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Playful Kiss: Episode 9
by | October 1, 2010 | 170 Comments

Yay for forward movement! Our Man-Robot Seung-jo takes some big strides toward becoming a real boy, and this episode is chock-full of sweet moments that warm the cockles of my jaded heart and send Ha-ni to cloud nine. And a happy Ha-ni is a happy Playful Kiss.


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Seung-jo and Ha-ni lose the gangsters (dudes, it’s just a suit!). Although Seung-jo comments that this is typical of her, he ain’t fooling us — we all saw you smiling as you ran! Ha-ni hangs her head and apologizes for the trouble, and also for following him — she couldn’t help herself. She concedes that if he likes He-ra, there’s nothing she can do about it…

To her surprise, Seung-jo asks what she wants to do next. As in, a fun activity. As in, a date?

This leads to a boat ride, and Ha-ni thinks giddily that this is like a dream. She’s happy to point out that they’re the only people who “look like a couple,” but Seung-jo never passes up a moment to burst Ha-ni’s bubbles, and he tells her that there’s a saying that couples who come here break up within six months. But that shouldn’t matter, since they’re not even dating, right?

Not wanting to jinx herself, Ha-ni wants to leave immediately and stands up in the boat. Yeah, she’s not bright. On the other hand, she gets the immediate exit she was looking for, and takes Seung-jo with her as she topples into the lake.

Seung-jo buys cheap shirts for them to change into, and Ha-ni realizes excitedly that they happen to match. Like couple tees! And may I point out that HE’S TOTALLY LOVING IT? Oh, he pretends Ha-ni’s being silly, but it’s an excuse for him to have his cake and eat it too — he can enjoy her reaction but still saves face by acting cool. I’ll even bet he chose matching shirts on purpose.

Seung-jo explains that he’d never faced difficulties, but after meeting her, it’s like he’s come into a whole new world. (The real one, perchance?) He compares her to a problem he has to solve, musing that perhaps this is like a test — he has to face it, rather than avoiding it like he used to: “I won’t run away anymore… because the answer is there.” How like Seung-jo the (former?) Robot Wonder Boy to equate human emotions to math.

Ha-ni gapes: Is this a… proposal? He chides her for jumping to conclusions, then clarifies, “I’m saying I don’t dislike you.” Coming from him, that’s downright romantic. “Being with you isn’t easy, but I don’t dislike it.”

Overcome with excitement, Ha-ni hugs his arm and thanks him, because she thought he hated her. He already knows she likes him, but there’s something admirable in the way Ha-ni makes a full-on confession anyway. She promises that although she doesn’t know Sartre and can’t cook, she’ll try to be better.

For once Seung-jo doesn’t snark back and says he’ll look forward to it. In fact, midterms are approaching — he’ll confirm her confession with the test results. (If she really likes him, she’ll try hard and improve.) HOW LIKE HIM.

As they walk off, she notes that his smile is a little different today; she feels closer to him than when they kissed.

The other twosome have a much less successful outing, as Kyung-soo tries to work up the nerve to confess his feelings to He-ra. He’s prepared a speech, but her presence makes him stutter and He-ra, sensing what’s coming, excuses herself before he gets to the point.

Hearing that Kyung-soo’s attempt went bust, Ha-ni gives him advice on how to confess effectively and coaches him with some role-playing.

Remembering her kiss with Seung-jo, Ha-ni makes a similar suggestion, replete with the line “Try to forget me if you can.” As they work out the timing of the moment, the other members see Ha-ni faking the kiss part — only, they assume it’s real.

Seung-jo arrives at practice to hear everyone buzzing about Ha-ni giving up on him and kissing Kyung-soo. The bumbling duo are still oblivious to the rumors and happen to be engaged in a wrestling match when Seung-jo sees them. Yeah, that’s the look of a guy who totally doesn’t care, right? (Ha-ni is trying to stop Kyung-soo from approaching He-ra with racquet in hand, because that turns him into a raving meanie.)

The rumors spread all over school, even reaching Ju-ri at the hair salon. When Ha-ni hears how the truth got twisted, she’s horrified — and after they’d had such a wonderful date! She tries to tell Seung-jo that the stories are untrue, but Seung-jo walks away before she can muster the words, while He-ra smirks and “congratulates” her.

Wanting to set the record straight but afraid to pester him, Ha-ni chickens out of calling him. She ends up going to the house, just in time to hear a thud. Letting herself inside, she finds Eun-jo collapsed on the ground, moaning in pain. His parents are out of town and she doesn’t know what to do, so she calls Seung-jo in a panic.

Seung-jo calms her down enough to instruct her how to take care of Eun-jo until the ambulance arrives. At the hospital, Ha-ni is pressed to make a decision about whether to operate on Eun-jo, and after a fearful moment of hesitation, she agrees to it.

Thankfully everything goes well and Eun-jo is expected to recover in a week, as Seung-jo finds when he arrives. Ha-ni is wound up tight, having gone through a big scare, and the air is strained with the misunderstanding hanging between them. She thinks that he believes she’s interested in Kyung-soo, and Seung-jo’s too emotionally awkward to express his feelings.

He (awkwardly) tries to cheer her by saying the doctor praised her reaction to the emergency. She answers that without his help, she wouldn’t have been able to do a thing.

Since words aren’t working so well for him, Seung-jo gently places a hand on her shoulder to stop her exit. Ha-ni starts to explain about the rumor, but he already heard the real story; he moves closer until he’s right behind her, and thanks her.

His gentle response releases the floodgates, and Ha-ni turns to face him and cries into his chest, saying that she was so afraid that something would go wrong. As he consoles her, she thinks of how these “first warm words I’d ever heard from Seung-jo” have dispelled all the tension that had built up inside her.

Seung-jo’s parents hear from Ha-ni’s father that house construction isn’t going so well, which is their cue to persuade him to move back. This time, Mom has a secret weapon: the kiss between Ha-ni and Seung-jo. Now that they know that Seung-jo initiated the kiss, Ha-ni’s dad doesn’t have to worry about her being stuck in a painful one-sided love anymore.

