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Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 12
by | October 12, 2010 | 384 Comments

Hey, girlfriday here, pinch-hitter in the Joseon Crack lineup. Now that I’ve seen the episode, in retrospect it seems like I swooped in and picked up the best episode to recap, but I swear, I’m not greedy like that.

Oh, who’re we kidding. I AM greedy like that!


It’s fisticuffs everywhere, as Yoon-hee knocks Sun-joon down in the water, and Jae-shin clocks Yong-ha a good one, drawing some blood. Is it weird that I find that hot?

Yong-ha doesn’t think his offense is really that bad, but Jae-shin tears him a new one for messing with people, as if everything is a game. Nail on the head—that’s pretty much his M.O., but as his best friend you have a right to call him on it. Jae-shin, of course, is worried that “something” might happen, knowing that Yoon-hee is a girl.

I love how in dramas people always freak out about a man and a woman being locked in a place overnight, because “something” might happen. It’s the funniest euphemism to me, because they always make it sound like sex is a “thing” that happens to people, like catching a cold or something. It’s hilarious. Can’t two people just choose to have sexy fun times? It’s a rhetorical question to k-dramaland, not a gripe at Joseon Crack. Personally, I find Guh-ro’s concern overwhelmingly adorable.

And so does Yong-ha, who calls him out in turn, for showing his true concern for Yoon-hee. This was his goal, in fact, in orchestrating this crazy can’t-catch-a-boat scenario: to confirm his suspicions that 1) Yoon-hee is a girl, 2) Guh-ro knows that Yoon-hee is a girl, and 3) Guh-ro lurves her like a puppy.

On the Island of Pent-Up Feelings, it starts to rain, and Sun-joon catches a cold. They rush to put the tent back up, and end up inside together, feeling awkward. This would’ve had more impact if you weren’t already roommates, but it’s still delightfully tense.

Back on the peninsula, Hyo-eun cries that it’s all her fault, wanting to be trapped on the island in Sun-joon’s stead. Yong-ha is surprised at her earnest concern for the stiff and boring Sun-joon, wondering what on earth she sees in him. He sweetly puts a spoon in her hand, telling her to eat something warm to stop from shaking. Aw.

It eventually stops raining, but when Yoon-hee looks back at Sun-joon, he’s fallen asleep. She tries to shake him awake, but he falls onto her shoulder. She realizes that he’s running a fever, complete with purple lips and freezing hands. She warms his hands with hers and takes off her outer layer of clothing, to use as a blanket. What about his lips? Aren’t you going to warm those too?

She thinks to gather twigs and build a fire (smart girl), so she starts the night-long project, not realizing how difficult it is to make fire when everything just got drenched in rain water. But she keeps at it, starting the fire and watching over Sun-joon.

She warms his hands, and lies on top of him to keep him warm. Rawr!

Meanwhile, Jae-shin scours the town for boats, offering up his weight in nyang for someone to take him across to the island. But no one will go this late, and in this weather. It’s not fated to be, for you to rescue her from this, but I love that you try so hard.

Yong-ha catches up to him, asking how he could possibly be so worried about two strapping young men trapped together on an island. Or is the fact that they’re both men the part that worries him? Haha. No, but that’s certainly what Sun-joon’s got swirling around in his head. Yong-ha pats his cheek and leans into his ear, “I’m always on your side.”

I think it’s equal parts wanting him to win the girl, and wanting Guh-ro for yourself, and I love that about you.

Sun-joon wakes up to find Yoon-hee curled up next to him, face covered in dirt and hands covered with cuts. He sees the massive pile of firewood she gathered, and reaches out his hand to her face, just as she stirs awake.

Sun-joon: “I didn’t do anything.” HAhahaha. He yells at her for being so stubborn, showing his concern and gratitude in his ass-backwards way. She doesn’t even hear his nagging, as she feels his forehead and beams that his fever has broken.

Guh-ro returns to his empty dorm room, left with nothing to do but be alone with his feelings. Yeah, he deals with that as well as you’d think.

Yoon-hee and Sun-joon sit by the fire, and she puts up a brave front, saying that Hyo-eun seems like a good girl with a pretty face, and a pretty heart. She acknowledges the match, and Sun-joon stupidly agrees with her. Gah, I love this—she’s saying it to distance herself because it’s what she thinks he wants, and he’s doing it to distance himself because he thinks he can’t love her.

She asks what he likes about Hyo-eun, which he can’t answer, since he’s never thought about that stuff. She tells him it’s simple—someone who makes your heart race, makes you think of them, makes your day bright or cloudy. Sun-joon jumps to the conclusion that Yoon-hee must have someone like that in her life, to hear her talk that way. She asks if he intends to get engaged, and he tells her that it’s his father’s idea, and that he has no interest in the matter.

