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Playful Kiss: Episode 12
by | October 12, 2010 | 483 Comments

I won’t lie. This episode was not easy to recap. I don’t have stellar expectations for this show to begin with, so I’m usually easy to please when it comes to Playful Kiss. Be cute. The end. But this episode left me shaking my fist in the air, and wanting to revoke Ha-ni’s membership from…being a GIRL.


Mom asks Seung-jo to move back home and stop giving Ha-ni such a hard time. Seung-jo tells her that he left precisely to get away from her attempts to control him. He notes that she never asked him what he wanted when she brought Ha-ni back into the house, bringing Mom near tears.

After he leaves, she frets that he’s left home to discover his own path, but nothing has actually changed in his life. Dad tells her to wait it out for him to figure things out on his own.

Min-ah and Ju-ri come by for lunch, telling Ha-ni about a high school reunion, complete with a school-uniform dress code. But, didn’t they graduate, like yesterday? Ha-ni gets weak in the knees thinking about Seung-jo back in his high school uniform.

She finds him at school to tell him about it, and he brushes her off coldly, saying that he doesn’t know who came up with such a childish idea, but he’s not interested. Ha-ni mumbles to herself as he walks off, “How can I possibly know what’s in that head of yours?” Yeah, you’re not the only one who’s wondering, as the comments in this thread’ll tell ya.

He hears her and turns around to give her the stink eye, and walks off.

Mom suggests a scheme to get Seung-jo to the reunion. Gah, this is why he’s running away from you. Maybe you want to give the scheming a rest for a while, till he stops pushing Ha-ni away because of your “plans”?

Ha-ni gets dressed in her old school uniform, getting nostalgic for the good old days, even taking out her D-minus love letter and remembering it fondly.

At the event, Ha-ni rubbernecks around for Seung-jo, finding him sitting alone in his regular clothes, complete with sour look of disdain. She heads over and he coughs up her house keys, completing his mom-assigned task with little desire to humor her further. Although it does make me wonder: if you hate being controlled so much, then why do you always do as she asks, knowing exactly why you’re being asked to do it? Not that I don’t know the power of the Korean Mother’s Request For Favors. They’re not requests—they’re thinly-veiled commands from up high, couched in social graces. It’s like if Noriega used words like “please” and “thank you.”

Ha-ni tries to get Seung-jo to stay and have some fun since he’s here anyway, (grabbing his wrist) but he shakes her off and leaves curtly. But not two feet away, when his classmates greet him, he joins them at a table, smiling and chatting like a person not made of inorganic metal parts.

Unsurprisingly, his friends from high school are the cream of the crop smartypants boys from good families, who all went to Taesan University, where Seung-jo missed his interview that day. They see Ha-ni across the aisle and assume that they’re really dating now, making her smile. But Seung-jo, still angry, and well, being Seung-jo and all, flatly denies it, saying, “I don’t keep those sorts of things [girlfriends].”

Ha-ni glares and pouts, then stalks away, and Seung-jo clocks her every move. You passive-aggressive little snot.

At the gathering, Bye Bye Sea gets introduced as Bye Bye Sea, now having officially become a band after high school. While they play, Ha-ni notes that Seung-jo is brooding in the corner, lost in his thoughts. He’s angsting over what to do with his life, now confronted with the fact that his classmates have all chosen majors while he’s still undeclared, and they suggest that he simply rest on his laurels and inherit his father’s company.

The next time Ha-ni looks up, he’s gone. She takes the coat he left behind and heads home, wondering what was on his mind.

Seung-jo heads to his apartment, stopping outside to think over his father’s wishes for him to follow in his footsteps, and Ha-ni’s suggestion that he become a doctor.

Ha-ni shows up behind him with his jacket, (which he totally left there on purpose, subconsciously) asking him to unload on her: “They say that if you share something bad it splits in half, and if you share something good, it doubles.” He smiles at that, and as Ha-ni waits expectantly, he gets up to announce his decision: he will be going pre-med.

Well, duh.

Ha-ni is shocked, though, not knowing of course the extent to which she influences him. He just makes her promise not to say anything to anyone yet. ‘Cause that worked so well last time. She watches him walk away curiously, breaking into a smile when she realizes that she’s the only one on this planet who knows this about Seung-jo. Oh, the power of secrets.

Kyung-soo is planning a Top Spin ten-year anniversary party, and in order to get He-ra to attend, the other club officer (a great side character who I wish we saw more of) tells him to just get Seung-jo to come. For that, he needs Ha-ni, naturally. She doesn’t want to keep using Seung-jo as bait for He-ra, but Kyung-soo pleads with her, and sends her literally into Seung-jo’s path.

She tells him that his dad went to the hospital today for a check-up, and Seung-jo heads home to see the results. He reads the chart and deduces that Dad needs to watch out for his heart health. Mom cuts Dad off from sweets or fried foods, making him pout like she cancelled Christmas.

Ha-ni arrives at Dad’s restaurant to find Joon-gu hard at work on his first official dish that’s going to be served to customers. Dad praises him for his talent and dedication, making Ha-ni see him in a new light. Well it’s about time! She stares at him intently, saying that she’s only known him to be a slacker, but this is the first time she’s ever seen him do anything so diligently. Except love you? But you wouldn’t know about that.

Duckie’s made her a lunch spread fit for kings, and I’m having serious food envy right now. He’s on pins and needles awaiting her verdict, and she takes one bite…”DAEBAK!” Duckie pretty much dies of happiness right then and there.

At school, Ha-ni approaches He-ra with some trepidation, but she asks if she’ll be attending the Top Spin party (No) and whether she’s picked a major. One-track mind, this girl. She’s concerned that He-ra might follow Seung-jo all the way to med school. He-ra, in a surprising moment of clarity that makes me respect her, laughs at Ha-ni’s silliness, saying that she’ll choose her major based on what SHE wants to do…because it’s HER life.

Thank you! Finally a girl with some sense! I know, I normally love to despise this girl, but here she’s a great example for Ha-ni, who’s got some serious growing up to do, in this respect. But then to set the world back on its proper axis, He-ra finishes it off with her trademark condescending bitchiness, petting Ha-ni on the head like a child. Ha-ni frowns as she watches He-ra go, admitting to herself that in this one way, He-ra’s pretty impressive. I certainly hope it encourages you to ask what YOU want to do with your life…other than love Seung-jo, that is.

She runs into Seung-jo on campus, and tells him that He-ra, all of her friends, even Duckie, are all figuring out what they want to do with their lives, but she…isn’t. Well then shouldn’t this be lighting a fire under your ass?

She tells Seung-jo that she does have a dream. It’s to…be his nurse when he starts a little medical practice somewhere. Or to be a stewardess if he becomes a pilot. Or a caddy if he becomes a golf pro.

THUNK. That would be the sound of my opinion of you…dropping so far into the Earth’s core that it came out the other side.

Seriously? What in the WHAT, now? Did you really just say that your Big Life Plan…is to follow Seung-jo around for the rest of your life and be his assistant, his secretary, his token lackey? Why the FRAK did you go to college to get a first-rate education, then??


I’m ashamed of you right now. I know it’s harsh, but that’s the truth.

Seung-jo smiles and tells her that she’s got unrealistic goals, but they’re her dreams, and very Ha-ni-esque ones at that. He pats her on the back and tells her that the unreachable dreams are ones fighting for.

He gets called home by Dad, who pitches a fit at finding out that he’s chosen to be a doctor. Yeah, that’s not unrealistic at ALL, Show. Dad is heartbroken over Seung-jo’s flat refusal to inherit the family company, so much so that he actually has a heart attack.

Oh, GOD. Really, Show? We’re just careening off the deep end today, are we?

Needless to say, Dad’s stress-related heart condition is enough to get Seung-jo to go in and help run the company in Dad’s absence, and move back into the house. In an amusing bit of meta, the second he walks in, the two women in the office swoon and call him Yonsama. Haha.

Ha-ni relishes playing the housewife (sigh) to Seung-jo while the parents are in the hospital. Eun-jo whines about the abundance of inedible food at the dinner table, but Seung-jo doesn’t make one complaint about her horrible cooking, and eats it, knowing how hard she worked. Okay, that’s adorable.

She calls Dad to ask him how to make an egg side dish, and Duckie overhears that Ha-ni is packing Seung-jo’s lunch. Seung-jo reluctantly takes the lunch that Ha-ni made after hearing that she woke up at the crack of dawn to make it, and smiles when he opens it up.

Duckie comes in, having tracked Seung-jo down at the office, and hands him a new lunch, one that he made instead. Seung-jo lets Duckie run off with Ha-ni’s lunch, since well, he saved him from having to actually eat it. Heh.

Duckie sits in the park with Ha-ni’s lunchbox, eager to taste her cooking, despite his mood sagging when he sees the heart-shaped food. He takes a bite…and wonders if Ha-ni actually hates Seung-jo. HAHAHA.

Seung-jo sits up late that night, and tells Ha-ni that Dad isn’t doing well, and he’ll probably have to undergo surgery. He’ll have to stay at the company, and give up his med school dreams.

Ha-ni tells him that he can’t—it’s the first time he’s ever found something he’s wanted to do. He can’t give that up. But Seung-jo is doing the dutiful thing, and even though he doesn’t enjoy working for his father, he knows it’s the right thing to do. Ha-ni reminds him of his graduation promise—to have fun. Seung-jo says that he’ll have to sacrifice that in order to make others happy (the other half of the promise).

Ha-ni sweetly back-hugs him, knowing that it’s all she can do.

At school, He-ra deduces what Seung-jo is doing to help his family, and goads Ha-ni about not being able to do anything but follow him around and say empty words. That spurs Ha-ni to get a job at the company, and follow Seung-jo to work. Gah, I’m getting really tired of this same plot pattern being used over and over again. It’s the same dynamic and nothing changes.

Seung-jo meets with a potential investor, who takes a liking to him instantly, so much so that he asks for Seung-jo to meet his granddaughter. What, now you have to prostitute yourself for Dad’s company? This is going to a weird place. Did we step into a different drama?

Seung-jo shows up to the blind date, and who should be sitting there? Why He-ra of course. Who didn’t see that coming?


Well, it looks like He-ra’s pulling out the big guns, but I’m pretty sure this is the move that’ll get her black-balled. I mean, Seung-jo isn’t exactly the corporate-merger-arranged-marriage type. I foresee some angst for Ha-ni, who is faithfully taking care of Seung-jo at home. I’m pretty sure if I were doing that much cooking, I’d be pissed that he was getting his kicks elsewhere with the she-witch from Whoville.

I’m so glad that Duckie has turned a new leaf, and has become passionate about something other than just loving Ha-ni. Note how it’s at that moment that Ha-ni starts to see him differently. That’s exactly what I want for Ha-ni too—to grow and become her own person, find her own dreams and desires. Because right now I see why Seung-jo isn’t shouting her name from the rooftops. Her entire identity is wrapped up in him, and it’s starting to show at the seams.

I know this has been the case for Ha-ni from the beginning, but now that DUCKIE the perennial slacker has found purpose in his life, her lack of such…pales in comparison. I certainly hope that Ha-ni gets the same sort of character development that the male characters are getting, because if she doesn’t, we’ll have WORDS, Show.

To be honest, her lack of oomph on that front kind of killed my love for her in this episode. I’m hoping that it’s part of her arc, and that she’ll be growing. I just want to believe that, because if all she does is fulfill her current dream…I may vomit from the implication that that’s…enough. I frankly don’t have that much hope for her now, which makes the rest of it (her winning Seung-jo in the end) less satisfying, if that’s ALL she’s about.

Duckie’s development highlights again the pot-lid metaphor, because when she began to take him seriously, I thought, wouldn’t it be perfect if the two characters who were so devoted in love…could love each other? But then that’s the whole point—why they’re not meant to be—because they’re both lids. Or pots. Whichever. They’re of the same mold, which makes them redundant, to each other. It’s not necessarily a belief I hold in real life, but I like what the drama is doing with it as a romantic throughline, because it’s a great point narratively. It makes character differences interesting, and not just as motivations for clashes. It’s the puzzle idea—that two people need to be complementary to fit together, not shaped the same way. In that respect I do enjoy the relationship between Seung-jo and Ha-ni, as they continue to complement each other. I just wish that it wasn’t always Ha-ni matching herself to Seung-jo. I want her to form her own piece, and for Seung-jo to try and match her once in a while too.


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  1. abc

    This is such an expected suprise! Thank you GF!!

    • 1.1 abc


      Totally didn’t expect to see a recap at this time of day (night) 🙂

    • 1.2 a_fan

      Many claim Playful Kiss to be a fluff drama but scroll down the page for some strong, well-articulated, contrasting opinions.

      • 1.2.1 Angela

        haha, and here I thought you were just being facetious… imagine my surprise when I started reading those comments and actually DID discover intelligent debates going on. Will wonders never cease? Who would’ve thought PK of all things would warrant such riveting reading? ^_^

        • Hannah

          LOL suddenly everybody started having an existential crisis. It’s kinda funny if you remember that it was only a little five minute scene. And yet, it exemplifies the predominant reason why PK is so polarising.

          • linkyo

            * suddenly everybody started having an existential crisis. *

            Ahhh!!! Yes, there it is. You just say it well. It really is the clash of “how to define yourself.”

          • yeisha

            * suddenly everybody started having an existential crisis. *

            Ha! So true. Someone better direct those people at MBC to dramabeans. We sure have a lot of interesting and intelligent discussion going on here.

          • maria

            nyahaha! SO TRUE! apparently, the fire that isn’t lit up ha ni’s bee-hind re: finding her path is lit up under everyone else’s.
            why yes this is a thread for quarterlife crisis, why do you ask? 😛

          • anonymous

            * suddenly everybody started having an existential crisis. *

            i was having one when i started watching this drama… 🙂
            and this drama has been a pure joy to watch that warms my spirit with all its sincere fluffiness, which reminds each of us something deep inside, from a long long once upon a time when wishes came true…

      • 1.2.2 czak

        haha been a long time since i read the comments sector…
        all i can say is wow…
        people really has some strong opinions about ths drama..
        I mean for me, what you read is what you read, what you watch is what you watch.. it all depends if you make something you read/watch into your daily life mission & path to take…
        so its for us to decide whether we take the STORY of Hani & SeungJo as a role model or just a form of entertainment. and for me PK is for pure entertainment same as Da Vinci Code is just a fiction book i read…

    • 1.3 PhilWittyJoong

      ” I just wish that it wasn’t always Ha-ni matching herself to Seung-jo. I want her to form her own piece, and for Seung-jo to try and match her once in a while too.”
      –Drama beans—

      Im just quoting it.. ^_^ i love it…

      Ha ni become unrealistic of finding herself what she is… getting into College for what? just to finish and trail down Seung jo again and again? is she really EXPECTING Seung Jo will be there (pARANG uNIVERSITY) following her…well it really happen but what if he wasn’t?
      stepping into other shadows.. Nah!

      I may agree if her BIG Dream is to be Seung Jo’s behalf… as wife and a mother for their children..

      I am totally 100% AGREE what you say about Ha Ni

      “Because right now I see why Seung-jo isn’t shouting her name from the rooftops. Her entire identity is wrapped up in him, and it’s starting to show at the seams.” –Drama beans—

      ..well i think that’s the plot of the story..

      by the way.. another sunbae showed up to confessed his feeling to Ha Ni.. where is he now? why he’s not bugging her like Joon Goo do if he really like Ha Ni? he was just for that episode?
      Nah.. Just asking..

      I love Duckie too.. aggressive to be a chef..

      making a thing for HIMSELF to make HA NI proud..

      WHy oh Why.. HA NI must do like that too..
      go off to Seung Jo’s shadow and search for your own good fortune where can oppah be proud of you aside from good on trailing him.. hehehe

      she just can’t found herself because she refuse to unwrap her from 4years of emotion.

      • 1.3.1 PhilWittyJoong

        –just to add up here—

        Ha Niya has a loving loyal heart… but need to be what she must.. a girl with pride.

