, because there are too many rumors surrounding Yeon Woo. She’s also mad that Ji Heon called her out a few days before her upcoming competition just to help another lady. She had hoped that he would be wishing her luck instead.

After a good beating, Ji Heon says in a low voice that he wanted to wish her luck too. Though he doesn’t have a gold medal to give her, he’ll give her his lucky black belt. Yoo Ri petulantly takes it and stubbornly refuses to heed his request about seeing Yeon Woo.

The president of the board comes with Director Jung to take a photo with the swimming team, and then meets with the medical staff. Since Do Wook will be away at the competition with the Head Nurse, what will happen to the medical center? Both board members are not too keen on leaving it in the hands of Yeon Woo, but when they exit the meeting room they all overhear Woo Ram insisting that he see Yeon Woo.

Do Wook suggests that they give her a chance – her luck may be turning with the athletes.

Yeon Woo examines Woo Ram and notices that despite a slightly pulled ligament, there is nothing that would cause his overall pain in random parts of his body. She notices that he’s part of the judo team and suspects Ji Heon of sending him over. But Woo Ram denies it fervently and says that he really is feeling sick. Falling for his earnest behavior ( I would too), and desperate to prove herself, Yeon Woo tells him she will figure out his problem.

As the judo boys travel to their local competition, Ji Heon texts Yeon Woo and finds out that she’s suddenly busy with a lot of patients. (It helps that Do Wook’s not around.) He’s so happy for her that Sang Bong has to reprimand him to not make it so obvious that he’s dating.

Suddenly a motorcyclist comes up to them from behind and a quick move by Ji Heon saves Sang Bong from injury. Ji Heon yells at the guy for not being careful, and the new “bad boy” takes off the helmet, observes that Sang Bong is OK, and then drives off.

This impertinent motorcyclist is also on the opposing judo team that they’re going up against. Ji Heon, who can’t let go of the incident, approaches him and tells him to apologize to Sang Bong (who is chilling and stretching). Since Ji Heon is older despite his self-proclaimed “baby face,” bad boy Go Bum has to bow to them in respect. Go Bum does it – even if unwillingly – which is enough for Sang Bong but still enrages Ji Heon.

The judo boys all start doing practice spars, and a coach tells Oh and his assistant that Go is talented, even if his personality is a little lacking. To test his skills, Coach Oh sets Go Bum up against Ji Heon. The two of them go at it and Ji Heon manages to win the first round. Go Bum starts playing dirty, and kicks Ji Heon in the back of the leg. Ji Heon reacts, and Go Bum realizes that he’s hit a weak spot. He takes advantage of it and brings Ji Heon down. When the match ends, Go Bum mutters, “There’s nothing special about the national team.”

Meanwhile Eun Suk informs Hee Young that he moved to a hotel closer to the competition site. He doesn’t want to shuttle back and forth from the village with the rest of the team. Hee Young is flabbergasted, but she can’t control this rebellious youth, and so reminds him of the practice time. However, just as he’s about to leave, a couple of investigators approach him – he is being randomly tested for doping.

When they return to Taereung, Ji Heon immediately visits Yeon Woo for his leg. He makes up the excuse that he feels fine – he just visited so that Yeon Woo can seem busy. Turns out he sprained his tendon though, and therefore would need 6 weeks rest and wear a brace. Ji Heon’s face falls, and when he goes back to Sang Bong, he worriedly asks if they will kick him out because he needs additional six weeks’ rest.

But lo and behold – just then Ji Heon is called into the coach’s room. Coach asks how he’s feeling, and Ji Heon lies that he’s in great shape. The coach tells him that he’s going to send him to the East Asia Competition in Macau, which is in two weeks. He’ll be replacing Sang Bong, and this will give him an opportunity to get some experience.

This competition is the coaches way of determining how good Ji Heon is, and also a one in a chance lifetime. Guess Ji Heon’s going to disobey Yeon Woo again! Despite her warnings, Ji Heon goes to the head nurse and asks her to tape up his leg real well so that his tendon doesn’t get sprained further.

Do Wook visits Yeon Woo’s office where she’s doing research on Woo Ram’s condition. She asks what could possibly cause pain around the body but have the X-ray only show problems in the ankle. Do Wook can tell she’s thrilled with having patients again, but he also says he doesn’t help other doctors. Heh. He invites her to dinner to celebrate the patients returning to her again, and though Yeon Woo smiles at first, she gets the better of her senses and rejects him. Do Wook leaves, and Yeon Woo belatedly runs after him as if to change her mind. She stops right at the door, gets a hold of herself, and goes back to research. Atta girl.