Over the next few days, Ha-ni drops by the hospital regularly to see Eun-jo, who shares a room with a boy named No-ri who has been here for over a year. The foursome — Ha-ni, Seung-jo, and the two patients — bond while studying together and playing games. Although the nurse scolds them for overtaxing No-ri, the boy is happy to have company and tells them that they’ve made things fun for him.

No-ri’s weak health stems from heart issues, and Ha-ni tears up in sympathy over his situation. That gives her an idea, and she tells Seung-jo that he could do something about it — since he’s a genius, he could become a doctor and cure people. He retorts, “If you tell me to become a doctor, do I have to?” Ha-ni eagerly answers yes.

She says it’s the perfect occupation for him, and wants to see him in a doctor’s gown someday. (Aw. If he becomes a doctor because of Ha-ni…)

The foursome have a lot of fun together, but soon it’s time for Eun-jo to be discharged. No-ri keeps a cheerful face through the goodbyes, but Eun-jo’s unable to contain his tears. It’s only after the group leaves that No-ri cries as he watches them driving away. Aw, a little boy with heart problems crying over the loss of his only friends? Cheap shot! Just tear out my heart, why don’t you.

When the three kids arrive home, they’re surprised with the announcement that Ha-ni and Dad will be moving back in. Ha-ni’s thrilled, as is Seung-jo’s mother, while Eun-jo’s first thought is about what will happen to his room. Hearing that the brothers are back to sharing a room makes Seung-jo grumpy, though I’m telling myself that he’s secretly happy — surely he’d rather have to share a room than to have his own and be stuck with that infernally tedious peace again, right?

Ha-ni joins Seung-jo outside, and they do a whole adorable dance of sneaking looks at each other, turning away when they see the other one looking at them, then stealing another glance. This scene, spare with no dialogue, is utterly adorable for the undercurrent of awareness running between them.

Poor Duckie is in for a rude awakening, and both Ha-ni and her father have a hard time working up the nerve to tell him the news. How could they, when he’s so eager to welcome them to the shop and serves them with his very first creation (special dumplings)? When Joon-gu hears that they’re moving back with the Baek family, you can practically see his heart sink.

Ha-ni’s excited to be back and a little nervous, with her relationship with Seung-jo changed but still undefined. He still gets a kick out of poking fun at her, such as when he mocks the (girly, childish) underwear she dropped on her way to take a bath. He further teases her about being flat-chested, asking if she stopped growing before puberty. Ha-ni pouts, but he says that just looking at her makes him want to tease her. (It’s okay, Ha-ni! He’s totally flirting with you. Like a 10-year-old, maybe, but still! Flirting!)

Dad sees them talking in the hallway, Ha-ni still wrapped in her towel, and hilariously, he tells them that while it’s nice that they’re on such good terms, they’re not married yet… Perhaps they could be more careful? Especially with Eun-jo around? Bwahaha.

Seung-jo finds himself thinking more about his future and his place in the world, though he doesn’t yet have any answers. He’s supposed to declare a major in the second semester, and Dad suggests business. Seung-jo summarily dismisses that.

His preoccupation means he walks right past Ha-ni at school without saying a word — either he didn’t see her, or he doesn’t find her as important as his thoughts. (Either fits his character, really.) Ha-ni laments being unable to tell if he’s interested in her or not, with him running so hot and cold. Min-ah proposes one way of testing his interest: the yawn method.

It’s simple: Yawns are contagious — if you see someone yawing, you end up doing it reflexively. Just yawn in lecture, and watch if he follows suit. If he does, it means he’s been looking at Ha-ni.

Ha-ni tests it out — and sure enough, Seung-jo yawns mere seconds after she does. She exults in this little victory… until she notices that all the women in the class also yawn. (They were looking at Seung-jo. LOL.) ‘Fess up — how many of you just yawned right now?

Seung-jo finds He-ra a welcome conversation partner since she understands what it’s like to be so good at everything that she’s never suffered. (Although Seung-jo considers them two peas in a pod, I suspect that she’s putting on an act and doesn’t get him as well as she’s trying to make it seem. There’s something about He-ra’s reactions whenever he brings up their similarities.)

Her smile fades when Seung-jo says that when Ha-ni moved in, she made him consider that the world could have different ideas than he does, and that those ideas could be right and his could be wrong. Those thoughts took him by surprise, and therefore he’s been thinking lately that he’ll have to experience more of the world.

Here’s a small but hilarious scene: Kyung-soo asks Ha-ni for help with the timing of the kiss. She balks, not wanting to revive rumors, so the other senior member volunteers to play He-ra’s part. Smooch!

Their kiss timing is off, so Ha-ni tentatively suggests that Kyung-soo try his confession while holding his racquet. However, that tilts the balance too far in the other direction; it brings a fierce (some might call it crazy) look in his eye, and his kissing partner runs away to avoid being attacked.

At home, Ha-ni is sent to collect laundry from Seung-jo’s room, and she takes the opportunity to look around. She spots a newspaper with classified ads circled — is he looking for part-time jobs?

When Seung-jo enters, she asks him whether the story she heard from a schoolmate is true — is he thinking of moving out? At his yes, Ha-ni asks worriedly if it’s because she moved back. As we know, a pensive Seung-jo is a pissy Seung-jo, and he says snappishly that she shouldn’t make everything about herself.

Mom overhears this conversation, and this leads to a serious talk with the parents. Seung-jo explains that he wants to carve his own path, including working to earn money and what he can do with his life.

His reasoning is sound, and his parents can’t argue with that. His father, in fact, is rather proud and agrees to let him move out. Mom is less thrilled but doesn’t object, either.

Ha-ni, on the other hand, is crushed.


Seung-jo, you big romantic robot. I may have to upgrade you to cyborg with all your sweet gestures to Ha-ni, although I’m holding off on that because it looks like it may be one step forward, two steps back with the next episode.

But this is about this episode, and here, he’s surprisingly sweet. This is the most open we’ve ever seen him so far, and not only does he mellow his usually gruff attitude toward Ha-ni, he goes so far as to extend a hand and make an effort. It’s not just the hospital embrace, but expressed in little details all throughout the episode. Take the beginning, when they escape the gangsters. After making his “This is so typical of you” comment, he sees that she’s feeling pretty glum and tacks on the comment that she’s pretty fit to keep up running with him. The swipe at her character is thus mitigated with the compliment, and followed by their date, during which he buys her food, matching shirts, and walks her home. Of his own volition.