  2. UJ

    finally we get the long awaited epi 12 recap…thanks a lot girlfriday <3

  3. yansi

    I totally DIED at the Duckie part…god I love him and his cute busan accent!

  4. Sumee

    thanks GF…this drama is so cute ..but never gets me EXCITING !

  5. lovelyfan

    Thank you for the recap! i had such a nice time reading it!

  6. holey moley

    this is what my main pet peeve for this story…on how the female lead’s life revolves around the male lead…the taiwanese version burned all my hair because of the annoying female lead dreams and behavior…so its actually refreshing to me, and kinda less disturbing, on how pk treat this grating plot on the whole story…and the main reason for me feeling less annoyed by it was by JUNG SO MIN…i love this girl so much…and her treatment of Hani was very relatable…i also hope that the korean version will manage to form Hani’s identity outside of BSJ, the other version, well the other versions particularly the taiwanese, didn’t. (well for the first series, i didn’t finish the second because by practically ep 7 i almost want to smack ariel lin’s face for being annoying)

    • 6.1 gala

      maybe try to continue TKA, if you can. she kinda careened herself into some kind of maturity, still pretty much devoted to her husband but nonetheless a bit of self-respect [at least how i perceived it.]

      i do love JSM’s characterization of Hani. but i think PK’s flow of story is still pretty weak compared to the taiwanese. i guess the best adaptation is the anime. how i hope the japanese will “re-remake” this.

      i think the mangaka’s main goal was not to show Kotoko/Hani’s development but how she’s the instrument to Naoki/Seungjo’s. this is why she’s a frustrating character cause we want her to gain a little self-respect.

      • 6.1.1 GaRa

        Oh I seriously doubt – TKA was just a continuation of the nausea that ISWAK caused. This show damaged my confidence in humans. Whenever I found a spare moment I would find myself wallowing in horror that this story was actually ‘popular’.

        Like I said before, this is not a love story. It’s a story of how how one woman grovels without any self-respect and one man needs the constant ego-massage of said woman to survive. It’s a pot and lid alright – and all things wholesome and lovable are being stewed alive inside of it.

        • Jen

          Can we get a like feature on dramabeans? Cause I’d like this comment a million times for the stewed alive imagery.

          • Hannah

            Haha, I don’t even completely agree and I still appreciate it.

          • blahblahblah

            LOL yeah, I totally loved the last sentence.

        • shin mi rae

          same same. i actually watched iswak and tka so i’ll know what pk is all about. well, while i hated that taiwanese seung jo is iswak because he was mean and cruel and very seung jo-esque (without the lovable robot boy factor)… i started to have a love-hate relationship with him by tka. you got to love the guy after suffering so much from all the crazy shenanigans of the girl… really, she became a nurse because he is a doctor…. so i hope they will not turn oh ha-ni to that spineless irritating crazy freakish girl of the iswak tka… its girl power time… and notice that seung jo only notices her when she is not so available to him… learn from that oh ha-ni!

          hope this week epi is better.

        • danni

          THIS! I agree 100% and it’s why reading the Itazura Na Kiss manga drove me up the wall and I could never watch the TW version or the anime (though I’ve tried because of all the rave over it). The only reason I’m watching this drama is because:

          1) I wanted to see how Jung So Min did after Bad Guy because I love her
          2) There’s nothing else I’m too interested in watching.

        • Insomnia

          At @ GaRA you could view it the way you do it and then you could also consider a different angle.

          For me why I enjoyed this show was very simple (and in Taiwanese version is even more clear) because this drama is about a guy who is very smart academically but very lacking in emotional intellegence and about a girl who falls in love with him and against all odds cannot stop loving him and through her devotion makes him a better and and a more complete human being. Also I haven’t seen the idea of “you are not pretty or cool, but I still love you” expressed anywhere else so distinctly.

          Yes, I agree this drama has a lot of drawbacks and I must admit I was very close to tearing out my hair in certain parts (the main heroine’s lack of competence and her general aimlessness can be grating), but there is a saving grace for this drama as well! In my life I’ve met a lot of guys (even dated one for 4 years..) that are just not good at expressing themselves or showing emotion, does that make them jerks who seek constant personal gratification through their GFs? Not necessarily. I think that ISWAK is a realistic story in a sense that many girls can feel this way about their BFs “he’s so cold and insensitive” but at the end of the day he’s with you and only you! He doesn’t care about other cool, sexy girls. He stays with you and he cares for you in the only way he can express.

          • gala

            thank you for this comment. people view things differently so i’m one of those people who see this story more on the positives than the negatives.

            i dont argue when people express frustration and anger on the female character’s annoying habits. it’s not something to be proud of. but like you said, and i do wish, viewers could still look at the story as a whole on a different angle.

          • Aparna

            Thank you so much for this comment. I am not watching PK because I watched ISWAK and TKA faithfully. But I love reading the recaps and the comments on dramabeans. I have a love hate relationship with the comments section because though the korean version is cute and all that, it upset me that there was severe bashing of the taiwanese version(which I adored). I feel that the TW version had a soul and Ariel had succeeded in portraying the naivety and indecisiveness of Xiang Qin so perfectly.

            And the emotional development of Zhi Shu and the way he begins to respect Xiang Qin was clearly shown. Ex: the scene in TKA when she drives her pregnant friend to the hospital, the way zhishu worries for her and realizes that she has that Life’s grace for being so single minded and determined about what she wants. He admires her in that scene.

            I ranted off too much. I know many people here hate the TW version but had you watched it with an open mind you would have seen that it is more soulful compared to the korean version which is merely fluff. Not that I hate the korean version. I was in fact happy that Hani had so much backbone till this ep happened. 🙁 Well, it doesnt matter, I love both versions. And thanks for saying good things about the TW version.

          • Insomnia

            @ Aprana

            Yes, I totally agree! I think what is essentially lost in the korean version (and say this having only seen the first 2 episodes) is that the heroine is not as silly, clueless and unsexy as she’s in ISWAK and the hero is not cold-hearted and emotionally unresponsive as in the taiwanese version, which is the CORE of the tension of the drama. If you remove that aspect from the drama, what is left? Just some girl who doesn’t have perfect grades falling in love with a guy who still hasn’t hit “puberty” and hasn’t grown up yet? What’s exciting about that?
            The taiwanese version is more extreme but that is also the point! That is the heart of the drama, seeing that jerk Zhi Shu struggle against falling for adorable, kind-hearted, completely clueless and incompetent Xiang Qing. Yes she did love him too much, but is she really weak? I think she’s quite strong to be able to love someone like that and endure so much with utmost devotion. Yes, in individualistic country like US those kind of things are frowned upon, here your career and inner strength is more important than anything else but I think for China and Taiwan family values take priority. Personally I acceept and loved Xiang Qin the way she is. She’s a person I would want to have as my family or a friend, and that’s all that matters to me.

        • Artemis

          Man, this comment cracked me up, and I am not even watching the drama. Couldn’t finish episode 1 – bored me to death.

        • msles59130

          So agree. Even the declaration of love in ISWAK was insulting and demeaning. I absolutely hated that drama, and it makes me sad that it is so popular. PK is better. Still not something young girls should watch, lest they think this is a good way to run a relationship, but better than the other.

        • gala

          @ GaRa as well: you’re partly right but that’s just looking at the story from its negative side. i guess like the saying goes, we can agree to disagree. cause i think it’s a love story of how kotoko’s cheerful, upbeat personality changed the almost-void-of-emotions Naoki. that’s one way to look at it.

        • Eleven11

          @Ga ra – Thank you! I read the manga and was pretty much dumbstruck by the popularity of it, I don’t understand how people can love or respect a story about a relationship where a woman bases her *entire life* on feelings that are barely reciprocal. If you take away the cute element, and look at the cold, hard, plot points, I find that it seems to be promoting such a grossly unhealthy idea of what a good relationship, and ‘love’ is.

          I just had to say this because I’ve been reading the recaps waiting for the point of no return with Ha-ni’s character. I’ll now read down thread and try and find the answer as to why so many people love this.

          • rizzy

            honestly, the plot is so simple that it could have been made up by any teenager.. i guess the refreshing part of it is that it speaks true for most girls in the world, where they think ‘if you try hard enough, it might be possible.” who wouldn’t dream one way or another of being with someone unattainable? in OHN’s case he is just sooo near. The setup was very inevitable, two people caught up in almost all scenario?? it’s like rubbing two stones, and you get fire!!! most parts of the show, i either shut my eyes, close my ears or pause the video because of aggravation on OHN’ actions, but heheheh in the end i laugh at it. so ridiculous but makes you think,,, does it work???

      • 6.1.2 iluvshillang

        regarding TKA well yea,she sort of matured there. . Imagine,she was deeply inlove with Zhishu but she left him when he crossed his limits.

    • 6.2 hookedonmonix

      I have to agree that (in ISWAK and especially TKA) I found ariel’s character gratingly clingy and spineless at times, and Joe’s character cruel and hate-able sometimes too. However, I enjoyed it nonetheless. It broke my heart for her over and over.

      But I think its okay to enjoy a show about characters you can’t respect. As much as a strong female lead is good for women, she isn’t the only kind of woman who exists in this world. A woman who lives for her man has real, raw emotions just as much as any other woman. Her experiences are human experiences, and I think they’re worth exploring. Just as a man who’s as emotionally and socially inept as Joe’s character (sry-can’t remember their names) can be compelling and pitiable.
      And I have to agree with whoever says that they both change. It takes a while before you see those changes, and it takes a lot of hurt to get there, but I’m glad I watched the whole thing through. I won’t watch it again because it made me too sad (the first couple episodes of TKA alone sent me through a whole range of emotions, most of them not happy ones)
      also, agree that there are def. different ways to view their dynamic and Hani is at the very core of SeungJo’s metamorphosis.

      so…in summary: Yes, the leads kind of suck, but I love them anyway.

      • 6.2.1 sol

        i agree with you completly.

    • 6.3 PhilWittyJoong

      thumbs up for you! heheheheh! ARIEL is TOO much annoying than Jung So Min.. it’s lessen here.. because her character is much realistic than the other..

  7. SecretAddiction

    Yay! Thanks for the recap 🙂

  8. anon

    *sigh* girlfriday i think you have a point

  9. Robyn

    Totally agree with you about Ha-Ni in this episode.
    This is my fluff drama. I don’t expect anything from it except fluff. Her extreme stalking throughout all the episodes kind of irked me, but I let it go.

    But her life dream… I had to stop the video, and proceed to complain (with caps to show JUST how angry I was) about Ha-Ni to my friend. Because what she said was what I absolutely HATE. Lack of individuality, lack of independence.

    She lost a lot of cute in that moment… And gained a lot of stupid in my opinion.

    Please show, make her grow up. Please? ='[

    • 9.1 Dante

      ITA with your comments and girlfriday’s frustration.

      But I have to say that, in order to stay true to the manga, this is how the show has to portray HaNi. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be PK. It would be something else, drawing from Itazura no Kiss but going its own way.

      As for ISWAK, I’ve watched some of it lately (while jonesing for PK episode 13) and Seung Jo/Naoki/Zhi Shu does actually change and he does consider her. And she is the catalyst for a lot of what they do as a couple in TKA. Not him. He genuinely loves her and — believe it or not — respects her.

      Of course his interfering mother would make a sane person run screaming for the hills–or a therapist’s office, but this is also very true to the manga. It also explains a lot of his behavior. Sure it would be great if they actually TALKED about this stuff, but you wouldn’t have drama or angst if they did. And we can’t have that!

      At the end of the day you have to see it for what it is NOT (a testament to the power that high self-esteem and confidence can have in a young girl’s life). Although there are plenty of times in all of the episodes to date I have wanted to slap SJ, HN and Momma Baek upside the head to shake some sense into them. 😀

    • 9.2 mythweav.r

      *LAUGHS!* How articulate you are. I feel you!

    • 9.3 msles59130

      This was the one area that ISWAK was a bit better. This character became a nurse because she wanted to help little kids suffering. The fact that it would keep her close to her love was just icing on the cake for her. I was nauseated myself after watching the PK version.

      • 9.3.1 jackwon

        Oh, so that’s how she became a nurse in ISWAK? Thanks, that gives me some hope for PK. XD; I had heard that she only decided nursing to follow him around, but if there’s another deep reason for it, then it’s okay.

        Hope PK does this, too, like they re-visit the sick little boy story and the hospital staff encourage Hani to be a nurse since she’s so bright and compassionate and likes taking care of people (not just SeungJo). Even better if this happens while SeungJo is still with his dad’s company and not in med school, so that Hani herself chooses a separate path from him (but in some way, she is also honoring his unfulfilled dream awww). Then they can happily work together in the hospital at the end. ^^

        PLEASE, PK writers?? I mean, the idea of a girl dedicating her whole life to the guy she loves is sweet for a shoujo manga, but if you’re talking about real people and their life after the happy “ending” of them finally getting together, then there needs to be more. Like SeungJo quoted, a love in which two people lose their freedom (identity) is doomed to fail. While he likes her devotion, SeungJo tries to push Hani to improve and become her own person so that he can truly love and respect her, not just the attention she gives him. I sincerely hope the writers show this because this is one part of this “timeless” story that needs to be updated, badly!

    • 9.4 mmmaggie

      Robyn, GirlFriday… PREACH. This is what bugs me about many Korean dramas — though it seems even more highlighted here. Somehow stalking, following someone around at the expense of yourself and your identity (to the point that it becomes your identity) has come to equal LOVE. And while Seung Jo obviously has feelings for her as well, how is Ha Ni’s behavior acceptable while In Hee’s from Personal Taste or every other evil second female lead isn’t? Those females are also following a guy around in hopes of securing a relationship despite the guy’s objections. The fact that Ha Ni is cute and considered our heroine makes this even more objectionable to me than In Hee’s because it validates Ha Ni’s behavior/attitude. With In Hee, we knew what she was doing was wrong. Do younger girls watching this know that Ha Ni’s attitude is NOT what they’re supposed to be emulating? Argh. This is why I loved Park Shi Yeon’s Eun Young in Coffee House so much. You can be independent and successful and still be cute! Sheesh.

      • 9.4.1 j-love

        Disagree big time. Yes, Eun Young in Coffee House was also cute and funny but she was also manipulative and conniving. She did things to accomplish her own agenda without concern for the other persons feelings. Ha Ni in Playful Kiss is cute and funny but never does things out of a malicious or self-serving purpose. She is just a good-hearted klutz.

        I agree she needs to grow up and develop some self-worth. But, is it really bad to have a love so deep that you would give up everything, even yourself, for that love? It’s a love we all dream about but few feel it or receive it. How sad for us. But, we get to watch it on PK so I’ll keep on watching a love I’ll never know.

        • Saddy

          hmmmm, interesting point.

          But such a love should go to someone who actually deserves it, right? Not saying that love is logical in any way; just that Ha Ni giving up herself for smug bastard/passive robot-BSJ, who just selfishly strings her along is more than a little bit AGGRAVATING!!!!!!

          Then again, she IS just 20 years old; we can only hope she gains some self-respect and high-esteem later on in life.

  10. 10 m a r a

    I like the show. I take it for what it is: a cutesy show meant to tickle the tween hearts in us. However, I have to agree with girlfriday. I am frustrated with the overused stalker plot and Hani’s seemingly single purpose in life. It’s like Seung Jo is her life support. It’s tiring to see a girl continually demean herself and go through so many self-pitying moments.

    • 10.1 Saddy

      Yep, totally agree. Ha Ni has definitely fallen in my favor too.

  11. 11 fencergal

    thanks for the recap 🙂

    my fave part of this episode was when the manager asked seung-jo whether his girlfriend made the lunchbox for him, and he answered “yes”, albeit abit sheepishly HAHAH.

    OMG BSJ/KHJ’s too cute. just admit your feelings already! 😉

    • 11.1 Newbie

      I agree. That’s the first time he’s ‘admitted’ his feelings. I can’t wait to watch his declaration of love for Hani. I hope KHJ will be able to pull it off. He’s been pretty stiff when it comes to hugging and kissing so far.

