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2010 Blue Dragon Film Awards
by | November 26, 2010 | 92 Comments

More awards!

The Blue Dragon Film Awards took place on November 26, and the many of the same films that have been winning lately were rewarded once again: Some of the big winners were for films such as crime drama Moss, dark thriller I Saw the Devil, romantic comedy Cyrano Dating Agency, stark action movie Ajusshi, and the much-lauded Poetry.

Kang Dong-won and Song Kang-ho’s Secret Reunion prevailed to win best picture over nominees Ajusshi, The Housemaid, Moss, and Jeon Woo Chi.


Best Picture: Secret Reunion
Actor Award: Jung Jae-young (Moss)
Actress Award: Yoon Jung-hee (Poetry), Su Ae (Midnight FM)
Supporting Actor: Yoo Hae-jin (Moss)
Supporting Actress: Yoon Yeo-jung (Housemaid)
Director Award: Kang Woo-seok (Moss)
Screenplay: Kim Hyun-seok (Cyrano Dating Agency)

New Actor: Choi Seung-hyun, aka TOP (Into the Fire)
New Actress: Lee Min-jung (Cyrano Dating Agency)
New Director: Kim Gwang-shik (My Gangster Boyfriend)
Cinematography: Lee Mo-gae (I Saw the Devil)
Lighting: Oh Seung-chul (I Saw the Devil)
Music: Mowg (I Saw the Devil)
Art Direction: Lee Ha-joon (Housemaid)
Technical Effects: Park Jung-ryul (Ajusshi)
Popularity Award: Won Bin, Choi Seung-hyun (TOP), Jo Yeo-jung, Sohn Ye-jin
Box Office Award: Ajusshi


But now for the part we really care about: the pretty pictures!


Kim Sae-ron‘s mother must be the HAPPIEST mom in the history of Korean film awards ceremonies, ever. (And yes, she even beats out Wang Seok-hyun‘s mother.) I mean, there’s no way in hell the girl’s coming up with her elaborate, amazingly assembled ensembles herself, right? In my mind, Mom has spent the past three months in a fog of bliss and exhaustion, stocking up the wardrobe with the stuff of girls’ fantasies, all coordinated under different themes. Like, the first one was “Princess in a Candy Store,” and the second was “Chic ‘n Sassy Party Girl,” and now it’s “Cruella, The Happier, Pre-Dalmation Years: A Night Out At the Opera.”

And sure, maybe Mom’s getting a little frazzled trying to nail down every last perfect detail — like matching the marabou trim on the wee heels to her delicate shrug, or getting the ideal twee white lace hat to coordinate with the adorable over-the-top-ness of the gown, which is itself adorned with flowery swirls and trimmed in white tulle — but she’s telling herself to pull it together, woman, you can sleep when the season’s over, except at the last minute she realizes with horror that in all the event planning, she’s forgotten to get herself something to wear and has to greet Won Bin, who’s arriving at their doorstop to pick up his Ajusshi co-star and partner for the evening, wearing a worn old housedress and mismatching slippers. Horrors!

I cannot WAIT to see what Kim Sae-ron turns up in at the Baeksangs.

Jung Jae-young won one of the big awards of the night for acting in Moss, which has gotten so much good buzz that I keep meaning to see it. He opts for a more casual tie, but spiffs it up with a white… pocket square? Decorative sticker? Nametag?

Su Ae, winner for her thriller movie Midnight FM, is statuesque in her draped brown gown. Normally I wouldn’t think brown would be the most elegant color for an awards show, but this one is sophisticated and perfect for Su Ae, who accents it nicely with gold jewelry. In just another month, we’ll be seeing her kicking some ass in spy drama Athena

I almost always love Sohn Ye-jin (Personal Taste) at awards, and this time’s no different. Granted, the front flappy bit of material gives her a mildly pregnant look from a few angles, but on the whole the gown looks like it moves beautifully.


There was a lot of black at the event, but unlike, say, the Korea Film Awards where there were no punchy, show-stopping numbers to counter all the safe, conservative black gowns, thankfully the Blue Dragon Awards have Lee Min-jung. GORGEOUS. Swoon.

