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Kim Soo-hyun signs on as Dream High’s lead
by | October 26, 2010 | 65 Comments

Kim Soo-hyun is the first cast member to be confirmed for KBS’s upcoming Dream High, and although I wasn’t interested at all in Yonsama’s pet project, with such a talented rising young actor attached, it has shot up considerably on my radar.

Set in an arts high school and centering around students with musical and dance talents, the drama has attracted a lot of speculation about the idol stars who are sure to be cast, particularly with the kpop connection. (The KBS drama is a joint venture between Bae Yong-joon and pop producer Park Jin-young.)

You may have heard earlier this week that 2PM’s Taecyeon (who made his acting debut in Cinderella’s Sister) and T-ara’s Eun-jung (of drama Coffee House) were said to have been cast. However, producers have refuted those rumors, stating that they are only two possible contenders out of a pool of idol stars but that “they are not under any special consideration. Casting is not yet decided.”

Aside from Kim, that is. He’ll play a character named Song Sam-dong, whose childhood dream was to own his own farm. However, after falling head over heels for the female lead, he follows her to the arts high school, where he discovers his own hidden talent for music and begins his path to becoming a star.

According to a representative with the drama, they’d kept their eye on Kim Soo-hyun early on after he’d made a splash with several noteworthy performances — he made quite an impression playing the young Go Soo role in the SBS melodrama Will It Snow For Christmas?, drew more praise in the heartfelt short drama Father’s House, and again in SBS’s Giant. The rep said, “He has natural acting skills and a musical sensibility, and we look forward to seeing good things from him in the drama.”

The show seemed to hit a few setbacks in its pre-production stages that delayed its plans — I’ve been hearing about this series for ages but never with any movement — but it looks like they’re getting going now. I suppose it’s no surprise that Kim has been cast, since he’s managed by Yonsama’s own company, but even without the connection he’s a solid pick with impressive acting chops and wonderful intensity. Definitely one to watch!

Dream High is scheduled for a January 3 premiere and a 16-episode run.

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65 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. absothe

    Finally a role where he is not acting like somebody’s childhood memorie!

  2. vis

    I was so excited to read this piece of news! Finally he got a lead role! It was only a matter of time XD I wish Han Yeo-woon would be cast in this drama as well… but that probably won’t happen (btw, was surprised to find out that she’s currently acting a side character in Queen of Reversals).

    Anyway, now I’m definitely keeping an eye on Dream High. I hope the female lead will be a good pick!

  3. xiaoSxin

    Ever since I saw him on WISFC, I wanted to watch a drama where he takes centerstage! He has some really good potential to be a nuna killer and a heartbreaker too.

    I’ll watch this!

  4. Kim

    I wish they would cut back on couple of idol stars and replace them with actors. With autotune nowadays anyone would sound good so the drama should focus on the acting.

    • 4.1 Hoop

      Nah, it’s doing fine with all the idol actors so far….. 😀

  5. hpn88

    my life is complete. Kim so-hyun with a lead role.
    January 3rd needs to get here faster

  6. aberdeen_angus

    It was about time!! When I last saw him on Giant, I wondered why the hell he still was “chilhood people” and not leading material.

    Now maybe I’ll watch this 😛 Let’s hope the female lead is as awesome.

  7. Crew

    Yay! I loved him in WISFC. So happy he isn’t playing the child version of someone. he has his own character!

    And I’m glad they’re picking actors for this drama, even though Teac and Eun-jung have proven they can act.

    Teac isn’t exactly what you would call a great singer.

  8. holey moley

    yay!!!! finally!!! (doing the victory dance)

  9. dannaluk

    YAY!!!….*punching fist in air*….i coul.d. care less for the drama itself but with him in it i’d watch any dreck especially as the lead

  10. 10 ktb

    Yum! Jailbait….

  11. 11 Carmie

    YES!!!! Now I must watch this drama. Finally a lead role for him! Gah!!! So excited

  12. 12 Steph

    Finally, I can say bye to the childhood memories, but not him!

  13. 13 supah

    Wooo! I’m elated at the news.
    Yet, just a wee bit tentative. I really hope they don’t waste his talent.
    He’s still hot from playing one of most LEGENDARY characters ever written in kdrama history. and I’m still crying over him. Aigoo. I’d say Giant’s Seong-mo was his magnum opus but hope I’m proven wrong and that he gets more shots at playing similarly intense kind of characters.
    So like what I mean is, really hoping this new drama of his will be a worthy enough a platform for him.