  12. 12 LONG

    i loved this episode. it finally showed me little bit about sj’s inner thoughts.

  13. 13 Fasiris Fay

    This recap was short…I think because you said you had such a hard time writing it? LOL

    Well, I can’t say that the developments of this episode were unexpected (because of course, they are in ISWAK and the manga) but I really always hated how dependent Ha-Ni (or Xiang Qing) was on the man (Seung Jo/Zhi Zhu)…even in ISWAK, I kept waiting for the girl to develop some backbone, some personal taste, some opinions and direction on her own.

    But I’m hoping the writers of Playful Kiss will change this aspect of the story and the character…hoping next episode is better!!

  14. 14 Hannah

    With a drama like this, you totally have to kill any feminist or progressive hopes, because it will butcher them.

    I really hoped they would in a good direction with the whole career thing because it pissed me off so much (SO MUCH). And the drama is totally messing around with us on that front anyway – the girl has ALL this personality so what the hell with her saying she can’t identify herself independently from Seung Jo. It’s a glaring inconsistency to try to force in some supposedly romantic idealisation. Whereas Seung Jo has none – which was meant to be the point, hello Robot Boy – so it was all just so aarrrgh.

    Also I disliked how they made the only person who recognised the value of independent choice to be the girl who we aren’t meant to be rooting for.

    I’m just going to turn my head the other way and pretend it never happened. Because, honestly, it adds nothing to the narrative anyway except to make me want to bash my head against the wall.

    Stay cute, drama! You pretty much showed that you’re incompetent at anything else!

  15. 15 DiOnIsSa

    Oh, thanks for the recap, Girlfriday 🙂

    I think this episode had a bit of tension! Poor Seung Jo’s father =( SJ was really too mean, however, I’m sorry for him now…I think he agreed to meet He Ra due to the same reason why he agreed to rule the company. He considers that this way he will be able to help his father! Wrong Belief! But, anyways…

    The one person apart SJ who will suffer is, as usual, Oh Ha Ni =( Sadly…

    I totally enjoyed their scenes! Especially, the hug! It was so warm and cute! Stupid He Ra said that Ha Ni wouldn’t be able to help SJ! Oh, really? And you consider yourself being smart, dear? Seriously?! There is no need always being able to help by some action! Sometimes just warm and sincere word of beloved person can help you! That’s why SJ need Ha Ni but not you!!! Sorry, guys, but I was really angry at her! She’s becoming more and more annoying and disgusting! (koreans made her this way! I did like He Ra in other versions! Moreover, she was’t SJ *proposed* bride there!)

    I don’t know why but I was tought by the scene where SJ helped Ha Ni with bags…I mean not the fact of his help but his facial expression. He was upset, and it seemed to me he was feeling that abnormal feeling of impending separation with her! Now he does really suffer!

    Boom Joon Gu, you’re awesome! Having cooked meal for the person whom you don’t like just to be able to get lunch box of beloved girl…Oh, you are so sweet! I think I would definitely fall for you, haha) Though the meal was awful, you ate all of that! There is your and SJ’s similarity 😉

    Waiting for the next episode! I feel there will be a lot of drama!!!

  16. 16 gisselle

    i totally love jung so min. that’s why I can’t just hate her. But the character oh hani must really mature and not to follow seung jo all the time. Make him follow you! haha.

    • 16.1 gisselle

      change I totally love jung so min (it’s true) => jung so min is adorable and cute
      her = oh hani
      The next sentence will be very confusing.

    • 16.2 gisselle

      change I totally love jung so min (it’s true) => jung so min is adorable and cute
      her = oh hani
      The next sentence will be very confusing.

      okay, my comment was confusing.

  17. 17 Sumaiya

    I think somebody in one of the other reviews (or maybe Soompi) has said this before…this drama was written 20 years ago…things were quite different back then (well not like 1950s but still…in Japan I guess). I am not sure if Show is willing to change the whole story to adapt to the times of now.

    I think the important point is that even Ha Ni knows that her life revolves around SJ and she does regret it….she is ashamed of it when she is telling SJ about it. She is not particularly proud of herself that she does not have an individual personality.

    On the other hand, lol I’ve been waiting forever for your review…I guess I was expecting you to overlook the dependent part…but it’s hard since we live in a post-feminist era (I am all for women’s rights…this is why I want to pursue Law).

    • 17.1 Fasiris Fay

      Oooh I didn’t know it was written 20 years ago, that’s really good to know. Some of the ideas were slightly out-dated so its good to know that the structure of the story does come from a different time.

    • 17.2 cheekbones

      PK has stayed true to the source material, right, the manga. So, if it continues, then Seungjo would be a doctor and Hani would study to become a nurse.

      I’m sorry to disappoint you, girlfriday (and many others), but there it is…..

      Personally, I don’t judge Hani based on her decision to “follow around” Seungjo. At least she knows exactly what she wants.

      Thanks for the recap and I know now why it took some time :D.

      • 17.2.1 v

        “She knows exactly what she wants.”
        That’s exactly what I envy about Hani. I am in this stage in my life when I am not sure what to do with it. I am things I like but am to afraid to pursue so instead, I am doing something I dislike but is safer. Sometimes, I wish I was like Hani and pursue whatever I actually enjoy doing, consequences be damned. Of course, I am not… Sigh.

        • cheekbones

          I do understand you.

          It is really a luxury if you can do things you enjoy, be happy and still earn a (good) living. In reality, not many people can afford to do that.

          v, hwaiting ! 😀

        • noi

          me, too. i’m just doing what i have to do. i mean… i don’t even know what i’m going to be. 🙁

      • 17.2.2 jackwon

        I do hope Hani finds something she wants to do besides follow SeungJo, but in a way, I understand it because like you said, it’s just what she wants. Her goal in life is to have fun and make others happy, and helping SeungJo is exactly that. Hani knows she isn’t very good at anything, except when she’s with SeungJo. It’s not just that he’s there to help her if she needs it; it’s also that she has the dedication and motivation, the spirit, to do well when she’s with him. He helps her achieve things and give her confidence.

        At the same time, SeungJo will admit that he does appreciate and sometimes need Hani’s help since “she has what I don’t” (compassion). Don’t want Hani to define herself just by SeungJo, but I think the story’s point is that they are both at their best when they’re together.

    • 17.3 Waybusy

      What is the first thing that women see when they look in the mirror–their own flaws! It is difficult for HaNi to accept her primal desire for SJ like you stated-thank you-, but the truth is not always perfect or ideal. To constantly have a strong heroin is boring, and really not comparable to real life. So is there shame in wanting to be a good housewife and mother? I picked a career that would allow me to contribute financially to my family, and offered flexibility with my top priority–my family. It is not something I love, but something that helps and contributes to the things that I love. As marred as HaNi’s desires are, they are not uncommon.

  18. 18 tori

    oh… so that’s why the recap for this episode came late. coz this one sucks. hehehe

    actually, the real flaw of this drama is that the lead female character’s ultimate dream is to be with the lead male character all the time. the nurse, the secretary, the wife, the shadow… that’s what she wanted to do.

    pining over a boy is cute but having no dreams at all and leaving no love for yourself is blatantly wrong.

    however, i still like this story just because of the a-dork-ability of the characters. i still love mrs. baek and her schemes. i still like robot boy with perm straw hair seungjo and i will forever adore little miss hani who should start living by her words of wisdom. 🙂

  19. 19 Lemon

    I actually found this episode pretty enjoyable! Much more enjoyable that the ep with Hani stalking Seungjo at his restaurant everyday and even fainting cos of it- that was stupid.

    But this ep was cute. I liked Hani acting as the wife, and Seungjo appreciating her gestures. When she came back home with the groceries, he even went downstairs just to carry the groceries into the kitchen for her, before returning upstairs again. How cute is that!

    Seungjo really does love her. Its the small gestures and looks towards her that totally gives him away. And you’re right the mom may be awesome, but she’s actually bringing out the rebel in seungjo- he just doesn’t want his life to be manipulated by her all the time.

    One minor quibble: the back hug really lacked chemistry. 🙁 I wanted to enjoy it, and have an “aww” moment. But no. They are always awkward with the skinship scenes (esp the hospital one where he touched and leaned against her), and this wasn’t any different.

  20. 20 Sara

    thanks for the recap gf….maybe because I’ve seen the previous versions and Kotoko/Hani’s ambition-clingy-around Seung Jo is one of the things that really irritate me in any version….this version is no better but I am glad they don’t put any montage of Hani’s fantasy of her life goals with Seung Jo…. really want to shake her and tell her there’s more to life than love and find her own self worth….
    anyway I still love this show and I want to root for Hani

    got all misty eyed seeing the preview for episode 13

    and mend it by ….

    • 20.1 Dante

      Thank you so much for posting the links! I searched youtube endlessly yesterday and could not find the long preview for ep 13. How did you do it?!? And can you find the one for ep 14 and post that link, too? Hehehehe 🙂

    • 20.2 v

      Thanks! I’m reposting what I had in the preview thread:
      the youtube link for Ep 13 45seconds teaser.


      • 20.2.1 Sara

        thanks for the yt links…. OMG the kiss still from MBC…. how hot is that…hope the scenes delivers though I will keep my anticipation way down

    • 20.3 Beng

      thanks for the long preview. i think episode 13 is where Seung-jo will feel “jealousy” for the first time. Well, that’s what in the manga and TW anyway. Can’t wait to see the episode =)

    • 20.4 sam

      thx for the links!!! are there subs anywhere??

      • 20.4.1 v

        go to ockoala.wordpress.com for a recap/translation of ep 13 preview

  21. 21 Zie

    I can see that everyone was >O to Hani in this Episode.. I am too…

    Like someone had mentioned. This Manga was written years and years ago.. like 20 years ago and at that time if u ever read old mangas.. the girl characters were always weak, too focus on the boys and cry a lot. That is how Hani was in the manga. Only nowadays manga.. the girl characters are strong and well represent nowadays girls.. ^^

  22. 22 a_fan

    Thanks GF for the recap.

    I disagree though that it’s not always Hani who is trying to fit Seung Jo’s mold. In the last 12 episode, Seung Jo has changed a lot while Ha Ni has remained the same besotted, SeungJo-circumnavigating girl. If she was my friend, I would slap her and literally shake some sense into her.

    On the other hand, we all know the pull of a Seung Jo, the archetypal Mr Darcy. Maybe women are born masochist.

  23. 23 Anonymous

    From being a girl? Why not just say from being a person? I’m not here to defend/detest her or anything, I just can’t help to wonder…

    What is so great of having many dreams after all?

    This is Oh Ha Ni we’re talking about. A simple thoughtless girl. She follows her heart too much than her thinking. She sees the world perhaps differently from the rest of us. Haven’t we established that already?

    And of course its a crystal clear that BSJ is her heart, her dreams, her desire, her soul. What do you expect? If you really want to enjoy the show, you need not to be so serious on the ones you raised upon yourself.

    Grow up? Independent? Wew, such serious issue here… Suddenly, why do the needs to ridicule such gesture into something so negative? Haven’t we seen from yesteryear, when husband and wife works together in a farm, or working in a shop, helping each other out. Perhaps the idea of someone supporting someone is so backdated. Time changes but ideal is here to stay.

    It’s old-fashioned, yes, but is it that bad?

    Thus by saying that Oh Ha Ni single-purpose in life is so stupid, does this makes you a better person than her? Why?

    Why do we need to pass judgment on others?

    So what makes independence? Freedom? Having to choose? To stand on your two feet? Right. So if she chooses to stuck by BSJ, does this makes her less independent? She put himself first, unlike some of us who I don’t know put money, career, hobby etc…

    So is it so wrong to put a person as their first priority? Is it?

    I guess I’m in the minority here.

    • 23.1 purty.sunshine

      I agree with you! I don’t think her choosing to support BSJ makes her less independent than someone who would choose their own “path in life”…BSJ *is* her path in life. Although, I can see why it rubs people the wrong way, especially those who strive to be independent from men I think her devotion is something rare and admirable.

      Of course, I have seen all original versions so I understand that later on she does “mature” more, although that takes place much later on (later than this show will encompass) but really I find her the most likable of all the Kotoko editions. Ha ha! I think this story is just trying to show that you can follow your heart completely and conquer in the end, even if the prospect of “using your head” is necessary in real life, not enough people use their heart anymore.

      • 23.1.1 Anonymous

        I don’t get it… I seriously don’t get it…
        Why is the male vs female is even an issue here
        Please see her as a person, not by gender…

        Perhaps you’re right, nowadays ppl think with their heads instead of heart…
        Sigh.. yeah we can’t please everybody, right?
        If the world sees things in one perspective, then there will be no war. SO PEACE OUT! ^^

      • 23.1.2 Annony

        Your “BSJ is her life’s path” made me think of Goo Jun Pyo in BoF. He tells Geum Jan Di (paraphrasing) “I’ve got the looks, the intelligence, the money…but I don’t have YOU and that’s what I need”

        I don’t like how Hani was portrayed in this episode, because I have my issues that way… However,looking at it with this point of view there are so many things lacking in both of them–they are literally “half-persons” and need the other.

        (Although for me personally, I have no idea why one’s emotional stunt would have anything to do with choosing majors or careers…TBH I’ve been there done that, the guy I liked followed me to the same uni, a la BSJ-OHN, but *I* chose my majors, my career. If he wanted to come along for the ride, fine…which was funny because we didn’t have classes together but we had ETERNALLY LONG [6-8 hour] breaks between classes together. did that make us closer? Nope. I just started hanging with new friends.) :still steaming:

        • Nanci

          yeah but at least GJP did get away from her, for whatever reason, he went his separate ways with GJD and it was his choice. At the end they did end up together, but that’s because one must realize that even though that other person makes you a better you, you are suppose to be able to stand by yourself. And BSJ totally has to earn HaNi’s love, I mean b/c he hasn’t and that’s not okay.

          • Annony

            Oh, yeah, i completely agree about being able to stand on your own. I really, really do, completely agree.

    • 23.2 Dante

      I have had similar thoughts!

      “So what if OHN has made BSJ her dream, her ambition, etc. etc.?” It isn’t the choice I would make — hellz no — but the great news about feminism/modernism/whateverism is that women in many parts of the world have real CHOICES. They aren’t forced to live prescribed lives. They can decide if they want to be stay-at-home moms and wives (assuming the economics are there, of course). Men also benefit from this brave new world, but that’s a rant and/or rave for another day.

      One thing we feminists sometimes forget is that not all women are going to make the same choices. It may be hard to respect those other choices but we can certainly try.

      It could be that for some of us, in this world, the most important thing we do is to love another human being to the best of our ability. If there is a way to put a positive spin on the OHN/Kotoko/Xiang Qin character it’s this.

      So you may be in the minority but thank you for stating your opinion!

      • 23.2.1 Anonymous

        I’m not against feminism or anything…
        Its just that why is it being brought up as an issue?…
        So, what if OHN is a boy? *cough BJG…
        Do u think he will be ridiculed this way?

        My point is that why people tend to look down on others if they do things differently, not according to their high expectations. Are we turning into BSJ? Hehe…

        Anyway, I guess I’m may be old fashioned. But that what makes the world interesting, right ^^

        • Nanci

          yes, not being happy with a fun awesome character chooses to live for some guy who treats her like crap. Sure he’s changed, but is it enough?

        • Nanci

          and I know I sound snippy, sorry for that, but there is nothing wrong with being old fashioned, either way, I want a healthy relationship, which this is not.

          • Anonymous

            May be what’s unhealthy for you, is healthy for some people…

            Just something to think about…

          • riley

            DUDE. So true. So, so true, and no matter what choices people can make (and there are lots of them), this is the important critique of Ha-ni’s reaction right here. If she is entirely dependent on someone else to create meaning for her, then… Who is the person inside her skin, after all?

