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Playful Kiss: Episode 15
by | October 20, 2010 | 202 Comments

You can start to see the loose ends being tied up, or rather, preparing to be tied up in the finale tomorrow. I suspect we’ll get a lot of ends hastily tied together in the next episode just for the sake of leaving everyone happy, which I am not a great fan of; lead us through conflicts and get us there naturally, rather than inventing last-minute scenarios for happiness that don’t necessarily ring true.

On the other hand, if we must choose between an ending that is either too pat or littered with loose threads, I’ll (grudgingly) take pat.


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Mom announces that the happy couple will marry next week, causing double-takes all around. Seung-jo had meant to marry after graduation, but she points out that there’ll always be something to wait for — internship, residency, his army obligation — so they may as well do it now.

Ha-ni shares the news with her friends at the noodle shop, which seems like a pretty insensitive place to do it, considering that Joon-gu is nursing his broken heart by throwing himself into working there. But I suppose we need them here so we can witness the odd introduction of a new girl, who arrives for some noodles.

Her appearance throws everyone off because she’s Caucasian. Everyone is anxious at having their precarious English tested, but as it turns out, she’s fluent in Korean (her mother is Korean). What a random scene, but the fact that it is so awkwardly shoehorned in here leads me to believe we’re being set up (clumsily) for something.

Ha-ni and Seung-jo go ring and dress/tux shopping — or at least attempt to. Ha-ni is excited about all these plans, and tries to convince Seung-jo to participate, but he grumbles at each step of the way.

Ha-ni urges him to get a ring as proof of their love, adding that he has to let people know that he’s taken. He notes that she really means for the ring to act as shackles, and leaves the store. He balks at a photo shoot and buying a tux, because in his uber-logical robot brain, the ceremony is a waste of time and money. He tells Ha-ni that even when they’re married, he won’t just bend over backwards to suit her preferences. She points out that he’s never done that.

He starts to blame his mother for pushing, but Ha-ni wisely sees that Mom’s not the problem. Why did he announce that he’d marry her if he was going to be like this? Seung-jo doesn’t know and sighs that he regrets it, then adds that they ought to reconsider.

With only a few days remaining until the wedding, Ha-ni is dejected and confused. Her friends assure her that Seung-jo’s just being his usual difficult self, but he doesn’t mean to really call it off.

Sure enough, Seung-jo comes back to his senses (seriously, boy? It’s that hard for you to understand that a wedding is important to women?) and visits Ha-ni’s father. To Ha-ni’s surprise, Seung-jo takes the two of them on a road trip to visit the graves of her mother and grandmother.

Seung-jo has come to pay his respects to them, and introduces himself as “son-in-law.” He says, ” I’ve already gotten in trouble for not listening to Ha-ni. But don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.”

Ha-ni’s still feeling stung and mutters that she hates him, but then shakes her head and amends, “No, I like you. Thank you.”

Now he’s more willing to discuss wedding plans, and although he initially scoffs at the idea of a honeymoon, he relents and tells her to pick the place. She decides an island vacation would be nice (thinking of a beach resort), and Seung-jo makes her happy by readily agreeing… until he asks, “How about Yeouido? Or Bamseom? Or Dookseom?” LOL.

(Those are technically little islands in Seoul, on the Han River, but barely qualify as such. It’s like asking for Hawaii and having your husband suggest Long Island or Staten Island instead.)

Seung-jo pulls out his phone and makes a deal with her: If he turns up a three-of-a-kind on his game, he’ll agree to her choice. She chants, “Jeju Island” over and over, willing the game to go her way — and when it does, she squeals in glee and dances around him. Then we see that it’s rigged to always yield a three-of-a-kind. Gah, Seung-jo! Would it break some sort of circuitry in your brain to simply agree? You are a tiring man-boy.

On the eve of the wedding, Ju-ri and Min-ah come over for a sleepover and present Ha-ni with pink lingerie for her honeymoon.

Next door, the brothers share a moment as Eun-jo comments on all of Ha-ni’s flaws, though without his usual scorn. He declares that while he’s going to marry a much prettier, smarter girl, he approves of his hyung’s choice: “I really like you, hyung, but it’s true that there are problems with your personality. So I think you have to marry a girl like Oh Ha-ni. You’re doing the right thing. Congratulations!” It’s kind of adorable.

Two other men, however, are having a tougher time of it. First is Joon-gu (poor Duckie!), who looks up at Ha-ni’s window from outside. His mood is bittersweet, but he focuses on the positive, saying that he’s happy, “Because you’re really happy right now. If you’re happy… I’m happy too.”

AGH, my heart bleeds for you. Can we have a nice girl show up in the last episode and give us assurance that he’ll be happy? Oh, wait… I see what you did there, drama!

Ha-ni’s father, meanwhile, has a lonely drink that night. Ha-ni joins him, and finds herself fighting back tears as she thanks him for raising her. Dad blinks back his own as he urges her to smile rather than cry.

They practice matching their steps down the imaginary aisle for the ceremony, which is one of the sweeter moments in this episode. This relationship has always been among the more genuine ones in this drama, so it’s particularly poignant.

Wedding day. Ha-ni receives a few unexpected visitors as she waits for the ceremony, which include her high school teacher — who’s now married to Seung-jo’s old teacher and pregnant. Looks like the dumb-but-lovable woman won out in both generations, eh?

He-ra is quite gracious in her well-wishes for Ha-ni, telling her that she’s glad that Seung-jo chose her; ironically, it’s that very fact that makes her like him, as it shows Seung-jo has good taste in women. Ha-ni’s touched by this unexpected praise, and the two shake hands warmly.

Even when she was being antagonistic He-ra was always sunny and likable, so I’m glad that they kept from making her cartoonishly villainous, which would have been the easy way out. It fits with the overall theme, in that the point wasn’t that Seung-jo would pick Ha-ni because He-ra was a bitch, but because heart trumps logic — no matter how well-matched they seemed on paper, his feelings went a different way.

And then, it’s time for the ceremony. Just before Ha-ni heads out, Eun-jo offers her his wedding present, and whispers into her ear.

Things proceed smoothly as Seung-jo and Ha-ni state their vows, followed by speeches by both fathers. Ha-ni’s father’s is particularly heartfelt as he praises Ha-ni for her snail-like steadfastness. He’d worried about her, but now feels relieved to leave her in the hands of a capable mate: “Seung-jo, thank you. Please stick with our Ha-ni through the end.”

But it wouldn’t be a true Ha-ni affair without a mishap or several, and when it’s time for the ring exchange, Ha-ni drops Seung-jo’s ring, which goes rolling under the seats.

It’s found soon enough, but Seung-jo mock-grumbles that she’s a dummy. Undaunted, Ha-ni returns, “Don’t make fun, Baek Seung-jo — I know you liked me a lot, and from a long time ago.” She’s referring to their second kiss, which wasn’t in the rain after all but at the villa. Seung-jo shoots a look at his brother, who nonchalantly glances away with a “Who, me?” look on his face.

