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Oh Man-seok joins campus drama What’s Up
by | October 28, 2010 | 31 Comments

Finally, some more news on What’s Up! Actor Oh Man-seok (Everybody Cha Cha Cha, King and I) has been added to the cast of the drama that’s set in a university musical theater department and written by Story of a Man and Sandglass writer Song Ji-nah.

This casting makes sense, since Oh has extensive musical and theater experience, and is in fact currently working on a stage play called True West, which opens on November 26. Oh will play a professor in What’s Up, and called it an honor to be able to work in a Song Ji-nah drama.

News has been pretty quiet on this show, which still doesn’t have a broadcast station or an airdate. (Producers are hoping for an early 2011 premiere.) However, I’m not worried that this production’s in trouble (unlike, say, golf drama Birdie Buddy — what’s going on there?), because of its status as a buzz project with its star scriptwriter and promising cast of up-and-coming new stars, which includes Big Bang’s Daesung, Tamra the Island’s Im Joo-hwan, and Hon’s Im Joo-eun.

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31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Noypi

    Is he the one from Vineyard Man too?? with Eun Yoon Hye??? He looks so much older now if it IS him..

    • 1.1 Sere

      it’s him!

      • 1.1.1 Noypi

        Oh cool!! He can sing for sure!! =))

  2. Sere

    OMS! *claps hands excitedly* Hopefully, this drama won’t waste his many talents!

    As for Birdie Buddy, I was thinking about it the other day. Didn’t they wrap up filming like aaaages ago? o_0

  3. sandy

    this guy is a great actor and acting in this kind of shows wont get him anywhere btw how many musical dramas do we need in one year this one and dream high and the musical !!!!

  4. katara

    What’s Up is one of the most anticipated dramas in my list…super excited on this one.

  5. Ariel

    Yey update, I thought this was going to be for 2010 since the casting has been announced ages ago but 2011 is good. If this is the opening drama for 2011 it bodes well for the year, hopefully.

  6. Jenju

    Yay!! If it’s for the beginning of 2011 then I’m excited. I’ve been waiting for my Im JooHwan fix for forever.

    It seems cute.. plus I don’t think you could possibly go wrong with the writer of Sandglass.

  7. 4S-1day

    WHAT’ UP? + Oh Man-seok = yessssss i’ll be waiting for it.

  8. hpn88

    Can they just air this already. A girl can only wait so long!

  9. sunshine

    I wish it would air sooner! I’ve been looking forward to this since it was first mentioned on your blog.

  10. 10 pengork

    jdfgksdsjhdfksh YAY OH MAN SEOK. i don’t know WHAT it is about this guy that creates such a strong reaction of love in me. he is positively lovely. :3

  11. 11 v

    what’s up had me when i saw the daesung’s poster as the singer lucifer or something like that… those are fine abs.. kk.
    I’ve always either liked or didn’t dislike oh man suk but I’ve never loved him so I’m hoping this drama will be a first..
    as for birdie buddy… i feel seriously bad the the team. I hope it gets to see the light.

  12. 12 Phyllis

    He really is wonderful. Looking forward to this one.

  13. 13 heejung

    In this pic, he looks like a younger version of Kim Gab Soo. 🙂

  14. 14 asianromance

    I feel like I’ve been hearing about this drama for months and months. I can’t wait till it finally airs!

  15. 15 Dahee Fanel

    Has this really been confirmed? Because there have been rumours about this casting swirling for months now, and I haven’t seen a confirmation on his official website…

    Well, I guess the chances look good, at least. And Manzzang in a drama is always a good thing. <3

  16. 16 xiaoSxin

    YES! More news to What’s Up.. I hope this drama gets an air date soon.. I want to see Im JuHwan again in a project.. heck ANY project will be enough!!


  17. 17 supah

    Oh, Song Ji-na has vision, there’s a reason for this kind of cast, I’m sure.
    I’m guessing this’ll be somewhat like a couple of the shorts from her Love Stories set. Like ‘Miss Hip-Hop and The Rockstar’ with Bae Doo-na, Shin Sung-woo and a fresh-faced (and hilarious) So Ji-sub. (Which was very You’re Beautiful-esque, sans the crossdressing, BDN was just ‘street’, yo!).
    It maintained an Indie vibe, an authenticity and the musical sensibilities were spot on. I could vaguely remember the late-90s Hip-Hop explosion, I was so into myself, and watching this brought it all back, haha!

    I think she’ll be able to pull it off, she has range. Er, just as long as she stays away from sageuk, maybe?

    • 17.1 supah

      So into IT* myself.
      (Not Freudian slip remarks please!)

      • 17.1.1 supah

        I mean NO Freudi….
        Forgerrit, I give up.

        • birdscout


  18. 18 Taohua

    Great news…Oh Man Seok is super talented and always wonderful to watch (and someone needs to give him a fantastic script with a lead role!). And he can definitely sing so this is a welcome addition. This is definitely one of my most anticipated dramas for next years!

  19. 19 hjkomo

    Manzzang!!!!!! 😀

    Wish I could see True West. 🙁

  20. 20 hanjanman

    I’m looking forward to What’s Up? just to find out whether a musical themed kdrama could possibly work out. It seems to be working in the US with Glee(although I haven’t seen a single episode of that) but I remember a few years back that Korea attempted one with Bean Chaff of My Life and that, for me, didn’t work out. And then suddenly in 2010 two are being touted. Although I’m looking forward to What’s Up, the other one, Dream High, is filling me with dread. Despite the makers of Dream High giving the lead role to an actor(Kim Soo Hyun), almost all the other roles will be filled in by idols! What’s more, Dream High already has a broadcast date of the 3rd of January 2011 and so will be hitting our screens first. And because Dream High is partly being produced by Bae Yong Joon’s KeyEast, there is that distinct possibility that we might see Kim Hyun Joong in a drama again, possibly cameo or even a bigger role(shivers). Sorry KHJ fans but he killed my interest in PK long before that drama even started.

  21. 21 Rossi

    Man, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this drama since before forever. I really want to see Im Joo-eun again. She was so mesmerizing in Hon. I don’t understand why this drama is having such difficulty being bid with the rising stars/famous scriptwriters attached.

  22. 22 MsGuccibabie

    Yes! I heard him sing in The Vineyard Man, I thought his voice was awesome! Put me down for this drama even if it just to hear him sing again!

  23. 23 tupai

    Oh Man Seok! Me is jumping up and down. This drama has now become a must-watch. Not sure if it’s gonna stretch his acting or not, most likely not. But it’s from one who did Story of a Man. AH! Jumps up and down some more.

  24. 24 Hermosa5790

    I totally adore this guy. He might not have the ‘super pretty & handsome’ looks but his quite attractiveness is enough to make me fall in love with him! He’s a manly man and he certainly oozes with sexiness! Hot damn, he’s so damn fine of a specimen!

  25. 25 OMS's rabbit

    I really love Oh Man Seok!!!!!
    I wanna watch every performance of him.
    I vote him the best actor of Korea!!!

  26. 26 ratna w

    love him so, too

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