        • Nanci

          No, being so dependent on someone is not healthy, no matter what you may think. I understand really caring about what someone thinks and etc (I’m not a robot here, and I’ve been a girl with really strong feelings for a person) but we go into again that there is a line, and she’s crossing it.

          • Anonymous

            What line?
            Who draw the line anyway?
            You? Then it’s your line of course…
            May be for some the line is an inch/ feet further…

        • Dante

          Well, it isn’t BGJ’s story; it’s OHN’s. I’m guessing that most of the commenters here are women, so naturally OHN’s character resonates or repels us.

          But to answer your question, yes, I would be worried about anyone who devoted his/her entire life to another human being–without having at the outset a mutual, reciprocal commitment of love, respect and devotion. The one-sided thing is dangerous for EVERYONE. When you’re a teenager that’s one thing; but when you’re an adult… get thee to psychiatry.

          If one of my guy friends was hung up on a woman with whom he did not have a relationship and who treated him like crap, I would tell him. In fact, my cousin falls for unavailable women on a routine basis so I have this conversation routinely.

          If PK was about BGJ, I would definitely be commenting on it!

        • kissplay

          The thirteen year old girl that lives inside of me is enjoying Playful Kiss. But only when I view it as entertainment.

          Now if I were to dissect the psycho-social message that this drama seems to be sending I’d be appalled. I say seems to be sending because the program isn’t over yet and until the height/weight appropriate lady sing, we can’t be sure what the story is saying.

          Feminism, Womanism, Vaginaism who cares? For me the truly destructive lesson in this drama is that it teaches young people (most probably girls) that indifference and hostility are no obstacle to building healthy romantic relationships if you persist and take whatever crap is shoveled your way. [Yes, believe it or not I’m enjoying the show when the comments on the blogs don’t force me to deconstruct its message]

          When we have access to BSJ’s back story and we realize that he was betrayed by his Mother and friends early in life and therefore had difficulty trusting love and loving. What he wants most is unconditional love, someone who will love him no matter what [even if he shaves his legs and wears a dress]. OHN does that for him. Her persistence heals his psychic wound. But to heal him requires self-abnegnation on her part. We can applaud a fairytale character for doing so, but in real life that is unhealthy. Playful Kiss is a fairytale. OHN is a fairytale character, not a role model.

          On saying that, this drama should be rated ‘X’ because young girls should be exposed to such destructive psychological behavior in their formative years. When you think about it is a kind of pornography for women passed their teens. The scenarios are satisfying on some levels, but the mature viewer knows it’s not ever going to happen, and if it did, it wouldn’t be as much fun as it looks on the screen.

          • shalini

            until the height/weight appropriate lady sing??!!?? LOL LOL

      • 23.2.2 estel

        I love your point about choices, and I totally agree. Some women, like myself, want to choose to stay at home and devote their time and attention to their children and spouses. Does that make me any less than another woman who decides to pursue a career? The only difference between her and me is the value that society places on our choices; I would say both of us have an equal opportunity to continue to grow and progress as individuals, only in very different ways. Different, not better or worse.

        • Nanci

          No one is saying that choosing to be a housewife is wrong, seriously, NO ONE is saying that.

          What I think the issue is, is that she has never taken herself away from BSJ, not once. Are you saying that your world has only been about your husband since you were 16?

          And it’s not only that, has your husband ever treated you the way the BSJ did? I highly doubt he did, I don’t think I would have such an issue with HaNi if BSJ wouldn’t take her for granted. And sure he’s fallen in love with her but that doesn’t change the fact that no matter how badly he still treats her, she still revolves her life around him. What kind of message is that?

          • Acidimp

            It is actually a strong one. Substitute BSJ with religion, politics, or any other “worthy” cause and I wonder if people would be so up in arms about her devotion. She is devoted, despite the odds. It rubs me the wrong way but I am not going to downplay that aspect of it. Most people would have given up, but we live in a throw away world where even “till death do you part” means “until I get sick of it”. The real question is is love greater than pride? Is pride greater than your promise of lifetime commitment? How many people really have that much devotion and understanding inside of them? How many people wouldn’t want to be loved that way?

          • Eleven11

            Exactly. I’m not going to say BSJ is abusive, and I don’t think being a housewife is a stupid or lesser choice than having a career. BUT:

            @acidlimp: i think the problem is not that she is devoted to Seunjo – there are many devoted characters out there who hold on despite the odds, but still look after themselves in the process.

            You asked the question ‘is love greater than pride?’ I would contend that pride is not the issue here – self respect and personal responsibility is. It is ‘pride’, ‘love’ and duty that keeps millions of women (and men) in abusive relationships. Certainly, Oh Ha-ni is not in a physically abusive relationship right now, but people change. The fact is, this story seems to be telling people that valuing another person more than yourself is healthy, and awesome, so it doesn’t matter what they do to you, or what you have to give up, as long as its for true love, or whatever.

            Not every ‘out of reach’ guy is a Baek Seungjo – some of them are severely troubled and abusive – what sort of message is this story sending to women who are deeply in love with these men, in real life? That if they ignore the abuse they recieve, one day they will be happy?

            Placing yourself at the whim of another is an entirely dangerous thing to do. I would say that it is possible to be devoted (even if you so wished, an adoring housewife) to another person, without having that person define your life.

          • Acidimp

            @Eleven11 A lot religions preach that valuing others, or god, above yourself is awesome and great. Why is that acceptable above valuing another person the same way? How is she neglecting herself in favor of BSJ other than him not treating her like she wants? The fact that she wants him to treat her better is a good indication that she does have self-respect.

            If someone is deeply in love very little is going to sway them off the course. Loving someone defines your life period, and you don’t even have to go to Hani’s extreme. Loving someone does not mean that they love you back or even treat you well. If this wasn’t true on an almost universal level, country music writers would be out of business.

            I’m always curious why people get so upset about “the message” that shows like these are sending. This is a fictional story of one couple. If someone can turn on the television or computer to watch this story then they have already been exposed to countless messages with opposite theories and ideologies. Abuse happened long before TV and will continue to happen no matter what pictures flicker on the screen.

          • faye

            felt like i had to say my piece…

            the thing is, seung jo is not an unredeemable person.

            see how he smiles at his little brother,
            or how he relents and helps out the class of students.

            if he was an alcoholic abusive, or physically violent, or any one of those variants,
            then i would say, run as fast as you can and don’t look back.

            but, seung jo is a guy who just doesn’t seem to be able to express his feelings well (manifesting in a pretty mean tongue), and who views life in a mathematical, logical way.

            and i guess, for a genius as he is, maybe it would have been TOO much of a stretch if he was also emotionally-well-balanced as well.

            Beneath this though, lies a warm heart, but it needs someone to bring out and manifest, so that the warmness of his heart can complement the excellence of his brain, and hence utilize his intellectual skills for something that can benefit a lot more people.

            his parents are worried for him as well. And i think his mother instinctively knew that hani was the person to bring about the ‘redemption’ in her son, something that nobody else could.

            hani’s character is what seung jo needs to marry his brain with his heart. And why i also agree with hani that he would be so much better/more beneficial as a doctor than developing computer games (sorry to all computer game afficiados ^^)

            call hani pathetic or an insult to feminism, but her type of character is what drives his growth, just as he propels her to want to develop herself further.

            it’s sadomasochistic undoubtedly, and i also wish that he would at least be more careful with his choice of words, but somehow, for both of them who are both extremist in their own ways, it works.

            and when he becomes a doctor and really helps save so many lives, hani is also his helpmate to make it happen.

            maybe most of us would not want to put up with the ‘meaness’, but then again, a potential doc seungjo out there would have been lost to the world.
            and if it takes an oh hani-esque person to redeem him, and that is her life goal, then that is perhaps her destiny.

            so to me, this story is about redemption and growth and bringing about betterment of life, ideals. And how it took such a girl as this to bring that about.

          • Eleven11

            @ Acidimp

            This post is crazy long because you brought up some pretty heavy points.

            I really hesitate to bring religion/politics/whatever into this, because it is such a complex thing. The key difference for me though, between loving another person more than yourself, and loving a god more than yourself, would be that a god is essentially an ideaology. There are usually set rules and doctrines about this ideaology set within an institution. Essentially, the ins and outs of loving this god are set down for you to read before you start to love the god more than yourself. You know what you’re getting into, so to speak. I would also argue that this can also be dangerous, in its own way, but I think that would be getting off topic.

            With loving a person, however, you do not have the same insight as to what you are getting into. Loving someone is a leap of faith. You put yourself out there in the hopes your feelings will be returned, and you can never hope to know every crevasse of a person’s heart. People are constantly changing and developing – there is no disclaimer you can read that will tell you of the problems that may arise in a relationship with another person. The decision to enter into (or stay in) a relationship with someone you love, should therefore be made very seriously, with regard to the well being of both the other person AND yourself.

            As for the ‘love defines your life’ thing, I think this is where you and I have very different ideas about what love is, and may mean we won’t ever agree. I think love is hugely important, but nothing solely ‘defines’ my life. My life is defined by a myriad of different things – love for my family, friends, self, boyfriend, pets, studies, cheese etc. Sure these thing are all important in different ways and to different extents, but to say that love for my boyfriend means that they are no longer anything to be would be very wrong.

            I’m writing such a huge comment, but I’ll say one more thing on this topic – healthy relationships are based on more than love. You need compatability, mutual respect, timing, means, etc.

            In terms of the ‘why do people care about the message?’ aspect of your post, the messages we receive from all around us inevitably shape our views. We are not brought up in a cultural vacuum, our ideas and beliefs didn’t spring from nowhere. Saying that something does not matter because it is fiction is ridiculous. Fiction conveys ideas and ideas change peoples lives. It is important to identify what sort of ideas are being conveyed in pop culture so we can have conversations like this and decide whether we will be influenced by them or not.

            I’ll stop writing here because I suspect this reply is ridiculously long, and I have to go to uni. I hope I conveyed my beliefs well enough. Sorry for the wall of text, everyone!

          • Laeah

            Not to get too religious or serious but:

            1 Corinthians 13: 4-7
            Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

            Love isn’t about being loved in return. 🙂

          • Dante


          • mojaslatka

            If I remember the past episodes, many times Hani realized that she is pathetic enough to follow Seong Jo and determined to forget him. She did try her best many times but it is Seong Jo’s actions that made her melt and keep persevering with SJ. Even though he confused her sometimes, she has faith that SJ is more than what he shows outside and his actions tells that. I don’t think Hani is stupid enough to not see even slightly, that SJ is changing. HE IS NOT TAKEN HER FOR GRANTED. He is appreciating her in his own way he knows. eg: SJ didn’t complain a word about Hani’s cooking and ate it, the smiles and simple gestures that he shows which bring her to giddiness,eg:commeded her effort after exams and tennis practice. And so much more even though they are subtle actions, Hani felt them. And for her, it’s enough to be happy as long as she is with Seong jo. Seong jo completes her, made her try harder to accomplish things which she could not even imagine, eg:get to top 50, learned tennis. Other people didn’t believe in her but her determination, with inspiration from Seong Jo, she achieve lots and she will achieve more because of Seong Jo.

          • Acidimp

            Eleven11 I brought it up to make a point because it is such a passionate and personal belief and one that is not easily influenced or swayed…very much like love. Religion is more widely practiced and accepted but it does not mean it is correct or even steady. You are right, I don’t want to get into a religious debate. My point is that both religion and love require a huge leap of faith. Relgiion may be well documented but it is documented by others, not your own personal experiences or emotion, therefore the effects of devoting yourself solely are just as mysterious. Suicides, murder, war, persecution, fanaticism…all of these were results of mindless devotion to the so-called well documented idealogoy.

            (Just on a personal note I find it disturbing that people are more willing to love an idea or a belief more than the people those beliefs are supposed to uplift. Isn’t that where all the trouble starts? Aren’t we all god, aren’t we all the universe…are we not all supposed to the divine mixture of good and evil?)

            You are right about the defining life thing, I should have used a better word. Influence or shape but not totally define. 😉 I disagree with the messages shaping our lives bit though. We receive all sorts of conflicting and erroneous messages if they all shaped our lives we would be a hot mess. Instead, we choose what shapes our lives based on our inner foundation. The power to shape is all a part of what we choose to believe and what we choose to discard so it’s not accurate to blame the messenger or the message.

            Mine is long too…oops sorry. 😀

    • 23.3 haru

      Sorry to go all blah-blah-babble on everyone, but remember (in Episode 7) Hera’s mini-dissert on Sartre? Read up on his views on selfhood, radical freedom, and love.

      Interestingly instructive for the candyfluff that is PK! ^^ It even dovetails with the pot-lid (Self vs Other) metaphor! Love for Sartre is pretty much always an exercise in futile self-deception, where the self seeks itself through others–Hani is THAT GIRL.

      But PK wants to disprove Sartre (lol, ok, maybe only subtextually)–after all, Hera (who spouts the Sartre) is not supposed to be the “heroine” here. But I think PK would be a lot more successful at this if it were more obvious that SJ being her project in life is a choice she consciously, expressly makes. Sartre would still call it bad faith, but Hani would know otherwise–even if it grates on all of our post-feminist nerves!

      ahem, apologies again. as you were. ^^

      • 23.3.1 Anonymous

        I’m not going to go into further on Sartre philosophy; especially that, one will lose its identity to its partner. I’m not agreeing or rejecting it entirely. But I’d rather say that one’s identity is enhanced/ improved. If it’s lost, then perhaps there’s no identity to begin with; much concur to Sartre idea.

      • 23.3.2 Annony

        Another thing I noticed was the cultural context. This “live for another” lofty ideal is very Japanese to me. It files under their other mythical/analogical cultural ideals–chado (tea ceremony, which I’ve practiced as a hobby for years–lots of hand gestures… and good tea! ‘S all I’ve got to say) and kodo (incense ceremony–something which boggles my mind on all directions).

        The subtext at hand is: because of Hani’s lack in doing everything well (see anime, and how the dad lists off all the things she could not do when Ire-kun asks her hand–I swear this is the only thing I watched in the anime) her only choice is to live for someone else. She’s got nothing to give but of herself (I vaguely remember her saying something like that to BSJ “you’ve got so much to give…I don’t have anything…I’m going to live for fun/gonna find my way through university.”)

        It hurts me as a modern woman, yes, it does. But there is something admirable to her gutsy-ness to keep on going after him. Let look at it this way: If this were real life, there would have been more issues between them. And the fact that even though BSJ does feel for her, in the end it might not come true. :shrugs: but the drama and script is written that way, so we know she ends up with him.

        I’ve been through/felt/seen other love stories that mirror this…and most of the time, people don’t get together. That’s how the dice roll…

        • Hannah

          That’s interesting to know about Japanese ideology. But, see, the cultural context can only really apply to the manga. As an adaptation in the modern (and Korean) context, I think the criticism is totally fair.

          • Annony

            And that’s why it’s off putting to some. Because the script of PK relies heavily on the Japanese turn of events.

            I was just reading, some sort of article on how Korean women, and subsequently men, are getting married later because the women want to have a career first. With this thought as I viewed this episode, I was already anticipating the backlash because of the “living for another” ideal.

            Not bashing post-feminism, but it’s true, we women feel entitlement of our own freedoms and decisions. Something Hani, right now, is not exhibiting. And I can presume will not happen if this drama does continues to draw upon the original manga.

      • 23.3.3 Hannah

        Haha the irony. I wonder if the writers did a little bit of self-aware parody.

        I personally find it problematic that her choice to throw away her opinion on her own future keeps getting equated to love. It’s really not.

        If PK really wanted to disprove Satre, it wouldn’t destroy her Self as she finds love – it would celebrate the co-existence of love and her own unified Self rather than indulge in such an act of ontological violence wherein she is consumed by the Other – and thereby loses her ‘Self’.

        Instead, shouldn’t PK seek disprove that love is just an unhealthy co-dependency?

