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Playful Kiss: Episode 11
by | October 6, 2010 | 400 Comments

This episode was sort of low-key, but had some sweet moments and a bit of development. It didn’t have as many “exciting” moments as some other episodes (not that you can really use the word “exciting” with this drama), but there is the implication at the end of the episode that makes up for that.


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The morning after is less romantic than Seung-jo’s declaration last night might have suggested. Ha-ni turns out to be a disruptive bed-partner, manhandling Seung-jo while unconscious and stealing the blankets. He sighs with frustration while she remains blissfully asleep.

Ha-ni awakens slowly, remembering happily that she and Seung-jo slept in the same bed. Eyes still closed, she reaches out to feel for him, but he’s already up and a little disgruntled as he tells her about her horrible sleep habits.

Breakfast is a cutely domestic scene, which Seung-jo prepares and Ha-ni revels in. Seung-jo makes nothing of eating together, or getting dressed for the day, or walking out together like the junior version of the happily married couple walking ahead of them, but in my opinion therein lies the sweetness — that comfortable attitude treating this all like it’s mundane. Like you’ve already arrived here naturally in your relationship.

In contrast, Ha-ni doesn’t even try to hide how much she loves it, and jumps to play the part of a wife, picking out a red checked shirt for him to wear. He dismisses the choice and picks another, but I’m betting that red shirt makes a reappearance at some point. (It had better!)

At school, a crowd has gathered in front of a sign. Ha-ni’s jaw drops at the embarrassing declaration, courtesy of Joon-gu:

“Baek Seung-jo at last ♥ Oh Ha-ni. They spent a night of love together! Oh! Ha-ni will definitely be wearing the same clothes as yesterday!”

OMG. Mortifying to the nth degree, no?

The students cast knowing looks at the couple in question, and one of them — Mom in disguise as a nerd, lol — prods Seung-jo to explain what happened. Exasperated, he pulls his mother aside and asks her to cut it out.

School is abuzz with the latest rumors, but Ha-ni has nothing to report to Mom or her friends. Nothing happened.

Even He-ra is uneasy about the gossip, and she makes a roundabout reference to the news, trying to get Seung-jo’s reaction. I dearly wish he’d let her stew in her insecurity, but he cheers her up by saying that she ought to know nothing happened with Ha-ni.

In all the excitement of the night before, Ha-ni has forgotten what she did with her chocolates, which she was never able to give to Seung-jo. She laments the loss, but wouldn’t you know, the box is safely back at Seung-jo’s place.

He opens the box and reads her cute handwritten note:

To: Seung-jo
These are chocolates I made myself, thinking of you. I hope you’ll enjoy them~~ ♥

He smiles at the note and takes a bite of a chocolate… and spits it out. In true Ha-ni fashion, they taste awful. But our little Robot Boy is learning that it’s the thought that counts, and he gives a little laugh.

With exams approaching, Ha-ni tries to study, but realizes that it’s spreading herself too thin to try to prepare for all her subjects. Instead, she’ll focus on English, which is the only class she shares with Seung-jo. (Ergo, she can’t drop out of it.)

She spends late nights studying, and when she shows up on test day, Seung-jo notices her wan expression with some worry. He-ra’s feeling mighty self-confident after being assured that nothing happened between them, so she once again falls back on her hateful habit of masking insults as cheery comments, saying that Ha-ni should probably repeat this level next year.

Ha-ni stares at Seung-jo dreamily through the first half of the test session, marveling and how handsome he looks. To her surprise, he reaches back and swaps papers with her — giving her his finished sheet and taking her empty one.

Best of all is the smile he flashes, which sends He-ra into a tizzy. No, I take that back — best of all is that pissy look on He-ra’s face at Seung-jo’s unexpected gesture. I was a little confused — was he actually helping her on an exam so she could join them next year? But perhaps this is just Ha-ni’s deluded daydreaming… (Note: The editing is rather choppy and confusing in this episode.)

Joon-gu is devastated about the latest development with Ha-ni and despairs that he’ll have to give her up. But he gets some unexpected advice from Kyung-soo sunbae (who sees him looking miserable and gives him some suggestions), and resolves to give it another try, starting with a proper confession of his feelings.

He finds Ha-ni after her test and gravely begins his speech, explaining that he’d almost given up, but decided to stick it through. When her head drops forward, he assumes that she feels guilty, not knowing that she’s actually fallen asleep. Lol.

But no matter, because Ju-ri and Min-ah inform him that nothing actually happened between Ha-ni and Seung-jo, which revives his optimism.

Ha-ni’s in for the shock of her life when a strange student comes up to her during tennis club and asks her to go steady. She doesn’t even know him, much less know how to respond to that, and gapes silently as he talks with Kyung-soo.

This is Kim Ki-tae, who has taken a year off school and is about to re-enroll, making him a sunbae. He tells Ha-ni that he’s known since high school that she likes Seung-jo, but figures he has a chance with her because they’re not officially dating. His self-assured demeanor is not at all shaken at her perplexed reaction, and he asks her on a date this weekend.

Ha-ni’s never been asked out before — she’s always been the pursuer — so after the idea sinks in, she starts to warm to it. Oh, she doesn’t like Ki-tae, but it’s a flattering idea, and she enjoys the attention.

Ju-ri and Min-ah hasten to tell Seung-jo, thinking to light a fire under his indifferent butt, only to get the cool response, “Really? So what?” They say that he might find Ha-ni snapped up by that other guy, but Seung-jo scoffs, “Is that so? I’m not worried.”

But since you happen to say that as you’re wearing your Ha-ni-approved, red-checked shirt, I’m deciding I don’t believe you, NOT ONE BIT.

Mom frets over the possibility of Ha-ni falling for the new guy, bemoaning the day when Ha-ni gets “stolen away,” blaming Seung-jo for his lack of action. This will not do.

Officially in courtship mode, Ki-tae treats her with friendly interest, finding her at school and swinging an arm casually over her shoulders. She stiffens and scoots away, but he doesn’t take offense and follows. It’s interesting how he can do that and not come across sleazy.

Ki-tae explains that at first he was provoked by Seung-jo — that hoobae who does everything so well. Ki-tae had first fixated on his pseudo-rivalry with Seung-jo, but in the process he started to notice Ha-ni, since she was always following Seung-jo around. He found her tenacity attractive, and asks her again to date him — she shouldn’t waste her youth waiting for Seung-jo.

He-ra catches sight of their cozy tete-a-tete, and immediately sizes up the situation. She’s thrilled — that takes Ha-ni away from Seung-jo — and enthusiastically pushes the two toward each other. She even skips away in glee.

Mom does recon, spying on Ki-tae, and admits that he’s much cuter than Seung-jo. Ha-ni assures her not to worry, because she’s only interested in Seung-jo.

That thrills Mom, but she jumps to prevent Ha-ni from rejecting Ki-tae right away. Now that her fears have been assuaged, she wants to take advantage of this scenario to stir Seung-jo’s jealousy. After all, he’s feeling too complacent with Ha-ni always around; he needs a little kick in the pants. Rock on, Mom.

I don’t think Seung-jo is jealous, per se, but he doesn’t love this development, either, and it makes him a little more cutting than usual. When He-ra pushes Ha-ni to date Ki-tae, Seung-jo chimes in: “How lucky for you. They say that if one person throws something away, there’ll be another to pick it up.”