More than those romantic strides, though, I’m loving seeing more hints of their complementary relationship. When Ha-ni tells him he should be a doctor, you get the sense he hadn’t considered it before, but is open to the thought. Contrast that to his father’s suggestion to go into business, which he shoots down with his usual cool detachment. It’s not that he’ll pick a career to make Ha-ni happy, but that she, again, has that unique ability to make him see the world in a new light. Like he told He-ra, Ha-ni makes him see that his one perspective of the world may not be the only (or even right) one, so he’s more willing to consider her suggestion.

Even Seung-jo can see that that’s pretty special… which is why I’m annoyed at the previews for the next ep. You have a treasure, Seung-jo, and even you recognize it — SO KEEP HER WHILE YOU CAN, DUMMY.


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  1. Yuki

    Thanks for the recap!
    Loved how they used David Choi’s song in this episode, by the way ^^

    • 1.1 riz

      really?? which one is it?

    • 1.2 isayhey

      I KNOW. I noticed it too! It was in 9 and 10. 😛

      @riz, the song is called “Won’t Even Start”
      It was used in the cafe scene with Kyung-soo and He-ra.


      • 1.2.1 sequestial

        DAVID CHOI!!!???

    • 1.3 Icestreak

      That’s so cool! I didn’t even notice sadly. I’ve gotta rewatch it 😀

  2. CHshe

    Yay! DING DING Round 9

    What a nice confession. I don’t know may be just me, but I really feel that BSJ is confessing to OHN and how he would like to solve the problem; which I think he meant on LOVE and not entirely about OHN. He decides that he won’t running away from love, and would face it head on. Rather than saying he likes her, he twisted it into doesn’t dislike her coz, for all we know how OHN would make her wild assumption and jump on her own conclusion. So BSJ gently suggesting her to get her grades up in order for him to consider. What more could he ask? Ah OHN, is C+ is your best effort to get the guy of your dreams? LOL

    Ah BSJ you really know how to pull that invisible red string tied to OHN finger. Not only did you both share that getaway-boat-falling-coupleT-hamburger-coffee, you even walked her home! And OHN I really want to choke you on your thoughtfulness. You don’t go around with Mr 40 after BSJ did all those things.

    And as for BSJ reaction to the wild rumors, I still wouldn’t call it jealousy, IMO BSJ is just really annoyed that he is being brought into the false rumor and loses his face over Mr 40. Clearly it’s not about jealousy coz he definitely knows who OHN loves. He just gets irritated that OHN accidently created yet another redundant misunderstanding.

    I read in Soompi that BSJ reaction to OHN emergency call seems out of place, I do too but I don’t blame it on KHJ coz that was the direction given to him. That scene would’ve been better if he just stops walking for a little while and gain his composure while trying to calm OHN down and talking her through his instructions. Nevertheless, the back-hugging scene really makes his redemption. BSJ really struggles to show his emotions. He doesn’t know how to react to his own emotions and I’m feeling you. Ahhhh OHN if only you could see how the layers of BSJ mask being peeled off bit by bit.

    And with the return of OHs to Baeks, yet we saw another surprise reaction from BSJ. Clearly he is happy but couldn’t show it so he shyly excuses himself. BSJ you! I wish you didn’t retort back to your logical senses and just succumb to your feelings instead. But with the exchanging glances you share with OHN later that night, really makes my heart giddy and I just want to clunk your heads together.

    I wasn’t looking forward for BSJ-moving-out plot actually, but after watching episode 10, I take it back LOL…

    Thanks JB for the recaps, it felt long to read now keke

    • 2.1 adney

      lol for mr 40, I was reading your comment and I thought mr40 is Hani’s father

      • 2.1.1 CHshe

        Get used reading Kyung-Soo as Mr 4o in Soompi

        • poo

          oh mr. 40 is super funny…u ve got to watch his hair flip in ep 10…itz crazy funny!

  3. Rovi

    2nd!! (for the 1st time, hahaha)

    waah, they already a Non-chan!!! Hope the grown-up version will be shown, and I hope (HOPE HOPE HOPE) it would be a Yoo Seung-ho (if he’s not too busy with wifey Seo Woo)…

    even tho I hadn’t watched it yet (makes laptop ffing slow), your description of “stealing glances” at each other is so…DALKOMI~!!! Even tho others would term it too fluff & corny, I find it sweet…as sweet as romance novels &/or fanfiction (yaoi or not) acts it out <- this is due to 이 사람의 complete lack of any experience whatsoever in that blood-filled arena called S-A-R-A-N-G…; complete fail…

    I seriously love this show…after Seonggyungwan, that is…YUMMY!!!

    • 3.1 czak

      i dont think they will show the super star non chan..
      with only episodes until 16 i think they will end at the wedding part much like the taiwanese version..
      the ‘christina’ hast yet been introduced, and the going to med school hasnt started yet, and there are only 6 chapters to go…

    • 3.2 yeone

      대박 장난스런키스 드라마 ^^

      • 3.2.1 Rovi

        당연하지!! Tho not as good as the 대박 that is 성균관 스캔들!!

  4. Sarangf

    Yeah,recap time.i love reading your recap.happy playful kiss indeed.I’m official in love with this drama.can’t image saying this b4 the drama start.wish I was that young and innocent and so in love like Hani and eventually Seung jo

  5. Natty

    Thanks for the recap! This was a cute episode, indeed. I can’t wait to watch the next one!

  6. Jomo

    Really appreciate reading your take on this drama!

    I enjoyed watching BSJ watching OHN. She couldn’t be more adorable, and he knows it, too.

    While he may say that he only “doesn’t hate” her. I believe he is getting used to having her around, and craves her presence.
    She is all light and warmth for him. I wish the script could give OHN a back-bone. She needs to get PO’d at him long enough for her to turn him away. So, then he feels the loss of OHN!