Ha-ni teases him for playing coy, then grabs him in a surprise kiss, to the surprise of everybody.

Seung-jo pulls back in embarrassment, but she playfully sticks out her tongue at him.

And then they have to ruin this light-hearted moment by panning over to poor Joon-gu’s pained face. Don’t worry, Joon-gu! Just hang in there for another hour, and I’m sure you’ll get your happy ending. Well, if the following two are any indication:

He-ra is exasperated when Kyung-soo follows her out of the wedding, but she accepts his invitation to have lunch together. Notice for a hot-dog-eating contest grabs his attnetion, and his boyish excitement makes her laugh. I’m not at all convinced that these two coupling up makes any sense, but it’s like the drama wants to slap everyone together in twosomes now that we’re heading to the finish.

Off to Jeju go our married couple. At the resort, they run into another newlywed couple, whom you will learn to hate soon enough. The young wife, Hyun-ah, eyes Seung-jo with interest while her own meek husband keeps his head bowed and obeys her every whim.

At first it’s coincidence that keeps them in each other’s orbits, since they’re staying in adjacent rooms. The couples select the same dinner course, so Ha-ni uncomfortably sits through dinner while Hyun-ah commandeers the conversation and boldly flirts with Seung-jo. Feeling put out, Ha-ni reaches for the wine and ends up hungover the next day.

Like I said, this random character is clearly being set up for a last-minute arc, and I suspect she is here to give Joon-gu a consolation prize. She returns to the noodle restaurant, where Joon-gu serves her. When she asks for a fork, Joon-gu cannot let this go — as we know, he takes his food seriously, and instructs her how to use chopsticks properly.

Back on Jeju, Ha-ni and Seung-jo head out on Day 2 of their honeymoon, visiting the Museum of African Art… only to find that the other couple is also there. Hyun-ah has the brassiness to actually cling to Seung-jo’s arm like a girlfriend (or wife, I suppose), leaving her own groom to trail behind with Ha-ni. I’m a little annoyed at Robot Boy for allowing this, because politeness be damned, he’s got a WIFE now, yeah? Dude, I know you’re not into Hyun-ah, but this would be a FINE TIME to employ your famous cold shoulder, buddy.

Ha-ni tells Hyun-ah’s husband to keep Hyun-ah to himself, but incredibly enough, Mr. Milquetoast is actually blind to his wife’s antics. He fears that Seung-jo will fall for her, whom he describes as innocent and sweet. Uh, sympathy go poof now.

Hilariously, just as Hyun-ah is moving to latch onto Seung-jo’s arm again, a woman in a wig bumps into them hard, separating them. Aw, Mom! You sure don’t know your boundaries, but at least your heart is in the right place.

That evening, Ha-ni gets out her pretty new underwear and nervously anticipates that this is the night she’ll get to use it… until there’s a knock at the door. It’s the Pesky Pair, here with champagne. Cockblocked!

The next morning, Ha-ni is bummed, as this is their last day here and she’s hardly had any time alone with Seung-jo. Plus, she doesn’t even have any vacation photos — which makes him smile and tell her not to worry, since he knows Mom has got that part covered.

Seung-jo agrees to spend today with Ha-ni, just the two of them, and she gets prettied up excitedly. And then comes the knock on the door.

If he were my husband I’d be glaring at him to keep the damn door closed, but the urgency in the visitor’s voice is too much to ignore. The husband bursts in and begs for Seung-jo’s help — Hyun-ah is doubled over in pain.

Ha-ni’s uncomfortable watching Seung-jo feel up Hyun-ah (uh, hello, no medical license?), and her woman’s intuition just may be making her a little suspicious as well. She blurts, “Stop!” and says that she hates seeing him with his hands all over another woman.

Seung-jo assumes that Ha-ni’s being jealous for no reason and tells her in a hard voice that he’s going to be a doctor. If she has a problem with that, well, then they can’t be together. Oh, Seung-jo, you sure know how to make a honeymoon romantic.

In tears, Ha-ni runs out and Hyun-ah’s husband heads out to follow her. At which point Hyun-ah smiles and takes his hand, saying, “Finally, it’s just the two of us.” Having faked everything, now she makes her move, saying that she wishes he’d met her before Ha-ni, whom she can tell he doesn’t like.

Seung-jo shoots her a hard look and rejects her advance coldly. Finally! How is it that you have more patience for an interloping stranger than you do for your wife?

Seung-jo finds Ha-ni sitting alone and joins her, but she, feeling wounded, scoots away. He asks if she’s still angry — she is — but melts that away by telling her, “But you’re prettier when you smile.” Smooooth, I’ll give you that. He adds, “When I see you smiling, it makes me feel good.”

Seung-jo starts to tickle Ha-ni, and her anger fades fast as she shrieks with laughter.

That night they sit awkwardly — how adorable are they in matching PJs? — both thinking of the night ahead but a little unsure how to get there. Ha-ni apologizes for being foolish and jealous earlier, and Seung-jo answers, “You’re cute… sometimes. Sometimes you’re beautiful, somehow.”

Slinging an arm around her, he wonders, “But why do I like you? You’re not that pretty, and you’re cute only sometimes. Why do I always want to see you? What have you done to me?”

With that, he moves in for a kiss, then gathers her up in his arms and carries her to bed. Ha-ni pulls back, pausing to ask for a few moments to “prepare” a few things (thinking of her pretty lingerie), but he tells her not to bother: “I can’t wait anymore.” (Well, if you hadn’t let the Newlyweds From Hell derail your honeymoon for three days…)

Honeymoon over, the couple begin married life back at home, where Seung-jo’s room has been redecorated to suit both of them. Ha-ni manages to oversleep (it’s customary for the new bride to be up at the crack of dawn to pay her respects to her in-laws and make breakfast) and rushes downstairs, where the others are already eating. Thankfully, Mom isn’t a stickler for those old-fashioned expectations and greets her warmly.

Ha-ni’s intending to drop by the nursing department today so she can apply for a transfer, but she’s got a few obstacles to overcome, like waiting for a spot to open up, as well as passing an entrance exam.

Mom reminds Seung-jo to take care of the marriage registration paperwork… but Seung-jo gets an idea and answers with a noncommittal, “We’ll see. I’ll think about it.” Mom is bewildered and Ha-ni worried — does that mean he’s reconsidering the marriage? They won’t be legally married until they register, and dragging his feet after the honeymoon is awfully cavalier of him, Mom argues.

Seung-jo answers that he just feels like he’s being shoved into everything, and comes to a “compromise” — that he’ll register the marriage once Ha-ni passes the nursing department exam.

