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Playful Kiss: Episode 16 (Final)
by | October 21, 2010 | 292 Comments

Show, I didn’t expect you to take the snail’s pace thing quite so literally. But here we are in the finale, and well, loose ends get tied, double-knotted, and bow-tied for good measure. It’s an entire episode of getting everyone’s ducks in a row, with not even a hint of conflict to drive us home. But then, if we’re comparing it to Episode 15’s idea of conflict, I should just thank my lucky stars that no Lee Da-hae Lite harlot showed up in this one. [I was thinking Song Ji-hyo, myself. -jb]

The end is nigh. Will Robot Boy get his heart? Will Ha-ni become a nurse? Will we end on a kiss to end all kisses? [Will javabeans fall asleep waiting for something to happen, already? -jb]


The newlyweds ride their couple bikes to school (how cute and totally ridiculous is that?) where they run into He-ra. She notes that Seung-jo isn’t wearing his proof-of-takenness wedding ring, and he nonchalantly says he’ll put it on when the marriage is certified.

At that, He-ra beams, taking the opportunity to goad Ha-ni about the fact that she technically still has a chance with Seung-jo, since legally, they’re nothing. She rushes up to Seung-jo, linking her arm with his, and throws Ha-ni a neener-neener look for good measure. Haha. She makes me laugh (because this isn’t mean-spirited), but it would probably annoy me less if it weren’t for those infuriating good-for-nothing honeymooners who kept doing the same thing all last episode.

Seung-jo fills He-ra in on his plan to use the marriage certificate as motivation for Ha-ni to get into the nursing program, and she marvels at Ha-ni’s single-minded pursuit of all things Baek Seung-jo. Yeah, you and me both, babe. [You two marvel, while I gnash teeth. -jb]

Seung-jo says that it’s a given that a planet will orbit a star…making me and He-ra gag. She seems surprised to discover that he’s quite the narcissistic macho guy. I know. You were blinded by all the Sartre. But college boys do that sort of thing. That’s why guys learned all the major philosophers at my school. You think you’ve seen the upper limits of nerdiness until you see a boy using Nietzsche to land a girl in bed.

Duckie continues to get his noodles stalked by the new girl. She seems quite smitten with him (who wouldn’t?) but Duckie wants nothing to do with her. He says that he’s got someone in his heart already and dismisses her soundly. Open your eyes, dear Duckie! Living breathing girl, totally into you, and not in love with Baek Seung-jo!

Looks like Juri’s got a budding love interest as well, in a guy who comes by regularly to get his hair trimmed just a teensy bit each time. Dude, you should probably ask her out before you end up with an army crew cut. Min-ah laments being left out of the dating loop. It’s okay. You’ll be gettin’ busy with In-soo in your own sitcom soon enough.

Ha-ni sighs that her marriage certificate will never see the light of day at this rate, because a spot has to open up in the nursing program for her to even take the test, let alone pass it. Mom decides to take matters into her own hands, and just go register the marriage themselves, without Seung-jo. Sheesh. I know everybody loves Mom, but her level of controlling is downright scary. She makes most Korean moms seem like docile kittens in comparison. And that’s saying a LOT. [It’s funny that she’s endearing because she’s always on Ha-ni’s side… but objectively speaking, yes. Scary. -jb]

Ha-ni has to do some maneuvering to get Seung-jo’s ID card out from under his pillow, and when she and Mom head down to the registrar, it turns out that Seung-jo already had it done. At home, he cops to using it as motivation for Ha-ni to get into the nursing program, and adds that messing with Ha-ni is his greatest joy in life. Hahaha. Points for that, Robot Boy. Ha-ni swears she’ll work her hardest. [I hate that she’s so worried about “disappointing” Seung-jo, when he’s the one who dicked around to use their marriage status as manipulation. Really, Seung-jo? You have a right to “disappointment” here? -jb]

Duckie’s girl-to-be Chris comes to see Ha-ni at school, and tells her that Joon-gu is her dreamboat. Ha-ni wonders if maybe she’s mistaken because his food is so good (HA) but finds that she’s really smitten. [I adore that Chris’ appellation of choice is an affectionate “Mr. Bong.” It’s like they’re a cute married couple already. -jb] When asked about the girl he likes, Ha-ni quickly says that there’s no such person, and agrees to help her win Duckie’s heart. Aw.

Duckie is busy making strides of his own, opening up a lunchbox branch of Dad’s noodle shop. Ha-ni brings Chris to the grand opening, who publicly asks Duckie to ask her to stay in Korea, but Duckie, idiot that he is, blurts out that there’s no one for him but Ha-ni. Uh, AWK-ward.

It’s enough to send Chris crying, and me wishing the floor would open up and swallow Duckie whole. It also raises Seung-jo’s jealousy meter, which is awesome, especially in light of his assy blindness in that arena during their honeymoon.

Duckie finds himself looking for Chris when she stops stalking him, and curious about her. Ha-ni calls him out on it, but he insists that it’s like he said—Ha-ni is everything to him. He reiterates his I-am-your-home sentiment, making me die a little inside. She heartbreakingly tells him that she’s married now—Seung-jo is her home. Wow, so simple, and yet soul-crushing for Duckie.

Ha-ni thanks him for always being there for her and listening to her all these years, and she asks him to listen to her one last time. She tells him to stop insisting that he knows himself and knows his heart, and to just sit for a while and really ask himself what his feelings might be, where the wind might take him. It’s a really sweet moment, not just for these two characters, but for the kinds of questions that 20-year olds really ought to ask.

Kyung-soo gets drafted, and he shyly asks He-ra to write him letters if she’s ever bored. She is her trademark curt and haughty self, refusing to throw the guy a bone. He finally asks her not to cry alone anymore, and she calls after him, saying that maybe if she’s really bored, she’ll go visit him in the army.

He gets a warmer response from Ha-ni, who is sad to see him go. Kyung-soo thanks her for teaching him a lot in the ways of love, especially changing his mindset that it’s okay to make mistakes and be rejected, and that it’s worth risking those things to love. Cute. He leaves Ha-ni with a farewell present—he’s going to take his roommate with him to the army, opening up a spot in the nursing program. Now it’s just up to her to pass the entrance exam.

Looks like Juri’s silent sweetheart is headed to the army as well. Heh, I was joking about the crew cut, but it turns out he really needs one. He shows up for one last haircut, finally breaking through to her. She backhugs him, saying that she’ll wait. I’m just going to assume that those aren’t the first words you’ve exchanged besides “Trim a little off the top.”

Ha-ni asks Seung-jo to help her study like the old days, leading to CPR practice and much cuteness. He smiles adorably as he drops her off for the test, proud that she’s come so far.

She aces the written part, amazed that Seung-jo pretty much knew exactly what would be on the exam. But the oral exam is a giant mess, compounded by the fact that the main interviewer is the same cranky lady from her university entrance interview. She calls Ha-ni a dummy-killer (yeesh, you need a vacation, lady) and Ha-ni announces to her family that she must’ve been reaching for the stars, and that she’ll find some other major.