        /omg lol taking things way too seriously

        • haru

          LOL, ditto here, clearly! But that’s “love” under the Sartre rubric. I have no love for it, though—and ITA yours is the most sensible track; unfortunately, it doesn’t seem very Hani to me. Still, I hope something like it gets redeemed later on, maybe in the YouTube mini-episodes, along with along with some delicious tables-turning for SJ, heh! ^^

          • Hannah

            Yeah, I hope so too 🙂 Seriously, if they diverged and offered Ha Ni’s character some independence and growth, she would be awesome.

          • haru

            @ Hannah 10:28 am

            Plus I love her (non-topknot) hair! And it just occurred to me—wouldn’t it be REALLY FUNNY if all this were a meta In-Yo-Face to KHJ fangirlism?! um… *blushes* =^_^=

        • Eleven11

          I think I just fell in love with this conversation. Way to make PK interesting!

        • riley

          Noooo don’t stop… The seriousness, it is awesome!

    • 23.4 Anonymous2

      I absolutely agree with you. We, as women, are so smart these days. We don’t love with our heart anymore. We are like Hare, where we love with our mind. What’s in it for us?

      Loving with abandonment like Hani only happens during the teenage years, where there’s no calculation. I think that’s why I like this KR version, they made Hani so normal. BTW- Seungjo is really a genius because he knows what he is lacking and he respected Hani for her ability to love. Believe it or not, most men do appreciate the unconditional love ability of women. In ep. 13, we see that he is willing to give up his dream of becoming a doctor, but he won’t give her up.

      P.S. We call Duckie a sweetheart when he blindly loves Hani yet we call Hani stupid for blindly loving Seungjo. Maybe we have double standard afterall.

      • 23.4.1 Anonymous

        *P.S. We call Duckie a sweetheart when he blindly loves Hani yet we call Hani stupid for blindly loving Seungjo. Maybe we have double standard afterall.*

        My point exactly.
        Thank you!

      • 23.4.2 Hannah

        Hmm, but we only really had the big call out for Ha Ni this episode when she so blatantly based herself around the guy by essentially saying she just wants to be his accessory in life. When she blindly chased after him, I think it was pretty much forgiven in recognition of her teenaged mindset.

        Duckie has been called out too, if you look in the comments, but he also didn’t drop his ambition as a cook for Ha Ni.

        • estel

          He didn’t drop his ambition, it’s true, but then again, he also had one, whereas Ha-ni doesn’t. I might not like it too much, but I also don’t think that it’s illogical for her to decide her own life path around Seung-jo’s — at this point, she has nothing else pulling her in another direction. It might not be entirely wise of her, but I think it does make sense, given her characterization.

        • v

          I agree with all your points…
          but i’m just pointing out that even though Duckie aleady was a decent cook, he started to seriously learn how to cook to be in charge of Hani’s restaurant in the first place… so his dreams also revolved around Hani… to provide her comfort in her life and take her father’s restaurant… and then, he started to really be serious about cooking…

          If we look at this, then who is to say that Hani will not become serious about nursing… she might have started it to be of help to seungjo but hardworking as she is, she would give her all for nursing like duckie does with cooking.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you…
            Finally someone with senses as I do ^^

          • linkyo

            Gosh, V! I agree with you!!!! Hahah, loving it when finding someone with a similar mind. Hahah (and I’ve been refreshing this pages so much, and re-checking the new comments each time, LOL)

          • SecretAddiction


          • Rashi


          • Hannah

            “If we look at this, then who is to say that Hani will not become serious about nursing… she might have started it to be of help to seungjo but hardworking as she is, she would give her all for nursing like duckie does with cooking.”

            Wouldn’t it mean more, in a piece of fiction that little girls will no doubt idolize, if we didn’t need to bank on the what ifs because we understood that the heroine is capable enough to use her mind for herself?

            As of now, basing it on what they’ve given us, we don’t really get that impression. So speculation doesn’t mean a lot.

            And, okay. It’s not like Seung Jo is just her motivation to do something worthwhile. It’s more like she’ll just do whatever Seung Jo wants, just to be with him. That gives the corrolary message that girls should give up everything in a ‘pure’ love so that they can be considered worthwhile. Also, that it is enough to not want anything but to please a man. Isn’t that squicky? Oh, and to deny the male/female division in fiction is just willful ignorance. It exists.

            Also before people get mad, I actually like PK. It’s really cute. I just personally also happen to find it, in some ways, pretty offensive. Just my opinion, you’re free to disagree, etc. etc.

          • Anonymous

            *It’s more like she’ll just do whatever Seung Jo wants, just to be with him. That gives the corrolary message that girls should give up everything in a ‘pure’ love so that they can be considered worthwhile. Also, that it is enough to not want anything but to please a man. Isn’t that squicky?*

            Ok I get ur point but SJ doesn’t want her to do as he wants her. For most things, she has done it without his consent. She decided on her dreams on her own. And what she’s doing isn’t because solely to please him, but to please herself too, to help, to be there, to share his ups and downs. Isn’t normal for us to help when we see someone is in trouble. In OHN case that someone is who she deeply in love with. So it’s abnormal, now? Why?

            *Oh, and to deny the male/female division in fiction is just willful ignorance. It exists.*

            Willful ignorance? huh… That is the kind of perception I want to diminish.

          • v

            sorry… quick reply cuz it might turn into a rant but i think we’re dramatizing this a bit… i dont think becoming a nurse equates to giving up everything for love… it’s not as if she wants to sell drugs or something… it’s more like improving yourself because of love for the one that you love.

          • Hannah

            “For most things, she has done it without his consent. She decided on her dreams on her own.”

            Hm, but I think the lack of choice (implicating identity) is the very issue. She completely gives up her choices to Seung Jo so far as she says she’ll just follow him blindly. I’ll concede that she has agency enough to follow her dream – but then when her dream is only to give up her agency to him, it’s really not that admirable.

            “it’s more like improving yourself because of love for the one that you love.”

            She’s not simply improving herself, she’s moulding herself entirely to his whims. According to what she says right now, anyway – we’ll see how that goes.

            Haha. I’m just going to agree to disagree. I don’t think anybody is really going to change anybody else’s perception, and that’s okay! It was fun debating. 🙂

          • Ashley

            I agree completely.

        • mememe

          Maybe the object of Ha Ni’s dream is not worthy, whereas the object of Duckie’s dream is very worthy.

      • 23.4.3 Nanci

        I want to call BS on not loving with our hearts. I want a freaking career and to be independent, and part of what I’ll take into account when getting into a serious relationship will be THOUGHT through. Because I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this whole love/passion w/o thinking is not what keeps a relationship alive. And what is in it for me? A healthy normal relationship.

        And my problem with Ha Ni revolving around BSJ is that wants to be with a guy who only just (after years of living around each other) is kind of nice to her. Sure we get snippets of him being sweet, but that doesnt add up. And perhaps he just can’t express himself and all that crap, but that doesnt excuse his attitude. If it was your sister who wanted to forever live around a guy who has treated her the way BSJ treats OHN, how would you feel?

        And sure it’s just a character, but I happen to love Ha Ni, because she is so much more wanting her life to be just wife of some guy who can’t appreciate her.

        And the thing with duckie (even though he is annoying to be, so f’in there), is that he does have another life, which is cooking, and he’s not the main character so of course we are not going to know and connect with him as we do OHN

        • Kookaburra

          I actually feel really sorry for Ha Ni here. The trouble with BSJ is even though he’s mean, he’ll be really sweet for a couple glorious seconds. Every time she’s willing to give up on him or starts to second guess herself, he does something that makes her think all that effort is worth it. It’s weird, but the first thing I thought of when I read your post was that it was like an abusive relationship. I know it’s not even coming near to the severity of the comparison, but it has the same cycle: she gets attached to him, he’s mean (just plain cruel in some cases), she thinks about leaving, he does something to make her want to stay, wash and repeat. And now she’s had her life revolve around him so much that she feels that there’s nothing left of her except for what she does for him.

          I think if Ha Ni had even a clue about what she wanted to do with her life, if she had even half of the passion she feels toward BSJ, she would be working towards that. But she doesn’t, so she bases her goals off of what she can do for him. And maybe if SHE felt better about that, I would too. But it’s obvious that she doesn’t feel good about that (just listen to her voice and how ashamed it sounds when she tells BSJ her goals), and I think that’s the problem I have with the whole situation. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to support someone and to be with them to help them out, but she’s not happy with it and she shouldn’t settle for something she’s not really happy with.

          • Nanci

            You really put that awesomely. I’ve seen abusive relationships in many different forms and although this is nowhere near the extremity, it’s still there. And that scares me, that people think it’s okay to devote her life to him (like he is a god) and be in this slightly manipulative relationship.

            But at the end of the day, she is ashamed and she isn’t happy about it, because it’s not the best situation for her to love a guy so much when he doesn’t love her back (or at least acts in such ways.

      • 23.4.4 faye

        i really like this sentence:
        “In ep. 13, we see that he is willing to give up his dream of becoming a doctor, but he won’t give her up.”

        what is love?
        what makes love, love?

        what i really like about PK is how it shows 2 absolutely different people grow and mature together,
        and change for the better,
        dare to dream dreams they previously never believed/ thought of.

        and bear in mind, they’re just young un’s, barely 20.

        i think back when i was 20, and i was pretty lost myself on what i wanted in life.

        i think the merit for a companion like Hani is how she is unreservedly behind you all the way, always got your back, always thinking for your benefit, able to see your strengths better than you can see yourself.

        and the merit for a companion like BSJ is how he encourages you to improve, to do better than what you thought you could achieve, to help you when you’re unable to do certain things with your own limited abilities.

        sometimes, things can happen that change the course of life.
        but, what i found so touching was how even though plans/dreams change, the love never changed.
        it was faithful, unwavering.

        at my grand ‘ole age now, i would like to wish that i could still look forward to a love like this.

        and that’s why PK tugs at my heartstrings. warts and all. ^^

    • 23.5 yeisha

      Great discussion guys! I love it. For a drama that is often dismissed as a pluff, there sure is so much more going on here that what meets the eye.

      I see both sides of the argument. But Hani is Hani. This is who she is and she never pretended to be otherwise (unlike someone else we know who acts all High-and-Mighty but is in fact doing her own stalking, bidding her time and finally sharpening her claws).

      Also, we have to remember that this is a girl who grew up without a mother. Hani didn’t have any other female influence in her life besides her grandmother who’s probably very old-fashioned and not career-oriented. So who can blame her if all she wants to do is to be there for the person she loves the most? Who are we to judge her if this makes her happy?

      Yes, if she were my sister or my friend, I’d probably smack her in the head and give her a long lecture on self-love and self-preservation. But that’s just me. Because I grew up learning the value of independence. I was taught early on, not by words but by actions, that we should never gauge our worth through others, be it a stanger, a friend or a loved one. Which is why, I can never be Hani. And why, again, this makes her unique.

      And it is precisely this quality of hers, this tenacity, that made Seungjo notice her in the first place. Had she given up early on when he gave her a D-, do you think he would have given her a second glance? I don’t think so. But because she is sticking to him like a gum no matter how mean he is to her and how much he trampled on her pride, he is puzzled by her. In his mind, he is probably thinking, “Who is this slip of a girl and what does she see in me that she keeps following me around?” She makes him see things that he normally won’t see. Which again, is a testament to how complimentary they are.

      And yes, I definitely agree that gender should not be an issue her. Hani, Haera and Joon Gu — all them are just following their hearts, what they believe is worth fighting for. I don’t think its fair to applaud one and ridicule the other. 😉

      • 23.5.1 linkyo

        Hm, about SeungJo’s thought of HaNi’s unconditional love… Well, I read his part of thoughts in the translated Baek Seung Jo diary, and I think, that would be a really great insight into SeungJo’s head.

        If somebody cared enough to read it, they are all available in this person’s twitpic. http://www.twitpic.com/photos/reena29shadow

        I actually cried during reading SeungJo’s thoughts of Ha Ni. Because it made understand why He is behaving like that, and all the brooding

      • 23.5.2 Nameless

        I told you it’s not that simple… ^^

    • 23.6 linkyo

      I agree!!! I mean, sure, if somebody has their own purpose turns out to be: finding a career and such. But, dreaming of being with the one that you love and actually ‘sacrificing’ a damn lot to match “the love of my life” (and maybe in this case, Oh Ha Ni is not sacrificing, but can be considered as Developing) should be appreciated and adored.

      Her dream was to be with Seung Jo, and help him in all the way that she could. So, why is it wrong?

      Being independent is great. But I think, man and woman are made to be dependent and supporting each other.

      • 23.6.1 Nanci

        um, not is a very hetero view of things, men dont always like women and vice versa.

    • 23.7 Nanci

      My problem is that BSJ is still taking her for granted. I wouldnt have a problem if she decided to revolve her life around him (although it would still be a bit weird to me), if he had already changed. Don’t tell me he is treating her okay, just because he sometimes is nice to her (oooo, wow, he’s actually decent sometimes, lets swoon over that).

      And that is where the real annoyed-ness with this character lies. I love HaNi, she’s is spirited and optimistic, but why she continues to want her life to be spent with a person who doesn’t treat her okay, makes me dislike her. So yeah, I do think she should become independent from BSJ, at least until he realizes that his attitude towards her needs to change. I dont think it’s okay for her to want to be okay with someone who treats her that way. I like BSJ, as a character and I know he has developed, but she needs to as well. She should GROW UP and see that she deserves to be treated better.

      And if you think that it’s okay for her to love and wants to revolve her life around someone who is obviously taking her for granted, then I think you need to reevaluate what constitutes a healthy relationship and love.

      • 23.7.1 Nameless

        This story is about two very different people who made for each other. Each possesses quality that each other lacks. I’m not just saying that it’s a complimentary but also tolerance and acceptance that they have for one another.

        And that for every special person, no matter how genius/ unique/ troubled/ dysfunction/ thoughtless/ weak/ strong/ ugly you are, there’s always going to be your matching person exist out there. This is in fact a lesson I’ve learned well in here.

        Oh Ha Ni is a girl with bright personality and always cheerful. She is considered thoughtless as she always act based on her heart and not by her mind. She acts first without thinking much of the consequences. “But she has that strong attitude that sees life as her little playground; she plays, she falls, she cries, she gets up and plays again. Nothing can ever bring her down. Come what may.” (quote from CHshe). And that is her strength. She has that never-ending pull force that will draw BSJ in enjoying his life; thus into her life as well. Thus, makes him the center of everything in her life.

        And then we have Baek Seung Jo, a genius with social inept and has huge problem in expressing his feelings. Somehow his action was often misunderstood by others. Although he does understand that sometimes his actions were being interpreted as mean and cold but he always acts based on his logic, honest in his own calculative way. Sometimes, it’s too honest that it hurts other’s people feelings. He has that force to drive people to their limits. That is his specialty. And unbeknownst to him, he drives himself out in the open too, well once in a while. All thanks to Oh Ha Ni.

        And after all they’ve been through; they learned to accept each other for who they are. BSJ accepted her for who she is; a person who is thoughtless; who never gives up regardless any consequences. Same as for Oh Ha Ni, she accepted him for who he is; a person who doesn’t express his feelings well/ much out in the open. Each will tolerate the quality that the other person lacks and both understand that neither is something that needs to be changed completely but to be improved. And what with these two lacks, somehow it will make a long-lasting relationship work. Although it may seems like an ill-match couple for others, but its functioning perfectly for those two. Hey, nobody is perfect in this world. And vanity is something that you’d wear to get other’s people recognition.

        So can you really be true to yourself and have others accept you for who you really are?

        I’m not saying that BSJ is never going to change. But he is who he is; a person who lacks expression. And he’s always going to be that person. He sees the world without interest. But with Oh Ha Ni, he was drawn to her like solving a puzzle. Why is this girl always fixated by me? No matter what I do to her. Is she for real? Although it seems that OHN is a bit clingy to hold on to BSJ most of the time, but that is exactly what BSJ needed; if not he’d be alone all by himself, wrapped around his own created wall, thinking that life is all that easy. He needs that sort of person to keep knocking on his wall and break it open so he can go out and enjoy his life, and share it with others as well.

