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U.S. screenings for Won Bin’s The Man From Nowhere
by | October 4, 2010 | 92 Comments

The Man From Nowhere, the English title for Won Bin‘s latest movie, Ajusshi, will be screening nationwide in the U.S. in the month of October, and now’s your chance to see it.

The gritty thriller premiered in Korea in August and was a hit at the box office. Won Bin has taken his darkest role to date as a man with a bleak life and a hidden past, who has shut himself off from all contact with the world with the exception of a neighbor girl with whom he bonds. When she’s kidnapped, he goes after her gangster captors to rescue her.

Here’s a great review of the film over at Twitchfilm (note: spoilers!).

Screening at:

10/08- Regal Edwards Cerritos Stadium 10 (Cerritos, CA)
10/15- Regal Cinemas Garden Grove Stadium 16 (Garden Grove, CA)
10/15- AMC Rolling Hills 20 (Torrance, CA)
10/15 – AMC Rolling Hills 20 (Torrance, CA)
10/15 – AMC Santa Anita 16 (Arcadia, CA)
10/15 – AMC Bay Terrace 6 (NY)
10/15 – AMC Empire 25 (NY)
10/15 – AMC Ridgefield Park 12 (NJ)
10/15 – AMC Rios 18 (D.C)
10/15 – AMC Cinemark Century 16 (Seattle – Federal Way)
10/15 – AMC Alderwood 16 (Seattle – Lynwood)
10/15 – AMC Cupertino 16 (SJ)
10/15 – AMC Discover Mills 18 (Atlanta)
10/15 – AMC Northbrook Court 14 (Chicago)
10/15 – AMC Showplace Niles 12 (Chicago)
10/15 – Alamo Drafthouse Lamar 6 (Austin)
10/15 – AMC Younge & Dundas 24 (Toronto)
10/15 – Cinemark (Vancouver) TBD!
10/29 – Consolidated Ward (Honolulu)



92 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jen

    NO TEXAS????


    • 1.1 Ladymoonstone143

      I feel your in Texas too…:(

    • 1.2 Laica

      It’s showing in Austin on 10/15.

    • 1.3 Koreandramasrock

      I am from Texas as well just not in Austin.. *Sigh..

      • 1.3.1 siyah_inci

        nooo!! i’m like a couple hours away from austin but unfortunately, i’m stuck at school that day! and i was all excited to hear that won bin was coming to america (via a movie but still ^^) but now i must hear that won bin will only be visiting a select places…none that i can go to! TT^TT

  2. joicy

    This is not nationwide. 🙁

  3. Sweet

    Wheres Sacramento!?
    I was dieing to watch this.

    • 3.1 T1

      damn, really though, where’s Sacramento???

    • 3.2 joicy

      you can take a 2 hr drive to cupertino.

    • 3.3 Abie Lee

      I had a feeling it was not going to be shown in Sac. I was hoping at least San Francisco. We get no love in NorCal, just cause we don’t have Koreatown. I don’t think it’s showing in Cupertino.

      • 3.3.1 k

        10/15 – AMC Cupertino 16 (SJ)

    • 3.4 Phalycidee

      Boo…Yup, yup. No love in Sacramento…BOoOoO!

  4. Sweet

    I hope he picks up a drama to do.
    I miss seeing him on the small screen.:(

  5. Kender

    Ugh, of course this happens after I LEAVE Illinois. >O Very upsetting.

    Guess I’m gonna have to be a pirate later after all. :/

  6. CapitalScandalRocks

    10/15 CUpertino….

    • 6.1 Phalycidee

      Yah! It’s true….they’re playing in Cupertino! Road Trip Sacramentians? LOL Or perhaps Tailgate Californians?!?! LOL

  7. jenni

    ahh I love WON BIN

  8. lil_ole_me

    just saw the movie on saturday, it was awesome. if u have the chance to catch it, it’s a must do

  9. [email protected]

    This is ALL the theaters they could get?! Why can’t they add more? No Philadelphia or NJ at least a closer city in NJ for me……T_T

  10. 10 just a girl

    Yea! It’s playing in DC! It sounds slightly similar to The Professional and I loved that movie.

    • 10.1 ohemgee

      gaithersburg is SO far though…BOO.

    • 10.2 momosan

      Not DC – Gaithersburg.

      ::screams of agony:: DC I could get to by Metro – Gaithersburg on the 15th, not a chance in a million.

      Color me angry that they are showing it on a screen in Gaithersburg instead of downtown at someplace like the Union Station 9 (not to insult anyone in the Rockville/Gaithersburg area, I have many fine friends there, it’s just NOT DC). On the upside, they are giving it 4 showings….none of which I can get to.

