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Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 14
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Dear history experts and buffs,

Please don’t take my following words as sacrilege. But I say screw history! At least for the remaining six episodes of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I don’t want to hear talk about how illogical it is for Sun-joon and Yoon-hee to be together (as the Romeo and Juliet of Joseon), or that King Jeong-jo never actually overthrows the Norons with the help of four fabulous boys (and girl). Or how impossible it is for Yoon-hee to eventually sit at the right hand of the king and show those darn men how things are done. I know that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was initially toted as a fusion sageuk – but is it possible for it to be a fantasy fusion sageuk so I can have my (unrealistically) happy ending?

Love, red pill

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“Good thing… I stayed alive.”

Quite possibly the hottest injured guy ever, Jae-shin pulls off his mask and reveals himself to Yoon-hee. Unbeknownst to them is that In-soo and his guys are looking for Jae-shin – while Sun-joon looks for Yoon-hee. It’s the latter who spots Yoon-hee randomly sweeping the grounds in an attempt to hide Jae-shin’s tracks and follows her to hyang-gwan-chung where Jae-shin is bleeding extensively.


The wound is more serious than Yoon-hee thought and she’s struck dumb for a moment. Then she tears off a strip of her uniform and wraps it around him (I literally cringed because that doesn’t seem very hygienic to me). He reaches up to touch her face, but the pain overcomes him.

Sun-joon peeks in to see Yoon-hee and Jae-shin together, and they look awfully intimate since he doesn’t know about the wound. Add one more misunderstanding to the messy pile of Sun-joon’s emotions. As he rushes away from that scene, he bumps into the Three Stooges (Do-hyun, Hae-won and Won-tak) who are on their way to hyang-gwan-chung because of some silly superstition that the virgin ghost can help them get better grades. This CAN’T be good.


Really, is hyang-gwan-chung the ONLY secretive place in an all-guys school? Somehow I find that hard to believe, but In-soo and his posse head that way as well.

Meanwhile, Yoon-hee is trying to find ashes to staunch Jae-shin’s wound when a blindfolded man walks in, led by Yong-ha. Once again proving that he just may be omniscient, Yong-ha has brought a physician to treat Jae-shin. Of course moments after treating Jae-shin, that physician is spotted by In-soo and duly questioned to reveal that he treated a wounded man. When they reach hyang-gwan-chung, there’s no one there but they find Yong-ha’s fan. Could Yong-ha be Red while putting on a flamboyant peacock façade to throw everyone off his scent?


This logically leads them to our Yeo-rim’s room. For the first time ever, we see Yong-ha looking uneasy, but he plays it cool as In-soo tells an interesting story about a wounded Red Messenger slipping into SKK. There’s a dangerous moment when Yong-ha spots Jae-shin’s clothes sticking out from underneath the folding screen, but it’s quickly pulled in before In-soo sees it. In fact, Yong-ha stands up in front of the folding screen and blocks it with his entire body.

In-soo tells him about the physician and holds out the evidence that Yong-ha is involved: the fan. So how does our brilliant Yeo-rim get out of this one? He mocks In-soo for even suspecting for a second that Yong-ha might actually be Red and thanks him for being entertaining for once. As for the fan, well, he let the helper boys have it and someone must’ve dropped it in hyang-gwan-chung.

Insulted, In-soo warns Yong-ha that he doesn’t give second chances (wait, then why is Byung-choon back to being one of your hunting dogs?).

If Yong-ha’s not Red, then it should be the boys in Yoon-hee’s room, but no one’s in. That’s when it hits In-soo that Yong-ha was acting awfully suspicious in front of the folding screen. On their way back, they run into Professor Yoo and Professor Jung. It’s against the rules to be out of bed so late, but they’re excused since they’re after the Red Messenger, public enemy number one.

(Might I add that I find Go-bong delightfully hilarious? Like how he outright worries about poor Red who must be bleeding somewhere – and he doesn’t realize that he’s taking the wrong side. In-soo’s friends need to either convert him or leave him.)

In-soo returns to Yong-ha’s room with the staff in tow and sweeps away the folding screen to find a stack of racy red books. Ah, Yeo-rim, your porn stash saved the day.

Back in what seems to be the faculty room, Professor Jung sets In-soo in his place. It is literally against the law to search any SKK students on campus; it is only allowed under order of the king. There is a loophole to this in that the school president can dish out punishment, but alas, In-soo’s president status has been suspended for two weeks. So if he exerts any authority as president during this time, Professor Jung will make sure that he loses the position permanently.


Back in Yeo-rim’s room, he opens the secret closet behind the curtains AND the folding screen, and there’s our dear Dae-mool and Guh-ro. Yoon-hee asks how Yong-ha seems to know everything. Jae-shin answers for him, “He’s THE Gu Yong-ha. The persistent guy who’s been following me around for ten years.” Heh.

Glad that his friend is back alive ,Yong-ha rubs Jae-shin’s hand to his cheek. Jae-shin promptly pulls away, claiming Yong-ha to be unmanly, but the expression on his face shows that his words have only affectionate bark and no bite.

Yong-ha unnecessarily warns Yoon-hee that she mustn’t tell anyone, including Sun-joon. Don’t waste your breath, Yeo-rim, our girl is smart.

