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Playful Kiss: Episode 13
by | October 13, 2010 | 304 Comments

FINALLY! I’ve been waiting twelve episodes (nearly thirteen, really) for this turn in the story. I’m not saying Ha-ni has to become a different person or that Seung-jo needs to turn into a considerate human being overnight for me to be satisfied — I just needed some balance to this relationship. I’m not even so greedy as to hope for a 50-50 balance — I’m talking one teeny, tiny, friggin’ step toward Ha-ni, Mr. Robot Boy. Something that gives me assurance that I’m not wasting my time hoping that these two kiddos can work it without necessitating a complete destruction of Ha-ni’s dignity. I was beginning to think that wouldn’t be possible.


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He-ra’s grandfather, President Yoon, arranges the seon between He-ra and Seung-jo, to his satisfaction. (A seon is more than a blind date; it’s a formal step toward finding a potential spouse, often arranged by parents or elders.) Despite her light mood, He-ra observes Seung-jo’s reaction closely as she explains that she had been opposed to date initially, until she found out it was him.

She supposes he doesn’t like the idea of being pimped out to save his father’s company (since President Yoon is a crucial investor). Seung-jo explains that he was relieved that it was her, but he only went on the date because he needs her grandfather in order to launch the company’s next game. Shouldn’t she hate that that was his reason?

He-ra doesn’t intend to force things with Seung-jo, but suggests that they give dating a try: “Let’s just take the opportunity with each other.” To her surprise (and glee), he agrees. Am I gonna have to call you Gigolo Seung-jo now?

When he gets home, he’s a little defensive as Ha-ni hesitantly asks about the date, and whether he’s going to marry He-ra. Seung-jo answers with a casual “Sure” — isn’t that what a seon is for?

Crushed, Ha-ni takes Seung-jo’s words to heart. The next day at school (where she has gone instead of working at the office), her mood is glum as she tries to come to grips with this.

He-ra sends a girlfriend-y text, and tellingly, Seung-jo picks up the phone to send a text of his own — to Ha-ni.

Of course, he can’t ever do a nice thing without undercutting it (that boy has spikes of steel guarding his heart, or maybe it’s his pride) so the text tells Ha-ni that he’s deducting her pay for her absence. I know, it woulda killed you to just say a simple “Hi,” right?

Joon-gu calls Ha-ni over to try a new dish he’s concocted, since he always wants her to be the first to try his creations. In light of her heartbreak, Ha-ni seems to appreciate his unflagging devotion even more than usual and thanks him, saying, “Hearing you talk like that makes me feel like a valuable person.”

Joon-gu hems and haws as he nervously tries to ask her out on a date. And while Ha-ni feels no romantic spark, she has been seeing Joon-gu through new eyes lately — at least she’s not taking his devotion for granted anymore! — and agrees to go out with him.

The date takes them through the standard activities (lunch, a movie, street shopping, etc.), and despite Ha-ni’s subdued mood, she enjoys herself.

At one point, she smiles up at Joon-gu happily, thanking him earnestly: “You’re a really good person. I already knew that, but these days I’m feeling it again.” Aw. I know these two can’t be, but this is the first time I’ve really wished they could make it work, because Ha-ni deserves a guy who adores her, who cares more for her well-being than he does for his own pride/image/status.

Speaking of whom… Seung-jo hears from his brother that Ha-ni went on a date today, and while he doesn’t react (much) to the news, Eun-jo sends him a curious look.

Seung-jo heads out on a date of his own, but little details trigger memories involving Ha-ni — a fact that doesn’t escape the notice of He-ra. Of course, coincidence dictates that the two couples run into each other — Ha-ni and Duckie arrive at a cafe on the river just as Team Genius Robots are leaving.

Seung-jo subscribes to “the best defense is a good offense” school of thought, and lashes out at Ha-ni by telling her that she and Joon-gu don’t fit in at a place like this — they’re better suited for the kiddie arcade. The problem with this (well, other than the obvious part where HE’S AN ASS) is that Ha-ni is so defeated that she doesn’t fight back, and concedes the point to him, turning to leave with Joon-gu.

Seung-jo’s just trying to get a rise out of her, and because he’s about as emotionally developed as an eight-year-old boy, he calls her back just so he can say with derision, “You sure look good together.” (Again, this doesn’t have the intended effect, since Joon-gu’s pleased with the comment.)

He-ra’s pretty sharp, and at the end of the evening she notices how Seung-jo holds the car door open for her when he would’ve tossed a rude comment if it were Ha-ni. She asks why he’s so mean to Ha-ni, and comments that it’s strange that she almost wants him to be mean to her as well.

As Ha-ni and Joon-gu walk along the river (he must’ve missed the memo that No good news ever happens at the river), he screws up his courage to make his big move… and asks Ha-ni to marry him. Oh, Duckie. As if the huge (physical) space between you weren’t already a huge sign that this is not meant to be…

Joon-gu says earnestly that he can wait for her — but even so, Seung-jo has someone now, and it’s time for Ha-ni to stop staring at his back. “If you just turn around, I’m here.” Sigh, this love triangle is just so tragic. (Or it would be in a drama that prized, yunno, drama.) You can’t fault him for hoping that she’ll turn around, even though the very same hope is what keeps her back turned away from him.

Mom intercepts Seung-jo when he arrives home that night, telling him he doesn’t have to date He-ra for the company’s sake. He laughs at that, albeit humorlessly, saying that that’s not why he’s doing this. Casting a glance upstairs, as though he wants the words to sting Ha-ni, he says, “It’s because I like [He-ra].”

While I don’t consider Seung-jo malicious here, it’s that thing a person would do to hurt the person in return for hurting you — even though the reason they hurt you is because you hurt them first… Sigh. People can be so silly and cruel. Why do we suck so much?

Upstairs, Seung-jo tosses out the comment, spoken with an edge to his voice, that she sure looked like she was having fun on her date. Ha-ni answers in kind, telling him that it was fun and her date was nice — he didn’t make fun of her, unlike somebody else.

Too bad she can’t make her heart follow her mind: Ha-ni understands that Joon-gu is the nicer, more thoughtful guy for her, but he just doesn’t make her feel those butterflies. Her friends prod her to think seriously about Joon-gu’s proposal, because he’s better for her than Seung-jo. Faced with reality, Ha-ni starts to consider that maybe that romantic excitement isn’t necessary, and concedes that Joon-gu’s very comfortable, “like family.”

As she walks along considering the proposal, she runs into He-ra and Seung-jo on a shopping date together. He-re greets her cheerily, but Seung-jo surprises them all by inviting Ha-ni along to dinner with them. Uh, awkward?