Let’s overlook the minor fact that her face makeup is just a shade too white for the rest of her body and admire the lush texturing on the gown, the sassy silvery strappy heels, the perfect accent of the sash that accentuates her figure, and the clean, sophisticated bare neckline. Girl won an award this night (for new actress) and the night was HERS.

Lee Byung-heon hardly ever looks bad, which is why I’m disappointed with his slightly disheveled coif here. It’s not a horrible look on him… just unkempt. And I like him better kempt.

I like men in three-piece tuxes, and Daniel Choi (Cyrano Dating Agency) is adorable. It almost makes you forget what a punkass jerk he was in The World They Live In, since he’s doing so well with the awkward, shy manboy thing.

I haven’t seen Kim Hye-soo out of black for a formal awards show for a while now, it seems. The Home Sweet Home star looks like she might just spill out of her dress with an awkward step, which may explain why she’s hanging on to Lee Beom-soo‘s arm.

I love Park Bo-young (Speed Scandal), and she usually looks fantastic at awards shows — fresh, flirty, and adorable. Tonight, however, it appears she threw on an old bedsheet, wrapped it in some crazy knot around the middle, and bedazzled the front to disguise its origins. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. It’s probably a new bedsheet.

I can’t decide how I feel about the dress Park Jin-hee (Giant) is wearing. It’s black (so: boring), a bit shapeless, and safe. The gap in the front doesn’t seem like a slit so much as it seems like the dress got lined up wrong and found out at the last minute that there wasn’t enough fabric to finish off the look. Or maybe the dress got hungry and ate itself, which might explain what happened to that sash that disappears into nowhere. On the other hand, the drapey elegance of the dress is meant to be simple, and Park is a gorgeous lady. And in case she should forget that, she can always refer to her purse to remind her, since it doubles as a mirror.

Okay, Choi Kang-hee, I don’t know why you look so surly and smirky in all the photos. You’ve got a busy career, a nickname built around how very young you always look, and you totally get to run your hands all over Lee Seon-kyun in your new movie, My Petty Romance. Then again, you ARE wearing… that… so maybe you have a right to be cranky. Did your stylist lie and tell you you were headed to a Muppets tea party instead of an awards show?

Park Hee-soon, yum. His small movie A Barefoot Dream — a heart-warmer in which his character coaches poor Timorese children in soccer — has been met with a lot of praise, and was one of the nominees for Best Picture. Now that Park has done the uplifting human drama, can we have him back to playing deliciously twisted sexy villains?

Singer-turned-actress Nam Gyu-ri (Life Is Beautiful) always reminds me of a porcelain doll. Neck up, she looks beautiful. Below that, though… ho-hum. Simple black dress, a little dull with its empire waistline and simple cut.


We’ve seen this same dress a number of times before, such as on Park Bo-young (twice, apparently?) and Yoon Eun-hye. But it IS an adorably sweet dress, so I can see the appeal.

And hey, if I were Park Min-young and I’d just spent the past few months playing a dude swathed in voluminous layers of old-fashioned robes, I’d go all-out in frothy, frilly minidresses too.

Her Sungkyunkwan Scandal co-star Song Joong-ki is looking mighty pretty himself. I’m not sure what’s going on with his bowtie, but I like it — it’s a little quirky.

Song Sae-byuk has picked up a number of awards so far for his role in Bang-ja Chronicle, and he’ll soon be seen in Ha Ji-won’s maritime creature feature Sector 7.

Oh. My. What to say about Choi Seung-hyun, better known as Big Bang’s TOP? The thing is, you almost CAN’T even snark, because he’s obviously going for ridiculous and wacky and eyebrow-raising. And in that he succeeds, ’cause my eyebrows are plenty raised at the mo’. On one hand, my scalp tingles for him — the amount of bleaching required to get that exact shade of David Bowie white? Owww — but not TOO much because he apparently skinned a purple lizard for his jacket. He looks mighty proud of himself in that second photo…

…which might be because his plan to sartorially coordinate with Best Actress winner Yoon Jung-hee has apparently succeeded! Yoon has been much praised for her performance in Poetry, which brought her the win.

Han Hye-jin (Terroir) looks flawless. Her dress fits her to a tee. The fabric, on the other hand, reminds me of nothing more than Frankenstein’s bride, interrupting the impact of the black with garish streaks of silver.

Yoo Hae-jin has also been winning a lot of awards for his supporting role in Moss, as he did here.