As for Sun-joon, well, he’s turned to the comfort of alcohol (drinking with a pointed pinkie!). I imagine it’s hard enough realizing that he’s “gay,” but to witness the boy you like with another guy… My heart goes out to him.

In-soo, too, has turned to alcohol to vent about losing Red from right underneath his nose. Kang-moo warns him that now’s not a good time (since he’s temporarily lost his privileges as president), but In-soo rebuffs him. He’s NOT afraid about that. He’s more concerned about catching Red, since it’s clear that he’s somewhere in SKK.


Fake Red, also known as our delightfully charismatic Cho-sun, has been hurt as well in the scuffle with Jae-shin. Minister Ha tells her not to continue her gisaeng duties for a few days. She reminds him to keep his promise (what promise? Is this related to her family?). “Before it’s too late, just once, I want to live as a decent human being.”

But I imagine Minister Ha has bigger things on his plate. Like Minister Lee’s wrath at yet another failed capture attempt. Ha blames the mysterious men in black who saved Red, which Minister Lee confirms to be what we’ve all been suspecting, that they were sent by the king. The king wants the geumdeungjisa, which would make the Norons traitors to the country.

Many clues lead Minister Lee to believe that the geumdeungjisa is at SKK: Red is a student there, the king sent Professor Jung Yak-yong to teach there and the king visits SKK way too often. And he’s worried about what the king wants to accomplish AFTER gaining control over the Norons.


Professor Jung brings to the king blueprints for a primitive lift that’ll decrease the construction time needed to build the Hwansung castle from ten years to three. Pleased, the king rolls himself a new cigarette, and the sharp-eyed Professor notices that the king is actually smoking poppy, which works as an anesthetic. And so we learn that the king’s health is in dire conditions – which explains why he’s so anxious to get the Jal-geum Quartet to find the geumdeungjisa.

In exchange for getting the Quartet involved, Professor Jung extracts a promise from the king: If ever the king finds fault with any of the Quartet, he will turn a blind eye. (Professor Jung, thank you for creating a loophole with which to save Yoon-hee’s life, and even possibly Jae-shin’s as well.)

Once that’s promised, Professor Jung promises to bring the Jal-geum Quartet in the morning.


Morning comes and Jae-shin wakes up to both Yoon-hee and Yong-ha asleep at his side, having nursed his wounds all night. But of course he pretends to be asleep when Yoon-hee wakes up. Boy, don’t smile like that, you heart-breaker, you.

Yoon-hee heads back to her room where Sun-joon wakes up. I love it how the first thing he does is tie his clothes and make himself presentable. Old habits die hard.

Things are still tense between Yoon-hee and Sun-joon. Yoon-hee tells him that she understands things can’t be the same as before so he can stop treating her so coldly. Outside the room, she runs into Soon-dol who tells her that the engagement date has been set.

Soon-dol rebukes Sun-joon, noting that his master has managed to chase away yet another could-be friend. So what is it this time? What is Yoon-hee lacking for Sun-joon to torment her?

“He’s not lacking. It’s because… my feelings are overflowing.”

Add another heart-breaker to the list, please.

Yoon-hee and Jae-shin meet in the library, and by chance, Jae-shin ends up pulling Yoon-hee close to keep her out of harm’s way – only to be spotted by the Three Stooges. Their suspicions of something’s-up-between-those-two are further aroused when Jae-shin pulls her close again to tell her she’s making it too obvious that he’s Red. The Stooges gossip that it’s no wonder Sun-joon looked like he saw a ghost the previous night when his roommates are, cough, a couple.


As expected, the gossip spreads like a Californian brushfire. Pretty soon, the rumor goes from “Sun-joon saw them together” to “Sun-joon says he saw them together – and says they’re darn right freaky.” In the end, the headmaster finds out from posters hung in the bathroom stall. Expectedly, he freaks out. But things are now beyond the control of the faculty.

When the rumors lead to sparks between the Soron and Noron factions, In-soo steps in to remind everyone that SKK has its own judicial system that can be implemented to settle this matter. Which is how he gets everyone (minus our main characters) to clamor for the withdrawal of In-soo’s suspension as school president. Once he’s reinstated, they plan to hold a jaehwe, a student body disciplinary meeting, to judge Yoon-hee and Jae-shin for their possible homosexual activities.

Cornered, the faculty has no choice but to acquiesce. Hence, the jaehwe is announced, and if Yoon-hee and Jae-shin are found guilty (by majority vote), their names will be stricken from the SKK register and they’ll never be able to take any civil service exams and hold any offices.

Jae-shin accosts In-soo, demanding that the latter cancel the meeting. In-soo will cancel the meeting if Jae-shin can explain what he was doing at hyang-gwan-chung, but of course Jae-shin can’t answer without blowing his Red cover. And this time, In-soo’s backed by the Sorons as well; they want Jae-shin to clear the Soron name in front of everyone.


In the library, Yoon-hee asks Sun-joon if he saw them at hyang-gwan-chung. When Sun-joon refuses to respond, Yoon-hee declares that she’s a man and the idea of her liking another man is preposterous.

Sun-joon takes her words to heart. “I see. It is preposterous to like another man. Then watch how you act so others don’t misunderstand your feelings.” Read: So I don’t misunderstand your feelings.