        • Nanci

          which would be fine except that he only lacks affectionate expression, he’s very good at being mean. I can understand that he can’t express himself (I have a hard time with affection) but that doesn’t make it okay, because I feel he brings her down a lot. So she’s willing to accept him like that, but that doesn’t make it okay.

          I do believe people help each other grow, help become better versions of themselves, but these two are nowhere near the stage where they are more beneficial than poisoness.

          • Anonymous

            So what if it doesn’t okay?

            What is okay, anyway?
            Let me rephrase, what is normal anyway? Who sets the bar? We the public. We see. We judged. If something is beyond the ordinary; If something really bothers us; If something goes not according to our expectations or set of values; What would we do? We singled them out. We punished them. We called them names.

            Looks like you never going to be satisfying with anything, but that’s life.

            We can go at it again and again, but no matter what you seems want to take this negatively. I on the other hand see things in a positive tune. That’s why it never ends.

            For once in a while. I really want to see the world in the eyes of the children. Sometimes being an adult really tires me down with all the responsibility, complex, tension, problems, issues, etc etc… sigh never-ending

          • Nameless

            “Ah What is normal anyway?”

            Nice. I heard you. Another possible definition is that “a normal” is someone who conforms to the predominant behavior in a society. This can be from various reasons such as simple imitative behavior, deliberate or inconsistent acceptance of society’s standards, fear of humiliation or rejection etc…

            Its too soon to judge things. And even if it doesn’t add up to your standard of a healthy relationship, others may see it differently.

            The level of tolerance that you have probably too low for you to accept such different/ abnormality in values that you believe in so strongly. Just don’t take things so negatively, try to see things in a lighter mood. You may find it differently. If not then, I just accept you for who you are. And in return, just accept them for who they are, no matter how different they seem.

            Isn’t it good to be a giver, once in a while?

          • Nanci

            You know, f you for telling me that I’ll never be satisfied anon, you dont know me. I don’t expect him to be some lovey dovey guy, I do expect him to show her some f’in respect and for her to WANT RESPECT from him.

            Is it so wrong to want equal RESPECT in friendships/relationships. He constantly makes her feel like shit, constantly reminding her that she’s dumb and annoying. And yeah he’s changing, and I see that, but for her never to hold him accountable for the way he mistreats is is wrong. For her to stand there and just take all his jerkiness and you treat her like some martyr, it’s not okay.

            And damn right, I’m not going to sugar coat this, because what you are doing is IGNORING all the shit going on. I love the character HaNi and until now, I was all for her feelings for him, because I felt that she was growing to, and maybe would realize that he needed to treat her better. Being in love with someone, wanting to put them first never makes it okay for them to treat you badly

            And don’t tell me he doesn’t treat her badly, he makes her feel bad all the time.

            @Nameless: again, this is not so much the fact that he is not some lovey dovey guy, but the fact that he can make her feel bad about things. Whether or not his behavior is normal is not really the case here, whether or not he shows enough respect for her is the case, and whether or not she should demand respect. And what is with me being told that I’m not okay with abnormality. Don’t call being a jerk just not being normal, whoever you are, whatever you prefer, you always have to respect your partner, you respect your friends and family. This makes for healthy relationships and I won’t ignore the lack of respect here.

          • Anonymous


            @ Nancy why the needs to do name calling here? Did I push your button or something… if so I apologize…

            Let me rephrase again, human can never be satisfied, always, I mean always wanting something more… including me… Yes, I also can never be satisfied. That is a basic human flaw.

            There I said my peace… be civilized when speaking your mind. And when others don’t seem to look your way, don’t be so defensive about it. It’s just going to show how weak you’re… hmm again I think I may push your button… so again.. sorry…

            And that’s just prove to me how tolerate you’re…

    • 23.8 shalini

      yes hani worshipping a man is completely wrong. It is wrong because its U turn on what women have achieved with lot of difficulty in last 50 years to come out off.
      worshipping a man leads you to be in mercy of him. not being independent and being in mercy is an easy case for abuse. Havent we seen it all?

      we are not putting money career hobby before love, it is really a stupid idea that a woman in love should have nothing else in life other than her man.
      Doesnt BJG who is as much in love as hani have cooking as his career and passion?
      Hani like obsession is dangerous to the society it breeds parasites who are dependent for every opinion, for every decision, for money for every damn thing on a man. what if the man leaves? what if he dies? her life is then meaningless waste? who will feed her then?
      we dont see men like that who wont work but be in love- such men are surely called wastrels arent made heros of Dramas.

      • 23.8.1 Anonymous

        Wo wo wo…

        Worshiping? Seriously? To that extent?
        Look I may sound as if I’m too old fashioned here, but you take it to a very dark place there…

        Have you ever thought from this point of view? Let’s try shall we?

        OHN always revolved around BSJ but since he acts so cold, mean and never seems to care much about her; perhaps she has accepts the fact that it is impossible for someone who is perfect like him can be able to love her. That it is beyond any dreams, so she settles to having the same dreams that he has, well not the same, but it’s in the same path.

        So she has accept the fact that although, he may not like her and that she may not be with him, at least they share the same dream, the same path, the same goal. Regardless if anything happens to him, the have shared something. May be to us is so little, but in OHN world is a gigantic thing.

        Again BJG thing? Why is it ok for him and not for OHN? He started his career in cooking the same reason as OHN. Just so happens that he has talents. But it’s still all for OHN’s sake. Now why is that different again?

        • Nanci

          I want to actually quote an earlier comment by another person
          “And maybe if SHE felt better about that, I would too. But it’s obvious that she doesn’t feel good about that (just listen to her voice and how ashamed it sounds when she tells BSJ her goals), and I think that’s the problem I have with the whole situation. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to support someone and to be with them to help them out, but she’s not happy with it and she shouldn’t settle for something she’s not really happy with”

          and not to mention that he’s mean, she wants to stop liking him, but then he does something kind of nice and she goes back, it’s manipulative and healthy. They are not 10 year olds, they shouldn’t play these games that 10 year olds play.

          • Anonymous

            10 year old can play a manipulative game? Wo…

            Anyway, as I see it, you seem to judge them too soon, the story hasn’t unfolded yet, there are 4 more episodes to go, and probably BSJ is not your favourite typical perfect hero of the day. But that’s what it represent. That for every person to have flaws, and that flaws can be improved, if you give it a chance.

            Mean? I didn’t find his meanness to be so troubling. Perhaps I have a different level of tolerance than you. That’s what makes it harder for you to accept. What makes it poisonous for you may not be so for some people.

          • Nanci

            I guess I don’t expect the writers to really have them change enough in a span of 4 episodes, but I should know better.

            I’m not saying 10 year olds play manipulatively, I’m saying he is acting like a 10 year old in love (being mean, etc) and are taking it to this adult level which is very odd. And poisonous is probably a bit strong, but in terms of tolerance, what’s so wrong with not wanting to tolerate a guy who is just mostly mean to me. I guess because I’ve been taught to be a woman who never lets anyone make her feel bad. To you it might seem like I’m some person with no tolerance, but to a Hispanic woman like me who sees her sisters of color being put down every day, I don’t appreciate any woman being put down by the person she loves, she deserves more than that.

            I understand that this was written in Japan a couple of years ago, but this is a website that obviously contains a lot of americans, some who are not white, so like me, I will criticize in how it fits with my view of the world.

          • Anonymous

            Oh that’s why you’re so defensive. I didn’t see you as intolerant person, I say that we have a different level; perhaps I’m on level 6 you may be lower. That’s why your perception varies from others, from myself…

            Anyway, I’m a coloured person myself. And I’ve seen also people getting bad treatment from the ones they love. When I mean bad treatment, I mean it’s really bad that is beyond redeemable. But this story is not all about that…

            BSJ is someone who is redeemable. You mention that he always treats her bad. How come? Did he not change a lot because of her. He used to make fun of her, I mean a lot. Compare to the very first time they met. Now he actually listen to what she has to say. Did he mock her? No, he encourages her instead. When OHN made all those horrible dishes, did he angry at her? No, he ate them without any comment. So what part of bad treatment is that? Where does him being mean in here? Still not giving him a chance? He is just about to start. So don’t urge him to stop. Root for him instead, so that OHN will get the man that we all hope she deserves.

        • shalini

          I am Indian here… based on our cultural backgrounds we take the seriousness of the situation to different levels..If it is only “she wanting to be with someone to share something./sometime” that sounds cute…
          some how when we react to a small scene like this we are not just reacting to this scene but to all the references to such behaviour in our head – Indian woman is supposed to worship her husband u know! I have grown up VOMITING( I loved it! GF 😀 😀 ) at such ideas, Vomiting at Mytholgical references of Chaste women who burn themselves at piers and Vomiting at movies where the girls fast for the guys long life such…
          May be hani is just a misguided stupid sweet young thing.. seen more guys than girls make a fool of themselves lose their pride etc etc etc..But when something touches that feminist raw nerve all the internal defence is brought right out 🙂
          sometimes I feel like I am too aggressive about these things, I feel not right about being angry about nice submissive women.. then when I read the comments on this thread It felt really good!! Luv u girls on this thread,, love ur anger at sexiest portrayals. 🙂 🙂

    • 23.9 Krist

      Yeah I agree with some parts. I mean if people don’t like Hani because she is so devoted and put seung Jo in first they all hate the woman from the past? Or the rare woman that nowadays has the dream of met her soul mate marry and have kids? Are you saying these woman who chose to marry and have kids and live for that ridiculous? really. Because do exist woman who do it. Live for their husband and kids. Some chose this life. And I do admire them for it.

  24. 24 Jomo

    I gave OHN points for being honest with BSJ about her dreams/expectations. By OHN puting out all that devotion, she is forcing BSJ to make a choice on whether he wants to accept it, and the responsibilites that go with.

    Does he say, “Forget this!” and run screaming away? He has his own problems, career and family to deal with. Now he has to be joined at the hip with this not-so-smart girl for the rest of his life?

    Or, does he say, “Well, I did pick medicine because OHN saw somehting in me I hadn’t even seen. I like how it feels to be with OHN so far. I could get used to it. I need a partner. She would be fine.” We also haven’t taken into account the chemical reaction part of a relationship. Probably because the script and direction are so chaste. If OHN makes his stomach flip, and he liked kissing her, well, there is more reason to accept her.

    • 24.1 faye

      well said!

      he’s a cold, cold character, i must say and cannot deny,

      but you just can’t discount the intangibles, it’s part of the reason that these 2 seemingly different people are drawn to each other.

      they see something in each other that nobody else so far can provide to them.

      no matter how the other potential partners may seem to have “better” qualities to the rest of us watching on the sidelines,

      that’s why love is love is love.

      and in a (sadomasochistic) way (i must admit!),
      the way they spur each other on and develop each other, is by being pretty brutal to each other:

      him with his poisonous tongue,
      her with her puppy-esque sticky devotion.

      for me, it was pretty telling that when she haltingly tells him about her dreams, seung jo doesn’t stop her from wanting to be his helpmate.

      perhaps he has already subconsciously included her as part of the consideration when he’s plotting out his path in life,
      and he recognizes that their lives can be more fulfilling and interesting when they have each other,

      though he doesn’t want to admit/ hasn’t realized it.

      and certainly, chemistry.

      Honestly, back in my college days, there was a guy who was a bit like joon gu in my life story. He was a nice guy, was always there for me, did nice things for me, and went around telling everyone how much he liked me.

      but no matter how i tried to like him back in the same way, i just couldn’t. And even to this day, i can’t.

      and it’s also not fair to him, he also deserves someone who loves him back for who he is, and not as a might-as-well.

      therein lies the magic, and heartbreak, of love i guess~

  25. 25 a_fan

    I have to keep reminding myself that this story is apparently based on the mangga writers own love story. The show can’t make any big changes. They can’t make her into an a Hæra as that would be another story – a flesh eating furry femal character maybe.

    This is Hani. Her world revolves around Baek Seung Jo. Period.

  26. 26 kissplay

    Thanks so much for your hard and wonderful work providing these recaps. I’ve been reading them diligently but today I felt the urge to reply.

    I appreciate your frustration with Stalker Girl but I think today’s interpretation of events was a little harsh.

    In my Opinion you overlooked the progress made by Robot Boy.
    -First, he invited Stalker Girl to share what was bothering her, and listened to her issues.
    -He didn’t insult her dream, and even gave her tacit approval to follow him to medical school by saying she’ll have to work hard to attain her dream.
    -Three, even though Little would have gladly done so- , he didn’t disparage her effort on behalf of the family
    -Four, he didn’t deny that his lunch box was made for him by his girlfriend.
    ** [This is my interpretation, but I think if Stalker Girl had not been in the room, Robot Boy would have admitted to Think-She’s-Got-it-All’s grandfather that he does have a girlfriend.] I think while his heart is leaning towards Stalker Girl, he’s doesn’t want to commit to her publicly in case something happens, because losing him, after actually having him would be devastating for her.

    Yeah, Oh Ha Ni is certainly an appalling example of womanhood, but luckily the actress’s charm and charisma makes her palatable. Also the presence of Duckie-Stalker diminishes how degrading such a portrayal of girl/woman would be, because it indicate that such stupidity crosses gender.

    • 26.1 Hannah

      Haha, I think the nickname you gave Ha Ni is telling.

      Yeah, Oh Ha Ni is certainly an appalling example of womanhood, but luckily the actress’s charm and charisma makes her palatable.


      Also the presence of Duckie-Stalker diminishes how degrading such a portrayal of girl/woman would be, because it indicate that such stupidity crosses gender.

      LOLOL best defense of Playful Kiss yet – it’s not sexist,
      it discriminates equally!

      • 26.1.1 Acidimp

        Why does everyone call out duckie and hannie on the stalking and completely ignore HR, the supposed perfect example of a perfect smart woman, who is clearly stalking SJ? If she is supposed to be a genius and independent and all that why is she following SJ around as much, if not more, than Hani?

        • Eleven11

          Hi again, I think this is the second post of yours I’m replying to! =p

          I’m so glad you brought up HeRa because she is another interesting aspect of this story. In my humble opinion, I think the treatment of her character is a part of the reason why this story irks me so much.

          As you said, she is an independent woman with a strong idea of who she is and what she wants to do in life. She too is in love with SeungJo and as you say, does much the same things as Hani to be with him. Yet, unlike HaNi, the Devoted Housewife, Hera’s character is portrayed as a cold, scheming bitch. I know she’s supposed to be the pot lid, a parallel to SeungJo, but you could also see it as a strong, independent woman demonised. She is a stalker like Hani, but because she has her own goals, she is not ‘devoted’ or ‘caring’ enough to actually ‘get the man’ in the end, and this is seen as a loss.

          I don’t think being an independent woman makes you any better (or even stronger) than a housewife, I think that woman who make the choice to stay at home deserve upmost respect. However, this story shows more than just Hani choosing to be a housewife. It shows an alternative idea of womanhood, one that is only a recent social development, as something undesirable and ultimately unfulfilling.

          I’ve seen a few comments about head vs. heart in this thread, an I think this is an example of the effect of the Hani/Hera portrayal. Hani is shown as all heart while Hera is all head – there is no middle ground between the two shown, and ultimately it is the ‘pure heart’ ideal that ‘wins’.

          I think I would be more forgiving to this story if Hera was portrayed in a more well-rounded and sympathetic way – if we had an alternative female character that wasn’t all about blind devotion, or else a total backstabbing bitch. Something to show that revolving your life around a man (while a valid and desirable option for many women, maybe) is not the only way to achieve a full and happy life.

          • Acidimp

            Hi there this is the second time I’m replying to you replying to me. HEH! 😉

            I think HR could be a much bigger bitch than they portray her to be. There are a couple of scenes where she could have easily ripped Hani apart and it didn’t happen. Even with her poor backstory, I don’t think she comes across has totally heartless and Hani certainly does seem brainless. I do think they are meant to be archetypes though to make the story interesting and comical rather than realistic.

