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Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 15
by | October 26, 2010 | 189 Comments

Sorry for the delay guys! Just…One word: Halle-freaking-lujah!


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Everyone’s waiting for Sun-joon’s eyewitness account but a shockwave travels through the room as he makes the claim that he is in fact the one guilty for homosexuality. A collective gasp!

But alas, Sun-joon begins to explain, “That night at Hyang-gwan-chung , it wasn’t just Moon Jae-shin and Kim Yoon-shik—I was there also. So, if these two are guilty of homosexuality, then I am too.” Boy, you really know how to scare the bejesus out of me… actually, out of everyone for that matter! Except maybe Professor Jung, who seems thoroughly amused.

Yong-ha nods his head in approval while In-soo reminds Sun-joon that he could be kicked out of the school, never to come back. Sun-joon realizes the consequences and is willing to comply if—and it’s a big if, Kim Yoon-shik and Moon Jae-shin did in fact take part in inappropriate behavior. In-soo thinks it’s a false testimony to protect Yoon-hee and Guh-ro, but Sun-joon points out that there were in fact witnesses who saw him coming out of Hyang-gwan-cheong that night—the three stooges(Do-hyun, Woo-tak, Hae-won) confirm the sighting.

Sun-joon: “Then why wasn’t I included in the rumors? It’s because the rumors aren’t true.”

Everyone murmurs in confusion when Sun-joon asks everyone in the room if anyone actually saw Kim Yoon-shik and Moon Jae-shin in action—but as with most rumors, everyone’s heard it from the next guy, who heard it from the next guy, with ultimately no real source. So now the question is: Is the whole homosexuality claim all just a huge scandal?

Myung-shik(the Soron) bumbles something about Neo-Confucian teachings, but smarty pants Sun-joon cuts in:

“In Neo-Confucianism, the highly prized principle of “In(仁)” stands for the endless care for a comrade. Am I wrong? Selflessness(In,仁), Righteousness(Eui,義), Propriety(Yae,禮), Wisdom(Ji,智), and Faith(Shin,信). These are the principles that every Confucian scholar should uphold—but instead of looking at the facts, you see what you want to see and believe what you want to believe, and thus you lack Wisdom. Without even realizing that your thoughtless curiosity is putting others in trouble and is in it of itself a sin, you just laugh and enjoy the show, and thus you lack Righteousness AND Propriety. And you distrust your comrades, thus you lack Faith and cannot be regarded as a true Confucian scholar. No one here has the right to point any fingers. If this is the Confucian way, than I’d rather choose homosexuality.”

You go, Smarty! Leave it to Sun-joon to find the best solution for every problem in the world! Who else loved the graphic effects with each character disintegrating into thin air?! So cool.

In-soo still doesn’t think it’s over—if it wasn’t homosexuality, then what were they doing in Hyang-gwan-cheong that night? It was reported that the Red Messenger entered the grounds with extensive injuries and Hyang-gwan-cheong was probably the best place to hide out and get medicinal herbs. So why were the two of them there that night? Could it be that one of them is the big Red himself?

Sun-joon is putting the missing pieces together as the rest of the scholars speculate who Red could be. In-soo orders the two of them to take their upper garments off to prove their innocence. (For once, In-soo and I are on the same page—take it off!!! Er… minus you, Yoon-hee. Just the rest of the J4, please!)

Yoon-hee panics and Guh-ro offers to take it off alone, but Smarty—who always has the better solution—cuts in and asks In-soo to answer his question first:

“Were you using the jae-hwe as an excuse to catch the Red Messenger? You’ve basically just admitted that you didn’t believe in the homosexuality scandal in the first place. No one can get involved in the jae-hwe, not even the King himself. That’s because it isn’t to be used for political gain. But you, as the president, have broken that code. If you undress Moon Jae-shin and there is no injury, you’ll have to pay the consequences. Aren’t I right?”

Ooohhh! In yo face, In-soo! I’m sorry, I do pity him sometimes, but he dug his own grave this time.