At the swimming pool, Hee Young gets the call that no coach ever wants to hear about her athlete: Chae Eun Suk tested positive for doping. She tells him to get out – his training is suspended effective immediately and they need to go see Do Wook. Eun Suk – the entire time – is all “I didn’t do it” with that smarmy look on his face. I almost wish he truly were guilty.

The board gathers asking Do Wook to please stand in at the hearing as Eun Suk’s doctor. His real doctor claims to know nothing about the urine test, and is leaving the country to avoid any trouble. Do Wook doesn’t want to – he never examined Eun Suk, and, didn’t Hee Young say that he never had to worry about Eun Suk? Director Jung freaks – if they don’t have a differing opinion then Eun Suk won’t be able to compete! And Eun Suk needs to compete because he’s the pride and glory of Korea!

Outside, Hee Young chases him down and asks if Do Wook is really not going to help. She asks him to understand, having once been an athlete – it’s heartbreaking to just get disqualified. Do Wook doesn’t care – even though Hee Young is pleading him sincerely to separate his personal feelings towards her with the case, he won’t budge.

Ha – unfortunately for Do Wook he doesn’t really believe in what he just said, because that night he gets himself so drunk that that the bartender calls Yeon Woo to pick him up. She drives him home, and helps him out of the car. Superbly tipsy, he stumbles and so Yeon Woo grabs his arm and becomes his support. It also looks like Yeon Woo is convincing herself that she is just helping him – nothing more – so that her feelings don’t go out of hand.

She hands him a glass of water. Do Wook ends up spilling to her:

“Do you know how pathetic I am? I’m so pathetic that I rejected her when she asked for help. I did it immaturely…to take revenge on her. I don’t know why I waited for this moment for ten years, but now it’s all over. From the day of the accident time stood still for me. Why can’t I forget? Why do I keep holding on to the past!?”

And with that he throws his glass of water across the room.

Yeon Woo leaves him crying about his sorrows. Do Wook broods all day the next day, wondering what the best thing to do is.

Distracting herself with work, Yeon Woo visits Woo Ram in the weight training room and says that she can treat his ankles. She bumps into Ji Heon and reprimands him for not listening to her. He insists that he can do it – he knows his body better than anyone else. However, Yeon Woo warns him that if he continues with training, he won’t be able to compete in the future. He can’t just think about now – he has to think ahead.

At the cafeteria, Yeon Woo spots Coach Oh and his assistant, and requests to speak to the coach alone. Uh Oh…

The coach calls Ji Heon to his room and informs him that from tomorrow on, he is dismissed from Taereung. He hands Ji Heon a note from the doctor that details Yeon Woo’s order of rest for 6 weeks, which means he wouldn’t be able to compete in Macau. Ji Heon insists that he can still do it, but Coach Oh says that Ji Heon is also carrying the name of Korea when he competes. He brought him to Taereung to train him and put him in competitions. But because of all his injuries, Ji Heon can’t do any of that.

Heartbroken and angry, Ji Heon walks out with the note and crumples it in his fist. He spots Yeon Woo leaving the medical center, strides forward, and grabs her.

“What exactly did you do?!”

Yes Yeon Woo, just what did you do?!


OK, first off Yeon Woo: Can I just say how proud I am of her? Though she’s been kind of pathetic lately in that she doesn’t have that same commanding presence as she did in Hankook Medical Center, she did take control of her own life when it came to Do Wook. It’s difficult to excise a budding “tumor” in her heart, but she’s doing a good job in stopping herself from falling any further. Those moments gave cause for a little victory dance while I watched because that’s when I saw her no-nonsense attitude from before reappear.

Now Do Wook: gosh this guy is an ass. He is the most retarded, grouchy, human being ever. He’s not even House – Dr. House would take pain from the past and make it amusing for himself. When he tortures people, he sticks to it all the way until he pushes too far. Do Wook is weak – he can’t even do that! Every time I see him with Hee Young I can’t erase Choi Han Sung from my mind. Cha Ye Ryun is getting a little better with the material now given (clearly a complex history and complex breakup was involved) so kudos to her. Still no kudos for her “sincere” stare – which didn’t move me at all.

