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Playful Kiss: Episode 9
by | October 1, 2010 | 170 Comments

Yay for forward movement! Our Man-Robot Seung-jo takes some big strides toward becoming a real boy, and this episode is chock-full of sweet moments that warm the cockles of my jaded heart and send Ha-ni to cloud nine. And a happy Ha-ni is a happy Playful Kiss.


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Seung-jo and Ha-ni lose the gangsters (dudes, it’s just a suit!). Although Seung-jo comments that this is typical of her, he ain’t fooling us — we all saw you smiling as you ran! Ha-ni hangs her head and apologizes for the trouble, and also for following him — she couldn’t help herself. She concedes that if he likes He-ra, there’s nothing she can do about it…

To her surprise, Seung-jo asks what she wants to do next. As in, a fun activity. As in, a date?

This leads to a boat ride, and Ha-ni thinks giddily that this is like a dream. She’s happy to point out that they’re the only people who “look like a couple,” but Seung-jo never passes up a moment to burst Ha-ni’s bubbles, and he tells her that there’s a saying that couples who come here break up within six months. But that shouldn’t matter, since they’re not even dating, right?

Not wanting to jinx herself, Ha-ni wants to leave immediately and stands up in the boat. Yeah, she’s not bright. On the other hand, she gets the immediate exit she was looking for, and takes Seung-jo with her as she topples into the lake.

Seung-jo buys cheap shirts for them to change into, and Ha-ni realizes excitedly that they happen to match. Like couple tees! And may I point out that HE’S TOTALLY LOVING IT? Oh, he pretends Ha-ni’s being silly, but it’s an excuse for him to have his cake and eat it too — he can enjoy her reaction but still saves face by acting cool. I’ll even bet he chose matching shirts on purpose.

Seung-jo explains that he’d never faced difficulties, but after meeting her, it’s like he’s come into a whole new world. (The real one, perchance?) He compares her to a problem he has to solve, musing that perhaps this is like a test — he has to face it, rather than avoiding it like he used to: “I won’t run away anymore… because the answer is there.” How like Seung-jo the (former?) Robot Wonder Boy to equate human emotions to math.

Ha-ni gapes: Is this a… proposal? He chides her for jumping to conclusions, then clarifies, “I’m saying I don’t dislike you.” Coming from him, that’s downright romantic. “Being with you isn’t easy, but I don’t dislike it.”

Overcome with excitement, Ha-ni hugs his arm and thanks him, because she thought he hated her. He already knows she likes him, but there’s something admirable in the way Ha-ni makes a full-on confession anyway. She promises that although she doesn’t know Sartre and can’t cook, she’ll try to be better.

For once Seung-jo doesn’t snark back and says he’ll look forward to it. In fact, midterms are approaching — he’ll confirm her confession with the test results. (If she really likes him, she’ll try hard and improve.) HOW LIKE HIM.

As they walk off, she notes that his smile is a little different today; she feels closer to him than when they kissed.

The other twosome have a much less successful outing, as Kyung-soo tries to work up the nerve to confess his feelings to He-ra. He’s prepared a speech, but her presence makes him stutter and He-ra, sensing what’s coming, excuses herself before he gets to the point.

Hearing that Kyung-soo’s attempt went bust, Ha-ni gives him advice on how to confess effectively and coaches him with some role-playing.

Remembering her kiss with Seung-jo, Ha-ni makes a similar suggestion, replete with the line “Try to forget me if you can.” As they work out the timing of the moment, the other members see Ha-ni faking the kiss part — only, they assume it’s real.

Seung-jo arrives at practice to hear everyone buzzing about Ha-ni giving up on him and kissing Kyung-soo. The bumbling duo are still oblivious to the rumors and happen to be engaged in a wrestling match when Seung-jo sees them. Yeah, that’s the look of a guy who totally doesn’t care, right? (Ha-ni is trying to stop Kyung-soo from approaching He-ra with racquet in hand, because that turns him into a raving meanie.)

