Song Seung-heon’s invisible love

Okay, I’m just going to say it. No one should be doing a Ghost remake. And even if someone were to undertake that folly, Song Seung-heon should not be starring in it. I mean, can anyone suppress the laughter? What were they thinking? Is it perhaps a comedy?

Sadly, no. It wasn’t made as a comedy, but it certainly will be one, to me anyway.

This remake of Ghost, called Ghost: Invisible Love (I kid you not. That’s the literal title. Snerk.) is a Korean-Japanese-American co-production, starring Song opposite Matsushima Nanako (The Ring).

They actually recreated the same scene from the original 1990 film, starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Oh, you know the one. Don’t pretend you don’t. For some strange reason, I can’t ever look at a pottery wheel without that damn Ghost soundtrack playing in my head. Damn you, Swaaaaayzeee!

Song starred in another remake this year (Invincible), and will be starring in the rom-com drama My Princess early next year. Ghost: Invisible Love hits theaters November 25.

Via Sports Chosun




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wow! i read so many negative comments about SSH not a good actor in this remake of the American movie GHOST. SSH is an excellent actor. i know everyone is entitled of their own opinion but hey, i watched almost all of his movies & dramas. i like the guy. he can do anything. he's talented. i watched this movie so many times. i loved it. i'm a huge fan of HIM. i'll forever support him. if you don't like it, then why watch? go team SSH! fighting :)


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