  7. adney

    I love the scene when they are sitting outside,looking and avoiding to meet the eyes of each other. About He Ra, I like her even though I can see many people dislike her,lol. It looks like Seung Jo see her as a best friend, the one who you are comfortable to chat with.I also think she is a hardworking girl not the genius type like Seung Jo. I still remember the first time she met Hani and the gang, she put a weird face before she’s going in into her car. I still wondering why she put that face until now. Hope this show will reveal it in the future episode!

  8. rayray

    this episode was reallly cute ! Loved it! The show keeps getting better…baby steps but keeps improving and I really hope that the ratings will improve tooo.

    though my heart does bleed for Duckie! He should end up with one of hani’s friends 😛

    • 8.1 Dee Dee

      I feel so bad for Duckie as well, but I think Ha Ni and Seung Jo make such a nicer couple.

      Though, I can’t see Duckie with Min Ah and especially Joo Ri. Hopefully, another girl will come along to fix up that broken heart …

  9. parsifal

    BSJ moving out will devastate both ha ni and me…they just got back living at the same house and he is thinking of moving out…but being away from her again, hopefully he will suffer a liitle as well-maybe i am hoping too much :D-

  10. 10 soujii

    i luv it……..thanQ u so much 😉

  11. 11 a_fan

    Loved the recap, loved the episode. Just want to enjoy it, no analysis, no comparisons…

  12. 12 angle2mx

    I am really enjoying the famailar and calm pace of the show. I just have a smile throughout the show. Oh Hani Hwaiting Thanks for the great recap!

  13. 13 malen

    hehehe..been a l0ng tym f0r ths recap..h0ping ep.10 d0esn’t take too l0ng..

  14. 14 cille

    thanks JB for the recap!

    BSJ’s mask is definitely peeling layer by layer (like an onion), you don’t quite experience a big change – but as a viewer, you certainly see the quiet smile here and there.

    and i agree with JB how BSJ & OHN compliments each other, rather than overpowering one another’s character.

  15. 15 OL


  16. 16 justkat

    Thanks for the recap.

    I loved the impromptu picnic…so sweet…and KHJ w/semi wet hair is soooo hot. I am complete putty when he smiles.

    I think OHN is the most adorable kid. I loved the reanctment of the kiss. She’s got such natural expressions…even when exxagerated it looks natural.

    BSJ is really growing into a human w/complex emotions. Yay!

    My heart breaks for Duckie.

    I didn’t think I could watch Epi 10 from the previews…but..I did. I was quite surprised.

  17. 17 Hannah

    I love how coherent and thoughtful you are in your recaps. Thank you!

    I loved that scene with them just sitting there, stealing glances at each other. KHJ is really doing well in this drama although JSM is, of course, the adorable scene stealer.

  18. 18 theedie

    JB, I know that you’d like to keep comparisons to the Taiwanese version (or any other version) to a minimum, but I just gotta say I sorta wish that the way Seung-jo’s mom got Hani and her father to move home was done in a similar fashion to the Taiwanese version. In that one, the instant his mom finds out that the two kissed, she makes a bee-line for Hani’s dad and moves everything back to their house while the two are away at the tennis retreat. When they come back they find a banner outside with his mom announcing their kiss to all the neighbors since she was so excited. It was pretty cute and made me love his mom even more. Don’t get me wrong, I love Seung-jo’s mom, but I sorta wish they’d tack on a tad more crazy with her character since that’s what makes her so lovable to me.

    • 18.1 justkat

      Oh…you’ll love MOM in eppie 10.

      I died laughing…replayed it a few times just to take it all in.

    • 18.2 Laica

      I actually found the Taiwanese version of mom to be a little too over the top at times… even though it was hilarious how she brought them back to their house in that version, it’s not very realistic… and I think the K-version is going for a more realistic vibe, whereas the T-version was all kinds of wacky (in a good way). It took me a while to get used to the low-key tone of PK, but I’m really enjoying it now.

    • 18.3 Autumn

      I personally couldn’t stand the mum in ISWAK. She was adorable at the start, but got progressively annoying, selfish and controlling towards the end, to the point where I was convinced that she was just out to sabotage her son’s life. and I never really felt the connection between her and XQ the way i do with HN and Mum.

      But i agree, that scene was hilarious, and I can see why some ppl find the return in this version a lil underwhelming.

      • 18.3.1 msles59130

        I agree. I love this mom. She seems to just connect and almost need OHN, not just related to her son. It makes me like her more.

        But I am in the minority already. I absolutely hated ISWAK, and only finished it because I always finish the dramas I start. So PK has taken the things I did like about ISWAK and erased or fixed the ones I hated. It is a great version, that I have totally fallen in love with 🙂

  19. 19 hester

    You know, I don’t even care about any of this drama’s flaws, because compared to the Taiwanese version, it’s SO much more endearing. I spent the entire time angry at both characters while i was watching that one–her because she was SUCH and idiot, and him because he was SUCH a cold-hearted, cruel SOB.

    That all is to say, I’m enjoying PK immensely. 🙂

    • 19.1 estel

      I have to agree that in this version, Ha-ni’s character is less out-right stupid and more…lovably slow? Yeah, I don’t know exactly how to describe it. But I like that the way Ha-ni is characterized, she can actually improve and learn things, and she has some common sense; while in ISWAK Xiang Qin was both stupid and clueless and it never improved, even in 50 episodes. That stretches the bounds of credibility, I think.

  20. 20 Ace

    Aw. This series really grows on me more each week. And at first, Hani and SJ’s mom was what kept me hook, now specially after episodes 9 & 10 Seung-jo is earning major points. He’s becoming a real boy alright, with all the stupid things guys do. The first half of ep 10 made me tear up, but the second half made up for it. You can see further proof that Seung-jo is not indifferent to Hani.

    3 things on this episode:
    1. smooch of senior member to Kyung-soo – bwahaha! Thought he was gay and has a thing for Kyung-soo!
    2. Seung-jo holding Hani’s underwear – man oh man! made me cringe but was really laughing so hard mostly when SJ’s dad saw them together..
    3. Where was the 2nd kiss? Thought it would be in the hospital Was waiting for Hani to get tired and sleep in the hospital room so Seung-jo could kiss her in front of Eun-jo.