That makes her break into a smile, and she rewards him with an apple…with a cricket on top. She freaks out in a girlish scream, throwing the apple onto his lap and hiding her face, making Sun-joon smile from ear to ear. He teases her with it, and they have a good laugh.

Before the break of dawn, Yong-ha shows up to offer Hyo-eun a ride to the dock. He gallantly swoops her up onto his horse, and tells her to hold on tight (oh, you), as he takes her to her beloved.

Yoon-hee starts to doze off, and Sun-joon gives her a little apology, for bringing her here, because of his feelings…

Without understanding his actual meaning, she tells him that it’s okay, because it felt good to be able do something for him. She dozes off, and he watches her sleep, looking at those lips…

He starts to lean in… (Omo!)

…nose thisclose to her cheek…

And then he catches himself, his hand balling up into a fist, as he pulls away, realizing what he’s about to do.

Gah! The angst, the push and pull of his desire against what he thinks is right…it’s SO PERFECT. It’s great dramatically regardless of who the players are, but it’s another level up, when the makeup of his character is so rooted in Right vs. Wrong.

He heads to the shore to beat his heart into submission, which is when Hyo-eun comes running to him. She locks onto him in a heartfelt embrace, tears flowing in relief. She takes his face in her hands, so happy to see that he’s okay, which is of course exactly when Yoon-hee arrives on the scene.

Yong-ha clocks her reaction, and wonders aloud, “Did something happen, or didn’t it?” Wouldn’t you like to know?

Back at Sungkyunkwan, it’s time for open house and another big sports match, this time a game resembling hockey. The teachers worry about the class war that usually breaks out on the field (in the form of actual fighting).

All the students start to back the Soron dorm, assuming that the Jalgeum Quartet will win, as they are in the King’s favor. This makes In-soo more glowery than usual, as the wheels start turning in his head.

Sun-joon walks Hyo-eun home, and when she asks in a roundabout way if she can come to the open house, he answers in his Sun-joon-esque way that it wouldn’t be against the law. Haha. She interprets that to be a heartfelt invitation, which just makes me nostalgic for those teenage crushes where we’ve all taken such blank words and imbued them with so much meaning. Sigh.

Yong-ha and Yoon-hee arrive back at school, and Yong-ha explains that open house is the reason why he’s still here at Sungkyunkwan—it’s the day when women can enter campus freely. He notes that Sun-joon will surely invite Hyo-eun.

He notes her reaction, tsk-tsking the love triangle that only he knows about. He tells her that it’s a shame, since there’s someone whose blood ran dry, waiting for her…

Jae-shin, in true manly fashion, takes out his sexual frustration on a poor defenseless ball and stick. I sort of love that the man of action has been rendered useless in this scenario, making him feel doubly pent-up.

Yong-ha shows up to call attention to the fact that he waited up all night for Yoon-hee, taking the opportunity to manhandle him again. God, the skinship between these two is enough to fuel a spinoff series.

He tells him that something happened to her on the island, sending him running like the wind…

…only to be stopped by Yoon-hee, asking where he’s running off to so fast. He looks back at Yong-ha, who blows him a kiss. Cheeky boy.

She apologizes for making him worry, and he says in his usual gruff way that he didn’t worry and for her to go rest. She walks away and he does too, but then something dawns on him (Feelings? Is it…feelings?) and he turns back around.

He marches up to her purposefully, swinging her around to face him. Omo…are you going to kiss her? You look like you’re going to kiss her!

Jae-shin: You…you little…from now on, you stay in my sights at all times. Wherever you go, whatever you do, stay in my sights. Because I thought I was losing my mind.


If you keep making me faint like this, I’ll never get through this episode.

Yong-ha returns to his room to find Sun-joon waiting for him, desperate for some advice. Yong-ha tells him to spill his beans, as he’s better at keeping secrets than he appears. Sun-joon asks if it’s the law (not legally, but law of the universe) for all men to like women. Without hesitation, Yong-ha answers, “No. Where is there a law like that in the world? It’s instinct.”

Sun-joon asks if it’s natural that rather than a girl he hardly knows, he feels more comfortable around his friends. Yong-ha doesn’t let him skirt the issue, asking directly if he’s saying that he likes guys. He starts to stammer, trying to ask but not ask…

Yong-ha: You want to be close to him? Touch him? Ah, I’ve experienced that before…Guh-ro.

Okay, you’re really not making this easy. Peel…self…off…floor.

Yong-ha says that he’s felt that way about Guh-ro, enough to question whether or not he likes boys. Well, that’s definitely what I always suspected about your overcompensation, lady-killer-wise. If the two of you end up as the second pairing, I may die of happiness right then and there.

