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Playful Kiss: Episode 10
by | October 2, 2010 | 364 Comments

Looks like JB’s got some competition in the curly-bedhead-making department! Much of the usual upbeat tone is tamped down in this episode, due to a big misunderstanding that, well, nobody but Ha-ni believes. But I’ll let that plot point go, since it’s nice to have some emotional changes, as Ha-ni struggles to let Seung-jo go, her friends step up to defend her, and Seung-jo struggles to feel feelings.


True to his word, Seung-jo packs up right away and leaves. Ha-ni just watches tearfully, unable to say anything, and Seung-jo gives her one silent lingering look as he walks out. She bemoans the fact that school is now their only connection, and she’s sure that Seung-jo will soon forget all about her. Oh, Ha-ni.

She sees him pass by on campus, but she’s so deflated that she doesn’t even want to try talking to him. She’s back to being scared, thinking that he wants nothing to do with her. Her friends sigh that she’s returned to her high school situation, back to square one with Seung-jo.

Ha-ni continues to zombie out at school and tennis practice, until Kyung-soo offers up a trade: if she buys dinner, he’ll take her to the place where Seung-jo works. She smiles for the first time in a week.

They arrive at the restaurant where Kyung-soo works on weekends, since that’s also where he got Seung-jo a job as a server. Ha-ni meanders about what to order, as Seung-jo appears at the table. He stays strictly formal with her, just doing his job, but the interaction is enough to bring Ha-ni to tears, because it’s been so long since they’ve spoken.

She finally stops him to say hi, and asks if he’s mad that she came. He just nonchalantly says that he expected her to show at some point (smug bastard), and tells her to keep her mouth shut about it at home. Why? What do you want your parents to think you’re doing to pay the rent, standing on a street corner?

While eating, Ha-ni sees a job posting in the restaurant, so she runs over to get a part-time job, only to find that the last position has just been filled—by He-ra of course. She rubs Ha-ni’s nose in it, in her haughty way, making me want to push her face through a row of chocolate pies.

She asks Seung-jo if she can come by again the next day, which he brushes off as unwelcome. He doesn’t say no, but he does remind her not to say anything about it at home. So of course, she goes straight home and blurts everything to Mom. Haha. You are so incapable of keeping secrets. Mom can’t wait to sneak a peak, and plans to stalk him at work tomorrow. Ha-ni realizes her screw up a minute too late (I know you’re not bright, but really, Ha-ni?) and frets over Seung-jo’s imminent anger.

Sure enough, they show up in disguises, thinking that they’re pretty slick. So, you think your genius son can’t tell who you are, because you’re wearing a hat and sunglasses? Silly, silly family. Seung-jo doesn’t even go through the motions of being upset, since this is pretty much par for the course with Ha-ni and Mom.

He-ra shows up at the table to say hi, throwing Mom into a tizzy, “What are YOU doing here?” Hahaha. I love how she never hides her disdain for Ha-ni’s competition. She even coaches Ha-ni to not let He-ra get anywhere with Seung-jo. She tells her to screw pride and just stick to Seung-jo like glue, and make sure she sees him every day. Peas in a stalker pod, these two.

Her friends tell her the same thing, and she wonders if Seung-jo will hate it if she’s there every day. But they remind her that following him around is exactly her style, so she decides to go for it, pride be damned.

She shows up again the next day, studying at the table so as not to completely waste her time. Seung-jo just acts unsurprised and put out, but doesn’t tell her to leave either. He-ra shows up at the table to take her order in a thinly veiled passive-aggressive maneuver (the kind that seriously raises my ire).

When Ha-ni says she’ll have anything, He-ra sends over a ridiculous amount of food. She continues serving her in that fake-nice tone, as Ha-ni camps out until Seung-jo is done. He-ra calls her out on her doggedly obtuse method of chasing Seung-jo around, wondering aloud what sort of guy would like a girl like that. Just you wait and see, Miss High Horse.

Ha-ni gets kicked out at closing time, and barely scrapes together enough cash to pay for the crazy expensive dish that He-ra ordered for her. Evil wench. She waits outside for Seung-jo, but then hides when she sees him leave with He-ra.

She follows behind them, reassuring herself that they must be coincidentally heading in the same direction. But she follows them all the way to an apartment building, where they enter and get in the elevator together. Ha-ni crumples to the ground as she assumes the worst—that Seung-jo left home to live with He-ra.

She cries alone in her room that night, imagining Seung-jo and He-ra in bed together, and wondering if his declaration that he doesn’t dislike her meant anything. She heads to school the next morning, only a shell of the vibrant girl she used to be, worrying the family.

She purposely dodges classes that she shares with Seung-jo and He-ra, and tells her friends that it’s really the end this time. It’s so heartbreaking to watch her be so defeated. Seung-jo isn’t exactly a man of action when it comes to stuff like this, but he does look around for her everywhere he goes, wondering why she’s stopped orbiting him.

Min-ah and Ju-ri can’t stand to see Ha-ni so depressed either, and finally decide to do something about it. They track Seung-jo down on campus, and he greets them with, “Who are you?” They can’t believe his 200-IQ brain can’t remember them, and he counters with, “I erase data that becomes irrelevant.” You really ARE a robot. Gah.

Ju-ri can’t understand why Ha-ni likes this guy. They rail into him for moving in with He-ra without ending things first with Ha-ni. He’s of course surprised to hear that’s he’s living with He-ra, and answers that he’ll be straight with Ha-ni then. The girls tell him to be gentle with her, but to let her down firmly. Min-ah tells him that they’re not asking him to stop liking He-ra; they want him to do the right thing by their friend, who’s loved him unrequited, for four years.

They leave, and Seung-jo’s face? It breaks into a smile. Aw, you LOVE hearing how much she loves you, don’t you, you little punk!?

Ha-ni continues this way for two weeks, eating next to nothing and feeling a mess. She realizes that without her trying so hard to see Seung-jo, they don’t actually cross paths at all—hence, it was all one-sided.

But lo and behold, Seung-jo appears next to her at school, and when she gets up to run away, he asks her to wait with him. He plays it cool, saying that they haven’t seen much of each other. He purposely baits her, saying that he spends most of his time with “YOON. HE. RA.” You are totally trying to goad her, pigtail-pulling little boy!

But they get interrupted by a girl, a high school student who comes up, asking if this is Oh Ha-ni. It turns out that she’s being tutored three nights a week by Seung-jo and He-ra, and goes to their old high school, where Ha-ni is a legend for her 50th place record. She greets Ha-ni warmly, saying that He-ra and Seung-jo talk about her all the time, and that she wants to go to school here next year.