The rumors spread all over school, even reaching Ju-ri at the hair salon. When Ha-ni hears how the truth got twisted, she’s horrified — and after they’d had such a wonderful date! She tries to tell Seung-jo that the stories are untrue, but Seung-jo walks away before she can muster the words, while He-ra smirks and “congratulates” her.

Wanting to set the record straight but afraid to pester him, Ha-ni chickens out of calling him. She ends up going to the house, just in time to hear a thud. Letting herself inside, she finds Eun-jo collapsed on the ground, moaning in pain. His parents are out of town and she doesn’t know what to do, so she calls Seung-jo in a panic.

Seung-jo calms her down enough to instruct her how to take care of Eun-jo until the ambulance arrives. At the hospital, Ha-ni is pressed to make a decision about whether to operate on Eun-jo, and after a fearful moment of hesitation, she agrees to it.

Thankfully everything goes well and Eun-jo is expected to recover in a week, as Seung-jo finds when he arrives. Ha-ni is wound up tight, having gone through a big scare, and the air is strained with the misunderstanding hanging between them. She thinks that he believes she’s interested in Kyung-soo, and Seung-jo’s too emotionally awkward to express his feelings.

He (awkwardly) tries to cheer her by saying the doctor praised her reaction to the emergency. She answers that without his help, she wouldn’t have been able to do a thing.

Since words aren’t working so well for him, Seung-jo gently places a hand on her shoulder to stop her exit. Ha-ni starts to explain about the rumor, but he already heard the real story; he moves closer until he’s right behind her, and thanks her.

His gentle response releases the floodgates, and Ha-ni turns to face him and cries into his chest, saying that she was so afraid that something would go wrong. As he consoles her, she thinks of how these “first warm words I’d ever heard from Seung-jo” have dispelled all the tension that had built up inside her.

Seung-jo’s parents hear from Ha-ni’s father that house construction isn’t going so well, which is their cue to persuade him to move back. This time, Mom has a secret weapon: the kiss between Ha-ni and Seung-jo. Now that they know that Seung-jo initiated the kiss, Ha-ni’s dad doesn’t have to worry about her being stuck in a painful one-sided love anymore.

Over the next few days, Ha-ni drops by the hospital regularly to see Eun-jo, who shares a room with a boy named No-ri who has been here for over a year. The foursome — Ha-ni, Seung-jo, and the two patients — bond while studying together and playing games. Although the nurse scolds them for overtaxing No-ri, the boy is happy to have company and tells them that they’ve made things fun for him.

No-ri’s weak health stems from heart issues, and Ha-ni tears up in sympathy over his situation. That gives her an idea, and she tells Seung-jo that he could do something about it — since he’s a genius, he could become a doctor and cure people. He retorts, “If you tell me to become a doctor, do I have to?” Ha-ni eagerly answers yes.

She says it’s the perfect occupation for him, and wants to see him in a doctor’s gown someday. (Aw. If he becomes a doctor because of Ha-ni…)

The foursome have a lot of fun together, but soon it’s time for Eun-jo to be discharged. No-ri keeps a cheerful face through the goodbyes, but Eun-jo’s unable to contain his tears. It’s only after the group leaves that No-ri cries as he watches them driving away. Aw, a little boy with heart problems crying over the loss of his only friends? Cheap shot! Just tear out my heart, why don’t you.

When the three kids arrive home, they’re surprised with the announcement that Ha-ni and Dad will be moving back in. Ha-ni’s thrilled, as is Seung-jo’s mother, while Eun-jo’s first thought is about what will happen to his room. Hearing that the brothers are back to sharing a room makes Seung-jo grumpy, though I’m telling myself that he’s secretly happy — surely he’d rather have to share a room than to have his own and be stuck with that infernally tedious peace again, right?

Ha-ni joins Seung-jo outside, and they do a whole adorable dance of sneaking looks at each other, turning away when they see the other one looking at them, then stealing another glance. This scene, spare with no dialogue, is utterly adorable for the undercurrent of awareness running between them.