And last but not least – I’m so glad for the laughs that this drama provides. Of course I’m talking about the “thinking dirty” scene between Sang Bong and Ji Heon. If it weren’t for their bromance, I would have been exhausted by the constant doping scandals (are there no other scandals that can happen for these athletes who are also like celebrities?) and the injuries (Ji Heon – seriously man, you’re not even the oldest team member!). Clearly these troubles are only serving to bring Do Wook and Hee Young, and Yeon Woo and Ji Heon, in constant contact with each other.

Oh and this is my favorite shot thanks to this AWESOME camera – Ji Heon is out of focus in Yeon Woo’s eyes, but as he runs toward her, he comes into focus. He provides her a moment of clarity…

Halfway through the series, Yeon Woo is starting to warm up to Ji Heon though. So aberdeen_angus, enlighten us – just what did Yeon Woo do!?!?!? Don’t break my Ji Heon’s heart!


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    Gosh, I love this drama. Mainly because I think Ji Heon is the most adorable thing ever and I burst into happy giggles with every cute thing he does. Am I creepy? Yes.

    And the injury thing might be getting a little old and repetitive with him, but I accept it as being realistic — I used to be an athlete and was basically broken 24/7. Sigh. Good memories and lifelong aches.

    • 3.1 Revy

      ”Gosh, I love this drama. Mainly because I think Ji Heon is the most adorable thing ever and I burst into happy giggles with every cute thing he does. Am I creepy? Yes”

      I guess we can be creepy together .

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    Thank you! I like that she seems to be warming to Ji Heon. He’s my choice for guy-who-gets-the-girl (not only in preference, but in speculation) so some forward movement is encouraging.

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    Aw, you left out my favorite part! When the new bad boy judo guy enters the training room and Ji Heon demands respect, Sang Bong is stretching on the ground. Actually, he’s doing butterfly legs. He’s sitting on the ground looking like a little boy bouncing his legs up and down as he gives a “whatever” look to the new guy. I thought that was SO funny. Am I the only one? :/

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      Haha, nooo, I was also thinking about that. It was adorable.

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      Nope-I loved it too. I was giggling at his awe sucks look. Them two boys are too cute together. I see more trouble brewing with those three and I don’t mind if they keep that characteristic of all three going. Sang Bong like a little boy who really can’t be bothered, the new guy being the nasty little spoilt brat who is a bully and Ji Heon being the kid who demands justice on the playground. Oh, I see more cute scenes possibly coming up with these three.

  6. Ayesha

    I like this drama. I initially wanted to check out this drama to see UTW (because his performance was kinda disappointing in QSD but people said that he usually acts better in modern day drama), but I ended up fallen for Ji Heon. For me UTW’s acting is rather flat, he is supposed to be this character with the most emotional conflict and yet he didn’t quite show his pain and anger through his eyes and facial expression. In fact I think he had that same expression with one of his eyebrow lifted almost all the time. I waited and waited until episode 8 to find out that he’s been out shined by his second lead (just like in QSD) all over again. Well, at least I still got 8 more episodes to see if this guy is worth to become my first K-drama hero.
    Thanks for the recap kaedejun…I guess you’re not quite satisfied with UTW’s acting either.

    • 6.1 Selli

      If you want to see him look pained, watch “The Devil” XDDD I think he is quite a good actor, actually, capable of being subtle. I don’t know about him here, though, as I haven’t watched Dr. Champ yet XD

      Anyway, this is a seriously wonderful recap, thanks a lot!!!

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    I’ve really grown to like this drama, though not like the way that I grew to love Prosecutor Princess. Kim So-yeon’s doing a very good job, though, and is the main reason(by far) why I’m watching. Unfortunately, it seems that ViiKii has entered into a pending licensing agreement for Dr. Champ, so their subbed videos are presently unavailable to viewers unless they’re qualified contributors. So, many of us will have to wait until the agreement is reached and the videos are accessible.

    This makes me even more appreciative of these great recaps.

    Thanks again, kaedejun and aberdeen_angus! 😉

  11. 11 missjb

    in my eyes, UTW potrayed his character really well. He is doing fine. If u think his char flat, it just his char is suppose to be. Although I disagree with u on this point.

    I love ji heon, too….

    • 11.1 Sukispop

      I also think that UTW has played Do Wook very well, though I agree that he’s used that raised eyebrow look a bit too often.