Ha-ni realizes that this is where she saw them go the other night, and blurts out, “you’re not living together?” Seung-jo acts surprised, even though he totally orchestrated this whole meeting, just to prove to Ha-ni that he ISN’T living with He-ra, but Ha-ni doesn’t know that, and just squees silently in delight.

My god, Baek Seung-jo…you are such a weird little robot boy, but it’s adorable the way you want to make it so that she keeps loving you. The only objection I have is that you’re doing all this to keep from having to admit your own feelings, but I will concede that you may not have the proper data for your robot heart.

Ha-ni gets back to her old self, making chocolates for Seung-jo, to the utter delight of Mom. She fantasizes giving him a perfectly wrapped box of chocolates, and in return, he gives her…a diamond ring the size of Kansas? Hahaha. Even in a fantasy, you must’ve laced those suckers with love potion or something.

She heads out that night with her chocolates, but it starts pouring rain, and to top it off, her taxi breaks down on her way to Seung-jo. She shows up at the restaurant sopping wet and trembling.

He-ra comes over to her table, telling her it’s useless to wait for Seung-jo tonight because they have a tutoring session again. She brings her a cup of coffee with a side of sass. I would check for arsenic before drinking.

Sure enough, Ha-ni takes one sip and faints. See! Okay, fine, it’s just probably your two weeks of non-eating combined with getting rained on in your condition, but you should consider checking He-ra’s purse for untraceable poisons.

Seung-jo’s boss lets him off early to take Ha-ni home, making He-ra give Ha-ni the evil eye, but acknowledge her unparalleled steadfastness. Begrudgingly.

They head outside and can’t manage to get a cab, so Seung-jo suggests walking to his apartment and then calling Mom for a ride from there. Ha-ni is of course thrilled to be invited over, no matter the circumstance.

Aw, how cute are these two?

They head to his studio apartment, where Ha-ni confirms that she’s his first visitor and Seung-jo calls Mom to come pick her up. But Mom tells him that she doesn’t feel like it, and promptly hangs up on him. HAHAHA. Love Mom!

Seung-jo gapes at his phone in disbelief and goes to shower. Ha-ni freaks out about being in a situation straight out of a romance novel, and wonders how to act. She thinks to herself, gulping, “But…this place only has one room…and only one bed!”

Seung-jo comes out, putting her on edge, and he asks knowingly if she’s nervous. He gives her a change of clothes and she washes up.

Meanwhile, Mom calls Duckie and asks him to relay a message to Ha-ni’s Dad: that she’ll be spending the night at Seung-jo’s place, and not to worry. Duckie goes into Defcon 1, asking where Seung-jo lives, but Mom doesn’t know, and wouldn’t tell him anyway (Ha), so upon hearing vague references to where Seung-jo works, he runs out to track them down.

He eventually shows up at Seung-jo’s restaurant, rain-weary and freaked out, and then passes out.

Ha-ni sits uneasily, as Seung-jo finishes reading and then goes to bed. She timidly says that she’ll just sleep on the floor then, which he agrees to wholeheartedly, telling her to grab one of his jackets, as he only has one spare blanket.

That’s enough to break the spell, as Ha-ni’s spunk returns. She says that most men would insist she take the bed, but he answers coldly that he’s not in the mood to say those words to her. Ha-ni: “You’re not even a human being!” Yeah, that’d be because he’s a robot.

Cue Ha-ni in bed, and Seung-jo on the floor. Heh. She asks if she can turn the light on—she’s afraid of ghosts. He says he can’t sleep with the light on, but then he turns it on anyway. Aw. Next, she wonders if he isn’t cold. She offers to switch places with him, annoying him to the point that he just gets into bed with her, announcing that they’ll just sleep like this, so that she’ll shut up about it. Well, it’s true that this is what she wanted, but don’t pretend that it’s not what you’re angling for either. You just get to use her as an excuse.

But once they’re in the same bed, they can’t go to sleep, and Ha-ni starts nervously gulping again, which he notices. He supposes that she has a valid reason to be nervous, since anything could happen—a kiss, or something more…

He springs up and Ha-ni does too, lingering for a moment…and then he lies back down, deflating her excitement. He turns his back to her, saying that he’s not going to do anything, so she shouldn’t raise her expectations. Aw, man. What about MY expectations? Gah.

Ha-ni frets that maybe he doesn’t think of her as a woman, but he reads her mind, and assures her that it’s nothing to do with her. He just doesn’t want to fall in line with Mom’s plan for his life, strapping him down to her pre-ordained path for him. Well, I see that in theory, but I don’t really see how your desire to not be Mom’s toy solider is trumping your libido here, college boy. I’m not even sure it makes any sense or is necessary, since they could’ve just sweetly spent the night together and not had sex. That’s not unheard of. There doesn’t need to be a reason involving Mom.

Ha-ni smiles as that comforts her, reminding her that he doesn’t hate her, and she can’t manage to fall asleep from the pitter patter of her heart. It turns out that Seung-jo is wide awake too, smiling to himself. They lie awake like that, adorably nervous and content, and trying not to let it show.


It’s always two steps forward, one step back with these two. But what makes it enjoyable is that it stays true to real life. Ha-ni is so swept up in her emotions that it informs everything she does, probably to the detriment of her college career, but what girl hasn’t been there, done that? What infuriates me about Seung-jo is that one minute, he’s a robot, and then the next minute, he’s playing her hot and cold like a seasoned veteran. But that’s realistic too, because, well, boys are stinky like that. Pull a girl’s braids, call her names, kiss her, then pretend you don’t know her. It’s the same cycle, from kindergarten to adulthood, with slight variations to account for liquor, and the bad judgments that ensue forthwith.

Hats off to Jung So-min in this episode, who plays everything from severe depression to utter bliss in the course of an hour. She makes Ha-ni’s lovelorn conflicts so palpable that I can’t help but be carried along by her roller coaster ride in trying to figure out how to love Robot Boy. Somebody, please…give this girl a hug.


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  1. jackieness

    yehey..im the 1st one to comment..thanks for the recap,,,love it..

  2. Ladymoonstone143

    I love yah Girlfriday!!! And yes, I am stalking dramabeans for your recap…Oh gosh, my hubby was asking me what was wrong when I went YAY…:))

    I agree with you about robot boy but then he more or less make it up at the last scene. BUT, what I really wanted is to make him realize that he can’t take Ha Ni for granted. I want a serious competition for Ha Ni…not just Jung Go but another alpha male that could make Seung Jo jealous…yes…jealous because that is such a sweet revenge to look at.