Pride stung, Ha-ni retorts that Ki-tae’s just as smart and good-looking as him, PLUS he treats girls much better! Which is, of course, when Ki-tae steps in, pleased at her vote of confidence. He asks Seung-jo to let Ha-ni come to him now, and Seung-jo replies that Ha-ni’s not his, so he can do whatever he wants.

Seung-jo’s comments tickle Ha-ni’s ire, and with a flash of anger she thinks that she may as well go ahead and have a relationship with Ki-tae. (Cutely, she uses the words “have an affair,” as though dating Ki-tae would be cheating on Seung-jo. God, Seung-jo, can’t you just own up to your feelings already? You totally don’t deserve her devotion.)

At the restaurant, Seung-jo is his usual sarcastic self when he takes Ha-ni’s order, thinking she’s going to spend another day waiting around for him. However, she declares that she’s here to meet someone else, which is when Ki-tae arrives. I have to say I love that little look of surprise on Seung-jo’s face when he realizes Ha-ni’s on a date.

Ha-ni pulls back when Ki-tae slings his arm around her shoulders, but that’s when Seung-jo comes around with their drink order, so she ignores him and reacts enthusiastically to Ki-tae’s date suggestions. Seung-jo pointedly interrupts to deliver the drinks, and sets them down a lot slower than he could. Oh, you.

As soon as he leaves the table, however, Ha-ni deflates and drops her cheerful act.

It’s too bad she doesn’t have any interest in Ki-tae, because he’s pretty much the textbook ideal for a kind, attentive date. He looks after her every comfort and makes sure she’s having fun, and she admits that it’s been a while since she enjoyed herself like this.

Hearing that her crush on Seung-jo dates back four years, Ki-tae tells her that he doesn’t expect her to suddenly get over that and like him, but all he wants is for her to think of him a little. At the end of the date, Ha-ni looks around disappointedly, having secretly hoped that Seung-jo would show.

While looking at Seung-jo from afar in the library, Ha-ni decides things can’t continue like this, because she doesn’t want to use Ki-tae. Time to end it.

Ki-tae, on the other hand, urges her to forget Seung-jo, ignoring her attempt to talk to him. He pulls her aside (grabbing her by the neck, aie!), ironically taking the same stance Seung-jo had with the wall kiss as he leans in… and at the last moment Ha-ni squeals, “No!”

That’s when Joon-gu makes his appearance, throwing a punch and telling him to stop pestering Ha-ni. Ki-tae punches back, and this leads to a full-on fight right there amidst the bookshelves while Ha-ni watches in horror and tries to urge them to stop.

Enter Seung-jo, who tells them that there’s no use fighting over Ha-ni. He grabs her shoulder and pulls her close as he points out, “Even so, I’m the only one Ha-ni likes.” With that, leads her along with his hand still on her shoulders.

HA! He can pretend he doesn’t care, but the fact is that he uses the hand-on-shoulder move purposely to signal the guys to back off, because once they’re alone together he drops the hand. She’s feeling miffed at his ego — how confident he must be to declare that he’s the only one she likes. Seung-jo tells her frankly that she and her mother are so transparent.

They have dinner with the parents that night, after which Dad takes Seung-jo aside to ask about his future plans. He suggests that Seung-jo take over his game company, but Seung-jo answers curtly that his father has planned out his whole future without his input.

After that, Seung-jo drops out of sight for a while, and Ha-ni notes that he quits his restaurant job and has stopped coming to tennis club. It takes a while, but she tracks him down to his new job (tipped off by Kyung-soo) as a groundskeeper at a mountain villa.

He’s exasperated with Kyung-soo for telling everyone where he went — in particular He-ra, who pulls up just moments after Ha-ni. Kyung-soo sees this group outing as his chance to make inroads with He-ra, and proposes that he and Ha-ni team up to keep He-ra and Seung-jo apart.

Ergo: couple games, in which he pairs himself with He-ra. Seung-jo sits this one out, leaving Ha-ni and a disgruntled Eun-jo on the same team.

The task is a scavenger hunt wherein the couples must find all seven stamps that have been placed in the forest. There are a couple of funny moments with the He-ra/Kyung-soo pair, not least because He-ra goes hiking in the woods in four-inch heels. At one point Kyung-soo tosses an object in her direction and yells that it’s a bug, which sends her clutching him in fear.

Ha-ni and Eun-jo are both bummed to be stuck in this game without Seung-jo, but Ha-ni tries to make the best of it. A misstep sends her slipping over a small cliff, and she lands in the ditch below. She’s not hurt, but that leaves her unable to climb back up to the main level. Worse yet, they think they hear the howl of a wild animal, which worries them as nighttime approaches.

Joon-gu also works his way through the forest, intent on sticking by Ha-ni’s side at all times. He spots the hat she lost when she fell, and tries to reach for it — and that sends HIM into the crevasse below with an injured leg. He shouts for Ha-ni, and ironically, it’s that sound that makes her cower in fear.

Without a cell phone signal, Eun-jo and Ha-ni settle down to wait for help, and thankfully Eun-jo has come prepared. He shares his blanket with her, and, seeing her shivering, he holds her hands to warm them. It’s cute.

What’s even more adorable, however, is when they think they hear the wild animal approaching, and Eun-jo tells Ha-ni to take cover behind him. Aw! He’s a little boy with the heart of a man.

Seung-jo has remained behind to work, but he’s tipped off that something’s wrong when He-ra and Kyung-soo wearily trudge back and are surprised that Ha-ni’s not back yet. Alarmed, Seung-jo takes off for the forest at a run, knowing something must have happened.

Finding Ha-ni and his brother, he helps them back to safety, and then also finds Joon-gu stranded in the ditch and helps him as well. Joon-gu’s reluctant to accept his help, embarrassed to be at his mercy, and vows to repay this debt.

The next morning, Ha-ni takes a stroll outside, taking a seat at a bench. Seung-jo joins her there, where he tells her, “You should’ve come alone.” He points out, “I thought you liked me and all that. Don’t you know how I feel?”

She starts to say, “I know you wouldn’t think of someone like me…”

He stops her by putting a hand on her shoulder, and then — OMO OMO! — leans down to kiss her.

Only… that’s when Ha-ni wakes up from her daydream, having nodded off on the bench. OH YOU FAKERS. How dare you do this to me and my heightened expectations?

Ha-ni realizes the kiss was just in her dreams, and wishes she’d dreamed a little longer.

But something feels a little different, and she touches a finger to her mouth as she muses, “Still, somehow my lips feel…”

And the camera pans away to reveal Eun-jo, standing at a distance, reacting in shock to something he perhaps didn’t expect to see…


So the big question: DID HE OR DIDN’T HE?

Also, the little question: That “he” is Seung-jo, right?

At first I wondered if we were supposed to think it was Eun-jo who kissed Ha-ni, based on his reaction — he looks nervous and is breathing harder than usual. We DID see him softening toward Ha-ni when they were stuck in the woods together, but still, I don’t think that makes that much sense. Plus, the ending teddy-bear image shows Eun-jo Bear watching Seung-jo Bear kiss Ha-ni Bear… so there’s that.


This episode (and this entire series, really) made me think how curious it was that you could have a drama without any angst that is still enjoyable. Because, let’s face it: there’s nothing in this drama to worry you, to give you that feeling of suspense or anxiety for the characters. Even if all romantic comedies are a foregone conclusion (boy and girl find love), conflict and narrative tension keep things interesting on their way to achieving Happily Ever After. But in this drama, it’s even more obvious than usual (if that’s possible) how it’ll end, so I feel no suspense, and none of the “complications” are really very complicating.