    Looking forward to the recap for episode 10! Thanks a lot JB!

    • 20.1 smalltank

      i was looking out for the second kiss too! perhaps it will appear in ep 11 when SJ wakes up earlier than Hani (on the same bed!!!)?!

  21. 21 ockoala

    JB – you can have curly-haired Seung Jo

    GF – you can have straight-haired Seung Jo

    I call dibs on wet-curly-haired Seung Jo – the dude who crawled out of the lake and brought couple Ts. Yeah, that dude made my toes curl ever so slightly. He’ll also make an appearance in ep. 10, and I preemptively call dibs there, too.

    On a non-dibs related note, thanks for the recap, I love reading your thoughts.

    Who woulda thought PK would not be so bad its good or so bad its bad. It’s just good, perhaps never reaching great, but darn it I just adore it.

    • 21.1 justkat

      uh no…i think we’re going to have catfights over wet haired Seung Jo in Epi 10…

      I paused the video…and replayed…did it again this morn.

      My hubs laughed…I had him convinced that I was obsessed because of OHN…eh, so I lied…

      • 21.1.1 odess

        girls, girls, we might have to get in line for this one. hahaha.

        i love KHJ, always have since WGM. but my fondness for him was more of the “awwww, he’s so strange but so adorable” variety. to borrow JB’s words, i never thought of him and sex in the same time-space continuum.

        that is, until The Perm. all of a sudden, the pretty boy turned into one hot specimen of a man before my eyes. and then, it intensified a thousand times over when The Perm got wet and tousled and oh-so-sexy after the fall into the lake and ESPECIALLY after that infamous scene in Epi 10…

        i’ll wait for GF’s recap on Epi 10, but that scene of Seungjo-with-the-Wet-and-Tousled-Waves and everything that followed is definitely making my heart skip a beat. 😛

        swooning aside, thanks JB for your great recap. i have a lot of thoughts on this episode but will reserve it after GF’s recap because i feel like Ep 9 and 10 really marked the turning point of PK from a cutesy pluff to going deeper into the heart of the manga (Kotoko and Naoki’s story). i’m really loving this drama and the direction that it is heading so far.

        • odess

          p.s. random note but i found the part about the couple tees hysterical. in WGM, KHJ used to hate couple tees… so when Seungjo brought those t-shirts out and Hani commented on them being couple tees, i was expecting Shillang KHJ to “alter” those couple tees like what he did in WGM. haha.

          • Annony

            I fell in love with Quirky HyunJoong in WGM and TYFWMU. Oh, this man-boy.
            (I wrote a comment about that below)

    • 21.2 blue

      The Perm, oh the Perm ….. ockoala, sorry, you’ll have to fight for the wet curly Seung Jo. i’ve been a fan of KHJ since WGM, but my oh my the perm really did something amazing, it transforms him completely … is it just me, or that look in ep 10 that shall remains unmentioned until GF’s recap ….. oh dear, oh dear ….

  22. 22 Francesca

    Just finished watching this episode a while ago. I have a feeling that BSJ starts thinking of his future life and becoming an independent person (by moving out) for the sake of Ha-ni. I suppose he’s thinking that someday when he proposes her (he will, for sure!) he’s already got everything on his own, like supplies for their future boat. And I find this thought in eps 9 so sweet.

    • 22.1 Ashley

      Awww! What a cute idea! I hope you’re right.

  23. 23 Kyun

    ” theres smthg off about he reaction whenever he talks about their similarities” so im not the only one…
    Heres what i think, the girl used to be like ha ni, working hard and aiming for the top just to get closer to him.. But unfortunately she become the korean mean girl which we all come to despise and mock… I also predict that there might be a time in the future where we’re suppose to feel sympathy towards her; this however im sure only applies with a (really) pure heart.

    Thats what i think anyway, also if you watch the previous episode her face dropped when seung jo said that she, like him doesnt understand the pleasure of achieving smthg after working your butts off… So anyone else had a thought?

    • 23.1 Kyun

      Okay just read proof it…-Cringe- im sorry for my lacking of coherent writing skills but im sure you could understand at least 98% of it 🙂

    • 23.2 smalltank

      Hae-ra seems to stammer for a second or two whenever SJ brings up similarities between them. perhaps she is smart, but still has to work hard whereas SJ is the natural genius. I hope they reveal the reason why she went to Parang despite being a top student in her high school. Perhaps she wanted to stalk SJ? Since they sort of met before in their high school days in some tennis championship…

  24. 24 Renhye

    It’s 2:30 am in the Philippines.
    Im waiting for this the whole day.
    Yaay! Cause its already out.
    Worth the wait.
    It makes me smile everytime I see JB RECAPS.
    Thank you!

  25. 25 Ami

    Thanks for the recap!

    If Hera is 2nd place, than her character has replaced that rival they place in TKA.. the bespectacled hardworking guy who changes university to continue competing one-sidedly with Zhi Shu. I wonder what other characters will get replaced or simply dropped from the PK universe.

    I love this drama.. it’s so real and yet full of shining moments as well. Can’t wait for next week!

  26. 26 CHshe

    Yah Ami…
    Looking forward for BSJ in white-coats hehe

    • 26.1 Jomo

      We did (kinduv) get to see that in BOF, didn’t we?
      Different hair. With glasses.

      • 26.1.1 ANA

        Lurker here!
        I used to be in the Pharmacy programme in my University. Oh my, hot Korean guya in white lab coats. GORGEOUS. Even at 7:30am lab.

  27. 27 Annony

    I cannot, for the life of me, get that hospital back-hug scene out of my head. I guess whenever I see KHJ sad–and I mean sadness that radiates from his eyes, I equate it with better acting. He’s not that bad with subtleties and quick facial changes, but his big (pug hehe) eyes stay constant. I like how he’s finally able to change them, even when he’s tired.

    With that said, I loved how he slowly leaned in, took a breath, and placed his forehead on her hair. He was stroking her shoulders with his thumbs too. And what made me *feel* it, was when he said “Gomapda, Oh Hani”. The tone, pitch and delivery was very well executed, like that “Have a nice life” bathroom scene an episode or two back.