    And hugs to Ha Ni. She is truly a great actress. I cry when she does and be elated when she is happy…*sigh* so hard to be addicted to something that you only get twice a week and will come to an end sooner or later…

    Thanks for the awesome recap GF..:)

    • 2.1 f1yh1gh10

      there will be another rival in the next ep, i believe. he will ask hani out on a date!
      keke, i really can’t wait for seungjo to actually TRY to get his girl..it sometimes annoys me that hani has to do so much… she’s really such a loyal and sweet and adorable girl…
      on the other hand..seungjo is a pretty hot guy too… lol!

      • 2.1.1 Ladymoonstone143

        Oh that would be so good. Definitely Seung Jo needed to step up and claim Ha Ni and declare his feelings to the world. He owes Ha Ni that much. Hope the rival is a hottie too…and can give Sj a run for his money…:)

      • 2.1.2 CapitalScandalRocks

        @ f1yh1gh10 How do you know about rival? Is it confirmed.

  3. sl

    they’re so cute. i’m glad ratings have gone up.

    • 3.1 Ladymoonstone143

      Really? what is the ratings now? Sooo excited…

      • 3.1.1 eljay

        Wow, pretty big jump for this. YAY!


        • Ladymoonstone143

          YAY! That is a big improvement…so happy..:)

          • eljay

            It’s a lot to hope for with 6 episodes left, but I really hope it gets into double digits at least once. This show is just so adorable and fun to watch!

        • poo

          Wow…finally! I am so happy! ^^

          • lcie

            omgg~~ dey deserve the ratings! i m so happy for them ^____^

        • danni

          Wow, that’s impressive for a show that’s been doing so poorly in ratings so far. Maybe double-digits are in its future?

  4. jackieness

    this is also my favorite episode in the Taiwan version,,

  5. Scarlett

    Seriously, this drama probably would’ve gotten better ratings with the thicker plot. But, in my books, it’s awesome since it’s down-to-earth realistic.

    • 5.1 Chriser

      When copying from a Manga, there is not much room to thicken a plot if you want to try and stay true to the story. If you go off too far from the manga, it makes the loyalist very angry.

  6. lessaofpern

    I loved this episode. 😀

    Thanks for the speedy recap!

    LOL Robot boy 😀

  7. questions987

    I got mad at Ha Ni for this episode, she’s so – Oh Ha Ni but at the same time, I’ve thought that she’s advanced in her self esteem to not let Robot control her life and emotions so much.

    Evil girl 2.0 doing the chicken flap – PRICELESS but I still want to slap that flower off her head.

    And Seung Joo – well Robot is growing up and I’m proud of him for that. He seems to be making some effort to pursue her – however passive and I’m hoping it’ll continue on like that in the next episode.

    Thanks for the Recap!

  8. miss_procrastination

    thanks for the recap!

    I am terrified of heights but I’m completely strapped into the roller coaster ready for the next ride.

  9. a_fan

    GF, how is it possible to sweetly spend the night with a guy and not have…

    Anyway, love love love this episode. Loving your recap too.

    My take on why Seung Jo smiled after talking to Ha Ni’s friends, was because he now got it why Ha Ni stopped following him around. Seung Jo has a complex, a I-like-to-be-stalked-by-HaNi complex.

    • 9.1 ednacutie

      “I-like-to-be-stalked-by-HaNi complex” LOL! that cracked me up!

    • 9.2 luliqz1

      jajajajajaja, “Seung Jo has a complex, a I-like-to-be-stalked-by-HaNi complex.” i have the same feeling

  10. 10 Archaenon

    They really are a cute couple even is BSJ is a robot. Since I know where the story is going , I’m more then excited 😀

    Oh Duckie! He makes me so sad at this stage.

  11. 11 Hang

    I’m so addicted to this drama. Even after watching all the previous versions, I still wait for new episodes anxiously.

    • 11.1 Archaenon

      Same here. I’ve watched/read every other version…and I still wait for new episodes.

    • 11.2 Janny

      Ditto. This is such a great series right? 🙂 Can’t wait for next episode but I’m a little sad that we are now nearer to the end. 🙁

  12. 12 pat

    Thanks, gf. Have seen only a couple of eps, but like your feel for the story and actors, appreciated much. You are a terrific writer.

  13. 13 GreenTea

    I just want to scream first: waaaaa ep 10 recap is out!!!!! ok, now on to reading the recap …

  14. 14 Maui

    It’s weird… I enjoy your recaps more than watching the actual thing.

    • 14.1 outofcontrol

      so do I, actually.

    • 14.2 Lemon

      haha me too. its shorter but sweeter. summarises the best parts of the show and adds awesome comments. 🙂

    • 14.3 Ace

      I actually like watching PK itself. There are things you don’t get with just the recaps…and vice versa. It’s like a complete rice meal plus dessert!

      • 14.3.1 rainyrain

        agree with u ace , I most of the time watch the epi raw then read the update then watch it with english or french subs 🙂
        Yes I’m that much addicted

        • Ace

          hey, me too! watch it raw at dramastyle.com, then watch the subbed since it comes out first (thank goodness viikii’s so fast!), then read the recaps over the weekend! did that with MGIAG and doing that for sungkyunkwan scandal too (hope the licensing issue at viikii gets reslved soon!)

    • 14.4 Cat

      Me too. Well, I like reading them and then watching the episode to fill in all the blanks and see their cute facial expressions.

  15. 15 CHshe

    Yay! DING DONG DING with round 10

    My oh my! OHN is like a pink-bunny-drum-doll with a low battery. But now I felt like my focus has shifted more towards BSJ; and his struggles. Sorry OHN, now BSJ is stealing your stalking show, LOL but I’m still rooting for you, though.

    Aside from previous separation, this time it feels a lot more torture for her coz now OHN knows that BSJ didn’t hate her entirely. So her longing for BSJ is really hard to resist. She misses him like crazy now and I have to blame it on BSJ. Although that last look you gave to OHN before you left really makes me KYA!!! But you, BSJ! You don’t confess and leave her without saying something worth comforting than “It has nothing to do with you moving back in. It’s something that I needed to do”. Let me smack you a bit. Wait, another smack, only harder.

    But I guess in his defense, since he already confessed, OHN should have trusts on his short explanation on why he needs to do this; for him to figure out what he wants to pursue in his life. Yet OHN can’t help but to feel as if she did something wrong and hesitated to find or even say hi to BSJ, afraid that her mistakes would pile up. But in the end she can’t help her nature from finding BSJ at his workplace. And I love it when the Baeks (minus the dad) come and visit to watch BSJ in action. I thought it was super-duper cute.