Yoo Sun (Sons of Sol Pharmacy) wears some more black, which might have been boring but is saved by the back.

Kim Sung-soo, where’ve you been all year? The More Charming By the Day actor shows up looking sharp.

Jung Soo-young! The funnywoman who stole scenes in Fantasy Couple, Queen of Housewives, and City Hall (though not as much in Coffee House) came to the awards despite being pregnant; she ought to be due sometime at the end of the year or in early 2011.

I almost mistook Moss’‘s Yoo Joon-sang for Ryu Seung-beom in some shots, which I suppose is not a bad guy to be compared to.

Speaking of familiar faces, Jo Yoon-hee (Hot-Blooded Salesman) bears a bit of a resemblance to a certain pop diva. I’m meh on the sparkly black gown, but no real complaints.

Jin Gu has a few movies coming up, including Moby Dick — an action thriller with no apparent relation to the classic whale-hunt story — and Bloody Fight. I think his suit is a little casual for the Blue Dragons, but it’s not like he was a winner, so he can slide.

Jo Yeo-jung (Bang-ja Chroncle) has been looking great at these awards. She went sparkly and pink at the Korea Film Awards, while her approach here is sleek and sophisticated. I’m just glad the dress isn’t black.

Ji Sung-won, on the other hand… It’s okay, I guess. Although, if you were wearing a structured black satin gown to a formal event, wouldn’t you pick a bra that wasn’t white?

Consider Jeon Se-hong (Flames of Desire), by contrast, who looks like she just made it to the awards after narrowly escaping a freak encounter with a shredder. Or mabye she ran out of options and fashioned a dress out of the drying flaps at a drive-thru car wash. Is her dress long and black? Yes, sure. But is it boring? Not bloody likely.

Yoon Shi-yoon (Baker King Kim Tak-gu)… I don’t even know what to say to you. On one hand, it’s like he forgot it was awards night and hopped on over after a day of assistant-teaching ancient history classes at the local university. At least he thought to match his shoes to his coat?

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92 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. minah

    won bin….. you are mine! <3

    • 1.1 daannichan


      • 1.1.1 YYY_ddd

        Yes^_^Lee min jung…vMin-Jung <3 you deserve it!

        • ice

          beautiful as always ((min jung onne ^_^congrat))

          • [email protected]

            Lee min jung looks really beautiful in the dress,

      • 1.1.2 Sonam

        Lee Min Jung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am eagerly waiting for your next drama.

    • 1.2 Cam


      WON BIN! LEE MIN JUNG!!! Bravo for them!

      Congratulations! ^__________^ I am happy for both of them are finally SOAR up to become so popular as actors, of course!

  2. dannaluk

    “It’s not a horrible look on him… just unkempt. And I like him better kempt.”
    did i really hear that from you JB???….i thought u liked your men with bed-head hair…lol
    SONG JOONG KI!!….he looks so fine!!!!
    i think TOP is trying really hard to get that part in Gu Hye Sun’s new Vampire movie…. for which apparently she already wants TOP…so then why is he trying so hard??

    • 2.1 Ani

      Song Joon Ki is a cute pie. As for TOP? I really wish he would have just stuck with black. Or white. Heck even grey. But his hair is too Jack Frost for me. Meh. XP

      • 2.1.1 hapacalgirl

        I think TOP’s hair is for Big Bang’s comeback which unfortunately for him means he has to wear it like that to all of the awards shows. Its one of those times his rapper persona collides with his acting persona.

        • cranky

          ughh more like his Frankenstein persona colliding with his acting persona….

  3. sl

    My favorite part of these award shows is jb’s commentary on the attendees’ clothing(:

    • 3.1 LOL

      ME TOO πŸ˜€ it’s always fun to read JB’s commentary on the clothes. hahahah loved kim sae ron’s commentary~ πŸ™‚

      gah JOONGKI<3 *swoooooon*

  4. [email protected]

    Kim Sae-ron has long legs, i dont know how old she is but she’s got long legs for age

  5. Ani

    I really hope to see Prk Bo-young on screen again… And soon.

    And wow, bra slipup? Never want that to happen to me. XD

  6. Nabby

    I absolutely adore the cut of Park Bo-Young’s dress, but not so much the jewels and color.
    Su Ae, on the other hand, is spot on. SO PRETTY.