    As a KHJ fan, I was laughing at the couple-tee’s segment. I honestly rewatched that episode of WGM when Hwangbo and Alex had him wear the matching Tee.

    On any case, I loved this episode to bits. Yay for hamburgers that taste better than Haute Cuisine!

    OH~ one more thing, there was an official PK picture where during their “lake date” where she was looking at him and he was leaning back on his elbows. I also am drawn to that because it shows how comfortable BSJ is with Hani. Yes, even his posturing is becoming languid, GO KHJ! 😀

    • 27.1 odess

      @Annony: *high fives*
      i’m glad you also thought of WGM after seeing those couple tees. ah, those ssangchus definitely gave us some fond memories, didn’t they?

      and i totally agree with your comment about the “lake date” BTS picture. i love, love, love Hani’s smile on that one, it looked so natural and how BSJ was leaning back, completely comfortable around her.

      for those of you who don’t know what we are talking about, here’s the lake BTS pics:


      • 27.1.1 Annony

        OMO, yes! My mom’s currently watching BoF in Hulu and I am doing side by side comparison in acting. He’s def more languid. It kind of looks like HJ pre-bobo and HJ post bobo (Ant tour – 369 suggestion LOL <3)

        I can't wait until he gets comfortable and learns how to manage his time/health, as he strives to work as an actor.

        • odess

          awww…post-bobo Joongie is definitely the sweetest thing ever. who knew giving someone a little kiss on the cheek could make such a HUGE difference. 😛

          i actually think that if KHJ’s first acting role wasn’t someone who’s completely opposite his personality as JiHoo sunbae that maybe he could have portrayed it so much better. don’t get me wrong, he still has a looooong way to go in terms of acting, but i often wondered if he was given a role of someone who’s more easy-going and carefree then maybe his acting wouldn’t be as cringe-worthy as it was in BoF.

          anyways, what’s important is that he is getting better with each episode. i find his BSJ/Naoki easier to connect to on an emotional level than all the previous versions of Naoki. i guess it also helps that he is acting alongside JSM, who’s much younger than he is. KHJ fans all know about his “elder-phobia” and how awkward he is around his female co-stars/co-models, so i’m glad that BTS pics of KHJ and JSM show them talking and becoming more comfortable around each other. i’m sure this will help their onscreen chemistry sizzle even more.

          i really can’t wait to see how they will interpret that epic rain/umbrella proposal scene in ISWAK. i have faith that director hwang in roi can deliver (i mean, that Goong kiss is pretty much seared in my brain until now).

          • Annony

            1) From the get go I’ve got a connection with the BSJ character. I haven’t watched the prior adaptations of this story, and I’ll admit the only reason why I was anticipating it was because of HJ.
            I often feel I know where BSJ is coming from. Living a sheltered life is quite burdensome, and especially for a person of a higher IQ, or a person with higher adeptness than others it makes for a lot of “bored” time. And as my friends and I have pondered, it can either make one an avant grade or anti-social.
            BSJ fell into the latter for some reason. And honestly I wanted to know how he became anti-social, because in those clips of Hani looking at him during their younger HS days he seemed a bit more jovial than he did when he was a Senior. I surmise that it was the college pressure or the fact that his friends (like the Tennis sunbae) were already in University. (Probably another reason why he picked Parang… cause seriously, the guy I liked too happened to go–last minute, might I add–to the university I was going and it was like me baking cake and eating it.)

            2) I agree with you about the role choice. To this day, I believe Lee Min Ho should have been Ji Hoo. FOR REAL. Only cause I have fantasies of HJ as a badass. 😛
            I was squeeing in some of the BoF scenes that tied up with some WGM scenes. Buying medicine and then that part where he takes her to the doctor? (Not completely HJ but hey, same tangent.)

            3) Don’t TELL ME~! Oh and that GOONG KISS. WOW-ZA

      • 27.1.2 aoun

        Thanks for the pic link. You are really understanding and thoughtful!

  28. 28 namedx

    Great recap, as always!

    I’m loving this drama. Even though it’s not as ‘playful’ as I was hoping it to be, i’m glad that the manga is being followed closely. Take for eg. The scene where Seung-jo teases Hani about her underwear, it was a great moment of flirting, but his acting didn’t come across as being particularly ‘playful’, which is what I liked about the Taiwanse one. But this drama definitely holds its own. Woo hoo!

    The scene where Hani was teaching the tennis coach how to kiss was absolutely hilarious, lol especially when his trial kiss was reciprocated by another senior member, oh the look on their faces, hehe.

  29. 29 Flower Pot


    Baek Seung Jo, i swear you’re killing me… SLOWLY… With your manliness and your hotness and your roundabout way of doing things that still somehow manages to end up to be the sweetest thing ever…

    I swear i needed a sniff of smelling salts during this episode not one time too many because you almost made me faint and swoon and almost keel over with your all bark and no bite, lovable presence…

    I wish they sell you somewhere because i’d gladly sell my kidneys just to have one of you around… Promise, I’d buy you by the truckloads!

    Even if your excuses about not liking Ha Ni the same way that she does seems pretty lame now even to my ears, that is forgivable given how you are slowly opening up and showing a side to yourself to her that i bet my mother on that you have not shown to anyone else before…

    No wonder Ha ni’s crazy over you… That push and pull thing is working, mind you… But even without that, just you standing there, breathing and looking so rumply and sexy with that PAMA is enough to drive anyone insane with wanting you…

    Heck! I only see you on my computer and yet like Ha Ni, you are driving me to stalking you too… (albeit only on Youtube and on blogs might i say, but given the chance that i can do it in person, i think there’s a 50% chance that i’d resign from work, leave my fiancee’ and risk the chance of begging on the streets just so you can also “row my boat” all day and all night long… * me raises eyebrows up and down naughtily* )

    And that leveled up, Jealous side of you? KYOWO!

    It doesn’t scare me one bit but it makes me want to push your buttons a little bit more just to get you to furrow your eyebrows darker and purse your lips a little tighter because i think that’s when you’re at your HOTTEST…

    (Okay, Ha Ni Ya… next time try a s_x video… With Joon Gu no less… I bet we’d get screencaps worthy of a Vogue spread)….