Seung-jo sighs that he really wanted to take Ha-ni on a date [per their deal to go on a date if she passes], but a promise is a promise. He suggests that maybe going out for dinner doesn’t count. Ha-ni perks up immediately. It’s so funny how she’s still amazed that her husband likes her. Haha.

On her way to meet him for their date on Christmas Eve, she witnesses a motorcycle accident, and gets to use her CPR skills on a non-dummy. She fights past her fears and saves the woman’s life.

Duckie races to the airport, finally realizing that he probably shouldn’t spend his youth pining away for a married woman. Chris is there waiting for him, having gotten off the plane already to keep her heart from breaking. Duckie gets a kiss on the cheek for coming to stop her (although he insists he’s simply there to send her off), and thus begins a new and much healthier love for good ol’ Duckie.

Dad has a quiet drink alone, sweetly caressing the bronzed hands and feet of his wife and daughter. I don’t know what it is, but these Dad moments totally get to me. This is where this drama’s strengths lie, and I really wish it had capitalized on more of this tone. [It helps that Kang Nam-gil is SO good at the poignant fatherly love angle. Seriously — see Who Are You? for exactly this kind of heart-tugging relationship, except with way more momentum and emotional impact. -jb]

Ha-ni waits in the emergency room to make sure the patient is okay, and the doctor praises Ha-ni for saving the woman’s life. She breathes a sigh of relief and rushes off to meet Seung-jo, thinking he must’ve left hours ago.

But she finds him there, waiting and worried. It’s not the most dramatic moment, but it’s a nice beat, showing that she doesn’t have to worry that he’ll run off at the first sign of trouble. He really is her home now, and he’ll be waiting for her.

He sneaks them into a closed parking lot after hours, upping his cool factor in Ha-ni’s eyes. Seung-jo: “Do you think there’s only one or two cool things about me you didn’t know? You’re in trouble now.” Haha. He announces that she’s under his spell. Yeah, where’ve you been for the last four years, buddy?

Ha-ni says that she was originally planning to become a nurse because of Seung-jo, but she felt something different today, in saving a life. She feels a purpose and a calling, and plans to start from the beginning, applying to college all over again so that she can get into the nursing program.

I like that they went this route, which is far more realistic than Ha-ni threading a needle and making it in on her first try. Moreover I like that she feels a sense of purpose now, separate from and greater than her desire to follow in hubby’s shadow. [It’s also particularly sweet that Seung-jo gives her a little credit, too, calling her his sunbae in the professional realm, since she’s already saved a life — and killed one mannequin, lol — while he has yet to meet a patient. -jb]

Seung-jo tells her that every day is like Christmas when he’s with her (aw) and then they kiss, with Seung-jo teasing her for being so forward.

As the end credits roll, we see: Duckie and Chris together, Min-ah making it big-time with her web-toon in book form, Juri’s boyfriend returning from the army, He-ra visiting Kyung-soo, parents on vacation, and Eun-jo with a new crush (birth of Seung-jo 2.0, gah). [I know! The setup is obviously an echo of Ha-ni and Seung-jo, but I like to think that younger bro learned a little something from watching his hyung. Plus Eun-jo always had a little more EQ than Seung-jo anyway. -jb]

We come back to Seung-jo and Ha-ni in the car, where Seung-jo finally declares out loud: “I love you.”


It’s pretty funny if you think about it, how marriage came before the “I love you,” but I suppose it’s something that he said it of his own accord, without any prodding. Not all the growth that I wanted to see from Robot Boy (just thinking about the wedding prep and honeymoon raises my blood pressure), but it’s not like I expected him to mature overnight.

Ha-ni showed some forward movement, even in her tiny snail way, and even though the emergency rescue was so obviously shoehorned in, at least she admits to having chosen nursing for Seung-jo, and now feels a new sense of purpose in pursuing it for the right reasons.

What I wanted to see more of was a change or a growth in their relationship post-wedding, which we only really got in glimpses. Would it have killed you, Show, to put in a real-life conflict, no matter how small, that indicates a significant change?

Overall this series never went past tepid for me, because the conflicts never dug deep enough to really grip me. I enjoyed the setup and the characters, and particularly loved Jung So-min’s portrayal of perpetual underdog Oh Ha-ni. Kim Hyun-joong’s Baek Seung-jo was a little touch-and-go for me, though objectively he has shown improvement in his acting chops. I’d be lying if I said he was good, but he’s…better. What I did enjoy more than anything was their cuteness as a couple, because they brought out adorably surprising things in each other.

I know the drama’s tone was always meant to be light and follow a slice-of-life format, but I wish it had dug just a little deeper emotionally, in its storylines. Ha-ni’s relationship with her dad, for example, wasn’t overly dramatic or overly hammy, but played just right in terms of depth. Whenever the drama showed those types of connections, it made me want to see more, and I would’ve gladly traded many of the superfluous moments of side business for some more emotional beats between characters.

In the end, I do like the drama for what it is—playful and light, but then it also keeps me from loving it, because it never ventured out of that safe zone. Show should’ve taken a note from Ha-ni: it’s worth the risk, even if you fall flat on your face.


What a weird drama. I don’t quite know what to say at the end of it. Barring the genuinely horrendous first episode, I had a lot of fun watching these characters bumble their way through courtship and young-adulthood in a low-key, histrionics-free way. But on the other hand, despite a tone that suggests slice-of-life realism, the drama isn’t very realistic at all, so you have something that’s not quite compelling on the drama front, but also not quite compelling on a reality front, either.

I can’t deny that there was something very watchable and cute about the slow (slow, slow) relationship build-up, but ultimately this drama sorta feels like a big ol’ empty shell to me. There’s just so little beneath the surface, and what there WAS in the way of true heart was often overshadowed by silliness (witness Episode 15’s Honeymoon Hell). It was promising until the last few weeks, when it became apparent that things were just happening because they were happening, not because they were driven by actual narrative purpose. Even slice-of-life stories are propelled by conflict, escalation, and resolution — the cornerstones of all stories since the beginning of time — but in so many episodes, I just felt like Playful Kiss was pushing chess pieces around the board without any strategy. No attacking, no advancing, just pawns being moved around.

I understand that this show is based on a previously existing story, and I understand that there’s a burden by the makers to stay true to the spirit of the original. Even though I have mentioned several times my reason for not wanting to compare this to prior versions, I understand why fans continue to do so — you can’t have a remake and expect the fans to ignore what is being remade. That said, quite frankly I don’t really care about the previous versions; I’m watching THIS drama. I want this drama to make sense, and have narrative substance, and tell a fully fleshed-out story, and show growth and progression, and be entertaining. If, in the course of “being true to the original,” this drama sacrificed its opportunity to tell a good story, well, then I think that’s a failing of the show. What good is it to be a purist if it just weakens the end product?