  7. yeisha

    @JB, i nearly choked on my tea reading that part about Kim Sae-ron’s mom — bwaahahaha. she really must be the happiest mama on earth – getting to plan KSR’s adorable outfits plus hang out with Won Bin..what could be better than that?

    speaking of my loves, how hot is he?!! and i really love that he’s always holding KSR’S hand and glancing at her every once in a while during their walks down the red carpet. ahhhh..he will make a good father one day. i was a little disappointed that he didn’t win best actor but i’m rooting for him to win it at the Baeksang’s. go Won Bin oppa!!! ganbatte!

    as for the ladies, yes, Son Ye Jin is always flawless during every awards night. but my fave is Bark Bo Young, LOVE her gown, its so flirty and it really fits her personality. Also, Lee Min Jung, wow, drop-dead gorgeous. So happy she’s getting recognized.

    • 7.1 yeisha

      ooops. i meant Park Bo Young. argh, typos!

  8. kitkatx

    LOL. I love your narrative on Kim Sae Ron. Christ, I feel pathetic, I’m so envious of that girl. She has an excuse to be next to Won Bin AAAAND hold his hand!!! GRAHHHHHH. LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

  9. elisa


  10. 10 :D


  11. 11 Lucille

    Yoon Shi-yoon (Baker King Kim Tak-gu) – Yes the outfit was a bit off, but he is toooooooo cute. Come on didn’t we all have a crush on the slightly dorky teacher?

    • 11.1 Cam

      YUP YUPS! ^_________^

      Yoon Shi Yoon really loooooks so cute, lolz. He’s doing so awesome job at that drama Baker King drama, heh!

  12. 12 myweithisway

    Song Joon Ki!!! And that people, is how a killer smile is done.

    and TOP…reminds me of that henchman in an older Bond(possibly some other similar action/spy flick) who can only tower over others while looking like a bleached and buffed up Ken doll. No fun. I miss his old look (which was pretty smokin’)

  13. 13 kitkatx

    And oh yeah SONG JOONG KIIIIII.

  14. 14 alittlepaperstory

    javabeans, YOU CRACKED ME UP ALL THE TIME!!! This is toooo hilarious!!

  15. 15 anais

    Re: Kim Sung Soo – I had the very same question just recently!

    Yum, Kim Sung Soo.

    • 15.1 maria214

      I second the motion wow ……….pardon me but he did look delicious

  16. 16 lil

    Does anyone know the designer of Park Min Young’s dress? I’ve looked everywhere… πŸ™

    • 16.1 lil

      … also Park Min Young/Park Bo young/ Yoon Eun hye did not have the same dress on there actually all different … but they look similar

  17. 17 Haj

    I dont like the cut of the top of Sohn Ye-Jin’s dress– it’s too high and it makes her boobs look saggy.
    I love how Soo-ae is rocking low-key makeup!
    Despite Choi Kang-hee’s bizarre look, her outfits makes her look skinniest. Even though Min-Jung’s dress is beautiful, it was kinda chunky.
    love Yoo Sun’s back.
    Song Joong-Ki could use a haircut.
    Jung Soo Young looks amazing and appropriate!

    and that concludes the things that popped into my head as i read the fashion commentary.

  18. 18 jfc

    I love Son Ye JIn’s smile, she always looks so natural at these things, some of the others don’t know how to work the red carpet- I’m looking at you Choi Kang Hee. I’m surprised she won popularity award for White Night cause I thought it didn’t do to well? I’m glad Secret Reunion won, I guess it’s even more apropos after what happened recently with N. Korea.

    Soo Ae gave a great speech, as did Lee Min Jung, Moss winner.

    I really wish the mc’s asked better questions: Bum Soo to Won Bin “which award would you prefer, popularity award or best actor?” I mean really!

    the female mc was great as always, I guess she’s dating the supporting actor from Moss?

    It’s always nice to see everyone and I especially missed Kang Dong Won being there but was nice to see him and his movies Secret Reunion and Jeonwoochi shown some love in the clip packages.

    Kim Sae Ron is adorable but isn’t she too young to have even seen her own film?