And yet, despite that, I still find it really entertaining and heartwarming to watch. Hm. It’s interesting.

The relationship between Ha-ni and Seung-jo is developing at a snail’s pace, and I’ll admit there are moments where it gets close to being wearying. Yes, Ha-ni likes Seung-jo. Yes, he likes her back but refuses to admit it. I think it’s time for use to get a little more than that same old, same old — or at least bigger expressions of affection on his part. They haven’t lost me yet, but I do think it’s about time for the couple to be making greater strides as the drama’s finish approaches. I look forward to that.


400 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. xiaoSxin

    i am starting to love Beak Sung Joo. But this episode has some choppy editing..

    love the OST in this episode though

    • 1.1 xiaoSxin

      That ending definitely is a cliffhanger!! although we can guess what it is..

      • 1.1.1 gala

        yes cliffhanger-gone-bad because stupid, stupid pd had to add the teddy bears. ugh. in the japanese anime, it worked so well. viewers were questioning whether it was the brother who actually kissed Kotoko/Hani. it was supposed to tickle our minds, eventho we know who really kissed her. but the ending-bears really ruined it.

        • Hannah

          Really? So in the anime/manga it’s actually meant to have you wondering which brother it was?

          • Chriser

            No it is just the Korean version to have you wonder. In the manga it is actually done in the hospital with the little brother waking up at the same moment Seung-jo sneaked a kiss. I guess they wanted to put their own spin on it.

          • gala

            in the anime, it would make you think if little Yuuki was the one who kissed her. korean PK is a mixture of the manga and anime [and well, we could say a few influences from the taiwanese.]

            but because of the ending-bears, it really disrupted that “tickling” thought as i’d call it if A) SJ did kiss her B) it was the usual Hani daydreams or C) EJ kissed her! but we all know it’s A because the bears gave it away.

            [ugh. sorry, i’m ranting and hating on the bears too much. I just didnt love the idea of it in all honesty.]

          • Nameless

            Although I never occur to me that the bro would kiss OHN, but from the manga and anime, it did stir our mind whether the kiss took place or not.

            Again the kiss in the hospital is a twist from ISWAK.
            In manga/ anime, it happened in this outdoor setting. You can refer to manga volume 7 if you still insist.

          • CHshe

            @ Chriser
            I thought I made it clear about ISWAK’s twist on the 2nd kiss.

            Thanks for the info.

          • v

            I am in the minority here but i’m indifferent about the bears… but that’s maybe because i’ve seen all the other versions so it’s not exactly a spoiler anymore… i’m actually glad they cleared it up, with all the unwanted confusion we’ve had in this episode with the dismal editing…

            lol.. Chriser… i think you confused the two… in the anime + manga, the kiss was outdoor.
            in ISWAK, they changed it and made it into the hospital.
            i think PK is following the manga pretty closely (and by extension, the anime as well).

        • samy

          maybe the pd decided to clarify things a bit with the bears so as not to have a big fuss from the viewers about the (under-age for Eun Jo) kiss… koreans are not exactly very liberal and this show already had some similar troubles, if i recall… anyway, Eun Jo + Ha ni = a bit icky… so I m rather glad that it was SJ^^

          • MEIKO**** ^-^

            lol!!!, right, it would have been icky…not to mention three-four guys (joon gu, ki tae, lil bro…and seung jo) liking Oh HaNi would have been exasperating already….

        • Angela

          haha, at first, I totally thought it was the little brother who kissed her too (he’s got all the making of a kid with a crush) but then when they showed the bears, it was pretty clear he just witnessed his brother kissing her while she slept. It makes me wonder if that scene was due to poor editing, or if they intentionally created that brief moment of doubt, just so that they could reveal it through use of the bears (which is both clever and annoying, lol).

        • My

          I thought the bears were cute but oh well you cant please everybody

      • 1.1.2 lena

        it was actually the Taiwanese version that did their own spin because I’m pretty positive that in the manga, that kiss definitely did happen in the forest.

        • Nameless

          110% Agree.

          • Hannah

            Oh, thanks everyone. I was just wondering. I thought it was played pretty straight with the bears.

        • Eva

          yes, i can vouch for lena cos i read the manga and watched the taiwanese version~

          the kiss @ the hospital happened in taiwanese version while the korean plot followed the manga more. so if u’ve read the manga, u’ll know wat happens next

        • CHshe

          Again, why with this confusion?

          It is obvious.
          Kiss at hospital – ISWAK
          Kiss in the forest – Manga/ Anime/ now PK

          • javabeans

            There’s confusion because some of us are watching this drama without comparing it to previous versions. So whether the previous versions made it real or fake, it’s still this drama’s decision to play with the did-he-or-didn’t-he question, and I like that we’re not supposed to know for sure yet. Keeps a little mystery alive. To my mind, we don’t yet have an answer to the question.

          • CHshe

            Thanks JB.
            I totally agree with that mystery thing. And that adaptations are open and free to set their own twist or some kind of signature. That’s why I anticipated the kiss to be different. But it stay true as to manga.

            I’m not giving the obvious answer whether the kiss took place or not. Only its obvious on where it was. So PK stay true in following the manga and not the rest of adaptations. It seems that there confusion everywhere.

          • Hannah


            Haha, sorry if bringing up other versions is annoying! I seriously just thought it was weird editing confusion and didn’t even get that they were playing with the did-he-or-didn’t-he question until I read your recap and then in the comments read that it may have drawn from the manga. With the bears, in a small way, becoming an influential element to the narrative, I thought it was being played pretty straight. But I guess that was just the way I read it.

        • joeydragonlady

          in the manga it didi happen in the woods…the kiss, so far the k version is a lot like the manga and the taiwanese series…love it.

        • meteorflower

          at the end of episode 12, they show the cut/edited scene

          and the scene where Eun Jo saw Seung Jo kiss Hani while she is sleeping

          so mystery solve

  2. Angel

    Omo. Thanks Javabeans!

  3. hoiyan

    yay! 😀 Thank you for the awesome recap! ^^
    Ha ni looks prettier every episode~ hehe

  4. pv

    Thank you Javabean! You made my day. After work, coming home to this is wonderful!! haha. (=

  5. mingtsai

    thanks so much for the fast recap..

    i’m really loving this show… it’s fresh and utterly charming…

    i especially love the last part of this episode.. well, based on the other versions, it will play a major role later in the series when it comes to revelations and realizations..

  6. endodo4ever

    I thought that it was the mother who wrote that sign of Ha Ni and Seung Jo spending the night together? Oh, and I think that during the test taking, it was just a dream and that Ha Ni wished for SJ to pass her notes so that she could pass. Too bad it didn’t happen ’cause SJ (along with Hae Ra) finishes his test 40 minutes prior to the time limit.

    • 6.1 javabeans

      Oh, was it mom? There was a weird transition where Dad wonders, “Where’s Joon-gu?” and then we cut right to school.

      And if the test was a dream, then I’m doubly mad about the horrible editing that made these scenes so confusing.