Everyone’s offended at In-soo’s power trip but Sun-joon offers to turn a blind eye if In-soo does likewise. The students all unanimously vote in Yoon-hee and Guh-ro’s favor (not even In-soo’s minions can refute the decision) and the jae-hwe is over.

Afterwards, Yoon-hee is on a desperate search for Sun-joon(who’s already walked off whilst scolding his exaggerated imagination) while Guh-ro, who’s been waiting outside for her, watches her ask around for the former. Agh, the second lead heartbreak! His bitter smile makes it worse!

Sun-joon’s on his way out of the school when Yong-ha stops him, “What a surprise. A stiff neck like Lee Sun-joon doesn’t mind becoming a homosexual.” Sun-joon begins to protest but Yong-ha continues, “Ah~ You were just trying to stick to your principles? If that were true, you shouldn’t have lied. Afterall, the claim that you were with Kim Yoon-shik and Guh-ro the whole time is a lie isn’t it?”

Yong-ha wonders why someone like Lee Sun-joon, who’s guaranteed to move up in the world, would risk it all and lie, but Sun-joon ignores him and continues to walk on. He’s not one to step down, that Yong-ha, and continues to poke around, “So I hear you’re getting engaged tomorrow, with the Ha family—how unlikely. Is it because their household was of similar status, or because it didn’t matter who it was—as long as you can run away? So, are you happy Ga-rang?”

When Sun-joon can’t answer, Yong-ha sighs, “Look at you. You can’t even lie such a petty lie—so how do you expect to lie the rest of your life? Who is that for?”

Sun-joon’s not taking an overnight leave like Yong-ha thought, but is actually leaving Sungkyunkwan for good, which has Headmaster Choi in a panic. The word is that Sun-joon will continue his studies alone at Juk-jeon-sa temple in Gurim.

Yoon-hee, who’s still unaware of the news, is waiting for Sun-joon in the library but finally hears the news from the school-keeper when he comes for closing time.

Yong-ha and Guh-ro are sharing drinks—er, more like Yong-ha drinking his drinks, then taking Guh-ro’s drink away and drinking them himself—as they discuss the mok-go-ji: an outing to restore merriment and camaraderie after the jae-hwe. Love Yong-ha’s thoughtfulness for Guh-ro!

Yoon-hee enters in a daze as she delivers the shocking news. Yong-ha expresses his surprise, since he thought Sun-joon was leaving for his engagement—but of course that news shoots another dagger into Yoon-hee’s delicate heart. In the privacy of her own room, she begins to cry unaware that Guh-ro is sitting outside. (Did anyone else notice the silhouette thing was impossible?! Her lights were off!)

Sun-joon is pensive over Yong-ha’s words, even while his father is giving him last words of advice about marriage and its purpose in one’s life—which, according to him, doesn’t serve much purpose but teach one a sense of responsibility. Sun-joon asks his father, “So, are you happy?” His father merely laughs, but when Sun-joon asks him to answer, Minister Lee replies, “That question isn’t even worth me answering. For such embarrassing words that silly women chatter over to come out of your mouth…I’ve never wasted my time thinking about such trivial things.” Cynical much?

The next day, Yoon-hee reminisces her time with Sun-joon as the three stooges gossip over the news. Unable to take it anymore, she leaves the school without even telling Guh-ro where she’s going.

Hyo-eun is busy pretty-fying herself as she waits for Sun-joon to arrive but she’s not the only one—Yoon-hee’s waiting outside the house hoping to catch a glimpse of him. He finally arrives but when he looks her direction, she quickly hides behind a tree. Sun-joon continues on his way, looks again, and she hides again. Thinking he’s finally gone in, Yoon-hee sneaks another peak but lo and behold! He’s right there.

Sun-joon:“So I was right…I thought I’d maybe been seeing things.”
Yoon-hee: “What a coincidence! What are you doing here? I-I’m…just on my way to get some work from the book store. Ha ha…” (Oh brother… she’s too cute!)