In-soo interrupts their conversation to name Sun-joon as the main witness at the meeting. After all, he saw them that night and he’s their roommate.


Our omniscient Yong-ha reads In-soo like an open book. He understands that because the upright and principled Sun-joon is now the main witness, the meeting will have an impression of fairness and have more credibility.

But for In-soo, homosexuality isn’t the issue here. The fact is the two in question were seen embracing in hyang-gwan-chung, and this can mean one of two things: one of them is the wounded Red or they’re lovers. Whichever it’s proven to be, they will be kicked out of SKK. And Sun-joon, a man of principle and the sole son of Minister Lee, will have to turn his back on them; there’s no way he’ll let a homosexuality rumor dirty his family’s honor.

Essentially, if In-soo has his way, he will dominate all four of the Quartet: he’ll have two kicked out, make Sun-joon a traitor to their friendship, and isolate Yong-ha.

When Jae-shin can’t find Yoon-hee, he worries and asks Sun-joon about her whereabouts.

Jae-shin: Where’d he go, worrying me like this?
Sun-joon: Is this your way of worrying? Putting the person you care about in a difficult situation, a place where he’ll be scorned by the world? Is that how you worry? If you really care for Kim Yoon-shik, you should’ve never let this happen.
Jae-shin: It’s none of your business. I’ll take care of our problem –
Sun-joon: (dropping the formal tone) Then do it right so I don’t have to concern myself.

Yoon-hee is missing because she’s being questioned by Professor Jung. When it comes to the jaehwe, the school president rules supreme and not even the king can contest the final decision made by the students. So he needs to know the truth in order to save her before the meeting; once it’s underway, he can’t help her.

But she can’t expose Jae-shin. All she can say is that she and Jae-shin did nothing wrong.


Yong-ha is beside himself with frustration, demanding to know if Jae-shin intends to reveal himself like In-soo wants. Doing so would mean being convicted of murder, arson and theft, and lead to being executed. Yong-ha claims he’ll kill Jae-shin himself if Jae-shin tells the truth.

But Jae-shin knows it’s a bluff since Yong-ha has fists like cotton. Besides, he hasn’t made up his mind yet about what’s the right thing to do. And by right thing, Yong-ha guesses, Jae-shin means what is best for Yoon-hee.

From outside the room, Yoon-hee overhears every word.

Meanwhile, the frantic headmaster is eager to dissuade Sun-joon from testifying; he’ll do what he can to get Sun-joon excused. Imagine if Sun-joon takes the stand and people assume he’s gay as well because he shares a room with the other two!

But Sun-joon won’t go against the jaehwe rules by backing out now.

So the headmaster tells him to deny all knowledge; don’t even try to help those two! Being branded a homosexual is like a death sentence to a nobleman.


The other students start bullying Yoon-hee, immaturely throwing vegetables and salt at her and jeering (Koreans believe salt chases away bad luck). She meets eyes with Sun-joon, who looks like he’ll walk away, but he wouldn’t be the Sun-joon we know if he did. A single glare from him silences everyone, and as Jae-shin looks on, he leads Yoon-hee away.

Once alone, Yoon-hee asks Sun-joon to help them at the jaehwe. What she can tell him is that she and Jae-shin are innocent. She’s keeping her silence for him, and she needs Sun-joon’s help to protect him.

But that’s the wrong thing to say to the emotional mess that is Sun-joon. “Do you realize how big this predicament is? If things go wrong, your life could end up in the gutter. Yet even now, you worry about Moon Jae-shin more than yourself.”

She counters that she doesn’t expect him to understand since he’s always so honorable, but she pleads for him to trust her just this once.

Sun-joon: How much more must I do? Because of you… how much longer must I do such foolish, pathetic and stupid things that I normally wouldn’t do? (He walks away)
Yoon-hee: What else can I do? You’re the only person I can think to go to for help.


While on campus Jae-shin threatens students against bullying Yoon-hee, Yong-ha is at a bar, desperately doing what he can to save his best bud. He’s lobbying for not-guilty votes by buying drinks all around.

But Byung-choon and Go-bong crash the party with a valid point: the fact that the jaehwe is happening is in itself a guilty verdict. Jae-shin and Yoon-hee’s fates have already been decided and they’re doomed. Yong-ha’s one hope lies in that the verdict will be decided by majority vote, but Go-bong points out that no one will openly vote against In-soo.


Yoon-hee overhears talk of Sun-joon’s impending marriage, and she tries to temper her emotions through reading. But Jae-shin won’t let her wallow in misery. He knows something that’s twenty times better than the book, and he takes her to his usual nook in the tree that boasts a pretty impressive view of the city. He lied; it’s at least a hundred times better.

When asked why he became the Red Messenger, Jae-shin responds that it was an outlet for his frustration and the only way he could stay alive. Pretty much the same reason that Yoon-hee came to SKK.

And we finally hear more about Jae-shin’s brother: “I knew a guy who said he could hear the entirety of SKK breathing from up here. He’s the one who told me that SKK’s main gate opens up to the lowest, poorest area of Joseon, banchon, and not to the king’s palace.” In other words, SKK scholars should exist for the betterment of the people, not for their own political aspirations. And it’s this wise brother whose memory Jae-shin wants to honor; he wants people to know that Moon Young-shin once existed.