Thus the trio end up at Ha-ni’s father’s restaurant. When Joon-gu serves them with tips for how to eat the dish correctly, Seung-jo can’t resist shooting a barb at Ha-ni at how great it must be that her boyfriend knows so much.

When Dad is released from the hospital, He-ra drops by to pay her respects. Mom, being firmly in Ha-ni’s camp, is delightfully aloof to her, greeting her with an indifferent “Oh, have we met? Perhaps you seem familiar. You must not have made an impression.”

He-ra isn’t intimidated, and nothing Mom says ruffles her good mood, not even when Mom lays out all Seung-jo’s faults, calling him selfish and haughty. She adds, “Seung-jo looks smart, doesn’t he? But he’s really stupid. He doesn’t know his own feelings.”

Mom’s strategy is about as smooth and subtle as a tap-dancer on crack, but funny enough, this is the one thing that seems to make an impact on He-ra — she recognizes the truth as Mom states that Seung-jo treats a person colder and meaner the more he likes them. Feelings aren’t easily solved like math problems, and he’s afraid of his being found out.

Afterward, Seung-jo faces off with his mother, calling her tactics childish. Although Mom takes him to task for lacking basic decency in bringing He-ra home when he knows how Ha-ni feels, Seung-jo insists that she stop interfering in his life now.

Despite her earlier conviction, Mom starts to feel doubt — she’d truly believed Seung-jo liked Ha-ni, but perhaps she was wrong. If that’s true, she fears she has wronged both Seung-jo and Ha-ni by forcing them together, and wrings her hands in guilt.

Eun-jo — who has been observing all this with a sharp eye — finally speaks up in order to get his mother to stop crying and announces, “He does like her.” He refuses to give any further explanation, but he asks Seung-jo if he really means to marry He-ra. Seung-jo replies that He-ra suits him and that he’ll probably grow to like her, but he doesn’t sound convinced so much as he’s trying to convince himself.

Little Bro is smarter than that, and doesn’t buy that at all — especially in light of the scene he witnessed in a previous episode. Now we see the scene from the woods, where Seung-jo had come upon a sleeping Ha-ni and kissed her. Eun-jo decides that his brother definitely does like Ha-ni, no matter what he says.

Thinking more about the proposal, Ha-ni asks her father how he’d feel if she dated Joon-gu. Dad answers essentially as her friends did — that Joon-gu is devoted to her and wouldn’t be a bad match.

Understanding that He-ra is the girl Seung-jo is thinking of marrying, Dad sighs that they shouldn’t have moved back to this house. Things will only continue to grow more awkward if they keep living here, and this is a good chance for them to think it over.

Seung-jo puts in a rare appearance at tennis club — looking around for Ha-ni, of course, only to be told that she’s been busy dating her boyfriend lately.

As he leaves, Min-ah and Ju-ri run into him and talk extra-loudly-on-purpose to make sure he hears that Joon-gu proposed to Ha-ni, and that she is supposed to give him her answer today. Seung-jo doesn’t give them the satisfaction of reacting, but this news does NOT make him happy.

Joon-gu treats Ha-ni to more new dishes, and hesitantly brings up his proposal from the other night, wondering if she’s thought it over. In spite of his willingness to be patient, he’s frustrated by her request for more time and reminds her that he’ll always be here for her, like a home — but a house that stands empty too long is no good, either. Better an empty house than one that caves in around you, I say.

A clap of thunder sends her recoiling in fright, and Joon-gu grabs her to make sure she’s safe — and that closeness prompts him to attempt a kiss. Ha-ni resists, but he’s caught up in his emotions and tries to move in anyway, and in the almost-struggle they both fall to the ground. Ha-ni shoves him away.

Joon-gu asks sadly if that means she’s saying no to him. Feeling guilty and upset, Ha-ni blurts out that she’s sorry and rushes out into the rain.

(Sigh — and you were doing so well, Duckie! Patience was suiting you so well, and then you had to go and get all Traditional Second Lead on us and try to force your suit. Don’t you watch dramas, ever?)

Ha-ni beats herself up about it on the way home, feeling guilty for raising Joon-gu’s expectations and then hurting him.

She finds Seung-jo waiting for her at the bus stop, and he gruffly offers her the cover of his umbrella (with a sharp look and the backhanded comment that he knew she’d be foolish enough to be without an umbrella).

As mean as ever, Seung-jo brings up Joon-gu’s proposal and prods her to explain. Losing patience, he snaps, “So what did you tell him?!”

Ha-ni retorts that her answer has nothing to do with him, and adds — to his shock — that she’s going to move out. She doesn’t want to be a hindrance to Seung-jo’s relationship, and now she’ll turn her attention to helping her father and Joon-gu. It all works out, since Dad likes Joon-gu.

Seung-jo looks at Ha-ni sharply and asks, “Do you like him?” Irritated at her yes, he asks if she is just going to like whoever likes her back.

But Ha-ni has tired of this one-sided love, and wants to be with someone who likes her back. She states, “I like Joon-gu.”

Seung-jo fires back, “You like me.” It’s both a statement and a command, and he follows that with the declaration that she can’t like anyone other than him. Frustrated, Ha-ni admits angrily that he’s right — she does still like him — “But what good is that?” After all, he won’t have anything to do with her, and he treats her like—

Dropping the umbrella, he grabs her in a kiss.

Pulling back, he instructs Ha-ni not to say that she likes anybody but him. Mollified, Ha-ni nods in agreement, then notes that this is their second kiss.

Smiling, he gathers her to his chest and corrects her: “It’s the third.” And then he adds, “It’s okay, you don’t have to count anymore.”


Okay, you got me there. Pretty awesome way to get Seung-jo to man up and make his confession, finally. It’s been mighty frustrating to watch Ha-ni pine over Seung-jo all this while, and while WE know that her love isn’t futile, SHE doesn’t. It’s been nearly painful at times to see her entertaining flimsy hopes in the face of such blatant (outward) disinterest.

I don’t actually have a problem with Ha-ni’s constant following around of Seung-jo, and I’ve long accepted that her persistence is just a part of her nature, so my issues with her weren’t based on that. What gets me is the idea that she has no sense of self without Seung-jo, that she doesn’t value herself as a human being if/when apart from him. There’s a sweet moment in this episode when she thanks Joon-gu for liking her so much, because it makes her feel “like a valuable person,” but that kind of thinking is like a slap in MY face, as someone who loves Ha-ni’s character for her heart and life. It hurts that she would buy into the idea that she isn’t worth a concern if she isn’t liked by a guy.