It’s way too obvious that she’s lying, so instead she thanks him for the jae-hwe. “I thought we should at least say goodbye. Thinking that this is it…that I’ll never get to see you again…I wanted to see you one last time. That’s why I was waiting. Whether it was as friends, or just as roommates…or even as one of many fellow classmates… however you think of me, I wanted to see Lee Sun-joon for the last time.”

Sun-joon tells her it was better if she didn’t come and that she should leave. “Go…And let’s never see each other again.” Agh! Dagger to the heart! Again!

Yoon-hee leaves in tears and Sun-joon enters Hyo-eun’s room looking grave. Hyo-eun, however, is overjoyed and comes to hug him as she tells him that she’s going to trust the promise he made to her. Lowering her arms, Sun-joon drops the bomb: “I don’t think I’ll be able to keep that promise.” And he runs out. Run, Forrest, Run!

Sun-joon searches the marketplace and finally catches up to Yoon-hee. With hands on both shoulders he tearfully tells her,

“I…like you, Kim Yoon-shik. I—who only walked where there was a road…who only acted according to the rules…who thought propriety was everything—have come to like you…a man. This is why I can’t keep you as a friend or even as a roommate. Because I no longer have the confidence to lie to myself and act like I’m ok when you’re with me.”

Yoon-hee can’t find any words to say but Sun-joon continues, “Don’t worry, Kim Yoon-shik. I won’t let you get hurt. I won’t let you be ostracized because of how I feel…This will be the last time I ever appear in front of you… Since that’s all I can do for you right now.” He walks away whilst Yoon-hee is frozen in place—and I’m screaming at my computer for her to run after him. Yes, I’m having another soul-out-of-body experience from the awesomeness.

Hyo-eun’s covering for Sun-joon as she feigns illness, but In-soo doesn’t buy it. He thinks something’s up and he’s right for once as Hyo-eun thinks back to her conversation with Sun-joon:

Sun-joon:“I don’t think I’ll be able to keep that promise. Will your family please break this engagement?”
Hyo-eun: “Did I do something wrong? If you tell me, I’ll fix it!”
Sun-joon: “I’m the one who’s in the wrong. So the one who is unworthy of this marriage is me. Unlike others, I’m unable to give my heart to a woman.”

Sun-joon’s surprised when his father tells him that it’d be better to move the marriage up instead of delaying the engagement. Of course it’s because Hyo-eun’s not one to give up—she won’t break the engagement, since Sun-joon won’t break it himself out of propriety. But her plans backfire when Sun-joon tells his father that they’ve decided the marriage is off.

Minister Lee won’t have it and begins questioning Sun-dol about the day’s events and learns that Sun-joon met with Yoon-hee before entering Minister Ha’s gates. On top of that, he also learns that Sun-joon set Yoon-hee up to take the Sungkyunkwan entrance exam. He’s already got records on Kim Yoon-shik from Headmaster Choi the day of the hockey tournament and knows that Yoon-shik is the son of former professor, Kim Seung-hun.

“Kim Yoon-shik… what a fatal coincidence.”

Back at the school, Yoon-hee’s dazed from the sudden confession and muses, “I must be being punished for tricking the world as I pleased.”

Guh-ro (squeal!) interrupts her thoughts, “Why so serious? Should I just leave?” He gets up to leave but she calls out to him and asks, “You said you read all the books in here right?” He nods.

Yoon-hee: “Then what should I do in this situation: I lied to someone and because of that lie, that person’s holding a very heavy burden. So heavy that they’ve had to give up their long time dream. I want to tell that person the truth so that they can lay that burden down…but I think it’s too late. I’m afraid that the person won’t forgive me. What should I do?”
Guh-ro: “What is there to think about? Just tell the person the truth. Tell the person you’re sorry and you want forgiveness—just show them how you feel, like you’re doing to me now.”
Yoon-hee: “It’s such a big lie… that person won’t be able to forgive me that easily. If I tell the truth… I’m afraid that person will turn their back on me forever.”
Guh-ro: “Is that person the one you like? Who? Cho-sun?”

The pain!