He hands Sun-joon the book that’s always saved him, and warns him to only read it when he’s alone. He ends with these parting words, “It’s a sin to hate, but how can it be a sin to love? No matter who it is.” Aw, I love you more than words right now.

Sun-joon sneaks a peek in the red book of hetero-normative instincts, and his eyeballs nearly pop out. Heh.

Meanwhile, In-soo comes up with a plan for keeping the Noron-Soron war at bay during the match. He comes up with a “random” method of team division. This is, of course, just a way to split up the Jalgeum Quartet, and it works—Jae-shin / Yoon-hee on one team, and Yong-ha / Sun-joon on the other.

Yong-ha sees right through this, noting that In-soo is simply pitting Noron (Sun-joon) against Soron (Jae-shin) anyway. He asks why he’s also on team Noron, and In-soo replies that he’s one of them, calling him “my person,” like a possession. Yong-ha retorts with fire in his eyes, “Who says? I’m Gu Yong-ha. I have no plans to be anyone’s ‘person.'” Ooh, learned a thing or two about being a badass from Guh-ro, eh?

He softens to his usual self, as he adds that if In-soo wants to keep him around, he should make it more fun, because right now he’s being really boring. Ha. I do enjoy the consistency of his bored playboy character.

Jae-shin takes Yoon-hee out to practice, and he starts out yelling because he can’t really express anything else, but then he softens up and finally shows her how to properly hold the stick, holding her hands in his. She looks up at him with her giant doe eyes, smiling, and he gets so uncomfortable that he breaks away.

Sun-joon watches them from afar, his heart heavy from the jealousy, compounded with his feelings that aren’t…supposed to be. He practices nearby, hearing Yoon-hee say all the things to Guh-ro that he wants to hear. I do so enjoy the dynamic of Yoon-hee looking up to Jae-shin, and Sun-joon’s jealousy of that, not romantically, but even if they were three boys.

He walks away suddenly, trying to tamp down his feelings. Yoon-hee follows, and he hides, putting his hand over his thumping heart. Aw.

Later that night, the King gets news of a disturbing turn of evens—the Red Messenger kills three royal guards, and steals money to give back to the people. Even the King notes that this is uncharacteristic of the Red Messenger, but these actions can no longer be ignored.

Aw, crap. A fake Red Messenger? What will Guh-ro do?

The King regrets having to do this, but murder can’t go unpunished. He orders the Red Messenger captured at once.

Minister Ha is the one behind Fake Red Messenger, and brags to Minister Lee that they won’t have to worry, since eventually, the imposter’s actions will lead to the real Red Messenger’s capture.

Minister Lee thinks the plan is riskier than he’d like, and threatens to take back their kids’ marriage plans. Basically, he dangles up Hyo-eun’s entry into his family as a prize—if Minister Ha can catch the Red Messenger, they’ll discuss marriage. Damn. You’re cold AND powerful. And it’s bizarre to think that Guh-ro’s capture will lead to Sun-joon’s engagement if this all goes according to plan.

Guh-ro reads the news the next morning, scoffing. You shouldn’t be scoffing. This is going to get you sent to the head-chopping place! Hire a lawyer! And a CSI team.

Open House begins at Sungkyunkwan, and the ladies arrive in their best dresses. Yong-ha reigns as the big man on campus, with a row of girls a mile long trailing behind him. Now we know why it’s his favorite day.

Yoon-hee’s mother arrives as well, and Professor Jung finds her first. She’s shocked to see him, as she knows him from her husband’s days as a professor. He tells her that he knows about Yoon-hee being a girl, and she says that she’ll take all the blame and take Yoon-hee away at once. But Professor Jung knows Yoon-hee well enough by now, and tells her that there’s no stopping this girl.

He confesses that Yoon-hee sparks a desire in him to teach her, and that SHE is teaching HIM that men and women…can be equal. He starts to say that perhaps someday in Joseon…

But her mother wonders why Yoon-hee must be the one to pave the way. As Mom, of course she wants to protect her daughter from the pain and struggle. I hate to break it to you, Mom—your love for her breaks my heart, but there’s really no way she’s going to live quietly the way you want her to.

Professor Jung tells her that it’s because of Yoon-hee…because of his smart, talented daughter, that her husband wanted a governorship. He wanted to create a new world where his daughter could use her gifts. Oh my god, I might be crying. I’ve never met this man, but he sounds epic.

Over lunch, Yoon-hee asks her mother why she was never told about her father, and Mom just pleads with her to safely finish her studies and return home quietly, so they can look back on this time and laugh about it. You’re in for some rough waters, Mom. If that’s all that education was, the world would never change.

Cho-sun arrives on campus as well, searching high and low for Yoon-hee. In-soo sends for her first, and she sits down for tea. After giving due diligence, she gets up, saying quite clearly that he isn’t the person she came here to see. He grabs her wrist, holding her back.