I was pretty irritated with Seung-jo in this episode, even though I knew that Big Moment was coming at the end of it (thanks, spoilers!), and I think you only get so many passes for being a socially awkward genius robot who treats people like crap due to a lack of artificial emotional intelligence. He gets some sympathy for being emotionally stunted, but let’s face it — the boy’s got a pretty privileged, cushy life. At a certain point you pass being a mere misunderstood hero to plain jerkface poopypants, and Seung-jo has long crossed that line with me.

(On a perfectly shallow note, I am willing to entertain the idea that I am possibly less forgiving because Seung-jo’s perm is straightening out. For some insane and unfathomable reason, without that head of messy curls, I just don’t find him as appealing. I KNOW! It’s weird.)

(Now, if only the sound in the ending scene were anywhere near halfway decent. Gah, I haven’t heard such atrocious sound engineering in a drama in perhaps ever — and certainly not at such a crucial moment. Can we get on that, drama crew, and fast?)


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  1. miss_procrastination

    I died during this episode! Thanks for the recap!

    • 1.1 angel z

      i love all the episodes. makes my heart melt. but can anyone or someone tell me that the ratings has improved now that it has reached episode 13? i’m worried that it might end soon. i want a part 2 of this.

      • 1.1.1 Tiffany

        ohh its going to get better i know. here’s a spoiler, they have their wedding, hoeymoon 😮 which is absolutely
        horrible, and ha ni becomes a nurse. at the end she is P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T!!! Yup just watch the japanese anime version spoiled my part of the drama.

        • Caro3600

          Why did you just add all these spoilers without a little warning? I was just reading the comments and then you had to add all of this in. What the heck? You should be more careful and less evil.

  2. Ace

    Thanks a lot! Been waiting for this! I loved this episode despite seeing He-ra a lot! Will read the recap now!

  3. kaye

    thanks javabeans for the recap! this is so fast lol

  4. cookie

    I thought their intense moment was awkward! I know this drama was made in the 90s or whatever, but the romantic relationship seems so obsolete! Hani is so submissive.

  5. anon

    thanks for the recap
    who thinks joon gu looks like park shi hoo?

    • 5.1 mayakho

      that would be me! They’re so look-alike

    • 5.2 Abie Lee

      I totally wrote the same thing in my comment before I read yours! And both actors bear a resemblance to my husband. Now if only he had the same abs!

    • 5.3 chocostarrr

      i thought that too!!!! my friend thinks im crazy but i guess she’s the crazy one >:)

    • 5.4 kookiedoughhh

      yess, its true.
      but joon gu looks a lot younger and their voices are really different.

  6. Senstar

    It was a cute episode….it’s not mentioned here, but when duckie and ha ni “accidentally” meet Team Robot and Seung-jo mocks them…duckie retorts “thank you. you and your nasty personalities belong together too” in a completely serious and earnest tone. You guys should check out that scene…it was hilarious. also, i don’t know if it was just me, but I felt that the kissing scene somehow *lacked* compared to the kissing scene in the taiwanese version. maybe, seung-jo just lacks emotional appeal….

    • 6.1 kdrama

      Senstar, you’re right….the rain kissing scene was lacking…something…it wasn’t as intense. Compare and contrast LOL by watching it the Taiwanese rain kiss clip on YT…

      • 6.1.1 cherry

        the tw version of Naoki suddenly shouting like that has definetely gone out of character

        if you watch the anime you will see that the scene is not as dramatic as the tw version one.
        ISWAK makes everything so overly dramatic just lke when XQ got the eye sickness?
        was that even in the story?come on!!

        although i love their acting and chemistry, XQ doesn’t live like a human being at all. She is like a parasit. She can’t do anything and do things that make me fast forward the button.

        • kdrama

          Discussing on the rain kiss, Kversion did not have the same intense pull as twversion. Some people like it, some people don’t. I happen to feel Kversion was lacking the emotional intense kiss. In all versions, the female character did not act like a human being at all because her world revolved around her crush. The way it was portray may have been different, but at the end…they’re all the same character. Just like HN’s world revolved around SJ, XQ’s revolved around ZS.

          • kaye

            That’s why JB said not to compare those two…i think the kiss is just so right…no pun intended just my POV. I think there is intensity which is just right, calming. The Tversion is more of an exaggeration of the scenario although I can say that it is emotional too…it was way out of character but I enjoyed it. In Kversion, it is just soothing, and it moved me too. Pls don’t compare the two because they have their own charm.

          • cherry

            at least Hani still acts like a normal person (not retardedly)
            her loves for SJ and her devotion for him is not normal..but at least the meaning of her is pretty significant. She is such a sweet, caring, and nice (clumsy and goofy though) at least she shows the reason why she was loved by the mom, friends, dad, EJ, and she BJG loves her with a reason. Everybody ignores him cos he is a troublemaker but HN wants to be friend with him and change him.

            XQ? she is manipulative in an annoying way. in TKA she defends her bestfriend from the terrifying mother in-law. I love her for doing that, but must she be so rude and turning and smashing the table to an elder?

            She can’t do anything. At least from very little thing, i can see HN using a computer (XQ??). HN can really do well if she works hard. XQ surely works hardm but naaah, it’s hopeless. though she suceeded in some

            Esp when she talks, laugh and then burst out rice or food on people (XQ did it on ZS’s brother)
            . Even the way she talks is not normal..she looks like some kind of disability.

            but XQ is def different from Ariel. I love Ariel, she acts very well (and in fact she is very pretty). TKA and ISWAK are very good dramas with wonderful actors.

            the frustations lie on the girl character which is made too much lacking, where i don’t see the concept of “complimenting each other”. The girl is made too much lacking ( it is so unfaiiir). All she does is cryiiing….at least HN always laugh and smile, she is really positive about life. SJ is smart and perfect but his life seems so gloomy though. That’s why i can see their compatibility.

          • poo

            yeah i hate the shouting in the TW version…it spoils everythng…it so doesn’t suit the character of naoki….the anime and d korean version ve done it perfectly well…not too dramatic.

        • CHshe

          *although i love their acting and chemistry, XQ doesn’t live like a human being at all. She is like a parasit. She can’t do anything and do things that make me fast forward the button.*

          So true. The part fast forward button thing. It was my best friend while watching, LOL

      • 6.1.2 Newbie

        The Taiwan version may have been better, but this is probably KHJ’s best kissing scene in PK and BOF!

        • Ladymoonstone143

          I totally agree with you….