I’m being a little harsher on this drama than I had intended to be, considering I got many hours of smiles and cuteness out of this show. I don’t regret watching it, and at times I felt warm and giddy for the characters, particularly Ha-ni, who made me think back to my own adolescence with fond nostalgia, a little bit of horror, and a lot of relief to be beyond that now. However, I don’t think entertainment and critical thinking are mutually exclusive, and if I have to shut off one for the sake of the other, then what’s the point? I’d rather have both.

So, what’s the bottom line? This was a cute show. I liked it. Sometimes quite a lot, but most of the time with a sense of detachment. I think I would have evaluated it much higher if we’d ended on a stronger note, though, because the last few episodes really dragged it down. There was easier-to-watch, better-paced material in the middle stretch, but the last couple killed the last of my patience.


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  1. Mary

    Very early… glad its here.
    On to reading… Thanks!

    • 1.1 a_fan

      I guess it’s not easy to recap a story that is so close to home or too alien. I wouldn’t hazard a guess.

  2. churruu

    yay~happy endings 2nd comment

  3. Dante

    If there had been the full 20 episodes, I think the last two episodes wouldn’t have felt so rushed, forced, choppy and pat. The producers had to cram way too much material into what should have been several more hours. But I really liked PK. I didn’t want to. But it was too damn cute!

    • 3.1 purty.sunshine


    • 3.2 gala

      nods, nods. ratings were a big factor. but i’m gonna focus on the positives here.

      i was smiling majority of the time i watched it. so it means the show was satisfactory enough for me. the first few eps [highschool days] gave me the chance to listen to ByeByeSea (really love them!)

      KHJ improved and i think he fit into the character. i love JHY as the mom. she was cute, pretty and comical. little Eunjo was adorable too. actually the supporting characters were lovely on the screen. i’m in love with Lee TaeSung more. im happy that eventho it seemed rushed, they gave Bongju a happy ending. the most significant postive thing for me: JUNG SO MIN. love her. my new fave actress now. will surely watch out for her next projects.

      i think like JB said, comparing with the other versions was inevitable. i was guilty of that and was still doing it even watching ep16. but i think PK can stand on its own. it may not be my choice fave for the manga’s adaptation, but i think it did what he had to do: stay faithful to the story but provide some good twists.

      thanks for the recaps GF and JB – and good discussions to PKers here.

      • 3.2.1 Lilian

        I liked KHJ in this drama too. I think he did much better than in BOF. He had more emotions to play with too. And what I like best is their chemistry together, and when he smiles =D

        JSM was really good too. I felt how much she loved BSJ! overall, I would say that it was worth watching. Thank God I didn’t give up on it after the boring and stupid first episode!

    • 3.3 sepat

      agreed too…

    • 3.4 rainyrainy

      the two last episodes are a let down for me 🙁
      didn’t like how BSJ-OHN scenes were short and kind of incomplete ( at least for me ) but yes as yous said I loved the drama and I will re-watch it again and I’m eagerly waiting for the extra-epi 🙂

    • 3.5 Marie

      I agree! “cute” is the word that mostly comes to my mind when I think of this drama. I enjoyed watching it! there’s a lot of “liveliness” in this drama, so much that you feel so good while and after watching this! this “liveliness” mainly comes from the characters, the actors are the best thing in this show and made their characters so likeable, so lovely! 🙂 all of them gave a good performance IMO!

  4. Rachel

    Ngawww, PK was such a cute drama! So sad it’s ending D:

    • 4.1 cinderella

      Not really… Since PK was a hit with international viewers, Group Eight partnered with youtube (and viikii, for english subtitles) to release a special continuation of the drama.

      It will be released on the PK youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/ytkiss (look it up). It’ll be 9 10-minute-episodes of their story after marriage which will continue to star Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong. It’ll premiere online on Nov 4…

      • 4.1.1 gala

        that’s news to me. a good one too; cause i love Itazura na Kiss after-wedding events more than pre-wedding ones [we can call it the season2]. i’m happy to read this. i’d love to see Hani as a nurse and Seungjo as doctor. hmm, will there be a Keita-character as well? waah, now i’m excited. at least we wouldn’t have the burden of primetime ratings with this, eh.

        • rainyrainy

          yeah gala the after wedding life of Kotoko-Naoki was also the awsmost part in the anime for me too and was disappointed when I knew the show won’t focuss on this part , but then when I heard about the extra episodes I was like ” better this than nothing ” , I wish Director/writer/editor will know how to use those episodes in the bestest way possible , which means for me , episodes dedicated to BSJ-OHN’s life’s ups and downs but mostly romance and cutiness 🙂

  5. Robyn

    So cute! 🙂

    • 5.1 deannadsc

      PK elevated my drama-viewing enjoyment to another level because I watched it w/ my “green chingus” at the same time online!!! Can’t believe it’s over…my sleepless nights waiting for the RAW episodes, lurking every hour @ soompi, watching those wonderful YT BTS & fan-cams,reading the latest recaps from ockoala & kathy’s bench blogs…it was a roller coaster ride…but it was the most FUN I’ve had in all my years as a KDrama addict..& I loved every minute of it!!!
      Many many Thanks to YT for providing us with an extra 9 episodes to go all gaga over again!!!

  6. Ace

    Havent’ watched this yet but read ockoala’s recap…aaaw..no more Ha-ni…good thing there’s 9 more YT episodes…even if it’s just 10 mins each.

  7. Jenju

    This was a nice jollyrancher.

    Not nutricious, not exceptional. But pretty nice once and a while.

    I don’t hate it, I didn’t love it (though there were times I was pulling out my hair or rolling my eyes) but it was something that made me smile once in a while and for that…

    thank you, Show. You did alright.

  8. maggie

    reckon jung so min and joe cheng could’ve been the ultimate playful kiss/it started with a kiss couple!

    • 8.1 llama

      i totally second this!
      although the language barrier….. haha

      • 8.1.1 blue horizon

        no…. BLASPHEMY….!

        seriously, give KHJ a lot more credit, he put in so much effort for the show, and he bore the brunt of the ratings conumdrum.

        i honestly can say that i appreciated his portrayal in the show.

        anyway, i watched the behind-the-scenes of PK just released yesterday..
        KHJ is really interesting in real life, ne!
        the BTS was so fun, i can’t wait for the eng subs *heh*

        i felt so bad for him when he was bashed by the pillows! he took it like a man.. haha
        and the scene where he and eunjo watch hani, clap their hands and ask her to continue was LOVE. ^^

        so anyway, i watched it on tudou, here’s the link! enjoy!!

  9. lan

    you know, this is why i like the manga a lot more b/c there was serious conflict, esp after marriage – so I think i’ll stick to manga version ^___^

  10. 10 카라


  11. 11 thatguy

    I’ve heard the series was continuing, but not through television… but the magic of YouTube.