She keeps her calm, saying coolly that she feels sorry for him—how is it that he thinks that everything in this world exists for him to possess? She asks for him to let her be, and walks away. She’s nine kinds of awesome. I really wish we saw more of this character.

In-soo just gets lost in reverie, remembering that she wore something similar the day he first met her, when she came to his house at the age of ten. Ah, so first love, eh? That doesn’t make you less creepy for wanting to possess her, but I see why you’re so fixated.

Yoon-hee thinks about her mother’s words as she hides in the library, and Guh-ro finds her there, asking why she’s hiding on a day like this. After all, she’s got the name Daemul to live up to. Heh.

She marvels at seeing him in the library, of all places—she’s never seen him in here before, and he nonchalantly says it’s because he’s read everything in here. She scoffs, and then pauses…no, it couldn’t be…she checks the books, and sure enough, his name is there on all the cards. She looks up at him, impressed. You TOTALLY did that just to impress her, you lovesick fool! Hahaha.

They sit down to eat together, and Yoon-hee teases him for not having a single girl here to visit him, let alone anyone in his heart. Jae-shin: “So? That’s why I’m eating with you.” Swoon.

Just then, Yoon-hee sees Sun-joon across the way, and Jae-shin catches her looking at him. Gah, the looks! The silent looks in this love triangle are enough to wring my heart dry.

When two girls realize who Jae-shin is, they rush over to either side of him, sending him hiccupping and running away in fear.

Hyo-eun calls Yoon-hee over to their table, insisting that they eat together, and she almost manages to slip away, until Cho-sun arrives. Commence dinner of most awkward proportions.

Within about two milliseconds of awkward tension, Cho-sun gets the score. She watches Sun-joon carefully, making Hyo-eun think that she’s eyeing him in the other way. She plays up her flirting, feeding him, which just raises Yoon-hee’s ire, making her tend to Cho-sun, which irks Sun-joon, who turns to Hyo-eun as a distraction. Hahaha. It’s a merry-go-round of passive-aggressive flirting.

Sun-joon assumes that Yoon-hee’s heart belongs to Cho-sun, and Yoon-hee assumes the same of Sun-joon and Hyo-eun. But Cho-sun gets up abruptly, saying that she shouldn’t have come here tonight, declaring that Yoon-hee’s heart doesn’t belong to her.

Whoa. She calls her out on it right there on the spot, declaring that she’ll guess to whom her heart really belongs…

She walks over to Sun-joon’s side, gives Yoon-hee a look, then kisses Sun-joon on the cheek.


What a fan-friggin-tastic episode. This is really the most compelling love triangle I’ve seen in a while, because most lead pairings are so overtly ahead of the pack. Despite knowing that Sun-joon and Yoon-hee are meant for each other, I enjoy the dynamic of the various hurdles, most of all because of the situations and feelings that they stir for all involved. Jae-shin’s growing relationship with Yoon-hee, from hyung and protector to oppa and love interest is so cute it kills me. It’s not even like I want him to get the girl, (Okay, I want at least one hot kiss before Sun-joon gets the girl—let’s be real.) but I adore his changes as a character because of his growing love for her.

As for Sun-joon, I love how far he’s come…to question his sexuality, to question the law. For his character, it’s an epic shift, and one that I think will take the story to new heights.


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        oh heheheh hello my doppleganger!dun dun dun dun:)

  13. 13 Noypi

    Oh WOW!! What a pleasant surprise Girlfriday!! Nice to see you on the SKKS board!!! =D

    Love this line from you:

    “It’s not fated to be, for you to rescue her from this, but I love that you try so hard.”

    This is the painful truth with our end Kdrama leads.. *sigh*.. But I think you are now my favorite second lead Moon Jae Shin!!! I think you might have just beaten Shin Woo of YAB in my heart!! <3

    • 13.1 Noypi

      2nd** not end

    • 13.2 houstontwin

      I couldn’t believe it when I heard that the same actor who plays Moon Jae Shin played that sort of nerdy but cute young architect in the Man Who Can’t Marry. He is so attractive and manly in Sunkyunkwan Scandal!

      I also think that he is the most awesome second lead!

      • 13.2.1 meve

        1st time i fell for the 2nd lead really. so yeah. MOST AWESOME SECOND LEAD!

  14. 14 sweet

    Thank you!!!!!
    And episode 13 ratings is 12.8%! WOW! Good! So happy!^_^

  15. 15 nikky_p_28

    Wow!! super fast too!!! Everything about this series is super duper lightining fast… the story, the subbers from soompi (HOWLER!), the recappers and now dramabeans! In spite of my out-of-work-sick-condition right now how I’m loving my sick bed right now coz I get to see/read it all! And yes GF you seems to get the best part of an episode to recap! Is it luck? or conspiracy? maybe bullying someone? or pure coincidence? WHO CARES!!!! loved your recap!!!
    Thanks for pinching in!