      • 6.1.1 endodo4ever

        Yeah, I believe it’s the mother because she disguised herself at the school so she put the sign up. That’s why when Seung Jo & Ha Ni arrive, Seung Jo immediately notices her and pulls her aside to berate her, knowing that she pulled off that stunt. Plus, I don’t think Joon Gu would have posted that sign because he was so bummed about Ha Ni and Seung Jo staying together at the apartment; he was pretty upset about it so he wouldn’t have been the one to broadcast it. (Although he didn’t know that they didn’t do anything.) So the only other person who would have wanted the entire school to know that our OTP were together would be Mommy Dearest. ^^ Hope that explains it.

        This episode was pretty awful in terms of editing and directing. I was confused a couple of times myself, so I had to rewatch a couple of scenes. MEH! ><''

      • 6.1.2 Anonymous

        as what i understood from watching it from viikii… it’s Hani’s daydream cause Haera commented to Hani that she’s not even started or finished her papers yet….

        • Anonymous

          I agree. Think haera mentioned something like “u hv not answer 1 question yet?” when she walk out of the exam hall. So I think bsj going the test paper for hani is only hani’s daydreaming about it

      • 6.1.3 Jewels

        I believe Joon-Gu was late not because he had anything to do about the message posted at the school (Seung-Jo’s mother did that), but because he collapse from exhaustion when looking for Ha Ni the previous night. He was trying to prevent her and Seung-Jo from sleeping together and having sex. The next day he was so bummed out in school until Ha Ni’s friends told him that nothing happen, therefore he was free to confess his love.

        Also regarding when Ha Ni’s friend approach Seung-Jo to tell him of the new sunbae after Ha Ni. Seung-Jo said “really, so what, he’s not worried…. of course he’s not, he knows how dedicated Ha Ni is about him and it’s lasted 4 years so far and he’s not that threatened. Hence, his stance in the library grabbing her shoulders and saying to the two boys, why fight…”she only likes me” or something like that.

        I think he got somewhat worried when she actually went on a date with the sunbae.

  7. alyssia

    Thanks! i already watch it but i like to read your reviews anyhow.

    I dont remember much from the taiwanese version. The ending does seem to sway us to think that Eun Jo might might kiss Ha Ni when she was dazing. But i’m betting on Seung jo. In the taiwanese version, the moment when he finally admits then kiss her; he said it was the third time he kiss her. She’s thought it was only the second time.

    So i’m thinking this is definitely the 2nd time before “real’ kiss.

  8. cingdoc

    Can I vote SJ’s mom as the coolest Mother of the Year…so embarassing AND endearing the same time…I’m sure if I’m her kid…rephrase that…If I did that to MY kid, she would kill me,too 🙂

    • 8.1 lovenyc52

      she would be the coolest mother-in-law EVER though 🙂

      • 8.1.1 Blah


      • 8.1.2 Shi Rin

        Wish my boyfriend had such a mom!

  9. Nhu

    Your feeling about this… is what I call the charm of slice-of-life shojo manga. It’s not for everyone, obviously, but if done well, like with the original manga Itazura na Kiss and with Playful Kiss, it’s heartwarming. Not very memorable unless you’re 10 or so (like I was, which makes it stay in your heart), but enjoyable.

  10. 10 may

    I thought the swapping of the English exam was all just Ha-ni’s imagination and didn’t actually happen.

    Perhaps I’m wrong?!?!

    • 10.1 Ladymynt

      I was actually thinking the same thing. I was really confused by his actions of giving her the test, b/c I can’t imagine him cheating for her. He’s always been about her doing things with her own effort whether it turns our well for her or not.
      So I rewatched the scene a few times and i think it was her imagine b/c right before He Ra leaves the examine she looks at Ha Ni’s exam and comments that she hasn’t even started yet or something like that. I think it was just a result of really bad editing that made it not look like one of her fantasies.

      • 10.1.1 javabeans

        I think you guys are right. I agree with the bad editing — choppy editing can be forgiven, but bad editing that makes you think something happened that didn’t = GRARRR.

        • lovenyc52

          ya the editing in this one was pretty bad. the test part confused me SO much because i couldn’t imagine SJ cheating for Ha Ni either… it was only when Hae Ra commented on her empty test sheet did I figure something was not as it should be. Normally the fantasy sequences are more obvious…

          • singletear

            I was thinking that maybe Seungjo had just outlined some of the important parts of the question for Hani so that she would find the test easier?
            Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part. Darn… I knew that smile he gave her was too good to be true…

        • potato88

          where is episode 12???i’ve been waiting for ages…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee…i don’t want dr.champ….i want to read more episodes of playful kiss….please………………………..

          • v

            hehe… XD. i know ur impatient but please wait a little bit more… it’s not like the recap are going to come faster even if you plead. I’m sure they are doing their best to get it done asap. although i understand your need for PK goodies… ive been stalking PK related blogs myself.
            and Dr. champ is done by kaedejun and aberdeen_angus so it’s two other bloggers in charge of it… it doesn’t affect PK recaps at all whether or not the dr champ recaps come out… btw, it’s a really good drama.

  11. 11 ockoala

    Hi JB, thanks for the recap!

    I thought the same about SJ giving HN his completed exam, but upon rewatch realized it was HN’s daydream again, replete with smiling SJ handing her the exam.

    She actually snaps out of that daydream when SJ stands up to turn in his exam, and the HR gets up to go and looks at HN’s exam and tells her it’s still blank. Confirmation that the cheating gesture was all HN’s wishful thinking.

    I though the editing for this episode was TERRIBLE, way more jarring and inexplicable than usual. And everyone looked tired. But at least we’re going somewhere angsty tomorrow…

  12. 12 balletbabe

    If anyone was wondering the guy that played Kim Ki-tae is also the guy from Goong! He played as one of
    Prince Shin’s friends the drama.

    Also WTH does BSJ have that white headband on his head <_< So not attractive!!!

    • 12.1 balletbabe

      *in the drama

    • 12.2 Abie Lee

      Thanks for the interesting tidbit. Now that you’ve mentioned it, he does look familiar. Was he the guy that was interested in the ballerina or just one of the mean guys?

      • 12.2.1 balletbabe

        Yeah he was the one that was interested in Min Hyo Rin

  13. 13 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks Javabeans for the awesome recaps as always. If you don’t listen carefully to Ha Ni’s “thoughts” and narration, you will be thinking that the episode is all over the place.

    The first scene was hilarious because I tortured myself since last Wednesday what will happen in the morning after. It was really worth the wait. The new guy is not that bad and the attention he showed on Ha Ni makes you wish Seung Jo would do the same to Ha Ni.

    I love the scene where Seung Jo discovered the missing chocolates and his reaction…it was so cute.

    I am at lost during the exam…if Seung Jo answered the texst for Ha Ni but it seemed he did probably because Ha Ni voiced out loud that she is hoping they can still be classmates the following sem.

    I wish the kiss was longer and intense…lol but then I want to see what Seung Jo’s lil brother saw with his own eyes…

    Thanks again…I have to go review the parts I love…lol

  14. 14 v.

    ok… ive gotta go do my hwk quickly but just answering to your questions:

    the cheating part…. WAS her day-dream… he didn’t cheat at all, she was just imagining it. during that time seungjo finished his test while she didn’t have anything written on it.

    the kiss part…. dream + reality… from her dream point of view= she has her eyes opened and got kissed
    from both the baek bros point of view, she was sleeping and seungjo sneaked in a kiss

    • 14.1 v.

      have to add… how HOT is frustrated baek seung jo with tousled hair trying to wrestle with hani…
      and bathrobe + wet hair = me fainting… and i’m not even a khj’s fan… i can’t even imagine how triple s would react… XD

      • 14.1.1 mae-ness

        TOTALLY HOT to the nth level. cos we get a glimpse of his human side which is both rare and refreshing 😀

    • 14.2 v.

      oh… one more thing…
      i thought the sign about hani + seungjo night was made by mama baek and not joongu???