          I was not expecting a torrid kissing because I would faint if I see one…but open mouth kiss and mouth moving with KHJ probably will be the best kiss you can get from him on tv. I would love for them to prolong it for a few seconds but I am just thinking……how many retakes did they do with this scene? It would be fun to watch the behind the scene (aka Cinderella’s sister kiss). If there was 10 takes…then Seung Jo had kissed Ha Ni multiple times…lol

          • Annony

            fan accounts and crew comments:
            fan account: they kissed several times just to get where hands should go and what angle.
            crew comments: there were no particular NG’s in the kiss, it just came…and was done.

      • 6.1.3 jackwon

        I agree that PK’s kiss was less intense than ISWAK’s, but I actually liked it better that way. ISWAK was more physically intense, like Joe really went for it and the make-out was surprisingly long and, er, heavy. But PK’s was more emotionally affecting for me, more romantic than passionate, I guess. Not that KHJ didn’t put in effort and passion, because my goodness, he totally did! But ISWAK felt like a release of emotion and physical attraction, while PK, mostly emotion. It’s just how Taiwanese and Korean dramas differ in taste (and conservatism).

        • yaya

          Also, I found in the TW version there was more physical closeness between ZS and XQ. He was constantly moving _towards_ her, leaning in or pulling her close. It gave the effect of a moth flutter to a flame, more so than HN and SJ.

          But what made me love TW is that it had certain parts that just seemed to fill XQ’s character up. The recurring nightmare and the references to her mother, they added a breadth to her character that she so desperately needed. My favourite scene in ISWAK was her crying after her mother, lighting another sparkler to see her again and crying. It was such a beautiful scene and really made her seem complete, strange as it is that a lack should make her seem whole. <333

          I can't wait to watch this ep now. 🙂

          • coffee_lover

            completely agree. one of my fave scenes from ISWAK. my friend and I were discussing the best scenes from ISWAK, and that was near the top of the list 🙂

        • justkat


    • 6.2 shalini

      Hehe I loved the comment too – you two and ur nasty personalities will get along great! 😀 😀 Very funny. I love BJG! 😀 and he makes me want to visit a korean restaurant.. NOW! ah! I wud have an affair if got food like that 😉 😛
      Agree about the kiss, TW one rocked.. I din watch the drama just the kiss scene.. have to admi.. KHJ has a loooooooooooooong way to go.. sigh! He works hard but his heart is not in acting it seems, See him on stage or in WGM, when his heart is in it.. He;s awesome…

  7. kaye

    I agree with javabeans when you said you want HN realize her self worth, that she needs to love herself before others. I think she is starting to think of herself without BGJ’s help when she walked out of the restaurant.

    When she already made up her mind to live without SJ, SJ is there to change her mind again. I’m not really into this kind of drama but it keeps me entertained.

    • 7.1 lynn

      I am new to kdrama so the recaps and comments are very helpful for overcoming the cultural gaps. HN’s being so very unsuccessful bothers me a lot. Even 20 years ago did males need their women to be so helpless. I understand HN being awkward in SJ’s presence. I’ve had that problem when around a crush. But is Korean cuisine so difficult that she can’t follow cookbook directions. SJ would be almost justified in not wanting his children to be retarded.
      On the other hand she has succeeded when he’s taught her on two occasions. But she never follows up! Like after their first date would it have been so unreasonable for her to have studied and done better at school. It is obvious she is truly loved or appreciated by others. So she has something to offer. For both SJ and BJG she has been a catalyst for big changes for them. Would it truly destroy the plot “tradition” for her to grow and evolve?
      Sorry for going on for so long. One last question: Is there a difference between like and love in Korea. What HN feels after she lives with SJ would be considered love not like. A crush is something more driven by hormones rather than a real connection from the heart. HN seems to have more emotional depth than that. Also didn’t SJ say I love you while HN was sleeping? Please explain like versus love in kdrama.
      Thank you

  8. Malak

    Joon-gu you won my heart.

  9. :D

    Oh how i just love passionate kisses in the rain…!!!!!!

  10. 10 Q

    \o/ IT’S HERE! I love you, JB, with all my heart. Now I’m off to watch the kiss scene (and replay it many, many times).

    BTW I wonder if they’re straightening his hair out on purpose because the majority of the feedback have been something along the lines of “Wtf?” or “Ew!” etc. You have very eccentric taste, JB xD.

  11. 11 Del

    I’m sorry to say that, but the taiwan version is so much better… I’m sad, because I really wanted to like this drama…

    • 11.1 kaye

      i think the two kisses have two distinctive appeal…Tkiss is so emotional but Kkiss is shivering to death(in our vernacular it’s called nakakakilig). I just wish they made the Kkiss longer so that we can see their emotions more. I’m hoping they will give that in ep14. Anyway, we should not compare these two versions because they have their own charisma.

    • 11.2 Malak

      No doubt about that. Joe Cheng was much more fun than Kim Hyun Joong. And a more passionate kisser too 🙂

      • 11.2.1 amohoneycomb

        After watching TKA, I was so jealous of Ariel because Joe seems like such an ~amazing~ kisser. :/

      • 11.2.2 kaye

        when I say shivering, it’s on the positive note…It has calming effect…although Tkiss has full of emotions, I can say that Kkiss has this soothing calming effect to viewers to a point you will shiver/shudder/melt. They have both charisma and I cay say that I enjoyed the kiss scene of this drama…just so RIght on SJ’s character….

        • Heidi

          I agree. I thought that the kiss was exactly what BSJ’s character would do, so it was fitting and not as “over” as ZS’s. ZS’s kiss was more passionate, but waaaay out of his character’s normal range of emotions.
          I love the K kiss, b/c he doesn’t scream at her but makes his point pretty clearly. I had to replay the scene like 5 times. It was perfect.

    • 11.3 cherry

      the tw version girl XQ does not have any pride
      she is like a totally retarded person

      doing embarassing things everywhere, making ZS ashame, and annoying everyone around her

      suddenly at the end, BUM…. he likes her

      i was like ? what the???
      this guy is too good for her..why can he suddenly likes her?

    • 11.4 Abie Lee

      But Ariel Lin was so not visually appealing.

      • 11.4.1 Taber

        I think Ariel is a beautiful person, she charming and her great acting abilities makes her endearing. I guess it’s been proving again…”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

    • 11.5 Ami

      I dunno ’bout that. I have a thing against watching a girl having half her face being chewed off and that’s always my impression of the 1st and 3rd kiss in ISWAK. But maybe that’s how Taiwan drama interprets as ‘being passionate’.