  16. 16 dramarama

    AMEN! AMENAMENAMEN! May GUL-OH get int ONE HOT KISS, nay, MANY MANY HOT kisses before the main guy gets the main girl as that’s what ALWASY happens in korean dramas and i resign myself to the same fate but OH LET THE GODS BE MERCIFUL and give my FAV COUPLE the hotttttttest kiss (or two or three or more) before sunjoon snatches yoonhye for happily ever after

  17. 17 katz

    I love you, Grilfriday!! You really do have a knack in choosing episodes to recap eh?

    This really was a fantastic episode and I love how 4 of them are all tied up together one way or another – politics, love, friendship or otherwise. Like you, it’s not like I really want Jae-Shin to get the girl but sigh, every move he makes for her just makes my heart break that little more.

    • 17.1 katz

      Oops, *Girlfriday

      Sigh, can’t be professing my love when I can’t even get the name right!

      • 17.1.1 Eleven11

        mm, grill friday. Sounds like a delicious meal.

        • katz

          I was probably thinking of food subconsciously. It was right about lunch time so can’t blame me. Reading the recap (and swooning over the 3 gorgeous boys and 1 girl) took precedence over my growling tummy so it probably didn’t like that! Heh.

    • 17.2 bluepenguin

      This comment is perfect! I agree with everything! =)

      Marvelous recaps of SKK from cassie, red pill and now girlfriday!

      And I totally agree with girlfriday saying that never has a triangle been this compelling. I’m always waffling between Sun Joon and Jae Shin. Yoon Hee is the luckiest girl that ever existed in kdramaland. FACT.

  18. 18 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks girlfriday for an awesome recap.

    Oh gosh, I can just understand the swooning phenomenon on this episode. I know that Sunjoon and Yoon hee are for each other…but I am for team Jaeshin. He is just a dreamboat. He may sound and look rough but he got the cutest smile there is. And I love it when his long hair frames his face. I saw Yoo Ah In’s pics without that long hair and I don’t like because I feel like having a crush on a little boy…lol.

    Anyways, Yongha is just adorable esp when he was blowing that kiss to Jaeshin…I have repeated that scene so many times. I am jealous with so much skinship between Yongha and Jaeshin…lol

    Like you I wish Jaesin can have that kiss with Yoon hee before Sunjoon will get her…but alas, I doubt it…esp during that era. How can our Jaesin ever give up Yoon hee if he finally get to kiss her.

    I am sooo thankful that the recaps here are so awesome that i finally squeezed SKKS into my sched…and I never regretted it for a sec.

    Thanks again…

    Team Moony forever…lol

    • 18.1 m00nYfaN

      Have you seen Yoo Ah-in’s new photos shoot.So! have a look.


    • 18.2 Soua

      Jae-shin is soooo hot! Totally agree! Team Jae-shin!!! Though he won’t get the girl…

      Why is it that the second lead guys have the cutest personalities, and they’ll do anything for the girl? And yet… and yet… *tears

  19. 19 red

    thanku so much..awesome recap, laughed so much


    “I love how in dramas people always freak out about a man and a woman being locked in a place overnight, because “something” might happen. It’s the funniest euphemism to me, because they always make it sound like sex is a “thing” that happens to people, like catching a cold or something.”

    Loved Yoo ah In ….his jae shin made me swoon so much in this episode….but im liking sun joon too…..but my heart is going to break for jae shin when yoon hee goes to sun joon……poor puppy

  20. 20 blkrose

    I didn’t expect to like this show as much as I do.
    Yong-ha is definitely my favorite character. I would like to claim MINE, but to young and I think I’m married.
    The angst, sexual innuendo, and skinship is driving ME crazy……YA….will somebody kiss already! Anyone!

    GF thanks for your great recaps. It’s funny how we splat..splatted? at the same scenes.

    • 20.1 Eleven11

      I FINALLY tuned in, after viikii wouldn’t let me watch i got lazy about looking for it online, but so glad i did – Yong Ha is awesome! I love him with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

    • 20.2 Eleven11

      Sorry to double reply, but also: the scene between him and SunJoon questioning his sexaulity in such a cutely naive way was ADORABLE. my heart, it throbs.

    • 20.3 Janet

      from blkrose
      “…..and I think I’m married……”

      Oh! now that you said that……..
      Anyway, I still love JaeShin!!!

  21. 21 jenjen

    epic caps
    epic recap
    epic episode

    • 21.1 anagoshiki

      epic comments

      the recaps are always awesome and enjoyable that i can always put off watching the episode. i always lurk here, reloading the page every so often to see if there are new recaps posted. and the comments are also engaging. my husband wonders about the squeeing and all as i’m already in my 30s but thankfully, he lets me have my fangirly moments and leave me be. he loves me that much.