Headmaster Choi is busy trying to “choose” the mok-go-ji locationand Yong-ha is bored at all the suggestions—he’d rather enjoy his merriment wherever there are gisaengs. But his interest is peaked when Headmaster Choi “just so happens” to choose the mountain that Sun-joon’s temple is on—it’s the Headmaster’s intention to try and get Sun-joon to come back by parading his classmates in front of him. You can already see Yong-ha’s trouble-making mind planning his own mischief, and I love it!

On Wul-chool-san, Sun-joon is mindlessly going through the motions when in actuality…he’s not studying, not sleeping, not playing, not eating (and instead drowning his rice in soup… ha!).

Sun-joon seems to be the center of everyone’s discussion, including the King’s. Jeong-jo tells Minister Lee that Sun-joon was told to study in Sungkyunkwan under his direct command—so he’ll be expecting Sun-joon back in school. Minister Lee tries to tell the king that it was Sun-joon’s passion for the studies that drove him to hermit himself in the mountains, with Minister Ha adding that Sun-joon was simply following in his father’s footsteps.

Jeong-jo replies, “Hm. Then I, too, intend to follow in my father’s footsteps and fulfill his dreams. I’m planning to move the capitol to Hwa-sung .” With that shocking blow, Jeong-jo also checkmates Minister Lee in their game of chess.

Moving the capitol to Hwa-sung is an outrage and according to Minister Lee is not an impossibility—as long as the King has the geum-deung-ji-sa. Minister Ha assures him that the geum-deung-ji-sa was destroyed the same night that Kim Seung-hun and Moon Young-shin was killed… but Minister Lee is still cautious and tells Ha that they’ll need a spy who the King puts his trust in. Uh-oh… not Sun-joon!

Jeong-jo intends to wait for Sun-joon, against the pleas of his advisor—after all, Sun-joon is the son of a Noron, isn’t he. But Jeong-jo’s already got his trust in him and won’t move forward with his plans until he has Sun-joon back. It’s not just the geum-deung-ji-sa he wants… he wants to secure the future of Joseon—and he needs a Noron on his side to truly fulfill his future dreams.

The next day, the Sungkyunkwan scholars are overjoyed and bust out in song and cheers as they set off to Wul-chool-san. Headmaster Choi leaves it up to Yong-ha to bring Sun-joon back to Sungkyunkwan—his whole career is in Yong-ha’s hands.

Yong-ha hurries away from Choi’s uncomfortable grasps and over to Yoon-hee and Guh-ro. He playfully observes that Yoon-hee looks like she’s off to the slaughter house rather than a mok-go-ji, “Come on, lighten up! After all, the great Guh-ro’s going to his first ever mok-go-ji just to see your smiling face…” but Guh-ro quickly shuts him up.

You’d think he shut his mouth, but this is Gu Yong-ha we’re talking about and he tells him he’s got something up his sleeve—so they should lighten up and look forward to it. I love you, Glue Yong-ha.

In the mountains, everyone’s at the river playing and they all invite Yoon-hee into the water. Obviously she refuses which buys their suspicion, “You actually…” Yoon-hee sweats, “can’t swim huh?” Phew. They finally let up on their invite, but Byung-choon and Go-bong are still suspicious over Yoon-hee’s refusal—she must be the Red Messenger. They plot to throw Yoon-hee in the water, forcing her to take her robes off and then they’ll have proof she’s Red—and ultimately win In-soo’s good graces.

Guh-ro adorably roasts Yoon-hee a potato, even blowing some of the heat away, and Yoon-hee tells him that he’ll make a great husband someday. He gets bashful as she bites into the potato and noticing that she’s got some char on her face, he moves to wipe it off, to which she moves away in surprise. Bashful again, he looks for Yong-ha.

So where is Yong-ha? He’s surrounded by gisaengs (no surprise), as he hands over a ring of coins to Sun-dol (surprise!), telling him that all he needs to do is bring Sun-joon out according to plan. Sun-dol just wants to cure his master of whatever sickness has got him in its grips. Yong-ha assures him that there’s no better doctor than he for what Sun-joon has—lovesickness.

