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The boys of It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl
by | October 24, 2010 | 50 Comments

Now that we know Moon Chae-won will head the upcoming SBS drama It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl, it’s time to turn our attention to the boys. All are relative newbies to the acting sphere, two of them coming from the idol-pop-star world (gulp), but let’s hope they surprise us with hitherto-untapped acting talent.

Daddy’s Girl features an immature young woman named Chae-ryung, played by Moon Chae-won, who’s forced to grow up when an accident throws her household into ruin.

Kim Tae-ho of Pasta (he was one of the good-looking trio, aka the “Italian Team,” and is pictured above) has been tapped as the lead, Choi Hyuk-gi. He’s a student at a prestigious law school who’s currently taking a leave of absence, and after he becomes entangled with Chae-ryung, they “develop a romance with difficulty.” But the difficulty is all a part of the drama fun, right?

Playing his rival in love is Ha Ji-won’s little bro Jeon Tae-soo, who by the way is already set to act in upcoming sitcom All My Love. That appears to be a supporting role, while he’ll take a more central role in this show as a character who tries to interfere with Hyuk-gi’s relationship with Chae-ryung. Jeon’s character is a friendly sunbae to Chae-ryung who grew up in a sheltered environment with parents who have their own successful law firm in the U.S. As a result, he doesn’t really know how to do anything for himself.

Jeon said that he feels some pressure playing another villain, but since there’s such a difference between a sageuk and a modern show, he’ll work hard to show a different side than he currently does as the scheming In-soo of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He added, “Playing a villain means that I have to be hated in order to be called a good actor, so I intend to work hard to receive a lot of hate.”

Jeon Tae-soo

In addition to those two, we have two idol stars making their forays into acting. First up is Super Junior’s Donghae, who has actually appeared in a movie before — Attack on the Pin-up Boys, but I suppose that’s a bit of an odd situation since the movie starred most of the members of Super Junior and was produced by their management company, SM. Perhaps for that reason, this drama is being called his official acting debut.

He plays a character named Choi Wook-gi, who grew up poor but manages to make his way in life with a strong sense of responsibility and earnestness. While none of the press information has said as much, I presume from the name similarity that he will be the (younger?) brother to Kim Tae-ho’s character Hyuk-gi.

Then there’s Kang Min-hyuk of idol band CN Blue, who makes his drama debut playing the singer and drummer of a no-name band. His Yeon-doo character falls into a one-sided love for noona Chae-ryung.

Kang said, “I’m so happy to be meeting everyone through a drama for the first time. I know there are a lot of prejudices against singers who go into acting, so I’m working hard to do away with that impression through solid acting. I’m sure there will be areas where I’m lacking, but I hope you’ll watch with a favorable eye.”


Last but not least: She’s not a boy, but rounding out the main cast of It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl is actress Choi Ja-hye (Baker King Kim Tak-gu, Jejoongwon). Her Hee-jae character is described as both a femme fatale and a perfect type — so what else is new? Oh, she also harbors inner pain. And I ask: Who doesn’t?

I suppose the Hee-jae character is being set up as a contrast to Chae-ryung, because she may be cool and chic on the outside, but she has grown up lacking parental love, in contrast to Chae-ryung. She starts out dreaming of revenge (because of whatever pain it is she carries with her), but realizes the meaning of real family through the man she loves.

The drama follows Dr. Champ on Mondays and Tuesdays, premiering November 22.

Kang Min-hyuk

Via Star News, Mk.co.kr, OSEN, Star News


50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Shia

    Kim Tae-ho a Pasta oppa! I might tune in just to see him acting again. I loved him as one of the Italy crew in the previous drama.

  2. J. Lee

    Hot boys. 🙂 Even if the drama turns out to be bad, WHO CARES?! We have these hot actors (Donghae, Minhyuk, Kim Tae Ho)

  3. shelly

    hoping it’s good! and also hoping minhyuk and donghae are good!

  4. Sere

    Well, see, now I’ll have to add this to the to-watch list, if only for MCW + KTH +Jeon Tae-soo = my interest is picked.