  22. 22 kdlover

    Love reading your recap girlfriday!! You are just soo funny!!! I’m really in love with this drama!!

  23. 23 lei

    awesome, girlfriday! thanks for the recap!

    LOL at jae shin. he’s not afraid of spears and arrows but a couple of women can scare him away. minister lee and minister ha should just hire a gaggle of gisaengs to capture the red messenger 🙂

    • 23.1 rayray

      hehehehe so true! 😀

    • 23.2 munchkim

      LOL!!! I just imagined a hoard of gisaengs surrounding a hiccuping Red Messenger. Kekeke!

      • 23.2.1 cracker010

        I couldn’t stop laughing, poor J-Shin=>hiccuping to dead
        and me=>laughing to dead

    • 23.3 Anonymous

      LOL, you are sooo right! “LOL at jae shin. he’s not afraid of spears and arrows but a couple of women can scare him away. minister lee and minister ha should just hire a gaggle of gisaengs to capture the red messenger ”

      however, that just makes him even more attractive (fangirly me, I can’t help it), and makes it even more heartbreaking that he fell in love with the female lead, who is not going to end up with him (even though I wish it weren’t so)

  24. 24 whatis

    oh my god… I’ve never “swoon”ed SO many times in a drama before! This is EPIC!

    I love all 3 male leads, it’s crazy. Usually I root for 1. But this… this is making life very difficult and I LOVE IT!!!

    How hilarious was Sun-joon when he went to Yong-ha’s place?? He looks a little nervous outside, but inside, he must be screaming “What the $&^# is WRONG WITH MEEEEEEEEE??” ahhahahaha
    I LOVE IT!

  25. 25 amatsu

    Gads, this episode was full of jealousy angst and cuteness I can’t even… So good. I love this drama! JAE SHIN, WHY SO KIYOOOT??

    • 25.1 amatsu

      Also I hope Hyo Eun and Yeorim end up together. They fit perfectly they don’t even know. XD

      This is the best swoony drama (that has depth!) I’ve encountered in a long time.

      • 25.1.1 Daniaa

        CRAZILY TRUE! 😀

      • 25.1.2 Nana

        NO ! Yeorim either gonna being single and sexy or ends up with Guh-ro (he needs someone to mend his soon-to-be-broken heart when our girl went to the lead).

        And I dislike that girl.

    • 25.2 anon

      Jae Shin was so cute in the library scene.

  26. 26 Crazymoonyfan

    OMG…..it’s GIRLFRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a surprise!!!! What a treat!!!!!! What have we done right to have you here!!!!!! Hehe….I’m one happy camper!!!!!

    Love you…….love your recap….love the show…..love moony…..

  27. 27 LeeLey

    Moon Jae Shin!!!! This bad boy really has my heart. I am so in love with this character- I hope he does get to kiss Daemul despite us knowing she’ll end up with Garang. Not knowing what this story was about, I was so delightfully surprised how Guh-ro who started out as nasty, now is so oppa protective of Daemul…Love it!!!!! This show is awesome!!

    • 27.1 Janet

      I don’t think Guh-Ro started out nasty at all. Even from the start, he protected Daemul (though, Daemul was in her “female”-form before, waaay back in an earlier episode).

  28. 28 :D


  29. 29 eureka

    thank you for the recaps..
    gosh..from this episode i think there’ll be more yongha-hyo eun scene..i read in some forum that yongha will end up with hyo eun. truthfully, i against this pairing because i think yongha deserves a better girl (or maybe i’m just jealous of seo hyo rim). but maybe if i see some chemistry between them, i can become yongha-hyo eun shipper.

    as for moon jae shin, i love you..from now on i turn from a loyal yummy fraction member to a yummy-moony coalition fracton member..

    nb : sorry for my bad/fail english..^_^

    • 29.1 nur

      same here, i am in the Yummy fraction. Now thinking to register to Moony fraction tu… (but if there is schedule clash between the 2, i’ll choose the Yummy one)

  30. 30 LeeLey

    Oh ya… TEAM MOONY all the way!!!!

  31. 31 munchkim

    KYAAAAA!!! I love this episode to bits! I’ve been giggling ang squealing the entire time. Yongha and Jaeshin – I’m torn between this two. I can’t choose who I like best. O-O

  32. 32 notoriousnoona

    I am love sick over this drama! Thank you so much for the recap.

  33. 33 xiaoSxin

    GIRLFRIDAY.. your recaps make me ROFL!!

    I have to agree.. even as much I pray to Drama Gods for Jae Shin to get the girls.. it would be like defying gravity since we know who is the OTP..