      I think Do Wook’s character is supposed to be a bit smug and a bit arrogant, but he also has a very dry sense of humor and knows how to play things cool. He’s also suffering chronic physical pain(sometimes overwhelming), and is dealing with emotional pain, and self loathing, too. I think UTW has done well with this character.

      I know that others have compared him with the Dr. House character in the American tv series; that’s not unreasonable given the fact that Do Wook also has a bum leg and has to use a cane. But I think the similarities end there, and I don’t think that Do Wook was meant to be a mirror character of Dr. House. If you allow Do Wook’s character to stand on its own, independent of the Dr. House character, UTW’s portrayal will be much more appreciable. 😉

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    @ kaedejun. Thank you for your hard work!!!!

    I am “Officially” on board of the Ji Heon/Yeon Woo’s ship.

    The thing that I like the most about their relationship is how organically is growing, I like that Yeon Woo little by little is really discovering that Ji Heon is not just an immature person, but some one that she can really depend on, and this episode show how “Mentally” unstable Do Wook really is, and you already know how I feel about those kind of relationships.

    I am trying really hard not to say any really negative comments about Do Wook , because I do not want to start another ship wars like in “PP”, but I must say that out of all the characters in this drama he is the character that I dislike the most, almost with the same passion that I dislike the “lawyer” guy from “PP”!!!!
    Thank you for your hard work!!! : O }

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    Thanks for the recap kaedejun. I too love the somewhat funny little moments in this drama, like when sang bong ask ji heon if he has some dirty thoughts or when Ji heon and Yeon Woo were on the beach. I guess without those laughable scenes this drama would become a bit boring.
    And about Do wook character, I have to agree that UTW didn’t seem to be able to go all the way to portray this character. He’s supposed to be the brilliant doctor who hides his pain beneath all his bluntness, but when he was supposed to be mean he wasn’t so convincing, when he was alone and supposed to express his pain he wasn’t impressive either. I don’t know, but I’m getting a feeling of hesitancy in UTW’s acting, like he was unsure how to portray this character or didn’t like his role. But It’s ok. At least we’ve got Ji heon -Yeon Woo moments and Ji Heon Sang Bong bromance. Still love dr champ.

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    Aw, man. This show is getting so good with 7 and 8. I love the new conflict, that she got him kicked out. It’s injecting just the right amount of drama at the perfect time–the midway point.

    It’s gettin’ good!

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      I couldn’t agree with you more, fri!

      Eps 7 and 8 were both sooo good! And I’m really looking forward to watching Eps 9 and 10, though it may be awhile before I can watch them subbed what with ViiKii going through licensing issues with the drama. So, I’m particularly grateful for Dramabeans! You guys take such good care of us! Thank you!

      • 16.1.1 missjb

        i second that…. This drama is getting good… Love it…. Anyway…. Why anybody here have a pproblemm with vikii? I din’t even know that. Because i don’t have have a problem watched it. LIsence issues?

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          At some point after ViiKii released subbed videos for Episode 8, they pulled it from their main page. Wanting to re-watch Ep 8, I had to dig a bit to find the DC channel page. Then, when I tried to pull up a video, a message came up-

          Video unavailable:Licensing agreement not completed yet in your territory.
          If you want video access to participate in translating this video,
          please contact ViiKii – how to be a certified translator

          It’s still like this, so the licensing agreement is still pending. It’s not in all areas, so you might be in the clear to view. I’m in the U.S., so I have to be patient.

          • Sukispop

            Interestingly, ViiKii has also recently pulled My Girlfriend is a Gumiho off their main page. What makes it interesting is that they pulled it quite a while after MGIAG concluded airing.

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    thanks for the recap!

    I’m starting to be more interested in the peripheral characters than the fab four.

    If they ditch the contrived romance and cripple angst, and focused more on their day-to-day professional lives, it would make the drama a lot better.

  18. 18 wiggygreggy

    Thanks for the recap! Now that viikii is not available and tudou is not subbed, I’ll have to rely on your detailed recaps…much appreciated.

    Oh yes, I love the camera work in that scene as well. It really lends some magic to their budding relationship.

    As for Uhm Tae Woong, that man can do no wrong. For all I care, they can feature a cardboard cut out of him and play a recorded message for every one of his scenes. He is FINE! I look forward to all his snarky, eyebrow-raising one liners in this drama, which by the way, he does so well. If you need proof of his acting abilities, watch Resurrection.