    • 13.1 supah

      ^ Moi? Slightly obsessed?
      Like nu-uh, never.

      • 13.1.1 red

        agreed he has incredible acting talent..i hope its not wasted

  14. 14 v

    and I’m so glad he’s still an oppa! kk

  15. 15 chasen8888

    This guy is good. A lead role for him is well overdue. I hope they do well with the story.

  16. 16 lolly

    i am excited to see him in the drama
    his FIRST time playing the main character and as the leading one too
    I wonder if it would launch his singing career
    since he CAN SING ,was preparing to debut as a singer in M-BOAT

  17. 17 girlatsea

    Very cute and a good actor, I approve.

  18. 18 Jenju

    The premise for this drama sounds a lot like What’s Up/Zero…

    or is that just me?

    • 18.1 favegirl13

      nah its not just you
      i was thinking the same thing

  19. 19 Anjo

    Thank goodness!! I am so glad Taec is not playing lead. That boy has a long way to go before he can become a ‘good actor.’ Soo Hyun just sealed the deal; been loving that boy since WISFC. I am going to watch this no matter how horrible the lead girl or supporting casts are (which i doubt would be bad.. right?)

    Can’t wait for this <3

  20. 20 last_thread

    wheeee, i loved him in will it snow for christmas? [: and for some reason, i really love that his character’s initial dream was to own a farm. idk why, but i just find that really adorable, somehow…

  21. 21 asianromance

    I’m glad he gets to play the lead! Since you’ve recently posted abt Jung So Min. I think Kim Soo-hyun and Jung So Min would be a great pairing for a drama!!!

    • 21.1 SunsetSeashells

      I totally agree with you!! They would be so cute together!

  22. 22 smiles

    Interested? Hell yeah! I fricking love this kid!! He shows such promise and talent.

    Only got about half way through “Will it snow for Christmas” – cos all the intense drama episode after episode made me want lie down…it just was too much – first she wanted him, but he didn’t, then he wanted her and she didn’t – then their parents ran off together Ehhh?

    Anyway the first two or three episode were excellent, very watchable and enjoyable – he totally owned it!

  23. 23 Janna


    • 23.1 supah

      Yep. Premise sounds blahsville to me too.

  24. 24 pohonphee

    I’ve not watched Giant, yet (intend to but those many episodes,rrr). I’ve watched WISFC, he’s good in it, OK he’s not good, he’s great 🙂
    It means he’s been casted for lead role in this drama?

  25. 25 missjb

    OMG i love him………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t for this upcoming drama… since I have watched him in WISFC, I watched just just for him.. and fortunately, I’m not regret watching this awsome drama. I’m Owe u, Kim Soo Hyun 🙂

    • 25.1 missjb

      I mean, I watched Giant just for him 🙂

  26. 26 sora

    I am soooo excited. I love this guy. He’s got talent like Javabeans said. Definitely gonna keep a look out for this drama.

  27. 27 danni

    The drama gods must be listening to my prayers lately, first Moon Chae-won gets her first lead role, now Kim Soo-hyun gets one too. I’m not too interested in Dream High myself, but I do want to see Kim Soo-hyun on screen again so I have to check out.

  28. 28 Becca

    omg, i’ve been loving him ever since will it snow for christmas, n now, so happy (more like ecstatic) that he’s gonna be in a new drama that has an interesting storyline. gives me goosebumps thinking bout it!! yayyy, so happy=)

  29. 29 Fobulous

    I love him too!!! Lol He’s so frickin cute!

  30. 30 jo


  31. 31 yansi

    finally his turn to shine! he’s such a cutie pie.

  32. 32 Anonymous

    YESSSS my prayers have been answered….and when YAI is cast in a lead role my life will be complete lol

    Amazing actor cant wait to see this …it sounds like a light and fluffy script ….but i hope this script can show off all his depth

  33. 33 red

    omfg if they even think about casting yoona as female lead ill be furious …..someone suggested jung so min…i second that…or any other actress who has talent…and not an idol turned actress

  34. 34 [email protected]

    Yay finally he has his own drama! I’m hoping T-ara’s Eunjung gets casted! After watching her in coffee house, she is the best actor out of all the “idol-actors” recently and its really unique like she has a certain charm like Ha jiwon or shin minah, but i heard she was originally trained as an actor so that explains her talent! They’d be so cute! and it makes up for not getting anyone in coffee house! Jung so min, i’m not too sure bout her, I not impressed w/ her acting in PK but it was a lot better than KHJ lol

  35. 35 patricedee

    Finally!! So freakin’ excited for this drama. I fell in love at first sight in him when I watched WISFC. He’s truly a promising actor. Soo Hyun oppa HWAITING!!