Ha-ni worries about what happens if she can’t — say, for instance, a slot never opens up. Seung-jo just shrugs it off, asking if she was only prepared to exert this (paltry) amount of effort to pursue nursing.

Clearly he is using this as motivation to spur Ha-ni to try hard, as he once did to provoke her into picking a future that extended beyond being his mate. And as he walks away from his stunned family, he smiles in amusement. You bastid!


I dunno, I was rather bored this episode. For one containing such a big life event, it sure was ho-hum about it. And the other newlywed couple — they were irritating, but worse than that, ultimately pointless. You might argue that they forced Ha-ni and Seung-jo to address the issue of her jealousy, which might have worked if Ha-ni were actually overreacting. Instead, it was just absurd and aggravating. It might have been fine at a different point in the series — but in the penultimate episode, I want to deal with story that actually has an effect on our main characters. Like the nursing bit at the end (even if I am uncomfortable with Seung-jo using their marriage as a tool to manipulate her, even if it’s “for her own good”).

I disliked that even after Seung-jo found out that Ha-ni’s instincts about Hyun-ah were right, he didn’t apologize or do anything to ease her concerns. He let Ha-ni believe it was 100% her fault for overreacting, when really there were two parties at work here. And when she apologizes for overreacting, he just accepts it. Oh, how generous of you for liking this dumb, unpretty girl who’s only sometimes cute.

Look, I get that this is the character. I get — and even like — that he’s kind of an ass sometimes, since we don’t need our heroes to be perfect Prince Charmings. But when you’re putting these characters into a marriage and giving us the happily-ever-after treatment, shouldn’t that marriage be, yunno, functional? Balanced? Mature? I guess the luster is off and I no longer really think this couple is adorable beyond belief.

(It might help — a little — if his hair were still curly. JUST SAYIN’.)

On the other hand, my favorite scene was probably the father-daughter “walk down the aisle” because it played with all the right conflicts and emotions — the ones we care about, the ones that have been well-established and built into the fabric of this drama. It’s such a small moment but that bittersweet moment of letting go of daddy’s little girl is so real and packed with honest feeling. I wish we had more of those beats, rather than silly external conflicts brought in to buzz in annoying circles over our heads like gnats at a picnic.


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    I was actually waiting for part five to load on viikii when I just checked to see if this was up. Thanks for doing this so quickly!

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    I can’t believe she told Seung-jo to wait when he was on top of herrr…. only an idiot would say that, tehe. ;D

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          πŸ˜€ ;D only messin!

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    Thanks a lot for your work.

  4. xiaoSxin

    felt that this drama is trying to end this very quickly because they “shortened” it to 16 episodes instead of the planned 20.

    Either way, it is great to see Seung Jo smiling so adorably!

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    I just can’t believe they got married already. Sort of fizzes everything out for me. Sigh.

    (And I agree about the hair. I want those curls back!)

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      seriously! i was so bummed when i saw it straight again!

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      You are so funny…but it brought back memories of the epic failure which was Bad Guy. I really really dislike the ending…:((

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      yeah. this is kind of funny comments. Moira was really something on Bad guy.. she can live like ordinary knowing that she kill Nam Gil. Moira has little physco in her.

  7. bambooshoots

    In the original story (manga), Seung-jo was actually involved with a Caucasian girl for a while. I think that’s why they added that random character all of a sudden, even though it doesn’t really pertain to the original plot.

    • 7.1 lina

      Actually that caucasian girl will be ducky Jong Gu girlfriend latter on. They have mix the ISWAK 1 and They kiss again story from Taiwan. They kiss again started with honeymoon and there was a very long intimate first night together between ariel and joey at the balcony ended on bed. Then follow up with their trip on hellicopter after first night together. Back to Taiwan Shuzu (joey) back to medical school and leave Ariel few days at home. Playfull kiss seems to combine all into one episode and it’s kind of rush.. from one to another. To those who wanted to know real story should start watching Taiwan ISWAK and They kiss again because the drama full of romance and loving, fight between both couple. They really make-out and we can feel the heat. Joey and Ariel really pull a love story and it like first love for every couple. Especially They Kiss Again, Shuzu despite snob character, he was always looking at Ariel, touching her, holding her waist and we can tell they are in-love. Anyway I’m glad Korean version trying to pull all together and missing only minor scene. They should do 20 episodes and ignore the rating because Playfull Kiss is no 1 in Mysoju and Vikii.. and many other channels. CONGRATULATION

      • 7.1.1 Liz

        To tell the truth they will release news episodes, using their official You tube account.. They will realese 8 episodes just in the internet after Episode 16. And plus I agree that is SeungJo aka Zhizu character way to be like… Javabeans it would be too much if he changed so quickly.. He change, but well just watching the Taiwan version to see it.. he turns out in a loving husband on his ways.. he is sometimes harsh with hani to make her more strong but we feel his love… I totally love him in the They kissed again, here he helps her while she is trying to became a nurse. And here he really got a rival, which makes even Hani wonder… to his worry. hhahahahaha And when he is jealous he is a jerk at her… grrr I like how they make marriage seems not easy, because isn`t you don`t marry and Ta dam! Everyone agrees and get mature. Not at all. LOL this is when more problem and hardships appears… plus I still don`t get why Zhizu ignored Hani on the two first day of honeymoon, I mean all he did waS study or sleep. And I got so annoyed. Like “what he is doing this is his honeymoon and he do not even touch his wife???“ has some things that really made you angry in TKA but also made you happy. hahah I particulary love when he comforts her, when she finds out she wasn`t pregnant, that was so touching, he saying they could make a baby hahaha if she wanted to, and that had time to do it, while he hugged and kissed her…. he can be lovable when is REALLY *ah-rem, REALLy* necessary lol…

      • 7.1.2 JS7

        I really agree with u on that … ISWAK and they kiss again had some heated moments, alot better than how playful kiss wanted to mash those up. not really good.

      • 7.1.3 hachunemiku

        Um I just have to say…I’m pretty sure what bambooshoots meant is that Seung-Jo was originally meant to be involved with Christine where Christine plays the rich girl who was meant to marry him to save the toy company. That’s how the original story went, but neither Taiwan or Korea did that. FAIL. I was actually quite bummed about it, it would have given more chance for development of the Christine character…I really liked her character in previous versions. The one they chose this time though, sorry to say, I wish she were just a tad bit prettier. She doesn’t strike me at all to look like a rich girl, unless they take that part out.

        I agree however that Playful kiss lacks the emotion compared to the Taiwanese one. Its understandable but still, I wish it were longer so we could get better development that might actually strum my heartstrings. And FAIL that there is no real second season. I REALLY wanted to see the Koreans doing the episodes where Seung-jo gets ~Jealous~, its possible my favourite part in TKA. So sad ))):

      • 7.1.4 MsGuccibabie

        I totally, totally agree with u about the intimacy btween Joey and Ariel is on a whole different level than SJ and HN. Don’t get me wrong I love this couple but all the drama that would bring those characters to life was just not there for me.