    • 18.1 Rafanadallover

      UTW can do no wrong? Well, I haven’t seen any of his previous work, but an actor even the most capable one can perform so well in a drama/movie and not doing so well in another right? In fact we’ve even seen oscar winning actors who did such a bad job right after their best work. Besides, it is dr Champ we’re talking about, and it’s UTW’s acting in this particular drama that is being criticized. I myself also think that there’s something lacking in UTW’s acting. I don’t even compare him with dr House because I don’t want him to be like dr House. I think Do Wook is full of pain, emotional and physical, but he covers it all up with his bluntness and arrogance. But he wasn’t always that kind of bitter person, even the ex girlfriend mentioned it a few times. He probably was a lot nicer person before the injury which eventually made his girlfriend left him. And for me, UTW has failed to show the pain and anger, the deep emotion that Doo Wook has beneath the charade. He got all the chances to show that, like when he was alone in the swimming pool remembering hist past, or the scene with Yeon Woo when he was drunk. For me, his eyes shows nothing, therefore something just not gripping about his acting. He wasn’t even showed any subtle change of emotions in all his encounters with his ex.If only UTW had been able to portray the character of this hurtful good guy disguise as a bad guy well, I would’ve been easily fallen in love with DW and want YW to be with him to ease all his pain.
      Sorry for the long rant. Oh and thanks Kaedejun for the awesome recap.

      • 18.1.1 missjb

        in my eyes UTW is doing fine… I enjoy watching his acting so far.. as long as he show emotion… I will love him..

        maybe i’m one those people who enjoy a show without thinking much about the acting…for me the main focus is the story itself.. 🙂 … and i love it so far…

        for some reason, i like He Young… In Mye Eyes.. She has more chemistry with UTW, more than UTW with KSY.. it rather sad… because bfore this drama start, I root for UTW and KSY couple so much 🙁

      • 18.1.2 wiggygreggy

        ooh, some good points indeed…enough to slap me out of my UTW-induced stupor. Hey but wait a minute (slap, slap), I gotta stand up for my UTW! What about the scene where he demands that the hospital medical director fire Jo Min Ki? That ever so slight smile of his and the glint of contempt in his eyes carried the scene wonderfully. I also liked the part when he told Hee Young that taking revenge on her worthless life would be oh so boring. That’s when you see the subtlety of emotions, ranging from hurt to scorn to superiority. The scene where he’s drunk and spilling his beans to Yeon Woo was really intense for me. In that situation, I expected a man to not wimper away like a rain-soaked puppy, but to lash out with all the hurt and bitterness that’s been restrained for more than 10 years. For me, UTW executed that scene perfectly.

        Despite Ji Heon being equally charismatic (but in an adorkable way), I’m rooting for Do Wook. I want him to get the girl for once! But seriously, the eye-candy is the answer to why I’m addicted to this drama. Abs, anyone?

  19. 19 Tristan

    Heh – for once I can be happy that I live in an unimportant, whatever kind of country, because the licence problem on viikii doesn’t affect me. Come to Norway, all. Still hope they get the thing sorted out nicely, though (unlike Sungkyunkwan…), because I fear it might affect me eventually. I don’t know.

    I’m really hooked on this lately, it’s making me wish I’d waited to watch it until it finished airing so I could have marathon’d it.

    Though my initial reaction to Yeon Woo’s latest mess up was “(ノ ゚Д゚)ノ whyyy!!” … I now find I really love it. I love the anger/angtsy stuff to be caused by what WE have actually seen happen, hating the emo flashbacks.
    Couldn’t care less about grumpy Do Wook. Hoping he goes off and has a happy ending with the coach girl, and leaves Yeon Woo to Mr. Adorkable. 8D

  20. 20 müge

    I’ve never been satisfied UTW, even just hearing his name before starting the drama.
    JH is so damn a good character in every way, he makes me feel alive, excited and happy. not only handsome but also cute and successful in his role.
    since the first day, I pray for JH-YW couple, please don’t let me dissapointed…

  21. 21 mskololia

    Thanks for the recap kaedejun! I like the references to how YW relates to both potential partners.

    I also like how the drama show men comminicating their feelings and thoughts [aloud] to YW….the question answer sessions by JH are heart-throbbing….I love the way this man communicates honestly with her as does DW.

    Oh, and the clarity screencaps were spot on in mho….I like that our girl is “looking through a glass, darkly; but then face-to-face” eventuality will happen and I toss my hat in for JH [if she treats him well].

    It’s a shame that viikii is having issues with this drama now that we are past the half way mark.