Poor Duckie is in for a rude awakening, and both Ha-ni and her father have a hard time working up the nerve to tell him the news. How could they, when he’s so eager to welcome them to the shop and serves them with his very first creation (special dumplings)? When Joon-gu hears that they’re moving back with the Baek family, you can practically see his heart sink.

Ha-ni’s excited to be back and a little nervous, with her relationship with Seung-jo changed but still undefined. He still gets a kick out of poking fun at her, such as when he mocks the (girly, childish) underwear she dropped on her way to take a bath. He further teases her about being flat-chested, asking if she stopped growing before puberty. Ha-ni pouts, but he says that just looking at her makes him want to tease her. (It’s okay, Ha-ni! He’s totally flirting with you. Like a 10-year-old, maybe, but still! Flirting!)

Dad sees them talking in the hallway, Ha-ni still wrapped in her towel, and hilariously, he tells them that while it’s nice that they’re on such good terms, they’re not married yet… Perhaps they could be more careful? Especially with Eun-jo around? Bwahaha.

Seung-jo finds himself thinking more about his future and his place in the world, though he doesn’t yet have any answers. He’s supposed to declare a major in the second semester, and Dad suggests business. Seung-jo summarily dismisses that.

His preoccupation means he walks right past Ha-ni at school without saying a word — either he didn’t see her, or he doesn’t find her as important as his thoughts. (Either fits his character, really.) Ha-ni laments being unable to tell if he’s interested in her or not, with him running so hot and cold. Min-ah proposes one way of testing his interest: the yawn method.

It’s simple: Yawns are contagious — if you see someone yawing, you end up doing it reflexively. Just yawn in lecture, and watch if he follows suit. If he does, it means he’s been looking at Ha-ni.

Ha-ni tests it out — and sure enough, Seung-jo yawns mere seconds after she does. She exults in this little victory… until she notices that all the women in the class also yawn. (They were looking at Seung-jo. LOL.) ‘Fess up — how many of you just yawned right now?

Seung-jo finds He-ra a welcome conversation partner since she understands what it’s like to be so good at everything that she’s never suffered. (Although Seung-jo considers them two peas in a pod, I suspect that she’s putting on an act and doesn’t get him as well as she’s trying to make it seem. There’s something about He-ra’s reactions whenever he brings up their similarities.)

Her smile fades when Seung-jo says that when Ha-ni moved in, she made him consider that the world could have different ideas than he does, and that those ideas could be right and his could be wrong. Those thoughts took him by surprise, and therefore he’s been thinking lately that he’ll have to experience more of the world.

Here’s a small but hilarious scene: Kyung-soo asks Ha-ni for help with the timing of the kiss. She balks, not wanting to revive rumors, so the other senior member volunteers to play He-ra’s part. Smooch!

Their kiss timing is off, so Ha-ni tentatively suggests that Kyung-soo try his confession while holding his racquet. However, that tilts the balance too far in the other direction; it brings a fierce (some might call it crazy) look in his eye, and his kissing partner runs away to avoid being attacked.

At home, Ha-ni is sent to collect laundry from Seung-jo’s room, and she takes the opportunity to look around. She spots a newspaper with classified ads circled — is he looking for part-time jobs?

When Seung-jo enters, she asks him whether the story she heard from a schoolmate is true — is he thinking of moving out? At his yes, Ha-ni asks worriedly if it’s because she moved back. As we know, a pensive Seung-jo is a pissy Seung-jo, and he says snappishly that she shouldn’t make everything about herself.

Mom overhears this conversation, and this leads to a serious talk with the parents. Seung-jo explains that he wants to carve his own path, including working to earn money and what he can do with his life.

His reasoning is sound, and his parents can’t argue with that. His father, in fact, is rather proud and agrees to let him move out. Mom is less thrilled but doesn’t object, either.

Ha-ni, on the other hand, is crushed.


Seung-jo, you big romantic robot. I may have to upgrade you to cyborg with all your sweet gestures to Ha-ni, although I’m holding off on that because it looks like it may be one step forward, two steps back with the next episode.