      • 11.5.1 justkat


      • 11.5.2 Heidi

        So true!!!

        And if you watched TKA, during the honeymoon kiss it was all ZS. XQ just sat there like a block of wood, and that really frustrated me. I was ranting at my screen like “Dang, girl!! It’s your HONEYMOON!!”

    • 11.6 bjharm

      the tw version had angst and melodrama in with the laughs, this version they skip much of that, mainly because its all being played out at 100 mile per hour, they really no time to develop any melodrama. The K-version it is cute light and a good way to spend an hour.
      What I really missed was how in the TW version it shows that it is not really the girl who can not live without the guy but in fact the other way around, that is what the rain scene really showed in the TW version, and indeed the same theme is enforced even more in they kiss again.

      • 11.6.1 coffee_lover

        YES, I thought so too. 🙂 Love this! <3

    • 11.7 enchanted

      im sorry i have to get this off my chest.

      seriously cant you just enjoy the drama?

      i mean we watch them because they are for entertainment purposes right?, do you think we will be entertained if we keep comparing between versions?, who did this scene better etc?, when did we all suddenly become a critic?

      (ok i know where youre coming from, we are entitled to our own views so here’s mine)

      i watched all versions BUT i LOOK at them individually and i DONT compare them with each other. how can it be a remake if you want the same scenes/emotions show once again then you should have just bought a DVD of your version of choice and put it on REPLAY.(that way you can watch them the way you liked it)

      *here is my analogy: i feel PK is the youngest sister who is being compared to her two elder sisters (TW & anime version) same blood BUT TOTALLY DIFFERENT personalities and qualities* so if you were the youngest sibling would you feel good being compared to your unnies? (my point exactly)

      just enjoy the show as it is if you dont like it dont watch. that simple

      *PS its called a REMAKE not a replication there is a difference between the two

      • 11.7.1 ross

        LOL at this comment!

        anyway, good or bad i enjoyed reading all comments
        but honestly, i replayed the kissing scene multiple times
        i was not able to check till now whether Hani responded
        coz i was too focused on Seungo,
        his jawline, when it moves, the angle, his hands, open lips yayyy

        now i am wondering, did hani keep her lips close the whole time?

      • 11.7.2 ^^*

        Enjoy the show!

      • 11.7.3 Abie Lee

        Isn’t there a Japanese non-anime version also?

        • bjharm

          yes it was the first one made before It Started With A Kiss..indeed like the K-drama version it is very short only nine! episodes its called Itazura na Kiss.

      • 11.7.4 PhilWittyJoong

        10 thumbs up for u!

        not good comparing which good or bad.. hahhahahah!

        as smooth as ever… mild but can touch your feelings.. ^_^

    • 11.8 Kiwi

      No matter what you say, the kiss from TW version was waayy hotter than this one. I was kinda disappointed with the kiss scene in this version and I’m really not satisfied with how the emotions are conveyed by the male lead.

      That said, I must say that I’m rather biased – I looved ISWAK 🙂

    • 11.9 Jadielaw

      Same here

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  13. 13 S

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  15. 15 Rossi

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  16. 16 PhilWittyJoong

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    is it better to be too much annoyed by the girl, is that so?.. ^_^

    Jung So Min delivers it like she is really in that situation.. ^^….

    I’ll just watch it first before reading your recap.. ^_^

  17. 17 Haina

    I totally agree with you. I stopped watching this drama a couple of episodes back because I couldn’t bear to see Ha-ni pine anymore. Her entire identity is wrapped up in Seung-jo, so much that she doesn’t have any self-worth outside of his affections. She’s not good at anything other than loving this one person. This message really bothered me. So now I’m reading you recaps instead of spending an hour being angry.

  18. 18 bishbash

    PK can be renamed as The Persistent Girl and Her Ultra High Ego Guy.

    Thanks JB! I can now get down to my work 😉

  19. 19 Ace

    Again, thanks for your recap. I’m sure there would be a continuation of the arguments from episode 12 here. I had a headache trying to read through it.

    I respect everyone’s opinions but aren’t we over-analyzing Oh Ha-ni’s choice of prioritizing Seung-jo? I nearly posted a few times in ep 12 my take on Oh Ha-ni’s choice but in the end, didn’t submit my comment. I’m just going to enjoy PK until the end. Wished it was up to 20 episodes though not 16. Anyway, I like Ha-ni and though the arguments against her are valid, I’m more on the side of those who are on Ha-ni’s side. (see ockoala’s take on her blog @ http://ockoala.wordpress.com/)

    In this episode: My heart broke a little bit at a time alongside Ha-ni whenever Seung-jo says all those hurtful things. Like SJ’s text to Ha-ni. People really suck! Gah! If I wanted my heart to be broken, can I choose for an all-at-once-don’t-break-it-to-me-gently breakup? And Duckie! Glad you had that big date with the love of your life, but sorry she’s not for you dearie! And yup, the rain sounded too loud in that last scene. It distracted me from the BIG moment so I had to rewatch it over and over and over again. 😉 Let me re-watch it some more…

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode! Bring on the cute please!

  20. 20 sunshine

    Thanks for the recap! Ugh…I don’t know if it was because I was in a super bad mood today or whether this episode really just stank like hell.

    I love Ha Ni. I really do, but without her cheery self, she’s just not as endearing. During so much of the episode, she just stood awkwardly around moping and I just wish that the writers had given her something better. When she ran into SJ and HR on their date? Just stood there. During awkward dinner with the two? Just sat there. At the house when HR came to visit? Also just sat there. I get that the girl’s heartbroken, but I wonder if it’s merely how long she was sulking that didn’t work for me. In the past episodes, it always broke my heart when she felt rejected by SJ, but in this episode, I felt nothing…maybe I’ve just become desensitized.

    I’m just happy that the two finally got together at the end, but it didn’t feel quite as satisfying because SJ is still his arrogant self and instead of humbling himself a bit by saying something like “I like you” or “I don’t want you to be with someone else,” he says “You like me.” The tables still haven’t turned, and that’s usually one of my favorite parts in a romantic drama. But then, of course, that wouldn’t be staying true to the source material.

    • 20.1 Purpleclouds

      In the Taiwan version, even after they got married, he was still hot/cold, unpredictable and she ran away from home because she couldn’t take it anymore. That’s why I hated him in Tversion.

      • 20.1.1 blue horizons

        yup, totally. he was so hot and cold even after marriage in TKA, it was horrible…

        • Aparna

          It was only in the beginning when he is jealous of her new friends and when her concentration is away from him for the first time. Then he realises his mistake when XQ’s dad hits him for mistreating his daughter.