    I do enjoy YHR-OHN bantering moments. YHR can be a total biatch for some people, but to me I find her to be cute actually. She’s not evil but devious perhaps. And that what makes her an interesting rival. (Whoever has watched the manga/ anime knows what I’m talking about when YHR finally admits her ‘defeat’).

    I laugh to myself to see how BSJ already prep himself to be stalked again and got a bit worried when OHN didn’t show up for her role. LOL, like he is waiting for her to come. The victim waits for his own favourite stalker to drop by. Keke, the invisible red string seems to be stronger now, more elastic than ever.

    What I love about BSJ in this episode is how thoughtful he is into clearing up the misunderstanding. How he doesn’t point it out directly coz all of that was only in OHN’s head. I find that BSJ is really being gentle with her. He wants her to figure it out herself. He didn’t make fun of her like he used to. And to me BSJ, with such gesture you just win me over. If that is not love, then I don’t know what it is. It is a fact that YOU DON’T WANT HER TO GIVE UP ON YOU. (Although I was extremely bothered to see the imaginary kiss between BSJ and YHR, which I think is unnecessary, keke me being biased).

    Alas the bed scene. Keke. Hey BSJ, you try to be mean/poker face about the spending the night thing, yet you surrender to OHN quite easily. You even tease her about what might happen between the two of you and that one pillow; and you present her with your broad back facing entirely to her. Gahh I was spazzing for a moment there. I love how your expression says it all (good job KHJ). Your face clearly shows how you’re more concerned with yourself; of what you might do to her than what she/mom/GF/us would expect you to do. And how you would need a… hmmm cold shower in the morning….

    Can’t wait for the next morning awkwardness… or perhaps….
    KYA!!!! Hurry up Wednesday!

    Thanks GF for your awesome recaps.

    • 15.1 Ladymoonstone143

      Hahaha…I just love your comments and totally agree with you with regards to showing the “imaginary” scene with Seung Jo and He Ra. I mean…common Ha Ni…i don’t want to see any of that stuff..much better imagine more kisses between her and Seung Jo.

      That was so sly of Seung Jo too..in trying to inform Ha Ni that him and He Ra are not living together. He didn’t tell her outright but trying to tell Ha Ni like “don’t let your imagination run wild again”. I guess it will make him sound so obvious that he cares for Ha Ni if he explain it himself.

      I hope Ep 11 will start with the following morning when the two of them unconsciously wrap in each others arm during the night…Argggh…I would love that so much to happen…OR the worst case scenario would be Jong Go knocking on the door…grrrrr..

      So am awaiting the much needed preview for Ep 11. Like you…I want Wed to come sooner…:)

      • 15.1.1 CHshe

        *Imaginary kiss* My thoughts exactly, since I was so anticipating their 2nd kiss, I never would’ve thought that imaginary kiss would happen. GRRR PD, how dare you mess with my mind, I’m still trying to erase that image, GRRR… (seriously laser is coming out from my eyes)

        *Joon-Goo knocking on the door* LOL. Good one.

        Another 3 days to go… GRRRR

        • Chriser

          Technically their 2nd Kiss should have happened while the younger brother was in the hospital. It seems they left that one out in the Korean version. Ha-ni is suppose to be sleeping in the chair next to the bed when Seung-jo leans over and kiss her on the lips. The younger brother wakes up enough to witness this but is too shock to say anything. The younger brother stays in denial for a while about this secret kiss that his brother gave to Ha-ni. But as I said, they left that part out.

          • CHshe

            Yes, that is the twist from ISWAK…

            If you follow manga, you’ll find it differently, try watch the anime, see which one do you prefer…

            p/s : I prefer if the follow as per anime/manga ^^

          • CapitalScandalRocks

            I am expecting the second kiss in episode 11 …morning after

          • Chriser

            @CHshe I had my friend go back and check; the 2nd kiss in the hospital is in the manga. It is mentioned in 10th volume about the 2nd Kiss.

          • CHshe

            @ Chriser
            I’m pretty sure the hospital kiss is a twist only from ISWAK coz in manga, refer to volume 7 the 2nd kiss would happen in an outdoor setting like the ones we see in PK episode 1. This setting was also the same as in anime.

            And judging from the preview epi 11, they will follow this outdoor setting as well.

            p/s : ISWAK probably scrapped off the outdoor setting and have the 2nd kiss incorporated during Yuki hospitalization.

      • 15.1.2 Ashley

        I hope they wake up and BSJ is holding onto OHN, and she’s just lying there. How humiliating would that be for him? I will absolutely die if they do that.

      • 15.1.3 Chriser

        If the story stays true, the next morning will be hilarious. Not the cuddle part but better. If they do it right, you will be on the floors in tears laughing your rear off.

        • anon

          arrrghhhhhhh Chriser it’s already hard enough surviving until wednesday as it is, now you’re saying all this just makes it doubly worse!!!!! what’s going to happen?! don’t tell me, don’t tell me.

        • shin mi rae

          aaaggggg!!! i dont know if i want to know or wait for wednesday for this sort of news…

  16. 16 estel

    I TOTALLY dug how, at the beginning, Seung-jo was looking right at Ha-ni and said, “Bye, Eun-jo.” Dude, just say it. You’re totally head over heals for her. ‘Fess up.

    I love this drama. It makes me die of the cute.

    • 16.1 news

      Yeah, I LOVED that scene too 🙂

      • 16.1.1 Anonymous

        i love playful kiss hope ratings go up so that they could be extended to episode 20

        • Chriser

          The ratings need to be high enough to warrant a 2nd season. There is a lot of personal growth with both Seung-jo and Ha-ni. Let’s us pray they end on a good note so there is a 2nd season. 2nd season is sooo much more better than the first.

          • ENOUGH

            I am not young and I am not inexperienced. I am not looking for the tiltilation that apparently the second season of the Taiwanese version offers.

            I like Playful Kiss as it is. It doesn’t have to stay true to whatever mangga it’s from. The character developement is going very well. There is so much more to think of than than continually comparing 2 different adaptations. I guess the simplest way to explain it is Pepsi and Coke.

  17. 17 AB

    First time to read your recaps and I don’t know how many times I busted out laughing! The chocolate pies comment just about did me in and that was at the very beginning! I will have to remember to come back here. Great job breaking down the episode and I liked your personal comments about the episode too. Thanks!

  18. 18 Claire

    Gah!!! Been stalking this site for your take on this episode, which was a great one I might add. Jo So Min is killing it! She totally made me feel that kick in her gut when she thought that that SJ and HR were living together. Just love it!