But this is about this episode, and here, he’s surprisingly sweet. This is the most open we’ve ever seen him so far, and not only does he mellow his usually gruff attitude toward Ha-ni, he goes so far as to extend a hand and make an effort. It’s not just the hospital embrace, but expressed in little details all throughout the episode. Take the beginning, when they escape the gangsters. After making his “This is so typical of you” comment, he sees that she’s feeling pretty glum and tacks on the comment that she’s pretty fit to keep up running with him. The swipe at her character is thus mitigated with the compliment, and followed by their date, during which he buys her food, matching shirts, and walks her home. Of his own volition.

More than those romantic strides, though, I’m loving seeing more hints of their complementary relationship. When Ha-ni tells him he should be a doctor, you get the sense he hadn’t considered it before, but is open to the thought. Contrast that to his father’s suggestion to go into business, which he shoots down with his usual cool detachment. It’s not that he’ll pick a career to make Ha-ni happy, but that she, again, has that unique ability to make him see the world in a new light. Like he told He-ra, Ha-ni makes him see that his one perspective of the world may not be the only (or even right) one, so he’s more willing to consider her suggestion.

Even Seung-jo can see that that’s pretty special… which is why I’m annoyed at the previews for the next ep. You have a treasure, Seung-jo, and even you recognize it — SO KEEP HER WHILE YOU CAN, DUMMY.


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  1. 51 Samy

    This episode is absolutely cute, and sweet.
    I really love the way SeungJo starts to show his true feeling; he can be really sweet and considerate. The boy is well worthy to be loved despite being a stuck-up ice-prince most of the time.
    This is why I like the male character in this version better than the Taiwan’s one. It makes the character more realistic and reasonable for the lead girl to fall hard over. Kim Hyun Joong is doing a really good job as the male lead.

    The yawn part is hilarious, so as the boat-quick-exit. I absolutely love this drama.
    Thanks for the recaps

  2. 52 dumb.as.ever

    i am enjoying the recaps and comments right after watching the subbed episode.

    i now realize that different points of view helps in appreciating the drama, especially when i miss some points. need to take another look to see what others are talking about.

    the storyline is fresh for me since i haven’t read the anime/watched other versions. so im just loving the whole show.

    wish better things to come. playful kiss fighting!

  3. 53 Anonymous

    Is anyone else annoyed with Ha- Ni? I find myself about to drop the show because I hate her so….

    • 53.1 banananana

      Yeah. For me, it’s how she changes her mind so easily, for one. “I’m NOT going to like him anymore. I’m SO over him” doesn’t have the same effect when it’s used several times. -_-

      She seems so stalker-ish too.

      • 53.1.1 shin mi rae

        i can so totally relate to ha-ni. the thing is every time ha-ni decides to forget and let go of baek seung jo, seung jo will do something nice and sweet that totally brakes her resolve…

  4. 54 hime

    loved the way he hugged her.. almost fainted with sighing! o yeah, this drama has it’s way in making everyone feel like HS times! 🙂

    good job in the recap. 🙂 can’t wait for Wednesday!

  5. 55 GreenTea

    JB, I really enjoyed the recap…it’s second reading already! And it’s only Friday, what am I going to do until Wednesday??! This episode warms my heart too, the lake scene, the tea on the porch, Seung-Jo’s smiles… ^^

  6. 56 PKFighting

    Thanks for the great recap JB!!…lurve the show….

    totally irrelevant to PK but…..i am hoping the day will come when you recap WGM joongbo segments….would just lurrrrrrrrrve to see what you think of it…. =o)

    • 56.1 jackwon

      OMG That is a brilliant idea! 😀
      Javabeans, I don’t know if you’ve ever watched We Got Married, but based on your sense of humor and appreciation of romance, I really think you’d enjoy the Kim Hyun Joong & HwangBo cuts. ^_^ I guarantee it is the funniest, sweetest, most romantic love story you will ever find, even in dramas, all the more so because it is so real. It is literally like watching two wonderful people find happiness and love. <3
      And it'd be so awesome if you recapped it and gave your commentary. I'd love to read your analysis as a Korean and as an un-biased non-fan.
      I know you're busy with dramas and recaps, but if you ever have time for a laugh, watch JoongBo cuts, and if you're amused enough, write out your thoughts. ;D

      • 56.1.1 lena

        i agree. its all of the above and so much more. even now, 2 years later, i still find myself grinning like an idiot when i think about these two. dramas come and go, but no story has ever touched me as much as this couple.

        and not to get completely off topic here, but JB, if ever you want to see KHJ in a different light, you should definitely watch WGM. 🙂

        • Annony

          I third the idea!

