Jo Seung-woo makes stealthy exit from military service
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Two years ago, Jo Seung-woo made a quiet entry into military service, and he made an equally quiet discharge on October 22. In fact, he took particular pains to effect a stealth exit, as he was initially scheduled to make his official discharge the next day. However, he was able to use unclaimed leave days to move up his discharge by a day.

A rep from his side explained his reasoning for the move, saying that it’s because “He feels that he hasn’t done anything special in going to the army because it’s something all men must do. He wanted to do it as others do.” To make up for his secret departure, he will hold a press conference on the 25th, where he’ll answer questions about his service and acting comeback plans.

Speaking of which, Jo has announced that his comeback project will be in the stage musical Jekyll and Hyde, which is a role he has played before, to great acclaim. (Watch the video clip of his performance, singing the production’s most popular number. He really does have a remarkable singing voice.) He has also acted in stage productions of Hedwig and Rent.

His last film project prior to enlistment was the period piece Sword With No Name with Su Ae, which performed disappointingly. He’s perhaps best known for his role in gambling film Tazza (which spun off the 2008 drama series), though he has a long list of films under his belt, like 2003’s The Classic with Sohn Ye-jin, 2006’s Love Phobia with Kang Hye-jung, and 2008’s Go Go 70s with Shin Mina.

Jo plans to join rehearsals for Jekyll and Hyde soon, and it will raise the curtain on its first performance on November 30 at Seoul’s Lotte Theater.

Jo Seung-woo performing in Jekyll and Hyde

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31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mimim

    he has a really good voice. @at kbs open concert 19 oct, he sang with HOMME ( 2am changmin and eight lee hyun ). Believe me, His voice as good as homme. Even not equally as good as homme.
    He is the best actor who can sing so far. I was speechless when i watch the video. ”omg, it’s jo seung woo! , omg his voice! I don’t know he has a good voice”.

    • 1.1 Lea

      Lee Seunggi has a great singing voice… Wait. Is he a actor that sings, or a singer that acts?

      • 1.1.1 mimim

        jo seung woo is actor who can sing. Did i wrote lee seung gi anyway?. How could you compare jo seung woo with lee seung gi?.
        JSW is real actor!. Even lee min ho said JSW is his idol. So far i only know less than 5 actors who ever won best actor on MOVIE AWARDS (not drama ok ! ) bellow 30 years old. He is one of them.

      • 1.1.2 Biscuit

        Lee Seung Gi is probably more of the latter.

        • mimim

          i don’t think lee seung gi will ever par him in acting, even before lsg enlisted in army. Lee seung gi might be the next ryu siwon, eric. But jo seungwoo?

      • 1.1.3 belleza

        Case could be made that Jo Seung Woo is his generation’s greatest actor. He’s just at a different level than just about every 20-something we watch.

      • 1.1.4 ninjaaaaaaa

        i’m pretty sure his a singer that acts. he debuted as an actor like wen he was 17 i think and then as an actor in . brilliant legacy.. last year i think? not sure but def. was an actor first 🙂

      • 1.1.5 anastassia


        are we talking about LSG anywhere here LEA?

  2. anagoshiki

    Another of my fave actors.

  3. mskololia

    I luv the Li’l Abner transformations using the military vs hmmm, let’s say some concoction from DogPatch USA for those in the Arts…

  4. badtanline

    I’ll always have time for Jo Seung-woo — basically The Classic was the 1st Korean movie I ever watched!

  5. snow

    i like that he made a quiet exit from the military (like his quiet enlistment), it seemed the sensible thing to do and i’m glad there was no fuss.

    he’s got a lovely voice. looking forward to his next film project, and hopefully a drama too!

  6. anais


  7. koreamom

    wow i am not familiar with him but i already love his voice! he is made for musicals! handsome man too. hehe. he seems to be very reality based. i would love to see him perform sometime, too bad it is harder to watch musicals unless you live there.

  8. v

    omo… i have honestly totally forgotten about him during these two years… thank you for the article! Now, i’ll definitely watch out for him.

  9. Elfie

    I absolutely loved this man in ‘Who Are You?’.

  10. 10 honeybee

    Wow. He is one of my favorite actors! In Classic, he totally stole the show although Son Ye jin also did a fantastic job! For me, his performance in Marathon is still the best. He seems to have a low-key personality, which makes me like him even more. I cannot wait for his comeback!

  11. 11 asianromance

    he has an amazing voice!

    every time I look at him now, I can’t believe he’s the young dude from Chunhyang (2000 movie) and the Classic. He has really grown up awesomely!

    • 11.1 paula253

      oh yeah. I own that DVD. he is soooo charming in that. anyone who hasn’t seen Chunhyang should see it. amazing film and great intro to pansori (traditional korean storytelling tradition).

  12. 12 guest

    I still miss the days with him and Kang Hye Jung..they were a better couple than her and Tablo..if she hadnt gotten pregnant maybe there would have been a chance…

  13. 13 guest

    oh and his best known work is probably for critically acclaimed movie”Marathon” rather than Tazza

  14. 14 müge

    he’s one of my best korean actor. besides his acting, I find him such a charisma. also, the silent discharge is also cool^^

    • 14.1 paula253

      what you said re: the silent discharge. the guy ooooozes cool.

  15. 15 SteamyBun

    Oh man! He was there in the early days of me falling in love with Korean stuff. Now I’ll have to go watch those films of his I never got around to, because I discovered dramas and forgot about movies entirely. : )

  16. 16 jyiskool

    man he’s hot 🙂

  17. 17 Dele

    Yes, I remember watching him in Classic and Love Phobia. Let’s hope he gets back on the small screen soon!!!

  18. 18 BB

    woah it’s hard to believe 2 yrs gone by & he’s back? he’s one of my fave K actors & awesome voice!

    i first liked him in The Classic, and really great in Marathon movie…. welcome back JSW!! we missed you!

    thnx JB

  19. 19 fangorn

    JSW debuted in musical, his father is a singer (if Im not wrong) so he has the genes already.

    I like him since The Classic and so excited that he’s been discharged but kinda sad that he’s not coming back in movies yet… actually, I think he prefers musical than movies ><

  20. 20 LadyIgraine

    he’s been really out of the limelights ever since he broke up with kang hye jung. i wonder how he feels now, that she’s married and has a baby daughter already?

  21. 21 Biatchhh

    Marathon is by far my most favourite movie of him, he was so cute and convincing there playing as an autism boy,.
    Hope to see him in more projects,.

  22. 22 Singapore Fan

    Gosh! He is so talented. Sings so well, dance so well, act so well and he plays the guitar, too. Love JSW

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