Sun-dol calls Sun-joon out, tricking him with a fib about his mother coming to visit—a household disaster, perhaps? Meanwhile Yoon-hee runs from the three stooges, who try to get her to go into the water, but with In-soo’s two minions trailing behind her. Alarmed at Yoon-hee’s dropped book, Guh-ro asks the stooges if they’ve seen her and runs after her when he hears that she’s gone to play with Byung-choon and Go-bong.

Sun-joon’s getting suspicious of Sun-dol when he finally spills the beans—the Sungkyunkwan scholars are here and he’s just brought his master out in an attempt to heal him of his sickness. Sun-joon begins to turn around but stops in his tracks when Sun-dol points Yoon-hee out in the distance.

Despite seeing Byung-choon and Go-bong in the woods snickering, Sun-joon walks away. Before he can get very far, however, he sends his manservant away and turns back.

Byung-choon and Go-bong make their approach but thankfully Guh-ro arrives just in time to silently drag them away. Always the hero in the background.

Yoon-hee hears the stir and decides to leave but loses her shoe in the river. She runs after it just as Sun-joon spots in floating down the stream. In alarm, he begins his desperate search for her and just when all seems lost, there she is standing not 100 yards from him, looking shocked to see him.

Sun-joon runs and embraces her. Moments pass before he pull away and tells her, “I can’t do this anymore Kim Yoon-shik. No matter how hard I try, I can’t help but desperately look for you. So, now it’s your turn. Run away from me, Kim Yoon-shik.” He turns to leave (wait… why. I thought you told her to run…) but Yoon-hee, who’s probably thinking the same thing I am, tells him to wait. He needs to hear her reply first.

She begins to run over to him, but her socks slip on the rocks and she falls into the river. Sun-joon dives in after her and carries her out of the waist-deep water (just…no words). She’s lost consciousness, so taking emergency measures, he begins to undress her.

Only to find a woman’s chest tightly bound…Gasp!



Finally! The suspense is over! I’ve been waiting for the day that Sun-joon finds out that Yoon-hee is a girl and boy did I enjoy the build up to the great reveal. This episode’s angst wasn’t as infuriating as it was heartbreaking. Major kudos to Micky Yoochun for that tearful confession scene. It wasn’t just decent. I actually felt the sickening pain in my stomach from the heartbreak I felt for Sun-joon in that moment. I know there are a lot of you out there who haven’t felt the chemistry between Sun-joon and Yoon-hee but I don’t think you can deny the chemistry of that scene. I personally think the pairing has absolutely adorable chemistry, but I do hope you, reader, felt it at least in this scene.

I feel bad for Hyo-eun, and I also almost feel bad for In-soo. He’s really kind of lost the poison in his bite hasn’t he? And yes, as one commenter so hilariously mentioned, throw the guy some eyedrops! His eyes must be so tired from all those death glares.

As for Guh-ro, I love his crush on Yoon-hee. Most of the time, I get annoyed with Second-leads and how stalker-ish they can get. But Guh-ro plays it cool, no matter how much it pains him to do so. He hasn’t crossed the line between sweet and annoying yet and I love it. If he were to get all possessive of her, I don’t know how I’d feel about him. His “hero in the background” persona has got me smitten.

As always, I love Yuh-rim. Like I said earlier, he really is Glue Yong-ha isn’t he? If it weren’t for him, the Jalgeum Quartet might be no more. And I love that he’s not on anyone’s particular side in the love triangle (although, I realize that he’s always going to have a bias for Guh-ro). He just wants everyone to be true to their feelings, and that’s the advice he gives to all three of them.

Anyhow, I see stormy weather ahead. Especially with Minister Lee’s involvement in Yoon-hee’s father’s death and what seems to be his plot to use Sun-joon as a spy for the king. I’m thinking/hoping that Sun-joon won’t fall into his father’s antics.


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      I think the difference might be how much RELIEF SJ feels so soon after facing the possible outcome of the homosexuality trial.

      HG was not facing a destroyed life and career as a result of his love. He knew his life would be difficult as a result of his love, but not ruined. He even says something to that effect in his confession. That he didn’t care, and had to take it as far as he could.