          • anonymous

            i remember two things from watching the lettuce couple: that it was unpretentiously sweet, and that i was most of the time rolling on the floor laughing so hard that my stomach hurt !!!!

            i mean, take the japan visit: the pooh costume and the noodle dance??!!

          • jackwon

            “Unpretentiously sweet” and funny, you’re so right. That’s an important distinction to make about Ssangchu Couple WGM; it is genuine.
            They didn’t start out as lovey-dovey right away because it’s not scripted, made-for-TV romance, and they weren’t playing cute and sweet roles, they were displaying their real selves, flaws and all. So you watch a natural process of hilarious awkwardness, gradual awareness and appreciation, subtle affection, and eventually, a real connection.
            It’s a wonderful journey of laughter and love. <3

    • 56.2 macgurl

      Definitely! WGM is just as addicting as any drama and just like in PK, you get to see KHJ emerge as a person; from awkward and unsure to someone who is confident in his own skin around a woman who does unexpected things that he does not necessarily agree with.

      Loved the couple tee correlation, and am loving reading the comments for the insights and growing appreciation for Joongie! WGM is what turned me into a KHJ fan.

    • 56.3 Mel

      I’m actually excited to see how KHJ will portray a loving Seungjo, like Joe in ISWAK..the way he looked at Ariel Lin post-marriage was oh-so-swoon worthy.

      I want to see a similar expression in KHJ’s eyes that we all saw in WGM…that certain softness and spark. I haven’t seen that expression since, even in BoF when he was supposed to be in love with JanDi, all I saw was his deer-in-headlights look.

      But yeah, I agree to what everyone before me said, you’ll definitely fall in love with KHJ in WGM. Or at least laugh so hard ’till our insides hurt, then cry a little, and wish that what they had could happen to you too.

      • 56.3.1 Annony

        I think the deer caught in the headlights look was because he was EXHAUSTED. T_T he was exhibiting it toward the end of his time in WGM, but I think because he was so genuine with his chemistry with Hwangbo, it didn’t matter.


        He looked dually tired when they were presented Best Couple. He was skeletal then T_T But when he was presenting with his BUIN (LOL) he got back into that WGM naughtiness/quirkiness.
        "Shillang, did you notice anything different?"
        "It seems you've gotten less dark." XD

  7. 57 meteorflower

    thanks for the recap, i love the character development between the 2 leads

    and i must say that Eun Jo also shows his emotion in this episode, i love the hospital scene but sad on the moving out scene

  8. 58 Nikki

    Very good episode! Just the right amountof cuteness, romance, sadness and fun! I totally teared up when Eun Jo did.

  9. 59 SKKSfan

    yeah this episode is so good that i became so disappointed with the next one by watching the first two parts. and i left it there. can’t stand it. i hope i was wrong *sigh*

    • 59.1 anonymous

      i highly highly recommend watching ep 10 to the end …. because … *wink wink* if you haven’t read the comments, there is a lot of hints already, trust me, and i absolutely love mama baek now ^_^

      • 59.1.1 SKKSfan

        yay! i almost got lost my appetite for the drama. i really really hoped that i was wrong. i also love mommy baek since the beginning!

        • odess

          oh, you have to watch it ’till the very end. trust me, it won’t disappoint. i think its actually the best one so far.