        @hachunmiku definitely my fav part too. The time when Joey was soooooo jealous about Ariel classmate liking her than he gave out this indiffernce attitude (even when she wanted to talk about their annv.) and her slumped @ down by the door, holding the door knob trying to keep anyone from coming out of the room cause she didn’t want anyone to see her cry but wailing @ the top of her lung that if Shisu (Joey) didn’t love her in the first place why did her marry her! Just cut my heart out and make sushi why don’t ya! I mean I’m just tearing up writing that little bit.

        IT WAS AWESOME!!!

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    It’s so true, the last episode had me groaning from all the boredom, and screaming at BSJ through my computer, but it did have its moments. Like when BSJ asked, “What have you done to me?” I completely fangirl squealed. And I wish everyone else would LOVE the little brother as much as I do! He is just so cute, even when he is harassing Oh Ha Ni. One of my favorite lines in the entire show was when he called Oh Ha Ni an alcoholic. This kid has awesome comedic timing. Or at least the writers do with his character. Another wonderful review, and I am really looking forward to the ending! I love that Bong Joon Gu gets a girl. πŸ™‚ He totally deserves someone wonderful. And come on, who can resist the matching pjs? Defiantly not me. Until next time!

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    I hear you. I miss the curly-haired robot. A lot. Its a little disconcerting to see his alter-ego smiling so much.


    I’m shallow and I really enjoyed The Cute, even if its sporadic, so I’m willing to forgive the horrible editing if only to see our couple’s lovey-dovey scenes. No, make that make-out scene. It’s rare to see in K-dramas and it definitely makes me squeal like a 15 year-old. Ha.

    Plus, the look on Seungjo’s face after Hani gave him that smacker was priceless. Iluvsiiiiitttt when he’s thrown off kilter like that. πŸ˜›

  11. 11 lovenyc52

    thanks for the recap JB! even though there were some random moments and hasty intros, i still enjoyed it. Like you, my favorite scene in all this was the father/daughter “walk down the aisle” in the kitchen. very sweet and very touching. i also really liked the part where she ‘won’ the honeymoon to Jeju. Such a typical SJ move. I do think that they are trying to squish too much story into the last 2 eps but it is what it is. it has been a flawed but fun series and I’m anxious for it to wrap up tomorrow πŸ™‚ thanks again!

  12. 12 quirky

    thank you !
    i knw what you mean javabeans by the choppy story line
    im especially annoyed at how random characters jst float in and out without much purpose
    but i guess they dnt have much time to round off characters as well as they could of

    iswak explained those characters better i have to admit and i knw how you hate comparisons to iswak but people who have watched will knw wat i mean
    lik because have watched both i understand why those characters were put there and they did have purpose and sense
    iono im jst disappointed cause i knw this korean version would be so much better if not equal if they have it jst a few more eposides *sighh

    • 12.1 cheekbones

      I know, right…..

      I think it would be much better to skip the Newlyweds From Hell altogether and the Caucasian girl. PK is following the source material too closely, which it can’t really afford to do with only 16 episodes.

      Or maybe they could introduce Duckie’s to-be girlfriend earlier in the drama. Or something.


      • 12.1.1 hitsugaya

        i honestly thought they were cutting chris’s part completely from the drama…

        because imo, if they planned to have chris in the plot, its better if they DID introduce her ealier on as seung jo’s match-make rather than he ra (just like in the anime).. now chris seems like a random charactor~ huhu

  13. 13 Eliza

    whoa…such a shot gun wedding! you’d think she was pregnant or something by the speed that it all went down!!!

  14. 14 Nana

    I have no energy to finish this show. I know a lot of you like Mom, but I don’t like the fact that they came together because Mom pushed them (kinda). And they have no chemistry anyway. She stalks him and they end up together.

    Mom said: date. They dated.
    Mom said: marry by wednesday. They married on wed.
    Mom said: make out. they made out.

    Fine, I made that up.

  15. 15 SoloJacen


    The episode was so rushed without jumping the time frame.

    In the manga/anime version that they adapted it from, Seung Jo’s character was already a doctor when they married, and Ha ni’s character somehow managed to scrape though to be come a nurse. That’s why the obnoxious fake lady went to him and pretended to be sick, as well as him treating her with patient courtesy.

    • 15.1 kaye

      i beg to disagree, he’s not yet a doctor then…in the manga they got married when they are in college…sj haven’t finished medicine yet…

  16. 16 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks for the great recap Javabeans. I cried so hard during Hani’s conversation with her dad..it was really poignant. I laugh hard during the exchange of the ring and the surprise kiss of the bride..lol But I totally expected something because it would be so unlike Ha Ni not to mess up something right?

    I love to see the smiling Seung jo..and judging by the short preview for tomorrow..there will be lots of sweet and frustrating moments between the newly wed…can’t wait..lol

    I do wish that the honeymoon has more airtime…lol Guess I just want to see Seung Jo kiss Ha Ni for the longest time.

    Can’t believe PK will end tomorrow…:( At least I still have my SKKS addiction for another 2 weeks..

  17. 17 in lalaland

    Thank you javabeans for your very fast recap! I felt this episode was so choppy. The editing was HORRIBLE! And what’s with blocking all the kissing scenes?!!! Sheesh! That was about the only part that got me through the rest of the episode.

    Just waiting to finally get to the last episode tomorrow!

    • 17.1 TeaCup

      I agree! I was anticipating a longer bedroom romance!!! That was the scene every PKissers was waiting for! And like you asked, what was all of that blocking done with SJ’s and HN’s intimate moment. But on a positive note, I should say that bedroom conversation sends shivers down my toes! That was really hot!

      Also, it was unfortunate they squeezed in non-relevant scenes like those irritating couples more than build on the sweet awkward moments between the two. They could have done it much better. Oh well, I cannot be too harsh, overall, it’s an okay episode.

      Love the daughter-father special time together – emotionally touching, really tugs your heart! Also the SJ & HN sitting at the bench. That was an excellent one, them frolicking together!! Really cute!!

      Oh, nooo…one more episode to go!!! Remarkably, I really enjoyed PT and the kinship of PKissers who love it as much as I do. It has been a FUN ride with you all.

      Looking forward to the ytkiss episodes coming up in November.

      To JB and GirlFriday – thank you so much for the recaps and this awesome site. You’re the best!! I’m your every faithful reader.

    • 17.2 playkissplay

      The blocking all the kiss scenes is a directoral choice. The director sets up the scene, the cinemotographer shoots the scene, the editor looks at what’s been shot and uses those peices of film to make the best more cohesive story. Or not.

      You can’t blame the editor because there are often objects in the way of viewers trying to watch the characters make out. The editor probably wasn’t on set, unless of course the director and the editor is the same person, then blame away.