There, standing above the rest of the world, Jae-shin touches all our hearts: “Kim Yoon-shik. Kim. Yoon. Shik. I’ll make sure that name isn’t sullied. And I’m sorry. I wanted to say that before this day is gone.”


Sun-joon visits his future father-in-law, who marvels that he’ll soon become in-laws with Minister Lee. It was a difficult process that required a lot of groveling and crawling on the belly. He offers Sun-joon some unsolicited advice: Don’t be too rigid. It’s no good to stand up against the world, especially if you want to be someone with power.

Hyo-eun walks Sun-joon out. She tries hard to match his mood, but when she slips her hand into the crook of his arm, he brushes her away. It’s all a bit heartbreaking.

Minister Lee knows that Sun-joon doesn’t like Minister Ha, who has dreams of grandeur he doesn’t deserve and will do anything to attain them. But he also knows that Minister Ha will do whatever he must for Sun-joon’s sake, and that’s good enough for a father-in-law.

Sun-joon informs his father of his wish to leave SKK once he’s betrothed. His excuse is that he isn’t ready yet to take the next step after SKK, which is to prepare for office.


The jaehwe is called to order. Most people seem in favor of proclaiming Yoon-hee and Jae-shin’s guilt, waving around the guilty side of their vote paddles. Yoon-hee momentarily puts her hand over Jae-shin’s to keep him calm.

When questioned, Yoon-hee vehemently denies that she and Jae-shin have a homosexual relationship. But she’s unable to reveal what they were doing at hyang-gwan-chung that night. At a standstill, In-soo calls the main witness.

Sun-joon takes the stand and is asked directly: Did he see them at hyang-gwan-chung? In fact, they’re lovers, aren’t they?

Sun-joon’s reply is the last thing anyone would expect.

“The homosexual person… is me. I am a homosexual.”

Did Sun-joon just sentence himself to certain social death?


Today I want to talk about Gu Yong-ha. I know there are a lot of disappointed viewers out there because he’s not getting a back story, but I actually think it’s better that we don’t know. It adds to the mystique that is Yeo-rim. I don’t want to know exactly how and why he ended up the awesome, (nearly) all-powerful guy that he is (THE Gu Yong-ha) because that’s like explaining to me the inner mechanisms of my Galaxy S phone – I don’t need to know all that, I just need it to work brilliantly (ooh, shiny).

And I also like to imagine his life myself: lonely boy growing up in the middle of the marketplace with money being his only companion until he meets the mysterious Jae-shin who is manly as well as pure and righteous, an embodiment of a better world. And suddenly, he sees that he can use his natural charm, wits and money for something other than, well, himself.

Or maybe he was just born fabulous.

As a final note, for those who have seen episode 15, how jealous am I that Cassie gets to recap that one? <3


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    hehe ok i m going to stop my fangirl rambling.

    Moving on to yong ha, You know i agree with you. I think he is the lonely boy who never got love of a father/mother and has only one true friend who he loves like brother. Yeah somehow Yong Ha’s affection seems more brotherly than loverly (yes i know its not a word :P) I mean I dont really want the whole backstory on him but just a glimpse you know, because the actor is capable of showing deeper emotions which are such a contrast to his flamboyant character that he deserves that chance in a few scenes. Plus it makes him more lovable.

    Sun Joon- honestly all i have to say for him is that he is a great character and all but in a way he is such a typical kdrama lead that i guess the appeal is’nt there anymore..I like the anguish and all but still, the X factor that i m looking for is missing.. Anyhow this is enough rambling for today, i had to just let it out somewhere and could’nt think of a better place.. Thanks for the update 🙂

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      I don’t know how many times I watched this video but Jaesin sure is intriguing and HOT…lol


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      <3 Jae Shin. BTW, has anyone watched this actor's other movies? I'm currently watching "The Man Who Can't Marry" and it's so funny seeing a totally different character.

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        But even when Sun-Joon is protective over Yoon Hee, i still can’t feel the chemistry… *sigh

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    simply because after having watched Kdramas for almost 2 years now, I find that many good Kdrama writers have a fabulous mind when it comes to writing and coming up with complex, convoluted and immensely in-depth and engaging character backgrounds…so I am DYING to know what the writers for SKK have in store for us with regard to YH’s background…

    knowing what and who shaped our darling YH would add layers and depths to this character, thus justifying the multi-layered personality that he has shown so far…

    • 16.1 jubilantia

      Yes, this. I mean, consider his behavior in the first couple of episodes. He was ready to unmask Yoon-hee, at the possible cost of her life. He had no expectation of her getting through to Cho-sun. Maybe he didn’t think that far, but somehow, I don’t think so. Granted, that was kind of a plot device because his more recent antics have been more plot-pushing than harmful.

      BUT STILL- if at the roots of your personality, you have those kinds of sadist tendencies, what would cause that? Something happened to him to make him so cynical. He’s demonstrated that he’s not as disconnected as he would like to be or as much as he wants everyone to think, but there is a reason for that facade, and I want to know what it is.

      It could simply be that his character really is gay, and is coping with the loss of Guh-ro as a lover the best way he can.