      • 10.2.1 danni

        “Gaithersburg on the 15th, not a chance in a million.”
        Especially since it’s on a Friday. If only they chose a closer theatre, I really want to see it but going through hours of DC traffic to get to Maryland is a little…

  11. 11 kjones

    NO FLORIDA!!!! NO NO NO Say it ain’t out

    • 11.1 Jewels

      This is really disappointing!!!!

  12. 12 pandaD

    did they say anything about subtitles?
    my korean friend took her american husband to watch Haeundae when it was showing in the US (at the Cupertino location), but he ended up watching it confused because there weren’t any subtitles….

    • 12.1 lil_ole_me

      when i saw it over the weekend it had subtitles

  13. 13 Laica

    Yay Toronto 🙂

    • 13.1 cille


    • 13.2 gala

      ugh but it’s far from me…

  14. 14 Anonymous

    Saw it at CGV in Ktown over the weekend. It was very good, much better than I expected. I would strongly recommend seeing it.

  15. 15 djinni

    atlanta gets no love

    • 15.1 djinni

      WAIT I SEE IT!!!!! HELLS YEAH!!!!! ehem.. im going to see it.

      • 15.1.1 iWANTcereal

        really? i’m catching the atlanta screening too ^^

    • 15.2 Haj

      What do you mean, Atlanta is on the list

  16. 16 Haj

    YES I have school off on the 15th. I’ll make a day trip to NYC!!

  17. 17 ___

    What about San Diego?!?!?! T__T

  18. 18 Snikki

    Yes! Wasn’t really planning to watch this (in the big screen), but my boyfriend’s friend who lives in Korea now highly recommends this. Will mark my calendar now! Woot!

  19. 19 Sara

    wonder if this movie a remake of a wonderful french movie the Professionals with young Natalie Portman….the storyline is similar

  20. 20 Buki

    Not to be picky…but neither of the Chicago locations are actually in Chicago. They are both in the outlining suburbs 🙁 which sucks…but it’s not convient to get to either location using public transportation. But, there is a higher Korean American population in the outlining suburbs than the city so i can understand the decision…but i don’t like it 🙁

    • 20.1 Koreandramasrock

      At least it’s doable for you.. I would have to travel 12 hours to reach the nearest location for me! Aish…

  21. 21 Patt

    Oh, well it looks like it’s also showing in Canada, not just the U.S. seeing as it’s showing in Toronto and Vancouver.

    I’m definitely going to watch it 😀

    P.S. It’s Yonge* and Dundas.

  22. 22 Tushka

    If you are in Los Angeles, you can see it now (with English subs). It’s playing at the CGV Theater on Western just a 1/2 block north of Wilshire on the west side of the street.

    I checked it out this past Saturday, 10/3, and it is a well put together film. It is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t like violence in your films, this one will not be for you. Enjoy, I know I did.

  23. 23 Jenju

    Omg thank you SOOO much for these dates. Torrence is a bit of a drive for me but so worth it. I can’t wait to see this 😉

  24. 24 v

    aishhh… now i have to choose between skipping my choir rehearsal for ajusshi or skipping my choir rehearsal to meet JB & GF at the NY comic con…. i can’t afford to skip both… -_-” why do they have to be both on friday!!!

  25. 25 wits

    It’s coming to Toronto!!!!! FINALLY, I’ll get to see Won Bin!

  26. 26 funkypicklez

    stupid question. BUT PLEASE ANSWER
    im going to the one in ny
    is it only airing ONCE on 10/15 ONLY?
    not even for the whole weekend? >.<
    please answer…

    • 26.1 peanut butter

      it could be. check out their website. i know that Atlanta they will be playing it for several days, not just that one day. it could be the same for NY. just make sure to look at the website for the dates and times.

      • 26.1.1 funkypicklez

        it doesnt say anything other than 10/15…
        but thats the same with any of the dates….
        its flushing. where all the koreans of ny are located. lol >.<

    • 26.2 joicy

      you can gg the website of the theater and see schedule

  27. 27 nixxochick

    yay! i can see it in Cerritos or Garden Grove ^^ i heard this is a really good movie, i’m excited

  28. 28 mzpakipot

    THIS I have to see! Where my sea-town gurls at? Another meet-up? I’m down whichever theater, but i’m closer to Federal Way!

    • 28.1 pixie

      lol! do we know if the movie has an english subtitle? yeah, let’s meet up again.

      • 28.1.1 mzpakipot

        oh, i’m such a terrible person! Hi, i can’t believe this, i couldn’t remember who you are. It’s been too long since we had that meet-up and haven’t been keeping in touch! I hope all is well! ^^
        errr…you’re so right, we don’t know if there’s english subtitles. haha!

        Forgive me.

        • mzpakipot

          I remember you now. Sorry….

  29. 29 moley


  30. 30 AuntieMame

    Heads Up!