    BUT.. if we can have one hot kiss for Jae Shin with Yoon Hee..


  34. 34 megan

    awesome recap.

    best episode yet! loved the push and pull of the love triangle, and the development of jae-shin and sun-joon.

    but, am I alone, or does anyone else besides me and girlfriday, want a spin-off with Jaeshin and Yong Ha.
    I love those two LIKE CRAZY.


    • 34.1 bluepenguin

      I am definitely another who wants to see a spinoff. I can watch Yong Ha and Jae Shin coyly flirt and smirk with and at each other till the end of days!

      Their bromance is the stuff of dreams. =)

    • 34.2 Emma

      I am with u sister….Bring on the bromance….I love YOng Ha!!! I was never a gay supporter (nor do I oppose them) but if he end up with Moony, I can openly say to the world I SUPPORT THEM :)) Bring on the LOVE <3 <3 <3

  35. 35 holey moley

    i super love this show, and i super love your recap…its so cute…a nice way contrast to the disappointment that was ep 11-12 of pk…these 2 ep had me on the edge of my seat…and may i just say that yong ha is totally gay and have a decade long unrequited love for jae shin that he overcompensates by womanizing…and that’s why he orchestrated the deserted island scenario because of his jealousy…because that would totally make sense instead of the “i was just bored” thing, because then he was just a freakin plot device, and i hate it that he was used like that…but i’m still okay if he was paired with hyo eun, because i can sense that he was interested on her and may likely grow more fond of her…

    and finally, my heart melted and had been heartbroken because of jae shin’s love for yoon hee…gah!!! i’m in a serious second lead syndrome…yoo ah in, you are so hot!!!! initially, i didn’t feel the chemistry between the OTP, but i’m slowly warming up to them

    i want a spin-of of jaeshin and yongha’s love affair!!!!!

  36. 36 jen

    i’m loving song joong ki
    i wonder if they are ever going to do a story about him??
    because it’ll be interesting to see why he has the playboy facade

  37. 37 budsdiana

    “It’s fisticuffs everywhere, as Yoon-hee knocks Sun-joon down in the water, and Jae-shin clocks Yong-ha a good one, drawing some blood. Is it weird that I find that hot?”

    Me too, I find it so damn hot!!!!!!! Love JS and Yongha to death!!

  38. 38 :P

    yay! suprise recap by GF! r u high on joseon crack? CUZ I AM!!!! the characters r all rly awesome (well, most of them) evil politicians or cute J4 members : D wow, this is so much more htna wht i expected, this is amazing rom-com saeguk-fusion politics-dark understory i must say tht the king is so cool. and prof, jung. they kick ass

  39. 39 miss_procrastination

    Girlfriday, you are a doll. I completely and utterly agree. This episode was fan-tastic. Forgive my corniness…but seriously Sungkyunkwan Scandal–how can you do this to my heart? Sun Joon & Jae Shin are epic. This is one of the hottest love triangles I have seen in a while. ADORE. Swoon worthy. Sigh.

    I was comatose after this episode from all the cute. It slays me.

  40. 40 swui

    I love this episode. It seems quite balanced with all the three guys getting pretty equal screentime. I remember thinking this was a YongHa’s episode but after going through your recaps I guess it was as much SunJoon and JaeShin’s….or maybe because you magnify all their interactions that it felt that way. Or YongHa really stole my attention in this episode that everyone else sort of faded into the background…

    This is the epi where JaeShin finally realized he’s in love with YoonHee (thanks to our prankster YongHa)…but it’s heartbeaking timing because it was so obvious that YoonHee is head-over-heels in love with SunJoon. Also Chosun’s unrequited love…sigh…though I absolutely love how she brushed off In Soo AND was so alert she noted the chemistry between YoonHee and SunJoon right away…

    Yong Ha is finally showing a little more of his serious(darker?) side which he camouflages so well with his bored playboy attitude….Although I love seeing cheeky YH….I would love to see more of that hidden personality of his…it would be fascinating to see what this side of him is capable of….

    p/s: Love JS, adore Yha, admire SJ.

  41. 41 anais

    Oh, how many times did I explode in laughter reading this recap. And how many times did I squeeeee while watching the episode.

    And epic. Yes, epic is a-coming.

    The evolution of the characters is so rich. Sunjoon’s growth in particular, because he had the most room to evolve, is truly powerful and moving.

    I can’t believe next week is the end. I hope for SKKS that they go out with a major bang. How can a drama be so perfect?

    • 41.1 nikky_p_28

      Nope they are not ending next week…This drama is slated for 20 delicious episode. So Hang on to your horses, coz episode 15 might haul you out of your rollercoster ride. I’m strapping in real good for a rough but exhilarating full of spazzing and screaming ride.