    BTW, I love the picture. hehe 😀

  36. 36 Linda Uchi Garcia

    finally!!!! was waiting for his nxt drama after Will it snow…. i love to see the female lead in God of study also in this drama.

  37. 37 Anonymous

    i was like.. i know this guy.. I have seen him somewhere! then I figured Will it snow
    wow he looks more polished.. I liked him before as well.. looking forward to see him as lead

  38. 38 Carinne

    Heartthrob in the making….

  39. 39 Autumn

    oh great, now I have to watch this drama. The premises didn’t interest me much, espeically when i heard from somewhere that they were going for an all-idol-cast for this drama. But anything with kim soohyun would be worth watching… can’t wait.

  40. 40 Observer

    BYJ’s pet project? I don’t think so because he is a businessman, and he is supplying what the market demands!!

    See what Rhino has to say about High School Musical!!


  41. 41 snow

    Gosh, I have such a big crush on this guy ever since I saw him in Giant playing little version of Seungmo. He was totally awesome and hot <3 Finally, him as a lead yay!

  42. 42 cathy

    I love this young actor in Giant .

  43. 43 CPW

    I love him in Giant.
    After he “grew” up, I stopped watching.

    • 43.1 Dara


    • 43.2 supah

      Hey, would you mind? Die-hard Park Sang-min fan over here!

      • 43.2.1 CPW

        I am sorry…
        I like Park Sang-Min too. I tried a few episodes after they bacame adults, but the drama itself started to drag… Then SKKS came along…. :0)

        • supah

          It’s ok, I can understand the show itself not being everyone’s cup of tea, that’s totes cool with me. I kind of assumed you were from the few people who’ve quipped about PSM without having actually WATCHED the guy (C’mon! Dude’s legendary!).

          I am officially obsessed with the tragic Seong-mo character, he’s so well written. And it helps that he was brought to life by two very capable actors with too many uncanny similarities between them.

          • CPW

            I was really hooked at the beginning. After they sent Kang-Mo(?) to the camp/prison, that’s when I dropped out.
            Maybe I need to revisit just to find out what happened to everyone at the end. :0) Is it ending soon?

          • supah

            Aaaaargh!!! Sweeeeet!!
            I just randomly… (yeah, randomly, I swear. I don’t stalk, nu-uh!) so randomly, found out that in PSM’s debut leading role (after The General’s Son, the movie) he played a cow farmer! Who gets scouted out to join a swimming team. That’s seriously so cute!
            Kim Soo-hyun like the other young/child actors has also visited his adult counterpart on set and I can imagine PSM encouraging him with like ”kid, play a cow farmer in your first leading role.”
            But hey, cow farmer, or inspiring cow farmer. Same thing.

            Anyways, where were we? Oh, Sancheong camp? I thought that was pretty gruelling to watch but it was all fantastic for Kang-mo’s character development. Especially after he’d had his teen version’s trademark cockiness and pride stomped out of him, he got it ALL back, not to mention, a sense of sly, sly black humour, too. I was really missing Yeo Jin-gu… up to that point. Lee Beom-soo just brought him right back. Also, Park No-shik’s cameo in those episodes was sensational and v. v. memorable. ”Jaesukaaaah”.
            But like I said, I can’t imagine it’ll be everyone’s cup of tea, if it’s not the kind of thing you want to watch it just isn’t.
            It’s only got six weeks left. So sad. 🙁
            And hey, the brothers may or not have found Jun-mo. 😉
            NOT that I’m enticing you to watch, of course….

  44. 44 Dara

    I’ll be checking on this one, love him in WISFC.

  45. 45 loveU


  46. 46 a.n.jell

    i’m so thrilled about this news!!!…can’t wait for the drama!!!…i just hope that the drama has a good storyline or plot so as not to waste such a talented actor…

    kim soo hyun had been on my watch list (actually he’s the only one in it) since WISFC…i think he’s really good…i wish him all the luck in his career…

  47. 47 soko

    uneheer hoorhon

  48. 48 ggggg


  49. 49 jihen

    finalll ???????? way ples you is very nice and very good of artist and dance

  50. 50 jihen

    you is very nice of dream highs and i love you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 plis watching my comment

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