          I am not some crazy fan trying to protect the TW version. That version had plenty of faults too but just letting you know that his character grows and begins to learn to cherish her and her affection.

    • 20.2 haru

      I’m hoping for some more obviously tables-turned cuteness in the coming eps, but his “You like me” satisfied me. It’s very SJ. It isn’t as straightforward as an I Like You, but like JB says, YLM is also a command—which reveals the underlying admission of it: SJ can’t do without her. Master has become enslaved, lol.

  21. 21 tangtang

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    How can a perm last just a few weeks? Mine lasts for months…hehe.

  24. 24 Beng

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    thanks for recap =)

  25. 25 Suenoona

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  26. 26 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks Javabeans for the recap…muahhh…

    My heart goes out to Jong Go on this episode. Hani and him look so cute together…I mean that is how date should be….having lots of fun.

    I finally breath a sigh of relief when robot boy finally admitted his feelings at the end because in the middle part of the episode…I was already screaming in frustration on how mean he was to Hani. After investing myself on 13 episodes…I was saying Marry Jong Gu Ha ni…enough of this suffering…lol

    The kiss at the end is what I expected…at least on my point of view, robot boy became human…..the kiss lasted for a few seconds…mouth open…and OMG…Seung Jo’s mouth move actually. Kidding myself that that was a french kiss…lol Although I wanted the kiss to last longer and more intense…am just thankful that is was not a staid kiss at all.

    Thanks again and looking forward to ep 14..and hopefully there will be more cutesy moments esp from Seung Jo’s side to make up everything mean he did to Ha ni…:)

  27. 27 Hannah

    There’s a sweet moment in this episode when she thanks Joon-gu for liking her so much, because it makes her feel “like a valuable person,” but that kind of thinking is like a slap in MY face, as someone who loves Ha-ni’s character for her heart and life. It hurts that she would buy into the idea that she isn’t worth a concern if she isn’t liked by a guy.

    This, so much.

    Episode was cute but I’m kind of looking more forward to the ones that come. Is.. Seung Jo going to have to be nice?? O_O

  28. 28 Da-da

    You were so fast with the recap!!
    Thank you so much, I was mostly angry with this episode and I didn’t know the BIG MOMENT was at the end but when Duckie proposed, I asume it was close.
    I found myself screaming of joy. FINALLY! To me, they prolonged the “Robot boy doesn’t get his own feelings” way too much. He clearly understood his feelings, as he kissed Ha-ni while she was sleeping. Clearly a demostration of tender love.

    On the other hand, I agree with you. Ha-ni, who is pure heart, does seems to end up being the kind of girl who doesn’t treauser herself and the way she is unless a guy tells her to. Sad, at first she had more spunk! I would love to see her giving some slapping around to Robot Boy.

    PS: Yes! Quite appelaing without the curls.

  29. 29 JAM

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    • 29.1 Ami

      haha.. me too!! I kept reading the comments to the 12th episode while waiting for the 13th episode recap. Can’t believe it’s so fast.. thought it’d be out during the weekend. Thanks so much JB!

      • 29.1.1 mojaslatka

        I was doing same whole day. Refreshing and reshing the home page to see if the recap is out( I already watched the subbed one and read recap from ockoala). But my obsession won’t be full till I read JB’s recaps and comments.

  30. 30 dulcedeleche

    Okay so i have been anticipating the last scene for a while …….and Argggggg his face had NO emotions. HE WAS A BRICK WALL. He needed to confirm that she like him first before he made a move? SERIOUSLY?

    I know he’s not the best actor and this role worked well for him because his character IS a boy robot….but there were definitely some scenes where he could have done a better job. I think it helps when he’s not completely relying on his face. For example, i thought that the scenes with Eunjo – when he grips the door handle or when he tells Eunjo that surely he’ll come to like He-ra (paused and looked conflicted while trying to get back to his book)

    But i just felt that the last scene seemed too artificial. How calmly did he throw that umbrella away before he kissed her? There was no sense of urgency.

    Well the series isn’t over yet. I hope Ha-ni finds herself AND i hope Seungjo finally does something about all that pride.

    • 30.1 kaye

      what i think of reaction of SJ is just right…he’s not a hyper-male and it is not too agressive, not too timid, JUST RIGHT. I need to re-watch that scene before I reply in this because I want to be sure of my reaction, I don’t wanna be bias.

      And there should be no sense of urgency there because he is just relieved that HN confirmed that he likes her and the kiss was given to show her that the feeling is mutual. Although I wish that scene should be longer imo to create a more passionate impact. If he gave a different reaction, I think I will be surprised bec that is not SJ anymore doing those things.

    • 30.2 Toya

      Thank you!!!! I thought I was the only one for a second.

      Well on the deadpan part, they stayed pretty close to the exact scene in this, the Anime and the Taiwan drama.

      Y’all probably get tired hearing this from me but the Taiwan one did a better job on this scene. This scene is like the big climax and it just fizzed here.

      This is a more, “I am marking my territory” moment rather than, “Chaste soap opera”.

  31. 31 koreandramasrock

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    • 31.1 Abie Lee

      You either must have just watched the Taiwanese version or you have a really good memory. I’ve seen it as well but I don’t remember all the details so most of the stuff that’s going on in the drama, I’m not sure if it’s in that version or just in the Korean one. I feel the same way about the Hana Kimi drama. I saw the Taiwanese version first and I’m kinda not want to watch the Japanese one but the actors are much hotter and I can’t keep my eyes away from Oguri Shun.

  32. 32 tari

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    Jerkface Poopypants!

    I am laughing so hard I’m crying. Thank you.

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    and we love it!!!

    the first part of the episode, i feel the urge to click the fast forward button coz i know that hani and joon gu are in for a heartache. hani bcoz of hae ra and seung jo and for joon gu would be hani. i just cant help to be heartbroken with them but then again i goes thru it because i think the impact of the big moment wouldnt be the same without seeing the struggles. and im glad that im right about it.

    can you imagine my glee when he kissed her?! and unfortunately i have to watch that scene at 01:10 am in a room full of sleeping roommates! i wanted to sing with glee but i cant!!! talk about suppress feelings!

    also, regarding the kiss i know most of the people who watch other version will start to compare and i would like to say that please not, coz every version would have different approach.

    as for me, aside from the sound of the rain which is a bit loud, i like how they did the kiss in the rain. its not so melodramatic, not too light, not too angsty, not too sweet. its just right for me.

    and i know some would say that even seung jo confess his feelings to hani, he still have this arrogant vibe but then again, hani already know that right? and she still loves him. bcoz she accepted him for who he is, with all the good and the bad.

    on the light note:

    liking beak seung jo for perm hair then unlike him again bcoz he into straight hair again!
    its so weird and funny at the same time jb! but then again thats why we like hanging around here at dramabeans, to read your funny, insightful and weird comments. please continue to do so coz we love it.

    til next episode!!!