  12. 12 min-ah

    Thanks for the recap!! I enjoyed this show quite a lot even though Hani made me feel embarrassed sometimes for her stalking lol (and her weird but cute hair styles… <3)

    The ending was okay. It feels like it hasn't ended though, you know? Maybe it's because the last episode was full of everyone's stories-and not enough of the main couple themselves…?

    And… I heard something about special episodes on youtube for PK…. does anyone know more about it? :ss Someone said that it'd focus more on their marriage life?

    • 12.1 Sumaiya

      it’s going to focus on their married life…there are going to be 9 episodes…each 10 minutes long…so we still 90 more minutes to go!!!

      here is the link…


      • 12.1.1 oly

        there’s gonna be more episode…yay…yay….
        *sing with joy*

    • 12.2 ck1Oz

      This is the YT site link

      And I don’t know how it happened but viikii subbers are providing the official 4 languages subs.


      It wasn’t the most memorable drama but it was fun,enjoyable,didn’t make us suffer (except for ep 1) and I just loved the BSJ/OHN and the mum.

      After all it is entertainment and it did it’s job.I seriously was so grateful we had a beautiful wedding.This would be the version I would rewatch.I can’t watch the others without cringing…

      • 12.2.1 dramamia

        That’s awesome news! Thanks!

    • 12.3 juneone0601

      i think there should be a poll here for “WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE OH HANI HAIRSTYLE?”…ke ke ke

  13. 13 xiaoSxin

    Finally, THE END.

  14. 14 Sumaiya

    I think if anyone felt detachment from this drama was due to the fact that 40+ episodes were crammed into 16 episodes…I mean you can’t really feel a connection AT ALL with that kind of a situation.

    I am not going to say that I really really loved this drama but I did like it a lot…especially the characters. Every actor breathed a soul into their character which for me was the winning part of this whole show.

    I am going to miss this drama…all those cute moments were adorable! There were two moments in today’s episode which made me cry…one was Sunbae telling Ha Re that he has been drafted and her acting cold (I really felt sorry for him…though we all know she was just acting) and the other one was Ha Ni’s dad drinking alone…he had no one left…not ever JG…I am so glad that they ended up introducing Christine (though it did look really rushed but I am going to let go of that).

    Overall, it was a drama worth watching…I started watching because I had seen the other versions…and ended up watching for the sake of the characters in this version!

    I wish all of them best of luck! I know they’ll do great their careers ahead! PK Fighting!

  15. 15 Anonymous

    i loved reading the recaps!! Thanks..the show was enjoyable and loved the lead pair.

  16. 16 purty.sunshine

    Yey its over! Thanks for the recap, always a pleasure to read both of your comments!!

    I’m going to miss this drama but I’m also glad it’s finished. This was my source of cute n’ fluffy and SKKS is my source of bromance and sweet angst so I’m all set now hehe! Onward ho~!

  17. 17 rayray

    I totally agree about the last few episodes. The show was just getting really really realllly good then it just fizzled out(very much like my diet pepsi thats been lying on my desk for the past few hours) But nevertheless I ll keep the good memories,laughs,smiles and cutness.

    I just have to add one more thing: Oh I so wish they had ended the show with currrrllllyyyyy haired PSJ!!!! I want just one last glimpse!le sigh! its ok its ok*wipes tear away*…hmn the show didnt start fizzling out when his hair started straightening out..coincidence or conspiracy dun dun dun duuuuun?

    Also the other friend,when she was signing the autograph, who was she signing it to? I think it was someone important but I completely missed it(?)

    Last but not least I ll miss Han i and Eun jo(hahaha his comment about him behind a teenager when he walked in on them made me laugh so hard..funny kiddo)

    • 17.1 jackwon

      From Min-ah’s reaction, I got the impression that she met a guy in line for her autograph and fell in love at first sight. You hear her heart beat when she shakes his hand. You don’t see the guy, but it’s a cute way to end with the promise of an eventual happy love for her, too. ^^

      • 17.1.1 rayray

        oh hehehehe so thats what it was! silly me!

        though I really hoped one of the girls would end up with the lead singer in the band(yellow afro dude!) speaking of the band heheh i thought in the show we re supposed to think they made it as a real band but then they end up working in the restaurant lunch thing 😛

  18. 18 Agatha

    Not the best drama I have ever seen. Not the worst either. But my heart now has a soft spot for it and I have come to love it. What can I say, a girl’s heart acts on its own…

  19. 19 GreenTea

    Surprisingly, after plodding through several last episodes, I was smiling again watching episode 16–the way I smiled when I began watching this drama. The Show warms my heart, and makes me smile with contentment–the way few other shows have done. It’s confirmed, this is not the best drama, probably not even a good drama, but…. it’s in the top ten list of “The Drama I Love”.

    Funny how this is almost like BSJ and OHN, huh? My mom would say BSJ should’ve married He Ra, but the heart trumps all logic.

    JB and girlfriday: Thank you for recapping this show. I really enjoyed it and all the discussions that follow, especially the identity crisis we’re all having in episode 12!

  20. 20 miss_procrastination

    “That’s why guys learned all the major philosophers at my school. You think you’ve seen the upper limits of nerdiness until you see a boy using Nietzsche to land a girl in bed. ”
    HAHAHA. How true. At my college this was rampant.

    Thank you both for your thoughts on the drama. I agree that this drama won’t escalate to LOVE level because it just lacked a emotional spark at times. I wanted more out of it. I can’t really explain what I wanted or wished it would have, but it needed something. There’s a missing piece.

    I love Ha Ni. The actress had the potential to play her blissfully ignorant (i.e. dumb), but she was more on the sillier side with an abundance of heart. She was really the bread and the butter of this show. Even if she only ate, breathed, and lived Seung-jo Her relationship with her father brought much needed emotional depth. It was cute.

    Kim Hyun Joong, while not the best actor, has definitely improved. He was such a cold robot. But he has come a long way from Jihoo Sunbae.

    Though the drama had some flaws (but, really which drama doesn’t?) the cuteness did win me over.

  21. 21 Valentina

    thanks for the recaps, jb and gf and giving comment about this drama
    i gonna miss baek seung jo and oh ha ni, their bickering and baek family too

  22. 22 Anonymous

    Just thinking… Didn’t Michael Jackson die getting CPR on BED?

  23. 23 djrsb

    First of all, thank you JB & GF for all the great recaps & pics of PK! You ladies rock!!!!

    Playful/Mischievous/Naughty Kiss – No matter how you translate it, you were all those things to me. You were like eating cotton candy laced w/crack – sweet, fluffy & totally addicting. I savored each & every morsel.

    I’ll admit that you almost lost me at first. The first dream sequence was a tad too long. However, I have never given up on a drama and I didn’t plan to start. By the end of episode 1, I was starting to fall under your spell. By the end of episode 2, you owned me.

    As BSJ said to OHN in episode 6, “Try to forget me now”. Show, I will never forget you.