            Hani is frustrating but she is unique because I have never seen a character quite like her…most writers don’t go to the extreme like that. Not everyone is strong and indepent or even smart, I hate that people hate her for not being those things instead of hating the story for it’s faults. Do we really believe that the only women of worth are women who act like we think they should? I would love to see someone write a character just like her in a more thought out and intellectual story. These are only stories so it’s good to see a diverse range of romantic heroines…not just strong and smart ones.

          • Laeah

            Hera in the manga is very different from the drama. Hera gives up rather quickly and Hani and her become friends… they’ve combine Hera’s character with another character (irk!!!!) and made her role more prominant. But it’s really not how it ends up. In the manga by the time Chris (the REAL fiance) comes in, Hera’s character is already friends with Kotoko. And she’s much less hateable. I think they changed it to make it more of a typical K-drama. Sucks.

          • s0ni

            I love your posts and agree with what you say 😉

          • jackwon

            I can see why people fear that the drama demonizes the smart, strong, independent woman, but I think they show the pros and cons of both archetypes pretty well, giving the audience reasons to like AND dislike both characters. Hera is sometimes pretty admirable, and Hani is sometimes pretty pathetic.

            Actually, because it’s acknowledged that Yoon Hera is such an obviously “perfect match” for SeungJo, the show is saying that in life, usually that type of woman comes out on top. The point is, once in awhile, the slow snail girl like Hani CAN win, too. It’s not that Career Woman equals bitch, and Housewife equals sweet saint. It’s not brain loses and heart wins aalllll the time, just this one time, in a classic underdog way (a la Bridget Jones). ^^

          • dancingani

            “Hani is shown as all heart while Hera is all head – there is no middle ground between the two shown, and ultimately it is the ‘pure heart’ ideal that ‘wins’.”

            and here you have the pot lid analogy again…only in anatomical sense


            BSJ+YHR=a massive heartless headache
            BSJ+OHN=a head with a heart and heart with a brain

        • Hannah

          I guess it just reveals that PK’s portrayal of women is suspect at best…

        • Eleven11

          @Acidmap, again

          Agreed, actually. I dis this story not because I think Oh Ha Ni is a poor excuse for womanhood, or being a ‘bad feminist’ or whatever, but because of the way her character is portrayed in context with other characters.

          So I think when you say ” I would love to see someone write a character just like her in a more thought out and intellectual story,” I am totally on your side. I guess it comes back to the idea of what exactly makes a strong female character. I was just reading a blog about this that was quite interesting (in realtion to action movies, but still relevant). http://www.overthinkingit.com/2008/08/18/why-strong-female-characters-are-bad-for-women/

          Basically, the gist of the post is that in response to the feminist outcry of ‘We need more strong female characters in movies etc!’, Hollywood started chucking in 2-dimensional, hot women who could kick ass, or were overly talented, and saying “Ooh, look how strong this female character is, we’re so progressive!” When really, they weren’t very strong characters at all.

          What I’m getting at is basically similar to what you said, I think – We need more nuanced portrayals of females and femininity from all over the spectrum. You could have a character who is a housewife, who cherishes true love and who wants nothing more than to raise children, and still make it a very strong character, if given the right attention and storyline.

          • Eleven11

            I swear, I don’t intend my replies to be this long. I just get so excited over this topic =p

        • kissplay

          HeRa gets a pass because although she contrives to participate in the same activities as SuengJo she does so in a socially sanctioned way. However, if it is revealed that she has had him followed by a private detective, rigged hidden cameras in his apartment and microphones in his backpack, I’ll call her out.

          Plus, she doesn’t interest me. She’s not the worst of the mean girls I’ve seen, but that kind of character with an outside sense of entitlement doesn’t interest me, especially since I don’t see her as a threat to the main relationship. She is as much a caricature as Oh Ha Ni, but one I like less.

    • 26.2 holey moley

      “Yeah, Oh Ha Ni is certainly an appalling example of womanhood, but luckily the actress’s charm and charisma makes her palatable.”

      this statement is why i love jung so min…she makes an unedible food edible or better yet delicious….

      • 26.2.1 Annony

        “she makes an unedible food edible or better yet delicious….” A la BSJ eating the crunchy Taro stew. XD

        • yeisha

          So true! I think this is ANOTHER reason why they’re meant to be together. She found the perfect antidote to his robot-ness: send him with one of her inedible concoctions and boy is no longer a robot. First those darn chocolates, now the packed lunch. 😉

          • Annony

            LOL Agreed!
            Who needs lacy panties? When you’ve got pink granny ones? XD

    • 26.3 Sumaiya

      if one has seen TKA, ZS says to XQ’s father that he is scared for her…if something happens to him she is going to not only be devastated but mostly likely end her life…it is not to say that she is dependent on him…but rather she is madly in love (this would hold true for ZS/SJ as well…even he is “dependent” on her..if you want to use that word that is)

  27. 27 drama4lyf

    i hate girls like Ha-ni. Gosh can’t believe her whole life revolves around SJ. so gross!!!

  28. 28 jo

    I appreciate this love story between seung-jo and hani because I admire hani in a way that she is totally unrepentant, proud and shameless of her love for seung-jo. To be totally without reservation and unapologetic in regards to her feelings. I find her honesty refreshing. Deep inside, aren’t we all like her?

    • 28.1 Jomo

      Yes, I am still the 16 year old girl with crushes on friends of my big brothers.
      I wonder how different things would have been if I had actually shown interest in them rather than blushing wildly and running away when they came in the house!!!

    • 28.2 Flower Pot

      I agree… I would like to post more of my opinion but much has been said already about this topic that i’d just be echoing the others sentiments…

      I guess, what i just want to say is that THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY OF EXPRESSING LOVE… What might work for some might not work for others…

      Seung Jo might be mean to Ha Ni but at least he’s being his real self… No sugar coating, no best foot forward… It’s just him being him… PERIOD.TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT….
      And Ha Ni chose to take it…

      The same way that Seung Jo chose to take Ha Ni’s insecurities and lack of confidence in herself which might frustrate him oftentimes but which he has already resigned himself to, as being part of her whole package…

      We all have our quirks, our idiosyncrasies, our hidden meanness and hidden dumbness but does that mean that if we fall in love we only take the good and leave out the bad?

      Of course not! True love is all about accepting a person warts and all…

      I’ve been with my fiancee 12 years and sometimes he gets terrible mood swings but i don’t take his sarcasm personally because i know that he’s just in a funk and that it’s not aimed at me and once that passes, then he’d be back to being his usual, lovable self which is like 80% of the time…

      I guess the same way goes for Ha Ni…

      She can look over Seung Jo’s flaws because SHE KNOWS HIM WELL ENOUGH to know that his meanness is all bark and no bite… She knows him WELL ENOUGH to know that underneath the seemingly cold exterior there is something inside him that is really worth her devotion and worth loving…

      I agree that it’s a different scenario if he abuses her physically or verbally deliberately but Seung Jo being Seung Jo i even doubt if he has any idea that his words are cutting or sometimes a bit of a downer…

      We can never judge a person just based on some character flaw because it does not make up 100% of WHO THEY REALLY ARE…

      Ha Ni’s devotion to Seung Jo might seem foolish to others but THAT is what makes her happy and who are we to judge on that choice?

      I know we’d all like to believe that we are all strong feminine warriors but lets face it, deep inside there is a Ha Ni that’s lurking inside of us and the only difference between us and her is that we don’t allow that inner devoted, lovestruck girl who can defy norms of conventionality for love to rear it’s head for fear of being judged and Ha Ni could not even care less about that…

  29. 29 hitsugaya

    i’m like how this drama kinda kept intact with the anime..but there are still many important parts they left out..making it very weird and unbalanced..tsk2

  30. 30 mythweav.r

    Precisely my point and I am glad you noticed it too! I love the show but Ha Ni’s lack of character development is driving me nuts! I was screaming my frustration at episode 8 when she was still stalking him all over the place, and I am astounded in Episode 12 that BSJ could listen to her dreams to dog him with a smile. Urgh!

    When will she ever grow up? 🙁

    • 30.1 m a r a

      Exactly. I almost feel like he doesn’t expect that much more from her. She had potential in the beginning because there was the desire to do hard work. When she wanted something, she went for it with hard work, but as somebody pointed out, her character development has been disappointing.

      True, her bold declarations are admirable, but the stalking is too much. It is overplayed. Manga or not, it’s still frustrating.

      • 30.1.1 mythweav.r

        Yeah… I like her working hard. I know some will always argue and want the series to follow the original plot in other versions, but I haven’t seen those. I think it’s important for a series to tell a good story, not mimic something else totally – otherwise, what’s the point in copying and producing the same piece of work?

        I agree with you – Ha Ni’s diligence and determination is what I really like about her character. And I love how BSJ recognises that and encourages her to be better in what she does, to be more than what she currently is. It kinda seems a little self-defeating when she doesn’t find herself in this process when everyone else is maturing and discovering their purpose and passions. *sigh*

    • 30.2 Luv Triangle

      I agree, somewhat..Honestly though i think Ha Ni has ever thought about growing up.. I think in a sense she is still this teenage girl who is crazily in love with a boy who was to some extent unattainable. I mean she has grown up with everyone around her calling her dumb or like slow, I don’t think ambition or goals were ever in her book. She was content with loving this “overpowering” guy and for the future she just wanted to be with him. I think she kind of built her dream world around him
      I mean i understand that in a way, i don’t support it but i understand it.
      But now i think the show needs to show her growing a back bone and realizing that maybe it does not all come down to just loving someone and being with them 24-7. She needs to come out of her little dream world and deal with real life issues like careers and stuff. So hopefully she grows up and looking at the preview maybe she does..

  31. 31 diadda

    Ok, here is where deviating from the main character’s motivations and reasoning makes this show loose out. I am seeing lots of complaints about Ha Ni’s life goals. Would it have been such a horrible shock if her life goals had never changed from the beginning, as in every other version of this story? Why have the tin-man scarecrow fall in love if you already took away what makes them unique?

    Starting her off with some semblance of stability and common sense only brings the character down and makes it look like a step backward for this career choice. The writers should have scrapped the original motivations entirely and changed the plot more since they already gave her a brain and him a heart. Make it about some other people so it makes sense.

    All other Ha Ni(Kotoko’s) were single mindedly devoted to the male lead so much so that they couldn’t do much of anything else or think of much of anything else. However I found in all other versions it was her perseverance in her wacked out devotions that eventually forced her to find individuality when she goes to study to be a nurse.

    In other words Ha Ni if following the steps of the original story is only going to get worse and not better.

    • 31.1 Hannah

      “The writers should have scrapped the original motivations entirely and changed the plot more since they already gave her a brain and him a heart.”

      So at least I’m not the only one feeling the inconsistency in characterisation in this adaptation. The drama trying to tell me she has no brain to think for herself totally contradicts what they’ve spent 11 episodes trying to fashion – an emotionally empathetic teenage girl, who I liked due to her bubbly, vibrant personality.

      Drama is still really cute, at least.

    • 31.2 sajor

      sorry..having a life goal of being with someone only might not sit well with you, which is fine. but there is nothing inherently wrong in it, so to reduce it as a brainless act or opposite to common sense is I think plainly disrespectful.

      • 31.2.1 Anonymous

        I totally agree.

      • 31.2.2 diadda

        Maybe I should have been more clear about my own personal feelings on the characters, but I love Kotoko and her development as a person in other versions. It was not meant as a slight on those that choose love as the motivation in life, but that she has ONLY that as a motivation. So much so she has no identity of her own until much later in the series. It is that very development as a full character that makes her special to me despite the haters who find her annoying and clinging.

        Yes you can choose devotional love in life. I find it admirable hence my love of Kotoko but you also should have respect for and develop yourself in order to love that person better. Weather it be in education, hobbies or friends, you also need something else to be a well rounded individual. That is my belief.

        PK starts her off too well round and too self reliant so she has not where to develop to. No where add. and it makes her seem as if she is sliding backward while he is moving forward.

      • 31.2.3 rainyrain

        I second that
        tell u the truth , I loooved that heart to heart talk between OHN-BSJ future career , not that I’m the kind to make a person I love the center of my life ( social , career … ) ; I will never do that for sure , but I loved the fact that OHN was true to herself and to the person sh loves , she has a clear idea about which future job she wants which must be in relation with BSJ and for me such decision shows that she knows what she wants exactly .

      • 31.2.4 zit

        well how about if the ‘someone’ dies? does it mean the person whose life goal was to be with him has no more purpose in life? there is no one to stalk and live for anymore.

        this show has reduced hani to someone who lives solely for the purpose of some other person. and the craziest thing is he hardly shows any interest or regard for her. in today’s terms she could very well have been charged and convicted for stalking.

        • drama4lyf

          I agree completely with you

  32. 32 poo

    You ve to understand Hani…she is not smart, pretty bad at studies…she has no hopes for her future….she may end up as nothing…she is clueless and with no aims coz she knows she wont be able to…atleast coz of BSJ she wants to try sthg…wanting to be next to him so badly makes her try harder…she has some ambitions coz of him even if they may not be big but she ll be sthg…she ll ve some identity thanks to BSJ…they both complete each other…dont hate her. There are girls out there like HaNi who are not strong with low confidence and pride.

    • 32.1 linkyo

      Agree, agree.

  33. 33 mary

    Oh Ha Ni’s loyal, devoted and supportive. She’s his rock. This is probably the worst point in his life. And she’s there to support him.

    Kinda disappointed that the potential fiance end up being He-ra.

  34. 34 CHshe

    Wew… GF why so serious? Anyway thanks for the recap.

    Round 12

    With this turn of event it makes things much, much clear now, especially concerning BJG’s love twist in particular. And that irk feelings I got in my gut earlier, may turn out to be something after all. I was looking for something different in PK; and I have noticed their little twist and touches which differ from original manga flow, and I’d appreciated it, however I’m still waiting for that distinct point. Although I’m a huge fan of the manga but I always look for the uniqueness of every adaptations which set them apart from the rest of the pack. INK has totally outdone it. ISWAK has that major weird-silly-ending-wardrobe-malfunction. Anime has that independent issue being scrapped off. And now I’m glad that PK has made its own major twist too. So big points there; from me!

    Although it wasn’t a total surprise, coz I have considered that possibility in the back of my mind (since no casting news on Chris). Perhaps that this twist could really amplify YHR as a strong 2nd lead; which is now mirrors to BJG, as we have seen him harboring his crush on OHN from the very first episode. So it’s balance. With OHN, we have a kind-hearted BJG; With BSJ we have a sly-fox YHR. It’s a fierce competition. But it’s not about who is better than whom; it’s about who persevere the most.

    I could say that I may enjoy these refreshing feelings and more anticipate on how YHR could be the typical k-drama biatch in the following episodes. Although I get the feeling that YHR actually wants to help BSJ out; only that her help comes with a catch. But then again, I‘ll be anticipating more from mom’s reaction and how she would draws her claw out to get YHR; when YHR will officially make her debut as the fiancé-to-be at Baek’s house. Keke.. I’m so going to love this and I bet it’s going to be EPIC. I just hope that they won’t drag this out too long. It’s frustrating to see frustrating OHN/BSJ.

    BSJ, yes there’s no running away now. You will need to make your final decision as it will affect others (not just OHN/BJG/YHR). It seems that now you think more of others than yourself. You truly have come a long way to be in that kind of state. No wonder OHN treasured you the most. She sees your true heart and your true potentials. And in the end of the day, you will learn that in order to bring happiness for others, you need to be happy first. And when you’re happy, you’ll make the best out of things, more than you can possibly imagine. So please be honest. Please be happy.