      • 17.2.1 playkissplay

        sorry. mis-read conjunction.

  18. 18 mashimaro

    episode re-cap >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>episode

    Dear drama,

    Please don’t be boring next time.



  19. 19 anicasreign

    It’s funny when I think about it, even if they are only rushing to patch happy endings for our characters, I still think there is a lot of development that needs to happen. For one, obviously “robot-boy” needs to grow up and accept some blame. Secondly, HN is finally standing her ground and somewhat taking some of her power back. While she still loves him to death it seems to me that she is starting to come into her own. Third, the relationship between BJG and the foreign girl. I think they are patching and and yet leaving enough loose ends so that perhaps a second season of sorts can be arranged. The characters may have gotten their happy ending now.. but who’s to say how long that will last? Hopefully more conflict and fluff to come.. at least that’s my thoughts on the matter. I also love the daddy-daughter scene. It really does tug at the heartstrings in a way the drama never really did unless it was these two on the screen. Also may I say WOW! May I have another? The honeymoon scene (and you all know which one I’m talking about) was pretty amazing. I definitely would not have told him to stop, but then again we never would have heard those words. Great job drama, you finally gave us the passion that was simmering beneath the pot and lid. LOL!

    As always, thanks for the recap JB.

    Happy Drama Watching!

    • 19.1 Newbie

      I agree with you about the scene where the game determines who gets to choose honeymoon destination. SJ really does care for Hani and bends to her wishes. She just doesn’t want her to know it. This scene left me feeling all warm toward SJ.

      The living rm/bedroom scene – I felt nothing until SJ uttered “It’s fine – I can’t wait any longer”. Those words shot my temperature up like fireworks.

  20. 20 yellowfish

    Thank you!! I have a midterm tomorrow, and I think you just raised my grade by an entire letter. I was so so so so tempted to watch this, and now I can hold off until….someday (which just might be tomorrow).

    This comment is actually long overdue. I’ve been a reader forever, and I met you guys at NYC Comic Con. I’m so glad you and Girlfriday are as quick and as down-to-earth in person as you are onscreen. Will definitely be keeping up and commenting more!

  21. 21 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap!!

    Everything sped up too fast! I think they should have ended the series at the wedding. I know people want Ha-Ni and Seung-jo to get it on as a married couple, but i think in a romantic story- it’s always best to either end or start with a wedding. I rather sacrifice a few kisses for a more cohesive story. They should have paused and developed a few moments through the series and have the kiss in the rain be the end of episode 15. Wedding at 16. and in an epilogue sort of way briefly show how everyone else got together too.

    My prediction for next episode is that that episode will cover a span of 2 or 3 months. Ha-Ni will get into the nursing program, marriage will be registered, and Ha-Ni will be pregnant. The end.

    Anyways, the biggest highlight of this episode is finding out that Ha-Ni and Seung-jo’s teachers got married! I’m so happy for them! but i’m also mad that I don’t get to see their developing relationship. Actually Ha-Ni’s dad and Eun-jo also stole some scenes!

    “Ha-ni’s uncomfortable watching Seung-jo feel up Hyun-ah (uh, hello, no medical license?),”—> this part bugged me too. I know Seung-jo is a genius, but didn’t he just decided on medicine as a career path like 2 or 3 episodes ago. How would he have time to memorize all that medical stuff with his photographic memory? But then that may also mean a period of 6 months because these episodes cover a huge chunk of time!

  22. 22 jess

    …. i dont like Hani character… she’s too dumb for a guy like Seung Joo… sorry… but in this drama, she has the kind of dumb stubborn that makes me dislike… even though i like the female lead character of It started with a kiss (tawain ver.) and many other female lead character of a common, normal girl who has many shortcomings…
    If i were in Seung Joo’ shoe, i would feel this girl is annoying and hard to accept!!

  23. 23 Chriser

    I love the recap. A lot of what was commented on about the pairing at the end is pretty much how it is in the manga. The girl for Duckie is part of the story line along with the awlful honeymoon couple. Keep in mind the storyline right now is about book 10 or 11 of the manga out of 22 or 23. There is still so much more to go. I am happy with the pacing of this version. It makes things go better. You have to watch the Taiwan version to appreciate the quickness of the Korean. It is still good.

    You know what they say, admitting problem or giving in to the emotion is only the beginning of the rollercoaster. You still have a lot of bends and turns to go before reaching the end.

  24. 24 ockoala

    LMAO, JB, “Cockblocked” has got to be your best single word in any recap. Ever. The fact that you managed to use it in recapping PK (really? and it fit perfectly!) was beyond amazing.

    Forever and always the goddess of brevity and wit.

  25. 25 Purpleclouds

    I enjoyed this ep even though i knew what might happen which was being condensed. Blame it on critics that got 4 eps cut. I like how SJ finally kind of explain why he can’t resist Hani, it’s the chemistry. Such a cute couple.

  26. 26 Anonymous

    Well I know i am surrounded by PK Lovers but i got to say it. I am so disappointed how they dealt with all the side character. If you have watched the other version or the manga. You would know what i am saying.

  27. 27 v

    That was fast. Thank you for the recap! your last one on PK… TT
    I assume I’ll see your side and final comments on ep 16 recap as well but still, thank you for providing this and sticking with PK despite your ambivalence about it. πŸ™‚

    • 27.1 v

      also… someone pointed out something that i think was cute…
      First kiss= playful
      Second kiss= he has fallen for her, she does not know
      Third kiss=banzai, do it like a man… kk

      First bed scene=playful.. he was totally teasing her
      Second bed scene=he felt something, she’s oblivious
      Third bed scene=well, princess lift, and full-on make-out session… haha…

      • 27.1.1 Ladymoonstone143

        I will look forward to those bed scenes if ever they will happen…lol

        Full on make out session probably is just asking too much…but if that happens…I be the first one to squeal.

        I wish they would date for real…KHJ will be so lucky with JSM…

      • 27.1.2 Annony

        I realized that too~ πŸ™‚

        • v

          lol JJ…we meet everywhere… at ockoala and now here… kk

          • Annony

            gomen. mianhae. pardon me moi. lo siento. Oddly enough i dont remember how to say im sorry in my mother tongue. I dont knw if thats bad or good. haha. I was debating whether to sign J.J. or continue with Annony… But conceeded for the sake of continuity. πŸ™‚ omg, i cant believe theres one more ep then webisodes!