      • 16.1.1 koreandramalover

        Yes!! You could be right and I absolutely agree that there is a reason for the facade and knowing what it is would so make my day cause it could just make fall more in love with YH…Hehe

      • 16.1.2 Rachel

        I think the facade gives Yong Ha a sort of power. He is free to flit in and out of social circles and create mayhem as he pleases. He’s definitely not a sadist (think of the way Yong Ha told poor Hyo-eun to eat up when she was upset).

        I loved red pill’s depiction of Yong Ha as the “lonely boy growing up in the middle of the marketplace with money being his only companion” – because at the heart of him, that’s still what he is. In Soo knew that the way to really threaten Yong Ha was by telling him, “Then you’ll be left all alone.”

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        • koreandramalover

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          • jubilantia

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            But yeah. My life is crazy. Somehow it always works out, though.

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    lee sun joon is a also a very challenging role to play…and micky yuchun’s doing a very fine job for a newbie! the subtle character is always the most difficult to play. how does one show depth of all his emotions despite his quiet, stable and yet formidable character? if one is not too observant, you might pass off this character as plain and boring…but we are so intrigued with what goes on inside that sharp, brilliant mind and confused soul right now…

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    3. The only time they could have looked “gay”, was at the library where Jaeshin protected her from people carrying piles of books by pulling her towards him
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    Sigh please enlighten me.

    • 31.1 yogic

      I was curious about the BLOODY HAND too! I mean, his hand was quite clearly red… my poor baby. It should have been me to there to take care of him… sigh….

    • 31.2 jubilantia

      I think the point is that it is all rumors. As In-soo told Yeorim, he doesn’t really care one way or the other, because he can use the public opinion to sway the vote regardless of facts. Keep in mind that they saw Sun-joon leaving the secret place that night looking extremely perturbed, so their comment after seeing them in the library started the rumor.

    • 31.3 heejung

      Yup, you’re pretty much right.
      1. Sun-joon was the only one, yes
      2. My take on this is that he was too shocked at seeing them embracing in the first place to notice that. Because he definitely thinks that they’re gay too, and that’s why he’s jealous; but you’ll see the hand figure in later so don’t worry 🙂
      3. yup!
      4. Sunjoon only, and they’re relying on the fact that Sunjoon is too upright to associate with homosexuality.

      • 31.3.1 Anonymous

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    • 31.5 Beng

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      To quote Red_Pill, “I know that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was initially toted as a fusion sageuk – but is it possible for it to be a fantasy fusion sageuk so I can have my (unrealistically) happy ending?”

      Me too, i just want it to be a happy ending. And always be euphoric state while watching it. Heaven and utter bliss =)

    • 31.6 Jomo

      In those days, simply being accused was the punishment. It is the same time when females could be beheaded (!) for dressing as a male.
      Remember, these are rumours that cannot be disproven, either. How does one prove they did NOT have gay relations anyway? It is their word against the words of whomever wants them destroyed.

      I LOVE how the writers use the false accusations to scare the HELL out of Sun-Joon. Let us pause a moment in the perfect set-up of his torment.
      So reminds me of poor Oscar Wilde’s “the love that dare not speak its name.”
      He loves him/her, but he could die because of this forbidden love.
      She loves him back, but she could die if found to be a girl.
      Not just any old thing, DIE.

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    That being said, I have not given up on Yoo Ah-in. I have informed my boyfriend I am leaving him and travelling to Korea to get my man. He doesn’t believe me of course, but oh just he wait. Then once I have my adorable little Ah-in, I can convince him that it is fun to occasionally dress up as characters… and he will eternally be Jaeshin.

    • 32.1 luv triangle

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      Seriously no offense to every one who loves the sun joon and yoon hee couple but i swear all i feel like doing is having an intervention for her and telling her how great she would be with jae shin…Plus i mean even karma wise, jae shin deserves yoon hee,, he is the poor wounded soul who knows about the corruption in his country and the one who does’nt get along with his family and had to face his brother’s death…
      Sun joon comparatively had a pretty nice life, idolizes his dad and if he would have never find out about the corrupted person that his dad is if it were’nt for his friends..He has a very black and white view about life and strong beliefs..He would be ok without yoon hee..
      But jae shin..my poor wounded amazing soul jae shin..needs her!!!
      ok no more comments on this topic for today at least..hehe 😉

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      Same here. This is my very first time to root for the second male lead…and I have watched a lot of dramas. I’m definitely going to be sad when his heart gets broken.

      • 32.2.1 yogic

        Same here! I have watched a ridiculous number of dramas now, much to my bf’s chagrin, and I have always loved the lead characters. While the 2nd leads may be cute, I have never felt like the male was jipped because it just seemed like the lead couple were meant for each other.

        Not here. As luv triangle said, I want to stage an intervention. Jaeshin is AWESOME FANTABULOUS and like everyone else, he seriously makes me feel like a teenage fangirl, although I suppose 22 isn’t too far off from the teens. (I think it’s the perfect age for a lovely romance with Yoo Ah-in.) Excuse me as I go drool over some screencaps. I think I may be the one who soon needs an intervention…

    • 32.3 anon

      Nooo, you should continue watching, Jae Shin continues to have a lot of great scenes.