      SJ, on the other hand, has to confess his love and THEN turn his back on it. The impossibility dried up at the instant he saw she was a woman.

      • 9.1.1 hookedonmonix

        I think it helps too, that YH pretending to be a boy was a much bigger deal than EC’s. She (EC) had no real reason to deceive HG, and had in fact known about his feelings for her and continued to deceive him just to keep him around. YH, on the other hand, continued her deception in order to keep from being killed and to help her brother. YH was fighting for survival in a world that wouldn’t let her be anything but someone’s wife, while in comparison, EC was just being selfish.
        Coffee prince is my fave k-drama so far, so though I’m being hard on EC, I really did love her character- even that weak aspect of her. Coffee prince was more about the internal struggles of the characters, whereas SKKS is more lighthearted. SJ should probably been a little more pissed/hurt by finding out about YH, but I’m quite alright that he wasn’t.

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    I, too, love the graphic writing in the air. I dont know what it means but I appreciate little details like that that makes the drama more special.

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    Fave character of the episode… Soon-dol. ^^

    • 12.1 Lemon

      Haha me too! I love Soondol’s WTF expression when he was watching sunjoon in a daze as he flipped the pages of his book, played chess, and ate. It was simply hilarious.

      He’s always so cheerful and funny hahaha. Can’t believe his cheerfulness hasn’t rubbed off on Sunjoon one bit.

      • 12.1.1 anais

        maybe the sunjoon we see is the post-Soondol sunjoon already! meaning, without soondol, he’d be an even more unbearable prig, with an even greater sense of self-righteousness, a nerd-ish adherence to the classics (e.g., one of the three stooges who says “as Gongja/Confucius says…”), and an elitism to outdo Ha In Soo’s.

    • 12.2 SJ & YS/H

      SOON DOL the man of the day.

  13. 13 Indiannomad

    Thank you for the recap. I second Annie above at comment # 2. This is a wonderful drama. I feel sorry for yet proud of Jaeshin, his character has a good combo of impulsive yet mature. I like Yong Ha for the glue/lightness he adds to all the serious people around him. Most of all I like Yoon Hee…that girl has Guts.

    • 13.1 Anonymous

      Yesh!!! You said it all………… Can you say it out louder again bc I’d love the whole to know that.

  14. 14 jae

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    • 14.1 soojin08

      blame gravity hun, her boobs were bound to slump and be seen like that cause she’s lying down 🙂

      • 14.1.1 izzie

        right! ever worn a tube top? gravity pulls it down (even those with straps) – especially if you’re not a “well-endowed” girl.

        those bindings are sure to move down esp. with the layers of clothes on top of it, making it difficult for the wearer to reach in and pull it up once in a while. she’d had to sneak out of the men’s view every so often to do it properly. if you pull it up the wrong way (like if you’re in hurry cuz someone’s coming and you’d be found out)… ouch!

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    ah well… will have to be happy for now with these recaps, which by the way are awesome! Can’t wait for the next

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    “Who else loved the graphic effects with each character disintegrating into thin air?! So cool.” —> The reason I love the academic parts of this drama is BECAUSE of those graphic effects. The words aren’t just on paper, it’s like they’re living and breathing along with the scholars. So cool!!!!! Sun-joon totally PWNed everyone. I was so mad at him the week before for being so mean to Yoon-hee just because he can’t deal with his feelings for him/her (don’t take it out on other people!), but he was just too cool here!

    I feel so bad for Guh-ro! =*( Yoon-hee is drifting further and further away from him into Sun-joon arms! I also feel bad for Hyo-eun. She genuinely likes SJ and SJ did make promises to her. I hope for a Yong-ha and Hyo-eun pairing! I

    As for the big reveal at the end- same location as in Hong Gil Dong!! I was confused as to why SJ would unbutton her outfit since a guy’s outfit was so lose. It’s not like those hanboks where it is more form-fitted around the boobs.