          • v

            lol.. it’s either pardonez moi, or pardone moi in french.
            and don’t worry… sometimes, i incorporate so much foreign language in my speech that i forget how to say the most basic words in my first language as well… and yeah. keep being annony here… it’s fun to see you have two different names. πŸ™‚

          • Annony

            my french failed me T_T : embarrassed: eh, only took it for a year and completely forgot it. If i forget castillian my grandmother would keeeel me lol

          • v

            lol.. don’t worry.. for one year of french, that’s not bad… i took 5 years of spanish and i can probably speak as much as, well, a 5 years old. i read better though.
            and about castiallian, do you mean it as castellano, just simple spanish or a dialect, cuz i don’t really remember.. lol.. see what i told you previously about my spanish level being probably your french level.. kk

          • Annony

            my grandmother is de EspaΓ±a. And all things considered I’m a “hapa” though I look like a native Hawaiian on a good day and undefinable on a bad. Lol tying this conversation with PK i stil wonder why Khj’s english is not good. And i wonder if JSM speaks well.

          • v

            hawaiin looks good. i think maybe cuz khj doesnt like to learn eng. he learned japanese quite well… he’s intelligent and can probably do well at anything when he tries. too bad english isn’t it. i would have loved to see him post things in english.

  28. 28 kaye

    thanks for the recap! well, they really followed the manga…almost all of it except Haera as the granddaughter.

  29. 29 Mary

    IF only there were at least 2 more extra episodes. So they could finish the story smoothly.

  30. 30 ohyehbb

    I agree with you, Javabeans. I know Seung Jo’s not the type to apologize about anything, especially not to Hani, but seriously? Stuff like saying that he regretted bringing up marriage (I mean I guess he kind of made up for that one later with the visit to the graves, but STILL) and that whole thing with that other new bride in Jejudo (seriously, he’s a freshman in college–basically premed, NOT A DOCTOR or even close!)… ahhh as much as I get that he has the emotional intelligence of an eight-year-old boy, it bothers me. Shouldn’t he be at, oh I don’t know, twelve years old now? Maybe even ten?

    And Hani’s always the one apologizing when it’s not even her fault, or saying stuff about how she’s going to work to be a good wife even though she’s got a lot of faults… to be honest, I think Seung Jo’s getting the better end of the deal here in terms of marriage partners. But OH WELL.

    Also, I know the ratings are pretty low, but this is one drama where I actually wish they WOULD have extended it (although I knew it would never happen). Or just paced it better, so that all the drama wouldn’t be jam-packed into the last four episodes. I seriously felt like we went from 25mph to 100mph all of a sudden. I can’t emotionally connect to all the stuff going on right now because there’s so much of it.

    At any rate, I still can’t help but like this drama because for the most part it’s sweet and feel-good and lets me be stress-free for the hour I watch it. Hope the last episode ties things together well. Despite its faults and shortcomings, I will miss this drama.

    • 30.1 kaye

      Yeah, I agree with you…they should have extended this atleast 2 episodes more to accommodate all the things they need to wrap up (especially that they are following the manga)

      I think not seeing SJ apologize to HN is purposed as it will be a development in the finale.

      I, too, like this drama because it relieves stress and makes a balance for the other dramas that I’m watching that are too heavy and dramatic.

      In a way, this drama helps me in introspecting and I will never forget what HN’s grandma said, “Just enjoy life, have fun living and make others happy, it’ll be fine as long as you live like that.”

      I’m not easy to please, and it usually makes me cringe watching a drama like this, but I can’t help to have fun and enjoy it.

      • 30.1.1 ohyehbb

        ^Agree with that last sentence there. I really never thought I would watch this drama… I actually tried out the first episode just for kicks, which I did not enjoy at all. But then I kept reading these recaps, and then somehow I found myself waiting for the newest episodes to come out each week… thanks javabeans/girlfriday!

  31. 31 ali

    AAAAA! I hate that I cant help comparing this to anime and the taiwan ver….Its really hard not to!!! I dissapointing how everything seems so rush…..I dont think that the finale will be any good!!!

  32. 32 keyt

    yihee! Can hardly wait for my torrent to finish downloading this. Haha, I know, I’m always about a day late, and I had to read your recaps first before I actually see any episode on-screen – I’m spoiled that way.

    Thanks and more recaps to you, JB and GF!

  33. 33 Emi

    Yeah, Chriser said what I was about to say. This drama is very good, considering they are trying to fashion an ending at volume 10-11 of a manga series that is 23 volumes total. Chris, the foreign girl for Duckie, is part of the original story, and should probably have been introduced an episode earlier to at least start establishing some of her personality. She is very lively and funny in the comic, and actually makes a really great match for Duckie. It’s a shame we won’t get to see much of her here. I’m also hoping for a time skip, so we can see Non-chan again πŸ˜›

  34. 34 tisyamey

    I don’t mean to rain on any PK-addict’s parade but this drama has lost it’s lovin’ feeling with me since episode 12…. but for some reason, I CAN’T LET IT GO!!!! I guess in a way I wanted to just finish it up since I’ve invested 12 hours of my ‘semi-precious’ time already with it… and so what’s 4 more, right? KHJ is sooo cute regardless of his inability to show a whole range of emotion [still, it’s better than his performance in BBF, no?]… and the girl portraying Ha Ni is pretty cute, too! Thanks, JB! Your recaps help keep the drama entertaining for me… your recaps somehow make the episode more fun than when I was watching it, hehehehe… I wonder sometimes who [actor] they could have made to be Seung Jo other than KHJ? and if would have made SUCH a difference? Hmmm….

  35. 35 K

    Flashback to BOF when they flew to Jeju-do and miraculously had their regular cars with them.

    • 35.1 Anime1234

      You’re right! LOL

    • 35.2 Momolito

      THank you!! I saw a convertible minicooper (now black), Kim hyun joong and jeju island and i was waiting for ALMOST PARADAISEEEE song to come out!!!

  36. 36 OrchidDream

    Sigh of relief as this drama comes to an end.

    I have not read the manga but I like the pacing of the Taiwanese version better, probably because things don’t seem to thrown together in addition to the random character introductions/disappearance.

    Its a cute/sweet series and I’m sure we all could write forever on its flaws but lets save our time

    Ha Ni is a cute girl (not the brightest, or most independent but ..), why she should fall for the cold Seung Jo is a mystery but for the sake of drama nirvana we’ll clap at their (rushed) wedding.

    Oh mismatched couples of Korean Dramas- I love you all

  37. 37 Annony

    Thank you for a wonderful recap JB!

    With my fuzzy brain I’m forgiving a lot of the grievances in this episode. I’ll be even happier if the final episode manages to balance this one out.

    I have the sinking feeling that BSJ was “villain-esque” and had a film noir ulterior motive (ie: oneiric, strange, erotic, ambivalent, and cruel”) because he didn’t really seem like BSJ (maybe I’m not used to him being smiley and happy in this drama due to abruptness). Using the marriage registration as incentive, when the cherry was already popped? Come. On. Not. Cool.

    • 37.1 yeisha

      J.J. you are too funny. Film noir, eh? I didn’t even think of that. I didn’t even think while watching this episode. Period. My brain is already fried as it is and trying to connect the jumbled scenes was more than it can handle.