  19. 19 mnstpdu08

    LOVE SJ’s mom. She’s too hilarious. Hae Ra is one annoying person. I don’t understand why she’s working at the restaurant besides the fact that SJ works there. I wish Ha-Ni could have said something to the like of – “you shouldn’t be following in my footsteps if you dislike it so much” to give her a taste of her own medicine. But Ha-Ni’s too nice.

  20. 20 GomenApple

    yessshh HATS OFF to you Jung So-min !
    Thanks Girlfriday! I wanted to watch eps 10 first before I read this, but internet’s too slow here, and I can’t take it anymore hahaha… especially knowing you’re writing this and so I know its gonna be FUN ! Thanks ! ^__________^

    ps:… err.. but oto kajooo …now I’m DYING to watch that baka baka bed scene.. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3<3

  21. 21 Francesca

    I love the bed scene 🙂 I just wish they did something mooore…like…playing games/cards or sumthin :p

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    The scene in the rain when they tried keeping each other from the rain is pretty adorable too.

    And can I just point out how I gasped when Seung Jo came out of the shower sporting that gorgeous wet look that I’m sure will be commented on here very soon…

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    About Seung-jo citing his Mom as the reason he won’t make a move on Ha-ni, I don’t think it’s just about sex, because that would be weird, like Mom wanting them to sleep together (er, then again, she might? ^^; ) but also Seung-jo wanting to, too, but won’t just to spite his Mom? Uh… Perhaps he’s saying, “I’m not going to like you just because my mom wants me to.” and he’s using it as an excuse to deny his feelings? Because I didn’t think he was really smiling at the end like Ha-ni was; Seung-jo looked rather unnerved with awareness. Just how I interpreted it.

    I think Ha-ni was a bit ridiculous in Ep 10, but she still managed to be understandable and endearing, and their relationship did make some progress (Seung-jo sweetly tries to keep Ha-ni around), so it made up for another round of up-down, push-pull.

    But wow, He-ra was irksome before, but she really upped the bitchiness here, didn’t she? Passive-agressive, fake nice, evil wench, indeed. And she’s such a hypocrite! She’s shamelessly chasing after Seung-jo, too! To class, to work, to tutoring. She just plays it cool, but she’s just as hung-up and desperate for his attention as Ha-ni. I can’t wait for her to be taken down. XP

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    • 35.1 Ace

      Actually, it makes sense to me that Seung-jo cited his Mom for not making a move on Hani. Guys in real life are really perverse that way (and some girls too including me). If I was in Seung-jo’s place, and I have a big silent crush on this guy who likes me too, but my parents are butting in and has this plan to marry me off to the big silent crush, I wouldn’t splash water on him even if he was on fire a foot away from me. The more a parent pushes even on some thing I also want to do, the more resolved I am not to do it. I know that’s stupid, but sometimes you can’t help it.

      • 35.1.1 sleeplessinwgtn

        I agree with you on the ‘theory’ that kids tend to do the opposite of what the parents want, just to make a stand. The more you push them in one direction, the more they go the opposite. way It’s because they feel they are being controlled. So even though BSJ is a robot, he does not want to be controlled by his Mom, which makes sense for guys his age. The Mom is adorable but if I was in BSJ’s shoes, I’ll do the opposite, too.

        Have seen the ISWAK and the sequel series and I think the K-adaptation, esp. of OHN is more realistic. Ariel’s acting was a bit OTT at times, which I guess is what the director wanted. It made it more comic but sometimes annoying.

        Am enjoying the drama and the recaps.

        jb and gf… FIGHTING!

      • 35.1.2 Ace

        yeah, that’s why wise parents uses reverse psychology on their kids!

  36. 36 Cloudysky

    Dear GF ~ tks for the lovely recaps, as always.

    I think i finally know why this show is so endearing (at least to me), it’s because the people and the conversations feels so real, you can easily relate it to your own crush or your own emotions, it’s a path that most of us have been through at some point of our lives and the dialogue is probably something similar to our real life conversations too.

    I love the way they showcase SJ’s dilemma and indecisiveness of not knowing what he wants to do in his future major and career choices, despite him being a genius, how many of us have felt like this before….i’m sure most of us relate to this in some ways, that contradicting and uncertain feelings, your brain tells you to do A, but your heart is uncontrollably attracted and moving in another direction

    HN may seems like a stalker or even pathetic to some, but I got to give it to this girl, loving and stalking SJ for 4 years, Geez….that’s alot of unwavering love, dedication, determination and probably tears invovled! BUT i guess she’s still fortunate, simply becos she loves SJ with no hesitation, no reservations, no conditions and really just want the best for him, she’s even willing to give him up if he really likes Haera..i wonder how many of us have ever experienced this kind of emotions.

    I also like the part about Joongu’s feelings for Hani, simply for the fact that there’s no evil revenge plan, no sabotaging and backstabbing or even hatred from him (typical scenarios in most kdramas from the 2nd leads), he knew from day 1 that Hani only have eyes for SJ, and yet he showers her with true affection and pure simple adoration, it’s so sad but so true to life….you simply can’t choose or decide who you love or who loves you….the irony!

    As for SJ saying those things about not wanting to fall into his mother’s trap, my intepretation is that he’s still abit unsure of his own feelings for HN, he doesn’t know if he likes her because of what she’ve done for him all these years, or is it because they naturally spent so much time with her (since they r staying together, and also becos awesome mama Baek always seems to know how to create alot of opportunities for them together), in his logical robotic brain, he’s probably overanalyzing things, esp his emotions, and he’d rather not do anything that he’s not 100% sure, and hurt her later

    There’s a huge difference between liking and loving someone, and i think SJ is still unsure where his feelings stands

    I love this story/show, because there’s no cheesy or corny lines, no superficially bad and revengeful 2nd leads, no drama for the sake of just creating drama, no man-made ridiculous and totally lame obstacles of how some characters can’t fall in love and be together…

    This is just about 2 young adults discovering and learning about love and their lives, and how 2 very seemingly different souls can be so complementary of each other (i love the pot analogy btw), and that sometimes a genius can know so little, and yet our endearing snail can be so insightful and philosophical about life

    This show brings back the same kind of emotions i felt when watching another of my fav kseries (Alone in Love), i felt that i’ve learnt and benefited much from these shows and they don’t exist purely for entertainment reasons only.

    I’m proud to say i truly love this show….with my heart n soul….

    • 36.1 Nory Ellis

      What you wrote comes from the heart and it shows

      • 36.1.1 Cloudy_sky

        thanks for the sweet note! 😉

    • 36.2 Francesca

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    • 36.3 MEL

      thanks Cloudsky, very insightful fr one PK fan who truly loves how Oh Ha Ni is being portrayed as a die hard seeking and finding her first love Robot Boy. I’m so glad she’s so crazy about him but is not the village idiot about it. Maybe one huge reason I love PK is that I for one can identify with OH’s plight, the overwhelming, second to second “obsession” and never wavering mindset with an object of love, crush whatever you may call it.