    • 20.1 Informantxgirl

      Totally! The academic bits are some of my favorite, even though they’re mostly over my head. 🙂 I have to say that Sun-joon never looks sexier than when he’s using logic to put somebody down. It’s just so…awesome. Don’t even know what word what to use but that one.

      I also love that Yoon-Hee is able to match him in terms of learning. So many times the heroine is dumber than the hero, and she ends up having to teach him to ‘feel’ or something (looking at you, Playful Kiss), but in this case, intellectually, they’re pretty well-matched and they just pull each other to greater and greater heights. Again, AWESOME.

      And Guh-ro: I want to marry him and have his brooding babies. 🙂 Only, I might also have to commit bigamy by marrying Yeo-Rim and having his weak-fisted offspring. 😀

      • 20.1.1 katz

        oh I totally agree with you about how well matched they are intellectually! And every time Sun Joon manages to get them out of some trouble one way or another using logic or loopholes.. he makes me swoon.

        • anais

          Wasn’t it the combo of intellect and ethics that made them fall for each other in the first place as peers? Mutual admiration society.

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    I’ve seen the next episode and i can’t help but compare SJ’s reaction to finding out that YS is a girl to Hangyul’s in coffee prince. Doesn’t matter i guess cos they worked for their scenarios….

    I heard the book this is based on is longer and even covers after they start working for the King, so the writers would have enough material to drag this show on for another couple of weeks (as they should :)) It’s unfortunate that Micky and the others’ schedules may not work for that 🙁

    Anyway…thanks for feeding my addiction, i look forward to your next recap…<3<3

  22. 22 John

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    ARGH. I can’t believe this drama is almost finishing up.


    What’s the song in this clip?

    • 22.1 kopi13

      For you is Farewell, For me is Waiting by Jaejoong

      • 22.1.1 amc510

        I do not know what the lyrics are and what it means but when I hear the song I feel the pain and just want to cry.

        • cassie.opeia

          I think JJ’s voice has that effect. He’s a wonderful singer. 😀 That’s my bias right thurrr. ^^

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    Seriously, I don't know what Yoon-hee sees in Sun Joon!

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    And of cos more of MOONY and YUMMY pls!!!

    anyway I can’t help but notice the inconsistencies in the drama too. Like how YH was supposed to be missing 1 shoe when she stumbled upon SJ at the river/creek, but she was wearing both shoes just fine in that scene….. but that’s just a small complaint. Just make sure you wrap up nicely, Show. I can sweat the small details.

    • 25.1 therainhouse

      I think by then, she found her shoe.

      • 25.1.1 anais

        Actually, she slips because she’s in her sock only. There definitely were obvious continuity problems, but heck. Everything else is faboo.

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    MAXIMILIAN HECKLER!!! hell yes. ^^
    *my thoughts are flowing…*

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    I felt like Micky Yoochun’s acting in this episode was really excellent. I don’t know anything about DBSK (came in to kpop after I had already been watching kdramas, and that was right when they split up) but I’ve been really impressed with his ability to express both subtle and strong emotions. I’m hoping he keeps acting, because he seems to have the chops to keep improving as he goes. I was actually holding my breath during his confession scene, which is one of the marks of a good kdrama, in my opinion!

    Also, I’m beginning to think the second-lead angst in this one is going to be the death of me. Guh-Ro is just far too gorgeous to be so unhappy…somebody give that guy what he deserves, LOL!! Musn’t hurt the pretty! XD

  30. 30 may


    the song’s name is 너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림 (For you is Farewell, For me is Waiting) sung by Hero Jaejoong from dbsk.

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    • 31.1 ladybird

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    Sadly, a few more episodes to go. Only a few more. 🙁

    I’m not into a few episode extension but for a Part II! another 20 episodes of Micky (Sun-Joon), or even more.

    More power to the casts & crew for an awesome drama.

    More power!