    As for OHN, yes you will also come into terms that, whatever happens, your heart belongs to BSJ. No matter how hard you try to get it back. That’s why you can’t continue with BJG or anyone else. BSJ is your qi. He is your dream. Perhaps you think that this dream would never come true, yet you still keep it locked in your heart, believing that at least it’s alive/real in there. You see life as your little playground; you play, you fall, you cries, you get up and play again. Nothing can ever bring you down. Come, what may. And you will finally know that no matter what you will love that boy forever. Please always stay true to your feelings. Please always be you.

    For those who haven’t read the manga probably wonder why oh why we are so concern about the 2nd kiss fiasco. The answer is coming soon and it’s going to be one of those infamous catch-phrases of all.

    Gahhh I can’t wait for next two episodes, and of course that epic moment. I hate rain actually. It’s cold and wet and makes me feel lonely at times. But never in my life have I longed for this particular rain to come pouring so soon. Please PD, make it good… Don’t spoil it… Oh rain… It’s coming, it’s coming…

    p/s : KUDOs for the cram show in previous episode coz now we might see more after their hmm….

    Weather forecast for next Wednesday :
    It’s going to rain.

    BSJ, don’t forget to bring your umbrella.
    OHN you too but I bet that you’ll forget. And I’m glad that you would. ^^

    • 34.1 rainyrain

      LUUUUUV u’r analysis 🙂

    • 34.2 linkyo

      heart, heart, heart your comment!!!!

  35. 35 Niki

    If you’re a feminist like me, it’s best if you don’t have much expectations from this plot. I watched the anime and i nearly didn’t make it to the end. YES, i was that frustrated over the plot. This plotline is meant for those whom are into S&M coz SJ will trample all over Hani, and she would welcome him with open arms. sigh~ -_-“

  36. 36 tawny

    LOL @ the comments here. The PK forums last week were mainly raging over the fact that YHR turned out to be the granddaughter instead of the sweet girl from the manga.

    • 36.1 blue_skye

      That part where He Ra turned out to be the finance totally reminded me of BOF!

  37. 37 Anonymous

    I agree that Ha-ni’s dependence on Seung-jo is annoying but I think the show can still come back from this. I’ve always admired people who know what they want and have clear goals, but I’ve never been one of them. I had to make mistakes and somehow stumbled backwards into my dreams. I think that if Ha-ni finds something she wants for herself apart from Seung-jo, even if she gets there the “wrong” way, I would be satisfied with that.

  38. 38 TKadia

    I agree that Ha-ni’s dependence on Seung-jo is annoying but I think the show can still come back from this. I’ve always admired people who know what they want and have clear goals, but I’ve never been one of them. I had to make mistakes and somehow stumbled backwards into my dreams. I think that if Ha-ni finds something she wants for herself apart from Seung-jo, even if she gets there the “wrong” way, I would be satisfied with that.

  39. 39 Autumn

    No, i actually did not see that coming, having only watched the taiwanese version, i did not expect to see He-ra as the granddaughter. But i guess it fits since this version will be half as long as the other one.

    I can really identify with Seung-jo in this episode, especially the dilemmas he has to go through in sacrificing his interest to benefit those of his family. The poor guy has been trying hard to break away from his parents, finally doing things by himself and for himself, but then stuff happens, ended up doing what he has been avoiding to do in the beginning. Yeh, kinda sucks.

    Oh i feel your frustration with Hani. I like her, I really do, but sometimes I want to strangle her. I can’t fathom how a girl can revolve her life around just one guy? Surely she has other things she’d like to do? For herself? Something that’s not Seung-jo-related? Please girl, just take a page out of Hye-ra’s book, you are enraging my inner feminist here. I know the original story takes place about 20 years ago, but still, I was hoping that production would make a few changes in this adaption to make the drama seem less patriarchal.

  40. 40 Jane

    Playful kiss is about the same as the taiwanese version of it started with a kiss. maybe just a bit of changes here and there. I dislike the 1 episode…..
    but gradually, the drama became better. Both the main leads and the rest of the cast is good.
    To me: Japan version -Classic, but too the storyline too short
    Taiwan version : Good, but storyline too lengthy and draggy at times
    Korean version: Cute but need to brush up on the storytelling.. wish to see something more than imitating others..
    One thing is for sure.. all the main lead is different
    Japan- boy – cool, handsome, girl- funny but irritated with the voice and expression at times
    Taiwan – boy – tall and cold but he did act well, girl – too stupid but maybe it is supposed to be her character but sometime i can’t stand her
    Korean: Boy- can be gentle and kind at times, charming, girl: Cute, but expression is about the same

  41. 41 v

    A coward is incapable of exhibiting love… -Ghandi

    I am not saying that I would do what she did… Why? Because it is too risky to base your dreams solely on one person… To base your dreams on developing yourself is of course good… this can be based on character, education, career or whatever other goals you have…

    But is it so wrong to base your dreams and goals on a person instead? It is certainly something I don’t think I will ever do, nor will recommend to anyone… because the chances of suffering are too great. However, in some way, isn’t it like people dreaming and working all their lives with the goal of becoming a star? Not many people succeed. But can we say that dreaming the near-impossible is wrong? It is discouraged, certainly, because the chance of reaching happiness with that in mind are slim and the path to risky. But are all those who worked and trained hard to become celebrities wrong to have even put all their efforts for that? For them, their happiness can stem from their passion, and recognition for it.
    For hani, her happiness stems from Seungjo, another person instead of a career, or something else. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. For others, they try to improve with a goal in mind… For Hani, she improves with Seungjo in mind. That way, she might not be independent, but then, is anyone truly?
    I am not saying that she would not be happy without Seungjo. I believe she would gradually learn to live without him.. but she’s happiest with him. So why would she not dream of that?

    I admire her for doing something that I would never even consider… but would like to find the courage to…
    I would never expose myself so rawly to hurt by a person even though I want to experience that kind of feeling of unconditional love, nor would I ever consider trying to play piano professionally even though I would love to pursue my passion with all I have. Instead, I opt for an easier more secure path. Which probably is the wisest but not necessarily the most rewarding.
    In a way, I am a coward… but not Hani.

    And that is why she is able to get Seungjo, the ever-cold prince who didn’t take notice of anyone but himself until Hani came… If anyone but Hani had tried to pursue Seungjo, or if Hani have given up after being defeated by his attitude so many times, Seungjo would still not know what love is… It is because Hani wears her heart on her sleeve that Seungjo notice her…
    I am sure Hani would be ok with Joongu since she doesn’t dislike him.. and Seungjo would have been fine with Haera as well as he doesn’t dislike her. But because they complete each other so, they would be happiest together… Seungjo, being who he is and how I am, would never lower his pride for it so I admire Hani for overcompensating and working hard towards that most rewarding goal.

    To conclude, I don’t think I can say without an ounce of hesitation that it is wrong for her to base her dreams on a person, namely Seungjo as opposed to basing it on something else… either way, you can improve as a person. The reason we (in general) don’t recommend it or do it is because it is too risky and unrealistic, thus not wise… but i don’t think it is wrong, per se… Especially since Hani works so hard and endure so much to make it come true.

    And sorry this turned into a rant… I only intended to write a little and somehow, I got carried away…

    • 41.1 v

      oh… I wanted to add… the reason she wanted to get an education was to be a better person for Seungjo… she said as much after they fell in the lake…

    • 41.2 v

      and… sorry again… I forgot to do the most important thing here… which is

      Thank you for doing your recap!!! Especially now that I know how hard it was for you. You didn’t have to do it and yet you still did for all of us! Mooa!

      • 41.2.1 jackwon

        Ah, that’s true…
        Sorry this was so hard for you, Girlfriday. ^^;; We really appreciate your recapping Playful Kiss! It’s unfortunate that you didn’t enjoy this episode, because then this just becomes work for you. But at the same time, your comments have sparked some seriously fascinating discussion in this thread (I feel like I’m in a philosophy or psychology lecture! =).
        So, sorry and thank you and good job once again! Keep it up! ^^

    • 41.3 a_fan

      Good point there v. I am trying to write something coherent but am too upset after the second reading of GF’s recap.

      In my opinion, this show is good. Yes, we all complain about the editing and sometime KHJ’s acting (only in some scenes) but I’ve never seen so many passionate comments ever, in this website or the other 2 that I stalk (Never did this before PK). Each recap average more than 250 comments. Old or re-hashed story, this show is doing a good job.

      This episode is necessary for Hani to grow as a person. We are judging too harshly when there are still 4 episodes to go. I can’t wait for ep 13 especially after watching preview with the kiss in the rain.

      • 41.3.1 v

        Lol… Thanks for reading my long post.. I assumed most people would skip it. XD
        I am not upset at GF’s recap since I totally understand where she comes from… Wanting to assist another person as a goal in life as opposed to wanting to help yourself certainly sounds un-independant. I just wanted to pointed out the other side of the coin. That there is a reason why some people, like Hani, do it anyways. It’s not as if Seungjo is an old drunk domestic abuse jerk (although he certainly acts like one sometimes). He seems heartless, although he isn’t really. He just doesn’t know how to express his feelings but he cares for Hani.

        And yes, the show is actually quite good… i can’t even imagine what GF would say to Xiang Qin or Kotoko (especially the jp drama)… they are far far worse than Hani. At least, Hani isn’t completely ditsy here.
        And yes, the editing is the worse I have seen in recent memory, and yes KHJ’s acting is somehow lacking in some part but the good thing is the role perfectly suit that sort of acting… BSJ, like KHJ, acts awkward and can’t get feelings across. So in the end, I think KHJ, despite not being a good actor, managed to portray BSJ very well. And with all it’s shortcomings mentioned above and more, it is even more admirable that this drama still is able to appeal to many. I, for one, am addicted and love the show… I manages to pull some strings and affect me in a way many show, especially this “low-key,” hasn’t.

        And lol.. I wanted to post some coherent post on the episode as well but I’m too tired on ranting about love and what-not so I’ll put a proper comment later… perhaps tomorrow.

        • a_fan

          I guess see you again here or the other 2 websites that you and I have both been stalking after ep 13 tomorrow.

        • linkyo

          *The reason we (in general) don’t recommend it or do it is because it is too risky and unrealistic, thus not wise… but i don’t think it is wrong, per se…*

          Yes. And I believe that I want to have a life that’s “just-go-whole-heartedly-after-what-you-wished-for” that total abandonment. It would have been a trully satisfying life. And as for HaNi, her total abandonment was in the form of “being able to match and support Seung Jo”. Sure, she’s figuring out what she should be, and that she wanted to be the best support for Seung Jo….

    • 41.4 Nanci

      I think it is hard to love, I’m pretty much a coward.

      My only issue is that the people we are with are suppose to better us, so yes, her going to school for him showcases that and you see other improvements from both their sides. But the thing is that you have to be your own person. I dont like that all she can do is revolve her life around a person, that makes her an empty vessel, much like women were seen once as being a sexual pleasure for their husbands or a baby making robot.

      I feel that you have to love yourself to be loved, and I think that wanting to live your life around someone who does not treat you as an equal but as a dumb little girl, isnt okay.

      • 41.4.1 linkyo

        Ah… Although I know that maybe we are having a huge different point of view, but I think, still, I have had enough of loving myself and thinking mostly just about myself (I’m identifying with SeungJo). And loving others, as in the form of giving or doing something for other people, does give me satisfaction. I must agree with SeungJo’s thought of HaNi, saying “what should I do, when I’m doing nothing at all, but still, you give me your affection like this.” He’s also having a disturbance in his heart and mind. (And those thought I got it from BSJ’s diary, not sure if it’s originally from the PK site, but I can assume that it is, hahah).

        SeungJo is moved by HaNi, that’s for sure. And I still adore HaNi’s way of loving SeungJo, even if it’s kinda extreme

        • Nanci

          I think that if we would get to know what BSJ thought more, this would be easier to swallow, but even then, I wouldn’t excuse his or her behavior.

          My critique of HaNi is definitely from an independent woman of color view, I keep hearing all this stuff about my lack of tolerance, and it sucks because no one thinks that many of us have had to deal with so much for so many years and still do, that stuff like this is not okay. And I know everyone has, but it’s a very different.

          • linkyo

            *I think that if we would get to know what BSJ thought more, this would be easier to swallow*

            Dearest nanci, if you wanted to know and understand what is inside BSJ’s head, you could read Baek Seung Jo’s diary at this person account: http://www.twitpic.com/photos/reena29shadow
            She has BSJ’s diary from ep 1 to 11 which should be helping you to understand his behavior and thoughts.

  42. 42 asherel

    well I agree with some of your comments on Ha-Ni but I think you focused much on her and Joon Gu.

    In this episode, BSJ started to show/ manifest his affection towards Ha-Ni like when he opened his lunch box, the assistant asked him if it was from his girlfriend and he shyly answered “Yes”

    also at the end, it was revealed that BSJ did indeed kissed HaNi at the villa/rest house.

    Well. Thanks for the recap, you don’t know how much I lurk around here, waiting for your recaps. hehe.

  43. 43 ck1Oz

    Thanks for the recap I wasn’t expecting it.Squeal on top of the daebak 45sec ep 13 preview it’s made my night.

    Not yours apparently 🙂 You didn’t sound as if you enjoyed recapping it.Thanks for doing it in spite of.

  44. 44 Nikki

    Thank you, girlfriday for acknowledging that Ha Ni having only one goal in her life is truly sad and embarrassing to all women everywhere! I just want Ha Ni to get a hobby, project, idea, or ANYTHING apart from Seung Jo. Idea-Ha Ni gets a part time job at a florist/garden shop, discovers her green thumb, and Voila! She has something in her life other than Seung Jo and he will have to go out of his way to see HER for once! The actress playing Ha Ni has a really life interest in flowers anyways.

    • 44.1 kissplay

      I don’t think it is embarrassing for a woman to have one goal in life or that is is embarrassing for women everywhere. I have only one goal in life: It’s to rule the world. I’m not embarrassed by it. And I’ll get around to working on that single goal as so as I get over my Korean/Japanese drama addiction. ;^)

  45. 45 erwinia

    Well gf I’m not sure if you have watched the Taiwanese version of this drama but looking at how closely k-version is following it, I can guarantee that your frustration for Ha-ni will not stop at this episode. My friend and I called this character an amoeba which is an unicellular organism. Go figure 😛

  46. 46 chasen8888

    I am not watching, but reading your recaps. Thanks girlfriday. But that’s one of the main reasons why I did not like watching It Started with a Kiss in the first place. The female lead character only could give herself an identity if she was with the man at all times which to me was totally sexist and sad. To me she had no real identity to speak, just an extension or afterthought to the male lead. Complete dependence on a person is not a good thing.

  47. 47 Helda

    I stop watch this drama at episode 10. Why? Ha-ni is cute and all but she is just so stupid and pathetic. Can’t the writers or producers just change the plot a bit from the original? Like girlfriday said we want to see a development in Ha-ni’s character other than loving/following seungjo all the time, making stupid plot just to get his attention, etc etc. I wanna see Ha-ni become a hardworking girl, less stupid, work hard to achieve her dreams (other than following seungjo), u know something positive like her friend that works in salon. I’m getting tired with the same plot used over again. Sorry for the ramble but i know some of you guys might be thinking the same.

    • 47.1 tari

      hear! hear!

  48. 48 meteorflower

    I also wish that Hani will be able to find her dream and not all dependent on Seung Jo, you can love someone without losing your identity

    • 48.1 Helda

      “… you can love someone without losing your identity”

      I totally agree!!!

    • 48.2 kc

      speaking of identity, GF should start the procedure of revoking Hani’s membership from being a girl.

      U have my support GF.

  49. 49 ColleenF-H

    People don’t complain about the story, that is the plot of the manga. Much of it is ridiculous but look forward to what is cute.

    Thank you GF for sticking with this drama I am sure you will want to give up again,before it concludes.

  50. 50 ross

    Many thanks for the recap GF!
    I so enjoy reading them

    Although I love Seung Jo and Oh Hani

    I LOL at Duckie
    wondering whether Hani dislikes SJ
    after tasting the food
    i can’t move on from that scene
    so love that part!

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