    But seriously now, allow me this chance to talk about when all that obnoxious and cold attitude of yours totally paid off…

    It was that moment when you hugged Ha Ni from behind with all tenderness! I swear my eyes almost rolled at the back of my head from too much spazzing!

    And i guess that was that golden moment when other non ISWAK/INK lovers would finally understand why your character was written as a cold, unfeeling @sshole from the very beginning…

    MAXIMUM IMPACT BABY… that’s what i’m talking about…

    The gentleness and softness that you are beginning to show towards Ha Ni would not have had the same effect if you were shown to be likable from the very beginning…

    And because it is only with her that you get to show this human side of yours? That it is only with her that you show a genuine smile, get angry at and show tenderness to?

    THAT makes your love for her seem even more extraordinary which in turn melts us into a puddle whenever you show glimpses of it…

    AND OH BOY! Did you show a whole lot of that in this episode…

    I don’t need declarations worthy of a Hollywood chick flick… no sweeping gestures, no running after the bus that Ha Ni is riding in… Just the stark, simple reality of a hidden smile, a tender gaze and a gentle touch and it seems to convey all the things that you are denying right now but which is making itself felt even without you knowing it…

    I bet, girls everywhere in the world are melting and rushing to their nearest City Hall to file for a name change to Oh Hani right at this very moment…

    In fact, i still got my knickers in a knot up to now just from remembering those scenes… (and no, you don’t have to pick mine up from the floor to wave it in front of my face just like you did Ha Ni’s you perv, but you can take it off me anytime you want to… hehehe!)

    It was not a long time ago when some people questioned why Ha Ni is making a fool out of herself for you when you seem to be so indifferent towards her… but really, you try to hide it behind a nonchalant facade but you’re so good for her… I can see it…

    You push her towards studying more… You calm her down and make her accomplish things that she otherwise would have not known what to do about or given up on (hello? That whole First Aid thing which you just dictated to her over the phone?) and in return, she has given you a whole new perspective in life and inspired you towards going for your dreams and *GASP!* even to have FUN…

    But most of all, Ha Ni has taught you to LIVE… in the truest sense of the word…

    And everytime you smile those secret smiles that you throw Ha Ni’s way more often now than ever before and when you stare at her with such gentle softness in your eyes… My heart flutters along with her too and it makes me remember why LOVE really does make the world go round…

    That for each of us, there is a waiting match and it doesn’t matter if they are smarter or dumber, more or lesser, prettier or more average just as long as they are the lids to our pots that would keep our love boiling and that would prevent it from spilling over…

    • 29.1 CapitalScandalRocks

      aptly said…..Though BSJ is full of talent and knowledge, but he has no dreams or direction. Remember, he didn’t want to go to college and wanted to just live the life by doing nothing… may be part-time. But OHN gave hime dream , challenges to make a better human being out of him. BOth OHN and BSJ are really pot and lid to each other.

    • 29.2 GreenTea

      FlowerPot… here is for every lid that found its pot, and those still waiting! ^__^

    • 29.3 ichigopan

      Well said. Bravo!

    • 29.4 pk

      Love your comment just as much as JB and GF weekly recaps. Keep them coming!!

  30. 30 hitsugaya

    i’m so excited to read ep10’s recap! so so excited!

  31. 31 Purpleclouds

    The story is going really sweet and thoughtful and the chemistry is heart-tucking and it’s already ep 10. They really need to extend it back to 20 to satisfy us fans. Even ep 25 if they are going to have the storyline of Tw’s They Kissed Again. The coal is just getting hot, don’t put it out so fast.

  32. 32 UJ

    i yawned!

    • 32.1 Jomo

      That was so cute, and so true!!!

    • 32.2 GreenTea

      Ha Ni of course didn’t get it, lol !!!

  33. 33 maria

    that stealing-glances-at-each-other bit makes my heart go *thumpthump* 😀 <3

    • 33.1 Samy

      Same here! It’s just so sweet and innocent.
      Awww.. young loves!

  34. 34 Sumee

    JB– by your explanation & words I think you are falling in the Kim Hyun-joong pretty boy TRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIGGLE GIGGLE !

  35. 35 Diana

    This episode was too cute! The way they kept sneaking glances at each other just made me giddy <3

  36. 36 bumpkin

    Thanks a million for the recap JB!!!

    LOL! I don’t think they ever spent time apart. When she moved out, he went to tennis practice. They went to camp together and if they’re not doing that, they’re busy running away from mobsters, falling off boats and spending the afternoon together in their couple shirts.

    Loved BSJ’s smile when HN told him she liked him. Ah BSJ, a lot of women have told you that they like you but this is the only time I have seen you smile because of it! It seems like the whole school thinks of SJ & HN as an item. The whole HN-dumped-BSJ-for-tennis sunbae got me laughing so hard, my insides hurt.

    I like it when you are jealous BSJ. It makes me think that you’re just a regular guy. XD

  37. 37 Phil Little Witty

    this was just my opinion regarding this ep. (ep9)

    coz for the very first time that PK announced that it will launch..
    I waited it too much.. and then

    this is it..

    now I’m hooking my self up every episodes..

    even JB’s recap, I’m on hook to see other’s reactions and opinions.. specially JB’s comment…

    but I’m sad..there’s a rumor that
    this drama will cut into 16(?)

    I hope it’s just REALLY RUMMMOOORRR…

    for this ep. Episode 9 (sorry po!)
    [just opinion for today! sorry! sorry! sorry!]

    Well, i can say that it was adorable and emotions wrapping around…


    something missing..

    it was just passing by or it’s just fast…

    this episode don’t hook me too much..
    (just for this ep)

    I laugh.. i giggle.. I felt sad (for duckie).u. but.. it’s not staying too much.. like it was passing by…nothing attachment…
    only tickling me but not so hard..

    everything is nice…
    even the plots.. and their actings..
    but the story..
    it’s swiftly running around without touching your soul too much..

    there are three moments or scenes that left on my mind.. (sorry that tthere’s few scenes i admired for this ep.)to admire and can say that there was a catchy moment…

    #1: Hospital scene, where BSJ gave OHN a hand in her shoulder.. trying (BSJ) to figure how to react in that scenario–[oh Ha ni’s crying] he portraying the face where he don’t know what to do and to react in such a good way that he will not fooling around.