      In her own way, I admire how OHN is brave in her pursuit of BSJ. She’s lovable in showing her feelings and presenting them to Robot Boy. No matter how embarrassing and self depreciating it gets OHN survives to win the day. Of course mom in law just adds spice to the sweet show. Don’t we all wish we had a boyfriend’s, crush’s, mother in law just like her… Maybe there would be more harmony in this world. Isn’t it great that Robot Boy is not as mechanical as he used to be. Can’t wait for Ep 11…

      GF thanks so much for the recap. I look forward to them. Since I don’t understand Korean and have to wait for the subs, I’ll watch the raw while reading your and JB’s recap.

      Thanks once again to you and JB…

    • 36.4 Ashley

      I loved your comment! I know this is a fairly “light” drama, but watching it I often feel as though it is “deep” in its own way. I rarely get the feeling from a kdrama that what I’m watching could be a true story, but this show actually seems very real to me. I knew girls who behaved very similarly to OHN, and I have been the friend who went and yelled at the crush to grow up and tell her he doesn’t like her. Surprisingly, in that situation the guy asked her out. Isn’t life strange? I know a girl or a guy following another girl/guy around is frowned upon, but you’d be shocked how often the other person really likes it– provided there are SOME boundaries of course.

      I agree about admiring OHN bravery. How many of us wish we could just put our emotions out there like that? The unselfish way she just always wants what is best for him is truly beautiful.

      This is really a great coming of age story. I know some people think it is too slow, but it is truly character driven instead of plot driven. In fact, I described it to my friend as having little to no plot, but amazing characters whose lives we’re following as they try to grow up and figure out life and love.

      And may I just say again how much I LOVE the Mom? She is amazing. I rewatch every scene she is in. That actress needs to win some kind of award.

      Thanks GF for the recap– it made me relive how much fun I had watching the episode.

      • 36.4.1 Cloudy_sky

        Glad to know i’m not alone, and i totally agree the mom is amazingly cute and pretty, HN will be so lucky to have her as mom in law!

  37. 37 Purpleclouds

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    I will have the highest praise for JSM, I really really love how she fits so well in her character. Every facial expression thou redundant it leaves a mark that sometimes I catch myself copying her.
    As for the male lead, since I can never remember his name I have to agree with javabeans, I appreciate his coldness approach but I still think that he sits in the mediocre acting category.
    PLs keep’em coming!

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      You are hilarious…totally…:)) can’t stop grinning.

      If all of us here will be given free reign on the script and directing…Seung Jo will just be wearing that gorgeous smile of his and nothing else….lol

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      Yes, Seungjo, you should’ve just stopped thinking with *that* head. It would’ve made Hani (and the rest of us) Oh so Hahahahappy. 😛

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    • 40.1 Ace


    • 40.2 Chriser

      It was probably cheaper to use the same location than to get a separate one for her dream.

  41. 41 Memei

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    I like Ha-ni’s internal monologue, it feels real much more than saying the thoughts aloud. I like it. i think im going to keep watching 😀

  42. 42 maria

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  43. 43 Autumn

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    • 43.1 CHshe

      This is classic actually… coz yes he always rejects her, tease her, make small sweets gesture, self-controlling.. but when he finally turn around that is when you feel shivers down to your spine…

      Classic, classic… no worries it coming soon.

      • 43.1.1 lena

        Oh God yes. I’m already anticipating how they will do “that epic scene” when all of Naoki/BSJ’s defenses will come crushing down. If they do it right, I think all of us will need some smelling salts for all the fainting that may ensue.

        Please PD-nim, do it right. I’d love, love, love to see the outpouring of emotions from our oh-so-cool RoboBoy. You owe Hani that much.

        • CHshe

          Just imagine that scene.
          Roboboy. Drenched. His. Wet. Curly. Messy. Hair…
          KYA!! I’m spazzing just to even imagine.

  44. 44 Acidimp

    I love and hate this drama now. I love it for the cuteness overload the great secondary characters and all the interactions between Hani and Roboboy. I hate the fact that they slowly seem to be leeching out her individuality. In the beginning she was into track, painting and she did more with her friends than complain about Seung Jo. Now she is in college and instead of maturing she seems more and more like a young girl whose crush takes up all of her time. I’m surprised that this story got remade so many times…I don’t think it’s a good story at all. The only reason I was willing to watch it was because the hani in this story seemed more vibrant and stronger than the other incarnations. That is why its sad to see the writers taking the same route the other stories did.

    I guess I’ll keep watching for the cute and ignore all the things that get on my nerves until I can’t take it anymore. I think KHJ is doing a great job, it’s clear he has a lot of potential just bubbling there. It seems like he is almost afraid to let it out. I don’t blame him with everyone harping on his good looks more than anything else. Just think about it, you catch a couple of shots of his dark circles and everyone seems to forget the guy is an admitted insomniac so they can complain how tired (I.E. Old) he looks. If my entire career was based on my “flower boy” appeal I wouldn’t dare move my face either, for fear of causing cracks in the porcelain.

    • 44.1 dannaluk

      i kinda agree i love hw cute it is bt i ws having a lot of difficulty getting through this episode because of hani’s following him around and stuff which was not the case in the past few episodes…that was kinda the reason why it took me so long to watch iswak….the only good thing is that Seung Jo is noticing her more here which makes it more watchable…i still adore Jung So Min and think she is giving the best darn portrayal of this character

    • 44.2 Carmen

      I would have to agree with your thoughts on KHJ. I’m a big fan of his, not because of that pretty face, but because of his quirky personality and how he never fails to make me laugh whenever he lets his guard down. Its only when he is performing onstage or when he is around his members and other close friends that we see glimpses of the real and playful KHJ, which lately I haven’t seen much of.

      As for his acting, yes, the potential is there. If only he would just let it go. I want to tell him that its okay, make mistakes, BUT MAKE THEM BIG — heck, over-emote, I don’t care as long as you don’t hold anything back. It’s almost as if that beautiful face of his is a burden, every little detail is scrutinized by everyone and he is feeling all the pressure to keep it perfect.

      That said, I am still liking his Baek Seung Jo. As his character is starting to loosen up, I can also see signs that KHJ is slowly starting to relax a little. The tousled hair might have helped too, another one less detail to worry about. 🙂

  45. 45 yeisha

    JB and GF, thanks for the recaps! I must admit, I’ve been stalking this site for everything PK-related…yessss, Show has officially made me its puppy.