    If there is an AMC theater chain in your area, you may want to check to see if it is being shown there.

    I don’t know why it wasn’t listed. But, on the off-chance that it will show in the SF Bay Area, I checked all the AMC theaters in the area and found that it is showing at the Cupertino AMC theater, from Friday, Oct. 15th to Thursday, Oct. 21st.

    The AMC website is a bit tricky to navigate. You won’t find it by the movie title, in Search.

    Instead, check each AMC theater in your area. When you select a theater, it will bring up the “Local Theater Details” page. Then, change the date field to Oct. 15. That will bring up the events for that particular theater on that date. (This is how I found it.)

    Good Luck!

  31. 31 wonbin

    Gaithersberg is NOT DC!!!

  32. 32 Tha


    • 32.1 brookeeve

      Is it showing in Nashville? I’d drive four hours for that! Austin is the next nearest place to me, but it’s nine hours away!

  33. 33 all4movies

    After watching this today at the Vancouver Film Festival, I’ve got serious Ahjussi love for Won Bin. That guy is awesome in this.

    Watch it, or you’ll be sorry.

    • 33.1 all4movies

      This movie will be screening in Hawaii on Oct. 19 at the Hawaii film fest for anyone able to make it.

      I’ll be there, but watching other stuff.

  34. 34 KNG

    No MICHIGAN!!!!!!!NOOOOOO!!!! so not fair!

  35. 35 MsRetta

    ok So.Calif ….yes! I ‘m there.

  36. 36 sl

    haha yes! the nearest theater is 5 minutes away!!!
    so. cal power man(:

  37. 37 shzei


  38. 38 namemelydia

    Seattle <3

    heh, The alderwood mall theaters are like ten minutes away from my house 😉

    I think I'll go see it, or force someone to take me if I don't have money. LOL

  39. 39 mymymai

    Austin but not Houston? Why??!

  40. 40 Yiya

    What the fudgesauce, no East Coast love? it’s a conspiracy…

  41. 41 Ani

    Son of a Mother! You know, Seattle ain’t the only hoppin’ place in Washington. Seriously. GRRR! Oh well, I’ll wait until either it comes out on DVD or through…. other means. X)

    • 41.1 Ani

      Oh wait a minute… It’s going to be unsubbed in theaters isn’t it?

  42. 42 red_pill

    FABULOUS film. I watched it last Friday and was entranced the whole way through. This is definitely the role of Won Bin’s career. And Kim Sae-ron is brilliant.

  43. 43 Revy

    Amc Empire 25 here i come. Thank god i don’t have classes on the 15

  44. 44 Alyssa

    dang! woot woot! its in my home theater!

  45. 45 Keylye

    *CRY* It’s playing near me and I can’t go because I’m working…

  46. 46 lovin it

    AHHHHHHHHH this rare opportunity! and im currently in japan!

  47. 47 Rizzy

    Is there an Asian premiere of this? I am praying that this gets shown here in Manila. I adore Won Bin!

  48. 48 rita

    It has English subtitles.

    You can find the showtimes at the official website (click theater locations)

    For all AMC Theaters
    Friday-Sunday: 10:30AM, 1:30PM, 4:30PM, 7:30PM, 10:30PM
    Monday-Thursday: 1:30PM, 4:30PM, 7:30PM, 10:30PM

    Monday – Sunday: 1:00pm, 4:00pm, 7:00pm, 10:00pm

  49. 49 koreandramalover

    I am from Singapore. Javabeans, would you know if/when this movie will be screened in Singapore?
    Tnank you.

    Anyway, I have only managed to watch the trailers of the movie from this URL :

    How could the most minimal of dialogue from Won Bin be so eloquent?
    Only through the most expressive eyes and gait that convey so much emotion and thought – those of the one and only Won Bin.

    My heart almost stop beating each and every time the camera zoomed in on Won Bin’s tortured, agonised, pained eyes and gait…

    I dare say this is THE movie that will further catapult Won Bin to stratospheric-stardom…way, way, way beyond super-stardom. Truly unforgettable.

    Alas, it is not screening in Singapore yet.

    • 49.1 koreandramalover

      Ooops!! Sorry Javabeans. There was a typo. It should be ‘Thank you.’, not ‘Tnank you.’.

      Btw, I should also say that credit should also be given to the director and writer of the movie for having the foresight in recognising Won Bin’s immense talent by giving him the lead role.

      Won Bin is truly luminous in this movie.

      I could feel my heart reacting to every tortured and pained emotion and expression that Won Bin portrayed – just as Won Bin was tortured and agonised, so was my heart.

      Those of you living in US and near where the movie is screening – how blessed you all are.

  50. 50 chanel

    finally something in NY
    and close to where i live:)

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