  5. lambayyx

    Ooooh, Choi Jahye. I really liked her in Baker King. She is seriously very pretty

  6. orangy911

    What’s with all the idols in dramas nowadays?? There’s been a huge influx of them. It’s a little tiring. I understand that they want to attract attention and interest but…what about struggling actors and actresses that actually have talent that are looking for a break? Blah….

    I’m a little iffy about JTS being a villain again…hopefully he doesn’t become a caricature of one like he is in SKKS. I do like Moon Chae Won and Kim Tae Ho though. I’ll try to approach this drama with an open mind.

    If all else fails…at least the drama will have pretty-looking people. XD

    • 6.1 phoenixash

      While I somewhat agree, I think it’s rather unfair to give that sort of ultimatum without even giving them a chance. You’re implying that idols don’t have talent (at least, acting talent) without even seeing how they do first. Sometimes the idol actors turn out to be surprisingly good. Sometimes… well, sometimes not. And sometimes they start out terrible and grow over the course of a drama or two (Kim Hyun-joong.) I don’t know Kang Min-hyuk, but Donghae was given pretty much the leading role in Pin-Up Boys, so he’s at least one of the best out of the Super Junior boys. He can’t be terrible.

      I hope Jeon Tae-soo doesn’t start to get typecast as a villian because of his rather harsh-looking face. I think he’s pretty good for a newbie and he’ll probably do well.

      • 6.1.1 orangy911

        I’m not saying that they’ll definitely be bad. There are definitely idols who can act and I’m a fan of most of the idols that make the crossover to acting. However, as a long-time drama watcher, no matter how much I love the idols, I have to say that a lot of the idols are uncomfortable to watch on-screen. With that in mind, I always approach dramas with idols cautiously. I also feel that it seems unfair to give away roles that other people might be able to pull off better (but there’s really nothing I can do about it so haha)

        And I could be pleasantly surprised like I was with Eunjung in Coffee House or Jiyeon in Hon. Like I said…I’ll try to approach this with an open mind.

    • 6.2 asianromance

      yeah I do feel bad for those who ONLY pursue acting, because they get shoved aside for idols- which I think sort of sends the message “if you want to act, you better be able to sing!” I wonder if some of those idols who go into singing were originally planning on acting, but found it easier to get big acting gigs via singing (and getting a fan-following from that). While we have some nice acting talent from idols, I would like to see actors/actresses who focus solely on acting. I have trouble getting into their characters if I see them rocking out on inkigayo or music bank every week.

      At least the main male lead is an actor who focuses on acting!

      As for Jeon Tae-Soo as a the villain- He doesn’t sound too much like a villain: “Jeon’s character is a friendly sunbae”. Maybe he’ll be like Uhm Tae Woong in Sassy Girl Chunhyang. I think he may be more natural as a modern guy than the all powerful student president in a sageuk.

      • 6.2.1 haneul.

        Alot of idols that end up acting were originally people that wanted to be actors. (Ex. T-ara Eunjung and Hyomin (Hyomin was in training to become a musical actress before debuting in T-ara/ Super Junior Kangin was also a trainee for acting, and Kim Heechul actually debuted first as an actor not a singer)

  7. Kender

    So. Many. Cliches. And yet I’m totally going to be watching anyway. Mostly for the eye candy (Jeon Taesu! <3 I hope he does well, to justify my love for him), but also because I like Moon Chae-won and Choi Ja-hye. ^^

    • 7.1 danni

      That’s exactly what I thought while reading this (every bit of the plot seems to have been done before), but still, watching Moon Chae-won in a lead role is enough for me.

  8. v

    You know what, I was in for this drama ever since I heard donghae was in it but now that i’ve read a full review of all the cast and their characters, I’m actually quite excited for it… actually, min hyuk as acted before in a mini project but i guess this is a more mainstream project so that’s why it’s called his debut.
    Donghae isn’t too bad at acting from what i’ve seen.
    as for jeon tae soo… i love how ha ji won dissed her bro’s acting in one of her interview… haha. nothing like a sis/bro love than a slight tease. I like him a lot in SKKS… his acting skills are raw but he has a strong presence. maybe it’s because I am biased since I crush on his sis. kk.
    as for moon chae won, i already said it but same as jeon tae soo, their acting are not flawless but they have some really good moments as well. and I find her charming… she either shared or almost stole the spotlight from the female leads in all the dramas she’s been in.