      • 41.1.1 anais

        AWESOME!!! I’d seen elsewhere that it was only 16, so I’d wondered how they planned to wrap everything up in two episodes. As for Ep 15, I saw the previews. Holy moly. This week’s angst was… Gah. I admire the folks who can speak intelligently about this show at this moment. I find myself reduced to “gah,” “squee,” “OMG,” “omona,” “lurrrrve,” and so on.

  42. 42 Sunny

    EEEEEEEEEEEEH I was hoping it’d be you or javabeans!! 😀
    Thanks for a great recap. I think I must’ve put Yong-ha’s scenes multiple times on repeat… Dear lord. I had suspicions about him + Jaeshin since way back but it still didn’t prepare me for the squeal-worthy scene when he gave Sun-joon the little sex talk. So. GOOD.
    I love this show so much. 🙂

  43. 43 rayray

    haha I’m reading this in the library and it’s SO HARD to resist smiling the whole time like an idiot because this drama is ADORABLE. My god, the sounds of glee that I made whenever Jae Shin did something swoon worthy in this episode…I didn’t even know existed within me.

  44. 44 jandoe

    GF you’re recapping this (one) yayyyyyyyyyyy!

    i loved the recap, said all the things i thought (and didn’t) 😀

  45. 45 christina

    This episode was so so so good!!!!!!!!! I LOVE GUH ROH! So hot! >___<

  46. 46 Isabella

    I love this episode! This drama is getting more and more impressive!

  47. 47 xiaoSxin

    i know GF.. I dont know how many times i heard a loud thump because my heart fell to the floor because of heartbreak, angst or swooning to our beloved Jalgeum Quartet

  48. 48 zie

    Gaaaaahhhh.. Seriously.. This episode made my throat hurt from too much *SQUEEEEEEEE*..
    Omaigadddddd.. >_<

  49. 49 misa

    woah! so this the surprise that red_pill is talking about.. welcome aboard Girlfriday!! thanks for the awesome and hilarious recap!!

    really really loved this episode! fell inlove with jae-shin a million times! ha!

  50. 50 hpn88

    I love Guh-ro, Sun-joon and Yoon-hee

    But, my heart belongs to Yong-ha. He is just the most fascinating character out of all 4. I can’t peg him.

    Sun-joon is the righteous do-gooder.
    Yoon-hee is the spunky heroine
    Guh-ro is our resident bad-boy with a heart of gold

    but Yong-ha…who is he? Full of machinations, bored playboy, wise counselor in matters of the heart, thinker beyond his times (and ours too). I love how he stands in the background and knows all. He seems at the same time fascinated by things around him and yet completely frustrated by them too. I think I’m going to peg him as the dreamer. It does help that Song Joong ki is acting his pants off to make him even more enigmatic and fabulous.

    /end fangirling

    • 50.1 clover

      I hear you. The whole episode I keep thinking ‘what an ass!’ with the biggest smile on my face. Let’s be honest, this story goes no where without Yong-ha trying to be the puppet master…Evil Geppetto.

      But the best thing of all, is how he KNOWS and ENJOYS being Evil Geppetto…and damn it! I love him for it!

    • 50.2 jubilantia

      SERIOUSLY. To both of you. Also Evil Geppetto may be the best phrase ever- and “Evil Geppettoes” will also totally the name of my next garage band.

      • 50.2.1 Ani

        XD Your Garage Band better make it big and not turn back in honor of Song-ki, I mean the original Evil Geppetto.

        • Ani

          I totally meant Song Joong-ki, and ended up abbreviating his name. Or more like mashing it up. X/

          • Anonymous

            lol at the evil gepetto thing, but seriously, yongha is seriously a piece of work. his hedonistic, bored, playboy ways complement his individualistic ideas and i love how he knows, or at least suspects, all and enjoys making things difficult for others, doing what he wants, and it’s all for his own amusement. he seems like a good friend too, but i wish he’d do more to help moon jae shin and yoonhee be together rather than entertaining the rest of us, and himself, teasing him (sorry, i’m rooting for that couple cuz jaeshin is like totally my ideal guy) since episode 1 i love this drama, and yoo ah in and song joonki pull of great scenes together, very realisticly, the way a friend would mess with his friend, but als the way a friend cares for his friend. overall, the F4 have good chemistry. and yes, i admit that whenever yongha is on screen, i too squeal like a fangirl. in all seriousness, though, i believe that song joonki is really, as you put it, acting his pants off, and i’m glad. he’s doing an amazing job at playing this character who is just amazing, but whom i can’t quite describe, and i think he is very talented, so props to him. (props to the writers also, for allowing song joonki to play this character too)

          • HMoUoMY

            If S-K-K-S without Gu Yong-ha=?????????????


            S-K-K-S without Moon Jae-shin=?????????????????

            >>>>>>>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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