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Kim Nam-joo writes about her marriage and home
by | October 30, 2010 | 36 Comments

Queen of Reversals star Kim Nam-joo wrote a book, and it’s shooting up the ranks. Methinks they timed it well, with the premiere of her drama. The collection of essays and photographs, called Kim Nam-joo’s House, is a candid discussion of her family life and home.

Of particular interest, of course, is her marriage to actor Kim Seung-woo (IRIS), along with their two kids, and their happy home. Kim opened the doors of their house to have photographs taken for the book, and reportedly shows an enviable knack for interior design. Not surprising, since she’s always impeccably dressed.

The 39-year old actress has an impressively long resume, with 14 dramas and 2 films. I for some reason always remember her in the 1997 drama Model, where she starred opposite Jang Dong-gun when their careers were just budding. She’s also my definition of a true CF queen, because I’ve seen her face in cosmetics ads since time immemorial.

Her latest drama, Queen of Reversals, is really adorable. I love the speedy pace of it, and I’m in the mood for a little drama at this point. It’s actually very lighthearted and funny, with just the right amount of workplace drama to fuel my hatred for her nemesis, Coffee Prince’s Chae Jung-ahn. Her chemistry with Jung Jun-ho is really cute, and I’m a huge fan of the premise: two people who marry too quickly, and then encounter all the drama after their vows.

It’s nothing revolutionary, drama-wise, but it’s fluffy, fast-moving, and funny to boot. Am definitely enjoying this lighthearted romp.

Below is the book cover, a photo from her wedding, and shots from her now-famous Vogue spread with her husband, aka My Fantasy of What It’s Like to Be Married to Kim Seung-woo. What?

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36 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. :D

    i like the last picture. it looks HOT.

    • 1.1 jandoe


    • 1.2 Haj

      ME TOO.
      they don’t seem to have trouble keeping the spark

    • 1.3 pohonphee

      yeap, it’s hot. idk, knowing that they are husband & wife makes it is even hotter.

  2. thedramaaddict

    kim nam joo! xD

  3. shiningmoon

    Yep, I like the first and last pic!! she looks pretty

  4. Revy

    She is just awesome. The last two pics are HOT & SEXY

  5. snow

    she looks so classy in that first photo, lovely! and i like the book cover, makes her seem so personable and inviting, definitely a winning combo if you want to get people to read your book!

  6. Nabby

    Is she wearing a Yeti in the fourth picture?
    …She is!!

    I must say that I really like the cover of the book. I agree with snow, it really does make her seem personable. The house also seems quite warm and cozy (not that I can really tell from the door).

  7. Sm1leitsamy

    This woman is gorgeous.
    I love the last two pics, so dramatic.
    I love queen of housewives and now your positive review of her new drama makes me really want to watch it, thanks!!!! πŸ™‚

  8. guest

    I dont like her for seducing a married man..Kim Seung Woo is a jerk for trashing his former wife Lee Mi Yeon because of his affair wtih her.

    • 8.1 mimim

      even i know for whatever reason cheat is wrong . Sometimes after lee miyeon’s hypocrite charity revealed, no wonder kim seung woo Falled to another woman.

      after watched Win win for many episodes, i found he is an easy going person. he is so funny, i like his personality. no wonder he has many best friend

    • 8.2 gala

      this might sound bad but…

      Kim Seungwoo is my ahjusshi crush. cant blame KNJ for falling for him cause i bet if i were in her shoes, i MIGHT do the same thing… sigh. i just get all girly seeing him.

      • 8.2.1 mimim

        yup. especially after last Lee miyeon “fake” Charity. i think ” Yup it was a Good idea looking another woman “. If he is totally bastard, he wouldn’t have many best friend.

        Some of Win win Guests , i think they accepted to appear because their relationship with him. From the way he accept Jokes from his hoobae, this Guy is an easy going person.

        • celest1al

          Sorry, but I just want to say that it’s NEVER a “good idea” to cheat. People are not black or white… you can’t just label them good or bad because they are always a little bit of both. So just because you think Lee Mi Yeon is a “bad” person, that does not in any way justify Kim Seung Woo cheating on her. He could have broke it off with Lee Mi Yeon and then started his relationship with Kim Nam Joo.

          With that being said, I do like both Kim Seung Woo and Kim Nam Joo. I just hate it when people try to justify cheating.

          • Anonymous

            it’s Kim Ha nuel and not Kim Nam Joo..people keep quickly misjudged.
            their romance started loooonnnngggg after they were divorced.

  9. Sere

    Oh god. Whenever I see the Vogue photoshoot, my brain short-circuits and I can only look starry-eyed while making high pitched “GUH! GUH! GUUUUUUH” noises

  10. 10 zero2303

    I believed the rumor prior to KSW divorce was Kim Ha Neul and not Kim Nam Jo.

  11. 11 John

    Can I ask what their age difference is?

    • 11.1 mimim

      around 3 or 2 years i think.. they suit each other.

  12. 12 holey moley

    yay!!! i thought i was the only one who is enjoying QoR…thanks girlfriday for being a confidante…i like the pace, the cute, the fun, the story…i also like that every main character has a backstory and a quite appealing personality not just some cardboard cut-out characters…really hating the team leader and the director…loving junho-namjoo cuteness!!! and PARK SHI HOO!!!!

  13. 13 missjb

    YAYYY really… i love QoR too
    not just because park si hoo is in it… but also the story and the dialouge of this drama is quite funny….
    I’m in the mood light hearted drama as well, after finished COmrades, I need this type of drama to restore my mood to be happy again… πŸ™‚

  14. 14 @lfani

    yess… another QoR follower here ^^

    Kim Nam Joo rocks!!! πŸ™‚

  15. 15 mimi

    well i remember her in the drama model with jang dong gun too. i like her alot too and the last pix is hot

    • 15.1 doryelva

      yup. I like Her drama model with jang dong gun.

  16. 16 absothe

    Wait what, she is 39? What is it with k drama actors and their youthfull appearence. I haven’t seen an actor who isn’t a grandfather with a wrinkel since the time I started to watch k-drama’s.

    Do the koreans have a fountain of youth I don’t know about?

    • 16.1 lulu

      oh yah, it’s called botox

  17. 17 pohonphee

    Finally Girlfriday makes review about QoR. Been waiting for it, cause I’m sold with only the premiee. Absolutely in my to watch kdrama list.

  18. 18 Tracy T.

    I’m loving QoR too… great actings and the story gets better and better with each episode, can’t wait to watch the next episode tomorrow ^^

  19. 19 Cecilia

    I want to see her home interiors and will be heading to my local Korean bookstore to check it out. Just hope they didn’t wrap the book in cellophane.

  20. 20 Lea

    She’s holding his armpit while she’s wearing a gorilla costume that’s pink…

    • 20.1 belleza

      “She’s holding his armpit ”

      I’m not sure if that’s his armpit . . .

  21. 21 dinna

    they really such a great real couple. love them both. Can feel the depth of their love by watching last 2 pictures.

  22. 22 Sroush

    Can you forward me some of your best photo,sweeti

  23. 23 yani g

    i pray for her , happy and awesome forever, love for you from jakarta indonesia, we wait for the new drama from you

  24. 24 ygar

    she has great talent , great acting , i love all of her dramas, love Kim Nam joo forever

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