  19. 19 charitee

    i was dying from laughter while reading this. so funny…all the time. but really, wtf T.O.P?? so i had seen a tweet saying that T.O.P looked like jay from ANTM and i was like, noo way and then i see this and im like..oh, yeah, i totally see it now.

  20. 20 theedie

    OMG KIM SUNG SOO!!!!! I’ve been wondering where on earth this man has been too. Glad to know he’s still smooookin hot *drool* =Q

    I think Park Min-young looks really cute in the dress, but isn’t it a tad bit cold to be wearing a mini-dress? I’m in Los Angeles and it’s ~50F here and I’m freezing my toes off. I cannot imagine wearing a mini-dress at this time of the year.

  21. 21 jfc

    Ha Ji Won also looked amazing presenting Best Picture. She looked like the bride of Blue Dragon and everyone else was her (beautiful) bridesmaids. I really think everyone tried to keep it somber b/c of recent events. Soo Ae, Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Jung, Han Hye JIn, Won Bin, Song Joonki, Jo yeo jeong, Ha Ji won even TOP were my faves of the night

    • 21.1 Chloe

      Agreed! Because of what you said I had to go look for pics of HJW and indeed she was gorgeous! She’s always beautiful and has great style. Fave of the night then LMJ then PMY.

  22. 22 Autumn

    i love Park Bo Young’s “bed sheet”, she looks so adorable and elegant in it.

    Park Min Young’s dress is dangerously short, i honestly don’t know how she could move around in it without fear of… wardrobe malfunction. but it is a cute lil piece, would’ve looked better on her if the colour is darker imo.

    I thought Yoon ShiYoon’s looks rather cute, but TOP…muahahahaha, no comment.

  23. 23 Angel

    Omo Song Joong Ki and Park Min Young! Lovely! Song Joong Ki is just yummylicious. *slurps*

  24. 24 brookeeve

    MY POOR T.O.P.!!!! He had to have been abducted by aliens! There is no other explanation for my hubby to show up looking like that!!!!!

    Is it bad that I still think he’s hot looking like that?

    • 24.1 girlfriday

      Yes. Yes, it’s bad.

      Hey, you asked. πŸ˜‰

      • 24.1.1 brookeeve

        Sigh. Oh well. It’s my obsession and I’m sticking to it!

        • Bluefyre

          Haha. Kudos. That’s the spirit! πŸ˜‰

  25. 25 xylophonic

    Song Joong-ki. Yum.

    …is about all I can say.

  26. 26 nn


    that’s usually all i see at these award shows. pick some dresses with color women!

  27. 27 daannichan

    Lee min jung ,she is beautiful lady and congratulation……I love you so much

  28. 28 Bluefyre

    Is it just me or does Jo Yoon Hee look like Zhang Zi Yi in those pics? I can’t think of the pop diva JB is referring to though… Brain not working at this hour I guess. LOL

    But, man. I dig, dig, DIG Lee Min Jung’s dress and look. Perfection! …and Won Bin’s right behind her. Haha!

    Song Joong-ki, Park Min-young, Su Ae, and Han Hye-jin are my faves for the night. ^^

    But, JB, you stole the words out of my mouth regarding TOP. I mean…total ROFL! XD Same goes for Kim Sae-ron, though I really haven’t heard of her before Ahjusshi.

  29. 29 mumina

    Thanks [email protected]@ for new up date of lee min jung and jung kyung ho.we love you (jb)

    Congrat!!!! lee min jung shi

  30. 30 a.pam

    luv ya song joong ki!! ;]

  31. 31 tinysunbl

    “a day of assistant-teaching ancient history classes at the local university”

    OMG that’s the same thought that ran through my mind when I first saw him. Totally reminds me of my history prof. lol

  32. 32 djes

    “He opts for a more casual tie, but spiffs it up with a white… pocket square? Decorative sticker? Nametag?”

    I thought it’s his folded note of award acceptance speech? ( whatever it called πŸ˜› sorry for the lack of English πŸ˜› )

  33. 33 [email protected]

    Won Bin is so handsome.
    I don’t know when’s the day I’ll get tired of him, hmmm, maybe never? lol

  34. 34 baNen

    Why is Park Shin-hye not here? Where she go?

    • 34.1 Cam

      Oh, Park Shin Hye is still in Taiwan and she had to do something alot for new Taiwanese drama with tawianese actor George Hu, of course.