          • rainyrain

            I agree , I also think epi 10 is one of the bestest in this drama

        • rainyrain

          you’ll discover a new side of BSJ at the end of the epi 🙂

  10. 60 jackwon

    Before I even read the recap, I just have to say one thing: I miss BYE BYE SEA and their adorable “Jangnanseureon Kiss” jingles! D:

  11. 61 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks Javabeans for the awesome recap…

    And yes, I did yawn….lol I am glad that Seung Jo is showing a little bit of what he is feeling inside. Even though small gestures but as Ha Ni’s narration…she felt closer now than before when they first kiss.

    What to do now? Wednesday is still 5 days away…but I got Ep 10 recap to look forward to….:)

  12. 62 wackywinds

    Does anyone know who is the lady on the current banner of Drama Beans?

    • 62.1 Ace

      Son Ye-jin (The Classic, Summer Scent, Personal Taste)

  13. 63 jackwon

    Thanks for another entertaining recap, Ms. JB!

    I really enjoyed Ep 9, too. The sweet “date”. The touching hospital scenes. Actually, my favorite part was Ha-ni and Kyung-soo’s kiss timing lesson with dramatic re-enactment and all. LOL.

    Like JB, I loved Seung-jo’s character development but felt slightly disappointed by the way the story seemed to backtrack by the end (the preview made me go, “Ha-ni’s crying over Seung-jo’s indifference AGAIN?” -_-). Luckily, Ep 10 was much better than I expected, so it saves Ep 9 from the feeling that the pattern is getting tedious. The up-and-down of their growing relationship is okay as long as something changes at the end of the day, so I hope the plot thickens with more dilemmas and rivals and jealousy to push the story and characters forward.

    That said, I’m relieved that the writing, editing, and directing seem much more stable now. ^^; Unfortunately, I found Hyun Joong’s acting a bit off in a couple of scenes in Ep 9. =/ When he’s on the phone instructing Ha-ni on caring for Eun-jo, for example, his lack of intensity didn’t match the dramatic music and severity of the situation, even if Seung-jo is meant to be level-headed while Ha-ni panics. There were only a few lackluster moments like this, so since KHJ has steadily improved and impressed with each episode, I will chalk it up to fatigue. Poor boy needs rest. ;_; The whole team does. It’s such a pity they aren’t getting the results for all their hard work. D:

    But Ep 10 was great, and the ratings did improve, so yay! Playful Kiss keeps getting better and better, and hopefully the ratings will, too! *crosses fingers*

    • 63.1 CHshe

      I agree on the phone emergency scene, the music was like dun dun dush, yet BSJ seems to be lalalala (like a walk in the park)… but I have to say that this is what the director wants it to be… coz of course he will reshoot that scene if he doesn’t satisfied with what/how he wants it, right?

      Anyway, I still think KHJ really fits with Naoki role. He does brings out the best in BSJ and this is the first time I’ve ever felt more connected with Naoki character, unlike in previous versions. So good job, KHJ.

  14. 64 chatake

    BSJ will eventually becomes a doctor. Han Ni will become a nurse. Nori will be a famous star in the future when he grew up and will meet Han Ni again at the hospital where she is working.

  15. 65 crazedlu

    i’m kind of sad i can’t be impressed by this drama because i’ve seen the taiwanese delivery.

    i know. 8/ this isn’t even how i function when it comes to dramas, but ehhh, it must be khj. i even think he’s doing a good job, but i just can’t bring myself to like this.

    i do like hani a lot though.

    • 65.1 crazedlu

      and not because i dislike khj in any way.

      i just think some other actor out there could’ve nailed it.

      • 65.1.1 yup


    • 65.2 Jadielaw

      I agree 100%

  16. 66 v

    kya! thanks for the recap! I haven’t read it yet because I still haven’t seen ep 9&10 fully subbed and I wanted to do that first. hehe. I’m super excited! wonder until when I will be able to hold off.

    • 66.1 rainyrain

      V was wondering why u didn’t comment till now 🙂
      Love ur comments about the show , I watched both epis with subs and I’m feeling so dreamy , can’t stop watching epi 10 over and over again from the moment BSJ left the house till the second he slept leaving OHN feeling blessed next to him ( ah , also the hilarious preview or whatever , BTW , is it a preview for next week’s epi 11 )

  17. 67 h1llaro

    Still can’t get over Seung-jo’s hair…..gah XI

  18. 68 sajor

    thanks jb, lovely recap.