  24. 24 Katie

    Yes, this show was silly. It was very very slow, and sometimes a bit difficult to watch. The main characters made me mad enough to scream at my computer screen, and pull my hair out. Sometimes I wanted to strangle BSJ with my bare hands (and occasionally Oh Ha Ni). But overall, I liked it. I liked the underdog thing, and the cuteness of the couple. I liked the supporting characters, especially Duckie and Oh Ha Ni’s friends. The little brother continues to make me fall in love with him, and the plot was nice. Yes, I did want more feeling from BSJ, but it ended well enough for me. I do like a pretty bow on the end of my shows. Wonderful job recapping. It was my first show to watch with you girls, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much, and I can’t wait for your next new drama. <3

  25. 25 min-ah

    ah, thank you sooo much!! 😀 😀

  26. 26 piggierabbit.


    Who’s the writer for ‘Playful Kiss’ and what other works were penned by him/her?

    I’m curious about any other dramas that were written by the writer to see if his/her writing style is always like….THIS.

    All in all, not bad. This drama, i mean.

    Cute? At times.
    One that pulled at my heartstrings? Heck no.

    Despite that, Playful Kiss was still a light, ‘fun’ drama I could watch without, you know, having to think at all.

  27. 27 Pat

    kudos to the leading lady. For a rookie she is good.

  28. 28 Diana

    I just want to commend the recappers for a wonderful job!! I’ve laughed at y’alls witty comments and the show has been great. I loved it!! I’m so sad to see it end though.. :/

    Hopefully another show like this (as well as My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) will capture my heart again. Thanks again!

  29. 29 jackwon

    Thanks for the super-fast recap, Girlfriday [and Javabeans]! I loved reading it, re-living all the YAY in the last episode. 😀 My thoughts:

    Oh, Playful Kiss, so cute and yet so frustrating right til the very end. I liked that every character had their own unique happy ending. Min-ah and Ju-ri (vague but cute), Kyung-soo and He-ra (kinda sorta made sense by the end), Joon-gu and adorable Chris (yay Duckie!), Eun-jo (haha mini-Seung-jo indeed aww), and even the parents are filled with contentment. ^^

    The end montage was nice, except for the fact that the main couple itself only had a kiss and not an after-story clip like the rest. What’s up with that? I’m guessing they’re trying to make viewers anticipate the YouTube Edition for their after-story life, and it’s working! (I hope Dramabeans will recap that series as well. Please? =) Hopefully, they’ll show more of Ha-ni achieving self-actualization and Seung-jo achieving the full range of human emotions. (Thank you so much, writers, for Ha-ni finding her calling away from Seung-jo, and for Seung-jo being a total supportive sweetheart of a husband! FINALLY. <3)

    There were the usual annoying directing/editing decisions, but one thing I hated was their car kiss scene. What's up with the director shooting all these juicy scenes, only to film it like a mile away or with things blocking it all the time?! Is it so that it won't be deemed inappropriate or to appease the jealous fangirls? We obviously know what's going on, but the PD won't satisfy the audience by showing it properly. Seriously, the ninja stalker fancams did a better job at it and had better close-ups and angles! Extremely frustrating.

    Well, in a way I'm relieved PK is over because it was getting harder and harder to over-look the flaws and just love the fluffy cute. Looking back, I have 70% love, 30% hate for this drama.

    Playful Kiss is like Seung-jo, and the viewers are Ha-ni. Seung-Show seemed all shiny until Fan-i actually met it and discovered all kinds of problems. But Fan-i saw a lot of potential and decided to stick with Seung-Show, which did (slowly) improve with each episode. Seung-Show was certainly not perfect, but neither was Fan-i, who had all sorts of expectations and fantasies about it, but they worked in a weird way. Fan-i found many reasons to like Seung-Show, although sometimes Seung-Show could be just awful to Fan-i. Yet every time Fan-i wanted to give up on it, Seung-Show would do something right, something sweet and endearing that would break Fan-i's resolve and drag her back. And so it went, back and forth, one step forward, two steps back. Because Seung-Show was terrible at expressing emotions, Fan-i would jump to conclusions, assume the worst, and end up with an identity crisis. However, in the end, Seung-Show finally gave in and fulfilled Fan-'s wishes, albeit belatedly. Of course, there's always room to improve the touchy and constantly frustrating Seung-Show/Fan-i relationship, but the earnest, tender moments that brought giddiness and even happiness made up for it in the long-run. Seung-Show and Fan-i went through a lot together, some good, some bad, but the story ends with a content feeling overall. ^^

    Despite Seung-Show's faults, this Fan-i here still loves it. ;D

    • 29.1 Ace

      LOL! Thanks for the Seung-Show/Fan-i analogy.

    • 29.2 jackwon

      I should say, “this Fan-i here (mostly) still loved it.”
      I loved the whole cast, music (what little there was of an OST), and atmosphere of the show. And I liked all the characters and the basic story and the honest feelings it invoked. The drama had so much potential.
      But, truthfully, I think the script just wasn’t a very good adaptation of the story. I have no knowledge of any of the previous versions, but like JB said, they shouldn’t sacrifice good storytelling for sticking to details. Pacing was a major issue, and this director seriously baffles me (was “Goong” really that good?).
      I feel a bit regretful because this could’ve been a really great drama that I’d love, but now I only like it as a “meh, not bad, pretty good, I guess” drama.
      But I still do care about the characters and want to see more of them, so strangely, I’m glad the drama is over but anticipating the YouTube series. I heard it will have a different writer, and the episodes are short, which fits PK better, so I’m hoping it will be good. *crosses fingers*

    • 29.3 jadetaia

      brilliant analogy. it made me smile more than the last few episodes of this show ever could …

    • 29.4 toothpastemonsta

      HAHA! I love your comment 😀

    • 29.5 eelia

      hahaa..love ur theory…it really fixed for all PKer = as hani as v really have a so called love hate r’ship with the Show as v love all the character n hate most of the editing… 🙂

    • 29.6 Ami

      I like your analogy! LOL

      Anyway.. thanks to JB and GF who have provided us with PK recaps and for sticking with it despite all the critics and the complaints they have for the show. I have some grumbles of my own too despite all the love I have for the drama, so I get it.

      It’s been a nice experience. Two months of my life was spent in a constant flux of emotions due to PK and I won’t have it any other way. Now that it’s over and only another 90 minutes worth of youtube episodes to look forward to, I feel calm and content.

      You’re not gonna do the recap for the youtube clips right? Coz I don’t usually follow drama recaps and I doubt after PK I’ll feel like commenting here again (unless KHJ comes out with a new drama and I find the recap here.. hehe), so cheers for all the good times that you have given me.. JB and GF, keep up the good work! 🙂

    • 29.7 TeaCup

      My gosh, I had a good hearty laugh reading your witty comparison… it’s classic!…hahaha…thanks for the chuckle!!