      • 32.3.1 yogic

        After I pull myself out of my wallowing, pathetic, lovestruck hole I may try to watch some more. In fact, this whole series has become a story about Jaeshin for me anyways. I watch scenes with Jaeshin-Yoonhee, Jaeshin-Yongha, Jaeshine-Sunjoon (although I am secretly cursing SJ for inevitably causing my love heartache), Jaeshin-anyone, and of course just Jaeshin alone. That being said, I do love the show as a whole despite my JS obsession, so don’t pelt me with stones!

        **Hehe I accidentally just typed “Jaeshine” instead of “Jaeshin.” I don’t think that was too incorrect as he shiiiines every time he is onscreen.

      • 32.3.2 anna

        you guys just said what I have been wanting to say!I mean…c’mon!jae shin is so cool that any girl would do cat fights just to be with him(I would!!). Unfortunately, he got the cursed second male lead role.(sigh)This reminds me of shin woo from “He’s Beautiful.” I was wondering why he didn’t just tell yeon hee that he knew about her ??It could have been an advantage for him.

      • 32.3.3 anna

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        • Soua

          I think the only time the second lead male got the girl was in Chuno. 😀 And even that wasn’t all that satisfactory.

          • sokinsella

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    • 32.4 holey moley

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    • 33.1 jubilantia


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  34. 34 jubilantia

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    I am so totally with you on the screwing of history. Please, k-drama gods, let this series end in blinding rays of rainbows and puppies and unicorns. And shirtless, bromancin’ men.

    I would contest that Yong-ha has looked uneasy before- most specifically at the party where Yoon-hee dressed as a gisaeng. He’s not nearly as smooth as he would like everyone to believe; he was really obviously eavesdropping nervously on In-soo that night. Also I love in this episode that you see his face fall at In-soo’s jab about isolating him. Some people are confident enough and get their energy from isolation, but Yeorim is a person who feeds off of other people. He would like to believe that he is fine being lonely, but he actually is not, and I like that extra dimension to his character. Plus, if it turns out that he is actually gay (rather than just touchy-feely) but can’t act out on the one true aspect of his personality- that will just be too sad.

    I also love that they are letting good ol’ Guh-ro rock the outfits, now with higher quality fabric! Like he needed any help, costume designers. Have mercy!

    Speaking of The Hotness, regardless of his feelings for Yoon-hee, she has shown no romantic interest in him beyond sibling-like affection. I am totally going to be crying for him (and squeeing, since Yoo Ah-in is pretty much genetically engineered to display sexy, sexy angst) but I am totally on board with the OTP.

    • 34.1 heejung

      Seriously, how good did Jae-shin look in that blue outfit he wore for the hearing? It looked so good on him~~

      • 34.1.1 jubilantia

        Yeah, I forgot to say “pimp-tastic” as the adjective for that outfit.

        It’s a tribute to Park Min-young’s acting that a natural attraction to Yoo Ah-in doesn’t just leak out in her scenes with him. She so clearly has eyes only for Sun-joon that I have no issues with the main pairing whatsoever. And it’s a testament to the character’s depth that she is more attracted to Sun-joon’s intellect than Jae-shin’s sexy.

        OH and one more thing. Jae-shin’s heartbreak will be an issue for me, definitely. I know there was outcry that he shouldn’t end up with Cho-sun just because they are both loose ends, and I agree with this. However, they both have mysterious back stories, with potentially matching baggage- it sounds like she has family issues, too. If Guh-ro and Yeo-rim can’t be, and the nobly suffering (and badass) Cho-sun can give me believable chemistry with our beloved sexy (and badass) teddy bear Guh-ro, I would accept it. Especially with this newfound Batman/ Catwoman dynamic they’ve got going on, which could be so. Friggin’. Amazing.

        Why can I not stop talking about this. OH MY GOD I am ruined.

        • yogic

          Jaeshin + Chosun? I do agree on the awkward loose ends being force together… BUT they are both sexy, wounded beasts and if they have palpable chemistry then I say yes! That would be hot enough to make me forget JS’s heartbreaking scenes pining over Yoonhee.

        • zig

          the thing is… Jae shin is wildly intelligent too. i still think yoon hee and sun joon’s romance feel a bit forced. especially at the beginning.

          • jubilantia

            What I think is cool is that they weren’t romantically attracted at the beginning- either of them. I think it’s grown pretty naturally. And, even though Jae shin is really smart, he doesn’t show it. Remember that he’s also a repeat, slacker student- on the people’s tax money. Vigilante hero or not, I’m pretty sure Yoon-he would not appreciate that. Sun-joon might be stuck up, but he’s obviously working hard.

        • Beng

          i don’t care if he would be paired to anyone or not, as long as he wouldn’t die in the end…praying, praying, praying…

          • Ning

            The weird thing is, in a drama like this usually the one who die is the carefree one like… Yongha. I hope not though, but I’m worried.

          • jubilantia

            Dude, this is a romantic comedy, yes? Surely no one will die. Well, maybe the king, but I think I can handle that.

        • anais

          “Please, k-drama gods, let this series end in blinding rays of rainbows and puppies and unicorns. And shirtless, bromancin’ men.”

          A-men to that, sistah! Especially the shirtless, bromancin’ men bit. That’ll have rainbows, puppies, and unicorns exploding from me.