    #2: outside scene, gazing up and glancing each other while pulling back their eyes to other side when they catch one was gawking.. (it’s remarkably sweet)

    #3: smooch: that what you called “MISCHIEVOUS KISS!”
    thumbs up for that sunbae who kissed Mr40 (from CHshe’s codename –borrow!)

    **sorry this is the first time that I CHOOSE some scenes to admire.. coz everytime i watch PK.. I’m detailing the parts that i really really really love.. because all of the scenes I’m really HOOK!

  38. 38 ross

    many thanks JB, i so enjoyed reading your recap and been checking the site for it ..love that stealing glances scene, so sweet and innocent, the budding romance yayy

    so sad to know the number of episodes only 16 ..i so want to see the part when a hot long haired guy will fall in love with on hani who makes bsj crazy with jealousy ..so sad i can’t see that part in this version aish

  39. 39 Ashley

    This is such a wonderful show… I’m worried though, I don’t see how this can coherently be wrapped up in only six more episodes. I’d hate to see them do something too abrupt in order to give it a happy ending…

  40. 40 mmmaggie

    Javabeans, you spoil us so……

  41. 41 aentee

    This episode was totally adorable; thank you for the recap and letting me relive its cuteness.

    And I get the exact same feeling from Hae-ra whenever Seung-jo speaks of his effortless life; her expressions in ep 7 was most suspicious. I think that she may be one of those people who secretly works very hard to be at the top but hides the fact she has to put effort into it. Kinda like the main female character of the manga Kare Kano. Contrast to Ha-ni who also tries hard, but is open and sincere about it; enabling Seung-jo to see the world from another view.

    • 41.1 aentee

      oops I meant ep 8 up there; in the scene where Seung-jo was telling her teaching Ha-ni is fun – that people like the two of them have never experienced putting in so much effort.

    • 41.2 CHshe

      HaeRa is Yukino? (From Kare Kano?)
      I agree on the hardworking part, but Yukino is much much complex than HaeRa. Yukino is all obsessed about her vanity…
      But I’m liking this cross-comparison.

  42. 42 rainyrain

    Thanks JB for the update , thie epi is one of the cutest ever , loved every bit of bit .
    BSJ is really falling and even in love with OHN and thats sweet , things now maybe rushed since only 6 epi are left and that’s sad , I want to see the second kiss as in the cartoon .

  43. 43 asianromance

    thank you for the recap!

    The yawn method- GENIUS!!!!! Man I wish I was still in high school so I could have tried it out. Now i’m in grad school with most of the guys being Kyung-soo’s age. But I’ll definitely be saving this method for my future daughter!

    I’m glad that Seung-jo may end up being a doctor. Though in the original story, he does follow medicine, the series had been sort of pushing Seung-jo into the art direction.

  44. 44 Z

    I think this was my favorite episode so far. I was laughing out loud for most of it… except, of course, the cute little dying boy. I hope he makes a comeback sometime because it seems cruel to just leave him crying in a hospital all by himself. I’m so glad I’ve never watched another iteration of this show because I have no expectations. And it’s a really fun ride, even if it isn’t the meatiest drama in town. I was watching it on viikii and even had to turn the discussion off because people kept spoiling the story right on the video… RUDE!!!

    Also, confession. I only have time to follow one drama these days and I TOTALLY dumped I Am Legend for this show. Yep, I’m almost at Ajumma age and definitely living an official Ajumma life and I’ll still take Cute and Fluffy over Fresh and Thoughtful any day of the week. Judge me if you must!

  45. 45 jeankaycee

    thanks jb for the recap!!!!!
    your great as always!

    this episode marks the biggest improvement upon beak seung jo’s character. i love that he’s willing to face head on what hani could mean to him.

    have many fave scenes in this episode, like the picnic scene, the hospital scene as well but the most would be the stealing glances scene. even without spoken words that scene means so much! just by watching it i get all giddy! i also love that seung jo smiles more! the robotic guy is really being human indeed!

    excited for more!!!!

    PS: loving the wet curly seung jo! ; )


  46. 46 isayhey

    Javabeans watched..a…PREVIEW? :O

    • 46.1 sarangf

      should it be Javabean wrote about a PREVIEW.this is the first ? 🙂 you must like this show more than you think you do Javabean.well in that case i’m glad

  47. 47 ichigopan

    Loved this episode! Tenderness from Seung Jo?!!! (omo, *faints*).

  48. 48 danni

    The episodes just get better and better (well, with the exception of the next one, but I won’t talk about that here). I liked seeing Seung-jo unwind a little and actually acknowledge the fact that Ha-ni is an important person in his life. Now is it love? I doubt we’re there yet.

    Thanks for the recap jb!

  49. 49 rop

    go PK! ep 8 and 9 are so far the best

  50. 50 kit


    but but …


    i just want him to have a couple of happy times with his girl before she’s snatched away. or become proper competition. *sniff*

    • 50.1 Nikki

      Yes, Duckie’s adorable, but futile pining deserves at least a half a chance to win Han Ni over. Maybe we could do a fast forward where BSJ goes abroad for a year w/o keeping in touch with Han Ni. Then Han Ni gives up, becomes better friends with Duckie, the scales fall off her eyes to his worthiness…But then as it is only fitting in a KDRAMA BSJ would reappear and Duckie would instantly see in Han Ni’s face an expression she has never given him. Then he would renounce his love, vow to be a player, but fall in mutual love with someone very sweet about a month later. Also, in my dream scenario Han Ni would be only struck with her old love for BSJ for a second and BSJ would have to prove that he really loves her and was thinking about her the entire time. Like maybe getting her a gift that reminds him of a moment they spent together in each country he traveled to…Ok, done with rambling 🙂

      • 50.1.1 Dani

        actually that is a good idea but I don’t think the producers and scriptwriters would think of something like that… sadly 😛

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