  9. Casie J.

    So. Many. Pretty. Boys.


  10. 10 Noypi

    I knew he looked very familiar.. if they were put side by side I would say Jeon Tae-soo and Ha Ji-won were TWINS!!!

  11. 11 minnetter

    Donghae!! I’m so excited!! lol Attack on the Pin-up boys was a crack up and he did a pretty good job in it…lol it was fun so I’m looking forward to seeing how he does in a mainstream drama production… also he’ll be in the taiwanese drama Glamourous Challenge/Extravagant Challenge based on the manga Skipbeat along with Siwonnie, soo he’s going to be seen a lot more on the small screen^^

    I think it’s unfair to label the idol stars as lacking acting talent since there have been really good ones out lately, ahem, for example: Lee Seunggi(Woong-ah!) and Choi Siwon (carried OML)^^ and lately Mickey Yoo Chun is doing really well in SKKS

  12. 12 :D

    Donhae! gahhh he’s one of my favorite SUJU members

  13. 13 tokyojesusfist

    At first I thought Kang Min-hyuk is a girl. An easy mistake to make.

  14. 14 sandy

    thats the guy from My Precious Child he is was fine in that drama not good not bad

  15. 15 dit

    It just sounds like some variation of Brilliant Legacy. But it’s Moon Chaewon, arghh. I’m torn.

  16. 16 Arhazivory

    Hmm…regular love triangles and stuff but I’m interested to see Moon Chae Won in the lead position because I liked her performance in Brilliant Legacy. 😀 In addition…with so much eye candy, this one will be hard to pass up.

  17. 17 alyssia

    wow…Ha ji WOn’s brother is hot!!!!!!!!lolz I love Dong-hae but as far as acting.. idk. I tend to get scare when there are so many singers-turn actors appears in dramas. They all want to have experience in acting so we give them a pass. But eh..

    But i’m liking the main pair. Seems like the trio from Pasta are all doing good.

  18. 18 aX

    Couldn’t care less about these idols turning actors, but I’m excited for Moon Chae Won. I’m rooting for this one just for her. I hope it’s good.

    Didn’t see PASTA but the two lead guys seemed good looking. I hope their acting is just as good! 😀

  19. 19 violetish

    min hyuk is in acoustic -> not acting debut but green nonetheless i guess.

  20. 20 djes

    OK, definitely will watch for the eye candies! hahaha.

  21. 21 mimim

    me too. Honestly i am not exciting with this drama. I think i misheard that dong hae suju will be play as lead.
    OMG! Kim tae ho pasta group. Another reason i watched pasta until the end was him. Good luck! I hope this drama will be daebak!. Because i am hoping his popularity will be rising after this drama.

  22. 22 dannaluk

    hey at least the idols are not teh main leads…but then it seems like the leads dont have too much experience either….i’m still looking forward to this cuz i love Moon Chae Won

  23. 23 Brittany

    *sigh*…If it wasn’t for Moon Chae Won, I wouldn’t even think about watching this drama. I’m beyond tired of seeing idols in dramas. Can’t they just stick to what they do best, singing? Is that too much to ask?

  24. 24 anne

    not a big fan of idols being cast in dramas not because I assume they’re gonna suck, but because it could be taking away roles from unknown actors with breakout potential.

    At the end of the day, it’s unlikely idols are gonna have enough time or energy to focus on acting so even if they turn out to be super amazing at it, it’s unlikely to go anywhere.

    Plus, the idols that have done most well for themselves aren’t exactly giving oscar worthy performances *cough*Hyunjoong*cough*

  25. 25 iamyournoona

    Donghae starred alongside Siwon in Ariel Lin’s MV. He did a good job there IMO. I think he’s one of the promising actors among the Super Junior members aside from Siwon. He has very expressive eyes. Plus he can turn on the waterworks on cue if need be LOL boy’s a crier. He certainly have more (and approproate) facial expressions than Jihoo-sunbae.