      I thought the marriage-registration-as-incentive bit was BSJ’s little act of defiance towards Mama Baek. Unfortunately, its done at Hani’s expense. Let’s just hope that he redeems himself in the final episode because right now my patience is definitely wearing thin with his reluctant-bridegroom act.

      Though make-out session was still hot though, especially when viewed in HD. Ha.

      • 37.1.1 ohyehbb

        Seriously, boy should stop acting like he’s not enjoying the action he’s finally getting. He may have the emotional intelligence of a child, but I mean… he’s still physically a guy who has his needs, HAHA. And though I understand that he has good intentions behind the whole marriage license thing, MAYBE HE SHOULD HAVE DONE IT BEFORE HE HAD ALL THE ESS EE EX. Messed up!

        And yeah, the make-out scene was a little surprising (since this IS a kdrama, and one with a relatively young target audience at that), but no complaints here. πŸ˜‰ Except for that wall blocking our field of vision, LOL.

        • Kati

          Does it work both ways? Since he pulled this marriage registration BS, Hani should also withhold his bedroom conjugal rights, no? ‘Tis only fair.

          Oh, nevermind. If she does that then we won’t have bedroom action any time soon. And I wouldn’t want that either.

          So…Baek Seungjo, carry on. πŸ˜›

          • Annony

            @ kati we’ve got Eunjo as a secondary chastity upholder. Lol I was saying at Liezle’s, “Kid, that teaches you to barge into a young married couple’s bedroom” (referring to 16 trailer)

        • Annony

          @ ohyehbb i really hated the wall. And wanted to draw a petition againt the production team, then I remember this is “made in Korea” and with the sad reality that KHJ is still an idol :sigh: I’ll give in and take whatever action i can get. Lol

      • 37.1.2 Annony

        @ yeisha, my brain has been sputtering and is choosing to kick in at the weirdest time. However my cinematic eye is like @_@ and can be less than forgivin. Take BoF, I forgave HJ for the bad acting because filmography was really well done. My fave vignette would be of Goo Junpyo’s mom and Jandi sitting together on the hosp bench, symbolizing that no matter how rich or poor, everyones even in the hospital. But PK? :sigh: all i get is the Cute (character development) and the pretty. If it wasn’t midterms i would feel gipped. Lol lastly, i do want IN HD! brain registrd, HD+HUGE HDTV=CONSOLATION PRIZE AFTER MIDTERM!

  38. 38 miniejungle

    why do they need to bring that stupid couple in and spoil the fun of the newly weds???? i don’t get it!! and i thought there would be more gentle moments between Hani and Seungjo. where were they???

  39. 39 Ace

    Hey JB, thanks for the recap!

    I actually didn’t notice anything wrong with this episode maybe because I was so excited to see it or maybe because I have read the manga and watched ISWAK (which, come to think of it, dragged on and on).

    I really liked Seung-jo’s expression when Ha-ni kissed him at their wedding. He looked so shocked that his new wife planted one on him, wahahaha! So cute!

    I’m just here to enjoy PK not to criticize it’s characters, plot, editing, etc (yes, it’s not perfect, but I haven’t been bored except for the first few episodes – reminds me of full house which was fun but did not make sense sometimes). Definitely one of my fave kdramas this year and one I would recommend to my friends. It’s weird that I’m liking Kim Hyun Joong too. He was not my choice for this role, but I’m giving him a thumbs up for sticking and doing his best despite the initial criticisms.

    • 39.1 Ace

      Re liking KHJ…I like the way he kissed/kisses Ha-ni. He definitely improved (BOF anyone?). And speaking of BOF, Lee Min-ho also improved on the kissing department – “Game over.” (PT ep. 10) =)

      • 39.1.1 teary-eyed min

        @Ace, for me, Lee Min Ho’s acting, I admit, is better than KHJ’s but I must say the “game over” kiss was a bit much for me…not as aesthetic and hot as rain scene kiss:)

        I cried buckets at the father-daughter scene–so restrained and so good!!! they were so subtle. I cried at the fathers’ tribute too. I’m a softie!

        I was so excited I was squealing (much too loudly) when the wedding started and at the start of the bed scene…feeling 15 all over again!

        • Ace

          Yeah, there was something about that rain kiss…the “game over” kiss I could count replaying on one hand…but the rain kiss…i need more than the digits on my hand and feet…can’t wait for the DVD to watch it on widescreen.. πŸ˜‰

          I also loved the subtle acting during the father-daughter scene – one of the best scenes in this episode – and although there were lots of camera-panning during the bed scene and it was way too short it’s one of my favorite kdrama scenes for 2010. It’s somehow real, and soft, and sweet…

  40. 40 eelia

    Thks JB for the great n fast recap.. i also like the dad n hanis moment n it really bring tears flowing…as the chemistry between them seems so real.

    I noticed tt most of us r quite dissatisfied with the sudden appearance n disappearance of certain character..but i guess the pd gotta do tis in order to stick to the airtime as well as not destroying the stories by attempting to make big changes.

    Well if u guys notices ISWAK has abt 30 episode and the anime have abt 25 episode…but PK will only hav airtime of 16 episode..so i belief the pd team have work out their ass too in order to give us a good drama although there is some flaws in the editing..but i belief tt can be forgiven.

    Anyhow…i really wanna say tq to every1 on the show for producing such a good korean drama…n tq again to JB for ur great recap…will always support u…

  41. 41 Tinsel

    Waitin for the 16th episode…
    thank you javabeans for an early recap…. hope tommorow will come quickly like a blink of an eye cuz i cant wait any longer for 16th episode recap!!
    I just love OHN and BSJ…
    Drama u really had me going… I know hav a hope dat a crush can lead to happy ending too!!! So my hopes are high!!
    BSJ- although a little arrogant u have it all guy…*kisses*..Oh i love u soooooooo much!!
    KIm hyung jung = BSJ= hugs and kisses..=*…=)
    luv ya

  42. 42 neih

    This is what I like to call, rise in love instead of “falling” in love.

  43. 43 jackwon

    Thanks for the fast recap, Javabeans!

    I really enjoyed today’s episode (finally, giving the female audience squee-worthy scenes), but reading your recap did make me realize a lot of problems, too. ^^;

    I don’t like that they ended the wedding scenes with tearful JoonGu. They couldn’t stuck that in the middle of the ceremony, like Haera’s look of acceptance, but instead they end on a low rather than the happy couple. (I wanted SeungJo to shyly smile after the surprise kiss, or you know, look happy on his wedding day.)

    There were problems with editing again, too. They couldn’t use better transitions for the wedding scenes? It looked like a casual slideshow, rather than a series of touching moments. And if I remember correctly, they showed SeungJo/Hani in Jeju before KyungSoo/Haera, like they had been walking around for hours after the wedding? Oh, and are they so strapped for time that they couldn’t film the bench scenes from more than one angle? And if so, why did that angle have to be from behind? The whole scene was a continuous shot of just staring at their backs and hearing their voices, barely seeing their expressions. What the heck?

