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Kam Woo-sung and Kim Ji-soo’s character stills for King Geunchogo
by | October 10, 2010 | 22 Comments

Here are the first stills for sageuk drama King Geunchogo, which premieres next month on KBS starring Kam Woo-sung as the king and Kim Ji-soo (currently besieged by netizen complaints due to her drunken hit and run) as his love interest.

The drama focuses on warrior-king Geunchogo, the 13th ruler of Baekje, who reigned from 346 to 375 A.D. in what is considered Baekje’s golden age. He expanded the kingdom’s territorial reaches far into the north and occupied much of the Korean peninsula, opened trading lines between China and Japan, and encouraged culture. Kim Ji-soo plays Baekje princess Bu Yeo-hwa, and is dressed below in royal finery.

On the 8th, Kim Ji-soo released an official apology for her recent accident via her management company, admitting that it was a mistake to drive drunk and to leave the scene of the accident. She expressed her deep apologies for her bad judgment, stating that she was frightened and shocked by the collision and therefore left the scene in a friend’s car (who had been following her own). She went to the police the next day for questioning and admitted to the accident.

KBS has stated that they have no plans to remove her from the drama, but they have been the target of a wave of complaints demanding that her behavior ought not be condoned and that Kim should be cut. The anger is particularly strong because this is Kim’s second such offense; in 2000, she was caught driving while intoxicated with a blood-alcohol content of 0.175% (yikes!), and lost her license.

King Geunchogo is currently scheduled for a November 6 premiere.

Via BNT News, ENS, Newsen


22 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. UJ

    preeeeeety <3

  2. UJ

    preeeeeetty <3

  3. dannaluk

    kam woo sung looks soooooo different..i wouldnt nkow it were him if it wasnt for the heading of the article..i’m usually so used to seeing his less fierce image….eitherways it is so good to have him back

    • 3.1 dannaluk

      just read that this is slated for 70 eps!….thats LONG!

      • 3.1.1 Kiara

        Yoon Chang-beom directed 3 very long sageuks before (all 100+ eps). I wont be surprise if King Geunchogo will end up with 30 more.

  4. Leona1

    her dress is very similar with Yung Suri’s dress in Thousand Years of Love…errrmmm and the hairstyle is quite the same

    • 4.1 belleza

      “Thousand Years of Love”

      Great sageuk alive. ALIVE!! 😉

  5. v

    i don’t know how to feel about this situation… in a way, i feel bad for her but then again, i don’t blame the viewers for complaining… but i’m more on the forgive then redeem side if we can help it but then again, is the crime too severe to be forgiven? or not? since she would undoubtly also receive a penalty from the law.

    Anyways, I’m not familiar with alcohol-related topics so I have no idea how severe is 0.175 percent but i assume it’s high from JB’s reaction.

    • 5.1 danni

      0.08 percent is the limit over here in the US, so, to me, 0.175 is way too high.

      I wonder how this will affect the drama’s ratings and its length, since the public seems to be taking this very negatively. Daemul is doing good in spite of Kwon Sang-woo’s earlier DUI, but that’s probably due to Go Hyun-jung. King Geunchogo might not have so much luck.

  6. Purpleclouds

    Drunk driving kills many’s loved ones everyday because too many people condone drunks that irresponsibly drive. A car is a weapon that could kill. When these drunk drivers hurt someone, your loved ones, what would you say then?? Take her off the show to show the public does care about protecting precious lives. She had money for a cab, a limo, a personal driver; had friends/family that could have drove her home. No excuse, no tolerance !

  7. Baekje

    Buyeo Hwa, actually.

  8. asianromance

    her friend should have been the voice of reason and told her to stay put.

    man, kam woo sung usually looks so mild to me…he looks intense here!

    and why are baek-je princesses always so pretty??!

  9. gala

    i dont know what would be a just punishment for her to learn – since clearly she hasn’t learned; but i feel sorry for her. i actually think it’s overboard for netizens to demand her being cut from this drama. shouldn’t we separate her personal life from her profession? then again, it goes hand in hand. i guess i feel sorry cause I like her but i do get why people would look unfavourably towards her. le sigh.

  10. 10 all4movies

    Kam Woo-sung looked scary in the first picture. He reminded me of the Evil Sorcerer in The Legend.

    Kim Ji-soo looks lovely in the pictures. It’s too bad she’s irresponsible in her personal life which reflects badly on her professional image. She’s lucky she hasn’t killed anyone yet.

  11. 11 Ani

    You know, the drunk driving incident might hurt ratings. Maybe. I guess we’ll see how things fair.

  12. 12 tupai

    Kam Woo-sung! i like him since the king and the clown.

  13. 13 mimim

    alcohol is bad for your carrier, Your life and your image in korea hahaha.

  14. 14 The Real CZ

    I love sageuks, but they need to cut the episode count down. The sageuks I enjoyed the most have been the same number of episodes as a normal drama.

  15. 15 pohonphee

    She’s beautiful, but no eye candies? 0_o tee hee

  16. 16 Senajang

    But if netizens don’t express their concern, the series producer won’t have a gauge to measure how their drama will be received by their audience. Audience sentiment is VERY IMPORTANT for the rating….why produce a 70 episode big budget drama if there is a possibility that it will turn into a white elephant because of poor ratings and no sponsors?
    I’m sure the producers are sweating bullets over the chaos she created….not a good sign.

  17. 17 belleza

    Eh. Yes this is 70 episodes, but that is on par with a KBS1 weekend sageuk. In fact, if it ONLY ran 70 episodes , then you know the ratings were not that great. If it connects the audience, it should run close to the 100s.

    And of course, having said that, KBS1 sageuks haven’t been performing that great the past 3 years or so.

    Even though he’s done King and the Clown, Kam Woo-sung — who tends to play complex, regular guys in dramas and movies — wouldn’t be an intuitive choice for a proper Warrior King. But, WOW, does he look the part here!! General Yushin would respect this kind of rival. 😉

    Transgressions aside, I was very excited about Kim Ji Soo taking this part. Like Oh Yun So, Ji Soo in her 20s was viewed as more beautiful than talented. And like OYS, she worked really, really hard at her craft and matured into a top dramatic actress in her 30s. BUT having said that, Ji Soo still has that adorably sloshy short-tongue that gives her trouble when her lines pile upon each other. Tough going when you play a Queen.

  18. 18 INDONESIA

    When this film end date?
    star in 2010-Nov-06 end date in 2011-???-??
    Because I will buy this DVD in Indonesia

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