    • 14.3 v.

      ok. why am i back here?? hehe, JB, your blog is addicting.
      anyways, i just saw that you edited your post and deleted your comment about joongu losing his duckie charm…
      but you still left the “courtesy of joongu” part…
      does that mean that you still think that mom is not the one who did it?
      and agree with you. ive been saying it since episode 1 but the editing for PK is one of the worst i’ve seen.

  15. 15 angskeet

    i hate his perm.

    • 15.1 Khris

      me too!!! aaaaghhhh!

  16. 16 yeisha

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    Never in my life had I wanted so much to jump inside my computer screen than when a certain



    after taking a bite
    off that darn


    That is all. 😉

    • 16.1 maria

      the hyphenated adjectives make me squeal like girly little gurl. 😛

    • 16.2 Tina

      you and I share this in common.. i LITERALLY screamed/hyperventilated/jumped in my seat when i watched that part 😀 😛

      my mum just looked at me like I was on drugs or something…

    • 16.3 rainyrainy

      LOOOOL , love ur discription of BSJ 🙂

    • 16.4 anon

      me too!

    • 16.5 Shi Rin

      You just clearly expressed my scattered thoughts…
      I swear, was literally drooling at that moment! =)

  17. 17 lulla

    seung jo bear looks like a trash freshly taken out of a garbage can…

  18. 18 myweithisway

    If SKK Scandal is crack, which it is, then PK is the deadly chocolate addiction.

    These two dramas really should not air at the same time, it drives me crazy with all the OMG moments.

    • 18.1 Purpleclouds

      Yeah, I’m loving these 2 dramas but dreading its finals. Will there be a replacement for all this super cute heart pinching romantic fun drama?????

  19. 19 Sarranghae

    Spoiler — as this is a remake, I am sure that the kiss was real and from Seung-jo based on the younger brother reaction because from the taiwanese version, Seung-jo kisses her at the hospital when his brother was hospitalize when she was asleep to which his brother had witness … in the korean version, we didn’t see that at the hospital so this must be that suppose scene that she doesn’t know it is real while the younger brother had witness it himself.

    • 19.1 pinkblush

      i was thinking of the same thing. i think the thought of ha-ni and seung-jo kissing makes the little brother puke.

      • 19.1.1 Jodasg

        Think in the manga, second kiss took place at the woods or garden. So I think this is the second kiss. Just that hani tot it was a dream

  20. 20 maria

    been refreshing like crazy!

    why is baek seung jo SUCH A BOY, I SWEAR. tss. 😛
    it feels just the way it does when you’re young and liking someone for the first time, and when he likes you back you honestly can’t believe it.
    i feel like seung jo is genuinely surprised that hani’s sticking it out with him, and that none of his wally wally walls are going to keep her out, and i think it unnerves him to find that he’s willing to let some of those down for her….. more, i say! 😀 nyahahha
    the arrival of new guy is good for that purpose. if this wasn’t based on the manga and adapted twice already, i’d actually wish that hani actually felt something real for the new guy or for duckie, so that seung jo can just KNOW what it feels like to not have her absolutely, and we can see what that makes him do. 🙂

  21. 21 Married2ahero

    Wait Joon-gu didn’t post the sign…it was the mom.
    And if Eunjo could go down and meet her, why didn’t she use that same way to go back up. I get her leg was sore, but do what Kyung soo did….It’s a whole lot better than just sitting there assuming Seung jo will use his Ha-ni GPS and save them. Oh well, this is dramaland after all…
    And if that hat was so “cherished” why didn’t they ever mention it again. God, the plot devices are so frivolous. Like Ki-tae. He is the definition of a plot device. I wish they developed his story line more, what with Joon-gu’s storyline pretty much dead.

    • 21.1 enchanted

      haha “Ha ni GPS” haha funny lol ;D

  22. 22 rant

    and…. speaking of scavenger, there’s seungjobear!

  23. 23 cille

    THANKS JB for the recap!

    “Best of all is the smile he flashes, which sends He-ra into a tizzy. No, I take that back — best of all is that pissy look on He-ra’s face at Seung-jo’s unexpected gesture.” – BEST PART OF THIS WHOLE EP!!

    i must hand it to Kim Hyun-joong though, he’s starting to develop more facial expressions – more human, less robot. ^^ the chocolate scene was a really good example of this.

    unlike the other dramas i’m currently watching, surprisingly this one is proving to be more entertaining… hmmm

  24. 24 opal

    Don’t take me wrong, I like PK and have watched the TW and Animee but always get the same feeling of annoyance over the characterization of OHN/Kotoko.

    Yes, I got it she supposed to be a dumber and stupid but persistent. It would be better if she is a so-so rated person at least have something good that is not self degrading.

    The most annoying for me is the English Exam. She spent the whole night studied hard ….only to waste 40 minutes swooning at BSJ back?. That is tooooooo much.

    So much I like the mom, actually I am worried to have a mother in law like that ^^.

    Thanks to the actress at least I can still watch OHN and got some fun.

    • 24.1 keunsukfan

      i think she only wasted 20 minutes swooning at BSJ’s back LOL coz that’s the time SJ finished his exam (she said he’s already finished when there’s still 40 minutes to go), maybe she concentrated more after he was gone 😀

      and i thing OHN’s character is not as dumb as the one in ISWAK


  25. 25 mmmaggie

    OMG when I thought my little Eun Jo *may* have kissed Ha Ni…. GASP. Eun Jo is totally my favorite character in this series. And I thought mischievous mom made the sign about Ha Ni and Seung Jo sitting in a tree too. The test taking scene totally confused me.

    I’m glad I stuck with this drama though despite its flaws. The drama is like Seung Jo’s run — TOTALLY amusing, however unintentional. 😛

  26. 26 Laica

    Thanks for the recap!

    You’re right, the editing was atrocious. I hope it gets better in episode 12.

    I liked the new guy, although his sudden change from perfect gentleman to raving beast was a little too much of a plot device. Still, the fight was probably my favourite scene. Maybe because it felt real? In its very low-key-ness. Usually fistfights between guys in dramas are so over the top that I just roll my eyes and don’t feel anything.

    Oh Ha Ni was awesome as always.

  27. 27 maria

    i’m pretty sure last kiss was dream BUT a reality version did happen, except hani was asleep! (just like in the manga and the taiwanese version in the hospital)

    no what i’m wondering is: even if hani was asleep, DID SEUNG JO ACTUALLY SAY THOSE WORDS???

    i would LOVE it if he really said, “you shoulda come alone, if you like me so much, how come you don’t know how i feel?” AAAAAAAAAAAH! <3

    • 27.1 linkyo

      >>>no what i’m wondering is: even if hani was asleep, DID SEUNG JO ACTUALLY SAY THOSE WORDS???<<<<

      Yes, I was actually wondering,–even if that was a dream/reality scene–but, DID seung jo actually say it? Would be very interesting that he did. But… hm, it would be a lil bit pushing his character into the extreme. (since the reality thing SeungJo did to HaNi was that shoulder-on-her-hand-claim.) Hmm….. *curious*

  28. 28 cheekbones

    To comment on your comment, jb, yeah, isn’t it interesting that we can still enjoy a drama without much angst ?