  19. 69 Carmen

    Errr, JB…do I detect a hint of affection towards our curly-haired Man-Robot? 😀

    And don’t worry, that preview is a bit misleading and I guarantee you that by the end of Episode 10, you’ll definitely want to upgrade him to a cyborg status…or better yet, boyfriend status? Hee.

    Thanks for the great recap, as always! I love your commentary about how Hani and Seungjo compliment each other. So true.

  20. 70 fromdblock

    i hate to admit it but this drama won me over mgig… i wrote in my mgig comment that i was happy watching the drama but the excitement wasn’t as extreme as i had expected.

    this drama on the other hand is all heart for me… the feeling is so real.. ha ni’s ups and downs, seung jo’s hot n cold behavior, the sweetness in seung jo’s smile, ha ni’s honest and “very obvious” love for seung jo….i am loving the drama more and more…episode by episode.

    • 70.1 macgurl

      My thoughts exactly! I’ve been trying and trying to get into MGIAG, but will watch everything else before it–there’s no anticipation for the next episode as much as I like Seungi and Shin Mina.

      But with PK, I can’t wait and am checking from Wed. morning to watch for when subs are done. It IS a slowly unfolding story and I love the feeling of Ha Ni’s sincerity.

      Even though she flip flops liking and not liking him, I find that as so realistic–who hasn’t gone through that in HS? It makes her real. Also love that they keep her in flats and unglamourized–she looks even a bit chunky at times, as compared to the uber svelte Hae Ra. Who hasn’t felt like that in high school, competing against the ultimate girl who has looks, brains, and money? Ha Ni is the average girl, the clutz, the one who so unfairly has to work so hard when others have it all. Love her!

  21. 71 Charmie

    i’m so excited for ep 11! can’t it be wednesday already??!

    • 71.1 rainyrain

      the irritating part is that they didn’t show epi 11 preview 🙁

  22. 72 ana

    too bad, I still cannot enjoy the show.

    one thing that make me want to watch this show is just because I really really love the story.

    The cast are soooo disappointing. I can’t see the lead male as a genius student, but the lead female is pretty good portraying her character.

    I prefer the original version (Japanese version), than Korean version/ Taiwan version.

    to me, the best Naoki is still Takashi Kashiwabara.

    • 72.1 CHshe

      I agree on Takashi Kashiwabara. Yes, he is the best Naoki in my book. The looks, the aura, everything. However INK Jap version was too short and if only the storyline would go further beyond like Korean/Taiwan/anime version. Coz if it did, KHJ or JC wouldn’t stand a chance.

      IMO in this K-version, I feel more connected with Naoki character. I didn’t feel it this way watching the rest of adaptations.

      • 72.1.1 v

        lol. to me, takashi kashiwabara is the most GOOD-LOOKING naoki so far… i don’t know about the “best” though… i can’t seem to rank which version i prefer the most… each has their own appeal. it’s like trying to choose between mom and dad. -_-” i had the same problem with HYD.

  23. 73 bd

    What is up w/ that hair? lol

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    To: JAVABEANS, super thanks for this recap.. (^_^,) here I go again with not wanting to give away spoilers, but about Seung-jo’s major… oh, I’m about to explode here.. 😀 [can I just say, you’re quite in-line with what’s going to happen in the next few ep. 😉 ] Also, Seung-jo’s got a different version of Mom’s pot-&-lid metaphor…. and it’s going to be a really good one!

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    I love the SJ developments too. If he has to be the cold-jerk-robotic hero, I am glad they are making him have an existential crisis on the way. But come now, how much longer until he realizes that he flat-out loves Ha-ni?? I know he has to “find himself”, but the bringing Ha-ni up then pulling her down-thing has to end sometime, right? Although we see his teasing attitude has evolved in a way, I hope it’s not right in Ep. 16 that we get his full acquiescence. Bleh!

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