    And yeah, the Other Couple were awful! I felt so bad for the groom, but nothing was really resolved in the end. They really were just a useless plot point. So frustrating! I agree, SeungJo should have tried harder to get away from the annoying lady, or at least admitted to Hani that she was kinda right to be alarmed. But maybe the point is that SeungJo/Hani don’t suddenly become a perfect couple after marriage? They’re still new at it, immature, and trying to work it out together. (I didn’t mind SeungJo calling her only sometimes cute. It’s just his teasing way of saying he does really like her.)

    But overall, the touching family moments and the sweet/hot couple moments were quite enjoyable. (Wow the kissing scenes felt way more real and warm than the usual static kdrama kiss!) I’m looking forward to more happy family and newlywed life, plus finale development and tying of loose ends, in the last episode tomorrow. (Hani finally comes into her own as a capable woman, yay!)

    • 43.1 jackwon

      Just realized how negative I sounded. Sorry, just airing my grievances. But I still really liked this episode. So many touching, sweet, cute, romantic, and sexy(!) moments. We already know PK has problems, but the fact that many of us still love it anyway just shows how special PK is, right? ^^

      I hope we’re right in thinking they’ll develop SeungJo/Hani’s relationship even more in the last episode. SeungJo needs to learn some humility and empathy, while Hani needs to build confidence in her own identity. And since I really like all the secondary characters, I’m glad they’ll have happy endings, too, no matter how random or quick they are. I like those conveniently wrapped-up drama endings. XD

      I’m actually relieved that PK is ending at ep 16. I don’t think adding 4 more episodes would have helped much because the overall script from the beginning had pacing issues anyway. Thankfully, we’ll still have the Special YouTube Edition to see their after-marriage life, and the 9 ten-minute webisodes probably work better with PK’s slice-of-life style. Looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

    • 43.2 jackwon

      forgot to add that i thought it was really cute when the Baek brothers were talking, and i noticed that BSJ sleeps with the light on now. trying to get used to it because you have to sleep with OHN, right? ^_~

      btw, just saw the last ep. typical PK reaction: good but could’ve been better. PK is love/hate til the very end. XD;

    • 43.3 dramafan

      I agree with you on the ending of the wedding scene. They could have focused longer on the reaction SJ. It was the first and most confident move Hani made towards SJ and they cut short his reaction. And also the Other Couple, what a waste of time. For a genius like SJ, he could not figure out what was happening, how stupid can they protray him. Anyway I was just hoping for a sweeter honeymoon for those two.

  44. 44 Steph

    Thank goodness the choice of wedding attire wasn’t the same as the Taiwan vs. I wish they didn’t rush all of the extra backstories like that…. i’m guessin no season 2 then.

    • 44.1 giddy

      This was my greatest fear leading up to the wedding, too–the wedding attire in ISWAK ruined what should have been a climatic moment and made me feel junk for the duration. Seeing KHJ looking SO handsome in a tux was a huge relief (not crazy about Ha Ni’s wedding gown, but then, it matched her more innocent character). Lil’ bro stole that scene with his secret–loved it!

      Best moment for me was the father daughter scene–poignant and appropriate as the Korean father is much more well developed as a character than the Taiwan version. Choked me up–not something I expected from this drama, but wonderfully performed!

      I like this Chris better than Christine and even though she seems like a random character, I can’t fault them at all as they had to chop the story off by four episodes. She’s way more natural than Christine and I liked the way they added her in to save Duckie in the end. The addition of the horrible couple was the plot device to delay the first night–without them, we wouldn’t have gotten that delicious line, “I can’t wait anymore.”

      KHJ’s kissing has definitely improved and it was surprising to see such a passionate first night as compared to other dramas. Their chemistry during the kiss scenes seems to be the strongest, LOL!

      • 44.1.1 thing one

        The addition of the horrible couple was the plot device to delay the first night–without them, we wouldn’t have gotten that delicious line, β€œI can’t wait anymore.”

        YES!!! That’s how I felt about SJ during the honeymoon. He was nervous about the consummation and probably really frustrated by the time that he yelled at her.

  45. 45 Birdie

    This episode is about their marriage and honeymoon. It did not have any romance or leave us with any feeling of them being in love. The supposed funny parts are not funny. The best part is the dad and daughter practising scene.

  46. 46 JD

    lol, for some reason, I was actually expecting them to swap positions in the wedding like in It Started With a Kiss… It was pure crack but that scene totally made the drama for me even if I hated it overall. Kim Hyun Joon in a wedding gown? Who wouldn’t want to see that? πŸ™‚

  47. 47 Dele

    “…rather than silly external conflicts brought in to buzz in annoying circles over our heads like gnats at a picnic.”

    ROFL..seriously I could just feel your frustration summed up in those words. They are sticking true to the manga, all annoying characters and plots, but it sucks they are doing it at the end because it’s only halfway through the whole thing.

    The should have just ended it with them getting married.

  48. 48 theedie

    I was actually surprised that they brought Christine in. Since she hadn’t shown up until now I just assumed that they were going to leave her out. Well good news for Duckie I guess.

    And while everything else that happened in this eisode DID happen in the manga, they sure did execute it poorly. I didn’t have much of a problem with the whole vignette to vignette style they were doing this whole series, but the division between each mini story this episode was painfully obvious. Didn’t feel like there was much flow at all, which is weird since it felt like the drama was getting better with its flow issues with each passing episode.

    • 48.1 gala

      i agree, poorly, poorly executed. instead of using Hera as the fixed blinddate/fiancee, they should’ve used the Christine character – should’ve copied the jpn anime! the story flow would’ve been smooth. for viewers who arent aware of the manga’s story, Chrisitine’s appearance really seemed so random and just added so dear Duckie isnt so heartbroken when the final credits rolled in.

      i’m pretty sure, by now, a lot would say that this adaptation is the more superior compared to the other two live-actions we had. i’d agree only cause Jung So Min did give the Hani character a better characterization. but other than that, this adaptation pales in comparison to ISWAK’s other aspects like story flow, humour, chemistry and acting. JSM made me continue watching this series. props to her.

  49. 49 Rossi

    I wonder what kind of marriage this would make with the husband constantly over ruling the wifey, the mother in law ninja-ing around to spy on them all the time, and the brother in law still putting down his sister in law one snark at a time.

    And is the scene of pseudoctoring at work supposes to show that even though SJ will yell and make his own wifey lose face in front of virtual strangers, he will always stays loyal to her even in the face of temptation? How does Ha Ni have any self esteem left whatsoever being with the dude? o.O

  50. 50 KEZHEA

    I somehow enjoy this episode. Thanks for your work. I hope that this drama would be extended. And of course, my heart bleed again for duckie. Poor you. >.<

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