Bae Soo-bin’s next role takes him to the stage
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It’s been a busy year for Bae Soo-bin, who has played a face-swapping cuckolded husband on a revenge mission, a devoted guard to a royal concubine, and a loser with a penchant for racy comic books. Now he travels back nearly a century to play a famed writer in a stage play, Yi Sang December 12.

Yi Sang, the pen name for the man born Kim Hae-kyung, is a celebrated writer and leading figure in Korean literary modernism and surrealism. He is considered experimental in the bridging of literary forms and styles, writing in the 1930s when Korea was under Japanese imperial rule. He died at the young age of 27 after being imprisoned by the Japanese for political reasons, in 1937. The play is being produced to commemorate his birthday 100 years ago.

The man has been interpreted and reinterpreted in numerous ways in previous works. Bae said, “I’ve always loved Yi Sang’s poetry and novels. In the past, Yi Sang has been portrayed as an unkind person in complicated, hard-to-understand movies. I hope that people will be able to understand this Yi Sang.”

Bae recently wrapped up a supporting role in MBC’s ratings hit Dong Yi, after which he promoted his revenge-makjang melodrama Angel’s Temptation in Japan, where he has held a solo fanmeeting. He recently also shot a one-act for KBS’s Drama Special, titled Go On, Say It!

The play runs from December 17 through 26 at Hwasung Art Hall.

Gah, the man lands a leading role and we won’t get to see it. I know that it’s not like Bae hasn’t been the lead actor in several projects — he’s been the primary love interest in movies like Girlfriends and Aeja — but still, somehow he’s never been a proper leading male. He was kind of a loser in those projects — though funny — and in his most appealing roles, he’s been that heart-twistingly great guy who doesn’t get the girl. Maybe Bae likes playing oddballs, but how ’bout a little fanservice? Please? Just do one boringly conventional cute rom-com, then you play all the perverts and losers your heart desires! Deal?

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27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. stars4u

    i would love to see him play a lead role… hope a drama or a movie would come soon….

  2. holey moley

    i agree with you jb…he could play the Mr. Darcy type int a romcom, who is cold and uptight on the outside but warm and fuzzy inside, who will fall head over heels to a plucky heroine played maybe by park shi yeon (love her in coffee house) or sohn ye jin (omo!!!! didn’t watch personal taste but yejin-soobin is WIN!!!) or..or..or KIM SO YEON!!!! GAHHHH!!!! i know, i know, the plot isn’t original but still,…

  3. chloe

    I can see him as a stage actor. He has the most amazing expressive eyes.

  4. Nory Ellis

    “…how โ€™bout a little fanservice? Please? Just do one boringly conventional cute rom-com, then you play all the perverts and losers your heart desires! Deal?” >>> WORD ^o^ Cute rom-com please BSB!!!

  5. Laica

    OMG those eyes get me every time…

    And I agree, I would love to see him as a lead in a romcom. I want to see him happy at the end of a drama, not staring after the girl he loves with anguish and tears. (Oh, Jun-se-yah…)

    • 5.1 OyyO

      Meeeeeee tooooooooooooo……….

  6. Janna

    Good for him! – Horrible for us. (eats a lozenge)

    Where is Viola to torture me with BSB screencaps?

  7. finally.

    i remember seeing him as the very flamboyant merchant from JUMONG! LOL he’s come a longgggg way.

    i hope he comes out in more lead roles~ ๐Ÿ™‚
    i thought he was so cool in Dong Yi.

  8. Linh

    Yes, I agree. Just a conventional cute rom com role, similar to Kim Ji Hoon’s are fine too, as long as it’s a rom com. It’s long overdue. Love him!

  9. shelly

    heeheehee He looks adorable smiling :3

  10. 10 hellochloe

    haha, rom coms are the only way I’ll ever notice a guy. Come to think of it, WHEN is won bin comin’ back? sigh…

  11. 11 Jackie

    Love Bae Soo-binโ€™s acting and different charisma in any role that he portrayed. Ever since I watched him in different roles and drama. Hope to see him in a good rom-com drama with leading role. Hope other producer and directors see him with great potential. Sarangghee Oppa! Aja aja Hwaiting Bae Soo-bin. God Bless you. ; -)

  12. 12 maria

    BAE SOO BIIIIN!! ahhh!! resident BSB stan, reporting for duty!!

    i like this deal you’re proposing JB.. please please BSB, won’t you just do a classic romcom PLEASE!?!?!

  13. 13 Ri

    Just once, could he please get the girl?
    Sorry, I’m still bitter from Brilliant Legacy where he was the PERFECT GUY… other than the fact that he was the epitome of 2nd lead syndrome of course -.-

    • 13.1 a

      you are my doppelgรคnger girl!!!

  14. 14 danni

    Though I’m sure he could pull it off, I have trouble seeing Bae Soo-bin in a Mr. Darcy role for a romcom. It’s just weird (probably because I’ll always remember him as Jun-sae. If it wasn’t for the fact that his competition was Lee Seung-gi, I would say he was robbed of his rightful spot as male lead in that drama). I think kdramas would have to revamp the typical male lead so that Bae Soo-bin could do a cute romcom. Maybe he could be another beta male like LSG and JKH? Hmm…

  15. 15 Carol

    it’s not so much that I don’t WANT to see him in a traditional rom-com role, but that I fear a repeat of the Yoon Sang Hyun situation, where I really, really, really wanted to to see him play a conventional male romantic lead. And it turned out like that cough*takecaremylady*cough.

  16. 16 jandoe

    he is totally Mr Darcy of Kdrama land at the mo.

  17. 17 nelkk

    he looks kind of ugly…expect for when he’s smiling

  18. 18 Atsirk

    About time he gets the lead role that’s more of suitable for him. Did not like him in AT at all ๐Ÿ™

  19. 19 oh! tht! chick!

    *nods and would like to be fanserviced by bae soo bin opppaaaa*

  20. 20 lessaofpern

    I’m officially claiming him as MINE ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Fan girls watch out I’m using Diadda’s HAMMER system. Brookeve how’s the status on the airplane going?

  21. 21 okdubu

    lol i think i am the only that doesn’t flail over him ๐Ÿ™

    strangely enough, it must be the eyes………. does their crookedness bother anyone? or is it just me -_^

  22. 22 Allie

    JB, you should watch the drama special “Go on, Say it”. It’s a kind of cute rom-com where he could finally gets the girl. He showed the most funniest side oh him in the drama. Such a great actor he is!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean he was not Mr. Darcy in it in anyway, but just a cute creature.

    • 22.1 baesoobin_fans

      where can i watch his drama special!i really want to see him based on your description!thanks!

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