    After watching both Ep 9 and 10, I finally understood what makes Itazura na Kiss special. I know it’s easy to dismiss their story as your typical scatter-brained girl falling for perfect genius boy, which is mostly what I felt from previous adaptations of the manga but its actually more than that and I appreciate that PK is slowly showing us why. Now I’m starting to see just how Seung-jo and Hani are so perfect for each other.

    Yes, Seungjo is still Robot-boy, which is exactly why he needs someone like Hani who is all heart. And whereas Hani is mostly living inside her head and her dreams, we have Seungjo to bring her back to reality. He is the Sense to her Sensibility. And she is the heart to his brain. We have two people who are such polar opposites in how they see and experience the world that they just NEED to be together.

    That scene when Hani showed up at the restaurant looking like a drenched puppy and Seungjo handed her a towel while telling her to go home because she doesn’t look too good is a small but telling example of how these two compliment each other. Hani is always driven by her emotions to the exclusion of everything else and even if she was shaking and we can see how her lips were already purple from the cold, she of course didn’t think of this and instead was worried about how to give Seungjo the chocolates. Which is why she needs Seungjo, ever practical, to keep her in check and bring her something as obvious as say, a towel.

    As for our Robot-boy, he also needs someone like Hani to make him see the bigger picture. Being the robot that he is, everything is always linear to him, i.e. if there’s a problem, then there must be a solution. It’s hard for him to see that the world is always not as straightforward as he thinks it is and that sometimes you just have to give in to your emotions, trust your gut, without knowing where it will take you.

    So kudos to PK and its writers for staying close to the heart of the manga. It was a (very) slow start but I am so loving the ride now and wish that I could stay a little longer. 🙂

    P.S. I can’t believe I just wrote all that. Oh Show, what have you done to me? First I’m having heart palpitations at the sight of Kim Hyun Joong’s wet and tousled curls, now I’m stalking blogs and writing essays about you. What’s next?

    • 45.1 Ladymoonstone143

      I can feel your pain because i am doing the same thing…lol It is already Sunday so 2 more days of pure torture of waiting.

      All I know though is when PK will be over, I have to send JSM a card telling her for a job well done. Probably my first fan letter…lol

      • 45.1.1 yeisha

        Fan letter, that’s an idea. Or I can always start writing my first-ever *gasp* fan fiction and call it “It Started with A Perm”. Complete with the requisite shower scene, of course. 😛

        • Ladymoonstone143

          That would be an awesome shower scene. Do you think we can have one? I know majority of kdrama that I have seen…they always have that.

          I would definitely buy that book if it comes out…lol

          I just want to send JSM that fan letter and not bother sending Seung Jo one because I know his fandom is already flooding him with lots…:)

        • Annony

          Fanfiction is <3~
          Full support on this one! 🙂

    • 45.2 czak

      i like what you said, they really are good for each other. actually it was in this episode that i finally understood the “PULL” of this drama on me. it is not a simple Cinderella story where you have a prince fall for an ordinary girl, cause in this story the male lead, little meanie robot boy isnt really a perfect prince, and though the female lead is lacking in everyway that could make her any guys dream girl (well except for our duckie). She has something that make our male lead more human and real….

      she is the heart, he is the brain..
      he is the reality, she is the ideal..
      he is the do-er, she is the dreamer…

      they are 2 imperfect people who are perfect for each other….

      • 45.2.1 yeisha

        thanks and i’m glad you agree. *high fives* 🙂

    • 45.3 enchanted

      loved your “He is the Sense to her Sensibility. And she is the heart to his brain” analogy. they do compliment each other i watched the other versions before but this remake was the one that made me realize what makes mr. perfect fall with little miss trouble maker and what makes their relationship work.

      hands down to PK this is the first time i have watched raws and stalked blogs and fan sites just to relieve my anxiety for the next episode.

    • 45.4 MEL

      thanks, love your take… it’s simply called innocent love… the awesomely slow discovery by OHN and Robo Boy…

    • 45.5 Ashley

      ANOTHER great comment! This episode really got people’s creative juices flowing…

      I agree about the fan letter. I may need to write one to each major cast member. I bet they’d be shocked to get one in English from the US!

      This really is a special show… I may have to find it on DVD when its over.

      • 45.5.1 Annony

        I was just thinking about the DVD! At the moment I’m unconcerned with language I can get it in (Tagalog, French, Spanish, Japanese…) just as long as I can understand about 50% of what’s going on. LOL

    • 45.6 Annony

      Some what off tangent, but BSJ linear thinking and OHN “gut” feelings remind me of “Bones” the show on FOX.

      I get a certain case of deja vu with PK some times because I swear their emotional journey is the lighter version of the Bones emotional journey. At least it doesn’t take X-amount of misunderstandings in the course of SIX season -_-

      • 45.6.1 Ashley

        That’s actually one of two American TV shows I still watch. Seriously. I agree, but its funny that the gender roles are reversed here 🙂

  46. 46 Lyla

    Episode 9 and 10 made my heart jump! Everytime Seung-jo was actually sweet to Ha-ni, in his own way, was incredible.
    I love Ha-ni. She’s got spunk, although I would like to be more sure of herself and show it more around Seung-jo. It’s not like he doesn’t know she’s got it but more like he actually takes action when she shows it.

    Man, who cares about Ha-ni expectations about what’s going on that bed?! Exactly as you said, what about OUR expectations?!! LOL
    I wasn’t really thinking something was going to happen but the scene was well played and made me nerveous all the way to the finale.

    Can’t wait for next week!
    Thank you for all the hard work m(_ _)m

  47. 47 Chriser

    I have been loyal to Dramabeans for a few years and I love the recaps you all do. I have watched It Started with Kiss and They kissed again (Taiwan version) and I agonized through the slowness but the great thing about watching two season worth of it, you get a lot of detail back ground. When they mention there was going to be a Korean version of it, I was afraid they will mess it up. So far, it has been great because the Korean had taken the two season of the Taiwan version and condensed it to one season so the events go faster. Awesomeness but if you have not watched the Taiwan version and you just watch the Korean version, you are missing a lot of the story.

    To explain why Seung-jo does not want to follow the path mom has set is this. The first years of his life, he did everything his mother wanted him to do just to make her happy. Mom had dressed him up as a girl they whole time all the way into the first year of school. At the age of birth to 5 years old, a child is a big sponge that takes in everything. With Seung-jo being a genius with photographic memory, he remembers most if with great clarity. While the first part of his first year to school, his mom dressed him up in a wig and dress along with panty hose and everything. The girls wanted to be his best friend and the boys were fight over who would date him. He was very popular until the class with a pool to go swimming. This whole time no one knew he was a boy so when he went to change, he took his wig off and the kids realized he was actually a boy. They teased him and laughed at him for a long time. This caused trauma to him where he felt betrayed and that his mom was the cause of it. From that point on, he rebelled against his mom for the embarrassment he went through and he refused to social because of the trauma which is why he did not socialize in high school. He did his work and did not pay attention to anyone else. If you can understand what kind of pain that would have on a child at that age, can you sympathize why he is the way he is now?