          Totally noticed the better outfits. He rocks them. Damn, he’s hot!

          I also thought of the Guhro/Chosun pairing. Totally makes sense. Two wounded souls healing one another. Whereas I actually prefer Yoonhee with Sunjoon (much more equal pairing), I think Guhro and Chosun would be really great equals who complete one another as well! She’s a woman to his man. He totally wouldn’t have to be an oppah. That would be one hot romance to witness.

        • samgetang

          chosun and guhro? yeah!!!! 😉

      • 34.1.2 momosa

        He sits like a man too! Total awesome!

    • 34.2 red_pill

      You’re right, he did look uneasy before. For some reason, I keep thinking that Yeo-rim never looks out of control, and so when he does, I’m always surprised. ^^ That’s how cool of a cat he usually is.

      • 34.2.1 pink_dduk

        That’s his amazing acting right there! Can’t believe how he’s changed for this role–if you think about his characters in Frozen Flower, Triple, and small role in Ogamdo, he’s really different. I can’t imagine our Yeo-rim acting like a manly man though xD haha

        manseh! hope for a satisfying ending!

        • anais

          oh, but it’s totally there. there are hints of it when he’s serious with guhro and at times when he’s with hyoeun. I love how his voice registers differently when he’s serious. The affected lilt goes away entirely and the voice is much deeper, delivery flatter when he’s genuine.

          God, I can’t believe how stuck on this show I am that I have microanalyzed the difference in the decibel level of Yongha’s voice.

          On my way back from work, I found myself preparing for the post-episode 20 emptiness. I dread that day. Oh, I need to dig myself out of Sungkyunkwan land now or it’s gonna hurt.

      • 34.2.2 jubilantia

        Yeo-rim is a million kinds of awesome. And what’s great is watching Song Joong-ki make the character switch it on and off. He goes from badass to angry to unaffected to light in, like, .3 seconds.

  35. 35 riley

    I’ll go with BORN FABULOUS, and say that Yong-ha has only gotten more fabulous since then! That moment where he takes the hand… to his face… Heartbreaking. I do think the fabulosity of this boy is a shield against being too easily hurt (again?). I also think that knowing Yong-ha’s been following Jae-shin for ten years is enough backstory on which to begin embroidering!

  36. 36 nikky_p_28

    Thanks Red_pill for a quick and great recap!
    Don’t get jealous of cassie for doing episode 15 if you’re alternating you are getting the splat splatter scream oh so sweet worthy much awaited scene between our couple which is episode 6. Which I’m presuming you are recapping? And I am waiting for that ! the revelation and the scene after is indeed scream your head off worthy!
    Thanks again!

  37. 37 hookedonmonix

    I think I need to learn Korean just for instances like this (ep 15 & 16) when the subs come out WAAAAAY too slow for my taste. I’m not satisfied with just having a general idea of what’s happening. sigh. hurry, subbers- wherever you are. 🙂

  38. 38 LadyIgraine

    i started LMAO when Sun Joon said he’s gay, lol! he just likes yoon shik so much he’ll do anything to get her out of any predicament.

  39. 39 Ashley

    I don’t know what Sun Joon thinks he’s doing, but its pretty awesome that he’s doing it.

  40. 40 Tammy

    red_pill, my love for your and Cassie’s recaps is only surpassed by my love for this series! And of course, for Sun Joon. 🙂

    Thank you both so much for these!!!

  41. 41 danish and coffe

    she should post it tonight! i need to know!!! i’m just kidding take your time, but i’m just excited is all!

  42. 42 Ashley

    You know, when Chosun said she’d be eager to meet the kind of woman who could capture Yong Ha, my first thought was, “No. There is no such woman. No one can capture that guy, he’s too awesome.” Now that everyone is shipping the bromance, I have to say, it is a testament to the awesomeness of Jae Shin that I can actually see them together– maybe not as a couple, but at least as a pair of really tight friends 🙂

  43. 43 Incredibly Fanatic

    I love the recap. Thank u Red Pill! I would love for Jaeshin and Daemul to be the ultimate couple. But, we all know who is to end up with each other at the end of the drama. My personal view with this two is that there seems to be better chemistry between them. If i were Daemul 100% i would choose Jaeshin he so, manly,good fighter, protector,smart ,great personality,makes u smile,laugh,good body,great looks,lay back ,money my gosh!!!What else, help me out here!!!While as Sun-Joon , so strictly by the books. Daemul fell in love with him by teaching her Archery! He’s to plane, personality wise, not so great .I just don’t see myself marrying a guy like that. Maybe he will change in the episodes ahead. Just my point of view 🙂

    • 43.1 :o)

      Plus Jaeshin already knows Daemul is a girl and if totally fine with everything….so there is no worry ahead for the “reveal”… Team Jaeshin all the way!!!! Whoo hooo!!!

  44. 44 asianromance


    This episode was a bit too heavy for me to rewatch a lot (and how did Yoon-hee hide her bloody uniform and get changed into a fresh one?) , but there are some great moments. I love the Yong-Ha and Guh-ro moment. I love would to know who Yong-Ha’s parents are and if they are as flamboyant as him. Or maybe we’re not supposed to know. He just popped into the world as pure awesome one day.