  35. 35 ockoala

    Thanks for the recap, JB.

    I presume you’re no long sitting in a tree with this version of Mr. Roboto? In that case, I’ll take him! For safe keeping only, of course.

    Honestly, of all the manga-drama adaptations, Itazura na Kiss and Hana Yori Dango seem to inspire the most heated reactions, from lovelovelove to hateloathekill.

    Regardless, it’s a personal thing whether Ha Ni’s character works, and I find the only time her character doesn’t turn me ragey is in PK.

    I actually really liked the post-getting together stuff, bc without the moping about whether SJ likes her or not, HN does focus on her own growth.

    Yes, she should do it regardless, but alas, that is what she is Noah’s Snail, and not Yoon Hye Ra.

    • 35.1 Hannah

      Yeah, I like the stuff before too. It’s mostly sweet and makes the ending cuter.

    • 35.2 dannaluk

      “I actually really liked the post-getting together stuff, bc without the moping about whether SJ likes her or not, HN does focus on her own growth.”
      agree..that’s why i liked TKA better than ISWAK

  36. 36 bearowl

    I think KHJ showed a lot of expression in his eyes this episode. I’m sort of impressed.

    • 36.1 Ami

      KHJ ‘talks’ a lot with his eyes in his dramas. Maybe it’s to compensate his lack of lengthy dialogues and vigorous action sequences. Which is why I rewind a lot whenever he’s in a scene. And how I got hooked on him from BOF (didn’t know him from Adam before that drama came along).

      For his next role, I want him to have a more active and loud role. Please KeyEast, give him something more to chew on!

      • 36.1.1 Ojou_Belle

        I agree…he’s really very outgoing and talkative in their concerts and home videos so I’d like a drama with him going all bonkers and acting more like himself. I love it when he smiles and laughs! And get rid of the perm please…straight hair all the way!

        • Sumaiya

          awww the comment reminds me of him in We got Married…when Hwanbo goes to visit him in Japan…lol he is so comfortable with her and his bandmates….going on a silly date in a Winnie the Pooh costume…and actually loving it!

          • Annony

            YES! SO MUCH!

    • 36.2 mememe

      I AGREE!:)

      • 36.2.1 Becky

        Me too I think he could do a great job if he just had a role he could bite into.

  37. 37 CHshe

    Fuyo! For Episode 13 on 13 October
    Ding Ding Ding… I hear wedding bells, is it too soon?

    OMG that kiss was EPIC!!! But I’ll go more on that later on.

    I was actually preparing my claws on YHR, but I was presented with a nice and easy going feeling of her. For once I do feel that these two might have a chance at it. YHR subtly giving reasons that sounded logical to BSJ for them to start seeing each other. It’s not conniving. It’s not scheming. Its just seem rational. But of coz I’m still in OHN boat though.

    Same goes with BJG, having a wonderful date that he always dreams of with OHN. He seems to be enjoying the time they spent together; OHN too of course. And this time I really feel sad for BJG, coz even if I didn’t know how the story ends, I still find that his effort seems a bit rushed or desperate. But in BJG defense, I didn’t find him annoying or anything, I feel like I want to give him a real big hug and advice him to find comfort elsewhere. Need direction? Hmm try go to the salon may be… hehe

    But the good thing is OHN has been giving a chance to experience joy with other people, other than BSJ. This later helps her to decide that this joy or happiness is indeed comfortable; and deep in her heart she seeks out for more. She now knows the difference.

    Same with BSJ, he gets to experience being with someone else other than OHN. Although he was never with OHN officially, but she was always by his side; stalking or just following him around. It is shown with such subtly by his reaction when OHN is around. He is being himself; honest in his own weird cold way. But with YHR, suddenly he’s all prince charming. He’s like trying to please her. Vanity is all on his face. He’s like a different person. He can’t really show his true side to YHR. He realizes that, and so does YHR.

    I’d give major props to Eun-jo. I know mom is already in OHN boat. But Eun-jo? Welcome aboard, boy. What? You need ice-cream? Here I give you an ice-cream cake… hehe

    As a whole, I’m looking this story not focusing on character development much, but I am more interested to see the process of these two weirdos learning to accept each other; as a whole, a complete package, flaws, good or bad; take it all. And in the process, each will grow and understand one another better. Each will tolerate what the other person lacks and makes the best of it. Doesn’t that sound like a good unison? Hmm for me may be.

    And the KISS! Holy crap… I was actually replaying that scene over, and over again. How hot these two are? Seriously if I was PD, I’d put a box of dried ice at the background to create some steaming scenery, hehe… Anyway, the reaction for the couple is like they’re relieved from a huge burden they’ve been carrying around their shoulder. Like a dark cloud finally disappear. BSJ was calm but manly enough to steer the situation; having to convince her that she not need to like any other man. And comes the huge hug of security and assurance that she not need to count their kisses further coz’ there will be many more to come… BSJ you really are a twisted-genius. And I just love you for it.

    p/s : I’m looking for your confession; yes that three letter word, boy. Now, now don’t be shy…

    • 37.1 Annony

      someone uploaded it on HQ so i plugged my laptop on my 46″ HDTV… OMG, i saw some lip, jaw, and neck movement there.

      That was a KISS.

      JSM was out of breath afterward, too I noticed.

      Wonders of a huge tv and HD. <3

      • 37.1.1 CHshe

        I know.. I cant get enuf of it… KHJ really knows how to kiss…

        I was lol at the ‘vacuum cleaner’ comment.

      • 37.1.2 rizzy

        @ annony: lolz at your post, i had a hard time recovering from it i swear!!!! i had that plan in mind, was on the moment of doing it when i started reading the comments here hahahah….. i would love to see them more closely to check if there was more into it coz their lips were fully covered… damn, is there any behind the scenes for that specific episode… i would love to see that!!!

  38. 38 Dara

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    Now I’ve learned my lesson, I ‘ll just read your/GF recaps, and enjoy the show that way! I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like this PD-directional style at all, I want more energy more dynamic MORE…..

    Well, some may wonder why I’m here then? Oh, I just looove reading your recaps/insights too much.