  26. 26 Heidi

    “Oh, she also harbors inner pain. And I ask: Who doesn’t?”

    Oh my goodness! Instant favorite quote!!!

  27. 27 mellowyel

    the second lead girl sounds like Hye-in from Personal Taste, whom I remembered with some fondness today. That was a good drama. Think I’ll wait for reviews before checking this one out

  28. 28 JD

    YES, DONGHAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 JiHwan

    What a cute cast. Looks like Jeon Tae Soo has a lot of dramas up his sleeves lately. Good for him!

  30. 30 chichaloca

    wow.perfect actors.finally new face had been chosen.looking forward into this drama :)Choi Jahye from baker kim takgu.i hate at the beginning of the drama but started to like her toward the ending.

  31. 31 rainerust

    Moon Chae Won! Yay! I like her, even when she’s the hated second female lead…Also I’m sorry but I have to squeal. Donghae!!! And Minhyuk!!! I like em both but…well we’ll see if they can act. They’ve never really struck me as having strong acting abilities but then again I’ve only ever seen them in variety shows so that may not be a fair assessment…

  32. 32 pohonphee

    Why all the photos in this article are boys?:) where are the girls’? Can I expect some bromance from this series? Since there’re so many pretty boys, it’ll be such a waste if there is not.he, he, he

    • 32.1 pohonphee

      Oh God, I know it…The title

  33. 33 pigrabbit

    I don’t know any of these guys except my Fishy. LOL, I’m so biased! I’m really glad that Donghae’s not the lead. Just because I don’t want to watch him kiss anyone (but Eunhyuk, lol!). Yeah, Donghae can act. He’s got really expressive face and he’s a crybaby. And we all know he’s naturally cute, there’s no need for him to try. My favorite Donghae scene was in Super Junior Mini Drama. When Siwon was seducing him, lol!!!

    • 33.1 SadieStarr

      xDDD siwon seducing him was HILLARIOUS

  34. 34 tessa

    Kim tae Ho !! the guy who is acted in My Precious Child ? He’s the super duper nice guy in My Precious child which upsets me when he did not get the girl … hopefully this drama have a better ending for him . Yeah will watch this

  35. 35 jeankaycee

    wow!!! donghae in a drama!!! its something to look forward to! i love suju so donghae will have my support!!!

    aja donghae!!

  36. 36 LadyIgraine

    i’m really looking forward to kang minhyuk’s acting…he may well be the next jung yongwha.

  37. 37 SadieStarr

    omgshomgshomgsh! DongHae &MinHyuk..sigh…soo amazing..will deffi watch this..even though its only for them..although i lyk taeSoo..! but donghae…oh i luv fishy!!!! <3

  38. 38 Anonymous

    i will definitely watch it 🙂

  39. 39 Eray

    I though Donghae was playing the lead role?
    So there are a lot of boys in this series. At first I thought it would be a Moon Chae Won-Donghae-Minhyuk triangle when I learned about it first. But then I guess I was wrong. But then it’s a good thing too because this may mean he will not be in a love line. 🙂

  40. 40 Hikary25

    Waaah I like the cast, It will made the drama story more real, since they are faces not so knowing in the drama world I like that. . . Let’s hope they do a good job ♥ ^^

  41. 41 LiseKyuu

    Why did they leave out Shin min soo? He did an awesome role as duk gi T_T

  42. 42 nancii.

    “Playing a villain means that I have to be hated in order to be called a good actor, so I intend to work hard to receive a lot of hate.”
    awww. thats saad. he doesnt want to play bad characters… but most of the dramas he plays in.. his characters are the villains. but in all my love he.. yeaa hes a bad boy there too.. oh and if you’ve watched sungkyunkwan scandal, you’ll see that he’s really teary wenever its his part because he never blinks. his character in that drama just GLARES ahahahha.

  43. 43 nancii.

    first time i saw minhyuk in this drama he looked just like yoon si yoon. no kidding!

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