    I find it fresh, and really like it. Because, to tell you the truth, sometimes you just get tired of all the angst. Sometimes you just wanna watch a drama that is kinda breezes its way over you and makes you smile and soothe you. Am I making sense ? 🙂

    Anyway, I was wondering if the korean version was skipping the scene in which the little brother witnessing the kiss because I think it’s a too important plot point to miss. Well, I’m glad they made that scene, and it’s a bit different from the other version.

    Thanks for supplying my crack !

    • 28.1 lovenyc52

      Ya when the hospital scenes came and went w/o the sleeping kiss that Eun Jo witnesses, I wondered if they were going to cut that out too. I also thought it was too important a point to miss cuz it’s the first time he kisses her not out of anger haha.

      So, I’m pretty sure this ending kiss was real and that Eun Jo saw it… but the difference is that the audience doesn’t really see it happen, only through Ha Ni’s dreams do we see it.

      I’m also glad to see that they’re keeping the important parts in and just switching around the timing and what not to not make it a carbon copy of any previous versions.

      • 28.1.1 brigitte

        This kiss version was actually following the anime version. The kiss was real and the brother saw it. It will be reveal in the future episodes.

        • lovenyc52

          ahh thanks for clarifying 🙂

          i’ve only watched the TW version so that’s the only basis i have.

          4 more eps! can’t wait 😀

    • 28.2 Purpleclouds

      Many people love the old reruns of “I Love Lucy”, for its simple cute funny mild homely endearing plot. PK is a lot more fun, romantic, filled with young peoples’ frustrations we once faced. I love this drama because I do get sick of shows with so much wicked connivance that one gets seconds of disappointment of humanity. This show is just like banana split with cherries on top & a root beer float.

    • 28.3 Dante

      ITA! And it’s just so funny! The background music for the various scenes is really clever, adds to the humor. It is a gentle, sweet, hilarious show.

      All the characters are cartoonish (extreme), without being one-dimensional (if that makes sense). I have to remind myself of this a lot. Otherwise, I’d want to punch out SJ, HN, JG…. the mom. I mean, she dressed her little boy as a girl until he was 5. Paging Dr. Freud!

      I love the guy who looks like he’s 40! He steals every scene he’s in. Can’t wait for Ep. 12 to be posted. I am so addicted I am watching in Korean. (Watching SKK in Korean, too.)


  29. 29 Blah

    Oh they actually went orienteering! Not a scavenger hunt 😉

  30. 30 Nikki

    I just have to say this…the achingly handsome Kim Ki-tae has stolen the part of my heart that is still a 12 year old girl. I want him to be in every single epsiode from now on, no matter how unnecessary it is. I even missed him when they went to the resort. Aishh…This is probably how Ha Ni feels about Seung Jo. Now, I’ll cut her a little more slack for being so ridiculously devoted 🙂

    • 30.1 Lem0nlime

      Omg, the guy that plays Kim Ki-Tae in this episode is soooo HOT. I wonder if he’ll appear in later episodes! Anyway, his name is Choi Sung Joon if anyone else is wondering who he is.

      • 30.1.1 linkyo

        Choi Sung Joon. Okay. Note it down. Thanksss!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

      • 30.1.2 SaisMY

        oh. that’s who he is. thanks for info. i kept wondering who he was. he looked so familiar. i thought he was kim joon from Tmax at first. ^^

  31. 31 Q

    That picture of KHJ tasting the chocolate is awesome; I want to see him do a really comedic role – he’d be great at that. And kyahhh the bed-hair <333 … (I love tousled. Tousled is sexy and dangerous and kiss-you-on-the-bench-when-you're-sleeping. I hope :/.)

    Anyway, thanks for the cap, JB :D. I'm glad you're enjoying PK – I'd hate to think you were only recapping this because of the inevitable uproar from the swarms of rabid fangirls if you didn't. I wonder … do you ever fear for your life D:?

  32. 32 mary

    Little bro definitely saw his brother kiss Oh Han Ni, but she thought she dreamed it. Library scene- 2 guys fighting over you and the boy you like announcing the you like only him and taking you away. swoon!

    thanks for the fast recap!

  33. 33 mariaxtina

    thanks for the recap! i am liking this drama more and more, but this episode was a little messy! the story is all over the place.. i mean, the story is cute and all that.. but as you’ve said the editing was choppy.. but, anyhow.. i still love it! can’t wait for the next episode!^^

  34. 34 :D

    I think that Seung-jo actually kissed Ha-ni!…well if i remember the manga correctly

  35. 35 Katie

    I TOTALLY agree with you!!!! About pretty much everything. 🙂 I do get incredibly mad when Oh Han Ni is practically begging for KHJ to love her back, falls all over herself to make him happy, and he just acts distant. I just want her to stick up for herself a little more! She deserves to be treated better! And then I remember that it’s just a drama, not real life. I love how it draws me in like that though. Yes, I very much wish there was more angst (on KHJ’s part) and a little more drama (again, from KHJ) but I still love it. Hopefully, he will soon realize what a gem he has, almost lose her, and then get her back with some serious proving of his undying eternal love. 🙂 Thanks for the recap! I can’t wait for tomorrows.

    • 35.1 Katie

      And I totally meant to say BSJ every time I wrote KHJ. Sorry for the confusion!!!!

  36. 36 Luv Triangle

    its funny how this drama just makes me smile despite its easy going plot..I mean there is no anguish except just hoping that BSJ finally tells OHN or forget her..just says it out loud that he is feeling something..I love his little smiles but i really honestly want something substantial…Like him looking at her and not realizing it..
    u know and so on…

    Anyhow moving on to the teenager in me who actually wanted to scream when OHN had those two guys fighting over her and the third one just came in and took her away…Ok as pathetic as that sounds…I have always wanted two guys fighting over me…hehehe

    i mean no one should get hurt..and a little blood here and there never hurt anyone..nothing major..and me just standing there like OHN and saying “no no stop stop” and two handsome men fighting for their right to love….*sigh*..
    ughhh why show why?? why did u awaken my teenage dream again?!?! heheheh

    • 36.1 SaisMY

      aha i totally agree with you. it’s totally every girl’s dream to have 2 hot guys fighting over you. ^^

  37. 37 yeisha

    Okay, now that I can actually formulate a coherent sentence without the image of Robot Boy holding those darn chocolates muddling my brain…

    Thanks JB for your super fast recap!

    I do have a few things to say about this episode. Grrrrrr on the choppy editing! I also thought that Seungjo answered those test questions for her and that was one of my favorite parts. Not that I condone cheating but the gesture (and the smile) definitely made me giddy because it was so unexpected and so un-Seungjo like. Gah.

    Like JB, there are times when I almost felt frustrated with pace that their relationship is going. And I’ve already read the manga so I know the story but even then sometimes I feel like saying “Ahhhh…these two, just get together already! We all know you’re going there anyway, so can we just skip this whole roundabout process and get on with The Cute? I’m so easy to please. Just want to see you two holding hands and sharing a cotton candy whilst whispering sweet nothings to each other.” Ha.

    But that’s just my impatient self talking.

    The thing with PK is that unlike other adaptations of Itazura na Kiss, we have a Naoki/Seungjo who’s giving us glimpses of how he feels towards Hani – little smiles here and there, knowing smirks, etc. His previous incarnations were either completely cold or mean that by the time they finally owned up to their feelings you’ll feel like saying “whoa —- when did that happen?!” Instead, we have Seungjo who is already showing the audience early on, that he is definitely aware of Hani and may in fact care about her, albeit in such a clueless robotic way.