    Thanks for your recap.

    ‘Team Genius Robots’ LOL.

  39. 39 YAY!!

    Thanks for the recap!
    You’re so super fast! 😀
    Finally the moment I’ve been waiting for in this entire drama has come!
    I wish they could’ve made this happen perhaps an episode later? So Seung-jo has more time to you know, wallow in jealous? Or am I hoping for too much…
    Now that the climax is here, I reckon the next 3 episodes will be pretty anticlimatic… But, I guess they’ll want to play a couple of episodes with our main couple actually together.

  40. 40 ank

    Thanks JB for the recap!!!

    LOls on your description for SJ and Haera: TEAM GENIUS ROBOTS… I burst out laughing in the office. Oops..
    My heart goes to Joon Gu in this episode. He truly deserves someone!! (now where is that Christine!!!!)

    Eunjo is so sweet as well. I like his interaction with his mom who tried to bribe him with dessert in exchange for the scoop on his brother and Hani.

    I was expecting more emotions – anger – from Seungjo in the last few minutes of the episodes. The kiss was nice and I can’t wait to see the next episodes.

    OH I LOVE his hair a little straight! The curly hair bugs me so much lols.

  41. 41 ichigopan

    I definitely felt fatigue watching Seung Jo continue in his cold unchanging manner for the last 12 episodes. I was desperate for Ha Ni to take anyone. Ki Tae sunbae or Joon Gu, just pick one and be done already and put me out of this merry-go-round misery.

    Seung Jo ah, I saw some jaw movement in your kiss. You gained some points today even though you did that Kim Hyun Joong buggy-eyed-acting. I’ll forgive you.

    • 41.1 shalini

      LOL! Kim Hyun Joong buggy-eyed-acting 😀 LOL! yeah he did that in the most crucial scene 😀

  42. 42 Stephanie

    didn’t this come out like just yesterday??? i guess the quality of the show really affects how fast you respond.
    seeing the difference in speed of recaps i really sympathise with you when it comes to a recap you just dont wanna recap – like the previous one.

  43. 43 Abie Lee

    1. I did notice the same thing about genius robot’s hair. But I do like him better with the straight hair.

    2. The whole dialog about Ha-ni being able to like only genius robot reminded me of my very first love – My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

    3. The second lead somehow reminds me a bit of Park Shi Hoo. How I wish he would get back with Ma Hi Rye.

    Thanks for the wonderful recap.

  44. 44 Dele

    I really hope they introduce Christine in this drama. Jeez nice guys finish last in this one. Poor Joon-gu!!!

    For all his brains SJ is such a child in the most unfortunate of ways. Seriously he’s left the playground behind, can’t he leave the immaturity too?

    Okay, the kiss was fine, but seriously I need words from him that tell Ha-ni exactly how he feels because a kiss is an excuse to shut her up, keep her happy and dedicated a little longer, but he still gets to be a jerk and keep her guessing.

    Screw that!!!

  45. 45 sandyshoes

    I think there’s a total lack of chemistry between KHJ and Jung So Min that fundamentally keeps me from enjoying this drama as much as I would like. Hate to be redundant about comparisons to other versions, but… the Taiwanese version was a lot better at moments like this. The confession rain scene was so much more idk – squeeeee – and actually I haven’t watched much of the first one, but I finished most of the sequel TKA exactly because every episode had moments like this that made their pairing believable despite all the other plot shenanigans. In the Taiwanese version, the actor had a lot more charisma and his boy robot-ness seemed a lot more like deliberate acting choices than KHJ being his blank, un-emotive self. The Taiwanese sequel had soooooo many more love lovey-dovey scenes that made the relationship seem less one-sided (more like a real, functional one) because the chemistry of the two actors was a lot more palpable. I know it’s a unfair to compare this version to one that technically takes place after the events and therefore covers later emotional developments – but I seriously doubt KHJ would be able to show any kind of real sweetness that would make me feel warm fuzzy things for these two characters.

    • 45.1 Abie Lee

      I only saw the first series of the Taiwanese version and I have to agree that I think the actor who played the main lead was better in that version. However, I was not a big fan of Ariel Lin and so I never wanted to watch the sequel. I was rooting for Jiro Wang the whole time though, especially when the main lead’s hairstyle just became weird towards the end of the drama.

    • 45.2 Toshiaki

      It’s all a matter of opinion or point of view, I find the chemistry between KHJ and JSM excellent and cozily electrifying. Never like comparisons blah .. blah.. blah.. especially with cheap taiwanese versions. Please, as far as KHJ and JSM is concern, they are anytime better than Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin in my opinion and taste.

      • 45.2.1 Befair

        I think you’re just bias. You don’t like comparison yet you ARE comparing. You must be a K-drama fanatic who hates the guts of the T-version just because it was more successful. Just watch the drama, don’t discriminate!

    • 45.3 Nony

      In all honesty, I found the TW one much harder to watch. Granted, this version wasn’t much easier to follow (but still easier nontheless).

      And I take the fact that I never felt the urge to strangle the heroine in the korean one (unlike the TW one) a good sign.

  46. 46 sandyshoes

    also – can we get more perm time? I like the perm! It works!

    • 46.1 Tina

      I agree 😀

    • 46.2 Heidi

      Noooo! Not the permmmm!

      Seriously, dude looks so hot in straight hair! Why fix what’s not broken? 😀

      • 46.2.1 Abie Lee

        Amen to that! Never a big fan of the whole perm style.

  47. 47 Porcelain

    I have been following the recaps since ep 1 and watching random bits… And I actually scream out loud after the last scene recap… you rock JB…

  48. 48 Justine

    Hani can have her Seung Jo, I would gladly take Joon Gu from her hands. 😉

    • 48.1 Justine

      And how adorable is he with that yellow flower in his hair?

  49. 49 Zika

    it was awesome, it was so so so …. amazing ..when he kissed her it was sorta exciting aw…
    i can’t wait to watch tis drama 4 real

  50. 50 Newbie

    I feel like I’ve reached the end of a marathon. Have been pining for the moment when BSJ realizes his true feelings and confesses to OHN. While it hasn’t been fireworks, There’s a contented sigh within me. I was worried that the kiss was going to be as bad as episode 1, so it was surprising that I melted at the tenderness of the kiss (love how he stroked her face with his thumb as he kissed her deeply).
    KHJ may not be a great actor all the time, but he has shown some incredible emotions with his eyes in some scenes eg. When he watched BJG and OHN walk away from the cafe after the chance meeting, I can see his pain.

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