    • 29.8 jackwon

      Well, I think I’m finally ready to say goodbye to Playful Kiss on Dramabeans.
      First and foremost, THANK YOU to Javabeans and Girlfriday for recapping this whole series. Thank you for giving it a chance despite misgivings, and sticking with it even though it was hard sometimes. Thanks for the very entertaining and insightful recaps, as well as the brilliant and sometimes biting commentary. It’s wonderful to have critics that can recognize high-concept art but also appreciate simple, fluffy entertainment. You were objective and saw the flaws, but you enjoyed PK for what it was. And best of all, you helped me and dozens others enjoy it that much more, too. Thanks for being awesome, JB & GF!
      And thank you to all the people who commented on PK! You spazzed like crazy, did thorough analyses comparing and contrasting all the adaptations, had deep discussions about the meaning of love, identity, and growing up, and shared your personal stories here. Reading all of your comments was one of my favorite parts about the two-month journey through PK.
      Dramabeans made PK at least ten times more fun, and I hope I can have that experience again with another drama in the future. Thanks, everyone!

  30. 30 rachew

    thank you for all the recaps, i’ve looked forward to reading them as much as i’ve looked forward to watching the episodes! (you have no idea how many times i open the dramabeans homepage in hope of an update each day :D)
    it’s really awesome being able to read others’ comments and opinions on the show, and i love that your analysis always make me think and see the show in different, deeper ways. it’s really enjoyable! 🙂

    i loved jung so-min’s portrayal of oh ha ni so much! i thought that she kept true to the character yet injected so much likability, making her interpretation of the character a vast improvement from ariel lin’s in iswak (i found ariel’s xiangqin maddeningly annoying!).

    • 30.1 Brie

      Hahaha If you think Xiang Qin was annoying, don’t watch “Itazura na Kiss”! XD
      Between Sato Aiko, Ariel Lin and Jung Somin, Jung Somin’s Oh Hani is probably my fave version of “Kotoko”.

      Sato Aiko from “Itazura na Kiss” was incredibly annoying for all 9 episodes of the show. She yelled for everything….

      Ariel Lin was amazing, but Xiang Qin was a little…insane! XD But I loved her portrayal of the role.

      Jung Somin is my fave because she was fun to watch and didn’t get on my nerves. She was relatable and funny most of the time~

      But I disagree with you about JSM being an improvement. Kotoko was a really annoying girl in the original, so in terms of acting ability/character portrayal, Ariel Lin was the best! Oh Hani wasn’t as loud or annoying as Kotoko or Xiang Qin, which she probably should have been in order for it to be accurate. But this Korean version was really more modern–the storyline for this one was new and fun to watch~

      KHJ really improved! ♥ This time, he was meant to play a cold heartless robot, so he can’t be too badly critiqued.

      Anyways, I really loved this show–I’m looking forward to the extra 90 minutes/10 episodes of the show that’ll be on the Playful Kiss Youtube channel~
      Thank you dramabeans♥♥

  31. 31 Shurlee

    Thanks for the awesome recaps!! The ending was definitely rushed…and I’m not sure if I would’ve liked everything to be so perfect at the end…Oh well, the couple did have great chemistry though 🙂 On to watching Dr. Champ…

  32. 32 QueenPinay

    awwww!!! its done?!?!? i am just on my 2nd ep with eng subs *sigh* oh well! patience is a virtue! can’t wait to watch ALL EPISODES! THANK GOD for your recaps! i get to read (while waiting) since i can’t understand (yet) that much of the language 🙂

    thanks again Girlfriday for the recap…what’s the next series?!!? heheh anxious already!

  33. 33 mashimaro

    That first episode was pretty much a series killer. This drama just felt like it underachieved.

    BTW, did they even consummate the marriage? Was there a hot baek injection at all?

  34. 34 Jane

    I really like how good those wedding rings look on their fingers. Regardless of how odd their interactions are… they’re a happy couple!

    PK wasn’t the best drama, but I did enjoy it while it lasts, made me smile when I needed to. Duckie and Hera were played really well, and definitely enjoyed Hani’s cute and Mom’s awesomeness (even if it was crossing her boundaries, sometimes).

    JB and GF, thanks for the hard work in recapping PK!

  35. 35 Kathy

    Not sure about you guys, but I feel like that the past few episodes had been shot with one of the worst camera angles. Seriously, must you be shooting from the back of the car and farrr farrr away from the front of the car?

    Actually, if anyone’s interested, someone recorded a video of that kiss in the car scene from the SIDE VIEW. You know the kiss with all the muffled words from Seung Jo. I prefer this camera angle more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev-NET34TD8&feature=sub

    Also, does anyone find that first pic (where both Hani and Seungjo are lying on the bed together) a bit uncomfortable?

    Overall, I find PK cute, but yet not as heart-tugging and annoying as the Taiwanese one (not necessarily a bad comment here). Would definitely have benefited from a longer drama length. However, I wished those intimate scenes weren’t so awkward – Seungjo’s advances were so robotic… I guess it’s his personality? to look so unnatural??

    • 35.1 v

      yup yup… i was thinking of posting that vid too…
      i could go strangle the person who decided to shoot that scene the way he did… what a waste.
      And thank heavens for that fancam or we would have missed this priceless moment.

  36. 36 Annony

    Thank you JB and GF for the recaps. Thank you for your patience with us and allowing us to indulge ourselves.

    Without your site I wouldn’t have made awesome acquaintances. And spent so many hours procrastinating during mid-terms.

    Your writings were pure WIN.

  37. 37 cille

    thank you JB & GF for recapping playful kiss and sharing your personal thoughts with your readers!! awesome tag-team as always.

    i actually LIKE this version a LOT better than ISWAK (sorry in advance to those who prefer ISWAK) because of JSM’s oh ha ni. KHJ as seung-jo was a good follow-up to his ji hoo (BOF) character – he is slowly (and i hope surely) getting his right footing in acting.

    kudos also goes out to the rest of the supporting cast! EJ and mom were quite funny and sometimes i think stole some scenes! hehe

  38. 38 mary

    the first ep sucked. the middle was mostly tepid, but go ha ni was awesome. the finale was rushed, but tied everything up. i do love happy endings. can’t believe they crammed the main bits of iswak 2 into an episode and half. definitely could have been better. this drama bored me (fantasy scenes), confused me (choppy editing), had me laughing out loud, made me depressed (when go ha ni got depressed, I felt down too) and shocked me (go ha ni attacked baek seung jo with that kiss at the wedding), but in the end it was alright and could have been better. so much product placement-mini coopers and fujifilm camera. the writer for this should have added more layers to the characters like the taiwanese version. overall it was really cute and sweet, but not so memorable since everything felt rushed.

    thanks jb and gf for your recaps!