    Sun-joon redeemed himself in this episode! I was pretty pissed at him in ep 13 and was almost sure that Sun-joon would let YH get bullied. If he did that, then I would hate him for the entire series! I’m glad he went and protected her! And his confession: loved the look of surprise on In-soo’s face. IN YOUR FACE, INSOO! Didn’t expect that, now did you??

  45. 45 mellowyel

    thanks for the recap!!! so excited for subs for this weeks eps to come out. I’ve already seen 15, but I need subs to appreciate it better.

    p.s. I hope it doesn’t become a YAB dynamic between Yoonhee, Sunjoon and Jaeshin. That is, both guys know, she only knows one dude knows, other dude helps out in the background knowing but not saying anything, while our OTP continue to grow in love leaving him behind. It bothers me when people aren’t honest.

    • 45.1 SOS

      go to this link for ep.15&16 (summery)


      • 45.1.1 mellowyel

        noooooo I must resist! As much as I love this show, I don’t enjoy it as much without subs. The dramatic scenes lose their impact because I know they’re going to happen 🙁 Thanks, though.

        • John

          with spoilers everywhere and mentions of epicness of future episodes in comments in these threads…it’s like a landmine trying to not spoil oneself.

      • 45.1.2 koreandramalover

        Thank you so much for the link! Bless you SOS! 🙂

    • 45.2 mellowyel

      P.S. The first screencap reminds me of my high school! It was a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, but it was gorgeous. And SKK (and this drama) are equally gorgeous 🙂

  46. 46 ara lee

    Luv ya red pill
    Thanks for recap

  47. 47 LilaJ

    Song Joong Ki’s face is perfection. Doesn’t hurt that he can kill me just by smiling.

    I love this show, period. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best fun I had watching a K-drama since Coffee Prince most probably.

    YH <3 JS FTW!

  48. 48 lessaofpern

    @ red pill thanx for the wonderful recap:D

  49. 49 anagoshiki

    I SO love this drama but an ugly thought came to mind after watching this fanvid


    I know I’m just being silly but please, SKKS writers, don’t kill our Moon Jaeshin. It’s already painful watching the awesomeness of him not get the girl. As much as we ship him, we accept that Lee Sunjoon and Kim Yoonhee are the OTP. Just don’t add to our heartbreak by killing Gur-oh in the end. I’d be bawling my eyes out if that happens…but only after I’ve hunted you down and made you pay with your lives. MARK. MY. WORDS.

    • 49.1 Soua

      AHHAHAH. CUTE! I feel the same way.

      *please let him live!

    • 49.2 jubilantia

      OH HALE NO. If that happens, I will wreak righteous, fangirly vengeance on the writers. Surely not, though. We’re not in that drama, are we?

      • 49.2.1 anagoshiki

        I surely hope so! It’s just that I’ve watched Kdramas that were light and fun but ended so disappointingly.

        The writers so far have been very, very good with the plot developments and all so I’ll trust they can tie all the threads in a very believable and satisfying way. I’m alright if hearts get broken in the way, but just don’t kill anybody, especially Jaeshin despite all his HBS shenanigans.

    • 49.3 bOOmMERanG

      No! This’s not going to happen, is this ??? “NO WAY” nonononono……………..no that’s THE END………

    • 49.4 Ladymoonstone143

      IF they will kill Jaesin at the end…I will write my first hate mail letter to the writers.

      IF the writers are smart…they should do an SKKS 2 with the story of Jaesin. If they don’t do it on tv..have a series on youtube like PK…and I bet that it will crash youtube’s website for all the fans that will be viewing the series.

      I wish after SKKS will be over..Yoo Ah In will grow his hair long…so that I can still glimpse Jaesin now and then…

      What to do? Like many in the Moony faction, I squeal and root for Jaesin to the point that I am embarrassing myself…lol

      • 49.4.1 la-luna

        I’m very much with you all along ~*JAESHINFOREVER*~

      • 49.4.2 anagoshiki

        This whole 2nd lead shipping is SO new to me, I’m doing things I’d normally find embarrassing. But WHAT TO DO indeed! My addiction to this drama and to JaeShin particularly is no way near what most people would consider normal. Thank God, my husband indulges me and my colleagues have grown used to me grinning and squeeing out of the blue!

      • 49.4.3 anagoshiki

        This whole 2nd lead shipping is SO new to me, I’m doing things I’d normally find embarrassing. But WHAT TO DO indeed! My addiction to this drama and to JaeShin particularly is no way near what most people would consider normal. Thank God, my husband indulges me and my colleagues have grown used to me grinning and squeeing out of the blue!

        And the CRYING!!! My heart goes out to JaeShin that I can’t help but cry whenever he’s in pain. I cried so early this morning that my eyes were swollen when I got to the office. Two of my colleagues fussed over me, thinking something terrible happened at home despite my repeated assurances. I finally told them, “It’s just my usual reason for crying” and they were like “OK, so stop watching Korean dramas already!”

  50. 50 marmar

    Thanks red.pill
    Wow did he just say that? damn this guy just sentence himself to death. i’m sure there’s gonna be a twist to it. please let it be.
    Oh girl don’t worry cassie recaps 15 but you recap 16 the best episode IMO :D..lol

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