    And I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. In fact, I absolutely love how they are showing us “The How” of their emotional journey, especially Seungjo’s slowwwwwww one. If they do it right, I’m sure that by the time our Robot Boy will finally see what’s in front of him this entire time, it will all be worth it in the end. Not to mention the collective swooning and fainting because the representative of our fangirl-dom, our Hani, is finally getting her happy ending. 🙂

    But still. I’m shallow and I want more of The Cute.

    • 37.1 Annony

      I think that’s why the word of choice has been “Crush” instead of “unrequited love”. Every time OHN or her friends describe the nature of her feelings/relationship with BSJ it’s always been “crush”. Which is why I feel that this entire series lacks the brevity of “unrequited love”. “Unrequited love” has the ring of a mature longing, in which case, though Hani has a longing for BSJ, it’s not as mature as it can or should be (supposing that she’s emotionally matured to be a 19/20 year old and like wise for BSJ). But because their emotional age is not as mature as it could be (stunted, of sorts), we get a high school love that stretches on to college.

      I’ve felt the same thing, actually. I was in love throughout HS and when university came (and said guy all of a sudden followed me to the same uni), I was at the crux of thinking “this should be over”. It took me a semester to sort my feelings, and road tripping around Europe to finally settle myself and say I give up…

      But that’s just me, because we all know Hani get’s her once-robot-prince charming.

      • 37.1.1 Zie

        Same here.. I know the feeling of that kind of “crush”. i guess.. that’s why i’m sooo into this drama as it kind of describe me except the SEUNGJO part of loing the HANI back.. That never happen to me. Infact….. lol hahahaha shouldn’t go that far into the story..

        Anyway, what i’, trying to say.. i had a crush on the guys ever since i met him when i was 10 until 17. I KNOW.. IT’S STUPID but i just can’t get over him. even until now when i met him… i feel jiggly.. >_< and I'm 20 ish! *stupid crush* Even at that time i'm crushing someone else or with someone else…. Everytime i see or hear his name… my focus just go to him.. Thou, it is ok now compare to then!!!!! LOL

    • 37.2 giddy

      I agree with you on the slow emotional journey that BSJ is taking–from the beginning, he showed more warmth than we saw in ISWAK–because yes, I did find Joe Cheung’s character to be downright mean with no glimpse of any chink in his armor.

      Thanks for clarifying the exam, JB, it didn’t dawn on me that it was Hani’s daydream until you mentioned it. I was wondering to myself if there was going to be any backlash from Korean moms who would be outraged that such blatant cheating was promoted on the show (you know how they seem to be so vocal nowadays!). Now that it’s been mentioned, it does make sense that it was a daydream since Hae Ra noticed Hani’s blank paper. That IS bad editing.

      One thing that I’ve really liked is those poignant moments when we actually hear Kim Hyun Joong singing, “One More Time” on the OST–like the last kiss scene on the bench. As soon as the scene starts, you can hear him singing and then his arm appears. His voice matches ballads as he sings it so tenderly, and it’s like BSJ’s innermost thoughts are being revealed since he can’t verbalize them to Hani.

      I liked the bears showing what’s actually happened so I don’t have to wait until the next episode. Thanks to all for explaining how this replaces the hospital kiss in ISWAK, and how true to the manga/anime it is to take place in the forest.

      It has continued to be a pleasant surprise to find the recaps so quickly, JB; thank you! I do agree that slice of life is nice–I’ve always wondered why we couldn’t see normal people going through more normal things instead of all the over the top angsty drama. Of course, not everyone looks like KHJ, but I think we can recall someone who was magnificent in our eyes and just as unreachable in our lives. I like ending a drama with a smile instead of hatred and frustration (I stopped watching those kinds of dramas–who needs the stress?).

      My last thought on the editing–perhaps having to cut down from 20 to 16 in such a short time is causing the holes in plot? Like the back story on Ha ni’s hat? We are moving pretty rapidly from here on in from the previews.

  38. 38 Autumn

    Gah! Somebody please give Joongu some love. It pains me greatly to see that Hani doesn’t even have the slightest romantic interest in him, while he continuously showers her with his love. sigh.

    I hated Ki-tae, I really did. He claimed that he doesn’t expect her to get over SeungJo and like him right away, but he later tried to force kiss her to make her forget. wtf bastard. (but i kinda lol-ed at the scene, seems like everyone is taking a page out of SeungJo’s book)

    I love Hani, but sometimes i found her one-track-mind-ness really annoying. though same can be said about Joongu.

    Ha! i didn’t even noticed that SJ was wearing the Hani-approved shirt!

    • 38.1 Ashley

      TWICE! He wears it in the “may or may not be fantasy” sequence too.

      • 38.1.1 Q

        Actually, that’s a different shirt lol the checkers are bigger. But seeing as how that shirt wasn’t in his wardrobe before, I’m wondering (hoping) if he went out and purchased a truckload of red, checkered shirts? Bahaha.

        • yeisha

          True. Its a different shirt BUT a red checkered shirt nonetheless. And I noticed that he is wearing another plaid shirt in the preview…that wasn’t in his wardrobe before either. 😛

        • Ashley

          This is one of those times I’m glad I’ve been proven wrong, because I like your theory better than mine lol

  39. 39 Purpleclouds

    Doesn’t KHJ look like a college freshman, young & innocent at that after bad chocolate with a heart felt sweet smile scene? That’s the expression/look of a 20 year old. Now will some say he can’t act??? He’s doing a pretty good job!

    • 39.1 Annony

      :high fives: yes, KHJ can act. I think we should coax it out of him with choco. 😛

    • 39.2 Dante

      He can so totally act! His facial expressions in the bed scene were excellent. Frustration, confusion, sexual tension, irritation…. Yah. Then with the horrible tasting chocolate. His face went from disgust at the taste to laughing at how “Ha Ni” it was. Perfect.

    • 39.3 Ajumma FanGirl

      Yes, think KHJ did great in that scene.

  40. 40 Q & A

    omo omo, indeed! I’m guessing KHJ actually did kiss her, because that was one of the significant points of drama plot….well it was in the taiwanese version, and no way will the script writers not use this^^

  41. 41 Ashley

    I can tell Javabeans is just as addicted as the rest of us because this went up FAST.

    The editing of this episode was truly awful, and I hope they don’t make it so choppy for episode 12. Were they pressed for time or something? They should have removed a fantasy sequence if they didn’t have time to fit it in properly. I still love the show, and OHN remains as adorable as ever, but that really just looked lazy.

    Is it just me, or has HR really stepped up her bitchiness? I mean, they girl actually physically PUSHES OHN now, whereas before it was just limited to snarky comments.

    Robot Boy seems to be getting closer to admitting his feelings… If indeed he has them, and we haven’t been fooled by bad editing 😉

    • 41.1 smalltank

      i agree with the Hae-ra bitchy-ness. seems like she suddenly upped a notch in being mean and catty. that those glaring eyes at hani before the exams .. eew..

      • 41.1.1 Anonymous

        hae-ra is detestable,her sarcasm is so irritating. i would like to enter at the computer and punch her .

        she is soooooo BITCH

  42. 42 avidDBfan

    Wow, super fast job. Thanks. I really come to adore this cute rom-com and it’s getting more interesting. Comparatively, pace so much better than the TW version.