  34. 34 jadetaia

    i almost laughed when i saw the “drowning” scene when seon joon brings an unconscious yoon hee out of the shallow water after, what, a full 5 seconds? they should have done some sort of underwater shot or a time lapse or something, because nobody drowns that quickly.

    but all that stuff aside … i was feeling so much for all the characters, which is tearing me up inside because i want them all to be happy, but that would require sharing of yoon hee and geol oh …

  35. 35 Ladymoonstone143

    Thank you so much for a great recap Cassie.

    My heart aches for Jaesin on this episode. I don’t know how many times I watched the scenes where Jaesin are in it and just pause the video. I am having a second lead love. And now that Sunjoon found out that KYS is a girl….more heartache for Jaesin in the future *sob*

    That is why I love Jaesin’s character so much because you know he loves the girl but he is not pushing his feelings on her because he knows it is one sided love. KYS cares and respect him but only as a sunbae. Even knowing that, he is the one taking care of her and keeping her safe and just always on the background.

    Yoo Ah In really did so great with this character and that is why probably he doesn’t want to do this again because the emotions he shows on this drama is just too much to handle if you are a person who is the exact opposite of the character. Judging by Ah In’s past projects, he is always bubbly and smiles a lot.

    I feel like making a special bandage for Jaesin’s heart for future heartaches…but all I know, I be crying with him too…

    • 35.1 BiuEBirD

      I’m in the same BOAT with you *Lady Moonstone 143*. I’ m interested in Yoo Ah-in because of his acting skill since Strongest Chiwoo ; Antique Bakery ; He who can’t married ; Sky and Ocean (which I’d love to see); then SKKS , he’s even more AWESOME ( phus HOTBONUS ).

      Have you read the comments ep.14 page 2 no.93 *yu*, the commenter’s translated YAI’s writing was so touchy, maybe we can understand a bit more about him & his personality.

  36. 36 swui

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    p/s: I also notice how sun joon head dived in a waist deep waterfall…LOL. That was a glaring mistake! lol. I’m gonna pretend I didn’t notice…

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    1 favor please, can we have a big bandage/glue/band aid or anything that can put gu roh’s heart back in one piece? please?!

    coz, even my heart is breaking into pieces just watching his heartbreak.

    now the cat is out of the bag, episode 16 will be 1 heck of an episode!

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  40. 40 nerdiklown

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    • 40.1 jeane654

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      • 40.1.1 izzie

        throw in Season 2 and make that happen! 😀

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    Kudos to Yoo Chun for the emotional confession. It was well done and I didn’t burst out into a fit of giggles like I usually do during those scenes. =)

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    Ya the jumping into the river and drowning scene are funny.

  44. 44 Q

    I really loved this episode :] had me squealing like crazy. But this ep also contained a lot of inconsistencies … some have already been mentioned but there’s one that really bugs me: Yoon-hee kicks her shoe into the stream (which is why she later slips on a rock) but when Sun-joon is running up to hug her you can see she has both shoes on. That was the catalyst for “The Revealing Moment” and should have been better edited … but, despite this, said moment was still OSUM. Thanks :D!

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    Thank-you so much!

    BWAH! I just watched episode 16, I tell you I’m floating in a cloud right now. Best Ep. so far hands down!

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    Yay! Thanks for the recap.
    It’s really weird, I have no strong feelings about who Yoon-hee should be ending up with, I would be happy either way. I think this is probably because I am so taken by Yong-ha’s awesomeness.
    I’ve noticed that Yoon-hee faints a lot, maybe she fainted when she fell in the water?

  47. 47 Sara

    wonderful recap for a great drama….loved how smarty Sun Joon defend his friend with his intelligence and wit….the heartfelt confession and the hug by the river…Seon Dool perplexed expression watching his lovesick master in a daze somewhat funny too…. adorable Jae Shin with his roasted potatoes….cheeky Yong Ha the Great who always the first to know everything….all kind of wonderful scenes

    the most recent episode made my heart aches…so heartwrenching….can’t wait for the recap…I’m addicted to reading reviews and for different recapper take on it

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    Every week…I love SJ then JS then YH….ergh,what a cast.YS…is such a gorgeous actress in feminine clothing…what a lucky lucky actress to be in the same cast as them 3 and IS….sigh.

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