    Being out of touch with socialize, he had to start from first grade level to learn how to deal with emotions. This is why school is important not because of the academics but to teach a child how to deal with other people. If they choose not to do so, it causes problems at the child get closer to adulthood. I love the complexity of Seung-jo because it is realistic and Ha-ni is so opposite to him that they compliment each other perfectly. I am not sure if it will be mention in this drama but in the other Seung-jo’s character was asked why Ha-ni’s character. His response is similar to: I can do 90% of the things in this world. The other 10%, she can do. If they are really putting both of the two Taiwan season into 1 Korean season with the pace they are going, I will almost guarantee you all will love the ending.

    I just had to put my 2 yen in. 🙂

    • 47.1 Kathy

      I agree very much with everything you said.

      But I don’t think they will put both of the two Taiwan seasons into 1 korean season. There are only 16 episodes and right now it’s at episode 10. If they squeeze season 2 into the next 6 episodes, we’ll have a Bad Guy #2 here – horrible horrible ending (though it’s not like they could’ve done anything to improve that since the lead was leaving for military service).

    • 47.2 Ashley

      Thank you for that explanation! That is hinted at in the show, but I didn’t realize the extent to which it damaged BSJ.

      • 47.2.1 CeeCee23

        Thanks. I too felt it was hinted that him and his mom had major issues due to what she did to him as a child but like the previous post I didn’t know the entire story. I did conclude that his emotional detachment had to have something to do with what happened to him back then but I didn’t know he was ridiculed for a long time by the other children. Explains why he has a cold behavior to everyone. Doesn’t want to be hurt again. Makes me sympathize with him a lot more when he acts like a total jerk.

    • 47.3 Annony

      TBH they’re letting of BSJ’s childhood emotional trauma off easily, I’ve seen really bad cases of Gender Identity Disorder (not to be mistaken with Dissociative Identity Disorder – what used to be called multiple identity disorder) due to dressing up kids certain ways and having their peers mocking them.

      Example: Even though it was a unisex shirt I was wearing, I was horrified when I saw a guy classmate of mine wearing the same…In hindsight, I wonder how he felt about me wearing it too. LOL (anecdote circa 2nd grade, decades ago)

  48. 48 linkyo

    HHHHHAAAAHHHH !!!!!!! So SHORT!!!!! Gah gah! I thought ehhhhhh

  49. 49 bumpkin

    Ok… before I say anything else I just want to say: How the hell canl Hae ra work as a waitress in those heels?!

    Either she has super legs that can withstand pain from walking and serving food, already has super callused feet that can take more beating, or she has super boots that will never give her pain. LOL

    Is it just me but I really wanted the misunderstanding part to be longer? Would have loved a duckie date in there to put some cracks in SJ’s super confident bubble…

    Thanks GF for your recap! And OH! You used that screencap! After watching the episode I thought, ‘I hope GF uses this for the episode screencap.’ And you did! YAY! 😀

    SJ’s MAMA! Are you ever going to hold a fan meeting? I will go if you do!!! 😀

    • 49.1 Constance7

      Hye Ra and her stoopid flower on her hair or a silly looking hat! Bad taste indeed!

    • 49.2 cingdoc

      “SJ’s MAMA! Are you ever going to hold a fan meeting? I will go if you do!!! “….me,too.
      I love the actress (Jung Hye Young) ever since she was the mother in ROI(Return of Iljimae)…the bonus,of course is that she’s the wife of Sean Noh (of Jinusean..my fav)…here’s my fav video of them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHSDFrDHNwM

  50. 50 Lemon

    Honestly, this episode really made me annoyed. Have some pride, girl! But this IS her character, and this is a plot arc they had to go through, so I just gritted my teeth and watched, since it led to the most adorable bed scene 😀

    Jung So Min is great though, as she could have been a lot more irritating, but she made Ha Ni more relatable than other versions.

    About Hera, I actually like her! Its understandable that she wouldn’t like Hani, since they’re both fighting for the same guy, and it is little annoying that your competitor doggedly follows Seungjo around. She also wasn’t trying to be mean when she asked Hani which guy would like a girl who follows him around with no purpose in life. She was trying to knock sense into Hani. And she was pretty hilarious when she served Hani food. I really don’t hate her, since Seungjo totally has no interest in her and she’s ineffectual as a competitor. Plus she’s entertainng. 🙂

    • 50.1 Severine

      Ditto on the Hera analysis. I just can’t bring myself to hate her (yes, part of it has to do with Seung-jo’s indifference to humans other than Hani). I also thought she was absolutely hilarious in the serving scene; there were actually many times when I found her very funny in this episode. I think the actress who plays Hera really needs to get a leading role in a comedy, I’d be the first to watch.

    • 50.2 PKlover

      Exactly! Hera didn’t really do anything WRONG did she, she’s just annoying but in a fun way.

      On a side note, she can look hella scary when she opens her eyes too wide. Eeee!

    • 50.3 adney

      I like Hera too and I really love the time when she served Hani food, with the gestures. She has sharp tongue like Seung Jo and I just want to assume that she’s like Seung Jo’s best friend here, hahaha

    • 50.4 Ace

      I like Hera too. I think she’s just pulling Hani’s leg or pushing her buttons. I get the sense that she’s resigned to the fact that Hani is close to her goal of getting Seung-jo (not that she would tell Hani that of course!). You know when the high school kid that they tutor says that He-ra and Seung-jo talks about Hani all the time? Wasn’t that telling? Also when Seung-jo was in class looking around for Hani, He-ra also looked around then looked at Seung-jo with a very knowing smile.

    • 50.5 danni

      I was wondering if I was the only one that liked He-ra in this episode. I actually thought she was pretty hilarious, especially when she snagged the job before Ha-ni could and was serving Ha-ni. I guess it’s because He-ra’s more relatable to me (because I really can’t follow Ha-ni’s logic half the time) not because she’s gorgeous and can do anything, but because if another girl was moving in on the guy I liked like that, I’d probably be acting the same way. Still, I didn’t feel bad for her after Seung-jo had to take Ha-ni home because like you said, she’s pretty much ineffectual as a competitor. She’s a bitch, but in a way that’s too amusing for me to care.

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