      Yupz, she’s reallllllly busssyy! (nods)

  35. 35 ParisVanJava

    Tonight award is awesome, and lil bit different from other awards in term of the winner, like Best Actor went to Jung Jae Yong instead of WonBin and there was 2 Best Actress winner,

    As for my sweety honey bunny Lee Min Jung, GOSH my jaw dropped by her gorgeousness, this girl is just lucky from head to toe:-)

    And Choi Kang Hee remind me much with Goo Hye Sun in term of their unique-undescribeable sense of fashion

  36. 36 asianromance

    I wanna BE Kim Sae-ron! I have been looking forward to all these awards coverage just to see what she will wear next. Of course, if i were going to be standing next to the hottie, Won Bin, I would definitely get decked out as pretty as possible. I sort of wish Won Bin was 20 years younger, then they can be a beautiful, well-dressed couple 20 years later.

    am I the only one who is weirded out by Park Min Young wearing girly clothes? I keep thinking she should be in those sageuk robes.

  37. 37 punch

    now I suddenly realize how much I miss SKKS T_T
    Park Min young and Song Joong ki!

    anyway, I mind the pictures more than who won the awards hee hee. what makes it more exciting is JB’s comments πŸ™‚ thanks for that. Here’s to looking forward for more award nights!

    • 37.1 Dara

      Me too! miss SKKS!

  38. 38 jyyjc

    park jin hee is wearing those shoes that ma hye ri was trying to get in the first episode of prosecutor princess!!

  39. 39 Dara

    Your comments are priceless JB. HAHA.
    TOP is aliens and Baker king dude, why did you have to put him in the last runner ups? My eyes brows quirk *sigh*

  40. 40 beedee

    WON BIN!!!! Why so handsome? Kim Sae Ron is the luckiest girl ever!! LOL

  41. 41 beedee

    BTW, When will be the Baeksang? :))))

  42. 42 Raitei

    Kim Sae Ron looks very pretty in her ethereal white roses-looking embossed dress.

    Lee Min Jung, no doubt gorgeous! When I can ever be a bit as gorgeous as that? Argh!! >.>

    And Song Joong Ki…I still can’t get over his perfect skin. I’ve never thought I’ll be so envious of a guy’s skin like I am now.

  43. 43 yuoi

    Lee Min Jung!!!!! Loooove the outfit!! The colour, texture and this belt which looks like leather (not sure leather or not). I want this dress! And of course her face. For me she and Shin Min Ah have the most beautiful and natural faces in the korean showbiz!

  44. 44 nelkk

    all the black dresses are horrible and boring!! Jo Yoon-hee looks like lee hyo-ri and yoon shi yoon is HOTT!! love lee min-jung’s dress i think it was absouletly beautiful

  45. 45 red

    lee min jung is just gorgeous

  46. 46 Jane

    Black is beautiful.

  47. 47 Biatchhh

    Too sad that Kang Dong Won couldnt attent this, he got 2 box office hit movies under his belt and in his peak of carreer but then has to leave for the army,

    And i love Park Hee Son, he did great at Barefoot DReam, cant wait for his next project,.

    As for the ladies, i LOVE LOVE Miss Lee MinJung~~ she has such a tender expression and when she smile,.. GOSH~~

  48. 48 hula87

    Kim Sae Ron is such a darling! You can’t help but to adore this little girl:)

    Can’t wait to see what her mum is up to in the next award show. More princess gowns please!! (and more dashing-fatherly Won Bin please!!)

  49. 49 mems

    Lee Min-jung looks GORGEOUS. As does Won Bin.

    Anyone know where I can watch this awards ceremony with subs? Or without subs?

    • 49.1 ParisVanJava

      I dont think there will ever be an award show being subbed,.

  50. 50 tildy

    I actually love Choi Kang Hee’s outfit but I question whether its appropriate for the event. It’s from the Miu Miu 2010/2011 fall winter collection. I also hate the way she styled it. The hair is awful, it needs to be in some sort of pulled back updo to show off the collar to best effect and why on earth would you where hair down with a super high neck anyway? The black tights, black shoes, and black clutch are all horrendously unimaginative choices.

    Also, Joong ki-oppa!

    • 50.1 tildy

      wear, not where. stupid moment.

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