    So sad that I couldn’t watch next two weeks but will stay tune with dramabeans channel!

  43. 43 CHshe

    Wehew round 11

    Ooooh I love this episode… So much, much more. Where do I begin? Of course the kiss keke… It’s a beautiful setting just like in the manga/anime….

    It’s true that progression of the story seems like a mix of recycled feeling, where we get to see yet again, BSJ being hot and cold towards OHN; and her perseverance to win his love; however the anticipation of the unison is pretty much moving at a steady ‘snail’ pace, at least from my point of view. Especially when BSJ finally meets OHN after hiding for quite a while; he surely have misses her and so he stole a kiss from her. I mean that’s a big improvement, right? Anyway, don’t worry JB it’s getting there.

    There’s something irk to me when BJG seek out JJR the morning after. I’m not sure if he was looking for her comfort or confirmation. But as I recall from earlier episodes, I think that these two shared a close interaction, much closer than he has with OHN. So I kind of get that vibe, in my wildest thoughts of all that these two might have something, somewhere, somehow. But we have to wait for Chris to be sure of that. And I love that skeleton of BJG, freaking hilarious!

    I was so hysterical to see our flower-head girl has lose her coolness and being so girly, cheeky, bumbling, sly and giddy towards BSJ. Coz we know that she will never get the guy, no matter how bimbo you try to be. I feel like I get to watch the birth of another OHN, more giddier with a brain and looks. I don’t think I hate her but more to say that I’d enjoy her character’s dynamic into the show. Especially with her and Mr 40 giddy moments, I couldn’t stop laughing when Mr 40 stretched out his jacket wide open; yet another epic moment from Mr 40. Score! “Water, I need water”. Score!

    I was actually bothered by OHN sumo-hairdo, but I felt as if it projected what OHN’s state of mind is. Sumo-hairdo equals to OHN in thinking-sane mode. Also I was bothered with BSJ hair-band; he looks like a Greek god or something, but not in a good way. Totally ruining my takes on KHJ looks, gah…

    Agree with JB, I don’t think BSJ is jealous, in fact he never has and never will. OHN always see things in her own OHN way; thinking that she didn’t get any reaction from BSJ when she was ‘having an affair’. She didn’t seem to get that BSJ knows her very well and trust that she will never sway her feelings. It’s not about BSJ being confident himself. He is confident with OHN. If only OHN can see things in this way.

    Ok again, the stolen kiss, dang how I wish they kept the question unanswered for a little while; at least for few more episodes. But it was well executed. Even it got JB/viewers into thinking whether the kiss actually happened or not. (And JB, never in million years have I thought that EJ might actually be the one who kissed her instead of BSJ. I never thought you’d think that far!). So major props for that! But then PD! You gave the answer away too soon with that doll setting of yours! Gahhh I never been bothered with the doll setting before, but now I hate it! I feel like I want to chew its head off!! Ok not chew, may be I’d just went berserk on that set… keke

    Anyway looking forward for next episode and its going to be intense, I hope…
    Thanks JB as always.

  44. 44 inorhaniza

    awesome……love ur recap so much!!

  45. 45 Rovi

    This is my most favest ep so far!!!

    Kim Ki-tae: must be the Korean equivalent of Kamogari Keita, one of Kotoko’s classmates in nursing school. He’s the one who liked Kotoko, but gave since he saw how much Kotoko & Naoki love each other. He then met & fell in love with Akiko (girl in a wheelchair).
    Someone to fan the flames of jealousy (jiltu-ui bulkkot(ch)…hahaha, so fixated on yokmang-ui bulkkot(ch))

    They even included the part where Keita wanted to kiss Kotoko…well, relocated in a library and not in a street, that is…
    amuteunHE’S SO EFFING YUMMY!!!! <- well, no one can compare to uri Yummy-shin
    (drunk too much in involving self in the Yummy Faction, haha…)

    Answer to JB’s question: OF COURSE HE DID!!! <- my expression here was in "Well, DUH!!!~"-mode…
    (don't wanna spoil, but even half of those who watched ISWAK & the anime version knows the answer too well…)

    • 45.1 Beng

      I think Kim Ki tae is the mean guy who is always 2nd to Seung Jo’s always first in the class. He became mean because he can’t beat Seung Jo. So he pursue Hani instead as a revenge. He doesn’t really like Ha-ni. I can’t remember if his character is based on the Taiwanese version or the manga. I will review it again =)

      Kamagori Keita is not mean at all. And only came out when they are already taking up medicine (Hani-nurse/Seungjo-Doctor). In this episode, Seung-jo haven’t even decided yet what degree he wants to pursue.

      • 45.1.1 rainyrainy

        that guy u’r talking about is based on the manga ,
        But I think they changed a bit the story of Kim Ki tae becoz in the manga , there’s a Jr to OHN guy who told OHN that he loved her and he even went out with her ( and OHN was thinking by doing this she will make BSJ jealous ) but it turned the guy was in love with the girl who was tutored by BSJ ( who fell in love with BSJ ) and he just wanted to get revenge of both BSJ and that girl and made her feel jealous .

  46. 46 Hannah

    Ha, I didn’t even notice he wore the shirt. Nice eye for detail, even with the choppy editing confusion. Thanks for the recap!

  47. 47 jeankaycee

    thanks jb! your fast as usual!

    this episode was the usual PK episode, fun, light , fluffy, sweet and entertaining. but i also think that this is a build up for the new conflicts ahead. i know others would think the pace of the show was so slow but i think its just on the right track but i do hope for more concrete execution for the show to be more solid and fun to watch.

    love the look on seung jo’s face when he saw ki-tae at the resto for being hani’s date!

    glad to give shout out to eun jo for being adorable in this episode. being the little big guy for hani esp. when he held her hand and ask hani to hide behind him! so cute!!!

    little rantings:

    the editing are off key that it makes the scene seem unclear and i did hope that they used the ki-tae character more so more jealous seung jo can be seen and really feel the rivalry plot. i think it wil make it more believable.

    AND for the kiss…is it a dream or not? im dying to tell but i know jb and others who dont watch or read the manga would kill me if i give spoilers so i will keep my mouth firmly shut!

    based on the previews the episode 12 would be more complex than usual so its a welcome change. i do hope im right!

    see you on episode 12!


  48. 48 YAY!!

    HOORAY! Thanks for the fast recap!!!
    I’ve been waiting for this!
    Finally there’s another guy who can pose as even the tiniest threat for Seung jo!
    At least now it’s not Ha ni chasing after him all the time…(sort of).
    I’m enjoying the light-ness of the drama. There’s no worry, depression, angst etc… It’s one of those dramas where you don’t feel depressed for the main characters and you can just enjoy the episodes as they come along.
    Anyway, thanks for the recap! Hope the next episode’s recap will be up just as fast!

  49. 49 rachel

    That kiss is real or in a daydream.I really want to know
    seung-jo love ha-ni or not?

    • 49.1 iluvshillang

      If they are following the other versi0ns(the taiwanese for one) HE REALLY KISSED HER . . In the taiwanese one,Zhishu did kissed a sleeping Xiangqin in the h0spi when his br0ther Yushu was admitted. . And Yushu saw what he did and eyes wide open in sh0ck.

  50. 50 reenandreese

    yes he kiss her at the later episode it will be revealed.
    Thanks for the recap and I enjoy reading your blog.
    have a happy day!^_^

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