  39. 39 Nonie

    Ha..ha…ha, what a super fast recap. I’ve just watched the drama and ta daaa…., the recap has done too. Thanks JB and GF, I love your recap but I am sad cause the show ends. I miss all the characters, and still feels something ‘incomplete’ , the ending is too harsh. I also love that the twist is different from ISWAK. Finally , I just want to say, I really enjoy this drama, light yet still memorable…

  40. 40 2cents

    having been a fan of slice-of-life anime & manga for quite a while, I know for a fact that that type of narrative (or, lack of narrative?) can be done well. It’s all about characters. If the characters are fun to watch, and have enough layers for viewers to, uh, peel (like a fruit!) every episode, it can be just as enjoyable as a series with hysterical characters and hysterical plots. Sadly, I don’t think PS had that. Seung-jo is a fairly interesting character, and Ha-ni is adorable and all, but they didnt change much over the course of 16 very very slow episodes. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny to be taken simply as a mini-sitcom (sitcom usually doesnt have a plot either but it gets by by being funny), and it wasn’t intricate enough to qualify as a “special drama” (the 16-ep format drama). It was cute, but could have been a lot better 🙁

  41. 41 CHshe

    Yay its a wrap! All 16 hours of mixed feelings I get from this show. I’d say it is a success.

    Again, I grew up with INK-Manga-ISWAK-TKA-Anime and having to watch PK makes me even appreciates the story more. I somehow find PK has its own charm in portraying the characters, not just the leads but also the supporting. Although if it’s only a glimpse, but is sufficient enough for me to feel satisfied. Not just for the sake of tying all loose ends, its just to show that life goes on. Even better to show that life isn’t revolved just around the two leads, but it revolves around the people in their lives as well. For me the ending left me feel good and satisfied. And for this drama to left me with this kind of feeling, I’d say again that it’s a success. DAEBAK!

    What suprise me the most in this version is how human BSJ (Naoki) is. Coz he is the most complex and mind-boggling character I’ve known, ever. The writers actually did a very good job tackling his character. Makes it more translucent to the viewers to connect or to react. And I just I couldn’t imagine if JB or GF really got to watch how OTP Naoki is. Same goes with OHN (Kotoko). But with japanese manga, it is normal to have these kind of characters that have OTP flaws and yet so endearing to watch; to love or to hate; coz that what makes it funner.

    I love this kind of storytelling, its quite light and yet so full of hidden ideals and stuff. Overall; for me, this is by far my favourite live version of INK. It supersede ISWAK in-terms of realism, lighter but more concise in story-telling, superbly selected casts, good cinematography and best portrayal of all of the characters; from manga into a live action drama. I appreciate the love, friendship, family-bond, soul-searching, self-worth, silliness, and craziness that this show presents. All was portrayed with subtle charm and wits into making us the audience experience a little glimpse life with a lighter heart and positive-tune. And I’m super-duper glad that I am one of them.

    For a snail to finally reaches the finish line and having to start another course, I’ll be on the sidelines rooting this snail all the way.

    Thank you for this wonderful journey and I’d hope to see another kdrama adaptations from manga, hmm I dont know, I was thinking Kare Kano… hehe Ikeep on dreaming, I guess.

    p/s : Looking forward for the next 90min additional episode in YT. I’ll see you guys there too, right?

    • 41.1 Brie

      I agree with everything you said! PK allowed for the exposition of all of the other characters, which is awesome! And I’m glad that they gave BSJ more emotions than Naoki in “Itazura na Kiss”. I understand that there were only 9 episodes of “InK”, but he didn’t actually show that he cared about Kotoko until the finale! In PK, you can see how much Seungjo cares about Hani~~
      I’m so excited to watch the special episodes! But I heard that there would be 9 parts split into 10 minute episodes…
      Anyhoo, I’m sad that it ended, but it was a wonderful show~

      • 41.1.1 CHshe

        I feel the same way about Jap INK too, plus the story is really different from original manga.

        BSJ is the most likeable Naoki ^^

        Yeah, its 9 episodes of 10 min-long in YT…
        I hope they show tidbits on Eun-jo and mini-OHN, coz its just too cute to pass that on…

        Anyway I agree with you, PK is a wonderful show~

    • 41.2 justkat

      I love your comment.

  42. 42 v

    Oh wow… now that’s a fast recap! 🙂

    Again, Thank you so much GF & JB for providing the recaps for this drama.

    I am sorry you didn’t get out of it as much enjoyment as you wished but I hope you take comfort in the fact that for PKissers who LOVED the show, as in me, your recaps contributed much to my PK experience which will remain a precious memory down the lane.

    It wasn’t perfect but I love it as it is.

    Again, thank you and looking forward to when you’ll choose a new drama to recap.

  43. 43 Ladymoonstone143

    Thank you so much Javabeans and Girlfriday for the awesome 16 episode recaps. I truly enjoyed the drama even with its flaws and pacing. This drama brought back lots of memories especially high school and college days and it amazes me how much I had fun before. I had laughed and cried with Ha Ni…and squealed when Seung jo was around. Kudos to Jung Su Min for breathing so much life into the character…which if not for her great portrayal, it could end up bad and I wouldn’t have continued watching the drama.

    I am sad that it is over but looking forward to the mini episodes on youtube. I guess this will be a new trend now because this will really measure the support of the drama globally. And I know there are so many PK addicts scattered everywhere. And I wanted it to be a youtube success because who knows SKKS might do the Jaesin or Yongha story there..lol.

    I just have to voice out this complain though because I was so mad with PK’s cameraman/men. I mean…honeymoon…there was the wall……and on the finale…that damned tree…the rain kiss…the umbrella. ..I think if I really look closely, there will be more that blocked a would be nice scene. Why not get the camera people from SKKS?

    Anyways, I feel like I am saying goodbye to PK. I know there will not be that many dramas coming that makes me enjoy a drama without so much angst on it.

    If there are support groups for PK addiction, let me know because it is so hard to have withdrawal symptoms and alone….lol

    Anybody knows where I can send a letter to Jung Su Min? Just wanted to tell her for a job well done esp this is just her second drama. Looking forward for more from her.

    PK fighting!!!

    • 43.1 pk sotted

      ” If there are support groups for PK addiction, let me know because it is so hard to have withdrawal symptoms and alone… ”

      I get your drift – will probably need directions to the post PK Rehab Centre when the 9 Youtube episodes are done. That’s when the cold harsh reality that PK has really ended – Finito.

      • 43.1.1 Marie

        I will certainly feel withdrawal symptoms as well once the show also ends on YouTube! lol

        I forgot to thank Girlfriday and Javabeans for their recaps and their comments! 🙂

  44. 44 Q

    It’s done! I know the ending wasn’t wonderful but it still gives me that elated feeling, knowing that everyone gets their happily ever afters. It’s a shame they didn’t introduce the gay nurse who has a crush on Seung-Jo bahaha. Thanks for sticking with this drama, JB & GF :] you guys are great.

    P.S. Is it true that they’re filming extra little marriage segments? I tried some of the ‘Tube links posted but it keeps telling me to sign in instead :/.

    • 44.1 Ace

      Type youtube.com/user/ytkiss. You actually need an account in youtube to subscribe to the ytkiss channel.