  22. 22 anonymous

    I think that Dowook’s motivations have been explained pretty clearly, and so has Hee young’s reasons for leaving him. It’s actually all really realistic which is what makes this kdrama so successful I think in the slice-of-life genre which is dependent on deft characterization and a well written plot for it to not become boring due to a lack of amnesia, incest, or crazy second leads.

    There’s been a lot of Hee young bashing recently and while I don’t like her for leaving Dowook in his time of need, I have to say that to be fair, her actions were understandable. In ep 7 we find out she was only 19 when she found out the guy she was dating might be crippled and spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. 19 is still pretty young to be an entirely mature adult, and the situation might have just been too much for her. It’s not like they were promised to be married or anything, and to suddenly think “I have to take care of him for the rest of his life” might have been too much pressure. That being said, I can understand how Dowook must have seen that as such harsh betrayal because she left him when he hit rock bottom. I think him stepping up to help out her athlete in ep 8 is what shows he’s taking steps to move on from this too. That “time has stopped only for him” for the last 14 yrs, but finally he’ll start to move on.

    • 22.1 aberdeen_angus

      Well, I guess the problem is that he was still in bed, crying and pretty much in a pathetic state when she say “Okay hon, ’twas good while it lasted”. It was a bit harsh, in my opinion. While she could’ve moved on (for her career’s sake), there was no need to turn her back on him so early in his condition in such a hasty way.

      And that’s if there’s nothing else to be told regarding their relationship (at this point, that seems to be the case…?).

      That being said, I guess some of the bashing also is directed to the actress’ poor acting skills. She has exactly one facial expression.

  23. 23 Laeah

    Anyone know what’s up with Viikii? Like half the dramas I was watching/wanted to watch are now unavailable.. it sucks!

    • 23.1 Jean

      Does anyone know who is subbing other than Viikii? Where can we watch episode 9 subbed?

      • 23.1.1 You Are In

        Episode 9 is not even aired yet, dear.
        It will be aired tomorrow.

  24. 24 minnetter

    I’m so glad I’m a “qualified contributer” on Viikii, or else I wouldn’t be able to watch Dr. Champ which is amazing I loove loove looove Ji heon… I hope that all of Jung Gyu Woon’s detractors are reconsidering how they think of him, I’ve loved his acting since the beginning so I’m not surprised by how much I’m in love with Ji Heon^^ oh and the bromance is the better romance in all of this…^^ Sang Bong is too lovely hehehehe.

    • 24.1 Jean

      As a “qualified contributor,” can you tell us what process Viikii needs to follow to be able to “air” the episodes?

  25. 25 josephine

    I am so glad to read all the good reviews about Ji Heon aka Jung Gyu Woon after the initial negative comments from dramabeans readers. His Loving you a thousand times was the first Korean melodrama for me (so far I’ve only been watching historical) and his acting was so warm and touching and adorable that I have to bring a roll of tissue on my table. Since then I have seen quite a lot of these sort of drama but no show except maybe Save the Last Dance for me was able to produce that sort of feeling from me. For me that says very much for his acting, thus I cannot understand why the negative comments from most of the readers initially.

  26. 26 rachel

    About UTW’s acting: I think he’s doing a great job, and his character is certainly different than most 2nd leads. Even if Yeon Woo doesn’t end up with Do Wook in the end, I’d like it if they flesh out his character a bit more so that there’s at least some doubt in the audience’s mind about who’s better for her.

    Too much of his story revolves around Hee Young who is like a black hole on this show. Ultimately, I’d like to see more of DW and YW being doctors and bonding through that, even if it’s not romantically

    Ji Heon’s injury storylines are getting old already. I mean, yes, it’s realistic for an athlete of his caliber to have chronic injuries, but it comes off as lazy storytelling for that to always been the conflict driving the plot.

  27. 27 starlight

    UTW always has a place in my heart and I’m rooting for him to get the girl this time. His acting here could be better because I’ve seen him do much better. His best work so far I think is Resurrection. Much better than Devil.

  28. 28 judoka

    Yeah i love dailylife of the athletes..JiHeon u’re so funny, cute n kind..He’s a good friend for Yuri, WooRam, n SangBong..good uncle for YiReum..Surely Gold Medal wont run away from u

  29. 29 Lilian

    Ji Heon’s reactions to Yeon Woo are always so cute!
    Like to see progress in their relationship. Even if it causes some drama, at least it is progress…

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