  45. 45 moobalicious

    I’ve watched the Chinese version and it’s more or less the same actually. The female lead character was just as equally frustrating (most of the time actually) with her naive-ness and what not.

    All in all i thought it was a cute version. Definitely better than the Chinese one. Definitely more watch-able 😛

    Kim hyun Joong can do no wrong in my eyes anyway hahaha

    Thanks for the recaps! Loved them!

    • 45.1 Becky

      Me to me to. LOL

  46. 46 miniejungle

    no matter what, it was a delightful watch. and thank you for the recaps. it’s always refreshing to read your views on the show. I’m happy KHJ has grown in his acting career. He needs more practice, of course, but he’s getting better. And I’m hoping he would have more chances to show us the improvement in the future.

    did i mention Mom? If every girl has such a mother in law, the world would be so peaceful!!!! 🙂 MOM ROCKS!!!

  47. 47 asianromance

    Thank you both for recapping this series!

    The ending doesn’t really feel like an ending. I’ve mentioned this before- I really think they should have made the wedding the ending or the honeymoon (minus that other couple) the ending. It seems a bit pointless to delve into the honeymoon, post-wedding part if they aren’t going to truly go into it. The drama has enough pacing problems already.

    I’m glad Seung-jo registered the marriage! Otherwise, it would seem like he tricked her into a fake marraige and tricked her into sleeping with him!

    The big plus of this episode is Ha-Ni getting to save that woman’s life and having that one up on Seung-jo. In your face, seung-jo!

    Verdict: Personally, I feel that PK is not the epic crack that ISWAK was (and i’m only talking abt ISWAK 1; i thought ISWAK 2 was pretty unnecessary even though it was based on the manga material), but PK is still very sweet and brings up warm and fuzzy feelings. I think a big plus for this drama is the heart-tugging portrayal of a youthful sort of love (courtesy of Miss Jung So Min’s talent) and the pain that can result from that. The side characters are also portrayed really well. And KHJ has improved!

    However, everything else is a sort of a mess, especially with the portrayal of the passage of time. I have trouble seeing Ha-Ni and Seung-jo as college kids. I keep seeing them as high school students starting their senior year. What is so weird about this drama is that it is slow and rushed at the same times….so strange! As for the shoddy camera work these past few episodes, I’m guessing the poor ratings isn’t bringing in the money to hire crew to retake shot after shot or they were probably filming things last minute before airtime? I don’t believe director Hwang In Roe of Goong and Return of Iljimae would have let this go on air if there wasn’t a good reason for it. .

  48. 48 hookedonmonix

    Doing the compare thing here, but I think the storyline (singlemindedly obsessed girl stalks arrogant, emotionally stilted boy into loving her) fits better with Ariel’s wailing and crying and Joe’s icy glare type overdramatics (TW version). I think the K version’s lightness and cuteness is great, but drama for the sake of drama fits best with …well, drama. I know that a lot of people hated the TW version because it was (or should I say- Ariel was) so over the top. I get that, really I do. But in order to swallow a pill such as the honeymoon was, it has to come with a side of derisive detachment rather than cute smugness. just sayin’

  49. 49 coollady

    it was hard to watch this drama because my pride hurt everytime Hani’s life seemed to revolve around Seung Jo. i know that’s the premise of the story, but there’s a way to show the same story without making her character seem so unmotivated about anything that’s not related to Seung Jo.
    on the other hand, i enjoyed the other relationships in the drama. all the characters weren’t over the top, and the benign aspect of the drama was okay at time. the highlights of this drama was Hani’s relationship with her father and her relationship with Joon Gu, who i still love more than Seung Jo.
    sigh…didn’t have huge expectations but this drama didn’t even satisfy my low ones.
    thanks for the recaps. i’ve been reading them more often than i watch the show. haha.

  50. 50 ladyana2j

    Really surprise for me, when I realized that PK just the teen, sweet, romantic old and simple drama , not have many great thing to ancipated, but pk successed into many people’s feeling/minding deeply, make you feel a different emotion and got hooked, as pro or opposite.

    Playfull kiss is the same case with boys before flower for me. I watched Korean version first, then Taiwan version and last Japanese version. For bbf, Japanese version was my most favorite and for PK, Korean version is my most favorite. I felt more affected by this version than others.

    I never expect before that I would addict to this drama, coz PK not like my cup tea of drama, but… PK was too popular, extremely popular in everywhere, I coldn’t help to check out and when watched 1st epi, I felt in love to oh ha ni, then couldn’t help myself to keep update.. I kinda dissappointed with khj’s acting in first epi, but later I like him so much, both as baek seong jo and himself. Comparison to bbf, his acting improve a lot and I like it!

    to KHJ,
    You have done good job in PK, it was satisfied me! Baek seung jo be always special in my heart as a awesome boy…
    Well I didn’t really respect you before when I watched bbf, but now I’m totally respct to you! It’s because WGM and SS501 that I found out since it was said many time in comment of PK, so I checked out and so surprise that you are really unic idol I’ve ever seen! Look you real personality, I really want to see you play a comedic role!REALLY!!!
    And you know, my most favorite actor, Kim Myung Min, he is the best actor nowadays, right?, he got the success as actor for the first time in 2004, when he was 32 years old and before that, he got worse experience than you (he got many deny to play lead role and in your case, you get so much negative comment). You are still 24 years old (it was time when he did debut for the first time), so there is still much time for you to learn and improve your skill in acting. You are hardworking and I believe you can do it! Nobody know, maybe someday later, you will be a great actor then… I would love to anticipate your next project, specially in acting, be more natural okey?!

    to JSM,
    if oh ha ni wasn’t you, maybe I wouldn’t watched 2nd epi, you was really good in PK as oh ha ni! You have fresh beautyfull face!Very cute in how did you speak, act, dressing and everything just sweet by you… Your acting was good, I LOVE IT!
    I learned most from your role as oh ha ni…
    Absolutely, I really want to see you in next project SOON that I hope will make you to be more remarked…

    To all of PK’s kru…
    I love PK so much!, even it’s there in list of my top ten favorite drama all time now! yes, there was many lacks… but… hey, you made a awesome drama, you know?! Awesome in “a different way”, that make much people around world addicted to this drama, not only coz they are fans of manga/anime/iswak/ink and khj, but totally this drama really have something that so awesome! Thank You Very Much for all of yours hardworking! Thank You!
    MY LIFE has CHANGED to be BETTER now, because PK, Really.. once again, really thank you very much.
    Are there a chance to make PK 2? please…

    Last, To JB, GF and all of commenters
    Thank you very mucccchhh!!! To JB and GF for always recaps PK. Both of you really awesome!!!
    And many thanks to all commenters too, for always leave comment, don’t care if it was negative or positive comment, I LEARNED A LOT!

    Despite low rating and many negative critics, PK is the most popular k-drama 2010 in overseas so far that I see…isn’t?! I just curious…

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